Solomon Islands Experiences A ‘Shower Of Ash’ After Volcanic Eruption

by | Oct 23, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Experts, Forecasting, Headline News | 20 comments

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    Tinakula volcano, Solomon Islands

    A volcano erupted in the Solomon Islands on Friday. It caused showers of ash to fall to the ground and residents were warned to stay indoors on Monday as the volcanic ash continued to fall.

    The volcano erupted at about 2:00 am local time on Friday and the Vanuatu government said the situation had settled. However, by Monday officials said they were not sure if the eruption would continue and how safe it was. Volcanic activity has been incredibly volatile in the area in the past few months. In fact, last month, the nearby Ambae Island was evacuated after an eruption.

    The recent eruption of the volcano called Tinakula, which forms an uninhabited island in the northern Temotu province, roared to life throwing harmful volcanic ash into the air. Villages on nearby islands are reporting heavy ash raining down on their homes. Many residents are living on coconuts as their wells and water tanks have been contaminated by the ash.

    According to Radio New Zealand, the director of the National Disaster Management Office in Honiara, Loti Yates, said a police patrol had been deployed from the provincial capital, Lata. He also stated that information had been slow to trickle out of the remote area, and it could be sometime before the gravity of the full situation was known.

    An aviation warning has been issued for the Santa Cruz area because of the ash. Authorities in the Solomon Islands are also steadfastly attempting to find out if there’s been any damage after the remote volcano erupted a few days ago.

    “Authorities do not have a scientific way to monitor the situation and determine when it will end,” the Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation (SIBC) quoted National Disaster Management Office director Loti Yates as saying. “As much as possible, people need to stay indoors,” he said while downplaying the significance of the eruption. “From what we know currently, the danger of the volcano’s impact on Santa Cruz is very small or very limited,” he said.

    The impact on public health from the falling ash appears to be the main concern followed closely by the impact on air travel restrictions.


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      1. Uhhhh, what else would it shower after a volcano goes off? Unicorn’s?

        • Been happening for millions of years. I also want to see it raining cats and dogs.

      2. Solomon Islands Experiences A ‘Shower Of Ash’ After Volcanic Eruption.

        Genius you and I think alike. What did they expect Bubble Gum??????


        • 😉

      3. Might be a good time to break out those masks you so dutifully stored. Oh wait you don’t believe in stockpiling stuff like a crazy prepper? Guess you are sol.

        • Aaaaa huh huh huh cough cough cough, now ya tell me!

        • JAS,
          Keep in mind the ash also wipes out your generator, vehicles, chain saw, et al. air filters VERY quickly.
          Stock up on those also if you are in a volcanic area such as the western US.

          • Good point but if you are prepped just don’t use that stuff while ash is a problem. Solar will be shit too. I remember Mt. St. Helens, it left a mess!

            • I was there for St. Helens as well, (80 miles away and it sounded like the farm next door was blasting stumps). The first things to fly off the shelves were duct tape, plastic (or painters) drop cloths and tarps. The stuff is a very fine powder, like talcum, and gets into everything and required sealing windows and doors and basically being shut in.

              I still remember seeing the live broadcasts of almost blizzard like conditions with the ‘grey snow’, reducing visibility to mere yards in its direct path. Impossible to traverse. We were fortunate to not be in the direct path, but managed a dusting to be a nuisance. Wind will play a huge roll in that.

      4. Hm, reportedly, volcano activity world wide has been on the increase and since this is on the “Ring of Fire” this posting could signal a change that we could see more earth change postings which would be good because of all “THE SHTF” scenarios that are discussed on this site, this is the least.

        Solomon island area is active in earthquakes as well.

        Also, means magma is moving and has broken through the Earth’s crust in that area and another volanco has become active.

        Reread the second paragraph.

        • I HAVE NOTICED a big decline in chemtrails since around last may or so. Orange Julius supposedly banned aerosol spraying a while back. Only the last couple of weeks has it reappeared. Anyone know what thats about?

          • Genius, I’ve noticed the same thing in regards to the chemtrail patterns. We went months here on the east coast without any noticable spraying. A few days before the new moon and meteor shower, they blanket covered us, stacking line upon line, until it was so dark,we thought it was supper time at 2pm!

      5. Well I did not know that it could/would contaminate your well !!!!! How does it do that?

        • It contaminates your well because you have an open pit well and are too stupid to protect it.

          • 10 bux says the contaminated wells weren’t owned by white people lol.

      6. Time to stock up on virgins. (If you can find any.)

        • ummmm, i will stick to a professional, thank you….virgins are MUCH too much trouble.

      7. Welcome to the Grand Solar minimum folks. Gets worse here on out. And you know what is causing this (hint: gloabal warming is all bullshit)

        • Quick! vote those rats into office!

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