Shocking Celebrations From The Left After Congressional Assassination Attempt: “I Have No Pity… Should Have Been Trump’s Dumb Ass To Get Popped”

by | Jun 14, 2017 | Headline News | 64 comments

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    UPDATE: Shooter identified as Bernie Supporter and Hardcore Socialist

    As we’ve reported previously, those on the left have gotten ever more violent. With open displays of beheading and murdering the President to Antifa groups preparing for war by stocking up on weapons and training, it was only a matter of time before things took a turn for the worse.

    Today is that day.

    A gunman identified as a Bernie Sanders supporter and socialist reportedly targeting Republican members of Congress opened fire with as many as 50-60 shots at a D.C. baseball field wounding at least four people, including House Majority Whip Steve Scalise.

    Had it not been for Scalise’s security detail, says Senator Rand Paul, it would have been a massacre.

    And a massacre is exactly what many on the left wanted to see today, as evidenced by the literal thousands of comments pouring in to social media sites and commenting forums.

    We wonder… where could the shooter have possibly gotten the idea to go on a shooting rampage?

    President Trump has tweeted that Rep. Scalise will make a full recovery:

    And the left immediately pounced, laying blame for the shooting on President Trump, the NRA and Republicans’ attempts to reform health care.



    They quickly began celebrating their victory and railing about gun control. The following comments are just a small sampling of the rejoicing on the left and were sourced via ultra-left leaning site Huffington Post:






    And other left-o-sphere conversations:

    Luckily, more sensible people responded to the vitriol and total disconnection of those on the left from reality:

    And a final warning:

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      1. The other day I was at the doctor’s office and CNN was playing on the TV. (I would never watch it given a choice.) I was shocked by the level of hatred they all expressed for Trump.

        According to the doctrines regarding “hate speech’ established by the cultural Marxist social justice left, these types are responsible for inspiring today’s shooting. Therefore, those mainstream news presstitutes (falsely calling themselves journalists) must be immediately fired and many should be imprisoned for fomenting this hate crime.

        That is only fair under the principals they themselves preach.

        • HMuller, don’t be so shocked at MSM’s hatred for people who are pro-American. They show their true colors 24/7/365. It’s no different with the leftist scum who ‘praise’ this incident. Karma is a supreme bitch and hates libturds.

          • lib turds
            that’s even better than libtards
            i love it
            can i use it

            I ferakin love it

            youve got it

            damn good

        • JPM buys 550 million ounces of silver for it’s many millions of wealth management clients all over the world. Silver is NOT going to “pop” based on JPM purchases of silver !!! 🙂

        • Well….been sayin’ this for a while…..

          Civil war is coming.

          I keep hearing how the country needs to come together….be unified.

          How is that supposed to happen when you have two parties that have totally different values? And I’m not speaking of Republicans and Democrats…I’m talking about the fascist left and the right.

          The issues that divide these two sides are not things that can be compromised….no more than you can compromise death and life. Any attempt to compromise death and life…and death is the only winner.

          All you will hear from the leftist mainstream media regarding this is that there needs to be more gun control. You will hear nothing about the hateful rhetoric coming from the left. Instead…..Trump will be blamed for creating conditions that have given rise to the left’s anger….and by that they will justify actions of the shooter.

          I heard a talk radio host today talking about how both sides need to stop the hateful rhetoric. Really? What hateful rhetoric is coming from the political right?

          What is to be expected when the leftist news media engages in the kind of puke they put out? Does anyone really think that they will step back and take a look at what they have done?

          This is why I say…there is no reasoning….no negotiating…no compromise that will solve this problem. There is only going to be a winner and a loser. Either the left will win (and this country will become a leftist fascist dictatorship) or the right will win and we will return to being a Constitutional Republic.

          • Damn Right!

          • This “coming together” just means they want the conservative constitutionalist to give in to the leftist commies. That’s what it means, because you are right there can be no compromise between the two. The values of the two are totally incompatible. We in the USA have a constitution to govern us; our forefathers took every precaution to write the constitution in a manner to protect the USA from exactly what is happening now. Patrick Henry said it best “Give me liberty or give me death”. Waiting

            • Thats exactly right. The Libturd ideal is big government for everything. Thats contrary to the opinion of most on the right hold that the govt is already too big. Those two opinions cant be reconciled.

      2. Neal Knox, the founder of the ILA wrote a column in Shotgun News until his death about two decades ago; time fly’s. He tracked mass shootings with pending firearms legislation and low and behold what a coincidence as a pattern emerged. I don’t mathematically accept both random and a pattern. As I see it:

        1. First they went after the kids and it backfired as the public’s solution was arming teachers.

        It Backfired

        2. Then they went for the gay/trans community who are largely liberal supporters and significantly their solution was to arm up.

        It Backfired

        3. Now it appears that they’re going after politicians that tend to support the Second Amendment weakening their resolve.

        We’ll See

        Its it just so “coincidental” that Congresswoman Gabby Gifford just had a ship named after her and was on the news just days ago?

        • Kevin2,
          Was wondering about the USS GIFFORDS myself, how ironic to name a WARSHIP after a gun control advocate.?!
          Good call on the pattern(s), they are everywhere.

          • I wonder what kind of ship they will name the USS Obama? Certainly not a warship. Maybe a supply ship, or better yet a trash container barge or something appropriate.

            • A honey scow would be appropriate.

          • The USS Giffords is appropriately named. After all, you can shoot it and it doesn’t sink. Thing is that the number one fear we all should have is a simple fact. Add up the war dead from the beginning – the Revolutionary War to the Viet Nam war/conflict. Leave out the Civil War and compare numbers of the first group with those totals from the War between the States. You’ll learn the truth that no one can kill Americans like our fellow Americans can. This thing, this hatred, gets going hot, those numbers will be far worse. I ask this, “do any of you have the desire – really – to kill another American?”. If so, you are a no American at all. You’re the enemy.

            • I have no desire to kill my fellow Americans.

              There is a difference between liberals and leftists. I do not hate liberals…though I may disagree with them…they are still Americans.

              Leftists have abandoned the values of this country. They may call themselves Americans…but they are not. They are the equivalent of the Nazi Brown Shirts.

              • The leftist commies will kill you, the constitutionalist right, to get their way. We have not a right, but a duty to protect our constitution and our country from the treasonous left commies. Look at the total disrespect for the office of President when replica of Trump’s head was held up by Griffin, and now the play on Broadway depicting Trump as Caesar. This is not art, it’s a despicable way of promoting violence against the POTUS Trump. He was legitimately elected in spite of what the left may think. The left have stated ever since Nov. 7th when Trump proclaimed winner that they would do everything to usurp him. They started with the electoral voting making threats to the electoral college voters, then the Russian conspiracy, and now impeachment. In fact the impeachment was brought up even before Trump took office. This has been a witch hunt from the day of election. Hell yes, Americans are willing to participate in another civil war to protect the Constitution of the United States of America. The leftist commies are the ones who are not Americans. Waiting

        • Kevin2, I used to read Neal Knox’s articles all the time. He was always a straight shooter, one of the few HONEST people at NRA. I threw up when I heard about Gifford getting a ship named after her. I predict something tragic will happen to that ship.

          • In my hard core Second Amendment advocate days through my friend Aaron Zelman of JPFO (May He Be Known For Good) I had Neal Knox home phone number and on a couple of occasion called him. I thought, “Your in the big leagues now”. Neal was the real deal for sure.


          • Yes true
            Never go full retard!

      3. This has been predicted by many. Is it real? Only time (and research) will tell. It’s really too hot for snowflakes, but then again – beware of blizzards.

        • Obsolete Man! (i.e. Male)
          Obsolete Mam. (i.e. Female)

          (Tiny on-screen keyboards and spell-check, can make one look like a fool)

          • Reading glasses work quite well for these issues! 🙂

      4. I am glad there are no fatalities in this shooting incident today at this time.

        This really gripes me when I grew up in the 60s even though it was violent times a baseball game was a sacred thing you felt safe on the field or play park you had a good time with some good memories.

        Now it seems that nothing is sacred anymore because of assholes like this guy today.

        Congressman Scalise I hope you, and others FULLY RECOVER I do not care if you are a Republican or a Democrat.

        I know that others are going to be mentally scarred over this I hope this will pass, and you can live full a productive lives.

      5. The Cabal (Satanists) need war!! The useful idiots (libturd leftists) can be relied on to comply with their programing….

        Buckle up boys and girls, the long awaited shtf appears to be on schedule.

      6. The celebrations by the violent left/Marxist/Communist mobs is not shocking at all. At this point its been constant with the AMERICA HATERS, what shocking is that Trump has almost allowed them to get to this point..but the justly due backlash is coming….oh yes, it is coming and those people will get what they deserve.

        • Libturds need to STFU.

      7. I’d say names are being taken…

      8. Boyo, damn right names are being taken. I have lists myself. Lists do work more than one way.

      9. The FBI is investigating…Thank God Comey is gone….it might disappear as a “matter” under a stack of classified found email and photos of the former AG’s Tarmac meetings he was “concerned about”….and I am “queasy” having to have to figure this out. Betcha the Russians did it…..Oh wait, a BERNIE SANDERS WHACK JOB is the culprit.. AG Lynch said that there must be more blood in the streets….Arrest her for incitement, Seth Rich would AGREE, if he wasn’t dead.

        • I’d call the tarmac meeting between slick Willy and Lynch an obstruction of justice. We all know what that meeting was about whether they want to admit it or not. HRC has gotten away with too much. It’s time for this malarkey to stop. Waiting

        • Ok, so the guberment is “tracking” all of us 24/7. Then why didn’t they see the shooters Facebook posts and have the SS go pay him a visit?

      10. is this the spark that starts things ?

        • It is called first blood.

      11. Liberal comedians can’t think of anything funny to say against Trump, so they spew their hate and count on their audiences to feel the same as they do. Through their actions and words since Trump was elected, they have shown who the real “deplorables” are!

      12. The pajama boy leftists are awful brave in their mommies basements hiding behind greasy hands and peckers fondling their smart phones typing their shit….

      13. How about concealed carry everywhere ? They could of out numbered the guy ten to one? Yea it’s hard to get a good holster for baseball . But that’s were they know you are defenseless .

        • Virginia has a reasonable concealed carry system, but this baseball practice was at a gun free university, where concealed carry is not allowed.

      14. A huge portion of the American electorate has been inculcated with a hatred of America. They have been taught that avoiding responsibility and getting free stuff from the government is proper and anyone that promotes freedom and responsibility is an enemy and should be murdered. Where do they learn this idiocy?

        Public schools and colleges.

        Time for the separation of school and state.

      15. Bullshit. Nobody is “shocked” unless they’ve lived under a rock for the past 9 years.

        This is what lefties do. Think of all the shootings that have occurred since whenever and name one that has been carried out by a conservative.

        If a conservative ever decided to go on a shooting rampage I can guarantee you that they wouldn’t die with a mere .04% hit ratio.

        What this Bernie supporting leftists twat did was wrong. But acknowledging its wrongness won’t stop it from happening again, especially with people like Tim Kaine saying “fight them in the streets, Hillary saying “this is the summer of resistance”, and Cathy Griffin holding a severed head of trump flying across all the media outlets.

      16. If leftist politicos were shot, idiots on the right would be cheering right here on this site.
        Sick. Any way you look at it.

      17. Know your enemy. Know yourself. And you will be victorious.

        Don’t break any laws. But know the libtards and stockpile guns and ammo.

        They are the ones pushing this. We freedom loving patriots will finish it in our favor.

      18. Call me naive.I am so disappointed in what we as a country have become. If you look at the leftist twitter,they are CELEBRATING this. They are akin to the Muslims who CELEBRATE terror attacks.May God have mercy,compassion and love on us all. We have turned a page today,and cannot be turned 7

      19. Leftist, feminist, Marxist, are all pretty much soddomites ? Perverts. They want to pervert society because they are ugly , inside or out, usually both. And making everything around them ugly they won’t look as bad. They will flash mob soon . Demanding or stealing bread and circuses. Food and video games? In every society were men are feminized we get what we got. They like to watch things being destroyed. Too stupid to realize it will end their food and video games.

      20. So how long until they all start with we need more “gun control” blah, blah bullshit talk…it won’t take long, mark my words guys~!

      21. The left can celebrate all they want…they’ll lose all in the end. The country is tired of this.

      22. Jim in VA, damn right the left will lose and big time. They have to answer to karma and karma won’t be nice.

        • I’m gonna name my MBR Karma. 🙂

        • muricans!

      23. Very thankful no victims lost their lives.

        The more things change, the more they stay the same.
        What we are witnessing is the end result of our progressive/communist movement stirring up discontent in our society. This isn’t the first time communists have actively tried to take over the country. Remember McCarthism? We need another Joseph McCarthy.
        Unfortunately, shootings like this morning’s will continue until we end our government’s light handed tactics when dealing with these communist loonies. It’s high time we start stretching necks and thumping skulls. These people don’t understand “NO” without having a nightstick for a backup.

        Interesting read. The communists activities back in the ’50s were pretty much the same as today. Maybe our response should be the same as well.
        ht tps://
        It originated with President Truman’s Executive Order 9835 of March 21, 1947, which required that all federal civil service employees be screened for “loyalty.” The order specified that one criterion to be used in determining that “reasonable grounds exist for belief that the person involved is disloyal” would be a finding of “membership in, affiliation with or sympathetic association” with any organization determined by the attorney general to be “totalitarian, Fascist, Communist or subversive” or advocating or approving the forceful denial of constitutional rights to other persons or seeking “to alter the form of Government of the United States by unconstitutional means.”
        — Robert J Goldstein [2]

      24. The DNC is a crime syndicate, and most liberals are criminals. I wouldn’t doubt if the DNC hired this guy to kill Republicans.

        • It would not surprise me! the Left are clearly a bunch of radical thug clowns!! Wake up folks.

        • Seriously. The Left was hiring mentally challenged people to start riots at Trump rallies before the election.

      25. Back in the 80’s after Hinkley shot President Reagan anybody making even a sideways threat to the President got an all expenses 90 day vacation in Springfield Missouri at the Medical Center for Federal Prisoners and had their brains picked.

      26. While there are 100 civil answers, for each of these complaints, you are ultimately reasoning with terrorists, intent on the destruction of persons and property.

        What the Christians call apologetics, which is along the lines of philosophy, is for the ears of the sympathetic, true believers — not for the Judas goats.

      27. Lady’s and gentlemen this summer things are going to heat up BIG TIME, so to protect yourself remember to aim small, miss small.

        • Colt,I’ve been saying the same thing for awhile. But tell me what aim small miss small means

          • Southside, what the saying “aim small, miss small” means, the smaller the spot you pick out to aim at, the smaller the area your miss will likely hit. So lets say you aim at a shirt button, if you miss your shot, it’s likely to hit somewhere close to that button. But if you aim at something big, like say a house door, then your shot could hit anywhere around that door. So remember to always aim small, miss small. The first time i heard that saying used was in the Mel Gibson movie, The Patriot. Mel Gibson’s character instructs his young sons to aim their rifles small, to miss small, when they were shooting at British Soldiers during the American revolution.

      28. This shooting looks like a government backed psyop to sow further discontent in the relentless drive for an all encompassing police state on steroids, currently that progress is only in its earlier stages. Their goal is within reach and fast approaching. Trump is only the latest con job advancing the agenda. None of the American people are safe from this out of control murderous US government no matter what political persuasion you identify yourself with.

        • You’re an idiot.

          Cite your evidence this did not occur as reported.

      29. Yea,

        Looks like fake news to me.

        Government pstops I’ld say. The whole thing seems so contrived. First comedians and now shooters. I am not buying this.


      30. Leftist brownshirts back at their usual

      31. They call Trump dumb, racist, a hater. Let’s be honest for just a minute. Trump hopes to build a wall because a country is not a nation if it doesn’t have a border. The “open” borders with illegals flooding the countries of Europe have turned these countries into cesspits of ruin, e.g. Paris.
        Trump has not shown the slightest evidence of EVER being a racist. No other president has demonstrated more intelligence or hard working stamina then Donald Trump, ask anyone that has ever worked with him. Hater? He LOVES HIS FAMILY, COUNTRY, RELIGION, and is doing everything possible to increase the general welfare of all Americans, while working almost round-the-clock to undo the horrific damage done by the Obamas, Clintons, Soros, MSM, Communists, DUMB people in general, and the Central Bankers.

      32. The shooter asked whether Republicans or Democrats were practicing today, and was told “Republicans.” Wow: blatant hate crime. CNN and all your brainwashing buddies like Kathy what’s her face—-we blame YOU!

      33. This shooting exposes a lie.

        Supposedly we are all under terror threat. They surveillance all of our communications, etc.

        Now if their such a threat going on.

        Why was there only two guards for the Republican and none for the Democrats at the practice fields.

        Oh, I get it Terrorist attacks only happen to the little people.

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