Shoppers Gone Wild: America’s Running of the Bulls 2011 *Videos*

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    Every year in Pamplona, Spain tens of thousands gather for the traditional running of the bulls. Officials erect wooden or iron barricades that direct bulls along the nearly kilometer long route. The coral gates open promptly at 8:00 AM, at which point the bulls begin their run, along with thousands of people who join the festivities. Several hundred people are injured every year, and its reported that sixteen have died in the last hundred years. Despite the dangers and the sheer madness of it all, tourists and locals come back for more every year to celebrate the tradition and exhilaration of the run.

    In America, we have a similar event sans the bulls. It happens on the Friday after Thanksgiving Day, and despite the sheer madness of it all, tens of thousands of people around the country line up ever year to celebrate – and shop.

    With 100 million Americans living a life of poverty, 48 million on food assistance, 25 million out of work, and a nation teetering on the edge of complete economic collapse, some may argue that shopping is the only way to get us back on track. We must consume, not save, and that’s what Black Friday is all about.

    The term “Black Friday” originally had a completely different meaning, until banks and retailers came up with the idea of re-purposing it.

    The term is often used to designate a dark financial day. September 24, 1869, is sometimes referred to as Black Friday in the United States. On this day a syndicate of New York bankers advanced the price of gold to 162 1/2, causing a panic. It sold at 143 1/8 the previous evening. The Grant Administration dumped $4,000,000 in gold on the market, the price falls in fifteen minutes from 162 to 133, and many investors were ruined. Fortunes were lost. Wall Street brokerage houses failed. Railway stocks shrank. The nation’s business was paralyzed. Another such day was Friday, Sept. 19, 1873, when Jay Cooke & Co., leading American bankers, failed. A great crash ensued in Wall Street, the center of financial operations in America, and the historic panic of 1873 began. Credit generally was impaired and many financial institutions were forced into bankruptcy. (source)

    It’s also been reported, though details are scarce, that in 1869 bankers were dragged into the streets and hanged by those who were wiped out in the collapse.

    Here’s a look at Black Friday 2011 from around the nation.

    North Carolina Off-Duty Copy Acting As Security Pepper Sprays Walmart Shoppers While Making an Arrest:

    An off duty police officer hired to help with security during Black Friday pepper sprayed an assailant, along with dozens of Walmart shoppers. About 20 people, including children, were affected by the pepper spray. (Source)

    Shoppers Rush the Staten Island Mall:

    Frenzy at Target:

    The $2 Waffle Maker:

    Pure excitement over some random Made-in-China product:

    Bored of shopping? There’s no shortage of entertainment on Black Friday. A fight breaks out in a Modesto, CA Mall:

    Doing it for the children:

    No shortage of consumers willing to spend their money:

    Getch’ You Sum!

    A sea of people as far as the eye can see:

    When the herd starts running, you start running!

    Now imagine that the system has collapsed and this is a grocery store with people fighting for food:

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      1. This is a good look at the Zombies. My wife wants and will get a Maple Kitchen Island from Lehmans non electric in Ohio. She will have it in the kitchen ready to bolt down the GrainMaker hand grain mill that she will get for her bithday in January. She is easy to please.

        For the romantic side, I will get her a scented soap on a rope from KMart! (Just kidding girls)

      2. All in the name of CHRISTmas? Sad…

        • No Tina, the above videos are NOT what our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ had in mind. Remember what He did when the temple was overrun with men selling cattle, sheep and doves. He drove them out of the temple and overturned their tables.

          “Black Friday” is not what Jesus had in mind. Rather, it was all about “Resurrection Sunday”.

          • Actually (minor nitpick), it was the collection of money-changer stalls that got Our Savior angry enough to grab a whip, and open up a can of whoopass.

            Here’s the deal:

            In the Temple, you could only buy sacrificial animals, give tithes, etc in the official money of the Temple, which was still the original currency Israel had since, say, King David and before. Thing is, the Jewry of the known world used (and brought) Denarii (Rome), Drachmas (Greece), Deben (Egypt), and a whole host of other currencies – mostly the Denarius though, given Rome’s influence.

            Anyway, the money changers would usually be dishonest about it, charge massive interest and fees from ignorant travelers, and do all kinds of things directly contradictory to the Torah, God’s Law, call-it-what-you-will.

            Otherwise though, yep, I perfectly agree with you 🙂

        • I think Black Friday is correctly named. Instead of remembering to thank God for our blessings, this nation goes to the church of the shopping mall and spends the day with their new god. Black it the correct name for this day.

      3. A $2 waffle maker? There are so many waffle makers out there in thrift stores and garage sales, left over from the 70s when everyone had one, and US-made, built to last forever. OK so it’s got someone’s decades of kitchen-grot on it, you can actually take those apart and clean each part, polish etc., then re-assemble and it’s like new, but better because of the build quality.

        • true , bit its not “on sale,” in wallmart. No excitement value. Its not the wafflemaker they need, its the trill of the chase leading to a feeling of superiority….somehow

        • A lot of these will end up at yard sales in unused condition. Just wait until January and we hear about all the poor families who are behind on the mortgage.

        • picked me up one from 1889 made in the US, usable on an electric, gas or wood stove…makes great waffles and was only 10 dollars in an old hardware store…yippy…

      4. Dang, that looks like fun. Never knew what I was missing.

        A Mexican fella I know says that his wife and cousins stay up all night drinking and go in half drunk because they are more ready to fight and it doesn’t hurt as much. I had to laugh. Picture a half dozen fairly drunk Mexican women going in with an attitude, LOL.

        Well until Blackwater Tactical starts participating I suppose I’ll just keep watching from the sidelines.

        • HaHaaa!
          Hey hey hey… I’m lazy and drunk on tequila!
          That would be a site.
          Maybe one of them past out in a cart by the waffle makers.
          Maybe another one past out in a little nest of cloths in a dressing room.
          The rest all tuned up and ready go at it to save that extra $20 bucks.

      5. In order to save money this year and to beat the crowds, I’m gonna make a douche bag out of an elk bladder for my wife for a Christmas gift.

      6. That fight in Molesto is hilarious. Someone hasn’t even taken ONE boxing lesson, or if they did, they weren’t paying attention.

        • Looked more like dancing! LOL

          I’ve broken up better fights between 7th grade girls!

      7. The night of the living dead at Wal Mart. Folks wonder why I prep? Imagine this a food line, or better yet,medications,both legal and otherwise,say a smoke shop or liquor store….
        I won’t be in any lines…

        • Kent hit the nail on the head here. Let’s all keep in mind that these folks are fighting over NON-Needed items. It will be complete chaos when this fight is for food.

        • Kent makes a very good comparison to a possible collapse situation..

      8. Is any one else disgusted by this scene every year? I mean I would prefer to be without a $200 TV and keep my respect… just saying.

        • i am constantly amazed and embarrassed by my species’ stupidity and greed

          • I am proud to be an Umurikun and have the whole world see these videos. Shows that we are not afraid of a fight, as long as consumer electronics are at stake.

            Forget about any “last minute preps”., unless you wish to be at the center of a riot.

            The OWS crowd wants to be part of a “historic protest”. They are not concerned with what they are “protesting”. Have yet to hear any of them mention the DC crowd who is really at faulty. They still think Obummer, Chucku Schumer, et al are on their side.

          • Michelle, sheeple belong to the species Homo Ridiculous but preppers belong to a completly different species: Homo Survivalus. No need to be embarrassed about lower forms of life. Eventually they will go the way of other unsustainable species like the dodo bird.

        • What good is self respect if you don’t have a flat screen TV? Got to have priorities. This is a fight over non-essentials that they still have to pay for.

        • I consider it this way: With my salary broken down to an hourly rate, I actually lose money if I were to take a day of vacation, wait for 4+ hours (and lose sleep doing it) just to be nearly first in a gawdawful long line, then have to deal with griefers and runners… and for what? Just to get at a cheap-ass brand of TV for $200 that I’d likely have to replace 12 months later?

          Screw that. I’ll walk in when I feel like it, lay down $450 for a better brand television at the same size, and actually save money doing it (because I’m not spending hours on end of time).

          I woke up well after the sun did on Black Friday morning, ordered room service, and spent a good chunk of the morning sitting in a jetted tub, looking out the window and into the distant woods.

          New TV (to replace a serviceable but energy-devouring 27″ tube TV)? Maybe, but I’ll bother with that when the after-Christmas sales slash prices even deeper than usual. I spent today pricing water filters at the local sporting goods store. Speaking of which, there’s this one two-bag system that is allegedly guaranteed to filter 1 million gallons of water before the filter wears out. I think it was called a Sawyer 2-liter system. It ran for around $90 for the whole kit. Anyrate, if anyone has heard of it, is it worth a damn, or not?

      9. I can only imagine the madness when we’re fighting over the stuff we really need.

        • When these zombies ARE fighting for their lives and to feed their children, it’s going to be deadly! I shutter to imagine the death toll from simply fighting the hoards for a can of soup!

        • I don’t think anyone imagine the chaos/danger when millions of people can’t get medication to help the cope emotionally and mentally in the current environment, not to mention food and water. They don’t know how to cook unless it is in a box and they won’t know what to do with their kids when they can’t turn on the Xbox or TV to keep them quiet.

      10. These people are animals ..just think if it was food!
        no Christians here.

        • “no Christians here”

          I once heard a wise person say…
          “Don’t point the finger unless you’re perfect. And if you are perfect then you’d have no reason to point the finger.”

          Correct me if I’m wrong Nancy, but don’t some or all of these suggestions reflect the purity of the foundation for Jesus’ spiritual teachings?

          Love God above all else even to the point of becoming selfless–so that you can give to others

          Have undying faith in God never wavering (waffling and wavering is doubt).

          Love others as you love yourself. That includes people you may not like or get along with. Do not hate.

          Do good. Not to have a bigger treasure in heaven, but because you want to do good/right. You glorify God every time you do a good deed or perform an act of kindness, since you are one of his children.

          Follow the example and teachings of Jesus Christ contained in the Holy Bible. It’s the only REAL “How To” about Christianity! seek the baptism of the holy spirit because it is a promise given to Christians not only to guide but also to teach us.

          Don’t judge others. Many people have trouble with that one. Judging is for God to do, not us. Rebuking others (preferably as compassionately as possible) is fine, but first you must do as Jesus says, and “Take the plank out of your eye before you try to remove the speck from another’s eye”, otherwise you will only be a hypocrite.

          Read you Bible and pray every day. Just like eating and drinking to sustain your soul and body.

          Keep on giving God your “ALL”. That means give up your right to hate, judge or even get revenge. Set it right–if you can–but that is not revenge.

          Tell everyone and be constantly remembering where God brought you from and what you are now.This is called your testimony (like testifying in court).with God there are no terminologies like impossibilities!

          Remember Jesus died for you.

          I suspect you really didn’t mean what you said, Nancy, if indeed, you are a Christian. I am assuming you are but I could be wrong.

          • Religious drivel.

          • Sounds like you’re judging Nancy. I think your plank may be larger than you realize.

      11. Sadly, this is mostly poor folks racing to get new TV’s because they’ve been brainwashed into thinking they NEED a new TV by watching TV.

        An old college buddy used to refer to the type as “D.O.s”. For Deficit Operation. People who cost society more to keep up than they will ever contribute. Or at best “Maudlin Marginals”.

        Never knew a prepper that would fit either category, thankfully.

      12. By now, this shouldn’t surprise any of us. Although I have a hard time believing there are 100 million Americans experiencing poverty. You want to see poverty go to India. Go to Mexico. We have a long ways to go before America joins their ranks. Not to say we aren’t headed there, but as long as poverty in America means ‘behind in your bills, but still texting on your iphone’ or ‘spending needless hours on the internet’, then No, American’s are still far from poor and that 100 million figure is pure, BS.

        • Got that right. Many people would LOVE to come to USA and be among out “poor”.

        • I don’t think so. Poverty in an ‘advanced’ society has a different meaning to a less advanced society. If you reach a point where you are not a viable economic entity – that is you cannot pay for food, accommodation, etc, then society will collapse. The only thing that is stopping that is the ‘welfare net’ and with more people becoming economically idle this will collapse over time.

          The scary thing is that the true unemployment figure in the US probably at 1930’s Great Depression levels already and no society has gone beyond that in modern history. When the world economy really slows then unemployment will take off and then society will break down.

          The only sentiment I’d agree with you about is the shallowness of materialism and the futile urge to consume.

          • True. Most of our “safety net” (now a hammock) did not exist then. If you count all the able-bodied people on SSI, etc , USA is above 1930s unemployment levels.

          • Exactly (welfare net) If Obama and the rest take away the food stamps there would be soup lines twice as long as during the GD. I would have to say that a large percentage of the sheeple at the store yesterday are the same ones on food assistance form you and me. Normal people that work hard and stay inside their means don’t act like these zombies. Stay inside and KEEP ON PREPPING!

            • If Obama and his cronies took away welfare and the EBT card, most of those dependant on gov’t handouts wouldn’t get in a soup line, they’d riot.

      13. When a foreign entity like Iran, Venezuela, or Syria wants to bring down the US…..all they have to do is hit early on Back Friday and $44 billion in “shopping” won’t happen – stunning this economy over night.

        • PS I’m from Modesto – that was some seriously staged BS if you ask me….some one begging for some Youtube ratings – we got a lot of those nutt jobs around here…

          Remember: Lacy Peterson (RIP) and Chaundra Levy (RIP).

        • not a foreign entity, you mean the US GOvt, but they wont do it then, would cost the economy too much money

      14. This is the last gasp of a dying civilization. The final blast, the last call, the music is about to stop and the lights will be coming on. Until then, the hapless, downtrodden zombie will fight, some even kill, to get their last swig of their favorite inebriating beverage of choice, Consumerism, YUM.

        In the minds of the sheeple zombies, “Sure, the mortgage is underwater. It’s okay, the wife and I have been out of work for six months, but the EBT keeps us fed. We don’t have electric on in the house anymore, but I’ll be damned if I can’t forget my troubles while finding my way to the bottom of a fifth of Consumerism. Yeah, just one last time. It’ll be great!”.

        And when this mob is sacking your area, desperate, starving and diseased, what will you do? Will you be joining them because you’re in the same boat? Will you be turning them away with a warning shot? Will you mowed down by the moving stampede of of the walking dead? Maybe thoughts we should all consider as we watch this disgusting display of cattle drones amassing to get their fill of worthless junk made in a Communist nation by the hands of slaves.

        • You are correct. The debt fuelled consumer led con that is the US economy (and some others) has failed fundamentally. Homes no longer act as ATM’s and people are at ‘peak debt’ in the sense that they reach a point where they cannot or unable to borrow and service more debt. Trying to get this corpse of an economic model to live again is as laughable as it is dangerous – all it does is create more debt.

        • @ JoeRepublic
          “Maybe thoughts we should all consider as we watch this disgusting display of cattle drones amassing to get their fill of worthless junk made in a Communist nation by the hands of slaves.”
          You could not have said that any better . I get raised eyebrows all the time when I mention “Communist Red China” . Nothing has changed there…but that they have figured out how to transfer huge quantities of wealth from the USA & the rest of the world. Free Trade will be Great….honest. What a total crock that was sold to the American People. The sheeple are busy buying all this electronic crap…..& before long they will not have any electricity to run any of it. The free Gubberment shit is coming to an end.
          Natural Selection will thin the herd. The lazy & unprepared will not last long. Hell….they were breaking through the front Doors of stores that did not open when rumored….& then just pillaging the place….
          and all for “stuff” I agree with everyone that posted
          ” what will it look like when there is no food……?
          Y’all have been watching coming attractions ! Don’t waste much time or money on things that will not keep you alive when the SHTF.
          Montgomery County Texas

        • I suspect that even when desperate, they will be unwilling to advance into gunfire or areas known to be ready to resist.

      15. Geezus crist the shame and disgrace of humanity! can you imagine these retard zombies when SHTF!hope you guyes have you anmos lock and load ready!!

      16. EA,

        I think your right about your observation.

      17. Now THIS is a prime example of why I have food stockpiled in my house! When the SHTF…I WON’T be out there, fighting over a can of beans to feed my children!

      18. Umm walmart had 100 rounds of 12 or 20 gauge small game loads for $18 not a bad price for around here. So I hit the 8am sale at 8am. Got 5 boxes.

        • That is a great price. Its usually 22.99 or 23.97 here in Modesto at the Wal Mart. Its decent stuff for dove and small birds – works great on rattle snakes.

        • That part of the store was probably somewhat less busy, same thing with the food section. I bet that if they offered black Friday deals on food items the store would almost empty.

      19. I am a very fortunate person, I have travelled a little. I like to get off the tourist trail and see the real culture of the country I am in. In non-tourist Egypt you never give begging children money, a bigger kid will just hit them and take the cash as soon as you are out of sight. In Turkey it,s the same, I buy food and give them that, it s gone before it can be stolen. Haiti, Tunisia, morocco,Syria are the same. In Africa I buy bottled water that is just a few pennies to us but is beyond the reach of most o f the people living there.

        This is poverty, where children are too hungry to demand the money but the food is snatched from your hand and gulped down at a fighting speed. Where clean water can mean the difference between life and death and a cheap packet of re-hydration medication is worth more than it’s weight in gold. These people wouldn’t give a fig for a car or a tv, or even a pair of shoes.

        I have had the honour of going to some places such as these with charitable medical units where we set up an operating theatre in a tent and fix up as many people as we can in the two weeks we are there. I tell you true, you are never the same afterwards. I thank God daily for everything from the roof over my head to the fleas on my dog. I h ave never known true poverty nobody I know has known poverty , oh we’ve been a bit hard up, a bit short, even had the odd time I didn’t know where the next bottle of milk was coming from, but I still had water, and an odd tin of something in the cupboard.

        I have little, but I am very very rich. To many I would have to explain that, but you, the people here know exactly what I mean.

        Take care x

        • As someone else said, America is the only country in the world where the people in poverty are obese.

          • Elton John was right when he sang “Times are changin, now the poor get fat…”

      20. One word “Sheeple”

      21. i am prepped and ready for things that are happening and will be happening in the future but i gotta say, should one of those zombies actually make it through my front door when tshtf, let it be the one who actually bought something we could use and remembered to bring it with them. actually, i am deeply embarrassed by the way these people act on this day. it is disgusting behavior and makes me physically ill to know that a few of them are people i actually know.

      22. I think this is the modern expression of primitive competitive instincts. They don’t really care what they’re getting, just that they WIN!

        I’d be willing to bet that when the adrenaline wears off, the bills come due, and the inanity of their purchases sinks in, they’ll regret their participation. It may only be subconscious, but they’ll take a psychological hit on some level.

        It’s embarrassing to watch such ferociously mindless groveling to enmesh oneself into debt-based consumer slavery.

        Personally, I’m buying more storable food for my family this holiday season.

      23. I drove past three Wal Marts and a Best Buy on my way home last night after turkey dinner with friends. It was about 10:30 pm.

        Not a parking space to be had. One WM was next to Sam’s Club. Still not a space to be found.

        The Best Buy actually had a line to get in (at midnight) around the building.

        I thought a new Stars Wars film had come out, or Justin Bieber was signing autographs and having his picture taken with teenie-boppers.

        Repugnant. Simply repugnant.

        The good news is that the economy should demonstrate a real bounce in the 4th quarter numbers.

        • I was in Tulsa (suburban) this week and saw a local news story about people camping out at Best Buy. The first tent was on TV on Monday night.

      24. Meaningless holiday with a purpose Keep the money machine in gear those with credit left must use it! Submit to the shopping or it will all end!

      25. Nothing like celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior by punching someone out over a $2 waffle maker…

        Et in terra pax hominibus, bonae voluntatis!


        • You sir have been quoted!

      26. I work retail, if you could only imagine what it’s like to witness animals like this on a daily basis. Only in America! If the sheeple would have to live without their useless gadgets and toys, how would they survive? A number of folks who commented on what will happen when its food or medication, is a real fact. Can you really see what that’s gonna look like? The American public makes me puke, I can’t stand them and how helpless they act. How do they get through everyday life? What will they do when the shtf? I am ashamed to see what my country turned into. Coming from a true American with family history dating back to 1701!

      27. I agree. This is simply embarassing. There just isn’t a sale good enough to make me want to go deal with people acting like that.

        It simultaneously amazes and appalls me that people bring their kids to events like this! I would not want to subject my kids to the physical potential risk, nor the horrifyingly shallow example set forth.

        I plan to lay as low as possible throughout whatever may come. I don’t wanna be mixing with the Zombies.

        • Agree totally, especially the part about bringing children.

          Just think, some poor kids have to live with the knowledge that their parent died trying to get a cheap laptop at Wal-Mart. This is especially sad when you consider that the parent could probably only use the computer for playing games or DVDs (and maybe for finding a little internet porn).

      28. These vids ought to bring a warm feeling to preppers everywhere. We have now seen the segment of the population that will be trampling each other to board fema trains or enter the camps, and its a large one. I bet they offer camp guards bribes to cut in line. These unfortunates are “the golden hoard,” minus the gold. Just finished chopping and stacking 2 more cord of wood for next winter, wonder if i’ll be selling it to the neighbors after the new years banking holiday. Should fetch a tidy sum when oil/electricity becomes scarce. I recommend everyone pics up one of these to get through a grid down winter.

      29. Assuming you were one of the Power Elite BB, CFR, Trilateral Commission members and you looked at this. Your thoughts of being superior are validated. You would look at them like farm animals that need to be controlled. Watch them and the thought of a functioning government ruled by the masses goes out the window.

        These people vote, sad but true.

        • “Watch them and the thought of a functioning government ruled by the masses goes out the window.”
          Democracy at its finest!

          • Without an educated people knowledgeable in regards to the affairs and functioning of government self rule is impossible.

      30. The mindless assholes fighting over shit they dont need with money they dont have.

        • …they’ve been brainwashed to be pseudo-human.

      31. Heads up.. the Ready Store has freeze dried scrambled eggs on sale for $18.34 per #10 can, $110.04 per case with $9.95 shipping. That’s $1.15 per serving..

      32. I was never one to do the Black Friday shopping, and especially this year since I’m unemployed. Christmas will be lean at my house this year. But I’m sure our King and Queen will be off to Hawaii or someplace else like that.

      33. What a bunch of morons……. They won’t stand a chance when TSHTF.

      34. I saw this maddness on tv this morning when I woke up. I kept thinking what if this mess was over food? Black Friday should be a wake up call to those that still think if there are food shortages people will calmly and equally share food. What would happen if today’s great deals were food, and people were starving? How many more would have died or been injured? Save now!​?p=479

        God bless

      35. You want an idea on how it will be when the SHTF.Well this is a taste of what is to come.Just remember when it does come people won’t care where they are or what they do to other people to get what they need to live on.Believe me this should open all of our eye’s!

      36. Pure insanity and unadulterated horseshit. It’s good however to see this repetive behavior to firm up one’s belief of his fellow man. Its doubtful that my beliefs cannot be changed.

      37. these people are positively mad, mad as cut cats…. this is absurd to me by i understand that people love to abuse themselves in this manner, i just dont completely understand the why….. sad , very sad
        PAUL/NORQUIST 2012

      38. repetitive

      39. Sigh… correction “Its doubtful that my beliefs CAN be changed”.

      40. My wife and I are in our 60s. We have a lot of miles on us, but when we go out we know something about grooming and wearing clean and neat clothing. Whenn I was a kid in the 50s my mother would take me on a bus to go shopping for groceries. She never left the house without fixing her hair, makeuup and wearing a dress. I was in Walmart with my wife and made my usual observation that people today are ungroomed and sloppy. Hygene appears to be as alien concept. My point: after teaching school for 40 years it is obvious that students who worry abour appearance behave better. I feel adults are the same .Don’t we all respond more positively to those who present a positive image? Don’t we all behave differently when we care about our personal presentation? Look at these “shoppers” and note their appearance. DOn’t mean to sound judgmental, but the care we take with ourselves seems to say something about expectations. Hope I don’t get anyone ticked off.

        • …I agree. In reality is just appearances. Its totally unimportant as far as survival. Trivial. However, it appears that the people who concern themselves with these unimportant, trivial things also concern themselves with other not-so-unimportant and no-so-trivial things like courtesy and charity.

          I went to a parade last night. Another chance to walk among the sheople. One thing I noticed is that as they were throwing candy, people were courteous. I found that the people picking up candy were courteous and aware. …even the kids. After watching these videos, frankly, I was shocked. But, of course, this is a small town (abt 9,000 people). Even the crowds previously Friday morning were courteous and decent. But, the city I was shopping in is about 65,000. Many of the parade watchers and shoppers are rural people.

          My son and are re-watching the first season of The Walking Dead. There seems to be more “walkers” in the big cities: zombie like people that just follow their instincts, ignoring courtesy and conscience. The larger the group of people, the less conscience and common sense. The walkers pay no attention to their appearance, their odor, their clothes. They have no concept. Their only concerns are animalistic. Attack. Consume. Are the people in these videos any different? Only slightly.


          These videos should make you realize that if these people think you have something they need, they will TEAR YOU APART to get it. You and your family will be cast aside.

          3 guns: Shotgun. Pistol. Rifle. The videos above should prove to you that a feeding frenzy will take place as soon as these people get the word. If you’re in their way without at least one of the above security implements you’re probably not going to survive.

          You also should realize that avoiding areas where there are large groups of people is a good idea.

          I’ve been working on alternatives for people like Daisy and Carolie. I know they feel frustrated and shackled, but, in reality, there are good alternatives. The main thing that suffers is range.

          Security is your number one priority, however, you don’t need to go overboard on it. You don’t need ammo to supply an army. …and your security can be enhanced by staying away from crowds of people that act like this.

          • Net Ranger ~

            Thank you for thinking of me. I’ll share my ideas with you (and anyone else who lives somewhere that restricts guns.)

            ~ I have a lovely heavy “decorative” broadsword. It hangs near the door of my room and I think many intruders would be alarmed by a crazy lookin’ chick in cupcake pajamas swingin’ that sucker at them. The sword is the real deal – sharp enough to slice and apple and able to be re-sharpened. It cost a pretty penny.

            ~ Daggers – we have daggers in our bedrooms. They are sharp and strong. Many assaults on women take place in the bedroom, and in that circumstance, something that can be used close and dirty seems the wisest.

            ~ Wasp Spray and Bear Spray – ’nuff said. The wasp spray has a range of about 20 feet.

            I am looking into purchasing some air rifles. While probably not lethal, I imagine they’d be better than nothing. Does anyone have feedback on those?

            In my purse I carry bear spray (just in case I decide to go hiking, Officer). I keep another dagger in my glovebox. I have a silly little Smith and Wesson “pen” with a bladed end, but I would not hold up a lot of hope for that.

            We also have a large protective dog – never underestimate a dog for keeping intruders away.

            While I don’t have the kind of armament I’d like, and nowhere NEAR what I’d have if I lived in the US, I feel that we are prepared for our circumstances and I am confident and comfortable with using what we have.

            • God save the Queen.

            • remember daisy “eye’s, throat, balls!” and you want to puncture/ stab , not cut or chop! if they land on top of you – drive your blade in and up, then slam it side to side inside em’ to severe the aorta and such! a ice pick and sharpened screw driver are better then blades… easier to conceal… and a good old heavy ball-pen hammer will kill on one blow to the head. honestly daisy ya might wanna use a combo b-pen hammer and icepick together, one in each hand – use what hands feel comfortable to swing and stab! forget the air guns… get a crossbow or short compound bow or both if no guns!

              just my thoughts…

            • Nina – I considered the crossbow, etc, but we live in town on a small lot – I’m not sure how useful it would be. Inside there wouldn’t be a lot of room to maneuver with one, and also, I’ve never used any type of bow. Is it a weapon that is “user-friendly”???

              The icepick and hammer are great ideas because they are not actual weapons. They are also cheap and easy to acquire. The laws here are nuts, in my opinon, regarding home defense. You are only able to meet force with equal force, not greater force, and you are not really supposed to have weapons at all. That is why our things are “decorative” or innocuous.

              Thank you for the suggestions!

        • Link to video, sez that video was removed. Do you have a third or fourth link?


        • Dissector: FYI that video has been pulled by ABC 15, Phoenix also. LSM at work “shielding US” from police brutality.


      41. Mac

        The videos say it all

        worth thousands of words

        more inspiration to stock up and definitely more ammo

        the hordes will be unbelievable

        extra clips are in order

      42. How does an off-duty cop have the authority to handcuff anyone? As private security, I would think they have no arrest powers, and pepper spraying at random would seem to be a lawsuit/lottery ticket in the making. A lawyer’s opinion would be nice to hear.

        • citizen arrest. One time in our history,all we had were citizens arrest. The police were just hired citizens to keep the peace, and they would carry their own firearm(concealed)only to protect their own lives. Remember always seeing the british cops with just a club? Our police were once unarmed also, the citizens were armed, so they had to be very nice to the citizens. Our society has been transformed! Think! representative is now LAWMAKER, law enforcement? what ever happened to keeper of the peace? “you will obay my authoritie” cartman

      43. This type of behaviour disturbs me. I am so incredibly disgusted when I see these people doing this. Then I think of how the elites refer to them: Useless Eaters.

        I have conflicting disgusts. While I am repulsed and disgusted by the way these animals act, I am also disgusted by the elites that call them useless eaters. …yet, I certainly see how they can b e considered useless eaters.

        These are the 97%, fellow preppers. These are the people you will be defending yourself from in a Grid Down, Your On Your Own, SHTF, TEOTWAWKI scenario. Unfortunately they are your neighbors.

        These people could not operate in an America that was truly free. They have been manipulated and brainwashed into some type of pseudo-human condition that is unique to the 97%. It saddens me.

        It does, however, make me realize that the starvation and massive die off will be quite. Thats good, I think.

        • …will be quite quick.

          • I also cringe at those phrases the “elite” like to toss around…….but when you see this kind of thing it really makes you give the idea some unfortunate credit.

            Our thin veil of civilization really slips at times like this and shows the animal within. I shudder to think that we may one day have to pick them off to protect ourselves, and yet the images of this shopping frenzies strips off just enough of the veneer to make it seem more tolerable.

            And that in itself horrifies me too – the fact that I feel somewhat superior because I would not involve myself in this type of behavior. The fact that, in all honesty, this would make it far easier than I would like to admit to defend my family against them.

      44. Bread and Circus Syndrome!

        Keeping the minions happy and distracted is critical when those in power are preparing to rule over them!

      45. I stayed home most of today and then went to visit my folks for a while. I have no interest in the insanity that occurs at this time of the year. Now, if they had ammo on sale… 😉

      46. And if they had a 75% off sale on guns, ammo, tents, and freeze dried foods… you wouldn’t do the exact same thing.


        The difference is your perspective as to what’s important, and that’s about where it ends. You’re talking about shooting people for shit’s sake.

        • Huh? You’re really not paying attention are you?

          We’re talking about *DEFENDING* ourselves. Shooting? Chopping? Smacking? Stabbing? You name it, defense is defense.

          If you don’t understand the difference between how we preppers would react to the difference of how the sheople in these videos are behaving then you SURELY are not one of us. If that is the case then I’m sorry but you’ve clicked the wrong link off of your MSNBC or CNN site.

          We wouldn’t have to do something like shoot someone or act like an idiot. We’d all stand in a line and wait our turn. It is our nature. …and then if they ran out, those who got multiples might offer to share. We don’t worship STUFF like these sheople do. Even if the stuff is good stuff instead of trash.

          They must have left the gate open and a sheople wandered out and got on this site.

          Get a little education before you start insulting us, OK?

          • x 2!!!

        • I think the difference is the Black Friday people want to keep up with the Jones’ next door, where us Preppers want to keep away from the Jones’s.
          Also, if I was in line for a 75% sale on guns and ect.. I would be very respectful to the man or women next to me, because they might have a gun… so in return ., order would exist amongst the crowd.

          Just my perspective on the matter. 🙂

      47. Oh why oh why can’t an AR-15 be on sale?!!! WHYYYYYYYY!!?

        Why can’t a box of 0.45 ACP be on sale for a $1??

        Why can’t a mossberg 550 be on sale for $10?!!

        If a 54 inch TV can go for $100 or whatever, why can’t an Eotech sight go for $100??! Whyyy?!!

        I’m crying over here. Waaaaaggghhh!!

        Preppers like us get shafted. No sales of this magnitude for us.

        • heheheh. You *KNOW* why!

          The stuff you want has actual value. The stuff the sheople crave is, in the end, nearly worthless. Though, after the crash, I might trade a can of peas or a drink bottle of wheat for a 50″ TV to put the surveillance cams on if and when I run them. It and a DVD player may be the only luxuries we get.

          They can afford to drop the price of it because most of the cost of that $500 TV is “market value” and not “actual value”. When someone drops the price on something that has actual value, someone actually looses somethng. However, when someone drops the price on something that has market value, they just don’t make as much.

          Now the socialist/liberals say there is no difference, but, I say there is. Not making something is quite different from putting out labor or materials and not getting paid for it.

          • Thats right! try a little kethcup on that flat screen when the kiddies say, “Daddy we’re hungry”, and your larder is spittin’ dust. My heart breaks and my eyes mist up just thinking how much the children will suffer cause Mommy and Daddy are selfish and dumber than dirt.

      48. America is in the last throws of Collapse…

        The SHEEPLE, are running off the edge of the mountain…

        Buying Chinese Garbage, and putting the last nail in the American Economy…

        • Sorry TC, no collapse but keep prepping anyway while there is still time. Buy some gold people, sell it when the price spikes after Israel hits Iran, then reload when the price falls.

          A lot of events to come, but no collapse.

      49. Seems as this circus they call black friday is getting crazier by the year. Two words come to mind; barbarians, and rome.

        • I am curious on how many people are doing these acts to get their 15 minutes of fame.
          So possibly the circus will get bigger and bigger.

      50. That pretty well sums up America for the world. Ignorant farm animals, no class, pathetic stupid roaches

      51. What’s it going to be like when these people are hungry??? And one man was shot for the gifts he bought? Soon it’ll be for food!

        Stay away from the masses, your life isn’t worth saving a few bucks!

        there are new rules to the game.

        • What you see on the videos here, you can multiply it tenfold when it comes down to food.(And I doubt that I touched it at tenfold). YMMV.

      52. This is a classic example of whats to come when there is a food shortage. A FEMA rep has stated in the past that an everyday Super Walmart can be litterally GUTTED of all it’s food and merchandise in a little over 24 hours.Perfect example, Hurricane Katrina. I was there to witnessed it. We laugh at Black Friday Zombies lossing thier minds once a year but imagine that they were starving from hunger due to a economic collapse or Natural disaster………Ah only moments to ponder…. Good luck my fellow Americans.

        • Good thing they will victimize each other first, and many will perish while sitting around waiting for “help” to arrive.

      53. I must admit, I did swing by Lowe’s and Home Depot on the way home from work Friday morning after a 12 hour grave-yard shift. Picked up some tools that were on sale. I looked at it as picking up some handy stuff that I could use at a reduced price. Besides, most women do not shop at these stores on Black Friday so It was just like a saturday morning. I was going to swing by Sears but it is in the local mall but I thought better of that.

      54. I guess those Americans just CAN’T learn from their mistakes at all.
        It’s this very shallow materialistic lifestyle that is predominantly responsible for the mess you’re all in now.
        Teetering on the brink of the abyss that is total economic collapse and starvation, they have learned nothing from the GFC but just want more plastic made-in-China-and-lasts-2-months-before-failing shit.
        Yeah – let’s spray someone with pepper spray over a $2 item. What sad pathetic losers !
        They don’t deserve to survive and in the wild they wouldn’t.
        No, let them have their shit and let’s see how much comfort it gives them when the big collapse happen.

        Make sure you shoot these losers first when they come after YOUR hard earned survival stores..

      55. Baa-a-a-ah! Baa-a-a-ah! Ooh look at the insane deals on these Blu-Ray players. Baaah!

      56. That’s Funny that you mentioned Chandra Levy. When she went missing I was furious at Gary C. the congressman she worked for and was screwing. Only recently did I read some disturbing things about Chandra Levy being tied up with Israeli Intel and she was sleeping with her boss at their behest. She, and many other Jewish Americans have no loyalty to the U.S. Only to a foreign country. Read Natalie Portman’s Wiki page and see what she says about the U.S. and Israel. Chandra was wrapped up in some serious B.S. involving Tim McVeigh and 9/11.

      57. Israel has a law that makes every jewish person in the world (through the mother) a de facto citizen of Israel.

        What is particularly galling about the mayor of Chicago is that he served as an Israeli soldier.

        So why doesn’t he run for the mayor of Tela Viev?


      58. after watchin’ the vids , me is thinkin’ it’s time for gawd’s great rains and floods , Noah and his Ark again!!

        • Hints of Sodom and Gomorrah!!!

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