Shock Report: Clinton Operative Turns On Hillary: The “Fixer” Is Set To Release 24 Years Worth Of Documents, Notes and Journals

by | Oct 18, 2016 | Headline News | 60 comments

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    Though often criticized for being a tabloid, during the 2008 Presidential election the National Enquirer broke the story about then-candidate John Edwards and his mistress.  The investigation tanked Edwards’ Presidential dreams.

    Today, they may have just done the same to Hillary Clinton.

    Several days ago Matt Drudge of tweeted a cryptic message: “Oh, on the sex stuff. Hillary is about to get hers…”


    It turns out that Drudge wasn’t joking.

    According to The National Enquirer, the man hired by Bill and Hillary Clinton to clean up their messes – “The Fixer” – has turned on them and is set to release a treasure trove of evidence. From documents, notes and journals covering some 24 years, the revelations could be explosive.

    According to the The Enquirer, the shadowy figure has been confirmed as a Clinton operative and is set to tell all in coming days and weeks.

    In the bombshell exposé, The ENQUIRER will reveal the fixer’s dossier of smoking gun proof, including 24-years of documents, notes, and journals.

    The shadowy figure — who provided PROOF of his employment for the Clintons — also revealed 12 fixes he covered-up, including:

    + How Hillary secretly plotted to a counter-attack on Bill’s mistress Monica Lewinsky — via a document buried for two decades!

    + What crooked reporters were on the take from the Clinton camp!

    + How he covered up Bill’s seedy romp with hookers!

    + Which A-list celebrity had a secret affair with Bill during his presidency!

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    October surprises. What fun would elections be without them?


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      1. Hold on to the seat of your pants! This is not going to be pretty!

        • One does not want to piss of Hillary. Not a Pretty Sight to see…. Hillary I mean. Pissing her off would be worth watching.

          • Piss Hillary off… piss on that stank bitch

        • It’s Larry Nichols?

      2. Top question of the day for the Witch: “Should I stay, or should I go?” I heard that Axelrod was encouraging her to stay away from Las Vegas tomorrow to avoid crashing into a tree? The Democrats appear to be confident that they have secured the necessary votes to win her the Electoral College.

      3. I use to be pretty. Glad I got out.

      4. Can the National Enquirer be trusted? For sure, none of the MSM can be trusted. We all know they are all in cahoots with the Witch and the DNC, thanks to the new revelations from O’Keefe and Project Veritas. Unfortunately when they have the Department of Justice, the MSM and the MIC in their pockets no amount of dirt can stick to these scum of the earth.

        • The Inquirer was right about John Kerry’s VP running Mate John Edwards, and all about is cheating ways and bastard baby he had. And did that while his wife had cancer. POS..


        • They were right about Bat Boy, that’s all I can say.

          • And Elvis…

      5. Hillary is done. Trump IS our President.

        • J11

          Not so fast!

          They will bring out the Heavy Hitters to Defend Hillary at all costs.

          Alan Colmes, Juan Williams, Geraldo Rivera and Bob Beckel will screech and bit@h till everyone succumbs to the Mantra of Hillary, Hillary, Hillary.

          • Add O Riley to that list. Just watched him cover for Hilary, saying she would never get involved with the type of people in the Okeefe video. The man is ether in denial or complicit.

            • How could I forget James Carville.

              • Good to see the crypt keeper found work.

          • I agree – we’re only seeing battle forays, not the main action. Don’t count the war won until you’ve got the enemies ladies cooking in your kitchen. (my chauvinist apologies to the good women who frequent this site). But, considering the recent spate of Republican headquarters being hit, the video of gang-bangers doing their ape-like best to smash up a car with Trump stickers….. oh, no… it’s going to get real messy. I figure we’re in for some major rioting and provocative incidents in the very near future. Time to recheck my bore-sighted hardware. Maybe lower the range-set drastically. Like 20 yards.

            • This was a set up: the video of gang-bangers doing their ape-like best to smash up a car with Trump stickers.

              It was proven yesterday that someone from a 4 floor window apartment filmed the whole thing, because it looked suspicious, and it was, because the guy who parked the car in the ghetto, got out walked around the corner and paid hoodies to smash the car up. Its all on tape as a set up. Fraud.

              ~WWTI… Most of the violence and chaos we see today, is planned, set up and a fraud to invoke outrage. False Flags.. Time to jail the chaos makers. They are Anti-American Unpatriotic terrorists and need to be put to death after their trials for being traitors to America’s values and inciting violence..

              • “This was a set up… because the guy who parked the car in the ghetto, got out walked around the corner and paid hoodies to smash the car up.”

                Evidence, please? Thank you.

        • Everyone: Trump now must win OH, FL, NC,and GA now undecided or 50-50. Go to: If the witch gets in we are finished so get stuff you need and get with others for bartering and protection.

      6. The Inquirer did sink edwards,but,did they have permission from powers that want to be as edwards was not the real “choice”?I will watch and see what will come(pn intended,sex and all!),gonna be a fun ride no matter what,get your popcorn/goldfish/cookies/what have you.Oh,can you see the top of your closet/safe?You see the ceiling of either buy more ammo!

      7. They’ll kill us all to save themselves. True psychop

      8. More disinformation. If this was Hilldog’s Guy or Gal and put out this Info, do you really think that it is legit? Frig all this drama, go and vote if you want to on your states day or say ‘frig it’ and stay home. Ain’t nothing you do as far as voting gonna make a difference. The score is in and the die has been cast. Ain’t nothing like a running uphill battle to bring out the best in all of us. Been waiting for this for a long, long time it seems.

      9. It seems to me that we have entered into a nightmare.

        There is already ample evidence which disqualifies Hillary Clinton from running for any federal office and yet with the aid of the DOJ and the FBI she is allowed to continue her pursuit to be president of the United States.

        Now we have the fixer story about to be revealed, and will Hillary now be stopped from running for president? Probably not.

        There’s a great chance that this evil woman Hillary is going to steal the election. Has anyone seriously thought about what you’re going to do if Hillary should become president of the United States?

        • YUP!!! there will be CIVIL WAR!!

          • Apache54, sad but true. I’ll be in the trenches.

            • I’ll be takin’ a bath with my toaster…..juuust kidding!

          • See that’s the thing. If Hillary were to win I don’t think there will be riots or civil war. For one reason only: conservatives, constitutionalists, Christians etc don’t behave that way. These people have principles and convictions that are based on the values that our Founding Farhers set forth.
            We are usually gun owners that have a soul deep respect for the sanctity of human life and until we are personally attacked we won’t be the ones instigating violence, burning our own communities and homes, smashing cars or looting.

            Now if We get Trump elected? Then it’s gonna get real, real fast.

        • Yes, I have an adult clone of Chris Kyle.

      10. Nothing is going to take down this turd. She will win the election and the nation as we know it is over. There are too many sheeple that follow her blindly. The 3% will have to take the Republic back. It will take a long time and it will be BLOODY.

        You have until Jan. 17 2017 to prepare. Get you preps in order.

        Watch the movie Ameragdon this is what it just might look like only worse.

        If she looses there will be rioting in the streets, and Martial Law so there is a no win scenario. In that case Nov. 8th just might be a good day to set back and watch as the rioting gets worse and worse. Then you had been have gotten your preps in order. For me I’m going to be at BOL#2 Coming after me there wouldn’t be a good thing.

        Nov to Jan is going to very interesting. Feb. “well” all bets are off.

        Like I said in the beginning there will be nothing that sticks to Hitlery, she ain’t going down, The Nation is too much under there control. It’s been good knowing you all. May God go with you.


        • After Hillary looses the election, the Clintons will be put on a Global Public Trial. All the people and Nations that the Clintons ripped off over decades, including all the bribe money given will be considered stolen. The Clintons will be on the run hiding for some time, and when their money runs out they will be dragged through the streets and hung and beaten pretty much like Omar Kaddafi was.

          Hillary then too, can say, “We came, We saw, We stole, We died.” hahahahahahaha…

          This election is the indictment and Trial of Hillary and the Clintons. Vote Guilty on Nov 8th!!

          ~WWTI… So where did Libya’s Gold Reserves disappear to?

          • we can dream can’t we?

      11. Sarge,gonna have to disagree with you a bit(I know,there is a shocker!),but,feel day after no matter who wins obola(credit that name to you)will issue slew of executive orders that no matter who wins will fuck with us and bring about some serious issues.When that happens,time to have a final drink(2 years sober as of tomm.)while a final listen to some Tull as all bets off!I will then help do what needs to be done,after putting me gorgeous locks in a ponytail of course!Please,don’t hate me because I am beautiful!

        • WD
          I’m not shocked! When you disagree at least you have the BALLS to state your side with out being a TROLL. That is why in my book you are OK, and would like to have a drink with you. Now saying this I don’t drink but I might just start!!!! If Hitlery gets elected.

          Congrats on the 2 years sober my friend!!!!!!

          WD I just wish I had enough hair to put in a pony tail.


          • Sgt. Dale and WD.

            If you think it is bad for us. Hilary must be frothing at the mouth and spitting red hot horseshoe nails.

          • Sarge,you were the first I ever saw say Obola,not sure if you made it up or just read it,but,you find yourself on the New England grounds for some reason when things go wrong be happy to have a drink with you,also,if needed loan you some ammo(which I don’t expect back end of the world!).Eh,just do what we can for ourselves/friends/family/,ya’s can safely also help a stranger,we will need all the folks we can gather when things get froggy!

      12. Hillary asks.

        “How Do You Like Me Now”

        By The Heavy.

      13. Oh good God, nothing can stop this demon psychopath from the inner bowels of hell now. The Globalist fascist totalitarian psychopaths controlling collapsing Police State hell on earth America want the demon to win, she is set-up to win, and our children’s HEALTH, FREEDOMS, AND FUTURE have been sold to the Globalist fascist genocidal psychopathic monsters for way, way, way less than 30 pieces of silver-All it took was generous amounts of booze, big Pharma poison, porno, mindless entertainment, “bread and circuses” sporting events, addicting chemical and sugar filled fake food garbage, and a whole lot of mass delusion thanks to the treasonous propaganda spewing genocide supporters in the criminal mainstream media. You have to hand it to these evil demon psychopaths from the pits of hell-they sure know how to takeover and subdue an entire nation of dumbed down AMERICAN COWARDS and convince them to willingly hand over their children to the monsters.

        • Did anybody catch the Walking Dead Show? It will be kinda like that. Except the Walkers will be hungry hoards and gangs. Gangs will be huge, and working in teams, and they will get better every day at their new trade and craft.

          So lots of Ammo and X-Tra Large High capacity magazines. Carry every day with 2 pistols an ankle pistol hammerless .38 and 9mm, extra mags. And an AR or AK in your vehicle. AR pistol for the vehicle is a great team. Or shorty shotgun. Think roadblocks, car jackings, hijackings lock your vehicle, when going inside to pay for gas. Grocery store cart hijackings.

          One lady after putting all her groceries in her car, she was shoved down to the ground, and someone stole her car and groceries. Pat attention to your surroundings, and situational awareness. Play, what if this guy comes at me, what would I do?

          ~WWTI… 1 in none, 2 is one, and 3 is for me. Gitter done!!

        • Couldn’t of said it better myself!

        • has been brilliantly played hasn’t it Ron . sick as it is

      14. For those of you that vote I strongly encourage you to vote early. DO IT this week, as in Tomorrow. Get it over with and done so that you are not a “Target in line”.

        ME and the wife both did yesterday and the lines were long and they were really checking things.
        Checked Twice, one lady checked you the other checked you and even looked at the picture on the drivers license and actually held it up to look at you and and the picture. I have never seen them do this. It actually felt odd.
        Even had a survey for us to fill out. Normally never fill out these things but this time I did fill out this one. It was about parking and lines and friendly staff ect. Customer service type stuff.

        Also do not have anything political or gun related on your car. NO union jacks no don’t tread on me. Gun stickers like glock or ruger or colt or anything. Blend in for right now.

        JUST IN CASE!!!!

        • Lol I vote in a town of 300!
          I could go in with my sidearm wearing a Hillary for Prison shirt . But I get what your saying.

        • In Florida we can also use our Concealed Weapons Permit ID, as a legal Photo ID for Voting. Pretty much says what side I am on.


      15. Will be swept aside by MSM and disregarded by the simple minded minions!

        If you ain’t Cav, you ain’t shit.,.,.

      16. It will all come down to the quality of the ‘proof’.

      17. It’s pretty sad when you have to rely on the National Enquirer for breaking news .

        • Yeah, something like this should be on the front page of the NY Times, Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, LA Times, etc., etc., but not in this country.

          Free press, my ass.

          • Smokey:

            All those “reputable” rags (newspapers) are owned by J*ws. Does anyone know what or who owns the National Inquirer. Inquiring minds want to know.



      18. Lickin & Suckin, that’s her! THEN BANG DIE for Vince and MANY Others!

      19. Do NOT vote early. If you are a Trump supporter, you will want to hit the opposition ON election day to demoralize lazy democrats. You do not want to send signals right now.

      20. Saw a story that Hillary transferred billions from the Clinton foundation to Quatar yesterday……suspicious.

      21. I have not see an single Hillary sign at all in my entire area 20 miles around. Lots of Trump signs. Its nice living in a area of like minded people. Choose your BOL area wisely.


      22. I’m starting to suffer from October Surprise Fatigue.
        How many secrets can Hitlery have left at this point?
        They don’t make drugs strong enough to get over this election.

      23. Again with the “about to be released” documents. What’s the point? If you have something, release it already. And why Saturday after the last debate? I’m tired of the nothing burgers.

      24. Whoaaa: He should have released this right away before they “wetted” him.

        How about the following:

        – Hillary’s rape of a 7 year old back in the White House days – not only her but several other young girls under 12 she forced to “perform” on her.

        – Twelve Jew Moles in the NSA were feeding Hillary all the access codes to all our military, industrial, commercial, government, etc, Top Secrets and information, which she “sold” to foreign persons and entities for cash.

        – Hillary has belonged to a “Witch Coven” since she was in College – she is a bonafide “Witch Lesbian” and hates all Christianity.

      25. We should be calling this “the Breitbart Error”: announcing you have some damning evidence to release BEFORE you release it is a good way to get killed!!!

      26. Don’t you worry your little head Hillary, we in the media will not cover this crap. In fact we will blame Trump and the Russians for making sh.t up, and most of the stupid Americans will believe us.

      27. Frankly I am tired of people making claims of shocking evidence that will bring down some criminal politician, lawyer, or judge. GET ON WITH IT OR SHUT UP!

      28. Larry Nichols

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