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Shocking Footage: Venezuelan National Guard Truck Drives Through Crowd of Dissidents

Daniel Lang
May 4th, 2017
Comments (196)


For several weeks Venezuela has been rocked with protests and riots as the Maduro regime increasingly tightens its grip on the population. It seems as if security forces are brutally cracking down on dissidents on a daily basis now. Wednesday in particular, saw some incredibly tense clashes between protesters and government forces in the capital city of Caracas. According to Bloomberg:

Injuries throughout the city included 134 traumas and 17 cases of people overcome by gas, Mayor Ramon Muchacho of the opposition-dominated Chacao municipality said in a post on his Twitter account. Those hurt included lawmakers Freddy Guevara and Julio Montoya. The opposition coalition, known as MUD, said in a statement that more than 300 people were injured in today’s clashes.

The South American nation has been riven by protests for weeks, and President Nicolas Maduro has called for a popular assembly to write a new constitution, a fresh attempt to consolidate control. Hundreds of thousands have taken to the streets to protest what they say is a plummet into autocracy. Protests over the past month have resulted in at least 30 deaths, and opposition politicians have vowed to continue street actions.

Of course, those are just statistics. To really appreciate the human costs of these events, you have to see it with your own eyes rather than just read about it. Take a look at what happened yesterday in Caracas, after an armored vehicle owned by the Venezuelan National Guard caught fire.

This is what civil unrest really looks like. It’s dirty, chaotic, and bloody. Let’s pray it never escalates to this point on our streets.

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Author: Daniel Lang
Date: May 4th, 2017
Website: https://www.shtfplan.com

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  1. john stiner says:

    That is what those A-holes deserve.

    I have ZERO sympathy for Venezuela. They voted for that crap now they have to live with it.

    That armored car driver was saving his colleagues from the mob, so good for him.

    Now, when these retards stop throwing rocks and “protesting” and actually pick up a gun and start a civil war, then I might actually care about what happens in Venezuela.

    • crappenstix says:

      Aside from oil, they export baseball players. Banana Republic personified. I’m with you on
      that. They could have a semi-decent, American-backed puppet president. Instead, they always want some revolutionary commie dickhead. Choose your medicine carefully.

      • LowerTones says:

        How about we (the west) mind our own business, stop trying to destabilize the Venezuelan economy, that we NOT classify the legitimate Maduro gov’t as “a threat to American interests”, and keep our greedy psychopath corporatists hands off of VZ’s oil. Sounds fair, no?

    • buttcrackofdoom says:

      yes, they RICHLY deserve what they are getting….coming to a theatre near YOU! funny how yesterday on the news i see a police chief in chicago area saying “we need more restrictive gun laws, enough already!”….don’t they ALREADY have the MOST restrictive gun laws?….look south to see how that all works out for U.S.

      • Nailbanger says:

        Those peeps running chic ago are dumber than a bag o hammers

      • Kevin2 says:

        Their drug laws have worked so well maybe they can use it as a templet.

      • Braveheart1776 says:

        BCOD, ANYONE who speaks out AGAINST PRIVATE GUN OWNERSHIP AND INDIVIDUAL SELF-DEFENSE IS AN ENEMY OF WE THE PEOPLE AND I WILL TREAT HIM/HER AS SUCH, EVEN SOMEONE IN LE. IL already has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the nation. Cali would be proud of them.

        • Gandhi says:

          Braveheart, anyone who would disarm you is not your friend.

          • Braveheart1776 says:

            Gandhi, that’s exactly my point. Something needs to happen to the antigun lobby.

            • Gandhi says:

              Yes let’s take “their” guns.

            • BlackMoe says:

              You have to also realize that many of those “antigun” extremists are arming themselves. Why do you suppose they would be doing so?

              Be ready my friends.

              • Khemp says:

                Post trump election, has 22 rimfire become more available? I don’t remember to check for it when I’m out. But it was pretty scarce the last few years after newtown. I have several thousand rounds, but would like to lay back some quantity for my daughter.

                • Braveheart1776 says:

                  Khemp, check your local gun stores and sporting goods stores. At least in my area, there’s a fair supply of .22LR target ammo but the hollowpoints are harder to come by for some reason. At my last gun show last month I found only 2 bricks of .22LR hollowpoints and bought both; everything else was target rounds which I already had plenty of. Also try online sources which I may start doing myself.

                • Gandhi says:

                  22lr is for children ?, try to lay your hands on a modern energy device if you want your little loser to have the best. They sell antique guns next to the toy department at Walmart for a reason dumbasses.

    • Peter says:


      I am Venezuelan, and I admire the people of the United States (Not ZERO a 100%)for your brotherhood and heroism throughout the history and I hope that your country will never have to live the situation that crosses my country.
      At this moment young people of 17 and 18 years old fight for the Freedom of my country. And this happens not because of a decision to vote, it happened for a hope of some leaders who cheated the people and want to lead us to a communism.
      These young people fight with their hands, with what they achieve, but they fight with the spirit giving their lives for Freedom. In 30 days of protests 31 young people have died, victims of repression of the regime
      I have seen helpless women, elderly in wheelchairs protest and are attacked by the military of the regime with no mercy.
      This is our Struggle for our Freedom and to amend the mistakes made in the past.
      If in any moment your country needs our support and solidarity, have the full security that we would be with you, as brothers for Freedom.


      • Gandhi says:

        Peter, Venezuelans did not fight when their welfare checks were good? I think Venezuela people are just like amerikans. Lazy and stupid and willing to be slaves when the price is right. But throw a hissy fit when they can’t get their govt hand out. Any civilization willing to hand in their arms should be starved out.

        • laeagle says:


          I for one am sorry for all the economic, political, and physical hardships the wonderful people of Venezuela are going through.

          I know for a fact that most of you did not ask for the government that you are stuck with at this time. Perhaps with the help of new opposition leadership, the workers, and the students, you can mount a credible resistance movement and re-establish a democratic government. You will need the sympathy of the military. Sadly many more may not make it through this chaotic period. Keep a daily record, a diary, take digital pictures, draw pictures to record the unfolding of freedom in Venezuela.

          Surely there are many children of the military who go to local schools and universities who can in turn influence their relatives so that they will not shoot at their own children.

          At one time we had a very robust Venezuelan community here when young university students were studying at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge to become engineers, teachers and agriculturalists.

          Peter, you have our sympathies and you are in our thoughts and prayers during this time of great upheaval. Keep us updated by posting at this site as often as you can.

          Louisiana Eagle

          • Plan twice, prep oncee says:

            Peter, the most amazing thing in this attack is the VZ government attacking unarmed people using the same mass murder tactics that Jihadists have been using.

            Regarding these terroristic attacks by Venezuelan government forces, we only hear crickets from the UN, US gov, or the Globalist World Press.


      • Gandhi says:

        Peter Remember, if worms had machine guns birds would not £Uck with them.

      • Gandhi says:

        Peter, next time if your country rises again save 10% of your money for arms and use them effectively to eliminate banksters.

        • Rudy says:

          THESE VENEZUELIANS ARE NOT FIGHTING FOR FREEDOM, THEY ARE FIGHTING WHILE BRIBBED TO DEMoNSTRATE IN THE SAME WAY IT IS ORGANIZED BY THE CIA, USAID AND NED ? LOOCK WHAT BRUTALITY THEY SHOWED IN UKRAINA, loock at the picture the size of the stones used to throw at police and guard services, the use of big stones molotov cocktails and firearms like theses CIA operatives used in so many country’s in the world to impose what they call ” Regimechange ” a puppetgovernment selling Venezualian petrol on exxon and other us maffiosi ! This is nothing more than MAIDAN version Venezuela !

      • Gandhi says:

        Peter, I found it is harder to fight for your rights when times are good because so many cowards are willing to criticize you since they think they don’t need guns anymore. I have spent thousands$ on political grass roots pro gun candidates. But most cowards spend their money running away to a bug out location. Hahahaha they would be destroyed by one sniper with good night vision equipment. You can run but you can’t hide cowards hahaha.

      • buttcrackofdoom says:

        what’s the DIFFERENCE between america and venezuela?…..nuthin’, in a few weeks. in the divided states of america the evidence is out there for all to see. we are arguably the MOST corrupt country in the world. our fate is sealed. we can see what needs to be done to save U.S., but we won’t pick up our pitchforks and DEMAND it. the bread and circuses have been replaced by TV, social media, video games, and EBT cards. ancient romans were vile, arrogant, deceitful, cruel, corrupt….just like our leaders today. how can america’s result be any different than rome’s? it’s already painfully obvious that our collapse is well underway, to all but the terminally naive.

      • The Great Gazoo says:

        Off topic.. Here’s something everyone should watch!! Basic laceration repair, I’m quite sure most of us are not Dr’s.. But it’s something all of us should know.. Btw, you can buy the sutures on amazon.. Also they carry quick clot, and dissection kits, complete with scalpel’s.. Viewer warning, If yor squeamish about needles or large woulds don’t watch the vid..


        New England Journal of Medicine Basic Laceration Repair.


      • ARREBEL says:

        Peter, Americans see Venezuela as a very “leftist” country and because of how we see leftists behave in our own country we have little sympathy when the country falls apart. But we also know that not everyone agrees with the left in Venezuela. Though I don’t know many details about who is fighting who in Venezuela I assume you are saying that the protesters represent the “right” side of the political spectrum. If this is true then many of us would support the protesters. If it’s true then I hope they are successful and they can eliminate the globalists that seem to have taken over most governments. Let’s hope all nations can get rid of the “nanny” state that we see in so many 1st world nations.

      • Braveheart1776 says:

        Peter, welcome and I stand in solidarity with you and your people. I wish you the best.

    • Eisenkreutz says:

      This has nothing to do with “socialism”.

      Denmark has socialism.

      This is an 80 IQ population at work.

      Think about it, people.

      Nothing is as important as the race issue.

      If whites dont hang together, they will be run over by trucks and much worse.

      Think of your kids being run over by a truck.

    • DeplorableBitterClinger says:

      On a personal level for the “police” in VZ, if people can get to you, you day will be quite bad indeed. One minute you’re bustin’ heads, the next, you’re hoping to see another sunrise.

    • Braveheart1776 says:

      JS, I hope for your sake you’re not taking up for Maduro and his POS commie regime. While they did originally vote for Chavez, how the f#$% were they supposed to know in advance what Chavez would really do? At least a good number of them finally awakened and smelled the coffee. BTW, they’re fighting with whatever they can get their hands on. Private gun ownership was banned in Venezuela a few years ago. They would have to take out some of Maduro’s goons and disarm them to start their own civil war.

    • Gandhi says:

      John…we all got it come’n

    • Menzoberranzan says:

      This is not shocking. Corrupt governments kill their own citizens regularly

    • TEST says:

      Wonder if you will say the same thing when this happens you you and your family, John. No, not everyone voted for Chavez/Maduro, so do they “deserve” this? There are many here are fighting against the darkness, just like those in Venezuela, who have NEVER supported the fascist leftism, and even for those that did but had a change of heart, they deserve to be MURDERED? C’mon, John, you can do better than this.

    • YellowPokaDotBikini says:

      Then Venezuela Reports and shows all the bloody violent protests in America with Soros Anti-fa and says American Cities are in complete breakdown and all out chaos. Or Chicago’s 150 Gun Murders every weekend and reports America is completely run over by violent gangs, be glad you live in Venezuela.

      Folks all of this is BS. Very peaceful in my neck of the woods, beautiful day out. So Happy Cinco De’ Mayo Illegal Mexican make me a Taco / pour me a Cervesa’ Beer kind of Day. Got a smoking hot date tomorrow, life is good.

    • xoxo says:

      Shut the fck up, white trash, you’re the cockroach of america

    • Anonymous says:

      Picture of a “thing” located above… not very pretty but I guess it makes men’s salivary glands drip water.

    • Anonymous says:

      And when it happens here (which, it will!!), people in other countries can post comments putting us down and we will deserve it. Only an idiot would make derogatory remarks about those poor people!!

      Anyone who does not believe in guns should be forced to watch this video.

    • Buffalolips says:

      What guns? The Venezuelan civilian population has been effectively disarmed.

    • Gandhi says:

      Why won’t maduro just let them eat cake?

    • Gandhi says:

      Maduro was a bus driver before he was a politician, now do you understand ? He is an idiot.

    • Adrian Wright says:

      Under the new law in Venezuela, only the army, police and certain groups like security companies will be able to buy arms from the state-owned weapons manufacturer and importer.
      One can’t pick a gun and use it if there are none to use!!

  2. Cliff Steiner says:

    Not every one of them voted for “that crap”. Your post is very insensitive and quite frankly ignorant.

    • BlackMoe says:

      The ones that did vote for it, and the ones who willingly complied like sheep and turned in their guns, do so deserve it.

    • Gandhi says:

      BlackMoe is right. Besides votes don’t matter unless you have modern weapons to back up the vote. That way if the scum you voted for turns madero on you then you can oust them and put Hillary in.

  3. Actually, if you look at the footage objectively, a police officer was over run by protesters – essentially being mobbed and beaten when the truck ran into the crowd. It wasn’t something just done arbitrarily.

    If your brother/sister/etc… was over run by a mob, you would have done the SAME DAMN THING.

    While i don’t like socialism any more than you all, THIS is the kind of lop sided, side-taking and slanted reporting that we all deem as “fake news”.

    • Nailbanger says:

      Sorta like how they portray that mike brown as some poor little black kid,,,
      When in reality he was a punk

    • vocalpatriot says:

      there are no “police officers” in that crown. only government storm troopers…those people need to really revolt. those pigs in the vehicle were murdering people who had a viable life until the government stepped in. any of those jackbooted thugs that got hurt still didn’t get what they deserve.

      • Braveheart1776 says:

        Vocalpatriot, I noticed 2 armored vehicles hit by Molotovs. That’ll do for a start but the protestors should’ve had more. I would’ve emptied a whole mag into that vehicle and driver. Their so-called cops are just Maduro’s Gestapo and some of them getting at least part of what they deserve. What’s happening down there is coming here; only a matter of time.

        • Big Al says:

          That was really insulting towards the Gestapo!
          A police organisation that never served as riot police and make it a point of pride to always knock before entering a home.
          Those thugs are unable to reach such level of professionalism. They are not even eye to eye with Stasi and NKWD. (But if they try really hard, they may be abel to copy the FBI)

        • Neal Jensen says:

          All POLICE serve their EMPLOYER not the PEOPLE. When I said that before I was called Anti-American…There will be no difference in America, loyalty to the PAY CHECK will always overcome loyalty to the people. the military is no different (and I say that from being inside it every single day, the American people have no clue but to believe the brainwashing patriotism crap).

        • Gandhi says:

          They can’t afford gas at a subsidized 6 cents a gallon for their gas bombs.

      • Arby5 says:

        They need more than sticks and rocks to fight back! At least in this country we have something to push back with !!!

    • Braveheart1776 says:

      Sketch, there was NOTHING FAKE about those people being run over by that armored vehicle. That same one and another one were hit by Molotovs. What that commie slime Maduro is doing to his people is NOT fake news. That whole affair is just as real as can be.

    • DeplorableBitterClinger says:

      Sketch, keep in mind that brutality goes both ways. If you’re a storm trooper and people get to you, you’re truly fucked.

    • Gandhi says:

      Pass the popcorn and hit replay

  4. Montanaland says:

    Glad to be in a state where petty little pukes don’t have a foothold. If only some big city y cops ran over some hipster anarchist dip shits maybe we could get on with running the country.

  5. Old Codger says:

    Vote socialist komrade!

    The government will look after you.

  6. Nailbanger says:

    1. Stay away from crowds
    2. Dont live in a crowded city.
    3. At least have half a brain,,,,,

    • Nailbanger says:

      4. If your dumb enough to be waiting for the government to feed your ass then bit ch when they dont, you most likely deserve to get run over by a bearcat

    • Gandhi says:

      My advice in a food riot is don’t stand in front of a flaming armored vehicle, don’t be that guy stuck between the front and rear axel. Yea, don’t be “that guy”

  7. Old Guy says:

    Just this week they had record breaking flooding In SE Missouri and NE Arkansas. And there wasn’t any looting’ there wasn’t any moaning and crying on TV that the government must do something. No demands for free stuff. Folks just carried on and went to work doing the best that they could with what they have to work with. Of course they are for the most part White Folks. White Folks who know what it means to be White. If that’s racist We need more of it!

    • Braveheart1776 says:

      Old Guy, I saw that online earlier. I noticed US 63 was flooded in the Walnut Ridge area, That’s the route I usually take to go see Dad. I’ll be back from GA on Sunday. I’ve got 2 weeks off so I’ll go and see Dad after getting back but I’ll be taking a different route. BTW, I also know what it means to be white and don’t apologize for it.

    • Gandhi says:

      Flooding? Should we be confiscating guns like in Katrina. This is bad get the guns out of home owners hand now!

    • Very-Concerned-Citizen says:

      Old Guy: Amen sir! the truth is the truth. Blacks would be acting like the wild she-boons they are, crying, looting, stealing, burning shit up, you know the typical drill with those monkey savages.

      • Braveheart1776 says:

        VCC, in that part of AR, there’s more whites than apes.

      • Old Guy says:

        They don’t have very many people of color in that area. Its about 90% white. Anyone attempting to loot and caught by the citizens would wish that the law had caught them first. I now live west of that area. I moved to The Newton Searcy &Boon county area. Boone county is where the headquarters of the KKK is located. This area is over 99% white. Less than one half of 1% is a race other than white. That one person claims to be Cherokee? I researched the area and customs very well before relocating here. And I do have Kin here So I was accepted.

        • sufferin' succotash says:

          Every cracker in the South claims to be part Cherokee or Choctaw. ” My great grand mammy was a full blooded Cherokee.” “My great, great grandpappy was a full blooded
          Choctaw.” Thats all you hear anywhere you go in the south. There must have been a
          whole battalion of Indian studs combing the countryside and impregnating all the hillbilly
          broads. Been hearing this shit for time immemorial. Hillbilly moonshine stories. Everybody
          looks whiter than Casper the Ghost and they all claim to be part Cherokee.

          • Old Guy says:

            The Ozarks where settled by former solders who received land grants for their service in the war of 1812. And women where scarce. When the trail of tears came through many of those lonely men obtained wives from the Cherokee- Chocktaw and Creek. The are not registered because they never made it to Oklahoma. And On the Census records they are often listed as Black Dutch. My wife has a large percentage, both Cherokee & Chocktaw but isn’t listed on the Dawes Rolls or registered as a native American. She has the appearance that the native American’s have.

  8. Old Guy says:

    If I was driving that truck I would have done the same thing.

    • Gandhi says:

      Yes old guy, they would be smarter to go to some dudes BOL at 2:30 am and using IR lasers and then throw a rock against the cabin to make the dog bark. Then when you see the window curtain move to look ? out the window just open up with a 50 cal BMG below the window sill. That is how the Feds do it.

  9. It looked like the tank ran over the cop and the crowd.


  10. TEST says:

    Wow, more murdering leftists. What a shock. Not.

    Wonder if they’ll beat the 100 million the left murdered last century. I’ll bet even money they do.

    • Neal Jensen says:

      Government paid murderers are not the sole realm and method of dictatorships………the last 60 years of European nations and the USA decisions reflect that same brutality. The only reason people can say their government is morally right is their internal perspectives, but govt, murderers are all the same, the agendas are the same, the words used to define the agendas are different. DEAD is DEAD no matter what government authorizes it. Government is the problem first foremost. Cognitive dissonance allows for people to NOT understand that simple equation.

  11. Asshat says:

    Hey anyone ever try making their own mre s using foodsaver machine and buying the components seperaty. Is their a savings doing this. Damn mres are marked up so much for what you get. Paying over $100 for 12 is just outrageous imo. Or maybe I’m just cheap I don’t know. Don’t have any mres would like 5 dozen with heaters for me and family. Figure making them myself would save$.

    • Ketchupondemand says:

      A-hat, you’d need a load of chemicals to make your own mre’s.
      How about vacuum bagging a selection of big Macs, BK burgers, and fries? They’d last forever you know!

    • Braveheart1776 says:

      Asshat, if you love sodium, MREs are LOADED with sodium. First time I ever tried one I threw it up. Nastiest damn thing I ever tasted in my whole life. There’s other options. Mountain House is the only freeze-dried food I like. The other brands suck.

  12. Plan twice, prep once says:

    These poor people are so screwed. They have no weapons of consequence, no food, and are faced with a government willing to kil, them for simply wanting food.

    Yes, Venezuelians voted for the people that disarmed them and enslaved them. Many Americans are more than willing to walk down that same path. California is on the same edge right now. Disarmed and a sanctuary state mentality that want to import murderers and criminals because they are just poor unfortunate lost souls.

  13. AZcats says:

    Smart Venezuelans bought gold.

    Dumb Venezuelans who didn’t buy gold are eating there pets.

  14. Sgt. Dale says:

    If Hitlery was elected we would be seeing this in the US.

    Only thing it would be the Patriots being run over by Guberment Thugs.

    Not to say it still can’t happen here, but we might just have a little more time before it does.

    Don’t forget the Commies and BLM and the like are still going to try to pull some shit this summer, and they have been practicing with firearms. I’m ready for them I’ll set back at around 300 to 500 yards with my 300 Win Mag.


    • Gandhi says:

      Stock up on 50 BMG rounds only $5.00 a pop at walmart?

    • Gandhi says:

      300 win mag is a 1000 yd rifle. Just use a pellet gun at only 300 yds. And don’t waste that good 180 grain ammo.

    • Nailbanger says:

      I was thinking more like 1000,,,
      If i miss on the first shot the correction is fast and i know i can do it faster than they will figure out what or where

      • Gandhi says:

        Nail banger, one shot one kill or they will spot you if you take a second shot? Learn how to shoot by going to 1000yd matches and you will see me there coaching idiots that miss their first shot.

    • Menzoberranzan says:

      I will burn most of my attackers to death when it comes and shoot the survivors.

    • Gandhi says:

      Sgt Dale, I have a question to spot a liar who can’t shoot long range but pretend they can: when does the Coriolanus effect make the most difference in bullet impact shift. a. Shooting north and south. b. Shooting east and west. c. Shooting straight up in the air

      • Enemy of the State says:

        Coriolis Effect refers to the deflection on the trajectory of the bullet generated by the spinning motion of the Earth. Its effect is negligible at medium distances, but becomes important around 1000yds and beyond, especially because it can add to other minimal errors and keep you off target.

        The rotation of the Earth generates a centrifugal force, the same that pushes you to the side when you make a sharp turn with your car. This force acts perpendicular to the Earth rotatory axis, adding or subtracting to the gravity force. When an object flies eastward, in the same direction of Earth’s rotation, centrifugal force acts opposite of gravity, pushing it away from the Earth’s surface. If the object flies westward, in the opposite direction of the Earth rotation, centrifugal force pushes the object toward the ground concurrently to gravity force. Thus, bullets fired to the east always fly a little higher, and, conversely, bullets fired to the west always travel somewhat low.

        The amount of drop change is in function of:

        Latitude – The linear velocity of a point on the Earth’s surface, and thus the amount of centrifugal force, is maximum at the equator and decreases going toward the poles, where it is null.

        Shooting direction, or azimuth – The amount of drop change is highest when shooting east or west, and as the trajectory angles north or south, the amount of drop change decreases, becoming null, as the angle points toward either pole.

        Muzzle velocity – The amount of centrifugal force is determined by the speed of the flying object.

        and there is more .. but your choice of answers is lacking a lot, there is way more to it than what you have included in just A, B, Or C

        so.. my question to you is …. what is the furthest distance you accurately shot ? with what? at what?

        and how did you build the cartridge that did it? or was it factory ammunition ? ( you could really fail here so I’ll be checking back )

        • Enemy of the State says:

          this is, unless your a flat earth type… than there is no such thing as the Coriolis Effect

          yes it has been debated, and to some there is proof

          my longest shot wasnt affected because at approx 700 yards out of my .300WM was as far as i could shoot where i was at

          but the wind and temperature sure had an effect , along with the terrain

          yes , I ate what I hit , and it was delicious
          no, I didnt have to take the CE into consideration

          • Enemy of the State says:

            if you want to send a bullet further than what you or your gun can achieve .. just mail it

            there is no such thing as too much ammo , unless you are on fire or over your head in water

            rock on

        • Gandhi says:

          Wrong, coriolis affects are the most when the bullet is in flight the longest time. Straight up is the answer. c. Do the math.

        • Gandhi says:

          The question wasn’t when does coriolis effect matter. So stop with the monkey chatter. My longest best shot was by drone and it was across to time zones. Coriolis maters to modern weapons. So think bigger and don’t be a nigg_ _

    • Braveheart1776 says:

      Sarge, I’ve been on ‘drills’ all week at the BOL. We took a break from it for today. I expect trouble this summer also.

    • Jim in Va. says:

      Sarge; the lefties have trouble hitting anything out to 25 yards. no problem keeping them at bay.

  15. Nailbanger says:

    Screw that teargass crap, bust out the live rounds

  16. XxBONESxx says:

    In 2012 Madurai knew the economy of his country was utterly doomed with a few years. He immediately outlawed guns. Now you know why. If we ever see immediate restrictions on gun ownership or 2nd amendment removed or suspended you better get fully ready as with 24-48 months this is exactly the next stage. A dictator in the making

  17. Mclovin says:

    I’m afraid I have run out of fucks to give. It just seems like shit like this is inevitable at this point- like that cliche’ about watching the train-wreck in super slow-mo.

  18. Enemy of the State says:

    If your out in public and don’t have your head on a swivel
    I don’t know what to tell you
    With as many threats we humans face on a daily basis , to not have your head in the game , is beyond my way of thinking these days

    A truck or vehicle can only move in a forward or backward direction
    Can’t move laterally
    If your head and eyes and ears are on the job of servival in the outside world you are walking in,
    Than run or evade laterally , perpendicular to the threat
    Don’t stuff your self in a crowd of humanity where vehicles can enter
    Maybe so many people are unaware of the daily threats that face us all every day

    We see it even here , where dumb fucks still wonder why so many of us are armed
    They still don’t get it , and won’t see the “truck” that’s headed for them , and very soon

  19. A prepper site with no coverage of the Skagway earthquakes? Skagway is still being shaken by multiple aftershocks. A few days ago Skagway had a 6.3 and a 6.2 earthquake. Hundreds of substantial aftershocks. I hope our people up there are ok. Good luck folks.

    • Neal Jensen says:

      Nope, we have real discussions here. See the one about Hillary Clinton blaming the Russians.. That’s important news……(rolling my eyes)…..

    • laeagle says:


      Thanks for the update!

      Be Informed use to be our resident expert and he was good at informing all of us of what was going on or ready to explode in the earthquake world. His presence is sorely missed and his absence has been a bane. I read about the earthquakes up in Alaska and the many significant aftershocks. I hope they are all doing all right. I had a long and wonderful visit last night with one of my hunting buddies who was up there about a moon ago for a week in the wilderness in the middle of no-where. They used planes and snowmobiles to get around. Lived in very primitive conditions. He was praising the wonders of ‘blue boards’ in that bone-chillingly cold environment.

      Louisiana Eagle

    • Gandhi says:

      Only skags live in Skagway

  20. They’ll never confiscate guns here. (COME IN THE FRONT DOOR) Even the hildabeast new better than that. But, the way they get your guns is by coming in the back door. What that means is they will start at the top…pass laws (executive orders) that will ban assault rifles. 90 days to turn them in. After that, if you still possess one, your a felon. Then, they’ll work there way down to automatic handguns/rifles, same way. Then they’ll finally make all handguns illegal. 90 days to turn them in, or your a felon. They then will have created 10’s of millions of criminals by default. Now were all in the horrible position of “you still have your gun, but don’t you dare use it….even in home defense. Because it will be YOU going to prison; not the criminal that broke in”….this is how it will play out. That’s what I mean by coming in the ‘backdoor’ for your guns.!!!!!

  21. Uh, they already confiscated guns. The government confiscated guns in Louisiana during Katrina. Swat teams went door to door in some areas. Never say never. I learned that in the mid-60’s. They can’t pass a law taking away your freedom to choose. 1964 Civil Rights Act. They can’t pass a law to make America a non-White, non-Western country. The 1965 Immigration Act. It’s not your government. Say that over and over, until you finally get it. The government is run by Globalists and Marxists. They won’t disarm you because you are insignificant to them. You are not a threat to them. You are harmless to the Empire, and they know it.

  22. Houston/Cypress/Katy/Shtf says:

    Did I mention a few things about that country awhile back. Its a beta test to see how bad it can get. The plan is have it done here.

    Read Him’s post. He explains it well.. Good one Him. You just got your ass secured on SHTF.

    American white men are not venezuelans. They carry AR15’S to public protest and the government is afraid of them. Any dictator declaring martial law over the continental US would be the biggest mistake ever made in the history of this country. This is my observation.


  23. Old Guy says:

    The difference is those folks in Katrina where not willing to die in order to keep their guns. It wouldn’t work that way with me. Of course no one can get to my door without climbing two fences and walking a 1/4 mile.

  24. Houston/Cypress/Katy/Shtf says:

    Yes Old Guy, this country is a different terrain.

    • Menzoberranzan says:

      I would be especially brutal to a gang of govt scum coming to take weapons. I’ve been waiting on them. They better tell their wives n youngens goodbye.

  25. Brian says:

    Change the name of Venezuelan currency from the Bolivar to the Chavez or Maduro. Worthless leaders should have worthless currencies named after them! Bolivar deserves better! 1500 obamas for a Big Mac?

  26. Marlena says:

    Some of my libertarian brothers here are embarrassing to be associated with. What we see in this film is a CIA-destabilized regime has some of its cops getting the sh*t beat out of them by a molotov throwing mob. In the melee the driver tries to save his buddy by driving, slowly, through some of the Soros-funded thugs.

    This is not unjust repression, it’s an orchestrated revolution and the authorities trying to hang on.

    The alt-right–that I generally support–can’t bring itself to be honest about Venezuela.

  27. TheGuy says:

    But but but they’re Communists! They “love” people! They’d never hurt them!

    9___9 meanwhile back in reality…

    You know you don’t actually need guns against well established stationary targets unless you’re doing frontal assaults (mumble hit and fade guerilla arson…)

  28. Anonymous says:

    The only IQ problem I see is located at post titled, “Eisenkreutz”. (Eisenshit-for-brains).

    “Divide and conquer”– most productive game in the books… Brought to you by Eisenshit. (Paid for by the elites).

  29. RVN GRUNT says:

    Perhaps the driver of the truck would be less inclined to run over people if they weren’t throwing fire bombs at the vehicle. I hope the CIA is paying the protesters enough to cover their injuries.

  30. Rudy says:

    Since year and day the CIA is trying to organize REGIMECHANGE in so many country’s in the world, it started allready at the end of WW II in Korea wenn the US government wanted to have more influence overthere wenn they imposed the corrupt South Koreans the execute 100.000 of theyr own South Koreans citizens standing in a row in front of ditches, what provoked the Korean war, hit ware the Korean commie’s who fought the Japanese occupier, remember Indonesia in ’65, Regimechange, remember Vietnam, Afghanista remember who organized with Osama Bin Laden, CIA Operativname Tim Osman Al CIAda, the terrorist database, all the time the same medling in other country’s business, thats a warcrime, remember Grenada, Panama, Tunisia, Lybia, Syria, all the time for stealing other people goods, that’s you Americans with your boots on the ground bringing BS Democracy, Actually Venezuela it’s excactly the same !

  31. hunter says:

    A bow and arrow makes for a good weapon…when guns cannot be had.

  32. arizona says:

    Hey Pete, I wish your country the best. would love to find a non Americanized , feminized woman from your country, or brazil. need a real match maker , not the internet cons.

  33. Brian says:

    Loved the video on sewing up wounds! Really good skill to have but it is a lot harder than it looks. I have the stuff to do it and some books but you really need formal training. I’ve tried to get living subjects to practice on, but no matter how drunk I get them, they immediately sober up when they figure out what I am up to! Just kidding!(kind of). One thing you can’t stock enough of is burn ointment. So many things involve open fires. Another good thing to have several of are tourniquets. I keep one in the car and several at home. You may only need it once in your life but when you do, you’ll need it desperately!