Showdown: A Bull And A Bear Duke It Out: Will Silver And Gold Skyrocket… Or Collapse?

by | May 8, 2016 | Headline News | 63 comments

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    The world is in crisis. That’s something most analysts, investors and average Americans can agree on. How markets will behave, what the dollar will do and where capital will flow as investors panic, however, is another matter altogether. Throughout history silver and gold have been used as the wealth preservation assets of last resort and that’s why, according to precious metals bull Gary Christenson of Deviant Investor, we should expect precious metals to rise to new highs in coming years. But bear David Trungale of Trader Tours disagrees, noting that while monetary printing may be excessive, there has been no significant increase in inflation, which points to continued deflationary pressure on silver and gold.

    Trungale: I’m not denying that inflation has not existed… It has… I’m talking about an annual basis relative to 2011, inflation has been falling… I don’t care if you use the government CPI or John Williams’ Shadowstats numbers… the fact remains the inflation rate has been coming down. So I consider this, still, a rally [in silver] in a long-term bear market… Money printing does not create inflation within itself.. It’s those dollars actually going into the economy and being spent on consumer goods and services… that’s inflation… The fact remains, I think the longer-term threat is deflation, not hyperinflation. 

    Christenson: The inflation is only one factor to consider… But just because we have deflation in some areas doesn’t mean we have deflation in all areas… I go back to look at history and I try to see history and human nature and politics of central banking and the conclusion I come to is debt is going to increase… We’re having an exponential increase in prices, we’re having an exponential increase in debt and an exponential increase in silver and right now silver is low compared to all those exponential trends… and that’s why I think it’s likely to pop quite a bit higher… I’m not saying next week or next month, but in the next two years.. Confidence in the currency is critical.

    Precious metals and broader market investors looking for insights into how silver and gold are behaving technically, fundamentally and what to expect in coming years should watch the full interview from Future Money Trends:

    (Watch at Youtube)

    Of note is that David Trungale is a day-to-day trader and technical analyst, so his perspectives are often short-term and based on technical trading data. Gary Christenson, however, is a long-term trend analyst who, while being a technician himself, prefers to look at historical movements, the reasons behind them and how this knowledge can be applied to future market reactions.

    Thus, while both may be looking at very similar data and agree on many points – namely that debt is rising precipitously – their unique analysis and assessment yields markedly different outcomes.

    Trungale: If you look at silver after the 1980 collapse it consolidated at the single digit price range at about $4 or $5 an ounce and it sat there for 25 years… I’m not saying the exact same thing is going to happen… I’m just looking at things from a technical level… and after things fall from the high point [2011] it’s always going to be difficult to recover… that doesn’t mean there aren’t short-term opportunities… there obviously was in the GDX and various miners, as well as gold and silver. But again, I don’t consider this a screaming buy… and I don’t think that the mining sector or commodity markets are going to skyrocket back to the 2011 levels. 

    Christenson: I respect David and what I consider his intelligent analysis, but I disagree with it substantially. I think the mining shares are going to go much higher and I think they are going to do crazy things that people don’t believe in terms of going up… Yes, 2011 was a huge up move in the price of silver… But if you go back and look at it historically in terms of standard deviations off the trend, ratios to national debt and other kinds of things, it was just a little blip. The 1980 blip on silver was a huge, major, catastrophic generational move and that’s why things took 25 years to recupe. I see silver from 1980 to 2001… to consolidate and start to build a new base… I think 2011 wasn’t nearly the price spike 1980 was… I think we should have, five years from now, silver going up… and gold and silver mining shares will be the same thing but multiples higher.

    But to get specific, here’s where the Bull and the Bear think silver will be by the end of 2016:

    Trungale: Silver and gold will probably be at the same level they are now. Silver at maybe $17, maybe $15… it will probably consolidate.

    Gold, I would say maybe around $1200 or $1300.

    Christenson: My pick for gold will be $1500 to $1600, possibly a little higher.

    Silver at $25 to $40.

    And there you have it – two completely different perspectives based on very similar technical analysis and market conditions.

    While David Trungale notes that his analysis is short-term and subject to change as events play out, it is quite possible that silver and gold either hold at current levels or potentially go a bit lower.

    Yet, the long-term global forecast suggests major crises loom in financial markets, economic growth and the monetary system as a whole. If Gary Christenson is right, that could lead to investor panic, a potential loss in the dollar’s reserve currency status, and exponential price increases, especially in the precious metal space if and when people lose confidence.

    Was the 2011 silver high of nearly $50 the top? Or will we see another “huge, major, catastrophic generational move” to highs that most people don’t believe are even possible?

    This interview has been contributed by Daniel Ameduri. Visit for more insightful videos, market commentary, news and alternative investment strategies


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      1. Thanks for the different perspectives. Usually it’s one sided. Both of them have interesting things to say.

        I’m not a day trader. I am making what one might call “long term” term investments. But that could be 2 years or 5 or 10 depending on what silver does. There will be a bubble. I don’t think 2011 was it. If you look at the charts from the 1970’s you’ll see silver and gold doubled and them dropped double digit percentage points and then double up again until they hit those legendary highs. those highs were near the END of the crisis. We are still in the middle of this, if not the beginning. we have a long way to go.

        I have a hard time seeing silver or gold, but especially silver, crash to under $10 and stay there for anything longer than a few months. It costs $15 to get it out of the ground, for one. And Two, look at january. These are the assets people flocked to while the rest of the market was crashing.

        I will keep stacking. I will enjoy my mega percentage gains in mining stocks. And i will sell like crazy when everyone else starts doing it and trade that paper fiat crap for more preps and maybe some land.

        • The Teklamakan Mummies

          White people had a colony in the Chinese desert in 1800 BC.

          The Greeks traveled the Silk Road and the Arabian Peninsula, cataloguing the peoples they found.

          The Silk Road was a pipeline between the high IQ Chinese and high IQ white people. Everybody in the middle just squandered the opportunity. Still to this day Central Asia is a shithole.

          Here’s a recent Silk Road show I watched.

        • Gold and silver are manipulated by the bankster’s. The stock market value is mutually exclusive to the value of these precious metals. Gold and silver are more influenced by the strength (or weakness) of the US dollar AND by how much the banks can manipulate it. Both gold and silver won’t drastically go up again until the whole world come crashing down and the manipulators can no longer control it. Buy your metals, not like you do your other investments. Buy it as a backstop to the total melt down that is sure to come, and buy it in small enough denominations so that you can actually use it in trade.

        • Silver should be sitting in the $20+ range right now. The massive shorting, I almost think this is s Government sponsored Shorting of Silver. How can these hedge funds short so much that it drops the stock price down .40 cents in a half hour. Like it is a coordinated conspiracy.

          I am still looking at $26.50 by End of July. And that is just the technical’s Gold to Silver Price ratio. If Gold stays where it is today for July.. Every time Silver breaches the 80 to 1 Price ration within about 6 months the P/R drops to about 47 to 1. Just hold on and keep buying more on the dips here. Buying Physical silver helps crush these Shorting Bastards. Trying to prop up the worthless fiat funny money based and guaranteed by thin air.

          Christenson is Correct. Trungale is Not correct at all.


      2. Really? $15-$17 silver from one fellow and $25-$40 from the second analyst. Wow that doesn’t seem correct. Didn’t the Deutsche bank just admit to manipulating silver. They were keeping it low and not artificially making it high. Silver much more uses than gold does in industry. Water purification and solar module manufacturing just to name two of many.
        Also if gold is going of hit $1600-$1800 then silver should be at least $50-60 and that’s only a ratio of 30:1
        Silver was already at $50/ounce 3 times in the last 20-30 years. It will happen again and then some.
        Hold on to your hats folks it’s going to get interesting sooner than later.
        SolarGuy out.

        • If you read carefully, both these guys are looking backwards to determine what will happen in the future. Neither of them is looking at today and forward, recognizing the MASSIVE paradigm shift we’re coming into, which is going to include a period of bloodshed and unrest.

          I think we’ll see silver at easily 5x times what it is right now, however briefly that may last.

          • What would cause the dollar to increase in value, and thus lower the price of silver over the long haul ?

            • Other currencies performing worse. Fiat currencies are all about relativity since they have no intrinsic value and are not tied to metals. When things get bad everyone rushes to the dollar for safety, driving it up.

      3. Just be well rounded in all that one preps for…

        Be well all…

        • EPPE
          You are 100% correct!
          That is why when I started building a group I look for people that had better and more skills that I.

          So far So Good!


      4. Gold and silver cannot be accurately measured with fiat currency like the dollar as crooked people in power can manipulate. And certainly not after a collapse. It will be worth as much stuff as someone will give you for it.

        • Menzo, totally agree. Sometime ago a question was asked of how much will silver be worth if the dollar collapses. Ask a stupid question.

      5. How do you blind an Asian girl?

        Put a steering wheel in front of her.

        What would you call it if you killed all the midgets?



        • Acid, you’re still one sick mofo.

          • He’s copying jokes just as he has complained about others doing in the past. But he didn’t even do that correctly. The punchline of the first joke is: “Put a windshield in front of her.”

      6. I tend to lean towards Mike Maloney’s view that PM’s are the only true money so when EVERY SINGLE PERSON on the planet finds it necessary to have at least a little on hand the price rise will be breathtaking.

      7. Lead and brass right behind silver…..good barter metal.

      8. For me I’d take cash over any metals. The dollar is the world reserve currency until that changes I will prefer $. That being said supplies for a economic crisis is more important because you cannot eat$ and if no one wants it till tptb figures out how to fix the problem you gotta have food and water. Food and water will buy YOU time to figure out what you need to do to get life back to normal or the new normal. Your gonna look silly eating gold and silver bars while I got food. If that’s what you believe in go with it. If you wanna have some metals and $ just incase someone will take one or the other for debts that is fine. I’d say that is a good idea. Acquiring paid for land is always a good idea.

        • I love the clowns who say the same tired garbage about how you can’t eat your gold and silver.

          DUDE…in WHAT world do you live in where you can ONLY buy gold and silver and not food also? You do realize you can buy gold/silver AND food AND guns, right?

          Food isn’t wealth preservations. Gold and silver is.

      9. You have plenty of basic preps including food/seed well,pm’s will help protect against inflation till it all crashes,the loaves of bread it buys today will buy same amount in hyper inflation,beyond that just pretty.That said,you make it to other side might be a nice start as metals for whatever reason have survived the rise and fall of empires for 1000’s of years.

      10. Things still pretty dire up here starting another shift again .
        Eat grab food from the kitchen jump in a truck to a staging area head out on a D-6 CAT straight to the line.
        Everyone is exhausted black faces everywhere some rumours about lack of water.
        Streets are full of smoke constant Erie orange glow all around you. Of course i wanna leave but I won’t.
        All for now keep the prayers for rain coming in.

        • The Canada wild fires are barely making the news here. Crazy, all the press does is make up crap about Trump and report on that.

          I was searching for satellite images of the fires and this is huge. We’ve had two weeks of straight rain by me and I suspect it is a side effect of the Canadian wild fires. This much smoke will cool the northern hemisphere, and cooling usually means rain.

          • That’s a good point. In case of a volcanic eruption, beware a 25 degree cooling effect.

      11. Finally, a balanced, well articulated debate about PM’s.

        Just the same way the billions of dollars of QE got sequestered by the big Wall Street Banks when the FED bailed them out, I always wonder that as long as paper fiat is “rare” for the average guy on the street, he’ll believe it is valuable, and thus blunt any sudden demand for PMs.

        And the price for imported goods may not change, because the exporting countries are printing/devaluing their currencies too.

        Furthermore, I am always concerned that the govt would also nationalize the miners to “stop the speculators” as Nixon said back in 1971. In this case, the speculators would be defined as those that were running up the price of gold or profiting from it as they exposed the soft underbelly of fiat. By limiting the new production of gold and silver to the public, the people would have to accept fiat currency.

        Remember, very few people actually own any PMs-not enough at least to weather a long financial storm. They have no choice but to use fiat.

      12. i got a lot of brass of all different favors. No reloading gear though. I’m just not into the reloading stuff. I can see how it’s useful though. Dont really spend too much time shooting. Focus more on homestead projects I can do for free or cheap. Building a water barrel system for my woodshed with clear corrugated pvc roof. It’s coming along good got more work to do. it’s harder to build your own stuff because it’s not some kit with everything included. I gotta build it as I go and don’t have but Saturday’s to build. Was just watching Dave Canterbury cooking hobo style on yt. Makes me wanna pull out the Cast iron Dutch oven. I try to keep my skills well rounded. A little cooking building gardening shooting. Good times

      13. Buying silver for the cost of a $20 FRN is a no brainer. PMs have been money for several thousand years. There is nothing new about PMs. Having some cash on hand is smart but if you want to preserve wealth metals are a intelligent option.

      14. Taking the world situation into account.
        I spent $1000 to buy two feeder cattle
        (550 pounds each) this weekend.
        Both Charolais/Angus mix.
        One heifer, one steer. One for breeding
        one for eating at about $0.91 a pound in
        fiat money.
        I have to wait for them to get bigger, to
        around #1100 to #1300 but I have a very big place,
        very good organic feed grass, lots of fruit, and
        old beer to feed them(cattle love beer!)
        Beat that with silver or gold.
        At least if meat prices collapse, I can eat my losses.
        Happy mothers day! Prep on.

        • Save the beer for when they bloat.

      15. An overlooked factor is this governments insatiable hunger for tax dollars. Obama took more in taxes last year than any government anywhere in all the history of man, and Obama and his ilk want more, lots more.

        We watched some broke Mediteranian countries just take the deposits right out of banks from citizens who had been savers. This is the effect of negative interest rates being discussed for America right now.

        If someone takes 10% of their savings, converts it to gold/silver and stashes it, it is effectively out of reach of this greed driven government. It can also be given as an inheritance that unless declared, inheritance taxes can’t touch. This government is an addict, they will never be satisfied until they die of an overdose, or run out of other people’s money.

      16. Another SNYDER article? [SARCASM]

      17. I have some NWT Mint Stagecoach silver rounds that you can easily divide into “pieces of four”… (“when you need to get out of Dodge”).
        Small scales and weights are cheap on the www. In a pinch to check calibration, a nickel weighs @+- 5g.

        I’m long on silver simply by knowing that history repeats, and Argent has always been in play. But also there is a mystery to it. I think there is some galvanic buzz or something from silver when you hold it. I like the heft of it, always a little surprised at the weight of a 20 ounce roll. Heavy Metal.
        It has a wide spectrum of shine, from burnished to mirror finish- we see silver when looking in the mirror. Or up on the “Silver Screen”.

        Silver has a sense of speed about it to me- The Silver Surfer, Silver Bullets, Hi Ho Silver, Quicksilver…

        Because it is smelted and recast down through history, perhaps when you touch some silver coins you are in a way directly connected to commerce of the distant past. In contrast, touching fiat FRNs force-connects me to a corrupt modern day private bank scheme…

        “Got change for a Tubman?”

      18. John Kenndedy was compiling proof of who killed his father, President Kennedy, he was going to put the information in his magazine, “George”. Unfortunately, he died.

        The facts about vaccines and the Mercury derivative, Thimerosol, and it’s links to brain and nervous system damage and autism, has indisputable proof; yet these vaccines continue to be given to children. The incidence of autism began when the use of Thimerosol began. In 1989 the amount of Thimerosol tripled with the administration of the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) triple dose vaccine. The amount given is unsafe for anyone weighing less than 250 lbs. It exceeds safety limits by 400 per cent. The liars and criminal hypocrats in the business of making and administering these deadly concoctions have the audacity to call parents who do not vaccinate their children, child abusers. They want to force vaccination under penalty of criminal punishment. This is part of the NWO agenda. Should these people be hung by the balls. You bet they should. In a sane world parents would have lined these monsters against a wall and shot them. But in our nut house with the patients running the asylum, Bill Gates of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation are being sued by India (the Country of India) where ten thousand children given vaccinations became crippled and some have now died. So, with a slap on the wrist and a little fine, if you are rich enough you can get away with murder. If you or I did something like that, it would be handled a little differently. These people peddling this poison need to be exposed. We can’t just strangle them-as much as they deserve to be strangled. But we can expose their treacherous motives and dangerous practices.

        • It’s funny, how often I get into arguments with my peers about the safety and efficacy of vaccines/ flu shots. I have a b.s. in biology(big whoop) and when you tell them that aluminum crosses the blood brain barrier, that thimerosol is almost half mercury by molecular weight, or that new borns ( 8 pound babies) are given 4 vaccines directly after births, they still look at you like you’re crazy. It is truly disheartening.

          • Those communist international ZioNWO criminals bragged that through brainwashing techniques, education could be turned into a tool whereby they could convince the Americans that snow is black. This is documented.

            • Here is an example of a brainwashing technique which is simply finding a phrase and repeating it so many times (especially with a musical beat) that the listener forms a mental response on a subliminal (subconscious) level, believing the absurdity to be his/her own well analyzed observed reality, when in fact it is nothing more than a lie which has been repeated sufficiently long enough that the hypnotized recipient can not rationalize its absurdity. “Vaccines are safe and effective.” “Vaccines are safe and effective.” “Vaccines are safe and effective.” “Vaccines are safe and effective.” “Vaccines are safe and effective.”

              • Lox ogles:

                When you discuss the “safety and efficacy of vaccines” you hypnotize that person. You are arguing with a zombie.

          • Totally brainwashed, i dont even bother anymore, just keep it to myself, its just not even worth the aggravation that fills me when i try

            • Kula, you sure got that right. It is depressing.

      19. Thanks for the balanced article Mac. Good to see 2 sides of the issue represented.

      20. i dont think neither of them know what the hell they are talking about

      21. The Federal Reserve and the big US banks can’t manipulate the metals prices forever. The Shanghai Gold Exchange will see to that. The dollar is dying. We’re going to see everything get a lot more expensive in the next year or two. Eventually there will be panic buying of metals in the US. Bo Polny predicts triple digit silver by the end of this year.

      22. Illegals cash in on the American taxpayer. Priorities? Things like this anger me.

        Illegal immigrant households get $5,692 in welfare, $1,261 MORE than American families.

        “The Center for Immigration Studies, in an analysis of federal cost figures, found that ALL immigrant-headed households — legal and illegal — receive an average of $6,241 in welfare, 41 percent more than native households.”

        “Immigrants receiving the most in the study of 2012 figures come from Mexico and Central America. Their average annual taxpayer funded welfare collection is $8,251, 86 percent higher than the benefits used by native households, said the report.”

        “The new report follows another that found President Obama seeking $17,613 for every new illegal minor, more than Social Security retirees get.”

        ht tp://

      23. Good info Ky Mom.

        Sooner or later this country is going to fly apart.

        I figure that people will go after those they think responsible for the demise of the country. A hundred different reasons but for sure somebody is going to get the dirty end of the stick.

        You can bet on it that I have my own opinions and will not be receptive to all the excuses that will be made to defend what they have done.

        Obama, Trump and Clinton are the major players.
        Those in the GOP who refuse to unite the party are influencing me to vote for Hillary. Really? A Bush Political Family Blockade of the Convention. Bush Sr. George and Jeb.

        If Trump gets elected. I win. Piss on the establishment.
        If Hillary becomes President. I Win. NWO and U.N. riots.
        If Obama installs Martial Law. I win. Will see how that works out.

        Oh, it’s a Great, Shit Hits The Fan Plan day.

        • “I figure that people will go after those they think responsible for the demise of the country.”

          Goebbels was the master of Nazi propaganda, and he knew exactly what to do: blame the victims.

          Any and all difficulties experienced by German citizens in the 1930s were invariably blamed on the Jews via constant, universal media saturation –which was, of course, entirely controlled by those in power.

          Now look who the constant scapegoats are in today’s conglomerate-controlled USA media:

          1. Conservatives
          2. White people
          3. Gun owners
          4. Rural dwellers
          5. Dissidents

          Number four is especially noteworthy, because those people are most likely to combine 1, 2, and 3. Have you ever really analyzed how rural folks are portrayed in movies and TV shows? At best, they are kind-hearted but simple-minded. At worst, they (may be cunning and clever but) are evil, treacherous, and homicidal. Virtually all ‘heroic’ pop-culture figures have an urban background; and often a government background as well. (e.g., police; FBI; Special Forces; etc.)

          Coastal urban elitists –politicians, lobbyists, Hollywood types, etc. — derisively refer to the rest of the United States as “fly-over country”. Inferior in all ways, and beneath notice except when TPTB need to exploit it for resources.

          The only difference between modern American and the ‘Hunger Games’ world is that here, the beltway crowd has to pretend to give a shit every four years during national elections.

          When the Greater Depression (or worse) really takes hold, you better believe that all major media will incessantly portray the villains as those falling into one or more of the five categories listed above.

          • You have fallen for the MSM/Hollywood versions of the WWII era issues eh…

            ALSO: all that you noted of how now it is rural and whiteys etc bashed and blamed is ALL done by and controlled by the VERY same entity of people you believe were such total 100% innocents in germany WWII era.

            This is so well documented now that no/zero amount of attempts to portray them as innocents or to lay blame on anybody else is less than assinine at best.

            Reseacrh webistes like CODOH dot com and david duke and incogman dot net and about 1,000 more similar websites that document nothing But 100% factual truths which so well expose the many lies and deceptions we all were told was truth about WWII issues.

            As B from CA stated about methods to brainwash us etc…It is why we were all always told constantly that Our parents and grandparents gens were “THE Greatest Gen ever”…

            Because once you fall for That swindle scam propaganda, the entire issues of WWII and germany etc etc will be, and Is now, The most difficult issues for boomer folks to wrap their heads around and actually research it all let alone actually believe they maybe was lied to big time eh.

            Because in order to actually believe we was lied to so much about WWII issues and events, means just maybe Our parents and grandparents were not really so great of a generation…and perhaps They Too were lied to even more so than we were!

            Especially when one considers that WWI just ended aprox 20 yrs prior to WWII began, and aprox 89% of entire USA folk refused to consider another huge euro global war again….That then changed opinions overnite when in spring/summer of 1933 “International Jewry Declared WAR against Germany and all germans regardless where they lived even in usa”

            Internet contains tons of websites that contain scanned in photos of newspaper archives that contain such jews declare WAR against germany Head lines by the many Dozens of newspapers globally….just research 1933 papers headlines see for yourself.

            Then finally read the entire in context written materials regarding Gobbels etc so to see what he Really was telling folks.

            It amazes me how so many can still believe the MSM and hollywood movies propagandas that somehow germans were such astute smart industrialists and inventors, and worlds most efficiet perfectionists etc, they at same time believe also that hitler was telling everybody in germany how hes going to subude their children so to brainwash those children into idiots or killers or whatever msm claims he said…And that then after telling 90 million german folks how hes going to so screw up germany and thir futures etc they actually joined as one nation in full support of hitler!

            Unless of course in full context he never said it that way and did speak much truth on what ailed germany so badly eh….Just take a fast gander at usa today and for past 100 yrs and see it is also the very same Tribe of decievers and swindlers so nation wrecking america in the excat same way as done to germany, and france and russia prior to germany. The Rest you can research on your own I rekon. just prepare self to realize that instead of greatest gen, they, like todays boomer gen were the greatest decieved and duped gens ever in usa.

      24. PM’s are mostly for people who will have paper money and/or paper investments remaining after first acquiring all their basic preps and barter goods. It’s smart diversification of one’s wealth to not have solely and only paper and electronic digits to show for a lifetime of hard earned wealth.

      25. The gold and silver markets are down big here Monday morning. Silver down over 2.5%

        The prices were driven down on small orders in after hours market over the week end. Obvious blatant manipulation that serves the FED and Treasury Dept agenda.

        Silver has never been so heavily shorted as it is now, without it being kicked down, panic buying was about to kick off as the shorts were about to get slaughtered. But like magic, with no specific event driving it, silver dives 2.5%?

        • More on this head scratcher drop in Silver prices.

          Canada is number ten in global silver production. The wild fires are already affecting the price of oil, if the fires burn down everyone’s home, who will work the mines?

          World silver production has been dropping for decades, the only way we have been able to keep up with industrial demand is to melt down jewelry, grandma’s silver flatware and the US government selling off the silver in their vaults.

          Even with demand outstripping production, the government manages to keep the dollar high and silver low. Supply and demand no longer functions under the relentless manipulation of metals prices. I don’t actually see this stopping until the government has run out of gold and silver in their vaults. Even so the US gov severely limits the minting of gold and silver coins because of physical supply shortages. Yet the price stays low?

        • “The gold and silver markets are down big here Monday morning. Silver down over 2.5%”
          considering silver is still nearly a buck more than it was three short weeks ago, I ain’t complaining.

          • It is NO head scratcher issue: Once one comprehends that each day at aprox 8:30 A.M. in the City of Lndon aka the rothchilds city, Jacob Rothschild and another 3 or 4 men Meet each day to SET the TOP & Bottom Prices of Gold and Silver prior to the NY Dow and Nasdaq open bell ringing.

            They and They alone determine gold and silver prices period. And you can see proof of this by observing how whenever gold prices reach a certain level of aprox $30.00 higher than open bell price was…all a sudden TV talker heads at MSNBC tell you how “Oh Look folks! The gold ticker at top of screen is flashing YELLOW! which means all gold sales or buys have been Halted untill further notice!”

            Which oddly always seems to occure around the 1:30 to 2:30 P.M time frame of the trade day. Not always so, yet most often is so it seems.

            And if rothchilds can so control gold and silver prices that way?…Then what else can he/they so control prices of eh?…Probably alot more stuff is likly.

            It is just another in the very long train of issues that for some unknown reasons, a vast majority of american folk still refuse to see the proverbial light upon, even when shown that litterally every or almost every named person involved within every issue so destructive to america and its goyim peoples just happen to have a jewish name.

            This is true for economic issues, banks, fed govnt agencie heads, congress, senate, usa prez staff, congressional staffers that numbers around 37,000 total with aprox 89% being jewish…Holywood and all major important newspapers and magazines…Most all universities and heads and professors and now even vastly over demographicly the student numbers of same folks.

            Yet usa still contains vast majority of folks unwilling to add up these numbers and conclude just whom is so wrecking america and its goy pop that numbers the Others aka that 99.98% of goyim folk so destroyed by the agendas and policies of that ruler group of .02% and all conected by tribal and religious ties. Wakey wakey whiteys!

      26. According to my figuring a little over fifteen kilogrammes of silver should be worth a modest house and land. Let history guide a percentage of your wealth to a safe and secure place.

      27. WW3. Watch troop movements. NATO pushed into confrontation with the Rooskies by TPTB.

      28. Both are wrong

      29. Last week. Dallas Texas, May 2016: This is how thing played out to my understanding. Look up story yourself. Story is good object lesson for you arm chair expert commandos, Hero wanna be’s, and Good Samaritans trying to do Good.

        Here we go:
        Moron has fight with new wife. She Posted Facey Book picture Moron hubby didn’t like.
        Moron is serving in Army, drives across state from Ft Hood to confront wifey who lives in Dallas. Moron finds wifey at work.
        Moron shoots at ground probably just to scare wifey? Round bounces and catches her ankle or he just shoots ankle? Wifey freaks as she has been shot, cries for help.

        Good Samaritan comes to rescue. We call him Hero for clarity. Well…
        Hero hears commotion.
        Hero sees Moron trying to leave in vehicle after shooting young woman.
        Hero grabs his own gun and attempts citizen arrest of Moron who just shot a young woman and Moron is obviously armed with a gun.
        Moron closes distance between him and Hero. Moron feigned giving up to Hero. Moron then grabs Hero’s gun. Moron shoots Hero DEAD.

        Hero was a retired Marine and Marines are well trained.
        Hero was a cross-fit instructor and in excellent physical shape.
        Hero had his own gun and likely knew how to use it. But Hero is now DEAD.
        Hero leaves his own wife and children behind as he is now a Hero but unfortunately has been shot DEAD by Moron.

        Hero was white and retired Marine.
        Moron is black, currently in the Army.
        Hero hesitated to shoot Moron?
        Hero was likely a good man. Husband, Father, had business, served as Marine.
        Moron is in Army, was pissed off, jealous, stationed away from his flirting new wife.
        Moron is not likely a good man. At least not on the day he and Hero met.
        Moron was jealous, pissed, angry, unbalanced, had a gun, had shot his own wife in ankle. Moron did not hesitate. He closed distance disarmed hero and shot him dead.

        Hero was a Good Samaritan. Was. “No good deed goes unpunished.”

        Hero DEAD. His wife and children left alone in world.
        Moron gave himself up after incident. Moron has ruined his own life.
        Moron will go to jail for a very long time.
        Wifey of Moron will be very gone after he shot her and besides he will be locked up.
        Wifey will forget everything after ankle heals, Moron, marriage, Dead Hero.
        Wifey will be flirting on Facey book be next month causing more drama.

        If Hero would have stayed out of it. Moron and flirty wifey would likely have made up after she healed and after Moron was out of jail for shooting her. Men and women are both insane when “in love”.

        Hero hesitated because he was a good guy. Hero is now dead.
        Something to ponder the next time you want to be Hero and Good Samaritan.

        Can you imagine the indignation if Moron who was black would have been shot by Hero who is white. Oh the uproar in the controlled lying media.
        Is that why Hero hesitated?

      30. hello, all you preppers

      31. What in the blue $#%& happened to silver today? Anyone? I just know I optioned about 3000 oz for two years. BTFD.

      32. Hyperinflation isn’t exactly the same as increased inflation. It’s a currency event and not an economic one. And the thing about metals is, even if the price drops 50% and stays there (which is extremely unlikely), you still may be happy to have it some day soon. The official definition of money has changed to allow theft of your bank accounts. Bank deposits are no longer officially considered to be “money” so the FDIC will owe you nothing if the banking system collapses which there’s a strong possibility of that happening. We could all lose our bank accounts, so if we have metals it could be better than nothing.

        • On money:

          Article I, Section 10, Constitution:

          …No State shall make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts…

          Only preppers have money, mostly as steel, lead, tin, wheel weights, silver and gold.

          Establishment politicians, as minions of Wilson’s federal reserve, control and benefit from the printing of fiat fiduciary fraud.

      33. Look at the main method polititions use to launder usa dollars/money…They first grant many multi Billions dollars To..Various and Many other Nations polititions…With Israel recieving the huge Bulk of it all of course.

        Then for exmple some upstart loud mouth like don trump comes on scene and begins to awaken usa folks like never before….This causes private and non profit orgs such as AIPAC to go totally berzerko with anxiety and worry that “oh Oh! What if too many usa goyim folk really wake up and figure it all out and then go all out Nazi upon Us?!!”

        So…Then some foriegn entity like Israel’s NuttyYahoo arives pronto quick fast at the white house and demands usa prez and usa congress authorize an extra $1-Billion to Increase israel yearly grant cash to $4-Billion in Cash.

        Now with so many usa pols hesitant to continue decieving usa goy folk or passing rogue fed laws etc with so many goys so awake now….This increase of an extra one billion $$$ dollars can get Added to the rest in a package deal of Bribery cash Laundered thru Israel, and other nations too, and given Back to usa prez and pols of both parties in form of Campaign Contribution cash!

        Then Pols can sequester away a vast portion of it into secured campaign accounts and simply Wait…Untill for example like Ron Paul, they wait untill that account reaches upwards of $75 to even $100 Million in campaign donation cash….That each politition gets to KEEP IT ALL as long as they RETIRE! from politics for good! Again like ron paul did…All they must then do is to Pay proper fed and state Taxes on it as Income and Keep the massive rest still remaining after said taxes get paid.

        If very smart a politition can even Brag how they never took any part of typical benfits paid to usa fed pols like cushy retirement golden parachutes plans etc…like ron Paul did so often or had his top speaker aides tell folks of often…Because once one has aprox $50-$75 Million or more left after taxes are paid…

        Who really needs any fed retirement packages anyways right?

        Meanwhile once bribes of laundered us dollars cash gets paid out…Now persons like NuttyYahoo and various evil doer national leaders globally has the proverbial “goods” on usa polititions due to said bribe cash paid to said pols….and its 100% legit due to same fed pols Makes the nations Laws so to allow for such loopholes For Them and Them alone.

        If usa fed polititions could be certain that usa goy folk could be so duped and so dumbed down so as to not give a ratts ass?…I’d wager those us fed pols would simply GRAB as many us dollars as possible right from the print presses before ink dried!

        But they cannot take that type chance eh…So they use the Laundery of cash method and make it appear as if a nation, say like israel with only aprox 6-Million total occupants, actually really Need to keep recieving multi billions per year as nation-State welfare.

        So now that NuttyYahoo’s more money from usa demands has been met…Look soon for him to pay another unannounced white house or usa congress visit to Pass out Bribes larger than ever before so congress members can remain a Shabozz Goy in Cahoots with AIPAC and ADL and SPLC and 300 More similar private orgs that only exist to benefit the Non-Goys here and there.

        ps to be fair I should mention as an example also Newt Gingrich..Recall how he went flat Broke due to massive one Third of a Million dollars us congress Fine for Lies and improper conduct etc when house speaker?…but once Newt Retrired from us congress in shame, Ten years later hes worth Over $100-MILLION us dollars cash!…Hmmmmm

        So..In todays AmeriKa to get filthy Rich and do so in quickest time frame ever…Just become a Paid off Shabozz Goy aka Traitor and assist the tribes total fleecing and destruction of the usa Sheep Kwans! OyVehy! AmeriKa just as I pictured it would be! now pass me that Bagel, I mean that Cash donation!!

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