Shocking Footage: The Terrifying Moment Crazed Gunman Opened Fire On GOP Lawmakers

by | Jun 14, 2017 | Headline News | 95 comments


For months we’ve watched the far-left degenerate into violent loons, who act so nonchalant about the prospects of Donald Trump and GOP lawmakers being assassinated. With their careless rhetoric, they’ve made it socially acceptable to inflict violence on people they disagree with. After the mass shooting that occurred today at the hands of a Bernie supporting zealot, it’s obvious that the Left’s promotion of violent action has finally come to a head.

Now footage of this sickening tragedy has surfaced online. Share this far and wide. People on the Left need to see what happens when everyone, from high profile celebrities, to media pundits and ordinary Americans, promote violence to achieve their goals. For at least a year, they’ve screamed and cried that conservatives are racist fascists who are a threat to everyone, and that they need to be dealt with by any means, including violence. To the surprise of no one, that rhetoric has finally convinced someone to do the unthinkable.

They need to see this with their own eyes, because this is their doing. They need to see the results of the hateful and vindictive message they’ve been promoting for months. If this visceral display doesn’t wake them up to how twisted they’ve become, then nothing will.

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    1. PersonSmarterThanYou

      Now you see, they want gun control so we are defense against the socialists

    2. The Deplorable Braveheart

      The video is a joke. A lot of gunfire but no action being shown.

      • BlackMoe

        Obola built this.

        • john stiner

          What is really sickening is this:

          Right now, all concealed carry is illegal in Washington DC.

          Republican law makers are calling for LAW MAKERS be given the reciprocity to conceal carry in Washington DC.

          Not people, not citizens, not law abiding licensed people, but only law makers.

          That alone shows the arrogance of these law makers.

          It is OK for them to get protection, but not the rest of us.

          • Borodino

            Today is Flag Day. And our President’s birthday. God help us all.

            • The Deplorable Braveheart

              Borodino, today was President Trump’s birthday? Holy shit. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MR. PRESIDENT. My apologies for the late greeting.

              • JustMe

                The leftists want their civil war, they want to become “ungovernable”, they despise people who do not agree with them. They have made no secret for years, that they want everyone who is not like them, dead.

                There is only one way this will end.

          • The Deplorable Braveheart

            JS, I don’t follow anything Congress says anyway.

      • CrackSumSkulls

        The Shooters Rifle was an SKS ~7.62 an AK-47 variant.

        No wonder he did not kill anybody, it was a spray and pray rifle.

        I’ll stick to my AR-15 SigSauer-5.56
        -Now That’s a Shooting Machine. Well worth double/triple the price of a regular AR-15.

        • rellik

          Please be accurate.
          SKS was a predecessor to the AK 47. Caliber 7.62X39 mm.
          Is is far more accurate than an AK. It is Semi auto only.
          10 shots internal magazine, loaded by stripper clips.
          It is a pain in the ass to clean and maintain but will
          work even if completely full of mud and dirt.
          An AK is far simpler and easier to maintain, but less
          accurate. AK47 has a detachable Magazine, so is easier to quickly
          reload. A real AK is full auto capable. Fake ones like a MAC 90
          are semi-auto only. Caliber is 7.62X39 mm.
          I don’t own an AR because I can’t afford one. If the day ever comes I’ll get my AR or M16 from a dead cop.

          • The Deplorable Braveheart

            Rellik, I plan on getting an AR myself, but I’ll wait and get one from a dead member of the FSA.

            • john stiner

              AR-15s are dirt cheap now. $479 for a DPMS at the last gun show in Houston.

              At that price I pick up one everytime I go to a show.

              • rellik

                I really would not buy an AR 15. I really want a AR 10. I’m a thirty caliber guy for large game and people, 6mm( .243) for varmints, and 22 for small game and concealed carry(you can’t miss with a PPK)

                • The Deplorable Braveheart

                  Rellik, at this time my go-to rifle is a .30Carbine M1 Carbine. It’s light, easy to operate, easy to strip down and clean and oil, and fun to shoot. I have BOOCOO 30-round mags for it. I’m also a .22LR person. Ruger SR22 for pistol and 10/22 for rifle. Never had issues with either .22 weapon. My 2 favorite brands of .22LR ammo are CCI and Aguilla; never had any issues with either brand. One brand of .22LR I advise avoiding is Winchester Super X. I’ve had feeding issues with that brand in both of my .22s, maybe because they’re both semiautos. It might be OK in a revolver or bolt-action, but don’t use it in a semiauto.

                  • rellik

                    I inherited a M1 carbine. It just stays in the safe. I use a SKS for that kind of hunting, milled triger group and it will take a beating. My M1A is my long range big game pick. I have mostly Remington 22 because of my PPK feeds. But I never had a problem with winchester in my other 22’s.
                    The most important thing to remember, is if you know how much ammo you have, you don’t have enough.

                  • The Deplorable Braveheart

                    Rellik, I’ve got a shitload of ammo now and it’s still NOT enough, LOL.

                  • Kevin2

                    The Deplorable Braveheart

                    ” easy to strip down and clean and oil,”

                    Except one very important part, the short stroke gas piston / cylinder.

                    Regarding fun and effective they’re great 100 / 150 yard guns.

          • Menzoberranzan

            This guy was obviously a lousy shot, never practiced, or never shot this rifle he was handed by the real folks responsible. At this range, someone who knew what they were doing could have killed everyone on that field with one shot each. I smell a fuse being lit that will engulf us all in a big ass fire.

            • The Deplorable Braveheart

              Menzo, agreed. I smell false flag on this one.

              • PersonSmarterThanYou

                He was likely on LSD from a CIA hired hooker.

              • PersonSmarterThanYou

                Hard to aim when all you see are unicorns and rainbows ?

              • Smokey

                Entirely wrong. The shooter did shoot and was killed by police.

                Cite your ‘evidence’ this did not occur at the hands of the assailant.

                Not to berate you, but you don’t have any. Stop conjecture.

                • Anonymous

                  Pretty sure he meant the shooter had not previously fired his rifle before this incident.

                  • Menzoberranzan


          • Aslard

            Tapco makes a mod for the sks so it can take magazines, I have one and it works fantastically.

            • PO'd Patriot

              Just buy an SKS sporter. Takes regular AK mags without the retrofit mag and its donkey appendage.

          • anonymous5


            You are partially correct. There are SKS rifles out there that have been converted to accept AK magazines. I used to own one when I lived in the People’s Republik of Kalifornia. The commie legislature their banned them back in the 90’s and I sold mine as opposed to registering it.

            SKS rifles can be more accurate, but I once owned one that shot two feet to the left at 100 yards and I couldn’t adjust the sight enough to compensate for it. I unloaded that turkey.

            Most AK’s are a 4 MOA rifle…..which means you’ll get about a 4″ group at 100 yards if you do your part. SKS rifles are really only slightly better. Neither rifle is designed for precise accuracy…..they are battle rifles designed to throw a lot of lead downrange in a short period of time. A good optic on an AK will also improve accuracy a good bit if you have a good rifle. If you have an AK that shoots better than 4 MOA clutch it tightly and don’t let it go for anything.

          • Kevin2

            The importance of the weapons accuracy is relevant to range. At 100 yards or less, regarding accuracy, it really doesn’t matter if its an AK, AR or SKS. MOA or a 3″ group makes no difference.

          • Smokey

            The SKS is a fine battle rifle and a real trophy in Vietnam. It’s superior to the AK variants except in magazine capacity.

        • john stiner

          The shots on the video were in groups of 5 to 10 rounds each. Not 30s round mags.

          SKS with a detachable mag would explain why the shots were only in groups of 10

          • rellik

            SKS modifications for external magazines are notoriously un-reliable
            and they are at least 20 rounds. I have some somewhere, I won’t sell them because I’d hate to have someone believe they are reliable and depend on it in a life or death. I went back to the internal mag that has never failed in thousands of rounds of use.

            • Smokey

              Same here, the integral mag loads with a stripper and if you need more than 10 rounds to make your point you’re not a good shot.

              • Neal Jensen

                Lee Harvey Oswald would agree with you…….Oh wait…

        • BlackMoe

          Probably one of Holder’s contributions to society.

        • MWK

          This dip shit couldn’t hit anything with an AR either. I would guess he never sighted it in, doesn’t know you have too, yanks the trigger and pulls every shot. My guess is, the only way a liberal with a gun is going to be able to kill anyone is if the targets are unarmed liberal co workers. otherwise they are just going to get themselves killed. this dip shit fired how many rounds, wounded a few people by suprise and got himself killed.

      • Eisenkreutz





      • PersonSmarterThanYou

        that sounded like my neighbor hood on an average day.

      • Smokey

        Waddya expect, a Hollywood production?

        It’s real.

    3. The Deplorable Braveheart

      Shocking footage my ass.

      • john stiner

        What was shocking is that nobody ran away.

        I did love the video recorder’s comments at that end. “This is a hell of a way to start the day.”

    4. TEST

      Ever since leftism started under Robespierre, the left has been marked by murder, poverty, death, gulags, fascism, ignorance and poverty. Please cite me a SINGLE exception. Anyone??? Anyone????

      Venezuela, Zimbabwe, Mao’s China, the USSR, Pol Pot’s Cambodia, Argentina until last year, Cuba, Greece, Laos, check out Evo Morales’ Bolivia, the old Sandinista Nicaragua, Ho Chi Minh’s re-education camps and a half million boat people dead, the Democratic SOCIALIST Republic of Mentally Il Kim Jong Un…the list goes on and on.

      • Kevin2


        The problem is who defines leftism? Are the Nordic nations with very generous social programs leftist? By most US standards they are yet they’re fine places to live with high standards of living, high degrees of personal freedom, good health care and education. Switzerland would also come under many Americans definition of Leftist if their taxes / social program policies were imposed in the US.

    5. runnamuck

      may be russia did it

    6. nameless

      Four straight articles now on this shooting. Sensationalism at its worst.
      We get this from the lame stream networks all day long. Yes, its news, but do you have to
      keep bombarding us with this? Give us a damn break!

    7. AZcats


    8. buttcrackofdoom

      “If this visceral display doesn’t wake them up to how twisted they’ve become, then nothing will.”…..NOTHING WILL.

    9. Warchild dammit

      Sigh,some little dip shit republicunt congress rat wants concealed carry in DC for all in congress.To this I say,”Hey fucknut,how about ALL citizens concealed carry with no restrictions,you can at least afford bodygaurds,many times at taxpayer expense!”

    10. Plan twice, prep once

      The likes of Hillary Clinton have been screaming resist any way you can. CNN, NY Times, MSNBC, Washington Post etc have been just calling for violence against Trump, Trump supporters and conservative Americans.

      Terms like “blood in the streets”, “this is war” etc tell us this shooting is exactly the outcome progressives desire.

      When will conservative realize, the lefts call to war is…… Wait for it….. A call to war!

      The left who unapologetically protect the immigration of soldiers of Islam are at war with the US.

      Watch your back.

      • john stiner

        Blood in the streets?

        She was referring to Megyan Kelly.

        • Plan twice, prep once

          Women in spandex always creeped me out.

          Megan Kelly looks like she is made of plastic and spandex, and really creeps me out.

          Probably similar to a fear of clowns that some people have.

          I’m not sure red blood runs in that crazy woman’s veins. Once a month I hear she actually oozes silicone.

    11. The Deplorable Braveheart

      The video sounds like shitcago on the weekend.

      • john stiner

        Sounds yes, but looks no.

        You didn’t see 50 n!ggars chimping out and weaves flying everywhere.

        And white people immediately ran to the victim after the shooting stopped.

          • The Deplorable Braveheart

            Anonymous5, that can also pass for Memphis on the weekends, LOL!

        • nuckinfuts

          its obvious this was the fault of them angry white guys with guns, any libtard can tell you that.

    12. CrackSumSkulls

      No Loss of the DC shooting, How about the shooting today at a San Francisco UPS Center. 5 shot, 3 dead and the shooter then killed himself. The shooter was wearing a UPS uniform.

      Link: ht tp://

      • rellik

        All the news people are saying the killer used an “assault”
        pistol. Unless he had an MP5 I wonder what the heck a “assault”
        pistol is?
        If he had a MP5 he could have made short work of the cops and walked out of there.

        • PersonSmarterThanYou

          An assault pistol is the one that is pointed at you.

      • john stiner


        Not UPS!!!!!

        I haven’t got my Amazon order yet!!!

      • anonymous5


        I refuse to believe that anybody was killed with a gun in San Francisco today. Kalifornia, People’s Republik of has some of the most stringent gun laws in the country. Everyone knows that tough gun laws stop mass shootings.

        So….it didn’t happen.

    13. The Deplorable Braveheart

      CSS, I saw that one earlier. Another ‘disgruntled employee going postal.’ That one was a real tragedy. The VA shooting smells like false flag to me.

      • john stiner

        False flag about what?

        What is the shooting trying to divert our attention from?

        • Menzoberranzan

          Get Congressmen scared and they do pass gun control.

          • Warchild Dammit!

            John,false flag to end the bill being considered TODAY that would allow everyone to buy a suppressor without all the atf nonsense and make it illegal for the atf to ban so called armor piercing ammunition,might be one reason for a falsie,eh?!

            • The Deplorable Braveheart

              Warchild, they were going to consider the suppressor bill TODAY? Yep, that sounds about right for a false flag.

              • Smokey

                birdseed, the gun bill was probably not going to pass anyway.

      • Smokey

        Cite your evidence, not your conjecture, why this is a false flag.

    14. 2isone

      The guy didn’t even know he was a useful idiot. A martyr to the liberal gods who cared not about him at all. 66 years old- filled with hate and vitriol. Should have been teaching grandkids life skills like fishing and swimming this summer.




      Here is a stupid rule in ALEXANDRIA VA.


      WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    16. Plan twice, prep once

      The high rise fire in London is big news too. A lot of people died. People collapsed if the fire staircase from smoke.

      My daughter lived 27th floor in a high rise for a few years. I had bought her gas masks rated for 40 minutes with fire related smoke that contains cyanide. I said if you ever need them, just get out. The hardest part may be stepping over the bodies of those without masks, but don’t let anyone take your mask. Once out, you could hand your mask to anyone that wants to be a hero and go back in.

      She moved to a suburban home, so I had her stash the masks in her desk, in the city center office she works in. The mask could also get her home, past an out of control riot with air unbreathable due to police tear gas.

      We talk all the time here on SHTF about how cities can be death traps, never the less many people by necessity must live or work in cities. Special preps may be in order.

      • john stiner

        I call BS on the fire starting with a faulty refrigerator. The fire spread way too fast not to have an acceleratant involved.

        The building was mostly Muslim occupied. Reverse terrorism? Manchaster payback?

        And how the hell do they know it was a refrigerator when they haven’t even counted the bodies yet?

        • Archivist

          The tenant said his refrigerator exploded. Why lie?

          I think a large part of the building, such as the new white cladding, furniture, etc. was plastic. The whole building looked like a burnt piece of plastic.

          • Plan twice, prep once

            Refrigerator exploding? Very possible if part of a meth operation.

            The building had recently been coated on its exterior with a corrosion blocking coating. They said the coating burned like gasoline had been put on the building. Three sides of the building were engulfed in flames within minutes spreading fire to many floors. Anywhere people broke windows to get fresh air, the flames entered those apartments.

            Part of the problem was the building was filled with “migrants” who were clueless about safety or what to do in a fire. The building had many fire deficiencies, though I bet the residents are who vandalized them.

            • Archivist

              The posted fire “instructions” said to stay in their apartments if a fire wasn’t right there.

              • Plan twice, prep once

                I had a neighbor that lived two blocks away, who died on 911 because he followed instructions and returned to the safety of his office. He left a widow and two children.

                In a crisis stay alert, and get to safety. These first responders want control, actually saving your life isn’t really on their to-do-list!

        • JustMe

          They found Mohhamed Atta’s passport in the wreckage, too…

      • Warchild Dammit!

        PP,what were these fire masks/brand/how they are rated ect.,thanx.

          • Warchild Dammit!

            Thanks PP,will look into it,could see a useful item even if not in a high rise ect.I feel bad for those folks in the London fire,hopefully info like this can help someone down the road if necc.

            • Plan twice, prep once

              There are also less expensive versions that are not much more then a chemical filter cartridge with a mouthpiece. They sound compact and would fit in a go bag easily.

              Shelf life? Most are listed with a 3 to 5 year shelf life. That would be under worst possible conditions, wide ranging temperatures and vibration like in the trunk of a car. Kept in a climate controlled residence or office and I’ll bet optimum shelf life is easily twice that.

    17. Beaumont

      As someone who has met and talked to famous-ish people, on accident, it still never ceases to amaze me, that they hang out at a local park, go to the same stores and tourist attractions.

      They apparently order donuts and pizza, rubber-stamp documents and cut ribbons with giant pairs of scissors, in ceremonial-type roles, without thinking of how it affects people.

      • john stiner

        They have not med Kim Jung Il. He apparently does not have a butt hole. He is not like the rest of us.

        • Warchild Dammit!

          John,look how quick the Station Nightclub fire spread,good chance could have been at that show,didn’t go last minute work reasons.

          Not saying tis not something else but amazing what older/supposed rehabbed buildings like this can be,as in the trades I see some unsafe/crazy shit a lot.That said,getting up in the morning is also a risk,make it too expensive then no buildings and living in streets,tough calls.

    18. The Deplorable Braveheart

      PTPO, your last sentence really hits home for me. No one here knows MORE than I do about ‘urban survival’. I’ve got my own ‘special preps’ for that one.

    19. Brian

      Going through this once would be nerve-wracking. But in a war zone, you might face this possibility everyday for your tour of duty. Easy to see why people develop post traumatic stress disorder. Once the shooting was over, I assume they went back to playing baseball?

    20. Old Guy

      More of bad folks doing stupid horrible things. Even if he had killed every politician in DC it wouldn’t make any difference. It seems Trump doesn’t have any allies in congress from democraps or repuglickans ? Loose Cannon Trump Best President Ever!

    21. runnamuck

      its the russians its the russians

    22. Archivist

      Here’s a link to an archive of the shooter’s Facebook:

      ht tps://

    23. The Deplorable Braveheart

      Old Guy, good to see you back.

      • Old Guy

        Yes Ive not been reading or posting lately. Reading the same old stale rehashed doom porn predictions is a waste of time. This article is news and I can get a side of the story the lamestream media will not address.

    24. Archivist

      Here’s a link to a Wikipedia-like page on the shooter:

      ht tps://

    25. B from CA



    26. aljamo

      You have the right to do as you are told. Nothing beyond that. Accept globalism or die, you exist at the mercy of the state. Sharia law on the way, heads will be rolling stacked into mountains. Life has become worthless, love has become lifeless. Insanity abounds. Nothing matters anymore.

    27. Bigbluedrew

      You guys crying”fake” are IDIOTS. I PERSONALLY KNOW SOMEONE WHO WAS THERE , IT HAPPENED you paranoid fucks.

    28. Brian

      Loved the clip where the African soldiers handed an AK-47 rifle to a chimpanzee, who started shooting. That and the shooting by Hodgkinson shows why we need stricter gun control laws. No Bernie Sanders supporters should be allowed to buy or possess any kind of weapon. It’s bad enough that they shoot their mouths off so much, much less a gun!

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