Shut Up Officer: “If Law Enforcement Officers Want Respect They Can Start By Deserving It”

by | Jan 5, 2015 | Headline News | 232 comments

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    This article was originally published by Karl Denninger at The Market Ticker.


    Time to start picketing these so-called “memorial” funds and funerals if this sort of mindless fearmongering nonsense doesn’t stop.

    “With the increasing number of ambush-style attacks against our officers, I am deeply concerned that a growing anti-government sentiment in America is influencing weak-minded individuals to launch violent assaults against the men and women working to enforce our laws and keep our nation safe,” said Craig Floyd, chairman and CEO of the memorial fund.

    “Enough is enough,” he said in a statement. “We need to tone down the rhetoric and rally in support of law enforcement and against lawlessness.”

    Bite me Craig.

    Here are the facts.  There were 126 on-duty deaths reported among all officers in 2014.  There are approximately 1 million sworn officers between federal, state, county and local government entities (and another couple of million employees who are not sworn; that is, they are not officers and do not have arrest powers, such as dispatchers and clerks.)

    This is a rate of fatality of 12.6 per 100,000.  Sounds bad, right?


    If you’re a logger, you have a fatality rate ten times that of a cop.

    A fisherman?  Almost ten times — 117 per 100,000.

    A pilot?  53.4 per 100,000.  Yes, really — it’s about four times as dangerous to fly a plane or chopper than be a cop.

    The guy who puts your roof on?  40.5 per 100,000 — about three times as dangerous.

    How about iron workers — you know, the guys who put up the buildings you work in?  Yeah, those dudes.  Three times the risk of a cop in dying, most from falls, being crushed by heavy materials or welding accidents.

    Your garbage man has a risk of death twice that of a cop.  Why?  He gets hit by cars or crushed by heavy equipment (yes, it would suck to get caught in that trash compactor in the garbage truck!)

    How about the lineman that repairs your power lines?  Slightly less than double the risk of a cop, and of course the means by which they die are falls and electrocution, mostly.

    Truck drivers?  Close to double the risk, most from traffic accidents.

    Farmers?  Same risk, roughly; getting caught in a combine is a ****ty way to die.

    Or you could just be a construction laborer.  Your risk in that profession is materially higher than that of a cop (17.3 .vs. 12.6) as well but nobody cheers for you.  Never mind that without said laborers you wouldn’t have a house or an office to work in.

    So let’s cut the crap, eh?  Being a cop isn’t particularly dangerous as occupations go.

    Sworn officers are in fact officers of the court.  Lying is unacceptable among both them and any organization that represents them.  That means this butt-clown as well as the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association in NYC and Patrick Lynch, their President.  Pathological liars are worthy of the middle finger, not respect, no matter who they are.

    Further, these organizations are not going to get any sympathy from me as long as we have cops arresting anyone for “DUI” when they choose to sleep off their alcohol in a parking lot rather than drive, nor are you going to get to claim “valor” without a loud pushback from people like myself as long as there is even one cop who reaches a settlement for his alleged attempt to create pornography with the intended target being solicited as a means to void an alcohol possession citation.  That’s official corruption and if I pulled something like that I’d be prosecuted instead of being able to slough off the “settlement” on the taxpayers of the town.

    Then there’s this sort of corruption:

    It’s not a slowdown — it’s a virtual work stoppage.

    NYPD traffic tickets and summonses for minor offenses have dropped off by a staggering 94 percent following the execution of two cops — as officers feel betrayed by the mayor and fear for their safety, The Post has learned.

    So either 94% of the stops and summonses were never justified in the first place, in which case the entire NYPD is nothing more than a band of felons committing armed robbery by the tens of thousands a week or this “action” constitutes acting as an accessory to crime after the fact.

    Either way these are not cops they’re crooks.  In either case every single one of these “officers” deserves to be arrested and thrown into prison for decades; odds are it’s the first of the two possibilities, by the way, which means that this “action” is as close as you’re going to get to an admission of tens of thousands of armed robberies committed by the cops each and every week.

    If law enforcement officers want respect they can start by deserving it and that means cutting the crap — including false claims of “outrageously dangerous” working conditions that in fact are less hazardous on a statistical basis than the guy who picks up my household trash, an immediate and complete cessation of false arrests on bogus charges and full prosecution of each and every member of such an agency who is alleged to have abused someone in the line of their duties.

    Let me know when that happens and at that point my middle finger will be retracted — but not one second before.

    Karl Denninger is the author of Leverage: How Cheap Money Will Destroy the World in which he discusses the ill-use of leverage and how it is destroying the global economy, as well as where all of this will lead. The result is ugly: the value of everything—including gold—falls, and even personal safety is at risk in a world where there is limited money even for essentials like food and fuel.


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      1. I respect what law enforcement officers do and I think we can all agree that most cops are solid people who really want to do good. I am not going to sit here and judge someone who does this job because I’ve never done it, but from where I am sitting it seems to me that things need to change – and in a big way.

        Every single day we hear about a cop murdering someone, beating someone or falsely arresting someone. Police departments have a culture that seems to be at war with the American people.

        • Yeah, and what you say is true. There are some who’d read this article by Denninger and get a woody from it. More power to them. There is room for improvement all ‘way ’round.

          • On the other hand disrespecting the Mayor of NYC does help put then on a better foundation with the public. Perhaps if all 15,000 of them shot him accidentally 5-6 times it might show solidarity with the public.

            • Same shit, new day.

              • BADGES are REDCOATS..

                replace King George with the current corporation known as the UNITED STATES.. and you have the redcoats..

                FACTS are FACTS..

          • Many complain about Speaker John Boehner, so contact your U.S Rep if you live in a Republican Dist. And tell them to vote him “OUT” as Speaker Of The House, and do it soon. I heard they will vote on this tomorrow. Any action is better than no action. Will it matter? Probably not, but we must make a stand somewhere and sometime. You can contact your Rep by email, it only takes a minute. I ain’t holding a civics class, but just a refresher, Speaker of the House is frist in line after the Vice President should something happen to those two Idiots. Would we want Boehner. Trekker Out.I Don’t Think So!

            • MT, if any of these puppets in both houses are following the last paragraph on this link then we may have a chance. Else it won’t make a damn difference to have Nancy P or John B or mickey mouse in place.


              • Stolz V—–

                Perhaps we should consider the focus of opinions, relative to this (and other) related controversies, per the ‘state’ of the union/society and even humanity…in a different light..and focus on THAT!!!!

                ..where the bulk of the participants, players, victims and observers here & across the board, are fixated at the ‘tactical level’ outcomes/events..vs. “the Real Agenda”..

                Please reference & ponder:

                — ‘ORDO ab CHAO’ — ..{per Latin}

                ..see, but one small (& mild) example link below:

                ht tps://


                Then juxtapose such unto “Danial 7:25 and Mathew 16:3″


                Who’s working both sides of all relevant global/local issues/controversies, today?

                ..per the Hegelian Dialectic, no less!

                ..and to humanity’s eventual (down to the individual’s) misfortune, ..on so many fronts.


                Know thine enemies folks..for your life & mortal soul, ditto your progeny’s..depends on it.

                See: ..”Rev. 2:9” for details.

                • Very true and correct Hunter. MT and basically all of us are simply tired and frustrated with day to day corruption and the crimes being committed under our names as AMERICANS in foreign lands but sadly in our own soil as well.

                  A corroded and corrupt infrastructure can’t be fixed by cosmetic and fake changes. Our house named America is being highjacked by a 1.5 to 2% criminal tribe named zionists and their goal is the total destruction of non tribal members of the society. This issue is becoming more transparent to the majority of the Americans but until they see it as a cancer needing the destruction of the tumor in order to given a chance of survival the slow death would be unavoidable.

                  • Stolz: Actually that les than 2% total within the entire usa population is divided into Two sector’s…They have as You stated the “Zionists” sector or aka Rightwing Neocons…AND also the Other sector of..Marxist Leftist Bolshevik soviet kommies. aka also the Dem lib political party and all related affiliates.

                    And regardless which sector gains total end game senario controls….Thats the precice point that Both sectors shall merge into ONE Tribal minded Kommie control sector the exact same way as their grandparent soviet jewdeo bloshevik kommies did in Russia 1917-18 era.

                    Full Blown USA-Soviet Communist State where then THE Most Dangerous persons to be will be Whites, especially Male whiteys and Christians….Anybody who doubts that go ask a true real survivor of the RED Mennace Terrors done by said jewdeo bolshevik kommies back in Russia prior…or Poland, Or Ukraine or any of a couple Dozen Other eastern euro nation states which ALL swiftly fell one by one once infiltrated and Infested by said jewdeo kommie membership.

                    Even every commie states National Flag is always the color of RED! to represent their tribal insane blood lust and final end result of such kommie infestation by The worlds most acomplished Nation Wrecker tribe to ever exist bar None!

            • Mt Trekker – The alternatives to John Boener, are requesting that they have a new Congressional Rule in place that requires that they can look at the Bill up for vote for at least 72 hours to read the info in the Bill, before they are required to vote.
              What a shitty system we have now, that you have to vote on a bill and never get to read its content. I think all Congressional Bills should be made public for 10 full days in full print, before congress gets to vote on any bill. We the People need to take our Government back from these Tyrants raping our rights and stealing our wealth. Time to hit the RESET BUTTON.

              • My reset button has about 4.5lbs of pull.

                • RP1776, mine used to be 4.5lbs but each day I see a need for a lighter reset pull. Soon it’ll be .01.

                • That was the funniest comment yet. Love it.

              • WWTI I agree. And even at that, Ten full days wouldn’t really be long enough. Its not like we’re short on new bills or laws. And once their introduced they shouldn’t be allowed to have amendments add, and if there are, the time period before they can reintroduce the bill the time should have to start over. Trekker Out.

            • MT:

              Just Curious. Did your representative pay any attention to your phone call asking that they vote against Boner?

              I wonder what is wrong with Boehner. Watching his reinstatement, his nose seemed to be running constantly. Can substance abuse cause that?

              He is such a turncoat that drugs could possibly help him survive looking in the mirror. Just asking…..

              • PO Granny, Oh I am all for frequent random drug tests for any public official who is voted in. CBS News tonight said this new drone program monitoring illegals on the southern boarder cost wise averages out to the cost of like $24,000 per arrest when they look at the cost effectiveness. Like what scam Military contractor ripping the hell out of the Tax payers. I suggest Gatling guns at about .23 per round to stop these illegals. Screw the drones.

              • POG I sent emails. I have an old house in the State I use to live in, so I still have an address that I use when I email them. So I send emails in my former state to both Senators and the Rep., and use my current address to contact the Senators and my Rep. in the state I now live in. This way I get a response from both States by email. To answer your question, I got an Auto-Response from one and nothing from the other, and “NO” they didn’t pay any attention, because they both voted FOR Boner. At the moment I’m letting my wrath cool before I sent them my thoughts on how they voted. Yes I know they personally don’t read the emails, but their Monica’s will let them know how the people feel. Trekker Out.

          • I agree Patriot, improvement on everyone’s part. There are instances the cops could handle things a little better and times when the general population could not act so ignorant. For every response there is an equal or greater response, and that goes for both sides.

            • Mr. Denninger must’ve read my mind!

              My thoughts to your thoughts…my mind to your mind… 🙂

              • When I start seeing cops arresting other cops for violating the rights of the citizens,cops going to prison for the same crime that would put me in prison, cops actually upholding the oath that they took, and cops who understand that they are paid to protect and serve, then I will again give the respect asked for.
                Until the police mentality changes, I will continue to regard them with distrust at a minimum and disdain in a lot of cases.

          • Much of what the police do is take reports, they don’t actually stop much crime. Examples: Sarah McKinley called the cops to her home because two men were trying to break in. It took them 17 mins. to get there, in the mean time she shot and killed one and the other fled before the cops arrived. This falls under “When seconds count, the police are minutes away”. Another example: when Timothy Davison was being harassed by a road rage drive ( I-81) he called 911. In the mean time, the RR drive pushed Davison’s SUV into the median, got out, and shot Davison to death. Davison didn’t like guns so he didn’t have one. The cops got there long after the other drive fled and it’s been over a year and still no suspect. This falls under the heading of “Call 911 and die”. The courts have ruled time and again since the late 50’s that the cops don’t have a duty to protect us as individuals, only ‘society’ in general. That means it’s always been “YOYO” time, You’re On Your Own. We could cut way back on cops and jails, especially if criminals know that the average citizen is going to confront their violence with violence and not be held to the higher standards that cops are.

        • If they keep acting like we are the enemy, their job will undoubtedly become the most dangerous.

          • Amen.

        • I’m just glad to see someone finally write about this. I agree…if the police are shirking their duty by letting minor crimes go this way, they need to lose their jobs. These minor crimes are very low risk for them. Not nearly the same as say raiding a drug den, etc. So if they are willfully not doing their jobs, get rid of them!

          This is so overblown that it now looks like the police are having a tantrum just because some members of the public “dare” to protest against them.

          On the other hand, it’s not so much the fault of the police either. WE have passed laws such as the Patriot act and others that make it LEGAL if an officer ends up shooting a suspect as long as they resist at SOME POINT during the arrest. Allow people to be shot and killed while fleeing, even if they’re unarmed. Things like that. We need to change those laws back and restore balance. Right now police do not have enough accountability. Witness a lot of the recent shootings like the kid in Cleveland that are utterly ridiculous, but that are waved away as long as the police “felt threatened.” What would not work for the average citizen out on the street should not be ok for police just because they ARE police. Police cannot be above the law and above the citizens in that respect.

          • “if the police are shirking their duty by letting minor crimes go this way, they need to lose their jobs.”

            I disagree.

            A large portion of the problems in society today, is that every stupid little thing is criminalized. We don’t really NEED cops to protect us from some guy smoking a joint in his basement. We can do without him beating every jay-walker to the ground, for crossing against the light.

            We NEED cops for the meth house down the street, or the two gangs having a shootout downtown. We need them to chase down thieves and hunt murderers and rapists….

            But we don’t NEED some cop looking in our bedroom windows, hoping to see something to bust us for. We don’t NEED to be chased down because we forgot to fasten our seat belt, or because he thinks the tint on our window is too dark.

            Policing should be just like real life — you don’t sweat the small (victimless) shit.

            • That’s a really good point, but THOSE are the kinds of ” crimes” that they’re only going to go after because there’s no danger of them getting injured like they would on any serious crimes where they’re REALLY needed.

        • The way I see it there are good cops and there are bad cops, but it seems like the “Bad Cops” are the ones always being reported. While I do agree that something needs to be done about violent police officers – It seems that the media often makes it appear like they are the only cops out there. Then the flock goes and starts hating the police as a whole rather than the bad officer. -Carhartt

          • it’s an epidemic

          • @Carhart
            Exactly. Then the problem expands by people who follow crap sites like this that feed the hateful fires with misinformation. That’s when you get morons protesting for thugs who was shot by a cop who was defending himself. But if the same thug had been shot by another thug, then oh well. Bunch of hypocrites.

            • I think at ferguson those “protests” are just a bunch of thugs rioting for an excuse to steal and destroy things. They will be begging for more welfare as soon as they are done and see there town in ashes with no more jobs to go to.

              • *Their

            • First, I agree with Carhartt that the media only reports the bad cops. It’s what they do, it’s part of their (msm) agenda.

              Second, I think Mac tries to give a balanced approach with regards to the information he puts out.

              Third, Why are you here if you think it is a crap web site? Oh and your right, I don’t give a fk if a thug shoots another thug. I won’t be protesting either way.


              • @Ghost Rider

                Actually I stumbled upon this article through Facebook. It didn’t show the whole article title so I clicked on it to read it and well there it is. Reading the article just infuriated me and reading some the comments just makes it worse. I’m a fair guy, I really am. That’s why I’ve stayed as long as I have trying to understand the logic here or steer people away from this train of thought. I’m not a cop, I am in the military. I know several cops those that are military and not. I get there are bad things happening but I don’t believe instigating a war with police or encouraging violence against the police is the answer. Maybe its because I don’t live in a metro area, but I think a lot of this is overblown. Media makes a big deal everytime a black person is shot by a white cop, but not when its thug on thug, thug on druggie or whatever. Where are the protesters to stop gang violence or drug cartels. None. Or what about when a white person is killed by a black cop or white cop, no news about it. Here is what gets me about Ferguson, you had all those protesters and riots throwing a fit over what would happen if the officer was NOT indicted before the decision came down. You never saw anyone protesting saying we are going to do this if you DO indict him.

            • Fed Up, if you’re looking for CRAP sites you’re at the wrong place. The corporate-controlled media is full of crap sites.

        • nope can’t not until they stop asking for more power. and the god damned courts keep giving it to them. ruly and maybe they don’t do it as much but with the power they have they can pick and chose who they would want o kill. in most cases they don’t need probable cause anymore just their own feelings, which is what they’d use if caught. then make crap up as they go along and since most people will resist when being man handled for nothing boom they kill you.
          Point is they have the power to murder and get away with it.
          So no I don’t respect them I respect their gun and authority but not them hell no! and no do’t think they are most stand up because if they were they’d cross the thin blue line and refuse to fill quotas. Not beat people for jay wlking not enforce stupid cigarete pubic soking bans like in MY and or the LOOsies that killed Garner. No it wasn’t he resisted it’s because the cop lyed and said he sod cigarettes when in fact the cop in one of the videos I seen he admitss to not seeing him sell any so ya he lyed and was falsly arresting Garner.

        • 98% of cops give the rest a bad name

          • Here is a Compelling Video- RE: Our Police State

            Watch “Police State America: The USA Holds 25 Percent of the Entire World’s Prisoners!” on YouTube


            Like I said above, some States in the US hold more prisoners than entire other Countries in the world. Links and Charts check your State’s Stats.

        • You STILL really think they for the most part want to do a good job? You STILL really think most of them are just good guys being smeared by a few bad apples???

          Watch this video from 2:32 to 3:47 where the white woman gets shot and every single pig prick on the force at the end of the day laughs about it.

          • @BJ
            Ok yeah the segment you pointed out, might be a little wrong. But really for the most part a lot of what I seen in the rest of the video that I watched(and I admit I didn’t watch it all), but most of those segments look like they were taken out of context. You can’t judge ones actions from a short snippet of video. Yes, there was some news pieces in there about some cops doing questionable things, and like I said there are some bad ones out there. But you and everyone else can’t watch these garbage pieces of video and know all the circumstances of the situation, and so you can not accurately and fairly say what is going on by either party is right.

          • BJ, I watched the entire video only with some difficulty. Fed Up has had an overdose of the federal koolaid and has blind faith in the system. I think the video is 100% accurate.

          • …and police wonder why they would get assassinated if someone got the chance…

            As far as I’m concerned, the answer to stopping those brutal beatings/killings by police, is being shot by an angry group of citizens, while in the act. Then call the meat wagon to clean up the mess.

            This is the same remedy I’d propose for a street thug who thought it might be fun to beat a person standing on a corner.

            A THUG IS A THUG IS A THUG.

        • This website just jumped the shark!

          • Your comment isn’t fozn worthy.

        • Anon, Cops are Cops all for a Paycheck, Period. They are NOT out to go save the world, as in your dreamy fantasy. Try stop paying the Cops for a few months, and see how long they keep being Cops. Cops carry Guns to protect themselves and to shoot other people. Cops are Revenue Raisers for the Mayor, they use Illegal Laws to oppress the Public, and for asset forfeiture, they are Prostitutes revenue raisers for the Government. The United States has 25% of the Entire Worlds Population in Prison. There are many states in the US that house more persons in their State Prisons than entire other full Countries have in jail. Many Cops need to stop being PIGS. Its not all their fault, LEO’s mentality has changed over the years when they get their ZOG Training by the Israeli Military that trains them to hate people and treat Americans like the enemy and use weapon of war against the people. Many COPS now dress like Military, and battle rifles to kill Americans. I read dozens of articles daily about Cops beating the shit out of people for no reason. Photography is NOT a crime. So wake up from your fantasy and start reading the headlines.

          • WWTI I think your get a little worked up there my friend. The United States has 25% of the Entire Worlds Population in Prison. The hell you say! That would be around 1.75 Billion people that we would have locked up. Now you talk about a make work project, where we gonna get all those Guards? Trekker Out.

            • I think he meant 25% of the world’s INMATE population, which is a fact, according to the stats.

        • Oh, My Word! Can’t we all get along?


        • Cops spend most of their time giving speeding tickets and arresting teenagers for smoking pot. However, someone needs to supply fodder for the court system and prisons. Serious criminals don’t have much to worry about. The cops avoid them, because of the risk involved. Speeding tickets are where the no-risk money is to pay their salaries.

          • Lazy cops always go for the lowest hanging fruit, kids and blacks. See if the have enough ambition to go after a criminal politician, or mayor. Go arrest Obama and put GW Bush and Dick Cheney in prison for war crimes. You want to see Cops approval rating skyrocket. start there.

            • That would definitely change my perception a little.

        • You are completely clueless of who and what Police Officers of collapsing Murica really are, please wake up.

        • this has got to be one of the dumbest articles ever written…..comparing the job of a police officer with a logger…a fisherman….seriously, are you really that stupid…man some of you people are just flat out idiotic…

      2. You had me at ,”So let’s cut the crap, eh? “

        • OMG, please…not another

          bad cop-good cop article again.
          Too many more important things to discuss than ignorant cops and guns.

          There is, and always has been corruption and bad people involved in everything from kindergarten teachers all the way up to Judges and Jurys.

          It is just that media has a new whippin post to cling to and it’s cops.

          I for one am glad we have cops and hopefully most are not in it just for a paycheck or to chest thump their way into some macho game of cat and mouse.

          All bad cops will eventually reap what they sow, and we as citizens have to discern who the good ones are and try to stay out of the way of all of them, good or bad.

          In this day and age I sure as hell would not want to be one, so I am glad there are those that don’t have a problem with putting their lives on the line.

          • nope perfect issue and very much the most important. for liberty’s ar at stake and liberty is more important than when old navy opens Nothings more imortant to this country than liberty even what bus to take can wait
            Cops hve gotten to the point they just follow orders they don’t question try watchig some videos where all they do is follow whoevers in charge sometime like the kid who died I think while being mased forcefully on a restarained chair in jail while all the staff just watched. ya dont give me that crap that they will reap what they soe because many don’t. I for one go out of my way to avoid them like the plague. look at their direction and bam detained for nothing fuck that.
            Its about the thin blue line where if they ae good they still look the other way so no not good. It quotas etc…
            Story wasn’t even abot good bad cops anyhows it was about how muc more safer they are than not!

          • OICU812- I agree , ten thumbs !

          • Baaaaaaah …
            Cookbooks …

      3. Another conflict I see within our police force is
        Union and following Constitutional laws seems like a conflict of interests

        • There is no conflict between the two! They are completely different issues.

          • stupid is as stupid does much?
            you obvioulsy ignore or overlook the reasons he’d sy that or just dont care. Of cource theres a conflict Union say one thing Constituion says another they pick the union because they have to. Constitution takes aback seat to the Union!

          • with a screen name of “Republic” i woulda thought of anyone here you’d get it..SMDH.. yep ,, were fucked

            • I like to think I get it just fine! It’s just your perception of the Union / Constitution conflict has no merit.

              As for your defender (csaaphill) nothing personal but show me where the union has said something in conflict with the Constitution? I overlook or ignore nothing,

              • eh,, your entitled to your own opinion,, but not to your own facts . be it what it may in your view , thats fine..Im not going to go blindly , or accept the status quo..I just dont roll that way

                must be a Union Employee that hasent woke up to his diminishing return on his investment to the thug crowd .. how well is your pension surviving these times ? 100% funded? I doubt it

      4. NO ……They can start by EARNING it. Which they won’t do, because they are nothing more than abusive power hungry thugs, for lack of a better word.

        No sympathy here…..They get all they deserve and more.

        Give a gift to Amerika..Shoot a pig.

        • give a gift to the planet and stop breathing its air

          • You go first………oinker.

            • See its punk ass thugs like you that make society the way it is. Thinking your better than everyone else. Your a pathetic excuse for an individual and the exact problem that needs to be fixed. instigating to kill cops because you don’t know how to use your brain to work a problem. Internet trolling pussy.

        • I agree with the they can earn it.

      5. Well I’ll go first and agree with the guy.
        There doesn’t seem to be any piece if legislation passed that they won’t enforce, regardless of how arbitrary it is.
        We’ve diluted the word HERO to the point it dies a grave disservice to real heroes who actually perform acts of bravery instead if just donning a costume and *poof* you’re a hero.
        Expecting change from within is a Pipedream and it’s going to take mass quantities of peaceful noncompliance to get our point across.

        • Excellent post Scott. I have been pissed for years watching cops, teachers, and firemen er FireFIGHTERS describe themselves through their unions as heroes. I guess if you say it often enough it is true.

          • @Scott C
            I agree with you both, the HERO term is thrown around a lot. Any one person could perform a heroic act, but because a person holds a certain job or wears a certain uniform does not make them a hero. I have been in the military for 23 yrs, I have been deployed 3 times, I was in Baghdad, Iraq in 2003 and have my Combat Action Badge. I do not consider myself a hero and have told others such when they tried to call me one. They tried to say I was because I went, no I went because it was my job, its what I signed up for. I didn’t do anything heroic. I didn’t jump on a grenade for someone. I didn’t rescue a bunch of kids from a burning building (like a fireman). I didn’t perform a lifesaving procedure on someone at the scene of a car wreck (like a paramedic). I didn’t rescue a woman being held hostage by some psycho (like a cop or SWAT). So yes I agree we need to same the word hero for heroic efforts.

          • @Skeptic – I disagree, yes Cops and teachers are not heroes. Fire Fighters are real heroes, as they save lives. Can’t count on how many lives I have saved. Pulled people out of burning houses and hotel fires. Bleeding to death in car accidents and had to cut the car open like a can opener to get the person out of there to safety and a hospital.

            Support your local Fire Fighters as the life they save may be your own.

      6. Couldn’t agree more. It’s good to see that not everyone is indoctrinated by the hypnovision.

        Thanks for putting all our thoughts into words Mr Denninger.

      7. I’m seeing a lot more of these kind of incidences below, and it gives me time to ponder what is in their minds and what the hell is in there training. Ive read that the amount of people killed in America by the police was greater than the number of troops killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, both since 911.

        What the hell is going on in this country? By the way, the officers will probably both get off also. It seems that is always the case.

        • It is obvious we have an epidemic of unarmed people reaching for officers weapons in this country -{sarcasm off}

      8. Here Here Denninger ! You’ve nailed it. Every time I get a telemarketer calling to help support the widows and families of dead police officers, I ask them “when do you plan to have a fund raiser for loggers, fishermen, miners and farmers….ALL of whom have a much higher rate of death and injury on the job ?”

        I also get extremely tired of being a second class citizen while cops are first class apparently. They violate every traffic law with impunity, they get to open/concealed carry all the time if they want with no license required, and so on….why is that ?

        Bunch of overweight, out of shape, tax collectors for the most part. Fire them all as far as I’m concerned.

        • Andy,cops/firefighters have better work injury pensions/survivor benefits then most folks,well,excepting say congress/senate ect.!

      9. On 911 it was not plumbers who entered the twin towers was it?? Injured in a traffic accident call a construction company and see how far you get. Machine gun Kelly is shooting up the bank with his gang who do you call to shoot it out with them. Do you have the guts to walk the big yard at Folsom or San Quentin? The boarder patrol is law enforcement shall we cut them out of the budget. The mouthy critics sound more like excons and drug pushers wanting a free market at the local high school. Cops meet the nicest people and all the posh places

        • Rockmanr, nothing personal but that was a stupid response. Not even dumb, it was stupid plain and simple.

          I do not remember seeing ONE cop enter the twin towers on 9/11. The fat, pudgy bastards I saw were running away as fast as they could (which is pretty much walking speed for you and me).

          Your next couple of examples (traffic accidents and bank robberies) were just painful to read. Trying to comprehend what goes on inside your brain as it comes up with that kind of ridiculous comparison is boggles the mind.

          And to top it off, you pretend the cops working at prisons are in any more danger than the citizens in Detroit. What a douche-bag.

          (Okay, I lied; mayhaps that was a tad personal.)

        • Rock,most of the folks that got out of the towers did it themselves,with the help of other office types and building maintenance workers,so ya,a few in shape plumbers with their head on their shoulders would be fine.Some of those office types/building maintenance workers went back in for others and never came out.On a side note,when the fire dept. and cops got in brawl on the site I knew America was back!

        • Rockmanr you are just another boot licking coward pussy afraid of the truth of the Stasi Fascist shithole of Murica. Hilter built schools and hospitals, so please do not excuse PURE EVIL for a few honorable acts. The MILITARIZED STASI POLICE FORCES have become nothing more than boot licking violent psychopaths still trying to support the evil vile collapsing CORPORATIST FASCIST FEUDAL SYSTEM in the shithole of Murica. .

          • @Ron
            You are 8 the fuck up, bat shit crazy. That is all.

      10. I’m sorry to have to say that Denninger is no longer on my favorites list. Not only does his site now demand that I turn off Adblock, so that he can pummel me with his money-grubbing, but his fascination with the meme that Street Thug Brown was murdered in cold blood tells me that he is taking leave of common sense. Statistics of the kind he cites miss one important fact – injuries and fatalities among loggers and farmers are not inflicted deliberately by other men. Combine harvesters aren’t paranoid schizophrenics with a grudge who will sneak up behind you and shoot you dead because they think you mistreated a disk harrow.

        • Plus: Loggers and Farmers aint trained in Israel by IDF rabid blood thirsty jewish soldiers. But most every article writer “forget’s” to make any mentions of such eh.

          Due to such rabid anti-Goy trainings cops recieve from IDF soldiers and Mossad agent trainers, the amerikwan citizens are now become Palestinian Goyim…While the amerikwan Kwaps have now become the usa fed govnt version of rabid Israeli Jewish IDF Killer Squad’s, with the mindset that resembles that jewish mentality of, jews matter and count while all goy gentiles do Not matter a whit and are simply sub-human-animals aka “Goyim”.

        • Over half of the cops killed ‘in the line of duty’ are killed in traffic crashes caused by…the cops.

        • TOC;
          I agree with what you are saying but no is forced to be a cop. It doesn’t take a genius to know that by becoming a cop you will see the worst of the worst. How you deal with it is what makes a good cop vs a bad cop.


      11. Karl Denninger, you are a P.O.S. in my opinion. You are just as bad as race baiters, rioters and the other dumbasses who think like this. I’m not a cop, but the crap you are spewing here is ludicrous. You and your aforementioned group that I have lumped you with, all think the same, that one bad apple spoils the whole damn bunch. Are you kidding me! Are there bad cops out there…yes, are there some corrupt departments out there…sure its possible. But publicly decry that all cops are corrupt, worthless and crooks is bullshit. I know several cops on all levels, jailers, deputies, city cops, hwy patrol, water patrol, corrections officers too. There is not one that wouldn’t give his life in the line of duty if needed. Nobody is saying that cops have the MOST dangerous job out there (so screw your statistics). There are several ways they can be injured or killed, shot, stabbed, beaten, car crash, hit by car, etc. I’ll bet you and the rest of your moronic followers would think that if someone pulls a gun on a cop and the cop shoots them the guy that is shot is the victim. You people are pathetic. Here is thought per Jim Carrey in “Liar Liar” – “Stop breaking the law asshole!”

        • Fed Up,
          You should SMARTEN UP, if you think they would have no problem giving their life up in the line of duty, you are clearly delusional. If you choose to be an apologist for the police, that is your choice, hopefully you won’t have to pay too dearly for your mental constipation.

          • Ok, then help me understand how ALL cops are bad cops. The logic and statistics here are idiotic and thats being nice. That is like saying all teachers are sexual predators, all priests are child molesters, all muslims are terrorists, all whites are are racists, all blacks are racists, all Mexicans speak Spanish, and all the best M&M’s are red. All of which the mass media has everyone believing (except maybe the M&M’s bit), because they blatantly beat it into the ground. If one cop does one questionable thing they are on it and trying to find out why he isn’t in jail yet. But 10 cops do something good…oh well you might see a mention on a byline somewhere or maybe a couple of shares on facebook. The point is, bad news (or perpetuated bad news) sells, not feel good stories. So don’t get all bent because of the mass coverage of couple of bad things. Try to see the whole picture, not everything is black or white, come on over to the gray area there is plenty of room. I swear you guys are like bunch whacked out conspiracy theorists all paranoid and thinking everyone is out get you. Whatever, maybe you should make you aluminum foil hat a little thicker, don’t want big brother reading your thoughts.

            • Thin blue line might check into it sometime. If they arn’t speaking up they’re just as bad so ya all!
              if theyr’e just following orders and not resign even if that means finding a different job then ya all.
              The fact is t’s an epidemic of police abuse not just a small bunch anymore it’s called getting their quota lying to do so using tatics that normal people wouldn’t do it’s demanding compyig when none is needed or all your doing is questioning them. SO ya all.
              your 8 times more likely to be killed by a cop than ISIS or al quida.

            • Thanks Fed Up for a sensible comment.

            • @FedUp,

              I understand ‘some’ of what you’re saying… but until you’ve been on the receiving end of a cop dispensing out his or hers own personal ‘physical’ authority or justice or whatever else you might wish to call or classify it, I wouldn’t bark too loud.
              You made the comment that ‘sd mule’ needs to see the bigger picture… “back at you my friend” – the law enforcement as a whole in this country is well on its way of following in the footsteps of what the ‘law enforcement’ (military police / civilian police) of Nazi Germany of the 1930’s exercised (executed) daily and with increased intensity.
              If I can give a bit of constructive criticism: the debate classes I took 40+ years ago taught us that the moment you started ‘attacking’ or even ‘questioning’ your opponents personal perspective or position by insulting or ‘making fun of’ by shaming or humiliating their intellect, you’re the one who’s actually lost the debate – but if you insist on doing so, may I ask that you please take some time and come up with something a bit more original – the ‘tinfoil hat’ bit being used in general by the masses at large is getting awfully old.

              • @Jerry C
                Didn’t like the “tinfoil hat” bit, ok I live with that. My whole point was that the mass media covers only bad things that cops, people or groups do. Then they beat it to death until thats all people talk about and then people get a skewed point of view on the issue because they only see one side. All I’m saying is look past the one or two issued covered by media, look past your own experiences, look past your neighborhoods. I think you will see that the “bad cop” instances are really not out there as much as you think. Another point, you HAVE to know the whole story of a situation. You can’t go by pieces or snippets of video. I’ll tell my philosophy on how I look at these situations. I know some about law enforcement, so when the Ferguson deal came up, or the NY choking thing and the Cleveland child shooting happened, the first thing I need to know is what happened what was the situation, before and after the cops showed up. Then I make a judgement call based on my knowledge and experience and say ok this cop did the right thing, or maybe I think he could’ve handled it differently or even a nope I think that cop is wrong. But a person has to have all the information to make a fair, accurate and honest decision. Now like I’ve said in other posts on here, some of the problem is people don’t understand the rules of engagement or levels of force cops are bound by, and there are many factors that go into those.
                Now, we are a far cry from being Nazi Germany. Lets talk militarization of the police force. Like I mentioned on a post early lets not forget the North Hollywood shootout. The bank robbers with assault rifles and body armor. That was the beginning of the arming of the police force. And rightfully so, in my mind. Because also at that time there was a rise those types of guns and equipment getting into the hands of gangs and drug cartels. The cops needed to level the playing field. Its either that or the govt completely bans assault rifles and nobody wants to infringe on the right to bear arms. People can’t have it both ways. I don’t know what people here think the role was of the military during Ferguson was but I can bet you they are thinking wrong.
                Lastly, if I apologize if I sounded like I was attacking any one person. That is not my intent, I (like the name implies) am fed up with articles and sites like this that perceive that cops are all bad. I hate the thought that this ideology of misinformation is put out there out of hate, discontent or whatever to incite hate and attacks on group of people over what a few have done.

            • @Fed Up
              “then help me understand how ALL cops are bad cops”. You’ve been in the military over 23 years. You’ve been to basic training. You should understand group punishment. In the drill’s eyes- if one private fucks up, you’re all fucked up. After being punished a couple times, the fuck up’s peers tend to “correct” the problem. Have you ever punished your subordinates as a group because of one dickhead? I have. It does provide results.

              The problem we have in society today is the police fuck ups are not punished. The thin blue line interlocks and rebuffs/rejects any criticism like a spartan phalanx. Though those fuck ups have done wrong, their fellow officers protect them. There is no serious corrective action taken. Bad behavior is tolerated, not punished. There is an “us VS them” attitude amongst the blue line brotherhood. The general consensus is- civilian losses are OK, but not one blue brother. Perhaps the “police” should re-evaluate why they are taking in a nice pay check while they abuse those that contribute towards said pay check.

              Back to the drill Sgt- one of you fucked up, you’re all fucked up.

              • @unknown suspect

                Dude, I know what your saying and I get it. But I find it hard to believe that if you have a shit bag officer in your ranks that your fellow cops would protect him(at least for very long). The reason being that and you know this, that if something goes down invariably its going to be the shit bag that responds. That’s just Murphy’s law of life. Then that shit bag is going to screw up, do something stupid and make all of you look bad. Now, that being said there is somethings that are just learning curves or growing pains and stuff you learn on the job. But police officers brotherhood can not be much different than the military. Yes you will protect your own to a point but realistically if he is a fuck up and has been counseled and trained and retrained and is not cutting it, then that cop needs to be let go. Because he becomes a liability to the department and the community. Who knows maybe some of the current events are some of these situations. If it is and the department doesn’t cut the officer loose then that’s on them. They are just making themselves look bad. Your troops or cops are a reflection of your leadership, if you let the problem continue, you will lose respect, from your subordinates, communities, and your leadership. Another point I want to make is that sometimes change takes time. I’m currently dealing with a situation where we are trying to get rid of a shit bag in our group. This person is in a leadership position, my leader. No one respects him, my subordinates, his leaders, nobody. He shirked his duties cared only for himself. Myself and some other leaders went to our commander and explained the issues. The took reports, counseled him and gave him another shot. He screwed that up too and he was removed from duty at his position. He is on his way out, its just the red tape like most things. My point is, if there is a problem it needs to addressed and cut them loose if they are trouble. If the departments are not doing that then shame on them. His fellow cops should be complaining to get rid of him, knowing that sometimes changes sometimes are not swift, like we would like them to be. We have been trying to get rid of ours for 6 mo.

          • SDMule, spot on comments. Here is my take on it. Craig Floyd has overdosed on the federal koolaid. He implies that the PUBLIC is responsible for the current state of affairs and that cops are NOT at fault. Cops ARE at fault to a certain degree, but the real 1000 LB. gorilla in the room, the real perpetrators, are the federal government. This all started back in the 80s with the ‘war on drugs’ and the advent of asset forfeiture laws aka police theft of people’s personal property that they worked hard for and opened the door to more corruption in LE. The vast majority of ‘police work’ no longer has any legitimate basis to it. I saw militarization of LE begin with Ruby Ridge and Waco. It accelerated after 9/11 with the ‘war on terror’ and the creation of DHS as the core of a future “American Gestapo”. DHS and the Pentagon began supplying our tax dollars and weapons of war and other military hardware to cops to turn them totally against us. The curriculum in all local, county, and state academies was changed to the FEDERAL curriculum. They now have the same “us vs. them” mentality; anti-public sentiment that federal law enforcement always had against us. Remember back in 2008 when Obama called for the creation of a “civilian national security force”? That’s the same “national police force” that has been proposed and plans are still in place for. While I can agree that rhetoric needs to be toned down and ambush-style attacks on cops should cease, there are steps that cops can and must take to defuse the overall situation. The first step they need to take is do some soul-searching and start questioning all the propaganda the feds have spoon-fed them over the years about the public. Cops, you have brains and I think a lot of you know how to think for yourselves. Start using those brains. Re-examine how you deal and interact with the public. Start using some common sense methods of defusing situations instead of pulling out a taser or gun every time. We the people whose tax dollars are THE source of your paychecks, benefits, pensions, etc. ARE NOT YOUR ENEMY DESPITE WHAT THE FEDS WOULD HAVE YOU BELIEVE. As individual officers, start having respect toward the people you’re dealing with and you’ll receive respect in return. Your thuggish behavior and anti-public attitude have helped bring about what we have today. this needs to stop before more people on both sides of ‘the thin blue line’ lose their lives. another to step to take is STOP TAKING PEOPLES’ PERSONAL PROPERTY UNDER THE ASSET FORFEITURE LAWS WHICH HAVE NO LEGITIMATE BASIS WHATSOEVER. All those laws have done is to enrich crooked police chiefs, sheriffs, average cops and sheriff deputies, state troopers, etc; they’ve only increased corruption within your chosen profession and have not reduced the amount of drugs coming into this country or even drug abuse and you damned well know it. “Cops are not supposed to be dirty. They’re supposed to stand for what’s good, decent, and right in this country.” That’s what the retired “old school” cops in my family always say. They never trusted feds, period. they won’t even let their own kids become cops or join the military these days. Still another step to take is to reject all federal grants for military hardware, etc., and stop this militarization of their chosen profession. COPS ARE NOT SOLDIERS AND NOT INTENDED TO BE SUCH. BOTH ENTITIES HAVE DIFFERENT ROLES TO PLAY. THERE’S A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE TWO. And last, but not least, put some restrictions on the use of SWAT teams. STOP USING THEM FOR ALL SCENARIOS. it’s fine to save them for hostage situations. that’s all they were designed for. Go back to using a single cop to knock on someone’s door to serve a summons. That tactic worked for decades. And when planning a raid on a suspected drug house, DO YOUR HOMEWORK FIRST. Make sure you have the correct address, the right people, have every I dotted and t crossed, etc. Stop gunning down people in their beds, etc. follow these steps and it will go a helluva long way toward reducing tensions and reducing the chances of a war between you and we the people. finally, don’t follow any orders for gun confiscation. That will give you more casualties than anything else you could do. And my message to Craig Floyd is this: change your attitudes toward the public and start treating the public with respect. Stop the corruption within your chosen profession. Stop turning cops into thugs and murderers. Start doing the right thing and you’d be surprised what kind of results you would get. I won’t support cops as long as they’re at war against us.

            • Braveheart,
              That was an OUTSTANDING post!!! VERY Impressive!!

              • BH;
                Excellent post, You have been holding out on us.


              • Hey Brave—(off topic, bro)!

                ..seems like I recall, you taking some “flak”, eons ago, per your selection/acquisition of an M-1 carbine (short-range weapon), when you 1st revealed acquiring such to all here.

                ..well to your’s a comparison to a weapon/caliber w/ a (somewhat) close proximity..per ballistic performance..per your carbine!

                ..for the most part..methinks, you’ve done OK (kudos pal)!


                Enjoy: ..scrub the space, of course.

                ht tps://


                Call it a case of ‘objective lethal potential’…in the real world.

            • @renegade braveheart
              I agree with most of your post. There are things they can do to better deescalate situations sometimes. For instance the choking case in NY. That is one case I question their tactics. There was more than one cop there and the guy was big but he wasn’t full on resisting. Its what I would call passive resistance, we was pushing the cops back some, but not running or taking swings at cops either. Surely between the 3-4 cops there they could have gotten him down. Even using OC spray or a tazer would have been about justified. Once again (I’ll say it so everyone in the cheap seats can hear), not all cops are corrupt and don’t beat the drum of the narrow scope of things the mass media focuses on. What most people don’t know is levels of force the cops have to follow and that is probably the biggest problem, is people don’t know or understand them. That is why so many cops are not indicted or fired. As long is they can justify there use of force in accordance to the situation then they will most likely be well within their right. Moving on, now as far as the militarization of the police force. Lets not forget that part of the reason that feds started giving funds to police for militarized equipment was due change in the status quo. Remember back in 1997 the North Hollywood shootout, the bank heist, with the bank robbers with body armor and automatic weapons. That was really the turning point for police forces. Those cops couldn’t make a dent on those guys and had to go get weapons from local gun stores. The assault rifles and body armor were available to most anyone, including drug cartels and gangs who started using them more too. So police had to level the playing field. I’m all about the 2nd Amendment, so if I want an assault rifle, how can I not expect the police to have one too.

              • It is not the equipment that is the problem. It is how it is used.

                The guy who went on a rampage with an armored bulldozer. Like to have seen what would have happened to a MRAP/SWAT. What is next? Police with M1A1 Tanks or Laws weapons.
                Has any Law Enforcement dealt with Flame Throwers????
                Maybe a Re-Enactment Civil War 8 pounder with canister shot/nails.

            • RG.

              Way to go!!!!!!!!!!

              Good one Braveheart.

              • Braveheart,agree excepting the cop ambush part,they kill a friend/family member without cause will take the fight to them,though will make sure the ones who killed said friend/family member,not just someone in a uniform.Any in uniform just start killing citizens/rounding up under some martial law bs,well,they are then all the enemy if still in uniform and doing their job which is then a evil occupation.

                • Warchild, I understand your points, but I’m afraid these attacks will be counterproductive and bring on martial law and all-out war between the cops and the people. I wish both sides would take a step back and chill out. I thought the goal was to AVOID a war and martial law.

                • @warchild,

                  Look at LA after Dorner, Look at Boston after bombing, Look at PA after Frein…. just sayin, it don’t take much for them to turn their guns on the citizenry

                  • Renegade&Richard,one of the last things I want is friends/family/citizens killed by folks in uniform for no reason(legit),that said,it happens I am a dead man but will take those who did it down with me to the rock in hell.As you know,have no fear of being in hell on the rock smoking a cigarette and having a beer,as I have said before I almost married Julie,not much to scare me with now!Those that look forward to a full blown breakdown really have no life worth living(find one!),just insane Rambo want to bes.

            • BTW- A Barrel of Oil Opened up at $48 this AM, So much for $100 Oil Bounce. Bwhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I see $30 Barrel in a few months. Gas now at $2.05/ gal= West Gulf Coast FL

              • $1.95 in S NJ

                • Ghost,good price but still,it’s Jersey!Sorry,couldn’t resist!

                  • LOL, yeah I know. It’s tough in commie land. But I just look at it as operating behind enemy lines. 🙂


                    • You know,if it makes you feel any better going to work in Cali. for @ least a month,talk about fruits and nuts!I will though miss the wonderful New England winter with it’s snow and cold temps!Hmmmm…….,a double edged sword.As I have said before,may be down that way to visit me aunt later if the rehab still going slow for her.Hence,as a good nephew and one who doesn’t want to go to NJ am really hoping for a quick recovery!

                    • I hear ya, let me know if you are going be in the SD area of Cali. I have family there and could probably fill you in on some decent places to eat, stay, etc.


        • First: look who made these laws and what they stand for.
          Most laws are enacted to keep you in line with the system.

          Do you believe that all the laws that are written and enforced are for the good of the people? If so, you are certainly mistaken.

          You Sir, better wake up before it’s t late. You have been lied too.

          Hard to wrap your head around but, what you think is legal is corruption at it’s peak. Legal and Lawful are two different things. Everything Hitler did was legal ( not that what he did was a bad thing, he was a Nationalist protecting his homeland from a corrupt entity destroying his county, that didn’t make it just) and the same with zio Bush(2), does that make it right? They just change the “LAW” to suit their means entrapping the innocent citizens.
          It’s called______________.

          BTW: I despise the word “CITIZEN” it’s like I’m a product. Oh, wait a sec., birth certificate .> dept. of commerce, stock exchange, oh that’s right I am a product. Traded on the open market like an stock animal and a free range slave.

          Do you get it?

          • So we should have no laws…just a lawless land where everyone does whatever the hell want. Really, there have been laws in every country in every kingdom, government, dynasty and tribe throughout history. You have got to have rules and someone has to enforce those rules. Laws change and evolve over to time in proportion to society. Your foil hat is too tight, loosen it.

            • @ FedUp,

              My friend, you need to sit back and take a break… your first six words: ‘So, we should have no laws…’ is proof positive that you’re taking everything to the EXTREME…
              Of course we should have laws… by the way, just a pointer: there’s a big difference between ‘laws’ and ‘rules’.

              • @Jerry C
                Point taken my friend, I retract my first six words, I misread what you had written.
                However as far as ‘laws’ and ‘rules’ per Merriam-Webster:
                Rule: 1a : a prescribed GUIDE FOR CONDUCT OR ACTION
                1e : a regulation or bylaw governing procedure or controlling conduct

                Law: 1a : a binding custom or practice of a community : A RULE OF CONDUCT OR ACTION prescribed or formally recognized as binding or enforced by a controlling authority (2) : the whole body of such customs, practices, or RULES.

                So not a big difference. Regardless they are to be followed and enforced. Now when they become unjustified, unconstitutional and infringing on rights, then there is a problem.

              • Jerry C, agreed. I’ll take your point further and say our laws need to meet ‘constitutional guidelines’. That would eliminate 90-95% of he laws on the books now.

            • Fedup, just a small question. “How many laws are required to manage a civilized country?
              OH!, One more question, “What is the difference between ‘lawful’ and legal?’

              • If you all really believe this jackass showed up from clicking on a facebook page link…..I got a bridge to sell ya…..GMAFB

                I may have a moose brain, but my sight is a far cry better than most here.

              • Lawful is me, legal is my reflection in the mirror.

                • Greeting’s BJ, while your answer is correct I’d like to add to it since it is not the answer that I was fishing for.
                  Lawful is a word found only in ‘common’ law, and only in the ‘common’ law does it have any power.
                  Legal Is a word that is only found in UCC or Universal Commercial Codes ie: codes, statutes, and regulations. It is also the law of contracts and agreements.
                  Legal is the means by which they enslave us and Lawful is the means by which we free ourselves.
                  Bless you.

            • We had a revolution over 230 years ago over laws from a far away kingdom. The colonists went ape shit over some taxes. If they were alive today, what do you think they would be doing now?

          • Vtfree2, spot on comments.

        • @ Fed Up
          “Stop breaking the law asshole!” could be directed primarily at the cops themselves. Some break the law as criminals with a badge; others break the morality law by enforcing unethical laws such as fines for being a little over the speed limit, and confiscating (stealing for the state) cash in a car they search. How can it be ethical for a cop to be given a quota of fines or misdemeanors to enforce?

          • @John Newbold
            Yeah I think I mentioned that not all cops are perfect. That was my whole point hence the phrase “one bad apple doesn’t spoil the whole bunch”. Come on keep up. Yes there are a few bad ones but no wait I’m not explaining myself again. Read my post again, maybe you will catch on.

          • John Newbold, spot on comments.

          • god damned strait they want my respect then if I ask a question then don’t thrwo me or anyone up against the car then. If I question your/their authority don’t assume I’m resisting and do the same throw me up against the car. How about some states don’t require you to ID when walking don’t force us to, by again throwing s against the car! Stop lying and making shit up wenwe don’t want to cooperate or admit guilt for something we didn’t do so ya spot on grats.
            They want mine No sir or yes sir wont cut it no more it’s yes sir or no sir but treat us as human too and not demand it.

          • When everything is illegal (color of law only) then how do you not break laws…..everyone is a criminal.

        • Fed Up,
          Well said! I found this site several years ago and visit it almost daily for the different perspectives it offers from various authors. I don’t know Mr. Denninger’s background but he certainly draws a lot of conclusions from his obviously strongly slanted viewpoint. It’s difficult for me not to believe this author to be some form of an anarchist. I grew up both farming and logging for a living into my early 20’s. While working these “more dangerous” professions I not once felt as concerned for my safety as I do on almost a daily basis going to work now – I am currently a cop and have been for over 20 years.

          • But back in the 1950-60’s cops never had such fears as todays cops do. Thats a direct cause due to Todays cops do far worse in far greater numbers than back then did.

            I am 62 yrs old in a couple weeks. I Never recall hearing of even one single time any cops back as a kid or teen, robbing and outright theft of 100% innocent persons cash like we see going on DAILY now.

            There are huge numbers of verified incidents of, cops do traffic stop, locate drivers cash, sometimes huge cash amounts and simply Take the cash with a piss poor excuse of “this much cash in one persons possession MUST be dope drug related so I will confiscate it ALL here and Now sucker”…Then cop proceeds to steal it all.

            Just one example I recall from a couple years back reading of was an 100% Innocent black man and his wife retired. They bought a nice costly used Motorhome. Sold the house etc and headed off to acomplish the mans lifelong dream of becomeing the sole owner of his very own car-service station or garage like we had in the old days with hands on work done by the main owner mechanic.

            Cops traffic stopped him, located a suitcase with $150 Grand cash, his proven Life savings that he had full reciept from bank withdrawl of etc…

            Cops imeadiatly told the man “This HAS to be drug related! it is eaither dope profits of recent drug sales OR You are going to soon Buy drugs! So We are TKAEING IT ALL and the Motorhome also as it is being used in a dope crime as a vehicle to get drugs with!”

            It took that man almost THREE full years later, countless troubles and hassles, and ended up costing him 1/2 the worth of stolen by COP cash, plus lawyer fees and court costs etc he ended up Even and Broke while the orig Cops dept and FED cops dept split the aprox HALF of the cop stolen Cash.

            That was one small example of countless times this occures. It is not simply wrong and bogus cop actions…it is GRAND Theft of an “Innocent untill Cops/Courts proves his Guilt without any Doubt” persons hard earned life savings Cash…PS His already paid a deposit on perfect location servise station to fullfill his lifes dreams he LOST that and his down payment cash of sizeable amount also, thanks to usa cops of today.

            We wont need rehash what usa cops did at WACO or RUBY Ridge eh!…”Just obeying Janet Dykeo Renos Orders” to “save the childrens” inside waco compound, by INCINERATING and machine Gunning Every kid and adult even those trying to OBEY fed cops and exit via back door!

            View the Yutube FLIR radar from fed cops helocopter to see the rifle full auto fire flashes mowing down those innocent folks and kiddies at waco after told to come out and get “saved by cops”!!

            NEWS FLASH Cops: You may be a good cop..But as long as You Hang out with all the bad cops and remain silent and IN cahoots don’t wonder why, if someday regular citizens gets so fed up its game on. Remember in uniform you all look the same to us folks…Kinda like negroe animals do.

            Just obeying some others orders wont fly then I rekon. Hope I am totally wrong. Hope all goes swell. but aint holding breath neither after last few decades of cop actions across the entire nation.

            The day the Saxon,s got pissed….or Goyims as some prefer to call us all eh. Wont want to be No cop that day!

            Disclaimer: this is just a prediction of potential effects of too Many Bad cops and too many Cowardly “good” cops too fearfull to speak out or Boot Out their Own Bad cops asap! I am NOT advocating any such things. Just being an observant individual usa citizen is all.

            Doing My part to worry for and pre warn cops who may be too busy to notice recent attitudes of general public is all.

          • So go back to farming and logging. No piano chained to your leg. Beats being an armed tax collector/crime historian.

        • one bad apple lol laugh try it’s a ficking epedemic dumbass!

        • Truth hurts huh? Figure thats why your calling the writer a POS becuse he’s showing some truth that no one else has even bothered to show.

        • I do believe there are good cops out there but , WHY aren’t they arresting the bad cops? If you know something is wrong and you stand by and do NOTHING then you are part of the problem and thats why they get lumped in with the bad ones. They treat citizens the same way if you knew and didn’t say you are complicit and can be charged!

      12. Wow. What a great post.

        My hat’s off to Karl Denninger.

        Seems like every day LEOs are losing more and more respect across the country due to their actions as a whole.

        Some people are down right pissed off at LEOs and I don’t blame them.

      13. Respect is earned and kept by being trustworthy/honest/willing to stand up to what is wrong ect.Too many cops will not do this thus not earning respect,for those that do but still use the blue wall of silence,still,despite your otherwise good traits you still will not be respected.

      14. There are very few peace officers left. Most are now law enforcement officers (LEOs).

        I wonder what percentage of LEOs can answer yes to any of the following questions:
        1) Have you ever given yourself a traffic ticket?
        2) Have you ever given a co-worker a traffic ticket?
        3) Have you ever given a close family member or friend a traffic ticket?

        If the answer is no to all three of those questions then either the LEO, his co-workers, and all his close family members, and friends are perfect drivers or …

      15. Really, this is what people think….. when any of you wear any type of uniforn then express your thoughts. Anyone who has worn a uniform knows not everyone is good and honest and those that are not need to be corrected, quickly no matter who they think they are. When you attack those who protect the ones who can’t you have – not America! Don’t like it go somewhere else. Europe, South America, Africa ah GFYS. Don’t like it – VOTE and get your friends to vote-if you find any.

        • You still buying into the bull shit! Voting ONLY encourages them! And telling people to leave Amerika if they don’t like it is the voice of a troll speaking.

          • @Steve Gregg
            “…is the voice of a troll speaking” said the troll

            • Fed Up with what? I use my real name because I have the courage of my convictions, Mr. Troll.

        • @Up Yours;
          See you are really missing the point of your own post. Because this is America we are able to freely express our thoughts on any number of subjects. We can bash the .gov, the police, or even the military if one so chooses. Don’t get me wrong, we need to the police (actually we need Peace Officers).


          Putting on a uniform does not make a person any different. In my life I treat everyone (cops included) the exact same way. Give me respect and I will return respect. Kindness for kindness. Buy try and take something from me and I will stop you.


      16. Everywhere I go old people are dressed in porous cotton wool and fleece talking about how “cold” it is outside.


        This is one of the most preventable issues. Get a hardshell jacket and pants.

        • Acid;
          I never thought I’d say it. You sound like the voice of reason this evening!

      17. Sorry I can’t support the police they suck they always show up after the fact they are a waste of money. And I can’t support anything the gov does they fail to represent my interests. I don’t care what anyone says the cops only job is to ruin peoples lives and bust balls. Assholes they have never done any thing for me or my family because I don’t call them. I don’t want them in my house or my life. No thanks I seen to many peoples lives ruined. If you are a cop you should find a new line of work especially if you are a good person. In the end you will follow orders if your a cop. I don’t care if people attack the cops that’s there problem they are armed and they get paid to deal with it. They live in the nicest houses around here you always see the cruiser in their driveway. These people who stick up for the corrupt police must have a family member on the force or something .anytime I have dealt with law in the past they were always trying to find something to take me to jail for . I’ve never met a good cop before in my life. I don’t think they exist around here. The fraternal order of police tries to call and get you to donate money to their fraternity no thanks the $ goes to send their kids to college. Who gonna pay my kids college fuck all of them nazis . I don’t need them to protect me and there is no way they can because when I would need them they will be minutes away. Sorry police you are on your own if people want to hurt you I can’t say you don’t deserve it

        • @Ass hat
          Your name fits you perfectly. Your comment “..they always show up after the fact..”, well duh. The cops can only respond we someone calls, very rarely are they going to be lucky enough to roll up on a crime in progress. Your comment “I can’t support anything the gov does they fail to represent my interests”, what exactly is that supposed to even mean? Then “…Assholes they have never done any thing for me or my family because I don’t call them” well damn do you expect them to bring you presents at Christmas? If someone steals your stuff and you don’t call the police to report it, they won’t do anything for you. Now for this “They live in the nicest houses around here you always see the cruiser in their driveway”, I know for a fact where I live, that the starting salary of a city cop is around $32,000 yr and some of the them actually live in the low income project housing. You talk all this crap until someone jacks you and then I bet you are crying to the cops wanting help. You are one of these blind followers of this crap who doesn’t even know what they are following.

          • No,but may yell at the cops who enforce anti 2nd rules that allowed me to become a victim!I actually have a pretty good sense of where to go and not to,and,other means to defend myself in states/cities that have tried to disarm me and leave me hoping a cop is right there when I need one(highly unlikely),they just take a after report assuming I survived,otherwise,fill out a death report.

          • I have many friends that are police officers. And I have never heard of a cop living in project housing.

            A city cop if Philly starts at $49k plus full benefits, pension, etc. So that’s +/- $25 per hour plus basically all the overtime you want at 1.5x. A rookie cop (and yes I know one) can easily make $85k without even trying.

            I’m just using that as an example but all city police forces are essentially the same as far as overtime pay.


            • Well, where I’m talking is not metro areas either. Areas in the midwest. I had heard they wanted some of their single cops living the these apartment complexes or the low income housing (when space was available) to have the presence in those areas. One of my in-laws lives in the low income housing and when they first moved in there was a cop that lived across from them. He was like yeah he’s pretty cool. Now the cop doesn’t live out there anymore because when the recession hit we had a huge increase in low income housing needs so he moved out of the area. But from what I understand they had him living out there to help with public perception and help get them out in the community where the problems were. Crime is almost always higher in low income housing.

      18. The system is broken.

        It is not justice… it is Just Us.

        All cops are communists, ie, those that enforce policies that empower the State over the individual rights of an American Aggression, intimidation, and enforcement based on presumed jurisdiction, to fill the State coffers and control the populace.

        A Freeman cannot be controlled, so…. make everyone a criminal.

        Another person can only have authority over you if you allow it. Your level of freedom is always your choice.

        No injury, no crime.

        Happy New Year my Pride of Preppers (grrrrr!).

        ….be safe….stay the course……BA.

        • BadAmerican…. Please change your comment name to “FreeAmerican”. If we only had more American as bad as you specific to your vision we could have the real America back.

          Amen Sir.

      19. The loss of just ONE human being is an incalculable tragedy, no matter who it is.

        Everyone is of equal infinite importance, no matter what your status, your occupation, or if you are homeless.

        Careful, everyone: if this growing “anti-cop” movement grows and grows and grows, then the powers that be will just unleash the 850,000+ Russian soldiers already on our soil to replace them or augment them.

        They WANT this civil war because they want martial law by any way or means possible.

        They do not care one bit about ANYONE’s precious life.

        Not yours.

        Not mine.

        Not any police officer’s.

        Not any homeless person’s.

        No one’s.


        Recognize the manipulation for what it is.

        Don’t feed the evil.

        Instead, feed each other with simple human kindness, courtesy, and respect. It will piss off evildoers so much.

        – the Lone Ranger

        • Spot on my good man!

        • Where are all these Russian soldiers hiding? I’ve never seen one. I believe a Russian would stand out in the crowd here in eastern NC. Unless they’re disguised as Mexicans perhaps.

          • ARCH – The Ruskys are hidin behind pine trees in colorado , probably smokin weed .
            Disguised as mexicans ? now thats just silly….

          • They are here, but their numbers are unknown.
            Joint “training” has been ongoing for quite awhile now.

          • Where are they hiding?

            At Steve Quayle’s website, every other month people write in to him to report Russian-speaking groups of young men they encountered on the road, or at a box store, or at a country diner somewhere, and no, they aren’t in the cities or suburbs, but in the woodsy areas around the country.

            They’re here.

            Just because they don’t rub elbows with you at breakfast on Saturday morning, doesn’t mean they’re a figment of imagination.

            They will be used either to augment or replace police when Martial Law is declared. That will be after the “Bank Holiday”, after the Stock Markets collapse or at least takes a very wicked plunge

            Why else did George Soros get totally out of the Stock Market & buy gold?

            Why else would J.P. Morgan be buying American Silver Eagles now?

            – the Lone Ranger

            • You mean that Steve Quayle that talks about zombies and Planet X? The one that is selling a book about “the true nature of elves, imps, fairies, other supernatural creatures and the dangers they pose to each human being on our planet”?

              The black background with the bright glowing colors on his website remind me of a 1970s head shop (The Shrunken Head in Chapel Hill). I can almost smell the weed.

              I have been all over NC and have yet to hear a single Russian. My wife has heard one, but he was at a boys’ camp and has been back in Russia for a number of years. I have seen a lot of Mexicans though. But they’re all very short, so they’re probably not Russians in disguise. I guess there’s no Russians in my part of the country, else the hunters would have bagged some by now.

              I don’t think J.P. Morgan is buying silver because Steve Quayle claims the Russians are here.

      20. What the hell is so hard about this problem with the police?

        NO MORE POLICE! Bring back the Old West if you think it is so bad. Everyone arms up to the hilt. Put up Trespasser’s will be Shot.

        Like having the reset. Just a little earlier.

      21. Keep it up, soon it will be an unlimited Federal Police Force. Be careful what you wish for.

        • @mechanic

          I’m confused, are you trying to say people should just get used too it because if we try to do anything about it they will just replace it with worse. It seems like a lot of people are kinda saying… “Oh the police are good people we need them,, but just don’t disagree with them or you’ll piss em off then they’ll put the boot down on us all”…. Well isn’t that kind of why a lot of people are upset with them.


          • No, keep policing at local level there is some accountability. Move to a federal level and there will be no oversight. TSA is a good example. When was the last time you saw a federal agent charged with anything. “To professionalize you must federalize” is how we got TSA

      22. I was a law enforcement officer for 22 yrs and retired in 1997. I worked as a Highway Patrolman for 11 years and as an officer/paramedic on one of our helicopters for the other 11 years. I lived in a small city and saw things I didn’t like with City, County and State Law Officers but the instances were rare. I think nowadays society in general has lost their morals and covictions on a large scale. This includes everyone…police and public and God knows, the judges. I can’t expound on big city law enforcement because I was never associated with police unions and day to day duties. There were a few posts here that suggested that all the citizens need to reset their behavior…cops and the public. One thing taught to every law enforcement agency during my time was that a Police Force is only as good as the public’s perception of that agency. Police have lost that valuable idea as the time has gone on. My hope is that the Police gain back the respect of the public without taking away the dignity of the people they deal with and that the public take responsibility for their actions and give the Police the respect they deserve. We don’t want a “Police State” backed by the U.S. Military and that is where this nation is headed right now. Good day and God Bless the U.S.A.

        • Skycop,big difference in that as a paramedic/cop you were actually helping people.The police are viewed to a large part as thieves in enforcing bad laws and most important not speaking out when seeing other cops acting badly(wheres Serpico when you nee him?).Get rid of most of the bullshit laws/allow folks to defend themselves without trying to jail em and those two things will drop crime rate quickly.Then,create a business environment where folks are not punished for creating a business and offering jobs with duplicity/insanity in work rules/laws and the punishment of high taxes(theft).

        • Skycop7

          A police state backed by the military. That is where we are headed.

          Why are there Bad Cops? Does the department go out and actively seek them out. Are there bad doctors and lawyers and politicians. Is it because that is where our society’s metal state become. Is it stress due to seeing bad things or having bad incidents with the public over the years. How about the Officer is going with the flow in department procedures.
          Aside from the officers here at SHTF there would be few of the rest that would take on that type of job even if it was for all the right reasons. Our society has become more violent and with the mixture of drugs more unpredictable. That can make the police force unpredictable.
          Two policemen in their squad car were fired upon yesterday. Thugs still at large. Third incident in the city.
          So in the past police carried a .38 cal. or .357 for a service gun. Now it is a .40 cal. ( How many Rounds?)
          AR-15/CAR-4, body armor, mace and stun gun.
          So what the Fuck Happened??????????

          • W.C.D. and you Slingshot are spot on. The decay in the fabric of our society has been the result of multiple factors. We can’t trust the so called “authorities” any more. The bankers got off scott free with not a single one being prosececuted during this last economy collapse, the politicians pass laws that affect everyone besides themselves (Obamacare, their lifetime pension, etc.). The immigrants come into our country and are immediately given tax payers money for benefits they have not earned. I could go on and on but the result of this is the public is severely angered and feel betrayed. They take out their frustration on any symbol of authority and the police take out their frustration on the citizens. The difference is that the police have the equipment (as you earlier mentioned), the training, the focused numbers in a given situation and backup up to and including the National Guard. I am really concerned that this situation is going to get much worse and come down to point where every LEO and God forbid the military, are going to have to choose to side with the public or blindly follow their C.O.’s orders. This entire situation is going to have to de-escalate quickly and it’s going to take strong leadership to make that happen…on both sides. If not the the Shit really is going to Hit The Fan.

            • Sky,I along with you hope reason and logical thinking become common in our country,otherwise civil war/breakdown ect. will be very ugly for all.On a side note,though not a cop/paramedic ect. as a citizen of this country will do what I can to help others as have no wife/kids to care for,this includes just sharing a meal/trying to aid injured folks/and if absolutely necc. fighting even if it a lost cause I see murder/rape ect. being committed before me,whoever the perpetrators are.

          • @slingshot
            There are many reasons why there may be “bad cops”, there certainly are bad doctors, lawyers and most definately bad politicians. Departments don’t go looking for bad cops, its just something a person becomes I think. Whether its the overly aggressive anxious rookie, the guy who has been wronged in his eyes by the department, complacency or just doesn’t feel like they are making a difference anymore. My best guess is this, guys who have been at it awhile and see thugs get away with stuff and it gets to them and makes them hate the system. When you bust a child rapist for raping a 3 yr girl and he walks for some stupid technicality, it gets to you. Then like you said departmental procedures may throw in hinderances as well.
            I agree our society has become more violent over the last several decades. More drugs, more weapons but those are what escalates the police force. You know renegade comments below about how his family of retired cops served with Honesty and Integrity. I think that is the key point to all of this. We as a society are not at all what it was 50 yr ago. There was a time when your word a handshake was all that was needed. Your word was your bond, because your good name meant something. Nowadays how many people do you know truly displays HONESTY AND INTEGRITY. Not a lot of people, and I’m not talking just cops, I’m talking all people. We as a society do not have any honesty or integrity left. I saw a video the other day of a big fight in a mall with a bunch of teenagers, probably 10. Just in a big group fight, which is sad. But do you know what is worse, the approx 20-30 people following them and just video taping them on their cell phones. Not one person trying to stop, THAT is what is wrong with society. We have lost all human compassion for one another. Someone is in trouble and people would rather video tape their demise than help their fellow man.


          • Thank you for your kind words. It is obvious by reading these posts, that things have changed since I was a LEO. it appears that it it is going to be a lot rougher out there and I wish you all the best.

            • Sky,though it sounds you are retired if you can please teach those you know basic first aid ect. with your paramedic skills.Tis not like the old days when little towns would pay for folks to learn emt/paramedic skills in hopes locals would volunteer these skills to their community.A shame as I saw that as a great thing and would participate in such things if offered in my community.

        • “… and give the Police the respect they deserve.” Respect is something you EARN. You don’t get it from the barrel of a gun or from the barbs of a taser.

      23. It’s about chaos. It’s the plan. Who’s the bosses of the bosses of the cop shop. De Blasio?.If we had better judges the cops wouldn’t get away with letting cops off. I don’t like when they bring veterans down. Or anyone unjustly for that matter. But then t’s about turning every one against every one else.

      24. Why is it so hard to recognize that the occuturds are alive & well, in Fergusen, NYC & other places. Don’t let their BS confuse you. Ask yourself how many unfair encounters you have personally had with Police Officers over your own life. Then ask yourself if you’d rather give the benefit of the doubt to a bunch of Marxists and their parasitic friends than the Police Officer who lives down the block.

        • I don’t agree that peaceful protesting has not, can not or is not getting anything done. I think the biggest problem is that the right people do not get involved and generally are not organized well and do not have a plan or demands that get tangible results.
          Peaceful protesting has to be a full court press. Make your voice heard, be loud all day every day but be respectful, know your boundaries. I think what hurts a lot of them is they are push their boundaries or are not knowledgeable and respectful. If people protest just because they are pissed off and just want violence they are not going to accomplish much. I agree that at some point, in the future, IF the gov’t was to try and really start being tyrannical then yes I could see things escalating. Personally, I don’t think we are anywhere near that. Because, a lot of what some of these people are protesting for has no merit. I know you kept saying your not inciting violence, but there are morons out there who will take what you say about “taking it to the next level” literally and use it to fuel their own misguided endeavors. I get what you are trying to say and agree with some it at least up until you sounded like a conspiracy theorist and saying the govt is storing and preparing for basically nationwide martial law.

      25. “Anyone who fights with monsters should take care that he does not in the process become a monster.
        And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes back into you.”
        – Freddie Nietzsche

        best of luck, everyone…

      26. Whats going on in New York City with regards to the police is the epitome of a rogue police force. The police report directly to the Mayor of New York City, regardless of whether they like his political leanings or not. The mayor is duly elected official by the people of New York City.

        The fact that they are selectively enforcing laws should be construed as a direct violation of the New York charter and state constitutions. If police members are acting on direction of union leaders and police department heads, the people that hold those positions should be held CRIMINALLY LIABLE.

        Let’s just hope the actions of NYPD don’t come to a town near you. These guys are militarized and they have gone rogue. Period.

        • What is happening in nyc just proves most laws they are willing to enforce are bullshit,time to end those laws and cut back on police force.

          • bottom line, and the cops know this, is these laws are HUGH money generators. These cities are barely getting by even with using these bs laws to their advantage, there is no chance of them giving up on this money now.


      27. I hate how many here and else where will read this and say the same old tired crap. “Oh it’s only a few bad apples” OMFG people it’s more than a few bad apples already it’s an epidemic that these cops will kill you for the most Benign reasons just ask Garner.
        Of who BTW if you seen the video cop admits he didn’t see him sell anything that day so hows he gonna layhands on him?
        To those that love to say don’t resist and don’t die “Fuck off already you commie facsist Peace of shit fuck turd” Stop trying to arrest people for nothing then we wont resist you ass holes. Its like saying go quietly to the death cell like the Nazis did in German in the 30’s. No maybe not the best example but still telling people to not resist when theyre’ not doing anything wrong is just asking people to not be human and do what would come naturally when having ones hands layed on you for no fucking reason. So fuck that stop telling people to not resist and dont’ die crap. that’s absolute power then!

      28. Karl Denninger
        Good story about time someone posted this kindof truth that’s out there. People here for some reason get their panties in a wad because someone shows cops in a bad light well fuck em. THey need the truth some time. if they can take theie ass kissing lips away from the cops long enough to see that is.
        Cops to me = Nazis, Red coats, the ROman legions that helped beat and kill Jesus so ya. Oppps ROmans 13 says Gov doen’t kill people for nothing bullshit reaf Samuel where it states that in asking a king/Gov israel was commiting Idolotry. Romans 13 onlyholds true as iin prophecy not that God really likes/d Rome or any other beast that came. Revelations Daniel 2 vs44 Comon damnit realise true trut not whats conveniout.
        So ya good post good story

      29. Finally, a web article to call cops on the B.S. they really pull, i.e.; support the Corp. self-legitimized extortion ring that employs them, at the expense of common law (read Constitution) they swore themselves to uphold. If any other person, or group who are NOT affiliated to the government roamed around demanding tribute over victimless actions (Like traffic tickets), or shooting other people over the flimsiest reasons, or choking out poverty-ridden fatties whose “crime” was merely selling untaxed “Loosies” would not be tolerated by the public at large, so why are cops special?

        Cops are another facet of the thin veneer we’re sold as a package deal called “society”. We are force-fed from our youth that society gives us civility, charity, and protection, and in reality provides none of those things in the event any of a number of ailments should undermine the logistics and support needed to perpetuate the lie. (Hurricane Katrina ring a bell?)

        No, I for one feel no need for “Jonny Lawman” to tell me his opinion of my speed traversing a road is too fast, or the grass in my yard is too high. Hey cops – go solve the rapes and murders you ignore while fucking with people you extort 200-400 dollars at a time, you know, the REAL CRIMES with REAL VICTIMS?! Better yet, arrest the ass clowns feeding you the “Codes” you wrongfully enforce under Color Of Law….Then you get my respect, til’ then piss off!

      30. I’m more afraid of the cops than criminals does that tell you something.

      31. This website just jumped the shark!

      32. Lost,agree as with cops not enforcing most of the bullshit laws nyc seems to be fine,still civil(as it ever was!).Fire a majority of cops and keep it that way concentrating on true crimes against others and allow the citizens of nyc to defend themselves,will become a thicker veil of civility.

        • An armed society is a polite society.

          • Very polite …

        • BINGO!

      33. I agree 100 percent with the sentiments expressed by this article.

        Let’s reflect for a moment. For the last two decades at least, it has become painfully evident to all but the most heavily brain damaged dope smokers or cocaine brain damaged morons among us that the Middle Eastern alien enemies who have hijacked the second White European nation within a span of a mere 100 years (First one was Russia in 1917) are working overtime to recreate and resurrect their former beloved USSR and the corresponding Communist totalitarian Police State here in North America. Part of this diabolically evil effort has included (a) Sending our top law enforcement pigs off to Israel to get their ‘jackbooted thug training’ by the Israeli MOSSAD and Israeli IDF and (b) Turning over massive amounts of US Military combat oriented weapons, battlefield equipment and technology to local law enforcement agencies and then hiring the jewish ADL to conduct training of these law enforcement thugs to view the general public in the same manner as combat soldiers view foreign enemies on a battlefield. Or, perhaps more accurately – to view and treat the general public in the same way the Israeli IDF views and treats the Palestinians.

        So, on the kwap side of this equation – most sane individuals can clearly see that these jackbooted thugs consider themselves to be at war with the general public and with the people who pay their lousy salaries with their tax dollars. We are the ‘Enemy’, at least according to the twisted notions that are bouncing around inside the heads of these psychopaths with badges. And, since we are ‘the enemy’ – kwaps expect to get a free pass to viciously and savagely assault us based on any pretext that they happen to dream up on the spot, and if they happen to be in ab extra bad mood on any given day, they expect to be able to shoot us down like rabid dogs and then earn for themselves a pay raise or a commendation medal or both.

        So, here is where the hypocrisy enters the equation. Kwaps claim they are at ‘war’ with the people who pay their salaries and they arm themselves and conduct themselves in a war-like fashion and tell anyone who dares to criticize their jackbooted thug behavior to go to hell – and then, like little school girls, whine that ‘kwaps have a right to go home alive each night’.

        In other words, they have a right to go home alive each night but we do not. At least not if we happen to cross their paths and they find some pretext to beat the shit out of us or fill us full of bullets, and then use the old lame excuse ‘I thought I saw him reaching for a gun’, whereupon they will retrieve that ‘hot’ pistol that nearly all kwaps keep hidden in the trunk of their squad cars and which they can then conveniently place our dead hand around, to make sure our fingerprints on on the pistol that will preserve their kwap careers and pension.

        To demonstrate just how deeply engrained the gall is inside these thugs, I saw an article today that something like 300,000 top law enforcement sissies are screaming in favor of Federal ‘Hate Crime’ Laws and squirting buckets of wimpy tears and crying that they want “cops” to be added to the ‘protected victims category’.

        So, in other words, if someone kills a cop, then instead of getting the death penalty and being fried by 100,000 amps, they want to fry the perp using 125,000 amps, just to show him how extra ornery he was for killing a cop instead of just a lowly, far less important, regular citizen.

        Here is my message to pussifed cops: It was you who declared war on the citizens of this nation and not the other way around. It was you who chose to arm yourself in a military fashion and to let the jewish ADL brainwash you into adopting the same diabolically evil tactics as the Israeli IDF. It was you who let the SPLC program your stupid and mostly White jackbooted thug asses into believing that the ‘enemy’ was anyone who the SPLC Hate Group hates and wants to use you to attack and destroy for them. You know, like those Americans who believe in a strict interpretation and adherence to the U.S. Constitution and who are big fans of the Bill of Rights and who are extra fond of the First and Second Amendments. Americans who want our borders sealed and who want this jewish engineered third world invasion and colonization of America brought to a screeching halt before it winds up destroying what remains of the old America by turning us into a flop house for every third world parasite and loser in the world.

        Oh, and one last point. If law enforcement in America wants to continue to define their role as a combat role and if they want to continue to believe that they are at ‘war with the public’, then perhaps they might want to remember that in war time, there will always be casualties on BOTH sides of the battlefield.

        So, either stop your pissing and moaning or go find yourself another line of work that is less risky to your health.

        • Tucker:

          Finally a post that lays the blame at the right doorstep.

          We seem to want the “good” cops to ferret out the “bad” cops while we sit back and allow the biggest criminal gang in our nations history to represent us in the District of Criminals.

          We seem to not be able to wrestle our Republic back from those criminals yet we expect “good” cops to be able to clean out the corruption in their organization.

          It wont be long before there wont be ANY good cops left in our system, how many years does it take a good guy to realize the “legal system” is rigged by lawyers and lawyers who become judges? (Who then become our representatives in DC).

          The whole anti-American, destroy America system has had 200 years to be put in place; it is at our doorstep now. Why would we not be aware that the destruction of our police (good cop) would not be part of the plan.

          United Nations “peace keeping” troops are next on their agenda. Get ready for that. It is coming.

      34. Benny Wallace This guy is a true idiot! Yes there are occupations more dangerous than being a cop…but: How often does someone take a gun and shoot the trash collector, or the roofer or plumber, just for doing heir job? Cops are tasked with enforcing laws passed by representatives of the public they serve and they are trained and equipped to do it. Some do go overboard, as is the case with ANY PROFESSION! They have to prevent, interrupt, or deal with people who are having a good time with their aberrant behavior,and when this happens they get pissed, often times fight or otherwise resist often with deadly force…….Can you imagine trying to get a plumber to fix your shitter if he knew you were going to pop a cap if he was successful? So Karl, pen your f’n eyes, forget about the cop that gave you a ticket or interrupted your noon time tryst with a “friend” or who arrested someone you liked for doing something wrong….get a life or better yet get out of this one, take your stats and stuff them in your ass! All the deaths you listed in other occupations? Generally a result of some failure of an aspect of the job, rarely if ever the result of a pissed off customer lying in wait, having a bad hair day or just not liking having something interrupted so he shoots! Again, you are an asshole and an idiot!

        • Fine let all the plumbers/roofers carry without govt. intervention and anti 2nd laws and regulations,would see a much safer long term society immediately.

      35. Like I tell every cop that says he puts his/her life on the line every day ” If you feel that way then become a postman /women . I am tired of hearing that. That is the profession you chose so live with it or choose another profession.

      36. When you’re too fucking STUPID to do ANYTHING else, become a COP! It’s all about power. A badge, a gun, and a license to abuse/kill with complete autonomy! All COPs suck! And no, I’ve never had a run-in with them. I have, however, stood my ground at traffic stops and while being hassled for no reason. I’m 62 years old, and I’ve seen it getting worse and worse my whole life. Guess what? Nothing has changed.

        • Patience grasshopper …

          It’s going to get very interesting – soon …

      37. I didn’t bother reading the article once I got to the part where the author said cops don’t have a very dangerous job.

        Are cops jerks? Yes, and no. It depends on the day, the circumstance, and your attitude. Go along to get along. I’d like to see any one of you who don’t like cops try to do their job for just a week, and then you’ll see exactly how “not dangerous” it is, and just how much crap they have to put up with from people exactly like you, who do all you can to make their lives more difficult.

        As someone with numerous members of my family in law enforcement, I can tell you… our holiday mealtime conversations were VERY interesting, as they featured a whole host of stories of the “not dangerous” daily job stories of my family members. Oh, that’s when they weren’t called out in the middle of our nice family meal to go examine the dead bodies and crime scenes and horrific accidents.

        You should try eating your meal when someone is telling you a story about the snowplow that didn’t see the little boy… which HIT the little boy, ripped half of his face off and yet the officer had to TRY to do mouth to mouth on him anyway, despite the part where the little boy NO LONGER HAD A MOUTH AND NOSE, and the officer was out in the street, in the snow, and could have been hit by a car himself, while everyone else was inside, toasty warm and safe, eating their holiday meals with loved ones.

        Then there was the Christmas my own father was working. He was the first on the scene of a fire. He HAD to go in to help the people who were trapped (because in addition to bad GUYS, they are often first to get to bad SITUATIONS, too) and then later in that same situation, he found the three dead CHILDREN in the house. And that was all in the minutes before the fire department was even able to get there. What was worse? He KNEW their parents. To this day, we can’t have prime rib (the meal we had that night), because when that meal is cooking, all he smells is that destroyed, dangerous-to-be-in house, and remembers those crispy dead children.

        If you have such a grudge against law enforcement, by all means, please wear a tee shirt or a button or something that says you hate cops. And then, DON’T call 9-1-1! (If you need firefighters, call their specific number. If you need an ambulance, call THEIR specific number. I’ve got them all memorized and I don’t even plan to call them, so why don’t you?)

        I’ll be delighted that those *I* love don’t have to save your sorry butt.

        • Standing ovation deserved! Yeah, see that is the other side of the coin need to hear. Thank you and your family.

          • @Jenn;
            I’m sure you have great family members who are LEOs, I don’t hate police at all. I hate the direction law enforcement has taken. Like Warchild below said, I’d be happy with 80% of laws taken off the books.

            Your family members made a active choice to do what they do. Good/bad/or indifferent they made that choice knowing full well what they were getting into. Some people make good cops others no so much.

            My gripe are the cops who knowingly cover shit up for some bad cop, maybe look the other way, or suspect something and don’t say anything. These cops are just a guilty in my opinion.

            We need a fundamental change in the way things are handled. I don’t know how that can happen, but society can’t keep on this same path.


        • I would gladly live with just firefighters/paramedics ect.I would love to see at least 80% of laws abolished thus ending the need for cops for most partand love to see a society where folks can defend themselves and others without govt. prosecution/blowback.Plenty of folks go into burning homes to save others when first there,which is a great thing,whether a cop or not.We could further have a happy/productive society when we have true economic freedom.

        • Here’s a thought, when cops stop pulling over those EVIL speeders, and focus on violent suspect collection, they would kill two issues with one solution.

          Dis-band traffic enforcement for one year, form 6 man squads to ONLY perform suspect collection on violent crime cases, then prosecute and incarcerate those who are found guilty – then they would be off the street and pose no threat to cops OR people…

          oh yeah, that won’t happen, dui’s, traffic tickets, pot heads to fine and make pay restitution, and code enforcement are far too lucrative a cash cow to be ignored

      38. I quit asking for permission

        ya’ll should try it sometime ..its a blast

      39. Cops are felons. The ones not engaged in criminal activity cover up the acts of the ones that do. The best o them are cowards. The worst are bullies, child molesters, murderers, rapist’s. They steal, lie, make kiddie porn , Murder and all under color of the law. THEY ARE SCUM. The people who support them are scum. The “supporters” (AKA Badge Whores) are government shills assisting in the propaganda war to suppress the American people’s outrage at the black uniformed NAZI badge scum. NONE of this is about Race , Fergason Mo. Or anything but the NAZI like actions of what has become the governments “street gang” of violent terrorist jackbooted Nazi thugs. COPS: You want respect? Want ordinary people to support you? Then stop acting like Hitler’s SS Blitzkrieging your way across Russia. Stop acting like the STAZI, the NKVD or the KGB. Stop raping children. Stop stealing, and stop covering up for the vast majority of cops that do. Because if you DON’T, this will only get worse and the people you abuse outnumber you about 100 million to 1.Right now the only difference between the cops and the MAFIA is that when cops do it, it’s legal.

      40. ht tp://

        this is me , and not many people except for close relations even know it …

        every person in my world is watched by me and treated exactly the same way unless they give me a reason not to ..even and especially cops

      41. A interesting article on falling prices of goods and who it really affects in positive and negative ways:ht tp:// ,as always,a space in http to avoid the moderation wait game.I have and others have said before,with used/trusted handles can we just post live links please,gets good info. out to people a bit quicker,enjoy the day all.

      42. Cops,every last one of these sons of bitches are slime,the scum of the earth !

      43. Amen…!

      44. Where does the “Blue Line” stand?

        As the days progress I believe the friction between the people and police will escalate. More laws that infringe upon our freedom. I do see more search and seizure with detainment with no Miranda Rights.
        Good Police will have to make a decision to stay or leave the department. Either to protect their families or due to the corruption within the department. I imagine it would be hard to leave trusted friends behind and in peril. Will they close ranks.
        With the laws of confiscation and the Federal Government having its claws on everyone’s property by decree, I hope it will make people take a step back to see what is in the works for them. Myself, I will not stand for the actions that happened in New Orleans and Boston. The police will not evict me from my home or take my guns without a fight.

        Obama will Nationalize the police if he can. Will the Local Police let him, is the question.

      45. I retired in 2011 after boot licking for the Stasi Fascist Police Forces for 32 years. I worked graveyard patrol in a metro area for the last 14 years of my boot licking career. I am ashamed it took me that long to wake up to what the Stasi Fascist Corporatist Controlled GENOCIDAL shithole of collapsing Murica is and always was. One of the deciding factors for me to retire was the young fascist boot lickers coming into the force who I had to work with. This new breed of Police boot lickers are full of violent drunken bums, who treat ALL citizens as the enemy. I have watched the boot licking trash many times refuse to even shake the hands of a citizen thanking them for being good fascist boot lickers.

        In my last four years I took a job in the traffic division as a DUI Officer, so I could work by myself, and stay way the fuck away from the violence prone boot licking drunken bums, who treated citizens like shit and treated ALL of them like the enemy. One of the things I began to notice with the young fascist boot licking COWARD PUSSY ZOMBIE Police Officers-they would always talk about the violent video games they were all playing on their days off while getting their “drunk on”. Some of the boot lickers were proud to show gaming rooms in their houses, all set up so they could murder and kill in virtual reality, and learn how to shoot ordinary citizens faster and with more accuracy

        I heard some of the fascist boot lickers also talking about getting some “trigger time”, when they were getting ready to go on reserve deployment to Iraq or Afghanistan. One of the things the average brain dead dumbed down Murican coward pussy Zombie does not understand is the large number of Police who also boot lick in the Stasi Fascist Corporatist Asset Protection Force of the evil vile disgusting US Military Industrial Complex. The Military Reserve boot lickers come back from those war zones and go right back into boot licking as Stasi Fascist Police Officers, and you wonder why the Police Forces are now FULLY MILITARIZED.

        I saw the boot lickers in the evidence room with big smiles on their faces as they counted wads of cash they had seized in “ASSET FORFEITURE”. I heard every racist, homophobic, and misogynistic comment coming from many of the boot lickers throughout my career. So when some idiot utters the ignorance of “most Police are good Officers”, they have absolutely NO FUCKING CLUE what they are talking about. They have only wishful fantasies of what the FULLY MILITARIZED boot licking Stasi Fascist Police Forces of collapsing Murica have become.

        It was also amazing during my boot licking career to see the transformation of the Stasi Fascist boot lickers when they went from patrol duties to a SWAT Team call out. Stasi Fascist Police Officers who would be talking and joking with me on a call earlier, would turn into psychopathic deranged evil looking monsters after they put on their SWAT shit. I would look at the Stasi Fascist boot lickers in SWAT garb and offer a greeting, or try to talk to them while I was in my Patrol Uniform, and the fascist shit stains would look at me like I was a piece of shit, who should not even be talking to them while they were dressed in the Military COWARD PUSSY outfits. Trust me, the COWARD PUSSY ZOMBIE Stasi Fascist boot licking Police trash will not give up their POWER. They will support this Stasi Fascist collapsing shithole US Government of Corporatist Fascist GENOCIDAL trash to the end. The Stasi Fascist Police of collapsing Murica will poison their children with toxic fake food, they will shoot their children up with every vaccine Big Pharma GENOCIDAL filth give them, they will support the spying of the NSA fascist shit stains, they will gladly volunteer for a “FUSION CENTER” assignment just so the boot licking trash can say they got to work with the FBI, NSA, CIA and all the other Stasi Fascist shit stains at the Federal Level.

        If there is one subject I like to be called an expert on, it would be my knowledge of how the Stasi Fascist boot licking Police of Murica think, act, and how they view the ordinary clueless Zombie citizens in the doomed collapsing shithole of Corporatist Fascist GENOCIDAL Murica.

        • Thank you for your honesty..been quite a while since ive read the truth from someone who should know

          • There are very few of us brave enough to tell the truth

        • A well written, somber description of your career in law enforcement, brother. Thank you for your honesty.

          I also know the sensation of working in a career where, as a consequence of the power structure that you are a small part of – and having the waking up experience and then feeling like you need to take several showers a day, to wash off the dirt and the stench which clings to you as you realize that you are part of something that you can no longer respect or feel any pride in being associated with.

          In such a case, you count the days, try your best to keep your head down and then punch out at the first opportunity that presents itself.

        • Sounds like someone is jealous they got turned down to be on the “Zombie Stasi Fascist boot lickers SWAT Team”.

          Check your calendar I think your late for 6 mo psych eval. and get back on your meds.

          yours truly
          Military Reserve ‘boot licker’ for 23 yrs.

          (I have been deployed 3 times and I can honestly say the only time I wanted “trigger time” was going to the firing range.)

          • Never had the desire to be around SWAT Team types. They are mostly all brain dead dumbed down Zombie egomaniacs, who do not have a fucking clue what is going on in the world, or their fascist Corporatist controlled Orwellian Police State FEUDAL SYSTEM nightmare country. The Alpha male egomaniac psychopaths SWAT Team types do know all about getting laid by strippers, getting their drunk on, fighting, playing violent video games, and of course masturbating with Remoil while cleaning their guns.

            Also boot licker, I do not take Big Pharma poisonous toxic shit like the Zombie boot lickers in the US Military are fed daily, along with a heavy dose of brain damaging vaccines. I have spoken to many ex-military boot lickers in the Medical field about the insanity of the vaccines and Big Pharma shit these Zombie boot lickers are being poisoned and dumbed down with in the US Military. If you support this Military my friend, you are on the wrong side of history, just like all who supported the Nazi Fascists in Germany circa 1930’s…wake up boot licker before you find yourself at Nuremburg Type trials for treason and supporting GENOCIDAL Corporatist Fascist monsters in their takeover of our collapsing country. .

            • Yeah ok…I get a flu shot once a year cause its free. I really don’t know who your trying to convince with all this delusional talk me or yourself.

              If the military is so in bed with the “Orwellian Police State” then in Ferguson riots, why wasn’t the military out there in full force from Day 1 instilling marshal law and arresting or shooting people on site after curfews?

              What was the role of the military in your mind during all of that?

              • Now who is the delusional idiot…So just because the Stasi Fascist boot licking US Military was not out in force in Ferguson that means we are not in a clearly Stasi Fascist Corporatist Globbalist Orwellian nightmare…WTF???? How old are you, because you have the critical thinking and reasoning skills of a fucking 6 year old.

                Listen coward pussy Zombie, I am not sure how much toxic shit you shove in your body daily, but you are way past the average brain dead dumbed down chemically altered toxic dump of collapsing Murica…You my friend are the completely delusional and insane COWARD, afraid of the truth happening right in front of your ignorant dumbed down face. Typical for a fascist boot licking “USA were #1” dumbed down idiot. WTF are you doing on this site anyway fascist boot licker, you should be on a fascist site for chemically altered Zombies. Please idiot keep calling everyone else delusional but YOU, the person who clearly is, especially if you boot lick for Stasi Fascists, who protect nothing but assets of GENOCIDAL CORPORATIST FASCIST filth. I hope you do not have any children you are poisoning with toxic FAKE FOOD, vaccines, and Big Pharma psychotropics, which have clearly fried your dumbed down brain…I am sure a fascist boot licker like you would do anything to your children or others if your Stasi Fascist Government told you too, or if a GENOCIDAL Corporatist Fascist Food Company told you the toxic shit was safe. Go away child of the mind, you will not survive the future, your boot licking mind is gone.

                • You have no idea how ludicrous you sound. I stumbled upon this article by accident and was “Fed Up” with all of the stupid slanted misconceptions of how bad all police is bad. Which is also why its taken me so long to reply to this, because I don’t follow this site…on purpose. Personally I feel its misinformation and paranoid freaks like you and most others who blindly and gladly follow this false logic that causes the problems and incites more violence across America (not Murica). Is this country perfect, Hell no, hasn’t been for a long time. But its a hell of lot better than some other shit holes in the world, cause I’ve been in a few. I have stated on here many times that I admit there are problem officers or some corrupt police departments. I’m simply stating that it is unfair, reckless and irrational to try and turn everyone who reads this against the police because of a few sensationalized incidents that is beat to death by mass media. The biggest misconception people have and do not understand is the levels of force, and what constitutes deadly force. They think the police are stepping out of the boundaries when really people are bent out of shape because they don’t know what cops can and can’t do, but they think they know. That’s why so many get off the charges. Granted some of the rules may need to be adjusted because some are a little loose. But I would think that if you were law enforcement like you say, that you would at least agree with the my last 4-5 sentences. As far as the rest of the shit on your whole GENOCIDAL CORPORATIST FASCIST ZOMBIE apocalypse police state bullshit, lets just agree to disagree and leave it at that.

      46. Cops, the biggest gang in town.

      47. Over the Past Decade (2004-2013)

        2004 165 60,373 16,706
        2005 162 59,702 16,072
        2006 156 60,669 15,916
        2007 191 62,907 15,736
        2008 142 62,434 15,554
        2009 124 60,171 15,166
        2010 161 58,377 14,313
        2011 169 57,320 14,832
        2012 120 55,725 14,884
        2013 100 51,625 14,857

      48. Drunk with Power.

        Depending on where you live and how big the city.
        You have the Governor of the State. The Mayor of the City, And the Police Chief. How much power do they wield? How big a force. A Battalion of men in some cases. As Governor can add with the National Guard. Then out side the State with Federal assistance. Not only what material equipment already in place with local LEO but what the Federal can bring to bear on the people. It already a ARMY that can haze the populace.

        Police Chief is local. The Mayor is local. The Governor a little further away. How much power do they have. Are they like the President of the USA. Consider themselves by Federal backing above the Law. Do they think they know what is best for us?

        Oh he is a Good Police Chief. He still puts his boot upon your neck.

        Oh he was a Good Boy, he just robbed a store and got shot.

      49. So sad. I put more faith in sand bags than I do my government at all levels.

      50. Never had to much love for the pigs, they aren’t really needed in our town. The last murder that happened here was a brother who killed his own brother, that was back in the summer of 1972. Occasional drunk fights at a bar down the road, but it’s between drunk friends. A lady had a black eye one day and the sheriff asked her what happened, she said she copped an attitude with her husband and tried to be a man and slap him around. He put her in her place. That was the end of that, that was sometime in the 80’s. But every day we see or hear news of the police abusing someone and even murdering unarmed people. We are more afraid of the police than the illegals who are making their way up north. The state troopers just zoom past us all the time to the bigger cities around us. Never had to call them, and don’t think I ever will. I have my own weapon as does most everyone else I know. The illegals know this and mind their business and move on.

      51. “I am deeply concerned that a growing anti-government sentiment in America is influencing weak-minded individuals to launch violent assaults against the men and women working to enforce our laws and keep our nation safe,”

        Correct…in this case they are what the communists/progressives call the “useful idiot”. The anti-gov sentiment is being fed to society in large doses. Mostly by the media. All working toward to tearing down the fabric of our society.

      52. jes you jus keep getting rid of the piggies. then we relly start pourin acros da border.

      53. I long lost respect for policemen. Because they treated me like shit when I didn’t hurt anyone. They abuse human rights, they think they are some sort of “God”, they don’t respect peoples’ freedoms. They can all go to hell. I stopped paying taxes years ago, and I won’t pay tax again until we have a REAL and FAIR government.

        We need a revolution. We need an entirely new government. We need a police force that protects the PEOPLE, NOT the criminal billionaires.

      54. When piloting a ship, even the slightest course adjustment has great consequences on the course 20 miles out, while you don’t notice the change at the time the adjustment was made.

        This is the story of America. 20-30 years back we had some liberal adjustments made to the laws and social structure of our country. Now we’re noticing the course change. The problem is do we have anyone with the cahoneys to get the ship back on course. Unfortunately i don’t see this happening. We continue on the same course lookin’ for that iceberg. Just a few small adjustments is all it would take.

      55. So, I wonder how many garbage men and lumberjacks ran TOWARDS the gunfire in Paris yesterday…

      56. Garbage men, loggers, fisherman, construction workers, pilots, farmers…All have a statistically higher rate of death than police officers. Fair enough. All honorable and totally necessary professions.

        I see the main difference as this… generally speaking, fish don’t kill the fishermen, the logs don’t try to kill the logger, the I-beam doesn’t try to kill the iron worker, the crops don’t plot against the farmer, the garbage never seems to fight the garbage man (usually)… Those are all workplace ACCIDENTS.

      57. I agree with Jenn and Joe Blown! Where do you people live Hondouras? Detroit? Seriously, you idiots do not even realize that you remain safe due to police officers. They do not make the laws, idiots, that is the government ( did anyone notice the NYC police officers turning their backs to deBlasio?). You are all a bunch of morons to think that the police in general are expendable. Walk a mile, no a minute, in their shoes….judging by how hot tempered, judge mental and obtuse you all are, you’d probably be off the force in a day. They put up with some serious crap that none of you would tolerate.

      58. Cops are gangsters, the state is a gang, and I hope they all get a slow, debilitating cancer. The End.

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