Shock: Man Who Called 911 To Report Walmart Threat To Be Charged After POLICE Shoot and Kill Suspect

by | Apr 7, 2016 | Headline News | 125 comments

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    “See Something, Say Something.” That’s the motto of the Department of Homeland Security. If you see suspicious activity or believe there is a danger to the general public you’re supposed to call police.

    When Ronald Ritchie saw what he believed to be a man wielding a gun at an Ohio Walmart that’s exactly what he did. There’s no way Ritchie could have known the gun John Crawford was playing around with was a BB-gun.

    Raw footage of the incident shows Crawford walking around the store with the BB-gun shortly before being shot by police. At the time, Ritchie, who had no idea the man was playing with a BB-gun, called law enforcement, like any concerned citizen would have:

    The witness who phoned police, ex-marine Ronald Ritchie, reportedly told 9-1-1 he saw Crawford “walking around with a gun in the store,” and that he was “loading it right now,” and pointing it at customers and children.

    He “was just waving it at children and people. Items…. I couldn’t hear anything that he was saying. I’m thinking that he is either going to rob the place or he’s there to shoot somebody else,” Ritchie said.

    Now Ritchie, not the police officer who shot and killed Crawford, is facing charges of making a false alarm, which could land him in prison for six months:

    Fairborn Municipal Court Judge Beth Root ruled that probable cause exists to prosecute the 911 caller in the John Crawford III police-involved fatal shooting after reviewing affidavits submitted by Greene County residents.

    Root found probable cause that Ronald T. Ritchie, the lone person to call 911 from Beavercreek’s Walmart before shots were fired Aug. 5, 2014, could be prosecuted for making false alarms, a first-degree misdemeanor punishable by maximums of six months in jail and a $1,000 fine.

    There is uncertainty as to what legal steps may happen next, but Root wrote that the case should be referred to a prosecutor.

    But even the attorney for the family of John Crawford can’t make any sense of it, arguing that Ritchie simply called the police and had nothing to do with the shooting:

    Attorney Michael Wright, who represents the Crawford family in their civil suit against Beavercreek police and Walmart, said Wednesday evening that, “based on the video we do know that he was making assertions that were not correct. However, it wasn’t his fault that John Crawford is dead.”

    Apparently, this is what happens when you say something in the hopes of keeping the public safe.

    Raw Footage:

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        • I wasn’t aware that he was a banker…

      1. The only reason they arrest him was because he is WHITE and the turd that was shot was black. They are afraid of riots over this and they are looking for scape goat.

        This is B.S. I hope he beats their asses in court and SUES!!!! I’ll bet won’t get very much see something say something.

        • You must be full of stupid. John Crawford as 22, walked into a Walmart, picked up a bb-gun off the open shelf and was just walking through the store. No video can be seen of him doing ANY f the things this asshat reported to 911. The fact is this idiot that called 911 most likely had a hardon for young black kids because it would seem he fabricate the entire story of Crawfords supposed actions, no other witness testimony backs up what he saw either.

          That call was the catalyst for the murdering cop to show up and execute Crawford for dong absolutely nothing: NOTHING.

          You need to go back and think about the oath you took Sgt.

          • A local police officer was recently acquitted of murder for shooting an unarmed man. She had tased him and when he went down to the ground she kept telling him to show her is hands. While she was screaming these orders at him she kept tazing him, so I’m not sure if he can pull his hands out or not, then she just shot him. She fired two bullets into him and he died. When this man was on the ground, he was on his stomach facing away from her, meaning his feet was closest to her. She was acquitted because she said that she had feared for her life and that she thought he MIGHT have a gun. She was actually acquitted of this crime by a jury, but after watching that video I just don’t understand how they came to that decision. A lot of police are simply on a huge power trip and I think many of them just want to shoot somebody. Donald Trump says the police are the most mistreated people in this country. That statement terrifies me.

            • The moral of the story is:

              When a cop is telling you to show your hands, you better do it, even if your body is frozen because of the taser.

              • The moral of the story is don’t have women cops.

                Panic ass.

                Oh noes he might has a gun.

                Guess what you’re a cop you’re job description is to take one for the team in ambiguous circumstances.

                • “ex-marine” Ronald Ritchie is clearly responsible for making a false report. The guy with the BB gun was clearly no threat to anyone. “ex-marine” Ronald Ritchie needs some serious prison time.

                  The cop is guilty of murder. She shot the guy on sight.

                  • agreed

                  • Perhaps the same treatment should be imposed on the media editors/bosses. They incite the most!

            • This one time, I knew this black guy, he was killed by a cop, but he raped 3 kids, then charged the cop with a knife, what does that have to do with this article?? NOTHING and neither does your dumb statement. People like you who believe everything you see on the internet is what terrifies me.

              • It was the next town over from where I live, and it was on the news for the better part of 2 years.
                So Johnny Buttboy, get your facts straight before you come in here and make a fool of yourself. I’m bettin that you’re a cop, or a wanna be that works a minimum wage security guard job and drives around a 1988 crown vic waitin for your chance that maybe the police academy will accept you. Oh wait, my bad. You’re a Trump supporter that thinks he’s gonna “fix” it all. Well guess what Johnny Wadswallow? It doesn’t matter who gets Selected, it’s not gonna stop what’s comin. So, get your 72 IQ ass educated by shutting up and listening. This is all by design. Dipshit.

                • I guess I’m dense. What is coming?

            • Jacknife ~ In what city/State did this occur? Can you give us the name(s) of the officer and/or the victim?

              I’d like to look this up. I’ve collecting stories of police misconduct, and suggest that others do the same. It might come in handy in the future if you need to prove a need to protect yourself against kill-crazy cops.

          • A cop used to not be able to use the “I was afraid for my life” excuse unless there was a visible weapon and it was pointed at the police officer. Of course if you put a cop in jail, a revenue agent is lost.

          • Troll the clown

            Read my post further down.

            I don’t know the motivation. Some people I know just like to make things bigger than they are. I worked with the type on occasion and would say, “Do you know are are you assuming”? Then again it may be more nefarious. Regardless it was a false statement that fueled this.

            Yes the officer was at fault. If the officer wasn’t, then every person buying a toy, or BB gun at the place of purchase, can be justifiably killed by law enforcement. If a concealed carry permit holder did the same would they be held accountable?

            As Joe Friday said in the 1960s series Dragnet, “Just the facts Mam”.

            • I miss the good ole days when a cop pistol whipping a suspect was considered the marianda rights.

              • The “good old days” weren’t so good.

          • Trollio the clown, your moniker is perfect. YOU’RE the one who is full of stupid. How the hell was the cop supposed to know ahead of time what he was really facing. He couldn’t know for sure until he saw something with his own eyes. The kid shouldn’t have been playing around with the gun in the store. No one else knew for sure what the kid had in mind. Yeah, it’s a shame someone had to die, but what if that BB gun had been real and the kid really intended to shoot someone? Think about that, IF you know how.

            • Braveheart1776

              You can’t prudently justify this shooting. One call, no subsequent calls in such a large area with so many people. Red Flag. It took minuets to get there so there was time to think. The problem is they are trained to attack.

              You can’t unleash that kind of firepower haphazardly.

              • How many calls do the police need before they can react?

                One isn’t enough?

                • When you get only one in a place that there should be several your antenna should go up. When you pull up and there are no panicked people its alarm number two. Your going to the toy department, toy gun? Alarm number three.

                  You access the situation before you pull the trigger. The red tip on the end of the toy, if true, brings this from tragedy to gross negligence, manslaughter.

              • Completely agree with you Kevin2. The kid picked the BB gun off of the shelf where ANYONE else could have gotten it. The Police officer doing the shooting AND that Wal-Mart employee should BOTH be up on charges for being STIPID if nothing else. That young man did NOTHING that was in any way threatening. Is the the Shoot First and ask questions later mode of “law” enforcement? One can speculate all day long about what if the gun had been real. Well, it wasn’t and now a young man is dead. Somebody needs to be accountable.

            • it’s your mentality that is wrong. think about what you wrote.

          • I live in this town. IF Crawford had left the gun in the box, or IF he had a shopping cart he would still be walking around. Who in this country, in this day and age, walks around a store carrying a rifle as carelessly as Crawford clearly was doing? Idiotic thing to do!

            • Sure he was being stupid, but it was still cops fault. Period. You pie the corner and tell the person who you are and to drop the weapon. You don’t just start pulling the trigger.

          • i remember this story back when it happened, and i said then “the guy that made that call should be SHOT.”..let this be a lesson to y’all….see sumthin’, do NUTHIN’!…oh, and maybe the COP should be shot too….a twofer!

          • Trollio, you are the one full of stupid. The guy might be a moron for calling the police, but it was the cop who shot him. Cop was the trained professional and should have commanded the guy to put down the gun. I’m pretty sure he would have, unless he was on some kind drug that makes you stupid, like the ones you use.

        • The customer, the caller, and the cops- all assholes.
          Customer for being an adult playing around with a (toy) GUN in a store, he knew he was looking sketchy.
          Caller for placing an “I’ll show this nigger” call and embellishing the non-threat with LIES (“He’s loading it… pointing it at children… gonna rob… gonna shoot… etc…)
          Cops for shooting a man without properly assesing the threat. Cops ge bullshit one-sided calls regularly. They only got one call from the store. The customer did not point it at them. Etc Etc Etc

          Dickheads & Assholes running amok in Walmart- nothing new here.

          • Rocky

            I been posting about this subject several times.

            You summed it up.


            • i agree kevin, rocky’s post was well written and insightful.

        • Sht dale, if that was true, they would have charged him way back when this happened almost two years ago. White bread suburbia Ohio was never in danger of race riots LOL.
          This is about a panic filled phone call, not skin color.

          Ps, why would you want him to sue? His “award” would be my tax money. No skin off Beavercreeks nose….

          • Let’s play a game, I’ll have a gun, you won’t know if it’s real or fake, you have a gun, but you can’t shoot until I’ve pointed mine at you ok? You good with that? Now I’ll stand in the middle of a store with this gun, oh yeah, you’re also responsible for all the people in the store, if anyone dies you lose, if the gun is fake or a BB gun, you lose. If I shoot you, you lose. This a game you want to play? Action is always quicker then reaction. Playing with a realistic gun in the middle of a Walmart is not normal behavior, especially with the information the cops were given, he’s pointing it at people, pointing it at kids, he’s loading it….everything about this would lead a reasonable person to believe that lives were in danger, it’s definitely a tragedy that this guy died, no question, but it was his actions that led to his death, however harsh, it’s the truth. I don’t blame the guy for calling, he saw what he believed to be a threat and reported it, I seriously doubt he knew it was a BB gun when he called, if he had then sure, he should be charged, but I don’t think that is the case.

            • you seem to be like most of the public, scared of everything, and have excuses to validate your fears. it was a BB gun, end of story. the professionals had nothing to fear except their own thoughts, like yours. think about it.

        • Sgt Dale your a stupid fuck.
          You don’t shoot people who are non threatening no matter their color. You don’t shoot people with toy guns, water guns, fingers held in the shape of a gun, a pop-tart being hand held, that was partially eaten into the shape of a gun. And so because you choose to call consumers/people you don’t know turds, I choose to call you a “stupid fuck.” Problem is I KNOW your one.

        • Sarge, I remember this article all too well. Remember the flak I caught for standing up for the cop that shot the kid?That was back when we had the thumbs. The trolls really barbequed me that time but I still came back.

        • When I was a kid we would play army with our BB guns and shot each other in the legs only. I guess I’m lucky to be alive?

        • The brave cop shoots a kid with a BB gun ? How does that happen ? Do these officers not know the difference between there own kids BB gun and a real gun? Does your kid have a BB gun? You are a brave man?

      2. Why ?

      3. Makes you not even wanna go to Wallyworld anymore.

        • Used to be the only thing you saw at Walmart was incredibly obese black women in skin tight shorts.

          • That made me think of the song Skin Tight by the Ohio Players.

        • What happened to the days when we had brave cops. That would rather take a bullet . Then kill an unarmed man ? Are they all such cowards? With vests and back up? You have a knife so I shot you ten times? They can’t shot them in the leg? Who hasent been young and stupid? Are they not enforsing blatantly unconstitutional laws?where do we draw the line?who are these people? Are they vets. Programmed to shot any military age male? In the old west you shot an unarmed man or a man in the back it was murder . And you got hanged.

      4. Well, let me see. There is absolutely no way it is a cops fault so who does that leave?

        • It look like a threat, wall-mart always leave such products back in their boxes and not open and carry like that .. So must be Wal-Mart fault

          • The little fucker had no Gun Education but sure as hell got some.

            Walking around the store. Then spots the rifle. “Man, I’m going to snatch that up”. He walks around the store and what would people think. You can hurt people with that weapon. It is not a TOY. Should that child have known if you do not have the money to pay for it, to leave it alone. Gangster Boy has friends with real guns and he wanted to get “The Feel” of one.

            How’s he feeling now.

            • Yes sir, that’s some brilliant thinking there all right. Let’s make it ok for cops to shoot anyone they like anytime they like based of hysterical ” perceived” threats. Jesus country Christ, aren’t we just a day removed from the hysterical article about the pedophile priest cruising for altar boys on campus being allegedly mistaken for a kkk member? I guess it’s not hysteria when you agree with the outcome, is it?

              • I tired of people wanting to be safe and then having to put up with excuses.

                Smart people do not do things that bring the attention of police and have them draw down on you. So if you condone this type of behavior, (spinning the weapon in the store, whether loaded or unloaded) then you may get shot by an idiot.

                The country needs an enema.

                Long time ago I said their would be people who would turn YOU in for the actions that saved THEIR ass. I rest my case to the Jesus Country Christ anon.

                • Remember what you say here today because tomorrow YOU may be the ” idiot” who gets shot and killed by a cop who ” thinks” you may be a perceived threat to him. Remember to tell them it’s ” OK” with you because they’re just ” doing their job” and who knows, maybe somebody thought you were dangerous for saying something that someone overheard and decided to call the cops because you may go all looney and start hurting someone. So, by all means lick the boot of your oppressors, maybe they’ll ” go easy on you”.

                  • You must have a bad run in with the police. Yes there are dicks in the police force and you can tell right off which ones they are. Have associated with DEA, State and local police. All hunters. No Problems. Had a few traffic stops, no problems. All the shit said here at SHTF they should have been at my door years ago.
                    For what ever reason you just hate police.

                    I dislike what some do and know what they can do to me.

                    What are you going to do when it gets really bad?

        • Well, obviously it is a simple case of workplace violence.

      5. hmmm

        Unarmed Man Shot At By NYPD Has Been Charged With Assault Because Bullets Hit Bystanders

        h ttp://

        New York’s finest ???
        can you say civilian massacre ?

        NYPD: 9 shooting bystander victims hit by police gunfire

        h ttp://

        and according to dip shit Police Commissioner Ray Kelly
        “”I believe it was handled well,” Kelly said.”

        that was a “good” example of police work???

        WTF ???

        yeah Ray
        real good work
        see if your guys can take out some babies and a couple of puppies next time

      6. Didn’t you run this story some time ago? Would be great to have an update. How is the second victim (white marine who was only doing what any responsible citizen does when they see a man wielding a gun albeit a rather harmless gun in the direction of children).

        No good deed goes unpunished.

        • You are joking. Right?
          Police are idiots these days. But so are the people who call them. That guy should never have called the cops. Being that he was a former Marine. Im pretty sure he knew the difference between a real rifle and a BB gun. But who knows. If he called anyone it should have been the store manager. Not the cops. If you listened to his calls you would have a much different opinion of him.

          • Ed:
            Since I haven’t listened to his calls, all I can say is “may be”.

            But who here is always perfectly correct. If there were better options doesn’t make him responsible for the overkill of the police. No way should he be charged.

            Though I joke a lot. I was not joking.

            Being a Marine, he would have probably been able to take the gun away from the man. Of course then he would probably have been charged with assault, and been sued by the man, the store, the mothers of traumatized children, and all the traumatized shoppers.

            I am not kidding. May be just a tad of exaggeration and a pinch of sarcasm.

            • If I recall correctly, the caller was in a wheelchair. I dont remember exactly what he said either but the calls made the black kid sound like he was running around the store terrorizing everyone. All the video that was released at the time showed the kid with the rifle on his shoulder or just being carried around by the barrel and yacking on his cell phone.
              The police ran into the isle and shot him dead. This is on video too. But strangely there was no video of the cops shooting .
              The shooting also killed another woman who heard the cops shooting and ran to get out of the way and had a heart attack.

              The cops lied about everything and still the grand jury didnt indite them It was a joke.

              The caller later recanted his statement about what the kid was doing. He deserves to go to jail. He is responsible for the death of 2 people.
              The cops should go to jail too but they probably got promoted.

              • just because he was a marine does not mean they aren’t now rather “out of their minds” (being he’s in a wheelchair he quite likely has PTSD and who knows what other probs)?

          • Agreed. Way back when this story first ran, many of the negative comments were directed at the panicky 911 caller. My opinion hasn’t changed. Guys an idiot.

      7. Damn. The ER I worked at was located in Dayton and I have been to Beavercreek on a number of occasions for cookouts. It is out in the suburbs. Pretty. Boring. Safe. (Or used to be).

        So calling in a 911 report makes this guy liable for a “false alarm?” Or just calling in while white and being a veteran? Of course the guy that said “burn this bitch down” while standing on top of a car outside of Ferguson. What happened? Well parts of the city were burned to the ground. Did that guy go to jail? Not that I have heard.

        Beavercreek is filled with liberals that teach or work at nearby Wright State University, too. So this doesn’t surprise me considering all of the leftists that have infiltrated most US universities.

        • Actually beavercreek leans more right, it’s still full of retired civilian subcontractors for the base.

          Now Xenia and Yellow Springs on the other hand…

          • Oh I can guarantee that Beavercreek runs left. As for Yellow Springs, well that place is full of libtards proud to wear their regalia in public. Yellow Springs is the home of Antioch University another liberal college that fully indoctrinates students that have parents willing to pay for the brainwashing sessions.

        • Philo, that BOY who said ‘burn this bitch down’ in Ferguson NEVER went to jail, was NEVER even given a warning. He was protected by ‘affirmative action and civil rights’.

          • BH: that is what I said, above.

      8. Hmmm. Triggered moderation. No idea why.

      9. The best thing to do if you see a problem like this is to leave your shopping cart and quietly exit the building and go home.

      10. Its beyond time for a little tar and feathering!!!

      11. This country is finished.. No comment.. what in the hell is wrong with the picture…Walmart is not a place that I go to anymore..I hope that every story runs out if business and shuts down.. next thing you know, you might be taken captive in that Store and then they guillotine you and you go into the store and never return back home your family
        So now calling the cops can get your ass sentenced to prison for trying to stop a crime..I don’t dont shop there anymore, phuck Walmart.. all the veges is GMO..grown in the sh…t of third world countries feaces. Then..sold in the produce section..


      12. I have a job at Walmart part time the bb guns look like the real things and I know guns I work in the Virginia doc full time it would be easy to think someone had a real gun.

      13. If the story is true as presented and the 911 caller, in a false statement, “embellished” the report with, “he is loading it now”. The police went in with false information. Were the police ultimately responsible for this shooting? Certainly, their gun, their officer, their responsibility. Was this man culpable? If he told them a falsehood, that he knew was false, regardless if he felt threatened, he certainly bears some responsibility. If he, “assumed” that when the mans back was turned he was loading it then its just poor judgement. He is not a professional. One cannot assume ( make an ass out of you and me) that the first report is A. Accurate or B. The good guy.

        It always pays to tell the truth.

        In the end the officers did not collaborate anything on the way there. They were too quick to shoot. Its a toy department DUH…. it might be a toy.

        • So the next time I see someone with a gun in the toy department I should just ignore the idiot. Hey ISIS you guys can carry guns in toys dept and no one will bother you!

          • anonymous

            This really requires no explanation but for the sake of clarifying what is obvious its a question of probabilities. If toy AK47s are there you first make damn sure its not a toy. The mathematically probability that its a toy, in a persons hand, in a toy store, is substantially high. Conversely, have an adult wave the same look alike at McDonalds and the logical first assumption is, “Danger Will Robinson”.

            You don’t have a carry permit do you?

            • Kevin2:
              When I was a kid we played with a piece of wood my father fashioned for us. It was about an inch by an inch in width and about six inches long. There was one second piece across so you could hold it. Not painted. Just wood. Time to send back to China, these useless plastic toys that cause so much confusion. Imagination is better. And there are wood workers here in the U.S. Who could use the money making wood pistoles and rifles.

              • The coolest toy in the neighborhood was the hand made by a kids father, replica 60s Star Trek Phaser. I don’t care what you brought; he had the phaser. This was about 67-68.

            • Kevin2. The problem in the current world is that you don’t know who is the the one with a real gun. There are kids out in the real world that are shooting each other and the real terrorist use children too. What happen to common sense that u don’t point guns at people unless you are to shoot them. That is the basic of gun safety. Anyway why did that kid take the gun out of the box before paying for it and take it home. By the way I do have a carry permit. Never had the need to use it on anybody because I made damn sure what the situation is before responding. This whole situation started with a person calling 911 based on what he see is a threat to others. He is not at fault. The officers was too quick to respond with force.

        • I think I read somewhere that in the last 4 or 5 years there have been 2 people shot by cops there. Both by the same cop.

      14. To all out there who want to tell me what to do and what is right: YOU CAN KISS MY COUNTRY ASS!!!!!!!!

      15. The man was Swatted. No one should walk in this case.

        • FreeIllinois

          “Nobody right if everybody wrong”.

          The only person that was right in all of this is dead. If you can’t pick up a toy gun in a toy store without being concerned about being killed by police, and justifiably at that then I big sign needs to be placed in the department. MURDER ZONE, you can be shot and killed in this department.

          In all fairness I had a toy .45 auto as a kid in the 60s that functioned like real. It was part of a collection with an M-14 that did the same. Pick that up in the toy department the logical assumption is, “Its a toy”. Wave it around at McDonalds and it doesn’t belong there.

          The victim did nothing wrong. Everyone else did nothing right.

          • I had the same toy gun. I didn’t have the rifle. We played as kids play, the idea of waving it around in public never crossed our minds. Cops will shoot you! I’m from a lower middle class white background and Cops were always the worst and last people you want to deal with.

            • My childhood town was Ozzi & Harriet / Leave It To Beaver.

          • “The victim did nothing wrong. Everyone else did nothing right.”

            in mayberry, sure. but we’re not in mayberry anymore. no mayberry, no barney fife.

      16. See something, say something, go to jail.

        • pretty soon it will be “see something, go to jail”. all part of the plan.

      17. They couldn’t use non-lethal force first? Another senseless killing by cops.

      18. This was murder by cop. There is no evidence that what this murderer said was true. There should be consequences for swatting someone. I’m sure you would all be just as sympathetic if a black guy saw some white gunhumper in a Texas Walmart with a loaded ak47 over his shoulder and fabricated a story to 911 that he was pointing it at children.

      19. Because lawlessness abounds, the love of many will grow cold
        Matthew 24:12

        • that’s the plan.

      20. Some background information:

        Ronald Ritchie was not a marine, he was kicked out of boot camp for assaulting another cadet and never graduated.

        He completely embellished the story and caused another patron at Wal-Mart to have a heart attack after she ran out of the store during the police shooting. Two people are dead because of this clown.

        In a television interview, Ritchie stated that the gun had the red tip on it (signifying it was a toy), yet he called the police anyway.

        He deserves to go to jail.

        • Silent Majority,

          Thanks for the background information on the so called ” hero” Marine. It’s amazing how many badge lickers there are willing to suck anything ” cop”. Hard to say why, maybe some kind of blind obedience to any type of authority figure that was drilled into their heads at an early age to never question authority, believe anything someone wearing a uniform tells you and never, never ask any questions. Just do what you’re told and you will ” probably” be OK.

      21. “the gun had the red tip on it”

        That’s an interesting piece of information. It certainly sheds additional light on the unprofessional response of Law Enforcement in this situation and the ability of them to avoid otherwise normal Juris Prudence.

        On a side note mass shootings without specific motive, since called “Postal’, were at one time extremely rare. The first instance I’m aware of was in Camden NJ in 1949 when Howard Unruh killed 13 people. The next mass killing was Charles Whitman in Texas in the early 60s. I might have missed a few but it was damn few. Neal Knox, father of the NRA ILA, Attorney, Writer, Second Amendment Advocate and a damn good guy wrote, The Knox Report. He wrote one about 25 years ago that tracked these senseless horrific shootings with pending anti gun legislation. I sooner believe conspiracy’s than coincidences.

        • K2

          I have not noticed if BB and Pellet rifles have the red tips. Same for pistols. Now the “real look a like” soft pellet guns do.

          How many know there are soft pellet toy guns. And they are not the same as BB guns.

        • Of course it is all conspiracy. Look at how fast the alleged school shootings and other ‘attacks’ went away after we, the people took the opposite stance on guns. (We went out and bought them out)! lol… So, they are not fooling around anymore. When given the chance, shoot yourself a civilian or several. In 30 days you’ll be transferred out of the country or somewhere they’ll never know you.
          NOTHING happens by chance …not when uncle sam is involved in even the smallest part of it, then he’s responsible for all of it.

      22. “See Something, Say Something.” That’s the motto of the Department of Homeland Security.

        Back in the days of growing up … People who were known to Snitch, Nark, or Tattle Tale – got their ass’s handed to them. We would beat them down to the point, that they wouldn’t think twice about taking that route again in the future.


        Fuck all of this dumb shit!

      23. Toy guns & BB & pellet guns are in packages in the store. You can’t carry one around unless you took it out of it’s package which is not not cool.

      24. We all see the level of corruption at the top. We have been saying something for a long time. Nobody is listening. See something say something is police state BS.

      25. Forget calling the cops. I’d grab my kids and head out the door if I wasn’t sure if the gun was real or not. I don’t participate in snitch programs. I can tell you Walmart will stop selling bb guns if this stuff keeps happening. Probably stop selling ammo too.

        • Gold Star. Asshat

      26. Years ago I went shooting with several friends, on public land. Two of the guys were sons of LEO’s.

        They both made it clear; if you see any police approaching us, drop whatever weapons are in your hands and step away from them.

        Even if you legally posses a firearm, a nervous cop could shoot you. And as annoying as you think this might be, being dead can’t be fixed.

      27. A coward cop will shoot you

      28. We need more brave cops . Not the cowards we have now. If you want to be a cop. You must put your life on the line . If not work at Walmart.

      29. If your worried about finishing your shift to see you you family . Then get a job at Walmart . Cops are suppose to be a special breed . Fearless an loyal .

      30. Mac get your ass out of bed. You have a responsibility. You want to sleep. Sleep fast.

      31. I have already decided, after a long hard think, that if I saw an LEO going for his gun I WOULD outdraw and kill him …and be justified (and it’ll all be on video/audio …if I’m lucky). I DO realize I may be ‘out-drawn’ …but life comes with no warranty.

      32. Retired after over 30 years in law enforcement, I can tell you that the belief that there is an ‘Officer Friendly’ today, is a MYTH! Call the cops at your own peril. The smart ‘Gray Man’ will say nothing, do nothing. Remain invisible. Survive!

      33. I honestly dont think its really the police that are the problem… 99% are good… but as happened today my liberal pansy neighbor called the cops on my kids for practicing with throwing knives at a target in my own back yard. The officer was polite and asked that the kids stopped to keep “the whiner” from calling them weekly over activity at my home.
        Dipshit would freak if he knew i had a reloading set for ammo…

      34. This article is an outright lie. The accuser was in no way innocent–there was plenty of coverage of the fact that the person who called 911 discussed it in detail with the person he was shopping with, did not think the man with the BB gun was an actual threat, and just was acting maliciously. He should be charged with manslaughter, not just making a false report.

      35. Mac Slavo our one stupid mother fucker for playing both sides on this. I seem to remember when this was first shown on here how SHTF too the side of overzealous cops, but now because this FAT Pig Ritchie is being charged now you all OMG OMG Fuck you people.
        I remember too just how see something say something was played out on here as bad NOT good so WTF?
        SO………………..? it’s federal Govt doing what Local Govt didn’t do so now your all OMG. Fuck you. Federal Govt murdered Lavoy just like Local Govt murdered this poor fucker. Two fricking second’s if people would remember Two mother fucking second’s of entering the store and their killing this guy. ANd not your all forgetting the facts that Ritchie basically lied by telling dispatcher Crawford was pointing the BB gun at people and kids and shit, and the very same Video shows at no TIME EVER did he fucking point it at anyone. What we can’t go to wal mart take a BB gun our of the package while shopping and getting ready to pay for it now? WTF is wrong with you fuckers.
        This is so much Bullshit for re-showing this story now as its o;k to murder people for nothing when the first time around your write up was as such to be against murdering people for nothing. wasn’t’ even defending Ritchie the first time around but now your defending the fat bastard Fuck you.
        What is this some kind of Psychological experiment or something? To show just how much you can manipulate peoples opinions? Or somehow show people how much they forget over time? WTF?
        That’s what this seems liek to me when one time you defend Crawford then another time you defend the fat big who had the Guy swatted. It was also brought out how Ritchie is anti gun and that people who are anti gun are going around making up such bogus calls to get people killed. It was also brought out that Ritchie was not an Ex marine, because he didn’t even finish boot camp. Any you other fucks remember that shit? No fuck no you don’t you just go by the headlines and forget what all else was brought out earlier on this story.

        • The original report is referenced within this article.

          You need to seriously chill out a little bit.

          At no point did I insinuate that it is OK to shoot an innocent person. This report is based specifically on the charges being considered for Ritchie and does not in any way exonerate the shooting of John Crawford.

          • No I don’t but seeing people get manipulated by how a story is written especially when those people argued against the cops shooting this guy originally then viola they change when it’s rewritten. You bet I’m going point that out. I’ll jump all over the idea that Ritchie washed out, from some of my other research on the guy holds anti gun opinions. I will point out too that this happened during a time when Swatting people was going on. Swatting is when people for political, or other reasons call the cops on someone in hopes to get them killed, or playing a joke on them because the won you at some game. So no when people aren’t remembering how this already played out, or aren’t even paying attention to what even happened No I will not Chill.

      36. A man called 911 because he “saw” something that to him seemed suspicious. A man picked up a gun and was walking around the store with it. Maybe the store shouldn’t have guns lying around that can then be carried about by customers. It was a concerned citizen who called it in. IT WAS AN ARMED AND TRAINED COP who arrived, assessed the danger, and killed the man with the bb gun. What if the concerned citizen was a lit t let old black lady in a wheel chair? Do you seriously believe they would have arrested her? The concerned citizen made a call. The cop, who was trained to handle this, pull the trigger. It is beyond clear where the faults lie. They lie with a store that places guns out to be carried around and a trained officer who was a bit trigger-happy.

      37. Shock: No not really fat ass Ritchie knew better, so should be charged.

      38. But even the attorney for the family of John Crawford can’t make any sense of it, arguing that Ritchie simply called the police and had nothing to do with the shooting:
        That’s a lie the family at the beginning wanted him held accountable. Seems like I remember reading somewhere that the family were seeking liability against fat ass. I also remember reading somewhere his wife Crawford’s wanted to know just how is it Ritchie’s right there behind hims how can he tell his expression on his face that made it sound like he know he was getting ready to start shooting people.
        Or when you see the video where is it when Crawford is loading this BB gun as Ritchie claims? Or how about threatening people? wheres that……………. oh here it is It didn’t fricking happen Fat ass made it up!
        Fat ass washed out of the marines so takes his wannabee hero crap out on innocent bystanders.

      39. What gets me is the cops that shot that Rice kid who had a BB gun were acquitted because everyone said how realistic the BB gun looked like the real thing, now you have someone call the police and say that someone has a gun in which case a Police Officer who has been trained to deal with these type things shoots the guy and they now arrest the guy that called?? Unfuckingbelieveable !!!! Unless they KNOW that this guy called knowing that the guy wasn’t trully a danger and did it for the purpose of watching something something go down then I’d saw the Government is screwed!!!

      40. SEE something…SAY something…FEEL something…like a steel-toed jack boot going up your arse clean past your testamacles. Go ahead, make that call.

      41. Good! lock that sumbitch up and throw away the key. One less fuckhead communist troublemaker running free in our society.

        There should also be some accountability from LE. If LE wasn’t training to be a hostile military force standing army government gestapo and training take on the American people as if the citizens are enemy combatants this wouldn’t happen as often.

        The officer that murdered the guy looking at a pellet rifle in the pellet rifle isle at walmart should also do some hard time as well as loose credentials forever.

        We don’t need incompetent out of control cops running around in society trying to take on the American public.

      42. See something, say nothing. It’s the only way to be sure.

      43. Ronald Ritchie was expelled from the Marine Corps after seven weeks, because his enlistment was determined to be “fraudulent”.
        Richie says that the debacle was the result of bad paperwork.
        So he lied to the Marine Corps, then made statements that got a young man killed in a Wal-mart. Ritchie was the only caller from Wal-mart.
        Richie defended his 911 call, “Even still, it’s a gun in Wal-mart, in a public place, inducing panic.”
        But Ohio has an open-carry law, meaning that carrying a rifle in public is permissible under the law.
        A 37 year old woman, hearing the gun shots, panicked (like others), and had a heart attack; she died later that night.

        BTW, this happened in August 2014, four days before the Michael Brown “mess”.
        Why is it big news now?

      44. Naw people need to reread the article and read this one too.
        here’s your truth.
        This has sounded from the very beginning like a couple purposefully stirring up trouble because they could, not because they were in any actual fear of an active shooter situation about to break out.

        Ronnie Ritchie was lying to dispatchers where he reported that he thought Crawford was loading bullets into the BB gun, as the magazine was fake.

        Ronnie Ritchie lied about his military service.

        Ronnie Ritchie now admits that he lied when he said Crawford was pointing the BB gun at other shoppers.
        More to it than that but that’s what happened Ritchie admits to lying now!

      45. You cop haters are probably the first ones to call 911 if your neighbors dog is barking or some teenagers are speeding by your home or whatever else. I guess you all keyboard warriors are so damn self sufficient that you truly believe in no need for LEO’s or probably even Laws. I’m sure a bunch here can’t wait for the Anarchy that your sure that’s coming. Let me guess the first thing your going to do is go kill somebody so you can finally use your guns. What bunch of mental midgets. How bout the cops that pull folks out of burning cars or stop assaults in progress or whose mere presence keeps the wolves at bay from killing you. Raping your wife and stealing all your possessions. And I can guarantee you that’s what would happen if there were no brave men and women of law enforcement.

        • FACT…95% of the time cops always show up after the crime has already occurred. Fat good that does for most people. FACT…that blue line is real, cops cover up and lie for their thug brothers. To know of a crime and not say or do something makes you just as guilty as the person who committed it.
          FACT… cops have murdered more citizens every year since, then terrorists since September 11, 2001.
          FACT…if there is a good cop and he speaks out against his rat brothers they hunt that person down like a dog and murder them.

      46. “Apparently, this is what happens when you say something in the hopes of keeping the public safe.”

        that’s the plan. it’s impossible to destroy most nations from the outside, but if you can generate an auto-immune response and turn a nation’s citizens against their own nation they’ll tear it apart for you, while you stand at a distance and laugh.

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