SHTF at the End of August and into September

by | Aug 13, 2009 | Headline News, Precious Metals | 1 comment

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    If Jim Willie of the Hat Trick Letter is right, then buckle up. In Pressure (Countdown) Toward Breakdown, Mr. Willie points out a number of factors that are lining up for a serious implosion to occur in August and September 2009.

    To be sure, many tripwires are laid out from the systemic complexity and lost control, not to mention haphazard design and frenzied defense. A massive juggling act is taking place, as US bank and political leaders are juggling more balls, and heavier balls with each passing month. The risk of accidents is rising exponentially from incredible backroom movement of massive funds to avert disasters on a weekly basis. WHEN IT COME THE ACCIDENTS, PLANNED EVENTS, OR UNEXPECTED RESPONSES TO MINOR DISTURBANCES WITHIN THE SYSTEM, TREMENDOUS COLLATERAL DAMAGE WILL ARRIVE, BUT THE PRECIOUS METALS WILL STAND TALL AND ENDURE EFFECTIVELY, EVEN THRIVE.

    Jim Willie suggests that a banking crisis is in the works, with the US government working with federal, state and local police agencies preparing to mitigate a shutdown of the system. According to Willie, we should excpect a collapse in the US Dollar and US Treasury Bonds, as well as a wiping out of up to 1000 banks throughout the United States, including at least one major financial giant. The FDIC is just about broke, with under $20 Billion USD in its current reserves. One can speculate that when word about the FDIC needing a bailout hits the mainstream, the shit may very well hit the fan (SmvwHTF).

    We often discuss the effects of a stock market collapse on gold and silver, and I have suggested in recent months that gold and silver would collapse along with financial markets as a result of a stronger dollar pushing prices down. There is one caveat I must add, and that is straight out of Martin Armstrong’s line of thought — when confidence is lost in the public sector (i.e. The Fed [might as well be public sector], The Treasury, Congress and the Obama Administration) then gold and silver will rise, no matter what the dollar does. One can only guess what the stock markets will do if a dollar collapse were to occur, but it is possible that we will continue to see stocks rise nominally with a seriously collapsing dollar – but certainly not in real terms.

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      1. Hello, Mac. I read most of Willie’s report and I think it is interesting. In his report he says “The FDIC is scheduled to release its Second Quarter Report that could reveal up to 1000 banks expected to croak, surely enough to exhaust their rescue fund by between 20-fold and 100-fold.” If this were true it is VERY alarming! But just because it COULD, does that mean that it will? I know you didn’t write the report, but it seems like he is not backing up this point at all. What is he basing this on? Why is the 2nd quarter the time in which all these banks are imploding? I went to the FDIC website and they show their schedule of releasing quarterly reports is 55 days after the end of each quarter. Therefore, the end of Q2 is June 30 and 55 days after is 8/24. He wasn’t specific on dates, but I assume this is the day he thinks the SHTF?

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