Shock Video: Mob Of Rioters Try To BURN WHITE REPORTER ALIVE In Charlotte

by | Sep 22, 2016 | Headline News | 115 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    The protests in Charlotte, North Carolina are devolving into exactly what you might expect – total chaos and pandemonium.

    From looting to hate-filled violent attacks, the situation continues to deteriorate.

    In the following video we see a crowd gathered around a fire presumably started by the protesters. According to WCCB’s Twitter report, what we see next is just how far race relations have come under America’s first black President.

    Full video (without sound):

    The Daily Caller notes:

    The photographer in question was white, raising the possibility he may have been targeted by for racial reasons by mostly-black rioters.

    You think?

    The photographer in this case was lucky that law enforcement officers were only a few yards away, otherwise it could have gone a whole lot worse, as it did for this white male who was begging for mercy as a mob of hoodlums beat him:

    We’re not trying to foment racial division here, but had the situation been reversed and it were a white mob beating a black man senseless, would there be more outrage from the mainstream liberal media?


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      1. No more

        Arm up and fight for your lives!!!!

        • Funny how the liberal media refuses to acknowledge this is a race war.

          The black thug in Charlotte was killed by a BLACK officer.

          So why then are the blacks targeting whites? Because it is a race war.

          Anybody see the video of the white man getting surrounded by the black mob, then the mob runs away when they see he has a gun?

          Arm up. Get all you can now before Clinton gets elected and our 2nd amendment rights are gone.

          • This entire thing is manufactured. There are well funded anarchists on call who rush to these locations and hijack any peaceful demonstration. This is where Soros is spending tens of millions, financing an anarchist movement to destabilize the nation.

            The liberal media serves the same political agenda. They play the race card and misrepresent the violence as a peace movement. To represent people looting, assaulting people, committing arson as peaceful demonstrations, is criminal.

            This is all well orchestrated, well funded anarchists working with a complicit press, with factions in out own government giving stand-down orders to LE. This is exactly how the fascists came to power in Italy and the Nazi’s in Germany.

            The governor of NC finally declared a state of emergency with a curfew. We’ll see after the cover of darkness falls, if the anarchists still rule.

            • best post i’ve seen in a looong time, plan!

              • The so-called “white” Americans (in reality crossbreeds) are a race of slobs, obese, transgendered, addicted to all sorts of prescribed medications, OTC medicines and synthetic vitamins, extremely gullible and unable to think for themselves (trained not to think critically).

                These undesirables are the offspring of failed generations that were allowed to keep breeding due to non-stringent sterilization regulations carried out by the states involved in eugenics during the early decades of the 20th Century – and worst of all, the chances that their descendants’ DNA carrying a more complex sequence of these failed genes are 100% guaranteed.

            • If you’re saying that capitalism is at the roots of fascism and nazism, I agree. Fascism is the other face of the capitalistic medal, the first face is democracy, which capitalists abolish when deep crisis kicks in. Also stalinism was a fascism during soviet era of state capitalism. And the proof is that Stalin killed all communist bolsheviks, one by one.

              • Our enemies are capitalists, communists as well,
                Both these forms of evil are raining our death knell.
                We salute the troops of yesterday, who fought the Marxist plague,
                And we will carry on your fight as the White men of today.


            • This is why Hillary did not show up for the fundraiser in North Carolina.

              This was planned and HRC knew about it beforehand.

              Can you picture the headline, “Hillary fiddles for money as Charlotte burns’?

              • eah….sorta like the Titanic

          • JS, have you ever noticed how everything becomes different when blacks are being killed by other blacks? No protests, no riots, no nothing. When it comes to black-on-black crime, no one seems to care.

            • I don’t care.

          • Shuck and jive seems to be what most journalist do !
            Even here at Shtf , it seems to be taboo to say that blacks are the biggest problem out of all races . Yea the knee grows leaders have all races under control .These worthless turdskins are by far the biggest burden the world has ever seen . Prove me wrong please !

            • I don’t live in a City … otherwise … you would hear and see great stories of what I have done to the undesirables!

              Now … if I lived in a city … chances are … some of these “undesirables” are gonna mess with me … and I’m the kinda guy that will entertain their foolishness.

              … and on that note … I can sleep fine at night … just knowing that!

            • Two2wisper, I don’t recognize ANY speech as taboo. No such concept in my book.

        • If hooligans corner me I will kill them all. Last resort but I swear I’ll do it if its them or me. Always have the tool necessary for this task

        • Are these folk blacks or ISIS? (Since they LOVE setting folks ablaze my alarms and red-flags are going nutzoid)!

          SHOOT those POS!

      2. Awww poor little black idiots,,, soo disadvantaged and underserved,,,
        You are hereby put on notice that this cracker wont respond by being a snivveling sympathiser to your delusional bullsheit,,,,
        An eye for an eye, approach me in a violent fashion and i will repay the favor

        • In Texas, where i live, it is legal to use deadly force to stop rioters and looters.

          So, armed citizens can use deadly force to stop the looting. Police have more restrictions, but not citizens.

          • Where Nail and I live it is generally not legal to use deadly force to protect yourself in a public space. I keep a 26.5 mm signaling device near me at all times to signal for help.

            • Rellik, you do whatever you like for yourself. If/when I get into such a situation, I’ll do whatever I believe is necessary to stop a turd and I don’t care about LEGALITY. I don’t follow any restrictions on self-defense.

            • If im being forced to go off the reservation, im going to go full on mental, if im going to be screwed over anyway i might as well make it fatal

            • Those flares can bounce off of a solid target–might even come back at you. Be careful…

          • JS, do whatever is necessary to get out of a situation alive and don’t worry about what some stupid law says.

          • We need such a law in all fifty states. It could be called the negroe control act, cause we knowses who is be rioting!

        • Nailbanger, same here for Braveheart. Braveheart won’t put up with anyone’s BS.

      3. I am so proud of our Black Youth in America today. Obama has done such a fine job of mentoring and setting an example for these children to follow. I can’t wait what the future holds…especially if Hillary is elected by all these “Trayvons” to make Obama proud of his wonderful legacy.

        • Remember, if Obama had a son, he would look like Trevon Martin.

          • Dead?

          • Travon and Micheal committed zero crimes this year. Amazing what a pine box and 6 feet of dirt can fix.

          • if obammy had a city, it would look like charlotte…..oh, wait HIS city looks WORSE than charlotte….shitcago. NOW do you understand why you don’t want a BLACK president, amurcuh?

          • JS, if I had a son, he would look like George Zimmerman. LOL.

            • If i had a son he would look like Juror #2.

              • If I had a son, the nanny would look like Salma Hayek.

                …gotta keep em separated….BA.

          • Obama might have had a son, if only Larry Sinclair could have impregnated him. They tried, though…

        • Yes they are even more stupid than before and this is quite an accomplishment

        • Obama’s presidency has shown young black kids that they can grow up to be anything they want, such as a person who takes several multi-million dollar vacations each year, at taxpayer expense.

      4. I would have no issue in drawing my weapon and put a round in each one of those street rats!

      5. Sreggin. Gotta love’em or shoot’em.

      6. fucking niggers.

        • yes virginia, there really ARE niggers in america. and no, i won’t wear your label of “ray-ciss”.

      7. And the cops didn’t arrest anybody? WTF?!

        • It is not politically correct to arrest disadvantaged underprivileged youth.

        • All for PUBLIC castration
          (without the aid of any medical techniques)
          Just a nice kitchen knife or Swiss Army Knife will do.

        • oh, they are reviewing these tapes right now and getting ready to arrest the perps……PPFFFFFT!…haaah, haaaaaaah haa….not really….you brought this on yourselves, america.

      8. I can tell you right now. That if this was happening to me. Jesus would be receiving as many as I could send him.

        One of these days there is going to be at one of these RIOTs, there are going to be people taking up arms and stopping this B.S. ASAP! One of these days please come SOON VERY SOON!!!!


        • I don’t think they will go in that direction…

          • Oh yes they WILL take “that direction” when everyone comes to the realization that these folks are not just blacks, but indeed ISIS ‘mingled in with the blacks’ so as to keep the fires smoldering, and further their sicko agendas for dispensing with infidels …strange that Hillary has the same ‘tendencies’ for us infidels isn’t it?

            Call me crazy if you wish, as I don’t care either way. It is merely my ‘take’ on “where is ISIS” since we have been advised by many with “A CALL TO ARMS” on many fronts over the past 12 months.

            Now we are seeing, first-hand, the house of cards falling “right on time” to warp-out America to a state of division that’s beyond Einstein’s mathematical prowess to figure out…

            In short, the troops are infiltrating and I see no end in sight if this is so. There may be a ‘short’ reprieve, yet we’ll see it flare right back up again as that is what is intended (for a reason to declare ANY REASON to ‘pin us down hard’).

            Except for the civilians with Duluth Ballroom Jeans and ex-veterans with mucho combat training – it appears that only those two kind-of-folks will have the gonads to (essentially), start a revolution …without them realizing what they do is where it will lead). THEN (perhaps) they will be joined by the many, or destroyed by the few using superior weaponry and nothing else.

            Let’s not forget that the weekend-warriors (at some point) are NOT going to be OUR MEN. They are going to be our enemies dressed in BDU’s of American Warriors, yet actually be those who have been brought in to inflict as much damage as possible. If you don’t think so, take a run by your nearest Armory and observe. The nearest to us was checked out by a local pilot in his crop-duster (lots of pics were snapped in Hi-Res too), and damn-damn-damn the armory that has been devoid of anything but wild-grasses is now ‘crammed to the max’ AND there isn’t a single window that has not been blacked out …and the main entrance road could only be used by military vehicles (or lifted 4-wheelers with chains. 22-cement-barriers (left-right-left-right pattern to prevent ‘the usual’ from happening), AND it appears to also have a ‘tire-punch or two’ (the building and grounds I’m speaking of hasn’t had a thing inside or outside for the past 18-yrs). And going on 72hrs now we’ve not had a single overhead passing of ONE military plane, (we are in the flightpath), when usually there are many (especially on ‘warrior-weekends’ (national guard training).

            Anyone seeing the same in ‘smaller towns’ (as it must already exist in all the metros since they are not hesitating to bring in the N.G.). Paranoid? No, not even close if you think so. It is more of taking it all into account and continually updating the AO chart so that nothing is forgotten (with a side list of all events in chronological order with aftermaths (if any). This is just a hobby and not ‘an infatuation’. We have one of the entire Nation (but not Hawaii, but YES Alaska), and one of everything within 10-miles.

            Say ANYONE! What the hell are the giant towers going up with a huge-black-rectangular ‘something mid-way up the tower (which is topped with more antennas than one can shake a stick at? What the hell does that black rectangle do? (Repeater? Ain’t no microwave like I’ve ever seen, like a repeater).

            • I can tell you now that in Australia ISIS is actively recruiting among our Aboriginal community. In fact, just recently we had people from BLM actively inciting them and joining with ISIS. They started in the most leftist state in Australia, but I very rarely read the MSM here as most of it is just rubbish. I get my news from a couple of truthful and reliable blogs and heard about it there. It’s died down but it could be simmering under the surface. Our goals are the most dangerous for this recruitment.

      9. “If I had sons (who was born of a miscenegate union between me and a haplorine primate) they’d look just like the miscreant cretins masquerading as humans.” …… or something like that.

        time to cut off the gub’mint cheese.

        • The gub’mint cheese is the only thing keeping these animals from turning America into Rwanda.

          We have to pay these animals to act partially like human beings, or they just chimp out and destroy everything.

      10. The news casters were asking last night, “Where is our president?” “Why will he not come out and condemn these riots or tell folks to chill out?” 10 bucks says his ass was in the lazy boy munching on the popcorn clapping for his team.
        Now this line really gets me and I’ve hear it enough to make me vomit.
        We’re not trying to foment racial division here, but had the situation been reversed and it were a white mob beating a black man senseless, would there be more outrage from the mainstream liberal media?
        Unfortunately we all here do know the answer.
        Oh and ole Hillary calling Trump supporter deplorable and irredeemable…please God grant me the strength to maintain.
        Thanks Mac for providing me the opportunity to have a place to vent and rant with like minded individuals! It does my soul good.

        • Funny how Obama hates white people, but his mother was white. Go figure?

          • She was an ugly porn model.

            • Ann Dunham … from what I recall was Jewish … if I’m not correct … then please reply with details …. thank you!

              • He’s mallato (sp?)? Truly?

        • Markinaz, I prefer to be a ‘deplorable’ and I damned sure DON’T want to be ‘redeemed’ to become a BLEEDING HEART LIBTURD. LONG LIVE DEPLORABLES!

          • RIGHT ON! and in much agreement!

      11. I laughed because it was a reporter. The Media has been fanning the flames. They sometimes are part of the problem.

        • Reporters are SOMETIMES PART OF THE PROBLEM?
          He double heck.
          They are almost ALWAYS the root cause of the problem.
          They take the side of those causing the problems instead of pointing out who started the action in the first place.
          NOT all blacks are the problem.
          It is the lazy, ignorant blacks (whites, Hispanics, Arabs etc. etc. that are the problems.)

        • Then they whine and cry because the police did not save them.

        • If you heard Hellery’s speech right after the shooting of the black man holding a gun, she was inciting the riot that occurred.
          This will be your America if Hellary is elected.

      12. If you get caught up in the riots, just run as fast as you can to the nearest bookstore or employment agency. They will stop chasing you…….Posted the same on another topic but still applies!!!

        • You want to disperse a crowd of black people, just put a 3 year old on the bullhorn and have him say, “daddy”

          The black men will run for the hills.

          • here in so cal, we get a lot of blacks that marry mexicans, resulting in a bunch of kids that are too lazy to steal.

            • no, YOU won!

              • Wet their lips and stick’em all to the plate glass windows?

      13. anyone who has a Yahoo account may want to change their password

        apparently 200 million accounts were hacked according to a story on ZeroHedge

      14. It needs to be seen if the Black Lives Matter and other activist engage in riots after the election should Trump win. Can they muster that much support to terrorize the hundred cities in their plan.

        Also if you are WHITE and participate in one of these protests you are a dumbass. So if you get injured it’s on you.

        • Terrorize and EXTORT. The Black Lives Matters organization reportedly has 350 million dollars given to them by corporations.

        • Anon, I’ve been hearing ‘through the grapevine’ since July that if Trump wins, they’ll riot the same night. good question about how much support they can get. I’ll be at the BOL before then.

          • Braveheart1776

            I’m getting too old for this shit and it is a damn shame that I have to prepare for war in my own country.
            The count down to the election winds down and we have to be vigilant and watch and see if matters escalate. I watched Hillary on a video and she wanted to know why she is not 50% ahead in the polls. Tough Shit Bi@ch. Chew harder. You have to ask yourself why she thinks that way. Must thing she is an angel or a Messiah of sorts. Yet who ever it is can cause more trouble and who knows what can happen then.
            As with the Bush’s voting for Hillary and republicans of the establishment do likewise. I get the feeling that the status quo is feeling like a cornered animal. Not Good.
            Two big questions.

            What will my neighbors do?
            How well can I defend against fire?

            48 days.

            • Anon, same here. I hate it that I have to give up my home and relocate to the BOL just because of what we all know is coming to this land. those savages won’t dare come to the mountains of north GA. Hell, they couldn’t make it a few miles away from any urban area without food, water, etc. The scum I’ll be expecting will be feds and/or foreign troops. an awful lot of those blue helmets will get ‘ventilated’.

              • We are expecting more on the order of Drones and ‘the like’, as a ‘first-wave’ as their chosen means of taking out extremely rural areas (or well-placed Bio-Weapons). After that all bets are off…

                I am talking ‘in the woods’ small towns and not single homes. Metros will be of first priority and damn are they ever ‘set up’ for a beating on that much…

            • just another one (why she is not 50% ahead in the polls) that had the steam coming out of my ears like in a cartoon. sad thing is this is real life not a cartoon. oh the nerve of that woman.
              high pressure volume hose front and rear of house, fire extinguishers in every room of the house next to beds in bedrooms, 5 gallon buckets of sand out of sight on the rear roof of house ladder at the ready. team assignments: fire fighters and armed defenders of the fire fighters. that is about all my team can come up with at the moment.
              got a pal in the fire dept. did a little bartering for some fire fighters jackets (dammed things are heavy like coats) and gloves.
              ya no shit 48 days…unfreakingreal
              stay safe eyes wide open BH1776

            • Spray what you have that is flammable with fire-retardant? (Your roof, if asphalt-shingled, is, of course, of the biggest concern). Perhaps a genny-powered sprinkler atop the roof, keeping it well-wetted down would minimize sudden bursts of flame?

              An old trick is to cover the entire roof with about six-inches of soil, or Sakrete ‘troweled out’ into a (roughly) 2-inch ‘slab’. Even if dried out it would still prevent a fire from igniting, and if wetted, so much the better.

          • There has to exist the possibility of the rioters being interspersed with ISIS-members (and wanna-bes) shouldn’t we think? That would be an excellent way to keep it rolling, and we would know if this was right if they met with no resistance from The LEO’s, who may have been told to ‘let it all go’ for now and just attend to the ‘biggest stuff’ (and so they all go home to protect their families). Wouldn’t you?

            I do not think we are too far from riots that will be ‘fully-armed’ (as in ‘to the teeth’), and WILL contain those that have been brought in to cause havoc in the highest degrees.

            After all, matters are disintegrating for Democrats quickly, so it only makes sense that THIS is being deployed purposely in order to effect PLAN B – a National Emergency based upon ‘false-flag’ events of overwhelmingly convincing proportions.

            Perfect for halting the elections, perfect for the declaration of Martial Law (meaning no law on the streets other than Sharia ..take heed ladies), and no end to ‘them’ incessantly, (without a Constitution (in their minds), attempting to force anyone with weapons to ‘give them up’ or ‘be taken out’. (They’d prefer the latter in this case).

            In short, I don’t see Obama NOT taking full advantage of everything before him – or his agendas would all be in vain (and they’d kill him for failure considering how much has been invested to bring all of these things to fruition.

            *Damn. Never has one nation been attacked and besieged upon so damned many fronts as we are now! Incredible… And the closer NOV gets, the more heated everything is becoming (world-wide).

            AND – it is a truth that Obama signed away America’s ‘life-line’ to The U.N. …our sovereignty (and we will be fully expected to comply with all that is demanded of us in short order). (Guns first, of course). Bastard…


      15. Typical BLM, SJW *dreck*: “Nigga POWA!!”

      16. I read about two white people driving by, and the crowd Went after them. One was pulled out of his car and beaten unconscious. The other was armed with a pistol and they never touched him!

        • You lying scum

      17. A small piece of advice for everyone, first put all bravado aside, second always carry 1 or 2 spare magazines depending upon capacity, third understand that when you are faced with multiple attackers being able to quickly move away from them while simultaneously place fast accurate head shots will be your best bet to ensuring your own survival. Although we often practice upper torso shots, remember all hand gun cartridges are underpowered resulting in the need, often times, to place multiple shots into the torso to incapacitate the attacker. Magazine capacity can quickly become an issue when faced with numerous attackers as this guy was. Obviously hitting the head is difficult which is why frequent practice is needed. However separating the brain stem from the spinal cord is the fastest way to stop an attacker.

        • Bob, 2 in the chest, 1 in the head and 1 in the balls. You don’t want these BassTards to ever procreate again.


      18. Welcome to Obama’s America !

        it’s going to come to the day that if you have an area or areas of your city that have a large black population and you are white or look white(hispanic); you really are not going to want to drive thru there at night.

        and you can thank obama and the democrats and liberals for creating divide and resentment for decades until it is finally getting violent and all when the country has nearly unsustainable debt; i’d say they timed things well.

        • at night? try 24/7

          going to come? try already

          “it’s going to come to the day that if you have an area or areas of your city that have a large black population and you are white or look white(hispanic); you really are not going to want to drive thru there at night.”

      19. What ever happend to 12gage shotgun with hard rubber pellets or bean bags light em up with those and they will run the hell with just standing there trying to look intimidating drive em like cattle and if they shoot back then shoot them with real round

        • I kinda like Vin Diesel with the rockets behind his headlights…

      20. In the prison system they have less than leathal weapons like the old type grenade/morter launcher single shot 40 mm it fires 2 round wooden block cylinders and you fire it just infront of a person at the ground and when it hits the wood splinters and hits the legs then there is the SL6 that fires a rubber hard plastic projectile about as big around as a 50 cent piece and it will nock the shit out of ya

      21. My Dad use to tell about one of his Dad’s neighbors, had some unwanted guests two or three times, couldn’t prove that these young guys were the ones, so he waited up for a couple of nights and sure enough he had company and he unloaded on them. It seems that these guys had to go to the local Dr. because of a burning sensation under their skin. The old guy had replaced the lead shot with rock salt. He never had any problems after that.

      22. It would seem that we all can’t get along. Is it unfair to say that the ‘cultural’ differences are beyond anyone’s ability to understand? I am just another ‘White Male’ that has grown distrustful of the “under served” class. I can no longer afford the wants of that class. I can no longer trust them to do the right thing. I can only expect the under served to lash out with little if any cause other than a large gathering of their ‘Peers’.

        I see this sort of demonstration as nothing other than the Feral nature of those involved. You can not negotiate with or even reason with a Feral Human.

        So how far does this sort of ‘demonstration’ have to devolve before things become a simple ‘all skate fire fight’ …. not really a question ….

        This will only get worse .. as it is tolerated.

        • Thomas The Tinker.

          When the demonstrations/riots move from the downtown sections to YOUR neighborhood and then to your doorstep.

          Is has not happen yet but expect to have lots of weapons pointed from windows.

          The Black woman that said to “burn their shit down” is
          what I would do. But you notice the so called protestors (Instigators) are not doing that. Wonder why.

          • If any of the gathered intel is remotely correct, we’ve only a need to wait an extremely short time before we witness flames in all major cities with ANY sizable black/hispanic populace.

            The blacks are being convinced that they can eradicate the whites and then their problems are over. They can then steal each other into oblivion, with no LEOs remotely interested in stopping them since they’ll do it to themselves, just as they are now.

            When it reaches a point that they feel they’ve dominated us, they’ll be eradicated by those sent to take out all infidels and Christians (and MANY blacks are of The Christian faith).

            Wonder how that will work out for The Holy See and all of South America/Mexico, Central America who are all Roman Catholics? (The ‘first’ Christians). Yet again, our POTUS has met with The Pontiff on more than one occasion, and suddenly HE is calling for a “one world religion” (sounds like what would become of a “one world order” doesn’t it)?

            The handwriting is ON THE WALL. There are too many in denial (so far) to make a dent in stopping any of it. Tis a pity, because combined we have them out-gunned, out-manned and we are meaner than snakes with pent-up angers toward these insidiousness SOBs.

      23. It’s Funny how the middle class and the rich “don’t burn there city down” after one cop shoots a person either in doing their job or by accident ..

        What we need is for the cops to open a can of whoop ass on these Indivuduals on live TV – the ones who you see walking around instigating more crime and or pain to Innocent people ..

        I don’t see a problem with it .. I’ll be home watching it on TV .. As I have to work the next day.. Not like these clowns that don’t work and have the time to go out and stand around all
        Day and night as you see on TV.. In my opinion – they aren’t a productive part of society and a waste of blood ..

        The realist

      24. Hey you need federal police to protect you. You don’t think so . just ask OBAMA he’ll tell you. Now be good and turn over your guns to the nice officers. Were the government were here to help.

      25. I carry a 500 mossburg 12 guage loaded with 00 buckshot. 6 rounds. And I bet I could disperse that mob without reloading. go for the Gut or butt. The screaming will terrorize those others and they will run away.

        • Good choice Old Guy –

          I prefer the #4 Lead Shot – 6 in the tube – 1 in the chamber.

          Just as damaging at close range as the #00, but keeps a tighter pattern and pure destruction for longer shots. ツ

      26. maby they are desended from cannibals? And they where Hongry? White reporter taste like chikin !

      27. Cannot really blame them for wanting to burn a reporter, lawyer or a politician. Let us see how this reporter covers the story now.

        • s.r.


      28. ?

        After watching the videos, I thought about the man who tried to stop the black students from integrating the white only schools. Someone shot that man leaving him crippled for life. Back in those days I naively sided with the blacks. Since that time I have grown up. After years of hardship due to blacks and their J*w enablers and provocateurs, I now resent both.

        “Segregation now, segregation forever.”

        Make the U.S. #110 send the J*ws out of the U.S. Put them on an isolated island with no air facilities. Give them seeds and plows. Let them labor for themselves. The rest of the world will live in peace. “Free at last. Thank God Almighty, free at last.”


      29. If black lives matter – and they do, all lives matter – then WHY DONT BLACK BABIES’ LIVES MATTER to the fathers who sire them? THAT is the real problem in the black community – absent fathers – but as this is largely a creation of the socialist plantation/nanny state, this will NEVER be addressed.

        George Soreazz must be proud of his latest handiwork.

      30. Let’s just put it bluntly. The leftist media is just plan evil, end of story.

        Goes all the way back to Walter “I don’t see no stinking, starving Kulaks under Stalin” Duranty.



        BULL SHIT……………….

      32. What an enlightening discussion! Truly a masterpiece of sober, critical thinking… I can smell the aroma of cognitive and genetic decay in this thread… inbreeding! That must be it… Very, very sad

        • Do I hear Banjo music? ;0)

      33. Segregation is the only thing that works. Separate communities, schools, workplaces, nations. The whole project to jam together races who will never get along has failed. Blacks aren’t happy and whites are coming to the end of their patience carrying water for black failure. Trust me, the Asians will not do it when the whites are gone and neither will the Hispanics. It is only whites who even bother to listen to black complaining.

        Create a new nation for them – Blackistan – and give them a billion dollars to get it going and then stop having anything to do with them. To give them a fair start, let them have Alaska or some place with lots of resources so there are no more excuses.

        • they got the ball rolling on that i read that some California university is setting up, building dorm housing JUST for them…as in the news piece stated “so they can feel safe”…LOL!

      34. White Pride Members of our Nation of People must Teach the 14 WORDS:
        We must secure the existence of our people, a future for our white children.

        Wake up white people! There is a global genocide against our race. Know your history. Check your facts. Take a stand.

        ARREST Obama and Clinton by law for treason under the Uniform Code of Military Justice

        YES ! ARREST criminal alien Jihadist-infiltrator Usurper-NOT-POTUS Barack Obama directly from the WH or golf course to NDAA Prison for TREASON; and, same for Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi DNC. Make America GREAT, again, 2016! TRUMP/CARSON; ARREST Obama the illegal alien, criminal I.D. Fraud, DNC-Conspirator/Muslim Infiltrator Usurping the Office of POTUS to which he is not even eligible, and therefore, he is NOT the POTUS, just a slickerthanWillyClinton TREASONOUS Enemy Combatant who belongs in NDAA Prison.
        Arrest Soros for sedition, too, along with Pelosi, Kerry, Holder, Lynch, Hillary, Michelle, et al. Prison for life for them, with CC cameras in each of their solitary cells so that Americans and the World can tune in and watch them at just 10¢ per view, income which will pay off the National Debt and Americans never pay federal taxes again, because it will be so popular, worldwide.

      35. Burning a msm reporter,in this case am with the rioters!

        Attacking and beating down a old homeless man,even if just had me knife would have jumped in on that one to badly hurt/hopefully kill attackers(and perhaps died).There comes a point were you just say”Fuck It!”,that is one example of the point for me,eh,hell of a thought to start the weekend with.

      36. Let’s try this, if you a caught burning or looting you and yours loose all government assistance of any kind.

      37. Stop the video at 23 seconds because he does not look white to me and you don’t burn people alive in front of the police with guns and it’s not like they lit the fire after they caught him.

        The poster is full of shit and won’t get it when told that he is playing into the hands of bankers who want him to die in race wars because they have ran off with his 401k and the tip of his dick didn’t get cut off just after birth.

        Blacks might be stupid but they are not so stupid as to allow the police state to kill them and i am fully behind them in stating up to the Nazi’s regardless of color.

      38. Big surprise feral nigs acting just like they always act only liberals who have no contact with them love them LOL.

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