SHTF Plan Version 2.0 Development Update

by | May 26, 2011 | Headline News | 54 comments

Howdy All!

For regular visitors of, you’ll have noticed that we’ve updated our web site theme as of Thursday May 26. (Here’s what it used to look like)

For the most part, version 2.0 is very similar to the old web site – for now.

We’ve taken extra care to build out the back-end of the web site so that it is ready for a host of features that we plan on adding over coming days, weeks and months.

Going forward we will continue to provide you with daily updates about anything and everything we think might be important to your wellbeing and survival.

We’ll also soon be adding some additional features that include but are not limited to:

  • More Preparedness and Planning articles. Our original reason for starting the SHTFplan web site was to bring our readers as much emergency and disaster planning information as possible. As our web site grew, we kind of lost focus on this goal with one reason being that our old web site didn’t allow for easy categorization. Over coming weeks and months we will be introducing tons of new information dealing specifically with preparedness planning, disaster response and dealing with far-from-equilibrium situations. We’ll be covering food storage, homesteading, gardening, essential survival skills, self defense, survival product reviews, and a host of other topics so stay tuned.
  • Community Forums. We’ve wanted to do this for a long time and we’re almost there! Our upcoming community forums will make it easier than ever to engage like minded thinkers in conversation. You’ll be able to share breaking news, questions, thoughts, and opinions with tens of thousands of other SHTF Plan visitors in near real-time.
  • Hand edited news updates from around the web. We often find ourselves visiting upwards of 100 web sites, blogs, and news distribution web sites everyday. As you can imagine, there are literally hundreds of topics covered with a wide range of opinion and commentary. Our old web site simply wasn’t able to handle modern day news flow. Over coming weeks we’ll be making some updates to our homepage and sidebars that will put even more information at your fingertips. Some of it will be provided by us, but most of it will come from some of the best alternative news sources and leading contrarian thinkers on the internet – and that includes you. Our community forums will make it possible for our members to submit news/reports for immediate distribution. So, for those of you who send stories our way via email and then get frustrated because it takes us a day or two to get to it, you’ll be able to let people know as it happens – and engage in conversation while you’re at it.
  • e-Mail Newsletter. Some of our visitors have bookmarked SHTFplan in their browsers. Others pull our RSS feed. Some have our domain name memorized and simply type it into their address bar. One thing that’s been missing, and many subscribers have let us know, is an email newsletter. Fear not, because it’s on it’s way. We’re still working out the kinks in the system and finalizing how frequently we’ll be updating subscribers. This feature should be available within the week.
  • Comment Alerts. When we switched over to our new Quad Core server a few weeks back because you, our web site visitors, were working our dual core processors to death with all of the traffic, our web hosting company got a bit irritated at the extremely high volume of email alerts we sent to our article commentators. This was done with a simple check box in our comment section – and if you checked it, you’d receive updates any time a new comment was posted on a particular article. We’ve found a solution that seems to be agreeable to our web hosting company, and we hope to bring this feature back shortly.
  • Surprise Features. We’ve got a few other things under consideration, but don’t want to make those public just yet. We think some of our ideas are pretty cool and our hope is that they will help to bring the preparedness community and like-minded people together and enhance the overall SHTFplan experience.

As always, we welcome any thoughts and ideas you might have. This web site is here for you, so please feel free to share what you’re thinking via email or in the comment area below.

If you happen across any weirdness with the new web site, please let us know and we’ll get to fixin’ it as soon as we can.

We thank you for visiting and hope you enjoy the new layout.


Mac Slavo

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    1. etgal

      Very nice. I look forward to reading the excellent info you submit and excited about the new features.
      Thank for all the hard work.

      • Odd Questioner

        I’m liking the direct reply addition… very nice indeed!

        (I just discovered it a minute ago 🙂 )

    2. MadMarkie

      Ditto on “Very nice”; a great web site catering to my interests is getting even better. I especially like that I no longer have to enter my screen name and email address before posting a comment …… it’s already there.

    3. manos

      A big Bravo Mac.
      Thank you for your hard work, and devotion.
      I hope everything will get better for people.
      My deepest condolences for my fellow human beings in U.S.
      We heard that hurricanes hit again.



      I really enjoy coming here everyday. Looking forward to the forum. GREAT JOB !!!!!

      • admin

        Thanks for all the great comments all! Personally, I love the comments everyone takes the time to write and hopefully the reply feature will enhance the conversations a little more…. with the forums, the community will be able to drive the conversation as well, so that should be lots of fun…coming soon!

    5. greaseman

      Liking the new look so far. Hoping to get a chance to use some of the new features, as this is one of my main ‘go to” sights that i use to get the alternative news and commentary that i enjoy so much. I also have come to look foward to the regular posters, and get their spin on issues. Best wishes on making a great site even better.

    6. Muddsbks

      Nice, really nice. Thanks for all you do and keep up the good work.

    7. Jim

      Looks good, except loose the black background behind the titles. I am depressed enough!

      • doubletap

        That’s exactly what I was thinking.

        Bring the green back. Thanks for the rest.

        • admin

          I’ll chat with brother Slavonic about this…. The logo and new style were his work, so perhaps he’ll have some other ideas…. We originally played with black and dark grey backgrounds but that was way too depressing so we switched back to white with the duct tape style black header backgrounds…it’s all subject to change if we can find something better

    8. emptyhandkiller

      Well, I didn’t think it was possible to make this site any better, but WOW!!! I am looking forward to all the improvements you have in mind. But, I still have my rifle, a mountain of ammo, and the desire to blast looters. Good luck to all.

    9. cyber_samurai

      I couldn’t agree more. I, too, come here first and foremost for the REAL news. Your site has been like a lifeline to me in a sea of “don’t-rock-the-boat” trash-news. Now, it looks like it’s only getting better. Awesome job, Mac.

    10. Big Ed

      The old style was just fine …
      So why change it … Moron …

      • Bill

        Big Ed – You might be the moron……..

      • Goody Goody Gum Drops

        Big Ed. You’re an old fuddy-duddy.

      • admin

        Change….the only constant

    11. Hoobler

      Been coming here for awhile, and I gotta say that I like the new look a lot.

    12. anon

      Hey mac, nice changes!! What about numbering the comments? Sometimes I read the comments and then come back days later and can’t find where I left off. Just a thought, I complain a lot though. Thanks

      • admin

        Good suggestion…. I have a plugin in standby that should be able to handle this

    13. sanityjones

      Wow Mac, the new format is even better than being Raptured.

      • admin

        hahaha. +100!!

    14. SmokinOkie

      Being so highly individualistic, I’d just like to say: Count me in with the rest of ’em! Looks like it’s getting better all the time. Thanks Mac!

    15. pappy slavo


      ciao g

    16. aero

      You have one of the best sites on the web and it just keeps getting better.

    17. C

      Please keep the daily articles that expand on headlines we read in the news.

      • c

        the above post has my name but was not by me-???

    18. The Moon is a Harsh Mistress

      Ditto, I have followed this site for almost a year. I love the new layout; looking forward to the new features. Keep up the good work!

    19. BJ

      Cool, I like the updates, especially not having to type my name and email every time, you’ve made it so it’s already there 🙂 I’ve asked before and will again…any chance on getting the email notification thingy back/??

      Good job on the site Mac

    20. Schaef

      Love the new setup, Mac! Looking forward to when you add the other new features as well.

      – Schaef

    21. Prepper

      Mac, this site is a tiny island of light and hope drifting in a sea of chaos and despair. Just knowing there are like minded individuals out there who “get it” makes me think humanity will get through this. I read every article on SHTF Plan and try to read every comment if time allows. I have even left a few comments since we are all both students and teachers; we are here to both learn and share ideas. Greaseman said this is his “go to” site and I agree. There are others but I like the subject matter, frequent updates, and especially the comment section. There is some scary stuff going on out there and this site is like a big group hug where we share ideas, information, insights, and mutual support.

    22. Odd Questioner

      Sounds very nice indeed!

      Keep it up 🙂

    23. Mardochee Augustin

      I love the new 2.0. Great work Mac you are a genius!!!

    24. SmokyMtnLady

      Like it!! No more “comments” in the comments section…and now a reply button!! Great job, Mac!!

    25. hertosexual FLAMER

      You know what FINE stands for little Ed?

    26. PO'dpatriot

      Sschwwweeettt Mac, I troll this stretch of water every day. The new look is great. Looking forward to all the info I can latch on to. Thanks for your efforts, best regards.

    27. Jonny V

      Dude!, the new format KICKS ASS!! I’m gonna buy a hundred rounds of Monolit steel shotgun slugs in your honor!

      • admin

        I only wish I could be around to pop off afew rounds with ya!

        • pretty in pink

          i only wish i could throw up in your shoes and watch you step in them confused, only to pull your warm vomit covered feet back out in disgust.

          @Jonny V-feelspowerlessinthedark and @MacDaddy Creator of the Slav-o race of fear mongers.

    28. Bill

      Mac – Love it. Thanks for the great job.

    29. Apartment Prepper

      I like the new look! Thanks for all your hard work maintaining the site and keeping everyone informed.

    30. Ol' Remus

      Mac, you gotta be the hardest working person on the internet. The “new look” is not only handsome but carries the feel of the former look. Not an easy thing to do. SHTFPlan is one of my must-reads, it just gets better and better.

      • admin

        Remus, I suspect you spend a good bit of time workin’ too… Woodpile report is a brilliant work of literary art every week!

    31. Fed Up

      As someone who can only get here when I haven’t slipped off the yellow brick road (and I spend most of my time off the path), I have to say I really like the upgrades. Great job!

    32. Dave

      Personally I prefer the old look, I especially miss the Verdana font.

      • admin

        Dave, I can’t tell you how man hours we spent playing with fonts…. I finally gave up and went with old school arial

    33. CC

      Can’t get used to the Web Destinations on the left sidebar. To scroll, you have to go to the far right. Is there any way to add scrolling function on the left side?

      • admin

        CC, I am not sure what you mean about scrolling to the far right…. Could you let me know what browser you are using? Also, I think we are going to set up a unique web destinations page accessible from the main menu…. It’s gotten to the point that our list is so large,, with a bunch of great web sites we’d still like to add, that the only practical way to display this properly is to give that entire area it’s own page… I’ll look into a dynamic scroller of some type as well… Thank you for your input on this.

    34. Elizabeth

      GREAT work, i love it here….greetz, a reader from The Netherlands.

    35. stephen andrew persaud

      it is unfortunately a FACT that military intelligence “cabals” have set up an operation whereby they apply pressure to a planetary “fulcrum” in order to de stabilise the ecosystem and encourage bigger and bigger “natural” disasters…which they intend to take advantage and restructure the geo political sphere as well as lower the earths population drastically……

    36. DPS

      The only thing I see wrong with the new format is in the comments it no long post them as they come in, very hard to find the newest comments
      Other then that its cool

    37. Skeptical Survivalist

      Thanks Mac. I like that you’re increasing the focus on preparedness topics, but there are a great number of sites who do this well. Don’t lose focus on the “environmental scanning”. It’s what draws me here the most. 🙂

    38. Bread and Circuses

      Hey Mac,

      Don’t know if you still read this thread, but if you do, why not have the “find it here” search engine include a search by “Comment ID”?

      • admin

        Great idea — I am not sure how difficult that will be to do, but we’ll look at it for the next update. Thanks!

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