Socialists In Oregon Pass ‘Universal Healthcare’ But They Have No Idea How To Pay For It

by | Feb 14, 2018 | Headline News | 57 comments

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    Typical socialists: approve a massive government program by calling it a “right” with exactly zero plans or ideas on how to fund the program.

    House Democrats in Oregon passed a resolution referring a question to voters without a single Republican vote. It heads next to the Senate. The provision would ask voters to alter the state Constitution to declare healthcare a “right.” There are many reasons healthcare isn’t a right, but that’s neither here nor there.

    Owning a gun is right, but there aren’t any gun owners running around demanding exorbitant tax increases so the government can provide everyone who wants a gun with one. This is exactly what the left always gets wrong about healthcare.

    Just because our rights are secured by government, it does not follow that they must be provided by government. This means that while it is correct to suggest that people have a right to food, it is incorrect to say that the state must provide it. Indeed, flowing from our rights to liberty and life, we have the right to keep the fruits of our labor, through which the marketplace has proved superior in providing access to food, as failed communist states have made clear. This brings us to the heart of what is wrong with declaring health care—ex nihilo—a human right. –The Federalist

    Buoyed by voters’ approval of health care taxes in the January special elections and terrified of congressional Republican attempts to undo the Affordable Care Act, Oregon Democrats are looking at health care as a key election issue this year. But not even all Democrats agree. Some say that the federal government (the same government that’s $20 trillion in debt with over $100 trillion in unfunded liabilities) should be in charge of universal healthcare, not the Oregon state government.

    Not to mention putting any government in charge of any amount of healthcare leads to the gradual stripping of medical freedom from individuals and the eventual outcome is medical tyranny. It also has no idea how to get the money to provide all Oregonians with “free” healthcare. The League of Women Voters’ president Norman Turrill and social policy coordinator Karen Nibler pointed out that without federal funding for universal health care, Oregon would be on the hook to cover the entire cost.

    “The League cannot support an amendment for health care as a right because there is an implied state responsibility to provide the health care for all residents,” Turrill and Nibler wrote. “The state of Oregon has insufficient income to support its current responsibilities and cannot provide the added cost of health care coverage for all its residents at this time.” Imagine that. Things have to be paid for, but surely Oregon voters would just vote away more of their money.  They love tax increases it seems.


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      1. Florida shooting suspect in custody. FBI still enroute from Miami. Countdown to the first gun banner Dem begins……..

        • Typical school shooter, white kid from fairly wealthy family..

          Red haired and freckled, probably Irish, most people now consider the Irish White.

          • Bull crap. Black hair, last name Cruz.

          • Celtic and Scandanavian blood is about as white as it gets.

        • The news reporters are already putting their spin around the gun. Even Fox News is saying uneducated statements about the shooter’s “AR15 semi assault weapon and multiple clips loaded with bullets”, almost as poorly stated as fake news CNN Crap News Network.

      2. Having lived in Oregon as a teen, all I can say is they are bat Sh!T crazy! They were crazy back then and even crazier now. Portland is a socialist paradise and a nightmare for everybody else. Eugene is a cesspool of hippies and liberals who co-mingle and decide how to spend everyone’s money. None of this surprises me- the northwest in general has lost their minds. Having also lived in Washington State, I have a lot of family in and around that area, and every time I visit I notice little things that are completely weird. My family is conservative but I don’t think some of these things they even notice….It’s like the frog in the pot of water analogy. Turn up the temp slowly…They won’t notice. A family member recently put their house up for sale and had to call the city on where to put the for sale sign. I’m like no, the realtor will just come out and stick it in the yard. Well, come to find out NO, that would be too simple. The city has to OK the location. I am always thankfully to head back home. The traffic, prices of everything, the general mentality of the people, the weather. Oregon can suck it.

        • Texas tea, so glad we moved out of Oregon 9 years ago. I saw the insanity coming in waves.
          Liberals from New York and Calif. have screwed up the state so much by the time the average person figures it out they’ll be taxed to death and proud of it.
          When that communist governor Kitzhaber designed his state run healthcare program he called it the Archimedes Project.
          Archimedes came up with the idea of threads- as in screw threads.
          Wonder how Sixpack is doing there.

          • Ketchup, I also think of Sixpack on occasion. As far as I know she still lives near Mt. Hood. If she still lives there and Mt. Hood erupts…..

            • i look back at my time in oregon as the best of times ….but by the time i left there in 1975, it had already been infected by too many californicaters. i was hoping to retire there, but am losing ALL hope of any conservatives to rub elbows with. i just hear the governor was jerry brown’s SISTER? could that be true?

              • Shit is Brown. Jerry and Kate are no exception.

                • No, Jerry Brown and Kate Brown are not related.

        • The majority of the counties in Oregon are “red” counties, that is, most of the state is conservative. However, Portland and Eugene are filled with the liberals, who run the state Legislature. The legislators do not represent most of their constituents; they push their liberal agenda, and soon OR will be as bad as California.

      3. Don’t worry about paying for it, just take it away from the rich who don’t deserve to have it in the first place.

        So who are the “rich”?

        Anyone that has more money than I do.

        • More money than you?

          I don’t think so. The rich are anybody that has money, period.

        • Anonymous, go somewhere else spouting off that socialist garbage.

          • He’s probably being sarcastic.

      4. Not all of Oregon is stupid. The morons who vote for stupid mindless shit like this are all in Portland, Salem, and a few other liberal cesspool cities. Uber liberal Governor Kate Brown is a pathetic disgrace.

        • The west coast are the uber liberal, the eastern part of the state are the conservatives.

      5. Oregon is now California 2.0. And they didn’t figure out beforehand how to fund it? GMAFB! Libturds are always thinking of some kind of tax increase. During the 2016 campaign the hildebeast admitted she would raise taxes on everyone all across the board. Let’s be glad we dodged that bullet.

        • Damn TDBh – you got it perfectly. Oregon is darned near a failed State. The words in the article are ones those idiots in California, Oregon and most of the New England States just don’t understand, “Just because our rights are secured by government, it does not follow that they must be provided by government.” What people just don’t grasp is that THEY must work to provide what they desire in life. They can’t vote to have a task performed for them or some item given them…… for somewhere, someone, must pay the cost. The idea of “I got a dollar and need to spend $2… ” doesn’t lead them to think, “I’ll save up to get the $2”. They just figure that because they draw a breath in and out they got a ‘right’ to have anything and everything else for free.

          • Heartless, you really nailed that one. Everyone is expected to do for themselves. This is AMERICA, NOT EUROPE OR CANADA. no one is ‘owed’ anything. No one is ‘entitled’ to anything. Good post you made.

      6. Maybe they and California will secede together and figure out how they will tax the people for the healthcare. Watch everyone leave those two states. It was nice knowin ya!

        • Jim,

          I do not want everyone to leave those two states. I want a majority of them to go down with the ship. The problem with a majority of them leaving is that they vote for the same stupid policies which caused the problems in the first place. Idiots are like locusts and destroy whatever they come across.

        • Jim, if those 2 states secede, then they’re no longer eligible for any federal assistance. They’ll go belly-up financially in no time. They’re already “failed states”.

      7. Senator Ted Nelson of Florida takes the prize as the first Democrat calling for an investigation of how the shooter got his weapon and if he passed a background check. Congratulations a- hole

        • The more important question to answer is WHY, not HOW.

          What was the motive? What pharmaceuticals was he on? The dumbocrats never seem to care about the reasons that make democrats kill people, they just want to ban things from normal people.

      8. I’ve seen a lot of preppers recommend WA and OR as potential BOLs…but I’ve never seen it. The political environment is a huge part of what I’d consider. Why would you want either of those when you have ID and MT nearby, who generally at least TRY to leave people alone?

        • Oregon and Washington have wonderful land, but shitty governments. Property taxes out the ASSSSSSS.

      9. Oregon will just make it illegal for taxpayers (i.e. White people) to quit their jobs and/or leave the State.

        It’ll be fine, since the Bill of Rights and Constitution don’t apply to Whites (just ask the neo-Bolsheviks and their ‘diverse’ minions).

      10. The best healthcare is prevention.

        During the Black Plague of Europe during the Middle Ages survivors were mostly those living in country estates.

        Of people living to one hundred, two common denominators were found, they drank a lot of water and they avoided doctors.


        • B from CA, years ago when Legionnaire’s Disease hit a cruise ship the people who did not get it had chardonnay with dinner. True story.

          • I thought it was the people that walked around with their thumbs up their butts were the ones that did not get it?

      11. The self styled “progressive” left are children desiring things and letting the adults figure out how to pay for them. They however also see fiscal irresponsibility watching daddy and mommy handle home finances. Where is the money coming from for the defense department increase? Where did the trillions come from for the middle east wars? To some degree, like children, they learn from watching mom and dad.

        • Where is the money coming from?

          it is printed at the treasury. Hell, they don;t event print it anymore, it is just a keyboard entry on a computer.

          Side note: You want to see something really fucked up. Look at the link and see what the 2018 Liberty gold eagle coin being stamped at the US mint looks like.

          It is a fucking black chick with a weave.

          I kid you not!!!!

          ht tps://

          • Old news. The Mint announced this series two or three years ago. The coins have been on sale for about a year already.

            The series was planned to continue with depictions of a Hispanic Liberty, an Asian Liberty, etc. (I haven’t seen any of these other issues show up yet.) Not sure what further ethnicities will be represented; or how many there will be in the complete series.

            If some of these coins turn out to have particularly low mintages, they might increase substantially in value over time. Possible investment potential here.

            Currency is produced by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, which is a government agency within the U.S. Department of the Treasury. And the BEP certainly does print money — lots of it. Approximately 6.5 billion banknotes every year. It has two locations: D.C. and Fort Worth. The Bureau even has its own cops — the Bureau of Engraving and Printing Police Force. Really.

          • john stiner

            You stated my point exactly. The self styled savior of the people “progressives” see roughly 6 trillion created for war and ask how come none for “free” health care. If one distances themselves from the idea that money has intrinsic value the thought process is quite understandable; money for swords but not for plowshares.

      12. Over at the daily sheeple, check out “Leftist Infighting: Feminists Attack Fellow Feminist Amy Schumer For Being Too Pretty”. ROTFLMAO! I love it when feminazis attack each other. And the one in the article who sent out a shitload of tweets about Schumer’s appearance looks even worse than Schumer. Now isn’t that rich?

        • Amy Schumer with makeup on, dressed to kill (not nude I think), hair done, might be a 6 in very low light.

          • And you are very drunk.

            • Add enough alcohol and have the clock near closing time and your argue that se is a 10.

              • Kevin2, there’s not one feminazi anywhere worth having regardless of her appearance.

                • In my single days I didn’t bother to get to know their politics and couldn’t have told you their last name.

                • In my single days I didn’t bother to get to know their politics and couldn’t have told you their last name.

      13. Sorry dumbocrats, you are STILLLLLLLLL the same party that thought you had the right to own black people.

        Your entire ideology STILLLLLLLLL surrounds the erroneous belief that you have the right to the fruits of others’ labor.

        • What do you mean, “thought you had the right to own black people.”

          They still do. Why do you think every black person out there votes for the massa?

      14. Healthcare is the first area in immediate need of robots.

        Well, actually, that’s not really true. Bathroom cleaning robots would be first. If you have been to my LA Fitness you would know exactly what I mean. Men are foul beasts. Can’t hit the toilet even with the seat up. Peeing in the shower. Coughing up mucus and spitting that mess out in the shower. The showers seem to get the real abuse. And the pool. Oh, God.

        • And THAT, dear people, is why I’ve never joined a gym!

          • Well, he’s in Lost Angeles. What do you expect?

      15. There are a lot of seismic fault lines on the west coast. Have they checked for toxic gases that might be causing brain damage?

      16. This only shows how not grounded in reality the far left is, and how far the entitlement mentality has taken hold. It means they are driven by ideology, not rational thinking. By definition, to be ideological means trying to make reality conform to something like beliefs or desire – it is irrational. That’s why the various isms eventually always fail (though they may do a lot of damage). The only silver lining I see is maybe some of those who depend on all the freebies will leave my area and move to Oregon.

      17. If I were to knowingly write a check that my bank account has insufficient funds to cover, in some states, I could be arrested. If I were to set up a series of payments for which I didn’t have sufficient funds, I would be guilty of a series of offenses. At the very minimum, I would destroy my credit rating. The state legislature is doing the exact same thing in setting up this program.

        Providing universal healthcare is a noble goal but who is going to pay for it? It is as though they are trying to create a crisis situation in the belief that the Federal government will step forward and bail them out of the mess they have created. The Federal government has financial problems of its own. The strength of the Democratic party lies in the cities. As the debt situations of the city and state governments gets worse, the pressure to help them will increase. If the banks are too important to permit them to fail, aren’t the state and city governments even more important? The Federal government is not in a position to take on more debt. Bad enough that it is doing so by its own deficit spending.

        Any proposed new spending program should be backed by accurate estimates of the costs. These costs should be translated into estimates on what it will cost each taxpayer. Then hold a referendum on whether the program should be passed. If the legislators won’t do their job, then go to the people who must fork up the money! The hog trough is empty!

      18. Here again the Demonrats from big cities are trying to ruin a state. They have no understanding of “cause & effect” nor can they balance a check book. How do you socialists think you’re going to pay for UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE? Oh, didn’t think that far down the road, did you?

      19. Oregon is not a destination. It is just part of some people’s journey.

      20. When will these idiots realize that healthcare is NOT a right it’s a commodity! A right does not require the labor or expertise of others. I thought there was a conflict that settled that concept in the 1860s.

      21. Millions if not more government “healthcare” zealots might flock to Oregon for “free” “healthcare”. That will be Oregon’s immigration problem.

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