Silver Will Spike Higher: Demand Is About To Surge For Three Key Reasons: “It’s Going To Be Global”

by | Sep 13, 2016 | Headline News | 40 comments

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    Silver has been on a tear this year, rising from just below $14 per ounce to $19 today.

    But if you think the last six months have been spectacular, then buckle up, because as Future Money Trends highlights in their latest precious metals update, it’s about surge much higher:

    The silver supply deficit is about to explode. A real, annual physical deficit is about to erupt in the silver market… The 2015 deficit ballooned to a 130 million ounce shortfall. According to Societe Generale, the silver supply in 2016 is likely to decrease another 9.2%. This, of course, has everything to do with base metal mine cutbacks, of which we’ve seen major mine closures in the past two years.

    Silver demand, which has been on the rise, is surging… Supply is cliff diving due to base metal mine closures and cutbacks. The U.S. Mint is on track to sell another record amount of coins this year… The demand for silver is about to surge much higher for three key reasons:

    1. We have a confirmed bull market in 2016. This will attract both institutional money and money from the public in general

    2. One third of central banks have a negative interest rate policy. The investment demand for silver won’t be regional. It’s going to be global.

    3. The mining shares are a leading indicator and our top pick for the sector is up over 600% year-to-date.

    Earlier this year Daniel Ameduri of Future Money Trends said that smart money insiders were moving into the market in a very big way and alerted investors to a major trend change in the precious metals space, calling it the awakening of a new bull market. In the six months that followed we saw prices of the physical metals rise significantly, while shares of the mining companies who pull gold and silver out of the ground saw increases as high as 600%.

    While the last few weeks have seen an expected pullback, the long-term trend remains intact and is set for the next leg up.


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      1. Been stacking since ’09. There have been some insane swings since then. I think this next move is going to take us up to at least 2011 highs, if not higher. It’s been a wild ride but the end game is near.

        To the moon!

        • TPTB bankers are still at it. They off loaded $5 billion worth of paper gold a few weeks back. I am sure they will keep at it. But manipulation only works until it doesn’t.

          • Here is why We buy Physical PM’s in our Hand Vs. Paper PM’s or ETF’s, which is when our Gold & Silver is stored in “THEIR” Vaults. JP Morgan controls about $9 Billion in silver. Only $1.4 Billion in actual Silver Bullion, the rest is in mining shares and paper IOU’s.

            The Xetra-Gold Event

            Deutsche Bank, the custodian of the Xetra-Gold ETF failed to deliver gold on demand to a person redeeming shares in the ETF. That is a fact.

            Here is how a conversation could easily go in which a large consolidated controlling entity wears down a fragmented public when it wants a contract honored.

            Owner: Db is listed as custodian and guantor of my Gold, So you make delivery on the contract yes?
            Controller: DB guarantees your Gold. Yes. Absolutely.

            Owner: Great, I’d like delivery now please
            Controller: We don’t have any Bullion here. Our safe is too small

            Owner: Which Branch if not this one please?
            Controller: Now let me see which branch can handle that for us? Nope not that one….

            Listen, do you really need the Gold?
            Owner: Yes

            Controller: It seems the other offices managers are out. Can we try this Monday?
            Owner: Do I have a choice?

            The above is not crazy. It underlines the difference between ownership and Control. You own a contract. They control the Bullion.

            Full Article: Is Gold Delivery Being Stalled by Deutsche Bank?

            We think JPM knows the difference as well. Gold may be owned. But it is controlled by the government. Silver is a strategic asset and is likely hoarded by the government like Oil. But it is not controlled because it is an industrial item and depends on production by companies. We think that is why JPM is a fan of Silver.
            -Soren K

            link: ht tp://

            ~WWTI… This is called a Teachable Moment. Any questions?

            • In sum, when the music stops, there will only be one chair for 100 oz of paper AU, AG and PGMs (platinum group metals).

              Incidentally, you can take ******allocated**** delivery to a self directed IRA. Integrity Bank and Trust is one of many. is another group that does allocated AU, and based on one of the channel islands (UK) that has historic rights that protect holdings like this dating back many, many centuries due to their unique history. Central Fund of Canada also holds physical, as do some of the Sprott funds.

              Do NOT do paper AU/AG, mes amis! I.e., no SLV or GLD. An easy way is just to go to your local coin dealer and purchase “junk” silver (pre 1965 coins). Recognizable, no one is going to counterfeit a silver dime (at least at present), already divisible (you won’t buy a loaf of bread with a ounce of gold) – look up the word “fungible” to help explain.

              And no, you cannot eat gold. We already get that. In a TEOTWAKI situation, beans, bullets and band aids will be more important, at least during that immediate time of breakdown. Those basics are insurance against an extreme event. But so is AU/AG (and don’t forget platinum). In the event they implement ZIRP, or hyperinflation (or even “just” mass inflation) occurs, you also want insurance. Dr. Lawrence Kotlikoff, Boston Univ. (also served under Reagan in the Treasury) has stated if you total ALL our unfunded liabilities, it totals $222 TRILLION! (Google his name to get details) Now, HOW will this be paid for??? Yes, if we have 10% GDP growth, we could grow our way out. However, socialism has killed that avenue. So now you have THREE, and three only, ways out: Cut services, raise taxes, or print money. Of course they will combine, but what will be the main focus? They can’t raise taxes more without killing business (cf. the Laffer Curve; and of course they will implement a lot of wierd fees and penalties); so now you have cut svcs (can anyone say Obunglercare?) and print money. Right now that money is marooned at the banks. But that won’t be forever. And when inflation finally wins over deflation in the battle of the ‘flations, your PM holdings will be the only life preserver left on the Titanic. Right now, life preservers are cheap. But after the financial iceberg hits the ship, it won’t be so cheap.

              Just sayin’

            • No, the teachable moment refers to a receptive brain caused by some external stimulous. Teacher walks into the room and bangs loudly on a desk then shouts out a date. Kids in that room will never forget that date. Or you go to the bank to get your gold and the onehundred and twenty five other people who own the same gold are already there. Bet you won’t trust somebody else to hold your gold again.
              Buckle up!

        • LMFAO !!!

          Didn’t I warn this community a few articles ago when Daniel promoted the “potential for hyperinflation” that his next fear porn would be a silver “pump N dump” for which he is infamous ??? This guy is sooooo predictable !!!

          “Silver has been on a tear this year, rising from just below $14 per ounce to $19 today.”

          This is the middle of September. A nice move up but a very, very very long way from $200 an ounce touted by another “silver guru”.

          If silver is such a good investment to anyone, then buy physical silver, not paper, or stocks. Especially not stocks.

          The management of these junior mining companies will slowly but surely eat any gains by taking large salaries and bonus’, option and warrants, Cadillac health care plans for themselves and their families, plus corporate cars, and working vacations.

          Why subsidize THEIR lifestyle ??? 🙁

          • Thanks Acid, So that explains it.. I am Mostly German, then English, then French, Danish and 1/16th Native American Mohawk.

            ~WWTI… Back in the good Ol’ days all we had to worry about were the Irish getting drunk and causing a ruckus here in the States. Thus the term Paddy Wagon was invented.

        • Again, sure earlier this year like in January to about June it was a good move to get into silver mining stocks. But since then it has run up 600%, but now today, is the time to EXIT Mining Stocks to lock in your Profit. DO “NOT” GET INTO MINING STOCKS AT THIS TIME IN SEPT 2016. BUY PHYSICAL PM’s at this manipulated low point and ride this wagon to the moon. Buy Low Sell High.

          ~WWTI… Keep in mind like the video said many mines closed shop and are not producing, so how come? Did they run out of Silver? Or waiting for the price to rise so they can break even for the cost of mining? So if there is no profits being produced by mines at these prices, that should plenty explain why the Price to Earnings Ratio’s are like 600 to 1. Buying mining stocks now is suicide..


      2. Most will never survive long enough to spend all that silver. I’ll wait till the hordes starve then collect what I want

        Crash On

        • Good luck with that…

          Just curious why the best and brightest say own precious metals because a global collapse is comming… the same time telling you to buy mining stocks that will be worthless?
          I’m in Arizona but I’m not that f stupid…

        • Captain:

          Don’t know if that will work. Certainly all Preppers will savage if they are in an urban setting. But you could find you are competing for the goods left by those who succumb to starvation.

          Pasta (spaghetti) is a good food to stack. It requires water, salt, a pot, and a means for cooking. You will need foods that do not require preparation.

          I have found high quality blueberry preserves that do not include high fructose corn syrup just sugar to be very useful in the kitchen whether prepping or just providing food for the family. Sugar keeps the berries from spoiling. Berries spoil in a matter of a day or two. They are very parishable (like figs).

          You can eat straight out of the jar for quick energy packed desert. You can make an endless assortment of different kinds of cookies, cakes, etc. as well.

          Bilberries especially, but any blueberry is essential to eye health. Blueberries help to prevent and slow down, if not actually reverse a common cause of partial blindness, in mostly older folks, called macular degeneration. Blueberries also regulate blood sugar helping to prevent and reverse prediabetis, diabetis, and mental fog ie dementia/Alziemers. Fresh blueberries or previously frozen berries are excellent for these and other health benefits.

          Tomatoes and especially cooked tomatoes or tomato sauce contains lycopene, essential nutrient.

          As part of your preps, including books on nutrition can make you a better Prepper iMHO. The more you know about which foods do what, the smarter your food choices will be.

          Be well all.


          • B from CA. Since when is salt a requirement to make pasta? Is that your Family Tradition?

            I don’t put any salt in my pasta, or much on of any other foods.. I like a healthy heart. There is plenty of salt in many other foods already. Americans are already over salted daily. That’s why so many are fat and bloated, because salt causes water retention in the body.

            I wont eat this, but Wise Bucket food has like 300% the daily recommended salt content. If that is your main source of food post SHTF, That will kill you faster than any collapse. Read the labels. So take the salt shaker off the table and hide it. A small amount of iodized salt is helpful, but dumping salt into foods is crazy. And take the slab of butter off the table too. Butter is cholesterol. Another sign of obesity and heart problems.

            ~WWTI… Eat healthy so you live long enough to spend all your Silver.

            • Butter and salt are not near as bad as the margarine and fake salt people would have us believe. Same with the scare mongering about coconut oil.

            • Without salt in your diet your heart will stop.
              Too much salt will be excreted in urine provided you are hydrating yourself with sufficient water, and will do you no harm.
              WWTI, you’re behind the times about butter and cholesterol.
              The human body produces more cholesterol than you will ever get from eating food. Even the National Institute of Health recently confirmed this.
              Without salt and cholesterol as the bad guy, or “boogey-man,” to blame, the medical establishment would have nothing to recommend, excepting of course, another big pharma prescription.

              • Ketch – Go get your blood tested and that will tell you what you are right about or wrong about. When is the last time you had a physical?


                • Go on the attack rather than contest what I said. Your MO.

                  • He is a special snowflake.

                  • denninger has a lot to say about this stuff….you’re right ketchup.

                • Once again, I did not say no salt ever. There is plenty of salt in most foods already. If you like to sit around and lick a salt block, go for it. Go get your blood tested and then you will know where you are at. Got a problem with that? Sheesh.

                  People who exaggerate, look stupid, or comment without even reading the post. Too much salt intake makes it hard to comprehend reading. lol

                  ~WWTI… Looks like the fecal Mater from GA is back plinking with his slingshot.

                  • “People who exaggerate, look stupid,…”

                    Ummm. Nope, too easy.

          • wood, and a firestarter will be required too, and something to serve it with, and bowls/plates… and to stretch that pasta, or beans, or rice, you should have soups, chilli, veggies, to make them taste good…and don’t forget the spices…remember, water will be very hard to get, at least the water that won’t make you sick, so have foods with lots of moisture in it….like canned foods.

            • and cooking oil will be PRICELESS…maybe even MORE expensive….and don’t forget the dishsoap to clean up after… will take WATER that you SHOULD be drinking….water…CLEAN water will be hard to find, especially here in hi-desert, calipornia.

              • buttcrack, you misspelled Calipornia…my home State!

                Thanks to you/tube I recently learned how to make coconut oil from scratch and will be trying it shortly.

                Soap, I will miss. Don’t know how to make it and cannot stock a lifetime supply, but there are local vendors of home made soaps at the flea mkts. So, hoping there is trade and bartering on the new economy…
                But we have water in mass quantities and then some. Nice to not be concerned about it.

                • one tip to cleaning that cast iron dutch oven, is to throw it into the fire…long as you got cooking oil, you’re golden.

        • You’re assuming that those who are wise enough to stack silver are not also stacking beans and bullets?????

      3. I thought 2015 was a “record” year for mining of silver? I thought the US stopped 2016 American Eagle production because not as many sold this year, as in other years? I, personally, do not think silver will be “taking off” just yet. I think their will be no interest rates raised. Oil prices will stay low for awhile. The US will continue to lie about the economy and prices will relatively hover between $18-$21 for the year 2017.

      4. I’ve lost count of how many articles written by those who sell precious metals on how much it will explode in value at any moment….

        It will explode when we all lose complete faith in the US monetary system.

        • Stan. All these mining stock commercials today are designed to find new buyers; aka (Suckers) into buying their over priced and inflated Mining Co shares, so they can hit the exit doors. Companies or smart people go into a quiet period when accumulating shares and stocks. After they are all in, they then pump up the stock to ride the wave. Then when it is over cooked they Promote how much money they made this year and its is such a great thing to be in mining stocks. For the Newbees who buy into the hype, they will get fleeced riding the stock price back to Zero. Enron is a Classic Case. as the CEO’s touted their employees to go all in, the CEO’s were dumping their shares. I have also seen this with MO, Phillip Morris when they were getting hit back in the late 90’s with Smoker lawsuits.

          Just good advice, is look at a stock chart history, as many stocks are cyclical up and down, buy low and sell high. That’s a pretty safe bet in any stock or in this case get Physical Gold and Silver. I know many of you already know this. Other are here to learn as well. So I hate to see regular folks get burned on Hype pump and dump.

          ~WWTI… Stay safe.

          • On another note… the way posts are entered on Mac’s website SUCK. There are some who have the opportunity to converse with each other and the rest of us have to wait a half day or longer to see our comments show up. Conversing is IMPOSSIBLE.

            • not true…fill out the form…better yet, sign up for emails…once the system sees you a while, it will recognize you and your posts go up immediately…welcome to the site…oh, and the comment section here is PRICELESS….but it ought to sell for MORE than that!

              • BCofD… I’ve been here for years. I’ve watched as Mac has had to deal with morons who downthumb because they are morons and finally had to eliminate allowing opinions. And truthfully, I come here to read the comments first. They tend to be better than the article that precedes the comments.

      5. They been fixing the price forever.

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        thus i came to go back the prefer?.I am trying to to find things to enhance
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      7. When the silver goes up dump it for cash. Cash cash cash.

      8. I am sick and tired of seeing these bullshit articles wanting people to buy mining stocks.

        Stop wasting our time Mac!

        • I agree John, buy physical. When shtf, mining stock will be worthless. At least physical MAY buy some food or essentials.
          Stay quiet Be smart.

      9. Silver is still $1.60 or so below the recent high.

      10. The biggest con of Miners marketing is they try to make their viewers think Mining stocks are just as good as Physical Metals. It is quite the opposite. I would say this is very misleading and deceitful. And notice in the end, “You too can be a Metalionaire,” just come to our website and read our prospectus. Sure read the fine print there too, and their Safety Harbor protections clause disclosure, where they again tell you to seek professional advice for investing as stock prices may go up or down. They have a battery of Lawyers covering their asses in fine print, as they BS their wares onto the public.

        ~WWTI… btw/ No Lawyers here, backing my statement telling you, this is mostly BS, Hype, pump and dump. If you tell the truth you rarely need a lawyer. And I have never been sued. Other than a 2nd divorce which technically, is considered a lawsuit. I could have filed first, but my Atty said let them pay the filing fees. lol

        • WWTI,
          The exes probably got tired of hearing of your expertise on EVERYTHING. I sure would.

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