Socialized Healthcare Debacle: RECORD LONG Hospital Waiting Times

by | Feb 14, 2019 | Headline News | 39 comments

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    NHS (National Health Services) leaders, those in charge of the United Kingdom’s socialized healthcare, have said that hospital wait times have reached record lengths. Waiting times at A&E departments in England last month were at their worst levels since records began, despite pressures from flu and bad weather so far this winter being significantly lower than in 2018.

    The figures should be a wake-up call to the government and the socialists in the United States.  Socialized medicine is designed to fail. No amount of additional government will fix it either.  The UK insists that it’s chronic underfunding in social care and a mounting staffing crisis is creating dangerous pressures in hospitals.  Yet spending on health care in the United Kingdom has more than doubled in the past 18 years, after adjusting for inflation. All of that is a problem because of government intervention, and the poor news will only continue to get worse, according to the UK news source, The Independent.

    The United Kingdom’s horror stories should dissuade Americans from accepting any form of single-payer.  National Health Service, which celebrated its 70th anniversary on July 5, is imploding rapidly, according to Forbes.

    The NHS has struggled to fully staff its hospitals and clinics since its inception in 1948. But today, the shortages are growing worse. 9% of physician posts are vacant making that a disastrous and deadly shortfall of nearly 11,500 doctors.  The NHS is also short 42,000 nurses. In the second quarter alone, nurse vacancies increased by 17%. Meanwhile, in the United States, nearly all states will have a surplus of nurses by 2030. Doctors and nurses simply don’t want to work for the state, which makes their lives far too difficult and their job far too intense for the money.

    And it really isn’t that surprising that people don’t want to work as nurses in Great Britain; it’s a stressful job, with long hours and terrible working conditions – all implemented by the authoritarian government control. Some NHS nurses are taking positions at supermarkets because stacking shelves comes with better hours, benefits, and pay, according to a report in the London Economic. Imagine that; a private job is much superior to a government job.

    The shortage of providers is what’s causing long wait times. In May of 2018, 4.3 million people in the United Kingdom were on waiting lists for surgery, a 10-year high. And these wait times are killing people. An analysis that covered just half of England’s hospitals found that almost 30,000 patients died in the past year while waiting for treatment. And according to Forbes, it’s only going to get worse. In some cases, the NHS has refused to provide treatment at all. In June of 2018, NHS England said that it would discontinue coverage of 17 procedures, including tonsillectomies and knee arthroscopies for osteoarthritis patients.

    If that isn’t bad enough, once a person does actually get treatment, it’s incredibly poor by even a socialist’s standards. Patients in British hospitals are four times more likely to die than in U.S. hospitals, according to an analysis of outcomes from 2,000 similar surgeries conducted by researchers from University College London and Columbia University in New York. Among the more severely ill patients, the disparity was worse; the sickest Brits were seven times more likely to die.

    “Medicare for All’s proponents say single-payer delivers high-quality, free care to all. Britons idling on wait lists, unable to secure the care they need, would surely beg to differ.” –Sally Pipes, Forbes contributor


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      1. People dying in the corridors… Seems to be the plan.

        • The scum illegals will be first in line. The traitor congress just betrayed us all again. Their deaths would be a sweet thing.

        • All of Europe is Marxist, they want a die off of the useless eaters (cronically ill, elderly and disabled). Over populated and need them dead to make room for Muslims from third world rat holes.

      2. Sorry, if it sounds sloppy, but much of the West is falling to war-like or depressed, third world conditions. Medical care could be provided, by guild or private co-op.

        Also, groceries.

        • Beaumont 2.0, what we call our HC system here in USA is a serious bad joke. Trying to save something that is already seriously dysfunctional to the extreme is beyond idiotic. None of the politicos grasp this fact, and most people do not either. So they stay weak and sickly only because of their laziness and ignorance. Demanding what we call HC is akin to asking for torture and poverty !

          There is a far better way to live and think and enjoy it all everyday !

          Remember J Krishnamurta said 50 years ago –
          “It s no good measure of man to be well adjusted to a sick society”

          He was quite right on many levels then and even more so now ! But many right here today will take their pharma like good little Pavlovs dogs and allow their own suffering and poverty on many levels. Everything is a choice and we are all on our own merits and or demerits as the case may be in every matter and event of our health and well being.

          • Though I had originally wanted to be a doctor, I will never be treated in one of these places, under my own power.

            There are people with no mechanical aptitude or simple study skills, in the teaching hospitals, so help me God.

            My message-in-a-bottle is to learn basic emergency care, and stay healthy as though your life depended on it.

      3. In the end it boils down to increasing the supply to drop the cost. We have a Department of Labor and a Department of Education. The former should tell the latter what it needs and the latter provide it. College in a Science, Math, Engineering and Medicine should have no interest loans provided for the applicant as long as an acceptable GPA is maintained. If the discipline is very necessary some increased economic help for high GPA 3.4 – 4.0. Thats an investment. If you want to go to college for nonsense art and humanities (Transexual Rights & Human Development) you pay going rate interest with zero economic help. The GI Bill of WWII fame educated an entire generation and we all benefitted. In the day people had chosen a study in something with a job at the end. In the conservative 1950s President Eisenhower used Federal Money to facilitate the education of science and engineering due to the Soviet threat. This is not without historic roots.

        • No vs thoughts. My daughter didn’t meet the diversity line up and had two lower grades from over ten years ago when she thought she wanted to be an engineer. They forced her to add those grades into her GPA even though they had nothing to do with pre-med science courses (far exceeded what they have to take), were ancient and ALL of her last 20+ hours were straight A’s. She did great on her MCAT too. Nope, she wasn’t diverse enough. She will be an RN in a year. Perhaps a nurse practitioner later. This is what society wants. My doctors are all shades of brown and black. Most were educated abroad. This is the future of medicine in the U.S.

          • I would gladly go see an NP that she will become over the others. She’ll be able to prescribe medications as an NP, so the heck with the brownies and blacks.

          • Actually, to contrast your point, when I went to college some of the most dedicated and over the top students I knew were from abroad, especially India and Africa. As a freshman I was doing Calculus I and learning I had a learning gap of about a year, while many of my friends from abroad were in Cal II or III and understanding topics even above that. In their freshman year. It seems the American educational system is very much failing. A good friend of mine from Africa who walked 10 miles to school every day had a Cal III level math education from an African public school. Not even private, where according to him the educational standards are much higher but almost no one could afford because of the tuition. I still find it astonishing that these people from traditionally poor areas are able to go straight into high level math while I was struggling with basic concepts even though I got a B in AP Cal during my Senior year of HS.

      4. Funny, we just had a post about how our current healthcare system is bankrupting folks.
        So what is the answer? It’s worth looking at how other countries’ hybrid systems work and not just falling for the ‘socialism=bad’ or ‘mandate=bad’ thinking. The Swiss model seems intriguing.

      5. Death panels. Lots of people will be encouraged to forego treatment due to cost and lack of any quality of life. It’s excessive and oppressive triage.

      6. I say Medicare for all. Those that cannot afford medical care currently , will be happy to stand in line rather than having no chance for care.
        There will always be private practice care for those with the means…or if they want to wait… Medicare for all will be there.

        • Didn’t you hear? The leftist scum have announced they will simultaneously eliminate the possibility of private health insurance so that we are all equally fucked.

          • So we’ll all be going on medical tours or across the border to get medical care. It’s already happening where people go to Mexico to get affordable dental care.

            The other part of the problem is the cost of prescription drugs. So many of those are very affordable using a mail order pharmacy from say Canada.

            • As far as off shore dental care I have some experience. It has been 8 years ago so my prices may be a little dated. For several years I spent winters in Costa Rica. I stayed in a studio apartment complex that was almost all other gringos which cost $600. per month. Small and basic but everything needed. I made a buddy with one of the other gringos who was in CR only for major dental work. In the USA his procedures were to cost $25,000, but the same procedure in CR was $8000. So he could pay airfare, apartment, other expenses and still save major dinero. So while there he set me up with the dentist. 2 things, 1 just general checkup and cleaning ect was about $100, and also needed a crown which came to $200 completed. I had had a crown before in the USA which was $1000. No difference in the crowns, just way cheaper in CR. Now remember this is 8 years ago, of course a bit more now. Also they have a way better drug policy. If you know what you need you can just go in a and buy your drugs without doctor prescription, and at way lower prices than USA. In the big drug stores they have consulting doctors which for $8.(then)will talk to you and diagnose verbally and tell you which drugs you need. Also glasses or contacts are way cheaper for the prescription like about $10 vs $100? in USA and the glasses ect are way cheaper than in USA and are the exact same brands. The dentist was schooled in the USA and spoke fair english. I say this because some of you may need seriuos dental work and I can say from experience that the work is on par with the USA but far far cheaper. KF

              • Didn’t know that about CR. I’ll pass this info on to my friend and her anticipated dental work is estimated around $45k. That’s more than double what I’ve ever spent on an automobile.

      7. As a Canadian yes I have free healthcare I don’t pay one red cent for anything.
        If I brake a bone need stitches an operation it’s all provided. Of I want a private room or elective stuff yes we have to pay. We also pay for dental and eyes we get blue cross insurance to cover that stuff. I recently payed out of pocket 1500 to the dentist. We pay for medication as well

        • two points –

          1) “I don’t pay a red cent” – what is your income tax rate? what is your VAT (sales) tax rate?

          2) Look up Danny Williams, Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador, “This is My heart, it’s my Health and it’s my choice” – He went to Miami so he did not have to wait in line. (I wonder if he ever got reimbursed – because of who he was)

      8. Too many people in this country will pay no attention to this story and will only hear the siren song of the socialist left. They have no ability at critical thinking or how things have to be paid for. They will wake only when it fails.

        • It’s the adult version of believing in Santa Claus.

      9. Of all the dumb f**** on the far right, you are the champion!

        If socialized medicine was such a failure, why has it been so successful than other countries?

        It’s only been a failure in your country, because it’s subject to the broader cultural dictates of US society, and that is, greed, greed and more greed!

        • Which countries, and for how long.

          • I am asking, as a smart f-, who has made honor role, won science fairs and received medical-related awards.

            If any inventors are reading, think of Ford’s assembly line, and you had better make it as easy as opening a can of cat food. Yes, literally.

      10. This is only NHS England which is ideologically being dismantled by a right wing government.

        NHS Scotland is not experiencing these problems as its run by a successful social democratic party. Indeed NHS Scotland has abolished prescription charges and almost completely integrated social care into the system.

        • Dair- NHS Scotland is funded by the British Taxpayer. As regards being a Social Democratic Party, you sir, are talking absolute tosh! Without largesse being dispensed from Westminster, Scotland would be an economic backwater. And don’t prattle on about North sea oil…it’s gone!

          I guess you also go along with leaving the Union and integrating into the Nationalist Socialist European Union? If so, you are welcome to your new and much vaunted independence. Or, to be precise, a binding form of Vassalage!

          “The noblest prospect which a Scotchman ever sees, is the high road that leads him to England!”

          “It has never been hard to tell the difference between a Scotsman with a grievance and a ray of sunshine.”

          P.G. Wodehouse

      11. Right now we pay 1% payroll tax for Medicare.

        When we have Medicare for all, that will be at least 15%.

        Bend over.

        • Its actually 1.45% for individuals and matched 1.45% for employers. Plus high income earners pay 3.9% on investment income.
          And the fund is running out.

          The actuarial computation of the unfunded liability is somewhere near $40-50 Trillion. But they really don’t know because since Obamacare went in, the Statement of Social Insurances receives a “disclaimer” each year from the auditors.

          • All the while the fools we have in congress have no idea how to fix the future viability of the current Medicare and Social Security trust funds. Instead they argue about peanuts while proposing grandiose unicorn & rainbow schemes to spend us into the oblivion of a leftist dystopian nightmare. But, how silly of me to forget, how can one put a price on social justice and saving the planet?

      12. So the Brits have long waiting times, as opposed to the Americans, who may simply be told that they have no hope of getting any treatment because they don’t have insurance? How is that any better?

        And I understand that long waiting times are also a feature of the American system if your insurance is among the cheapest ones.

        • Doly Garcia, you have hit the nail squarely on the head. There are too many Americans on this site who, at the moment, have reasonable health. This makes them complacent.

          Come any major illness and they will be shafted by the insurance companies. It is they who control prices and no one else. It is the insurance companies who can (and will) make you a non person once they can wriggle out of their so called obligations.

          As one British politician said “if we can find the money to make war, surely we can find the money to keep our people well?”.

          America needs to reduce its massive military and invest those savings into keeping its people healthy. That is not socialism. That’s simple commonsense. A healthy populace will make America great again. Not empty gas filled promises uttered by a serial draft dodger.

          The Department of Defence is an oxymoron and is controlled by and for your slave masters. Or do Americans really enjoy killing weaker people?

      13. Another divide and rule article. Why are Americans so obsessed with how other countries run their own affairs?

        After all, you have the best system of government in the world, the best medical care in the world and, most importantly, the largest military in the world to impose the delightful benefits of American culture and healthcare on lesser blessed Nations.

        Living in paradise, as you do (or so you keep telling the whole world) why bother trying to sell the benefits of your way of life to shithole countries like the UK?

        Paranoia and a rampant inferiority complex seems to stalk America and its people who listen avidly to their wonderful and caring billionaire slave masters.

      14. For a long time, the Brits have intentionally put older people at the bottom of the list for expensive treatments that are not immediately life threatening (such as joint replacements and advanced diagnostics and such) with the intention than many of them will die of something else before their number comes up. They have admitted this.

        It’s a method of cost containment that works, I don’t see why it wouldn’t work here and cut our medical costs significantly. Putting everyone on Medicare would facilitate this and a few other methods of cost reduction that other countries use.

      15. Non socialized medicine: Bankruptcy for $750,000 heart attacks, $2000 a month insurance premiums, refusal of service.

        It has it’s merits. And with the current for profit medicine and scam insurers it might sound like a viable alternative for enough people to vote in candidates that endorse it.

        You can only screw people over for so long before change comes about even if the change isn’t for the better as people will be to the point it doesn’t matter anymore.

      16. Meanwhile the latest Kentucky abortion bill would outright BAN abortions once a fetal heartbeat was detected. It passed the Senate and passed a House subcommittee so now it’s very likely going to pass in the House.

        It will be challengedall the way to SCOTUS and with any luck, will overturn Roe v Wade.

        HOORAY! There is at least one state in the USA that nearly bans abortions.

        If you are a Christian prepper, why don’t you live in Kentucky?

      17. Do you need a colonoscopy?

        If you have really good insurance, you just might.

        How many are enough? I knew someone whose doctor recommended a colonoscopy. When the first one came back negative, he ordered a second. When the second one came back negative, the doctor ordered a third. This doctor was from another Country. He was sticking it up an American.

        Why go to someone who hates you for medical care? It is insane to believe in people that are not your own race, religion, and culture. You are just gambling. Maybe they don’t hate you, maybe they do.


      18. Attention Working white male legal citizen taxpayers

        …go to the back of the line.

        A “doctor” from Westgofuckyourself will be with you in 180 days.

        All welfare and entitlement people, please disrobe and a doctor will see you immediately.

      19. Seems like human euthanasia is the plan. Eliminate the sick, like the nazies.

      20. Why would any healer bother to help not only patients who refuse to adjust their unhealthy lifestyle, take their medicines, exercise, practice safe sex, stop using recreational drugs, fail to drink clean water, AND now insist that making a profit as a healer is somehow unpatriotic???

        My gosh, the outrageous things that weaklings expect!

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