Shooter In Attempted Congressional Assassinations Identified As Hardcore Socialist and Bernie Supporter: “Trump Is A Traitor… Has Destroyed Our Democracy”

by | Jun 14, 2017 | Headline News | 48 comments

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    James T. Hodgkinson has been identified as the shooter who targeted Congressional Republicans at a baseball practice Wednesday morning.

    According to emerging reports, Hodgkinson is a Bernie Sanders supporter and socialist.

    His Facebook page includes a variety of comments and quotes showing his disdain for the Trump administration and Republicans.

    Politically, he appears to lean towards socialism, as evidenced by his profile photo, which states:

    “Democratic Socialism in Three Words: ‘We the People.’ “

    He recently wrote:

    ‘Trump is a Traitor. Trump Has Destroyed Our Democracy. It’s Time to Destroy Trump & Co.’


    In August of 2016 the shooter highlighted that he is no fan of Hillary:

    “I want Bernie to Win the White House.”

    “Bernie is a Progressive, while Hillary is Republican Lite. … Bernie is the Only Candidate in Decades that Really Cares about the Working Class.”

    Hodgkinson, who fired 50-60 shots during the attack, was shot twice by Capitol Police and is reportedly recovering at a local hospital.

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      1. We need to ban the vehicles he used to drive there

        • I’ve seen this guys picture before. Oh yeah in the dictionary under the word pedophile. He likes to play with 5y.o. boys peepeese.

        • Liberals and guns don’t mix and the consequences of liberals with guns can be disastrous.

          So, we need to ban liberals. Problem solved.

          • Ban all Commie Liberals from Buying Guns.

            • Liberals may be commies, but America needs to first understand that Russia is NOT your enemy. The ZOG are.

              • And all the liberals bitching endlessly about Russian hacking *COUGH*…

                Uh… you’re a communist? Bitch? And you hate Russia???

                Ohhh… kay then…

          • No shit. 60 shots and one connected? Impressive??

        • “‘Trump is a Traitor. Trump Has Destroyed Our Democracy.”

          This single statement shows you how deranged this liberal snowflake was. At the very least, TRUMP’S election to POTUS shows that Americans still control their government if they are motivated enough to participate and are intelligent enough to see through the propaganda spewed by the NWO Lame Stream Media.

          He wasn’t.

          He was a moron of the first degree who obviously absorbed the propaganda from the LEFT, exampling the old adage: If you repeat a lie often enough people will believe it.

          Engage the NWO LEFT at every turn or be engulfed by it, Comrade !!! 🙂

          • Just let snowflakes know that we live in a Constitutional Republic, Not a democracy where two wolves and a sheep get to vote on what’s for dinner.

          • Trump is quite a genius if he can destroy a country’s democracy in 4 months and 15 days. This guy was an idiot just like the rest of the idiots on the left. Waiting

        • Trump is destroying democracy, he is bringing us back to a Constitutional Republic as was drafted. Our system requires that elected officials do the right thing not antifa getting their way. Trump Trump Trump ?

      2. We will see what Trump is made of now. There is a big bud that needs nipping.

        • Thanks HCKS
          Keep’em coming

        • Good link, thanks HCKS.

      3. These assholes will call for gun control,,,, this is all in the plan,,,

      4. We had seen the left has been training for battle with the right in recent videos, remember the 90s when right wingers were forming militias everywhere Waco and Ruby ridge happened then the okc thing happened then most of those militias seemed to vaporize. I think the tables have turned so to speak and the left has decided they want to be militarized while still hating on guns, you will most likely see these types of event happen more frequently and grow in scope just like terrorist cells do

      5. Nailbanger, if there’s any renewed push for ‘gun control’, might as well lock-n-load. I’m not giving up shit. Too bad they didn’t do a head shot on that shooter. Commie POS.

        • BH. What difference does it make where they shot him. He is dead. They say. All a bunch of chit to blow the minds of those who cannot see beyond their nose.

      6. Liberalism is a mental disorder. Whether this shooter or the person that shot Gabby Giffords, all were loony leftists. Both shooters were incited to attempt murder by leftists protected hate speech.

        This guy possessed a firearm reportedly illegal in his state, and apparently had a criminal assault record that should have precluded gun ownership. His attack took place in a gun free zone.

        A large gathering of congressional members and only two capital police present? Tell me how gun control would have ever prevented this.

        • Plan, he had no conviction. So he could buy a gun. I don’t know what type of firearm he had, but only a few types of firearms are restricted in Illinois. Full auto and SBR’s. are restricted in Illinois.

          • Him,
            Your right on Ill gun law, my bad. I was repeating something Judge Nepalitano said on Fox and assumed his legal knowledge was correct. NOT!

            This shooters home address is a great location in a suburb of St Louis. He’s close to the border of four states where he could also easily private purchase a firearm.

            Note to self, if ever selling a firearm, readjust the sights to shoot really low. It worked here or there might have been a death toll beyond the shooter.

        • It wouldn’t have. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you need is a fucking drill press. Google search it.

          It won’t have a rifled barrel mind you but it’ll chuck lead.

          You are never putting that genie back in the bottle. Can’t be done.

          • You can also machine aluminum easily on a router table using carbide bits, and by taking small cuts.

            I recently made replacement wood parts for my high end aluminum clad windows. It took nearly a dozen router table setups using a half dozen different bits to reproduce every grove, slot, step and profile. I was able to hold to about a 1/128th of an inch tolerances. Once a setup is ready and results QC’ed, you can easily make one or a dozen. I made enough to repair every rotted window frame in the house and still have several spares. New windows like these run $800 a pop. The wood cost about. $30. I win.

            Anyway, my entire point is, with patience, a very simple router table setup is capable of working wood, hard and soft, or aluminum to pretty amazing levels of accuracy.

      7. The shooter is dead. Let’s see, the DNC beats Bernie out of the nomination, so this guy shoots Republicans. I guess it makes sense to left wing nut jobs.

        • And I thought it was the Russian hackers fault….. /sarc

          • Its Putin. He’s everywhere. Everywhere !!! 🙂

      8. There is Good news from this and that is .. he’s new a dead democratic supporter.

        • Yup, he’ll probably keep voting straight democrat for the next ten years.

          • HAH!


      9. Hodgkinson is a commie POS who should’ve been taken out.

        • BH.Can you prove he died.I would bet he appears in next false flag.

          • Tacoma, read the next article. Shooter died of his wounds at the hospital. Confirmed by President Trump himself on video.

            • Who would believe Trump

            • BH. Did Trump see him die. Believe what you want.I believe nothing coming out of Wash DC.

      10. Those that drink the MSLSD, CNN, NEW YORK TIMES, ETC., Kool Aid are poorly informed and have a warped sense of right and wrong. Liberals, please read or have somebody explain to you the basis tenets of the Constitution. In this Constitutional Republic citizens have the right to express different views from yours. You will not be allowed to stage a takeover.

      11. This story stinks. Speaking of which, I ran a sanitation test recently where I was only able to flush once per day. I discovered two things:(1) buy Fabreze and (2) Lay off the asparagus!

        • And mold. Mold and LOTS of it. Give it two months.

          I too have attempted this. The good news is a 2 liter bottle full of… just about anything liquid… will force flush it if dropped out of a bucket into the hole.

          I know where I can get that from on a regular basis but I’m still scavenging off a functioning society at this point.

      12. Must be Hodgkinsen’s Obamacare Pharma plan ran out…The doc that prescribed his lithium and fluoride was greatly under the needed dose…

      13. This Libtard fool attacked a member of Congress in attempt to push the gun control issue with congress.

        Most Libtards don’t own or like guns, this is planned attack on the second amendment.

        BUT MORE GUNS & AMMO!!!

      14. A lot of shooting and not much hitting. The Capitol police were wounded and still made the kill. Shows what training will do for you. If that is the best the left can do we are in tall cotton.

        • I said on a previous thread that most liberals will limit their firearms training to what they see in the movies.

          This guy is a good example of what i was talking about.

          Don’t get me wrong….I’m glad he was incompetent. But the had better think twice about the course they are choosing.

          I’m thinking that this guy was betting there wouldn’t be anyone there with a gun to resist him. He lost his bet.

      15. 1 less vote for the Democratic Party!!!

        • Not at all. Dead people still vote Democrat for years to come, it’s a proven fact.

      16. Guy shot over 50 shots with an AR. Thank god he wasn’t trained and the police were. He couldn’t express his opinion and march like most reasoned people…he had to go postal! Way to go leftist! Makes Bernie look bad too. The Virginia Governor had to put his 2 cents in(McAuliffe) calling for more gun control. He’s running for president in 2020.

        • Once upon a time, Virginia was conservative but now they’re as liberal as Maryland. I was sad to see that happen. I know I need to get my but of the East Coast!

      17. “Destroyed our democracy” this nutbar said???

        Let’s see – this guy is a gopher for George Soros, the rhinestone communists, goes and murders people for “democracy,” and thinks Bernie Sanders turning Amerika into Venezuela is democracy. Right.

        And how did this happen? Lesseee… the vile Kathy Griffin holds up a severed head of a sitting president. In Nov. there are “Rape Melania” signs up. A Middlebury College prof is put in the hospital for supporting free speech. Berkeley is set on fire by leftist brownshirts paid by Georgie Boy Soros. Really.. this is actually a question as to why this happened??

        I believe in non-violence, but this guy was, from what I read about his previous convictions, mentally unstable.

      18. It’s ok folks the tax payers only spent about $20 on his judgement and execution. May he have a nice dirt nap..

        My concern, however is these attacks will spread to include all conservatives and liberty minded people. Oh and republicans too.

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