SILENCED! Facebook Vows More Censorship Leading Up The 2020 Election

by | Jul 2, 2019 | Headline News | 13 comments

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    Facebook has promised to crack down on “misinformation” (opinions they don’t like or posts that violate their agenda) in the months leading up to the 2020 election. For those who haven’t been paying attention to social media giants and tech giants silencing of dissent, this means even more censorship is coming for the internet.

    In a blog post, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg stated that the social media giant will be introducing a new policy which will protect against “misinformation” related to the census.  Sandberg also stated that the company would be partnering with “non-partisan groups” to encourage participation in the census, according to a report by Breitbart. 

    Axios further reported that social media giant Facebook has issued a civil rights report which boasts of the company’s progress and promises to crack down on misinformation ahead of the 2020 presidential election.

    To protect elections, we have a team … already working to ban ads that discourage people from voting, and we expect to finalize a new policy and its enforcement before the 2019 gubernatorial elections. This is a direct response to the types of ads we saw on Facebook in 2016. It builds on the work we’ve done over the past year to prevent voter suppression and stay ahead of people trying to misuse our products.

    Just as civil rights groups helped us better prepare for the 2018 elections, their guidance has been key as we prepare for the 2020 Census and upcoming elections around the world. –Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook COO, via Bretibart

    Sandberg also stated that Facebook would be creating a “civil rights task force” comprised of senior leaders across key areas of the company in order to make sure information they dislike will be cast as “misinformation” and silenced.

    The task force will onboard civil rights expertise to ensure it is effective in addressing areas like content policy, fairness in artificial intelligence, privacy, and elections. For example, we will work with voting rights experts to make sure key members of our election team are trained on trends in voter intimidation and suppression so they can remove this content from Facebook more effectively.

    We’re also introducing civil rights training for all senior leaders on the task force and key employees who work in the early stages of developing relevant products and policies. The training is designed to increase awareness of civil rights issues and build civil rights considerations into decisions, products, and policies at the company. We know these are the first steps to developing long-term accountability. We plan on making further changes to build a culture that explicitly protects and promotes civil rights on Facebook. –Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook COO, via Bretibart

    Civil rights for everyone –  just as long as you fall in line and promote the official narrative and make sure you agree with Facebook’s agenda. This is becoming too easy to see as censorship anymore.  Anyone falling for this is a victim of propaganda designed to manipulate thoughts and opinions.  Don’t fall for it.

    While Censoring Voices, Facebook Let Big Tech Companies Read & Delete Private Messages


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      1. “Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.”
        — Matt 7:6

        Besides that which is holy, basic utilitarianism.

        These people will only get much worse, during an emergency or minor inconvenience.

        There is at least one, in every family.

        If don’t you know the one, I’m talking about you.

        “Civil rights for everyone”

        I’m sorry. I don’t believe in that.

        I am not asking you for anything, per se. I am not necessarily promoting any particular worldview. I am not saying I want to herd cats all day for the honors. Most people do absolutely need to be told where to go and what do.

        • I am in FB Jail (again) for violating “community standards”. This time for 30 days because I advocate stopping the invasion at our Southern Border by shooting the bastards when they try to cross illegally.

          Guess that wanting to protect American Soverienty is now a “hate crime”. But only in FB World. Fuck FB !!! 🙂

          • DK

            You’re far too intelligent to honestly believe that as a policy. Sighting in on children and the obviously unarmed; not supporters of some “insurgent” force attacking you but people crossing your border generally for a better life? I’m with ya on stopping them, I’m not with using lethal force on anything but a valid threat to the LEOs if whatever capacity on that border. That being said I’ll although I disagree with what you say you have a right to say it.

            Want to take back out sovereignty? Stop the globalist money interests dominating US foreign policy.

            • K2, “Stop the globalist money interests dominating US foreign policy.”

              You believe they have the right to say it, though.

              You are being told, no identity politics, in spite of having an identity, and no opportunism, in spite of having your own living needs.

              Ask what is someone’s merit or worth, and *you are the one tearing the country apart.

            • If you target the men by the hundreds, the women and children will return the way they came and will be glad to go after watching the man next to them get his fucking head blown off.

              K2, if you do not believe that these invaders represent an “insurgent force” designed to overthrow American Sovereignty by sheer numbers …….

              You are not as intelligent as I thought you were. 🙂

      2. Stop the technology monopoly censorship. BREAK up the monopoly. Demand free speech.

        Gaggle, FarceBook, Twatter, KookTube: BREAK UP THIS ANTI AMERICAN MONOPOLY. Revolt against Techno Monopoly FASCIST control freaks.


        Stop drug cartel gangs from Controlling politicians, judges, and law enforcement.

        Stop foriegners from owning and controlling USA Media assets.


        Happy Independance Day!
        God Bless America
        Long Live the Republic
        Be of good cheer.

      3. Conservatives could have built their own version of facebook. But they chose to get in bed with a CFR member, Facebook. And now they whine about censorship. We walk around with smart phones which CFR members have built to listen to us, spy on us and track us. And conservatives still cling to liberty-destroying Republicans. Wake me up when we wake up.

      4. What would have occurred if the agents of King George owned all the printing presses and the colonialists had only hand written parchment to communicate to the masses? What would have happened if the colonists were reduced to only legal possession of bow and arrow because they only had a right to hunt? My theory is that Washington DC would be named George City and the Union Jack would be flying over it.

      5. Look at their actions and you will know what they are about. Up to 2015, they were all about data harvesting. This meant they encouraged people to go online and small businesses etc. to go electronic.

        But, but … then came getting Hillary elected. That required shaping online discourse her way and siphoning off as much money as possible to pay for buy offs etc.

        At this point any non corporate content cratered. Many small businesses started going to the wall because they were hoping to make revenue online.

        And now today, the web is not a way to make money if you are a small fry. It is nothing but a forum for financial speculation for the latest Ponzi scheme du jour and data harvesting, geo location etc.

        And with the 2020 election campaign underway, expect to see the web become more of just a one-way broadcaster. Lots of AOCs ta-tas, sweet, tight butt and nanny state admonishments.

        • “Free medical, eye exams, dental screenings, and flu shots” are popping up all over the country to provide new prescriptions and glasses for those who need them; free dental work, and medical screenings, including ….. a flu shot although last year’s flu vaccine is less than 30% effective for this year’s flu !!!

          There is no “free lunch” even though lunch is included while you wait. What’s the catch ??? You must provide a blood sample (pin prick) for AIDS/HIV screening to protect the health providers.

          How many of you who wear glasses were required to pass a blood test before having your eyes examined ??? At your dentist’s office before a cleaning or filling ??? Ever have a pin prick for a blood sample to get your blood pressure tested and your body temperature taken ???

          My Peeps this is a SCAM to collect your DNA !!! The PTB want everyone’s DNA and they want you to provide it to them for “FREE” !!!

          Pass this on to your family, friends, and neighbors. 🙂

      6. Facebook, Utube, Twitter = America hating, hypocrite, commie bastards that need to be lined up and disposed of. Oh, that is already the plan. No mercy. No prisoners. Tick, tock. Tick, tock. Tick Once any of them bitches hold 4 Honorables, all infantry, I might listen to what they have to say, but I doubt it, so they don’t even need to tell me what I can and can’t say. Coming and gonna be gunning for any and all of them! They’re just P.O.D.S.!

      7. if the results of the election are influenced by Facebook censorship then I guess we can ignore the results of the election. Then what ?

      8. Check out “Hillbilly Kitchen” on YouTube.

        This Christian grandma is down to earth (when she isn’t talking about Jesus). But she allows you to skip her preaching, and jump right to her kitchen teaching, which she does simply and easily. Press on the arrow, the recipe ingredients show up.

        She showed her and her husband’s karate school. I couldn’t help but notice, she’s wearing a black belt.

        The motto of the show is “guns,…”


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