Shocking! Judge Tazes Man in Court Because He “Continued To Speak When Ordered To Stop”

by | Feb 4, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 97 comments

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    The punishments being handed out by courtrooms are starting to look a lot like behaviorists testing rats once imagined – with a crude shocking device designed to reinforce behavior.

    In this absurd and Orwellian case, a judge played jury and executioner after he ordered a defendent, who was representing himself, to be shocked through an ankle bracelet attached to him during the trial – all because he did not stop talking when he was supposed to.

    The man apparently went on too long with his passionate defense plea. When the judge had enough, he got zapped.

    Pretty weird and Kafka-esque. John Vibes writes:

    A man representing himself in a Maryland court was shocked with 50,000 volts of electricity by the judge because he continued to speak when the judge ordered him to stop.

    Judge Robert Nalley pleaded guilty on Monday to depriving the defendant of his civil rights.

    The charge stems from an encounter between the judge and victim Delvon King in July of 2014, when King was appearing before Judge Nalley to face gun charges. King had a shocker anklet attached to him, which was supposed to be used in case of an emergency situation, or if King were to attempt to escape or hurt anyone.

    In the court, King attempted to make his case but was constantly interrupted by the judge who repeatedly told him to be quiet. When King continued to make his case to the court, Judge Nalley told the court deputy “Mr Sheriff, do it… use it,” at which point 50,000 volts of electricity were sent through King’s body, causing him to scream in pain. The court transcript read, “DEFENDANT SCREAMS.”

    King later described the situation to reporters, saying that he experienced “Excruciating pain then, and a burning sensation.”

    “It burned the rest of the day. Messed me up mentally. I don’t really remember that part. Just next think I know, I’m on the ground,” King added.

    How eerie that this era of lawless courts including live torture in the courtroom, and the court stenographer continues on, recording words to approximate the sound of screams and agony.

    Judge Nalley may get something like a year of probation, but is unlikely to have a meaningful punishment.

    Meanwhile, the precedent is set for an out-and-out violation of civil rights.

    Before he was even convicted, this man had his speech silenced, his defense suspended, and instead got “cruel and unusual punishment” – violating his Eighth Amendment – right there on the spot.

    And just in case you think this is only for people who have done something wrong – this guy was literally in the process of trying to defend his case – please keep in mind that Homeland Security has pushed for taser bracelets that all airline passengers would wear for “security” purposes.

    The Washington Times reported on a device that can “shock the wearer on command, completely immobilizing him/her for several minutes”:

    The Electronic ID Bracelet, as it’s referred to, would be worn by every traveler “until they disembark the flight at their destination.” Yes, you read that correctly. Every airline passenger would be tracked by a government-funded GPS, containing personal, private and confidential information, and would shock the customer worse than an electronic dog collar if the passenger got out of line.

    Clearly the Electronic ID Bracelet is a euphemism for the EMD Safety Bracelet, or at least it has a nefarious hidden ability (thus the term ID Bracelet is ambiguous at best). EMD stands for Electro-Musclar Disruption. Again, according to the promotional video, the bracelet can completely immobilize the wearer for several minutes.

    Seriously, that is a police state gone too far.

    It hasn’t happened yet, but it shows their thinking and where they plan to go in the not so distant future.

    Read more:

    Police Deploy Weaponized Drones To “Enhance Protection and Safety of Citizens”

    Specter of Debtors’ Prisons Looms Over Americans Who Just Can’t Pay: “You Can’t Squeeze Blood From a Turnip”

    Shock Executive Order: Obama Authorizes Behavioral Experiments On U.S. Citizens: “To Advance Government Initiatives”


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      1. Bill always chose someone other than Hillary.
        Shouldn’t you?

      2. fock these Judges

        • This is what happens when you enter their jurisdiction. All these courts are Admiralty jurisdiction, which is British law of the sea….All these courts are member identified with the new world order…..Till we rise up, and unseat these asshats you will be their slave….The queen is alive, and well in America, you can take that to the bank…..semper Fi

          • speaking of our courts…

            Border agent: ‘We might as well abolish our immigration laws altogether’

            “In a shocking reversal of policy, U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents are being told to release illegal immigrants and no longer order them to appear at deportation hearings, essentially a license to stay in the United States, a key agent testified Thursday.

            What’s more, the stand down order includes a requirement that the whereabouts of illegals released are not to be tracked.

            “We might as well abolish our immigration laws altogether,” suggested agent Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol Council.

            Testifying on the two-year border surge of immigrant youths, Judd said the policy shift was prompted by Obama administration “embarrassment” that just over half of illegals ordered to appear in court actually do.”

            Washington examiner dot com

      3. Keep your mouth shut and toe the line or get a beat down who do you think you are speaking to defend your self you have no rights you are not a man you are a number yep this is America

        • yep, and on your way out PAY THE BILL!

        • I went to court for a zoning violation and couldent even defend myself. I wasnt even allowed to talk. The judge just read the papers from the city then found in favor of them. When I tried to say something I was told I faced contempt charges. There is no way Id go into a courtroom without a lawyer anymore.

          • even with a lawyer you still wont get to say your peace..but you will get a larger bill at the end of it all .. that mouth piece isnt on your side ..they are an officer of the court

            a court that is forcing Corporate Law onto a person… via your birth certificate

            look at your licence you write your name in all CAPS? no you dont
            same with any legal paper .. your name in CAPS.. same with any ticket a Pig writes you in CAPITOL LETTERS

            thats not you the person


            wake up people ,, this entire system is playing you

            • hey enemy, you didn’t give me credit for coming up with that acronym a few days ago. that was a randy origonal…now that we got that out of the way, here’s a few things you can do with coffee filters…i didn’t see facemask on there, but in a shtf moment, i could see taping(turn tape around so sticky side is OUT) one to your face…one of the big benefits of a facemask is it keeps you from touching your mouth with your fingers…oh, and use electrical tape, it’s cheap, flexible, stretchy, and has a plethora of uses….link to follow.

              • BCOD..I knew I read it somewhere and LOVED it

                I will give credit where credit is due ..and you deserve the credit for that

                and its the absolute truth

                • thanks, i steal stuff and reprint it too. hell, i got pages and pages of great stuff worth repeating….just wanted to thump my chest there a little…thanks for helping to make shtfplan a better….no, wait….BEST website!

                  • sorry BCOD, I had no intention to steal it..with all the “real” news sites I visit a day , there was no way to remember who said it or where

                    but, I knew you were right , so I made sure to use it and remember it

                    look at it as a compliment from your fellow patriot

                    • a compliment…that was the first thought that ran through my mind when i saw it…aint no better compliment than to have someone pass on what you said…thanks again,

            • I have a Lawyer. I cant stand the guy. He is obnoxious, a jerk, loud, an A-hole and willing to do anything for a few bucks.
              He dosent care for the court one bit.
              I know he has spent some time in jail for contempt.
              Perfect lawyer. Gets the job done.

              • still gets his bread buttered by the other side

                and obviously knows how to play both against the middle

                and those BAR bitches are part of the problem, not part of the solution

              • Better call Saul.

            • Eventually I will just start shooting scum.

      4. Well he should’ve stopped talking…….problem solved.

        • Yes, he should have obeyed the commands of his overlords lest he be physically assaulted. sound about right..?

          • Egg Zacklee

            • I hope you’re being facetious.

              • Yes, In my mind the extended dots equates to sarcasim.

                I did a google search on this, apparently this judge also deflated the tires of a cleaning lady parked in his “usual” spot. So, yeah I concede to te point of this power hungry judge abusing his bench.

                But boy I could just imagen this guy ranting and rambling and wasting what should be a distinquished court rooms time while trying to defend himself and how unjust the “system” is to him.

                So yeah, there’s also a side of me that wishes every smartphone had the ability to issue shocks too to the fools of society!! That would be a lot of fun.

                • A psychopath. No doubt dude has his charming side that people have fallen for. The other side is vindictive, cruel and I bet dude is really good at throwing temper tantrums that resemble a 6 year old. I can spot a psychopath a mile away and this dude is freak material.

      5. I would’ve stood up and told the judge, “take it however you want, but you better put me in prison for life”

        • Godsoldier, nice sarcasm.

        • NB, the guy probably couldn’t afford a lawyer since those do cost money. The judge denied him due process of law; no surprise there. the judge is the one who’s wrong NOT the defendant. Nobody would ever get close enough to me to put a bracelet on me. They would get the dirt nap.

          • Braveheart,

            I looked this up for more information.

            This happened in 2014. American citizens living in Maryland mobilized against this criminal judge and won a recall election very quickly. He appealed but the Court of Appeal removed him from office on September 5, 2014. He was indicted and this case has been winding it’s way through the criminal justice system slowly. As usual. Right before trial he pled guilty. He is likely to get a small sentence, just because there is huge pressure against him. He will be sent to a federal prison for elites, no doubt. Glad to see that people went after this guy and have kept the pressure on.

          • You don’t read English very well.

      6. Well just put everyone in hipper sleep until you arrive at your destination.

      7. What are we cattle? Punishment for Judge, he should be shocked!

      8. If TSA/Homeland Sucurity ever implemented that strategy Airline stocks would crash.

        • Don’t be so sure. Anything for stockholders to make a buck. What makes you think anything would change. People are groped, stolen from, x-rayed and treated like a criminal now. They put up with that but will say no to an electrified bangle?

      9. The judge should be charged with assault. Just because you wear a cops uniform or a robe you shouldn’t be above the law.

        • agreed. of course every time a cop points a gun at someone its legally assault and THATS never prosecuted so I doubt we’ll see anything here either..

      10. Brazil confirms Zika infection from a blood transfusion

        h ttp://

      11. Oh, if I had a dollar for every time I wanted to do that to some tool who kept runnin’ his mouth…

      12. A corrupt judge sent a good friend of mine (Brian Aitken) to prison for 2 years WITHOUT CHARGE OR CONVICTION

        Look him up. Brian Aitken.

        We went to college together at Southern Utah University

        Fuck corrupt judges

        • Ya gotta love the “innocent til proven guilty” bullshit. the entire court system including the ilk that make it run are so far separated from reality it’s beyond laughable.

        • Yep, that’s where “gun control” gets us

      13. Meanwhile the deputy was just “following orders”.

        • That “following orders” excuse didn’t work at Nuremberg and won’t work with us. Damn sure won’t work with me. Nobody will put one of the bracelets on me, EVER!

          • Confirmed, the English comprehension is lacking and when combined up with your fakey tuffy tufferton attitude, I suspect your dingle dongle might be tiny and you’re compensating with bluster.

            • NB, IF you’re talking to me, don’t be so sure about that. I don’t bluster and nothing about me is fake.

              • NB,

                Doesn’t matter about brave’s dangle, he’s admitted he hasn’t had a girlfriend in over 10 years so it’s not it ever gets used anyway.

                • Billy, although it is possible that a man hasn’t used his equipment in 10 years, it is highly unlikely. Not having a “wife” or “girlfriend” more commonly means that a man’s sexual partner(s) aren’t someone they want to claim in public. Just my humble opinion based on 61 years experience around human beings.

      14. The really scary thing is that the people in power think of these things to control us. The even scarier part is they are being implemented.

      15. This is such a serious violation of civil rights that this judge’s courtroom, courthouse, and residence should be “violated” by peaceful protesters until he is removed or steps down. Where are the Oathkeepers when you need em? They say they defend the Constitution, this is a clear cut case.

        • Arrested , tried, convicted , imprisoned in that order

        • Because when they make an effort like in Oregon the rest of the chickenshit movement abandons them to be murdered by fedpigs.

          • Acid Etch,
            No doubt you are posting from Oregon as you offer your young self to the Cause. I am an old woman sitting in my trailerstead on 5 acres and planning to build a cabin come spring. My background as a paralegal, not attorney, tells me the Hammonds have no Constitutional rights being violated in this matter. As usual with a light sentence there were a few caveats, and they were repeat offenders. The poor slob in the courtroom does have a case. I will find out whether or not there will be a case filed to fight back against the government on this. As for Bundy et al. they are on thin ice legally.

            Not to mention when the other shoe drops, none of it may matter

        • Rebecca, that judge’s phone number, fax number, email address, etc. should be available to people so they can roast him over this.

          • Braveheart, not sure if you saw my reply, I don’t see it. Judge was removed in a recall election right after that incident. Court of Appeals affirmed removal. He was tried for assault. He just pled guilty. Yay! I celebrate every win for the Constitution!

      16. The legal system is not set up for the truth or fairness. It is governed by rules and procedures. If you are not schooled in those , then you had better have an attorney.

        • Swinging Richard
          nonsense. If the defendant is too rowdy the bailiff removes him and takes him back to jail.

        • SR, I would question the wisdom of even having an attorney. It’s proven all over this country every day that people with law degrees can’t be trusted.

          • I never meant to imply that the parties in the legal system were people of quality. They are not. The rules and procedures allow them to pervert the truth.

      17. A judge must maintain order in the court. He had it coming.

        • Barn Cat,
          Tazers have killed people. If the guy died in the courtroom Guess you’d be ok with it. You may think you are a great law abiding citizen and you are exempt but I guarantee you are not. Being the animal lover you claim to be what about all the pets killed by cops. Cops in the wrong yard etc. Hope nobody you know ever gets tazed or runs across a freak like this judge.

          • Barn Cat,
            Not trying to be mean or rude to you. It’s important to discern what’s going on. People need to be aware the wolves are circling.

      18. The Sheriff was wrong in tazing the guy: He should have shot him through the head there in the courtroom. If the sob that got shocked would have just done something he had never done before; shut his mouth when told to do so then he would not have been hurt. I wished they had videoed it and let us all view for pleasure.

        • First, you’re an idiot. The judge tazed the guy, not the sheriff.

          Second, you’re an idiot. It’s always happy good times when popo just shoot people in the head for talking. Yea, that’s the epitome of freedom.

          Something tells me your poverty is due to stupidity, not the tax man.

          • Liberty freedom constitution bill of rights for me

            EMP for you

        • Taxed, go back and read the article again. The guy was very calm, not out of control, not threatening anyone. There was nothing wrong with his behavior. It was the judge and bailiff who were wrong. The man’s rights were violated. He was handling his own case because most likely he couldn’t afford an attorney. I hope for your sake you’re not standing up for the police state.

          • No, I’m not standing up for the police state. But I don’t stand up for criminals either. This guy was in court because he obviously committed a crime. Why do so many of you concern yourself with the ‘rights’ of criminals? Criminals have no rights, they are criminals and should be treated as such. Georgia just executed a man that had been on death row for nearly forty years. Three million dollars spent on a murderer at taxpayer’s expense. Where is the justice in that? Crime is the longest most expensive war in American History and it is long past time we started executing people immediately for drug use, carjacking, shop lifting, domestic violence, rape, terrorism and just about anything else except for minor traffic violations. Get America cleaned up of its criminals and deadbeats and the world couldn’t hold us. If that makes me an idiot then this millionaire taxpayer gladly wears the title.

            • Taxdn2poverty,

              Why did you leave the biggest criminals in the history of the world off your list? Are you a bankster, then? Wall Street criminal protected by the D/R corporate machine? Just get to deduct every dollar you spend from your taxes? Millionaire? I am calling BS on either millionaire or taxed down to poverty. My son legally quit paying taxes by the time he earned $150k. I have had many years where I effectively paid no taxes. Tell me you are a millionaire and too stupid to hire a CA to work tax code. IMHO your Moniker is a deflection. Millionaires and their Billionaire heroes love fascism, they bring it to every form of government, every time. If you are a millionaire, you sure have not been taxed down to poverty any more than I have with my million net worth.

      19. This judge needs to lose his job and then dragged out and horse whipped. He’s no better than a cop that shots an unarmed man. Payback is coming soon for the self proclaimed vigilantes!

      20. Like i was told by the scientist. They wont be getting away with any of that type of abuse in the very, close and very, very near future. All judges, cops, officers, and all security people live in regular neighbourshoods. Other company managers of big local companies are reinforced into gated communities right in the middle of all the major cities. Most of these people do not have acces to the underground bases, DUMBS. They do the things that they do, because, the very people who control them and who they work for, have not told them anything and and are not telling them what is about to take place with the environment. That judge just tasered that man. The same judge would piss has his black gound and drawers if he was ever driving on a freeway when and EMP strikes. All cops and security people will be caught in uniform right out in the open. If they get rude with the people around them threatening them, drawing guns, etc, bad things are going to happen to them all over the major cities. And if you think that the national guard wont fire on you and family and take you daughter, think again. I was told recently by a ex military guy, who told me that his friend just told him that the feds are in Texas telling them that they are going to disarm Texas and remove the state government and that they must prepare to fight the people in our city and state. War is going to take place in my state and other states and it makes my stomoch sick to my ass, that this was credible source and we have not future in the city or the country for that matter.

        If your a cop and you dont have access to extra chothing in your cruiser, you will be targeted and this is a no brainer. Like on constitutional cop told me, most judges, and officers have no earthy clue was to what is really going in the country and are behaving badly and when they disaster hits, they are the first to go. This cop told me that he carrier extra civilian clothing, and will be abandoning his uniform and cruiser once shtf hits. He is a one smart cop. Withing 12 hrs following a grid callapse, people are stuck in the streets and going balistic. Like one insider told my scientist friend, WWZ, the movie was designed to show the masses what the elites have planned and what happens when ever body starts to run in the streets tearing up the fricking place. It would be totally indefinate extreme violence and coas. So keep up the bad stuff people, and think that it cant happen. It almost did in October 2013, and had the White hats not step in a get the EMP nuke, none of us including me on this site would have survived that event. However, we are more prepared and would survive it now. Keep it up, keep having babies, lots of them, keep banging away with reckless abandonment, like the mexicans and farm workers plan on being on thie knees digging up potatoes, and other produce to make sure that you kids are well fed and taken care of, that the food will be in the grocery stores and readily avaible. Evertime that i have ever ran our of money, the first problem i always had, was nothing to eat. Really think about it. Bad people that continue to do bad things, will be first to go, when shtf commenses.



        • Like I’ve been saying forever..make a list of those in your AO

          they cant run far,,or very fast

          there will come a cleansing of sorts..but its not like most think

          • EOTS

            Oh they got to come out sometime.

            You don’t have to make a list, Sooner or later they will be out barking orders like they know what to do. Many are going to Parrot what others say because it sounds good. But it will not pass the smell test.

            Remember many of them have never got their hands dirty doing WORK. Most relied on a system that made others do it for them. Oh, they would give plenty praise for the work performed but deep down inside they are calling us very stupid people.

            During the reset there will be those who will dish out their own type of justice. Who is going to stop it?

            • I guess making a list just streamlines things so they get done sooner and more efficient, trust me I’m not advocating “writing it down” ..I dont feel like waiting for them to come beating their chest around my bug out location or where ever I’m at for that matter

              the sooner they are gone right after the curtain goes up the better for all of us

              I guess I’m just not a patient man .. I aint got time to wait, shits getting old and so am I

            • slingshot, spot on. I’ll be at the BOL before anything hits. Gun show in my area this weekend. I’ll be stocking up on more ammo and other ‘necessities.’

      21. Charlie Bronson!

      22. Lawyers/judges are the most protected class of people in our society.

        Politicians are as well, but at least we can post negative but truthful comments about them, and most of these comments stick, they don’t usually get deleted/scrubbed.

        Out of all the many people any given lawyer has harmed and duped and deceived or took their money for doing a lousy, half-assed job there are no bad reviews about them. Not one. Nothing. Doctors, dentists, therapists and other professionals, yes, but not lawyers/judges.

        Google any lawyer, even the ones you know majorly phucked innocent people over and there will be nothing negative about them, not one bad comment…can’t tell your story online about them, that they didn’t do their job or screwed you or overcharged because as soon as you post it, it almost immediately gets deleted, that is if there was even a place to compose a review and post the truth.

        Plus, lawyers in good standing with a judge (and of course, the judges as well) can easily obtain a Subpoena and get your IP address and sue you for posting anything other than positive comments.

        Like I said, lawyers/judges, the most protected class of people for decades, at least in the U.S.

        • CommonCents,
          Their jobs are protected too. No fat cat attorney can come in from out of state and try a case without hiring local counsel. Protects their field of and income. That is why corporations have huge legal teams. Their “real” attorneys and the locals they are required by law to hire.

      23. As far as NWO Airlines, even those who are wealthy, but not considered in the top 1%, who have private planes, are not safe. There are many multi-millionaires and billionaires who are not accepted by the upper crust elitists, all of whom come from old money.

        Going forward, I don’t think they will be safe either. They can use their private mode of transportation instead of public transportation, but when the SHTF they will not be safe either…engine failure, etc. Remember John Kennedy Jr?

      24. Wonder what that psychopathic judge does Behind closed doors.

      25. I looked up that judges pic. A freak as I suspected.

      26. The courts have been perverted with perverts from top to bottom, no pun intended.

        The courts have become a defense mechanism to a government run amok. The courts, district attorney, prosecutor, the bar association, the politicians, law enforcement, the prison system, the irs, the dhs etc etc have all turned against the republic. They no longer protect the people from the government, they now protect the criminal enterprise that government has become from the people.

        Ever noticed how the dhs was put in place under the lie and guise of keeping us safe from foreign enemies, but in reality all their policies are aimed at we the people as if the citizenry of the USA are the enemies.

        Government to society is like a drunk driver of whom has diplomatic immunity.

        • MM, welcome and I agree wholeheartedly.

      27. I read this site every day and this is my first reply. In general I am normally in agreement with the majority of comments, but in this case everyone seems to have lost the big picture.

        Just like we complain when a black person refuses to listen to a cop who needs to maintain authority, a judge must have authority in his/her court. The guy should have stopped talking. If he was refused a chance to make any part of his case then his lawyer had grounds for appeal.

        All issues of an intrusive government aside, this guy created his situation and got a fair punishment.

        • Let’s say a mentally ill person acts out in court. Do they deserve to be tased due to a chemical imbalance? This is why shit like this needs to be stopped at the get go. Hope you didn’t think lobotomies and electric shock treatment were good options back in the day.

        • Jim,
          American courts have been dealing with rougher behavior than talking for over 200 years. For 200 years, bailiffs have just taken rowdy prisoners back to their cell. And a lot more dangerous behavior than talking too long. No offense buddyroe, but tasers are cruel and unusable punishment for talking in court.

          That judge was taken out in a recall election, his removal was confirmed by the Court of Appeals, and the judge just pled guilty to assault charges.

          What is next on your list of approved authoritarian behaviors, buddyroe? Supervisors can taser employees at work? Remember cat o’nine tails?

        • Jim,
          American courts have been dealing with rougher behavior than talking for over 200 years. For 200 years, bailiffs have just taken rowdy prisoners back to their cell. And a lot more dangerous behavior than talking too long. No offense buddyroe, but tasers are cruel and unusable punishment for talking in court.

          That judge was taken out in a recall election, his removal was confirmed by the Court of Appeals, and the judge just pled guilty to assault charges.

          What is next on your list of approved authoritarian behaviors, buddyroe? Supervisors can taser employees at work? Remember cat o’nine tails?

          • ***This*** Exactly. It was cruel/sadistic.

      28. Homeland Security is a joke. The only thing they are there to protect is themselves.

        Another article about the failure of the TSA: “IG report: TSA failed to identify 73 workers ‘linked to terrorism.

        According to the report, the TSA had been unable to find 73 individuals “linked to terrorism” because the information the TSA received from the Department of Homeland Security Watchlist Service and used for vetting did not contain the terrorism “codes” associated with the 73 individuals. In other words, TSA did not have the entire terror watchlist. ”

        Think about that the next time some government employee gropes you at the airport.

      29. Woooo some of us are going to have some fun, for we’ll learn how to hack into the Electronic ID Bracelet, as it’s referred to, so that we can shock every traveler “until (if) they disembark the flight at their destination.”

      30. This type of tyranny could be curbed with a simple web page with a flashy name like where pics, plate No.’s, addresses, and other intel could be posted, vetted, and so forth. In printable flyer form. After x amount of examples are made, I would expect to witness some of behavioral modifications or come to Jesus episodes by mid level tyrants. (Legal disclaimer-the thoughts, views, and ideas expressed here are souly for entertainment purposes, and not meant inspire any vigilantes with two nuts and a spine)

      31. Typical YT people. Blame EVERYONE and DON’T own up for all the your people’s interactions with other people’s of color.

      32. This Judge should be fired, not put on probation. All he had to do was warn the man that he’d fine him for contempt and remove him…instead he tasered him. To taser him was just vicious & sadistic.

        I ticked a judge off once. She went back on her word, well started too and I walked out of her courtroom. I wasn’t the one copping the plea, my son was, and he had an attorney, and it wasn’t me. So technically, I had the right to walk out anytime, I was simply an observer of the proceedings.

        Not according to this Judge.

        It was teenage BS. My son’s “new” friend threw a rock and it hit a parked truck and broke the window…the kid that did it, left state, so they wanted my son to pay the bill, I said, no, my son didn’t do it, just because he was with the kid that did it doesn’t make ME responsible, where’s the other kid’s parents? Make THEM pay (said to attorney not Judge, so they worked a plea bargain out ahead of time).

        Well, since the “kid” was 18 and fled state (relatives in Florida, was previously in trouble I found out) they couldn’t, so they wanted my son (me) to pay.

        So the plea was, my son didn’t get prosecuted for criminal mischief or whatever it was, but he had to pay for the guy’s window by doing community service…so the Judge started saying I think you could do some jail time for this, I was like WTH, the plea was to avoid this and not have this on his juvenile record…so I had to walk out, steam was coming out of my ears.

        The attorney came out to pull me back in, I’m like, I’m not on trial, why am I needed? She’s going back on the plea deal, after my son pleads no contest…what kinda Judge does that at the last minute?

        Dirty Judge is who does something like that at last minute, and since when was I her captive? I HAD to go back in, and she fined me for contempt and sent me to “parenting” classes. All I did was leave. For all she knew, I could have been sick or had to go to the restroom.

        However, she did go back to the “original” plea deal. Oh, I paid for that alright. Had to pay for the parenting classes too and sit with a bunch of crack heads, dead beats, idiots, and abusers…oh yeah I loved having that on MY record.

        This still chaps my hide.

        And I was a pretty darn good parent, perfect, no, but good enough. Just couldn’t take the lies and seeing my kid railroaded. If my kid had been guilty, I would have seen to it myself he paid his dues. Right is right and wrong is wrong, this Judge was on a power trip.

        It’s a credit/debit system, from one pocket to someone elses, and in-between you have power mad Judges, crooked attorney’s and now freaking tasers? What’s next immediate execution.

        Rant off.

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