“Socialism Has Produced Some Very Powerful Millionaires”: As Venezuelans Starve In The Streets, The Elites Party On

by | Jun 20, 2017 | Headline News | 33 comments

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    It’s always funny to debate socialists on the merits of their ideology. If you point to a country like Venezuela, and say “See! This is what socialism leads to,” they’ll no doubt claim that it isn’t a real example of socialism. But if you went back in time by just a few years, you’d find that their perception of Venezuela was quite different.

    Celebrities like Sean Penn, Oliver Stone, and Danny Glover praised the regime not too long ago, as did intellectuals like Noam Chomsky. Six years ago, Bernie Sanders claimed that “the American dream is more apt to be realized in South America, in places such as Ecuador, Venezuela and Argentina.” These days however, those voices are conveniently silent in regards to Venezuela. There’s always at least one “perfect” example of socialism for leftists to hold up, right up until that that shining example utterly fails.

    But that is by no means the extant of their cognitive dissonance. While these same figures preach about how equitable socialism is, and rail against the 1%, socialist countries like Venezuela are run by tiny wealthy elites who are having a blast while their countrymen starve in the streets.

    The country may be stricken by poverty and political violence, but a rich minority acts like they are untouched by the crisis.

    Case in point: Caracas, one of the world’s most violent cities, is the first in South America to open a branch of the trendy Buddha Bar international nightclub chain.

    In a country where basics such as flour and sugar are in short supply, Buddha Bar guests can order tuna steak, pork ribs or fish tacos — as long as they have dollars to pay.

    “You can have as good a time here in Caracas as in New York, Dubai or Saint Petersburg,” says one of its owners, Cristhian Estephan.

    Eight pieces of salmon and shrimp sushi here cost 55,700 bolivars, or the equivalent of more than a quarter of the country’s official monthly minimum wage…

    …While the mass protests against President Nicolas Maduro show that Venezuelans’ anger at their hardship is boiling over, the well-off are still managing to have fun.

    This always happens in socialist countries, because socialist regimes don’t distribute the wealth equally to everyone. Once the government has a firm grip on the economy, it can distribute that wealth to whoever is the most loyal to the regime.

    “Wealth in Venezuela is generated by state revenues that depend on the oil sector,” says Colette Capriles, a sociologist at Simon Bolivar University.

    “The state redistributes that revenue. The Chavez government used it with preference for those who needed it most,” with social welfare spending, she says.

    But it also offered an opportunity for those close to power to line their pockets.

    “This form of socialism has produced some very powerful millionaires,” says Capriles.

    “Most of them are government officials or people close to them — and currently they are one of the main things holding up the government.”

    I’m sure that fact is also conveniently ignored by leftists celebrities and intellectuals. They’re so wrapped up in their ideology that they can’t see the truth that is staring them in the face. Not only does socialism always fail, this ideology that so many leftists claim can end wealth inequality, always leaves the masses hungry and poor. It always props up a rich elite class that is insulated from the problems that they cause.

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      1. Trying to mandate “equality” is the evil.

        God created everyone equally – not to ultimately BE equal.

        • No one was “created equally”; but everyone was equally created.

          Each of US is an individual expression of Nature’s God with DIVERSE aspects, blessings and gifts to give substance to the Spirit of Life in this dimension.

          Be all you can be. Express what is inside outside. It’s why you are here. 🙂

          • DK, my sentiments exactly.

            • Socialism dos not have a single thing to do with the money floating to the top. Its like this in most every Government. The US Government funnels most of our wealth to the Military Industrial Complex Mafia as Cities as going bankrupt, roads and bridges are collapsing, healthcare is a disaster education is a failure, and the connected and those in Power get all the Government contracts and wealth. Its like this in every country pretty much, not just a socialist regime. The Author is trying to make a claim that is not even close to being accurate. Its not just commie countries, its those in POWER and CONTROL OF THE PURSE STRINGS. LIKE CONGRESS.

        • I don’t think its quiet accurate to blame this phenomenon souley on the evil word called socialism. See here on sites like SHTFPLAN we have those strong U.S. citizens who just like everywhere else disregard their own self-delusions and shift the blame to the chosen target of the day, but honestly, honestly can you say that in America today we don’t have the exact same conditions under said Capitalism. Growing inequality, increased poverty, usury, explotation. So you can honestly say that you would rather see some CEO garnish a 300-400% greater wage then you the worker ,the people that actually preform the tasks, just so you can call it capitalism. I’m sorry but f#ck your capitalism as well as socialism, and communism can go f#ck itself to. Its time for something well beyond these foolish ideas. Don’t feel so exalted in your false pretensions of American exceptionalism, ” We the People” are being wrung out to dry and our version of that is capitalism of the extreme. Wake Up and face all self delusions!

          • Wow, another rant about the evils of capitalism right out of the social justices playbook. I’ll tell you what, I lived overseas for 4 years in a county under the control of a socialist government. You seem to think things are more equal for workers under socialism, that idea would be completely WRONG! The leaders of that country lived like kings, while the other 99% lived like slaves. Capitalism is the only economic system that gives everybody the same chance to achieve wealth, but you have to be WILLING TO WORK FOR IT!!!!! Case in point, Steve Jobs started Apple computer in his parents garage for an investment of a few thousand dollars, today it’s worth billions. You’ll never achieve that in a country controlled by socialism.

            • First off FUCK YOU, read the point I make that capitalism as it stands today is eliciting the same or similar results as socialism, and communism, an oligarchical class that leeches off of the backs of those who actually do the work. Second I am a small business owner who supports free enterprise but does not think capitalism is the be all and end all. I have been working my ass off my entire life so no I don’t think hand outs are the answer at all. See your just another typical douchebag who doesn’t read what someone wrote and is biased by his/her belief system that holds not an ounce of water when the facts are put forward. Capitalism = A system run by non representative governments and businesses that leech off off the people, Socialism = A system run by non representative governments and businesses that leech off of the people and then run welfare states, Communism = A system run by non representative government and businesses that take everything and redistribute the majority to their pals, tell me what difference there really is. Colt M4 you are exactly the person I described in my first post, deaf, dumb and blind.

          • Black Cat.. I wrote what I said, then scrolled down and read your comment, which parallels my comment almost to the exact point. So we know what’s up. The Author is misguided. So yeah lets beat up on the socialist commies today again. And Venezuela’s economic problems are not because of socialism. Its because the Saudi Manipulators crashed Oil Prices and that just happed to be Venezuela’s main exporting product. They are kind like a one trick pony, and they just ran out of tricks.

            Saudi crashing Oil Prices also Crashed the economies up in the N Dakota where the cost to raise oil out of the ground may be $60 a barrel. Well when Oil is selling for $38 a Barrel, it is not profitable and they shut down. Saudi’s cost to bring Oil out of the sand is only about $4 to $5 a Barrel at the most, because the oil reserves are so close to the surface. So they can still make money cashing Oil prices and it destroyed countries like Venezuela in their wake.

            Hey looks like anybody with a keyboard can be an author these days. A few are a whole lot better than the others. We are here to correct their 2 cent opinions.

            • It is just as you said, all top down systems end up the same way. An argument of which poison is best to take doesn’t negate the fact that they are all still poison and in the end kill you. I prefer to set aside my belief and look as deeply into the causes and facts of a situation rather then where my emotionally held belief structure will divert my eyes.

      2. The elites always feel entitled. Everyone else is there for them. Now you know how Tom,Dick and Harry feel! Get the nooses ready.

        • “Feeling entitled” is not necessarily a function of economic status. There are plenty of poor and middle class who believe they are more “special” than the next person and deserve special treatment; whether it’s cutting in line or cheating on their taxes; crossing the border illegally, or demanding reparations for the indignities suffered by their forefathers 400 years ago.

          Feeling entitled stretches across the economic, social, and racial spectrum. It’s a spiritual disease, like divorce. 🙂

          • DK: great comment! I was saddened when an acquaintance made comments about my house being “an Archie Bunker house.” I have never heard this before but I guessed the person was upset because I live in the suburbs: 2 bedroom, 2 bath, 2 car garage with a fence and landscaping service. I don’t live in a super exclusive place but neither do I live in a dump. For a reason. I think the comment came up after I mentioned that I live in an HOA and had to get approval prior to changing the paint color. Not a big deal, the HOA president told me to walk around the neighborhood, pick the colors, and fill out a one-page form. It isn’t a big deal. That was when this person mentioned a house near where he lives that is purple with pink trim that the locals laugh about. Ya think?

            Anyhow, I agree, I have always wanted the best for my friends and family and neighbor’s. Who doesn’t want success for those they care about? But if you are successful, watchout! There are a lot of jealous people out there. I don’t get it, I don’t think that way because I was never hired or given a job by a poor person. Just saying.

      3. The elites always feel entitled. Everyone else is there for them. Now you know how Tom,Dick and Harry feel! Get the nooses ready.

      4. “In the socialist workers’ paradise, we’ll all be equal – only some of us will be ‘more equal’ than the others.”
        – George Orwell. Or just go google “George Clooney mansions,”Michael Moore mansion” then click on images, or check out Tom Hanks’ digs, where he bought THE largest house in LA county in 2010 (and do you really think he has put up even ONE illegal immigrant for just ONE night in just ONE room of his zillion room mansion????)

        As Lenin should have said: Learjet leftists, limousine liberals and Hollywierd hypocrites of the world, UNITE! (Unite in your leftist HYPOCRISY, that is)

        • DK, my sentiments exactly.

        • TEST, it’s sad but true. The elites’ time is coming. In NK, that porky bastard and his cronies live high on the hog while their people starve. Same in China. And even in Cuba. At one time, the Castro brothers’ personal fortune was estimated to be a billion dollars between both of them. Plus all the cronies live well. They still have a Soviet-style economy in Cuba. EVERYTHING is rationed including food.

      5. Communism/Socialism was created by 3ews to steal the wealth and enslave the people. The reason they started with Russia is because Russia was the wealthiest Country in Eurasia.

        It is a con game.


        • The reason why “certain elites” engineered the end of supremacy of England, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Russia etc. was to create the USA.

          Now the end has come for US, only to be briefly replaced by China and India.
          Beyond that brief period is the blissful ‘Humanity 2’ for long, long time. Georgia Guidestones state that it will be perpetual.

      6. Venezuelans Starve In The Streets, The Elites Party On.
        One day they will Elites for supper. Not over for supper, but for supper.

        • Are you going to the governors mansion to check his pants for your pension check?

          • Yeah you work for your whole life putting your life on the line for the State and then when its time to retire, they fail to pay your Pension, or cut it down to barely nothing. IL is a Commie State and the corrupt politicians and their cronies are Flush with cash. Most all of them should be behind bars and their wealth confiscated. You got the badge Sgt, go get em’.

      7. The resource curse. Whereby having one major commodity to support your country and to obtain the FRNs needed to trade in the global market.

        “Ten years from now, twenty years from now, you will see, oil will bring us ruin…oil is the devil’s excrement.” Juan Pablo Alfonzo. Venezuelan politician and co-founder of OPEC, in 1973.

        Not sure you can blame socialism for this country’s failure? Look at China. They are run by the Communist Party yet they seem to be eating everyone else’s lunch in world trade.

        The only reason the US is not in the same shape as Venezuela is because they have the privilege of the world reserve currency and the means to create it out of thin air and run massive deficits to fund it’s empire with.

        • JRS,
          “Communist” China just like Venezuela, but you’ll have to wait another few years for the bust to take place in China. It’s coming, give it time. Alot of the land in China is owned by the state, which means it’s owned by those individuals who run the state and its varied bureaucrises (spelling??). Same as Venezuela. Venezuela had its period prosperity . . . now its broken. China will be no different . . . give it time.

          • China never had a period of posterity under capitalism. Communism did not ruin something good there like Argentina. If China fell apart tomorrow their light years ahead of where they were pre great march.

      8. Its the same crap, socialism or capitalism has killed people by the thousands ALWAYS! Religion is another well used killer in the hands of the Illuminati. Not to mention money…Zzz!

      9. Change the name of the currency from Bolivar to Maduro.
        Worthless leader; worthless currency! Maduro is refusing help from other countries when the Venezuelans need it most. Socialism has failed!

      10. IF……….. any nations governments really cared about it’s people, it would have jobs for all to earn a living so that the people could also have the good feeling of worth. I truly believe people would rather work for a living than living on a hand out. It’s the government’s failing that causes people to become dependent because they really have no other choice. Especially now, at this time, but we have to remember this is the government’s Deep State’s plan to create all this dependency for control of the masses. There are very few really good jobs anymore. They have been lowering wages, and making most jobs part time; this all really came into play with Obama care. We are headed for the same conditions now existing in Venezuela. I don’t understand how any person in power could stand by and watch people starve. They have to be so evil and inhuman. The only thing we can rally count on is the day of God’s judgment. Things will be equal then, equal punishment for the evil. All that’s left is to pray for the judgment day, there’s really no other way out for these people. Waiting

      11. Any agglomeration of power that holds so much wealth that society becomes have and have not spells trouble regardless if that was accomplished by communism or capitalism. I’ll say an Cuban lives far better than a Haitian so the opposite is also true.

      12. 80% of the people that voted for Hugo Chaves and his promise of a socialist paradise were women. Got that? Women. Why do so many women let their emotions overpower their common sense? The worst voters in the world are women.

        • That right go Join “Drunk Drivers against MADD Mothers.”

      13. Capitalists created communism in need of an enemy, working out great up to the present date.

      14. You live under the same general conditions as Venezuelans, only more discreetly and with more filler materials, in your cars, buildings, and nothing burgers. The New York, Dubai or Saint Petersburg meal would you a month of menial labor, too.

      15. Time for an uprising…..French Revolution style. Build the gallows.

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