Shot At And Overrun: Volunteer Rescue Workers Have Been Attacked In Houston

by | Aug 29, 2017 | Headline News | 69 comments

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    If you look at the situation in Houston right now, it appears that things can’t get any worse. Much of the city is flooded, people are stranded in or on their homes, relief efforts are spread thin, and an unknown number of people have died. But you can believe it, the Hurricane Harvey isn’t finished yet.

    For example, the floodwaters haven’t even peaked yet. As the rain continues to pound the Gulf Coast, the flood isn’t expected to stop rising until later this week. Two separate dams near Houston are overflowing, and evacuation orders have been issued for people living downstream. And to top it all off, it was reported yesterday that looting is starting to become a problem.

    Without a doubt, it’s a problem that’s getting worse. According to a volunteer rescue organization known as the Cajun Navy, they’ve been fired upon by looters.

    News spread Monday about an apparent incident between members of the Louisiana Cajun Navy and several looters. One of the group members, in a since-deleted Facebook post, said that looters decided to pose as people needing help and attempted to overtake the group’s boats. The group said shots were fired at the boats during the incident, but no one was injured.

    “Clyde and the other team members and teams are all safe,” the group said on Facebook. “I repeat, they are all safe.”

    The group believes the looters may have not wanted it to perform rescues or were just looking to rob people. One group member said some looters are pretending to need rescuing and then robbing people and other looters are pretending to be rescuers and then robbing people.

    But this hardly the only case. During an interview with the media, a volunteer with the Cajun Navy revealed that his people have been shot at on several occasions.

    “They’re making it difficult for us to rescue them,” he said. “You have people rushing the boat. Everyone wants to get in at the same time. They’re panicking. Water is rising.”

    “We have boats being shot at if we’re not picking everybody up,” Cain told HLN.  “We’re having to pull out for a bit.”

    Cain said people also tried to steal some of their boats after they broke down.

    “We’re dropping an air boat right now to go rescue a couple of our boats that broke, and they’re kind of under attack,” he said.

    “So what you’re telling me is that it’s too dangerous to rescue people right now because you’re being shot at,” the HLN host said incredulously.

    “Shot at, overrun … with everyone trying to get in the boat … not following directions,” Cain answered dejectedly.

    If this is really just the beginning, then it’s hard to imagine how bad things might be in Houston by the end of this week.


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      1. “looters decided to pose as people needing help and attempted to overtake the group’s boats”

        Yea mothefu@$&r , I be jacking dat boat.

        • I live in Texas. And I had hear that had happen 2 days ago. I thought surely not, then I heard looters were out. A few hours after hearing about the looters the National Guard was activated. Some people are absolute scum…….

          • K2, WED,

            It is funny how disasters bring out the best and the worst in people! The same sort of thing was reported in Katrina as well. 6 million people is a lot of people to have to evacuate! The numbers are staggering!

            The rain is pouring down here now! So far so good. Hopefully we will not have to recall the Cajun Navy to come help back here at home.

            Louisiana Eagle

      2. Lived in Houston for 4 years. We were victims of crime 3 times in that 4 year period. Houston is a high crime, sanctuary city with extremely poor leadership. Houston has some of the worst infrastructure I have ever seen in the US and Houston was in big trouble long before Harvey. This will not help at all but will only exacerbate an already bad situation.

        • Cant imagine that the exodus from New Orleans and planting into Houston had anything to do with that dramatic turn around of the city and the high crime rates…

      3. All of those volunteer rescue workers need to be armed, with plenty of extra mags, and be ready. If any looter shot at me, I’d waste his sorry and stupid black ass. Say what you will but beware of any BLACK volunteers offering to help people. You don’t know for sure what to expect from them. I speak from personal experience.

        • it’s a good thing we only got to watch out for the blacks…..i would hate to think there’s any WHITE people with bad intent.

          • Hey dipshitofdoom, spend 5 minutes informing yourself of the facts before leaving your snarky comments. The blacks are bragging about it on twitter, facebook, etc. Bragging about robbing crackas. Not saying whites are perfect, but in these situations blacks should be avoided at all costs. #harveylootcrew on twitter as an example

            • yuh dammn rayciss troll!

          • Have you ever meet a black as smart (((AS SEEN ON TV)))?

            Seriously Ben Carson got the best SAT scores in Detroit in over 40 years,(basicly since whites fled) but 1/50 Asian males gets a perfect math SAT and likely a better score than Carson.

        • The odds are pretty good that looting boat jackers would kill the volunteers. Body’s wouldn’t be found for weeks. Their actions are easy to predict because they’re no good in good times. Watch the behavior of the non criminal element if this extends several more days. Its an indicator of the breaking point of a population.

          Putting one National Guardsmen in uniform with an M-16 on each boat conveys authority and the rule of law. No shots would need to be fired. The added pair of fit hands would be useful too.

          • K2,

            That is an excellent idea about placing armed National Guardsmen in each boat or group of boats working together. They too will need backup and reserves as exhaustion sets in the days, weeks, and months ahead. Declaring martial law during Katrina kept private citizens from joining in and helping. It is my hope that there will continue to be cooperation between the ‘government’ and the ‘private citizens and neighbors’ doing the neighborly thing to do. It is a mistake for the government to become the sole provider of aid and assistance. The ‘Cajun Navy’ came about as a way for citizens to help and volunteer their skills and assets. Accepting help from only formally recognized groups and organizations limits the possibilities of expanding the potential for much needed ‘first responders’ and ‘Good Samaritans’.

            Louisiana Eagle

            • Private citizens should be armed. The National Guardsmen show authority, the rule of law. The people being helped know that their the good guys coming to help. The bad guys know that soldier can call in more. The goal isn’t firefights but saving survivors.

              How many boats can there be, 200? Thats one reinforced company.

        • I can’t wait to SHTF your racist ass gonna get Smoked real quick! You on the list

        • Yeah, we know Deplorable, you’re like the terminator. You can take on anyone, even in your “golden years”.

          • New Black Panther, cry me a river if you can’t handle the truth about your own people. Black males are more likely than any other group of people out there to commit violent and serious crimes. The FBI and DOJ statistics back me up on that statement. BTW, lists work more than one way. I also have a list, mofo.

          • NWO, you think you’re bad? Bring it on anytime you want. So you think you can trust looters? Mofo, you don’t know the trouble I’ve had from the apes over the years.

            • Bravefart, apes are prone to infighting, so it makes sense that a knucke-dragger like you has had problems.

              • NWO, I’ll grant you that most of their victims are other black people but on occasion they do target some white people. I don’t do like the homeboys do. I WORK for what I want. I don’t STEAL from others. I don’t try to pull scams on anyone. I don’t go for any of the black BS. I’ve lost a loved one to a dumb nigger who was a drunk driver and my home has been burglarized by a couple of them. So yeah I’m having trouble looking at them in a positive light! [SARCASM]

        • You’re right DB! And at least one man with a AR/AK for the amount of people rushing or robbing the rescuers.

        • DB: Blacks are some of the most vile critters on the face of Earth and this is just yet another prime example. I would Not attempt to help any black under any conditions – it is just too damn risky, they are sneaky and very dangerous and as immoral as the day is long!!

      4. Well, be armed and ready to repel borders. If folks are truly interested in being rescued, they won’t act shady. Sad world we live in. If it’s your boat, YOU are the skipper, so it’s your rules.

      5. For theft/looting a department store, I’ld say 12 months on the chain gang is an appropriate sentence for the first offense. For robbing people who are in need of rescue, I’ld say ten years on the chain gang is about right. For shooting at rescue boats, I’ld say: “that’s it big shot, you get it now, game over for you. Either life in prison if captured, or execute.

        The reason criminals are out of control is because no one can discipline them, not teachers, not parent(s), not law enforcement.


        • CAlifornia had a eugenics program in the 1930’s. This is what happens when a perfectly good program is abandoned.

          Gasp. That’s what the Nazies did. Who do you think taught them? We did!

          Eugenics attempts to curtail reproduction by criminal, insane, retarded, diseased. Under eugenics, these criminals would live but they would not be allowed to bring more like them into this small world. It would serve as a deterrent to all but the most depraved.

          Go to prison, get neutered.


          • B from CA, you’re kind of retarded yourself. Will you please volunteer for the eugenics program?

            • Hogwash, you’re moniker sounds perfect because that’s what your post sounds like. Move along, sonny.

              • It’s your NOT you’re…dumb banana-eating ape like you wouldn’t know any better. Move along, Grape Ape.

                • NWO. so I misspelled one word and you go apeshit. I never said I was perfect. What makes you think I’m black? I’m as white as the driven snow.

                  • You sound like some some “ripple” drinking welfare thug with your a** crack hanging out of your droopy pants. Pretty dope, yo? Go back to eating your banana, Grape Ape. Ooh ooh eeh eeh!

                    • NWO, may we never meet. You take one look at me and you’d have to go eat crow.

        • 12 months?
          I say one 230g JHP to the forehead and leave em to rot

          • Exactly! Frig placing an NG soldier on those boats. Make sure those volunteers operating the boats are armed and let it be the scum that gets found when the waters recede. Shit by that time they’ll be cradled in some gator’s gut or a gator turd.

          • Nailbanger, my thoughts exactly.

        • When I was growing up in the 60s signs everywhere said. Looters Will be shot on sight. Why not now?

        • B, the real problem is something called ‘civil rights’.

      6. To hell with it!! If looters shoot at rescuers,than Governor Abbot needs to declare an emergency and let the rescuers shoot back. If the looters want a fight,give it to them! I am damn sick and tired of all this lawlessness going around and being tolerated. And screw the talking heads drom the media to hell if they don’t like it!!

        • Southside, agreed. Except for one thing. The rescuers don’t need ANYONE’S permission for self-defense. Rescuers need to be heavily armed and do what’s necessary. Forget about any ‘legal issues’. Just shoot the bastards and let the gators have their dinner.

      7. I’ll bet in the dope communities a disproportionate number of dead will be found when the water subsides. The big theft would be ripping off dealers for dope and money. The body’s will stack up each way, dealer protecting inventory and thief stealing it. The criminals just get more criminal. The junkies supply chain is temporarily closed making them very desperate too.

        Bad neighborhoods just got a whole lot worse.

      8. I see a curfew has been imposed. We’ll see how that works out.


      10. If you shoot a looter in the flood you just have to shoot and shut up. No shoveling required.

        • Shoot
          Shut up

          • You forgot “reload”.

            Remember, as prepper’s we can be leaders to help out others, and by way of an oath that I’ve taken, (and a desire to live), it means dealing a heavy response.

            It’s unfortunate that mankind likes to turn on itself. We’d all like to see a day when that changes. Until then, citizens whom go into these situations should know better and bring self-protection, or an armed escort. When they demand your gold, give them lead.

      11. The Harris county sheriff needs to deputize the valid rescuers.
        It is Texas. I agree with TTHHE. Shoot, shove, and shut up. Gators need to eat, same as worms. Luckily, the media wussies aren’t out in the rescue boats. Don’t mess with Texas.

      12. if a common citizen does something stupid and drowns their simply a dead dumbass who didn’t listen to warnings and lacked good judgment. However when its a Houston cop who drowns on his way to work he is a HERO? Gimmie a break. He lost his own life that’s certain evidence he wasn’t compentent. He had no business even thinking he would be able to save other peoples lives. I really think these great clatyclismic events will increase in both frequency and magnitude.

        • They certainly seem to be,,, everything feels off,

        • He drove his car under a flooded underpass. He had to be an extreme dumbA** to drown in your car that way. First… to drive in a *VERY* visible lowspot in flooded area… then to not figure out how to get out of your car before you drown… WITH A GUN. Cops are *TAUGHT* how to get out of a car quickly during an emergency.

          • Mother Nature has a way of winnowing the stupid. Much like wheat chaff.

      13. New cocktail..The “Harvey Gang Banger”…two shots and a splash of water”!!

        • Sounds like the “cure”!

      14. Where is the proof they are looters and not preppers defending their property, see how that works it happened during Katrina they were taking folks guns, to the guy who said we shld be armed many of us are but we’re here to save lives not take them over something we have no jurisdiction over. If they want to drown so be it

      15. There are areas of Houston that I avoid during the best of times, and wouldn’t think of entering during a disaster.
        These conditions don’t bring out the good in folks that didn’t have any good in them to begin with.

      16. Wow, amazing how low people can sink.

        • Dude, we have yet to reach the lows.

      17. “The Harvey Gang Banger” two shots and a splash of water!

      18. These disasters show you the true state of society. Remember Katrina? The hugely fat black women being lifted up into helicopters; the low lifes and criminals roaming the streets.

        You discover how much garbage there is that is hidden by the welfare system.

        • Frank, thank goodness mother nature sets thing right and brings it all to light for the blinded ones to see.

      19. What is femas plan to get 17,000 people housed because they cannot stay in Red Cross shelter for a year or more. They don’t have a plan. Watch closely how FEMA handles this over nex few weeks and you will see that they don’t have a plan.

      20. I know its not politically correct. In fact its downright mean spirited. However Frank,s post is spot on correct. A great culling must occur before America can be made great again.

      21. It is sad but this does NOT surprise me very much. There are a huge number of black ghetto thug types in the Houston area. Many of those rats got sent to Houston after Katrina. Christ, what will they do with the apes now? Come on people, you go and try to help people and they try to rob you and or shoot at you – that has black written all over it. “A black thing” as they say. My God.

      22. No good for nothing black bastards. Majority just serve no good purpose in society at all period.

      23. The affirmative action Mayor of Houston told the people not to evacuate before the hurricane hit. He should be arrested for reckless endangerment and official misconduct. The idiot Mayor of New Orleans during Katrina did the same thing. What do they have in common? Besides being democrats?

      24. Today a lifeboat … Tomorrow the Maersk Alabama…
        You gotta start somewhere….?

        ht tp://

      25. Using logic. If I decide to live next to a volcano, that’s my own fault. If I decide to live next to the ocean that’s a natural occurrence? No. How many times do volcanos erupt? How many times do storms and hurricanes occur? Not wanting to sound cold blooded, but simple logic should tell you where you should be living. New Orleans, people living there again? Come on? The ocean is nice to visit, not to live near it. Same with a volcano. Ocean has fish, the people who fish are on boats, they perhaps are the only people who should live near the ocean part time. Anyway just saying.

      26. Lucky me, I have a connection with a farmer, and just sent some of my allies to meet with him to get pork, chicken and shit loads of organic eggs. I am heading out there to re-stock. The city most of it will not be habitable for a year. The road ways have to be up and running 100%. Will they prevent this since they just deployed the national guard. You should see all the c130 transport flying over head, it almost looks like a fucking invasion, of none chi-com origin. Luckily its our Texas guard, and they are completely afraid to Texans so nothing to worry about, we have to deploy them to help the people and keep the dred loch population from attacking people. The state breached the dams, they had no choice but it flooded out a shit load of neighborhoods that were not in flood zones, and then the flood zones that did not flood just flooded the fuck out yesterday. I am heading out shortly packing steel off course to assess the situation. Any dred lock engaging me will be making and error. Dairy ashford, Eldrige is not a free standing Lake, so if you guys out in Katy work in the area, stay out, its FUCKED. I can see them directing another hurricane in a few weeks here again, so I am going to increase my preps. Up until 1 1/3 year since I moved in my woman, and they always take over the fucking house, and us alpha males no matter how bad we think we are, they tell us what the fuck to do, and move all your shit around. I don’t need ammo I cant even walk in my house without getting you feet punchered by .223 and all sorts of shit. My girlfriend cleaned up my fucking house, kept complaining that It looked like a war zone.

        Everything is good, if they send chi-coms soldiers to help out your wife, kids and daughter then something bad is going to happen in Houston to those soldiers if they ever fucking enter this city. Let the national guard do the job, they have done a really good job so far helping folks here, so I have to get them credit, they did a really good job. As for you dred lock thieves, your ass is on notice.


        • LOl! about the mama bears. Just sit back HCKS and keep a hand on the rudder arm while telling her she’s doing a fine job. Just remember,, soft kind words with your hand steering the boat. Been doing it for 36 years. For the the rest of the heathens, “there’s always a way to beat the devil around the stump”.

        • HCKS,
          How is Bear Creek, Glen Cairn, and the Little York/Eldridge area? Used to live there before I got the heck out.

      27. You just wait and watch. soon after the water recedes folks will get busy and start rebuilding & repairing the water damage. Many will approve and commend them. However their just being pig headed stupid. For one thing it could just as easily flood again. The second thing is they cannot ever get all of the water borne silt removed. That residue will cause mold and termites. Be smart if your home is flood damaged walk away. Spent your time & money on someplace that has a high elevation and good drainage . Preferably above 650 ft. Then when it rains you will be able to sleep peacefully.

      28. The vernier of civilization is thin, very thin. While many rise to the occasion and provide help, there is a thug class of people out there that thrives on hardship and takes advantage of the situation. Whenever the SHTF in any meaningful way anywhere, the thug class slithers out from beneath the rocks. People need to be prepared and armed to fight back and shoot those who would rob and potentially hurt them and others. Once some of these people are shot, I believe most of the human garbage will back off. If they don’t have plenty of ammo.

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