Sick Passengers on Two Flights Temporarily Quarantined at PA Airport, CDC Investigating

by | Sep 6, 2018 | Headline News | 42 comments

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    Multiple passengers fell ill on two separate international flights coming into Philadelphia International Airport on Thursday, reports CBS Philly:

    Officials say 12 passengers arriving at the airport on American Airlines flights from Paris and Munich experienced flu-like symptoms. Multiple ambulances were dispatched to the airport.

    All 250 passengers and crew on the flights were held for a medical review and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was notified to investigate.

    The CDC, Philadelphia Health Department and the Philadelphia Fire Department personnel performed medical evaluations on the passengers.

    In a statement, the CDC said,

    “CDC is aware of two American Airlines flights from Paris and Germany that arrived at PHL airport this afternoon with ill passengers on board. CDC and Philadelphia public health officers worked with EMS and CBP officials to evaluate and test the ill passengers for influenza and other respiratory illnesses. Twelve passengers from the two flights reported sore throat and cough; none were identified with fever. None of the passengers are severely ill, and they will be released and informed of test results in 24 hours.”

    Just yesterday, a flight from Dubai was quarantined at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York after as many as 100 passengers reported feeling ill and were said to have coughs and high fevers. At least 19 people were confirmed to be ill – 10 of which were taken to the hospital. The remaining 9 refused medical attention.

    Some of the passengers on yesterday’s flight reportedly had been in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, where there is currently an active flu outbreak.

    And, several of the sick passengers on the two American Airlines flights that were briefly quarantined today also were returning from Mecca, according to NBC Philadelphia:

    Several of the sick passengers were returning from pilgrimages to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, on American Airlines flight 755, which originated in Paris. These travelers exhibited similar symptoms to the 19 passengers, also travelling from Mecca, who were quarantined in New York Wednesday morning, according to customs officials.

    Additional passengers Philadelphia-bound American Airlines flight 717 from Munich, Germany, also showed flu-like symptoms. They, too, were returning from Mecca.

    Flu outbreaks have occurred in the past following the annual pilgrimage to Mecca during Hajj, officials said.

    Multiple news outlets have reported that more than one million religious observers flocked to the holy city this year. However, it is unclear how many caught the flu.

    As we reported yesterday, hopefully this is not the beginning of a pandemic flu outbreak. It may be wise to prepare accordingly, just in case.


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      1. Here is the red flag.

        Few respiratory infections can have gastrointestinal components. However it’s presumed 100 had food poisoning while 19 had respratory illness. On the same flight…from an area endemic with MERS-CoV.

        There are only two known cases in the USA as yet.

        MERS Symptoms

        Some infected people had mild symptoms or no symptoms at all, but most people infected with MERS-CoV developed severe respiratory illness. They had fever, cough and shortness of breath. Others reported having gastrointestinal symptoms, like diarrhea and nausea/vomiting, and kidney failure. MERS can even be deadly. Many people have died.

      2. Children can get adenovirus and have BOTH respiratory and gasterointestinal symptoms. And this is viral.

        Occasionally strep may cause food poisoning and respiratory co-comittant symptoms. Of course that is bacterial.

        It has my interest. You look for horses first (common causes) and later consider zebra. But MERS-CoV is a definite possibility.

        • many of those coughing were doing do at the airport in Dubai pre-flight. 2 flights from Germany and Paris- where the most african migrants are housed. As Ebola spreads to a 1.5M city on the border of several nations, WHO says: After Ebola Death In City, ‘No One in the world should Be Sleeping Well Tonight’

      3. I was near Mecca a few times, not by choice. I pissed on everything I could find. This story is another shining example of why the USA doesn’t need any Jihadis traveling to and fro. The USA should just cancel all visas and passports once they leave the states- problem solved. Real Americans would never spend money on a ticket to Mecca, the birth place of a lunatic, rapist, pedophilic sociopath who concocted the cult of islam.

        • Google -> islam drinking camel urine -> About 508,000 results (0.40 seconds)

          The virus that causes MERS is called Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV).

          It is literally spread by camel urine, used in the Islamic culture, and was suspected on these flights.

      4. Nothing to see here, folks, move along.

        “There is no chance that this will infect other people, so we are allowing these people to go wherever they want.”

        More likely, the CDC has massed produced the flu vaccine again, and they don’t want to throw away a lot of it like last year and not make money on it. So, they are in “scare them” mode now. I already see vaccine commercials for the flu shot – starting about 2 weeks ago.

        “Come get your poison shot”.

      5. It has begun.

        As I recently wrote….

        There will be no need for martial law when shtf. The timeline looks like this. Set a precedent of major bio (flu/airborne, must be airborne) pandemic and allow the shill main stream media to pound it into the masses heads 2018/2019. For about a year. Crash the economy to diminish Trumps re election between spring and summer of 2020. Allow a deep state operative to take the White House in 2020. Push money into Soros funded get the vote out and take over both houses of Congress. Have a deep state sweep of all democrats. Presidency, and congress. The markets and economy are 4x worse than 1929. Create a food crisis so people are dependent on govt. The masses will engage govt in a positive way to avoid the “flu” and begin to trust govt and the democrats. Because they are “helping”. Economy in shatters as many refuse to socialize or even leave their homes as the flu becomes nearly certain death. The invisible enemy (flu) keeps protestors and even a revolution from starting. Nobody wants to contract it. While the sheeple are fearing for their lives the democrats pass all sorts of liberal freedom killing laws, remove borders, secure funding for leftist political groups to maintain their majority by allowing voter fraud. Times are so hard, wholesale “gun violence” is rampant and therefore they place a “temporary” ban on all weapons. When this is not enough the confiscation begins. Then laws passed to repeal the 2nd amendment. Then Republic as you know it is gone, forever. When that President wants to overturn history and remove the term limits and be allowed a “third term” using FDR as precedent under extraordinary circumstance the fakery begins where the next President is hand picked from the democrats, forever. A few holdout states and civilians are crushed trying first a regulatory revolution then a bloody (their blood) revolution. Halting any others that think they can beat a nato military presence. (Unobjectionable third party “here to help” peace keeping force). Our military will be busy across the pond keeping our patriotic soldiers from defending liberty here. The democratic Marxist utopia in full force until other people’s money runs out. Then a worldwide congress is formed to rule all countries. The US dollar is replaced as worlds reserve currency. New world order. No more “sovereign” nations. We are a world human race with centralized govt. Welcome to your future, sheeple.

      6. It’s important to have a balanced approach on vaccines.

        There are routine vaccinations that children need and those used to be quite limited. If you’re a parent, you can look up which ones were common in 1985, for example, and there is nothing dubious about taking those vaccinations.

        But afterward, the medical establishment started to go overboard and even harmed patients with unsafe vaccinations. They used adjuvants as ingredients as it forced a stronger response. Then they vastly increased the number. Then they came up with ones which were very dangerous.

        Additionally due to very poor diagnosis of Autism, where vast increases occurred where it is unclear that the patient actually has the condition, then there’s concern that thimerosl which contains mercury might have had an adverse effect. Then the CDC buried data supporting that claim.

        So now you have folks totally not vaccinating…which is unsafe. And you folks who blythely take all vaccinations…which is DUMB. Then the public schools were concerned that failure of students to take mandated vaccinations creates a legal and medical risk as we’re so litigious in America.

        Besides all of that, medical professionals are not stupid and they know these adverse risks and are concerned as they do not tobeforced to take experimental vaccines due to bioterrorism potential. Primarily that issue is due to during the First Gulf War, the Pentagon mandated a highly irregular experimental vaccine as Sadam Hussein was experimenting with germ warfare as soldiers were certainly getting exposed. On top of which endemic unusual diseases occur in that region, often fungal, which can colonate in the lungs fostered a hidden issue which might not show up until later. You get soldiers into a Valley Fever type situation ie Coccidiosdies mycosis.

        This in a nutshell why the public now is extremely wary on vaccinations.

        And then, it is well known that Amish and Mennonites who never vaccinate their kids, do not get Autism. Draw your own conclusions.

        On top of which, while pandemic films like Outbreak and Contagion show heroic epidemiolgists rushing in to save the day to cure Ebola and Bird Flu, the honest reality is both ideas are ABSURD. In the event of a global pandemic, it would take 2-3 years to get an experimental vaccine, so there would be no miracle cure. It’s not feasible or remotely realistic.

        Given the past decade, the influenza vaccine has been extremely poor, often having a less than 50% effectiveness as partially it’s a guess and luck to create a successful one.

        In the event of a pandemic, there’s a high chance that other infectious agents foster pneumonia, so this often is what kills the patient but that can come a variety of factors, and not all pneumonia is the same in strength. Many folks have had mycoplasma exposure, especially in the military, and that can create atypical pneumonia ie walking pneumonia, which is persistant but not typically fatal.

        • And 90% of mumps incidents occur on vaccinated children now.

          • Well, back in the day, parents held chickenpox and mump parties because they wanted their kids to get exposed and have it early to have immunity. Getting it late as an adult is SERIOUS with the mumps as it causes sterility!

            Vaccination is not perfect by any means. Thankfully the connection between vaccinating with cowpox immunized most from getting smallpox and we eliminated it.

            Polio was a scourge which crippled children. Is there anyone foolish enough not to vaccinate their babies against polio??? Weird.

            • Is there any parent who thinks it’s wise to avoid a measles vaccine? What about tetanus? That vaccination protects against tetanus AND diptheria.

              Have some common sense.

      7. A global pandemic need not be fatal to tank an economy. If it is initially novel and highly contagious but with a lengthy incubation time, but a high eventual mortality, then patients have no idea they are infected as symptoms donot show. And so everyone is exposing everyone, then going home and infecting families.

        But then, when detected and social distancing is enforced, then such strong measures would effectively create martial law. Thus work work would be halted in a Just in Time inventory and manufacturing environment. This would cause cascading crippling failures as there would be a total inability to get goods and services, halt education, transportation, people couldn’t pay their bills, and this is the concern.

        60 days later, the economy is shredded and the people are staving and the power, water, natural gas all stop. Meanwhile current typical medical issues would notbe addressed and some of these would be exacerbated by limited drug availability and treatment.

      8. could also be attack via disease by terrorists That is always possible in such things

        • Sure. The problem is this bizarre mollycoddling of Muslims in America and especially Europe. It makes zero sense to have released the passengers as we have no idea with rapid testing and assessment if the results were accurate and if those exposed were symptomatic or not.

          In American history, immigrants were routinely quarantined to ensure safety. My guess is the airlines and muslim support groups applied political pressure as it might offend some as they were returning from the Hajj andor adversely affect ticket sales.

          Having one was and enough,but three??? With this bizarre combnation of respiratorty and gasterointestinal from an endemic region known to have MERS-CoV???

          It’s very sloppy and unsound medical practices. What if the tests were false negatives? If even one was, and statistcally that is possble, then they could infect a lot of folks.

      9. Is this really happening and we are being made sick by WiFi at the same time as well as kids over vaccinated and drugged and fed poorly.

        WiFi and microwave warfare has been perfected. The eggs in the ovaries of a female baby are hundreds of times more vulnerable than an adult. Making our grandchildren sick and or sterile, and the dna of every descendant forever corrupted.

        The new generation of WiFi being installed is designed to make us and our descendants sick, sterile, or deformed and brain injured. This is microwave warfare aimed directly at the public by


      10. To get a fuller picture, read the other two topics on this pandemic flu.

        In 2009 with H1N1, the epidemiologists in charge did not want to create panic. But meanwhile quietly they themselves were panicking. They made lots of quiet closed door meetings with Congress that one could listen in and watch later through CSPAN. All of which seldom made the news.

        Why? Fox News had spoken out that mass quarantines could be forced and this leak did not sit well with the politicians. In extreme cases, potential patients just be coughing or sneezing could be rounded up in FEMA Camps.

        I’ll look for the video if it still is available.

        Here…October 9, 2009

        Meanwhile the governors admitted that they often only had 5% of state mandated Tamiflu! Which was the only way to lessen symptoms. The governors’ state plans included rounding up all medical and dental students to act as drafted emergency medical personnel. In the event of serious outbreak, state borders would be closed including bridges.

        They kept this as quiet as possible.

        To hide the data, mortalities were often coming in so late that these did not directly attribute the infection, just secondary causes like pneumonia as that gave them a way to not cause panic. The most concerning was a high incidence of pregnant mothers who acquired it and caused fatalities.

        So whenever a pandemic happens, there is a severe lag in the state reporting,thus you do not know this from a citizen perspective. The deaths are there but not collated and so the true picture is delayed. By the time it is officially tallied, the average person would not be able to react in time.

        I am not trying to alarm you. I just want you to know how it really is IF. There were an issue.

        There were massive shortages of personal protective gear. Contamination by sputum of infected patients and the dearth of adequate ventilators meant there was no reasonable way to cope.

        We got dangerously close to the brink. Congress was putting up all kinds of orwelian bills on the database just to cover their butts. I would imagine they purged those.

        If the SHTF, to get the authoritative scoop, look for these sources.

        1. Flutrackers
        2. Congressional bill database
        3. Closed door Congressional sessions
        4. CSPAN but these are only publc hearings
        5. Congressional Reports has position papers particularly aimed at Senators.
        6. The CDC has several sites which have drug and equipment shortages and call in electronic meetings and broadcast messages so every medical personnel has the latest information.
        7. Uptodate is the best most thouroughly peer reviewed evidence based medcine site.

        These are the places things will leak first. They would give preppers a heads up that may give you a clearer assessment versus the news which is hopelessly turning into propaganda.

        Bugging out in a pandemic is very very very dangerous. There is a good chance fleeing folks from a quarantined zone could end up in a FEMA camp next to potentially infected people.

        This means if you think it’s unstable, you can’t wait. The telltale sign is greatly increasing the water purification chemicals for city water. This means you need to cultivate a relationship with that person who does the ordering. Regardless of the SHTF event, this will always be the trigger point. They cannot allow the water quality to slip but ordinarily due to JIT keep it quite low since they can call and get resupplied. But this will fail when all of these city officials are calling at once and the urban areas will get priority due to their population density.

        What scared them the most in 2008 and 2009 was conventional wisdom made epidemiologists beleve that they would detect enough sick people, particularly on FLGHTS that if it jumped to humans, say bird flu, then they could close air travel and restrict all traffic, thus reduce their risk.

        This FAILED. That is why, if you recall, the FLIR thermometers were being used to quietly measure incoming travelers body temperature at the airports.

        In all likelihood, there is no way to restrict air travel fast enough.

      11. When Fox News leaked that Northcom would send the military around, it showed that the powers that be were quaking in their boots while the CDC was telling a very different tale.

        October 2009

        This means IF we have a pandemic after all of the quiet organization that was done in all 50 states, there already are protocols so it would be even quieter with less documentation.

      12. “12 Monkeys” or “Contagion”.

        Look at the language. We honestly do not know the biostatistics data three years after in 2012. Now it had been nine years later and we still have no better biostatistics, so it is not just a delay, but obfuscation.

        Jun 27, 2012 (CIDRAP News) – Working with admittedly sparse data, a research team led by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has estimated the global death toll from the 2009 H1N1 influenza pandemic at more than 284,000, about 15 times the number of laboratory-confirmed cases.

        The World Health Organization (WHO) has put the number of deaths from confirmed 2009 H1N1 flu at a minimum of 18,449, but that number is regarded as well below the true total, mainly because many people who die of flu-related causes are not tested for the disease.

        The CDC-led team, which included researchers from several other countries, based its estimates on H1N1 case data from 12 countries and case-fatality ratios (CFRs) reported from five countries. Their report was published online yesterday in the Lancet Infectious Diseases .

        This is what was freaking them out. There are numbers totalling 600,000 deaths. Nobody can accurately say what the numbers were. All we know is many magnitudes more were infected and many magnitudes more died.

        This is why you be very concerned about getting any accurate information about contagions as reporting them is problematic, possibly due to globalism and the economic stigma of accurate reporting as it may have deeply adverse effects on public perception and their economy.

        It’s peculiar compared to historic reporting of pandemics. It is though a total lack of cooperation began or an intentional hiding of the data began.

      14. The latest data this morning is that at least ten of the tested infected passengers did not test positive for MERS-CoV. The officials are finally admitting their concern of the passengers who had attended Hajj due to the endemic infections of MERS-CoV which is known to be a bad infection with lethality. It’s a political hotpotato as everyone is so concerned about the semblance of bigotry regarding Muslims. Must not offend anyones’ overly sensitive sensibilities! They might be triggered! There might be rioting and acts of violence!

        Now if you read everything I wrote, then consider the scene of the CDC official in the film Contagion. Recall what her character is concerned about with the R naught vaule for the contagion. You see, it never is as simple as a pure number because epidemiologists actually never have plenty of accurate and precise data, so they cannot inform the politicians so that accurate responses can be done to manage a crisis. Why? Because the only way they can accurately assess is IF the data is released and is done correctly and this occurs at the END of the crisis. All they have is initial findings and projections.

        Thus in 2009 and 2010, as H1N1 was circling the globe, we knew it was a novel virus having a much greater infection rate on young seemingly healthy people, with high severity of symptoms, and seemingly high mortality. But it was impossible to rapidly assess how badly it was going to affect populations…and to what degree…and how many would die.

        Now coupled with that, much of the world adopted the Japanese Just in Time manufacturing and inventory controls paradigm. This means there is no buffer on how many good are produced and how many are warehoused as inventory. Instead, products are created on demand in order to vastly reduce warehouse costs and so saving untold amounts of money…normally.

        However what this does in cases of contagion in which large numbers of people using social distancing are then not showing up for work, then HUGE economic impacts create cascading failures. Why? Because it’s NOT a normal predictable model by definition! Thus the fatal flaw is that ordinary warehousing always allowed a buffer. But itno longer exists…there is no buffer and there is no way to cope because everything is bare bones.

        Compare this analogy to standard prepping doctrine. A prepper does NOT let their pantry get low so they have to rush out to the grocery to get supplies. NOPE. A prepper has a full pantry, often a year of food or more, thus when there is an interuption, it does NOT affect them. They can cope…whereas everyone can’t.

        For examples, the hospitals and medicl centers then lack supplies and medicines as they get much higher than normal census and traffic, so they cannot cope. And this in turn can affect every business.

        It’s hard for the average citizen to understand this, but a pandemic need not kill lots of people to severely damage a national economy or a global economy. All it has to do is shut down due to social distancing triggering JIT failures that cascade.

        JIT and social distancing COMPOUNDS a crisis. You’re going to find this fatal flaw every single time you have a SHTF scenario as it then affects medical personnel aspects, groceries, fuel, pharmacies, any spare parts needed, etc.

        This is why there are lots of independent prepping articles on this subject as formerly warehouses were FULL so they could formerly cope.

      15. So specific to H1N1, the best estimate for the USA is that one in 4 (25%) will get sick…often far more severely than a standard flu.

        But under crowded conditions in urban environments like jails, military barracks, dormitories, classrooms, factory production lines, restaurants, bars, open office cubicles, stores, then everyone may easily infect everyone just by breathing and physical contact. Since everyone touches their face 3.6 times an hour and touch common objects 3.3 times an hour, then especially in these circumstances, there are fomites EVERYWHERE.

        And then in a household with an infected person, then entire families can easily get infected.

        And that is enough to nearly shut down a country due to social distancing and JIT. And it mostly is going to affect the 76-81% of Americans in these urban regions. And that is why government officials nearly panicked and came close to declaring martial law using Northcom in October of 2009. The idea was floated at the War College in July, it was heavily discussed, and nearly implemented in October.

        But very few people realized the ramifications back then.

      16. Now consider this. The reason two parents can work today is that typically their kids are in public school. The way this is paid for is through taxes and federal support.

        But the way school districts get these funds disbursed is by taking rollcall in order to report their daily census.

        In the event of an epidemic, their census declines and since they often are just barely within budget and since the school is acting as a vector of transmission for disease through fomites,then schools can easily cancel class. For they cannot operate if insuficient tax dollars are not dispursed. The school superintendent can’t delay too long.

        This means as the census begins to drop in an alarming manner, say ten percent, then the school closes, and now especially moms have no childcare. And they may have sick children with the flu so they definitely cannot get childcare.

        And latchkey kids who think they are not sick, go home and then hang out in the neighborhood with other kids who think they are not sick. In fact, the moms may encourage it as they think it’s safer for them to be together.

        And so you have cascading failures with the school closing, moms calling in sick to care for kids or taking energency vacation, then neighborhoods getting infected. And then sick kids in a household, infect their parents, who take the contagion to work, and then their co-workers get infected because they work in an office.

        A pandemic can be one of the worst to cope with regardless that infrastructure is not harmed. Given the horrendous rise in medical insurance,what would happen the successive year after a pandemic? You think it’s expensive now. Wait until the insurance company gets millions of claims. And you largely are not covered due to high deductables…so there is a severe economic effect of missing work and paying out of pocket.

      17. There is a very preliminary report that Japan is culling pigs due to swine flu.

      18. Since we came so close to declaring martial law in Oct of 2009, plans were made to cope.

        First there are two tiers in Infraguard that are critical infrastructure folks. These people, the military, some law enforcement, and medical professionals would get the initial experimental vaccines or countermeasures to maintain continuity of government. Obviously tier one gets priority. Tier two contains elements like morticians and some from the financial sector.

        Operation Bioshield the has critical stockpiles of many different biological agents and countermeasures as it falls under themilitary and HomSec to handle germ warfare under terrorism and outright alternative warfare methods.

        You can look up ifraguard and COG and critical infrastructure and specific details on Operation Bioshield. The most pertinent documents includ both Congressional Reports to senators and DoD documents like:

      19. You can freely look through these often difficult to find documents here. They are not secret, just obscure.
        These are the bulk of Congressional Report Service findings seperated by categories and include DoD ones as well.

        They are not secret but they are not advertised and never on the news, but offer insight in continuity of government operations and protocils and have clear examples of how Homeland Security and the DoD would function to either support locals or take over in national emergencies.

        Additional Sandia Labs acts to run simulations and offe insight. The War College will run tabletop exercises as simulations as well and publishes quiet details of how they play out.

          Here is an example of a pandemic tabletop exercise at Johns Hopkins that ran three months ago with an interdisciplinary team. This is just part one and is very comprehensive showing the different aspects.

          There many moving parts between many alphabet agencies, local and state officials, healthcare, economic, law enforcement, logistics, warehousing etc.

        Post October 2009, a variety of alphabet agencies and a troublesome Obama executive order gave the CDC broad powers to mass quarantine those suspected of illness into FEMA camps. This would include those on planes for 72 hours.

        You should understand that when triaging, the RN assesses who can best be helped and in an emergency, who cannot be helped as it’s a waste of valuable limited resources. They are isolated to reduce exposure to everyone else as it’s contagion and will just die.

        Project Bioshield similarly would assess the value each citizen and therefore can never have sufficient countermeasures in surplus, thus in effect triages based upon maintaining continuity of government.


        Especially see Critical Infrastructure under presidential directive PDD-68

        The folks in Infragard would likely be the first to be sequestered and innoculated.

      21. Italian public health officials are reporting 150 cases of pneumonia in Brescia thought to have arised from bacteria in the water.

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