White House Censors French President’s Use of the Words “Islamic Terrorism”

by | Apr 1, 2016 | Headline News | 105 comments

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    obama-silence2 obama-silence

    Not only does President Obama refuse to join the words “Islam” and “terrorism,” but the White House won’t let anyone else do it either.

    In a video that appeared on the White House website this morning, the words of French President Francois Hollande were censored to remove the following segment:

    Islamist terrorism, is in Syria and in Iraq. We therefore have to act both in Syria and in Iraq, and this is what we’re doing within the framework of the coalition.

    Here’s the censored video that has since been taken down from the White House website.

    Here’s a screenshot of the transcript that was published on the site, which contains President Hollande’s full statement.


    You know it’s obvious that Obama is avoiding using the phrase “Islamic terror” when even the NY Post notices. Back in November, after the Paris attack, columnist Michael Goodwin called for the President’s resignation. Goodwin wrote:

    President Obama has spent the last seven years trying to avoid the world as it is. He has put his intellect and rhetorical skills into the dishonorable service of assigning blame and fudging failure. If nuances were bombs, the Islamic State would have been destroyed years ago.

    He refuses to say “Islamic terrorism,” as if that would offend the peaceful Muslims who make up the vast bulk of victims. He rejects the word “war,” even as jihadists carry out bloodthirsty attacks against Americans and innocent peoples around the world.

    After the attacks in San Bernadino, California in December, we pointed out that Obama attempted to shift the blame away from radical Islam to…wait for it…workplace violence.

    President Obama said that the San Bernardino terrorists had mixed motives for killing 14 people and injuring 17 others. He warned Americans not to draw any conclusions:

    “At this stage, we do not yet know why this terrible event occurred.”

    “We do know that the two individuals who were killed were equipped with weapons and appeared to have access to additional weaponry in their homes. But we don’t know why they did it.”

    “It is possible that this was terrorist-related, but we don’t know. It’s also possible this was workplace-related.”

    “We don’t know why they did it. We don’t know at this point the extent of their plans.”

    Are you f*cking serious, Mr. President?

    As we noted earlier, The Intent Here Was Jihad And It Was Carefully Premeditated And Planned. President Obama, his national security team and the FBI know this.

    Maybe if we all hide under our blankies and refuse to say the words, we can pretend this threat doesn’t exist too.

    Hattip Daisy Luther at The Organic Prepper!


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      1. Oh and Hillary told the truth

        hahahah April fools

        • Anything coming out of the White House is a Pack of Lies & propaganda. And Obama looks right at you and lies with his lips moving. He is another traitor who should be held personally liable for his war crimes.


          • Look at this stooge Obama, he is looking at Holland like he understands what he is saying even nodding approval at one point. What a stupid charade we all know Obama does not speak nor understands French. What a maroon. More Obama implied lies

      2. do not worry-the PC police will protect you…

        the emperor has no clothes and you’re a racist if you bring up the “moslim” in the white house that’s laying waste to the “homeland” and my BIGGEST question, “at the moment”,is why do we still call it the “white house”???

        • SPITEhouse….it’s the SPITEHOUSE.

      3. Islamic Terrorists perform a useful task for our “establishment” NWO Zio-Globists. They create destabilization so the Globalists have an excuse to put tighter restraints on the target population. Also, as most of us know, war is profitable.

        Check out these videos on u-tube.
        1. Water Powered Car Inventor Was Killed!
        (SaveGasForums 1 min. 55 sec.)

        2. Inventor Jailed For Making This Video?
        (36nick4truth 2min. 57 sec.)

        3. The Truth Behind The Energy Lie (What the Energy Cartels Don’t Want You To Know.)
        (Alan Carnagey 1hour and 9 minutes)

        • One thing is for sure, the globalist elite are behind it. No doubt about it.

      4. the PC police are hard at work editing reality so we can all just get along no matter who gets blown up…

        no matter what happens one thing I’m sure, white privilege was culpable as noted by the reigning “moslim” in the white house and our institutions of higher learning…

        but I have a question??? why is it still called the “white house”???

        I may be…??? “offended”???, I’m not sure???, I’m still learning about all of this internal guilt and self recrimination I’m supposed to feel…
        my family immigrated over from Hungary at the beginning of the last century, but I’m sure I’m guilty as hell too…

        Can someone direct me to the closest “The Safe Space”???

        • It’s ok, the 1911 bon my hip will do…

          Have a good one!!!

          • Vet1, my ‘safe space’ is insured by my ‘ventilation team’, my Mossberg 590A1 being the ‘most powerful’ member of the team. I don’t feel any ‘internal guilt’ or ‘self-recrimination’ or any other PC crap. PC cops can go f#$% themselves.

        • Coon palace!

        • Black privilege is being allowed to live in a civilized society when, as a race, your biggest contribution is violent crime.

      5. islam is terrorism. Terrorism is core islamic doctrine. It has been for about 1400 years. Obama knows this. Obama is part of this.

        • AC, spot on. ISLAMIC TERRORISM! How about that, Obama?

        • “Islam is peace” G W Bush.

          • Oh and don’t forget Christianity. Google Christians and Genocide. Ask Native Americans about Christians.. Opps you can’t, many were killed or put in lifetime Reservation FEMA Camps.


          • GWB was full of shit.

            • Yeah GW Bush kept calling himself a “Compassionate Conservative.” Then Illegally invaded Iraq and Bombed the shit out of them. Bush was more, Dumb ass NeoCon. The dumbest President we ever had. Who voted for that Clown? I didn’t so you can’t blame me… Remember 9-11 Happened on GW Bush Watch. Ignored all the warnings on purpose. so he could call himself a War President and fly airplanes on carriers and declare Mission Accomplished. Like a 3rd grader on a class trip, with a kiddy toy pilot suit.. Total embarrassment for the US by the entire world.


              • WWTI, spot on about GWB. Remember the savings and loan scandal? Neil Bush was in on that one. That’s the Bush Crime Family for you.

          • That is supposed to be; “Islam is Piece.”

      6. Well.
        In THAT CASE…..

        Guess we’ll have to start “smoking” these “disgruntled” employees.

      7. You can stop everyone in the world from saying shit stinks but it doesn’t change the aroma.

        • Kevin2
          now i know (thanks to YOU) why i get this terrible smell in my nose when a picture of that scumbag in the whitehouse shows up on the news or i see his picture somewhere,
          nope was not a April fools joke!! HA!

          • apache 54

            What are we going to do when Hillary becomes President?

            • We will smell fish!!! I’m BAD!;-{
              S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

              • Northern Reb, LMAO and good to see you back.

            • Slinshot,
              I fear we will all bend over and kiss it goodbuy!

            • Bad leaders are God’s judgement on us.

          • Apache54, we can only wish it was april fools.

            • Braveheart,
              would be great to wake up this was all a bad dream!
              stay safe and ready my friend!

              • Apache54, same to you. Keep stacking. What’s coming ain’t gonna be nice.

        • Does that mean ‘a rose by any other name is still a rose!’?

      8. We live in crazy times! I have lost count of the times I have been frisked by border guards in hijabs in certain Western countries as if I was the terrorist; the times I have been hassled about my job in questioning. They go out of their way to tell you to be afraid of out-of-control Islamic militants one minute, and then throw in your face women in hijabs frisking you.

        Just to keep it freaky-deaky. It is all mind-f#ck.

        I recommend not taking any of it seriously and leave the stress to the police.

        • Frank Thoughts – Please tell me whereabouts in Europe you have been “frisked” by border guards in hijabs?

          Islamic women would not be allowed to frisk a male you silly old man!

          So, go on then, tell me, at which border or borders you were frisked? Just name me one border (with proof) in Europe where this happened to you and I’ll donate 1,000 dollars to your favourite charity.

          Stop making up ridiculous untrue stories! You are an out and out fantasist.

          • I bet he doesn’t even know what a hijab is.

            • Archivist – I recently drove from Dover (UK) through four European countries. I never once was challenged by a border guard, let alone one dressed in a hijab.

              I shall be pestering F Thoughts, reminding him that 1,000 dollars (cash or the equivalent in gold sovereigns) is there for the taking.

              I’m a fairly young man and was brought up to respect my elders. On this site old men are showing that they are just as stupid as when they were young. No,respect has to be earned!

          • By certain Western countries he meant North America. See TSA and hijabs, for instance. The United States is still considered a Western country… for now

            • Steve, OK. I’ll extend the challenge to North America.

              No Muslim woman, anywhere, would be allowed to “frisk” a male.

              All he has to do is name a country anywhere in the western world where he’s been frisked by a Muslim woman and I’ll pay up! Fair enough?

              • Anonymous,

                You’re taking poor old frank to task by asking him to prove anything he’s ever said here. One day he’s a man who’s made several fortunes in different countries, the next day he’s a special forces physical training instructor, etc. Asking him to prove any of his claims is the equivalent of asking a monkey to type Shakespeare, not impossible but not likely in the realm of probability either.

      9. Odumba is a founding member of the islamic terrorist movement!

      10. Islamic terrorist

        • Kulafarmer, I HAVE NO USE FOR ISLAMIC TERRORISTS. Let’s see how the chimp-in-chief likes that one.

            You stayin dry bud?

            • Kula, my powder is drier than a desert.

              • Yeah Kula, he’s got 100’s of those ‘water-suckers’ for closets tacked all over the walls and ceiling of his powder room. One minute in there and you’d be fartin’ dust.

      11. The word “stooge” is missing, after all anyone with a bit of sanity would know that at the top these groups are controlled by people who aint of their ilk, but rather lucifer worshipers who use “anybody’ to achieve their aims. In the past it was the indians, the blacks, the japs, the commies, the nazis, and the latest group is just the latest boogieman to drum up the hate and division, meanwhile the plan continues while the emotional people who yearn for an enemy, because they are wronged, grope for a red herring…………naw, I aint biting or hating on folks……yawn.

        • naw….don’t do that. All the reports of Jihadists disguised as militants moving into the EU unbounded or checked is bullshit. So is our Southern Border. (Tighter than a nats ass). So you’re right, you can not worry about a damn thing, just sleep and it’ll all go away Yawn.

      12. Obama is the Islamic Terrorist in Chief. His Islamic attorney general is as creepy as creepy gets, that scowl screams white hate. It’s clear who the intended targets are. If the Zionists opposed Obama he would have never been placed in power. He is one of them, so is Clinton, so is Cruz, so is Sanders and so is Trump. Nothing has or will change for the better.

      13. Alijamo:
        Yes, I believe all are Kosher approved. But Trump is still a problem and many don’t want him in. Face it. There is a limit to how much Trump can push the Ones we speak softly about when we speak of them at all. But I disagree. There are differences between them. Trump will do things for us that Hillary and Sanders will not. He will negotiate with all our enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC. He will at least TRY to make things better with our Trade Agreements. And he’s the only one who doesn’t have an Orgasm when talking about limited nuclear war. I think it is because he is the only one who has satisfied his need to succeed. And he has already bedded all the babes. He doesn’t need to become rich and famous. He already is. I think, contrary to popular belief, he is a down to earth realist with golden parachutes coming out of his backside.

        • B from CA… I understand that thinking about Trump. But does he really differ from the other warmongers running? He talks about going beyond waterboarding prisoners for info. That’s torture anyway you look at it. He is just pandering to the neocons because it’s more than obvious who controls the US. In one word, murderers.

          • And beheading men, women, AND children is NOT torture?! Not to mention BURNING their captives ALIVE, putting them in cages and drowning them, CRUCIFYING even CHILDREN, and unmentionable torture that only demonic savages are capable of. This is war. They are ruthless. They will never surrender. They will continue their unbelievable cruelty against civilized humanity until they’re stopped.

        • I want to see Pres Trump force Israel to pay us Back $6 Billion a year for us protecting them. Right now We protect Israel and put up with all their War crimes, and we reward them them $6 Billion annually in Welfare. Wonder why our Country is Broke? Stoopid decisions like that. Just do the math. Every time Israel opposes the peace process, we take another battery of Nukes away from them. Until they have none… You will soon see Israel kissing Palestine’s feet and getting along. Thats how you handle Israel. See Netanyahu on work release doing Palestinian’s weekly laundry. After all, the Jews are invading squatters on Palestinian land. They need to go back home to Georgia or Germany.

          Watch Helen Thomas, White house press corp, tell the Jews to go back to Germany. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RQcQdWBqt14


          • WWTI, Israel has an estimated 200-400 nukes themselves and won’t even confirm or deny that fact to this day.

        • If anyone BUT Trumps gets into The Oval Office “hell on earth” will evolve rather quickly. In fact, it already is devolving at a rate that has now become unstoppable, and is all but ‘at our own doorsteps’ …and still we do nothing but tolerate anything and everything that reportedly ‘comes down from above and upon us’ (knowing damn well these people want us dead). For the life of me I fail to understand how can everyone pretend like they are doing? I mean really now …the president is a “died-in-the-wool’ Muslim who is out to FULLY DESTROY WHAT REMAINS OF AMERICA – and like a bunch of damned fools those who are in an area that would be injured or killed, do nothing (it seems).
          People could write their representatives …but less than 1% do that …and they prodding to do so.
          Perhaps a virtual “hail-of-bullets” and explosions, fires, “blood-and-guts” and body-parts and stuff like that will open MANY eyes as to just how hard things will become. Sadly, it is all too apparent that’s exactly what it’s going to take to “effect a change” in the way folks think …and so “the hard way” it shall be. C’est la vie…

          • You can forget about the ” Trumpster”. He’s sinking in the polls like a rock. It was inevitable, he was never a serious possibility with his bumper sticker slogan campaign promises, designed to draw in the idiots of the Republican party. ” I’m gonna build a wall and have Mexico pay for it!”. Yeah, sure you are. I don’t who’s worse, the idiots who dream up that kind of crap or those who eat it up with a spoon.

      14. Ya know we shall overcome…be the trail of tears for them….

      15. One muslime can’t call another muslime a terrorist. Just ask Obullshit, he will tell you.


      16. This is exactly how Obama supports sharia…he doesn’t want anyone to say Islamic terrorist or muslim terrorist! Muslims do not want us to say those words because it truly identifies the problem people, they would rather pretend/lie that it makes them feel uncomfortable to hear those words, they call it hate speech and do not want their real aim exposed…it is a way to affect our freedom of free speech and Obama promotes it DELIBERATELY…he is not a Islamic sympathizer, he is the real trojan horse, liar etc. Otherwise, why would he put muslim brotherhood, CAIR, MAS members in senior levels of Dept of Defense, DHS, Justice Dept…so they can advance their agendas and make them law…..Americans aint stupid!

      17. Well with all these comments, it is unamious that we all hate O.
        And the contestants we have now, well what can one say?
        Is it going to get better with Trump in charge?
        He seems to be less evil than the resident politians.
        Good luck to all, I worry about what we have in store to go thru…

        • These asshats wont let trump get the nomination even if he gets the popular vote by a mile,,,
          So my question is,,,,
          Then what?
          I already am removing myself from active society as much as possible, but what? Are people going to grow a pair and toss ALL of them out? That would be my preference, at ALL levels, very few who wear the hat of a politician are trustworthy or worth a fook,
          IMHO bedlam would be not enough of a response,,,it needs to go far far beyond that.

          • Kula, know what you mean.
            Scary where this once great USA is headed.
            Who knows what the future will bring?

            Be well all…

            • To all the great posters here, think of how lucky we are vent here.

              Everyone thank Mac….

              • to vent, to vent…
                I try to write in proper english most of the time.
                I feel that the world is in turmoil everywhere
                What say all ???

                • Its a conundrum for sure, easier to bury our heads in the sand like all the others, but thats why we are here, because of all the people who wont look at reality, who dont want to upset their little status quo, personally i have never gotten anything good out of go along to get along status quo trash, all of my growth, development and any rewards have come from being willing to color outside of the lines. I am sick and tired of the people who have all bought the establishment lies and who scoff at my sometimes brash and vehement venting against the establishment. In my heart i want peace, but in reality and in my mind i know the only way forward is through outright resistance and rebellion, i know full well what this will lead to and none of it ends with a happily ever after for TR,,,
                  I have given up on the illusion that it can or will end any other way,
                  Is the reality that i see and accept with an open mind and an angry determination,
                  I see the destruction to the futures of so many people that has been wrought by these so called elite, see how they have sold our futures and the futures of our children and grand children and their children down the river,
                  The only answer i see is a very bad road forward,
                  So so sad how we have been sold out by a bunch of greedy assholes.
                  Sgreedy, power hungry assholes.
                  4gwf and 100 heads

                  • Kulafarmer

                    All I hope for is that the reset takes care of all the bullshit.

                    Never let the bankers have the upper hand again.
                    Never let the politicians have the upper hand again.
                    Not one word again against the Second Amendment.
                    Don’t like the country, get the hell out.
                    No more dual citizenship
                    One National Language. ENGLISH.

                    If your going to be stupid. I have plenty of ways to toughen you up.

                    We don’t have to go nowhere. The sheeple will come to us. One day we will be going along and a major attack by terrorist will happen. Or Black Lives Matter will riot again. It’s always something. As far as you have to go, is to your gun safe.
                    I know for a fact when the lights go out. People come out and roam the streets. My neighborhood does. You can hear them and when you light up a smoke they move on down the road.

                    Are you Ready?

                    • SS, been ready for decades.
                      Seems like one gets so burnt out from just thinking about it.
                      But just knowing, is a relief.
                      Prepping is a lifestyle.
                      Enjoy life.
                      Don’t take life so seriously, we all expire one day…

                    • Slingshot – “no more dual citizenship”? As usual you don’t think things through, do you? In all likelihood you are only 2nd or 3rd generation American yourself your recent Ancestors shuffling through the immigration channels glad to leave the poverty of a war torn continent behind them.

                      Like your other old fart friends who post on this site you “rage, rage, against the dying of the light” blaming everyone else for your past failures.

                      America (and the world) is in the state it’s in because your generation took everything as their right without putting anything worthwhile back. Now that you have squandered future generations their birthright you squeal, like the spoiled children of the 60’s that you are.

                      For old men you all sound like squabbling brats in the playground!

                      You want to fix things, fine! Fix them – stop whining. You’ve had your day, made your mistakes, now move over, take your pensions and let youth have its day. Look after your grandchildren and teach them how to have a better tomorrow.

                    • Hey anon

                      Whichever anon you are.

                      Up Yours. Move on.

                    • Anon
                      Im done giving so your younger generation can take,,,
                      Suck wind!

                • Nat Geo, 9pm, Who is God?.
                  Morgan Freeman.
                  Comcast 138.
                  Could be interesting…

                  Might answer some questions…

                  • Sunday.

                • And yes,
                  Thank you Mac,
                  And thank you to our little family of sorts,
                  We may not always agree but we do understand eachother for the most part.

                • We are ALL without exception going to be forced from our comfort zones, some may endure the worst there could be and still others may be dead in a flash,
                  All we hold dear will be thrown to the wind, so remember exactly who it was that caused this mess, remember and dont let others forget either.
                  Those who have pissed away our way of life need to be held accountable in their smug secure positions with illusions of grandure.

                  • Amen Kula…

                    • I wish there were enough young kids to pass on the information we have (and know)to insure the future of freedom and liberty. Information like what is discussed on this site, adhering to the Constitution, Bill of Rights, basically our heritage.
                      I don’t think there are enough young people willing to learn these things. As such, TPTB will probably win through attrition, and it will be a horrible future for freedom.
                      Much of the blame, IMO, lies with the TV networks, media and radio when they gave up the job of keeping a watchful eye on the politicians and became part of the government complex. That was a key element in the destruction of knowledge in the general population.
                      Now obama the traitor has an internet kill switch..what the hell else does he need?

        • Hey eppe,
          What really scares me is the people
          that support Democrats.
          The mulatto bastard president
          is just a symptom. The disease
          is his support system.
          What really bothers me is I’m going to
          send the support system a check on April
          18th, because by myself I can’t kill enough
          of them to make a difference.
          Can you tell I did my taxes today?

        • The old-than-the-hills- addage is that “Nothing Every Remains The Same” is oh SO true isn’t it? What America USED to be is already “dead and gone” and buried. There are a few of us left from those generations, but in 10 years or so we’ll all be gone which will pretty much nobody with an attitude such as ours …which is a leftover from our parents (but OUR kids were taught to not listen to their parents, Common Core, and that has worked on an alarming # of teens …who wouldn’t tell you if their bedroom was on fire, but just leave and let you find out.
          We won’t end up getting our America (like it was before the advent of Police/LEOs nor will we see much of a change TOWARDS Constitutional Values incorporated (hell, they are trying to put through six NEW Amendments which would totally trash the ones that mean the most to us (2nd, 5th, etc). But “No man knoweth.” Perhaps we can MAKE it, FORCE it to become what she once was, with adjustments made for modern times.
          I just don’t and won’t see her fall to a crock of bullshit like Sharia Law, Muslim-values and Obama as our King-for-life. (As I and many other keep stating, there won’t be an election. They’ll be some sort of “event” that will “delay” an election indefinitely, martial law (though illegal), will be called and most everyone will “obey” the very ones who seek to kill them …ironically fitting I suppose. (If you’re THAT dumb, you need to be shot). There are just as many “not-so-bright” light bulbs in DC, and yet they call the shots (unless Obama does it first with an EO and bypasses everything). And now the talk that is “all the rage” is how ‘minor or major’ war will be waged with drones and dirty bombs in ‘high-value’ target areas (like NYC, DC, Manhattan, Great Lakes (southern regions) and so on.
          With THIS president (and nobody willing to go up against him), there is nothing this nation can do to fight ISIS with anything that will amount to a pisshole-in-the-snow. He’ll protect them until all of America is either under THEIR power, or nuked into 500,000 years of non-existence …and totally void of whites and Christians (of any color, race and creed). Amazing isn’t it? We KNOW what he and several others in DC are doing and yet we all, as a nation, are kicked-back and awaiting it to rain-down-upon-us …because THAT”S when we’ve decided we’ll act (since there seems to be no other viable way to go about it). Well, there is, and perhaps in a couple more months there will be many more ears willing to hear about it (meaning; willing to consider it as an option).

      18. “the White House won’t let anyone else do it(talk about Islamic terrorism) either”

        You know we are living in an insane evil world when this is the case.

      19. He has no problem saying right wing extremist though.

      20. kula, i ive learned a lot from the facts, on the things that matter from Craig B Hulet web site. his quote “whats more important than truth?, stamina.” is ever so true.
        im trying to educate people on what is really going on, but it leads you to a lonely existence. but i refuse give up!
        FUCK the elite, and their bought and paid for puppets and their grand illusion!

        • Amen, ill take the lonely existence over willful ignorance any day,
          Sorta what preparedness is all about,
          Doesnt matter what nor when, we are able to weather better than most.

      21. I am no big fan of the muzzies but i am even less happy about bombing them at home and the USA back ISIS

        My life won’t be cut short because of muzzies but it will be cut short if Russia or China is force to react to the silly games that the banker puppets in Washington are playing.

        Tell Mr Land of the Free, Home of the brave what say did you have about things when you learned that your government had spent $500 million of your money on training just 5 so called FSA fighters in Syria.

        The trouble is not Obama, he’s a puppet and cannot do a thing with approval from Congres so he’s more of a fall guy but the real trouble is that the USA is now full of cowards who have come to fear their own goverment and police state.

        • Bingo,,,
          The problem is the enemies domestic, and by that i specificly mean the elected ones whose asses have shone seats in DC for decades in some cases. THEY are the biggest problem.
          Statesman? I think not, traitors and opportunist? ABSOLUTELY.
          Time for a serious douching

        • I believe THIS government is most definitely afraid THE PEOPLE …otherwise they would not be so engaged in attempting to disarm us. Even if they DID make it illegal, there is no way they are getting my guns as long as I am stilling breathing and have life within me.
          *Remember when Obama had The Marine Corps remove all the bolts from their firearms (marching rifles never meant to be shot), so that one “might” not be able to kill him while marching in a parade? Yeah, he’s afraid it may well be a person on “active duty” that puts a hole in his head. That’s fine with me.
          *Remember that even as I am typing THEY are working like hell to figure out a viable way to ‘cheat’ us out of our guns …because they do not wish to be shot while shooting at us you see. (It hurts, or that’s what they say).

          China wants us disarmed. (What do THEY care if we have guns or not)? How about we stop buying all things “Made In China”, and buy only “Made In America”. 3 months of that would have an overwhelming affect on matters “at the docks” and shipping houses globally. Buy ONLY HEALTHLY FOODS as in “organically grown and to be eated that way”). That would put the hurt on a few industries presently bragging how they are becoming millionaires selling us poisons, and we LOVE IT! (No, we do not).

      22. These are the times that try men’s souls.

      23. Turkey in the cross hairs now? First the Russians caught the Turks buying ISIS stolen oil, now the Israelis are accusing them of the same thing. Also, reports are now coming out of Syria that POWs are claiming that they are in fact Turkish soldiers. The Syrian resistance is actually Erdogans army. No surprise there. Another charge this AM on international news is that Erdogan is aiding ISIS fighters into Europe. Erdogan wants to be the new Ottoman ruler. The Grand Visier?

      24. We’ve known for a long time that the current occupant of the White House is a Muslim. He even has that ring. Mentored by the likes of Ayres and Alinsky, he hates America and Western Civilization. ISIS has been funded and protected by the CIA over the last decade. It’s part of the Hegelian dialectic we’ve seen over and over.
        Now the attacks are coming here. I, for one, won’t leave the house without at least two guns. I want to be able to fight back. I’m not going out on my knees, begging for my life like a slave. Our “president” may not like to see such defiance of Allah’s will, but I think I’ll be okay with it.

        • I carry three as I don’t like surprises (and I figure when the time comes I’ll either need just one, or far more than I’ll have).

      25. Just when you think our political machine can’t go any lower, Obama opens his pie-hole again. This drug-dealing, homosexual prostitute, undocumented worker in the White House is an embarrassment before the entire world.

        It’s bad enough that he is carrying out the post-9/11 false flag plans of the Bush Crime Family, the DoD and CIA. Why can’t he just keep his GD trap shut?

      26. The message from the Feds is clear: Defy us or dare to stand up against what we are doing, and you will be arrested and/or killed.

        • Well then,
          Go ahead a Lavoy me….

          • careful there, kula…i got a feelin’ about how that encounter would go…..BANG BANG BANG BANG….STOP, OR I’LL SHOOT! BANG BANG BANG!….you ok there, pal?

        • I’m sorry sir but I have taken (and have always kept) an Oath to keep America free from all enemies foreign and domestic. ‘Bang!’ Who else would like to negotiate?

      27. Speaking of avoiding things, I’d guess most of your readers are unaware that they (at least, those of them located in the US) are much likelier to be killed by a Christian terrorist here than an Islamic terrorist.

        I’m imagining any readers of this comment being upset, by the way, by the use of the term Christian terrorism. I imagine a lot of the readers of this site identify as Christian and are now ready to dismiss this comment or write off anything else I have to say just because a term I used identifies their religion with violent extremism. Maybe you’re even telling yourself there’s no such thing, because anyone who would perpetrate violent extremism can’t possibly be real Christians. Now reverse the roles–think about how that feels as a Muslim.

        If the idea of having your religion associated with acts of violence rankles you, imagine why the international face of our country would focus on the extremism that drives acts of terror rather on the religion with which it associates itself.

      28. Just released on Zero Hedge, IMF globalists caught on the phone planning a European financial crisis for June 23rd. Why? So they can institute total take over of all European country’s finances. They got caught with their hands in the cookie jar. Hang ’em.

        • Observer,

          I saw that too. Pretty scary that they are discussing this.

          Wikileaks Reveals IMF Plan To “Cause A Credit Event In Greece And Destabilize Europe”

          “In a leaked transcript, IMF staffers are caught on tape suggesting that a threat of an imminent financial catastrophe was needed to force other players into accepting its measures such as cutting Greek pensions and working conditions,

          or as Bloomberg puts it, “considering a plan to cause a credit event in Greece and destabilize Europe.”

          “According to the leaked conversation, the IMF … believes a credit event as only thing that could trigger a Greek deal; the “event” is hinted as taking place some time around the June 23 Brexit referendum.”

          ht tp://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-04-02/wikileaks-reveals-imf-plan-cause-credit-event-greece-and-destabilize-europe

      29. Obama is an illegal alien who opened the borders to hordes of illegal aliens. A pathetic excuse of a puppet.

      30. Who is the dope listening to rap music on the left?

      31. The Founding Fathers who wrote the Constitution and established the Government of our once great Republic would be shocked and dismayed that “We the People” have allowed our Constitution, Government and Republic to be gradually hi-jacked by a cabal of elitist psychopaths hell-bent on wresting control of our sovereign country from “We the People” with the social, economic and military means to achieve it.

        It is now a government of the elites, by the elites and for the elites.

        Our Republic is dead and the “Tree of Liberty” is a dried stump.

        I wonder how future History will regard us?

      32. “Call him Voldemort, Harry. Always use the proper name for things. Fear of a name increases fear of the thing itself.”

      33. Just fifteen dollars an hour. The price for treason sure has gone down. It was thirty pieces of silver back in the day. And people actually felt bad when they did something wrong. Like hanging themself. These fools don’t know that they are throwing away what may be our best chance to avoid total annihilation.

      34. Fox News – October 15, 2018

        Good morning!! NATO forces fought bitter battles this morning in the Banlieue districts of Paris, as the United Islamic Front for the Caliphate experienced its biggest set-back for weeks.

        Elsewhere, NATO bombing raids across Germany woke many up this morning. According to Canadian General Michael MacDonald, Germans can rest assured NATO will be able to end the raids in a month’s time, as the Islamic Front will have been sufficiently weakened to allow for ground forces to mop up remaining elements.

        And, finally, a squirrel in a leotard? Who – da – thunk – it! Jim, what can you tell us?

        Thanks Candy: Skippy-the-Yoga-Squirrel has been entertaining the residents of Venice Beach, California for the past five years. I decided to check out the bendy little rodent for myself.

      35. Just want to remind muslims, islam sucks, Muhammad is a child molesting, sleeps with filthy pigs then eats them, retarted coward.
        Multiculturalism is a failure whenever islam is involved.
        Muslims are ruining Europe, keep them out of America.

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