Shocking Photos Show Sea of Discarded Boxes From Train Robberies

by | Jan 17, 2022 | Headline News | 14 comments

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    This article was originally published by J.D. Heyes at Natural News under the title: Shocking Photos Show Sea of Discarded Boxes From Train Robberies as Thieves Steal Items Bound for Consumers, Worsening Supply Chain Crisis

    A Los Angeles-area journalist has recorded and posted stunning photos showing a sea of discarded boxes stemming from items bands of thieves took from parked rail cars, providing new visual evidence of societal collapse.

    The mass robberies also deprive consumers of their goods even as a nationwide supply chain crisis continues to worsen under the Biden regime.

    “Keep hearing of train burglaries in LA on the scanner so went to #LincolnHeights to see it all. And… there’s looted packages as far as the eye can see. Amazon packages, @UPS boxes, unused Covid tests, fishing lures, epi-pens. Cargo containers left busted open on trains. @CBSLA,” photojournalist John Schreiber wrote to begin a lengthy Twitter thread last week.

    “I’m told by law enforcement these @UPS bags are especially sought after by thieves opening cargo containers… they are often full of boxes with merchandise bound for residential addresses. More valuable than say, a cargo container full of low-value bulky items like toilet paper,” he continued.

    “This opened package from @REI destined for Bainbridge Island, WA was taken off a train. Typing in the @UPS tracking # and it obviously lists it as ‘delayed.’ We found lots of opened packages bound for the Northwest along this section of tracks,” the local CBS journalist added.

    Schrieber also reported that the scale of theft was massive.

    “As you can see, trains frequently slow or stop in this area as they get worked into the @UnionPacific Intermodal facility near Downtown LA. The thieves use this opportunity to break open containers and take what’s inside. I’d say every 4th or 5th rail car had opened containers,” he wrote.

    “Missing a package? Shipment delayed? Maybe your package is among the thousands we found discarded along the tracks. This is but one area thieves have targeted trains. We were told this area was just cleaned up 30 days ago so what you see is all within the last month. @CBSLA,” he added.

    To that point, Schriber also revealed one major reason why law enforcement (which is handled not by the LAPD but Union Pacific police) can’t get a handle on the thefts: Think left-wing ‘criminal justice’ policies that are light on ‘enforcement.’

    Our society is collapsing all around us and the lunatics too many voters keep returning to power are abetting it. What madness.


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      1. So where are the police, OH! I forgot the leftist scumbags fired all of them!

        • Make no mistake it’s not just one side that wants police defunded.
          Just a few days ago there was an article posted on this blog that was very critical of police and 99% of posters dog piled on.

          • We were put under Reconstruction, desegregated, and the wealth redistributed at gunpoint, as I recall.

      2. This is an easy fix. Put steel plates over the locks and weld them shut. When the car gets close in line to be unloaded cut away the welds and unlock them. Thieves are not going to spend thirty minuets of time to cut away the welded plates on each car. Or just do like in WWII. Have guards riding between the cars with shotguns and kill anyone who gets near the cargo. I still have one of these types of shotguns. They were made by Mossberg and are clip fed.

        • BTC…putting it simply just start shooting and eventually they will stop.

      3. This is an example of 3rd world-ism. You can take them out of the 3rd world, but you can’t take the 3rd world out of them. Third world-ism mentality does not build better societies, does not build wealth, cannot build a prosperous economy or improve lives. Third world mentality has no respect for the concept of private property or rule of law. It’s merely stealing, looting, and despoiling. And look at the mess left behind, it looks like a third world country where trash is discarded anywhere and everywhere with no thought. You can see videos where many third-world countries are nothing more than a giant garbage dump. Their environments are a mess with zero initiative to clean it up.
        Colonialists in 3world countries built hospitals, schools, roads, power plants, sewage treatment, developed agriculture, and developed access to medicine and education for the populations, and on and on. When the colonialists left, almost without exception the countries quickly descended into economic and social chaos with all the infrastructure deteriorating to where it doesn’t function. Even after a few centuries most advancements didn’t take much root.
        The reason why so much of the 3rd world is chronically poor is because their “economy” is more or less based on common predation, taking from each other, not as a society trying to build common prosperity, and not investing in the future in any way.
        You can see 3rd world-ism occurring here in the US with the mass looting, stealing, arson, and chaos.
        I saw a news article about a part of a city where there were once several pharmacies, grocery stores, gas stations, etc., but so much merchandise was stolen and there was so much vandalism the stores could no longer operate. Over a period of 10 years no more stores exist in that area but the community had the gall to call the former store owners racists.
        The progressives demand we believe all cultures are equal. That a culture that builds sewage treatment facilities, provides world class medical care, and put men on the moon is no better than a culture where they still don’t treat water making it fit to use even after the same problem has persisted for centuries, or a culture where the majority of people are never taught to read and write.

        • Well said Bill.

      4. That’s littering!

      5. Probably just looking for spray paint cans.

      6. Put a bounty on the thieves…. $25 alive… $500 dead

      7. At what point does it get bad enough to issue “shoot on sight” orders? And how loud will the pro-BLM dims howl after?

      8. Why don’t learn to spell? It’s Train, not rrain!

        • “Why don’t learn to spell” you’ve got room to talk.

      9. Probably all those migrants coming into America from Mexico etc.

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