Solar Activity Surges: Multiple X-Class Flares Reported: NOAA Says More To Come: “Powerful”

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    Leading up to 2013 many solar researches forecast that activity on the sun would be heating up as it transitioned into its solar maximum cycle, something that occurs about every 11 years.

    New data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, which monitors solar activity in conjunction with other agencies and space projects, indicates that this wave of powerful solar storms may be starting.

    Solar storms, which are responsible for emitting Coronal Mass Ejections (CME’s), come in waves. In the last 48 hours, the NOAA has identified multiple, powerful X-class solar flares that have been emitted on the eastern tip of the sun. While the sun regularly hurls enormous clouds of super-heated plasma into space, the associated solar flares are usually not powerful enough to cause any disruptions to earth.

    X-class flares, however, are extremely powerful and when the charged particles released by the sun slam into the earth they can wreak havoc. They’ve been responsible for everything from interruptions to critical satellite services like global positioning systems to widespread power outages. In 1989 an X-class solar flare  was responsible for taking Quebec’s hydro power stations offline, leaving millions of people without electricity.

    According to Space Weather reports, activity on the sun has surged over the past two days, and there’s a 40% chance that it’s going to continue through this week, just as the sun moves into a position where it can send a flare directed at earth.

    While the three solar flares recorded in recent days are on the lower end of the classification scale, the sunspot area which produced them is reportedly layered with a large and complicated magnetic field. This leaves the door open for the possibility that a future flare emitted from this region could be significantly more powerful than its predecessors.

    The primary concern with X-class flares is that one of them could potentially become a solar Killshot, or an earth directed flare so powerful that it could literally take down large portions of the global power grid in a cascading electrical outage resulting from highly charged particles slamming into electrical lines and transformers.

    Solar Activity Surges

    A sunspot on the sun’s eastern limb is crackling with powerful X-class solar flares.

    AR1748 announced itself during the early hours of May 13th with an X1.7-class eruption (0217 UT), quickly followed by an X2.8-class flare (1609 UT) and an X3.2-class flare (0117 UT on May 14). These are the strongest flares of the year so far, and they signal a significant increase in solar activity.

    NOAA forecasters estimate a 40% chance of more X-flares during the next 24 hours.

    All of these flares have produced strong flashes of extreme ultraviolet radiation.

    Here is the view of the latest eruption, which registered X3.2 on the Richter Scale of Solar Flares, from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory.


    The explosions have also hurled coronal mass ejections (CMEs) into space. Coronagraphs on board the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory are tracking the clouds

    When the action began on May 13th, the instigating sunspot was hidden behind the sun’s eastern limb, but now solar rotation is bringing the active region into view.

    Sunspot AR1478 is not particularly large, but it is complex, with many dark core scattered through its zone of influence. This is a sign of a complicated overlying magnetic field. When tangled lines of magnetic force criss, cross, and reconnect–voila!

    Via: Space Weather

    While the probability of a Killshot flare striking earth is quite low, they do happen.

    In addition to the many recorded events over the last century and a half that were responsible for electrical outages, fires, and other disruptions, a modern day Killshot class flare occurred in 2003, leaving many scientists stunned.

    Physicists in New Zealand have shown that last November’s record-breaking solar explosion was much larger than previously estimated, thanks to innovative research using the upper atmosphere as a gigantic x-ray detector.

    Researchers from the University of Otago used radio wave-based measurements of the x-rays’ effects on the Earth’s upper atmosphere to revise the flare’s size from a merely huge X28 to a “whopping” X45, say researchers Neil Thomson, Craig Rodger, and Richard Dowden. X-class flares are major events that can trigger radio blackouts around the world and long-lasting radiation storms in the upper atmosphere that can damage or destroy satellites. The biggest previous solar flares on record were rated X20, on 2 April 2001 and 16 August 1989.

    This makes it more than twice as large as any previously recorded flare, and if the accompanying particle and magnetic storm had been aimed at the Earth, the damage to some satellites and electrical networks could have been considerable,” says Thomson. Their calculations show that the flare’s x-ray radiation bombarding the atmosphere was equivalent to that of 5,000 Suns, though none of it reached the Earth’s surface, the researchers say.

    It’s doesn’t happen often, but when it does, the effects on Earth are, as Neil Thomson notes, “considerable.”

    So much so that a flare powerful enough to cause a grid-down infrastructure collapse would have an immediate impact on day-to-day life, including the halting of just-in-time delivery systems for essential goods like food and fuel.

    Estimates suggest that an infrastructure collapse of this magnitude, similar to an EMP attack, would leave something on the order of 9 out of 10 Americans dead within one year.

    While we may not be able to predict when the next Killshot will hit earth, we can be prepared for it.

    Perhaps we’ll never see such an event in our lifetimes – probability suggests we won’t.

    But what if we do?


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      1. Ready In south carolina…standing by.

        • Just One Guy and Be informed

          You have my undivided attention, gentleman.

          • Evening OW,

            Apologies to all…once that Solar begins becoming active I am – well – pre-occupied excessively…

            It became plain this morning that 11748 wasn’t QUITE finished. Allow me to explain.

            One a flare has succesfully expended the bulk of it’s potential, there is usually a last effort to flare, which is charactereized by a long, sweeping decay curve agfer the final peak. It may well be the case rhat during this time, many ‘spike’ type flares are seen to occur in the associated X-flux plots…typically these are of no consequence. WHAT matter’s is the lowest level to which the two associated monitor curves fall – at the lowest – after the event.

            Intuitively, when one is watching the ongoing Solar activity as it manifest in the assciated X-flux plots, and one see’s a sequence of events, each of which at the ‘nadir’ (the low-point of the curve locally) is larger than the one preceding it then the region is entering into a period of increasing activity, Yes? Simple stuff that…just what you would expect. At the end of a period of activity – and Yes, part of this come from an intimate familairity with the library of all such curves – it is relatively usual to aee an event, or sequnce of events in which the opposite is seen to occur; either an succesively dimishing series of ‘nadir’ or alternately, a single long curve which has as it’s ‘low-point’ a magnitude singularly lower than any proceeding it.

            Also, just as it is the case in Newton’s Calculus, it IS the area under the curve which serves as a DIRECT proxy for the TOAL energy emitted during an event… hence, even an X-15 ‘spike-type’ flare may well emit far less energy (total) than does a Long duration flare of a leeser magnitude which goes on and on….which takes a LONG time to progress through it’s decay cycle. I stress here again!…The area under the magnitude curve IS directly proportional to the TOTAL energy emitted by any observed event…bear that in mind always when attempting to evaluate – for yourself – just what it is that you are seeing.

            OW…I WILL effort myself – if time permits, prior to departure – to generate a definitve treatise on “What to watch for”, ie, the specific signals one would need to look for which would be of concern. IF so generated, I WILL post that through to Mac ere I ‘exit stage left’…such is the best I can do Friend…where I am going there isn’t even electricity, or won’t be for at least the first year or two. I will try diligently to leave a ‘primer’ for those here with which you can obtain, good, accurate estimations as to what is at hand.
            BI HAS a good working grasp of some little bit of what is relevant…monitor his post here on Solar, as well a Seismic in the future…

            Further updates as warranted All….


        • Yawn…

          • Can’t understand a mind not engaged by the sun. Take your pick of almost any question or idea and the sun is a factor. That’s why so much effort is spent to understand it; yet little more is known about it than was known 250 years ago.

        • @Barterman
          Roger That!
          Standing by in SC OUT!

      2. Tin foil, Faraday and a cross bow should be a good addition. Hold your horses as well. Keep preppin

      3. From Jorel (Marlon Brandon) in the first Superman movie; “The red Krypton Sun, the source of your strength and nourishment, and the cause of our eventual destruction”.

        • If it comes from NASA or NOAA consider it hogwash. We don’t even really know what the sun is.

          It is not a firey hot fusion machine like we’ve been taught. It’s ridiculous to think that the alleged “heat” of the sun travels through the vast emptiness of absolute-zero temperature space, to warm our little marble. Thermal dynamics would shut it down before it could even warm a marshmallow. It would be overwhelmed and overcome by the coldness of its massive surroundings. Think the sun is big? Try deep space.

          Rather, it seems it is electrical in nature. The heat we feel is some kind of reaction with our own magnetosphere. Most scientists outside of NASA will tell you that the sun is probably invisible in outerspace until its photon stream hits something. Same with the other stars.

          Most space suits are equipped with reactive sun shields so they can actually see the sun. Check out images from orbiting craft like the space shuttle. Just blackness in the background. Should be lit up like a million Christmas trees; like being in a remote desert on earth and seeing the Milky Way, but times a thousand, because there would be zero atmospheric interference. Instead, there is nothing.

          Wmt find this in text books boys and girls.

          • ” Won’t find this in textbooks boys and girls”. No shit, wonder why? We don’t know what the sun is, eh? ooooo-kay.

            • He might have just set the record for the biggest pile of hogwash in the fewest words ever placed in public view. Does he even have a GED? As Bugs would say, what a maroon.

              • @ Archivist. There is no loss of astonishment to the ideas about space and the solar system. A person by the name of Hans Horbiger came up with some of the most out of the ballpark notions of absurdity ever. He proposes that the planets nearest to the Sun were covered with ice and that the Earth was just far enough away to be warm enough. Many Germans before WW1 actually followed this pure crap. This guy actually invented a type of valve for high pressure compressors, mostly from the need for this in blast furnaces. How such a person can invent something so practical and come up with an idea about the solar system so totally whacked out is a paradox in itself.

                If you would like to read about this and have a good laugh here is the link:

                The one thing I like so much about SHTFplan is the clever wit of so many different people.

                • I guess, in short, that his theory is that the sun sucks. Heat, that is.

                  My father said one time that logically someone might assume that the sun is cold because the closer you get to it, the colder you get. It’s warm at the seashore and cold on top of a mountain. Of course, on the other hand, you get warmer when you move from the shade into the sunshine.

                  Maybe someone can show Heretic a thermos bottle and explain to him why the flask part is shiny in addition to holding a vacuum.

                  Did you notice that Heretic Historian and Hans Horbiger have the same initials?

              • We humans are so cute. When we believe something long enough, it becomes a fact.

              • Character defamation, clever. Try arguing the evidence.

          • And if a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, I suppose it doesn’t make any noise?

            • If a man says something in the forest and no woman is there to hear it, is he still wrong?

              • hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

                Thanks BOBO I needed that …
                Seems like the more things change, the more they are the same… around the world.

          • HH,
            BI is right, and having some advanced physics knowledge, I adjure you… stick to history… you’re good at that.

            • PM, your adjuration is much appreciated. Unfortunately, for BI to be fluent in a decpetion, only makes him an expert in a deception.

          • Excellent. Take it a step further and the truth will lead you to the fact that the Sun, like the Earth is hollow. NOT a ball of fusion (or in the case of the Earth, a ball of molten iron). Dayum. The things that science teaches are so ludicrous it requires profound CONSPIRACY to accept their stated facts as anything but insanity.

            But try to telling the experts the Sun is electric, for which the evidence is as wide as the Sun. OMG you conspiracy nut.

            • All will be revealed, Randa. Thanks for not being afraid.

      4. Mac, I can’t stand it. CNN “news” crackerjack numbskull news, has Angelina Jolie on as the top story. In 3-4 days if that Sun erupts with an X-25+ flare, there is no more human civilization for months, years, or decades. 3 to 4 freaken days and it could be good bye almost everything and say hello to the 19th century. The “news” is not even dealing with this. I can’t believe the stupidity that has poisoned human beings. I wonder how humans have made it past 2012. Explain to me how your basic dumb cat has more sense than 99% of the population that want to hear about utter worthless garbage brained crap? It must be so frustrating for everyone out there to bear witness to this manure day in and day out.

        • BI– Angies’ removal of a healthy breast or two reminds me… I have almost all of the male figures in my family who have at one time or another, broken their right arm… should I cut my RIGHT arm off, or maybe BOTH of them to prevent breaking mine in the FUTURE? Her logic is certainly flawed!!

          • @ curious. Number 2 story on crackerjack numbskull news; OJ simpson, number 3; prince harry’s visit to the U.S. I am now considerating putting a parent block on cnn “news” channel for the protection of the animals in the house. I though am curious how snake belly low this abomination of mental rot will go. Angelina Jolie has been smoking too many mary janes.

            The masses have gone into total mental melt down. Nothing may happen with the Sun and this may go into fizz stage, but the mere fact it poses a threat to civilization and these sorry ass excuse for any news agencies are not covering it really shows just what red line critical level the society is in. I NEVER thought I would hear myself say this, but the masses have actually sunk lower than ncjoker.

            • This just in…. Jay Carney, during last White House briefing, referred all questions about Benghazi and the IRS to either MSNBC or CNN. Reason given; their stories and excuses are better than anything we can dream up.

          • we all know she just wanted a good excuse to get implants

            • @ VRF. Angie should get 3 implants so she could look like that mutant on Total Recall. 😉

              • sure , why not eh?

          • She didn’t even have cancer?



            Kayyyyy… then….

            Dat chick be crazy. I mean that in a very real, clinical sense.

            Brad my man I weep for you. Someone who would have healthy parts of their body cut off is a complete lunatic.

          • AJ was first lobotomized. Her breasts were just next in line. What’s next to go on this mindless actress is anyone’s guess. Folks out in Follywood get whittled on all the time.

          • she had a genetic marker that indicated at least an 87% chance
            of developing breast cancer

            although a double mastectomy is quite radical in most people’s eyes

            what she did ,at least statistically speaking, probably saved her life

            I’m sure it was not an easy decision for her to make

            cancer can “run” in families

            the most horrific example I can think of was one local family
            where EVERY male died of colon cancer
            they NEVER made it to 60 years of age
            the last one never made it to 50

            • men have a 100% chance of getting prostate cancer if they live long enough. Still, I ain’t cutting that off.

              • ummm Selkirk

                there’s a BIG difference between your prostate and yer penis

                thought I needed to point that out

                I’m just sayin….

          • According to her, her family history (mother died of breast cancer in her 50’s, and genetic testing …. pointed to an 87% chance of her also getting breast cancer, that made the choice advisable. Who’s to say.
            At least her actions affected only her. No crying to the government for laws to be changed because “I’m a victim”.

            Fortunately she had the money to get full reconstruction so that her form is essentially the same.
            Too bad for those who can’t afford this precautionary measure but nevertheless, her action is understandable.

            It is your reaction & ‘logic’ that is curious

            • Yeeeeesssss,,,,, BUT she also had her ovaries removed… I wonder what she would do if BRAIN cancer ran in her family? Only God will dictate whether she will GET cancer. Why not wait for a DIAGNOSIS by a so-called professional 1st? A 13% chance is still a chance for no cancer. I figure all women here will disagree with me, but IF I paid attention to family history, I should have taken a dirt nap by now…. I’m STILL healthy with ZERO heart problems. My SISTER is another story, however. She had her 1st heart attack 5 years ago…… ya see where I’m going here? Or am I being obtuse?

        • @ JOG,BI,etc. Does a solar flare affect by line of sight, similar to an EMP?

          • Ghost- since the Earth rotates at 1040 MPH, I imagine, through just sheer speed that a BUNCH of people will be affected. Sunlight travels to earth just under 8 minutes, and depending on the duration of the flare, variables exist to how many will be in trouble. ( trouble = dead ).

          • @ Ghost Rider. JustOneGuy is the super expert on this one, but I imagine it would spread out almost like the way a very large hydrogen bomb would. I just wonder if we can have an advance warning to it, even a few minutes before it went. Try to get as much of what we need into a Faraday Cage(s). I ask anyone out there if there is a real time image, a link to some web site, of the Sun that we can monitor when a dangerous sun spot comes into Earth direction.

            • @JustOneGuy@BeInformed

              4 year prepper says:

              I have often wondered if an EMP or Solar flare would damage my electronic ignition cook stove. As it stands if current goes off, I can light the top burners with a match. But if either of the above mentioned events should happen, what happens to the top burners.?

              I have back-ups (coleman cook stove, cell heat, wood to use on a fire pit, cast iron pots and pans to use on it, gas grill with a thermostat and side burner, etc.)

              Just curious what would happen and if I need to do more.

              4 year prepper

              • A Faraday cage is eazy to make. Just do it and put your shit there for peace of mind.

                • You don’t have to “make” a Faraday cage. You most likely have one sitting right on your kitchen countertop.

              • @ 4yp,

                Howdy 4yp, you probably have little to worry about in truth…you might to look down the column here a bit, I have left a FINAL, comptrhensive run-through of what would be entailed during an enormous event. Most things which are NOT micro-ciruitry are relatively safe…IF thay ARE NOT grid connected…the problem there is that the GRID acts like a ‘gargantuan antenna’, which serve toi basically ficfe-feed whatever it picks up directly into WHATEVER it remains connected to. Mivro-electonics are VERY sensitve to any inital EMP effect as decribed below…the Farday cage is mandatory for thoer survival. If you have any other questions, you need only only ask,
                answers will be forthcoming here, I promise.


                • @ 4yp,

                  Sorry for the typo’s…it’s about 2 AM…I am a little tired..if anything i NOT clear, ask…


            • I remember reading the other night that the CME from flare that occurred in the 1850s took, I think, 18 hours to hit earth. Assuming light travels faster than the CME (about 9 minutes from the sun to earth)…we should have advanced warning…assuming that the flare is reported.

            • Try:


              Molon Labe

            • Try this site for monitoring solar flare activity, warnings, etc. I don’t fully understand all of the info / data provided but it’s got some good info in a variety of formats.


              Molon Labe

              • Also www(dot)ips(dot)gov(dot)au
                Sign up and you can get email notifications of flares.

                The CME would take hours to get here, so if you monitor your email for the notices, you can put last minute items in the Faraday cage.

                Just had another X flare, maximum flux of X-1.3.

            • The space weather site is down, what is the other solar weather site????

              • is still down

              • 3d sun is a good app.

            • BI
              I will use this time to talk about the need for antibiotics.
              I f we do get a “kill shot” from the sun, or an outbreak of some aggressive virus,
              We must address this as preppers if we have not already.
              Sunday afternoon I laid down after mowing the grass as I had been fighting
              something off for the past 2 weeks. I woke up 2 hrs later and was completely
              overwhelmed by a respatory infection, and a sinus infection (head felt like it
              would pop off every time I coughed). By Monday morning I was waiting for
              A clinic to open, and craving antibiotics.
              To add insult to injury, I get an outbreak of shingles!
              My immune system completely took a shit on me! I had been drinking colloidal
              Silver, eating garlic, etc… I felt like I was terminal. I am starting to feel a little
              Better now with sinus and respatory, just as the shingles are kicking into
              So my question is what are some creative ways to get antibiotics ?
              I would have given an ounce of gold in a grid down for some.

              • Veternarian

                • fish antibiotics

                  • Ed…all Tractor Supply stores don’t have antibiotics.
                    i asked at ours.

                • Kulafarmer, and Urasismyne,
                  Thanks for the info I guess…
                  But could you be any more vague.
                  I don’t have 100 head of cattle on the back 40. I have a poodle (standard of course).
                  So I have no idea how to approach a veterinarian.
                  And as for the fish antibiotics, I don’t have a fish farm, but I do have a fish tank.
                  I have looked at the fish stuff at pet co and it all looked like liquid and seemed
                  like most were cyclenes of some kind. I believe it’s the cyclenes that become
                  dangerous after they Expire.

                  • Slick, I have bought antibiotics and assorted other things at alldaychemist dot com. They are legit and the drugs are sealed in factory packaging. They are in India and don’t require a prescription. And unbelievably inexpensive.

                    Also, get yourself some food grade hydrogen peroxide. Your respiratory problem could be knocked out in a day or two inhaling H202.
                    molon labe

                  • @Slick
                    Check out Dr. Bones & Nurse Amy – web, YouTube and their Survival Medical Handbook. They have a chapter in the book on all the different fishcilin, fishmox, fishsulfa, etc. and how to use for people.

                    Also click on the ANTIBIOTIC ad on this site on the right hand side and help support this site.

                  • BI go to tractor supply co. You can buy as much as you want. And you don’t need a script. The trickey part is figuring out the dosage. Horses are a little differant than humans but if you can figure it out let me know, for about 30 bucks you can get enough to cure a horse.
                    Seriously you had better know what you’re doing but you can get as much you want. The drawback is death if used incorrectly. Peace.

                  • Thanks everyone for the fantastic information!
                    I now have a plan, and will be instituting it today!

              • There was a doctor advert on here I think it was. He sells you like 4 or 5 types of antibiotics with diagnoses guide as a prepper kit. Was like $120 or $150 or such. Something like 3 rounds of each type. Not cheap but much cheaper than conventional or death.

              • You can greatly reduce the duration and severity of your shingles outbreak with anti-virals. Call your Dr. NOW and send someone to the pharmacy to get them. The sooner you get them in your system the better!
                Also for a quicker recovery…..very little activity. Don’t do anything that makes ya sweat. The goal is to dry them up, so they go away. Stay cool or in the AC. Wishing you a speedy recovery and very little pain.

                • Slick…

                  If you already have developed the vesicles its too late for acyclovir, if you havent its 800mg 5 times a
                  day for 7 days. Neurontin is a neurological pain med and I supplemented it with vicodin and ibuprofen. The unrelenting burning pain lasted for almost 8 weeks and the meds didnt take it completely away but made it tolerable.. You have my sympathy

              • Try They sell pharmaceutical grade antibiotics. Search in the fish/aquatic section. I’d start with a supply of amoxicillan, then look up the dosage/duration for your weight in a good PDR, (Physicians Desk Reference) which you can find in any bookstore or on Amazon. Thomas Labs has nearly all of the commonly used, more powerful antibiotics. They will keep, refrigerated, for some time, except for tetracycline which will become toxic if kept past the expiration date. Silver is a good idea, particularly for viral illnesses. It will take at least a week to get antibiotics on line, so build up your reserve as you can. Also, these are real and powerful meds, so don’t take them like candy or for a cold.

              • To Slick: you can get everything you need there, blood pressure meds, antibiotics, TAMIFLU, etc

              • Google jim humble mms documentary, you can buy mms for about 15-20$ 1-5 drops will purify water, it is also a amazing anti-bacterial, anti-virus, anti-parasite. as a prepper this is a MUST

            • SOLARCYCLE / Solar Cycle 24 / Spaceweather / Amateur Radio VHF Aurora Website.

          • Apologies GR…been a tad busy today…

            What follows should be able to clarify MUCH of what actually occurs during a High-Magnitude Solar event…bear with me please, my intent is to be comprehensive…

            Near to the suface o the Sun one or more ‘prominence’s’ .. which are long (millions of miles LONG frequently) coiled loops which are ‘magnetic tubes’ carrying vast amounts of flowing Solar Plasma either spontaneously ‘break’ or alternately crash into each other (more frequently) at which point the trapped plasma is summarily released. Imagine, if you will, a hard, steel tube under several thousands of pounds of effective pressure…WHAT would gappen IF that tube suddenly ‘shattered’….perhaps a better analogy would be a GLASS tube under very high pressure. Hmmm…

            Now, AMPLIFY that state of affairs to one in which tens of millions of pounds of pressure exist…and the material IN the tube is travelling at something on the order of several thousand kilometers per second as well,
            Eeeekk….not good! Continuing, it gets a bit more complex…to wit, though a VAST amount of energy is released when any such opens to allow the contained plasma to escape, it also happens that – eventually – those ‘free’ tube ends recombine…and beleive it or not, THAT is when the ‘poop hits the prop’. Those events are exactly what produces the “X-teen’ flares which occur ever so infrequently. Though the dynamics are still unclear to us as to HOW this conversion occurs, we KNOW that it does…and that these events are the LARGEST which we monitor from the Sun. ‘Recombination IS very BAD!”

            That said, an X-10 releases something on the order of 10 BILLION – with a B! – Hiroshima sized nuclear explosion equivalents. Yep, that much. The initial manifestatiin/effect we see here is the impact of a spherical wavefront of high-energy X-ray – as well as a smaller amount of Gamma wavelength Photons which as they strike the upper regions of the atmosphere interact with it, producing a vast ‘shockwave’ of electrical disruption…a second, electric wave which, still proceeding at the spped of light (nearly), proceeds downward to the surface o the planet itself as if all the intervening atmosphere between was as transparent to it as glass is to light. This effect is brief..but potent. On impacting the Earth’s surface a ‘charge redistibution’ occurs in the naterial of the planet which IS the effect of the EMP itself. For a few seconds it IS posible for ALL the ground plane – to which is attached EVERY last electrical device on Earth – may suddenly change from relative zero voltage to some few thouand volts actual potential….imagine then if your TV was connected at that point to the electrical grid. Your TV ‘see’s’ a voltage that is the DIFFERENCE of the potential between the ‘hot’ lime and the neutral…Yes?

            No…it ‘see’s the difference between the ‘hot’ line and the relative neutral which is actually GROUND, since every neutral in effectively ‘strapped to ground at some point. Therefor…suddenly your TV, which IS ‘aupposed to see an AC voltage of 120 volts, instaed ‘see’s a 2000 volts SURGE, probably negative 2000 volts since the comparison is backwards UP the ground/neutral strap….at which point it simply INCINERATES itself.

            As you might expect this would have a ‘slight’ effect on the sunlit side of the planet, subject to that influence, Yes? Specifically, ANY device so attached to the grid at that point would LIKELY be destroyed, forthwith…

            That is NOT the entire problem though…there IS another. In the initial EMP wave, most if not all planetary ‘breakers’ would engage, rendering the ‘grid’ wholly ‘off-line’…but NOT detroyed. Here is where the ‘rubber meets the road’….IF a subsequent CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) thereafter impacted the terrestrail magnetosphere – as did the Carrington Event, some 16 hour later, post-flare in 1859, – THEN things get BAD. Why?

            The effect of the CME MAY go ON fot hours…or DAYS!

            Those of you have had Calculus will now that the AREA under a curve is taken to be the ‘effect’ produced (in most cases we are discussing here) and THIS is what will destroy the Ultra-High-Voltage transformers which form the BACKBONE of the planetary electrical grid. ALL such are directly strapped to ground…they MUST be in order to function…but it is through those self-same ground straps hat the destructrion WILL occur.

            effectively, those fround straps will ‘back-feed’ HUGE currents hrough the coils of the transformers for HOURS, slowly raising the temperatures of the coli’s to incandescant levels. Long before that though, the OIL in which all such are fully immersed WILL begin to combust…to CATCH FIRE…thereafter THOSE – one and ALL – will be incinerated.

            ICSA…the “Internet Cyber-Securty Agency” published a circular sometime ago detailing the effects on the single failed UHV trsnsformer whose failure during the 1989 Eastern Black-out led to the shut-down of ALL power along the Eastern seaboard of the US and Canada.
            The destruction was TOTAL…absolute INCINERATION of the unit involved…utter and complete…without HOPE of salvage of ANY part thereof…NONE.

            In a CATASTRPHIC Solar Event, the currents engendered would be GLOBAL…circum-equatorial…around the entire PLANET…every last tranformer upon which Mankind depends would be GONE in a matter of hours…

            …THIS is what Humankind MIGHT face were such as what has been speculated were to come to pass. THIS is why I have said before here…if you stick all your ‘sensitves’ in Farady cages you have done ONLY half of what you need to DO…you MUST also…before the CME arrives trip ‘off’ every breaker in your Home Main panel AND then CUT – Yes, actually CUT!! – the groundstrap to your house to FULLY insulate it from ANY contact outside itself till the entire CME has long passed…anything else will simply leave you with a possibly ‘burned-out’ electrical system in your House…WHICH you will NEVER be able to replace in your lifetime….since NO ONE will be refining Copper after that for Oh, say…25-45 years.
            Refining Copper requires HUGE anmounts of electrical energy to effect the electro-lytic refining process… there is NO other wqy to do it. PERIOD.

            In the aftermath of any such, in 5 days people will be dying of thirst, or polluted drinking water…two weeks later the vast bulk of Humanity – certianly the ‘Civilized World’ will be dying – fully – from starvation as with NO electricity there will BE NO REFRIGERATION amd hence almnost ALl stored food will be spoiled, unfit to eat…

            In a month’s time approximately 4.5 Billion People will BE DEAD….fostering the growth od pathogens such as have NEVER been seen by the previouly existent Medical Sciences…which will NO LONGER exists…

            …Well…You get the picture here…I’m sure…don’t You? Anywho, perhaps THIS will help everyone here to understand just what the actual parameters are here involved. Barring any further activity from 11748 over the next few days, this will likely be my last, sifnificant post herein. I will stop in occcasisionally to see what is going on here…and I WILL stop-in one last time – surely – to ay “Good-Bye” to the MANY I have grown to appreciate here so much….

            Good Night then Friends…JOG OUT


            • JOG: Thanks for the info. You will be sincerely missed from this site. Maybe we shall meet in another life or time, till then take care.

              Ghost Rider

              • See you on the ‘Other Side’ Friend!!


            • JOG, thanks for all the great info! Do you mean this is your last post in this article? Or you’re leaving for good? We’ll miss you, if you are!

              Question… So, you talk about what happens when we get hit with a big X, and then a CME, but how do we know when this has happened? Say we’re away from the computer, and don’t get advanced notice of something coming, or whatever. Say the lights go out. What are signs we can look for to know it has happened?

              When something like this happens, I’d like to get to the store and get some final prep items before people realize its not just a random power outage. But I don’t want to blow a bunch of money if it turns out to be like Quebec in ’89 where the power comes back on in a few hours.

              So, when I’m home and the power goes out, how do I know if it’s localized or a nation or world wide event? Obviously, I won’t be able to get on the internet to check what’s going on elsewhere.

              Also, when that happened in Quebec, did it just fry that one component in the power grid, or did it fry people’s microwave’s, TVs, etc? I know in the 80s technology wasn’t near what it is today…

              • Howdy PF,

                Several good quetions I see!

                Shortly, I will be relocating to a more ‘Northern’ climate….REAL North! Most of what is required is now complete and in something just less than a month, I go!

                The initial manifestation of a LARGE X-flare is unfortunately not something which we can ‘see’ coming, Why?

                The initial manifestation comes AT THE ‘Speed of Light’, for which nothing can proceed faster than, Yes, it takes several minutes for it to arrive here…but we can NOT KNOW that it IS enroute until we ‘see’ the ‘flash’ from the flare in our imaging…this includes satellites as well since all that they send to us comes by way of ‘Light’ (‘radio frequency’, light that is) along with a delay for the on-board processing involved ….sooo, you just CAN’T geta heads up to ‘beat that one’, as it were.

                The CME thing is something else; We WILL have ample warning therefor, all but as a certainty….there is a ‘caveat’ here though, a ‘BUT!’, which is this; IF a truly MASSIVE flare…say an X-50 or larger magnitude were generated it IS the case that the LARGER the Flare, the HIGHER the SPEED with which it is ejected from the suface of the Sun….at those levels the speed would be IMMENSE, ranging upwards of 3500+ km/sec.

                An example may be helpful here; the Carrington Event ejected a blast of Solar plasma which reached the Earth in ONLY 16 hours from the instant that the flare occured…the 1989 event got here even faster, – 14 hours – though it was a lower magnitude event…Yes, there is a certain ‘variability’ in the speed, inherent in the process…much like the Wind on your face as you stand outside…it is variable both in direction and speed as well.

                That said, all noting that you MIGHT NOT hear of it within minutes of the actual occurance, IF you were to ‘hear’ of an “Ultra Flare” occuring you would NEED to move at ‘warp-speed’ to get to your ‘sensitives’ to secure them, and to CUT the entirety of your electrical system at your house from ALL outside connection… INCLUDING the actual copper ‘ground strap’ that goes from your ‘Main Panel’ to ‘ground’…ABSOLUTE, PHYSICAL ‘Isolation’ from ANYTHING Friend…no external conncetions, whatsoever!!!…for DAYS, at least.

                As far as knowing what ‘has happened’ that’s a tough one. As said, there is NO way to ‘beat the wave’ since we can’t ‘see’ it till it gets here…for the CME, you MIGHT have as little as 8-10 hours ‘practical’ MAXIMUM in which to act…be HOME when IT hits…NOT ‘elsewhwere’…being stranded away from Home at that point would like;ly be a ‘Death Sentence’ for a variety of reasons none of which are due DIRECTLY to the Flare itself…instead the EFFECT on US here and the Chaos which would follow, Eh?

                I suppose the ‘path’ here is this; FIND out ‘WHEN’ it happened…when the flare occured…if possible, ascertain ‘HOW FAST’ it is ‘in-coming’ (which you would not be able to do if you were on the sunlit side of the Earth when IT occured, since EVERYTHING would be ‘off’. Cars woulf LIKELY still work…but traffic signals would NOT! The Army did some testing – just a few years ago – to determine just WHAT got affected thusly and found that 7 out of 8 cars were still ‘start-able’….but that other things NOT enclosed in a ‘wrap-around metallic shell’ (Automobile body’s ARE metal…most) were pretty much ‘toasted’…think iPads, TV’s and much of anything ELSE which has LONG wires connected to it…anything ‘grid-attached, Eh?

                Lastly, the Quebec event ONLY took out the single UHV transformer which ‘tripped’ the rest of the grid to fail via a ‘cascade’…A tripping B…which tripped C…which tripped D, etc, an ever increasing concentration of the remaining load on the grid itself. The 1989 event came as the effect of the STRONGEST (read as Highest’) proton count ever seen during a CME event…a count, at peak of in excess of 40,000 proton flux units (pfu). (By comparison, the two events of the Spring of 2012 rose ONLY to the 6300 pfu mark…) though it was the case that the flare which created all this was nothing so large as we are speculating here…only about an X-11. Twas one of those ‘concatenation of effects’ type of things….a bunch of things all adding up together to produce a noteable, singular effect…that said, today’s electonics are MUCH more delicate than those then…the smaller and more delicate the ‘tracery’ which definmes them, the more subject they are to being disrupted, destroyed.

                Hope that helps PF!! 🙂


              • You might want to get an extra shortwave radio. Then, if the lights go out, you can check foreign stations to see if they’re still on the air and see if they are reporting anything. You can also check on AM to see if anyone is still on the air in the US. If any hams are still on the air, you might get more info from them. There are hams everywhere, including the space station.

                I say “extra” because it might get fried while you have it out. You need at least two others packed away.

            • Sorry to see this is your last post, at least for now. I greatly appreciate your insight. You will be missed!

              Take care!

            • Thank you for all you have taught us; it has opened a whole new areas of learning for me. Good Luck and God Bless!!

        • Forget about CNN and watch Fox News if you want to hear what News is all about. I watched those flares shooting off this morning on Fox News. They cover a vast number of events that other stations don’t give the time of day on.

          4 year prepper

          • I feel for you. I used to be a Foxbot also. And it is still the only large network we will watch. But.. Please take it with a bottle of salt when you watch. You can see many common faces on Fox leaning towards gun control. Bill O (universal gun registration), Camerata (gun control), and several other moderates that are beginning to soften to the new wussified USA. Remember that they also ushered in Romney as the GOP pick. Never gave any real attention to anyone else. They treated him from the beginning as the “shoe in” you see where that got us. Just keep an open mind.

            • Exactly right…
              I have been pissed at Bill O’ for some time now… he doesn’t get it, and it is obvious that he is a shill for interests outside the studio.
              Their voices are leaning lately towards Big Brother.

              Hannity as well, said the the new movie ‘Assault on Wall Street’… “steps over the line”. When I thought, it was a wet dream… 😉

              It is obvious they are Wall Street shills and worse, they have become Kabuki players. Especially after they have let go and cancelled shows for some of their more strident actors… Beck, Palin, Napalitano…

              When Sarah was let go, I knew, something was going on… I think they were told to tone it down… it is obvious to long time watchers, something has occurred at Fox.

              But, as far a straight up ‘news’, they are still far and away better than the alternatives…(sic)

        • Bi
          People just dont care,
          I brought up some of the issues we talk about at a function i went to this weekend, and everyone was either oblivious or just didnt care,
          I say screw it, bring on the x100 flare with a 12 hour duration

          • Tsk, tsk, tsk….Kula-Brother..

            NOW You KNOW that THAT just ISN’T a very ‘PC-thing’ to say Kula-Bro…is it now?

            (Even though EVERYONE here is thinking it… 😉 )

            How goes it Bro? Hope your weather is sunny and beautiful as always…Damn, but I envy You!! 🙂


        • I don’t have cable/tv…but I listen to a Nashville radio station and one Hopkinsville station.
          I was actually amazed at the taking heads. The topic was DWtS and American Idol…on both stations.
          I agree; where are the topics the public needs to know??

          • JJ, are you in KY or TN?

            • In Logan Co., Ky, but lived in Robertson Co, Tn for 57 years.

          • JJ patienmomma asked if you were in tn or ky iam in tn sounds like we could be close how bout you patien

            • West TN, south of Jackson but not close to anything.

              • PATIENTMOMMA glad to hear that I live just north of Jackson in huntingdon good to know someone close by

        • Imma make a really out there suggestion, and I know it sounds crazy, but hear me out.


        • @BI……

          From “Men In Black”

          Edwards: Why the big secret? People are smart. They can handle it.

          Kay: A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky dangerous animals and you know it. Fifteen hundred years ago everybody knew the Earth was the center of the universe. Five hundred years ago, everybody knew the Earth was flat, and fifteen minutes ago, you knew that humans were alone on this planet. Imagine what you’ll know tomorrow.

        • BI,
          That’s why I never watch TV, except to play a movie now and then.
          We have a saying: “Dumb as a box of rocks”. Or “dumb as a truckload of hammers”.

      5. “While we may not be able to predict when the next Killshot will hit earth, we can be prepared for it.”

        HOW exactly?? By digging a mile deep hole and NEVER coming to the surface again? The radiation extent of an event of such a magnitude to strip the ozone layer would be an ELE! The operative word here is… “Killshot”. Me? I’ll just sit in a lawn chair, grilling Brats and extend my middle finger at the incoming CME, trying my best to gobble the brat as fast as possible before it hits. THIS type of event is beyond human intervention. I sometimes feel like Alfred E. Neuman and declare– “What?.. me worry?

        • I think when they say killshot, they are referring more to a sizable xflare that would shut down the grid, thereby killing off about 90 percent of humanity in the chaos. Something you are thinking of is not even something to worry about, because there really is nothing to be done about it. It ranks right up there with a nuclear war, I don’t really want to survive that. I hope they drop the big one right on my house if a nuclear war were to happen

          • Be advised that the ‘Killshot’ is NOT a singular nor sole [X]class event, but a series of consecutive [X]class events over a relatively period of time — each one pounding the planet and its inhabitants and infrastructure to the mat to a 10 count.

            Look for an emergency abandonment of the ISS (International Space Station) as your first warning.

            • Funny you should mention that…

              …our ‘Guys’ came back from there…JUST yesterday.

              Oops…should na have said that!


        • You prepare for it by securing any electronics you need in Faraday cages. When they say killshot, they’re not talking about directly killing people. They’re talking about killing electronics, which will then result in 90% death rate in civilized nations. People in the jungles of South America or Africa might never notice a thing.

          • Everybody dies!

            With about 450 nuclear plants distributed worldwide eventually going ‘Fukishima’ due to a loss of electronic control, personnel expertise, parts and generator fuel for cooling, it may very well be EVERYTHING DIES!

      6. Been expecting this. Right on schedule. Remember my mentioning “Global Coastal Event”? Talk about a game changer! Trust me, the TPTW (aka TPTB) have been preparing for this for some time (decades). Consider the underground seed vault (recently sealed up) and many other contingency projects I could name. Remember what started the excitement in that silly ‘2012’ Hollywood movie? Energy from the sun. They have been trying to tell us per their ‘code’.

        The planet is about to give us one hell of a performance. We are in for the ride of a lifetime. You will be glad that you have been prepping! Thanks for the timely article Mac.

        • Well I hope they perfected the Von Neuman probe. God knows the idea’s been around long enough.

          Freeze a bunch of embryos, make an artificial incubator, put them on a space probe.

          If they’re so prepared, we should have about 5 dozen of these… all over everywhere… the moom, Mars, odd long time frame orbits around the sun…

          But we don’t. It’s still sci-fi crapola. So we’re not. Prepared that is.

      7. The Justice Department collected two months’ worth of reporters’ phone records

        The Associated Press on Monday revealed that the Department of Justice had secretly spied on AP reporters, obtaining two months’ worth of telephone records in what was most likely an attempt to crack down on internal leaks.

        nooooo, it was so they would know if AP or any of its sources found out the truth of what this admin is up to, so they could shut it down, or arrest the knowing

        • Soon true, Did ANYONE see the movie 2016 about commie Barry ? It’s like a play book for what he’s doing !

          • Scarey isn’t it? It does give interesting insight as to his political and religious beliefs. Hard to be a patriotic American when you were raised a commie muslim.

          • The first time I saw “2016”, it was 11 in the morning on a Saturday. My brother and I went to see it. We got the last two seats in the cinema. I swear!

        • But what about Angelina’s boobs?

          • Someone is still trying too hard again. Eisen is kind of like the social retard that gets no respect. He then makes sure he is included. Bad attention is better than no attention. Poor eisen.

            • He’s like the three year old who won’t stay in bed while the adults are trying to have a serious conversation. It’s way past his bedtime, but he doesn’t care….just HAS to be the center of attention.

        • Wasn’t this one of the articles of impeachment… for Richard Nixon?

      8. Its always somethin…

      9. No worries…I put standing seam metal roofing on my tarpaper shack. Now I only wear my tinfoil hat when I go outside. I am more worried about the lack of substantial growth rings on the oak trees in the last 10 to 15 years. Something is fucking with tree growth and that is more sinister for us than a flare.

        • Barry would say, bush did that………imma gon fix it ………

        • @JRS that is interesting (the oak trees) do you have anything more to add I would be very interested. The reason Im asking is the hunting season for deer has certainly changed up here in the last 5 or 6 yrs. Im in one of the very most northern states and I have not hunted deer in the snow for some time now.

          • Alaska?

            • Vermont

              • boss – ditto for michigan

          • Boss Hog…I heat with wood, I cut a lot. Most outer rings are paper thin…like the growth is stunted. Hardwood trees DO grow slower than softwood but it seems to have slowed a lot. Also, last year, there was a large drop of acorns in summer…all green. I have never seen this before that I can recall. I am a couple states south of you but we have had little snow the past few years; although too much summer rain so no drought.

            • jrs , i sure soons like drought to me.
              cant imagine what else would cause it.

          • Boss Hog and JRS,
            I can’t speak to the tree ring problem, but I used to see lots of salamanders (mud puppies, with the red gills), horned lizards, and plain old toads (Bufo spp.) in such great numbers that they were spilling over into the streets and getting run over by the dozens.
            Now I only see a few of the small, shiny salamanders that stick to overhangs on the houses and an occasional toad. As for horned lizards (I know…they’re not amphibians. They’re actually related to iguanas.), I haven’t seen one in years.

      10. Howdy, BI, check my comment #1665640 at the previous article. I was responding to your comments on Eisen. On ncjoker, i’m totally ignoring him and that is tough. on the solar activity, if a CME takes out our grid, no need for a nuclear weapon to be launched for EMP. All of our lives will be changed and the lifestyles we now enjoy will be history. everyone get everything you can now. braveheart

        • Good call Braveheart! Take out the trash on the site by just red thumbing and no response. Make them insignificant and that is our greatest weapon against the trolls.


      11. can we aim this flare at the white house ?
        really big lightning rod ?
        just thinkin………..

        • Hammer- That is sooooo funny. You are one original and funny guy. Just thinkin….ha.

        • Careful what you wish for. Being the inhuman monsters I suspect they are, it just might make them BIGGER AND STRONGER! 🙂

        • Hmmm…dunno..maybe…since E=mc(squared)..carry the two.. divide by PI…

          …Ummm…Uh…Let me get back with ya here…the idea may have SOME MERIT 🙂 JUST joking here…you KNOW THAT… Right?

          😉 🙂 🙂

          JOG *giggling*

        • My wife thought that was extremely funny when I told her about it.

        • I hope all of it happens
          Way overpopulated planet
          If I die o well,but if we live ,we will live as god intended from the start!

          • quote: “We will live as god (need to capitalize when referring to the Heavenly Father)God) intended from the start”.

            That is a good statement that needs some clarification.
            God had a good plan for creating this earth and His children. We were created to live with God and His creations forever. We were “first” created in spirit bodies and did dwell with the dinosaurs and Lucifer, as well as Christ and our Creator. Yep, God did walk this Earth.

            However; Lucifer wasn’t content with his role, and started sin and a portion of evil with lust and envy, which began as pride.

            God didn’t intend for man to be born into flesh bodies, but because of a third of his children following Satan into an “overthrow”, we got this screwed up mess of flesh and worldly shit.

            God said that He was saddened by having to make man into the flesh, but it was the only way to keep from killing the third that fell with Satan. It’s biblical.

            Thus we are coming up on the grand finale of this 2nd Heaven and Earth Age, and the “living in flesh” bodies.
            Soon we begin the “new” and “eternal” chapter which is the 3rd Heaven and Earth Age, where everything will be in “spirit” bodies, even the animals.

            What is so important about that? The fact is, that God will not destroy this Earth because He is going to set up His eternal kingdom here. So all the “doomsday”, “total earth die-off” believing people, need to sit back and relax. It ain’t happening.

            Sure, we will see some terrible shit happen in the next two to nearly three years, and a whole mass of people will die from it; but, the earth will not be destroyed completely.

            When Christ returns for the millennial reign, there will be a “cleansing” and burning up of all the negative “elements”, but, it will not be completely destroyed. It will be “rejuvenated” for God to set up His eternal Kingdom, with His throne set down in Jerusalem after the thousand years of “teaching”.
            No, blood thirsty, fake religious, muslims, there for people to fear. God will do the sorting out and judging before then. Praise be to Him!

            So don’t fear a few solar flares unless you haven’t got your heart right with your maker. These flares and other signs in the heavens are just God’s way of letting us know that some “BIG” things are on the horizon.

            I am very excited to see the day of reckoning soon, and hope all of you are too. The days of the evil kings/rulers/politicians/crooks are just about over. God has set it up, the end of this age; to be a blessing to His children, and a curse to the non-believers and followers of the worldly ways and Satan.

            I recently received a confirmation of the timing of events as they will soon begin to unfold. We aren’t talking about small events either. They are of biblical proportions, and they are coming over the next two years.

            All i can say to everyone is this. Get your house in order. Time waits for no one. Soon money/gold/silver/PMs will be of no consequence to anyone. I’m working on a little piece of writing, with facts, to help people see why the timing is of utmost importance. I’ll share, to all whom are interested.
            Later on.

            • Looking forward to it, Don’t Tread.

            • 2008

              GOD’S FINAL WITNESS

              The year 2008 marked the last of God’s warnings
              to mankind. The final countdown to the end of man’s self-rule began on May 27, 2012, and will end on Pentecost of 2013. Pentecost is May 15, 2013. A giant solar flare will be a great way to celebrate this event.

              • um chip, uh what calendar are you using? cause the one i am using says Pentecost is the 19th of May 2013, that would be the 50 days after Easter and 10 days after the Ascension of Christ.

              • In my Church, it’s June 23rd. Just sayin’…

        • Evening PG35,

          The ‘concern’ is the Far Eastern mindset, to be frank. Whatever WE – outside theconfines of China proper – are being told is likely a vastly limited version of what the ‘truth’ actually is; in that ‘neck ‘O the Woods’ everything is ‘filtered’ in extremis, since in some way, shape or from it might ‘reflecting BADLY on one’s Self, Family or Country…there is NO more intransigently un-truthful aggregation of Humans on this planet…as we, here in the West inderstand ‘Truth’, at least…

          They could be having a FULL biolological ‘melt-down’ and there is NO gaurantee that we, outside, would be any much the wiser….given thier propensity to ‘obfuscate’ every datum which is released into the eyes of the World.


          • JOG, the U.S. government probably knows what’s going on in China via spy satellites and other intel. They knew about Cherynobl and said nothing. Hard to beleive Chernyobl didn’t show up on any satellite images.

            • Howdy BOBO B,

              I’ve seen a few GOOD comments rom ya here…How-do Bro?

              I THINK you have hit the ‘head on it’s Nail’ 😉 Oops, slipped back into GERMAN syntax there!! Truthfully, that’s about it Brother…We are little more than “Mushrooms” in the eyes of every POS Mega-Richy/Politico on the planet..especially our OWN (Mushrooms, right… keep them in the DARK…feed them sh…well, YOU KNOW… 😉 ) Have a good one Bro…


          • JOG,
            You’re right about the lyin’ Chinese government, and the PRC does have the “Great Firewall”, but savvy Chinese know how to get around it with a combination of TOR and web or SSH proxies. Sadly, many Chinese only want to get around the Firewall so they can drool over Facebook. :<

      12. DJI hit another high today. If the sun decides to send a killshot it’s all over and the fat lady won’t be singing. Take possession now or do without the necessities or even the nice to have. If you can’t hold it……

        • Don’t have to be a killshot event. Even a 10% impairment in our JIT food delivery system would be a huge problem. If any human is alive in 1000 years and knows of our current civilization, they’ll ask “What the hell were they thinking?”

      13. Solar money shot.

      14. One day we will not just be reading about it, we will be experiencing it….

      15. Howdy, NP. I’m not even touching the “ratings system” for ncjoe. Hopefully, he will eventually go away. Now I’m waiting to see how Eisen responds to my “peace offering”. braveheart

      16. Well let’s see we had y2k, and then the mayan calender, and now X Flares. Sure hope they bring my Coservative radio talk show back on line. The radio station is in Casper about 200 miles away, it use to come in pretty clear but those solar flares has made it hard to pickup, and it has been for several months or maybe a year. Trekker Out. Freedom At Any Cost.

      17. Searching internet for problems with and came upon your blog. Just before spaceweather went down I copied this from there page and posted on Facebook. An X20
        Can anyone verify?

        X-ray Solar Flares
        6-hr max: X20+ 0323 UT May14
        24-hr: X20+ 0323 UT May14

        • Good morning. Solar activity continued at high levels due to a pair of X-Class solar flares. The first being an X2.8 at 16:05 UTC , followed by the X3.2 event at 01:10 UTC. Both eruptions generated Coronal Mass Ejections (see below). Each solar flare happens to be the strongest detected X-Ray events since February 2011. All other visible sunspot regions appear to be stable at this time. There will remain a chance for moderate M-Class solar flares and perhaps another isolated X-Class event within the next 24-48 hours, particularly around Sunspot 1748.

          A pair of Coronal Mass Ejections generated by the X2.8 and X3.2 events are expected to miss Earth with only a small chance of a glancing blow later this week. Below is a CME prediction model released by the Goddard Space Flight Center.

          This is a direct quote from

      18. bring it on,i might miss electric but i sure wouldnt miss the the way our culture turned out to be with the non-working,drug addicted,non bible believing,perverted alcholoic culture that we now live in.maybe without electric people might change if they have to work for a living and depend on one another.then again people might be the same just with no electric

        • I’m with ya, westside r us.

          But, they won’t change until they are on their knees and begging, either from starvation or because they are seeing their Saviour’s face.

      19. to irene– maybe of some help

        • Mule Skinner
          Thank you for the link!!! Maybe someone hacked and put the x20 flare up!

        • That’s “” not .net

          • Actually, it responds to EITHER…

      20. When calculating destructive power, always remember that:

        BHO > X45


      21. very interesting document I came across some time ago

        (warning dial up users PDF document)

        be sure and check out pages 8 and 9 to see what a solar flare
        can do to the electrical grid
        and that was just a taste

        it goes on to detail how society will be effected

        lots of little things that you might not think of

        for example
        a solar flare won’t stop your car from running
        but will is ,if your in a big city
        is all the traffic lights going down
        can you imagine the gridlock ???

        • There were some experiments done a few years ago. I don’t remember who did them. Anyway it was found that most motor vehicles would still work after EMP and CME, some would fail entirely, and some would conk out temporarily but could be restarted. That doesn’t sound too bad unless you’re on a congested freeway at 70MPH and a few cars suddenly become uncontrollable and dead in the water. The whole freeway might become a parking lot of wrecks. I saw the video of a car being stopped by EMP but being started immediately afterwards.

          So my pickup would still work, but the car might not.

          Also it was demonstrated that if the EMP and CME were strong enough, most modern electronic circuits would be fried even if they were not plugged in. Induced voltages would not be as high as in long transmission lines or phone lines, but would still be enough to fry sensitive ICs, diodes, and other parts. Old tube type equipment, especially with point-to-point wiring, would probably survive, if unplugged.

        • You can still buy it in SC just about 10 miles from where we are in NC. Outlawed in NC. The commies.
          Wisconsin DATCP must be commies too.

        • Solar story and you bring up milk selling? Somebody is trying too hard….again. Eisen needs some validation. I can’t do it based on the fact I think he is a social retard. Perhaps one of you? Come on, take one for the team and me. Please tell eisen his mom loved him and offer him a hug.

      22. I’ve considered myself a “prepper” for about 4 or 5 years now, but I’m now beginning to question what it’s all about. Why obsess over what MIGHT (but statistically unlikely to) happen? So I can be prepared? So I can say “I told you so” to those who didn’t prepare? So I can live a few more years? Obsessing over these minute possibilities is costing me time (i.e. life) right now. I’m beginning to think not. I’m beginning to think I’ve wasted too much of my precious life “preparing” to live, rather than living.

        There is clearly a paranoia which feeds on itself evident on sites like this. Readers feed on the paranoia of the authors of articles like this one and post their paranoid comments. Readers of these comments feed off that paranoia and add their own. The producers of these sites recognize that the more frightening and urgent sounding their headlines are, the more attention they get from their freaked out readers. We all IMAGINE what COULD happen so vividly and repeatedly that it becomes more real to us than the real world. Historically speaking, we live in a time of unparalleled prosperity and peace, especially those of us living in America and the nicer parts of Europe.

        It is a mental illness, a disease. I’m beginning to realize this and hope more of you will realize it too.

        You probably think it is you who are awake while the masses shuffle zombie-like through life, perhaps you have it backwards. Give it some thought.

        Or, just flag off this comment because it disturbs you and doesn’t jive with what you think you know.

        • there is a lot of truth in what you say

          “prepping” can become a mental illness of sorts

          as I’ve said before


          prepping is merely a form of insurance

          you don’t want a million on your house
          and nothing on your car or life

          as for me

          I’m off on ANOTHER vacation
          hitting some historic sites
          going to see the new Star Trek movie and the Great Gatsby
          this week
          and about a week after I return
          going camping AGAIN

          • Thanks for the healthy reminder Satori,

            “LIFE IS ALL ABOUT BALANCE”…Absoluto-mundo Friend.

            It hardly matters if one survives SHTF if one has FORGOTTEN how to LIVE, now does it? The ART of Life lies in LIVING it Y’all…NEVER lose sight of that most basic fact,

            “For what profiteth it a Man to gain the Whole World…
            …and yet lose His very Soul…”

            Such as THAT is what the ‘reptiles’ among us have done!
            DON’T DO THAT!!!…JOG SAYS!!!


      23. She had an 84% chance of getting breast cancer due to a rare gene, her mother died from it as well. She now has a 5% chance. While I don’t agree that her personal health and life should be top stories, I do think it was probably a good idea.

        • Actually her mother died of ovarian cancer, not breast cancer.

          The statistics are misleading too – she did not have an 87% chance of GETTING cancer, she had an 87% greater chance than a person without the marker. That doesn’t sound like a big difference, but it actually is.

          ~ Daisy

          • Would be interesting to see the statistics. MY understanding is medical statistics are after the fact measures. E.g. 86% more of the people having cancer had the marker. That is not the same as “you have an 86% chance of getting cancer”. Children can understand bayesian probabilities but most adults cannot. Its all about knowing the measures measure what was experienced but not all possible experiences. But maybe she did understand the stats. I doubt since when you get the MDAP or whatever they call it now the nurse says “your kid has to have this. nobody ever gets sick from it”. The doctor or PA will say something like “its not possible to contract from this”. Then you get the contract and read the 5-10 pages and pay 6 or so says your kid has a 1 in 10000 chance of permanent coma. The medical business is all about statistical fraud IME.

      24. MERS update
        (middle east respiratory syndrome)

        Saudi is reporting 6 new cases

        40 cases
        18 deaths

        • ok. When is it a pandemic? When do we start to get really concerned and take precautions? 1000 deaths?

          Maybe we need a procrastinator prepper guide. The “oh heck” guide to TSHTF. E.g. when the solar flare is anticipated and you have 2-4 hours to do something: do this, that, and then the other.

        • the World Health Organization is reporting 38
          laboratory confirmed cases

          but also two more deaths now for a total of 20

        • What’s the big deal? That’s less than 50% fatal.

          • SARS fatality rate is “only” around 20%.
            Ebola Virus fatality rate is “only” 68%

            So, yes, a 50% fatality rate is a very “big deal”.

      25. Marc Salvo, just went back to read some earlier material and noticed that someone else is posting on your site using the name Chip. Like the site , but I won’t be posting again.

      26. Sorry. Mac Salvo.

        • Third times a charm, Chip…”Slavo”. I wouldn’t fret too much…the trolls that steal handles usually go away in a day or two.

      27. 1 in 8 Chance of Catastrophic Solar Megastorm by 2020

        “The Earth has a roughly 12 percent chance of experiencing an enormous megaflare erupting from the sun in the next decade. This event could potentially cause trillions of dollars’ worth of damage and take up to a decade to recover from.”

        if I had a 12% chance of winning the lottery
        I’d be playing everyday

      28. I know our population has been dumbed down with high altitude chem trails and who knows what all they put in our water after flouride (it’s for our teeth you know).
        So the dumbing down of America was by design so no worries keep watching Dancing with the Stars and American idol and for news you can’t beat CNN. Now that’s being informed…
        Were all doomed.
        Might as well give up already.
        And IF your prepping good luck because the 99% who are not prepping will be at your house when they get hungry.

        • I won’t be answering the door.

      29. This X-Class flare business is no laughing matter. Here are some tidbits for those who might be curious.

        Our magnetosphere around the Earth is basically a large magnetic field surrounding the planet and can bounce back a lot of nasty’s the Sun throws at us. Our Ozone layer also plays a key role in blocking UV radiation from reaching us at ground level. When the Earth gets pummeled by a big enough CME event, it burns a giant hole through the Ozone layer allowing unfiltered UV radiation in. This is the bad part. If you get hit by a big enough CME event and it greatly collapses the Ozone layer, the ozone layer does not ‘snap back’ and recover. With unfiltered UV radiation pouring in, we are all in a large microwave and people, plants and animals can die en masse. Many were curious as to the cause of all the trees and plants dying off (and the massive fires)in the future shock movie ‘The Road’. Hmmm… This coupled with an EMP event would reduce mankind to the lowest form of life on Earth in short time…if we are not there already.

        Some more on the magnetosphere here:

        • Rev. 16:8-9 The fourth angel poured out his bowl on the sun, and the sun was allowed to scorch people with fire. They were seared by the intense heat and they cursed the name of God, who had control over these plagues, but they refused to repent and glorify him.

      30. Grippentrog, for the first time, I found something I can agree with you on. Eisen definitely has his own issues. braveheart

      31. Good Evening All,

        Pursuant to the error I commited in placing the following in the NEXT forum up from this one…all subseuqent solar uppdates this evening relative to the ongoing activity from 11748 WILL be placed here alone… that said, the following update is now posted…

        Activity from 11748 has just occured again – the now, 4rth flare from NOAA 11748 – has passed it’s peak, at M1.2 and begun the decay cycle..HOWEVER, said ‘decay’ is abruptly flattening whilst the average is YET above M-class, at M-1.2…when last I looked. This does NOT bode well, as it MAY indicate that an additional High-magnitude flare may follow directly on the heels of this one…WHILE it is yet flaring actively…updates to follow in this, the commited forum, as and when warranted…


      32. I saw somewhere that it was another X1.something flare. Is that correct? A 4th one in less than 48 hours?? eep!

        • Howdy Todd,

          JOG here…Yep, allow me to correct myself HERE for a mistake in the preceding…the flare which just occured reached a peak of X-1.2….Goodness, I didn’t know the Old Girl had it in her!!

          We are watching to see what transpires from this point onward…nearly everything that is occuring now is ‘Just not natural…” as the beer commercial goes. This, cycle 24, is and has been well on it’ way to an early ‘retirement’ with average activity MUCH lower than the last, cycle 23. The ONLY thing of note which HAS occured of late is the observed “Super-GRB’s” which occured on the 27th of April and subsequently on May the 5th. IF there is some latent ‘connection’ between these two phenomena then it follows that the ‘delay factor’ here has amounted to roughly 2 weeks from ‘impulse to activity observed”. As always, time will tell….


      33. We can always eat our dead. Kind of like rugby players do.

      34. If a solar flare knocks us back to the year of our Lord God 1611, I won’t have to go to work anymore.

        Always a bright side 🙂

      35. Just read that the Kepler space telescope has been put into safe mode. They say it’s for a bad gear or something. Hope it’s not in safe mode for flare protection.

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