Shortages Are Going to Drive People Out of Their Minds: “That’s When the Riots Will Start”

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    When will the breakdown of the system begin?

    If you’ve been paying attention, then you’ll likely agree with contrarian economist Jim Willie. The breakdown is happening right here and now – it’s already in progress.

    Most Americans haven’t realized it just yet, but everything including our economic, financial, monetary and political systems are in full meltdown mode. It was so bad in 2008, in fact, that Congressional members were warned that if they failed to stabilize the financial system there would be tanks in the streets.

    With nearly 50 million Americans on food stamps, more than half of all able-bodied adults out of work, prices for essential goods progressively inflating, consumer spending collapsing, and the government taking on unprecedented levels of debt, the fact of the matter is that nothing has been resolved. It’s only gotten worse.

    Jim Willie warns that, while a collapse is already in the works, Americans have no clue how serious it really is.

    They’ll know soon enough.

    In my view we had a systemic breakdown in 2007.

    Then we had a visible breakdown in 2008… Then we had a further breakdown in 2010 when Europe started to fracture. Then we got more breakdown in 2011 when QE was announced. Now we have further breakdown in 2013 with the gold market ambushes.

    So, to say “When is the breakdown going to happen,” I usually have a sassy response to my clients: Where have you been? It’s in progress.

    We’re leading up to a big event. 

    We are having breakdowns in numerous structural elements of the financial system. 

    They’re all breaking down.

    We don’t know what the actual trigger is going to be. I’m pointing to Deutsche Bank. I think Deutsche Bank is possibly going to be the one big bank they cannot control and that’s where you’re going to get the big break down with contagion hitting numerous western banks and hitting numerous important markets like sovereign bonds.

    So we’re leading to a climax. We’re getting a chain reaction of breakdown events. They’re in progress.

    The ‘taper talk’ was a stress test to find out what in the world would break down, and the answer was everything!”

    In the United States, we are going to have shortages across the board, and that includes gold and silver. 

    Just think food and gasoline. 

    That’s when the riots will start. 

    You are going to see out of control chaos and the government stepping in to restore order. . . .

    Shortages and price inflation are going to drive people out of their minds.

    Via Steve Quayle

    Watch as Greg Hunter of USA Watch Dog interviews The Golden Jackass

    The American people, and the people of most western nations, have been living a life of relative peace and prosperity for the last several decades.

    The majority have no idea how all of it has been made possible.

    The almost unimaginable levels of debt and leverage that have been keeping the system afloat will, however, soon be revealed for the Ponzi scheme they really are.

    And when it all comes crashing down millions of unsuspecting myrmidons will be totally blind sided.

    They will have failed to prepare for a paradigm shift not seen since the early to mid 20th century, when economic instability and wars ravaged the entire globe, leaving tens of millions of people dead.

    As Jim Willie and Greg Hunter note, the big event is coming.

    Now is the time to stockpile those items that will be unavailable at almost any price when the severity of the collapse becomes apparent to everyone. Food to keep you alive for extended periods. Essential supplies that you can barter. Gold and silver as a mechanism of exchange. Weapons and ammo to defend what’s yours.

    We may not be able to predict what will happen or how widespread it will be, but having a well developed preparedness plan will, at the very least, give you a fighting chance at survival.

    This is what it looks like when Americans rush for cheap TV’s, phones and video game systems on Black Friday – can you imagine what the scene will be when they’re fighting for food and clothing?



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      1. Okie,

        I need payment on the ice cream van where you give away free ice cream to the kids. I knew that deal wouldn’t make any profit.

        Where is that truck load of ammo I ordered?

        • I agree … “our economic, financial, monetary and political systems are breaking down”. Most Americans don’t realize it.

          Those that are ‘awake’ can feel it.

          Marc Faber on Today’s 1987 Redux “Market May Drop 20% Or More”

          “…eery similarities between the fundamental and technical backdrop before 1987’s equity market collapse and the current environment.”

          “3rd Hindenburg Omen in 4 days.”

          • yawn

            • @ Peterson


              • Like it!

                • THE LORD has shown me whats coming and even if I told you ,you wouldn’t believe it,BUT its going to be WAY worse then anyone thinks,bartering,hahaha,OH,thats funny,you better think about the russians and other NATO military thats already here,they plan to KILL ALL OF YOU,and I’VE seen the ATTACK ON AMERICA,this whole country is going to be caught with their PANTS AROUND THEIR ANKLES,the government HAS SOLD YOU OUT,the LORD says this WAR will last 1 years/3 mounts,you’ll have to have the protection of the LORD to survive,their going to search every hole and ditch looking for americans to kill,and if they can you’ll get the MARK OF THE BEAST before they kill you,AMERICA IS ENDING,and the police gangs will be helping to make it happen…..get ready,IT GOING TO BE A RED DAWN,and most americans won’t even see it coming……..

                  • Arizona: You need stay out of that hot Arizona sun, or at the very least, put on a hat old boy. You’re a bit fried and poor at mathematics as well. You obviously haven’t bothered to calculate the number of front line troops as well as support personnel needed to have any significant impact in America. But why let a few pesky things like facts get in the way of a perfectly good paranoid fantasy.

                  • Wolverines!!!

                  • give me something to back it up and ill throw you a thumbs up

                • You’re not a smart feller, but a fart smeller.

                  Sorry, but I don’t get many chances to use that one.

                  • I haven’t heard that one since third.

          • This is really a good point, when you have nothing and end up with nothing, not much change. When your life is use to what is expected and you lose that, the more difficult it becomes, especially when you are use to the good and plenty. Shortages always occur before the real misery sets in. Does the common person take stock and do something about it by putting away like the squirrel does before the harsh winter set in? OF COURSE NOT. The government tells the common fool that any shortage will be met with a day soon when the shelves are once again full. The state tells the masses that it is only a manufacturing problem and it will be corrected. Naturally the fool fellows mr. government and believes this and goes happily back to their shallow life. “What me worry?”

            This is not just in the U.S. either. This type of lack of preparedness is rampant whereever there has been any long term prosperity. The masses have unusually tiny attention spans, and it takes little distraction to divert that concern to something else. Just look at right after a major diaster such as a hurricane, tornado, earthquake, or many other events that hurt a region. Does anyone really play attention when times get back to “normal”? Is there an increase of people purchasing electric generators, extra water and food, other supplies? Maybe 5% have learned their lessons and will stock up for a possible next time. The other 95% just know that it won’t happen to them again. Then over the years of quiet that number drops back closely to 1%.

            People are caught unprepared because they lose that urgency of just how terrible it will be without what you need. People don’t understand that it is not just a major catastrophe that can do this either. Someone’s own life can suffer, while everyone around them remains unaffected. Oh, well down to the food bank and the government will welfare you out of despair.

            The masses have to understand that without any safety net there, the hard cold rock solid ground is an awful place to hit. The further someone is up, the further and more painful the fall down is. All of this can be minimized by doing something, putting away for tomorrow. Even a month’s of supplies can make a huge difference between immediate panic and suffering, and time to settle in and adapt to what is collapsing around someone. Why is this so difficult for 99% of the population to understand? I mean honestly, we are not taking rocket science here, just good common sense that animals with 1/3 the intelligence comprehend. Maybe the animals are not as stupid as the masses think they are. 😉

            • Most people are easily conditioned, so it is not a stretch to say that 95% of the people do not understand the concepts you speak of. Those 95% consider themselves entitled to what they want, and immune to disasters.

              The pic of the people lined up to buy cheap Chinese junk on “Black Friday” is very telling, whith regards to what people consider important. Has anyone seen that many people gather together to protest being spied on?

              • You are assuming those ‘black friday’ junkees know they are being spied on. Pfft!!

            • Good evening, Be Informed, and once again AMEN to your comments. I gave up talking to anyone about prepping in the aftermath of Katrina. The feds have somehow convinced the sheeple that they will come in riding on a white horse in the aftermath of any natural disaster and magically make things normal again. What a fantasy world people live in these days! When mega-SHTF finally hits, the nonpreppers will be totally lost and won’t be able to handle it. Black Friday will look like the proverbial walk in the park compared to when the entire system finally collapses and everything just stops working. There are many triggers for MEGA SHTF; just don’t know which one will be used until it happens. When people see their lifelines cut off, that is when they will “lose it” and become extremely dangerous. The ones on any of the programs and with drug and alcohol issues will be the most dangerous. This is the one part about SHTF I’ve always dreaded the most; knowing there’s a good chance I may have to take a human life to protect my supplies. I DON’T WANT ANY OF THIS SHIT HAPPENING, but we all know it’s coming, the only question is what will trigger it. I try not to think about it. On occasion I have nightmares about it and wake up in a cold sweat. Yes, I do fear what is coming, but i also know I’ve got to meet the challenge head-on. i’ve got to grab the bull by the horns and wrestle it to the ground in order to have a decent chance of survival. It doesn’t mean that any of us have to enjoy it. braveheart

              • @ braveheart. Desperate people’s addiction to alcohol and cigarettes can be a big plus for barter items, as they will trade anything practically for it. What someone has to be careful with is that they will eventually run out of what someone needs and then there is a problem possibly if they think you are just holding out on them. Someone could make a real killing with a few hundred shot size bottles that they would fill up and trade with. Maybe 2 or 3 cigarettes in a small sandwich bag could fetch much that you don’t have. This sort of sucks to kind of prey on others’ addictions, but after this happens you number one priority is to survive the best you can. With drugs, let the doppies go into their withdraw without them, maybe they will become useful to themselves for once in their lives.

                I say rather than wrestle the bull by the horns to the ground, use another approach to out think the bull and let the bull go to the ground on its own. Outsmarting your adversary in post mega SHTF world will become one of the best skills anyone can have. Braveheart you will make it okay, this is a near certainty because you are always willing to learn and go that extra mile to.

                • A very wise friend of mine once told me civilization is only 3 meals deep.

                  • Or when cell phone service is turned off city/state then nation wide.

                • BI, thank you for those kind words, but I’ll let someone else deal with the tobacco and alcohol barter items, especially the alcohol. I must confess, I’m a reformed alcoholic myself since 1982, but that’s another story for another time. I’ll try to give the bull a chance to fall on its own; however, if it needs any “assistance”, I’m willing to oblige if it comes to that. One thing I know for sure is I won’t stand aside and let anyone take anything I have and ruin my chances of survival. I’ve come too far in this life after surviving numerous other things to surrender anything to anyone. I just hope such people will avoid my home, but I’m not holding my breath. braveheart

                  • @ Braveheart, good for you for recognizing a problem and
                    staying on the wagon. You already stood up to 2 home
                    robbery, invasion attempts. I believe you will stand your ground and use your wiles and wits to remain unnoticed.
                    I was going to purchase some alcohol (I don’t drink), or,
                    some cigarettes ( I don’t smoke) for barter items.
                    From what I have been reading here, I am not going to
                    do so. Too much risk at my end. Safety first.

                  • Emily, thank you for those kind words. Alcohol does have some medical value, however. Any brand of whiskey is a great painkiller for toothaches, etc. You could keep some for that purpose, if nothing else. braveheart

                • @ KY
                  Good point, but your delivery is a bit coarse.

                  @ be informed
                  I have to agree with you. Bartering is all about trading haves and have not s

                • @ KY. A very difficult question, where do you draw the line with barter? Give away what you don’t need, or get something for it. Isn’t this what the convenient world we live in right now does? Supply and demand? There is always the issue of morality with everything we do, in and out of an SHTF event. You need food personally right now, you go to the store and purchase it. Where did that money that you have come from? Perhaps interest from a bank that foreclosed on a bunch of elderly people. Perhaps from dividends from a company that has made profits from poisoning person with toxic waste dumps, GMO crops, or some nice pharmaceutical company that has benefitted from killing off the sick and elderly with their “meds”. Dirty money. How is this any different than someone bartering for some ammo, food, water, whatever, with booze or cigarettes to someone that must personally have them after there is none?

                  Issue of morality is a difficult one. Surviving is not one. You have booze and need something that someone has that wants that booze, trade for it. Barter has worked for thousands of years, sometimes it is fair and all parties are happy, sometimes not. A person interested in survival stocks up on what they need and what others need. They choose to either give it away when the time copmes that they can’t use, or they barter for it and extend their own supplies a little or a lot. A person’s choice. That is what is called freedom, choice to survive or not.

                  • In colonial days barter was norm when god fearing citizens had morals. Maybe todays world will be gangs taking what they want. The hell with barter. Whats in your wallet?

                    • All this talk about barter is moot if you have done the smart thing and removed yourself from the mass of humanity to a rural area, and stocked up properly.

                      As for addicts, they are best avoided as they never cause anything good to happen.

                    • i know a lot of folks in the same boat as me. joint custody/partial custody. no way in hell mama is going to let the children come with me if i move away from her hometown (urban area) to the sticks. no man (not anyone worthy of being called a man, anyway) can abandon his children. gotta stick it out in the city until things get so daggone bad that even the ex wife (there’s a reason she’s an ex and it isn’t her abundance of common sense) knows it’s less dangerous to abandon her home/job and run for the hills than it is to stay in suburbia.

                      you gotta take the kids when you bug out. lord help you if mamma wants to stay and put up with the gangs and martial law. hopefully she wises up and either lets you take the kids or (yuck) agrees to come with. what if she doesn’t wise up? bad situation.

                      lots of folks are in such similar bad situations that the normalcy bias kicks in.

                • beinformed….you are not talking about BARTER, you are talking about taking advantage of sick people for your own gain…..
                  You’ll find out how it works out there. You obviously have NO street smarts and both addicts and alcoholics have plenty….

                  You will find out my friend, if it ever come to that. You will find out.

                  • ‘IF’ you are trying to instill that ole guilt trip of not being Christian and sharing(giving, the way you think) cram this in you small brain:
                    I Timothy 5:8….Anyone who does not provide for their relatives, and especially for their own household, has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.

                    And every time I hear some opinionated like you share these thoughts, you know what I think??
                    What do ya think Noah did??
                    He didn’t open that darn door that the Lord shut, did he, when those warned attacked, screaming, let me in!!!;-)

                    • Amen, Jay Jay!

                      Our Lord told John Leary that when the Persecution starts and we have to leave our homes, those who share their food will see it replenished and those who do not will see it depleted.

                      I just can’t figure out the naysayers Jay Jay, who give me or you thumbs down.

                      There’s an old saying, ‘There ain’t no atheists in foxholes.”

                      – The Lone Ranger

                • BI,

                  I really doubt any of those people will have anything to barter with, when the time comes, and they will be more than happy to relieve you of anything of value you may have, that they might want…

                  • @ JustMe. That is what old betsy is for and mr. buckshot. Some people do have valuable spare parts and other items that will be needed. Art of barter still can have a purpose in many places after mega SHTF.

                  • Up to and including your life.

                • Thats where the 590 full of 00buck comes in!

                • I would agree with K Y on this.

                  Trading anything habit-forming just has “bad idea” written all over it for where I’m standing. You will identify yourself as someone who has what these desperate souls crave. And these people will be even more desperate than the hungry, thirsty and cold ones, and these types will already be dangerous enough.

                  Not to mention that addicts are unpredictable and hazardous to be around at the best of times. I sure wouldn’t want to be anywhere near one that can’t get his fix because the shit has hit the fan, let alone have them know I have their fix in store.

                  As a rule, you shouldn’t trade anything that can come around to bite you in the ass. And in my opinion, that includes weapons of all sorts, ammunition, combat training and any drug including tobacco, alcohol and medication. Even food I would be leery to trade as it would indicate I have more than I need for me and mine. However, more innocuous skills like making POW-style stoves from tin cans, clothing and shoe maintenance or even laundry service, those would be a lot more valuable, not to mention safer for you, to trade.

                  And on another note, when SHTF and you want to keep your preps under the radar, feel free to use whatever emergency supplies you can get from relief efforts. It will stretch out your stores and be less likely to mark you as a prepper ( or whatever choice term they decide to use).

                  • @ Canadian Vet and KY. Unfortunately after mega SHTF, you and everyone else may be forced to trade what you have to get a totally necessary item for your own survival. Someone may have antibiotics that you have to have, and it may be morally wrong to prey on someone’s addiction for booze or a smoke but what other option is there. Say your son or daughter has pneumonia and the local alcoholic has Cipro or something else that can save your child, what do you do? You risk the hazard of trading for what you need.

                    This is the problem that many people face, the difficulty is seeing the what IF scenarioes that WILL occur after society breaks down. You have to leave your options open, because all is fair and game when this happens. Morality and civilized behavior kind of takes second fiddle when you and/or your family needs something the same as someone else needs something. Bater will work under the right circumstances and even under the wrong circumstances also.

                  • Correct me if I’m wrong, but when the drinkers and the sniffers and the needlers find out they can’t get what they want from me by force, but that I will trade tobacco or alcohol to them for food or other necessary items, they will go out and kill someone else to get the stuff to trade to me for what they want.

                    I’m not going to prolong their addicted lives by one minute, nor allow them to slink back into the community to prey on someone else.

                • The problem with using alcohol and tobacco and any other addictive materials for barter is like you said, people will trade anything for their addictions. That includes everything from their last can of food to information on you to others down to just trying to kill you for a fix.

                  No matter how good you think you are or may actually be, when bullets start flying all it takes is you to be in front of one to have the start of a really bad day.

                  And then there’s always fire. A few beer bottles full of gasoline and crumbled styrofoam flung from behind that wall or house or tree or hill 100 yards out, through the use of some surgical tubing as a slingshot and your day just got a whole lot worse.

                  Better, in our personal opinion, is to not be known as the group with booze and ‘baccy for trade.
                  We’re going for the ‘We ain’t got nothing. And certainly nothing worth your life neighbor.’ plan for when we do interact with folks.

                  Of course opinions vary and this is just our groups and may not be appropriate for everyone. It’s all theoretical and educated guesswork until the shit really does hit the fan.

                • Be Informed

                  thats why i am buying booze as fast as i can and its not just cheap crap a lot of stores sell the good stuff before major holidays and the super bowl. and now that the major chain grocery stores are starting too appear in the US they have Mex Booze cheap Tequila etc.

                  if you live in the south west and can stand the awful music they play over the P A system they have the best prices on fresh Veggies. tomato’s have been selling at certain times of the year at 5 Lbs for a $1.00
                  i have been able to can over 40 Pints of fresh stewed tomatoes and 20 Qts of tomato Sauce. all for about $30.00 to $40.00 and its way better then canned.

                  i now have over 30 bottles just too trade if need be and if not i have enough to hold me till i turn 70 LOL

                  i refuse too store tobacco besides its hard too keep it fresh and useable. let some one else.

                  Troll Killer

                • im gonna buy me truck loads of cigarettes and booze and build me an army, an addiction army, and with that army i shall rule the world, wait isnt somebody doing this already?

              • Braveheart— a most excellent post.

                I didn’t know really what to say until I read it.
                It seems to me that if they stack up the totals
                of all the DHS, FEMA, military and police, etc.,
                their numbers would pale in comparison to the
                sheer force of 300 million irate citizens with
                blood in their eyes going berserk.

                The only analogy I could compare that to would
                be piling a few rocks on the beach for a barrier
                when a 100 foot tsunami was making landfall.

                • Howdy, OutWest. Durango Kidd is always saying that 100,000,000 gun owners have the future of this country in their hands. I’m not convinced we can get all of them aboard, but if we only had 10, 25, even 50% of them to stand with us that would be enough to turn things around. I still cannot picture all the fed agencies combined, even with foreign troops, taking on all of the gun owners in this country, despite the feds having all of their gadgets, etc. Quantity can still defeat quality. That was proven in WW2 when Nazi Germany invaded the Soviet Union. The Germans bit off way more than they could chew; they couldn’t match the Russians in manpower and look what happened to Europe in the aftermath. I will “engage” the enemy regardless of how much help we get. I will be in the struggle for the duration or until I’m killed. braveheart

                  • Focus, centralization. The stronger, wiser force masses it’s forces for regional confrontations.

                    Once does not spread thin to take on all of America. The proletariat you speak of will not be organized nor with they be unified into a centralized force. They are already divided (geographically) and will be readily conquered logic dictates.

                    Sun Tzu would be a good place to pick up some tactics. Your comparison of two traditional armies fighting does not compare to an organized force(s) vs a population.

                    How tough would it be for the forces to cut off supplies for (think water & food) the masses until they submit. FEMA Gulags are all over this nation for a reason.

                    Don’t get me wrong, I am certainly not advocating rolling over and dying or yelling stop as recommended by liberals when confronted by an armed assailant merely trying to bring some grounding, some reason into the dialogue.

                  • The Germans lost a total of 4.5 million in the war and held off every major power on all fromts for several years. The Russians lost 20 million by using their troops as raw material.

                  • I don’t think even 10% actually fought against the British in the Rev. War. And a lot of today’s gun owners aren’t going to be fighting the govt when the shtf, they’re going to be turning the guns on other citizens to take what they have.

                  • Anyone who thinks all the armchair Rambos that have been buying all the guns and ammo will ever stand up to the govt. will be sorely disappointed. Half of them probably voted for Obama. Up until the very end when it it’s too late most will hold out hope that things are not as they seem. Wishful thinking and normalcy bias. Hard to overcome.

                  • Dumbheart…don’t worry princess you’ll be dead in the first half hour.

                • That’s why they have bioweapons…

                  • …which is why we have gas masks.

                • 300 million irate citizens? Bwahahahaaa! You don’t know human nature very well. After Joe blow citizen has been through the meat grinder, the government will tell him, “Hey buddy, we have a plan. Take this, and all will be taken care of for you.”

                  People will do desperate things in desperate times. Including selling their soul… to the devil.

                  But that is the whole point to all of this… isn’t it?

                • Great post. The digital money will end when we are no longer the reserve currency and this will happen within the next five years. We will have to back all of our dept with tangible assets which we don’t have. Then the real bottom falls out. As for the millions of gun owners, probably only 10 million or so really know how to use a gun and a smaller percentage understand or have had tactical training such as the “two man team”, over watch, and cover fire and the like. This is the area the team I am with is now focusing on. Our prep is good and we even have a nurse and a doctor (general practice), but some of our folks lack true combat urban tactical skills. All that said…. Many who are close and “Kinda” prepped and are gun owners will join our side if and when there is a SHTF event. This happened down in MS during Katrina. Good men and women of some neighborhoods found out real quick that there is safety in numbers. Our challenge now and when it goes down is to get them on our team and train them. Gangs work in teams and we will have to also. The nice part is the gangs will also be fighting the government and that increases there “pilot workload”. The goal is to outlast them….. it worked for the Vietcong, it worked for the Russians, and for our troops at Bastogne. Prep for at least one year. Train with your team to defend what you have from ALL threats. If this goes south (and it is looking more and more like it is worldwide)… this will be some of the worst times for humanity worldwide. Live life as full as you can now, but in the background prep like crazy, build good teams, learn skills, and train with your teams covertly (OPSEC). Don’t brag or speak of what you do. Those that want to be a part of this portion of your life … vet first then train them. Those that don’t want any part of this… well it will be bad for them. Stay healthy, love your family and friends, pray, prep…. Plan….

                  • Organize………………….check it out

                  • You’ve hit the nail on the head, Brother!

                    There are thousands like you preparing for the big one.

                    God continue to keep and Bless America!

                    Thy will be done….

              • The biggest trigger is economic meltdown 2.0 causing ebt/food stamp cards to go nsf. When the 95% has their food safety net yanked out from underneath them- mega shtf.

                • Relax, inflation will eat up EBT and the goobs will ignore that behind their locked doors while on vacation in their 2nd homes.

                • That is not gonna happen. That is digital money that is almost infinite in nature and the reason why the USA is not experiencing rioting while Libya and Egypt are; while both of those countries have a much greater disparity between the rich and poor than we do.

                  EBT cards have been the carrot that the NWO Globalists have used to temper passions in the USA over the theft of the economy and the transfer of that economy offshore.

                  EBT cards will not be severed until the PTB are ready for the “Great Culling” and 30,000 guillotines are strategically placed in every city and town after the Police State is in full force and effect.

                  Not today. Not next month. Not next year. Someday maybe if Patriots do not rise to the occasion in this day and time and secure their personal liberties once and for all.

                  Death to the NWO. 🙂

                  • I meant to say the the USA has a much greater disparity between rich and poor than either Egypt or Libya. My bad.


                  • EBT cards will not work when there is no food or goods in the store because the transportation system has been shut down due to shortage of fuel…

                  • Chip there will not be a shortage of fuel. The USA is swimming in hydrocarbons. There will not be a shortage of food; only a shortage of money to purchase food.

                    Save your ten dollar bills in number ten cans because any “economic collapse” would be deflationary in nature like the 30’s.

                    Next year you will be able to buy an F-150 pick up fueled by natural gas. there is no shortage of natural gas in America.

                  • Durango, you said it. It’s just DIGITAL. MONEY.
                    It’s all a big phony ass BUBBLE, and when it pops
                    it’ll make 2008 feel like a warm bubble bath gone cold.
                    And you get sucked down the drain.
                    The US EBT collapse will be the trigger/ Reichstag event/
                    MEGA SHTF to end all shtf’s…

                  • Stevo: The USA produces or imports sooo much food that much of it goes to waste and many Americans are obese. EBT cards are not only a subsidy for the “useless eaters” but also for BIG AG.

                    Without EBT cards profits would drop at WAL MART and that is the reason that EBT cards will not be phased out. That and the fact that the PTB fear multitudes of poor and hungry rabble roaming the city streets where the investments of the Globalists are vulnerable.

                    The lesson learned by Marie Antoinette with respect to feeding the masses has not gone unassimilated by subsequent power structures. There is no shortage of food in America and there will not be unless there is a Pole Shift.

                    And that’s what you’re prepping for, right? 🙂

                • STEVO—- that will probably not happen as they know of the riots it will cause. They can take form the middle class with no rioting and just keep giving it to the poor.

                  The poor are not stupid. I’ve seen this all play out in different countries more than once.

                  The poor are the brave and the triumphant as they already know how to make something out of nothing….
                  Can’t lose what you don’t have can ya?

                  The pickins in this Country will be plentiful..there is no need to stock up for anything… it’s all stocked up out there already…. 🙂

                  • KY, don’t be giving stupid advice to people. Stevo, don’t listen to KY. He’ll get you killed. braveheart

                • Stevo: You are right on. I work at the Post Office and see so many Disability Applications come through every day. It is astounding. I wonder how long the “makers” can support the “takers”. Each month I have the same thing occur. The same people come in and purchase 10 -15 money orders to pay their bills.. They will whip out their EBT (taxpayer funded) card and pay for their $125.00 Dish Network bill (I can only afford $54.00 a month) as well as many other useless “free” government paid (“our tax dollars”) benefits. The same people come in and swipe their card and funnel $ back to the democrat party every month. I see it with my own eyes……the EBT card is charged up on the 1st and donations to the democrap party fly out on the 2nd. Sickening cycle….

                  People really have no idea what is coming. I’ve said it before: imagine what would happen if the freebies were cut off all of the sudden. You would have chaos in the streets. This is all planned……Odumbo was born and raised for the purpose of destroying this country. It’s not just him though. There is no difference between democraps and republicans. They are all the same. Alan West was correct when he said there were at least 80 communists in congress. Speaking of congress, remember “we’ll have to pass it to find out what’s in it (obamacare)”. Now the same dumb bitty has made the statement “we are afraid of the brain drain that might occur if congress and their staffers have to participate in the obamacare program come 2014”. She is implying that ALL of the “smarts” might leave Washington and go to the private sector if they have to abide by obamacare. Who the hell do they think they ARE? They work for US!!! Arrogant S.O.B.s’

                  • @ BC – I am trying to be open minded here. There may be
                    some people who truly need to be on Disability or have their
                    EBT cards.

                    On the other hand, I was a pharmaceutical tech. a while back.
                    This girl came up to me, and paid for her birth control pills
                    with her EBT card. The pharmacy could only give her a certain
                    number of the birth control pills. She became upset with me and said, “But, I am going to France. I need to have them!”
                    I thought to myself, ‘Nice.’ Just ‘nice.’ What is the cost of airfare to France. Someday I would like to visit Europe.

                    People have told me that they believe Obama is the
                    antichrist. In the same breath, they tell me that if
                    Obama is not the antichrist, he is going to introduce this
                    country to the antichrist. They may have a point.

                    People talk. Among themselves, or to others they can trust.
                    They keep it among themselves. I suspect there is a fear
                    of speaking out.

                • How about with the FEMA people stocking up on food stuffs, they cause food prices to go up? Remember the price of ammo went skyward when the government started buying massive amounts? What happens when Shitavious can only get 1/3 of the food he needs with his EBT card?
                  You dont think Shitavious is suddenly going to get a job or plant a garden do you?

              • BraveHeart,

                Excellent post. Gets to the inner core angst any of us ‘in the know’ have to feel. This is why the first month will be so dangerous and critical; the dangerous ones coming off their drugs of choice but also the pain of seeing the helpless (long list of elderly, life support, lost sheeple, etc.) and lost souls flounder & die off. It’s not going to be pretty.

                To my way of thinking, we (the foresighted prepared) will have a responsibility. God grant that we will live up to it.

                • Slap Happy, welcome to our site and thank you for those kind words. You’re right, the first month will be the most horrific. Everyone on life support, elderly, infirmed, will be the first to go. The lost sheeple will die from violence, starvation, disease, etc. Life in this country will change for all of us who survive the calamities to come and change forever. the lifestyles we have now will be lost forever. “The Great Culling” will be more like a holocaust. The responsibility of preppers will be to survive and to take this country back and turn it back into the kind of country god intended for us to have. braveheart

              • BraveHeart,

                Excellent post. Gets to the inner core angst any of us ‘in the know’ have to feel. This is why the first month will be so dangerous and critical; the dangerous ones coming off their drugs of choice but also the pain of seeing the helpless (long list of elderly, life support, lost sheeple, etc.) and lost souls flounder & die off. It’s not going to be pretty.

                To my way of thinking, we (the foresighted prepared) will have a responsibility. God grant that we will live up to it.

              • BI & brave, great posts.

                “And when it all comes crashing down millions of unsuspecting myrmidons will be totally blind sided.”

                The world is about to explode into WWIII, if Egypt, Syria (Damascus) and the Middle East radicals go up Gas/fuel will spike to 10$ a gallon and it will fully be on. I use gas prices as a trigger as to how I will carry my arms, 6$ a gallon I open carry and after that we are guaranteed home envisions, carjacking and robbery will spike to levels unseen before.

                The elites want and need death and destruction, so once it starts there can be no quick end. We must think of the coming conflict as a generational war for the freedom of our souls and the future of our children and grandchildren, victory and survival is and will be our only option.

                As preppers I believe most of us want to live and let live, but I believe that option is being taken from us before we even start, so I say we by virtue of our preparedness must take-up the roll of leadership, we cannot BUGOUT, but we must be willing to stand and fight when the time is right

                I know I’m a bit off topic here and preaching to the Church but we must in the face of this start talking about what we can and will do when the worst happens.

                Regards Y99

                • Y99, you’re especially right about no longer having the option of living and let live. I first made my decision to stand against the NWO when I saw the atrocity at Waco on TV, but it was 911 when we lost the option of living and let live. We’re all being forced into a nightmare scenario that none of us ever wanted. We face a government that has some of the worst intentions imaginable toward all of us. What else is there to do in the face of such circumstances? I believe all we really want is to be left alone and have our freedom, but this organized criminal enterprise called the US government keeps making it clear we can’t have our cake and eat it too; before long we won’t even be able to get near the cake. There is no guarantee of survival in surrendering to this evil government. Standing up and fighting this evil is the only chance of survival any of us will have. I truly believe surrendering is the same as signing your own death warrant. the only thing I want out of life these days is to get my country back after defeating these evil scum in war and turning it back around into a country we can all believe in. I want a free America and I’m willing to put my life on the line for that cause. I’ll be in the struggle for the duration or until I’m killed, whichever comes first. If my time comes up during the post-SHTF era, at least I’ll go out of this world on my own terms. braveheart

              • My sentiments, “EXACTLY”!

              • The transformation to a police state is already happening but in a controlled manner. Look at the Boston bombing. What a charade that was! Why so many armed police and military to go after two guys who turned out to be patsies? Because the Feds wanted to test the lockdown of a city while the pursuit was underway. It worked, thanks to the unfailing support of the media.

                Now the total surveillance state has been revealed and people are even afraid what they say on the phone or by email. So much for freedom of speech and protection against invasive search and seizure.
                Step by step they are enforcing a police state.

                It’s time for revival of town hall meetings to motivate and inform the populace about what’s really going on. Sites like shtfplan, WRH, SGTReport and many others are a beginning.

                • RATTLERSLODGE.ORG———————————-TAKE A LOOK

                • @ Ken – You are right. I pray and hope the mundane masses
                  will wake up. The Awakening.

            • I predict another wave of forclosures, and that they won’t take years to complete. If you have a mortgage taken out since the last wave, you can rest assured your papers are in order. “Show me the note!” won’t delay your eviction. Funny how people think the banksters are offering low rate mortgages, usually to replace higher-rate mortgages, without wondering what’s in it for the banksters.

            • I like all of your posts. My theory on prepping is tied to my life as a very young, divorced, single mom who had NOTHING except three jobs and a child when I divorced my first husband. Those days were awful (No child support enforced, no EBT cards and no Section 8 or child care credit) and they’ve stayed with me. We are doing “okay” to “well”, now, decades, and a wonderful new husband later, and I’m putting back as much as possible. What drives me nuts is telling my kids about those days (the child I had in my teens was very young then and doesn’t remember any of it). They listen, but act like it’s a bed-time story with a happy ending. I really want to scream a lot.

            • Hey John Wayne said it best in one of his movies, “Life is tough. It’s even tougher if you’re stupid.”

              • Davey Crockett said it best……….”Y’all can go to HELL, I’m going to TEXAS”!

            • Well, I’m not really used to “good and plenty”, but I’m used to having “enough”, with a few short periods of not quite having “enough”. I’m planning and working hard, to avoid getting used to having nothing.

            • Well, it IS Shark Week.
              Remember- it’s a bad week to be a seal…
              Or a sheep…

            • it’s like my mama used to say: “zombie is as zombie does”

            • @ Be Informed – I think many are living from paycheck to paycheck and trying to survive. Also, I have observed that when payday arrives, its booze, party, cigarettes and the barbeque. Its a Self Absorbed mentality. A celebration ‘I made it to payday’. No thinking of stocking up on a few things for an emergency. Local or country. I know many who refuse to watch the news, or know what is going on in current events. I understand the current news can be overwhelming or frightening, but you have to know what is going on around you.

            • @ BI – I responded to your post, the site threw my response
              down a few ways. I hit the reply button back and

              • @ Emily. I was having problems a couple of days ago also. It makes you wonder if “mr government” is not liking all the good ideas on preparation and talk of being free out there. You noticed how many obvious trolls there has been out there the past week or so? Mac’s site is really starting to hit some nerves out there. COOL.

                • @ Be Informed – Thank you for your reply. I am glad to know that I was not alone with posting difficulty. Yes, I have noticed all the trolls here recently. I never thought about your point, but it sounds right, I think this site is hitting
                  some touchy nerves. I also suspect many in the news media
                  read this site, but they will never admit it. Yet, sometimes
                  a statement or a comment here will make it out onto the mainstream media. Interesting. When this site goes down due to disruption of service (dos), I think Mac and all of us will know people are becoming scared and pissed off.

                  A few weeks ago I picked up my landline
                  phone to telephone a family member. As I placed the phone
                  against my ear, I heard a definite ‘click.’ I am trying not
                  to be paranoid, (although I did google to see how one could
                  check to see if their phone was tapped…)

                  • @ Emily. The usual trolls here complain and try to get a reaction. However the past week or two there has been so very cruel digs at some of the nicest people on the site. This garbage is either the state trying to disrupt the site, or it is some really and truly retarded mongoloids that get their fetish jollies by making some of the regular contributors angry or feel real bad. What whomever is doing this doesn’t understand is that we are all in the same boat, and unless they have some interstellar spacecraft and can get off this planet, when the hammer falls it falls on ALL. This site can help that blow be lessened by thinking and reasoning together. Too bad some don’t get this and rather troll and be total liabilities to everyone else around them including themselves.

                  • “No one can make you feel inferior without your permission.” Eleanor Roosevelt

                    The trolls can ply their craft all they want. If we know we are doing the right thing, their rants go in one ear and out the other. I do not give them permission to make me feel inferior because I observe, think, learn, collaborate, and take action.

                • Unbunch your panties. It’s just a software bug. Some dickhead like me made a simple logic error when writing the comment code. No conspiracy, just a simple screw up.

          • Instead of regurgitating from other websites…. you’d think you would be looking for a way to get the hell out Kentucky. Collapse happens you’ll have more assholes around you then you’ll know what to do with.

            Take some lessons from McLovin or something…. LOL!

            • What would Tom do…?

              • I don’t know! LOL

                Guess I could just start posting random news stories from The Blaze or The Drudge…. cuzz it sure is fucking stupid to do so!

                If KFCMother is really worried or wanted to make a difference like this place has…. she needs to go stand up on her own and start doing something… don’t ya think? Pointing people to another website doesn’t do shit really.

                ….. yes I know I probably look like an asshole troll from hell….. but if she wants to make a difference, more news SURE isn’t the answer.

                (people get hooked on getting attention on the web, think she suffers from that problem. It isn’t her job around these parts to play news anchor in the comment section)

                • As the economy worsens, we will see more ‘crimes of opportunity.’

                  Be safe. Men, please warn the women in your family.

                  “Surveillance cameras are revealing what police call “sliders”: criminals targeting women who leave their purses in the car while they pump gas. The crooks sneak through the passenger side of the cars.”

                  Today dot com

                  • I also read a while back of a key chain given as a promotion of some sort at gas stations–it contains a tracker and the men follow you home.

                  • I read about this. I always lock my car doors to get gasoline or anything else. I also have my large dog with me who discourages too much interaction with others.

                  • “Sliders” is another msm scare campaign. I lived in Portland OR for half of my life and this has been going on there for as long as I can remember, and I’m sure it has been happening elsewhere for about as long, so let’s get real for a moment—

                    They’ll take your purse out of the shopping cart while you’re reaching for the cheerios.

                    They’ll creep into your open garage while you’re in the bathroom, and steal your tool box and anything else they can carry.

                    They’ll cut the screen and reach into your window and steal the laptop right off your end table.

                    They’ll steal your wallet right out of your back pocket.

                    They’ll steal your dog or cat right out of your fenced yard.

                    They’ll steal everything out of, and off of, your car while you’re inside shopping.

                    They’ll take your CHILD before he gets on the school bus.

                    They’ll steal your purse from under the table in a restaurant—and don’t EVER set your card down on the counter for a moment.

                    They’ll help you carry your packages to your car, but then keep on going with them.

                    They’ll reach into your car window at a stop light and steal the stuff in your passenger seat.

                    They’ll walk off with your backpack when they reach their stop on public transportation.

                    They’ll steal the pink plastic flamingos from your flower bed, right along with your corn and tomatoes.

                    They’ll pull your bag under the stall in the bathroom.

                    No, I’m afraid this is just the next ‘thing’ to keep us scared and distracted from the real issues.

                    Nice try though.

                  • lol sixpack…when they start stealing the pink flamingos, the lawn jockeys and the gnomes it’s time to draw the line.

                  • You’ve been to Naples, IT sixpack?

                  • also, be alert in parking lots even in day time, this incl men, teenagers. Several retired widows near me will not open their door anymore to strangers to incl women door knockers. Good idea for everyone to post a no sales, canvassing, advertising, etc sign near the front door. Keep car and house doors locked when home 24/7 and fence gate padlocked.

                • One of the very first rules of survival is to attempt to get a jump on what is happening before everyone else does. Be forewarned before others means that extra amount of time to act. I personally appreciate KY Mom and Satori, and others that have kept out updated on what we may not see elsewhere. It takes time and personal effort to try to help your fellow person out there remain alert. Thank you KY Mom and many others that keep us updated on the world collapsing around us. Remember this is a personal contribution that no one has to do, and many of us would miss much without this other news.

                  • BI…”One of the very first rules of survival is to attempt to get a jump on what is happening before everyone else does. Be forewarned before others means that extra amount of time to act.”….. right from the “Art Of War”. Thank you for the words of wisdom and as I have said… don’t bash folks because they are trying to help. Yes sometimes they will get a story wrong but for the most part I find things here and on other sights BEFORE it is in the mainstream news….

                • I will only speak for myself, although I know more people share my opinion than yours Peterson, due to thumbs up and down. I appreciate ky sharing her research. When you work as many hours as I do, then try to prep for a family of 7, and educate myself on current events, any sharing of pertinent information is helpful. Please don’t listen to him. ky!!!

                • Shut up Peterson, you naggy little whiner

                • @PETERSON-

                  her husband with one tooth prob abuses the shit out of her and she has nothing else in her life so she pukes out news links 588 times a day to more useless info.

                  • @ KY. You know anyone that says something so horrible about KY Mom is more useless than a piece of gum on the sidewalk. Go troll somewhere else you pathetic waste of life.

                  • You need to jam yourself back into that tube of jelly.

                  • KY,

                    You are the one who seems to be filled with hate and anger. All you seem to do is to say hateful things to people in your comments.

                    You know nothing about me or my husband. Our teeth are just fine. We have been married for a number of years now. I am thankful. Just to clarify…he is a good man and has never been abusive.

                  • KY [NOT KY MOM] and Peterson, f#$% both of you! Move your sorry asses on to somewhere else! you don’t run down the good people of my community! braveheart

                • Peterson, you back off from the good people on this site. Don’t like what you see here? then move your stupid ass on and go f$%# yourself. braveheart

                • Peterson and KY (Not KY Mom)… Move on … she (KY Mom) is way smarter than the two of you combined.

            • STF UP!

          • jpmorgan chase issues the ebt cards nationwide under contract with the government.

            jpmorgan is currently exposed to over 80 TRILLION in derivatives worldwide..second in the entire world to Deutsch Bank.

            Once the derivative exposure starts to unravel..the ebt accounts will be emptied first as collateral damage to save their sorry asses with all the other financial instrument losses underway..that my friends is when is starts to get dirty..and that will only be the beginning..


            • All these grand conspiracies(and facts) we discuss here are all money/debt based..period.

              They leverage their obligations and gamble on our backs..period..we pay the price through bailouts,taxes,wars,false flags etc to cover their sorry asses..

              It’s all about the money and power..nothing more ..nothing less..

              Everything is by design

              Everything is planned

              Nothing..absolutely nothing is by accident or coincidence.

              These pieces of shit worship the always for thousands of years.

              We embrace the always..and we always get crushed..

              Maybe it’s time we rise above the fray

              Destroy them with everything we’ve got…focus,embrace the truth..the light..and light em up!


              • Planned, maybe. But just remember von Clauswitz dictum: “No battle plan survived first contact with the enemy”. Just as true now as it was then . . . .

            • Wait it’s not like they issue EBTs out of the goodness of their non-existent hearts.

              Isn’t that a profit center for them?

              Not exactly sure HOW it could be… I’m assuming the .gov pays them…???

              So… derivative unwind would see them issuing MORE of them, not less, right?

              Now if the .gov goes tits up then yeah…

              • The bank receives a fee for the EBT card program, and no doubt there is some profit there, all they need to do is provide the card, magnetic strips, and input the data for each user, and keep them filled up on the first of the month. They take no financial losses, it’s not a credit card program.

                • You are absolutely right. The bank doesn’t provide the money, your state provide the money ( the feds provide ‘block grants’ that your state determines how to distribute).

                  What the banks are after are the SERVICE FEES. By using a debit card the banks get a piece of EVERY SINGLE DOLLAR provided as public assistance. Said simply, they have found a way to insinuate themselves into the method we citizens use to help our less fortunate brethren.

          • KY Mom,

            People are already going absolutely berserk over Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday sales. It won’t take much of a catalyst for them to become rabid lunatics when the time comes and the government runs out of the “Kool-Aid” to sell them.

            Those who are denying the collapse obviously don’t know their history. Back in the early 1930’s the U.S.government vehemently denied the nation was in a depression until conditions became so bad it was undeniable that the nation was in the midst of a depression of historic proportions.

            At that point the nation had already been in the Great Depression for at least 3 years.

            Hindsight is always 20/20 and the same story is playing out in the here and now.

            Thanks KY Mom. Take care.

            • Getting some holiday bargains myself. So far a sleeping bag for my SIL and a $7 Cubs flashlight key chain for 50 cents.
              (LOL Maybe next year Cubs fans!) My holiday shopping frenzy will continue to be prepper related. Hoping the holidays don’t come early this year. Keep preppin .

              • Gopher, my holiday shopping has always been prepper-related, but the way things are looking I’ll be surprised IF we have any holidays this year. If we do, they’ll most likely be the last ones we’ll ever see. braveheart

                • I think it will be a Bank Holiday!

                  Semper Fi

              • Gopher,

                There you go! Good luck with the Cubs 🙂 Shop early and avoid the crazed shoppers. This year I wouldn’t be surprised to see some shoppers come armed with machetes ready to cut in line. Pun Intended!

            • YH you got it so right.
              BO has record numbers addicted to crack- food stamps
              and his posse’ mission is divide and chaos.
              They’ve accomplished dividing, now for economic chaos.
              The old school hippies, now profs, learned their Alynski tactics well along w/ cloward piven strategies.
              It’s all calculated, wake up people.

              • +1!

        • “Trade Wars, Currency Wars, World Wars”…”When people lose everything and have nothing else to lose, they lose IT”

          – Gerald Celente

        • Ted – Show us your purchase order. No wait. Show us your permit!


        • Mayors Against Illegal Guns | Washington Free Beacon

          BY: Washington Free Beacon Staff — August 2, 2013 6:43 pm. Bloomberg Spends NYC Cash on Nevada Gun Laws. BY: Washington Free Beacon Staff — June …
          Firearms Group Files Lawsuit to Overturn Connect

          “Terror watch list” banned from owning guns– N.J.– new gun laws.

        • Me: “Is that your tip jar?”
          Waitress: “Yes”
          Me: “Ok I was just making sure- didn’t want to give money to the crippled kids by accident.”
          Waitress: Awkward courtesy laugh

          I stand by my line. I thought it was funny.

        • TED I wouldn’t worry about ICE CREAM,I’d worry about AMMO,the chinese are bragging americans will run out of ammo before they run out of troops,and JUDGING by what I’ve seen, most americans don’t have no where near as much ammo as they will need,their coming thru every tunnel and military base in america,ONE DAY it will be nice,THE next day there will be thousands of foreign troops everywhere,YOUR ONLY HOPE is THE LORD,and a good SNIPPER RIFLE,don’t go ANYWHERE WITHOUT YOUR BEST BATTLE RIFLE AT YOUR SIDE,the road blocks will be pulling people out of their vehicles and taking the to FEMA DEATH CAMPS to be killed,DON’T BE ONE OF THEM……………..

          • Lighten up Francis. You’re wound tight.

          • Dude you need to relax. The Chinese lack the sea-lift capacity to retake their ‘rough province’ Taiwan which is RIGHT NEXT DOOR. Do you really think they can get all the way across the Pacific in sufficient numbers to constitute a significant military threat?

            FYI: The Chinese do not posses a ‘blue water’ Navy. When I was stationed at 32nd street (San Diego), we had 3 Chinese vessels pull in on a ‘friendship visit’. The only way they made it to San Diego is we sent an oiler to escort them across the Pacific. The oiler provided them with fuel and more importantly FRESH WATER. That’s right, their ships cannot currently make fresh water while under way.

            You’re welcome, one less thing to worry about. No thanks are required.

            p.s. There is no navy in the world that can hope to compete with the US Navy in blue water battle. We maintain the only large scale battle fleets in existence. If you think that some other country is going to be able to invade via the Pacific or the Atlantic oceans you are crazier than I am.

      2. The question is when? Do I hae enough time to move to Montana in the spring. It’s the population density of the eastern usa which scares me more than anything. Although I live in an area of mostly libtard. I only have so many speres I can throw at the unprepared beating down my Doomsday Castle. When will we see it all fall apart?

        • No one knows the day or the hour but the Father so said Jesus. 😉

        • Warhog, I would be moved out before the new year. VERY strong feeling about this… move by end of this summer or at least before new year. (I’m in same situation!)

          • Im moving in the late spring of next year. Not very far , Ill. to Mo. Ill. property tax here on 2 acres with a little house 1500.00 My property in mo. 2.5 acres with backyard dumping into 35000 acres of national forrest with trailer … Bottomless well even in the drought last year and Caves everywhere and springs ,get this 14.00 thats fourteen dollars. Open carry, big piney river about a mile and a half down the road. Virtually no zoning . Only neighbor so far is about 1 mile down the road. Even rural Ill. sucks as far as a strategic place to be. Cause you still have Ill libtards Governing. I think any state east of the Mississippi north and south is gonna suffer the worst in the near future because of population numbers being so high . I will be ready to bug out tomorrow if need be, but hope I can wait till this house is sold in the spring. Housing is up almost 11%over last year sales around here because of sheeple . So if the Shtf can wait a while longer that would be golden but if not look me up in south central Mo.

            • Two2wisper, the way things are looking you might have to move before winter and just abandon the IL property. MO is a great state with great people and pro-gun. My dad is retired in north central AR and loves it. braveheart

        • You have enough time to move to Montana in the Spring. Its coming, but not today and not tomorrow. Not even next month. There is much that must happen before the SHTF.

          The second leg down is not SHTF. The markets will crumble, that ALWAYS happen when stock prices exceed reasonable PE ratios. That is not SHTF.

          Gold will spike. War will spread and intensify. That is just an extension of the proxy war between Israel and Iran, using competing Muslim factions. That is not SHTF either.

          Flash mobs of inner city youth rioting, raping, looting, and burning is only par for the course and an extension of the race baiting by LSM. That is not SHTF either.

          When the BIG one hits Southern Cal destroying LA or the New Madrid splits the USA like a wishbone at a picnic, turning the countryside into chaos, while the earth rocks to and fro in space like a drunk, that is not SHTF either.

          When SHTF hits, no one will have to ask, “Do I have time to move to Montana in the Spring?” Be there to get there. Until then, keep prepping. 🙂

          • I don’t know Durango, I feel like the fall could be interesting. Think about it for a second. If tptb want this to happen, what better time than late fall, early winter. Think about what a collapse just as winter is setting in would do. I am just saying…

            • JIM-

              Every year it is same fucking story…

              “Its happening before the end of this year”\


              Next fall you fools will be saying the same thing.

              You cant WAIT for it can you?


              • troll

                • I have a great recipe for troll. First, peel and cut up four large onions …….

              • Nope, cant wait for an excuse to burn all that ammo on stupid ficking zombies

            • I’ve thought about this very issue. If ‘they’ could control the time, which they can’t, what time of year would they choose? Let’s use where I live as an example. I am in SW UT. Here, it’s summer that kills, not winter. However, I agree that many places winter would be the most devastating time for a collapse. The question becomes: “who exactly do they want to survive SHTF to do all their butt wiping after?” My guess is that they would want the mouth breathing, worthless, slack minded, uneducated populous to be the survivors in the end. Look at Boston, New york, Baltimore, St. Louis, Chicago…just a few major cities and ALL of them have COLD winter. However, what do those cities all have in common? Mass populous of the knuckle dragger. So when do you think they would really choose? A hot summer here, where there is a majority of the population that are like minded and embrace liberty, justice, and the constitution? Or a cold winter where all the space cadets live?

              • What part of SW Utah? I’m down in these parts as well. D is for Dixie?

                • Yes sir. Nice to know someone else on here is from these parts. Its good to link arms with like minded people.

            • What better time for SHTF than Fall or early Winter? After the 2014 elections, if O’Bummer gets a majority in both the House and the Senate.

              That would be a perfect time for the NWO to collapse the economy, blame it on him, and then demand marshal law, tanks in the streets, and drones overhead to protect the Uber Rich in an all out police state.

              Are you listening LEO’s? You are the pawns for the NWO to enforce their takeover of the USA. Remember your oath is to the US Constitution and the Community that employs you, not to a Rogue Federal Administration.

              Your duty is to protect US, from them. Engage! 🙂

              • Many LEO’s will not join Obummers army….

              • ‘if O’Bummer gets a majority in both the House and the Senate’

                Here is the reason why the Communist Democrats and their RINO co-conspirators are so eager to get amnesty passed.

                Brietbart has a article up today from a Gallop Poll:


                Basically, it states that not only are illegal mestizo aliens addicted to the Party of Parasites, but the longer these mestizos are here in America and the more they learn about the entitlement system, the more hard core dedicated they become towards the Democrat Party and their socialist, income redistribution agenda.

                Imagine that we could hit a big ‘rewind’ button on America, and zap ourselves back to 1776 and then replace the White European people who founded this nation and who built this nation out of a wilderness – with the same number of mestizos.

                Does anyone with a brain bigger than a freaking marble believe for a second that these parasitical, freebie craving, social entitlement demanding mestizos could have created the America that we see today, basically from scratch?

                This is the ‘new’ mindset that will become a permanent default condition of the American nation, if amnesty gets passed and we are flooded with 50-100 or more million Hispanics from Mexico, Central and South America. We’ll become a nation infested with leeches and lazy, good for nothing welfare bums – who will sit around on their fat butts, demanding that the Big Sugar Daddy in D.C. give them free stuff and to provide for their every wish and desire.

                Oh, don’t think that this third world invasion of leeches and parasites will be restricted to only Hispanics. Ethnic competition being what it is, you can bet the farm that blacks will also want to bolster their percentage of the population and that means, the floodgates will open up from Africa and Haiti.

                End result? The America that our 100 percent White European Founding Fathers created and which they intended to pass down to their posterity – will be buried under an avalanche of incompetent, incompatible, indigestible and hostile third world caliber losers.

                Oh, but if you’re one of these self-hating, self-loathing, Franz Boas kool-aid drinking liberals, you probably believe that the reason all of these third world nations are poverty stricken, disease ridden, backwards hell holes has nothing whatsoever to do with the people who live there and who run things, right?

                Time for a truth enema: You cannot have or maintain a First World nation when you fill it up with Third World people, folks.

                America is almost finished. Stick a fork in it.

                • @ Tucker – AMEN! A voice of logic, well spoken.

              • Well, considering that the ‘republican’ party has been doing every thing it can think of to prevent any sign of an economic recovery while Obama is in office, and it is in fact slowly recovering, leads me to think that they cannot in fact crash the economy ‘on demand’.

                If the big money interests behind the republican party (and the tea party) had their way we would currently be eating our own dogs just to survive.

            • Jim(another Jim)

              You are most likely correct. Tactically, the cold of winter is the best time to topple an army or enslave a people. Why? Think about the natural disadvantage you will be at.

              -HEAT is the one thing that will give you away in the dead of winter. With drones that can scan miles and miles of terrain with FLIR, any heat source stands out like a white hot light. To survive you will need heat to stay warm, cook food and thaw ice for water. Oops.

              -It is easier to clean up and dispose of dead, frozen bodies than bloated, rotting ones. Ask anyone who has ever been to the jungle and seen a massacre…it’s nasty and smells for miles.

              -No bugout to the woods without leaving tell-tale tracks…snow is your enemy as tracks will give you away.
              Blood trails are also a bitch when your badly wounded and leaking like a stuck pig.

              -No gardens or fresh vegetation to live on, you are stuck with what you have.

              -NO easy access to fresh water. In the cold dead of winter many lakes ponds and small streams freeze over.

              -You burn a lot of calories trying to stay warm. This plays havoc with your metabolism as well since most are overweight and not healthy to start with.

              I can go on and on, but most think life is a walk in the park. Maybe they haven’t walked in the parks I have.

            • Nov 5th….
              The Planned Million Mask March of annon will be the trigger the GOV is looking for to enforce martial law. Once this happens the internet will be all but shutdown to stop social media’s warning to thoses whom are not allready rounded up. The economy will colapse under the added weight of gov oppression. When you get the forclosure letter in the mail start cleaning your gun because they are commming to take you to camp. We must all stand now, but things arne’t bad enough yet.

              It’s like the old dog laying on the porch. There is a nail sticking out of the floor, and he’s winning about it, he howls from the pain, but he dosen’t move. You may ask yourself why he dosen’t move, but the answere is it dosent hurt enough.

        • Good luck in Montana. We moved from there in 06. Money can be real tight depending on area and skills. Winters are long and there is now no shortage of out of state libs that are quickly changing things. We did love the state for the most part though. Financial opportunities pushed us in our decisions. I think a collapse in the US will be a long slow process. I am changing my views watching things go down lately and people’s reactions to events. I am amazed at the stock market, housing market, and auto sales. Doesn’t make sense, but the US citizens just keep on finding ways to make do or even prosper. How many times have each of us read and believed that the “crash” was 3-6 months away? I know I was sure before the last election. Then by this time or that time. Still nothing happens. I think be as prepared as reasonably possible, but don’t let the process ruin your current life.

        • We could use more patriots here.:-) Just bought my doomsday castle on 5 acres… nice house with a 1200 sq foot SHTF shop and other not so overt dwellings. I am a native to MT and although this is a great place to live…..sheeple are here to. Just in smaller numbers. But we are inundated with bunny huggers and UC Berkley professors on a mission to turn Montana gay and vegan ASAP. Oh and said professors think we should all hold hands together while flying around on pink unicorns petting the “peaceful wolves” that have decimated the moose and elk populations. As far as population density goes…..i have a neighbor a half mile away and thats too close….but he is an ex vietnam green beret and on oxygen and dammit I gotta go make sure he is okay. I jumped out of airplanes too ;). For those posting on crazy property taxes…be forewarned…..our property taxes are high. But the price of land is reallllllly cheap. MT is a place white collar folk retire to and
          blue collar folks laugh at them.

          • Liberalism is a very deadly mental disease, and the worst characteristic of people who’re afflicted with this sickness is that they refuse to admit the destructiveness of liberalism.

            Liberalism has totally destroyed California, and now that the state is turning into a debt-ridden, mestizo infested, bankrupt basket case – White liberals are moving out, heading to Nevada and Colorado and from what I am reading, they are now trying to repeat the same political stupidity that destroyed California on their new destinations.

            Liberals are going to have to be quarantined, before they manage to destroy all 50 states. Or, as Obama said once, all 57 states.

            • You do know that the founding fathers where ‘liberal’ don’t you? They over turned the existing order in their time, are you so very sure our order shouldn’t be over turned?

              Be very. very careful about dismissing other peoples ideas out of hand. They could be the modern equivalent of Newton, Einstein, Franklin, etc.

      3. It is too late for most to get started now. Help those that are on their way. Keep your powder dry and eyes on your 6. Pray for your families and thank GOD you are awake. Things look bad for the urban areas. We had people probing the ranch the other day and they got run off and I think we scared the hell out of them. Don’t even know how bad it’s going to be when the Poo hits the fan.
        TWODOGS Out!

        • If they are already probing your ranch, you can imagine what is coming, when TSHTF. People who think they are going to ride out the nightmares on thier farms and ranches unbothered, are dreaming. There are few places left in CONUS that are not 3 days walking distance from inhabited areas.

          • If they can climb the hill and get past the gatling guns, I’m dead! 🙂

            • Is the hill flammable?

              • No.

                • Then ya may have a chance!

              • Is that you E-crap? Na, E was smarter.

          • Here in the southwest, the prospect of a 3 day walk without water will keep most of the zombies in the city…

          • @ Just me-

            ECXACTLY. they think they are going to cook their preps, patrol their properties, and live like kings while 290 million others starve.

            I have a group too. Large. We are taking what we need and are more than capable of doing so.

            You guys have no clue.

            Other than some that have also been in urban warfare, you have no clue what you are wishing for. You are not at all prepared. There are a couple dozen ways for us to get at you without you knowing it until it is too late.

            • I love it when someone underestimates me. It gives me a BIG advantage. Thanks! 🙂

              • Yeah, and bullies don’t deal with resistance well either. Injure or kill a few of them and they’ll panic. Not to mention they probably won’t have the numbers to sustain operations for long. Canadian infantry doctrine calls for a 3-to-1 attacker to defender ratio, and that is for a single line of defence. Defences in depth and layers of fire and that ratio gets even more brutal.

                So don’t go hunting, let them one to you. You know, on the ground you prepared in pre-arranged fields of fire and through designated kill zones?

            • My group will battle to the death your group of fucking takers. Best community wins. This is why I believe in safety in numbers. I also will arm those close to me as I am able to do. I have already discussed with some folks this exact scenario of assholes such as yourself doing as you suggest. Time will tell.

            • You just keep thinking that.

            • I’m thinking that most sheeple and govt. dependent losers won’t know there is a collapse.
              Now, while they’re wondering what is going on after their cards are rejected for ISF, they aren’t sitting home on the porch or watching the History channel.
              They are more than likely burning that last tank of gas they have –I mean, why would they have a shed of gas??
              So, short of stealing gas to get far away from the city and into the backwoods, I don’t see a problem for the ranchers and farms people.

              • I hope you’re right. In NW Ohio, we have to contend with Toledo, Dayton and maybe Lima and Findlay. We’re probably two days walk from the smaller towns, and four-five days walk from the two larger towns. If they follow the interstate, there are generous pickings from it and we’re about fifteen miles off I-75. Our biggest asset will be our neighbors and two of our sons who will probably be home when it gets bad. Good luck to you.

                • Please stay safe, Vicky.

                  • Thank you, and the same to you and yours!

            • Hey KY, why don’t you come on down to TN and bring your attitude and your “Large” group. You won’t make it past the border because real folks will wax you. You’ll need KY to pull your head out that we stuffed in your backside. KY what a perfect handle!

              • Sheepdog-
                The south already had their asses handed to them once.

                Lots of bigmouths like you back then too.

                See, History DOES repeat.

                Good luck.

                • I’m a carpetbagger KY Jelly man, who found a home with good, God fearing people here. At least the Southern Soldier didn’t need to be told why they were fighting. The South fought against a tyrannical federal government headed by a murderer of innocent Southern women and children. (sounds likes drone warfare today huh merc?) General Lee surrendered because federal generals like Sherman followed a “scorched earth” policy killing anything and anyone. There was no honor in the war of northern agression for the feds. Keep reading your biased history, please tell me it was fought to free the slaves. It was like every other damn war fought by this bankster run machine, for the money. You are an ignorant marionette, programmed by the government. If I am to die, I will take shameful mercenaries like you with me. The difference will be that I will have died well, with honor and eternal life, having done my utmost to follow the Lords Commandments when it mattered most.

                • Talk about a big mouth…and an uneducated one at that…pffttt!

            • There was a vid up about a group of bandito-types who wandered around from farm to farm, doing what you are talking about. The vid was up on Daily Sheeple for a while, and was taken down.

            • KY, if you’re going to be in one of those gangs in post-SHTF, I strongly advise you to reconsider such a move. You’ll run into self-sufficient communities that will be able to hold their own against any gangs. Never underestimate country people; you’ll be biting off more than you could ever chew. braveheart

              • Bravehart-
                I can find thousands that would join and risk life for WANT of food…

                can YOU find thousand you’ll share your food with to defend it?

                Serious post. Take it seriously.

                Good luck.

                • KY, ALL of my posts on any subject ARE SERIOUS. Now I have a SERIOUS reply for you. go ahead and round up some “useful idiots” to join you for what you plan. You’ll just get them and yourself killed for no good cause. I do have something for “ventilation”. I’m just another individual prepper who preps for himself and no one else. I’m not some government agency with taxpayers’ money to waste on freeloaders. Being a fool does carry a price tag. When you’re looking at the merchandise, check the price tag and make damned sure you can afford it. braveheart

            • You would be supprised shit head… many of us will hunt punks like you first. In our comunity we already know who the takers are and if the SHTF my team goes there first to do some killen….

              • the above comment is for the taker troll KY…

              • Man on Inside-
                I’ve fought in places you will never see.
                Been there, done that and have the tee shirt so to speak. So do 60% that will be with me.
                I hope your little “shtf” team is a S.E.A.L Team.
                Would look forward to baiting you.

                Good luck.

                • Mall Ninja, is that you? Any luck securing our shopping malls with Shrike missiles mounted to your golf carts?

              • INSIDE-

                You cannot hunt what you will never see.

                Good luck, tough guy.

              • Inside…. well well…

                I hope you have one very large group if it cannot be beat…

                another tough guy wit no combat experience.
                Prep for us so we can feed those in need.
                Be nice, and you will be left some for yourself.

                • KY

                  From reading your asinine comments I’ve got you pegged as either a former spoon, or a tank mechanic (no offence to needed MOS) right?

                  Been there and got the t-shirt HA? BFD KY, you me and tens of thousands over the last 12 years, I do know you were never in my unit because we didn’t put up with boys that let their mouth override their ass.

                  Also you should know that with each post you make you only add stupidity to your own inequity

                  • Y99 and everyone else: This KY troll talks a good game, but I don’t think he’s about shit. He makes Eisen sound sensible. braveheart

            • Yes, and Viking-style logistics have 2 major drawbacks.

              One, eventually the people you will rob will run out of stuff for you to steal.

              And second, ever heard of King Alfred? He was the 9th century king who repelled the Vikings from England and devised a whole new military doctrine to detect and respond to their incursions as well as a series of fortifications to deny the Vikings their targets. And when people hear your group is little more than Vikings with guns, you are going to be in a world of hurt. Don’t imagine for a second you and yours will be the ones with a monopoly on use of force, ruthlessness, cunning or deviousness.

              Not to mention that what goes around has a really nasty tendency to come around.

              • Karma can be a real bitch.

              • Ky The only thing you and your Gang will get is hot lead not hot soup. there are Thousand of Combat Vets, ready to put their Boots back on, you”ll never hear the One with your Name On it!

                Semper Fi

            • Yes that’s right. Live by the sword, you die by it too…

              You don’t have a monopoly on violence, so your “Group” is just as likely to be wiped out as your group is likely to wipe out others. Seen what an IED can do to a tank? Imagine what it can do to that pick up you and your group are riding in trying to plunder from town to town on your way through self preservation. Oh that road is wide ope….BOOM! F&*# were dead!

              Just remember, ALL problems are solved by proper application of high explosives! 🙂

              • Yeah. KY here sounds like he expects he and his SEAL-type buddies will just be able to run roughshod over everyone else without any resistance and he’d even allow his victims to keep some stuff after he’s done with them if they played nice?

                I’d say he’s off his meds.

                Or he’s one of the FEMA/DHS/Obama’s Private Army types letting us in on the master plan to seize and redistribute resources.

                I wish I could be a little bird when his career as a modern day Viking come to a bloody end, odds are after no more than a few raids. Maybe he and his buddies will kill to seize supplies (and probably start raping and torturing when the power goes to their heads) but it won’t take long for people to either be willing to kill to keep what’s theirs or step up to the plate to do to him what gets done to a vicious dog and put him down.

                But regardless, still maintain he’s off his meds.

                • CV…we know this type all too well as soon as they open their yaps and start dropping names like “seals/special forces and such” and making cocky statements like “fighting in places youll never see”when no one challenged or asked…then you know……its the old “if you cant dazzle em with brilliance…them baffle em with bull” routine…those who got it know it…the others talk a lot…sad!

                  • Hence why I did liken him to the Mall Ninja in a comment above.

            • Yeah, yeah, yeah, you’ll be one tough hombre in a pack of tough hombres decimating isolated homes and living off the work of others.

              Come up to our community, you’ll have to take a hill with several hundred adult males on top of it. Can you say, “perimeter defense begins one mile out in the flat fields around the objective”?

              Don’t call us, we’ll call you.

              • Smokey-

                Yes, no one has EVER taken a hill with a couple hundred guys now have they?
                Leave moms basement.
                Feel free to leave me an address where you and your “hundreds of guys” will be buggering each other.

            • The Only thing you and your group will get is Hot Lead Not Soup!

              Semper Fi

        • it’s never to late to start. Better to have a little than none. There is still time left, tomorrow isn’t the last day. yes we have started spinning around the drain, but the flush isn’t complete yet. As long as supplies are available stock up.
          Durango is right, when SHTF you won’t have to ask just aim breath squeeze.

          • If you don’t mind a parable from real life, I just had to put down a most beloved pet. It looked like the end a week ago, but he was still able to move and was in no pain. We sought treatment, but yesterday he got a blood clot which made him lose control of his hind legs and the condition become so painful he went wild. I think that’s the difference between bad times and TEOTWAWKI. For us and for him everything changed forever yesterday. When the change is clearly a redefinition of everyday life, it’s too late. Until then you do what you can. Is your soul ready if it is not enough when all is said and done? Knowing that God saved me through Jesus’ finished work on the cross is the foundation of my strength now and my hope in the face of the events which seem inevitable.

        • Get a few ARs and slide fire stocks for them, lots of FMJ ammo, flares, rolls of barbed wire, will at least trip up or slow down anyone hitting your location, dogs are good but my friend had his dogs shot. Not fair to the dogs, wireless infrared cameras are nice, have stuff to harden your house? List can go on and on,, scarry shit,

      4. It will be difficult for those who prepared. Worse for those who didn’t.

        • it will be impossible for those that didn’t prepare

      5. I sure hope and pray that more people will WAKE UP before it’s to late.

      6. All i can say is i am glad i learned a few things about canning, livestock, and shooting cause its gonna get exciting in the not too distant future. now if i can get them tomatoes canned, we will be eating good

        • The big concern that we all should be worrying about, is the very strong likelihood that as soon as the ‘collapse’ happens and once the corrupt slabs of hyena manure in D.C. acknowledge that it has arrived, that the very first thing those maggots will do (or try to do) is to declare a ‘martial law’ situation and then try to confiscate everyone’s firearms.

          They’ll tell us that they have to do this, ‘for the safety of everyone’. And, I suspect that they’ve already got dozens of teams of goons lined up who will be assigned special black ops projects – such as staging a mass shooting at a grocery store or FEMA food distribution location, where they’ll be sure to mow down as many old folks and little innocent, starving children as possible – so as to better demonize all gun owners and to tug at the wimpy heart strings of all these weak kneed, soccer moms, who will then be screaming for all the guns to be taken away and who will probably rat out their own husbands or boyfriends if they own any weapons.

          Believe me, folks. I am 100 percent certain that this will be one of their first moves.

          • @ Tucker – I agree, I am sure that is what Obama and Hillary
            want to happen.

        • I need to get some chickens, and have a guy with rabbits up the road.

      7. This is only one of many reasons why we prep. My prepping is now in the highest gear possible. I’ve already got confirmation through family in GA that all military leaves have been cancelled from mid-Sept. to mid-Oct. All law enforcement are to have their training completed and equipment in place by sept. 1. There’s an UNCONFIRMED rumor about a “bank holiday” from mid-Aug. to mid-Oct.; still working on that one. I’m concentrating primarily on extra food and water in the next few weeks to come. EVERYONE PLEASE GET EVERYTHING YOU CAN GET NOW BEFORE THE BALLOON GOES UP! Once that happens, good luck trying to get anything. For all the nonpreppers that refuse to listen to us, YOU’RE GOING TO BE IN FOR THE BIGGEST SURPRISE OF YOUR LIVES AND WILL PAY TERRIBLY FOR YOUR POSITION. To all my fellow preppers, GO, GO, GO, GET YOUR SUPPLIES ASAP. braveheart

        • Bravehart-

          It is YOU my friend who may be in for a big surprise.
          Thank you for prepping for us.

          • Ky, you’re truly off the reservation aren’t you? I can in some ways understand falling off the edge once things are full on, but it sounds like you have made the conscious decision to be a criminal before it even goes up.

            I can assume you’re likely a criminal now or a person of extremely low character who believes survival at any cost is worth giving up what little dignity you have left, you’re a tyrant in training who can’t even see your life is short lived already.

            Good luck in your criminal endeavors, just know you’ll be the fairest game off all.

            • Y99, if he tries to carry out what he says he wants to do for me, I’ll make DAMNED SURE he’s short-lived. braveheart

            • Thats what will be good about SHTF
              Cull the crap from society.

              • KULA- the “CRAP” in society is deeper than those who prep.

                We are going to feed a lot of poor, infirm, and elderly/handicapped with your food stuffs.

                It’s just survial of the fittest.

                Hope YA’LL have thousand man armies.

                Game over. You lose if this happens.

                Try to fight 290 million. Game over.

                To be fair, we wont leave you without enough to feed yourself for awhile…
                But the rest is going bye bye.

                • People, give it up. Can’t you see that resistance is futile? Ky is a former SEAL* with TONS of combat experience! Why, he’s a ghost that moves unseen, day or night! He carries a 20mm autocannon and two thousand rounds of ammunition with the same ease that most people carry a .380 with one extra mag!
                  He’s cross trained as a Combat Medic, an armorer, and a friggin’ tank destroyer! With his bare hands!
                  Give it up, people! When the collapse comes, just walk away from all of your food, weapons, and other supplies, ’cause KY’s coming! He knows all! He takes all! Please, don’t try and resist the unstoppable force known to the entire world of his mind as KY!

                  I gotta stop now. sarc=0 now.

                  *Stupid Egoistic Azz Licker

                  • Catman,

                    But I think you’ve got him pegged, even sarc aside, thanks I enjoyed that.

            • y99…youre way too kind…hes simply a loudmouth moron flapping his gums about what he thinks hes gonna do…most likely for nothing more than getting under folks skin… 🙂 best to ignore it…he wont even show up when TSHTF…

          • KY, if you’re thinking of taking anything I have, FORGET IT! I can hold my own against any POS out here. just come on to my place with bad intentions toward me and let’s see what happens to your stupid ass. MOLON LABE WOLVERINES braveheart

            • Bravehart- Yeah ya said that already. I would be the least of your worries where you live. The blacks will get you within the first 3 days.
              You’ll run out of ammo before your area even comes close to running out of blacks….

              goooooooooooooooooooooood luck.

            • Bravehart, you cant even handle a 12 GA let alone me.

              Go get you a 410 so you don’t hurt your wittle shoulder!


              • KY, you egotistical MF, you don’t know what I can handle or what I’ve learned over the years. you think you’re so bad, come on now and let’s see what you’re made of. And, yeah, there’s gangbangers in my area that would love to have you to play with. otherwise, go f#$% off! braveheart

          • @KY…Herd mentalities always fail. That pesky, nagging, inter herd question of “who eats first?” always tends to preoccupy the leadership with constantly looking over their shoulders. I wouldn’t blink if I were you.

        • If that is the case, I hope to see you on the other side brother.

        • My son has been approved for leave in mid September. So I’m fairly confident that rumor is false. Peace

          • Think it depends on AO and MOS

            • Let’s hope so.

        • Wow! That’s about the most concrete advice I’ve read. Since it’s you, I believe it, and can confirm through friends that the early fall military leaves have been canceled. I hadn’t considered a bank holiday, so will try to accumulate some cash. Water is a problem for us and we’ve tried several different products to pump water from our well. It’s deep and on an aquifer, but I don’t know how to get it to the surface. At best, Ohio water is hideously nasty, but I can purify it if we can get it. We have seven cords of wood ready for use in our Vermont Castings Defiant stove, but how dumb is it to advertise a heated house? I bought some more aspirin, Vitamins B, C and D and some anti-acids and laxatives for the medical stash today, plus some for neighbors. Thanks for all the good ideas!

          • I know several folks in the military who are taking leave in sep-oct. so military wide leave cancellation seems false. Plus that would be picked up in every news outlet on the planet.

            Keep prepping but don’t bite on every rumor.

          • Vicky, you may want to look into the Flo-Jak hand pump advertised on this site. Just click the link on the right hand side of this page. I have relatives in north GA who have bought this pump for their wells and swear by it. Purified water will be essential in any post-SHTF scenario. If you can get the water to the surface, it can be purified. braveheart

            • Thanks! We haven’t tried the “Flo-Jak” pump, but have two others I just sold on e-bay because they didn’t work for us. One was a basic, hand-pump version which kept losing the prime because it was so slow and you just know it would be LOUD on a quiet winter’s day. The other reacted badly to our iron-sulfur water and lost two fittings to, I guess, chemical reaction. We will try Flo-Jak. Thanks!

              • Vicky, I bought a Handy Pump…works just like the Flojack..was $175 and works like a charm…throws water out of the ground in just a few pumps..very easy to use. YOU determine the depth by adding extra pipes. I highly recommend it…those cast iron pumps are for the birds!

          • Have been working on beefing up all the preps, including finally doing something about antibiotics…Have a few reservations about this, but did go ahead and ordered some cipro from a fish antibiotic place. I “think” it is reputable as these things go—just not sure how well they work? Has anyone else bought the fish antibiotics, or, more importantly, actually used them and found them to be satisfactory? I am planning on ordering a few different kinds of antibiotics, as I am able….thanks, as always, for the feed back!

            • Sue, we have been using fish antibiotics now for 3 years and they have worked as well or better than the others. I was told that they are actually more pure than pharmacy drugs because fish are more sensitive to chemicals and impurities. They are much less expensive and you can get dosage info very easily. Just do your research.

          • Vicky, if you have time, read up on what forage is available in your area, especially herbal remedies. The snakehead or plantain garden weed is a good example of a useful plant, both as salad/ stir fry ingredient and a first aid poultice if mashed. In our neck of the woods this is a great year for berries so I’ll be foraging and putting up what I can. Take care!

          • How deep? Well may be deep but your static level may be high, our well in Co was almost 500′ deep but the static level was only about 50′ from the surface, you may be in the same boat and just have slow recharge so they made it deep for the supply. If thats the case an old fashioned well pump from Lehmans would work, think theyll lift from 120′ or more,

        • The way I see it, the hardest part of dealing with this breakdown in society after the SHTF will be the mental attitude of the prepper. Regardless of how prepared you are physically and materially the mental attitude of the individual is the key to surviving. When one sees his neighbor die because she or he couldn’t get their insulin shot or when your elderly neighbors gets beaten to death by roving bands of gangs because they couldn’t defend themselves; when the stench of death from your neighbor’s house permeates the very air you breath; when you see how pathetic and pitiful your neighbors look when they walk around the neighborhood looking for something to eat, this will be the litmus test of the prepper. I don’t care how prepared you are, the mental attitude of the individual is the key to survival. Once the prepper loses the ability to think straight he’s finished. And all this is a lot easier said than done.
          This may sound extreme. But If you really want to know what it will be like when the SHTF try this? I did this with my wife. Start on a Friday night after dinner and don’t use any gas and electric or running water for the weekend. Try living off of your preps only. Don’t use any running water, no toilet flush etc, etc. Test your preps and see how they work if they work at all. Then you will get some idea what the hell is in store for us when the breakdown comes. Remember their will be no one trying to beat or kill you, and there won’t be any stench of death in the air, and you neighbors won’t be dead or dying around you. Add this to the mix and you will get an idea of what’s coming. This will be a real eye opener for most preppers who think that having a gun and food and water is all they need to survive. Better to test you metal now than waiting for the SHTF. This is just my take on things, but everybody does what they feel is right for them.

          God be with us all

      8. the sad thing is I know a lot of people I have tried to warn including my son and all they do is say were crazy
        well when it happens they will be left out you can lead
        a horse to water but you cant make him drink

      9. Well ,I have a little bit of everything and a whole lot of nothing. Guess I’ll have to play by ear and hope for the best .Will head for the country ,where I grew up ,and try to remember how we farmed the land .Still some good people there so I won’t be a complete stranger . There’s a lot more game there now ,but I know that won’t last long when thing’s get bad . Maybe I can move into that cave we slept in as a teenager ? Perfect spot in winter time but kinda hard to get to . Like they say ‘Adapt & Overcome’ is my plan and take things one day at a time !……Good Luck All……

      10. The black Friday pictures are always so depressing to me.. such sheep

        • One of the reasons it’s so disconcerting to me, caliber, is that there seem to be so many who actually give a fat daddy rat’s ass about nothing. Even though it’s plain to me that such people are feeble-minded, I end up feeling alone. I don’t want to end up like Nietzsche, lonely unto madness and death.

          Hmmmm… Maybe I should just get with the programme and collect Beanie Babies(tm) and talk about that Armenian gal’s ass all the time…


          • At least Nietzsche was astute enough to gage people acurately, and he did come up with some pretty cool quotes 😉

            “That which does not kill us makes stronger” – Friedrich Nietzsche

          • I know exact what Mark is saying. Apathy. It is at epidemic levels in this nation.

            I have a very strong suspicion, based on my own personal experiences while I was in the military and forced to be around this element – that smoking marijuana has played an enormous role in this epidemic of apathy across America.

            I distinctly remember how obsessed my fellow military members were with getting ‘high’, once they had succumbed to the temptation and peer pressure that drove the drug culture in the middle-to-late 1970s, when I did my time in the military.

            I used to get off work, and put on my athletic clothes and go door-to-door, around the barracks that I lived in – trying to rustle up 5 or 10 guys for a good game of touch football, and when these guys would open their doors – waves of nasty smelling dope smoke fumes would roll out of their rooms and hit me in the face. I’d ask, hey, let’s get up a few guys and go play some touch football – and these bleary eyed, pathetic pot heads would say, no, hey, man, we are too busy partying, man. So, when faced with the choice between getting some healthy exercise and improving one’s physical fitness and smoking some killer weed, that killer weed was the winner, hands down. In fact, it wasn’t only exercise that took a back seat to these guys desire to smoke dope and get ‘high’ – the same rule applied to everything. All these pot heads wanted to do was get high, nothing else was important.

            I learned very quickly to despise these apathetic, dope smoking losers and I am fairly convinced that this whole marijuana smoking craze has some pretty deep connections to the overall apathy that we see today in our nation.

            Think about it. Why the push to legalize marijuana, and why are we hearing so many politicians now calling for this? Simple. They want us sedated. They want us to become apathetic and disinterested in the criminal and totalitarian agendas that they are pushing out of D.C. What better way to neutralize opposition than to encourage the sheeple to stay stoned all the time?

            Marijuana is your enemy, White man. It shrinks your balls and saps your desire to fight tyranny.

            • @ Tucker – Amen. I agree with you 100%. Apathy, and people are
              just Giving Up.

              • I think I’m falling in love with Emily.


                • lol, thank you, Tucker! You are a good guy. 😉

            • i agree with you tucker. but only to a point. for the life of me, i can’t figure out how the federal gmnt can make weed illegal. for some drugs that certainly cross state lines… that i get. but how can one read the constitution and think that the federal government can pass a law telling someone that they can or can’t smoke something that they grew on their own property? how much different is that from the feds telling folks that they cannot legally grow tomatos? i’m ok with legalizing weed. not the other stuff because that stuff certainly does cross state lines and usually can’t be grown in a garden, either. the other thing is that weed can be a decent (not great, but so-so) pain releiver and does have some medicinal uses. if SHTF, weed might be good to have for someone with back problems, joint problems, etc…

      11. Unfortunately, its more than just one thing breaking down. We’re running out of time on a number of issues: The arctic will be ice-free in 2 years, resulting in sudden, rapid increase in temperatures, making us all climate refugees. Then we have a cliff– starting about right now– for oil imports (no oil, no corporate farms!), and, of course, the global financial fraud kicking in.

        THAT is the reason for the police state: TPTB know we will blame them and come after them– and we should. They knew about all these crises years ago and did nothing to alleviate the situation. All they did was prepare for a police state to try to suppress us. They got a lot coming to them!

        • It’s well worth it if YOU are the first one to get taken out forrest

        • Seems to be getting a mite bit deep in here, too late to save my boots.

          Seek out the word of God and follow his commandments!

          Only God knows when the end will come, not some blogger with a crystal ball and Internet connection!

        • Forrest, don’t panic about the ice caps. It’s all bullshit. To prove this, I call your attention to a book published around 1915 entitled “South” by F.A.Worsley. Should be a free download from It chronicles the expeditions to the south pole by Sir Ernest Shackleton just after the turn of the last century. The “melting” of the outer “shelf” of ice around the poles is a normal, annual event. Twice, Shackleton’s ships (sailing ships, that is) arrived at Antarctica late in the summer, and an early freeze turned the ocean for hundreds of miles around the pole to solid ice. The first time, it broke up enough for the ship to get him and his expedition disembarked. The second, the ship was caught about 400 miles out from the coast, and shortly afterward was crushed by the pressure building up as the ocean froze deeper and deeper beneath the ship. This happened before cars were commercially available, freon didn’t exist, and aerosol deodorant wasn’t even a concept. While there’s evidence that in the time of the dinosaurs there were no ice caps (and the world survived just fine)the ice caps have existed throughout recorded history, and so has the annual melting of 400-500 miles of ice surrounding them–and it’s refreezing every winter. It’s offered as “news” just as the ozone hole was, although there’s nothing new about it, except the government’s desire to tax you for “global warming”, and telling you it’s your own fault. There is no global warning, Al Gore is NOT a scientist, and those “scientists” who apply for and receive taxpayer funded grants to “study” it are just enriching themselves at your expense. Literally THOUSANDS of scientists from all over the world signed a petition requesting they be allowed to address congress when Obama’s cap and trade was under discussion. Congress chose only to hear from Al Gore, and a handful of UN bureaucrats about the need for “energy taxes” to save the planet from global warming. Don’t believe any of it…

          • the earth is gonna be just fine

            its humans that are gonna suffer

      12. With so many unemployed and the benefits running out, foodstamps getting cut back and no jobs in sight, a huge rise in homelessness, there is going to be a sea of hungry and sick people. I think this has already started. Crime here is out of control, if it’s not nailed down it’s gone. I have to wonder when people will start getting jacked for their groceries leaving the grocery store. Jacked for food instead of electronics. When the kids start starving the parents are going to revolt. When the financial implosion occurs this will be the immediate result,I believe. Riotiong in the streets. This will be when you don’t want anyone to know what you have stored away. Sad.

        • If you are a true prepper, there won’t be any grocery store trips.
          I got ready to make banana pudding and had no milk.
          I had 3 backups–Gossner’s for $1 at Dollar Tree or Paralot, evaporated milk mixed with a can of cold water, or instant non-fat milk.
          We won’t need stores here. Prepare: to put things or oneself in readiness.

          • “…there won’t be any grocery store trips.”

            Yepper…We will have to make do with what we have or can squeeze out of our square footage.

            I priced dry milk for storage but it was too high for my pocketbook. Raw milk from the neighbor’s cow is only $2 a gallon. I guess I will have to shovel the barn out for my milk if things get bad.

            • @ Anon. – Go to Gossners milk website. I went and checked it out. I plan on buying some shortly. Good product and will last.
              I have not bought the dried instant milk here because it only
              has a shelf life of one year.

        • Sally,
          In a subdivision down the road from mine, a guy had a burglary. The thieves cleaned out his pantry and his refrigerator. They took nothing else…

          • Sounds like when I lived in Africa…
            Burglars first headed to the kitchen and emptied the refrigerator and closets of all groceries. If they still had time, they would then take TV’s/stereos if they were new/high quality.

            But if they happened to see a firearm cleaning kit then all bets were off, as they turned the entire house over looking for the firearms.

            Also, if you weren’t being burgled every 6 months, then you knew you lived in a really secure neighborhood.

          • @Mark…I can believe it. I’m really thinking we’ll start seeing semi’s of food hijacked. They busted a gang of 10 people down here today, youngest in the group being age 10 and they storm a house and take everything. Food raids may already be happening here and the media is keeping it quiet. Wouldn’t surprise me at all. They like to sell this as the job capital of America. HA! So not true.

      13. Anyone out there really still think we can “elect” our way out of this mess?

        All anyone can do is pray.

      14. I’ve been hearing this BS for 40 odd years now. I’ll die of old age before anything happens and miss all the fun.

        • Agreed and well said, when it does happen in 10-20 years, I certainly will not be worrying about it.

          Dementia and Alzheimer’s will be a relief!

          Mean new and interesting people, eat fantastic and new foods everyday, what a life.

        • I would agree with you but we are seeing world events unfold in real time now, we’re so far down the road to destruction I’d say it’s not been seen before. Communication has made the world a much smaller place, we are all economically connected to such a degree that mutually assured destruction has now become economically assured destruction.

          National lines and sovereignty have been falling like dominos (Europe 1990’s) our own borders now, it all seemed benign 50 years after WWII but look what it has created. Don’t get me wrong I’m all for getting along, but human beings on the whole are just not ready for it, we are being pushed into WWIII for the sole purpose of forcing people to shed human nature.

          Again I would agree with you, but I’ve seen and been involved in to many things myself over the last 17 years to ignore the possibility.

        • I worry about my grandkids. I used to think that the NWO was an idea that needed to be fought tooth and nail.

          Now, I can see that the NWO is already in place in 99% of the world by way of the international bankers. Reserve currencies mean little to them. If the FRN loses it’s #1 ranking, they won’t care as they control the money worldwide. They will control the new reserve currency, too.

          Our backs are against the wall. It’s a banker’s world.

      15. Yes, I can imagine when the masses will not riot for electronics but will be rioting for food and shelter and daily necessites. Food,water,fuel and the list goes on. The masses will rob ,plunder,rape and steal. So who ever has the eyes to see and ears to hear.Good for you. And never stop preparing until the hour where no man will work.

      16. Everyone out there knows they should stock up on the normal items, water, food, weapons, whatever. But, remember the things not talked about. You don’t need anything if you’re dead from lack of sanitary or medical supplies.

        Do you take synthroid, insulin, heart medication? Stock up now or figure out how you’re going to produce what you need.

        Something simple like motrin, band aids, colloidal silver, calcium hypochlorite and hydrogen peroxide will be life saving items in a grid down and shelf empty event.

        molon labe

        • You are right on..I ponder many times what we will do in a grid down situation. Hubby takes a med that must be refrigerated, and has short life span. Also costs over $2000/month if no insurance. His fall back med if he had severe symptoms would be a steroid pulse, but you shouldn’t do that very often and could prove disastrous in SHTF because it weakens the immune system. What to do but have faith in some situations?

          • Make sure you have a camp cooler and ice packs you can keep frozen in the electric freezer until the power goes out.

            Talk to your doctor about storage temperatures and other meds that may substitute.

          • Buy a wind turbine if you can afford it, or make your own diy via You Tube and store it (them) in a Faraday cage for use after a Carrington event; or at least the electrical parts.

            Then you can re-establish your electricity after the “grid down”. Its that or keep a carrot out in front of the donkey while he generates your power.

            The wife will get tired if you make her pedal all day and it could give her a “headache”; so keep plenty of meds on hand to deal with that.

            Just saying. 🙂

        • And for those that are familiar with drying fruit and vegetables using the sun, get a brake bleeder at Harbor Freight to seal those babies in mason jars! 🙂

      17. Most American’s have their head in the sand. And when Sh!t Hits the Fan they will be the first to go. Not believing this could happen to them HERE in America.
        They will refuse to beleive it right up until they die. Then you will have the Desperate Horde ransaking everything looking for anything to sustain themselves, this group you will not be able to negotiate or compromise with they will take everything you have and kill you and your family. And then move on to the next home. Do Not attract this group, stay low key but carry a big stick to protect your preps and yourselves.
        Intentionally ransack the front of your home and yard making it look like your home has already been hit, throw trash and old clothes in the front yard and maybe even brake down your screen door. If your going to run lights at night at least black out the windows. Got a battery powred fan? If nothing else anywhere is running you can hear the faint humm of an electric fan from quite a ways, DO NOT run anything electric unless your double sure it is safe to do so.

      18. If there is a “total collapse” of the system, and I do not believe that is likely in the near future, WE know who is responsible. It is the NWO and its pimps who are responsible and they should be held accountable.

        WE are all Seal Team America. 🙂

      19. it’s all good… i invested my life’s savings into detroit muni bonds… suckers

      20. I see this coming from a mile away; but I just can’t believe this is the same America I knew and experienced in my youth.

        • Dave

          I have to agree.
          I am just really disappointed more than anything.
          Maybe it took me longer to be awakened or this is happening really fast.
          I just ordered the media for my aquaponics garden so I may have some sustainability.
          Keep prepping everyone and try to enjoy that the SHTF hasn’t actually happened yet.


      21. Yesterday afternoon when I went into my local grocery store there were signs saying..ONLY CASH, DEBIT, CREDIT, NO EBT .. I asked a clerk and she said that all of the stores in this chain were affected. It had been two hours and the store employees didnt know when the EBT would come back online. I think we will see more and more of this. My husband works at our social services office. Our state (NC) has a program that they are trying to implement that will streamline the EBT, Medicaid, welfare, into one program and there are major problems with it. Some clients are not getting their benefits at all. The problem stems from the fact that the employees are not trained properly to run the program. Google “NC Fast” to read more. These EBT problems are going to continue..hope everyone will take heed and prepare.

        • If those EBT problems continue, it’s only a matter of time before someone “loses it” and it could start a chain reaction. braveheart

        • I hear what you are saying. I also used to work for SS as a temp helping/working with the financial workers. Many times there were glitches and the clients were constantly calling or showing up to complain. The first week I worked there a guy called the police because he wasn’t getting his benefits. Some have called using every name in the book. Most people do not have a CLUE what will ensue when the EBT cards are “turned off”.

          • Friend of mine, his wife worked at the local benefits office, State benefits, I believe. More than once someone being told of reductions or cut-off tried to come over the desk at her. This was when economy was good and jobs were to be had.

        • I’ve noticed this about 3 times in the last 6 months in our area.

      22. The Sheeple who think nothing is going to happen are the first ones who are going to die or be taken to the camps.

      23. I constantly ask myself the big question- WHEN. unless we have a natural disaster that triggers things (which we very well may), just viewing it from the perspective of man-made collapse, i think it will be some time still. i think there’s still enough personal wealth and freedom that TPTB want to rid us of. I don’t think (any longer) that it will be them pulling the trigger on setting things off. i think they’re just going to keep doing what they’re doing- accumulating more of our wealth, and taking more freedoms until there’s either none of either- or until WE push back. WE hold the trigger. Since opening my eyes nearly 20 yrs. ago, my thoughts on this have evolved alot, and still do. but based on what i’ve been seeing- i don’t see too many signs of them being out of tricks. they still have plenty of bread and circuses to entertain the masses with, too many levers they can pull to keep the global economies on life support. we’re dying a death of a thousand cuts. it could be many more years until we’ve outlived our usefulness to them. IMHO, a slow-motion collapse is what we’ve been living through for some time, and it’s the worst case scenario. has anyone been tracking what HUD has been up to lately? their neighborhood-level “diverity” (GAWD I HATE THAT WORD!) push? mark my words- soon, you will not be allowed to move to a new location based on your desires, ability to pay and so forth- you’ll also have to get a permit from the as yet to be created Division of Neighborhood Diversity of HUD. “You want to move where? Sorry- there’s already too many crackah’s- OOPS! I mean Whitey’s living there! The division has found a nice family from Detroit we’re relocating (at your expense) to fill that diversity slot…but we have a place in Oakland for you…hello? are you still there? hello?”

        we still have too much fight, blood and wealth left in us for them to rid us of before they’re ready. and i wish we were more ready. for now- i think they’re still afraid of us. for now.

        • I have a feeling a few house fires will take place,if the “forced” integration happens where I live .

          • Yep, that empty lot will make a nice community garden site.

      24. If I was president here’s what I would do…
        1. Sink all cargo container ships. Force all manufacturing home.
        2. New laws that have companies that shit jobs traitors…death penalty.
        3. Arrest and enslave all illegal aliens. 20 years of slavers…patching roads in the hot sun in orange jump suits.
        4. Legalize and tax the hell out of weed, prostitution and open carry for everyone.
        5. Pass anti constitutional laws.

        I’d go on but who would care.

        ps. Balance the news.
        Seems there’s all sorts of black on white crime..but if it’s white on black…it’s a national tragedy. Rot in hell Travon you little criminal. Yaeah…you don’t fuck with an armed man. That’s the first lesson in life you had to learn…and your last.

        Check this out..

        • Id prefer execution of any and all illegals found in America.

          • Soylent greens

        • 5. Pass anti constitutional laws.

          ?? Whachu talkin bout Willis?

      25. keep buying……until the dollar crashes.

        • Just don’t hold your breath on it

      26. Hey Rich99! Tell these folks just one more time…….

        • OK……I will say this once more……this collapse in progress can take another 20,30,50 years to unfold . I will also remind you that as long as we can print our way through this it will never collapse and NOBODY knows how long this printing will continue

          • Whoever gave me the negative rating I noticed you didn’t PROVE me wrong !!!! SHUT IT

            • @ RICH99

              I actually enjoy the negative thumb(s) I usually receive on all my posts. It’s a sign of validation for me. I wear it like a medal.

              As far as the printing goes, I agree. Remove the status of the American Dollar as the accepted world reserve currency and it all crashes down in an instant.

              I suspect the planned cessation of printing won’t take place until greater than 75% of the population are on some type of government dependence. Until then, they will keep steadily shooting heroin (Q.E. stimulus) into the bloodstream of the country in order to more devastate the severity of the inevitable withdrawals. Right now we are at approx. 52% dependent.

              Now, if there were a war brewing somewhere, that might hasten the realization of other 25%, but fortunately there are no wars brewing anywhere……./eyeroll/.

      27. Just had a nice catharsis… went like this…

        Phone rings. Caller ID is on tv. So hubby says “is it Andy? He’s on the road from Ft. Bragg back to KY.”
        ‘Nope’. I say. ‘ don’t recognize the number.’

        Hubby answers the phone. I hear ‘um hmm, ARE YOU SURE?’
        ” are you sure you want to talk to Penny?——–ok, here she is”
        ” honey, it’s the democratic senate committee wanting to talk to YOU!”
        I take the phone and say ‘hello’

        I hear chuckles (not the clown) on the other end followed by ” this is William from the democratic senate committee. Whoever I just spoke to didn’t seem to think you’d want to speak to me.”

        Me…”we’ll he’s right. I don’t have a freaking thing for any freaking democrat. You’re nothing but a bunch of socialists with a socialist agenda, running this country into the ground. It’s time for Americans to take this country back.”


        Me…hang up

        Man that felt good. All the letters I’ve written the ct libertards has done no good. Im tired of writing educated, polite letters trying to engage in a legitimate discourse with my elected reps. I just get replies telling me than my opinion on the second amendments and others is wrong. Letting my redneck side go was just what I needed on a day like today.


        • I think most of these Communist Democrat politicians sense that they are hated with a almost nuclear melt-down degree of passion by those of us who are legitimate conservatives.

          I also think that the feeling is mutual. They hate us, but have one major disadvantage that we don’t share.

          They need us, or more accurately, they need us so they can tax our eyeballs out and steal from our paychecks so they can take our resources and use them to bribe their parasites. On the other hand, if every liberal were to suddenly die tomorrow – none of them would be missed by any conservative.

          I placed a call a few weeks ago to one of my two Communist Democrat Senator’s offices, after both of the slabs of cockroach dung voted for the amnesty legislation. I accused them both of voting for the amnesty because they wanted to destroy not only America, but also destroy the two-party system and establish a one party, permanent Democrat Party dictatorship. I then told them that I absolutely hated and despised Democrats and RINOs and placed them into the same category as I placed Communists – and if I had a choice between seeing America become a one party dictatorship and ruled by Communist democrats for the rest of my life, or seeing a second American Revolution, I’d opt for the second American Revolution.

          I actually think that this is going to be what is in the future for this country. And, I suspect that the Communists who’ve hijacked the USA realize it, too. That’s why they are trying to dry up the ammunition supply and why they are so obsessed with disarming the citizens.

          • Can’t believe there are only two thumbs up on this. Out of my cold dead hands…..

          • Can’t believe there are only two thumbs up on this. Out of my cold dead hands…..

        • Good post,
          Sick of the letters too, next thing they hear from me will be the bark of my 308

      28. Everybody wants to know WHEN.
        OK – here’s the real deal.
        1. The US dollar will NOT collapse anytime soon as capital flight always goes to the lowest risk base.
        So.. watch Europe before you panic about the poor old USA.
        3. When ? 2014.

      29. I have listened to people say it is coming to a head for the last 2 years. I bought some supplies but I don’t know for sure if anything is going to happen anymore. Stock market at all time highs , houses going up in value and less people drawing unemployment . What do you think ?

        • Stock market highs are based on QE dollars and not on a value added economy.

          Unemployment numbers are based on those drawing unemployment not on the number of unemployed, the number of unemployed and under employed is still very high and getting higher.

          I don’t know about the housing market.

          When I drive around there’s still a lot of vacancies in the warehouse district, in industrial complexes, in strip malls and on the main street of our local small towns.

          • Thanks Rick I just watch what the people are saying on CNBC and they don’t seem too worried except for that Marc Faber guy that said the stock market would be down 20 % at the end of the year. A lot of people said the 2012 election wouldn’t take place and then something for sure was going to happeen at the end of March and hey nothing yet. I am still going to the grocery store and buying low priced groceries and I see the corn market has fallen 50 % the last 3 weeks along with wheat and soybeans have also lost value. What’s all the panic about?

            • I’m burned out on predictions. I don’t need anyone telling me borrowing at the rate that this country is doing can last for ever, at some point it will stop. When it stops with it happen with a whimper or a roar? So you can ignore it’s a problem or believe it will just fade away without having to pay the piper or get ready for when the piper comes calling.

              With the lies and manipulation propaganda being put out by the establishment, I tend to think that theres a growing possibility that there will be a Debtpression that will make a depression look like the good old days. I’m not real sure about it though, the denial side of me says that there are a lot of very well educated and intelligent people running big finance and they wont let a total collapse occur. Then the other side says yeah but this economy is so big that no one can see the whole picture and that there’s just a bunch of segments competing to get what they can for themselves with no regard for the whole and all these smart well educated people are hired to garner more profit for their segment and to get it now, it puts a lot of pressure on them to exist without ethics or regard for their neighbor or regard for future generations.

              Bottom line is, I don’t know what’s going to happen, when it’s going to happen, where it’s going to happen, how it’s going to happen, if it’s going to happen. I doesn’t hurt though to keep your eyes and ears open and to have your basics covered.

              • @ Rick in Oregon – I too am getting burnt out on the dire
                predictions. I pay attention, and prep, and try to be careful living my life. I try to take time to step away from it all and smell the roses, to do something uplifting and fun for a moment.

            • um… the 2012 election did NOT take place.

              the 2012 pre-selection took ITS place.

              i’m not aware of a single investigation surrounding the dozens of precincts that had over 101% for Barry.

        • well you did one thing right and bought supplies, keep buying, the stock market is up because uncle sugar is pumping in 85 billion a month to prop it up,what happened when Bernake just hinted that he was going to end qe…stocks dropped 2-300 in a day,home prices are up because of the same bubble that they rode right before 2007, remember how that turned out? and less people drawing unemployment, well if you stop counting people that use up all of their weeks as now no longer unemployed then yep less people are drawing unemployment also they are swapping 1 full time for two part time jobs to get in under Omamacare…So listen to the people you heard say it’s coming…it is.

          its always better to be a day a week or a year early than even a minute late.

        • That is when the .COM bubble burst. The HOUSING market burst and in 1929 something happened. They run it to a high get out and the slaves hold the bag. Get out.

        • @ jimmy Tell it to the people in Detroit!

        • Baaaaa baaaaaa

      30. If nothing happens major while Im still here I will still prep and still enjoy the sense of providing my own security and Independence.

      31. I hear gun shots at night often. Getting closer too.
        No holes in my roof, yet! ;0)

      32. Its true we all need to prep as fast as possible, but…….
        I would think Hillary would be in the know of the NWO. Would she bother running for Pres if things were blowiing up this fall????

        • Of course, that’s the plan. Only the left will be able to save us, and Hillary is dumb enough to think she’s smart enough to do it.

          • It amazes me of the Hillary worship.
            I don’t honor or respect her work ethics, or her batting average. When she was with Cigar Bill when he was President, or when she was Senator of N.Y. ( carpetbagger, being a New Yorker, that whole thing ticked me off), and her lack-luster stint at Sec. of State.
            The mundane masses gooble it all up, hero-worship, she is invincible and can do no wrong. They are all god-like, they will “save us.”
            Just like Obama. Who just gave a real class act by cancelling his trip to Russia, in his ego-filled, hissy-fit. He was on the t.v. today, and I just could not stomach watching or listening to him. Shut the boob tube off.

      33. Been too mogadishu ? I have and in comparison too any large metro area in conus.
        Mogadishu will look like a club med all expenses paid vacation.

      34. Today a long time vendor told me that their plant in closing down. Two hundred people are losing their manufacturing jobs. My vendor does very good wire edm work, good prices and good turn around. The edm department is just one part of the business. Their main product is saw chain. A couple years ago the business was bought out by a multinational corporation and now this corp is moving parts of this company offshore and other parts to be absorbed in domestic facilities.

        For some reason I’m taking this personally, I have other vendors that can do the work but over the years I’ve built personal contacts and now they are going to be unemployed. This really sucks. More families sacrificed on the alter of globalism through corruption and treason.

        So yes, the collapse is slowly progressing and at some point it will break the camels back.

        • It may hurt to hear this but Americans are the organisers of globalisation and they run it. No good blaming foreigners when it is your own people doing this.

          Americans, on an individual level, became decadent and over-priced themselves out of the global marketplace. They also lost their capitalist spark and work ethic. This is why businesses just went overseas.

          • Agree that Corporate Government America is guilty as hell of globalism and that the dumb ass american consumer is complicit through ignorance. The lazy american without work ethics is bull shit and a myth put out by those that want slave labor and a clean conscience for screwing over free people for money. In my trade which is a skill trade, the cream rises to the top. You get to the top with a strong work ethic, talent and creativeness. Those of us with skills and a strong work ethic that had our jobs off shored didn’t rollover, we started our own businesses, put in long hard hours, lived on beans and rice, asked for nothing. The globalist exist in a different reality.

          • I think it has a lot to do with labor arbitrage and the price of oil. Americans are pretty productive workers but cannot compete against a worldwide labor market. Corporations are formed for one thing only…to make money. They will go any place there is a better return on their capital.

            When the US was the world leader in crude times were great. US crude peaked in the early seventies and the economy has been sliding down since. Held in place by creating unpayable debt.

            As the worldwide price in crude continues to go up, it may be profitable for manufacturing to come back…but at no where near past wages. This is the problem of “peak CHEAP oil” and it is a worldwide economic problem.

          • @ Frank ~ Welcome to the board. Thank you for your insight.
            It is good to have one from another country give his perspective. I am open to hearing what others have to say.

        • Rick,perhaps a few employees can get some of the equipment for cheap and open up shop?A friend works in a metal shop,his old company sold out/work went overseas.They got the equipment at a steal price and opened their own gig and are doing well,just a thought.

          • I certainly hope that some of them can participate in the micro economy of self employed small business.

        • 200 jobs here, 600 there, it all adds up to millions in short order.

      35. I’m not worried about the future because I know there isn’t any future to worry about.

        The future is gone, it is a black hole. None of us will escape, no light at all.

        Should I buy land and plant sweet corn? And later, the rats invade the harvest.

        There is no future for the working folk. That is why I jog. Jogging costs nothing. I run because it is a simple moment in life that is enjoyable. It is a primitive joy of life. Running began with the caveman and we still do it today.

        Running brings a smile. The near future will not. When things go very bad, I will go for a jog. Jogging can ease any pain. When you are gone, you are gone.

        Good luck….

        • Well, that’s one form of escapism.

          • It’s cheaper than fishing, maybe I should give up fishing……no. I can’t eat my running shoes after a jog.

            • You can’t eat your running shoes, but your dog can. I should know.

        • I agree with that, Ugly. I started running long distance in high school because coach let us run off-campus and I thought we were really getting away with something. Then I discovered that running really put me in a better mood.

        • Ugly: Try Jogging Backwards. It may make you feel as if you are getting younger as if going backwards in time.

      36. More precursor earthquakes occurring today. They seem to be coming from the New Guinea to Fiji islands ridge mostly. These areas in the past have had the exact same spots hit before and lead to major earthquakes from 150 degress or so east to the internation dateline too many times to mention. Other areas include Chile to Columbia many times, northern Japan to the Kuril Islands, and western Indonesia. 95% of the time there locations have lead to major earthquakes within 15 days. Danger until August 23 for these places.

        The South Sandwich Islands quake of 7.3 has yet to manifest a major earthquake from this. This one was on July 15, but it takes up to sometimes 5 weeks before a major earthquake hit after this region moves. Usually it is within that 15 day time frame, but not always. The arc mentioned before still remains in play that includes; northern chile, Peru, Ecuador, south and central Mexico, western Texas, western Wyoming and western Montana, Utah, the Pacific Northwest, south Alaska, Aleutian Islands, eastern Russia/Kuril Islands and northern Japan, southern China and Burma, Western Indonesia. Several of these locations overlap the recent plate boundary earthquakes that lead to major quakes. I would say if one or more of these areas is not hit by late August, then everyone is out of the woods in these areas till the next cycle. Right now I would say that the next major earthquake will be 7.1-7.7 based on the past records. A mega quake remains a fair to good possibility in Central and South America as the Nazca plate has not had anything major in months now.

      37. Fresh news…..They are closing another US embassy in Lahore, Pakistan.

        It Seems that between DHS stocking ammo, Fema Stocking Food, and all the US ambassador’s coming home to be with there families….something is sure fishy, and stinks !

      38. Those of you on a budget who do not have a centerfire rifle for each adult, I recommend you purchase a Mosin-Nagant rifle or carbine as soon as you can. Also get as many 440-round spam cans of 7.62x54r ammo as you can afford or think you will need, minimum is one to train, two for keepsies.

        I recommend the carbine at about $200 each, they are generally in excellent condition, all matching parts, and a good handling short rifle.

        It’s available now, and still reasonable in cost. Word is out in the surplus industry that imports of weapons and ammo is going to be severely curtailed or entirely cut off by this administration, this year.

        • Not a bad idea, Smokey. I have a buddy that wants a Mosin but he’s waiting for just the right one at the right price.
          You can get a Mossberg 100ATR in .308 for about $270 right now…

          • Mark, Mosin prices seem to have settled around $150-$200 for WWII run-of-the-mill to $300 for nice pre-war pieces. Tell him not to wait too long, but you can always find a deal somewhere, especially from another buddy who wants to sell one.

            For $270, a new Mossberg sounds like a great deal to me.

            For those looking to buy a Mosin, there is no difference between hex and round receivers. There’s millions of both out there, prices notwithstanding. The arsenal markings look a lot better on the hex models, though.

      39. My friends:

        a- Based on alerts and other various NONmainstream reports– online and offline– look for Multiple things to happen– both in the Middle East and in the U.S.– in a 1-3 day period anywhere from 9/1/13 to no later than 10/30/13 after or during which we will experience the declaration of Martial Law;

        b- WHEN this occurs and you are in a city, pack up and leave the city Immediately– Finish all your packing Before 9/1/13– that is suggested to everyone; this means that the only month LEFT to “prepare” is THIS month = August; assume the Internet and the Grid will be down; (at best, you will have 1-2 or 3 days to get out of the city, which may be turned into what you watched in the Kurt Russell movie, “Escape from NY City”; you’ll have MORE options and latitude OUTSIDE a city;

        c- WHEN Martial Law IS declared, Invoke your Guardian Angel who will then appear and protect you and your loved ones AND who will Guide you to a Refuge Place where you will be safe from all evil doers because through the Power of God, you will be rendered non-visible to any and all evil doers, including at the Refuge Place; don’t be freaked out at that time when something Supernatural happens because you are being Protected from Satan’s evil by the God each or most you believe in and pray to;

        d- When you leave, have already packed (this month) all your winter clothing, hygiene supplies, power sources, food, and water; God has told Visionaries that He will multiply food;

        Now, to those of you who will judge me crazy, and I am quite used to that actually most of my life, perhaps it will be because you make the mistake of trusting only in your ego.

        As Dr. Wayne Dyer wrote, “ego” stands for Edging God Out.

        I am Not asking anyone to abandon their weapons but you and everyone else will have a choice: either to trust in God, or, to trust in your finite ego, energy, supplies– the latter two which you will need to go while on route to a Refuge Place.

        When “it” goes down, “it” will be incredibly evil events occurring simultaneously all of which will happen all at once after which, as I have repeatedly said, the fan will no longer exist but be destroyed.

        Oklahoma City, 9/11, the movie theater shooting, Hurricane Sandy, Sandy Hook, the Boston Marathon bombing– each of those were these evildoers’ warm-ups for a post-8/31/13 “fan-smashing”.

        Satan wants to take as many souls as it can to hell with it; don’t be one of them.

        That is why it is important at THAT time to do two key things: one, THINK BEFORE you make your NEXT move, no matter how “obvious” it may seem (because your actions will be ‘anticipated’ and we all must out think these evildoers); and secondly, pray as if your life depends on it, because, actually, IT DOES, it WILL depend on your prayer, your TRUST in God!

        Remember to Invoke your Guardian Angel.

        Otherwise, for those of you chomping at the bit to disparage me or what I write, please FIRST have the Testicular fortitude to start an online petition to REMOVE from the printing of all FUTURE dollars and coins in your wallet and purses “IN GOD WE TRUST.”

        Satan will do ANYTHING for all of us to trust ONLY in weapons to the EXCLUSION of trusting in Almighty GOD!

        That STRONG Life Force in each and every one of you that manifests here in how we talk about what we will do and how will we do it? That’s a GIFT! But USE that Strong Life Force to have FAITH and to TRUST– not solely in your weapons, but in Someone Much More Powerful: God.

        I am not a clergy person and I certainly ain’t no saint and I’m certainly no hero.

        I am only sharing a summary of what I have read, studied, and corroborated in order to protect and preserve everyone’s lives here so they do not fall into the hideous and deceptive traps Satan has laid that Satan will soon spring on even the most HIGHLY trained readers of this site.


        Right after 8/31/13.

        What makes me believe this?

        It is what I surmise from everything I have read at this site, some other sites, AND from reading all the world-wide and national signs, events, happenings.

        Finally, I know that all I write here will really piss off those who oppose us liberty lovers and true patriots and believers in God but my true intent is to express how much I respect you all AND to share with you what I’ve invested Tons of hours studying because I will probably never have the occasion to meet any of you. Call me selfish, but I want us ALL to reach the Promised Land of Heaven.

        – The Lone Ranger

        • It doesn’t matter why you prepare for the latter days, only that you prepare for them.

          Whatever the causation, bad times are coming, and they’re coming real soon.

      40. Haven’t danced since Aug 29, 2009. The music is about to stop.

      41. Mark Kessler, Police Chief of Gilberton, PA, really upset the anti-gunners at CNN when he showed what he thinks of how the anti-self defense radicals want to take away everyone’s firearms. A Constitutionist and pro freedom person with some real conviction. Naturally the pacifist fear someone like this that is duty bound and 2nd Amendment bound to protect everyone in the town, everyone, and gets a 30 day suspension.

      42. There will be a big die off when this happens. Disease, accidents,and violence. The Government will not be able to restore order. The infrastructure will break down and the cities will be unlivable. The people in the countryside will not be welcoming the starving city folk. Having a gun is better than no gun but it does not mean you can defend yourself effectively. There will be better armed and trained
        people roaming around. Half of the population or more will be dead within a year. If you are not set up by now game over.

      43. Just my informal discussions with people on the street, most think the economy is finally turning the corner and that they will just get more welfare payments if things do not get better. There is zero awareness of the systemic crisis or how that affects what will happen.

        Because of this, any crisis will be sudden and a major surprise to most people. They will not be prepared in any way.

        Here in the UK, you hear things from people like “I really can’t pay ma heating” or “food is so expensive” but it is always delivered with the intensity of a startled wet dish rag. Like they just are overwhelmed mentally by the situation. It reminds me of the book Empire of the Sun by J.G. Ballard. The British prisoners were a bunch of whiny limp dicks who just starved to death and died of disease. The American prisoners were canny and were developing many secret sources for food and trade with the Japanese guards. The Americans were healthy and sun tanned; the Brits, pale and sickly. It is a cultural thing…

        • ~~~Just my informal discussions with people on the street, most think the economy is finally turning the corner and that they will just get more welfare payments if things do not get better~~~

          It’s called the ‘supply and demand’ theory of sheeple.
          They think if they demand, they will be supplied.

      44. The most trouble will come from the Halfrican AmeiKwans who are used to going to the mailbox to get their paycheck, EBT card always kept topped off, Govt Baby Mommy to take care of the bastard offspring, Gubbamint car and Obama phone….. wait till these enourmously obese waddle monsters are doing without. It will be “YT this!” and “YT that!” and massive violence. It’s not like they aren’t already out of control but wait until these useless beasts aren’t fed on a daily basis and they don’t have cable to come home to after a night of clubbing and robbing, raping and thieving.

      45. The trigger will most likely be interest rate derivatives. There are an estimated one quadrillion dollars in derivatives. 400 trillion in interest rate derivatives. Interest rates are rising. When they go high enough the whole world financial system will implode. Make sure you have most of your money outside the financial system.

      46. This sums it all up:

        “With nearly 50 million Americans on food stamps, more than half of all able-bodied adults out of work, prices for essential goods progressively inflating, consumer spending collapsing, and the government taking on unprecedented levels of debt, the fact of the matter is that nothing has been resolved. It’s only gotten worse.”

        It’s unfathomable to me, that a lot of people do not see what is right in front of them.

      47. LOL!! The title “Golden Jackass” says it all…

      48. What I find frustrating is folks who do not think things can go wrong natural or man made disaster.I am limited in funds but each week stock up a little more and rotate out old food/meds ect.(use them of course!).I know folks armed to the teeth with plenty of ammo which is fine and they know how to use their firearms,but food/basic med ect.stocked up,nothing!I am working on them as good friends and am making progress.On the upside when I get em to see the value of a “spare tire”they have the funds to stock up quickly,just hope is not too late!I believe as they have children is just hard to face that a big change can happen and happen quickly.I love these folks like family and will keep talking with them.Live for today,prepare for tomorrow.

      49. as I’ve said before
        collapse happens one person,one family at a time

        recent examples
        I’ll be keeping my job
        BUT taking an almost 30% paycut to do so
        and the workload will increase substantially
        working conditions here are now so unpleasant that
        a significant # of staff have resigned,
        they will not be replaced
        my employer also just reduced overtime pay by app 18% a shift

        the state has cut $$$ to the local school boards AGAIN
        there wont be layoffs THIS year
        but teaching assistants now have to take 9 days a year off
        without pay
        for someone in such an already low paying job
        that is gonna hurt

        next year the state is cutting funding an additional 20%
        there WILL be layoffs in 2014

        the middle class in this country is dying a slow lingering death

        I’m sure you’ve seen the stats
        especially the one that says 3 out of 4 jobs being created
        are only part time

        this country is done for

        last one out
        turn out the lights

        • A recession is when your neighbor loses his job.

          A depression is when you lose your job.

      50. Do some people just wait by their computers at the ready for new articles to come out? Seems like the same people over and over again. Also, so many of these same problem advise to live off the grid yet they are here..every single article. Ironic.

        • Nah, we are just good at multi-tasking. I just made a banana pudding, and have peaches in the dehydrator, did a load of laundry, got a hair trim, and cleaned the car. 🙂

        • We are off grid. Have a small solar setup. Works for us. Computer runs through the cell phone, Verizon.

      51. We all come into this world with nothing and we all leave this world with nothing.
        Yet we will fight to the “death” for everything??????
        Humans will never learn.
        Even when the “war” is over, humans being humans will begin where they left off, and before long the SWillHTF again.
        When humans are taught to “remember and repeat”, it will be inevitable, destined only to repeat his story (history).
        As someone will let power get to them, in turn greed and control.
        I wish I could be less cynical, but I am yet to find evidence to the contrary.
        The “great flood” was supposed to of solved this exact same problem, yet here we go again.

        • I apologize, I was wrong, there was one moment in time when all was running smoothly, Babel, all were working as one.
          But GOD didn’t even like that.
          So I guess it still ok to be cynical.

      52. Two willing parties free and uncoerced in their actions …that’s the only morality that should matter in any deal…violation of this principle is one of the main things the govicorp does and it robs men/women of their God given right to choose their actions…and one of the main things we all claim to despise…sorry but unless you are one of those willing parties it none of your business! PS: this isn’t aimed at anyone in particular just those who think they have a say in another man/womans choices…they know who they be!

      53. BI- the local alcoholic will have nothing. Neither will the local addict.
        You dont have a clue.

        Go walk a drug infested neighborhood……
        see how mnay have cipro.

        Good Luck.

        YOU will def need it.

      54. Keep your head low and kill off as many asshats like KY-Jell up above that you can (quietly). Takers you can usually sniff out quickly. They generally just seem like jerks.

      55. That was for KY from the gal from Ky.

      56. I am worried bout family and friends. I have done my best to convince them to put food back , however they haven’t taken my advice. My wife and myself have talked about what we will do when shtf and they all show up at our house. I know I need to pray about it more, but it would help to hear what others are planning to do if they are confronted with this situation

      57. Y’all gotta forgive me on this thumbs up and down stuff. My big thumb accidentally hit thumbs down when trying to hit thumbs up on this little phone. Lol

      58. Whats next? What could happen.

        US stock market, huge drop to DOW below 9,000.
        US Treasury Bond interest rate increase.
        Bank failures because or Interest Rate Swap failures.
        Talk of Bank Bail-In’s for US depositors, which causes a Cyprus run on banks.
        Massive liquidity problem for banks, so Federal reserve reacts by massive money printing.
        Huge jump of inflation. Price controls.
        Shortages of Food, Fuel and Bullets.

        • As bad as the above is described it pales in comparison to the USD loosing Reserve Currency status. There lay the big concern.

          In reality the banks will not fail because the Federal Reserve will fill up their balance sheet again. That money will not be loaned out so its inflationary effects will be greatly reduced. The $85 billion injection into the economy certainly has inflationary implications; remove it and you have an instant depression; continue it and inflation will take off even under minimum money velocity.

      59. Day to day…have your guys considered smoke detectors as a prep.
        Think of the thousands of dollars in preps and your family’s lives…

        Make sure you have some REAL smoke detectors in your home.

        SHTF TIP: In times of power outages…people use their generators. They give off carbon monoxide. So make sure you have a very long cord and keep the exhaust pointed away from your home. A carbon monoxide detector is a smart things to have also.

        I like to think of this site as the REAL AMERICANS site.
        Peace to you all my friends. WE area community.
        Thanks Mac for bringing us all together.

      60. “Tanks in the street”? Where are the tank operators getting their food? Government checks? Food stamps?

      61. Be safe! Be prepared! Be ever vigilant!

        Between natural disasters , rising fuel prices, food prices, inflation, crime, soon to be food shortages ( due to colder than normal weather , and
        transportation problems ) then the fuel and food riots… time is almost up
        to get even your basic supplies ready and a plan of action. Equally as
        important is finding other like minded people you trust as close as possible
        to you. There is strength and safety in numbers. So check the below links to
        find those close to you and network

        Prepare by making essential preparations for yourself and your family to not just survive, but to thrive, if and when things get very difficult:

        Prepare food, water, clothing (especially for growing children/grandchildren) & shoes, fuel, essential drugs & medicines/vitamins, toiletries, medical supplies, guns, ammunition (when you run out, your guns are useless, and if you don’t have enough, you can’t keep your skills honed, so buy plenty), specie (gold & silver), and other essentials. If you have the resources, acquire enough for friends, relatives, neighbors, and other peers.

        Get your house in order, if it isn’t already. Prepare temporally and spiritually. Ensure that you will be part of the reason that God will side with us, because we’ve chosen to side with Him!

        For more preparedness info … PLEASE check the sites i help admin… If you have ANY questions at all please ask..

        Main 9-12 Preppers Site

        Osceola County Mercury One .

        Mercury One website.

        Constitutional Militia links


        SECOM on facebook

        We are SECOM

        9-12 prepper on Freedomworks

        The Chruch me and my family attend. Cornerstone Family Church

        All you can to is hope for the best but prepare for the worst. Of course
        putting your trust and faith in God.

        Good people, families , moms, dads, grandparents, normal people, just
        preparing for what we see is coming. We are willing to help others, in our
        communities but we have to work together. Preparing both spiritually and
        phsyically. “Every Race, Every Tribe, ONE AMERICA!”

        If you havent prepared for yourself and your family yet… do something
        now… time is up!


        support the USA and protect the Constitution! “Every Race, Every Tribe, ONE

      62. Didn’t obama and the feds toss over 2 trillion into the banking sys.

        It’s all shit.

      63. hi, the conversation here is really cool. It’s good to know that there are people that noticed the same thing as me… REALITY.

        I keep talking to people and they just don’t get it, they think that the way the society is is fine… the crazy debt and welfare…

        I too believe that we are 3 meals away from absolute apocalypse. Actually, history proves it happens. Turkey in the early 1900’s, Europe repeatedly purged its people with very little remorse or distinction. Seems like people forget… India had a horrific genocide in the 50’s during turmoil there.

        Anyways, I just wanted to rant… if anyone knows of ways to interact with more like minded preppers let me know… even just to socialize, i think that it’s very comforting to know there are intelligent, perceptive people that are seeing this obvious conspiracy play out…

        this is being done on purpose, it’s been done a lot in history… we have to be strong…

      64. Americans will surrender without firing a shot.

        First they’ll turn off your lights, gas, phone, water, then close the grocery, bank and gas stations. Then turn off all radio, TV and internet, take over all newspaper companies, making it a felony to publish any anti government material. NO mail, no newpapers, martial law to protect the grocery, bank and gas stations. It will be illegal to drive or walk anywhere, without permits.
        The leaders that are destroying our nation have all of this planned. The big problem with gun owners, is, they are not a military ready to meet the enemy, to lead the revolution that we will need to stop this treason. Click on my name, or Google my name and find what we must do, before this happens. I love America, do you? Are you ready to fight to the end, to Restore not Change America?
        I’m here to protect our nations future for YOU, if you join with me to retake control from the Democrats and Republicans. We must Rule, or WE WILL be SLAVES

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