Shocking Video: Venezuelan Police Unleash Devastating Water Cannon on Protesters

by | May 17, 2017 | Headline News | 32 comments

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    If the protests that have rocked Venezuela over the past few months can teach us anything, it’s that the Maduro regime is desperately clinging to power. Protests are normal in any country, but when they occur every day for weeks on end, and result in dozens of deaths, it’s obvious that the government is in an unstable position. And as the government grows more desperate, their methods of controlling the population will always become more extreme.

    That’s what’s happening in Venezuela, where the police have unleashed a devastating water cannon on protesters, which has been referred to as “La Ballena,” or “The Whale.”

    You may be wondering how the police in Venezuela could live with themselves after inflicting this kind of carnage on their fellow citizens, week after week. How could they physically defend such an atrocious regime? It turns out that the riot cops in Venezuela are just as desperate and fed-up with the government as everyone else in that country.

    The Wall Street Journal recently interviewed eight police officers in Venezuela, and discovered that the police are completely demoralized. Many of them hate the government, but they can’t find work anywhere else. They’re willing to fight the protesters for a mere $40 a month.

    “One day I will step aside and just walk away, blend into the city,” she said. “No average officers support this government anymore.”

    The security forces’ once fierce loyalty to Mr. Maduro’s charismatic predecessor Hugo Chávez has largely given way to demoralization, exhaustion and apathy amid an economic collapse and endless protests, said eight security officers from different forces and locations in interviews with The Wall Street Journal.

    Most of them say they want only to earn a steady wage amid crippling food shortages and a decimated private sector. Others say fear of a court-martial keeps them in line.

    “We’re just trying to survive,” said Caracas police officer Viviane, a single mother who says she shows up for protest duty so she can feed her 1-year-old son. “I would love to quit but there are no other jobs.”

    And that’s how a socialist government keeps its boot on the neck of the population. They keep everyone so poor, that the only way the average person can survive, is by brutalizing their fellow citizens.

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        • Haha globalist are funny though. They have to have a good imagination to cum up with good lies.

      1. Just following orders,fuck em when they get killed,who is gonna feed your baby then?!Those that walk out the back door with as much as they can including goods and intel will probably die but be remembered as heroes.We are all going to die,might as well die doing the right thing.

        • Amen Warchild.

        • Warchild, I’ll take my hat off to those cops if what the article said about them is true. For the ones who are stupid enough to continue serving Maduro, they’re just gonna get their stupid asses killed. Just a matter of time.

        • They should add that water cannon ride at Disney land?

      2. In the Phillipines, the police were encouraged to join the protesters. Instead of screaming obscenities at police, protestors against Marcos used respectful persuasion. It worked. The police switched sides and joined protesters. Venezualeans might be able to do the same.

        Good luck, fellas.


      3. Why don’t people ever turn on those responsible for the mess? It just boggles my mind how stupid humans really are. Not an individual thought amongst tge herd.

        • Kfilly, the govt took their guns when times were good. Most idiots will hand in their guns then. They tried to get our guns every time the stock market goes up. I hope you are smart enough to understand they can’t do anything now except take it in the keester

        • In reality, the real people in charge own the banks and don’t divulge their identities. Smart

      4. Shocking video is Turkish embassy staff attacking peaceful protestors exercising their First Amendment right to peacefully assemble in Washington DC. Some of these protestors are US citizens. Diplomatic Immunity will protect these thugs.

        • “peaceful protesters”?….since when?

          • buttcrackofdoom

            You see the video? The Turkish security forces ran across the street and proceeded to beat them up in the USA. News flash, authority isn’t always right and protestors aren’t always wrong.

            • i saw what the media WANTED U.S. to see….but i DIDN’T see what went on BEFORE the ass-kickin’…..PEACEFUL protesting….and not blocking roads is NEVER wrong, no matter how “wrong” the protesters are. but i have seen way too many demoncrats for the last 6 months. enough with the children, already.

              • The Turkish “security forces” crossed the street to attack the protestors.

                • Maybe the Turks thought they were doing their job. Just like the pigs in amerika who use asset forfeiture laws to rob you, maybe?

        • Kevin2, NO amount of ‘diplomatic immunity’ can protect a Turd, I mean, Turk or any other foreigner from attacking me.

          • Diplomatic Immunity is the shield against criminal charges, civil too, bestowed upon the diplomatic staff while in a foreign country. Of course you will physically fight back but your not getting them charged in a court of law.

      5. And somehow we thing the police here are any different? HA. You’ve got a hard lesson awaiting.

        • Bull Conners

      6. i hope “venezuelan spring” isn’t catching.

      7. The people of Venezuela are waking up. Madura will be overthrown. Hopefully before too much bloodshed and suffering. Who will replace the regime?

        Louisiana Eagle

      8. Ok water hoses are way worse than a bullet to the head.

      9. We don’t need men who are willing to die for what they believe in. We need men who are determined to live no matter what.

      10. It puts the lotion on its skin or it gets the hose again.

      11. That was not a water cannon. It is called a Monitor and is used in mining to cut rock. They just dialed it down a bit to make it mobile. The people hit with it were hurt. An operator of one in a mine once told me that at full power he could wipe a three bedroom bungalow off its foundation in three seconds. Yet they say water is more humane. I might suggest that if you find yourself in the vicinity of a so called water cannon that you consider a strategic retreat.

      12. Or, water, on a planted field, might be a good idea.

        How is there food, in the trash, during a famine.

        Their govt has prioritized it, this way.

      13. Off Topic? The article deals with water cannons, so I’m going to go for it.

        My questions concern water strategy. I think that there are 3 uses/purposes for what in a POST-SHTF situation:

        1. Drinking water; The best approach is to filter it and boil it. If I cannot boil it, rely on traditional water purification liquids or tabs.

        2. Bathing and doing Dishes and Pots Pans; Is the best approach to filter it and then wash them with chemically treated water (ie Bleach).

        3. Flushing the Tiolet; Will any water will suffice?

        Can I be comfortable using pool shock to purify water for hygiene, and sanitation purposes. It is not, however, an excuse for not storing water nor an excuse for not having a supply of traditional water purification liquids or tabs that are pre-measured and simple to carry with you in bug-out-bags and emergency kits.

        As far as I am concerned, the pool shock I have purchased is reserved for dire emergency use, period. Yes, I feel it is safe, but it is still a powerful chemical solution as is liquid bleach. I will use it as the water purification method of last resort and if the time comes, I will be thankful I have it on hand.

        Any thoughts/idea GREATLY APPRECIATED! Thanks.

        • My main question is: What is the best or acceptable way to treat water that you plan to bath in and/or wash dishes with post-shtf?

          • Sparingly use those pucks of chlorine used for spas, they dissolve slowly. Use the black water from the bath and dishes to flush. Always use a ceramic water filter for drinking. Those pucks cleaned up my coliform contaminated well. The ceramic filter is for the water borne parasites. Bleach is for emergency use only and doesn’t store well.

            • Greywater for flushing, black water would be redundant, sorry.

              • It puts the lotion on its skin or it gets the hose again

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