Solar Flares Responsible For Impacting Hurricane Irma Warning Systems

by | Sep 11, 2017 | Emergency Preparedness, Experts, Headline News | 16 comments

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    Massive sunspots and enormous solar flares can be responsible for taking out radio communications systems. Some scientists are now saying that the solar storms which have resulted from these recent flares could have been impacting the warning systems that were to let people know about the intensity of Hurricane Irma.

    According to Pocono Records, if you still have your solar viewing glasses from the eclipse, now is a good time to consider putting them on and taking a quick look up at the sun. You should be able to see two big dark areas visible on our star. These massive sunspots are regions of intense and complicated magnetic fields that can produce solar flares, which are bursts of high-energy radiation. You can just barely make them out with solar viewing glasses, scientists claim, but these spots are better and more safely viewed through a solar telescope.

    These two sunspots are causing a stir among scientists right now too. The solar storms these sunspots have already sent hurtling toward the Earth may affect communications and other technologies like GPS and radio signals. They’re already causing amazing displays of the Northern and Southern Lights and space weather scientists are getting excited because they wouldn’t normally expect this much activity from the sun at the moment, considering it’s nearing solar minimum.

    Solar minimum refers to the low and inactive point during the sun’s 11-year cycle of solar activity. Even though our sun is heading for it’s solar minimum, a time when the sun tends to have fewer sunspots, solar flares, and coronal mass ejections (large expulsions of plasma, electrons, and ions, and magnetic fields) these two sunspots have been flaring and shooting out coronal mass ejections, directly toward Earth and activity on the sun has picked up greatly in the past few days.

    All this solar activity has already caused a couple of radiation storms in Earth’s high latitude regions that blacked out radio communication at certain frequencies. The impacts extended toward the equator and have affected high-frequency communications, including ham radios, which are used in emergency and disaster relief management. Radio fade-out maps from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology show that high-frequency radio communication disruptions have likely occurred in the same areas being pummeled by Hurricane Irma.Pocono Record

    Meaning these sun spots and solar flares could be responsible for the lack of communication and warnings regarding Hurricane Irma and those living in its path. It is highly likely that a loss of global navigation system satellite communications in those same areas have already occurred, but it will take time for the data to be analyzed before scientists can gain a full understanding of how this space weather activity has affected those on the ground. The radiation storms may also force flights over the polar regions of Earth to reroute to avoid increased radiation exposures for people on board and the potential loss of communication and navigation systems for aircraft on these paths.

    Scientists have said that there is no need to worry about this coronal mass ejection being “the big one” – a solar storm direct hit that could cause widespread power blackouts and trigger as much as $2 trillion worth of damage, according to a National Academy of Sciences study. But this storm, on the back of this month’s abnormally active space weather, may wind up on the larger end of the scale and will be subject to massive amounts of analysis and research for months to come.


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      1. Excellent article.
        People do not pay nearly enough attention to the sun; which as stated, is our closest STAR.


        • Just going through Irma in FL here last night and about about 3 Am for several hours the calm in the sweetspot of the eye. Woke up to lots of large fallen oaks uprooted. More like tornados in the hurricane did that. 2 large trees blocked both of my pats out of my BOL. Then the 12 to 16 inches of deluge rain I was talking about we got in about 8 hours last night, and Tyler Durden said Maybe Florida won’t even get a drop of rain. Yeah I called out his uninformed BS.

          About 20 large trees in the area fell about one in every neighbors yard. We got pounded. All my buildings and vehicles went unharmed. Never park your vehicle under a tree in a storm. Find a wide open spot to park it. I so had my chainsaw and gas / oil ready to go in my vehicle and cut one of my trees out of the way in the driveway in to this place, and a neighbor came by and helped me remove it off the roadway. I then went for a drive and found another road blocked by 3 large oak trees falling all together. Snarled mess. I started cutting and then 6 other neighbors came by and helped get that all cleared out for this old guy with health problems. Neighbors coming together and helping each other out. My drive is flooded with about ankle deep puddle water yet. My solar system, I tied down a few days back, and it made it just fine and I am the only person in the entire hood with electricity, and typing on internet now using it. 7.3 Million in FL without electricity. This will teach you humility and taking a shower with a bottle of water. Wanna learn? Punch some holes in the water bottle cap, screw back on and squeeze and instant shower. Sure laugh, but it works. It was a real bitch last night 8 to 7:30 this AM, during this storm all in the dark, listening to the whistles and the train moving sounds as these high wind bands came through 110 MPH it as said ripping the place like a grinder. Tree and leaf parts everywhere.

          Now we are waiting for the flooding to happen in a day as the big green swamp begins to drain and fills up all the river and canals in the next few days. 11 PM tonight, who knows what the crest of height will be. The news stations are really Fucked up with no info on the flooding and or areas. All that fucking tax payer money and these AHoles can’t put together a single Flood map and post it on the internet for all to see where and when and how much. Like WHF? Go fucking guess it myself with a flashlight throughout the night. Gets too flooded in here and I evacuate. I prepped 2 years ago with knee high fishing wading boots. Worked great today. Can never have enough preps for gear.

          Just checking in and everything is alright. Just weeks of cleanup and lots of wood to cut. More firewood coming out of my ass here. CSS

      2. The sunspot was extremely active producing a solar flare of over X9 and one of X8. These are rare. Fortunately, the sunspot is disappearing with the sun’s rotation but will reemerge two weeks from now. A nation with a weapone capable of producing an EMP could piggyback on a natural EMP and increase the changes of shutting down the grid.

      3. I’m not saying the 800 lb. gorilla is the haut monde of bad mojo.
        No No
        I’m just sayin Uncle Karma sends him Christmas cards.

      4. Off topic, but hidden in the news this weekend: Bankrupt IL. borrows yet $6 bn MORE:

        Very small article in Chicagoland’s Daily Herald:

        “Gov. Bruce Rauner acknowledged Thursday that Illinois has no choice but to borrow up to $6 billion (more) to tackle a financial crisis largely caused by excessive borrowing, reversing earlier declarations that the state with the nation’s worst credit rating wouldn’t take on more debt under his watch… (he changed his mind) because the budget the Democrat controlled legislature approved in July over his veto is still not balanced, despite an income tax hike.”

        – Daily Herald, 9/9/17, Section 3, p. 1

        Yep. So the solution to debt is more borrowing. Leave it to the Democrats have THAT as a plan. Article also forgot to mention Illinois’ recent corp tax hike as well. As well, they forgot to mention that Democrat Mike Madigan has run the IL. House every year except a couple since 1980. Who do YOU think owns this mess? Meanwhile, one person is leaving Illinois every five minutes – to which the leftist solution will obviously be, RAISE TAXES AGAIN. Is this easy, or what!?!

        They just put in a utterly unneeded paved nature walkway a couple blocks from our house, using, I have to assume, pennies that dropped from heaven?

        • Where are those snakes at Equifax? Screw all the credit info agencies. And why do they need driver’s license info?

        • Where are those snakes at Equifax? Screw all the credit info agencies. And why do they need driver’s license info?

          • The credit info agencies don’t even know I exist. I never touch any loans or credit cards.

        • TEST, it’s just the usual socialistic crapola.

      5. But they are pretty sure that man causes climate change while we still try to get meteorology sorted out. All their crystal ball gazing seems to be clouded like the pictures from a Fukushima robot.

      6. Relax folks there’s no sun spots
        It’s niburu rings touching our putter atmosphere honest
        Just ask hcks

      7. Sol Invictus. We’re doomed!

      8. Anyone else wondering why we are seeing multiple coastlines receding around the globe for the last week and a half? I’ve never heard of a hurricane causing the ocean to recede like a tsunami does. Only thing I could think of to displace that kind of water is a celestial body. Aussieprep I’m looking in your direction.

        • Just because you haven’t heard of it doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened.

          The Neuse River is over a mile wide at New Bern, NC. An ordinary wind (less than tropical storm) in the right direction for a number of hours can empty the river entirely. I have seen it where you could walk across from one side to the other on relatively dry land. And this was many, many years ago.

          So all it takes is a steady wind in the right direction for a long enough time. A hurricane is a greater wind, so it would take less time.

      9. Must see? Signs in the heavens of the endtimes 2017 mgtv .

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