Shooter’s Brother May Have Just Busted This Investigation Wide Open: “Steve Was An Arm… I’m Sorry… Please Don’t…”

by | Oct 4, 2017 | Headline News | 105 comments

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    Alternative media sleuths across the world are trying to get to the bottom of the Las Vegas shooting and the following video, made available by Twitter user Red Pill, is going to lead to even more questions.

    We won’t put words into Eric Paddock’s mouth. You decide what he intended to say:

    “Steve had no help… Steve didn’t take help… it did not take a village for Steve…”

    “Steve was an arm…”

    **Eric Paddock Realizes Mistake**

    “I’m sorry… Please don’t…. I’m using a colloquial term…”

    There are two likely possibilities for what Eric Paddock meant to say.

    First, shooter Stephen Paddock recently wired $100,000 to the Philippines, a country known for an illegal arms trade that in 2014 led to the arrest of a Californian Senator. Thus, is it possible Eric Paddock meant to say, “Steve was an arms dealer,” prior to cutting himself off?

    Or, perhaps, he intended to say, “Steve was an army of one,” a slogan used by the U.S. Army in recruiting commercials.

    You decide:

    Here’s how internet users interpreted his statement:


    Things appear to be taking yet another turn for the bizarre, as breaking news from The Daily Sheeple suggests that there is a connection between Stephen Paddock and domestic intelligence agencies, as the plane Paddock once leased is currently registered by a company that lists “the defense/intelligence community” among their clients.

    The plot has certainly thickened.


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      1. “Or, perhaps, he intended to say, “Steve was an army of one,” a slogan used by the U.S. Army in recruiting commercials.”

        Anyone here know what an “Army of One” really is ??? It’s a Marine !!! (Army guys hate it when I tell them that joke) 🙂

        • Durango was definitely never a Marine.

          • Aren’t Really Marines Yet. Army, lol

            or Always Requesting Maternity Yooniforms. fat, bag nasty out of shapes can be seen everywhere wearing the army uniform.

        • he was saying “army of one”, meaning he was a loaner. nothing more. put in context with the rest of the clip.

          • I would tend to agree – and I would then think that he realized what he was about to say…what a bad choice of phrasing that was, as it both would sound like an acknowledgement of guilt, AND perhaps be insulting to real Army.

          • “Army of One” means YOYO – You are On Your Own.

            Vegas was a complete set up. Patsy like Oswald. Gee and right before the Congress to approve the Protective Hearing Bill to Legalizing Suppressors on weapons without any special permit.

            Thou shall not infringe. Love the Constitution or get the FuQ Out.

            • I do believe the current statement. My reasoning. Check out James Guerin ISC. I lived in Lancaster and new Mr. Guerin and although this sort of thing (the shooting) did not occur, Mr. Guerin shocked everybody when the weapons running came out. Mr. Guerin owned his own planes, was a millionare, very reputable and the list goes on. This scenario described is very logical and makes more sense than any others!

          • he most definitely meant to say, “army of one.” He specifically, then states a sentence later “I’m using a colloquial term.”

            The he meant to say was, I’m speaking colloquially.” or “I’m using a colloquial phrase” is what he should have said, to have said it correctly.

            But that doesn’t matter.

            What matters is that he specifically made mention of the word “colloquial” and that, to me, says he meant to say the adage: “army of one” and not “arms dealer”

            The words “Arms dealer” are not colloquial; they are not street terms, in other words. They are words that foreign countries use and the United States uses when referring to weaponry transactions. The phrase “arms dealer” is not a local phrase.

            • But, covering such a slip of the tongue by then saying “I was using a colloquial term” would fit the attempt to backpedal the slip of the term “arms dealer” immediately on realizing (or even being told) to backpedal in such a way. Being an arms dealer would make such a person a very strong candidate for being recruited by Deep State CIA-types to be doped, trained, (in this case, maybe self-) equipped and facilitated by such a secret agency to commit such a pointless mass murder of “soft-targets” and then, to be programmed to kill himself if police show up, instead of mowing them down to or even before going after unarmed victims. Then, the typical bloody shirt can be waved by the mainstream propagandists about how the public merely keeping arms makes all such public liable to be this kind of clearly government-level of mass murderer.

        • Rangers, providing Marines a role model since 1756.

          • really?? the United States Marine Corps wasn’t founded until 1775, Tun Tavern, Pennsylvania.
            Semper Fi, oohrah!!!!

            • State Militias are older than both, which came from Colonial Militias.

              One day the govt will be glad to have the Militias and irregulars with them.

              Fill the gaps and close the holes and make sure no one gets through.

              A good example is the revolutionary war in North Carolina when British troops where picked off by locals. No Continental Army troops were present in the Hornets nest as the British Army called it.

          • yeah right, the United States Marine Corps wasn’t founded until 1775. Tun Tavern, Pennsylvania.
            Semper Fi, oohrah!

        • We’re gonna go there?

        • I’m a former Marine. Friends used to call me RamBob.

        • He was going to say “Armenian Priest”. No? How about “Armadillo rancher”? Yeah. That’s it. Armadillo Rancher.

          Point is, he cut it off. Didn’t mouth the words, so we do not know what he was going to say. Period.

          Jeez. Stop speculating. News anchors do enough of that.

      2. I do not see one SHELL CASING in any of the pictures of weapons, How the hell do you shoot 500 rounds, and not one Shell casing in any pictures.

        • I saw shell casings in a couple of the pics

        • The had the pictures in the daily mail of the shells on the floor.

          • If the FBI was doing their job all brass was photographed in place and collected. If they are doing their job they’d try to match brass to bullets down range, by caliber, brand and type at least. They can also type powder and primer residue. All brass, magazines and firearms would be examined for prints. The idea to prove only one source for rounds fired.

            They’ll be working overtime on this, but with enough time it can be done in a thorough investigation.

            If the FBI doesn’t want the story out, the investigation will be quick and dirty.

          • ya, like a handful of cases. and i couldn’t tell from the pictures i saw were he was supposed to be shooting from. just guns sitting here or there in the room and some cases here and there. didn’t make any sense to me what i was looking at. if i picture what the room would be “staged” as to make it a “machine gun” nest or firing position, it isn’t laid out how I would expect it to be laid out. but I couldn’t really get a good lay of the room from the pics.

        • 59 killed and over 500 wounded. Even if 1/2 of the shots connected (impossible if firing in automatic), that’s about 1100 rounds. Video of muzzle flashes and machine gun pops have surfaced. From waaay below the 32nd floor. People who heard the fire were convinced it was a belt fed SAW, and seemed sure it was a M249. These were people who had used one.

          Get ready for Warren Commission 2.0

          • That was my first thought too that it sounded just like a SAW. Plus the fact that 32nd floor is no where near grazing fire. They are saying the first few bursts were auto or auto like and then semi auto for ten minutes. How does one shooter hit 500 targets from 500 yards without grazing fire?

            • There weren’t 500 wounded.

              There were 500+ in total injured, most in the melee trying to escape and getting trampled and such.

              But it isn’t hard to hit people by firing on a crowd of over 20,000 in a confined area, it doesn’t take any imagination to understand that.

              • There definitely were 500+ wounded just not 500 people shot. I believe that #was a little over 190 people. Being wounded doesn’t mean only being shot. For what it’s worth.

          • Those weren’t muzzle flashes on the 4th floor. It was simply a strobe light.

            • my guess on the 4-5th floor flashes possible FIRE ALARM strobes ? or another shooter ?

          • Most of the 500 injuries were not due to being shot

      3. Oh boy…nothing is ever cut and dry

        • sgt dale …I left a ? for you way back at the thread where the pics of the hotel room were…for whatever reason my post sit in limbo for hrs so I think ya missed it… ? was…if you look at the door to the room the handles and locking mech is not damaged nor are the hinges on the right side…breaching use to be obtained by placing the explosive pacs on the locks handles and hinge areas…unless there is a new way to breach a door that leaves it undamaged this door was not breached…also the concusion effect that will down someone on the other side of the door will not be effective…please go back and take a look and let us all know what ya think… thks in advance

          • It was a double door set. The weak link in double doors is not the main door handle and lock set, but the secondary doors top and bottom bolt. Break those and both doors open providing a huge access window. That is likely where the door breach explosives were placed.

            If I as SWAT, I’d prefer the barn door open instead of just one door panel. My daughters house has a double door entry and I think the security of it sucks. There’s a door lock device called the door club you can find on Amazon that will provide extra security. These are also good for standard doors.

            • ptpo & sgt dale…thanks guys and let me expand a little…I can see that it is a double door and I know they are steel frames…that is what I am saying… the damage door and frame does not show the type of damage from the amount of explosive that would be used on this type of door…both doors should be blown off the frame assembly overcoming any type of blockage on the other side and at the same time creating enough of a shock wave to disable or at shock the person or persons on the other side… also there should be a second entry point and that door was not touched at all…was the plan for that door blocking it with the service cart? need to use enough explosive to assure entry whether it be a door or a wall…there is only one shot at it…I am not buying what I see in those pics and video of the room

            • Why mess with doors where he would expect you to enter from? Explosive breach a wall from adjacent room and toss in multiple flash bangs and move in for the kill.

              • because he was already dead.

          • O
            With out a better view of the doors it would be hard to tell where the weak spots are.

            PTP: Had it correct with that type of door. Just remember that hotel doors are on steal frames. So the explosives have to be placed.

            I didn’t play with the explosives. My job was sniper and medic. Those bomb jockeys scare me.

            I wish I could answer your question better. Sorry.


            • Holy Cow;
              I have no tactical training but why fuck with a door? The hallway in front of that room is seperated from the shooter by 2 sheets of 5/8 in sheetrock and metal studs on 16 in centers. Simply place a dozen shooters in the hall an vaporize the fuckhead. I can’t believe that I have seen no indication that anyone anywhere knows this.

              • Its apparent you have no common sense either. yes, lets randomly fire at what we cant see. at best theres one bad guy and no surprises and you get a corpse who cant answer questions and a congressional hearing about why the HRT/SWAT fired X number of rounds at a wall. at worst, hostages/GF/innocents inside and you take them too.

      4. I saw muzzle flash in the lower portion of that damn hotel, so WTF is that about? What has this Gov’t gone and pulled this time around??

        • Thought I was the only one! About the fourth or fifth floor. was on someones posted cell phone video but I don’t remember where I saw it.

          • A female cab driver made the video as she fled.

        • Watch this video and listen to the shots fired. Definitely can hear 2 different sets of gunfire. It sounded like an echo at first, then I listened several more times and had others listen. We all agree there seems to be 2 weapons firing.

          • Agreed. And the one firing the long full string, was definitely not done with a “bump-fire device”. Sounded like a full auto weapon, maybe even belt-fed.

            • Go to Ytube “Keltec PLR16 AR Pistol Bump fires 100 rounds in 8 seconds.”

            • Bump fire is mostly good for turning money into noise.

          • tall buildings sure do make it hard to hear where a siren…..or a gunshot, is coming from. echo is DEFINITELY a factor here…..just sayin’. and could that flashing from fourth-floor window be a reflection from the 32nd window…it didn’t seem that bright to me.? just playin’ devils advocate.

          • if he’s “Spraying and praying”, why couldn’t he be firing 2 guns at once? i don’t have too much of a problem believing HE could fire 2 rifles at a time.

            • I doubt it as it would be like flying a twin engine plane who’s rpm’s are not synchronized like what we heard. It would be syncopated.

        • There is a report that someone on the fourth floor had party lights including a strobe, it had been seen for days and the windows on that floor were undamaged.

          It is a red herring.

        • Watched a vid taken by a female cab driver, who clearly got muzzle flashes coming from one of the lower floors of the Mandalay. More than one shooter.

          • Watch at 4:58, muzzle flashes from a lower floor.

        • It’s a strobe light. C’mon man. You can see it flashing in video before the firing starts and also in video/interviews afterwards. One feature of a modern digital strobe is the ability to flash with the music beat. oddly enough it was apparently set that way so it captures the firing perfectly and can help separate the actual firing from the sound of echos, supersonic “cracks” from the rounds and impacts. Choose your conspiracy wisely.

      5. I also find it interesting that his girl friend went to the Philippines and he wired $100,000 to her. A country known to have a very large ISIS group and that ISIS tried to take credit for the attack. What is his girl friend and her families beliefs and associations.

      6. This man did everything exactly right. He knew things there was no reason for him to know. He had much talent in the wrong things. He planned, scouted, equipped himself, knew all the tricks and executed his plan nearly perf3ctly. He probably knew he could not get away so did not plan to escape. Giant defense contractors are havens for retired and semi retired special forces and CIA spooks. He knew too much, was way to talented and much too secretive to be a nobody. These guys are out there and I hope no more of them try this. We will probably never know.

        • Agree: his behavior is not the behavior of a suicidal, pill-popping gambling addict/con artist who finally just snapped one day and decided to take some people with him. Way too much precision planning in this and the quantity of weapons would have triggered some weird suspicion to the hotel security: “hey, why is that dude taking hockey bag after hockey bag into his room but never leaves with one?”. Considering hotels like to take your bags so they can snag a tip, why would they not notice his movements?

          Go watch the film War Dogs: it is very funny but it also illuminates and shows the sub-contracted world of arms dealers. You can make some heavy cash if you can get around export restrictions.

      7. If he knows information that contradicts with the official narrative then Steven Paddocks brothers life is likely in jeopardy. I’ll pass on boarding a small airplane with him.


        • Agree: I think he was trying to say he was a legit, a straight-up, solid guy who worked for the government. But then realised that was a dangerous rabbit hole to go down and explain so just clammed up.

      9. looking at photos of his body questions arose.

        where’s the manifesto? These guys always leave one that the media gobbles up.

        If he shot himself in the head with a .357 and then collapsed. How’d he get blood on his shirt?

        If he fired all those rounds, how come there are like only 30 spent cases on the floor? and how come they are spread out and not grouped at all?

        If he shot himself after shooting all those people, why do the casings have no blood on them like they were sprinkled on the floor afterward?

        If the man was wealthy, how come his girlfriend is a mutt? scads of gorgeous women in Vegas after $

        If he fired that many rounds and then discarded the rifle for another, why didn’t the barrel melt the carpet?

        The official story matches the 9-11 story that an aluminum airplane flew through a steel building. Bull shit.

        • Looks like you’ve had too much to think…

          Never question the official narrative. It’s…unhealthy.

        • Exactly. There are tons of hot (and I mean really, really, hot) Filipino women that would have served and satisfied a wealthy, white American’s every desire. This guy’s girlfriend is butt ugly.

          • Agree: I worked in Asia for years. When I first arrived I was pretty humble and flatered at the attention. I had my first relationship with a hot woman who was a little chubby (but, hey what normal guy would turn it down?). But by the second month I wasn’t so naive and started to notice that actually, by local standards, I was playing in the dog pound (and she was fitter and hotter than 80% of American women you see on the street).

            I started getting TONS of attention and offers from women who were super-model hot (slim, very beautiful, very well dressed) and also university students. It was crazy! They may have been on the journey to getting an American passport, but, my God, the ride there was so worth it. And you ‘date’ dozens before you end up with one that may be a little too clingy and obviously looking to get a passport out of you.

      10. Steve was an arm chair warior. Maybe?

      11. i think he was going to say army of one, which fits with the other stuff he was saying. also for the ones wondering about the flashing light towards the bottom of the hotel, it was the fire alarm the hotels have a bright strobe light and siren in each room just like your home fire alarms plus light for deaf people to be warned.

      12. This guy had too many connections, too many loose strings.

        The $100,000 was from the US gubermnt. Sent supposedly to bring bedwarmer back here….?
        Was it a pay-off? When?
        Wow, another hitlery or new SAP running drugs and arms…like Benghazi?

        People on drugs don’t want you to look them in the eyes because drug use is so obvious. They don’t want you to see that their eyes don’t dialate according to amount of light. Pupils are wide open. Whites of eyes are often red, pink, like they need sleep, are drunk, or drugged. Eyes squinting, like light hurts them. Look at paddock’s eyes.

      13. how about arms-trained, army-trained, armchair prepper, armaments nut, army wannabe…. ? It could be a lot of things. Some inquiring journalist needs to follow-up on this one.

      14. The government will make sure we NEVER get the truth.

        Try getting ANY answers about Building #7 during 9/11.

      15. If he was going to say “army of one” he would of used the determiner A to say “a army of one”. He used AN so it makes sense that was going to “AN arms dealer”.

        • Too hard to read too much into that one. He stopped a syllable too soon.

        • That’s not how the English language works.

      16. Whatever he was going to say, whether it meant anything or not, ‘Army of one’ is not a colloquialism, except, possibly among praetors. Noone says that or makes silly hand symbols.

      17. I like things cut and dry. hard evidence and tangible proof. And there isn’t any of that in the official story.

        • Took the words right out of my mouth.

      18. Was the fellow a distraction? – The real shooter getting away. Seems possible.

      19. Was an ar. Not arm. Who knows what he was about to say.

      20. Some of you morons and your tinfoil hat ravings and conjecture are beyond ridiculous.

        • Why did you feel a need to say that? Too much information for your comfort zone? I think there’s an NFL website for people like you to climb around on. Don’t scuff your knees.

          • LOL. Good one.

      21. This won’t happen from a hotel again right now hotels are fixin to put in metal detectors and do bag searches. They are also training the staff to look out for suspicious behavior. I agree the guy was a patsy probably had cancer and was going to die anyway. He was probably in debt and his girlfriend took the 100 grand provided by some leftist group out of the country. It’s just don’t add up that a rich guy living the good life would fuck it up just to shoot up a crowd. There should be a shitload of shell casings didn’t see 1. Government agency’s lie especially for an agenda like disarming the American public. Because once again criminals don’t care about gun bills they are gonna get guns anyway. Disarming Americans is final step to global takeover. We need to find out how convincing Islam is in pushing sick and dying people to do suicide missions. I’m sure there are many other theories on what happened. the police are corrupt to the core and will rig the investigation. The gov and it’s beurocracies have no credibility.

      22. I’d like to know where someone would find “tanerite” explosives that he had in his car? That was what took the NYC, 42 story Building #7″ down to dust!
        Nobody should have that much power without pages of records.
        And yet the liberal bubble heads worry about a stupid gun. Explosives kill thousands in one shot and guns kill maybe 50 in thousands of shots,,,!!!

        This guy was maybe CIA ??? With all kinds of clearances?

        So much evil.
        And the liberal, moosy, rogue gvmt, psycho fruitcakes want everyone to give up their guns (their only protection) so they are helpless against these terrorists.
        All the MORE REASON TO KEEP guns in every home.

        • tanerite is legal to it didnt take dwn #7

      23. YO: yes we want to know because if we don’t get the right answers now….it will be another building 7 mystery. And we will never get the anwers.
        If you don’t ask questions then you will settle for the pablum they want to feed you.

      24. future news headline:

        vegas shooter’s brother found dead, an apparent suicide (cause he couldnt remember his lines)

      25. Pay no attention to this quote because the brother is trying to distract you from existing videos showing rapid gun fire from the 4th floor.

        – the Lone Ranger

        “In war, truth is the first casualty.” – Aeschylus

      26. Fucking white people always with the white on white crime ruining our country

      27. In psyops the big question is whether or not the patsy is the shooter.

        What would be interesting is if Paddock was in any kind military service or state security/intelligence group at some point, or if he disappeared for a length of time.

        I’m thinking mind control. In the sixties and seventies, the best the Bluebird/MK-ULTRA folks could do was scramble minds and put the patsy at the scene of the crime. They’ve gotten better at it.

        • oswald and sirhan

      28. What possible difference could it make WHAT he would have said?

        If it was “arms dealer”, so what? All that does is explain where he got some of his weapons.

        If it was “army of one”, all that says is his brother thought he could pull such an incident off by himself – which is the most likely situation.

        “If he was going to say “army of one” he would of used the determiner A to say “a army of one”. He used AN so it makes sense that was going to “AN arms dealer”.”

        Dude, seriously, go to a grammar class… “An army of one” IS the correct phrasing.

        Bloody hell…

        • “All that does is explain where he got some of his weapons.”

          Actually it opens up a whole new line of inquiry. It potentially changes every part of the narrative. An arms dealer in Vegas with 20-something weapons = shopfront.

      29. Anyone know if he used a suppressor on any of the rifles?

        • Few silencers could ever stand up to such rapid fire. Gun barrels made of high grade steel turn red hot when fired in regular semi auto mode.

          Either the silencer would melt or the internals that absorb sound would be destroyed.

          This may also be why he brought so many rifles. Fired this rapidly, a semi auto barrel gets red hot, and they fire from a closed bolt. A semi auto that hot will start cooking off rounds as soon as it’s reloaded with a new magazine. I mean by this, the heat will fire additional rounds without you pulling the trigger, the hot metal makes rounds fire.

          A true military weapon nearly always fires from an open bolt when in full auto. This keeps ammo out of the receiver when you release the trigger. ATF has gone after all gun designs that fired from open bolts and made manufacturers redesign them to fire from a closed bolt, since open bolt designs are often easy to convert to full auto.

          Had he researched the problems of rapid firing semi auto riffles he would have realized he needed to let the weapons cool ever few hundred rounds. It would have only required a few weapons to deal with this, not the 18 he had.

          There’s lots of discussion about how this guy must have carefully planned this. I’m not so sure. He obviously had a lousy escape plan. He had used a service cart to hide two cameras so he could watch police outside his room? Why not boobytrap that cart with some of his explosives? Why not have a simple harness and bungy cord, so he could go out a window, and use his hammer to go back in several floors below? It seems he wanted to blow up nearby jet fuel tanks, but he didn’t seem to have heavy enough bullets, a .338 Lapua should have done it, if some of the ammo had been tracers to ignite the fuel. Biggest of all, the guy was a pilot and could have used his plane to drop a barrel bomb in the middle of the concert and then just fly away.

          I don’t think this guy planned well at all. The girlfriend made the remark that sometimes he just layed in bed screaming. I’m thinking that meant he had a potentially fatal health issue, like a brain tumor. How much greater the terror if he had escaped and gone off into the desert to die. The whole country would be looking over their shoulder until his body was found if ever.

          Anyway we could second guess this guy forever and it solves nothing. The FBI will never give us the full story, especially if they think he had unknown accomplices. The Islamic connection rumors if true would bust this thing wide open, but we know globalist factions in the FBI would hide this fact. Time will tell.

      30. I think he was trying to say arms marksman there’s old videos on utube of him with that statement in 2015

      31. I take it all back. This guy is a complete idiot. Somebody needs to take Eric Paddock aside and tell him to STFU. Stop talking to the press. They are not his friends.

        If Stephen Paddock was “an army of one” all that does is explain why a flabby, out of shape, sleep deprived, 64-year-old, under-employed, retired accountant takes a lousy picture.

        I hope that Stephen Paddock was an arms dealer. I hope that Stephen Paddock was a CIA agent. I hope Stephen Paddock was a Hillary Clinton operative.

        Either way, if Eric Paddock looks like he is going to out his brother, Eric stands to take a 32-story fall from the Mandalay Casino.

      32. The narrative on this whole Las Vegas shooting deal is really whack.

        The biggest gun crazy out there (the U.S. government), just got their “rain death down upon the whole world” budget raised to a another record — $700-Billion USD. That’s larger than the next seven (7) nations combined. Is the world a better place, yet?

        The press is foaming at the mouth over a thousand rounds of ammo in a hotel room, but not a peep over the order placed by the Department of Homeland Security for 6.5-Billion rounds of hollow point. That’s a mighty big Country Western concert of dead, murdered, massacred despicable and deplorable Trump voters.

        The Greeks said about the fall of Sparta how no nation can long continue on a permanent war-footing, engaging in endless war. The people go nuts.

        What if these shootings represent the people rising up? Look at what is going on. The ante keeps being upped. The body counts, the blood and the mayhem all keep rising. Maybe this is just the karma of Iraq, Somalia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon coming “home.” Live by the sword. Die by the sword.

        How long before, in order for this war-mongering government to continue, these Bozos have to bring the war “home.” How long before some “army of many ones” figures out how to commandeer some real fire power, and shows up in Washington with M-1A1 Abrams tanks, some bazookas, stingers and hellfire missiles? How long before all this nonsense comes “home” to the real gun crazies?

        Guess what? It’s here already.

        Has anybody mentioned the fact that these shootings are taking place because the people are going nuts, and are sick and tired of the whole deal?

      33. maybe ole steve had all those guns for a potential buyer, all “legitimate”. deals are made in vegas hotel rooms all the time, remember simpson just got out of prison for one that went south. I wouldn’t put it past our special “ops” to have set this guy up like a bowling pin. when the gun grabbers haven’t got a final body count and screaming gun control, watch out.

      34. Unless more Americans rise up at once the present agenda only serves those in control. Random acts of violence such as this eat away any building consensus and strengthen the tyranny as planned. It is okay to discuss privately in a sense like here on the internet where spying notes all conversation but publicly coming together as our supposed rights imply has been trampled by the ever expanding police state. That is unless your protest fits the divide and conquer boost of seperation. Freedom eaten away as the people sleep.

      35. This guy reminds me of the coroner crisis actor from Sandy Hook. Goofy mannerisms. Just sayin.

      36. I understand those jet fuel tanks adjacent to the property were his target also. The bullets didn’t penetrate completely the steel tanks. There were two watertower size tanks. They said if the bullets had gone through them…the explosion would have killed everyone for blocks.

        Paddock had checked into another hotel, nearby, a couple weeks ago overlooking a church concert. But evidently nothing happened. (Not enough people?)
        There are people out there that know some major info, but….they aren’t talking.

        I also believe he worked alone. He was too methodical and cunning to trust anyone to work with him. No dead weight to slow him down. The CIA loves these types. He wasn’t paranoid, he was illusive, low key, “loose lips sink ships” has connections to…..?….. and planes to fly.
        Was he being “used” by communists, even more evil?

        He was a communist…..but who was paying him millions? Soros? Saudi’s? Hmmmmm

      37. If I’m a guy intent on doing harm to the maximum amount of people possible, I’m not bringing numerous weapons like it’s ‘show & tell’. One is enough. Full auto is a given. One or two beta mags. This was not a sniper. This was a bullet hose.
        Start firing and don’t stop till you go dry. Change mags and repeat. Then, stand up and leave. Leave the rifle because it’s untraceable to you. Leave the room because it’s not in your name. Leave everything where it is because you’ve worn gloves the entire time and there is not a print anywhere.
        You’re likely wearing a disguise because no one has seen your face yet. Otherwise, you pull up your hood and cover your face and make your way to the exit before the building/city gets locked down.
        A successful terror attack.

        How much of that happened?

      38. Jim;
        Yes, that bothers me too. Three or four guns would have done the same thing.
        Why two windows broken out? That would take time to run back and forth. I didn’t
        see any broken windows or shooting platforms in the room….so maybe just no picture?
        Nothing about this case makes any sense. Some say in photos of his body he had black eye?
        Dead people don’t bruise.
        Where are all these pictures? Casino’s have daily tapes of everyone in there and security watching. Hundreds of people see and know him. What do they mean he has no social life?

        Was some multi billionaire bankrolling him and he was laundering money in the Casino’s? No proof of loss…..little proof of winnings? Why would he use GF’s credit card?
        Does the Casino have mooslime, mafia, communist, Asian roots….and this is how they pay him or his handlers?
        Is he a “front” guy for some one?
        He had gun rockets…aren’t they mussy equiptment? ( have never seen Americans use them.)

      39. Perhaps he was about to say armchair commando or armchair prepper.

      40. This whole shooting makes no real sense. Has anyone thought about following the money? Who would stand to profit from this shooting????

      41. How about an “arm of Al Queda” or an “arm of Antifa”, or the DNC, or the Clinton Crime Cartel, whatever. Lots of choices.

      42. The FAA would have a record of his flight plans, when, where and how many souls aboard IF he filed flight plans, which he must to fly international, like Mexico or Canada, not in the US, unless he flew instruments which require a flight plan. That would tell a lot. I wonder if he happened to be in the same town Anton Scalia was murdered in at the same time. There was an unidentified man on the property. Hit man set up?

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