SHOCK POLICE STATE VIDEO: “You Have No Right To Be In Here! You Have No Right to Be In Here!”

by | May 14, 2013 | Headline News | 218 comments

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    In America today there are some people who believe themselves to be above the law, and it’s unfortunate that in many cases the very individuals and organizations tasked with ensuring the legitimacy of our justice system are the ones who fail to understand or abide by the law of the land.

    In Cotati, California police officers showed up at the doorstep of one family after they were reportedly called because of an alleged domestic violence dispute, much to the surprise of the homeowners. As Cotati PD massed on the couple’s front lawn, the homeowner began documenting the encounter.

    Law enforcement officers indicated they would be entering the home because of “domestic violence,” at which point both homeowners responded by advising them that they had merely had an argument and no domestic violence had taken place.

    Baffled that the residents of the home refused to exit, one officer asked why they wouldn’t respond to their order.

    The homeowner, who had previously cited his fourth Amendment right to be safe and secure on his property unless a warrant had been presented by officials, responds with what undoubtedly left police bewildered.

    “Because we don’t live in a police state, sir.

    Martial law has not been established in this country. “

    What happens next is textbook jackbooted police state behavior, as cops kick in the family’s door unlawfully, without cause, and without a warrant.

    (video via The Daily Sheeple)

    Police reportedly justified their actions based on concerns over the welfare and safety of the children living at the home:

    Many have speculated as to why the police felt they needed to unlawfully enter the home, with some claiming they could have felt the children lives were in danger yet the fact of the matter is the children were clearly fine and, if anything, would be psychologically and possibly even physically hurt by police breaking down their door and attacking their parents.

    Who is the victim in this case? It’s not the children, who were peacefully playing in the front yard and in the home. And neither homeowner had raised a hand to the other.

    In fact, the victims were the residents of the home, whose private property had been violated. The individual recording the video was reportedly tazed, detained and then arrested by police.

    For what?

    That answer remains unclear.

    Based on the video documentation, the only ones who should be going to jail are the police officers who found it necessary to break in the door of a law abiding American for refusing to submit to an unlawful order.

    There is only one course of action that need be taken at this point and that’s handcuffs and indictments for those who believe it’s totally within their job scope to violate the rights of an American citizen going about his business in his own home.


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      1. oops,

        orry to ‘first-post’ off-topic Y’all…11748 IS excursing NOW…the curve is high-angle-of-attack at this point…currently AT M-9.4 and still climbing rapidly…
        Time is currently, 08:45 CST…


        • This is another example of just how few of the law enforcement understand or care about the Constitution. They have no clue what it would be like living in another country without the Constitution. I wrote something and sent it to Mac. This destruction of our rights just made me so angry, I just starting writing about how clueless the masses are in the U.S. about the foundation of what freedom is. I will let Mac moderate it if it is too long or if it is planned for later use.

          Life and misery without the Bill Of Rights.

          There is poison right now spreading across the United States, it is not the type of physical poison that sends a person to a medical facility, it is a venom of the safety and security of ALL of our freedoms. Literally piece by piece the very foundation of the Constitution is being eroded. The most cherished liberties granted to the LUCKY ones of the Earth are dying as more and more loopholes are being punched into those laws of the land that gave us independence yesterday, today, and for the future.

          You would think with something that has survived and flourished for over 200 years and has WORKED, that anyone and everyone would defend it vigorously. Yet, there is much talk and even more support for actually completely overhauling or dismantling the Constitution of the United States of America. Individuals talk about it being outdated, an archaic relic from the past that doesn’t function anymore like it did before the 20th. century. Many want a new sets of laws based on the present day world, more modernized and streamlined to better suit the people of today rather than the people of by gone days.

          What is forgotten by those desiring change is that you don’t fix what is not broken. The basic foundation of the Constitution, the Bill Of Rights, was written to protect every last American from what others countries have gone through and lead to mass scale suffering and death. The United States has remained free because of these freedoms given to EVERYONE. Still this is not understood, not appreciated, and totally taken for granted by far too many people. To those that want to see the Constitution revamped or torn up altogether, those better rethink this.

          ***Admin Edit Note: Modified to shortened for comments – this article will be posted in its entirety later this week. Thanks BI!***

          • I don’t think the Bill of Rights and Constitution are “taken for granted”. Most people don’t think of them at all! The US of today is unrecognizable which is part of the underlying plan, I assume. When did the citizenry become so moronic? I’m thinking it happened during the 60s, probably because I was born earlier than that. So sad to see the end of a great experiment and even sadder to see what is replacing it.

            • this is just california for ya there so worried about having some one get a boo boo that there willing to break doors down and trample all over people ( notice i left out peoples rights ) YOU !! have no rights in California you do not have the right to have a hobby such as reloading
              as proof there was a story about 4 years ago where a guys garage caught fire He told the fire fighters that he had a small amount of gun powder in there and to be careful. ( not against the law then ) the local news crew was covering the story and interviewed a neighbor
              she told the news crew that “He should be watched by the police as he was in her mind Very Dangerous ”

              Again you have no rights in kalifornia never have and never will they will run out any one who isn’t in lock step with there bull crap.

              there absolutely obsessed with taking away every thing good in the state and turning it into a liberal hell hole. that’s why we used to see about 200 cars a month moving east and north.and now there interested in spreading there socialist bull to neighboring states.

              REMEMBER !! as California goes so goes the rest of the west coast states including Idaho and Nevada.

              • Friends, Patriots and all people of good will, the time for legal action is upon us. What more do you need to hear other than what you have witnessed over the last four days to understand that the jack boot tyranny of a corrupt government gone wild is upon our necks.


                • Here, Here, BigB…

                  Remember Folks…EVERY State legislature HAS the POWER – BY STATUTE!! – to RECALL EVERY Congresssman and SENATOR to INSTRUCT THEM as to HOW ANY potential Legislation is to BE Handled…and FAILING THAT they have the POWER to Unseat them as well!!!!…

                  Do you WANT to have a Country left? Then RISE UP…and GET ON WITH IT!!! NOT NEARLY, ‘Nuff Said
                  But it will do for now.


                  • JOG,

                    “Do you WANT to have a Country left?”

                    Sure don’t want the one we have in place at this time. It is time for a re-set on all levels. I don’t care if you think there is one good politician left in America. They have all been corrupted to some extent.

                    Thinking over the last few days what is going on and have decided it is a matter of assumed corruption in all forms of government. That we the people live and work as slaves at the pleasure of the masters who we supposedly elected who in reality were put into place by special interests.

                    Lobbyists whether they work for a company, corporation or another country must be banned. They prevent our representatives from working for the people who put them into office. Why have the people of this country allowed such a thing? The answer to that is simple, money and corruption combined with greed.


                  • I wish you were correct. But unfortunately once these bozos are elected to congress, only their fellow congressmen or senators can eject them. Recall is a worthwhile dream; but only a dream.

                • While it’s true that sometimes legal action can result in constitutionally correct rulings, we must remember that the courts are run by the government. Federal Judges are appointed by politicians, which is where most major cases end up. Sometimes the judges follow the Constitution, but often times they don’t. It doesn’t matter what label the judge falls under, if they don’t follow the Constitution, they are a POS.

                  We are way beyond legal recourse at this stage of the game. I believe we are well past political recourse as well. Yes, we should continue to use both of these methods to try to bring about change, but we should not hope for much headway.

                  • Two words. “Grand Jury”. Raise a stink until they appoint an independent grand jury comprised of CITIZENS to determine wether the evidence warrants detaining/charging the officers. Grand Jurys, along with your local Sheriff, are the highest authorities in the land. It’s high time we, the informed, start teaching the unwashed masses about the Constitution.

                • This kind of thing is common in California–just last week some LA County Sheriff’s officers beat a man to death while he begged for his life. They confiscated all of the phones that neighbors used to record the incident. The REAL problem is gun control. You don’t see so much of this in regions where the average citizen has the means to defend himself. Instead of holding up telephones, this guys neighbors should have been holding rifles…

            • Did you see how the IRS was after anyone teaching the Constitution? I knew that DEMS are really commies. See. It’s the Dems destroying the United States.
              When the engineered collapse comes… I won’t be helping out any dems. They can go hungry. Fucks.

              • Speaking of dems, you all can blame another kommie-dem Joe Biden, as the Main sponsor of VAWA act. IE: the Violence against women act, fed laws.

                Biden was/still is their main promoter along with dem kommie liberated females from the 1970’s. And as well all MSM outlets non stop have Hammered and Railed against Men or Males in general. Untill it has now become a true Hatred of all Males. Especially White males.

                Yet all one need do to see the falacy and fakery involved in it all is to go to FBI crime stats and see that most if not Every years stats shows that it is WOMEN who are More often and in Larger overall numbers per year arrested AND Convicted of “Spousal Abuse”!

                While every msm media outlet keep hammering men always men, none of msm has Ever spoken of that fact that More women are Guilty of all forms of abuse when its regarded as in above video. Be it spouse abuse-abuse in marriages-Boyfrien-girlfriend relationships, or any other lable applied to it.

                WOMEN do MORE abuse of Men/boys period. FBI crime stats Proves this. The fact that it is Never mentioned for even a moment by ANY MSM’s proves it is a definate Agenda against Men/Males.

                Begun by mainly Lezbo/Dyke manhater liberation movnt dems and kommies. Kommie women so whacked out at least 1/2, the Dyke varity seem to believe they can remedy their Hate for Males…By Dressing-speaking-acting like Real males!

                And as said we can thank Joey Biden and his kommie based reactions to garner support from such Evil women that he spearheaded bills to create this Monster we see today.

                In the name of Protect women or kiddies at all costs, Cops are trained to reject all const rights and make flimsy excuses. We Must Save them Kiddies!

                Do They mean same as at WACO in 1993? Due to False child abuse claims(similar to anon-phone call to cops) Fed Cops went to WACO-Davidean compound(basically a Church!) and after useing .50 Cal Machine guns for several Days, then drove a TANK repeatedly Into the main building to pour into it highly flamable Gas.

                Then in a Final attempt at Save the kiddies, the fed cops Burned it down. And conviently destroyed most evidence!

                Sooner or later a waco will again occure due to these cop tactics. I just hope next time thousands of patriots go too and counter the evil effects likly to reocure.

              • War Goat, with all due respect Sir, the Dems aren’t the only one destroying the country. People have got to understand that. The two parties were created to divide the population. They did a good job at that. Every time an American blames a party, you are playing into their hands. The parties are no different, they are all guilty of treason & corruption and our government needs to be completely rid of current politicians and overhauled. In my opinion there is only one party that represents the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, and that is Constitution free loving American people that must unite very soon, there is no blame on a certain political party, they are all scum, special interest commits. United we stand, if we stay divided we will fall.

          • OK, I have to imagine there is a lot more to this story than just what is shown here. If there was a 911 call to the police and someone claimed there was domestic violence occuring then a police unit will be immediatly sent to the location (on the same priority as an armed robbery believe it or not). When you dial 911, the address of the dialing phone and conversation is recorded. Upon arrival, if EITHER party shows any sign of a visible injury, then the other person MUST be taken into custody, period. That is CA state law, under penal code 273.5. This all came out due to womens rights movements after the OJ Simpson murder trial where these same groups claimed that nothing was being done for victims (nicole specifically, several times before the murder). And female arrests went up like 50% in the first years after the law was enacted because they were slapping and scratching their husbands all the time and then having him arrested by playing the victim. There is no discretion allowed anymore, other than you have to try and determine who the “Primary Aggressor” is.

            Now, that being said, tasing someone like this is fucking ridiculous!! Are you telling me it took a taser to subdue these two? It is disgraceful. I have shown up to calls where the woman is bleeding and bruised and she is telling you nothing happened. It is usually determined later that she was told to say these things and if she didn’t she would get her ass kicked again.

            These cops are in a catch 22. If they saw a visible injury, then they are forbidden to leave, and if they do they are civilly liable if she sustains greater injury. I had one case where the woman was getting her ass kicked in the courtyard of the apartment building and was screaming for help. 4 neighbors called, and we responded. She had a fat/bloody lip, braids pulled out of her hair, and signed a domestic violence report to have him arrested. They got back together (surprise) and she went to court saying we just went into her house for no reason and took her husband away for nothing. The 911 tapes and pictures of her were displayed and they cut a deal.

            I am the first to tell you that the tasing was stupid and that is a bunch of fucked up young cops who don’t know how to handle situations or talk to people, but I would bet anything there is so much more to this than what we have been shown. But their response was way overboard. Welcome to the Peoples Republic of California. Don’t let this happen to your state.

            Keep your powder dry,

            • You sound like a ignorant pig cop, what part of the story did you not hear, nobody raised a hand to each other. Arguments happen especially in this no job, no money fucking police state. You can argue and break stuff in your own house if you want. There was not a probable cause to enter but be assured the lying pig cops will make some shit up. This is exactly the Message that TPTB wanted to get out, Hear something call the law, spy & nose in on your neighbors business.
              News flash married people argue, they sound like good parents they had their discussion out of the presence of their kids.

              You make it sound like it was ok to bust in the door but not to taize them, you are a STUPID PIG.
              you probably go home & smack your wife around, you sure did think immediately that he beat his woman & said if she talked he would beat her ass later, sounds like you.

              You’re a stupid pig that needs to learn the bill of rights.

              • Hey Rebel,

                Not everything is a conspiracy or a police state. I have copy of the Bill of Rights and carried it every day. When someone would accuse me of violating their rights, I would hand it to them and tell them to let me know what right I violated. They never could because I never did violate anyones rights.

                I agree they had their arguement/fight outside the presence of their kids. Good job. You can argue and everyone does, that is human nature. Not against the law. Did I not make it clear I thought their actions in tazing anyone were unacceptable? I was giving scenarios where things I have seen to cover both sides. But all you are reading is that it is OK to kick a door down. And that is not the case.

                To kick a door down and violate someones castle (CA has no castle doctrine, but other states do), You had better have PROBABLE CAUSE to do so, especially with a video camera in your face. The only thing in my experience that would give you that would be visible injuries. Do we see either the husband or wife on here? No. The interview for a DV can be held through a door and if there is no evidence of a crime, then you walk away. Why did they not do that? Who knows, but if there is a follow up to this, I am sure (at least I would hope for these young cops sake who tazed a woman) that there is evidence of a crime that would mandate their action (and in my opinion there is no cause for the tazing, again, I am not on the cops side for that).

                Do I agree with their actions? No (as I said). There was no reason for a tazing here. Do I think they were excessive? Yes. Do I think the tazing will/should be brought before a board of inquiry? Yes.

                Now that we have settled that, you attacking a “stupid pig” simply eludes that you have probably had many run ins with the law. Going after someone who is simply explaining possible reasons (even when I clearly think the cops overstepped their bounds) and attacking every cop shows to me that you are too connected with this subject. It could be you or a friend who has had a problem with DV in the past. Who knows. But attacking someone personally like this for explaining laws and probable cause (and even going so far as saying the cops were wrong) shows who you are and how you would react. If your sister/mother called for help and the cops left while she was bleeding you would complain that they did nothing when your loved ones called for help. Is it possible that these young cops are power hungry and crave dominance? Yes it is. Hence the board of inquiry and let calmer heads make the decision. BTW, BOI’s are generally held by civilians, not sworn law enforcement. So they would have to explain their actions to someone who is not involved in law enforcement, usually attournys and community leaders.

                Poeple like you will never be satisfied, and will simply complain no matter what the outcome.

                Keep your powder dry,

                • JJSan,

                  You’re flat out wrong. California most certainly does have a Castle doctrine. California Penal Code (CPC) 198.5 states:

                  “Any person using force intended or likely to cause death or great bodily injury within his or her residence shall be presumed to have held a reasonable fear of imminent peril of death or great bodily injury to self, family, or a member of the household when that force is used against another person, not a member of the family or household, who unlawfully and forcibly enters or has unlawfully and forcibly entered the residence and the person using the force knew or had reason to believe that an unlawful and forcible entry occurred.”

                  CALCRIM (California Criminal Jury Instructions) 506 reinforces this:
                  “A defendant is not required to retreat. He or she is entitled to stand his ground and defend himself and, if reasonably necessary, to pursue an assailant until the danger … has passed. This is so even if safety could have been achieved by retreating.”

                  You’re also FLAT OUT wrong about probable cause being all that’s required to break down someone’s door. You need PC to get a search warrant, then you can ask for entry and break down the door if the warrant permits (not all do). Do break down a door other wise requires EXIGENT CIRCUMSTANCES, defined as a situation where there is incontrovertible proof that people are in imminent danger, evidence faces imminent destruction, or a suspect will escape.

                  This was clearly an unlawful entry, and thus the police, like you, were also FLAT OUT WRONG. Perhaps you are just uneducated. That’s excusable, unless law enforcement is your job. For these officers, there is an explicit requirement that they know and follow civil rights procedures and their local rules of engagement. They should all be fired for this transgression.

                  • If there is a castle doctrine like the state of texas, then I stand corrected. But in the PRC burglary suspects can sue home and business owners for injury unlike a true castle doctrine like Texas or other states. It may be the false sense of castle, but I have seen people defending themselves and being sued. I agree with the search warrant. Did they search? Or just effect an arrest? There are plenty of instances where you can arrest someone but cannot search the home without consent (obviousy not given ) or a search warrant (doubtful), If these kids showed up and saw a bloody victim who was talking to them through the door and the have reason to believe that immediate action is required to prevent serious injury, they can kick a door. For example, lets say when they showed up they witnessed one of the married couple strike the other. That is a felony, and they could kick the door. That is an extreme example I realize, but it is legal. Sorry. But they cannot search tye residence without a warrant or consent. Once the aggressor is in custody, the threat is over. Take it a step farther. They get there after a frantic 911 call. The female is not frantic or panting. The couple look like brother/sister. They kick the door, and find victim in the back room. Or with the recently saved three girls who were held hostage. Frantic 911or call and a male saying everything is fine. The cops kick the door and find the three kidnapped girls (one of which is raising her captors baby). That one just happened. There are always exceptions, there are always excegeant circumstances. Were there any in this video, it doesnt look like it and as I have said, I believe they are wrong. In CA if you bank on the castle rule, be prepared to defend youself. In Texas it is cut and dry, in CA the media and attorneys will turn the burglars in to modern day Robin Hoods….. I have seen a burglar who got caught who cut himself on the glass that he broke sue the homeowner for his injuries. If the law has gotten better since I retired, awesome. But I doubt it.

                • JJSan,

                  You’re flat out wrong. California most certainly does have a Castle doctrine. California Penal Code (CPC) 198.5 states:

                  “Any person using force intended or likely to cause death or great bodily injury within his or her residence shall be presumed to have held a reasonable fear of imminent peril of death or great bodily injury to self, family, or a member of the household when that force is used against another person, not a member of the family or household, who unlawfully and forcibly enters or has unlawfully and forcibly entered the residence and the person using the force knew or had reason to believe that an unlawful and forcible entry occurred.”

                  CALCRIM (California Criminal Jury Instructions) 506 reinforces this:
                  “A defendant is not required to retreat. He or she is entitled to stand his ground and defend himself and, if reasonably necessary, to pursue an assailant until the danger … has passed. This is so even if safety could have been achieved by retreating.”

                  You’re also FLAT OUT wrong about probable cause being all that’s required to break down someone’s door. You need PC to get a search warrant, then you can ask for entry and break down the door if the warrant permits (not all do). Do break down a door other wise requires EXIGENT CIRCUMSTANCES, defined as a situation where there is incontrovertible proof that people are in imminent danger, evidence faces imminent destruction, or a suspect will escape.

                  This was clearly an unlawful entry, and thus the police, like you, were also FLAT OUT WRONG. Perhaps you are just uneducated. That’s excusable, unless law enforcement is your job. For these officers, there is an explicit requirement that they know and follow civil rights procedures and their local rules of engagement. They should all be fired for this transgression.

                  • Of course he is uneducated..he’s a cop!!

                • Wrong again JJsan
                  Never charged or convicted of a misdemeanor or felony. I hold a state license & bond and have for 20 years.
                  1 speeding ticket 5 years ago.
                  So my many run ins with the law comes from Alternative News sources. My attitude for cops and justifying calling them pigs humm let’s see, a drunk man was just beaten to DEATH while he begged for his life by nine PIGS.
                  I don’t have enough space to go on about all the law breaking that pigs do. Did you not watch the Boston searches warrantless home searches, that is breaking the law.
                  When I hear in the media where more pigs act like they are suppose to which is defuse a situation with the LEAST AMOUNT OF FORCE, and when I see many examples of PIGS protecting and serving WE THE PEOPLE, instead of corporate America, I will happily appoligize for calling all of you pigs, and I will appoligize right now to the few good, honest non power hungry Officers right now this is not for you if you are one of these officers good for you. I have taken the time to call Sheriff Clark Jr. Of Milwaukee to tell him thank you for protecting the 2nd Ammendment. See he is a real officer, his interest are his people & county. I give him all the respect in the world.
                  There doesn’t seem to be too many of his type.
                  What are you doing spouting off statues that someone bam shut you the hell up. Trying to act like your all legally in tune.. Opps you should shut up now you are proving you have cop mentality.

                  The cops tased this women she has kids, can you imagine how traumatized her kids are forever.

                • You are one of the JBTs.

              • The advice has been given to never speak to police…this has come from former police and attorneys. I would start applying it to the jack boot thugs online as well as in person…no matter how nice they try and spin their excuses adn BS and tell you there not like others

                • I agree. Anything you say can and will be used against you. Shut up, don’t answer the door or engage the cops if they show up. That is the best way to do things. If I am on uour jusy, I will find you innocent on all counts. I don’t care if you shoot the guy in the back if you are defending your home, but the liberal DA’s and politicians do. Look at the 9th circut court of appeals decisions. They are off the chart stupid. Defend yourself, your friends and family. I agree. But the more you talk, the more of a chance you are getting a case built up against you….

                  But take a jury by 12 rather than be carried by 6….

            • It is a sad truth that some people justify being abused by their spouse. We have all heard them, “he always says he is sorry”, “I deserved it”, “he gets like this when he drinks but doesn’t mean it”. This is sad and unfortunate but as in your example the pigs forcing their way into the situation did not help. She stayed with the abuser. You must ask yourself, who are you to tell her otherwise? The problems with freedom is that people get to decide for themselves. If your job is taking those choices away then you need to either accept that you are a problem or find a job that doesn’t mean invading the lives of those who do not want you there.

            • If your job involes forcing your choices upon others at gun point without their consent then you need to either admit you like the power or find another job.

              Free people have the right to make bad choices. Who are you to tell them otherwise?

            • fUCK yOU pIG !

        • @ JustOneGuy. The real important issue for all of us is whether it is going to erupt when it is Earth facing by Friday and probably into late Monday or so. I direct hit from even an X-5 flare can cause a lot electrical problems. I still say that if it blinded most or all of the military satellites this could become a type of crisis because one side doesn’t know what the other is doing. This could be nothing, or EVERYTHING.

        • Apologies to ALL here a second time,

          This will constitute tha last post into THIS particular forum…I will translocate all further updates into a new forum relating to Solar which Mac has JUST posted. That said, the – now, 4rth flare from NOAA 11748 – has passed it’s peak and begun the decay cycle..HOWEVER, said ‘decay’ is abruptly flattening whilst the average is YET above M-class, at M-1.2 when last I looked…this does NOT bode well, as it MAY indicate that an additional High-magnitude flare may follow directly on the heels of this one…WHILE it is yet flaring actively…updates to follow in the commited forum, as and when warranted…


          • @JOG, where do I find the new solar thread ? Sorry, still learning how to navigate around here.

        • Thanks! Your information is important, whether it’s “off topic” or not. What do you suggest? For what should we be looking?

          • Good Evening BI, Vicky,

            If you all wouldn’t mind overmuch I’ll get both of you here in one fell swoop as it were.

            Vivky, the particular’s which we should watch for – HERE, NOW -are rather simple..specifically, the occurance of ANY Very High Magnitufe Flare, ie anything above an X-10 beginning roughly 42 hour from now…over a subsequent period of roughly 6 days. During that time 11748 will be – effectively – in the optimum position to effect the Earth through any such emissions. If you all wouldn’t mind…lets pick this up in the previous forum, the one solar related,it’s a little difficult for me to watch mltiple forums here on site, as well a monitor the various (many) NOAA and NASA channels I do…S’Ok?

            Oh, ,and Yes, BI IS correct as to this becoming MORE of a concern during the next few days for the reasons stated…..


        • They should have shot these pigs in the head.

        • people should start up some websites for local, regional and federal geographical areas on the who is who list on all those who violate freedom adn liberty. List all info personal or not on each individual and their families. Whether they be in leo, military, government or business

      2. unfortunately you can’t blame this police state bull shit
        on the liberal,politically correct crowd

        it also largely the result of so called conservatives

        Amid Economic Collapse, South Carolina Approves Another $1M for Police State

        South Carolina is a pretty damn “conservative” state
        and police state tactics don’t seem to bother them much

        as I’ve said before
        government is now so corrupt
        it’s losing it’s legitimacy
        and as it does so
        it will become more and more totalitarian
        in an effort to maintain it’s power
        expect it it get worse
        MUCH WORSE

        • Evening Satori,

          The great fear of the Founders is coming to pass even now… we are losing out identity as a Nation of LAW, and devolving into simply a Nation of MEN…

          …Those AT THE TOP would do WELL to Muse on WHAT will happen when there IS NO LAW left in the Hearts of the People to PROTECT…THEM….just sayin’ here.


        • “South Carolina is a pretty damn “conservative” state
          and police state tactics don’t seem to bother them much”


          Police state tactics bother many of us here in South Carolina greatly. That funding and those cameras will be in the city of Columbia, which is far removed from many of us living in small towns.

        • @ Satori,…..Hmmmm…..Not hard to believe since our State Capital has a high percentage of ‘AFFRO-Americans’ !! ( Atlanta GA.)maybe their learning from th ‘BROS. in SHITGAGO??

      3. 12ga beats taser every day…just saying….I hope these folks sue the ever living hell out of these cops…it’s way past time to stop this crap from happening ever again

      4. I’m against the police busting into people’s homes.

        I read the Bill of Rights. It says they can’t do that.

        • 590A1 12 gauge 1oz F kickers 1650 fps
          Empty all 8 at the door as they enter
          You will go to the lord but i guarantee ya wont go alone!

          • I think that’s an illegal assault weapon in NY now.

            If not, it will be in another six months or so.

        • After all
          Thats what joe b said to do.

          • But Joe Biden is a crazy, mad dog, killing machine.

      5. Who thinks Alex Jones is Bill Hicks?

        • red thumb = no green thumb = yes

        • www(dot)atlanteanconspiracy(dot)com/2013/02/alex-jones-is-bill-hicks.html

      6. I love it when the cops blatantly overstep their authority. This will result in a lawsuit enriching the property owners, discipline for the offending officers, and another citation protecting OUR Constitutional rights.

        Be sure to name the offending officers individually and go after their personal assets for their personal criminal behavior.

        These officers will be lucky to get a job anywhere with a criminal conviction and financial penalties for their departments.

        If the mill of OUR Founding Fathers grinds slowly, it grinds exceedingly fine.

        • you sound pretty optimistic.

        • DK, I hope this is sarcasm.

          Most of you should know that despite what the article states under modern “law” if the leo’s “think” someone “might” be “in danger”, then they have every “right” under the “law” to enter anywhere they want to “investigate” and convince themselves that everything is “OK”.

          The only punsihment doled out will be a paid vacation while these cops drinking buddies (leo’s) investigate and conclude these officers acted properly and according to proper pig proceedure.

          These cops will end up in positions of leadership as they have shown the proper amount of disregard for the privacy and property rights of the citzenry.

          The constitution has been systematicly dismantled and in the eyes of the government and its agents has zero bearing on how they view the relationship between we the people and themselves.

          Welcome to the new normal. Now what are we going to do about it?

          • Common Sense says:

            “DK, I hope this is sarcasm.”

            No, you can bet it wasn’t sarcasm.

            DK is a closet statist who believes in the system at it’s core.

            Thats why he posts nonsense garbage like that.

            He believes that crap.

            Your assessment is spot on.

            • Spot on YMWW

          • USC Title 18,sections 241 & 242

            This website shows a cool picture of a alum sign 18inx24in for sale. It looks alot like a No Parking sign.

            It states the Exact Fed title 18 Laws which disallow anyone in Uniforms entering private property, other than in case of Fire or Medical emergncy.

            This fed law allows people to file a lawsuit against the INDIVIDUAL cops etc if they violate it.

            You can Post this sign at entrances as a Warning. And also can make good use of a Lawyer and file such a suit. When found guilty, it is the Cop individuals who must Pay out suit claims!…You can still sue the agency or county etc. But as far as I am aware of this title 18 law is the ONLY method avail to file a suit at actual individual cops.

            website www dot narlo dot org/images/sign dot jpg

            Check out the picture. Thats all this link shows is the actual sign. Other site areas will show more and how to obtain it if so desired. Either way it is good to review this particular fed title 18 laws for personal knowledge info.

            • I forgot to Include info that: When convicted of violating USC Fed title 18 laws, cops are not only Fined as high as $10,000 but cops are also subject to a Maximum of 10 yrs Fed Prison terms for Each violation of said fed law!….plus as stated prior You can collect lawsuit cash from Them personally! Or attach Liens to property etc untill cop Pays You off in full! of Course you Must first Win such suit. Video proof goes a long way to convict likly! Just such a cool sign posted and visable to cops is likly to ward off idiots.

              • Cops hate automatically uploaded video because they can’t get to it. Go ahead, pig, steal my phone. My other camera caught and uploaded video of you destroying evidence.

            • just need to change the word “property” to “land”

            • 18 U.S.C. sections 241 and 242 make no mention of people wearing uniforms, nor do they say that nobody in uniform may enter private property except in case of fire or medical emergency.

              We may wish that’s what the statute says, but it clearly does not.

              You cannot simply make up whatever you want, out of wishful thinking or an inability to read carefully or whatever. It makes the liberty movement look ignorant and ridiculous.

            • Make it clear you will go after their retirement.

          • DK is legally right, but the pigs will be in full CYA mode and trump up charges to threaten the homeowner with. NEVER TALK TO POLICE !

        • The article doesn’t say who the purported ‘victim’ of domestic violence was, so one might assume they might have just broken in and tased the potential ‘victim’. I found another article where the enforcement machine is overstepping their bounds. This article:

          …might end up affecting many preppers. The article is about the newest DSM-5, where they now consider “hoarding” a mental disorder of it’s own. Until now, “hoarding” was leveled at elderly people who stockpiled newspapers, rotten food, pets and other stuff, in an unsanitary, cluttered space they once called a home.

          The new definition of this designation may easily be used to cover “hoarding” food and supplies, as the value of the items is not relevant. In other words, even a person who hoards silver or ammo could be subjected to this designation, as defined in the new manual.

          I firmly suggest everyone take a look at this article and carefully consider the definition of the new “hoarding disorder”. Think like the Obummer administration might, and you’ll see why many of us could easily get tagged with a “mental disorder” for stockpiling our preps.

          Don’t worry about this, if you feel that the government never abuses it’s rules, regulations and laws.

          I know better.

      7. After Boston I sincerely doubt anything will surprise me anymore. This is just one babystep past Boston PD going door to door to “rescue” their citizens at gunpoint. Seriously, WTF?

      8. Go ahead, keep this kind of behavior up no matter what the so-called justification is and see how it very well may lead to an unfavorable result. We all have loved ones to come home to, don’t we?

      9. Satori is right. If the fact that 1 in 18 Americans is in prison, on probation, or on parole isn’t a good indicator that we’re already living in a police state, I don’t know what is…

        I’ve been reading this site for a couple years now, and have never commented. This article seemed like a good time to start. Is anyone familiar with this (apparently fast-growing) new police state harassment/control tactic called “Organized Stalking” or “Gangstalking?”

        Someone started a thread about it over at Infowars, so I did some investigation. There are literally THOUSANDS of sites out there where victims describe the same kind of tactics. To me, it’s reminiscent of COINTELPRO. Maybe the snitch systems or “weed n’ seed” police tactics have gotten out of control? Anyway, it’s worth a look if you want yet another idea of just how bad things are, and how much worse they’re going to get. Stay safe out there!

      10. Given the recent assaults ,as witnessed on all the networks today and recently, on the 1st 2nd and 4th amendments by the ptb..nothing is sacred anymore.

        The goddamned stasi is in full force mode now as we witnessed by this video..

        Expect many more to come across the nation..

        Fuck these assholes..

        They are pushing us to the breaking point..and we react..

        I gave up on Alex Jones several years ago when his opening video portrayed Nazis in front of the White House in lockstep..

        Well..I digress ..

        He was correct..


      11. Wow. As an LEO, all I can say is, hope this city has their checkbook handy.

        • No doubt. Most people threaten to sue but never follow through. I hope they sue and get paid large. They should sue the officer individually and rape him in court. If they could cut a deal with the department I think they would drop him like a hot potato. I’m surprised they didn’t trump up fake charges as well.

        • Is there any legal protection for a pig who does this kind of illegal shit?

          • They try to call it “under color of law”, but that dog bites both hands.

        • Where are all of the apologists for the PD and Military?? Come on you candy-asses, speak up!! The PD and Military will never fire upon American citizens!! They are breaking into homes and attacking people. Do you really think they will stop as things begin to escalate?? Do you apologists ever tire of being WRONG??!!??

          • They are here SD and come the next article or whenever someone dares say a bad word about agents of the stae we will get the mindless defense of their “service” and how they/their friend/their family/ their coworkers are not this sort of pig but the proper rights defending kind.

            Even a blind man can tell when the house is on fire and I don’t think even the statist apologists will be dumb enough to get burned here. Self preservation is necessary if you want to be a pig or a supporter and must over rule ideals or rights. It’s doublethink. You know it, I know it, and they know it. Right until the knowledge becomes inconvienent, then its boot to the face time.

            So will any of you supporters answer the mule’s call out?

            • Seems I’ve commented a few time CS.
              I’ll defend my fellow LEO’s when it’s defensible……but this isn’t.

              • 11 bravo, what would You do if you were the guy inside the house? how would you handle the situation? I would open the door, tell them everything is OK and they may talk to my wife through the screen door. I would inform them if they force entry without a warrent, they would be sued. the kids were out side as I recall.

                • Probably not much different than this guy did. I’ve gone round and round with a couple of my sgt’s over calls like this. Fact is, nobody in this house called. Second, if the parties in this house are visible to the officers, which it appears they are, and they say nothing is going on, just a squabble, no assault, I can’t see how the officers can justify forcing entry….

                  • Agreed, 11 Bravo. Usually (in Oregon), once they interview all occupants and find no evidence of violence, and all parties deny any violence, they make their report and leave. The fact that the call did not come from someone in the residence is suspect to me.

                    In Oregon, we have a victim protection measure that means in a domestic violence situation (with evidence of violence) the responding officers have to take SOMEONE TO JAIL. In that instance, it is no longer up to the “victim” to press charges, and the DA is obligated to pursue charges (if they are made).

                    My brother and his wife fight all the time, and have been through this a few times. They always refuse to testify against the other one and they have to drop the charges for lack of evidence but SOMEONE always ends up in custody.

                    This incident clearly is not like that.

              • The job is no longer defensable. Every encounter with leo is a fishing expidition for some violation of an arbitrary law. Traffic violations, drug laws, your neighbor says your stereo is too loud, why are you carrying a weapon, need to take that “officer safety”, where are you going, where did you come from, what’s in your bag, pockets, show me.

                The job is to create revenue and intimidate the people. If some people are still silly enough to think public safety is an issue that’s too bad. Bullet proof vests, call in back-up, no knock warrants, armored vehicles, approach your car with hand on gun, disarm every individual you force contact on.

                The excuses have been old and stale for years and years. The system is corrupted and anyone who works as the muscle for it is swimming in it. I am sick of hearing how some pigs don’t have shit on them.

              • Cops are not Constitutional!

                This country was founded without professional police.

                Our earliest traditions and founding documents made no reference to the state having police forces.

                The Founders expressed hostility and contempt for the standing armies of the late eighteenth century, which functioned as law enforcement units in American.

                Modern policing has greatly altered the balance of power between the citizen and the state in a way that would have been seen as constitutionally invalid by the Founders.

                The implications of this altered balance of power are what we see today.

                The State run amock.

      12. Never plead and state your case with them anymore..your rights are gone!

        Stand your ground..

        Time for serious deadbolts across the doors.

        No warrant..

        No entry.



        • Wow. That is scary.

          1) So what happens when the cop kicks down the door and his drawn firearm accidentally discharges and kills the innocent homeowner?

          2) Or the homeowner defending their property unloads a 30 rnd mag through the doorway after it had been illegally breached by men with weapons drawn and pointed crossed their homes threshold?

          What if situation 2 happens a week after situation 1 in another part of country?

          • I’ve heard of such a case (Chicago area, I think) where a JBT stepped over a man who had been forced to lie face down on the floor and dischcharged his rifle, killing the man. The JBT was not even aware it was his rifle that discharged. Kind of diametrically opposed to the image of pigs portrayed on TV, where they are super-alert, super caring heros.

          • SD Mule and Common Sense: I despise the escalating militarization of our LEOs and the continued errosion of our rights. But what happened there is the culmination of many years of societies desire to protect women and children from abusers, real and imagined. If the police beleived that a spouse is in danger they don’t need a warrant, they have probable cause (PC) based on that belief. However, in this video, the spouse seemed to fine and supporting the husband, so PC wasn’t the reason. This goes one further when the cops believe that the welfare of the children are at stake. The problem here was that the cops were very heavy handed and could have asked politely to speak to the parties they thought were possibly in danger. It seems they didn’t. It therefore appears that they didn’t have sufficent PC to break into the house because the wife and and least one of the children was readily available for them to see and speak with. While we want women and children protected from abusers, if PC isn’t there the cops must back off. The cops can then go to the prosecutor’s office and present their case. If the prosecutor believes them, then a judge can issue a warrant if he also beleives there is suffcient PC. But since none of this was done, it looks like these folks have grounds for a lawsuit. I hope they get a nice settlement and that some of those cops get lenghty unpaid suspensions as part of the deal.

            • G8,

              Do you really believe the leo’s need a phone call from the residence in question to justify probable cause? Warrants are a relic from the past, when the system still pretended like they gave a shit about we the people. If you are willing to take the time you can easily find plenty of cases where entry is without a warrant and no leo’s get punished. The system has decided we are all children who require them to resolve all our issues, protect us from other and ourselves, and simply be our parents. Since a sizable portion of americans are so mistrusting of their fellow man and are happy to sell our all of our freedom so they don’t have to take responsibility for anything anymore, the system has used them as “probable cause” to enter every aspect of all our lives. Human nature does not lend itself to giving up power once acquired.

              • Common Sense: Actually there are a lot of successful cases pursuded by wronged citizens and departments are paying through the nose and sometimes these cops get fired. Not nearly enough, but it does happen more than you think. There are links that follow these cases. Latest: Fullerton Ca. cops beat and killed a mentally ill homeless man and the main cop is on trial for manslaughter and the city is going to have to pay the family.

                • There was a spectacular site, injusticeeverywhere, where a guy in his spare time combed the net for examples of leos breaking the law. Every single day he would post 10 or more cases of assaults, rapes, drug deals, murders, drunk driving, and on and on done by leos. He would then do a statistical roundup (checking for double enties ect..) at the end of the year. According to his numbers leos were the #1 cause of violent crime in this nation. Now keep in mind this was one guy, in his spare time, and only what he could find online. It became very clear why police departments DO NOT make statistics available or even bother to compile them in many cases.

                  I am not surprised that you dodge the only direct question I posed to you nor bother to respond to comments like “the job is not defensable”. I am sure you are aware of the culture of cyoa within your own department and that the job itself requires treatment of we the people like inferior beings. You can point out the few cases (statistically insignificant) where justice is served upon leos but it can only be willfull ignorance towards the sheer volume of rights abuse served upon the public by the government enforcers of all stripes.

                  It takes a certain kind of human to go to a job that requires forcing your presence upon those who do not want it, reliance upon use of force or threat of force on a nearly daily basis, and constantly projecting an implied superiority to every non cop you come across. I cannot with certanty say you are a bully and a thug but it is statisticly more likely you are a dichromatic albino than a “good” cop. People who swim in shit simply cannot continue to smell like roses.

            • Statistically, more often than not, women initiate violence first.

          • Wolf359: It’s happened more than once. My ‘favorite’ sad stories like this was of an old woman living in Atlanta. She had a gun for protection because of break-ins and assaults in the neighborhood. Three plain-clothed detectives came to her house on a drug warrant, wrong address, and kicked down the door scaring the hell out of ‘grandma’. She got her pistol and fired at them and the cops returned fire, killing her. The cops realized that they screwed up and tried to cover up their error. Eventually, they were found out and fired. They may even be doing prison time. But the family of this poor old woman got a big settlement for her wrongful death. Cold comfort for the family who lost a mother and grandmother. It’s happened a lot more than folks think. It’s sad to live in a police state.

            • Anon, read it. Makes one’s blood boil.

            • Thanks for the link. Too bad there’s not a higher and well known medium to get those stories out for people to see and reference. we all know the msm wont touch it.

          • It has already happened, the homeowner was in bed sleeping, he moved started to wake up, they said they thought he was reaching for a gun. They put 9 bullets in him & killed him.
            A drunk man was just beaten to death by 9 officers while he was begging for his life.
            L.A has recently killed a 17 yr. old kid while handcuffed in the back of police car said he was reaching for a gun.
            These murders are getting more common with no accountability, The law thinks they’re above the law.
            We have a right to defend ourselves, just think what it will be like if they get our guns.

        • @Possee,

          SURE, and what are you going to do when the LEO break down your door and barges in?? Start shooting?? Really?? You would be killed and the cops would spin it as you fired without cause. Think about what your saying.

          • “Better to die on your feet than live on your knees”.

            Where does the simpering just to stay alive stop outweighing the minutes, hours, or days of living the life of a free man and having an enormus sense of self repect and true pride.

            “Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose”.

            Ask yourselves, will you let them take everything from you but your life? What value does “staying alive” have. What is the purpose and meaning of life?

          • I made no inference to shooting anyone at all!

            Dead bolts across all points of entry..

            Unlike some, I would never advocate shooting first at anyone unless justified.


            • Seems that a lot of folks are justified. Wardrobe choice of the trespasser is irrelevant. The problem is that defending your rights is likely to get your family killed as well, and thugs of all descriptions count on that. So, either educate and prepare your family to join in, or find them somewhere else to be when things get dicey… What is Liberty worth? As someone else posted earlier, if you’ve been relieved of everything except the ability to breathe, what’s the point? Put another way, in another discussion years ago, “Is this hill worth dying for?” “Is the next one?” “The one after that?” Get the point?

          • Tazed says:

            “SURE, and what are you going to do when the LEO break down your door and barges in?? Start shooting?? Really?? You would be killed and the cops would spin it as you fired without cause.”

            “Without cause”??? WTF.

            It’s called a HOME INVASION Tazed!

            Lick your masters boot Tazed.

            When this shit gets bad enough; When the people get abused enough; The shit will hit the fan and “IT” will be on.

            Tazed has taken his side.

          • Tazed: Some of these armchair Rambos we’ve got here really think that they’d shoot it out with the cops if they ever showed up at their door or in some other situation where they beleived thier rights were being violated. The thing is that most of these same folks were never in the military or ever had to face someone down with a gun in civilian life. I have done both and it’s scarry. If they’re uniformed officers and one of the Rambos draw on them, the cops will kill them-period and they’ll be tarred in the news as another deranged gun nut. They’ll be dead and their families will ahve to go through the collapse without them. Oh, and the cops will show up at their homes with warrants and take every gun and every bullet from this self-proclaimed sovereign citizen along with his computer with all his rants against the govt. to prove their case. But that’s only the idiots here. The smart ones will stay low and keep their mouths shut so that they can survive the collapse and protect their families.

          • Common Sense and Yourmotherwaswrong: You guys veterans or have some other special training is firefights do you? If not then I’m wondering if you’ve chosen a good and trustworthy friend to “comfort” your wife or girlfriend after your’e dead. Of course I may assuming too much here as most guys who talk ‘tough’ like you two are usually fat little mall ninjas who’ve played to many war-games on their X-Box thinking this makes you ‘warriors’. If this is true, then you can forget that last piece of advice because you don’t have any women to worry about.

            • G8, I realize you will find the concept of standing up for an ideal a difficult one to comprehend but your slip into turning this into a personal attack upon someone you know next to nothing about shows your frustration in attempting to defend the indefensable.

              Also, if you are who you claim you are then you should be aware of the ease with which a building entry could become a slaughter of those forcing entry. All defenders have a host of advantages which are not easily overcome. You should also understand how dangerous someone is who feels they have nothing left to lose.

              As to what I know simply let me say I can hit what I shoot at and understand the importance of intitiative, surprise and morale.

              I understand it is simply self preservation that leads you to portraying a firefight with police as a certain death sentence for us non pigs. You could very quickly find yourselves creating new “dorners” as your jack booted thug policies begin to come into contact with those who do understand why someone would stand and die for an ideal. Do not forget some of us saw how quickly the cops shit themselves with fear and started shooting up the neighborhood while jumping at shadows with one dorner on the loose so please do not play the “tough guy” card as those who matter see through your bluff.

              In closing let me point out the stupidity of your bias in regards to some sort of “service” being neccessary to triumph in battle. I can recall several historical events where untrained militias have tied up and hurt badly numerically superior trained armies. If you are who you claim I am sure you can too.

      13. Im not sure about the law there, but all the cops have to say is “Probable Cause” and “Suspicous children endangerment”..and they will be justified for that. I mean between the cops and the couple, if they go to court, the jury will be persuaded to the policemens side, and don’t forget Child Protective Services will be in on it also. The legal system and the laws are so, corrupt and vague, you pretty much have to be rich to hire a real good defense attorney to win this one. Poor people don’t stand a chance with a court appointed attorney.

        • Gonna have a hard time with probable cause on this one when it appears that neither person in the house called, and they are both visually and audibly letting the officers know there is no problem.

          • Probable cause, the law, evidence, none of that really matters. The corrupt people in the legal system will protect the leo’s.

        • Probable cause has been perverted to the point where the JBTs can pretty much get away with making up anything. The judges are happy to go along with it because they can then be assured of a pass on pretty much anything themselves.

        • In Thermopolis WY a policeman illegally entered my house and confiscated my stun gun without a warrant. I sued, pro se, which costs the defendants a lot of money, since the pro se plaintiff often writes pages and pages of useless pleadings. After the town and some other defendants spent about a hundred grand on attorney’s fees, they offered to pay a mediator if I would agree to non-binding mediation.

          Our former governor, Democrat Michael Sullivan, was the mediator and he persuaded the defendants to pay me $20,000 and sign a letter that amounted to an apology.

          The purpose of suing is not to get a lot of money for yourself, but to cost the offender a lot of money so they won’t do it again. If everyone sued when they do something like this, they would have to stop. Towns and states are out of money as it is.

      14. OK, I’ve got to get on a roll again! This was clearly an illegitimate home invasion by these cops. Had they shown a legitimate basis for being on that property, it might be different. In this case, the homeowner would’ve been justified in putting up resistance. Had that been my home being attacked, there’s no way they would’ve gotten in my front door. The activities of today’s breed of cops has no legitimate basis to it whatsoever. Police work is not what it used to be. They’re just government employees according to the federal and state supreme courts. They “protect and serve” GOVERNMENT, NOT THE PUBLIC! They have no obligations to the public whatsoever. The courts have ruled on this matter numerous times. They don’t even care about crime or the public. People who attend LE academies are totally brainwashed to be against the public. Thankfully, some cops still know how to think for themselves and can see through all the BS. When we the people, as individuals, find ourselves in any life-threatening situation, we are literally on our own and have to fend for ourselves. There is no honesty or integrity in american law enforcement anymore. all you have today are brainwashed psychopaths who all think they’re above the law. ANYONE WHO COMES TO MY HOME WITH WEAPONS DRAWN, I DON’T CARE WHAT YOU’RE WEARING, I HAVE TO PRESUME YOU ARE THERE WITH EVIL AND ILLEGITIMATE INTENTIONS TOWARD ME AND I WILL RESPOND ACCORDINGLY, MEANING I WILL ACT IN SELF-DEFENSE OF MY HOME AND THAT IS MY NATURAL, GOD-GIVEN RIGHT TO DO SO. ANY LAWS TO THE CONTRARY ARE NULL AND VOID. NOMI CATIMF Braveheart

        • you will die. they have you out gunned. they will burn you out after you shoot one.

          • Get thier names off the police report and harrass the shit out of them. Never stop for weeks, months, years.

            • @d…b,
              Then why don’t you get the information, including the town council, mayor, Chief of Police contact information and post it here? We could all join together in the effort to support this family by making a ton of phone calls and maybe the cops will be fired. NAH, their union will protect them.

              • Yes, the union will protect them. Calling the station will not do any good. It is up to the homeowner to determine how far he wants to “irritate” the officers. He just might get a appology. He also will make some of them realize that they are vulnerable to harassment too. But it is his responsability, not anyone elses. It doesnt take a village.

                • We have some very good LEO up here, completely different than the ones I “met” in my 50 years in Kalifornia. Maybe different training? and the fact that they are a part of the community. They go to the same farmers market, gun range, events etc. They dont seem to be in a “cops only club” like in Ka. I have 3 relatives that were LEO in Kal, they all hung around in there own cicle. Everyone else including me was a suspect.

        • Braveheart,

          Sadly and to my dismay it appears very little honesty and integrity exist throughout America.

        • Braveheart
          You’re on target, I feel the same way. At some point someone will make this tactic very undesirable to these guttersnipe fascists, I hope it’s not me, but like you I’m getting to far along in years to take shit like this.

          • Hey, did anyone else here happen to see a new movie trailer that Hannity revealed last nite on his fox 9pm show? Man hannity was highly offended! He could not believe anyone could consider such a movie.

            What the short trailer shows is some guy as the main actor who is fed up on Wall Street and banksters etc. So he begins to Hunt down and shoot a bunch of them. He uses an AR-15 it looks like and goes to their homes and wall street high rise offices too. At least thats what it looks like from so short a video trailer.

            Hannity was Otraged at it! Personally I wondered what took so long for such a movie release after all we seen lately occuring by so many wall st swindler types.

            The main actor-shooter guy is a famous actor. I just cannot recall his name now. It was worth seeing it just to see hannitys reaction while foaming at mouth about it.

            I bet the movie will do swell at box office around america too. A movie of a fed up american guy going around shooting swindlers and banksters….Hmmmmm

        • Remember too, these people have children, and even if they survived the state would ruin their lives, and their children’s lives out of spite. And make no mistake, the police did have evil and illegitimate intentions, but the corrupt system would cover for them.

      15. Howdy, DK and Possee, and I’m with both of you all the way. I once thought I would never say this, but I’m afraid it’s time for cops to start taking casualties, to start paying a terrible price for their unjustified actions. Such an incident is coming somewhere and sooner than anyone thinks. NOMI CATIMF Braveheart

        • Google Solsynitzen (sp) in USSR.

        • @ BH,….They’ve already got you pegged ….Ass Clown !

        • Braveheart,I think they already are. Everytime I see a police officer shooting I try and detect in the “report” if they were really shot in one of these cases and then it is covered up by the rest of the department to make it look like a bad guy shooting and not a defensive one. You know when you hear that two officers were wounded today when they raided a drug house and killed all the drug dealers inside kind of thing.if these folks would have tried to fire back they would all be dead and no witnesses to tell what these folks and video did.I think it must be going on and it is just being covered up by those in charge. For us to be hearing of this case was only because they had video, how many dozens of times does this happen and there is none?

      16. the police state

        Boston Pretext: Pentagon Unilaterally Grants Itself Authority Over ‘Civil Disturbances’

        let no good crisis go to waste

        How Elites and Media Minimize Dissent and Bury Truth — Paul Craig Roberts

        “Making you safe by enveloping you in a police state is a nonpartisan undertaking. Just listen to Lindsay Graham and Peter King and John McCain. These Republican leaders are demanding the police state that I am providing.”

        we’re livin’ the nightmare

        They THOUGHT They Were Free

        “”What happened here was the gradual habituation of the people, little by little, to being governed by surprise; to receiving decisions deliberated in secret; to believing that the situation was so complicated that the government had to act on information which the people could not understand, or so dangerous that, even if the people could understand it, it could not be released because of national security. And their sense of identification with Hitler, their trust in him, made it easier to widen this gap and reassured those who would otherwise have worried about it.

        “This separation of government from people, this widening of the gap, took place so gradually and so insensibly, each step disguised (perhaps not even intentionally) as a temporary emergency measure or associated with true patriotic allegiance or with real social purposes. And all the crises and reforms (real reforms, too) so occupied the people that they did not see the slow motion underneath, of the whole process of government growing remoter and remoter.”

        • “Each act, each occasion, is worse than the last, but only a little worse. You wait for the next and the next. You wait for one great shocking occasion, thinking that others, when such a shock comes, will join with you in resisting somehow.”

          Are we not the same now?

      17. California is the patria dish of everything bad in America; it is the canary in the coal mine for any smart prepper, what happens there is on its way to you.

        The question is what are we willing to do in order to stop it. Many have said we can’t go down that road because we will be demonized by the public for defending ourselves against rouge fascist cops, I for one believe any cop that’s willing to come to my door has made the conscious decision to forgo the law and in so doing has labeled him/herself a criminal.

      18. What’s the difference between a Free Man and a Slave?

        The Free Man knows the difference.

        • Southron, If I’ve said it once,I’ve said twice.FREE MEN OWN GUNS,SLAVES DON’T! That should answer your Question. Trekker Out.

        • Whats the difference from a Live man or a Dead man? The dead man tried to alone defend his home from an entire swat team of rogue cops hell bent on killing folks.

          The Live man instead joind with a few pals and sometimes even went out Alone to spring a defence from cover. And whacked rogue type cops from a distance behind cover, and had his escape plan well made in advance. So he could remain Alive and still defend home base incase of Other criminals.

          Isn’t that basically the method employed by various WWII Resistance freedom fighters too? They went to the woods to set up an ambush. much safer.

          • @them guys. 10 thumbs up. Stand your ground at home is a death wish and the media will put the spin on it, embolding the bad guys to continue the procedure at a accelerated pace.

      19. I have a good friend who retired from the State Police (25yrs) in the state which he resides in. Was elected to two terms as a county sheriff. He flat told me that any officer that has been hired after 2009 and some older officers have drunk way to much Kool-Aid from the powers that train and supervise them. They will do whatever they are told to do period. They have been trained and told not to care about what the Constitution says, just follow what orders they are given. So I see that we will have some trouble with some LE in the future.

        Keep the FAITH

        • At Nuremburg, most claimed they were just following orders, and many of them hanged for following those orders.

          • when do we start here?

      20. Bill of Rights doesn’t seem to matter much more in anything. The only “devil’s advocate” argument I can muster would be in a case like Jaycee Lee Dugard or the the three women recently rescued in Cleveland. In those cases, the establishment dropped the ball resoundingly, but they could have requested a warrant to explore further. This incident is horrifying and probable cause was weak to non-existent. Currently, I can’t imagine you would win by shooting an officer. They would probably kill the entire family and there would be no legal recourse since the scenario would be poisoned against you. However, I certainly hope they sue the city and the individual officers. Money can cure many a case of excess.

        • In the Jaycee Dugard case, state or county employees were on the property more than once because the guy was a convicted sex offender. They just didn’t bother to check out the evidence staring them in the face. This case is the direct opposite of that. Note how the pigs tried to get him to stop the video. If he had stopped, he would probably be dead. The “child endangerment” excuse has become a catch-all for the pigs. One can be certain the children in that family will grow up to hatwe cops.

      21. Where is the national media? Excuse me, but “the police and the informant” should be serving time in jail. Who trained these badges? Those that trained the badges should be in jail also. The Bill of Rights is short and sweet. They should be able to memorize it in a couple of hours. Makes me sick because if you would have tried to defend yourself you would be dead. One side of the story… Not yours. Just look at the story Olyingfuckhead is feeding everyone about FF, IRS, BEN, AP, etc., etc., etc. Never mind. I will just go to bed and feel good tomorrow knowing that my check is in the mail.

      22. So sick of this shit.
        I’m starting to think Kokesh is right.

        • I agree, wish i could go there on the 4th
          I would go in full battle gear with a full load with the intention of never coming home.

          • Oh really?

            If you’re so committed as to the point of giving all – then exactly what is stopping you?

            It’s not convenient? It conflicts with something on your schedule more important than parading in full battle gear with a full load and never coming home?


            • if you send me the money to pay for the plane ticket and shipping for my hardware Ill go
              ya ass wipe

              • You don’t need my money for your travel expenses.

                Just sell everything you own except your “hardware” to cover it.

                You aren’t planning on returning anyway, so what’s the problem?

                Oh, and… “ya ass wipe”.

                Well spoken. Very classy.

            • every patriot has a line in the sand…where is yours?
              will it materialize after they kill your family or before , hopefully saving their lives?, or is living under slave rule more your style?

        • I am starting to think that unibomber guy was right!

      23. Verbum Vincet, welcome aboard and hope to hear more from you. BI, good evening, and sadly I have to agree with you on the state of things in our beloved nation. A day of reckoning is fast approaching. There will be an incident somewhere involving cops making an illegitimate home invasion and a homeowner who will not submit to it. It could very well end tragically for those cops. All i’m saying is show a legitimate basis for your actions and it would be different. American law enforcement has lost all legitimacy with their actions, anti-public mentality, etc. The feds have really done their job well brainwashing local, county, and state LE. It grieves me deeply to think that a war could break out between the public and LE and I don’t see any way to avoid it. When TSHTF, they will be overwhelmed quickly. Tensions are not going down over these incidents. All it takes is a strike of the match and that is coming regardless of how anyone looks at it. braveheart

      24. Good evening, Wolf359, and sadly I have to agree, ESPECIALLY WITH LE IN THIS LAND. Their anti-public mentality and illegitimate activities have a price tag on them, but they won’t see that until it’s too late. They’ll be committing suicide turning totally against the people who are the source of their paychecks, benefits, and pensions if they live long enough to retire and collect them. But that’s only the ones that have blind faith in the feds and are mindless robots. There’s a lot of good ones out here that have not accepted the federal propaganda as gospel and will not follow orders for gun confiscation when that time comes, and to those cops I take my hat off to them and I’m willing to stand with them. I’ll do everything in my power to try and rescue this nation or die trying. NOMI CATIMF braveheart

      25. Good evening, 11 Bravo, you sound like one of the good, sensible ones. All I’m saying is follow proper procedure, show me a legitimate basis, and I’ll cooperate. handle the situation in a sensible manner like the “old school” cops I grew up around and it will end well for everyone concerned. The retired cops in my family would never have used the tactics that today’s breed use. Plus, they were never brainwashed by the feds, either. braveheart









        • Eisenkreuz, will you be there? Just wondering.

          • Likely he’ll be there in spirit playing Call of Duty and yelling “TAKE THAT PIGS!” while mowing down the enemy with deft application of his joystick/controller.

            He talks the talk like a pro.

            • I’ve told you before I don’t own any xbox or playstation.

        • I hear what you’re sayin’, but you won’t make it into DC. Do you think you will get a fair shake in the media? You will be vilified like no other group in recent memory. Best case, you get turned away and some bad media attention….worst case is there is a confrontation, and it spirals out of control. Somewhere in the middle, a few people with big enough balls actually cross into DC and are immediately arrested, maybe losing their firearms and 2A rights permanently, and jail time. Honestly the intent behind this seems to be to cause a confrontation, maybe start a civil war, because things will surely escalate if this goes sideways.

          • I will be held blameless by the Risen Jesus and by the Founders and the Constitution and that’s all that matters. Fight the powers now or your children will be enslaved forever. After Amerikkka goes there is nothing to stop the NWO.

      29. D…B, I’ll take my chances if it ever comes to it and I hope it never does. You just don’t let anyone with evil intentions toward you have their own way with you. with the anti-public mentality of today’s cops, there is no chance of survival in surrender. I’m too old to put up with police state crap. such a nation won’t be worth living in. braveheart

        • Bravo brother

        • I’d stop drinkin so much braveheart if I were you bro !

        • Just wondering if anyone reads this post im putting here have any of you heard the ohio state commencement speech Obama did on the 5th? If not skip to 15:35 listen from there on and just laugh your ass off. s he keeps saying this democracy is ours. Then goes on to try and rip JFK’s ask not speech by rewording it and stumbles.

        • @ BH. I understand where your heart is. The point I am trying to make is that instead of standing up and fighting WAY outgunned, pick Your time, place and target and the odds of success are in your favor. If they go to your house, they have overwhelming force. and igniters. Its not important for you to die for your country, its important for the bad guys to die for your country.








        • Is your keyboard stuck on caps lock?

      31. It seems that the cops thought that had the right.. Kicked the door in.. And BBQ the smart-ass who made the video!! I bet the next time he and his ole’ lady will open the door and go outside and chit chat with the popo!!

        We do live in a police state.. As per this video

        Case closed..

        Nothing more to see here! Move on …

      32. the problem here is that people are cowards! The pigs will continue to violate laws and trample over people cause no one stands up to them. All people are sheep so don’t complain. SHEEP!

      33. I was born and raised in the hills in eastern KY. When I was growing up the city police pretty much terrorized the people. They would pull you over and ask you if “you were on the way to rob a bank” or some crazy question like that. I hated cops until I left there and found out it wasn’t like that out in the big world. Now it seems like the past is coming back at me again. I saw enough of this that I have a unique understanding of the type of people these are. They are worse than criminals and every one that acts like this is a coward and would not lay down their badge and fight you in a fair fight. I feel old emotions again. 🙁

        • When I was growing up, if you werent a criminal you had nothing to fear from PEACE OFFICERS. Today, we have LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS (Revenue Generation Agents for the Corporation.)

        • Ever been to Inez?

          • As a matter of fact, I have. Ever been to Hazard?

            • Yup!

              Ever been to Vanceburg? Along the Ohio River? I grew up near there.

      34. And the police have NO CLUE why so many people absolutely hate them.

        • They have no clue because enough of their loved one’s watch too many cop shows on TV, hang around and are influenced by their friends who do the same, and cheer each other on. They are uneducated and stupid and have no sense of reality. Never have and never will. Just because they attended some po-dunk school somewhere and received a bullshit degree doesn’t mean they are truly educated. If they were educated, they would not be in LE. How many cops have degrees in Electrical or Chemical Engineering? When the balloon goes up, their world will come crashing down too and all of them will become targets of opportunity, just like we are targets of opportunity for them now. At this point there’s no turning back so it’s just a matter of time. Personally, I have no patience, respect or sympathy for any of them and when I see them whimpering and squealing into the mikes and cameras when one of their own gets taken down it makes me want to puke.

          • When they all go to the funeral, who is “protecting” us? The people and equipment tied up for the funeral is staggering.

      35. Ah, must be LAPD.

        Wanna shit all over Dorner now?

      36. Welcome to the police state, coming to anytown USA. Illegal entries like this, no nock warrants, random DHS and Border Patrol checkpoints (VIPER program), defacto martial law in Boston after the bombings will become the norm. Police responses these days increasing involve SWAT level of force, armored vehicles etc. I agree that we need to find a way to stop stuff like this, but shooting at cops coming into your house (even if they do it illegally), will only get you killed. More than you can handle will come, and if you don’t surrender, or they can’t get you or wait you out, they will just burn your house down around you. Its a no win. No one will care that they entered without a warrant. All they will care about is you shot LEOs. For now, doing what these folks and others have done…recording, etc. and using the legal system is the way. Hit them in the wallet, make examples of them. After that strike of the match, when the SHTF, well that is another story. The rules will be made up on the spot, as the situation dictates. Hopefully it never comes to that.

      37. Infidels-r-us says.
        I know how you feel.

        Y’all Beware! Take care.

      38. Looks like a fine law suit to me and I hate any sort of involvement with the courts, these guys are about to reap what they have sown, lets hope they get whats comming. Now about these goons how about we start treating them the way they do in Spain. Any cop or security guard overstepping their bounds is ostricized from society, no groceries, no gas, no newspaper, no local bank, no babysitter, no nothing is what the people end up doing to these bullys. They cant sell their houses they cant get the car repaired they cant get the kids into classes and on and on they soon figure out hey I have to live here too and being a fucking nazi is not helping. Publish the names of these guys and get the word out that if you do business with any of them then your business is next. Enough cops get the cold shoulder from enough folks they will figure it out. I wouldnt want to suggest anything illegal just uncomfortable and unmistakable. Prolly wouldnt work in a big city but it would damn sure work in my neck o the woods. If you guys go the the woodpile report there are some very interesting photos of nazi guards on the day the camps where liberated, its quite a thing retribution and revenge and the best thing about the photos is that non of the guards looked shocked or surprised, they knew they deserved the bullet and the beating. Wonder if thoughts ever arise in these young cops heads, “maybe this will have consequences?”

        • All contact information for the pigs should be made public.

      39. @ braveheart. I so much know the way you feel about what is going on. I became so irritated what happen in the Boston area and how people just accepted “law enforcement” acting like SS stormtroopers that I sat down and really started to try to fully understand the Constitution through a legal point of view. I am hardly even close to a Constitutional lawyer, but I do grasp the important meanings of it as it applies to the people. The more I read, the more I saw how those that want to control the U.S. and destroy freedoms see the Constitution as a massive rock wall to obtain their objectives of conquest of the population.

        I truly became more and more in awe how people that lived over 200 years could have come up with a piece of laws that protects people virtually forever against government tyranny. I really started to dislike those imbeciles that want to trash parts or all of the Constitution, even more so. We learned about the Constiution in political science classes in college, but never really grasped the true value of it. Back then people truly were not interested in changing it, just happy that it was there for them to ensure their freedoms.

        Now the masses want to get rid of this bedrock of freedoms and replace it with something that would allow the government all sorts of ways to enslave the people that much easier. It is so depressing that I decided to go at this the very best I could to show people that they need to appreciate those freedoms and rethink even contemplating doing anything to the Constitution. The attack on the 2nd. Amendment is beyond horrible, but many others rights are also attack assault. I hope you like what I sent Mac, it is total pro freedom and pro Bill of Rights, ALL of them.

        • Evening BI,

          I recently had a convesation with a ‘nephew’ of mine that I will here relate…those here MAY find it ‘Illumunating’…

          At a recent family gathering my nephew – who we will hereafter call ‘Jim’ – who has just become a Police Officer in a large suburb of a major mid-western metroploitan area, happily informed those attending that he was FULLY in favor of out-lawing all assault type weapons from the use of the General Public…
          NEEDLESS to say ‘animated discussion’ FOLLOWED FORTHWITH.

          Requiring my ‘nephew’ to step out the front door of the residence, ‘away from delicate ears’ I began. Jim, you ARE AWARE that YOU SELECTED to be a Police Officer, Yes? As such then conider WHAT that might mean in other context…

          Does a person entering the Miltary have a mandate to REQUIRE the Enemy or adverasry to disarm themselves? Clearly NOT. In entering the Military one KNOWS what the situation is and ENTERS in SPITE of that…accepting the risk inherent as a SOMPLE consequnce of the ‘profession’ … SON..are you WITH ME SO FAR?

          “Umm, Yes Sir…”

          “Very Well…Do Fireman get to use LEGISLATION to OUTLAW fire from BURNING THEM?”

          “ I suppose not….”

          “Good, I SEE that we are making PROGRESS here…The RISK one accepts to ACT as an Officer of the Law ARE INHERENT to the circumstance…wouldn’t you say?”

          “…Yeah…I Guess so…maybe…”

          “GOOD, then we can take this down FURTHER RATIONAL paths. EVERY person makes decisions in life…and it is the NATURE of those decisions to accept or reject the conditions which are associated with those decisions ..but one doe NOT get ‘to have thier CAKE and EAT it too’ Son. THAT is tha way of things in the REAL WORLD…Further, the Founders did NOT include the 2nd Amendament to the Constitution just so that People could go and enjoy ‘Dove Hunting’ or ‘Sport Shooting’..they included IT so that what they had come from…the ‘Old World’, wherein no one BUT ‘Nobility’ had EVEN the right to defend themselves, let ALONE the MEANS to do so…WOULD ever happen again…HERE.”

          Naturally, the conversation did go on a bit further than is detailed above….but the thing I took from ‘Jim’s’ assertion was this…by the manner in which it came forth, the actual verbage when he spoke it out and his body posture in the moment when he spoke it…it was like a little kid who had just STOLEN a 10 cent candy in a candy store and when caught DOESN’T want to give it back…even KNOWING that it IS wrong….

          THAT ‘LIT ME UP’ on too many levels to easily count! THAT was what prompted me to ‘take my nephew to task..instanter! The generation, today, that I see ACTUALLY seem to beleive THAT they are SOMEHOW “ENTITLED” to an ACTUAL reality that is simply put, “Of thier CHOOSING”..That if the COLOR of the SKY is NOT to thier liking…well, then it SHOULD JUST Change! ….because THEY WANT it to! The schism between the rational thought of earlier generations and the ‘thought’ of THIS one is, frankly, an APPALLING, VAST GAP….I am no longer SURE that what ‘is, now’ has a rectification…at all.

          The implicit departure from ‘rationality’ which seems to be on-going in the minds of our Children today is simply, beyond belief. I in no wise, in the foregoing ‘amplified’ any portion thereof…no hyperbole, no exaggeration…this shit actually happened…as decribed.

          The GAP between US and THEM grows by the day…. worse, what happens when we are no longer there to EXPLAIN it to them, and the day comes when one (or more of those) are confronted with a situation which IS outside of thier ‘preferences’…willl they just tell it to behave…will they use ‘harsh language on it”? I really don’t know any more…I do KNOW that what I see – broadly – is simply a ‘disconnect’ from reality in them whose eventual terminus will be REALLY bad…for them…and us as well.

          Well, that about sums it up for tonight…it’s NOT getting better People…it’s GETTING worse…look around, WHEN will WE act?…think about it.


      40. … and this is why you own a AK-47 , 10 – 30 round mags and steel core bullets .



        • I am surprised to see no bullets were fired at them, for the illegal entry.
          NO Warrant

          Two words
          Pump Action!!!

      41. So alot of folks THINK that all the LEOs will run home to protect their own when things fall apart? You know what THOUGHT does for you? THOUGHT is when you THINK you’re going to fart and end up shittin’ yourself. THATS!….what THOUGHT will do for ya.

      42. Molon Labe!

        Standing by in the heartland,


      43. yet another illegal procedure and violation of an individual’s right to privacy by the jack-booted gestapo-thugs empowered in their own minds by weaponry and a shiney badge…

        on a brighter note: i just finished converting my 2 BR’s to accept removable, “high-capacity” magazines… one is scoped, the other will be by the week’s end… next step: zero the scopes for 100 yds… maybe for 20 ft would be more useful..???

        pray for the best while prepping for the worst

      44. Act 1: Sounds of cops breaking down door. Shattering glass and screaming sounds.
        Act 2: Cops yelling at homeowners, Vere are the states children comrade?
        Act 3: Homeowner tazed, video confiscated and lost in the evidence room.
        Act 4: Homeowner moves to a more secure locatation away from nosey neighbors and can now pee in the front yard and no neighbors close enough to see.

      45. We have been brainwashed since kids that a uniformed man is some type of “hero”. No man is better than another. Uniformed power comes from one place…the “state”. Their sole purpose is to serve the state powers. I chuckle when I hear uniforms saying “But I am an Oathkeeper.” What is this to an LEO? Some kind of little club with secret handshakes and special signs? lol. If Oathkeeper law enforcement would look at the unconstitutional “laws” they enforce they would see they are not being true to the Constitution and would quit the same day. Uniforms and suits speak only to state power. The only Constitutional peace officer should be a duly elected Sheriff…and I’m not even sure that they wouldn’t be corrupted by the state.

      46. And some people say they think they will be on our side when The Shit Hits The Fan.. i say this is how all cops will act and how they will try to justify it..

        keep allowing this to happen without leveling charges directly at the person or persons involved and nothing will change, we and these people will probably try to sue, but they will and many have sued themselfs and us from the acts of these jackbooted cops..Immunity from civil suit for these officers of the “law” need to be on the list of who can get sued for stupidity and breaking the laws of this country, or this will never change

        the ball needs to get rolling on this, NOW!

        • when you sue the government entity you are sueing yourself and your fellow man..( tax payers)

          start suits on the individuals that stomp on your rights, and heads…and watch this card game fold

          • Nice thought, but law enforcement have immunity. You can’t sue them.

      47. This is flat out scary. Not sure what I would do in this situation…

      48. And what if the husband had been beating her ass? And tells them to go away, and they say ok, bye then. I grew up in a home where that went on constantly and every time my step dad did that stuff, someone would call the cops and then he would talk his way out of it by threatening his rights were violated and he would support, every time I would be so angry that he wasn’t in jail. One time he chokes her and they can’t see the marks so they left, and as soon as they leave he chases us all out of the back door with a sword threatening to kill us. What the hell do you expect them to do? What is the problem with opening g the door and saying, nope just an argument no problem, he’s just being difficult. Now the cop that kicks in the door and shoots the family pet is the kinda hung we should me pissed about. I they we to hard on cops sometimes that job is tough and their is more good that bad.

        • @efunk:

          …shoulda kilt your step dad….or at least lit him on fire.


          ..I can see fire and I can see rain….James Taylor.


        • We expect the abused to take the opportunity of having cops at the door to speak up. I expect an abused wife to take the fact she knows where the abuser sleeps and end that shit right quick. Where is personal responsibility?

          Why is it you feel I need to open my door when some fucking armed strangers come knocking? Does the uniform and piece of tin on their chest so unman you?

          Simply because you desire to never grow up and have your issues dealt with by papa stalin should not mean I have to bow down along with you.

        • 1. Learn to spell.

          2. Don’t excuse yet more police-state tactics against all of us merely because your stepfather was a violent creep. Not giving up my rights because you lived through a violent home environment.

      49. So the police come to the door because of a DOMESTIC ABUSE call by the NEIGHBOR – and the police end up hurting the woman?? As well as the husband? Who is the abuser now? What a crock. Also, someone needs to talk to that neighbor to see what the heck these people were doing to warrant this phone call. I’d be interested in hearing about THAT. If the children were being threatened, perhaps the neighbors were worried about that…otherwise…what the heck?

        • Perhaps the busybody neighbor needs to be sued, as well, if they made accusations or speculation about the homeowner knowing they were false or with reckless disregard for whether they were false.

          • I’d hate to be that neighbor, if these people find out who it was.

            • @ BOBO B……Are you kidding !?? This guy sounded like ‘LawnMower Steve’s (look him up on U-Tube)brother!!…..”I KNOW MY RIGHTS!!, I KNOW MY RIGHTS!!!” Sad but FUNNY GUY!!! mm~

      50. One day people will wake up to the fact that the thug pigs entering the home such as above are no more than common criminal claiming “authority” under some made up corporate charter. Two to the chest and one to the head. Then BBQ if you can stand the stench.

      51. Late 70s Hippie, go have a drink yourself to help ease the pain of being mistaken about me and go f#$% yourself.

      52. Eisen, if you really believe as we do, then go put your money where your mouth is. The day when you’ll have to do something is coming sooner than anyone realizes. When it finally comes, a lot of us “old people” WILL STAND UP AND FIGHT! We’re going to shock the hell out of you, IF you’re still alive at that time. So you either stop talking trash about the good people here or take your ass to another site. I’ve had my fill of your insults and other BS. braveheart


        • @ Braveheart…….Right ON !! Maybe he would feel ‘More at Home’on th ‘PEE-WEE HERMON ‘ SITE!!…mm~

      53. Gregory D Dean Jr., 31, of Hopewell Junction, was pulled over on Sunday evening in New Lebanon because the vehicle’s license-plate lamp was not working. Troopers found Dean with a legally registered pistol with a magazine that contained nine bullets, two more than the recently passed “SAFE Act” allows. Police charged Dean with unlawful possession of certain ammunition feeding devices, third-degree aggravated unlicensed operation and other vehicle infractions.

        One day — and it will be sooner rather than later — the New York State Jackboots, er, ah, “Police” are going to completely squander whatever “legitimacy” they have in the eyes of the previously-law-abiding armed citizenry. When that happens, they’re going to wish they hadn’t gone down this tyrannical road.

      54. Practical problem though…

        Let’s suppose you are “tactically squared away” (whatever that might mean for you individually), and you have the means to defend against the sort of intrusion in that video.

        Regardless of the truth, if you’re actions result in the death of an LEO, and you are not already in custody, you are not long for this world. Dorner comes to mind…

        Maybe you’ll dispense a spoonful of justice, die as a martyr. Problem is only you, a hostile witnesses or two and God will know the truth. The media will portray you as an insane terrorist, or worse.

        Sorry for the cynicism, but you’d die for nothing in that case.

        • It sounds like you are saying my individual rights are “nothing”.

          “All men die, not all men truly live”.

        • But the pigs will know the truth and worry whether the next door kick-in will be their time.

      55. Will the judicial system hold such cops accountable?

        • No. Our judicial system is a vile cesspool of evil and corruption.

      56. On a domestic disturbance call, police are authorized to make forced entry under probable cause. Tip: Resolve your differences without yelling or gunshots. I really hate the type of people that the police force attracts these days, but this looks like a set up.

      57. Here are some lessons that the rest of us can learn from this incident:

        – Don’t attract undue attention to your house by “yelling it out” with your significant other.

        – Don’t offer up any info or answer the police’s questions (the man told the cops he has two children, so the police used the children’s welfare as an excuse to break in).

        – Tone down the vitriol – it only makes the cops more likely to do the worst (“Because we don’t live in a police state, sir…” etc.).

        • All they had was a phone call from somebody at another location. Are such tips now probable cause?

      58. The “authorities” violate this……….and that…………and this……….and that………AND ALL YOU PEOPLE DO IS TALK……TALK…………TALK……..NO ACTION, JUST TALK.

      59. Damn some Kool Aid drinking libtards here today !
        If police get a call about domestic violence they are required to enter into the house to verify no one is being killed…It sucks yes, but do you realise that if cops showed up and didn’t enter, then a person was killed the department would be sued and cops on trial…damn people fukn think for yourselves a bit. Stop jumping on this stupid bandwagon video here…all the guy had to do is let them verify no one was hurt and all would have ended fine I’m sure…I consider myself a Patriot and defender of our rights..but some laws are actually good meatheads. I know first hand this has happened to me with crazy ass ex wife and her BS claims of was the cops reports when entering that proved my innocense ..sorry about typos’ and mispelled words..i’m tired, deal with it. Seriously some of you are unlogical and stupud…I don’t think the cops really wanted to enter, but the Fed law says they MUST…don’t want cops in your house..simple don’t smack your wife and wives don’t make bogus claims of abuse…case closed..

        • If they were required to enter the house, they would have said so.

        • Re: Reality Check
          lets do a run down on your response,
          1)do you realize that if cops showed up and didn’t enter, then a person was killed the department would be sued and cops on trial. It is SETTLED LAW [i will not do your Google search “great reading btw would make your blood boil”] the POLICE do not have to protect you or your [ex]wife nor even stop a crime in progress that they are witnessing! [although morally they would be required too, legally they are not!]
          2)all the guy had to do is let them verify no one was hurt and all would have ended fine I’m sure This premise falls flat on its face, your rights under the 4th amendment do not need to be verified by a LEO period.
          3)I don’t think the cops really wanted to enter, but the Fed law says they MUST. Have you ever been given a warning [verbal or written] ticket? the law says they MUST write that ticket, right? whats the difference? it’s called officer discretion! And they should have used it here and not turn into the bullies they have become.
          4)don’t want cops in your house..simple don’t smack your wife and wives don’t make bogus claims of abuse. Can you say victim of SWATTING

          And finally you claim to be a patriot but your flaming ad hominems [read “cursing”] just show your lack of understanding of the law and your respect of those posting here. maybe as you stated you are tired and in need of sleep? well you should have done that before posting here, better for people to “think” your a fool than to post here and “prove” it!

          Just saying
          Rooster Out

      60. So, what is the federal law that empowers police to kick their way into an abode and immediately taser the home occupants?. Someone has suggested that since children lived at the address, all constitutional provisions of the Bill of Rights are of no force or effect, despite the non-waiver of any of his rights by the man occupying the premises.
        If this is so, educate me.

      61. The boot lickers who think police have a right to terrorize couples once domestic violence have been alleged don’t understand that with equal rights come equal responsibilities.

        Domestic violence laws are largely unconstitutional, and were written under the premise that women are entitled to extra protection as well as equal rights. With the “extra protection” comes major loss of women’s constitutional rights. Figure this out girls: do you want rights or do you want protection? A person fit to enjoy rights is one who accepts that with rights come responsibilities. House pets need protection. Are you nothing but a house pet? Get up on your hind legs and take charge of your life.

        If women want to retain our Constitutional rights, then we must reject the “domestic violence” paradigm currently in place. This paradigm, which mandates women’s rights be trampled as soon as domestic violence is alleged, is a grave danger to every woman in the U.S.

        Ladies, do not cooperate with “domestic violence” investigations. If you have a problem with your significant other that you can’t resolve, then leave him. Keep the police out of your home, protecting the rights of you, your husband, your children and all others in your home. You have been granted Constitutional rights, and with those rights comes the responsibility to take responsibility for your own safety and that of the people you love.

      62. Continually allowing these things to happen without consequences in real time is self-defeating.

        When the government commits criminal violence, it is the right of the victim to resist with force, and with lethal force to resist lethal force.

        Time after time after time police terrorize and brutalize people without legal justification, but the system’s presumption is always on the side of the police, and it takes forever to get any redress, if one can get redress AT ALL.

        Time for this crap to stop, people. Only way it will is if we brutalize back while PD is actinjg in flagrante.

      63. As an officer, I am appalled at what I see on this video. If I had deployed the taser, without provocation like this officer did, I’d be jammed by IA within a day. If I had broken into a home, on what we would call an “unfounded complaint” (which this obviously was), I’d be jammed by IA within a day and most likely prosecuted. On another note, we’ve been receiving military and para military training for more than 5 years now, and it’s clear to the rank and file, we’re being prepared for something other than “routine” police work. We continue to take the feds money and training, what they don’t know is that most of us plan to use what they teach us and gear they provide to us to protect ourselves from them when the SHTF.

      64. How about someone posting the names of these officers??

      65. I witnessed a similar incident in Imperial Beach, California. A call was made by a neighbor when a disabled individual made noise. The officer that responded knew the person was disabled, and had never been a threat to himself or others. He observed the individual take his medication, but decided to take him in for a 50/51 eval anyway. His parents advised that he would be safe, and the officers had no authorization to enter their home. In the mean time, the individual left and went for a walk to the beach to permit his meds to take effect. Officers forced their way in and searched for the person. The later found him peacefully walking home. 2 officers came up behind him, and suddenly tackled him to the ground. A third officer ran over and assisted with immobilizing him. His head, arms and legs were all firmly held against the ground. A 4th officer then knelled on his back and began a ground and pound mulch-punch to his face.

        When witnessed objected that the force was unreasonable, this officer stated that he was trained to use such force until they felt the person would learn to obey their commands. [With disabled, it is a processing issue, and with recent high publicity cases, I don’t believe we should train mentally disabled that violence is the way to get what they want.- unless the goal is more mass-shootings]

        A complaint to Internal Affairs received a reply that the conduct alleged is consistent with the policy of the Department. [undermined that the Penal Code limits the use of force to those suspected of crime, and then only in limited circumstances – IA cited case law that was pre Penal Code limitations law to curb police violence]. They also ignored the H&S Code requirement of listening to the family and care providers in making a 50/51 determination; and limitations on show of police presence].

        The hospital called the parents within 1 hour indicating that they found the person not to be a danger and were under the impression that the officers were the ones that were violent. So, the 72 hour hold placed by the abusive officer was removed within 1 hour and he returned home.

        Anyway, the matter, as well as police policy of use of physical violence to train people to obey them, is being reviewed by a Citizen Watch Group in our county. Luckily, some of the incident was video recorded and four neighbors have come forward offering to testify against the officers.

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