Shock Report: Police Were Engaged In Active Shooter Drill JUST BEFORE San Bernardino Massacre

by | Dec 2, 2015 | Headline News | 191 comments

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    Original Report Follows.

    Breaking: San Bernardino Police Scanner: “Middle Eastern male with long beard, tactical shorts and a backpack”

    san-bernardino-swat(Image: San Bernardino SWAT deployed to active shooter location. December 2, 2015.)

    Original Report:

    Details emerging from San Bernardino, California indicate that at least 12 people are dead after between one and three heavily armed gunmen in body armor stormed a social service facility. According to Zero Hedge the suspects may have left an explosives device behind.

    Police are investigating a report of shots fired in San Bernardino. As CBSLA reports, San Bernardino Fire officials are reporting at least 20 victims and 12 reported casualties in a shooting in the 1300 block of South Waterman. Authorities are advising all motorists to stay away from the area around the Inland Regional Center, a center serving people with developmental disabilities in San Bernardino and Riverside counties.

    Investigators were searching the building and have yet to clear it. Police said there were reports of one to three shooters involved.

    Marcos Aguilera’s wife was in the building when the gunfire erupted. He said a shooter entered the building next to his wife’s office and opened fire.

    “They locked themselves in her office. They seen bodies on the floor,” Aguilera said, adding that his wife saw ambulances taking people out of the building on stretchers.

    According to the latest update, police confirm three shooters at large wearing masks, body armor and armed with rifles

    Witnesses report that bodies littered the floor of the building.

    A source inside of the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department has confirmed that police were engaged in an active shooter drill on November 30 at Victor Valley Community College just prior to the massacre in San Bernardino. The exercise has been publicly confirmed by official sources.


    Unconfirmed reports are emerging that police may have been engaged in an active shooting drill or an emergency drill just blocks away at the very moment the real shooting took place on December 2, 2015.

    It’s worth noting that an active shooter drill was taking place during the Sandy Hook school shooting in 2012 and the U.S. military was carrying out an exercise simulating aerial attacks against domestic targets using airplanes at the very moment that 19 hijackers reportedly crashed three commercial airliners into the World Trade Center towers and the Pentagon on September 11th, 2001.

    This latest report of a simultaneous active shooter drill in San Bernardino has yet to be officially confirmed but will no doubt lead to thousands of hours of fact-finding news reports and videos, as well as claims of fringe conspiracy theories as we’ve seen during previous attacks.

    This is a developing story and more information will be made available as soon as additional reports emerge…

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      1. “The Rise of the Right: French Nationalists Hunt, Beat Muslims”– at zero hedge. (Horrible, sad videos!!) ;(

        Chaos (Apocalypse) is here… 🙁

        • boo fucking hoo. Europe was right the first time (subtext = crusades).

          • Sandy Hook rev 2 ???

            • 14 and 14, 50% kill ratio success????

              • Parents not allowed to pick their kids up from school until further notice. The alleged shooting didn’t happen at a school.

                Send your children off to ceasar for an indoctrination, then this is what you can expect. Good ole police state!

                • This is actually a method to prevent chaos at the school, BJ. By going into full lockdown, the kids don’t get released onto campus in which the shooter could be hiding out on or run through in order to escape. This is a way to protect the kids…not some sort of indoctrination. Geez.

                  • Your the perfect example of indoctrinated. No man should have the power to keep a child from the parent, no matter what!!!

                  • kynase, if that were true, then why do they lock the school down after THE GUNMAN GETS INSIDE? In several examples, the teachers were trying to find a way OUT of the school, but everything was locked.

                    You don’t lock the victim in the same room with the assailant and expect them to be safer.

              • BJ: Sandy Hook was 100%.

                And the bombs of the Boston Marathon couldn’t knock drinks off of nearby tables but could blow off numerous legs. . .

                • Yes, this has all the signs of a false flag. Just wait for the intel to start streaming out.

                  • OOps! There goes the gun-grabbers latest wet dream – it was TERRORISM! Let’s see if they call for disarming ISIS now…

                    ht tps://

                • Exactly! And there is always a Govt. “TRAINING Exercise”, for Exactly the same kind of Terrorist/Active Shooter etc. scenario, Happening ‘Right around the Corner’, Or ‘just Down the Road’, from the EVENT!. There is a German-Born retired Florida Hi-way Patrol Investigator who Blows the Lid off this Krap!
                  Boy!! They sure HATED to Call the Moslem Word, even when they knew fron the “Get-Go that the Shooters were Fukking Hadjiis!

              • Another case of workplace violence. More workplace oversight and intervention is needed donchaknow

            • What is just as odd is the fact that all of these shootings seem to be in conjunction with LEO training events at the same time and locations consistently, this one ass well, something stinks on both issues ? And the way gun issues are ramped up right now it should be obvious that any attack inside CONTUS would be used to install martial law and that would also be a form of massive gun control as well as no elections forthcoming and all for your own good via a dictator and his supporters who would willingly take away all of your rights in a heartbeat, national security and all that ! We have already been hoaxed massively many times think Obama care just for starters , then Benghazi, F&F, Ft Hood, Bergdahl, Iran nuke deal, creation of ISIS/ISIL,using gov agencies like IRS to harm our own citizens, it goes on and on ? Wake up people you are being brutalized and lied to daily in a very big way !

              • Yep there was a training drill about a month before at this location geeezus…

                • One of the employees in the building sent a text saying it was probably just another drill, because they do them at that building all the time!

                  They are not going to stop this until they get our guns.

                  • That’s exactly right.

              • Yep there was a training drill about a month before at this location geeezus…

              • They have drills once a month. So you think that they practiced and then staged a shooting? Wow that makes no sense. As for the same locations, just not true. Made up by bullshit liars and parroted by morons.

                • all I know for sure is that many of these shootings are aligned with major training exercises by various police agencies and that is a fact and not moronic or anything else. You can keep your head in the sand if you like ? Something is very wrong in USSA today and it is all contrived , nit just thi8s or many other events ! Your status quo attitude is exactly what the control freaks want tithead ! wake up before its too late !

                  Let me ask you and everybody else this simple question to prove my point ? How is it possible that in Chicago we regularly have many more shootings and many more victims yet you do not see the FBI and hundreds or thousand as we see here today, running around like chickens with their heads cut off completely over reacting to 2 or 3 people ? And making it all sound like this is something new when it happens everyday in Chicago ? Please explain this to me smart guy ? in a rational manner that makes sense ? You can’t because none of it makes any sense . Why do we focus on this and not that ? which is actually much more regular an event like every single day and worse on weekends ? The answer is simple , it is all a giant manipulation to control your ass ! Just because the people in Kawleefornya are afraid of their own shadow and the news agencies play it up big time does not make this any worse ? It is all contrived and over reacted for a reason.

                  • Hey were not all pu$sys in California. Don’t get it twisted. Horrible gun laws however.

                • That makes know sense? You are lieing and parroting the gov.

              • Hey You forgot to mention everyone’s fav, Lois Lerner!!

            • They just announced the name of the primary shooter, “Syed Farook”.

              Enough Syed!

              • Allah Snackbar!

                • That’s Allah-hooey Snackbar!

                  • I stand corrected! LOL


              The FEDS are already pushing a false narrative.

              In this article it says the shooters had AR-15s when the photos from other articles show spent shell casings of

              Also, doesn’t California prohibit detachable 30 round mags in long rifles? If so, how could these guns be legally purchased?

              The FED narrative will shy away from terrorism and turn to a gun control debate.

              Very sad world we live in today, that a terrible tragedy is immediately lied about by the government to push their propaganda.

              • Just to clear up a few things for you.

                The shell casings found were .223 caliber. AK’s shoot 7.62×39. It’s a pretty simple observation if you’re familiar with these types of weapons. Secondly, they even released the brand of the rifles and the handguns. Both suspects were found to be using AR’s. A DPMS,and an S&W M&P-15. Both very common, and cheap AR’s.

                You guys have to quit letting the media teach you about firearms.

                • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

                  • A lot of things about this stink to high heaven!

              • I never believe anything the govt tells us anyway.

        • Gunmen used AKs?

          But…but…assault rifles are banned in Mexifornia!!! Didn’t the criminals know that? They should have posted more gun-free signs. And…it was a nonprofit charity!!! Do-gooders are immune to violence! They never shoot up a police station, do they? Why? Cause they know pigs have guns.

          • You might want to check your facts before you spout your drivel. The assault weapon ban in Cali expired years ago. You can buy AR’s and AK’s all day long i semi-auto. They do have a restriction on clips over 10 rounds but not the guns. But hey don’t let facts get in the way of a rant.

            • Yeah they have the button law where they can’t have over ten rounds and the mag is fixed. I’m sure they followed the law……..

            • DOES NOT BLODY MATTER IS was another phony false flag event o one died all pure propaganda nonsense for stupid people so dumb down with their heads in the sand .. people have been retarded to the ground they believe anything you tell them they are scared little cheese eating rats … useless morons no wonder they want to t rid of all these idiots .. wake up dummies you are being fooled duped manipulated and laughed at just like paris .. no one died .. the evidence is to overwhelming as to o citizens were harmed at all …. crisis actors the whole lot of them and the idiot sheople buy it hook lne and sinker every time … dummies

              • You sure do have a lot of spelling and gramatical errors for a guy calling people dumb…

              • Right. In fact, EVERY person who has “died” of a gunshot wound has not actually died… no one has EVER died from a gunshot in this country. Every single time you hear about a “mass shooting”, it’s a false flag. Get it? Oh, and it’s all promulgated by THE JEWS!!!

                OMG, get over the false flag BS. There are some really good comments on this site, but the false flag commentators are nothing but trolls creating discord and tiny-minded people who hate cops because they misbehaved and got their asses thrown in jail.

                • “Hammer’s Thor” is an obvious disinformation troll. The function of a disinformation troll is to attack any comment that questions the official narrative of events.

                  “Hammer’s Thor” employs many of the usual tricks of disinformation — appeal to higher authority, exaggeration, sarcasm, ad hominem, false information, false choices, false assumptions, false associations, straw man, etc.

                  A disinformation troll can never be reasoned with, and to try is a waste of time. The goal of a disinformation troll is not to question or inform, but to misdirect and deceive.

                  A common tactic of disinformation trolls — and what “Hammer’s Thor” attempt with some success to do here — is to drag others into long debates to create the impression that the topic being discussed is too complicated to be resolved. It doesn’t matter how counter-factual, contradictory, irrelevant, or repetitive the statements of a disinformation troll may be — the goal is to draw it out so readers become confused or lose interest.

                  Occasionally, one may be able to use the comment of a disinformation troll as a springboard to make a salient point for other readers. If not, the best way to handle disinformation trolls is to just ignore them.

              • PHILIP, glad no body died.

                I feel so much better about the whole thing.


            • Uhhh, Mr. Know it all about guns?….they are not clips, they are magazines. Clips do not have springs in them.

              • Then how do you get the bullets out of a clip, gravity?

                • With the push of your hand, genius.

                • Thought a clip was used to load a magazine.

                • 6 pak. M1 garand uses clips spring is in gun . Low information voters are destroying us?

                • Your thumb…

            • Drivile more gov. Speak. Cali. Gov. Rats change their laws every month. The bottom line is their the domestic enemy.

            • Not only do they limit the magazines to 10 rounds, if you buy an ar-15 you get put on a list as well. How’s that gun control working out for you cali hoes?

        • How can the euro trash countries call for moose limbs to assimilate…if EU membership implies the autorejection of a country’s own borders, language, and culture.

        • Latest reports are that the 3 gunmen got away. Oh I expect the authorities to eventually present us with 3 bodies, but will the corpses be the real gunmen? Figure the odds!

          • Exactly, H Muller!

        • Apocalypse DOES NOT mean chaos! It means unvieling/unmasking.

        • Somehow it’s horrible that people are counterattacking the savages who unapologetically announce that they want to subjucate the rest of the world? Expect the socialist gubberments in Europe to turn their guns on Europeans. The muslimes are getting 10% of what they deserve. Merkel et al better be on their toes, or they’ll find themselves swinging from overpasses.

          “Who do you think you are, putting that noose around my neck? I AM CHANCELLER OF GERMANY!!!!! THIS IS TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE AND ILLEGAL !! YOU WILL BE REPORTED TO THE POLICE!! WAIT! YOU ARE THE POLICE??!!

          • “Somehow it’s horrible that people are counterattacking the savages who unapologetically announce that they want to subjucate the rest of the world’


            They need to think again.

      2. QUITE the coincidence…

        • Yeah. That’s what they said in Oklahoma City when the Murrah Building blew-up. Another drill nearby. That’s what they said on 911. Air DefeNse Drill going on. That’s what they said in Boston Marathon. Drill going-on. Lesson Learned, FED’s show-up to run a drill: LEAVE THE AREA…

          • f16hoser

            FED’s show-up to run a drill: LEAVE THE AREA…

            That is a real good tip.

            • Funny, I was thinking the same thing F16hoser and slingshot.

              Gotta keep gun control front and center. America’s armed citizens stand in the way of the NWO.

              • Me too. My thoughts exactly.

              • Makemyday, I’m one of those armed citizens standing in the NWO’s way as long as I’m alive.

          • ht tp://

          • Hoser;
            Do you drive f-1 trucks. Nice rides. Got one.

        • NOT a coincidence, professional law enforcement does these drills monthly in California, and has for years. Sorry to burst the bubble of illusion and confusion.

          • Professional law enforcement ? The guys enforcing blatantly unconstitutional laws ? The guys standing by as our country is being invaded by our self admitted enemy? Do you hear a peep out of them ? Have you ever heard of the domestic enemy? They enforce unconstitutional laws with a gun. Sorry to burst your bubble of illusion and confusion.

      3. The conference room was a group of people Honoring Law Enforcement Award Recipients. So they say.

        • False, it was a rented conference room, rented by the SBDO County Department of Health for their 2015 “Holiday”(Christmas) employee party.
          Please get your facts from credible and reliable/accurate sources. One’s rectum doesn’t count as being reliable or credible, even when the flatulence spewed is “regular”.
          Thank you

          • TPS

            That was stated by Shepard on Fox News. What are you the News Police. Didn’t you read, So they Say?

            Got the Bible Thumpers.
            The Punctuation Police.
            The Spelling Nazi’s
            and now the
            Anal Fact Checkers.

            This place is beginning to suck!

            • Forgot one

              Then you have to put up with the trolls.

              • LOL sling.

                I’m always talkin’ through me ass!

                Be well fella.

            • Bible thumpers…check

              definition detectors…check

              got ya covered 🙂

          • Who are you to be the only one with the true facts . To state so proves you are a a gov. Paid propagandist.

          • Fact? We’re do you get your facts. From the gov. Then resort to perversion . Yea we get you facts.

        • What were they being awarded for, shooting people’s kids?

          • Well yes , there’s those awards and the ones for how many pets a pig can kill
            Extra points for doing it in front of the child who’s dog it is

      4. Odd how often a police training drill just happens to coincide with these events.

        Beyond belief, actually.

        • french secret service bombed greenpeace ship, killed a volunteer, just as world gathering to protest in france for climate talks, (terror attack) clamps life out of civil liberties, france has no love for environmentalists or environmentalism and we all know a world talking up greenpeace ship bombing is bad press for the french, what serves them more than a terror attack to clamp down on those who would oppose their .01% fascist in-team

      5. Before everyone says this is a setup, its not. I work for county fire and we have been holding active shooter drills for the last month and victorville college was the latest drill.
        San Bernardino city is approx an hour away. I have friends on scene and am getting regular reports about the scene.
        It’s very real.

        • I believe you.


        • Mike M: Thanks for the compelling evidence. Let me guess — you also know someone who was killed at Charleston, Sandy Hook, and the Boston Marathon. . .

          • Actually no. I have only worked in southern california ems / fire depts and other than people being morons, the biggest thing I have been involved in was the rodney king riots, the old fire and several aircraft down and now, this.

        • Yea mike we all believe gov. Employees.

          • That attitude is the reason I’m retiring after 36 years in the business. You are a moron. Get out of your moms basement once in a while and actually look around.

      6. . . .the shooting occurred in a “gun free zone” like last time, right?

      7. I was listening to CNN Live on the Internet and a person on the phone at the scene being interviewed by the CNN reporter stated the same thing that there was an “ACTIVE SHOOTER DRILL” taking place. Ironic indeed.

      8. Bullshit… set up all the way

      9. Question: Did the shooters yell Allah Akbar?

        • No , they yelled “Allen Snackbar ” .

          Just hungry refugees , no worries .

          • LMFAO!

          • If anyone attacks me, they’ll hear “Braveheart Akbar” before they hear the shot that gets them.

        • Drunk Redneckese.
          Allahu Arkbar = Free drinks at the bar.

          • So what does, Allahu Fubar get me? The end of Christmas parties?

            • HERES A GOOD QUESTION: Who the hell has a xmas party on Dec. 2nd? And during business hours no less. Smells fishier than a 2 dollar whore at a marti gras!

              • I worked at a very large company that allowed department “Holliday” lunchons after the company stopped having a company Chtismas party. There were so many they had to be spread over the whole month so departments could work out phone coverage as well as get available time slots in the local restaurants or reserve conference rooms.

                Sounds to me like this guy showed up at the party, had a cup of punch, cased the place, and came back ready to kill.

      10. This whole thing is obviously a result of California’s lax gun control laws.

        BTW, have Alex Jones and his followers here identified it as a false flag and maybe fake event yet?

        • We’re working on it anon.

        • right away

      11. In related news:

        ht tp://

        And yes, it actually is related. That shouldn’t need an explanation, if you need one you won’t understand it.

      12. According to what Ovomit said this week in Paris, this shooting was caused by Climate Change, plain and simple.

        PS, Just ordered 10x 30rd PMAGS from Brownells, get’m while you can boys and girls!

        Uncle Barry wants dem guns

        • Amos Moses, welcome, and the African virus will only get hot lead from me.

        • He can have em,
          Bullets first,

        • This kinda thing has increased since 1/2 Black Barrack was appointed prez.

      13. This shooting is a little too convenient with Obama’s gun control push. My gut tells me the SHTF is about to go down. hope I’m wrong.

        • Hope so, I’m getting so old I’m beginning to think I’ll end up missing it if it doesn’t.

      14. Charleston had an active shooter drill if i’m not mistaken? think i read that somewhere?

        • Anonymous: Yes. In February, 2015 the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center announced that there would be an “active shooter” drill in Charleston, South Carolina on June 19, 2015.

          The Charleston church “shooting” occurred on June 17, 2015.

      15. You should have all the stuff you need by now.

        • All but 1 more ton of sugar and 50 lbs. of yeast 😛

          • if you eat or need that much sugar you are already in trouble and don’t know it ?

            • Evidently you don’t know what you can make with it lol.

            • He gonna drink it, don’t ya know.

      16. Anyone know the nationality of the name “Farooq Saeed”?

        (reports of police scanners using this name as a suspect, might turn out to be nothing but I don’t know the nationality. Maybe Iranian (Persian)? Doesn’t sound Arab).

        • Sounds fuckin’ Punjabi to me.

          Muslim cunt.

      17. ARE PEOPLE NOT GETTING IT YET? Seems too may recent ‘shootings’ are pre staged with drills. Obummer is DESPERATE to get our guns and I suppose he’s too stupid to realize we’re ‘on to him’.

        • Its arrogance,
          Seems to be the norm with these DC bureaucrats

        • we can say goodbye to ammo again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      18. When you have more than you can carry double it

        • Dude, that’s heavy.

          • I have to carry mine with a forklift lol.

      19. It was a HEALTH DEPT holiday get together, folks. Sounds more like personal to me. I bet the multiple shooters report doesn’t pan out.

      20. Well They were near a Freeway Left in a Black SUV..Back on their Way to Langley…Obama’s Finger Prints are on this One!!!

      21. Get it now and stack it deep cause the shit is going to start now like there is no tomorrow. Look for some kind of E.O. to take guns. Good luck to those who wish to try.
        It’s coming friends and we all know it. The question is this; what are you going to do when the knock is upon the door? I’ll stand tall and free and take as many as I can, what say you!

        • ATLS, I’ll be doing the same thing. Surrender is not an option for me.

        • Thou shalt dispense of thee intruders post haste like lol…

        • Yep, hear that noise?

          That rattling sound is a box of E.O. pens coming out of the desk drawer.

      22. Obama said that these types of shootings are the highest in the world in our country. What about Columbia, South America
        Rio in Brazil, Mexico along the boarder.

        He is as full as shit as a Christmas turkey.

        Gun Control will be a BIG PUSH for Obama in his last year.

        • sling, Ya this is just more fuel for the gun bullshit. All the talking heads will be on it like stink on shit. Why don’t they report all the deaths by the medical/pharma industry? It is 1000 times as big. You have a better chance of getting hit by lightning than some (fake) shooting bullshit. If people go along with any more gun control (comply) they deserve what they are going to get!

          • Genius: The corporate media is the public relations division of the corporate elite, just as the government is the enforcement division.

      23. I cannot tell you how much I feel in my spirit this thing is soon going to come crashing down on us.

        If you read the book, “DISCOVERY TO CATASTROPHE” by Wood you will find a number of parallels to what is happening in our world. It’s almost prophetic.

        Blessings on us, may we be prepared and have the guts to give it back to them when it all ‘HTF.’

        Son of Liberty

      24. How will the News Media handle it if it turns out to be a Muslim group. Or a black Group.

        • Common SLING , you know they wouldnt report anything like that !
          Hell bury the story , just like the black dude who shot up those folks in New Orleans last week .
          Not a peep .

          • hammerhead.

            oh, I’m just saying. Hahahaha! (Hold my hands up in the air.)

        • Black Lives Splatter???

          • Oh that one’s good.

      25. MMMMM ??????

        3 SHOOTERS ?


        ALL HAD MASKS ?


        GOT AWAY IN A BLACK S.U.V. ?

        California has strict gun control laws ( DID IT HELP ? )


        My God a blind man can see what this is ????????

        I wonder if our GOVERNMENT IS GOING TO RAISE THE TERROR LEVEL UP ??????????

        PRAYERS for the people and the families of the lost and wounded.


        • Law enforcement could pin it on a prepper. Militia member . Look out.

      26. My PRAYERS have be answered.

        Looks like they got theses bastards.



        • Wonder what nat they will be?
          Dun dun dunnnn!

          • Don’t know nationality but the names are muslim, not Christian, Sikh, or Hindu, but muslim.

      27. PO’d P, anyone’s-lives-who-come-to-harm-me-will-splatter! BRAVEHEART AKBAR

      28. OK, the drill was at a local Community College THREE DAYS AGO. How is the drill linked to today’s shooting?

        In Syria, just this morning, a US aircraft dropped a bomb on an ISIS installation. Why aren’t you linking that to this shooting?

        My neighbor voted for Obama and has a developmentally disabled son. Maybe you can link that to this shooting, too.

        Can we wait until we find out who is behind it before trotting out the same old lame conspiracy crap theories?

        • Smokey, anyone who voted for Obama IS just plain old mentally disabled, period!

        • Smokey: You are defending the official narrative of events — the authenticity of these “mass shooting” and “terror” events, the authenticity of the origin and purpose of ISIS — a narrative that falls apart under the mildest investigation.

          For example, ISIS: ISIS (or the Islamic State, or ISIL, or IS, or Daesh) was created by the United States, Israel, and Great Britain, with help from Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey.

          Come on — this huge army suddenly appears out of nowhere, equipped with new US military equipment, and distributes videos of obviously fake “beheadings” through an Israeli/US website (SITE Institute, run by Israeli-American dual citizen Rita Katz; SITE Institute is also responsible for “discovering” and posting almost all announcements and video communiqués attributed to ISIS).

          ISIS is a manufactured enemy created to provide an excuse for more war and more government control. The real enemy is the international corporate elite and the governments it controls.

          The truth is that ISIS is attacking Syria on behalf of the international corporate elite because Syrian President Bashar Assad refuses to allow the international corporate elite to dominate Syria as it dominates almost every other country. The United States is bombing Syria to support ISIS, and ISIS is openly resupplied with US equipment across the Turkey-Syrian border.

          Yes, the government does lie about everything. Yes, the corporate media does work together with the government to reinforce those lies — the government can create any fictional scenario it wants because it can depend on the corporate media to back it up completely.

          The government is the military division of the corporate elite, and the corporate media is the public relations division.

          Once again, we are being conned.

          • No, I’m not defending any official narrative, I’m saying it’s stupid and counter-productive to make up conspiracy fiction when the facts are not yet known.

            Wait until the facts come out, then build your fiction based on the facts, it’s more believable that way.

            • Who’s going to give us the facts? The tv. The proven liars in our gov. Trust them we have no choice? They know what’s best ? They are sneaking in Muslims ? On UPS flights . Trust them for the truth ? Are you one of them ? How could you be anything else? Trust them? You are the domestic enemy.

              • Your perception of Smokey is correct, Lone Wolverine.

                • keep sticking your foot in your mouth smokey, it’s actually pretty funny lol.

          • Spot on! Good to see your comments .

      29. One thing or three to note/ponder upon:
        California may just go full retard and knee-jerk legislation banning ALL firearms. Like New York State, or Conn. did after Sandy Hook. (Actually no they didn’t get the full Monty-but they pushed like heck to do so…).
        Another item to ponder-“news” report from CNN and the other MSM outlets were claiming SBPD had to disarm an IED. That’s a wrinkle, now isn’t it?
        The third ponderable item is this-(yeah I know tin foil hat too tight)…
        What if those “3 gunmen” were from South of the border-smuggled in with bogus papers and all? First reports were saying they were White men, yet they were wearing masks of sorts, and covered pretty decently to show no skin? I know….
        However it’s sliced-this might be *the* event that causes the whole crap storm of confiscations to begin by way of “registration ” then confiscation.
        And they’ll start with the Veterans.
        Be well.

      30. sandy hoax ……naw just?work place violence ….Obummer style me thinks

      31. Do you see all this stuff? The Helo’s. Armored Cars Cops cars all over. An armored Bobcat tractor.

        Now think possible Multiple attacks

        One down. One in custody. One barricaded in a house.

        News at Eleven.

      32. Fox has these fuckers running everywhere. Hahahaha!
        Hell they don’t know it it’s is three or four people now.

      33. Betcha there are plenty of people in their homes wishing they had body armor when the bullets come flying through the walls.

        • Ha ha ya, hope they are unarmed liberal freaks~! How’s that gun control workin for ya bitches! Maybe you can throw your shit filled panties at them lol.

      34. I really believe that during these false flag events actual people are killed so that there are actual families that can greiv and verify death.remember folks doesn’t care if we live..population reduction

        • Tommygun: I disagree. The “grieving relatives” always give terribly unconvincing performances — like Robbie Parker of Sandy Hook and Richard Martinez of Isla Vista (Santa Barbara County/Elliot Rodger event).

      35. Not enough info to reach the proper conclusion. You can bet it will be used to further the gun control agenda.

      36. via drudge :ht tp://

        Ya gotta love it !
        Whatever you think of Trump , the guy has balls.

        • Best interview he’s done. Appreciate the interview much more than his bombastic rallies.

      37. Let me be clear ! These terrorists I mean Christians I mean these gun toting constitutionists will be brought to justice! I know for a fact there behind this after all the Muslims I covert with love Jesus and all of us Americans and would never rape or murder anyone who doesn’t believe in Allah . I say red rover, red rover let everyone come over. Whats it going to hurt really?

      38. I have seen real shooting sites. On that real shooting site there was blood everywhere. Remember OJ’s site. Yet in these new photos on this site there is no blood on the ground, clothes or bandages. The other thing missing is IV’s to peoples arms. That is the first thing all shooting victims get to stabilize them! That whole thing looks like a false-flag that is put on to get gun control!!.

      39. You got to wonder just when people are going to get all this staged crap being foisted upon us. It’s such a sham and we need to bring those responsible to justice so they stop killing innocent people for their political purposes. I’d ask John F. but we know what happened there and then since his son didn’t go along with the crap well we know what happened there and on and on it goes. It’s all fun and games until they hit the lake of fire with no escape for eternity and then justice will finally be served on those people causing these atrocities.

      40. .

        The Russian passenger jet crash on Halloween morning in Egypt happened near the joint US/Israeli “Blue Flag” military air exercise.

        Interestingly… hours earlier on Pravda’s forum… a cryptic topic was posted entitled: “How do you hide a blue elephant on Halloween morning ?? ”


      41. kill em all let whoever sort em out…
        bunch of pussies, thats what america is now…
        Rick Masters
        US Navy Seal

        • Rick I gotta agree, unfortunately many Americans have grown fat, dumb, lazy, apathetic, spoiled and cowardly. Most are afraid of their own shadow and will swallow almost anything they are told or presented as their liberties and freedoms are readily taken away ! And some of those obese LEOs are way past whacked on the video of this event. I saw a male and female cop running down the street and they could barley waddle, pathetic and a serious joke for any real protection in any event!

        • The bottom line is not another president or leader to play puppet for the “elite”/// its a pure revolution to cleanse the human race of these “ticks on a turds tit” Without it the worlds instability will only increase. The chemtrails,the poisoning and stealing of land and water by our so called freeworld gov leaders of the good ole USA. This country is heading into a non reversal scenario where a war upon US citizens will be initiated by black op hits similar to recent shootings…I cant elaborate anymore than that. I have kids and family I care about and love, just speaking about these subjects are a violation of my clearances..But my heart wont let me rest without warning people of what I was trained to do. KILL american citizens on there homeland ground in a martial law hostile takeover. I have one year left before I leave active status for the unknown.
          Rick Masters
          U.S. Navy Seal

      42. Let’s see, second hand smoke kills 450,000 a year.

        Drunk drivers kill a ton of people.

        So do cars/vehicular homicide.

        So maybe we should first ban nicotine, alcohol, and vehicles to save American lives, before we ban bullets or guns.

        Where is the outrage about deaths caused by nicotine, alcohol, and vehicles from accidents, etc.?

        Are car lobbies, nicotine lobbies, and alcohol lobbies THAT strong to silence the most powerful leader of the free world?

        And the rest of US?

        I lost someone very close to me to gun violence. So don’t think I’m insensitive to victims and their grieving families.

        Several years ago a study found that 1 in 4 people who work on Wall Street are Psychopaths.

        What would we find if there was a stufy of those in elected office?

        As horrified as I am by the deaths of those killed senselessly by gunmen/gunwomen, I’m equally horrified by those killed by other means that the media and elected leaders are mostly silent about. No, I’m not for prohibition, I’m for education!

        Eliminating guns does not eliminate psychopathy: evils arising from the inability to empathize in those people who have no conscience. They can “act” to mask their inability to empathize. As I understand it, in the history of the world it has been guns and other weapons used to defend the innocent against those with no conscience.

        Guns cause deaths, guns are used to commit evil. And guns are used to defend against it.

        But without true faith, sincere remorse, contrition, prayer, and trust in God, no gun ever made can protect one’s soul! And if each of us is NOT careful, we could be manipulated into behavior that could cost us our very soul.

        We want to spend Eternity with God, not with satan.

        Choose wisely. These are very dangerous times. Much manipulation abounds.

        If all 7.5 billion of us lived by the Ten Commandments, these evils would cease to exist. If you keep the Commandments, you are helping to ensure your soul, which is immortal, will live in eternity with God, and not with the evil guy who has used false promises, lies, and deceptions to trick so many into doing everything that is unspeakable.

        God bless you all.

        • 2nd hand smoke kills 450K people a year? I seriously doubt that.
          The medical mafia kills more than that and that IS a fact.
          You are more likely to get hit by lightning than get shot in some mass shooting. Better outlaw nature too lol.
          I bet more than 1 in 4 on wall street are psycopaths, probably at least half are (the ones on top). A lot of cops are psycopaths too same with troops.

      43. And this just in… The shooters were:

        a) on Lithium

        b) members of the “religion of peace”

        If you answered “b”, you get a free candy bar!!!


        PS Hitlary and Bernie have already called for more ‘gun control’!

        • Of course they did, they will never do anything else !

          I’m waiting for Hillary to say “What difference does it make?” when she finds out it was a muslim terror cell.

          • AND MORE BREAKING NEWS! The shooters were on ssri anti depressants and under MK ultra mind control and took chantix to quit smoking and were hired by the CIA.

      44. Now we can see, and I am glad that LAW ENFORCEMENT has equal if not more fire power then these shit bags.

        I am glad they have armored cars too.

        They can kill shit bags, as well being a Rescue Vehicle to remove people from the scene, and get them out of the area.

        Well done to you guys in Law enforcement.

        God Bless You All………..

        • You are being sarcastic, right?

      45. For all to know radio stations here are playing the same news reel from the event earlier 12 hours ago. Stations are not covering the story in real time and they keep referring to this as a mass shooting not a terrorist attack. they keep running Obama’s call for gun control. Something is not right. if there’s ever been a news blackout or censoring. This would be it.

      46. something smells funny bout this! san berdo sheriffs dept is bout a mile up the road from this location! where did they muster all the bacon from????

        • You think maybe 3 shifts of LEOs are all at work at the same time in the same place?


      47. This incident is Problem – Reaction – Solution.

        Looks to be a false flag in order to push an agenda. They went after special needs people in an attempt to gain more support for more gun control. What better way to persuade the public.

        Just watch how the communist NWO Kalifornia state legislature and communist governor jerry brown react. It will be more gun control as if they didn’t already have enough gun control. The United Nations wants gun control and control of the USA and our politicians are eager to give the UN the control they desire. If they don’t get the control that they want they will continue to stage flase flags until people break down and embrace their gun control agenda. The UN has been after the complete disarmament of the American people for well over a decade now. It is a documented fact that this is their goal.

        So in other words, if they don’t get their way, they will rule by order out of chaos.

      48. It won’t be long and governor jerry brown and the communist nwo democrat party will be installing and hiring muzloids and illegal aliens for the sheriffs departments and municipal police/city cops.

        Order out of chaos


      49. It isn’t a gun problem, it is a terrorist problem that barry and his administration helped create. It is a fact that barry and his administration have been arming America’s enemies isis in Syria to overthrow Assad who is a duelly elected president of Syria and a stable governor of his country. While barry soetoro arms the and embraces the enemy he turns our back to the alies and is flooding our country with enemy combatants by calling them refugees.

        This is nothing more than obama’s proxy army stateside.

        Read page 261in barry soetoro’s book Audacity of hope. He says he is going to stand with the muslims if the political winds shift in an ugly direction.

        A communist useing jihad for his dirty work, a real lord of chaos he is.

      50. Looks like the are starting to get things figured out. Just lack a motive at this point. Ultimately, I would bet religion will be the motivator.

        ht tp://

        • Today’s news is that they are muslim, but the motive is unclear ! And of course, it’s not a terrorist event, it’s a mass shooting, so guns are a legitimate concern, right? And the ammo used was .223, the same as the military uses, which will defeat most body armor and ‘plow through walls’, per one report.

          So the narrative is being written, it’s the NRA at fault. White Christian gun owners. Standing in the door, like George Wallace at the schoolhouse, preventing common-sense gun control.

      51. No doubt about it…..its time to revoke the 2nd amendment, and get all these guns off the streets. We need house to house confiscation. Once these nasty weapons of mass destruction are eliminated, we’ll all sleep safer at night.!!!!!1

      52. The story is already very fishy. Nobody executes an organised and well-prepared attack like this (all documented on GoPro cameras) just because they are pissed off with their boss or co-workers. The number of times shooters have involved the wife could be counted on one hand if that.

        So, what do we learn from this event and others (Paris etc.)? We learn it is beyond naive not to question what Muslim employees or neighbors are up to. The global geopolitics and the menace of radical Islam dictates this. It is no longer wise or safe to just give them the benefit of the doubt.

        Any place of work or public gathering place needs to prepare and drill for these attacks. Most of the people killed and injured will occur in the first minutes, well before the police can respond. In short, you are on your own. At best, the police are a mop-up operation, nothing else.

        It is also time to connect the dots: there is clearly an attempt by various Islamic interests to wage war on the West in the hope of wrecking economies and in time to establish a global caliphate. It may sound crazy, but they believe it and they are more than willing to kill to achieve their goal. You need to ask yourself if you are more than willing to defend yourself.

        • Frank Thoughts: You are buying into the official narrative of this event. Don’t fall for it. A good starting point for knowing what is really going on is to believe the opposite of what the government and the corporate media tell you.

          We need to realize is that everything presented to us by the government and the corporate media is driven by the economic needs of the corporate elite. We are barraged by a full-spectrum propaganda campaign that includes scripted news stories designed to make us think and act in ways that benefit the elite and harm ourselves.

          The December 2, 2015 Inland Regional Center event in San Bernardino, California was a carefully rehearsed drill taken live, another hoax attack in which everything is staged and no one is killed, carefully coordinated with the corporate media to hit all the targets: Gun owners, Muslims, the enemy next door, the need for more surveillance, etc.

          The San Bernardino hoax attack follows the pattern of the Boston Marathon “bombing” — you remember that one, with the two “bombs” that couldn’t knock drinks off nearby tables but somehow managed to blow off numerous legs. . .

          Yes, the government does lie about everything. Yes, the corporate media does work together with the government to reinforce those lies — the government can create any fictional scenario it wants because it can depend on the corporate media to back it up completely.

          Look for some of these things to happen next in San Bernardino:

          1. Lots of odd, out-of-sync statements by actors pretending to be grieving relatives of “victims”, demanding more restrictions on gun ownership. This has started already — several news reports show alleged relatives “choking up” in their best 4th–grade drama club style;

          2. Family members and friends of the “attackers” stepping forward to reinforce the official narrative of the event. That’s also started with Farhan Khan, alleged brother-in-law of alleged attacker Syed Farook, holding a press conference in front of the Los Angeles Council on American-Islamic Relations — literally four feet in front of the sign on the wall — with a hijab-wearing woman standing close by just in case someone still doesn’t get the message.

          3. A designated “hero” — usually a military veteran — who selflessly risked his life to save others;

          4. Immediate and virtually identical declarations by President Obama, other politicians, and news celebrities calling for more restrictions on gun ownership;

          5. Lots of flower-strewn, sign-holding candlelight vigils for the “victims”, with the theme being the need for more restrictions on gun ownership; and

          6. Green-screen interviews with obviously unharmed “survivors” of the “attack” casually talking about their “injuries” and the need for more restrictions on gun ownership.

          Incidentally, on the morning of the November 13, 2015 Paris “attack” there was a large-scale simulated mass-shooting drill in Paris involving police, hospital staff, and emergency response personnel. According to Bloomberg Business News, “Trauma specialists used a centralized dispatch system to set priorities and direct victims to the ER best equipped to treat their injuries. Ambulance services made sure they were ready to roll, and hospitals verified that surgeons and staff could be quickly summoned to treat arriving victims. . .”

      53. I heard in a live interview on tv one of the people being interviewed say that they where holding active shooter drills that day.

      54. Amazing how these mass attackers always seem to know when we have an”Exercise” going on and then attack US there and then?

        • Greg Olsen: You wrote, “Amazing how these mass attackers always seem to know when we have an ‘Exercise’ going on and then attack US there and then?”

          The players in the exercise are the participants in the false flag. Really, the exercise is just like a play rehearsal, and the false flag attack is like the actual performance of the play, coordinated with the scripted corporate media reporting.

          By the way, according to the corporate media, there were approximately 500 employees and an unknown number of patients at the Inland Regional Services Center, and they all were allegedly evacuated to a parking lot. Odd, isn’t it, that the only video I have seen of that evacuation outside the building is a single, short video clip of a group of about nine persons — the same nine persons each time — walking casually across a parking lot with their hands in the air, with no police escort.

          Just like at Sandy Hook. There were allegedly 600 students at Sandy Hook Elementary School, but no more than 15 or so were ever shown at one time.

          The people at the top laugh at us as we fall for the same trick, over and over again. . .

      55. What happened to the black government suv with several men in it trying to speed away? No one would have seen it but for a lone sole with a gun who ran to the building by that route to try and help. The last two men were getting in the vehicle and it tried to speed away but he blocked there path and theuy swerved away and left. Not one word have I heard all day about it. This all happened before police even arrived.

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