Signs Of War: Russian Military Deploys Marines On North Korean Border

by | Nov 30, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 22 comments

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    Following North Korea’s most recent missile launch are the signs of impending war.  Russia has now deployed Marines to the North Korean border.

    Russian marines have begun practicing landing operations at its border with North Korea, following Pyongyang’s controversial missile launch test this week, the military said. Although this is just one of several drills conducted over the past month, more are expected. According to Newsweek, Russian naval infantry servicemen and the crews of Russia’s Pacific Fleet ships Admiral Nevelskoy and Peresvet, carried out a swift, amphibious charge on a beachhead in the Primorye region, Russia’s only one to border North Korea.

    The cargo and staff boarded Admiral Nevelskoy at Desantnaya Bay and simulated the landing at the Klerk training range, both of which are in Primorye, Pacific Fleet spokesman Nikolay Voskresenskiy told state-run news agency RIA NovostiPeresvet made its pickup elsewhere but also arrived in the area near Klerk. -Newsweek

    This military drill comes just one day before the Pacific Fleet kicks off a series of training exercises in Primorye and the far more eastern Kamchatka. Those drills will involve around 1,000 troops and over 150 items of equipment. The drills will also involve live fire exercises.

    Russia has effectively practiced bombing near the regionparatrooper landings and other maneuvers since September. Each drill, declared separately from any previously announced war games, has come alongside escalating exchanges in the war of words between North Korea and the U.S. Russia has insisted that the U.S. must shoulder part of the blame for stirring the North Korean regime into a frenzy and “provoking” further tests with its ongoing defense commitments to nearby Japan and South Korea. However, Russia has also condemned North Korea’s latest missile launch as well.

    Following the launch of their last missile, North Korea claimed that the entire United States is now in the range of one of their missiles. The latest test, purportedly of the North’s new Hwasong-15 missile, was the first one in the last two months sparking concerns that the regime is on the fast-track to obtain even more powerful, and highly advanced weapons.


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      1. FAT, Gay, little man child just won’t stop…

        • No, I’m afraid he won’t. I repeat my little dog analogy. Back any inbred overbred mutt into a corner and he will eventually come out snapping. Un is going to have to do something and real quick or his fat tail is going to carved up for dinner by his countrymen and women. Add in that Russia has a border with NK ….

          • Brother. I cant believe i hadnt thought of things that way. GREAT analogy.

        • Satellite photos show North Korea apparently prepping to reuse launch site

          Another missile launch soon?

          Fox News

        • Look, any country that spends 51 percent of it’s gdp on military needs war to justify that spending. Isn’t it odd that eveyone that trump hates is israels enemy. It was NK that gave nuclear technology to syria and which was destroyed the dinoma plant. It’s isreal that has 200 nukes and wants full spectrum dominance like their pals the usa of zionism.
          So NK invaded multiple countries killing millions over the past 50 years? Does NK operate the worlds largest espionage and assasination ring? Does NK attack it’s neighbours and sponsor terror? Well israel does, they like to attack the syrian army to help isis advance in syria. Greater israel agenda, look it up.
          Who made israel? The Rothschilds and my queen Windsor aka Gutenburgs before they changed their names when germans weren’t popular in ww1. Honestly that many tards here are just foaming at the mouth for ww3 just to help the one percent to consolidate power and hold onto the ever murdererous petro dollar that is dying rapidly. Please stop hating kim, he isn’t a mass murdering war criminal sorry to point that out. Is he a dictator? so was Saddam but usa loved him so much they made him attack iran with chemical weapons in the iran iraq war, did usa hate saddam then for using chemical weapons? no it was against iran so anything goes. Actually has iran invaded and killed millions in foreign countries? Does Iran currently kill people in Yemen because they want their own non puppet non saudi appointed president? Cmon wake up to yourselvs, Kim is not a mass murderer, Hillary clinton and bill and friends signed off on every war they could to enrich the Rothschilds who own the usa fed. 5 trillion dollars, not bad Roths know how to make money and depopulate the planet of useless eaters. That’s what you are to them and you take the whole operation mocking bird propaganda hook line and sinker. Pathetic, you have become a military industrial complex lobbyist. Tell me again how Kim has invaded countless countries and killed million like our mates the one percent that thrive on war and death. I’m waiting?

          • I do believe that you have hit the nail on the head. You forgot to mention though that NK is the only country left that doesn’t belong to the world banking system. Thus of course they must be reprimanded, lol.

      2. Sure hope they don’t turn their ankles on those rocks…

      3. You knew that BRICS nations were satellites, in orbit of Russia, but thought NK was going to be all alone?

      4. I believe that a deal has been brokered between the major powers regarding North Korea. They are yesteryears war, a carry over of the past. No one is going to WWIII to protect North Korea. For the sake of their domestic politics any action will accompany verbal outcry and thats it.

        If President Trump moves it will not be reckless insanity (although the media, particularly the left will frame it as such) but rather a pre approved by all party’s involved plan. Like him or loathe him President Trump is shrewd and calculating. His antics pointlessly distract the media and public. It now occurs with such regularity that its impact is negated.

        • Have you noticed that about 75% of the news stories are about “shock and outrage” about what someone said?

          There were more stories about Trump saying Pocahontas than there were stories about North Korea launching an ICBM.

          That is how stupid our news industry has become.

          • “That is how stupid our news industry has become.”

            And how easy it is for Trump to divert their attention to what is meaningless. Those that despise Trump are glued to this news, but for the most part it sways no public opinion. His abrupt unfiltered candor actually boosts his image to many. He is losing no ground with “Trump being Trump”.

            • Kevin2, agreed. If anyone in the MSM had brains I think they would be dangerous, LOL!

          • JS, no surprises there. Even the MSM is full of snowflakes.

      5. @ John Stiner……you said that is how stupid our news industry has become…..stupid like a fox…….they are reporting what they’re told to report on……just dumbing down the masses.

        • The MSM job is to further the agenda of their owners who’s job is to further the agenda of their owners. They accomplish this while maintaining the illusion to the masses of some level of objective journalism. Stupid? They hoodwink a nation; thats brilliant. They’re now up against the Internet, the Viet Cong, the IRA, the Minutemen of the news. We (yes you and me and millions of others) are making their life difficult.

          The MSM is very very good at being being very very bad.

      6. If Putin is currently backing the NK slavers. He is ex KGB. And we should plan accordingly?Hopefully it is a MSM lie?

      7. Empires never die peacefully; the U.S. empire will be no different. We are playing right into Chinese hands……

      8. How strange is it that NK can come out with a new missile in 3 months ? This has been going on since Spring. How can technology make such huge strides in such a short time span? Unless China is providing the hardware ??

      9. The average IQ of commenters on this site is around the 70 mark. Just saying.

        • What level of IQ makes a comment like that?

          • SWAG would be 70 I suppose.

      10. I hope this US logjam over NK will serve the US a great lesson, that genuine dialogue rather provocation is the key to achieve world peace.
        Similarly, the US biasness and insincerity in dealings with Israeli Palestine crisis is another sore point in the international politics.
        US should show more desirability in consensus building than being a one-man show.

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