Shocking Charts: Is This “Banker’s Tell” Predicting a Market Crash In The Near Future?

by | Sep 29, 2014 | Headline News | 164 comments

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    With all of the variables in play it is impossible to predict the exact moment of the triggering event that will lead to the next stock market crash. But every so often a blaring red siren pops up that is worthy of our attention.

    Trend analyst and stock trader Greg Mannarino of Trader’s Choice may have just spotted such a signal. He calls it a possible “banker’s tell” that may be giving us advance warning of a coming market event that could lead to the crash many observers expect is inevitable.

    The following two charts show the price for the SLV silver Exchange Traded Fund from just before the crash in 2008 compared to what it looked like over the last six months. As he notes in his recent interview with Greg Hunter’s USA Watch Dog, the pattern similarity is uncanny.

    We’re seeing almost identical price action with regard to silver that we saw one month prior to the crash of Lehman Brothers in 2008. That means something may be lurking here on the horizon.

    Is history going to repeat itself again? We understand there’s a lot of shady things going on here, so anything can happen here.

    SLV in 2008:


    SLV Now:



    Within weeks of this pattern developing in 2008 we saw one of the largest market crashes in American history, as depicted by the following chart:


    To be clear Mannarino himself suggests that, given the heavy monetary machinations from the Federal Reserve, there is a strong probability that stock markets will continue to soar to record highs for the time being as the Federal Reserve and their European central banking counterparts continue to pump money into the system with reckless abandon.

    But, as we all know, nothing lasts forever.

    Whether the stock market crashes in the near future or not, what we know is that the Fed will continue to debase our currency. This will lead to higher prices for key resources like food and energy, and a continued impoverishment of  Main Street. In the end, so much wealth will have been taken from the American people through inflation that there will be nothing left to fuel the economy and the inevitable crash will be upon us.

    But for now, there may still be an opportunity to protect your personal wealth and even grow it.

    In the following interview with Greg Hunter, Mannarino notes that the latest drop in silver may be one of the few instances in our lifetimes that we’ll see silver priced lower than it costs to get it out of the ground.

    Right now… we are well below the all-in production cost of physical silver. What does this mean?

    Honestly, this has to be the greatest opportunity as an investment vehicle – silver – in the history of the world. How anyone cannot understand why this is a great opportunity right now is beyond me.

    If you can get any asset – I don’t care what it is – below production cost… a car or a house… you should jump all over it. 

    Watch the full interview with USA Watchdog and Greg Mannarino as he discusses market manipulation, developing trends and the real possibility of a global war being the end result:

    The current silver spot price is hovering around $17.50, a significant drop from it’s recent highs a few years when it topped $50 per ounce. Perhaps, as Greg Mannarino notes, “it’s time to jump all over it.”

    We know a crisis of epic proportions is on its way. And, as history has showed, when the people lose confidence in their government and traditional investments collapse, precious metals become the asset class of last resort. This may well be one of the last times that we’ll see silver at under $20 for quite a while – perhaps until a new currency system is introduced after the dollar has been wiped out.


    Resources: Greg Mannarino’s Instablog, USA Watchdog


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      1. I don’t know about a crash based on these chart patterns, but one is coming — that is unavoidable at this point. I once said that silver under $20 will be an unbelievable opportunity if it happens again. It’s here. These are 2009 prices right here. I didn’t know it cost more to pull it out of the ground than to buy it on the free market. Even better.

        • What’s the best way to buy silver? From who?

          • In amounts under $500.00 per buy, using cash, at a local reputable dealer. Keep your transactions as untraceable as possible, make sure it’s in your possession as metal and never keep it all in one place.

            • The Goldman Tapes And Why The Delusion Of Macro-Prudential Regulation Means The Next Crash Is Nigh

              “…what the tapes really show is that the Fed’s latest policy contraption – macro-prudential regulation through a financial stability committee – is just a useless exercise in CYA.”

              “It is not, as Janet Yellen insists, a supplementary tool to contain and remediate the unintended consequence – that is, excessive financial speculation – of the Fed’s primary drive to achieve full employment and fill the GDP bathtub to the very brim of its potential.

              Instead, rampant speculation, excessive leverage, phony liquidity and massive financial instability are the only real result of current Fed policy.”

              Smoking Gun Evidence That The New York Fed Serves The Interests Of Goldman Sachs

              “As a recent Bloomberg article explained, it has become “common practice” for regulators to leave “their government jobs for much higher paying jobs at the very banks they were once meant to regulate.”

              “A very brave lawyer named Carmen Segarra made a series of audio recordings Lawyer (46 hours) while she was working for the New York Fed.

              When Carmen Segarra was first embedded at Goldman Sachs, she was absolutely horrified by what she was seeing and hearing. But her superiors were so obsessed with covering up for Goldman that they actually pressured her to alter the notes that she took during meetings…”

              “Needless to say, someone like Segarra that did not “go along with the program” was not going to last long at the New York Fed. After only seven months, she was fired…”

              “The New York Fed has been caught red-handed serving the interests of Goldman Sachs, and no number of strongly-worded denials is going to change that.”

            • This is the most perfect advice right here. Small amounts under $500.00 at a time, from a local dealer who does not ream you.

              Many people are ok with generic .999 silver, I know I am. Do not be fooled into paying premiums.

              • Web Results


       – Similar

            • @the durango kidd:

              Let me get this straight. So now the durango kidd is entertaining odds of a stock market crash that earlier he said would/could NOT happen because the FED had a “handle” on monetary policy.

              Have you abandoned your faith in Central Banking DK?

              Or are you just playing to the crowd???

              Personally, I think it’s the latter!

              • Web Results


       Similarto Unrepentantcowboy

                5 days ago … I’m not a leftist. Not a corporatist. I don’t fly or drive to anti-fracking rallies in vehicles powered by fuel derived from such practices. I won’t march …

              • YMWW: The mechanisms of central banking are required for a large sophisticated global economy that brings chocolate, rubber, bananas, and scores of other everyday goods to the USA for US to consume and enrich our lives.

                The Federal Reserve, which is a cabal of private banks is not. As many times as I have educated you upon this fact you should have grasped it by now.

                Are you really that dumb or just bored and want to waste my time for a reply??? 🙁

                • The central bankers are like a drug cartel poisoning the financial markets and holding hostages for randsome like debt slaves. Free markets decide supply and demand not 5 people from Tribe family called the Rothchilds. Hang the bankers and swiftly.

                • Bullshit, DK. Central banks serve only themselves.

                  • Dean: I do not disagree with that statement, but you need to differentiate between central banking mechanisms that facilitate commerce, and the Federal Reserve cartel.

                    If you can survive in today’s world without so much as an EBT card then you are a hunter gatherer. However, your computer is an example of the commerce that these mechanisms facilitate. 🙂

                • durango kidd says:

                  “The mechanisms of central banking are required for a large sophisticated global economy.”

                  That’s a load of crap!

                  The mechanisms of central banking are NOT required for a large sophisticated global economy. The mechanisms of central banking are only required when a countries currency is Fiat – Toilet Paper Money.

                  Fiat money is currency that the government has declared to be legal tender, but is not backed by a physical commodity. The value of fiat money is derived from the relationship between supply and demand rather than the value of the material that the money is made of such as gold or silver. Fiat money is based solely on faith. Fiat is the Latin word for “it shall be.”

                  The history of fiat money has been one of failure. In fact, EVERY fiat currency since the Romans first began the practice in the first century has ended in devaluation and eventual collapse, of not only the currency, but of the economy that housed the fiat currency as well. It will be NO different for the USD.

                  “The Federal Reserve, which is a cabal of private banks is not.”

                  Is not what..?

                  … Engaged in “the mechanisms of central banking?”


                  DK… Your cheese has definitely slid off it’s cracker!!!

                  Folks, the FED IS a Central Bank. The FED IS Central Banking.

                  DK, “are you really that dumb or just bored and want to waste my time for a reply?”

                  • YMWW: Even a gold backed currency would require the mechanisms of central banking to facilitate trade: interstate, intrastate, and internationally.

                    Do you know what a “Letter of Credit” is? didn’t think so. LMAO!!! 🙁

              • Check the archives dim wit. I have never said:

                “…would/could NOT happen because the FED had a “handle” on monetary policy.”

                Is that the best you have? My economic and financial forecasts have been right on the money here for YEARS!!! LMAO!!! 🙂

          • The Moderator says:

            “But, as we all know, nothing lasts forever.”

            No Shit!

            It’s called the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

            “Systems always evolve toward thermodynamic equilibrium, a state with maximum entropy.”

            Nothing lasts forever.

            The law applies to EVERYTHING!!!

            The State is NOT exempt.

            • YMWW, you must have forgotten to douche today. You still sound like some whiney little kid. It’s true that nothing lasts forever but your bashing is getting out of hand.

              • Harvested some soybeans tonight. Over 60 bu. per acre. Too bad the markets are down.

                • @Bazinga.

                  Now that you harveted them what is the process?

                  I have just completed this morning the Lye portion of processing my olives and am on to the salt solution for three days. Then I will decide how many will be black olives and how many will remain green. Three days from now, give or take, I will can approximatley 20 gallons of olives. Don’t know why so much but what the hell.

                  Next weekend I am going to harvest about 20 lbs of honey from my bee’s although I have several gallons stashed away and it never goes bad. May even transfer my one hive into a new super.


                  • BigB

                    Strictly a cash crop. Taking them to the elevator this am. Going to prep the land for corn next year, though at this point it is looking like a money loser. Going to have to pay strict attention to the commodities markets and hedge the best I can to make it work. Have about 1100 more acres of soybeans and 900 acres of field corn to take this fall between me and the rest of the family.

                    I’m intrigued about the olives. Where are you at, I am in S Central MN.

                  • I eat pasta salad(cold or not) every week–you can NEVER have too many olives! 🙂

                  • I am in N. California. I take it that corn you mentioned is feed corn? With the price of corn for cattle feed you must be able to make a profit on that?

                    I like olices as much as the next guy but think the wife and I went a little overboard. 20 Gallons???? If any of you who know me just letr me know and you can have a gallon. I just learned tonight that green and black olives are the same. Because when you process them they are all colors so mass producers let them thru oxengynation let them turn black so the public can’t see the blemishes.


              • “Out of hand?”

                Besides the biggest ass kisser around, who do you think you are?

              • Braveheart on the post in the previous article I was not saying you bicker. Sorry about that.
                I was talking about people like yourmotherwaswrong. Why do people like that even come on here?

                • Easy – every other site throws him off.

                • Mike in VA, apology accepted. I stand corrected on the bickering part. YMWW is either a shill or an agent provacteur. Whatever he is, I’m sick of his crap also.

                  • So you’re sick of my crap?

                    Well then, I’ve got a suggestion for you.

                    Put on your big girl panties, pull up your skirt, and get over yourself!

                    And you call me a “whiney little kid?”

                  • YMWW may be taking it a bit too far but he IS right on about dk who IS a duplicitous ego-maniacal contradictory windbag. YMWW wants to let everyone know not to buy into dk’s crap (I used to feel the same way). Problem is it is a waste of time and a little insulting to the intelligence of those of us who figured dk out long ago.

                  • @Anonymous:

                    So speaking the truth “is a waste of time,” and it’s “a little insulting to the intelligence of those of us who figured dk out long ago?”

                    I see. Well, while you’re hiding behind the “tag” of “Anonymous,” please allow me to offer you the same advice I gave to the so called “renegade.”

                    “Put on your big girl panties, pull up your skirt, and get over yourself!”

              – Spectrum

              The POLICE STATE is ENFORCED by the POLICE.
              -Semper Fortis

              They’re using SWAT teams and MRAPS to serve WARRANTS FOR FAILURE TO PAY TRAFFIC TICKETS. They are throwing stun grenades in baby’s cribs and laying siege to peaceful families who were either just in their way, or at the wrong address.

              • YMWW, f#$% you! Go get over YOUR own stupid self!

            • Huh????

     get ‘5’ red-thumbs for substantiating a realm pertaining to physics & extrapolating such into/per a social/political construct???

              ..that said & ditto per other thermodynamic laws.

              ..21st century amerikan society & its defacto state religion..i.e. “multiculturalism” are deeply submerged in heresy/alchemy territory, as I type this response!

              Proof =

              **..the demand for equal results, from unequal causes/actions.

              **–see liberalism group-think/welfare & moral relativism etc, for details.


              Good post ‘yo mama’.

              I gave you a green thumb!

              • Me too.

                • Me three, and a red thumb to the established lemmings who run down truth talkers like YMWW.

            • ALL empires collapse. No exceptions. Orlov

          • I get silver from a local ‘coin dealership’, but there are other places like some Antique malls that sell them for pretty cheap. There are also online sites that you can buy them from and they’ll Fed-Ex ’em too you but I’m rather careful with what I purchase online. Hope that helps you out, better get stackin soon!

            • Estate auction are good for junk silver. But I still don’t buy any. I need the $$$ for real preps.

          • Been feeling something is coming for years…. My neighbors, who don’t follow alternative media as much as I do feel the same. The question has always been, “when”…?

            There was a Dave Hodges article today that spoke about the “when” and the “what” to look for that will tell us all it’s starting.

            When These People Go Into Hiding, It Is Time to Pay Attention


            • Any body buying silver here at this time is a Sucker. Wait till goes below $10 at least. Trust me. I will start buying silver again when it goes below $6 / Oz. Anybody buying here is about to get their asses handed to them. Like I said, I sold all my Silver in March 2012 @$42 Oz.

              • you sold BOTH ounces at 42$?….i happen to agree with the story. buy it now before ALL the physical is GONE!…but buy yer damn PREPS first!….PM’s are a place to store value, but not before you take care of getting yer family fed/protected FIRST!

          • I buy mine online from APMEX. Never had a problem, the service is excellent and the price is the best when dealing in junk silver. I purchase using a check to save on card fees. Have purchased up to $8500.00 worth of junk silver of various denominations. Hope this helps.

            Hey Mac,

            Looking to advertise our new product and we would like to know if your interested. They are called “Head Saver Scarfs” made of Kevlar. There designed to provide comfort to sheeple worried issis is coming to cut their head off as the LSM and Obama have warned. They will come in an assortment of colors and even a floral print for the fashion minded. Simply wrap around the neck like any scarf to prevent the head from being severed. The Kevlar will also dull the muslims knife possibly helping others without a Head Saver Scarf. Please let us know going ad rates. Thanks in advance.

            CEO maddog industries

            • When the Shoeshine boy tells you to buy Silver that is a Signal to Sell. Buy AMMO RIGHT NOW. SELL SILVER AND BUY AMMO IN ALL CALIBERS.

              • Buy Kevlar scarfs.

                • Maddog good idea. Do they make Shemagh’s out of Kevlar. Bet Ass’ed Itch would know. He seems to be the go-to guy for outdoor gear. Trekker Out

            • Maddog. You may have spent $8500 on Silver but is only worth $3K Now. And by December 2014 only worth $1500. LoL.

              • I bought it at $13.50/oz. My math says I made some cash. There you go talking out the wrong end again. You just hang in there for that 6.00 mark and please hold your breath.

          • Simplest and easiest way is to go to your local coin shop and buy US Silver Eagles, Canada Maple Leaves, or Mexican Onzas. All are gov’t produced 1 oz. coins and will be readily convertible once the time comes.

            Avoid bars and non-gov’t mint rounds for now.

            You can order from online retailers, as well. For a first time buyer, better to stay local.

            Do not buy from Craigslist or any other source other than a reputable dealer. Lots of fake goods out there.

            • Should have added, the British Britannia silver coin, another good gov’t coin, but the premium on those are higher than the others.

          • FreeSlave
            Look at Goldmart dot com
            Sunshine 10 ouncers at 0.50 over spot. Lowest I’ve seen so far. Each individual bar sealed in plastic. I believe free shipping over $5k…. Go getummmmm.

          • I’ve bought from Provident Metals, and have always been please with their prices, products, and service.

            They currently have 1 oz silver rounds for 79¢ over spot, cash price. They cheapest junk silver is < $2 over spot.

            Their shipping is very reasonable, and they have no minumum quantity.

            If you can find a local dealer, maybe a pawn shop or jewelry dealer, you might be able to get decent prices, but you have to shop around.

            You used to be able to find some on ebay, but decent deals there are few and far between.

        • I am once burned twice shy.
          In 1979-80 I bought silver
          at nearly 50 bucks an ounce
          because I was afraid the
          house of cards was going to

          I almost cried as I watched
          the price slowly erode down
          to four dollars an ounce.

          Today, I can only bring myself
          to squirrel away preps and lots
          of ammo. Chicken shit?
          You bet I am.

          • SolitaryMan, I have to agree! Back in the day, the calculations used to determine who was poor are certainly different than today? One category was based on whether or not you owned a TV? I have some friends who are worried to death? I have been poor when I was a child and in my earlier twenties. I know what it is like and know all to well what going to bed hungry means. Today, my own family has worked hard to move above poverty and to live within our means? Short of riots and total chaos and people willing to kill to have what someone else has…we will all learn how to live through yet another Great Depression. While the current generation has no compassion for others and only worried about themselves and what they can gain…it will be much harder, but in the end they will become much stronger and hopefully rise above they fray…to regain America as a stronger nation with great compassion for follow Americans. If, not everything up to this point will all be for not! You sir, I pray will survive and rise above as a stronger person and the strength to find a better way of life as the ashes settle. God Bless!

          • Solitary finally somebody else with common sense here. The nae of the g as me us buy low sell high. People buy shit on fear. Look at the new preppers in 2012 who went out and paid $3K for an AR15. And $2 per round for 556 ammo. Lol. If I had more than one AR at that time I would have sold it at the peak. Right now Stock up heavy in all calibers of ammo. You will soon be rewarded bigtime. Forget .22 ammo. Go for 9mm 45mm and all rifle calibers. Lots of 5.56 back up the truck!!

        • Yeah, I really do believe world war is on the way– actually, at our door step.

          • Many of us see world war is very possible! How the White House doesn’t see this is beyond me? In case they haven’t noticed, they enemy didn’t even knocked before entering!

            • ProtectinyFree. Hey the White House discovered a half dozen bullet round fired at a balcony window the other day taken at long range. How much of a wake up call do they need. They estimate the damage at $100K for riddled bullet proof glass with pock holes in it. Lol

        • Hold on FED…if that dollar is worth nothing do you buy something with worthless currency…besides that..who controls the Commodities exchanges…why the NWO does. They will know about every transaction whether you buy it on trade or from private sellers..because when you try to redeem it..they’ll just take it and arrest you for possession.

          • talon1776
            It won’t ever get to “worthless currency” Your just going to have to have a wheel barrel full of hundreds to buy a loaf of bread.

        • What these 2 charts tell me is that Silver should be heading down to $10 to $12 range shortly. Like I said Silver is Dead. You can buy all the Silver you want under $10 soon, and in fact I bet silver Drops back to $4 range before you can sell it. I dumped all my silver at $42 back in March 2012. I laughed all the way out of the Jewlery buyers store. LoL. And I swt emails toall my friends and family to sell their silver at that time too!!!l

        • Silver spot was $17.12 early today
          Gold under $1206.00.
          Downward trend continues.

      2. Did anyone think that $17,000,000,000,000,000.00 in printed non backed money wasn’t going to collapse us? China did…

        • TICK….TOCK.

        • /1000

      3. Personal income is down, personal expenditures are up. The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) and the New American have released separate reports which conclude that federal regulations cost the economy more than $2 trillion in 2012 and $1.863 trillion in fiscal year 2013.

        • They call this a “recovery”….

          1/5 of U.S. workers were laid off in past 5 years.

          Drudge Report

        • +100. Been there, seen that, burned the T-shirt. By which I mean that I went Galt in 2009. Couldn’t stand the regulation crpa another day. I hear it’s ten times worse now.

      4. The second “Blood Moon” is just around the corner. Be alert, keep prepping, and stock up on ‘cheap’ silver and gold!

        • Cant afford silver or gold but been picking up decent amounts of copper plated lead and shiny new annealed brass!

          • Kula, I also have a ton invested in lead and brass. It will be essential for the “upcoming festivities”.

            • The thing i like about the way i buy it is it doesnt go bad, as long as its all stored dry is all good, something theraputic about weighing loads, doing case prep and assembling!

      5. Tomorrow is the 30th. It is the end of the Government’s Fiscal Year. Financing is over. That is why the Banksters always wait until October to trigger the crash.

        Mac you really should be running a calendar and taking bets. I’ll buy the 15th through 21st. Just saying. How much do I owe you and what’s the payoff when I win? 🙂

        • Durango-

          I’ll take the 22nd thru the 24th!

          …just a hunch, mind you!

          • Next blood moon is 10-8-14

        • I would say October 19, but that’s a Sunday this year. Remember Black Monday in 1987?

          It might be Monday, October 20.

          Or it just might be Monday, October 13. I think that’s what I’ll go with, since my first choice is taken.

          • I’ll take the 31 of Oct.,tis Halloween and a Friday,Friday notorious for bad news from govt.

            • Ok I say the 16th, cause 1+6=7 and that is a Tuesday. And the P2B will want a few full working days after that to get out of dodge while the working stiffs are busy and cannot tend to account for their 401k’s as ther are ravaged amd pillaged.

        • DK I would bet the week before. It can’t begin during Yom Kippur 10/3-4/14 and it won’t happen during the feast of the tabernacles 10/8-16/14. Or The Great Day 10/16-17/14.
          I guess u have urban “work around” with this additional information.

      6. You are well supplied,have extra cash would obviously spread your assets about,including some PM’s,as to whether this is a tell tale sign,who knows.With so many world events that can change the markets really hard to tell what would trigger next crash,but given all the fuzzy math in the finance world/govt.s ect. a crash will come no doubt unless a worse event i.e. comet/nukes come first.

        • Warchild, my investments are in storable food, water, water purification items, medical supplies, campling gear, guns, ammo, etc.; things that will help me stay alive. The “dividend” I get from those investments is something called “peace of mind”, knowing I have done what is necessary to get through whatever curveballs life throws at me. I don’t have the first dollar tied up in any kind of market. That was never my cup of tea.

          • PM is just another asset,can help protect buying power from inflation and if you make it to other side of whatever hits might be a good jump start in the “brave new world”.I have all the items you mention,would also consider land before pm’s,done,though will admit got a inside deal.

            • PM’s should be used to store a portion of your wealth THROUGH the Changes. Don’t spend it DURING the Changes.

              Your preps should carry you through. 🙂

          • Time to “Flock Your Gear” get all your items together and take inventory. Check your food expirations in your bugout bag. Load your high capicity Mags and chamber a round. Check the air in your BOV tires including the spare. Check all fluids and have an exra few cans of motor oil on hand. Check check amd double check your communications, hand Hamm Radios, charge your batteries. Replenish your water supplies, food supplies, pick up thst extra bag of beans and rice, clean and lube your battle rifle and of course you already have your weapons sighted in. Fill a few sand bags just in case and load the in a wheel barrel for easy moving to strategic points where you have a good sight of the road leading to your house and line of fire. Bury an ammo box at each location just in case. They may cut off EBT CARDS again just as a distraction as they pillage assets and escape. Get Ready this is not a drill.

      7. Dr. Ben Carson….go to 5:00 mark and listen from there
        re: running for pres
        “it would be much more pleasant to put my feet up, to relax, i’ve made plenty of money, …that would be my preference. However, given the state of our nation, looking at what’s going on, understanding that sometimes were called to do things we don’t want to do, because we have to do them and we look at the future of our children and grandchildren,…..if we all run for the hills and let what happens happen then we get what we deserve”

        ht tp://

        • Dr. Ben Carson would get my vote !

          • That’s one Ben. 🙂

        • Carson is part of the machine…

          Otherwise, you wouldn’t even know his name or he even existed…

        • It’s amazing how TPTB just herd the sheeple around however and wherever they want them to go. I personally like Dr.Carson but do we really need him for President. Not to be racist, but we’ve been on this Black kick now for 6 or 7 years, not because they’re good, but because they’re black. If memory serves me right, as TPTB promoted Obama in the Democratic party the Republicans started tossing the idea around to run Colin Powell, but that didn’t work out cause (he) liked Osama Obama, as they say, birds of a feather flock together. So instead of Dr Carson, how about we get over this guilt trip and go with some real Constitutionist, like Ted Cruz or Rand Paul. Trekker Out.

          • I posted the comment in reference to his comment that we get what we deserve if we run for the hills and hide. He knows he’s a long shot and won’t win, but he’s got a message, possibly he can change the conversation. I’m ALL FOR THAT.

      8. Bad times coming, all around. Anyone think this clown in Chicago who downed the Air Traffic Control system by himself and tried to kill himself after might have been a terrorist?

        • Funny how real terrorist attacks the P2B try to minimize the attack as work place violence, but then their invented false flag events they blow up full scale like its the real deal. The Boston bombing was a set up. And they came right out and said ignore all other information and focus just on these 2 persons. All to roll out their practice run for Martial Law. Why do you think they are running these Bkackhawk helicopter practice runs in major cities? Get ready folks. Got your SHTF PLAN in place?

      9. Off topic
        Just planted some seeds from one of these survival seed places that i got 3 years ago,
        Almost none of the stuff germinated, vs the other seeds i usually plant that had an almost 100% germination,
        I would suggest folks rotate their seeds, get new ones every 6 months or so just for the hell of it, theres going to be alotta hungry peeps otherwise.

        • Kulafarmer,

          Agreed. I tested corn from a 2 yr old seed vault and only 5 germinated (50% germination). Not good.

          I harvest a portion of my veggie seeds and test them the following year prior to planting in the ground by:

          1) put 10 seeds in a coffee filter and fold it in half
          and wet the coffee filter
          2) put coffee filter inside of a baggie and zip all but one inch of the baggie shut
          3) put baggie in the sun – they should start sprouting within 8-10 days. If they don’t, you didn’t waste your time planting. Considering we have a short growing season here, I can’t afford to waste even two weeks with seeds that don’t germinate.

          • I store my seeds year to year in plain old brown paper sacks in the deep freeze. most heirloom veggie seeds i use start to have decreased germination after 2yrs. rotatation is important…just like rotating canned goods, and save seeds through out the growing season from each plant to keep genetics strong.

            I will be testing my first winter wheat planting experience with in the next few weeks.. waiting for the flies to die off some more..

          • I’ve completely had it with these “prepper” seed companies. I buy all my seed online from Burpee now.

          • Yea, the cabbage family stuff is a little more forgiving but seems almost everything else it 2 years tops for a decent germ, the peas, soy beans, onions and dark seeded lettuce are the worst, is pretty easy to go to seed savers and buy a few hundred dollars worth of OP seed once a year just to be sure as well as your own home saved stuff, the seed saving is tricky, lots of variables

        • Kula, we planted seeds from 5 years ago and had about 90% germination. Just keep them in the freezer in baggies. These are the non hybrid natural seeds. We had tomatoes come up on theyre own from where we planted some last year too 🙂

          • I planted chard from 07 and it sprouted, corn from 08 same thing,
            Was mostly just pointing out that its best to have some redundancy in your seed supply, was real disappointed that a so called survival seed stash didnt grow.
            That could mean starvation.

        • Thanks Kula…I am buying packets and need to label the year bought so to use the oldest first.
          Never thought of that.

          • I also have a volunteer tomato plant bearing fruit –it popped up in my pea gravel from year 2013, so I moved it from there to a soil environment–it took 3 months, but has tomatoes and is thriving!!

      10. Beans, bullets and band aids…. And the skills to make good use of em.

      11. Ooh time to go buy some silver. Manarino is usually over the top though.

      12. Just another dumbass numbers game. Whatever its worth is only because someone says so. I need simple things and everyone else will too, well guess what…we won’t be accepting paper, rocks, or metals. You can trade for things we need or you can keeping walking.

      13. I don’t care what any banksters says or does since the only good bankaster is a DEAD one. This is like putting a child molester in charge of the kindergarden. When the war happens silver / gold means jack. Just invest in food, water and 5.56 62 grain GT.

        • Eh,more a 69-75 grain meself.

          • 62 gr Green Tip Steel Penetrators. Will rip right through an engine block

          • Good choice WD….look like you have the 1:7 twist liking heavier bullet. Mine is 1:9 and is tac driver / sighted with 62 g.

            • Tis actually one of many buddies rifles,yes on 1/7 but only 16’SS barrel,tis a “Here you go rifle”from a friend when in that region working/visiting ect.As to a tac driver,eh,getting there but tis operator error and no blame on the tool as to why not their yet.

        • Hey guys let the SHTF, I just bought 500rds of 22cal pellets for a little less than 10 bucks, got my preppin done. Thats 500 rabbits, squirrels and grouse. Thats alot of eaten, and very quite. The old bow will work for bigger game. Now those two legged predators, thats another story. Trekker Out. You’ll Have To Wrestle My Pellet Gun, From My Cold Gloved Hand!

      14. My plan is to keep stocked up with the basic food and water stores. I try to add some ammo and reloading supplies as I can find them. At this point I am not tying to build wealth because I think survival will become more important. Good luck to all.

      15. Off topic and I apologize but I have been trying to see who the victims were in the oklahoma beheading and attempted beheading. If they in fact were white women can we all head to walmart and the liquor stores to stock up on free preps? Fuck PC.

        • I’ve read several accounts that state…not one mention of a beheading, only stab wounds.
          Now these reports may be from officers not wanting to be gory having listeners with ham and cbs??
          But still……

      16. Cyber Hats BR seems to have taken over

        Is this anyone else’s experience????

        • I mean

        • Yeah, I got the same thing, both with my bookmark, which uses the numeric internet id and by using the site name. That’s the second or third time this year that they’ve been rerouted/hacked and they’ve changed ISP’s to a supposed “more secure” one. Not good.

        • Yes, I had the same experience at survivalblog. What or who do you think CyberHats is/are?


        • I just tried to log on there, got the same thing. Came here.

          • I hope everybody has backed up all your important documents family photos and prepping info on USB thumb drives and store a copy in your bug out bag. They may crash the internet, power grid EBT CARDS all at the same time. Just having this all together will be a great stress relief. You can then focus on the current events with out distractions. People who failed to prepare will collapse under stress and die. They will be stressed on getting food and water and we will be focused and armed watching them flounder in the streets. Utter Chaos.

      17. We all know world war is coming…extreme nationalism, extreme bankers manipulating, extreme bubbles, extreme greed, extreme resource depletion, extremism of Islam, and extreme lack of rule of law…how else could this end?

        So keep on stocking up on the PMs, if you must, but I tell you what — IF this world ends up the way people think it will — with a “NWO”: (1) They will NOT allow you to keep wealth in amounts not sanctioned by them, if they even allow you to live. (2) Your “neighbors” will turn on you and “turn you in” if there is even a hint of wealth. (3) This world will be so devastated that PMs will mean squat and ultimately make you a target.

        So how will you hide that kind of tangible wealth until sanity returns to the world? There are scores and scores of stories about “found” treasures in the UK from Rome’s invasions…wealth that people never came back for.

        Me, personally, I don’t intend on carrying that kind of extra weight around or having to even worry about it.

      18. it’s full steam ahead for zog amerika and israehell zio-jews!

        look, there is only one card left for the globalist zionist neocon cantral bankers and it’s this…

        zog amerika’s fake fiat dollar is solid till 2050.

        the fiat dollar wont collapse till the middle east is firmly under israel’s control and israel no longer needs zog amerika’s 600 billion a year fiat money injection to survive.

        so… chill.

        stock up now while it’s still AFFORDABLE and legal. hyperinflation is going to get alot worse as we get closer to the 2050 end game.

        then just sit back and watch the world global slow-mo implode over the next 35 years.

        everything till then is gravy, try to find some joy on the ride to complete collapse and reset of zog amerika and the fed reserves fake fiat amerikan dollar.

        the best thing to do to survive what is coming is to simply DON’T GET INVOLVED IN ANY OF IT AND GET OUT OF IT’S WAY!


        • oh no i’ve been censored again, boo hoo!

        • The U.S. Government Is Borrowing About 8 Trillion fake fiat Dollars A Year!

          it is past the point of no return now!

          they have no choice but to continue printing fake fiat dollars till they either achieve global dominance control or crash and burn!

          let’s not forget zog amerika’s fedgov total complete real debt is around 120 trillion fake fiat dollars!



      19. I remember back in April 2011 I commented here that I was getting out of my silver position, due to the ‘parabola’ that was forming. My last sale was at $44.50. Right after that, boom, down it went.

        I bought silver back on the way down: 34.00, 32.00, 27.00, with my biggest buy around 23.50. (It’s too bad I lost it all in a tragic boating accident).

        I recently found out I have $22,000 in an old 401k that I’d basically left $500 in 20 years ago! Hallelujah!

        Guess what I’m gonna do? I’m gonna buy 1,000 silver rounds. When the stock market crashes, silver MAY drop to $14.00 or $15.00. That’s when I’m pulling the trigger.

        If you want to get rich, you have to take chances. I’m going all in. I stand to make a fortune. (Once I learn to scuba dive and recover my lost metal at the bottom of Lake Titicaca!)

        • Lake Baikal is the deepest lake in the world, Max. Just saying. 🙂

        • Tis amazing the things folks lose in boating accidents on this site,their silver/gold/firearms,come on people,wake up,the waters are not safe!

          • The mighty Mississippi has a strange was of doing the same…..

        • Hey! You people can invest in PM & Guns&Ammo all you want. I’m investing in some good Scuba Gear! Trekker Out. And A Good Boat.

          • I’ve Scuba Dived as deep as 175 Ft on regular air in Cozumel. Started Narcing out, drunk like feeling. Took me 30 mins just for safety stops to decompress on the way back up. Got to have a dive computer and know what you are doing.

            • WWTI Yeah, but did you find any of the gold or guns that all of our friends on this site have lost in their boating accidents. That’s what I’m after. Atleast there won’t be any paper trail. Trekker Out

      20. (As a side note, there are legends that the Mayans dumped all of their gold in Lake Titicaca when the Spaniards invaded………could be tons of it down there!)

        • You mean the Incas, Lake Titicaca is in Bolivia.

          They’ve been looking for it for 500 years !

          I think the Spanish got it all when they ransomed the Inca king, a large room was filled with gold artifacts, when it was full, the Spaniards killed the king.

      21. Is a crash coming; YES! When will it happen; ONLY A FEW KNOW! Who will survive it; ONLY THE PREPARED! Will Martial Law be implemented; MORE THAN LIKELY! Will America survive; NO! Make sure you have the basics covered, just like baseball you have 4 bases; the bases for survival First= Food, Second= Shelter, Third= Defense, and where the runs count HOME PLATE= WATER. If you’re not fully prepare get so quickly. I’m saying sometime in the year 2015. One more thing will we be fighting foreign troop invading our home land; YES within 90 days of Martial Law being declared.

      22. Psssst! Hey dumbasses the shit just hit. Ebola in Dallas, look at the news tomorrow!

      23. Keep an eye on Houston. Big fuckup coming!

      24. When the Shanghai Exchange runs out of silver this December, things will probably go nuts with the price. A number of articles on this are at King World News, which I think does a decent job with financial reporting. AG (silver) could go lower for the next month or two, but don’t try to time the bottom Of course, anything can happen, but this looks like a solid bet, as the banksters are back to their blatant AU/AG smash – possibly in advance of bad news that would cause the sheeple to look at gold/silver. This smash is an attempt to ward the low information voters out of actions to protect themselves

      25. 1- Can’t afford to buy silver? No problem!

        Just get ALL your 401k/Pension assets transferred ASAP!!! or converted INTO silver (either bullion coins such as the 99.99% American Eagle Silver Dollar or rare investment bullion coins) with a reputable firm! It’s a NONtaxable event AND, IF you want, you can store the silver at any place you so designate, including your home (not entirely recommended). Do NOT do ANY silver purchases where you only have a piece of paper representing what you own. You MUST have the silver coins IN YOUR ‘PHYSICAL’ possession!

        2- Must have 3-6 months nonperishable food stored (be redundant and put it in different places).

        Don’t have that? No problem! Research low cost nonperishable food lists online such as pasta boxes on sale, some sauce, and much more, and do this all piecemeal since everyone is on a tight budget these days.

        3- Get some high-end AA-powered LED flashlights. Remember, two is one and one is none. Be redundant. Store batteries redundantly/elsewhere as well.

        4- The crash IS coming: so just like you know a hurricane or other storm is coming and will result in a power outage, get WHAT you can NOW. Don’t worry, not one person will have EVERYTHING “sufficiently” prepped, because “sufficiently” all depends on how long whatever multitude of crises (yes, plural, not singular) tax all of us.

        Form teams. Remember Opsec.

        Last, but not least, get right with God and pray.

        St. Faustina’s, “Jesus, I trust in You” is a very powerful prayer, as is the Lord’s Prayer (the Our Father).

        Focus on what you CAN do.

        Focus on what you CAN control.

        Though much suffering is coming because we are on the cusp of World War III, the collapse of the petro dollar, & because the evil people sell weapons to both sides to make money off the dead, be on the look out for God the Father’s interventions.

        No need to panic. Almighty God is infinitely more powerful than the evildoers. Don’t abandon your faith. DON’T take the Mark. Stay in God’s Light.

        You are too smart not to outthink these evil doers. And if you and/or I do not make it to the Era of Peace, we’ll be ok. Stay Faith-filled.

        – the Lone Ranger

        • If things do devolve into WWIII i doubt we will come away un scathed this time, the homeland will get rocked, we got lucky in the last big conflict, and a few buildings in NY getting destroyed in no way equals the destruction throughout Europe that was seen. Get good with the Lord

      26. Not to derail the thread, but…”Dallas hospital monitoring patient for Ebola”

        ” DALLAS — A Dallas hospital says it is isolating a patient who is showing signs of having the Ebola virus.

        Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas said in a statement Monday night that the patient’s symptoms and travel history suggest the patient may have Ebola, the virus that has killed more than 3,000 people across West Africa.

        Read more here:

        This might be it. The beginning of the Ebola Pandemic in America.

      27. We went to town today. paid the electric bill. phone bill and paid our property taxes. left just over a $100in the checking account. My Social security Ponzi scheme check isn’t deposited until the third Wednesday of the month. so we wont buying nothing for a few weeks.

      28. Over at Water Rationing Hits California: Fines For Exceeding Your Allowance. This is a sure sign that we are under God’s judgment.

      29. Oh well let the stock market crash. The poor man hasn’t got anything in it at all the wise man doesn’t have anything in it at all. Not to say that if you have something in it that you are not wise because most of your 401K’s are in the stock market and there is nothing you can do about that. As for me and mine we are in Silver and Land.
        I don’t trust the markets. Too many fingers in the mess and you know someone has sticky fingers.
        Let the guy predict all he wants. I said a while back to look out when the market went over 17,000. We will see.

      30. Protect your life first through proper preparations, then financial security can be addressed. I’m in the final stages of purchasing a bugout location. Nice 1500 sq ft home with several acres. Big step. If you believe ‘something wicked this way comes’ and then don’t act on it; you’re no better off than the ignorant masses who will be blindsided and devastated. You know the old saying, “Hope for the best but prepare for the worst.” If all you have is the hope part and no preps than you are just another Hopium addict.

      31. I tend to ignore technical charts that include data pre September 2012. The economy that we grew up (money supply contracting, increasing) died / crashed that day. i.e. Start Of Quantitative Easing (QE) Infinite.

        Since September 2012, we have an economy whose money supply only grows. The two primary controls the Fed has these days is the usual interest rate modification and the newly created fancy pants tool of “Merely Hinting They Won’t Print 75 billion dollars next month”.

        Just by hinting that causes the beloved fictitious markets to drop by 5%. Leaving things alone just keeps the merry markets going up up up.

        None of it matters to me anyways. The markets today have nothing to do with the real economy.

        • Agree: wasting your time looking at the technicals and charts won’t show you where things are and where they are going. Since 2008, the government placed the entire economy under the control of both the Fed and the major banks. That means everything is manipulated to the benefit of the government – and its agendas and goals – and enriching the major banks and elites. Under those circumstances, you will never get one over on the house. 99 per cent of what you see written on these sites is the equivalent of reading books on how you can play the house in Vegas. The reality is the house has designed the whole game so it always wins one way or another.

          I’d say, instead, to use your observational skills to make judgements. Visit a country and somebody tells you the place is the wealthiest on the planet, but everybody you meet looks really poor and is in debt and unhealthy, that tells you something is not connecting. Or, as is often the case in the Nordic countries, you visit and find a very high standard of living and health for most of the population. That tells me something as well.

          Make your investments based on those observations first, not technicals, which are manipulated.

      32. Great article….to get you to buy silver.

        • Following the Herd will only get you killed. Take the path less traveled, then blaze your own trail. Stay out of the way of Fools.

      33. Volocity of money is down from under the table economy to avoid taxes

        • Black market and other transactions that are used to avoid taxes is certainly a factor. Even at a bonified business that has the required sales tax numbers ect. you can sometimes to get the owner to sell you at a better price if you state you are paying cash & don’t need a receipt.I wouldn’t approve of beating the tax man except for the fact those parasites cannot & will not be fiscally responsible. the elected officials use the tax revenue (that they had ought naught to do with the productive earning) to buy themselves votes and give themselves undeservied gains.

      34. yes another crash is coming.

        I’ll give a date.

        By EOM September 2015.

        There, I did it and it felt good.

        Not into dates, but I thought I would give my two cents worth.

      35. BRICS Bank (Brasil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) will be opened on 01-01-2015. The Dollar will no longer be the world’s dominant exchange currency and will eventually go belly-up becouse the printing press is on for 24/7, so it already has no value anymore.

        • I really hope the BRICS is successful. Of course the demise of the Petro dollar will cause extreme hardship here in the USA. However I think the good will outweigh the bad. One good thing is the UN NWO & agenda 21 is funded by the US Petro dollar. If that funding isn’t there the NWO will die and wither on the vine. If our US economy tanks the great influx of illegals coming here wont have any incentive. It will separate the wheat from the chaff.

          • Mexico is about to boom! Many illegals will return home for the factories that will be built there and the jobs that will be created there. The rest should be deported.

            NWO BIG OIL has been waiting for the legal framework from Mexico to fall into place to benefit them. That has happened. As they start drilling Mexico they will provide energy for the new, re-industrialization of Mexico.

            Everything will re-align (according to script) during the next downturn. Forewarned is well positioned for profit as it happens. 🙂

          • This is true: the UN has been increasingly finding it difficult to fund its activities and has been in slow-burn decay for the past decade. It is lowering what it pays people, delaying payments or trying to avoid paying people period, and getting people to work for free. Basically, high-level management are behaving like, at the end of Indiana Jones, when the bad guys are running through the temple grabbing all the gold. They know the game is up and they are just taking what they can get before the lights go out on the petro dollar and their jobs. These are all signs of an organization that is running out of the power of the petro dollar. The realignment is already underway.

            I suspect the UN will be left to die and these other institutions will become more powerful and effectively take over all the things the UN currently does. A good example of the tensions here can be found at international gatherings, where there have been volatile outbursts between China and the UN head. That does not bode well.

      36. Invest in what you know. I bought hungry texas cows back during 2011 when they where having a drought. I was hauling semi loads of hay there and selling it for a premium price. The profit fron the hay more than paid for the cows. I sold one of those cows a few months ago. She cost $560 in 2011. she produced three bull calves during the time I owned her. each calf sold for more than I paid for her. When I sold her she brought $1475. I had bought 38 head of those cattle (a cattle pot load) and did very well on the entire lot. We have just a few head left. We bailed hay & this winter is expected to be very cold & snowy. The hay should sell at a premium price. If you had a source of cheap feed. like kitchen&lunchroom scraps or grain by products hogs could yield a handsome profit. If a SHTF future those who can produce & process food will become wealthy.

        • The Prophet speaks! I like stories like yours. Good work.

      37. I would like to warn everyone of what most of you are already aware of. October 2014 is the month the crash begins. The Federal Reserves Quantitative Easing ends this month. There will be nothing to fill its void. The markets will crash. End of story. You have been warned.

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