Smart Faucets And Toilets Use Alexa To Listen To Your Conversations

by | Sep 18, 2019 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 46 comments

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    This article was originally published by Mass Private I at Activist Post. 

    It is hard to imagine a more intrusive home surveillance device than a faucet or toilet that listens to everyone’s conversations, but that is just what Delta Faucet and Kohler have done.

    Delta Faucet’s “Voice IQ” takes advantage of where lots of people like to congregate and turns it into an Alexa eavesdropping center.

    Designed with the understanding that 20 percent of all WiFi-enabled homes are equipped with a connected home device, VoiceIQ Technology pairs with existing devices to dispense the exact amount of water needed, all with a simple voice command.

    Delta lets Alexa decide how much water everyone gets.

    VoiceIQ Technology allows users to easily warm water and turn it on and off with voice activation, lending a hand in an active kitchen space. Consumers can command the faucet to dispense a metered amount of water in various quantities for precise measurement. Additionally, consumers can customize commands to make everyday tasks easier, like filling a coffee pot, a child’s sippy cup, or a dog bowl. (To learn more about Voice IQ click here.)


    What they are really saying is Amazon will now monitor your home and individual water usage.

    How is that for Orwellian?

    Install Alexa in your kitchen at you own peril

    I cannot tell you how often TV shows like Buying Hawaii or Caribbean Life show prospective homeowners discussing how they want to entertain friends and family in their new kitchen.

    So despite what Delta’s promotional video says, the kitchen is not a great place for some hands-free help.

    I mean who in their right mind thinks that Alexa’s “hands-free help” does not include moderators listening to your conversations while entertaining?

    Delta is also offering Alexa’s “hands-free help” to homeowners with older kitchens.

    VoiceIQ Technology will be available summer 2019 as a pre-assembled feature on select Delta Trinsic® pull-down models with Touch2O Technology. For an added level of convenience, a retrofittable module for VoiceIQ Technology will be available to upgrade existing kitchen faucets with Delta Touch2O Technology manufactured after January 1, 2018.

    No thanks, I’m good. I do not want to turn my faucet into an Amazon eavesdropping device.

    I mean, what’s next? A voice-activated toilet?

    Kohler creates a voice-activated toilet


    Leave it to Kohler to destroy what most people consider their most private part of life: the bathroom.

    Earlier this year, Kohler unveiled their voice-activated toilet, called the “Numi 2.0” intelligent toilet.

    Numi 2.0 will come equipped with embedded Amazon Alexa for easy voice control to active toilet features as well as Alexa commands such as checking weather, traffic, accessing news, etc.

    Is this really what America wants: a toilet that listens to you while you sit on the throne?

    According to the Numi Intelligent video, Alexa monitors how often you go the bathroom and how much water you use.

    Kohler is so sure that homeowners will want Alexa to listen to their most intimate moments that they created an app for the whole family.

    Use the Kohler Konnect app to program personalized presets for different users, and you can use voice to access the preset/profile. There is probably a difference between you, your spouse, and your children when it comes to  your interaction with Numi 2.0; this lets you easily personalize your experience.

    Alexa knows the difference between you and your children’s voices. How is that for creepy?

    In what messed up world do we live in? Where it is OK to let a private company monitor when you go to the bathroom?

    Delta Faucet and Kohler have joined the ranks of ignominious companies like Amazon and Google who have turned our private lives into a for-profit family surveillance model.


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      1. A toilet that listen. A perfect time to practice crop dusting.

      2. So much for your Constitutional Rights

      3. Entire streets of invaders, out in their yards, on a hot evening.

        Here, there will be 10 cars to each small household, parked anyway they can fit.

        It seems to be redlined, because it’s particular to specific neighborhoods.

        We have seen tool sheds with a couple of double mattresses, leaning against the wall. They are laid down, to give quick bedding to an entire crew of day laborers, who return late at night.

        About every 4th hostel will have chorizo water backing out of their septic. From the street, you can smell indisputable evidence that the plumbing is overloaded. (To “El Pollo Loco” theme.)

        Does Alexa see this as wasteful?

        You have measured a certain amount of amenities, that any functional person is supposed to use.

        It is measurable, then, that the state did not fulfill it’s end of the social bargain, in needing a body with breath and a pulse, for a labor post, while not providing life support.

        According to Aristotle, sortition is when public offices are allocated by lot; oligarchy is when they are filled by election.

        Under sortition, noone was accounted worthy to run for office, unless they could provide for the physical needs of their constituency. Agricultural production limited your eligibility.

        I expect laxity and favoritism, not discipline, here. Although, someone would be measurably unfit for office.

      4. I want the smart toilet that sounds like gargling mouthwash or smacking lips when flushing (the “smart” being it will know the difference)

      5. Couple years when I retire…

        No phones, no internet..,

        If you want to talk get in your truck and bring coffee…

      6. When I retire in a couple years- no more iPhones, internet…

        Ya want to talk-hop in the truck and bring coffee…

      7. SHTFPlan is now Too censored to be interesting/useful.
        Comments used to offer good ideas and often more useful info than article. Now just censorship.
        Comments often offered up, different perspective or way of looking at a situation. That was yesterdays shtfplan site. I enjoyed that site and have purchased much of gear from vendors of this site, in support. (Even paying more for some items just to support those vendors as opposed to some stranger with best deal on Amazon.)

        I have also plagerised words of other commentors here. As they are spot on. I thank those people that have added to the perspective. That is why the powers that be have gone insane with censorship.

        Today is just censorship. I have a rule, “If something bothers me, annoys me, or no longer serves the initial intended purpose.” “Then I sell off, trade, leave, the no longer useful item.” “Frustration or junk is not allowed to stay around in my life.” “Life is too brief to allow aggravation or annoyances.”

        * Freedom of Speech Matters.
        * Censorship is AntiAmerican.

        * Border Security Matters.
        May God Bless: US Border Patrol, ICE, US Coast Guard, NORAD, US Navy, ALL those great Americans that keep EVIL, Illegal Trespassers, Drug Cartels/Gangs, away from our family. There is a Very Thin/Fragile line that allows American civillians to have civilization. Grattitude for all of those “On the Line”.

        * Blue Lives Matter. Not all civillians can protect themselves. There really are some good cops. My Dad was one. So are two of my brothers.

        * Black Rifles Matter. All civillians should have the proper tool to have the ability to protect their family. Thugs often work in groups/packs. Multiple attckers and home invaders require the peaceful homeowner a tool to even the odds.

        * There is one party. Republicrat party is bought and paid for.
        The Demopublican party is very dangerous.

        Beto O’Dork is the true face of the leftist/communist. Communist want you unarmed and helpless. They also want you jobless, cashless, and helpless. They despise freedom.
        Poverty, propaganda, fear mongering, famine, Genocide are the tools of tyrants. Commies always use Genocide.

        * Technology is the tool that allows the “Elite” Few, to Control and then to eliminate the many. AI/Tech/Robot/NWO Commie Genocide will be the future.
        * Technolgy is also at least 75 years ahead of what you believe possible. Find Dana Ashlie on YouTube. Video: “A Solution They Do Not want you to know.”

        Our world is looking to be sporty ahead.
        Wish you all well. Best of days ahead.

        Jesus Christ is Lord and King. Be of good cheer.
        -censored comment-

      8. This is Big brother on steroids..

      9. I’m kind of a tech nerd
        I own 6 computers( I also have 4 chain saws that mostly work) andmy property has 1 km wireless coverage, even Wi-fi
        inside my “Faraday cage” all metal workshop.
        I will not use these voice activated products- PERIOD.
        Anything going outside my personal WAN is strictly
        regulated. My security( 64 bit encoded) can be breached, but on a rural island out in the middle of the pacific I don’t
        think “They” will bother.

        • Rellik, agreed wholeheartedly. No voice-activated products for me either.

        • rellik

          Of course they’ll bother, you frequent and post on SHTF. That moves you up to interesting.

          • K2,
            One of the reasons I comment is because I am so remote.
            I’m not a threat to anybody, except for the stupid shiite that gets past the five dogs, the donkey, or the mule, depending on how you enter my property.
            Even Fedex leaves the packages on the outside gate and calls if a signature is required.
            The electric company truck got lost( and stuck) trying to find me a while back.
            Very typically around here they stop and ask where people are,
            because the service people don’t know, the technology is good but sparse in detail.
            If I were to call 911( which I won’t) I’d have to give directions or exact LAT/LONG for GPS.
            Nobody is going to waste their time on me.

            • rellik

              You don’t have to be a threat to be watched, just interesting. They’ll record everything. Critical of government, educated, lives in a remote place and has high computer technical skills. Na, they’ll pass on you.

              • K2,
                I can’t resist this.
                When I was graduating, the US Army sent a recruiter out to find me in WA state. There, I also lived in a remote area.
                He could not find it. Driving home one day, I saw the recruiter, he flagged me down, We talked, I gave him directions to a more remote area to look in, without revealing who I was. They, the Army didn’t even know I had served during Vietnam era, had been Honorably discharged from the USAF, and had a service connected disability. They could not have taken me on without waivers. DUH!
                I’m not too worried about all the “Spying” going on.
                They may gather all this information, but they can’t process
                it all. Just yet.

                • Sorry to say but, the DoD/Army is light years behind in regards to technology. The private sector has built and is using this stuff everywhere. You wonder why you get all those robocalls? Here you go. These companies will compile this information and sell it to data mining companies. Data mining companies turn around and sell it to companies that want to sell you something or develop a profile on you for whatever reason. Information is power and always has been and we are inviting corporations to come into our life’s and collect every scrap of information about us. So, the next time a store asks you for your phone number or email address, stop and think what is being done with what you’ve supplied.

      10. What’s next? Sheet mining for outdoor fertilizer. Direct from the bowl to the yard. Or those too lazy to flush, Alexa do your job. A fresh scent sprayer. Possibilities are endless. Buy now.

      11. We are bugging our own houses. If democrats gain power and go the way of China (social system), then we are in trouble.

      12. I like this idea. Hack the toilets to listen to hot chicks poop 8p

      13. They don’t want to listen smell or see when I use the crapper, lol.

      14. Did he say $7,000 toilet … LOL, then the guy with the mic said not bad LOL

      15. back in the early 70’s when I was in high school we had to read Orwell’s “1984” and Huxley’s “Brave New World”. These were basically 2 completely different versions of the “surveillance state” that the future would hold for us. Back then we all thought that “1984” was the eventual outcome: that the death of liberty would be forced upon us at the hands of government. We were quite mistaken. Huxley was right: we are gleefully inviting our demise into our own homes AND PAYING FOR IT. We’re building our own pods in The Matrix. And almost no one cares; even when you point this out.

      16. I won’t be buying ANY of this sh*t! I’ll keep my old toilet and sink. Won’t use any of this “smart” crapola today. Nor do I use Google, I’ll use DuckDuckGo instead and using a private VPN service. My internet connection is still wired too, I have no wireless because I don’t see the need for it.

      17. I want an outhouse.

      18. Amazon’s Alexa will be the greatest Trojan horse in history. Parents carry it right through the front door. Initially it functioned like a Fascist censor indoctrinating their children. Now it tracks, listens and records them and sends the info to the highest bidders. American parents are truly the useful idiots of today.

      19. If they did listen in to the bathroom, ‘Err, err”, (sound of splash), “got to eat more fiber”.

      20. In the future, you will be treated with suspicion if you do not have one of these devices, by the authorities.

        Later, it will be a criminal offense to reside in a domain without one, as they will be mandated.

        Mark. My. Words.


      21. Of course Alexa will tell me that mine smells like straw-berrys.

      22. Soon toilets will obtain and analyze a stool sample.

      23. Smart appliances for stupid people.

      24. A friend who is legally blind finds his Amazon voice gadgets useful. He might even live long enough to own a self-driving car someday. But I can’t think of a single other reason to have any of this stuff, sucking your humanity out of you, making you increasingly dependent like a baby, until such time as the sneering elites decide your time is up. Did you know they are also working on automatic time released disease injections, er um, vaccines? Yup. MIT. A string of beads under your skin, have a bad reaction, and too bad, you can’t turn off the next one on the schedule. Every science and technology that can be weaponized IS being weaponized. They will turn everything into Russian Roulette, with them spinning the wheels.

        • 🙂

      25. What you need is a toilet seat that plays music!!!! Songs like Goodness Gracious Great Balls of Fire. Or When The Log roles over we will all be Dead. Or you can always have it play (just after you farted) Who let the dogs out? Just to name a few.


      26. Perfect for Liberals like Bernie to have even more government control of our lives.

      27. This is just what I need, a toilet that has a microphone so other people can listen to me taking a shit over the internet. The app allows you to share your most favorite sessions pitching a loaf on the pot with your friends and family. They should get the best invention of the year award!

      28. Who in their right mind would buy a network connected sh!tter and bring it home. Who does that?

      29. Who in their right mind would buy a network connected toilet and bring it home? Who does that?

      30. Has anyone seen the movie Wall-E?….floating around on recliners chatting with friends via monitors while every need is catered for. Everyone unable to walk and function normally.

        I will NEVER get anything that is smart and i hope more and more people in the future see what is happening.

      31. Alexis doesn’t want to hear the sounds I make in the bathroom. Hell even I don’t want to hear those sounds. I pity Alexis is she ever learns how to smell.

      32. I work at a phone captioning service that prints conversations on a screen phone for the hard-of-hearing. Even though my ID is right there on the screen to let the customer know who’s transcribing their conversation, the speaker doesn’t always know that everything they say is popping up on a screen on the other end of the line. I’ve transcribed pillow talk, admissions to felonies, etc. but FCC regs forbid us to report anything. It’s quite an education though.

      33. i make very little sound but i do tell alexa to play music while i read a magazine, my only concern is alexa cannot supply toulet paper when it’s out only by mail and i do not have enough magazines to wait! come on people what is the point of all this. th bathroom is a do your business and get out of their as quickly as possible. it’s the modern out house of the west

      34. “Consumers can command the faucet to dispense a metered amount of water in various quantities for precise measurement. Additionally, consumers can customize commands to make everyday tasks easier, like filling a coffee pot, a child’s sippy cup, or a dog bowl.”

        Yeah, because now, after I’ve filled a dog bowl or a sippy cup, I have to go lie down. It’s *so* exhausting. You know how I get my faucet to dispense precise measurements? I use a measuring cup and the faucet handle. If I’m filling a coffee pot, the pot has these hieroglyphics and runes on the side of it, which, when decoded, reveal pre-measured increments that yield exact quantities of water when the pot is filled to that level.

        What gestapo tool came up with this crap, and who believes that it’s about making life easier? It could not possibly be any easier to fill a coffee pot now. There’s no way to screw it up. Is there really a pre-existing problem of people trying to fill sippy cups to the level of their dog’s bowl? “Jesus, lookit all this water I’m wasting! If only there were a way to make the water stop running into this sippy cup when it’s full! The faucet’s always putting too much water in it! I wish I could talk to the faucet and make it stop. Of course then I’d have to monitor the stream of water, and that means I’d have to stand at the sink, and that’s just…I get tired just thinking about that.”

      35. Mmmmmmm …. just sounds delicious listening to people shit …..

      36. Poop in a bucket with sawdust and then compost that shit as your fertilizer around the nut trees.

        These snoops need to be flushed.


      37. h ttps://

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