Shock Interview: Welfare Recipient: “I Get to Sit Home… I Get to Smoke Weed… We Still Gonna Get Paid”

by | Nov 20, 2013 | Headline News | 413 comments

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    While millions of Americans spend half their lives or more toiling for a paycheck, millions more are sitting on the sidelines waiting for the government to issue them their next monthly distribution.

    You’d think that emergency funds or government subsidization through programs like welfare would be used to help recipients purchase the things that they need to get by and help them get back on their feet so that they can find meaningful labor and contribute to society, but in a system without cross-checks and billions being dished out year-after-year, many have learned that they don’t need to work.

    And why should they? You’re doing the work for them in the form of taxpayer subsidies that are deducted from your earnings on a weekly basis.

    In America, those who work get punished. Those who don’t, get a free ride, courtesy of a nationwide policy of spreading the wealth around through confiscation and redistribution.

    Case in point: A welfare recipient in Austin recently contacted a morning radio show and explained that she gets a lot of money from the program. What she does with it may (or may not) surprise you.

    Here’s how your hard earned money is being used to help the less fortunate:

    While workers out there are preaching morality at people like me living on welfare, can you really blame us?

    I get to sit home… I get to go visit my friends all day… I even get to smoke weed…

    Me and people that I know that are illegal immigrants that don’t contribute to society, we still gonna get paid.

    Our check’s gonna come in the mail every month… and it’s gonna be on time… and we get subsidized housing… we even get presents delivered for our kids on Christmas… Why should I work?

    Ya’ll get the benefit of saying “oh, look at me, I’m a better person,” but when ya’ll sit at home behind ya’lls I’m a better person… we the ones gettin’ paid!

    So can you really blame us?

    Listen to the full interview with Austin’s Morning News:

    This month the establishment media proposed that the solution to poverty in America, and one that would eliminate wasteful programs like welfare, is to give every American adult a basic monthly income.

    That way, we can all just stay home, visit with our friends, contribute nothing to society and smoke a bunch of weed… just like this guy:

    Obama Tokes the Ganja
    (Pictured: A community organizing Barack Obama tokes some primo ganja)

    When the government takes 20% out of your check for payroll taxes next week, and you spend three times as much next year on health insurance, just remember that the Lucy’s of the world are thankful for every red cent, and that she’s making good use of all your hard work and contributions.

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      1. USW

        the United States of Welfare.

        At the Olympics, we get to false start. At the marathon, they let us take shortcuts. Why?

        Because we are the USW, the United States of Welfare.

        No men, please join the service and defend with your life the United States of Welfare.

        Our motto–We watch the few at work….

        • Front hole money hole, back hole corn hole

          Money or corn, we still get screwed

          • Legalize Shemp!!!

            • These welfare programs are NOT BEING PAID FOR WITH TAX DOLLARS. The programs and other sheep purchases are done through the counterfeiting operation.

              I really kills me when I hear “taxpayers” who pay the governments interest to the federal reserve through “payroll” taxes claim they are paying for welfare, or anything else the government does.

              Next week when the corp takes 25% of what you make and your insurance rates triple next year, don’t get mad at those who have made the systems a kinder master for themselves.

              Instead, get pissed at the banksters who own and control the system, and by extension YOU.

              • Bunch of b.s

                • Taxes have not paid for anything the government provides in many years. Your belief otherwise does not change the fact.

                  Your taxes pay the banksters, and NOTHING else. They pay for everything else by printing the exact same paper at ZERO COST that you work your ass off for.

                  Reality is there waiting for you, when you are ready to see it.

                  • Still think you can’t be free?

                    Everybody needs to watch this. A little off topic, but worth your time and a good education on how to handle corrupted judges.

                    http:REMOVE THIS//

                  • You should know that money printing (mostly digital) is actually form of tax. It dilutes the purchasing power of the currency. No difference at all. If the government tax the people too much directly, the people will rise up. Much easier to print and print.

                  • “Your taxes pay the banksters, and NOTHING else.”

                    Just thought that was worth repeating.

              • I cant wait for the collapse, its the only thing that will remind people that they actually need to work for a living.

                • I’m with you JD, let it happen, parasites will die without a host to feed upon.

                  • actually,’parasites’ will roam in packs & kill you for what they need & you have…& being truly CHRISTIAN will become a revolutionary act.

                • Atlas will shrug.

                • It will remind people of many things they have forgotten.

                • I’m still hoping for an early asteroid strike 🙂

              • Hopefully when God created you he broke the mold.

              • I can’t understand the low rating your comment received. It is a FACT that the entire deficit is being financed by the FED. Take comfort in the fact that you are right and all the idiots who gave your comment a negative rating are just…well….idiots.

              • It’s a meaningless distinction, really. For starters, whether through payroll tax or inflation tax, we’re still paying for everything government does. The only difference is the precise distribution of the burden. I mean, there is the fact that the inflation tax is more surreptitious, dishonest, & more wanton, unpredictable & uncontrollable, but it’s no less the case that those who are net payers of the inflation tax (rather than net beneficiaries) are in fact ultimately footing the bill for government operations; its just that a handful of banksters get to skim a chunk off the top, as well.

            • There’s a guy that comments a lot on Newsbusters (Disqus) with that name. Of course, he has the avatar of the 3 stooges guy. What does that mean?


            • Piss test for check

          • Everyone will pay, the government will eventually make every last one of them pay through the nose in one way or the other. ALL tyranny governments have a motto, NO ONE RIDES FOR FREE.

            • Good evening, BI, someone forgot to tell the parasites.

              • BI, BTW, I left a response to your comment #2850347 about mavericks at the last article. My response is comment #2850407. braveheart

                • Did anything she said surprise anyone.

                  • Hell no.

                  • BTW, I have a niece(by marriage)who works in reality. She owns several homes and rents them out. One house is rented and occupied by several Latinos. She receives a government check each month for the rent, in full and the occupants don’t pay a dime. This has come straight from her mouth. Hope you all feel better now.

                  • What I or you think is wrong as wrong can be , others like Lucy do not see it that way. Many people I know do not report all income they make to the leeches that want to take and give to people like Lucy nor should they, but others would say that is wrong.What gives me hope is when the the collapse comes and the tit goes dry. I meet a prepper a few months back that is on disability and has hud rental house’s . Got his car fixed by some agency hand out and gets food stamps. As he is telling me these things I think WTF . This is nothing new ,it has been going on for generations. Just has amp’ed up on a grander scale. Moral’s is gone , Integrity is lost, Respect and dignity are but faint memory’s in a sheeple society. I dont know who said this a while back on here but they nailed it when they said liberals are like locust , they move into a area and destroy it and move on. Texas is under attack right now with many locust,and in my assumption they are doomed. A vet the other day told me the only way to beat this cancer was with cancer.

                  • POdPatriot
                    My neighbor owns a small house that is 3 units, all 3 are hud, so called disabled, bullshit if you ask me, she gets paid over 1k a month for each unit,
                    I am done contributing to this crap
                    Fuckers want anything from me come n get it

                  • Kula.

                    Don’t tempt them. In order to pay their bills and to keep entitlement programs going, they are going to have to take or tax much, much more from the working class. So, the ‘come-and-get-it’ is probably just around the corner.

                  • FBP, I just finished listening to the interview. It was tough to get through. No surprises there. I’ll give her credit for being straight about it, but i still think she ought to be cut off. braveheart

                  • Kulafarmer, right with you.

                • If you believe in God and the bible then there is an answer to every question.

                  2 Thessalonians 3:10
                  For even when we were with you, we would give you this command: If anyone is not willing to work, let him not eat.

                  Proverbs 10:4
                  A slack hand causes poverty, but the hand of the diligent makes rich.

                  Proverbs 18:9
                  Whoever is slack in his work is a brother to him who destroys.

                  Willing to work is the key, not willing to work when one has the ability is a sin. In my opinion, choosing to not work is a sin not only against the will of God but also against the welfare of ones family. Depending on the government for all of your basic needs, allows you to be lazy, therefore it is a waste of a human life and provides a bleak future for the children.

                  • All of this is paving the way for the time when one will have to make the ultimate decision to accept the “mark” or not.

                    Think of how easy it will be when most of our populace is dependent to some degree already. They will line up in droves if it means that they will continue to get assistance. “If you don’t accept the mark than you don’t eat”.

                    I pray for patients everyday because I find that I am growing weary of ignorance and more intolerant of people like Lucy everyday.

                  • Tina: You made a great point!

                  • Proverb 7.62: Put the damn book down and start loading magazines!!

                    Proverb 9 (mm) Put the damn book down and concentrate on practicing your fire and movement.

                    Only time you need to pick up the good book is to smack it down hard on the device you’re about to be micro chipped with. Then resort back to Proverb 9 (mm) ASAP

                    Defend, Defy, Resist

                  • Guys they wont cut her off she will get a damn raise


                  • leonard bernstein 1961:

                    Everything free in America

            • Oh, they’ll ride for free all right, until the Dictator has full control. Right now he needs their votes. After the doors to freedom are closed and locked, they get moved back to the ghetto.

            • “NO ONE RIDES FOR FREE.”

              I do believe you’ve forgotten the first half of that BI…

              The phrase is …Gas Ass or Grass, no one rides for free! ‘)

              • Actually I still have an old bumper sticker that says quote “Ass, Grass, Cash or Flash, Nobody Rides for Free”
                Speaking of the present, anybody know what rhymes with viagra?

                • Niagra as in the falls we are going over in naked, since the barrel has been taxed away!

              • then it will be ass or grass no one can afford the gas


            • speaking of riding for free. I said it before…anyone on welfare should have to work at some type of job if they are able bodied. Be it cleaning up the streets, whatever. No one should ride for free!

              • You got it. You want the check, you report to such and such public office, post office, park and rec, sewers, ranger station, whatever, on Monday morning, 0800. After two weeks you get your first check.

                They can pick up the leaves on the lawns at the park, file papers, answer the phone, carry a sack of mail from one side of the P.O. to the other, clean culverts, it doesn’t matter, as long as they are not sitting at home for 9 hours a day.

                • The check would still be coming out of the working citizens pockets. In addition, they wouldn’t work, they would stand around and do nothing. that would solve nothing except make it uncomfortable.

                  • And the state could then hire a shitload of “managers” and “supervisors” all with full union wages and benefits to watch over them, and screw us even further….

            • Yeah the goverment will give them 2 hots and a cot , plus 30 grams of chocolate . Too be disposable shock troops.

              • When the time comes these people will be paid to riot and demonstrate. The rest of us will have to stand by and watch as they will be protected by those paying them to riot.

          • You left out Barak O’Bunghole, (which is probably where this comes from.) More money to shake loose and give to the banksters.

        • This is NO Different than what the Bankers do. They don’t want to work either, or give out loans, or do their do dilligence making money the old fashion way. They would rather get free Fed Money, sit on their you know whats all day, gamble in the stock market buying derivities with this free FED money, open up off shore subsideries to shovel the profit to and pay no taxes.

        • This “report” is all a bunch of B.S!! In the old days (before Clinton Welfare reform bill), women “got to stay home” with their children– if they could find a place they could afford. ALL places affordable to welfare mothers were places which should have been condemned– roaches crawling up the walls, nothing works (heat,etc)… just junk houses. That was back then.

          Now things have changed– welfare women no longer get this “luxury”. Nowdays, they HAVE to go to work or be enrolled in a work program. The only thing free nowdays is food stamps, and they are for the well-to-do families as well as the poor. Actually, homeless people don’t even get foodstamps because they have no bills, whenas, rich kids can stay home with parents and receive foodstamps.

          So, you people can scream all you want about poor people dipping into your income. The fact is, its the CORPORATIONS WHICH ARE STEALING YOUR WEALTH, NOT POOR PEOPLE!

          • Quite the bunch of shit there.”abused childrens ” disabled childrens” all get welfare for life or until they move on too bigger and better things . Like entry level manufacturing jobs for goverment contractors in the penitentiary.

          • Friend of mine has houses to rent lots of em are single welfare mommas who get everything free along with their boy friends…its real for sure…

          • The CORPS *DO* take WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY more than all the “entitlement” programs put together.

            Heck, WALL ST took TRILLIONS.

          • Bull shit, Obama got rid of the welfare reform provisions passed in the Clinton years. As for corporations stealing you are a moron to believe that. It takes huge amounts of capital and knowledge to start a business. Think Boeing is cheap to operate? Or drilling/exploring for oil? You simple minded clowns will be the first to go to the camps.

          • You forgot to mention who makes the profits from foodstamps- it’s one of Morgan Stanley’s biggest sources of income.

        • It is very simple….. BANKSTERS STEAL OUR MONEY


          • Dude hate speech isn’t welcome anymore !

            • opsick…trolling again!

              • JP whenever you comment I hear banjo music and teeth rotting.

              • Does JP stand for Just a Prick. Your’e the Troll

        • “No men, please join the service and defend with your life the United States of Welfare.”

          today, if anyone asked me; i would tell them not to serve; this country isnt what is was.

          ansd mrs obama may be proud of it now, but i’m not.

          • Actually, I think all on long term welfare as their career choice (not short-term, i.e. hand up v. hand out) should be given a few alternative choices:

            1. Feed off your family, or
            1. Military, or
            2. Unwed Mother’s Home (for the woman)until employed or on their feet (learn skills to make them employable), or
            3. Work House for the baby’s daddy and/or for chronically unemployed or unemployable (learn skills to make them employable).

            This way, they can give back to their local community, the one supporting them—while at same time learning skills, how to keep a job, etc. and held fully accountable for taking positive steps to better themselves and stand on their own two feet. No drugs, no alcohol, curfew, acceptable behavior limits, yep, it would be real eye opener indeed.

            It would be more more economical to support the masses in this manner than house them with their own apts./homes. Yes, they will have to share a room, kids will too, tough shit. Families did this in the past for generations. We had 8 people in our family, one bathroom, we shared rooms, we had limits on when we ate, how much we ate (and none of us grew up fat). It’s not the end of the world. If we wanted any “bling” we had to work for it, we didn’t get allowances.

            As it stands now, no accountability to anyone. They think those checks just come out of thin air with no appreciation of whom is supporting them or how hard it is for those that are supporting them, in a workhouse they will learn how hard it is and how to follow rules and assimilate into working society, and those that don’t, oh well, they are on their own.

            The kids can be placed into orphanages, remember those? Yes, it’s called tough love, and no, kids are not always better off with their biological parents, as evidenced by current society.

            Put them into a group home where they have to go along to get along, and stay in the program, and you’ll weed out the bad apples quick, and then, their own families can worry about them/take care of them when they can’t cut it in the real world- instead of the taxpayers.

            As evidenced, our society has become way too soft and the generosity has been taken advantage of, big time. Time for tough love.

            • Putting them in the military will not solve anything.
              All you will get is 15 million shitbags on permanent profile , non deployable status for five years. Then you will pay for their healthcare for ever.

        • I’ve been reading up on what’s coming. It just feels like something is coming.

          All signs point to a dollar will be a long slow slide into hell.

          Here’s a site that has a page where the guy has some good video on
          the dollar and why it will collapse. Ron Paul was #1 on the video list.

        • Really need to get RID of the welfare system and revamp it. No longer than 12 months period, same with the politicians, No lifetime salary, No longer than 2 terms period. Keep fresh ideas rolling and get the laziness off the streets. If we continue to give to the UNSERVING then we cannot complain. True, some really need the assistance, yet society does nothing about the individuals authorizing and giving away excess, not controlling the rapid demise of the US population and the nation. It will come to a head eventually, thus the true collapse of the dollar, then where are the sheeple going to turn. Tough SH_t for them and thiers. Unjustified waste of funds. No control, Thanks OBUMMER, I am tired of CHANGE. Get while the goings good.

        • humanity is in dire straits…. the have’s can’t give to the have not’s….no human being should have to starve to death anywhere in the world…or die from lack..too many human’s are in LOVE with money, greedy, selfish, war-monger’s, fearful, evil, controlling and very, very LOST. I pray for when Mother Earth shakes off all the nasty fleas that don’t deserve her or her FREE gifts…….

        • Has anyone even bothered to verify that this so-called welfare recipient even exists? That he isn’t just some made-up a**hole who doesn’t like welfare?

      2. OMG!!! This is what we have come too???

        • “OMG!!! This is what we have come too???”

          Yup… all thanks to the State, and the flim-flam of the ballot box.

          Aint democracy grand!

          “In particular, democracy is seen as promoting an increase in the social rate of time preference (present-orientation) or the “infantilization” of society. It results in continually increased taxes, paper money and paper money inflation, an unending flood of legislation, and a steadily growing “public” debt. By the same token, democracy leads to lower savings, increased legal uncertainty, moral relativism, lawlessness, and crime. Further, democracy is a tool for wealth and income confiscation and redistribution. It involves the legislative “taking” of the property of some — the haves of something — and the “giving” of it to others — the have-nots of things. And since it is presumably something valuable that is being redistributed — of which the haves have too much and the have-nots too little — any such redistribution implies that the incentive to be of value or produce something valuable is systematically reduced. In other words, the proportion of not-so-good people and not-so-good personal traits, habits, and forms of conduct and appearance will increase, and life in society will become increasingly unpleasant.”

          ~ Hans-Hermann Hoppe. Democracy: The God That Failed

          • This why our founding fathers set up a Constitutional Republic for America, and not a Democracy. Only problem is it has been hijacked by those who want to steal the people’s wealth. It is time we the people take it back to what America once was. First thing with voting, no more electronic counting, paper ballots only. Must write the name of your of your vote, and at least three people counting each vote. No more fraud! And must have picture id to vote.

            • zorbo says:

              “This why our founding fathers set up a Constitutional Republic for America, and not a Democracy.”

              And Mr. Ben Franklin said: “A Republic, if you can keep it.”

              Well, we lost it.

              “Only problem is it has been hijacked by those who want to steal the people’s wealth.”

              Ya… via the scam of voting. Elections in this country are a scam whose function is to neutralize resistance to the establishment and dupe people into thinking they control the state. We can’t vote our way out of this mess. It’s simply too late.

              “It is time we the people take it back to what America once was.”

              That will only happen with the complete collapse of the FedGov/State as we know it. Then maybe, through decentralization, and a renewed love of liberty, we could begin to claw back what we’ve lost.

              “Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.” ~ John Adams

              America is in a late stage of killing herself.

              • YMWW, welcome back, and AMEN to your comments.

              • If a “complete collapse comes” then America and the rest of the world will be made over in the image of the Tyrannical governments who control the REAL firepower: tanks, planes, drones, gas, nerve agents and guillotines.

                The ballot box is the most feared weapon in the hands of Patriots; which is why politicians lie about their true intent every election…. and get away with it.

                Engage your employees or be incarcerated and enslaved by them. 🙂

              • maryland going back to paper ballots after a public backlash over no record of votes on electronic machines.

                • We need to demand that everywhere. Or we will tell them 40 million workers will no longer pay taxes.

                  Dems have just suppressed the Republicans in the Senate.

                  It is time to tell the Dems to go home. By home, I mean in their yurts in China….

                  • Ugly: No disrespect but I had to laugh at your suggestion that 40 million workers could drop out of paying taxes and that it would have an impact on the status quo and/or the operations of the Federal Government.

                    The PTB do not need OUR taxes, they do not want our participation. They have a printing press on one hand and a FEDERAL Reserve on the other hand with an infinite capacity on their balance sheet to print money and buy bonds.

                    Its the PERFECT ponzi scheme because if any investor wants their money back, the Treasury can just print more bonds and the FED can just print more money to buy them. Its an infinite loop.

                    Taxes are just another way to impoverish US. The rich don’t pay taxes. Taxes are paid by the “little people” without corporations, knowledge, or accountants.

                    Its not called the “Creature From Jekyll Island” for nutin’ !!! 🙂

            • No they should go back to only land and home owners can vote. That way the person that is voting actually has some skin in the game. The takers are going to keep voting whoever they think will give them the most.

              • Takers? Takers?? Takers??? The slugs that sit home and smoke dope all day in their FREE O’Bummer apartment, eating O’Bummer FREE food, and making drug deals with their FREE O’Bummer phone, are penny ante thieves compared to the MASSIVE wealth transfer engineered by the Gangster Banksters, that was authorized and validated by Congress.

                Those are the true takers, taking a trillion dollars a year in a direct subsidy from the US Taxpayer. That doesn’t include the trillions of dollars more that they make using American Depositor funds on a daily basis using a financial franchise for which they get FREE.

                Don’t miss the forest when looking at the trees. 🙂

                • Sheesh…… bla bla bla.

          • Yo Mama/Clark/Average/Guy: Or whoever you are today, Hoppe is another German import, this time a died in the wool MONARCHIST pimping for the Queen, the Elite, and the NWO while posing as a Libertarian alongside Lew Rockwell!

            There is NO such thing as FREE TRADE or a FREE LUNCH!

            Why don’t you ever quote a Founding Father? LMFAO !!! 🙂

            • The durango kidd says:

              “Hoppe is another German import.”

              Hey DK… you’re an “import!”

              Is that all you got??? Ad Hominem attacks?

              “Why don’t you ever quote a Founding Father? LMFAO !!!”

              Well lets see…

              “Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.” ~ John Adams

              DK seems to think John Adams was not a Founding Father(he also thinks silver is not a precious metal).

              “Hence it is that democracies have ever been spectacles of turbulence and contention; have ever been found incompatible with personal security or the rights of property; and in general have been as short in their lives as they have been violent in their deaths… A republic, by which I mean a government in which a scheme of representation takes place, opens a different prospect and promises the cure for which we are seeking.” ~ James Madison, Federalist Papers No. 10 (1787).

              If memory serves me, James Madison was also a “Founding Father.”

              I’m quite certain that if I quoted Abe Lincoln, DK would think I was quoting a “Founding Father.” Statists believe such things.

              BTW… who said anything about “a FREE LUNCH!”


              • No, I am not an “import”. I am a Native American. I was born here and my forefathers conquered this country like good conquerors always do: they raped, and pillaged, and stole the land from the original inhabitants; and that process has been happening since the first humans descended from the trees, organized themselves into groups to magnify their personal power, and designed weapons to kill their enemies. It is happening in America today under the guise of Illegal Immigration.

                Who said anything about a Free Lunch? I did, because FREE TRADE as promoted by your favorite Austrian Economists have REAL COSTS, and the economic state of the Nation examples those costs.

                Keep reading The Founding Fathers and you may eventually be able to put the socialist garbage of all your European favorites into the category to which they properly belong: NWO Globalists.

                Your latest hero is now living in Turkey (which the NWO Gangster Bankers have targeted as one of the next nations to receive their attention) and trying to spread the NWO Gospel there.

                Kill the FED, Death to the New World Order!!!! 🙂

                • The durango kidd says:

                  “No, I am not an “import”. I am a Native American.”

                  LOL… You are no more a “Native American” than that other “fake indian,” Elizabeth Warren. And you can bet your ass DK, real “Native Americans” would take issue with your claim.

                  Why don’t you wander over to the The Fort McDowell Yavapai Rez and present your “Native American” credentials. Maybe you could score a free buffet at the casino.

                  • Yo Mama: Where do you think the “original” inhabitants in North America came from? They were not born here. They came by land bridge or boat. ALL Indians originated in Asia.

                    That is a genetic fact! WRONG AGAIN!!! LMAO!!! 🙂

            • The Durango Kidd would rather you not read Lew Rockwell. Because doing so just may expose you to ideas that the “establishment,” and DK consider fringe, conspiratorial, and dangerous.



              • Lew Rockwell is a pimp for the Queen and her elitist friends. Lew promotes the NWO Gospel of FREE TRADE as if it were garage sale economics when, in FACT, it is a highly managed global scheme under NAFTA, GATT, WTO, and now the TPP; to enrich the very rich at the expense of the Middle Class.

                Lew can claim to be anything he wants and call his ideas by any euphemism he wants, but the FREED TRADE he promotes is the Devil’s own economic plan designed to consolidate wealth and power into the hands of the few at the expense of the many.

                Don’t read Lew Rockwell? By all means, read Lew Rockwell and use just a little bit of discernment with respect to the reality of that which he preaches.

                FREE TRADE is a euphemism that the PTB Elite have been using a years to sell economic enslavement to the masses while their jobs and opportunity has been stolen and shipped offshore right under their noses, and under the label of FREE TRADE.

                Lew is a fucking PIMP for the New World Order. Death to the New World Order !!!!! 🙂


                  “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.”

                  People can make up their own minds about what the Austrian School of Economics, and Libertarians have to say about “Free Trade.” Educate yourself.

                  The Durango Kidd is a rabid Big Government Statist to be sure. All one needs do is read his posts to confirm that.

                  The Durango Kidd loathes people like Lew Rockwell (Libertarians), because they speak truth to power (the establishment).

                  The Durango Kidd says: “Lew is a fucking PIMP.” Wow, that is really over the top as well as slanderous, but considering the source, not at all surprising.

                  There are “Pimps” out there to be sure, and they can be found here on this blog. They “pimp” for the FedGov, they “pimp” for the Establishment, they “pimp” for Central Banking/Fiat money, they “pimp” for the Warfare/Welfare State, and they “pimp” for the status quo among other things. They also like to wrap themselves in the flag, call themselves patriots, and demonize others who seek true freedom and liberty as “traitors.” They are “Pimps for the State.”

                  • Yo Mama: Let me repeat so there is no mistake; Lew Rockwell is a fucking PIMP for the New World Order. FREE TRADE is a strategy by the NWO to impoverish the Middle Class, destroy the American Constitution, and replace it with the North American Union under UN auspices to the benefit of the Global Elite.

                    Agenda 21 is the Program in place to eliminate or enslave the poor and Middle Class under a Police State; which is why the PTB want to confiscate OUR Guns. They want to be able to enforce that Police State without any blow back.

                    Americans by and large, believe in fiscal responsibility which is what makes Austrian Economics so palatable to them. By teaching a truth, like fiscal responsibility, they sell FREE TRADE to fools like you who believe that FREE TRADE is garage sale economics; and kin to fiscal responsibility when nothing could be further from the truth.

                    The way to sell a lie is to sell it as a half truth and repeat it enough for the Sheeple to believe it.

                    FREE TRADE is managed trade, and it is managed by the Gangster Banksters under NAFTA, GATT, WTO, and TTP. Lew Rockwell preaches this FREE TRADE. Hoppe preaches this FREE TRADE and has been sent to Turkey to spread the NWO Gospell. They do not preach garage sale economics, but they want the Sheeple to believe that they do.

                    FREE TRADE has real costs. Please everyone read Lew Rockwell with this understanding and you will see the lie that he is spreading. Lew Rockwell is one of the most dangerous men in America because he sells Americans FREE TRADE as if it were a FREEDOM.

                    Kill the FED, death to the New World Order. 🙂

                  • Durango,

                    If you researched what Hoppe and Rockwell say about so-called ‘free trade,’ you would see that simply because they support ‘free trade’* does not mean that they support ‘free trade agreements’ (which are not about free trade at all – there was a piece ripping NAFTA apart on lewrockwell just the other day). Why are you slandering them by making this stuff up?

                    It does seem like you are purposefully taking the most ridiculous opposite stance. EG., Hoppe has claimed that often monarchs had more incentive (primarily because it stayed in the family) to take care of the property under their control than those running democracies have. I presume that your claim that he is ‘really a monarchist’ arises because of this? Nonsense and you know it.


                    *As in if you are truly free then that necessarily implies a right to trade with whomever you would without additional costs and regulations imposed simply because certain people – i.e., those running the respective governments – can’t get along.

              • It looks like more people agree with Durango then YOUR stupid ass.

                GO back away.

                • HTJ says:

                  “It looks like more people agree with Durango then YOUR stupid ass.

                  GO back away.”


                  Hey DK… these are your people.


                  “GO back away.”


      3. Tnb.
        And that’s why african nations are doing so well after nelson mandella the great took over…
        Here’s an idea. The same government that lies to us about everything is the same one teaching this racial equality nonsense down our throats. More propoganda. Time to start exporting our useless people.

        • I agree. We r melting down as a nation. When the SHTF all of these sheeple will die because no one will be there to feed them. What goes around comes around.

          • No, when the SHTF the government will give them all free guns and tell them to go murder the “evil rich white man” because it’s all his fault. This is Obama’s “civilian” army.

            • Yea well this evil poor white man is going to the range again today and making sure my 308 can still do 3/4″ groups at 200yds so when someone comes to take my stuff theyll have to work for it

              • Your on a fucking ISLAND. They just will STARVE your stupid ass.

        • Ugly, too many parasites feeding on the host [we the producers who still work and pay taxes into the system]. There’s not as many producers now as there were 5 years ago. the host has been shrinking ever since. once the host dies, that’s it; no other host to replace it. the parasites will start feeding off each other. they’ll all die in ‘the great culling’.

          • braveheart.

            Those are good points and that is the reason the USA will never recover–the economic collapse is unavoidable.

            You cannot have one worker supporting three non-workers without it failing sooner or later. The worker will soon give up.

            All economic trendlines show a collapse of our system. In the 1990s, it was mainly talk. But now it is here. And it is growing negative at a very fast pace. In reality, all a person can do is get his household ready. Because that Day is coming.

        • Exportation of useless eaters is expensive,liqudation is far cheaper and improves the human gene pool.

      4. The road to Hell is paved with good intentions. And a lot of corruption.

        BRING ON THE COLLAPSE!!!! Let the chips fall where they may.

        And if you believe. May God have mercy on us.

        • I keep on prepping, praying for the best outcome, but I can’t help thinking how bad it can get. We’ve hit the bottom of the toilet in this (once great) country and we’re letting ‘them’ get away with it. I don’t have the answer. My wife is undergoing cancer treatments and all I can think about is our insurance policy being cancelled and her not getting proper care. One day at a time, I guess.

          • Check out Dichloroacetate.

            Possibly the most credible alternative Cancer cure out there.

            Do a Google search for Dichloroacetate and University of Alberta.

            http://www dot collective-evolution dot com/2013/06/26/dichloroacetate-university-of-alberta-doctors-discover-a-cure-for-cancer/

          • This reminds me of Kipling, “when men are paid for existing”. You know we’re f-ked when 100 year old alarms are ringing! What benefit do these vomits provide? The only one I can come up with is, they vote. Wow, thank God for em’. Right,,,. These people are far too comfortable in their poverty. Anyway, I’m so very sorry to hear about your wife Port Orange. Try to stay positive, and don’t loose your focus on her beating that horrible shit! Take care & be strong!
            Standing ready in Daytona

            • The Gods Of the Copybook Headings! Everyone should read it! A lot of it comes straight out of The Book of Proverbs. Copybook Headings: Words of wisdom, Words to live by, PROVERBS!

          • Don’t think too far ahead, and make good memories every day!

          • Hey PiPO, sorry to hear about your better half being sick. Great Goodness bless her and keep her.


          • Sorry to hear about your wife Port Orange. Sending prayers to her. Stay strong my friend

          • Sorry to hear about the Mrs, i hope everything goes well for you both, i know they say God never gives you more than you can handle but sometimes i wish He or She depending on who you are would take it easy on some folks.

          • Sir,
            My heatfilled prayers go out to you and your wife. I lost my wife to Cancer this year after a 5 1/2 year fight. She was a beautiful and courageous woman as I am sure your wife is as well. My wife never had nothing bad to say about anyone and was my hope and inspiration. Take care my friend and know you are respected.

          • We’re thinking of you. Hope for the best.

          • PIPO,
            There are a couple of things to do:
            1)make friends with a doc who might see your wife for cash (in any form)if it comes to that, even a primary care doc who can advocate for your wife and run interference for you, and
            2)get the names of all the medications she is on, and start gathering the addresses of the drug companies, so you can scramble quickly to ask for treatment on a charity basis. They will do this, but they will be inundated with pleas.

          • Prepping in Port Orange
            I worry about my son in the same way.
            I will pray for you and your wife.

      5. OK, time to get on a roll again. I take it that this meth head also has some kids and she has the nerve to say, “Why should I work”? She’s been brainwashed with the idea that working people are responsible for the well-being of her and her family, that she is owe something because of slavery and segregation, etc. ad nauseum. It’s useless eaters like her and the fathers of their children, who are most likely in prison anyway, who need to be cut off once and for all. they live under the biggest illusion that their ‘benefits’ will always be there for them. the programs will soon start running low on revenue. the food stamp program alone has already had a 5% budget cut with possibly more to follow in the months to come. If the grid ever goes down due to EMP, solar event, cyber attack, etc., EVERYTHING COMES TO AN INSTANT HALT, INCLUDING THE WELFARE CHECKS. That will be the MEGA SHTF we have all feared and prepared for. all bets will be off. all the rules we have all lived by will go straight out the window. It will be NO HOLD BARRED AND ANYTHING GOES. The freeloaders and other nonpreppers will go berserk immediately. store shelves will be cleaned out in just a few hours. Looting, rioting, robbery, etc. will be rampant. forget about dialing 911. most likely all LE will go home to protect their families. Same with all judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys, etc. Courts will not be in session. Hopefully I’ll be at home with my ventilation team locked and loaded. If/when a mob comes into my neighborhood kicking in doors, that’s when I expect my worst nightmare to take place. Mentally, I’m as prepared as I can be for it. I dread it. I’m NOT going to enjoy it. But I WILL do what I have to in order to protect me and mine. All of the freeloaders will die, either of violence first or starvation. It will be horrific. But it has to happen. this country needs a heaping dose of Pepto Bismol to clean out its system thoroughly. Reset has to take place and it will. the system will crash and burn. Everyone keep prepping. braveheart

        • @ braveheart. I have never understood these bleeding hearts in regards to meth heads and other degenerates that steal anything for their addictions, commit worse crimes when they are bombed out of their brains, and end up in the same place anyway, the graveyard. We are not talking about grandma here trying to get enough to eat, these characters want to support criminals. A bleeding heart is one that loses blood to brain to be able to reason. The culling is coming from whatever, it is coming, maybe from nature or mankind’s own idiocy.

          • BI, I couldn’t agree more. i believe all the libs will be in ‘the great culling’. braveheart

          • Mobs, like water, follow the path of least resistance.

        • Yep, it’s time that this country takes it’s medicine, no matter how bitter it may be.

      6. Basketball Jones.

        When I was young, all I wanted to do was play basketball.

        (Cheech and Chong) Great tune….

        • Featuring Tyrone Shoelaces!

          Bassetball Jones, I got a bassetball Jones.

          • I got a bassetball baby ohwhooooooooohoooo

            • A great all-star recording which included George Harrison (guitar), Carole King (electric piano), Billy Preston (organ), Darlene Love, and Ronnie Spector.

            • Is your name Shi theed (shithead)?

        • That wasn’t Tyrone on the video, it was Becky bragging about staying home with Billy Bob getting high all day, probably doing meth to.

      7. I guess we are the slaves.

      8. I’m *really* going to enjoy watching the parasites die off during the ongoing financial collapse. I see them holding signs, begging for money, and I have ZERO pity for them. Twenty years ago I was homeless and slowly starving, but I didn’t beg, took NO handouts, and pulled myself up by my bootstraps. I just finished my Doctorate, after 20 years of hard work and struggling. I now have a family, kids and a nice home… also as a result of getting off my @as and doing what needed to be done.

        We prep like others here, knowing what’s coming. When these parasites no longer get paid and start looking at what we have that they can steal, they will be shown no mercy, NO compassion. They chose how they wanted to live. Now they can suffer the consequences for their laziness. “F” ’em.

        • Capitalistic Eric, welcome aboard, and you’ve come to the right place. My sentiments exactly. braveheart

        • capitalist eric Having been forced to support this genetically inferior scum for the last 40 years,I wont be giving them anything when the SHTF. I have been diagnosed with moocher fatigue, I am tired of supporting others who are able but unwilling to work. I shall enjoy the cunning of the welfare herd,my delight and joy will know no bounds when they are no longer able to live by the sweat of my brow.

          • slick 1

            the sad thing is when it all goes south ,they will never humble them selves ,they will walk around with a long face boohoo-n whoa is me what did i ever do to do deserve this ,and they will blame you for there ill’s with there dying breath (unless there a dem. and then they’ll blame bush)

          • I must have that moocher fatigue. Thats the illness of the working class. The symptoms are anger and resentment. Every day I work I make myself sicker with more moocher fatigue. But if I quit the job Ill still have that symptom and still suffer. Whats the cure, total collapse and big die off?

            • yes.

      9. I still say IRS boycott. First, change your W-4’s to maximize monetary retention from your paychecks. Second, don’t file.

        It’s the only non-violent way to get their attention.

        It’s high time the IRS dreads April 15th instead of it being the other way around.

        Let THEM stress-out for a change.

        • That’s a great idea. If we got enough people to make it impossible for the irs to go after. The only thing I would be worried about is if they tried to seize the house. If I were a renter I’d go for it. I have a friend who did just what u said. He sold his house, has minimum taken out and gets his work payment as a check not direct deposit. 6 months ago the Ira seized his bank account. So he said fuck them and has no bank account. He cashes his checks at a currency exchange.

          • That will only work until the IRS contacts the employer and takes their cut directly from the paycheck. The employer will have no choice but to comply. The only choices we are left with is to not work within the system but to work only for ourselves.

          • Liberty,it is already happening,have seen a huge growth in cash gigs/barter/alternative currency.In the long run is just prepping in a way for the future of the country as that is how it will operate economically when the ponzi scheme unfolds.

          • You guys ought to read about the illegal alien IRS scam if you haven’t. They claim dozens of dependents and get fat checks. When they were reported, IRS said they wouldn’t investigate. Its fairly well documented. So, yes, there are clear ways to illegally do your taxes; but, not what you are talking about. Another way is to setup an offshore and book your profits there. One company did this a decade plus ago and continues to be the #1 IT contractor for the IRS. Some things are fine by the IRS; but, hard working people are their prey.

            • change your name to Manuel Lopez and use a dead person’s SS#.. like the HNIC does.

            • The IRS actually send over 500 refund checks to the same address in Atlanta, before someone cottoned on to it.

              Tax fraud is an industry out there.

      10. All they do is take. Obama phones, welfare, housing etc. Ever notice how all the immigrant groups come to this country and find success through hard work and perseverance. Yet the negro is still on the government tit, unable to compete in the world without government assistance. Just a thought. Hmmmm…..

        • Oh No Son of Liberty they do give back to society:

          #1. More bastard ghetto children
          #2. A new generation of criminals
          #3. More welfare leaches
          #4. Increase the shallow end of the gene pool
          #5. More customers for crack and meth dealers
          #6. Greater misery to the tax payers who are forced to
          support this genetically inferior scum
          #7. They create jobs for welfare offices
          #8. Jobs for Police and Sheriffs departments
          #9. Jobs for attorneys and Judges
          #10.More jobs for prison wardens and parole or
          probation officers.
          #11. Jobs for CCTV installers
          #12. Jobs for bill collectors
          #13. Jobs for burglar bar installers
          #14. Jobs for social workers
          #15. Jobs for private security guards

          • Now Oprah says ‘ all them white people have to die”. Her fat black ass can kiss my lily white as where the skin turns pink ! Hopefully she’ll get food poisining and die. She already has a bisquit and gravy overdose with no known food allergies. ( Cause she’s a fat stank ho )
            Who’s gonna pay when all us whitey’s die? Okra ? I don’t think that fat ass lesbian bodagget thought that one through. Do You ?

            • Fat stank ho. Too funny !

              • Is MAC going to also CENSOR these Two obvious Hypocryts who constantly complain of all postings that mention the forbidded “J” words? Yet when the racial group is africans or others these two same clowns act like typical racists, KKK members and anti black white seperatistic fools.

                Last nite I read a very good post reply from someone named “Michigander” yet it was Gone a few moments later. It just Vanished without an explaination simply due to a mention of the NOW Forbidden and massivly Censored “J” related word or maybe it Vanished due to mention of that other forbidden word that uses a “Z” in it.

                So much for patriotic 1st ammendt free speech eh. Funny Mac has zero problems with the two or three new posters here doing ALl the complaining, yet acting like true KKK racists themselves eh… Total Hypocracy.

                • More hate speech from Dem Guys. Free speech doesn’t apply to hate speech or screaming fire in a movie theater.

                  • Redneck. My grandfather always said. ” Don’t argue with as-holes.” So my advice is just to let Them guys and JP show the world how f-cked up they are ! Ignore them. It’s easy to see they have singled you out for exposing their bigotry.

                • OGL, there you go again. Guess what. Jew (OMG!!!!! I SAID THE J WORD!!!!!) Yea, its not the word you moron, it’s that you blame pretty much EVERYTHING on the Jews you stupid, white supremacist son of a bitch.

                  And it’s spelled ‘hypocrisy’. Just a little clue. When you see the little underlining in your screeds, it means you’ve spelled it wrong.

                  Oh and you’re a moron.

              • And then we have Justine…drinking the haterade too!

                • Just a Prick banjo music dude

                • And then there’s JP/Just a Prick ,too stupid to poor piss out of a boot !

            • You know Red…you’re drinking that haterade! Shame, shame…

              • Trolling again

            • Notice that if a negroe says that whites must die it is ok, but if a white says……..

          • Oprah says “all them white people have to die”. She can kiss my lily white ass where the skin turns pink. Is her fat black ass gonna pay when all the whitey’s die. What a predjudiced, lesbian bitch !

            • @ Redneck ~ I agree. I never liked her, never watched her show. Now, I Really, Really Despise Her.
              What an Ignorant, Thoughtless Think to say.
              A talk show host on the radio suggested that she set up concentration camps to help get rid of the prejudiced
              older white men.

              • Be careful Emily or JP aka Just a Prick might start attacking you in it’s posts.

        • Son of liberty that was one of your very own “Becky’s” bragging about getting high with Jim Bob.

        • Ukrainian started reverting to speaking Ukrainian almost as soon as USSR collapsed. The mongrels in central America are still speaking Spanish roughly 500 years after their conquers left.

        • What no attack from Dem gays or Just a Prick ? Hypocrits !

      11. Hey if I don’t have to work anymore then I can do like that twilight zone episode and play “kick the can” and become young again!

        What a nifty Idea, yes?

      12. This individual is the reason I prep. It is the reason the system will collapse. It is the reason that all those like him will undergo great pain in the future. You cannot live off of others forever.
        What makes me furious is the fact that this individual is the reason we will all go through pain and struggles. This individual has ruined the future for my kids and grandkids. Just makes my head want to explode.
        I am human and am glad this individual will get what’s coming him. I so hope that the politicians will as well.
        I know I am wrong to feel this way. God please forgive me. I just cannot help it because I am human.
        I will still reach out to the masses when possible. I will try to get people to wake up.
        Just not at the expense of my family.

        • Mike I am not going to reach out to these career moochers as they have reached into my paycheck for the last 40 years. They commit the one sin that is never forgiven and always punished, that sin known as stupidity.

          • Slick is stupidity and much more. It is also laziness. Maybe they are too stupid to realize what they are doing. Even so the truth is they are stealing from everyone else. They are even stealing from each other when you realize they are going to crash the system they live off of.

        • I hear you. Were mad as hell because the govt has forced us to take care of those we wouldnt take care of if we chose our own charity.

          This is theft and theres no other word to use. In the Bible Exodus 22:2 says If the thief is found breaking in, and he is struck so that he dies, there shall be no guilt for his bloodshed.

          Were being thieved and forced to comply. It aint charity. The govt needs to get out of the charity biz and give it back to the churches and community.

        • It’s not “wrong”, it’s “Tough Love”.
          is will probably end in death for the scum is not your fault.
          Even scum have the ability to change and make proper decisions. They’re not robots.

          • Sensitive keyboard !! argh.
            What I tried to type was
            The fact that it will probably end in death…

      13. Their is a trailer park down the road full of them, not saying all of them mind you since a lot of people have no choice where they live. They drink and do drugs all day, have multiple kids just to get money etc and brag about it. Some people need a helping hand, however People on welfare with no shame in not trying and taking other peoples tax money is a thief…thus I have no pity! When the time comes these same people will blame everyone, but the ones that put them in that situation and they will come for the ones who prepared.

        • And in my county 40% of girls of a specific race have been sexually molested by the time they are 14. This “trailer park” mentality spills over outside of just not working. Working for a living purifies the soul. You wouldn’t want to hear the stories from one lady I gave a ride to back to her trailer park. Ex tried to kill her by running her off the road, second son was made to live in woods and then sold to a homo in the park, daughter was raped by step mom, etc. If you truly want to know what the effects of freeloading are, it is sickening. My child’s school (before we changed) was dominated by kids with no father. They were not bad kids but had no discipline. In fact, the two goals I had for my child were education and fun – neither were met: the soul goal of that school was discipline. No talking first 15 of lunch, constant ( mean constant) punishments doled out to the K class such as having to put their hands on their heads for 5 minutes for being bad, reduced recess or no recess almost every day, made to walk laps at recess (whole class, almost every day), etc. Every kid in the class complained of stomach aches, my kid even wet her pants some days because teachers will not allow them to go to the restroom (etc). And another parent told me in her kids 1st grade many of the kids don’t even know their ABC’s – but they SURE know how to sit with their hands on their head and keep their mouth shut! Hooray!!! The Socialism works!!!

          • Race doesn’t have much to do with it, forementoied people are mostly White. Imo and what I think you were getting at is laziness is learned. Gentics has something to do with it, but lack of parents, disciplining and the schools play a huge part in that. In the end however its up to the individual. Like my cousin, his parents didn’t raize him right, he stole, broke laws went to jail, but now he is staying out of trouble and working…still anyouning as hell, but I commend him for getting back on track.

      14. I smoke weed every day. I also work 12+ hours 6 to 7 days a week. never miss a day. Ben late one in the last 5 years. before that it was missed one day of work in 7 years. so late once and missed ones in 13 years ain’t bad. us not the weed that makes you lazy. it’s the people are shit. I’ve been homeless before cause if lay offs and what not. never been on welfare. I work for mine. so if you say pot is bad. You should ‘re think that.

        • You are not helping your cause !!

        • It’s legal in Washington State. Decreases the local munacapility jail, county and state prison population. Hell, the Seattle Police even handed out Doritos at the last Seattle Hempfest. legalize it and tax the crap out of it to pay off the National Debt.
          JQP is right. If it’s not legal in your state JQP, be careful.

          • OK, we’ll tax it and pay off the national debt.

            Let’s see, that comes to about 15 trillion dollars divided by maybe 40 million tokers.

            You owe $375,000, in addition to your existing taxes.

            I doubt if you’ll cut a check for that today…

            Pothead math is a wonderful thing, isn’t it?

        • Do you have that work ethic because of hemp, or because of you?

          I work hard too and never have needed welfare or unemployment checks. I also run marathons and I drink oly. Did oly cause me to work or run marathons? Or was it my attitude?

          I think ethics and attitude is what causes people to do what they do….

          • Its the Oly. Makes you run to the restroom all the time and preps you for marathons.

        • If you work for yours and earn it then you have the right…its your life and no one has any say in it as long as youre taking care of your own…as Jefferson said”If it doesn’t pick my pocket or break my legs I care little what others do”(paraphrased)

      15. I say we all get on the system and break it. I really don’t see any other way.

        • Sounds like Cloward-Piven planning to me.

      16. Sounds like a sheeple to me. ” rides for free”

      17. As a US Army Veteran of the Iraq Surge, I thought of going directly back into the workforce, but as a social experiment decided to try out the Health and Welfare Assistance (unemployment and SNAP) while using my gI Bill to work on nursing (a valuable skillset come shtf). What ended up happening? 1733 monthly unemployment, and 495 monthly snap money that rolls over any unused monies into next month…what I look at that as=more Beans Bullets & Band aids , once those bases are covered, maybe I can work into bullion as well once VA Compensation kicks in =)

      18. Going back to my comment in the article from earlier today. This is why I no longer have sympathy for the sheeple. Not only can they not face up to whats coming they see this kind of BS everyday and still some think these programs are a good idea. It’s maddening to me to have almost a third of my paycheck goes away to support programs like this and then I have to struggle to make the ends meet at the end of the month. When TSHTF I will not feel sorry for those caught unprepared. You reap what you sow.

      19. Inside the mind of a Rep/Con/Tea Congressman: The dumb sheeple voters elected me. I get a Big Govt. check,healthcare & pension & they are paying for it from their taxes each pay period & they never think about my insider trading benefit.

        That’s better than a good buzz.

      20. Weed, video games, buffalo wings, and porn. You old people wish you could have it so good.

        • Eisen.

          Who says we don’t?

          • slingshot — HA!!

          • Dude. Sittin around the trailer, high ,spankin the monkey to porn like you, aint my idea of a good time !

        • How do you define good? I never much cared for weed and as for porn I found a woman that likes video games and buffalo wings as much as I do. No need for porn when you can get laid on a regular basis. Maybe you should get out of the house more.

        • eisen…don’t knock on my door for help,go to hell with rest of the takers.

        • Eisen, what makes you think we don’t have it good at all? I know I have it good up to a point and I don’t even touch weed, or video games, or buffalo wings, or even porn. This ‘old fart’, as you would say, is just damned sick of his tax dollars going to people who refuse to do anything for themselves. The only exception I allow is the people who have lost jobs over the last 5 years and had no choice but to get on the public dole to survive, whether they found other jobs or not. I don’t mind them getting some help as long as they’re still trying to do for themselves. It’s the “career freeloaders”, the ones who stay on the public dole from cradle to grave, one generation to the next, that we all have problems with. What about you? don’t you get tired of your tax dollars going to ‘useless eaters’?

          • Braveheart…you are the man. Couldn’t agree more. Yeah some people do need help now and then. Its the ones like the Lucy that need to go. Useless garbage if you ask me.

            • Darkstar, let’s send eisen on a blind date with Lucy.

      21. HALF of all welfare recipients have jobs that don’t pay enough to live on.

        There is only one job for every four applicants in America today. And that includes those crappy jobs that don’t pay enough to actually get off of welfare. Instead of paying their own labor costs, Walmart relied on $2.6 BILLION in taxpayer subsidies to feed and shelter their labor force.

        Until there is a job out there for every person that wants one, that pays enough to live on, it it moot to talk about how “lazy” people on welfare are. Ignorance and class-warfare propaganda will not solve the problem.

        You want to end the welfare state? Demand a living wage. Simple as that.

        • Bullsh!t! Keep government out of our lives. Quit subsidizing “lazy”. Let them starve. “Living Wage” discussions are mostly union arguments/propaganda for paying people MORE than the value they provide.

          Keep government out of my business. I’ll pay based on the skill set required, the value provided, and prevailing market wage. If those criteria do not support a profitable business…the business shuts down until such a time that it can be profitable. Period. The “living wage” argument is utopian B.S.

          • Captain Six, I disagree. There are jobs to be had out there. McD’s is always hiring! But wait, that’s beneath the lazy who think they should start at $15/hr at least. Yes, by all means, give the unskilled that amount. Pleaasse! I work two jobs to pay my bills. It is time for the moochers to get off their butts and take responsibility for themselves and their offspring!! That is America!!!!!

        • I agree that I must be careful about saying they are all lazy. All are not. I guess the problem I have is how it is set up. You see I have personally been on food stamps once. Not proud of that. When my ex wife left it left me with 1 income where I did have 2. Not needing a babysitter to where I needed one. I was in my 6 month probation period with the power company. I went to social services and they said I made 90 dollars to much a month. The lady told me that I would be better off bagging groceries at food lion. I did not do it. I have 2 sons. One has cerebral palsy. The united way helped me for about 6 months. I worked my butt off and sold a bunch of things. I made it through it. Now am blessed with the job I have.
          In todays world most would have not done that. They would have taken the easy way out. It is just how society has become. The system needs to change. If you make more you are taken off of welfare. In that case you end up losing money in the short term. Welfare should be set up so that as you make more you are slowly weaned off of it. It also should be set up so it is not free. You should have to work some to receive it. Picking up trash on roads would be a good example. The whole system is set up to discourage hard work. If I work overtime they take more taxes. If I get a second job they take more taxes. We now have 4 times the amount of people on welfare than when the programs were started. The war on poverty is a miserable failure.
          A living wage is irrelevant to be honest. If you tell a business how much they have to pay there employees then one of two things will happen. They will raise prices on the products they offer. Or they will lay off employees. business has to make a certain amount of profit to stay in business.
          All of these issues are not what made this country great. We should help those in need. The government should not force us too though. There will always be the takers when the system makes it easy. Welfare should have never started in the first place. It is the way that government controls people. They want as many as possible on the welfare roles dependent on them.
          What made this country great is freedom. Freedom to succeed or fail. The ability to improve your status in life by hard work. The American Dream used to be freely available to all. Now that the government is involved it is slowly dying. It may be dead. The fact that our country is no longer a republic but a socialist nation guarantees our demise. Socialism has never worked in history. It breeds laziness.
          This country will crash because of socialism. One of two things will happen after the crash. We will have a dictator or we will go back to the constitution and what made us great. I hope we put god back into everything and freedom triumphs.
          Please just give me freedom. I will survive on my own with the help of no one. I chose this due to the past experiences in my life. It is the only way that truly works.
          GIVE ME FREEDOM.

          • Mike and Wallimiyama, both of you are spot on, GET GOVERNMENT OUT OF OUR LIVES AND OUR BUSINESS! Excessive regulations and taxation prevent business from expanding in this land. It’s costs money to create jobs. Businesses can’t expand because of government’s anti-business mentality. If you’re successful, you get punished. If you’re a lazy sack of shit, you’re rewarded. That’s what drove away our manufacturing base back in the 70s, 80s, and 90s. It’s cheaper to outsource to other nations than to put our people back to work. I stayed in the line of work I’m in now, improved my skills, and received a raise and promotion based upon merit. I do pretty good for myself, am debt-free, don’t touch booze or dope, live right, etc. I’m a rare commodity out here. “Living wage” is nothing more than red socialist utopian BS. It’s already been tried and it’s only one reason we’re in the mess we’re in now.

            • Braveheart

              Thanks for saying we are spot on. I cannot understand how people come to believe this shit. They have no understanding of what made this country the greatest the world has ever seen. Or should I say used to be the greatest.

        • @ Captian Six….Demand a living wage. What a wonderful Socialist idea. A business owner has to be Forced to pay a certain wage. If you dont like the wage, improve your skills through schooling and go work somewhere else that pays more for Skilled labor. Walmart hires the people who cannot find a job antwhere else for a variety of reasons. Your way has been tried, thats why we are in this fix. lib.

        • Those people have every opportunity to work their way up. They have chosen not to in one way or another. Whether it is criminal history, drug history, children, child care you name it, they made choices that have impeded their upward mobility. I don’t feel sorry for any of them. We all make our own choices, no one is owed anything. If they aren’t making enough, get a second job. Babysit, clean houses, whatever. It’s utter laziness.

          • Bullshit, people–tell that to the 23,000 that applied in a newly opened Walmart store.
            The jobs are not there.

            • Didn’t it say they only had 600 jobs available for 23,000 applicants?

              • Yep–that’s what I read.
                Get more education so you can stock chinamart shelves??

                I put off Aldi’s for a few weeks, so I made myself go today.
                Of 4 stores I went in today, only one was busy to the point of lines backed up–it was Aldi’s.
                3 stores didn’t have but one shopper besides me.

            • Here is how I am starting to see things. I was once like a lot of posters on this site saying the same ole mantra of how I hate my tax dollars going for blah blah blah and those lazy so and so’s, and the futile wars and blah blah blah. Then one day I got a wake up call, took the cranium from the brown eye and realized the world has 7 BILLION people in it all pitted one against the other for dwindling resources. Couple this with 3rd world labor working for less than living wages, robotics, which are soon to be moving into fast food preparations to name just a few along with as many other places that robotics can be implemented as more jobs are going to disappear, and I thought “maybe this is how we humans are supposed to live.” Maybe we should have some machine doing it for you (the song 25-25). How much more beautiful art and creations could there be if the poor artists didn’t have to flip burgers and work part time at walmart to keep a rat infested hellhole they call home operational? Honestly, I would rather do about anything besides sitting on a piece of heavy machinery and breathe dirt and dust all day like I have to do and have been doing for the last 30 + years myself. Honestly, how many people get the option to follow their dreams and do the things they love? Maybe we are nearing the age of enlightenment and we all can just go surfing, have the poor third world feed and clothe us and let the creative amongst us create? Don’t sound all that bad to me, but being locked into a job that is hated really is a form of waiting to die and at the end being grateful of death. Anything to keep from going back to the factory.

              • I think its at the point for many to just stay alive.

            • Jay jay I should’ve been more specific to what I was referring. It was regarding the demand a living wage remark. I was not trying to say all people on welfare were lazy. I feel those that are demanding a living wage at places like Wal-Mart, or McDonald’s have opportunities for advancement, but choices they have made at some point in their lives limit them.

            • The jobs are there. Ten million illegals can’t be wrong.

              • Thanks for that Smokey! LMAO!! So true, so true!

              • the illegals are here for the free stuff…EBT, Obammiephone, Electricity paid for, health paid for. legal weed. Not all want to Work.

          • IL woman

            You are correct. I have not had the easiest of times in the past. I have never been without a job though. Simply because I will work wherever I can if I have too. I once had two old cars blow up in two weeks. Then I was hitchhiking 30 miles to work. I have always said that I would cut wood or clean toilets if I had no other option.

            You caused me to think of a point I have not seen mentioned yet. I am sick and tired of people saying they cannot find work. For most it is because they refuse to do jobs they don’t like until they find a better one. More of the entitlement attitude. Also I find people new to the working world that think they should start at the top. Just another way of thinking I don’t understand. You must work your way to the top. People have become so spoiled and lazy.

        • How about demanding the welfare state evict the illegal aliens and give them the jobs, instead?

          That would be a win-win situation.

        • A living wage? Isn’t that one of the things that happened to Detroit? They kept demanding more and more and what did they get? Higher prices on everything, worse living conditions and rampant crime. When everyone makes more, everything costs more and everyone charges more. Only way that ride ends is the same way Detroit wound up. Simple economics. More money in the system generates inflation.

      22. I have a decent paying job, no credit debt except a car payment, and we’re this close to having our power shut off, barely getting by, hardly enough food by the end of each month ….f@ck this pisses me off, I cant do this, gotta think about something else…..dammit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • W69:

          People like you will inherit the earth.

          • Iowa,will it be worth inheriting by that point?69,keep nose to the grindstone while you seek out better opportunities,best of luck to yas.

            • after the culling of the useless eaters, and banksters….YES

        • The establishment is incentivizing you to divorce your spouse so your family can go on welfare and you can become friends with benefits. If you own your home you might be able to rent her most of it and get paid through HUD section 8. HEAP will subsidize the utilities, her cell phone will be free, SNAP will be more than enough to feed you too, Medical becomes the state’s problem, and for five years each of your family members will receive TANF cash benefits.

        • w69.

          If you have a decent paying job and are close to having power shut-off, then write down all of your expenses.

          Compare your take home pay and all expenses and find ways to chisel those down, if possible. For example, 5 years ago my house payment was $1300 per month. Slowly we have paid extra principle and it is now $550 per month.

          But did I gain anything?

          In that same time period, my health insurance went from $400 per month to $1300 per month. Also, as I am paying my house and property taxes, a few families have moved in about a block away on Section-8 housing and are basically paying nothing.

          The biggest tax revolt of all-time is coming. The system cannot keep up. And we know it is on purpose.

        • Hang in there dude. I was in that boat for 15 years and all of a sudden turned the corner. it will happen.

          • Same here. I got rid of my house in Ca and moved to a cheap place with no mortgage. I believe the key to a small or no mortgage is move to a cold and remote area.

      23. That was 2013’s “Ghetto Valedictorian Essay Contest” winner.
        Do you recon, and, learn where the thugs/welfarians are in your area, the time is short…..

      24. So who is the blindman in this?

        Here is a multi-generational welfare recipient that’s gaming the system for everything she can. Whenever there is a new program available, the welfare office CALLS HER! They keep offering more and more. In her own words; “Can you blame me? I get everything I need.” Is she morally bankrupt? Absolutely! But she has no incentive to do anything.

        Again, in her own words; “If someone gave you a million dollars would you turn it down?” I doubt anyone here would. She also said that if the freebie’s stopped she would get a job. It’s disgusting but who is really to blame here? Personally I won’t totally blame her. I put the blame on the system that ACTIVELY PROMOTES dependence. I find that to be horribly negligent and far more disgusting.

        • You are right…the system is to blame. However, I do totally blame her as well. The system you speak of being to blame, in its current form, has come into existence because of people with zero integrity of character like her. Any number of us who are hard working and earning our own way, could at any time decide to let it all go, and find our way to the land of “free stuff”. Think of how bad it would be then. Yes, I can totally blame her, right along with the blame I put on the whore politicians using that system to buy votes. It is, shall we say, a symbiotic relationship.

        • The system would not exist if there were not millions of lazy, useless, takers willing to sponge off the hard work of others, in exchange for votes and political power.

          The blame lies equally on the takers and the political class.

        • Offer all professional welfare moochers, and multigenerational welfare moochers a hot lead injection to clear the welfare rolls. That would get those lazy job seeking quickly. Time to purge the welfare system as the producers are no longer able to support the welfare careerest.

      25. when it all comes crashing down these types will be clueless, and first to riot and die

        Karma is a bitch aint it?


      27. Also, when The SHTF some of these people will be counted among the looters and home invaders who will come and try to take your food, your water.

        Some will die of starvation because they will die sitting in front of their TV’s waiting for the check that will never come.

        I think those who receive food stamps or welfare benefits should submit to supervised drug screen monthly
        before they get their money. If test positive, lose benefits.

        I believe some people who receive food stamps are working and are defrauding the system……

      28. If the author thinks that the majority of folks that get assistance are mooching, then he is a moron.

        One has to completely ignore the $80BILLION + every month going to “too big to fail” banks and corporations, trying to denigrate those who need the help by focusing on the dregs that game the system.

        Well, the fact is that your angst is focused on the wrong ones.

        The giants are taking huge chomps at the pie and you are focused on the gnats.


        • Man,many also know about corporate welfare,the article really just hits on the welfare mentality of the country in general,hell,Ike warned the country about corporate welfare decades ago in regards to the MIC.As I stated below we need as a country to end all forms of welfare(not charity that is voluntary)and open up a environment that has potential for all,can be done but need to end govt. at all levels as we know it/suffer under it today.

          • Foreign aid dwarfs welfare spending..

            • Foreign Aid, last year, including military aid, was $70 billion.

              Welfare, last year, was over $1 trillion dollars.

              Welfare is the problem.

        • They all suck, that’s what I’m saying!

        • yep, that’s right. The gnats are just paid off voters. Nothing more. But they reproduce faster; so, in 100 years most everybodys will be gnats. Little room will be left for the ants. There’s a famous quote by Rockefeller when he admonishes exactly this… creating a race of mediocre instead of a race of gifted.

        • BuelahMan.

          Good point. The money spent is on foolishness and only perpetrates more harm. I am with you on the banks. Then you have studies and grants that don’t warrant a dime of taxpayer money. We give to countries that hate us and do nothing to stop the flow of illegals.

        • I think we are looking the wrong way here, too. But I suppose this is by design…divide and conquer.

          We all still have some sheep in us.

          I downloaded your pdf on batteries. I think I’ll have a go at making one…but I’m not sure how much power they will generate. Home made stuff like that interests me.

        • BeulahMan.

          We all know it is not just one line item. It is like a pie chart. Illegal immigration, welfare, housing subsidies are all part of the pie.

          Bigger pie-pieces are subsidies to the ultra-rich. Central bankers and bailouts have a very big slice. Etc.

          The problem is that people are being conditioned to be dependent. Some of them work and some of them don’t.

          My complaint is that very, very soon a person earning $70,000 may be poorer than the person earning $10,000 and gets subsized housing, free health, phone, education, a earned? tax refund of $5,000+, and the list goes on.

          • This is already happening with ACA — as it stands right now (if not repealed).

            Many couples are going to figure out, it won’t pay for ONE of them to work. Keep the highest paid in the workforce, the lower paid at home tending the children or the house, doesn’t matter. ACA is means tested. Then add in all the other taxes/expenses to work and then if you’re bumped into the higher tax brackets, etc.

      29. A good overview on what is happening, is an article written in July of 2008 by John Loeffler, titled “The Sad Road to Socialism”… This is an article on reality…he looked back over history and this is basically the path that nations take to socialism and the end result…which is not good and is just what most of the commenters here are expressing concern about. He begins with quoting Frederick Bastiat from his commentary…The Law…written over 100 years ago, which has stood the test of time. If you look at the site, besides being a must read for everyone, it highlights, “The Law”. It is a must read also…it is only about 70+ pages… John Loeffler outlines the 3 steps to socialism and does it in an entertaining fashion…you will see where we are in this country, and where we are heading..and no one should want to go to the 3rd step… As he says, socialism is the mechanism that takes government from being a PROTECTOR of individual rights to a PREDATOR…. Remember, as George Washington said: Private property rights and freedom are inseparable …and the late Wayne Hage said, “Either you have the right to own property…or…you are property!” One last thing of interest, you may want to look at the late Derry Brownfields article at on “Our land: collateral for the national debt”…he had a lot of respect for Wayne Hage..will check out and give the direct website to his article…but actually, I think we are all responsible for the national debt…all of our resources..what we own and our ability to produce…that is the collateral…(not only the debt, 17 trillion and counting, but the “fiscal gap”…over 200 trillion…look at Edwin Vieira’s article at newswithviews…”The Shearing is Nearing”…written a few years back…will give that direct website also in another post to make it easy for everyone.

      30. Tithing to the servant is a sin.

      31. As a country we need to end all forms of welfare be it corporate or personal.I do believe in a social safety trampoline that helps those who take a hard fall in life get back on their feet though should be done through private contributions of money and time.Those at moment on welfare should all be trained in medical care ect. so when natural or man made disasters hit we have a huge group of folks that can help out.We need to first end all the bullshit laws/regulations and duplicity of regulations that choke off folks from starting a business ect.Shutting off the benefits overnight would lead to social disruption but creating a climate of opportunity would be a good first step to transitioning folks off of the tit and into the productive life.We can do this as a country and do it in a way that doesn’t leave people starving/dead but opens up a world of opportunity for everyone,just gonna take some serious changes in how this country operates.

      32. I’m not so sure they will be the first to die off. At the very top and at the very bottom we have parasites feeding off the middle with a sense of moral entitlement.

        That sense of entitlement is taught to them from the very day they enter a state funded school at age 5. Throughout their growing years they are systematically bombarded with sufficient NLP, MSM propoganda to prevent them ever fully maturing emotionally. Wanting my boy to have the chance to mature into a man was a key factor behind why I now homeschool.

        An immature spirit in an ADULT body is far more easily manipulated than a person that has learned to accept personal responsibility. Gubberment takes over the role of head of the household and ensures the kids have shoes on their feet.

        However I believe ultimately the system has misjudged this class. SOME, can despite their dire upbringings see what’s up ahead. (often these are the kids that get labelled with conduct disorder, or adhd etc when the truth is they have natural immunity to the state programming).

        I think it’s a key reason why the street gangs have been sending members into the military and expecting them to return and pass on the skills learnt to their peers in recent years. That sense of entitlement to what’s yours is only entrenched by the banksters antics.

        Make no mistake – to underestimate the “welfare class” is stupidly dangerous at this stage. For a start often their communities, dysfunctional as they seem to outsiders have far more coherence than many middle class ones where the white collars don’t even have a clue who lives next door.

        In addition I’ve been looking at the community gardening movement in Detroit, New Orleans and other areas. NOT all these deprived areas are rolling over and taking defeat. In some the seeds of a better future are already starting to emerge. It would be good if MAC could post some info about these areas instead of the doom and gloom all the time.

        What people are ALREADY doing where SHTF could be lessons for us all to learn iyswim. making a decent life where there was only despair is a truimph of the human spirit, and one we should celebrate on sites like these. At the moment the MSM does not give them airspace lest the general populace begins to see an alternative path to despair and fear porn.

      33. Here is the website to Derry Brownfield’s article: and to Dr. Vieira’s The shearing is nearing..2-2010 and I also recommend his: “Going to the Roots of the Problem”, 4 parts..his overview of everything… Please print out these articles to keep and read and reread..while we still have the internet..and you can get them these 2 people are truly great Americans

      34. What can’t continue won’t. Systems always correct theirselves whether it be economies or the weather. It is simply a matter of timing. 2008 was a chance to start making hard choices but we did not. It is human nature, much like a family having to cut back, one family tries to pay down a credit card bill, cuts off cable, cell phones and quits eating out . . . then another family simply gets another cred card. It will end poorly. We have struggled along for years before 2008. Borrowing because the wagon pullers were just barely able to pull the wagon. Now there are almost as many people in the wagon as pulling it. There is one more issue in disguise to some. Not everyone hooked to the wagon is really pulling. They will tell you they are – but they are worse than the ones in the wagon because they are in the f–k–g way. I clearly mean government workers. Ok, some are needed, armed forces and roads- we just have too many. Oh they pay taxes, they are hooked to the wagon. They don’t produce anything. Value, real human effort that takes something and changes it for the better is what is needed. Someone creating a double cheeseburger in my mind generates more value than the person delivering junk mail. Oh, and should the pay and benefits of someone delivering junk mail be more than that of someone in their second tour of a combat zone? How many folks are really pulling the wagon and creating value into the system rather than taking it out? How can this end other than the ending of eating bad chicken. I am not eloquent but I think I communicate.

        The wagon is heavy – We are the oppressed

        • “They don’t produce anything. Value, real human effort that takes something and changes it for the better is what is needed.”

          “I clearly mean government workers.”

          Service to the community IS value. Concider the change that these people make and will make in the future.
          We need them. They put out the fires, they pull you out of crashed/burning vehicles, they teach your children, they clean your streets and parks, they maintain the beauty of national historic wilderness sites, the medics keep you alive till you can get to a hospital ER, they help the needy that have no one else, they protect the borders as best they can, the list goes on!

          I know there are those who take advantage. I know this. But would you really want to live in a world without them?? Isn’t that what we prepare for but hope NEVER happens. Don’t we all NOT want to live in Detroit because these services are strained or non-existent.

          Just want to point out that we need them. They DO have VALUE.

          I do like your analogy of pay downs and get anothers. This is so true. I have both types in my family. The pay downs are making it work and are able to prepare for the coming SHIFT (dont like the other label shtf). The other family members, sigh, no matter what you say or what you show them, they don’t prepare. I hope I have enough stashed to help them as well. They are family and I love them very much.

          • Most every function of government that we could discuss could function in a competitive free market better than government can do it; including Obamcare. For any given need that government provides – the lower down the pole it is provided – the better it is. Federal, state, county/city – the closer this is to the people, the better it is. Government in general – is too large – too wasteful because – they don’t care, there is no reason to cut waste – and in most cases any money budgeted for the year, is spent, even if they don’t really need it. I see government mis-management and waste day in and day out. I am just tired of it. If people could choose in a school system what school they could send their kids too . . . some schools would go out of business, because the teachers there can not pass the exit exam that the kids are tasked with taking. {They are doing away with that though (common core).} Because federal government knows best and spends our money more effectively than the state, county/city. There are many good things that government can do – but it can’t all be paid for and it is not being sorted out. The problems in Detroit are due to a mis-managed government, wasting tax payer dollars, over paying with wages and benefits to the point that folks pulling the wagon can’t pull it any more. I understand if you view it differently. I would not argue that any person does not have value – that is a different discussion than creating value. Government workers whether of value or not of value take dollars out of a system that is financed by producers or more debt – until such time, like Detroit, it crumbles. Are there government workers in Detroit suffering that had value . . . sure there are. Some government has always been needed – it is too big – too wasteful.

        • It’s always fascinates me that the British Empire managed to RULE 1/3 of the global population with less staff than is currently needed to run my UK county council. Cutting back the number of mindless repeaters on the gubberment payroll would also make us ALL safer!

          I certainly despise traffic wardens, tax ballifs and TSA goons far more than I despise the welfare Mums. More of my 40% income tax went on supporting the gubberment goons than on the welfare Mums.

          The Blackwater types are a massive risk to us all. These mercenaries have already sold their souls and do the dirty jobs regular troops won’t touch with a barge pole due to ethics. It’s from this group the terror squads will emerge. We can only pray they turn on their current paymasters when the time comes.

          • mum, all it will take is for the current paymasters to renege on one payment and an ambitious merc staff officer who can rally his troop.

            We don’t want to be caught in that crossfire. They will be assassinating each other for the highest bid.

            The elite have turned the world into a war zone and you ae right: some welfare mom getting high on her couch is not the enemy. Given the current state of Western society, she has actually made a logical choice.

            However, the welfare mom and the merc have something in common: they both have contempt for the middle class taxpayer and both are ultimately the recipient of tax monies.

          • not all the Merc’s are assholes.

        • Yeah dude espically those Government workers at the CDC, VA, and Federal Prisons. Postal workers are not government employees. If you don’t like Government workes go work in a prison. Maybe you’ll be happy you don’t have that job !

      35. Its been a real problem for me. The one guy who was capable doesn’t show up 1/2 the time. He probably wants to be laid off so they can get back to welfare…. (his gf with her 2 kids on it already, and his ex with 2 kids which he probably doesn’t pay child support, etc). He’s a sub; so, I don’t know about the child support, just guessing.

      36. Anybody here that sound……?

        I think a storm’s brewin’…..

      37. BTW, a lot of families out in CA are making money growing weed. They get grow cards and can grow it legally. There’s a 12 plant limit per card; but not tightly enforced. So, they can get on welfare and then do cash money for side stuff like selling weed.
        Why does this matter? A friend from Florida’s brother has been in jail 30 years for selling weed. We have laws which are unfairly enforced. We have socialism which is unfairly distributed. We have $10T money supply creation which only went to the upper 1%. So, maybe all this welfare is an effort to give something to the lower 50%. True misinterpretation of Keynes.

        BTW, any of you used Linux? I just got back onto Windows for about 6 months on this contract. Whew! I thought device driver support and app issues were problematic on Linux… they are a nightmare on Windows. I’m constantly replugging in my USB devices to get Windows to work with them. And oddly Microsoft removed lots of the basic useful features I used to like in Windows (shortcuts in file explorer etc). Its funny how tablets are winning… but probably a big reason is Windows is so user unfriendly (although the search from the taskbar for an app is nice – Linux and Apple have had that for a while though)

      38. We have become Rome.

      39. Moochers like these will actually expect the folks that prepped to help feet her and her family. She will have a real rude awakening on that day. The way I see it, she already go more than she deserved!

      40. Review of saw,just dipped my toe in the water and got a 22″ Corona hand saw for 40 delivered from the big box A store.This saw will easily cut up to 14″ logs for you,has a nice starting kerf and is sharp as hell with a aggressive pull cut,I like it and is something in tough times even my mum could use on her place.The handle is nicely sized and will fit a gloved hand which is nice for the northwoods of New England.I would recommend this saw to any who use firewood as if chain saw down/not into axing wood is a great little unit that is user friendly for all folks.I am still researching and looking into a 3′ one man hand saw and will give a review when I get one and use it a bit.

        • Warchild, have you used the saw yourself? Used it to the point of having to resharpen it? This product is something that would interest me with some solid first hand users review.

          • Rick,have not gotten anywhere near the point it needs resharpening,came very nicely sharpened and works like a dream,will put a longer term review as I put it to more use but really believe would go through a boatload of wood before needing to sharpen.As I have said in the past,am still researching/drooling over a 3′,this will be the saw I primarily use,got the Corona for my mum as a emergency saw.With a good sheath could see this being great for camping in the back country.I thus cannot give a long range review but have read good things about the saw on a few sites which is what made me bite the bullet here,good luck with your wood!

        • Try a 48 inch bow saw. real FAST cutting and not too much work.

          • Gone,cannot find a 48″ bow saw(looked on net),my other issue unless a large frame would not cut some of the wood I want all the way thru without turning wood.I am all ears if you have one/can recommend one but am looking at open blade due to fact can cut large diameter.

            • At Warchild… this is similar to what I use (by myself), just a few inches shorter. Phone# 800-241-6748…Two man crosscut saw. 53 inch blade, 2tpi. 100$ item 454631. I have cut 24 inch rounds with mine. I prefer my chainsaw because Im lazy. But I can and would use a hand saw before freezing as I am 30 miles from the Canada border. I cut my own firewood with a forest permit because Im also too cheap to buy firewood. I use a hundred foot cable(law says max lenth)and a snatch block to drag it to the road then I cut it in 4-6 foot lenths depending how heavy (green, 2-350lbs) it is, and flip them into the back of my 4×4. If I put 10 tailgates like the one on my truck, it would make a circle.

      41. For all of you queens out there, silver is on a fire sale. Ah, ah, ah, get sum, get sum. You ought to do a story on me.

      42. Too many parasite takers and too few producing makers

      43. Can’t throw the babies out with the bathwater when there is very little bathwater (few jobs in comparison to the unemployed, decent jobs or otherwise). When the economy was much better it was easier to “judge” who was a taker or not.
        So much money being wasted on wars, foreign military aid, the banks and the stock market, all in all, isn’t it best if some of that goes to the people? I’m sure there is enough wasted to rebuild and jumpstart the economy, but that isn’t the plan. Divide and conquer seems to be it in a tough economy. Wait till you lose your job and have trouble finding another, you might think differently.
        The Pentagon can’t account for 8.3 trillion but the flag wavers don’t bitch too much about that…just kick “Joe down on their luck’ for the future “Bonus Marchers” instead. What a disgusting national attitude of….financial superiority?

      44. This article is not an accurate representation of all people on welfare or even the majority.

        Many of them have jobs, but the pay is not enough to make it. Many of them have not been able to find jobs since the massive lay offs began in 2008.
        Many of them are currently disabled, and welfare is what keeps them afloat, because those measly SSD checks are not enough to live on.

        These are the legitimate people that need help.

        There is no doubting that those welfare recipients who choose to be lazy exist, but they do not represent all welfare recipients any more than a pedophile priest represents the Catholics.

        We can’t be so quick to judge and lose sight of reality.

        • AngryJew.

          If what you say is try, then why are they not angry. I hear their anger when there are threat of cuts to funding. That is it.

          Also, if true, then why do they vote as they do.

          How many of us know, even in our own families and neighbors, folks that go golfing or hunting that have back injury payments or something else?

          Disclaimer. I am not saying this to the true folks on disability that do need assistance. People that need it, I hope you are receiving it.

          • “If what you say is try, then why are they not angry. I hear their anger when there are threat of cuts to funding. That is it.”

            Angry about what? Considering many of them can’t afford internet or television, they don’t have much to be angry about because many of them are simply unaware.

            “Also, if true, then why do they vote as they do.”

            “if true”. It isn’t a matter of if. It is demonstrably true. Not for all, but for many. I used to be one of them.

            “Vote as they do” is too vague of a statement.

            “ow many of us know, even in our own families and neighbors, folks that go golfing or hunting that have back injury payments or something else?”

            Many. Just because they do those things doesn’t mean they aren’t in pain while doing them. And it doesn’t mean they could do it every day or go to work every day. It’s one thing spending a few hours a week in pain but for joy. However, working a miserable job while being in constant pain is unacceptable. I wouldn’t wish it upon anyone in this day and age. 100 years ago you had no choice, but today, we do.
            Do you expect them to sit inside for the rest of their life, never to enjoy life’s hobbies? I’d rather just off myself if that were the case, no point to living.

            • AngryJew.

              No need to argue. Here is my take as of today (Thursday November 21 2013).

              I am not blaming anybody. My take is I quit caring anymore. I quit caring after the Nov2012 elections. I know the economic collapse is in the meltdown phase and soon (soon is anybodies guess on the timeframe)the repercussions of that will be felt by everyone, especially the 99%.

              The USA has a massive debt and is still over-spending by at least $2T plus per year. The printing press will no longer work.

              All I can do is control my own actions and prepare with what I have and may feel could be needed to survive this. I cannot control how someone acts in Chicago, LA, Detroit, or even Boise or Pocatello, Idaho.

              Therefore, I am reading and preparing when I can. What other people do is up to them.

      45. Our Welfare State is the Whole World.

        Let’s face it. We will never recover from the printing and spending to maintain financial black holes. It will accelerate as more become dependent on government assistance. Compounded by future currency wars that will cause more inflation.
        I am like the wounded chicken in the hen house and all the other chickens are pecking at me for the kill. Does the wounded chicken know why he is being pecked to death? Maybe not exactly but he knows he has to get out of the hen house or die.
        I didn’t have to look at the video. It is more of the same. We can not cure the immoral, unethical, uneducated masses and convince them to throw off the subterfuge because the majority want it.

      46. Anyone can call up a radio station and get the windowlickers all riled up and ranting.

        One of the favorite games of the shit eating vermin is ‘lets have some drama’. This is so not new behavior wise for the moochers amongst us , they simply have a wider audience.

      47. I am constantly reading articles about all the “leeches” in society, sucking the blood out of the welfare system and belittling those on “the dole”. Everyone seems to forget the causation of this crisis and why there is an absolute explosion in welfare numbers! As in the first depression, we are witnessing the destruction of our nation by corporate fascists and super wealthy elites, offshoring manufacturing and wall streets total hijacking of the false markets along with the manipulation of our fiat currency by there illegal federal reserve. In order for the poor to work, there have to be JOBS! It is so obvious to me that the people who espouse doing away with welfare, still enjoy gainful employment, ie., a steady paycheck that covers their bills!!! Yes, there are a good number of individuals abusing the system, but there are as many or more who are in desperate need, and have, thru the actions of the ruling party, and at no fault of their own, needed to access some help. It is time to stop blaming the victim and lay blame at its perpetrators feet! We cannot resolve the problem of inequality without attacking its source! Anyone who has tried to live off the meager govt. Handouts has very low expectations in life, as it hardly offers a life of luxury! “Wealth” redistribution is a misnomer, as the only wealth being distributed in this country is back to the wealthy and via corporate welfare and corporate tax havens! Many welfare recipients abuse the system….but the elitist and their govt. Puppets not only abuse, but trample, every law, rule, and code in their quest of absolute power and greed! The rich get richer….the poor get poorer….and their goals of population reduction are achieved as society turns in uncompassionate rage towards it’s weakest members! Next thing, I will hear all of you clamoring to send the poor to fema camps! Oh wait….that is happening now! It is only a matter of time til you are next……read your history and get a clue!

        • Charity is not supposed to be the government’s job.

        • @randomness, perfectly stated.

        • Agree, need multi-faucet approach:

          1. Work on eliminating wasteful government spending;
          2. No more aid to bankers, reinstitute Glass-Stegal;
          3. Flat tax on all and corporations; no tax loopholes (wishful thinking)
          4. No more lobbyists;
          5. Set campaign donations at same amount for all running;
          6. Reform generational welfare (focus on those abusing it);
          7. Create jobs some how, some way;
          8. Issue our own currency and pay the interest back to ourselves;
          9. Secure the borders; charge Mexico for the $$$$$$ spent on their citizens illegally collecting benefits in our country;
          10.Quit policing the world;
          11. Don’t allow stocks to be shorted, eliminate that game entirely and eliminate stock options in corporations, or at least change how they are accounted for;
          12. Jail all the thieves that are rigging our financial system to benefit their own fortunes or those of other countries that don’t have our best interests as a nation at heart…charge them with treason;
          Ok, I could go on and on with my wish list…
          You know it’s never going to happen.

      48. I commend this lady for her honesty. Answer her question before you criticize anymore; “If someone handed you a million dollars would you take it?”

        For all those people against abortion this is what you get. We have more people than jobs and some people just are not able to be trained for anything, so ask yourself this: Do I want to see these people fed and housed or starving on the street? The elite at least have the heart to take care of them in some way…..

        • The elite aren’t taking care of anyone but themselves, they are USING these people to their own ends. Nothing more. Once they are of no value to the elites, they’ll be left to die.

          • sixpack; What is their value to the elite now? What is our value to the elite, for that matter, that if they have this power to destroy, and the so called desire to do so, why are they not destroying us now? Perhaps they are just trying to keep society together because no one else wanted the job and they had to please all those who had religious objections to getting rid of the problems before they became problems. They do feed the poor by taxing us and not using that money for themselves. Instead of being critical, ask yourself how you would have ran things differently. It will be good practice if you make it out alive from what is coming.

            • What would I do differently? I can tell you this:

              1. I would never put someone else in charge of my money and/or financial well being.

              2. I would never expect someone else to protect me. Everyone would have that right for themselves.

              3. I would never take more from people who already don’t have much as it is, and never consider giving it to someone else.

              4. I would never allow anyone else to decide how I live my life, and invade my privacy to enforce it.

              5. I would never do anything to make it harder for honest people to support themselves.

            • Valid points. But make no mistake, they are not letting us live, they are not Gods, just mere mortals. I do agree they are probably trying to manage the “herd”. How gracious of them. They didn’t need to take the job. But they did, of course there was something in it for them. And when there is not something in it for them, they will cull the herd.

              • You’ll have to excuse me if I’m not impressed with how the ‘elite’ care for us peons…

        • The very few on welfare that cannot do for themselves could be taken care of by existing charities and individuals, if we had our tax money back.

          There are jobs in my town, but they go unfilled because people say “Oh I wouldn’t work for that little” when the job is paying more than I ever made in my life. Or the job applicants are ignorant. They can’t read or write and can’t do math. They won’t go to the community college and learn a skill inexpensively.

          I’ve told a lot of people that if they can’t find a job, they can make one. I have made my own jobs. When I was growing up, you could see people all over town that had made their own jobs. There were shoeshine stands, people selling flowers and vegetables from the back of trucks or the trunks of their cars. There were pushcarts with ice cream, hot nuts, snow cones, hot dogs, etc.

          So many people won’t even try. It’s not anyone’s job to give them money for free.

          Lastly, the elite have no heart. They only want votes and control.

        • AE, I won’t touch that money wothout doing something to EARN IT. That’s just how I was raised.

      49. The US welfare system was tested out in the US Virgin Islands and there are over it has been ingrained into four generations of “needy people”. If you visit the VI you will find these same welfare recipients driving new cars, wearing expensive gold jewelry, living in US Govt. subsidized housing, receiving welfare, food stamps, medicaid, have free cell phones… the list goes on.

        The US Govt. never even looks at this pathetic handout so why should those that receive it do anything better. When I lived in Florida and ran a home delivery route for Schwans Foods my biggest customers were always black families receiving welfare and food stamps. They would just be having more kids and had no qualm about stating that this would just give them more benefits.

        The US should take the position that the UK recently has. If someone is receiving Govt. benefits let them work in public service jobs. Get them out of their pathetic box and make them go to work.

        I have white friends whose situation required that they apply for Govt. assistance. They were told at the local office that they were the wrong color and that the program was not set up for “white” folks to easily attain benefits.

        Funny about all this. Not really.

        • its about time, the thug coward only got 1 year? that’s bullshit and racist!

          Situational awareness people..get with it

          more of the punk ass cowards need to get lit up

      50. Off topic:

        O-1 tool steel is a versatile steel for the homesteader. It can be easily heat treated to varying degrees. Target areas can be hardened to different degrees, which makes it great for tool making. A wood chisel can have a hard edge and a tough hammer end, a planer blade can be thoroughly hardened or a shaft can be made very wear resistant.

        To heat-treat the O-1 you can use an oxy-acetylene torch. You heat the steel up until it turns cherry red and then you observe the steel. You should see sparkles almost like glitter on the surface without melting or burning off the surface. When you get it to this point then quench it in oil, submerge it and agitate it. The agitation will help to prevent too much scale from forming on the surface. The part is now brittle hard. After the part has cooled, remove the scale and sand the part in order to get it back to bare metal. Clean the part with acetone or alcohol and keep your fingers off of it. The oil from your fingers will give a false indicator for the next step. Now to temper the steel, use your oxy-acetylene torch and set the flame to a light heat with a moderate size flame. Work the feathered end of the flame and slowly heat the steel back up and pay attention to the color of the steel. It will first turn a straw color, then blue and then back to raw steel, then orange and then red. Straw color will give the maximum hardness for tempered steel. Blue will not be as hard but will still be hard and have some flexibility. Once you get beyond blue then you start to lose control.

        You don’t have to harden the whole part, just selective areas if that fit’s the function.

      51. News out of the Middle East. Unusual Israeli air force activity over Lebanon where Hezbollah is at. Someone is trying to egg on a fight, either or both sides as the Iranian issue of nuclear weapons development is dead in the water in Switzerland meetings right now. With frankenstein kerry heading the negotations in Geneva can anyone expect anything but failure.

        • ive been watching that too. Good timing. The obamacare website wont be fixed by the end of the month- its time for a distraction, war.
          Too many people, even some sheeple, are waking up to government abuse. which only means, a false flag any day now.

      52. I enjoy reading comments on this web site but have need for lots of information on recipes, generator, windmills, battery systems etc. I would appreciate any info that you folks could share as far as web sites that deal in such and are not simply sales promotions. Thank you

        • I’ve seen often someone very knowledgeable is lurking and will answer when people ask questions.

        • Skek:
          My best advice to you is go on YOU TUBE and look up the info you want.
          You will find just about everything there. Good luck in your search.
          You can look up solar panels and wind mills on the NET.
          You will find several good companies out there that will help you a long. The one I like is in Thompson Ill. Their tec. people are great.

          • Greetings Sgt. Dale. Hope everything is well with you. braveheart

          • Sgt Dale….was a bit concerned about you and your family during the tornados in our neck of the woods. Everything ok?

            • Brave and Il.
              Just a little damage. But I pray for the folks around us.

        • skeptic, ask dot com pretty much answers anything I need answered.
          Herbs, vitamins, recipes…lots of stuff there.

        • Skeptic,try builditsolar and low tech magazine for a start,great ideas that are proven thru use to work.

        • Bi.Did you see what the congress has done now?Congress goes Nuclear,Democrats approve changes to the filibuster option! on MSN.One more death by a thousand cuts!

          • I know lot dont believe in the left right etc, but that will bite them in the ass after the next election when they lose the senate, JMO

      53. How many on assistance are playing the Knockout Game?

        • In February, a Lansing, MI man was attacked by 17-year-old Marvell Weaver. The man (whose identity is not being revealed for his protection) told WILX 10:

          “He shoved something into my side. I wasn’t sure what it was. It had some force to it. I wasn’t sure if it was a knife or a gun.”

          The item was a taser, and thankfully it didn’t work. The victim was able to protect himself with his concealed-carry .40 caliber pistol. He shot Weaver twice – in the leg and an inch away from his spine.

          Weaver was sentenced to a year in jail for the attack. He says he wishes he never played the game at all, and that his experience was a lesson learned. The incident that ended with him shot and in jail was not his first time playing the game. He and his friends played a few times prior:

          CONCEALED CARRY ! Be aware of your surroundings. See a couple to a bunch of black teenagers. Take the safety off and avoid confrontation. Prepare to defend yourself and family’s life if need be. Pretty fucked up it’s come to this. But it is what it is !

          • All i know is they better kill me if they try that crap on me over here because its a small comunity and i will become the most violent murdering vigilante in the history of our great state.

          • Fuckers in NYC just did the “knockout” on a 78 year old woman. Yeah…..bring that shit to my neck of the woods and see what happens.

            • Piecew of advice. Before you start concealed carrying, check your local and state laws. Don’t conceal carry illegally. It may cost a few bucks to get a permit but it’s cheaper than an attorney or a felony conviction. I’m sure a few of the known trolls will thumbs down this information.

              • FYI. I’d rather take my chances with a Jury of 12 then some punk who is playing the knockout “game”. AKA I’m gonna knok him out before he justifibly shoots my dumb as-. Do it right, do it legal. Don’t go looking for trouble and get all Zimmerman on us.

      54. This will continue until either our currency crashes or people in OVERWHELMING numbers decide to exit this corrupt system of usury banking, wage slavery, & support of mega-corporations. Every time you shop at a store which accepts welfare, earn a paycheck that gets taxes withdrawn, do business with a bank (look up fractional reserve banking & financial derivatives), YOU are contributing to this control system whether you like it or not. Period. I’ve accepted this & have been doing everything in my power to become COMPLETELY self-sufficient. Once you start getting a taste of true freedom there is no feeling like it in the world & trust me, people will notice. That’s why I feel that more of us should be taking the initiative, teaching others the same. I realize that most are not ready nor ever will be but this should not discourage you. Nor should we be pointing fingers at others. We’re talking about GENERATIONS of people subjected to mind control. Even in the discussions here I see repeated fallacies (ex. muslim terrorist boogeymen, denial of Zionist influence, “justified” wars) – lies that have been passed down, usually by some authority figure.

        Until all of us take a good long look in the mirror, nothing will change.

      55. And, they are going to be some of the first to die off, should the system to an abrupt halt, aka some version of SHTF. Their self imposed helplessness and dependance will get them killed. Sure they are having a great time at someone elses expense, but the cost is zero survival skills. We know it and more important TPTB know it and are making their plans with that in mind. Sheep to the slaughter.

      56. I used to deliver medical supplies like oxygen tanks and wheel chairs in Chicago. I am white. My route included some of the nastiest parts of the west side, including the different projects. I knew when I could make my deliveries with the lowest chance of being in danger. I had a small window of opportunity on weekdays between about 10:30 AM and Noon. Any earlier and the sick wouldn’t be awake to accept delivery. Any later and the shit heads would start waking up to do there “thing”. There are also many large apartment buildings that rival the projects in the number and quality of occupants. Some of the places have 100 units. All are one room w/bathroom. All have iron bars (like a jail cell) that are opened from inside. That’s to protect them and their stuff from the other “citizens”. Been in a lot of them. 100 doorbells with no names on them. When I asked why, they looked at me like I didn’t know anything. “Man, people got warrants. We ain’t puttin’ our names where the PoPo can find us”! Such is life in the big city.

        • Face it, they aint human beings, theres animal bred in. Dont taKe this the wrong way but man cant you find another job? Putting yourself into danger like that goes against everything we prepare for. What do you think about that, can you relocate or get a different job or assignment?

          • Moved out of that job a long time ago. I’m glad I had that job. I learned a lot about “inner city people”. I know so many people that believe the BS in the papers. About the so called “oppressed minorities”. You can’t beat first hand experience.

      57. Sure, people should work for a living. Yes, a living wage is required. The wages must keep up with the cost of living. That is economic justice in a system called capitalism. As far as smoking cannabis, there is nothing wrong with medicating on the cheap. Grow your own should be the law of the land. It is a harmless substance with proven medically beneficial applications. The war against cannabis use is a war on the American people. I should know, been indulging for over 40 years.

      58. Sorry Mac, you get no thumbs up from me for this particular article. Apparently someone needs to take you to task. Nothing personal Mac, but…

        You’re doing the same exact thing “Doomsday Preppers” does—finding the most outrageous, worst-of-the-worst and holding them out as the ‘norm’. Didn’t somebody just make a similar statement about doomsday preppers recently? I think they did.

        You know, you’ve taken to censoring comments that espouse hatred of jews, but there are many articles like this one that hates specifically on the poor.

        You don’t like to hear from people who believe “all jews are greedy”, but you damn sure don’t mind saying “all poor people are fat and/or lazy and stealing from us” because they receive govt handouts in this piss-poor economic time.

        You probably should’ve just censored the name-calling vicious personal attack posts and left the rest alone. Now, you kinda look like a hypocrite.

        I won’t apologize for speaking my mind. Just remember, true, blatant and unapologetic honesty is a double-edged sword and can cut both ways.

        • Sixpack…I have to agree with you on this and I’m sorry Mac, it’s not personal! I’ve come to count on this site for the unbiased truth, not just through articles, but from the people who post comments and unfortunately, I’m seeing the kind of censorship that usually MSM sites provide. This is not a good direction for SHTF….my opinion!

          • Guys when a site goes from prepper to hate site it becomes the responsibility of the owner to follow their original misseon statement.

            • Opsick…you’re full of it! You’re not here for prepping-you’re a TROLL!

            • I have news for you, no matter who your are, someone doesnt like you. Life is not like the grade school where you cry to the teacher that Johnny said something mean to you and your feelings were hurt. Remember this cause its important, free men and woman speak freely. If you dont like what someone else said to or about you, then you are living in a democracy. Grow some scales.

          • jp and 6p, the generalization applies in many cities and does not apply in many more. Many of us live in cities where you can NOT find willing workers because welfare pays more. (at $15/hr or such). Population-wise, that’s the NORM. But, land-size wised, there is what you must be associated with… poor cities. As you drive out of the city then you come to these poor cities where everyone is poor. Totally different sets of people hanging off the government teat. Those people need to move to find work. the people in our cities don’t need to move, theydon’t want to work. Period and fact.

        • I don’t think this article was directed specifically at you, sixpack.
          the point, I think, is to let people know that this IS happening. just today, I saw a lady(“African American”) who was walking with 5 kids, no dad. I bet this lady is on welfare, and I bet her “baby daddy” is on welfare too. smoking weed.

          NOTHING should be censored, that’s the point of freedom. especially about jews. jews r the worst

          • Neo Nazi hate speech Dude save it for your Klan and Aryan nation Brotherhood meetings. This isn’t a hate site !

          • I never said it was aimed at me, but it easily could be. You see, I’m disabled and on SSI and cash assistance. I may never be able to function well enough, to actually hold a job again.

            You see, there is more to it than just being able to DO something. you have to be able to do it WELL ENOUGH for your boss to be able to make a profit from your labor.

            I can still drive a few nails, BUT, I can’t drive enough nails fast enough to be worth an hourly wage to an employer. None would ever consider hiring me for that very reason, and I can’t much blame them.

            The point I WAS MAKING, is that hate is hate, whether you direct your hate at jews, blacks or poor people.

            I’f you’re gonna call a spade a spade, you have to call a club a club too. Otherwise, you’re nothing but a one-sided hypocrite with a petty hatred.

        • Totally disagree. This article is not about the poor its about a un-repenting slug. There was a time when excepting help was the last thing a person would do and certainly would not call the helper a fucking idiot for going to work to provide the means to help. These people are nothing but maggots. So you see the poor that need a hand up and are thankful are different from the maggots who take and then shit on you. Just like my neighbor that is a Jew and suffering though the country’s change to communism just like me. I can assure you neither one of us is controlling the government or the economy. I know one thing, he will be fighting by my side in the coming “reset” and that more than I can say for many others I know.

          • Well maddog…that’s the beauty of “Freedom of Speech” where we can have differing opinions without being censored! It’s a part of our Constitution, a part that some people would prefer to not have exist!

            • Nothing I said had anything to do with restricting speech. As far as censoring, I have seen people request that Mac remove comments that offended them. As I recall his (Mac’s) response was he would not remove them. As far as I can tell Jew bashing is alive and well in some post here. Look JP you don’t have an argument from me, I have no problem bashing, I just prefer to bash individuals were I have a leg to stand on and not the group. Just sayin I think Mac has been very good at being unrestrictive. I know he risks TPTB labeling this site and by association himself as a racist just by allowing uncensored posts. Don’t believe me, just try to post some of the things you see here on another site.

              • Maddog, that may have been true in the past, but I saw a post last nite disappear into thin air by a poster called Michigander. Maybe Mac is having pressure put on him….I don’t know?
                I know that I don’t have an argument with you…I do have a problem with trolls on this site who would like to suppress freedom of speech.
                Thank you…

                • Okey dokey. Now I’ve got to get back to bashing the fucking commie’s trashing my country.

                • I just had a comment back to mad dog that went into thin air! First time thats happened?

                • Hate speech isn’t protected by the 1st amendment.

                  • Actually, yes it is protected speech. Who gets to determine what ‘hate speech’ is? The govt, for instance, has determined anything that goes against the president and this govt is hate speech, racist or terrorist…but is it really?

                    You see, the govt will have us believe that “hate speech” is not protected, so that they obviously need to protect those to whom it refers. How do they do that? Legislation and prosecution.

                    The term “brown bag” is now ‘racist’, so we’ve got to do away with that term too.

                    What about the word “cracker”?…oh yeah right, calling Caucasians ‘cracker’ isn’t hate speech…it’s perfectly okay to call whitey names, since we’ve got a kenyan mulatto in the white house.

                    I wonder how long it will be before they pass a bill to stop calling the white house “the white house”, because it’s racist…

                    The bill of rights doesn’t spell out what “hate speech” is. It does, however, spell it out that “free speech” shall not be infringed.

                • I remember somebody saying that this site was reported to the Southern Poverty Law Center as a hate site. Hell fella. If you want to enjoy hate speech go to a hate speech site. Here it ain’t welcome !

                  • Thanks Red…I just can’t imagine what we would do here without your BS…but, wouldn’t it be nice to find out? 🙂

                  • If you really want some hate speech, go to the southern poverty law center’s web site. They bash conservatives, veterans, christians, muslims and eastern people alike. They bash the preparedness set too.

                    The SPLC— THE REAL HATE SPEECH SITE.

            • Dude you can’t scream fire if there ain’t one in a movie theater and call it free speech !

        • You’ve confused the poor but honest downtrodden few with the parasitical, lazy, leeching, majority of those on welfare.

        • Ain’t nothing good gonna coome from bashing Jews. Hate speech is hate speech.

        • Sixpack,
          Alternative media is just as guilty of slanted propaganda as MSM
          Its getting to where NONE of it is credible, you have the LaLa land version of the twerkers and keeping up with the kardashiobamas from MSM and the absolute worst case conspiracy doom and gloom theyre out to get us all from Alt media! It gets to where ya want to say WTF and shut it ALL off.

          • agreed, kula.

      59. I know that there are a lot of black people sitting on their behinds and getting paid for it. It makes the blood boil doesn’t it? Maybe someday somebody can write a story about trust fund babies and the entitlements they are allowed to receive under color of law. After all they can’t live in mommy and daddy’s extra condo for free now can they? They have to pay rent to mommy and daddy but their unemployed losers. That’s right. So not only do they get to receive food snaps, someday they will inherit the home that they rent from mommy and daddy. Somehow that doesn’t make the blood boil so much now does it? I saw you guys’ article…”Don’t let them smell your food”. Too bad those drunk indians didn’t have that same sentiment when the first inglish settlers almost starved to death over here. Of course it’s all about the plight of yt with you guys. Anyway. I don’t pay for any of the leaches myself. I live off the grid. I don’t pay taxes. snarf snarf yuk yuk. I’m walking the walk and not just talking the talk. stack metal losers

        • Well, it’ll be game over for the banking industry, derivatives market and other financial institutes—those of us who don’t depend on banking and investments will convert to “lesser means” for what we need.

          It’s kinda hard to make millions bartering with futures.

        • Satori

          If this occurs (better said WHEN it occurs) I see a WW3 coming out of it. Its far to destabilizing to be left into the political arena.

      60. Well not sure how the American system works. But up here where I live in British Columbia Canada, our welfare system is shitty,of course unless you are a)alcoholic b)drug addict c)new immigrant, then the system goes out of its way to help you,

        If you are just a regular everyday citizen that has happen to fall on hard times, nope you get squat, example if your single male you get $535 per month, so how is anybody suppose to get by on that …. we don’t have food stamps here, what we have is food banks and you’re only allowed to go once a month, bloody sad and you only get 3 days worth. I use to volunteer at one and would sneak a few more items in for folks.

        I have a good friend who is blind,so he really does need help but even long term disability he only gets $950 a month. So he hands out newspapers 5 days a week at the subway in all kinds of weather, and makes $150 a week doing it. But welfare refuses to help him with anything, can’t even get someone to come once month to help prepare food, clean etc, but if he was a drug addict or native not a problem sir/madam…oh well

        • If you can’t beat em , join em. Live like a turd worlder . Find a few friends in the same predicament. Hint be a man not everyone gets their own bedroom. Everything stays unplugged when not in use or on a power strip. Mist it then stick that bubble wrap picked off the trash piles or bummed off of friends on the windows. Plus get long underwear and good sleeping bag military surplus is good. Keep the house warm enough too stop the pipes from freezing.

          Same shit grandpaw did in the hardtimes for 30 years

      61. I’m wondering if Facebook Page’s rant with everyone the other day had any motivating effect. It did with me. Even though I have been bucking the system as much as possible for 10 years now its time to push things along in my opinion. You can bitch about these fucking people and let off some steam, but then what, back to work and send in those taxes for the crack whore. Nope, gonna do what can be done to push the reset button. Received my oath keepers card yesterday and will be recruiting local law enforcement. At the very least reminding them of their oath and proper function. Then will be using many of the example’s of John Gualt to apply pressure and at least not contribute to the system. Any additional ideas would be appreciated.
        Just sayin’ stop bitchin and start pushin’ back. Like breaveheart did with the crack whore the other day and let these shitbags know how you feel. They apparently have no self respect or moral values.

        • Maddog! Well Im on board! We all know what we have to do its just where to start and how to get organized? The personal involvement starts first ,like you, then to the city and county,then the State, Then by Region. I think once we start especially with the ones here it should fall into place fairly quick? Even if we all spend half as much time reading and posting in doing, with Macs help we should find the direction!
          What do you think??

          • Absolutely, I wish we had a way to PM each other here. It would allow a more discrete discourse. Maybe we can get Mac to set something up. You know I’d hate to post a phone number and then say something to piss somebody off.

      62. Why are comments hating Jews censored but not Blacks or Hispanics?

        Seriously the issues we are facing are gonna hit ALL races/creeds with a sledge hammer at some point. In the boom the moochers were easy to spot, nowadays so many former grafters are reduced to the gubberment dime it’s depressing. This article is to divert from the reality that small business opportunities have been regulated out of existence, and corp jobs have been outsourced to the 3rd world. It’s human nature to want to provide for oneself.

        This Lady seems like a “pay per gob” on behalf of the ptb to incite division within the proletariat. Too dumb to even realise she is being USED, poor cow. (btw I’m coming to the same conclusion about Alex Jones).

        What we NEED are ideas to unite and fight back. The sand is running through the glass.

        I miss the E. European who posted so eloquently on apple orchards, Manos surviving the nightmare in realtime, comments from other homeschoolers etc. Someone else was gonna publish a how to guide for solar power but never got around to it. In so many small ways people ARE finding ways to overcome this stuff – it’s this information we need to share with urgency.

        • hate speech

      63. We are suckers for working,sweating and bleeding so millions get to stay home and suck the life blood out of us. The time is coming when the dollar crashes and these bums will go nuts when the check doesn’t come in.

      64. what these people get on welfare and other programs is miniscule compared to the trillions in welfare given to the military industrial complex! that’s right, the same military complex who creates enemies around the world for their own job security, all the while frightening the citizens of the world with the word “terrorist” which probably is used, spoken, hundreds of times a day as part of the mind control operation used for control. What about the nine billion in cash that was trucked into Iraq, which just simply vanished? that’s right, disappeared! Oh, and how about good ‘ol George bush getting probably close to four hundred thousand in pension for all of the good work, hard work as he put it, that he did? Oh, and how about the thieves on Wall street who continue to get hundred of millions of dollars of your money, that’s right, taxpayer money, for the good job they did at destroying the global economy, not the American economy, the global economy? And we can always throw in the mix the crooked politicians, both democrats and republicans, who are millionaires, and becoming even richer while selling out the country and citizens of, once again, the world, not just this country. So before you start with the little fish let’s fry, and I do mean fry, the big fish first! Get hip! Snap out it! Stop being played for fools by the likes of the Koch brothers and the fat, fat rich corporations like the oil companies who made billions in profits and didn’t pay a dime in taxes. Once again, thanks to the corrupt politicians that some of the people of this country foolishly want to defend! Wake up, people! Enough!

        • Merlin

          It is not just about welfare. It is about the idea of distribution of wealth. That effects all things. It is called socialism and fails every time it is tried. That is why it must be stopped.

      65. DURHAM, N.C. — North Carolina Central University is on lockdown due to a “possible active shooter on campus.”

      66. Seven Volcanoes In Six Different Countries All Start Erupting Within Hours Of Each Other

        this cant be good

        • VRF; Your right I tried to get Bi this morning for comments on the one that formed its own island in Japan but haven’ heard from him! maybe Mother Nature is going to start the ball rolling!!!

        • Its simply an end of an age pole shift. Its not caused by mans activities and cannot be mitigated by man. The poles always have shifted by a few feet per year. The pace has accelerated the north pole has shifted by miles per year of late. The south pole not as much. That puts a sort of twist to the magnosphere. that causes the plates to move. the plates moving causes an increase in earthquakes & volcanos. The disrupted magnosphere causes an increase in weather anonomolys like flood drought hurricanes tornados record temps ect. these clatyclismic events will increase in magnitude and frequency until the poles stabilize and that could take decades or even hundreds of years.

      67. Government Opening Free Gas Stations in Poor Black Neighborhoods
        Communism at it’s best, brought to you by the Obama administration.

        Hey, it’s not easy when you have to drive a lot …… pick up free phones, free food and cashing those welfare checks can burn a lot of fuel.

        Our government is determined to destroy all stable systems.

        Government Opening Free Gas Stations in Poor Neighborhoods
        Oct 29, 2013
        First ‘Obamastation’ Debuts in Detroit, Seventy Planned Nationwide

        As the battle over Obamacare rages in Washington, the White House is quietly using a little known provision of the law to roll out a nationwide network of free gas stations for minorities and the poor.
        According to a report in The Detroit News this morning, the administration is using its authority under the Affordable Care Act to “improve transportation routes to hospitals” to dispense gasoline free of cost in disadvantaged neighborhoods.
        The $2 billion-a-year program aims to distribute 40 million gallons of free gasoline each year through 70 new gas stations constructed in major metropolitan areas. The Department of Health and Human Services (DHS) will be responsible for operating the network, whose first station opened yesterday in Detroit.
        “It’s not something we’re publicizing very much, for obvious reasons,” explains Dori Salcido, assistant DHS secretary for public affairs. “But under the law we are well within our rights to offer this service, and we think it’s good public policy.
        “How are people supposed to get to the doctor’s office if they don’t have gas in their cars? Health insurance is worthless if you can’t make your appointment. This is just another fine example of government stepping in and solving big problems.”
        No Gas for You
        Although some developing oil-rich nations like Venezuela and Indonesia subsidize gasoline for the poor, the practice has never before been tried in the United States. The plans are proving controversial with some taxpayers who are loathe to see their money go to subsidize others.
        “So basically I’m being punished for not living in the ghetto,” says Colin Blair, a white person from the affluent Detroit suburb of Farmington Hills. “I have three kids and a mortgage. Life isn’t cheap for me either. I could use some free gasoline too.”
        An investigation into the station’s operations, however, reveals that Blair is unlikely to be able to use the service.
        “Supposedly access to the station is determined by income,” says Ebony Jackson, manager of the first Obamastation. “But it’s pretty unrealistic to do an income check on each and every driver. So what we do is basically let all the black people pump for free, and charge all the white people the market rate.”
        The Obamastations scandal was uncovered by Nolan Finley , a conservative Detroit News columnist widely lauded for his groundbreaking exposé on Obamaphones. Finley says the blatant racial bias in the program is only one of its many outrageous aspects.
        “The stations have Obama campaign logo on them and giant photos of the president,” he explains. “He’s trying to buy votes ahead of the midterm elections. This is something you normally only see in third world countries. I’ve never been more scared for our democracy.”

        When will ENOUGH be ENOUGH!

        • Old Vet; Retired Army General Scott Vallely calls for the forced resignation of Obama ! As well as Reid, McConnal Buehner and Pelosi. hear is a link to the website.

        • Old Vet; Retired General Scott Vallely calls for the forced resignation of Obama,Reid, McConnal Buehner, and Pellosi. Here is a link to his sight.

        • This really is the last straw. No, I mean it this time. I’ve reached my limit.

        • this is satire….like The Onion
          quote from their website:

          “The Daily Currant is an English language online satirical newspaper that covers global politics, business, technology, entertainment, science, health and media. It is accessible from over 190 countries worldwide – now including South Sudan.

          “Our mission is to ridicule the timid ignorance which obstructs our progress, and promote intelligence – which presses forward.

          “Q. Are your news stories real?

          “A. No. Our stories are purely fictional. However they are meant to address real-world issues through satire and often refer and link to real events happening in the world”

          • OR: Yes it is, but I could see this kind of BS from this bunch running this country can you. Just to make one think.

      68. I’m BACK!!!!
        What a bunch of CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        We are as stupid as S$%#T. Shut it down let the leaches go to work!!!! Or starve to death! This makes me sick. I can’t say just how PISSED I’m.
        My 80+ year old mother and father are on S.S. they just make it with a little help from us kids.
        I HOPE IT ALL FALLS APART TOMORROW! I busted my ass for 40 years to make a better life for me and my kids and she dose nothing “WTH”. I still have to work putting my life on the line every time I put on the badge and gun.
        I would love to BUST her ASS for the WEED but we would have to pay for court, child care, and what ever else they can soak us for.

        Come back for a great hunting trip with my family and friends to this. What a downer!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        AIM SMALL MISS SMALL (I did & I didn’t miss)

        • But then her lazy ass would sit in jail for about $ 41,000,.00 per year cost to the state, free health care, free dental care, free education, free counseling and job training and get out and do it again. All this while her kids are wards of the state at a cost of and it goes on and on and on. Just cut her ass off of the welfare roles and put her ihn the street.

          • Red:
            I have a IDEA!
            Any one arrest for a Domestic Battery, Felonies, drugs with the intent to deliver, or dangerous s drug. (this would not include Pot for persons using it for medicine uses.) Would be cut off of the Welfare rolls. You get your Second Amendment rights taken away for you for this. You should loos your welfare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Owning firearms is a Constitutional Right that shall not be infringed on. Welfare is NOT A RIGHT!!!
            Mandatory drug testing for those on welfare. If you fail you are out.


            • I agree. Pop positive for drugs, commit violent crimes, abuse women , children and the elderly and no more welfare. Great idea.

          • Why is Mac not Censoring such KKK raciist Hate mongers that so Hate all african blacks? Is it only jews that matter or count, as seems to be the typical Hypocritical thought patterns here with, “justice” “opsec” and “Redneck” the three prison guard self appointed censorship squad of late?

            These three imbecills have alot of hypocracy rampant in themselves when they so defend all ssues jewish, yet at same time bash blacks worse than KKK Hate Mongers.

            Then they are who are so critical in demanding censorship?

            Funny They Never provide links, proof, evidence of any sort as they bash truth tellers here…Then they bash all blacks like KKK member Haters yet claim This site is a hate site?!!!!!….I think whats reality here is we now have Three new white wiggers posing as preppers here, all way too deluded to accept truth and instead like typical lib dem kommies, Bash messengers while demanding truth be censored when it affects Their Pet jewish folks or causes.

            One just cannot make this stuff up! I do really Hope Mac comes to His senses and stops being Fearfull of the Threats these Three idiots, have threatened Mac and this site with lately. IE: Threats to Inform SPLC of “hate speech” while these Three Hypocrites Bash blacks with their KKK mindsets and total Hatered of all issues Black.

            • Them Guys — I could honestly care less about what the SPLC thinks…or threats being made against this web site about being ‘reported’ to them.

              Our moderators have, however, been asked to filter out comments that are long diatribes regarding “Jews” and “Zionists” etc… While you and others have every right to your opinion, just about every single thread has now turned into comment after comment of this kind of information, replete with scores of links. It has, honestly, started to turn into a spam free-for-all and has detracted from the conversation, and I personally feel it is off-putting for a lot of users. Not necessarily because of the information itself but the scores of comments essentially discussing the same thing.

              You and others have every right to discuss this type of information, regardless of my opinion (or that of others), however I don’t think this is an appropriate venue for the constant flow of comments about this topic. We will soon have a section of the web site where just about any user generated topic can be posted and discussed, and in those areas we will let this kind of info fly.

              Now, I understand that a connection can be made between certain reports and agendas and those behind the agendas, and that kind of stuff is fine, but if possible, please keep it short and sweet and to the point, sans a ton of links (not necessarily directed at you).



              • Thank you. About time.

            • There seems to be some liberal disease that people demand they be loved. Sorry there is always someone who doesnt like you no matter who or how good you are.
              TV shows certain people being well thought of and in demand by others wanting to associate with them. Then when these TV believers are not loved,they are horrified.
              Well thats life and the price paid for free people to speak freely.

            • Dude I hope you realize how retarded you look. Looks like you got something personal going on here. I’ll join those three “imbecills” here and call you out as a bigot.

          • One 22 lr with correct placement,lots cheaper that $41,000!

        • Folks,get off the weed thing,damn,I don’t smoke but know plenty who do and actually run businesses and employ folks!Like I said before,create a environment were it is worthwhile for folks to start businesses/hire people/create opportunity for themselves and others,this will be a great step towards getting the country on track.

          • does your Dr. smoke too? hmmmmmm is plain weed really that bad.

      69. too funny
        someone living in a 4 million dollar house attacking beggars
        for being “scammers”

        Fox News Chastises People For Giving To The Homeless: ‘You’re An Enabler’

        let them eat cake damn it !!!

        The law, in its majestic equality, forbids the rich as well as the poor to sleep under bridges, to beg in the streets, and to steal bread.
        Anatole France,

        those street corner beggars ain’t doin’ it right
        they need to take lessons from THE experts

        Reuters: Pentagon Bookkeepers Wasted $8.5 Trillion

        or maybe Jamie Dimon or Lloyd “I’m doing God’s work” Blankfein
        could give them some helpful tips

        wanna be a scammer?
        put on a thousand dollar suit and head to Wall Street !

        • Satori

          I read your posts and you take the words from my mouth.

      70. Fuckin low lives! Whens it going to end?

      71. obama is a piece of shit.

        • Wrong:
          You are RIGHT!
          All the turds in DC are with only a few exceptions.
          What a shame.

          Sgt. SMALL MISS SMALL!!!

          • Sarge, glad to see you back. i was wondering about you. Hope everything is Ok with you. braveheart

            • Brave:
              Every thing is 10/4

        • Obama is the Whole shit

      72. wake the F_CK up America
        WAKE THE F_CK UP

        “This Is Really A Symbol Of What’s Going On In This Whole Country. We’re Losing Middle-Class Jobs”“-really-symbol-what’s-going-whole-country-we’re-losing-middle-class-jobs”

        corporate profits SOARING

        “Manufacturers’ after-tax profits rose to a record $289.1 billion last year, ”

        workers wages and benefits ???
        not so much

        $22 an hour 8 years ago
        now $14 ???

        WTF ???

        “General Electric Co. says it has added about 2,500 production jobs since 2010 at its home-appliance plant in Louisville, Kentucky. Under an accord with the union local, new hires make $14 an hour assembling refrigerators and washing machines, compared with a starting wage of about $22 for those who began before 2005.”

        one major manufacturer in my area starts at a big whopping
        $8.50 an hour

        yeah we’re being scammed
        but it ain’t the welfare cheats that got me worried

        articles attacking the poor
        whether they are legit or not
        serve ONE purpose
        divide and conquer
        distract from the REAL issues

        you cant win the war if you don’t know who the REAL enemy is

      73. thought this was of interest

        ‘Monster’ cosmic blast zipped harmlessly by Earth

        “WASHINGTON (AP) — Astronomers call it the monster. It was the biggest and brightest cosmic explosion ever witnessed. Had it been closer, Earth would have been toast.”

        ain’t no preppin’ for a gamma ray burst !

        • I think I would rather go out that way than the way we are headed…one quick zap and we are toast. Instead we have the threat of radiation poisoning from Fukishima, dollar collapse, natural disasters, etc…the list just goes on :-(. I am hoping for the best and preparing for the worst.

          Our only hope for this planet and mankind is the return of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

        • Lots of dirt will stop gamma rays.

      74. Don’t see some of the regulat antagonists on here today. Maybe the welfare thing hits a little too close to home. Hmmmmmmmmm ?

        • I noticed that myself.

        • Ya know what your’e right. maybe they just changed their sceen name . Ever thought of that ?

      75. All good things come to an end and this is no exception…they will reap what they sow.

      76. @ Thinker and VRF. The areas to really worry about in regards to volcanic activity are:

        New Zealand
        Washington state
        Long Valley Caldera in California
        Kamchatka Peninsula

        I did not include Yellowstone because there is no real indication of any sort of impending eruption. Japan is an area that is quite frankly not that dangerous with worldwide size volcanic danger. South America is not showing anything. The Philippines is also showing more tectonic movement than something like what blew in 1991.

        Antarctica is a dead continent as in movement from a plate’s point of view. You start to see heavy volcanic activity in the Antarctica is means the continent is on the move, and this is awful news from all the other plates. It could also mean that the crust is rupturing in spots under the ice. I have longed suspected that the miles of ice act as a plug on a volcano going off. This seems to be the case in Iceland, as come spring and summer the volcanic activity increases.

        I have never liked what is going on under the Long Valley caldera in the Sierras. There was much increase of underground problems at the same time that Mt. St Helens went off in 1980. The washington ridge is connected to California. This is the same as Yellowstone is connected to the Atka, Alaska area.

        Do I think we are going to have a mass crustal displacement in which you are at say 35 degrees north and after it happens you are situated at one of the poles? No. I think at this point of the planet’s age it would take something to cause such a shift, like an impact from an asteroid, a rouge planet’s gravity getting too close to the Earth, or some other space induced incident. When the planet was much hotter inside and younger this probably happened on a more regular basis. Now this would take some large catalyst.

        I think one of the most likely catastrophes would be for the planet to lose its magnetic field that helps protect the planet from cosmic radiation and the solar winds. Literally you could lose the atmosphere and have something similar to what happened on Mars. JustOneGuy knows a hell of a lot more of this one, but from what I understand is that many planets do lose their magnetic fields as they age and lose the internal heat from inside. Radioactive decay can only heat the planet’s inside for so long. This though is likely millions or hundreds of millions of years away.

        The most immediate concern would be that the crust is experiencing cooling and it would therefore become more rigid and less pliable and plastic like. I have mentioned this before about earthquakes below the 700 km threshold around Fiji recently as maybe a sign of something like this in the beginning stages.

        There was yet another earthquake on the Mid Atlantic Ridge. This one again points to New Guniea to Kermandic Islands, Toyko area, eastern Indonesia, northern Chile, and Greece. Other than Greece these are the same areas that previous precursor quakes have had in the past just like this one. What is very interesting is that since the 7.8 hit, that most of these earthquakes are no longer pointing to 7.5+, but in the 6.5 to 7.3 range. This did not account for all the 8+ quakes that occurred before 25 out of 49. This is something to be concerned over as much tension is still be shown coming from Alaska and India/China zones.

      77. Prepper Dudes.

        One thing we all must remember in journalism is that sensationalism is a big part of journalism. This is used on prepper websites, MSM websites, and it is used politically, such as when the POTUS used two stories from females as to why we must have ACA.

        Sensationalism is used to get a response. It usually does.

        I view these articles as what people are thinking and doing and what is going on. I don’t view ay of them personally, or as a personal attack, just as what is going on and what are the attitudes. This person or persons represents the attitudes of many. These are the current and future problems of many problems out there.

        Our biggest problem is our Government and their excessive spending with no budgets, no solutions, and no job growth. We know the petro-dollar is ending and that is going to cause all kinds of calamity here in the USA.

        That is why I am reading and preparing. It isn’t from any group of people, it is what is in the future for the USA as a whole.

        Keep prepping and good luck everyone.

      78. That is why I am reading and preparing. It isn’t from any group of people, it is what is in the future for the World as a whole.

      79. Next window when the Moon is dark enough for an Iranian strike. November 27 to December 7. This very likely means World War 3 and all this other sh%^ is not going to mean squat.

        This is what Israel will be hit with from Iran along with much more.

        Let’s not forget about Russia and China with more than the capability of laying waste to all of Israel with just one submarine.

      80. This stupid cow is exactly why the government needs to make these freeloaders do SOMETHING for the money they get every month, be it picking up trash, sweeping streets, painting/cleaning public buildings, etc. They need to clock in like all the rest of us. They figure they can make more on the dole than on a “real” job? Well make them work for it!!! So many of our cities are going bankrupt and can’t provide basic services. Make these slackers provide those services for the money they receive. I’m not talking about people who are working at a job or even two jobs and STILL don’t make enough money and need a little help, but these “career” freeloaders? They need to be put to work!! This pissed me off so bad it makes me want to puke.

      81. That was supposed to be shocking?

      82. That was supposed to be shocking?

      83. Its not the welfare recipient thats the problem. Its the facilitation of policies to deindustrialize the US and deregulate the Financial Sector with the demise of Glass-Steagall that has dramatically increased their numbers.

        There is welfare fraud. But it pales in comparison to the outright theft complements of the Finance Network being left to “self regulation” and the damage its done.

      84. I sure is going to be fun when the scheme collapses. I hope I have enough .223.

      85. just a heads up for fans of doomer porn

        THE JAKARTA PANDEMIC by Konkoly is one of my favorite books

        now a sequel coming out soon

        The Perseid Collapse

      86. China announces that it is going to stop stockpiling U.S. dollars

        “According to Reuters, crude oil futures may soon be priced in yuan on the Shanghai futures exchange.”

        The value of the U.S. dollar will go down.

        Economic Collapse blog

      87. Our Invisible Revolution

        just a taste

        “Our shift to corporate totalitarianism, like the shift to all forms of totalitarianism, is incremental. Totalitarian systems ebb and flow, sometimes taking one step back before taking two steps forward, as they erode democratic liberalism. This process is now complete. The “consent of the governed” is a cruel joke. Barack Obama cannot defy corporate power any more than George W. Bush or Bill Clinton could. Unlike his two immediate predecessors, Bush, who is intellectually and probably emotionally impaired, did not understand the totalitarian process abetted by the presidency. Because Clinton and Obama, and their Democratic Party, understand the destructive roles they played and are playing, they must be seen as far more cynical and far more complicit in the ruination of the country. Democratic politicians speak in the familiar “I-feel-your-pain” language of the liberal class while allowing corporations to strip us of personal wealth and power. They are effective masks for corporate power.”

        I’m not real worried about Shenita or Billy Joe Bob cheatin’ on their food stamps

        our problems are FAR bigger
        people are wising up
        they are losing faith and belief in the system
        the system,the government,the TPTB whatever you want to call it
        is LOSING IT’S LEGITIMACY to rule

        the propaganda is starting to fail
        the bread and circus give aways,the mindless entertainment,
        the food stamps,welfare etc just ain’t holding things together anymore

        dark days are ahead

      88. The end of the Petrol Dollar.
        The end of the World Reserve Currency.
        The end of Derivatives.
        The end of Banks.
        The end of Societal Order.

        Beautiful. Simply Beautiful.


      90. While millions of Americans spend half their lives or more toiling for a paycheck, millions more are sitting on the sidelines waiting for the government to issue them their next monthly distribution.

        Wait, are you talking about Wall Street crooks too?
        Government workers?

      91. To all you posters, it is much much worse than you can possibly imagine. You don’t really think she is living on the amount she says, with three kids? These people are really smart about exchanging information on how to “squeeze” the system. My brother’s daughter and her husband got divorced, but then got back together, but didn’t get married because she was getting all the welfare benefits. In order for him to get them so he could go to college and get his degree, they put cars and other valuables in his parents name. And remember, almost all of these people are working off the table. And Most Importantly, these are the people being stuffed into the government jobs…those nice high paying cushy (look out the window all day) jobs. That’s because it is “poor affirmative action.” The lowest denominator, the least educated, are now running your government. Just so you know that Your Govt doesn’t discriminate, unless you are white and well-educated. MY local post office doesn’t seem to have anyone working there who doesn’t have an accent. All “new to the US of A.” Just saying. End immigration and put Americans to work!

      92. Shocking, who would have thought enabling the alcoholic would continue the alcohol abuse?

      93. You guys dont get it. the system allows welfare. Blame the system, and the politicians and the people who voted the politicians in.

        If you take away welfare they will get off their arses otherwise they have not broken any law.

      94. The majority of you are morons. I can call into a radio show and say anything I want. Any lie that will make someone mad. Feed into the prejudice. Bankers stay rich, in their gated communities. They laugh at all of you. And you all stay stupid & hate each other.

      95. While I may agree with some of what is said both in this post and in the comments, I am saddened by the need to incorporate badly photo shopped pictures to incite public anger. Isn’t there enough real stuff to get upset about? Most intelligent people can see the writing on the wall without being spoon fed manipulations.

      96. These ugly, cowardly, criminal, parasitic, terroristic, civilization wrecking subhuman minority vermin need to be exterminated. Wake me up when it’s time to open the FEMA deathcamps.

        ps: I sure hope that the CIA has perfected those race-specific bioweapons.

      97. In my 20’s I worked construction. We always needed good workers, so while running an errand a young guy wanted a quarter. I said we are hiring now would you come to work? He said how much do you pay and I said $8 an hour. He said no thanks, and I said sorry I don’t have a quarter. I never received unemployment until I got screwed by my government big time. My friends went to Vietnam and many did not return and all were damaged. My computer job went to India at a $1 per hour with the blessings of our Government. So now with the wars and unemployment I want some of my money back and tired of getting screwed. Be a leach until the host dies…then go back to work to rebuild what should have been our right.

      98. This article is pure propaganda designed to piss off and anger. Your credibility is in doubt. Did someone actually say it? No doubt. Are they recipients? No, in fact they’re paid to use the media to further their agenda. This is as credible as Reagan’s “welfare queen” which never existed. I bet a lot of people actually think Reagan’s “welfare queen” is real. My unemployed friends don’t want to be. They’re depressed that no one wants a mid 50s person because they will ,supposedly, only work until Soc. Sec. kicks in, wouldn’t be happy working for a fraction of what they used to make, or won’t be willing to work hard due to their age. Do people scam the system?. A very small fraction. Do Bankers and Wall St titans scam the system? Does WalMart, McDonalds scam the system by paying such a low wage us Taxpayers have to pick up their tabs for Food Stamps and medicaide for their employees? Shame on you for falling for this

        • Does anyone else think that it’s a little odd that an illegal immigrant has practically perfect grammar and punctuation aside from the slang terminology that is being used?

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