Social Unrest Fears Mount As World Food Prices Soar In April

by | May 7, 2021 | Headline News | 17 comments

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    This article was originally published by Tyler Durden at ZeroHedge. 


    Global inflation is headed into overdrive as the leading food price indicator that is the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization’s food price index increased for an 11th consecutive month in April, hitting levels not seen since May 2014, with sugar prices leading the rise in the main index.

    The Rome-based FAO released data Thursday showing the food price index, which measures monthly changes for a basket of cereals, oilseeds, dairy products, meat, and sugar, surged 2 points from 118.9 points in March to 120.9 in April.

    That is a 30.7% YoY jump – the fastest rise since 2011…

    The April surge was primarily led by price increases of sugar, oils, meat, dairy, and cereals.

    FAO’s cereal price index moved up 1.2% in April M/M and 26% Y/Y. Drought conditions in Argentina, Brazil, and the US increased corn prices by 5.7% last month, while wheat prices were flat. Global rice prices slipped last month.

    FAO’s vegetable oil price index rose 1.8% last month because of increasing soy, grapeseed, and palm oil prices, which offset lower sunflower oil prices.

    Milk prices increased 1.2%, with surging demand from Asia, while the meat index rose 1.7%. FAO said there was “solid demand” for bovine and ovine meat in East Asia.

    The idiots at the Marriner Eccles building seemingly have no interest in reading the extensive literature in connecting higher food prices to periods of social unrest.  Indeed, you’ll notice from the chart below that the last big surge from the middle of 2010 to early 2011 coincided with the start of the Arab Spring, for which food inflation is regarded as a contributing factor.

    While this is hardly new – we discussed it in “Why Albert Edwards Is Starting To Panic About Soaring Food Prices” and in “We Are Edging Closer To A Biblical Commodity Price Increase Scenario.”

    DB’s Jim Reid reminds us that emerging markets are more vulnerable to this trend since their consumers spend a far greater share of their income on food than those in the developed world.

    Inflation is always a monetary phenomenon, and this time is no different. Central bankers call transitory effects, but we beg to differ.



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      1. well, well, cane toads aren’t much chop…

      2. Now aren’t you glad you had so many kids? And you complain that you can’t find a house. Look in the mirror and flip yourself off.

        • I learned young, and Never had any kids. Why bring children into a nasty world of chaos like this?

          North Carolinaa out of Gas, Many other states ony have Premium gas, and the pipeline wont; be back online for another few days and will take a week of 2 to bring fuel back to the stations. Glad to have plenty of gas put back to get through this stupidity.

          The Globalist attempted take over by not even firing a shot. Its all DOS Denial of Services. No Food, Fuel and soon Communications will be cut off including Internet. Get ready for that. Bigger RESET A Coming>

      3. if you’re on the gates plan it only a matter of time.

        • We’ve only just begun. Watching the signs along the way.

      4. You have had a year + to prepare daaaa!!
        Sheep that is what you are.
        Just take this vaccine that they are testing you on.

        • A jab for luck & they’re on their way.

      5. Been saying for awhile that there will be a confluence of catastrophes the will merge together fo for the perfect storm for the destruction of Humanity.
        As the song goes:
        “And you don’t believe we are on the verge of destruction”

        Remember we are a very big and wealthy country – It’s not easy to bring her to her knees. They will attack her strength capitalism and
        our wealth – material, food, energy, stock market etc.
        For those of you who live in the Normalcy syndrome – better wake up NOW – yes it can happen here iN America and has already started.

        Stock up
        Ammo up

        • It’s not merely physical destruction of mankind, it’s that these genuinely psychopathic little dictators running around all over the earth are filled with a maniacal level of hubris and want to remake the world and humanity in their image. These modern day authoritarians are internationally united, coordinated and ultimately working in concert for the same goals. They are truly worse and more vile than any of history’s worst monsters.
          -History’s evil leaders killed tens to hundreds of millions of people. Today, they want to kill billions.
          -Even the evil leaders of yesteryear understood there was to be no willful destruction of the environment. Today, chem-trailing the sky around the globe with heavy metals and poisoning the air, soil and groundwater, and willfully destroying the biosphere is integral to the new world order’s plans to make the earth incapable of abundantly supporting human life. This one item alone shows they hate mankind that much.
          -Even the evil leaders of yesteryear wanted their countries to progress to raise their nation’s standard of living. Today, the leaders of the West want to diminish the standard of living literally to the point of mass impoverishment.
          – Evil leaders of the past wanted to employ modern technology on a large scale. Today, the vile imposters generally want to dramatically reduce people’s access modern efficient technology.
          -Authoritarian societies of the past produced men that wanted to be free. Today, free societies produce men who want to be enslaved.
          -Though authoritarian societies where heavily propagandized, the citizens were educated and intelligent. Today, the evil powers of the West want the people to be devoid of critical thinking abilities and child-like.
          -But all that and more is not enough, TPTB want to “vaccinate” most of the world with a gene therapy, we’ve yet to see how that ultimately plays out.
          Policies to control societies are not so much based on science, or saving the environment, or racial equality, these are canards. Without exaggeration, the chief motive is nothing more than an all-consuming visceral hatred of humanity.
          It would be easy to keep showing more examples. But the point is sooner or later, when TPTB can’t achieve the control and power they want using their current methods, they will resort to extreme violence on a mass scale to finally achieve their goals.
          I have some good news though, in the long run the people win.

      6. Wow. so many long comments , and good reading. But I like to keep it short.
        I posit that as people become wealthy and get the better things in life that often includes expensive lotions ,colognes and perfumes. certain components in them affect their minds in horrible ways and could explain the horrible things we read in the news.

        • jerry snaper, I like your comment. I would like to add those expensive drugs & alcohol that inhibit rational thought. I was one of the folks that never should have consumed alcohol. More than 30-years clean. It’s amazing to realize how clear thinking becomes if you give your carcass a chance.

          • Congratulations sir, 11 years sober for me. I was in really bad shape myself. Entered treatment with a .41 bac. Anyway, I agree with jakartaman in that there’ll continue to be a series of events continually eating away at us. The cyberattack on the Texas to NJ gas pipeline is just one more example. Common sense is gone and hate is the order of the day. I’m glad I know God and his purpose.

            Stay quiet Be smart

      7. This guy A.I. who leaves these ridiculously long comments ought to start his own site. He literally adds more printed material in his comments alone, than all the articles and all other comments combined. He is taking over this site.

      8. Food Prices, like Tax Revenue, are not analyzed correctly in the Main Stream Media. In the case of Tax Revenue, it is surprising to see how many folks continue to believe the Wizard of Oz behind the obfuscating curtain. They think a HIGHER TAX RATE always leads to HIGHER TAX REVENUE. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Like so many Demonrat ideas, they fail to look at the unintended consequences. Factors like reduced economic activity, increased prices to consumers as a corporation never pays the tax – the customers pay, etc., are never considered in their simplistic wo

      9. If this story has any truth then now is the time to ditch the wife if she doesn’t have a job. If she doesn’t have a job she’s just dead weight. But if you have a kid your stuck. I learned several years ago you don’t marry women, you use them. I learned that relationships were disposable. Once you have taken what you want from a relationship it no longer serves a purpose, you drop her and move on, nothing personal. Besides, why invest in a relationship after you have gotten what you want.
        I’ve had them clean my house, do my laundry, do my grocery shopping, and other things. They start thinking we have a relationship. When it becomes apparent after a few months that I don’t reciprocate they begin to understand I’m never going to give them what they are looking for in a relationship. That’s when I tell them it’s over and time to move on. Some get angry, some say they want to give me a second chance (I laugh when they say that), some even cry.
        I was always smart about these things. There are 5 ways a man always control the “relationship”; they are – never ever let her move in with you, do not ever confide personal or private things to her, never initiate any conversation or act that implies a long-term relationship, never ask her anything personal (don’t have to, a guy can figure out these thing by listening and observing, even if she’s trying to hide it), and get a vasectomy – no need to tell her about this.
        Many, if not most women by nature want long-term relationships, learn to exploit this fact, an intelligent man can easily use this fact to manipulate women. Don’t get angry, don’t be violent, don’t get emotional or worked up. Merely use their natural instincts and notions against them.
        Marriage rates are plummeting, even in good times, for several reasons. But mostly because of a legal system that is slanted against men, a huge social shift in attitudes concerning life-long relationships and families (especially by men), and the high cost of living. When the really hard times come, and it surely is, you don’t want to be responsible for anyone but yourself. Women often cite their girl power, and that they don’t need a man, that’s great, they can fend for themselves then, when times get really tough. Women are having lots out-of-wedlock babies. And to be frank, this will continue when times get really hard because they will need the resources they can legally wrench from the biological father. Get that vasectomy now, you can thank me later.

        • Women are only a form of support to men when times are good. Women tend to want the stability and control of a long-term relationship BUT only when the man has a) lots of wealth and power, b) a secure job and good income. Outside those conditions women do not want men.

          Women know they have a clock when it comes to having children, and so, if they really want children they will get pregnant somehow in that window. And then that’s when things get messy.

          Modern women have some very goofy ideas of what they want when it comes to children. Thinking short-term and having a mixed race baby with a black man/baby father who doesn’t stick around is always a BIG mistake.

          Then you have the lesbians who insist on Danish sperm only because they (wisely) do not want a low IQ moron baby with strange genes.

          For a young man deciding on his future, this is a minefield. I would recommend putting your health and wealth needs foremost. Most women are never going to want more than sex from you so enjoy it. You may get very lucky (I did) and find an amazing woman who is your life partner. But as I have seen with my friends over the years, this is a rare exception (most of my friends are on wife number 2 etc.). The stories they tell me of the hell their first wives put them through (demanding a house when it didn’t make any economic sense at that time, reporting them to the police with false accusations of abuse, etc.).

          Before getting married I would travel a lot for work in third world countries and always had a ‘gig girlfriend’: a live-in hottie who was my ‘wife’ for the length of the work assignment. It worked really well and I had ALL my psychosocial and material needs met. Do that and get to know women, understand them and their needs, and when you are mature enough and ready to do something more substantial (start a family), then you will be better equipped to argue your terms with her. Because that is what it is: a deal, an arrangement and those terms better be good for you.

          And finally, my father: he was awesome: he became wealthy and reached the top of his profession. He lovingly raised four kids. Mom was beautiful but, in his last three decades, she played games with him. Despite his achievements and being kind (and he stayed fit and mentally sharp, always dressed well), she would play sex games with him and I don’t think he was getting any for his last decades. Yet he should have just banged all those beautiful grad students who he supervised and lived a full life. He deserved it. He (wrongly) stayed sexually loyal to mom and she did not deserve it.

      10. “Let them eat COVID-19!” Marie ‘Antonio Guterres’ Antoinette.

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