Homeland Security Solicited Bids for “Escort Services for Unaccompanied Alien Children” In January

by | Jun 23, 2014 | Headline News | 213 comments

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    The White House would have us believe that the massive flood of immigrants on our southern border was a surprise that no one could have predicted.

    But a government contract posted in January of 2014 by the Department of Homeland Security tells a shockingly different story. According to the FedBizOpps.gov web site the government was seeking personnel who could provide escort services for “Unaccompanied Alien Children” in anticipation of an event that would leave up to 65,000 minors on our southern border without their parents or guardians.

    ICE is seeking the services of a responsible vendor that shares the philosophy of treating all UAC with dignity and respect, while adhering to standard operating procedures and policies that allow for an effective, efficient, and incident free transport. The Contractor shall provide unarmed escort staff, including management, supervision, manpower, training, certifications, licenses, drug testing, equipment, and supplies necessary to provide on-demand escort services for non-criminal/non-delinquent unaccompanied alien children ages infant to 17 years of age, seven (7) days a week, 365 days a year.

    There will be approximately 65,000 UAC in total: 25% local ground transport, 25% via ICE charter and 50% via commercial air. Escort services include, but are not limited to, assisting with: transferring physical custody of UAC from DHS to Health and Human Services (HHS) care via ground or air methods of transportation (charter or commercial carrier), property inventory, providing juveniles with meals, drafting reports, generating transport documents, maintaining/stocking daily supplies, providing and issuing clothing as needed, coordinating with DHS and HHS staff, travel coordination, limited stationary guard services to accommodate for trip disruptions due to inclement weather, faulty equipment, or other exigent circumstances. In emergency situations, the Contractor shall be called on to provide temporary shelter locations (such as trailers) with shower facilities for juveniles who are pending placement with HHS when bed space is unavailable nationwide for extended periods of time.

    Source: FBO Gov via The Daily Sheeple

    The operative term per the bid listing is that DHS/ICE claims there “will” be approximately 65,000 alien minors requiring assistance.

    As noted by The Conservative Tree House, approximately 5,000 minors under the age of 18 are detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials on a yearly basis, so the fact that the government was searching for staffers to escort up to 65,000 children suggests advance knowledge of the massive migration now occurring on the  U.S./Mexico border.

    It is no longer within the realm of conspiracy theory to suggest, as the National Association of Former Border Patrol Agents recently said, that the humanitarian crisis which has left tens of thousands of illegal immigrants displaced “is a predictable, orchestrated and contrived assault on the compassionate side of Americans by her political leaders that knowingly puts minor illegal alien children at risk for purely political purposes.”

    The evidence of foreknowledge is absolutely damning. The Obama administration, Department of Homeland Security, and the Department of Health and Human Services knew this was coming, yet they say they were taken by surprise and are overwhelmingly under-prepared.

    This, of course brings up two important questions.

    How did the U.S. government know that this influx of immigrants was going to happen?

    And, why did they fail to deploy the National Guard to secure the porous border in anticipation of hundreds of thousands of people illegally crossing into the United States?

    The only plausible explanation given the revelation that the government knew about the coming influx of immigrants as early as January of this year is that they wanted it to happen, or worse yet, that a propaganda campaign in Central America and Mexico advising people they would receive residency permits was organized and executed by the U.S. government itself.

    This week President Obama announced a “surge” of security personnel to secure our border. Why did he wait so long, considering he knew about this in January?



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      1. Did we not know where this was going????

        • 4 Ways to End The Illegal Immigration Crisis

          1. Build a Wall

          2. Call Out The National Guard

          3. Deport Those Who Cross The Border Illegally

          4. Fight The Welfare State – “An enforced border only becomes necessary in a free country for two reasons: first, safety; second, the possibility of an influx of people benefitting from public resources without contributing an equivalent amount to the tax coffers.

          Safety concerns will always require a secure border. But those who argue that illegal immigrants largely come to the United States to work are correct – except when they’re not.”


          • #5. Bring the military home….ALL of them from their unGodly crap we are doing all over the world and have them do what they are actually supposed to do…defend America. Station them all along the borders and send the guard back to their 40 hour a week jobs.

            • So I’ll ask again out of crazy curiosity. How many of you got hooked last night on the new survivalist scenario tv show “Last Ship” on TNT?

              • I watched it.

                I usually don’t watch shows that have characters that I have to keep track of because I suffered a brain injury in 1998 that interfered with my ability to recognize faces. So I lost track of part of the story line.

                I have saved it and will try to watch it again before the next episode to try to figure out who all the characters are.

                BJ: Did you like the show?

                • GREAT EARTHQUAKE right where it was forecasted. LATE, but it did hit.

                  @ Norse Prepper. I have been warning everybody about the Aleutian Islands that a very large earthquake was coming here or on the Austraian plate for the past 3 and 1/2 weeks. I am off on time a bit, but this often happens with very large earthquakes.

                  Comments 3113675 and 3094978 and some other comments after this prove that this system of earthquake forecasting works. Again, I thought by late last week it would hit, but it did come like it should a GREAT earthquake right where it should have.

                  • yes you did…..ever since you made that prediction I kept watching just to see if you were on to something.

                  • Mac could you reload Be informed post of his prediction? I tried to find it but couldn’t.
                    Crash and Burn

                  • BI, I remember your prediction too. Major kudos, major props.

                    Out of curiousity, any plausible forecast for California in the near future? Either Southern Cal or Northern Cal?

                  • Your sense is not 6th. If you believe it’s eventually going to happen, well comrade, it did but there were other forces at work.
                    Solar magnetic connectivity, coronal holes, Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs) each play a part in Earth weather MORE than the average bear thinks!
                    You’d be wise to look up youtube videos and discern for yourself facts rather than mere guesses and “I told you so”s.
                    Our magnetic connection to the sun is on some very strong coronal holes, a filament left the sun 2 days ago and has just hit the earth, our planet is subject to external forces, hence its’ responds.
                    BTW: our sun is suppose to be in a max output of solar flares— they are very weak and infrequent. Also our sun is going through a magnetic polar reversal, which is not complete/fluctuating.
                    So, based on my information, I would say, “Yes we could have expected major earthquakes.” Yours, NOPE.

                  • The oarfish still know that a whopper is coming to California. The precursors to California are usually around the Drake Passage, Macquarie Islands, towards the Bering Sea and a few other spots that are not as reliable forecasters. When you see action in one of these three areas, California needs to be on alert.

                    Fiji and Kermadec Islands is still hot, these areas came up even more so than Alaska. East Indonesia to Santa Cruz Islands, especially New Guinea shows high level of tension still.

                    It will have to start again with the outer plates before I can get a real accurate reading where the next big one is going to happen. I still say Central and South America are dangerous, look to southern Mexico, Ecuador and columbia to Peru and central Chile as the hottest areas. California and the Pacific Northwest are always at an increased danger after the Aleutian Islands goes off. I think the Rat Islands are a little too far to the west to affect Yellowstone, but if Atka, Alaska starts up look for Yellowstone to soon after get active.

                  • BI,
                    Thanks for your hard work.
                    Some of these things are way over my head, but it is good to “Be Informed”.
                    Standing by for Yellowstone.
                    Mcdave, out.

                  • @ Be informed-

                    Kudos also on the prediction cycled again, you were very close, I’d say!

                    Something else for you to check out of you have time-
                    Remember way back when you stated that HAARP or other devices could not affect the weather? You might want to take a second look as I just found this patent that claims it can control Hurricanes and Tornadoes.

                    h t tp://www.google.com/patents/US20030085296

                    I’d say science fiction is again science fact….at least from what I’m seeing of it.

                  • @ Nels. Obviously you are totally unaware how i forecast earthquakes based on science and numbers. Not just guessing. The only earthquake that failed to be forecasted this year was the one in the Balleny Islands.

                    This system I use forecasted the 6.9 north of New Zealand today and the 8.0 in the Rat Islands today. It was late, but it did occur. All other major earthquakes 6.5+, other than the one in the Balleny Islands, were forecasted this year and most last year. I will explain how it is done.

                    Major earthquakes that occur are on faults that 95% of the time are so locked that there is no foreshock around the fault. This energy has to be transferred somewhere. I have found that along plate boundaries that are either divergent, moving away from each other, or strike slip, sliding past each other, precursor earthquakes normally occur within 15 days of the major earthquake. Like the way a windshield cracks along a fracture zone and weak spot, an earthquake in the future transfers this energy to a very specific spot on these plate boundaries.

                    over the years and decades these same spots are hit and thus the same major earthquakes occur in the same areas. California is often hit when the Drake Passage has an earthquake down there. I only use 4.5+ on these plate boundaries to forecast future major earthquakes 6.5+. Over the course of a few weeks these plate boundaries, especially along the Mid Atlantic Ridge had earthquakes in the same spots as decades ago and earthquakes followed in the Alaska region. I only use a very tiny area around the precursor earthquake of .1 or .2 of a degree of longitude and latitude. From this you get dates of major earthquakes in the past.

                    Then I start to triangulate all the past earthquakes to see where the highest probability of the next 6.5+ earthquake will occur. I post these predictions before the fact so people like you that automatically doubt this scientific method of forecasting can see the proof that this works again and again.

                    For you to say I am guessing is not understanding just how much time goes into forecasting these earthquakes. How much raw math and data goes into this from past earthquakes. The Old Farmer’s Almanac uses a similar method of forecasting the weather for seasons in the future and it usually works by using the past events to forecast the future. Earthquake faults change very little over decades, even centuries and foolw the same lines of break that they did much time ago.

                    Guessing about earthquakes, WRONG nels completely wrong. This is NOT a 6th. sense, this is hard core science and a lot of number crunching. WRONG NELS, not guessing or some psychic SH$%, WRONG.

                  • @ Socrates. I have researched these hurricanes and tornadoes and why I think HAARP is not playing a role is because there is no variance in these storms from what has happened over recorded history. I have not seen one single hurricane develop in cold water for example, or sustain itself upon reaching cooler water. The only example of California getting hit by a hurricane in recorded history is during an El Nino cycle because the water is so much warmer. The California Current is very cold upwelled water and just kills a tropical storm.

                    Down in Peru the same holds true that any tropical storm has been during a La Nina when the water has become much warmer. As VRF can tell everyone Peru is very foggy and not hot like it should be at the closeness to the equator that it is. The cold water keeps the temperatures down in Peru. Hurricanes just have not formed here and have been torn apart upon reaching these places.

                    HAARP MIGHT be able to steer these storms, but create them or intensify them is another story. These storms requaire a lot of warm water or in the case of toranadoes warm moist air. The amount of energy from HAARP is just not near the level requaired to change the water temperature enough to start and maintain these storms.

                    Even the Sun takes weeks before it can make the water warm enough to create hurricanes. This is what is called temperature lag. This is why hurricane season is in August and Septemeber rather than in June and July when the Sun is at the highest point in the sky. Why even on land the hottest time of year in the northern hempishere is late July and not now around the summer solstice, June 21st. If the Sun cannot create hurricanes with the enormous energy output then HAARP certainly cannot. Moving them along a certain axis, maybe.

                    Tornadoes are more likely in the HAARP level because of the much smaller size than a hurricane. Still the tornadoes occurring have no unusual characteristics. They are not occurring in any real increased number west of the Rockies. The intensity is getting more, but this you can expect with the warming of the Gulf of Mexico during certain cycles. IF HAARP is creating tornadoes I asked where are the hyper tornadoes or tornadoes in places that have experienced them in very rare times?

                    With any speculation on a man made device or even guessing about nature changing, there has to be something to stand on. Figures that point to not just high or low normal, but events that are out of the ballpark. IF and when these events do occur, then HAARP might be to blame. i would personally look more to the Hardon Collidor because of the shear amount of intense energy being manipulated and warped around as more of a source of strange occurrances. HAARP could at one point be an issue if there was a higher level of force from it. Look for statistics of the weather that are new records never seen before and places never experiencing these catastrophic weather disasters as proof.

                  • @ Nels. Okay here is part of how earthquake prediction is done. There was just a 5.1 on the Mid Indian Ridge at 13.7 south by 66.1 east. Going within 7 miles of this location in the past this is what has occurred within 15 days after this almost exact location has been hit by a 4.5+ before. Like shooting pool, even the slightest angle can send the cue ball and whatever it hits in a totally different direction. This is why I use such a narrow area of either 7 or 14 miles.

                    8-4-73, No major earthquake
                    5-19-84, 6.7 Prince Edward Island, 7.1 New Guinea
                    6-29-84, 6.6 New Guinea, 6.7 Java Sea
                    8-18-85, 7.0 China, 6.6 Fiji
                    1-18-01, 7.6 India
                    5-26-05, 7.8 Chile
                    7-21-09, 6.9 Sonora, Mexico near California border
                    9-11-10, No major Earthquake

                    Most of the time there is 90-100% major earthquake(s) within 15 days after one of these precursor zones is hit. This is 6 out of 8 times and shows less of a chance. Notice how this precursor earthquake concentrates on the Australian plate that is still very dangerous. Fiji came up again and so did New Guinea. After a few of these a pattern begins to show up and the lines of energy form a triangle on a three dimensional plane. This is why it takes more of these earthquakes to show where the likely excess build up of energy is coming from and the next 6.5+ earthquake.

                  • BI: Did you hijack Malaysian 307 ?
                    Starting your own website is not as difficult as you apparently think it is.

                • “I suffered a brain injury in 1998 that interfered with my ability to recognize faces”

                  Thanks DaisyK, that just might come in handy for me some day…

                • I quit tv years ago, but have been roped back in a few times with shows like Jericho, Walking Dead and a few others. I did check this show out, since the Nascar race was on TNT I seen the previews for it, otherwise I wouldn’t of known anything about it. I joked with my wife as the show began that this is probably a mistake and I will probably break this habit in short order and here is why. 1. There is only one known named actor in it and she is the only one that can act. 2. It is already losing credibility IMO in the area of being realistic and 3. I HATE WEEKLY TV SHOWS THAT I HAVE TO WAIT ANOTHER WEEK TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS! I just don’t stomach the patience for it.

                  If everyone says it is good, I’ll come back in a few years and watch it on Netflix….that way there is no commercials and I can watch all seasons episodes in a day or two 🙂

              • I watched it, looks pretty interesting. I will be watching both “the last ship” on TNT and “defiance” on scifi while undergoing my Bone marrow transplant treatment for my cancer.
                By the way, thank you all for the support you have offered me since my cancer diagnosis. I start the transplant next month and the process is 3-4 months long. I just hope the s**t doesn’t hit the fan until after I’m done, until then I’m chained to the big city.

                • God Bless you jeepboy1991.

                  I said a little prayer for your health and recovery. Hope you aren’t in any pain. Keep the faith.


                • Godspeed, jeepboy.

                • jeepboy1991…. look into ellagic acid for your cancer…cured our 17-year old dog in two weeks..no lie..

                  • God bless you jeepboy. You are in my prayers
                    Balboa Schwartz…my dog has liver and pancreatic cancer can you elaborate on the ellegic acid? How much, how often, and in what way did you administer it? He’s on Palladia right now… Thank you my friend.

                • jeepboy1991, God bless and keep you from harm…

              • First I heard about it. I’m not a big TV fan.

              • “””This week President Obama announced a “surge” of security personnel to secure our border. Why did he wait so long, considering he knew about this in January?”””

                Because his quota was met, so now he is ready to PRETEND to care about the southern border as the “elections” get closer.

                • Oh, and also because it is now time to keep Americans from crossing the other way and taking their money with them.

              • Loved it!

            • I have a better idea..like amtv has repeatedly said..just tell the IRS that you lost your hard drive in a crash… I mean A couple hundred thousand of US….How many here would tell the IRS I lost all my shit….in a crash? MILLIONS ,how many?
              PS ..forgot to file this year too… GET IT OUT….. Do something”…….
              Or this is soon over”.
              I know by the showing a buddy ranch..Men are prepared to defend…
              But if you form groups, believe you are a target..
              Practice on your own…stay ready…then form up when the time comes…
              I’m shorting airline stocks……conprende. .??

          • The only thing more bizarre than obama
            is the idiots that play along with this.

            • I always wanted an alien child. It doesn’t say what planet their from/ Hope their green with little knobby things for hair. That would be soooo cool! With a Ray Gun too.

              • That’s no way to talk about obama, Wrong.

              • Got to have Ears. BIG EARS!

                With a baby teleprompter

                • And, of course, proclaim the absolute opposite of what is going on around it with a totally straight “face”.

          • Welfare should only be for citizens. No aide for foreigners. It is the only way to cut out the bankrupting tide of illegals.

            • Not only welfare, but medical care, education, access to government buildings, etc.

              • I stopped working several years ago on purpose, it wasn’t worth it, as all my profit after expenses went to Taxes to pay for all the other Freeloaders living off my hard work. The American Dream of owning a house is False. As 51% of my Property Taxes goes to the Freeloader Public School baby sitting service. And I don’t even have any kids, since I was responsible in my sex life, unlike all these Baby Mommas spitting out kids for more SSI, Welfare- Food Stamp Money. I am 8-9 years away from Social security, so I am a victim of Middle class getting the crap squeezed out of me. I am selling most everything I own now, including my house, cashing out with house equity, and finding some land and paying cash, in the middle of no where and going to live off the grid, with all my preps, and make sure I have Zero Income. Screw this BS!! It no longer pays to be responsible, a hard worker, and a home owner in America. All I see is it getting worse. Later, Gone Fishing!!

                • Going Galt. Good plan.

                • Even if they can’t find your property, they won’t lose your property tax account.

                • Very good plan. I’m on my way to that now. I use to make big bucks at $112.50 an hour and realized I was paying over 50% of my “income” to taxes. I paid off everything and have no debt and now work here and there to make ends meet. My yearly income is now about $20K and I love it! I haven’t “worked” a 40 hour week in about 2 years. Gotta plan your life and work to make that plan a reality. It was very tough to do but I did it.

                  Good luck!

                • I like your plan, I’m in!

          • KY Mom, those are some nice thoughts, but they won’t work under the circumstances we face at this time. It will require a total reset to solve the problem. when we finally get struck by an EMP, solar event, etc., and food and water are no longer available, those foreigners will starve to death along with our own people. the day is fast approaching when the so-called “safety net” will break and won’t be able to support any more newcomers. It’s already straining really bad. I think something significant will happen before summer ends.

            • I have to agree, rb.

              We have passed the “point of no return”. Anything short of a total collapse caused by a major climatic event or man-caused EMP,etc., that causes the death of millions; and we had better count on, and hope and pray for, the return of our Saviour within the next couple years.

              I can’t find enough things in this world to keep me occupied with enjoyment(without a lottery windfall) for much longer. Three years is too much, and sweet Jesus, please don’t let it drag on for a decade or more.

              • passin did you make a name change.

                • Kinda, sort of.

                  I was originally “pissin” wtw, after the little woman said “passin” wtw ,sounded like passin’ wind (gas).

                  But a while back I decided to go with my original handle.

                  • Good Change.

            • Second That, BraveHeart

            • There are hundreds of nuclear power plants in the US, Braveheart– mostly on the east coast, still…

              If we are hit by an EMP, there will be nuclear meltdowns all over the place– we will all be toast.:(

              • Passin, slingshot, and anonymous, I dread it all as much as anyone else, but I think all any of us can do is keep prepping. Don’t know exactly how the collapse will happen until it does. all I know is that’s it’s coming and there’s no stopping it. It will be hell on earth.

              • @Anonymous Got to this site to see where all the Nuke plants are. Just as many on the West coast if not morethan the east coast. Check the Nuke locations here on the US MAP> http://www.radiationnetwork.com

              • I have a several times had a vision of one possible future of the planet. everything is burnt. no organic materal at all. the metal things melted & twisted no dirt just burnt charred rocks & gravel. No life. no water. not light not dark just twilight. the last time there was something extra. Wind howling high wind. no dust in the wind. I hope its a false vision?

            • the renegade braveheart,

              I agree the government won’t enforce our current immigration laws or even take additional steps to stem the flow of illegal immigration.

              It is apparent they DON’T want to stop this. Are they adding to the voter pool or is there a plan for these youth? Will they be added to Obama’s “civilian national security force”?

              An article linked on Drudge Report about the flood of illegals at the border caught my attention…

              “83% Over 14 Years Old, 80% Male”

              In a speech in Colorado Springs, Obama said, “We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”

              • Remember this?

                In a speech in Colorado Springs, Obama said, “We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”

                Obama Civilian Security

          • The #1 way to stop immigration would be to stop automatically giving citizenship to anyone born on American soil. Illegals drive across the border and drop a baby on us and now we have a new citizen/welfare/entitlement recipient. This should be done retroactively if you want to stir up some ****. IMHO

          • Actually send people to “live” in politician’s homes so when people get into their home’s they become illegals.Then since they are illegals they can’t have trespassing charges filed against them.

          • KY Mom: So, would this include the cessation of ALL programs of assistance from the government. Then you’re for an immediate stoppage of Social Security and Medicare payments to all persons once they’ve gotten back the money they’ve put into the system, which is usually between 3 and 5 years and then let them and their families worry about the rest. I understand, at least academically, the American idea of self-sufficiency, but how do you square that with your Christianity, particularly Matthew 25:31-46; I was hungry and you feed me, I was naked and you clothed me, I was a stranger and you welcomed me, etc. ? But perhaps I’m just misunderstand Christ’s words.

            • KY MOM: sorry, it is “understanding” not understand.

              • Higgins, f#$% you, you bloody limey troll elitist. Back off from KY Mom if you know what’s best for you.

            • Yes and in timothy there is a passage about a man providing for his own. Im drawing a check from the social security Ponzi scheme. And I would be overjoyed if it stopped coming provided all the other entitlements & freebees came to a screeching halt. And guess what? its within the realm of possibilities that the government and its giveaways could come to a screeching halt. If it does the wheat will quickly be separated from the chaff.

          • How to end border problems…… SHOOT TO KILL LIKE OTHER COUNTRIES. I promise the problem will stop.

          • The most recent event of thousands of children pouring across our southern border has nothing to do with illegal immigration. It is Genocide. If we as a nation accept these children we WILL be participating in the Genocide of unwanted filth from central America.
            The following comes from the definition of Genocide:
            Forcible transfer of children may be imposed by direct force or by fear of violence, duress, detention, psychological oppression or other methods of coercion. The Convention on the Rights of the Child defines children as persons under the age of 18 years.

            Genocidal acts need not kill or cause the death of members of a group. Causing serious bodily or mental harm, prevention of births and transfer of children are acts of genocide when committed as part of a policy to destroy a group’s existence.

            Central American governments are enforcing a POLICY of dumping the unwanted burden of these disease ridden ,poor and unproductive hungry mouths to feed upon the benevolent US Tax payer.

        • When I first heard reports of the “massive influx of children” and the MSM reports of its causes several weeks ago, I surmised that the CIA was planting stories in the Latin American press about easy to obtain amnesty. Several of my friends called me a conspiracy theorist. Imagine their chagrin, and the big smile on my face, when I forwarded this story to them from another web site over the weekend.

          What’s that line? I just love it when a plan comes together!

          • There are no conspiracy theorists anymore, all those conspiracies have turned out to be true. Which makes you wonder about those who have been doing the finger pointing.

            • The only thing I wonder about the “finger pointers” is how long it took to wipe all common sense and reason from their puny little minds…

        • Be Informed,

          It looks like another prediction has come to past. A huge 8.0 earthquake in Alaska! What’s next? You are spot on my friend.

        • We all know there is a “unity” within communities….sad though that may be….REFUSE to hire anyone who cannot Prove Citizenship….and these communities should “come down hard” at those among them who hire these people. I work for some folks who would hire illegals at the drop of a hat if it would save them one thin dime…..prosecute those people who employ anyone who cannot provide proof of citizenship!! If no one hires them so they can send money back to their country, then perhaps they won’t come here…..PROSECUTE the enablers…

        • Hello fellow preppers,

          Some of you new people don’t know me but I have been on and a part of this board for the last few years. Rarely do I post anymore but feel the need at this time:

          I got some bad news for everyone. It’s over, our country has been perverted, taken over by a hostile culture, the lack of caring by the majority of the populace, borders have been over run by third world peoples, politicians who jack their jaws but do nothing and a population who have surrendered to being lazy and fed and housed by the government.

          We and I mean people such as ourselves who frequent this site are not those as mentioned above. However I am afraid that we were to few and all though we thought we had a voice have found out that it is not the case.

          Sure some of who have prepped can move off the grid when forced to by one force or another but our way of life is no more and will never be so again. Again you may go off the grid but your existence is and will be only a temporary stay of execution.

          If you do not believe this please tell me one scandal in the last 6 years that has been rectified? Any repercussions? Each one of them a major step in the destroying of this country. No one goes to jail, no one loses a job and in fact those who have wronged us so badly have been promoted. Baaa!


          • I would agree. I too would say the country is gone. My only hope is that together we can look towards a new future. One which may not include our current government nor the borders we now see on maps. I have to believe that this evil can only continue for so long until the pendulum has to start swinging the other direction.

            • I personally believe we are entering the “end of the age” that the Bible speaks of. I’m just not sure how much time we have left – 2 years, 200 years… maybe there is time to right the ship.

            • “One which may not include our current government nor the borders we now see on maps.”

              Ummm, if the NWO has their way, you will get your wish…exactly your wish.

      2. We can escort the little scum illegal vermin back across the border.

        • This flood of illegal immigration has been encouraged by Obama.

          Doctors Warn of Looming Health Crisis Due to Flood of Young Illegal Immigrants

          “Many of the thousands of illegal immigrant children and teens crossing the United States border are carrying deadly contagious diseases that could easily create a major health crisis in this country, doctors say.”

          The article below is four years old. Thousands of illegal immigrants are crossing the border. Large numbers are being transported (bussed, flown, etc.) to many different states. So, the potential disease risks now are much higher.

          The Dark Side of Illegal Immigration – Facts, Figures and Statistics (2010)

          “Legal immigrants are required to have medical screening to ensure that they do not bring any contagious diseases into the United States.

          Illegal aliens are not screened and many are carrying horrific third world diseases that do not belong in the USA. Many of these diseases are highly contagious and will infect citizens that come in contact with an infected illegal alien. This has already happened in restaurants, schools, and police forces.”


        • Yeah, fuckingpissed, along with all their germs and violence– back to Mexico!!!

          • You can’t bring foreign foods (vegetables, meats, etc.) through U.S. customs due to potential dangers (bacteria, viruses, pests/parasites, etc.), but thousands of illegal immigrants, that might be carrying who knows what diseases, are given the green-light by the U.S. government to come across the border with impunity!


        • FuckingPisses: Spoken like a real phony Christian, if you even dare call yourself one in the first place. You know the type, they often show up to church, can quote some bible verses, and act ‘holy’ when others are around, but don’t really practice what is preached in their personal lives. Yep, you’re like many of the phonies I’ve met. but don’t feel too bad about being called out, you’ve got lots of company.

      3. I vote that we “escort” them back across the border…..

        • Yeah they would have a poll on this site for that lol

          • ^* should

        • Gatling Guns in Crows Nests every 200 yards apart with night vision, would easily solve that immigration problem in one day. Americans could sign up for free to man these posts 24/7. It would not take long to sends a clear message. “YOU TRY YOU DIE!!” ¡¡’USTED LE INTENTA MUEREN!!’

          • Incoming fire is a universal language, much like operating the action of a pump shotgun. The former is just a more effective version of the latter.

      4. Sick of this shit. Turning the U.S. into a third world garbage dump, ran by rats.

        It hurts watching a once great nation, crumble like a over-baked taco.

        • All great nations commit suicide.

        • To quote Gomer Pyle from Full Metal Jacket, ” I am in a world of SHIT ! ” Remember the look on his face ? If we as Americans don’t do something and fucking quick we will all have that same look on our faces !

        • Now that’s down right beastly… 🙂

      5. Yes this was a set up since last January. But why is Obama bringing these refugees into the US then strategically placing them across the country? Is he trying to Pump up the Hillary Voters by bribing them with Citizenship? Or over burden the Border Patrol, so they can get more funding? or a new way to build more FEMA Camps? This is Treason.

        • I vote for the FEMA camps. From what I’m reading, Obama has no interest in helping the ailing Hillary, except he might enjoy watching her flounder as she sinks in the mess he’s made.

          • I am sure Obama won’t support Hillary. They hate each other.

            Obama will try to achieve a third term by getting Michelle elected.

            Or he will declare martial law and cancel the 2016 election.

            • Michael (Moochelle) would rather kill white boys and let the wetbacks walk right in.

              • Are they really wet backs when they dont even need to make the swim anymore?… its a fair question…

                • Dry backs doesn’t sound right.

            • Daisy….I rather doubt we will see an election this November…..

        • I read awhile back, somewhere that a reason for the amnesty push was actually a plan to survive a nuclear attack. There was more to the story but could this be the plan? I mean things are going sooo good all over the world right now?

          • It’s not to survive an attack. The push for immigrants isn’t just happening here. It’s also happening in other countries where white gentiles have prospered. The U.S., England, Australia, and South Africa are all examples of countries where there’s a movement to make the whites a minority.

            There’s a small powerful ethnic minority responsible for this movement in the countries mentioned. They think they are safer in a country where whites are a minority… as we’ve been their historical foes.

            • Bingo!!!

          • Salvador Dali, I believe the push for immigrants has to do with the ratio of workers to pensioners. There are 75-80 million baby boomers in the US who go onto Social Security at the rate of 10,000 per day for the next 20 years. Currently there are 3 workers for each pensioner and as that ratio goes lower it puts intense strain on the system. Since people are having fewer children, the solution is to bring more immigrants to the US who will eventually work, pay taxes, and support the retired population. At the same time if they ration medical care it “solves the problem” by reducing the financial burden. Before you give me a thumbs down, keep in mind I didn’t design this system and I definitely don’t support it. Explaining it is not the same as endorsing it.

        • WhoWuddaThunkit: Well well, yet another example of just how ignorant Americans are about the basics of their own laws. First: these are children and no one under the age of 18 can vote. Second: a person must be a legal resident for 5 years before they can a citizen. Third: a person must pass the oral and written test in English unless they are beyond a certain advanced age. Then, and only then, they can vote. Most of you here would get many of the questions on the citizenship test wrong. I’m willing to bet that most of you here haven’t even read the Constitution, let alone the Federalist and Anti-Federalist Papers that were used to argue for and against the adoption of the Constitution. Most of you have never even heard of these last two books let alone read them, and virtually none of you have heard of the Articles of Confederation.

        • Sir, they are not refugees they are refuse from their countries .

      6. Escort service? So that’s how my ex was able to land a government job!

        • I’d hate to see my ex trying to make a living by “excorting”. Her sorry ass would go broke before the end of the first month.

          But, she has become so fuggly, she would fit right in with Billery,Pelosi, and that Fiendstein bitch. She is so fickle, that all they have to do is tell her she is so sweet, and she would break down like a shotgun and lick their feet.

      7. So now our dear leader is running an “escort service”?

        • And Mike is the pimp… 🙂

      8. The only plausible explanation given the revelation that the government knew about the coming influx of immigrants as early as January of this year is that they wanted it to happen.”

        Let’s continue along the theme of plausibility and try to plausibly guess what will likely happen.

        Will the mainstream media hold the President and his administration accountable by publicizing this loudly and repetitively so that the whole country knows about it? Answer: No.

        Will liberal politicians do anything about it? Answer: No.

        Will conservative politicians do anything about it? Answer: Well, a number of them will make a good amount of noise about it, but will any of their arm-waving reverse or stop what’s happened? Probably not.

        So what to do for the individual, fed-up American who sees this piece of knowledge as just another one of the many actions vividly detailing the rapid decline of this country?

        Answer? Prep harder and faster.

        What else can someone conclude?

        • Well , this is SOP.
          Cloward – piven bullshit , overwelm the system.
          Make those staes down at the border pay for defying the little tyrant in DC .

          What else would you expect?
          Is this a Soros stategy maybe for open borders ?
          Either way its all deliberate .

          • Oh yea, make those southern states pay.

            And the rest of the states will pay when TPTB cause the once sovereign USA to become the North American Union (Canada-Mexico-USA).

            The groundwork was laid with implementation of NAFTA and SPP, many years ago. It will lead up to the full implementation of the NWO. So they think.

      9. We find ever higher food prices and GMO food at the grocery store. Planting a garden and producing your own food is one of the most fundamental things you can do to increase your self-reliance and ensure a healthy diet.

        Some tips for new gardeners…

        Four Simple Steps to follow in Gardening…
        “Few things are more frustrating to a new gardener than planting things that don’t grow.”

        1. “Find out what grows well in your area. You need to get the “right plant” in the “right place.” Not everything grows equally well in any climate. And some things will do well when planted at different times in different regions.

        The Farmer’s Almanac site provides a handy chart for when to plant what based on when the last frost is for your area. And the USDA has a map to help you find your hardiness zone.

        Another resource I like is Burpee. This seed manufacturer lets you enter your zip code and then provides growing advice for each seed type you’re interested in based specifically on where you’re located.

        2. Plant your seeds with adequate room to grow. Plant crowding can stymie growth and lead to low crop yields. Most seeds and starts come with spacing instructions, so follow them.

        3. Soak your seeds overnight before planting. This isn’t required. Your seeds will grow even you don’t soak them. But they’ll grow faster if you do, and you’ll get to enjoy the satisfaction of seeing you work pay off sooner.

        4. Set up a watering system. This can be a daily hand watering routine or an automatic sprinkler set up. Just make sure that your plants are getting adequate water, but be sure not to overwater them.”

        Get the most from your garden

        “Now that your vegetable garden is planted and off to a good start, you need to stay vigilant if you want to have a productive crop this summer. Here are some steps you can take to get the most out of your garden this year…”


        • May I add…seeds started indoors dont need light to sprout but they do need warmth. After sprounting make sure they have adequate light but do not place them in direct sun. They do need a “hardened” up period where some soft morning sun is alternated with harsh afternoon sun by placing them in the shade when sun is strongest. Do this til they are a few inches tall. Im preaching to choir here but there ma be a newbie reading.

          • Tobacco seeds need light to sprout. They are placed on the surface of the soil for that reason.

            • Tobacco very difficult to grow naturally here in north. Not impossible just needs special attention. Food growing takes priority.

          • Obama planted Taco Seeds all over America in January, and sure enough Hundreds of Thousands of Taco’s are sprouting up all over America today.

            • We would like to have a couple of those “strong” little tacos to help with all the gardening and chores we are no longer able to do. Would it be legal if we feed and clothe them!……

              Kale yea, it would. Get a tax break too.

              Only prob-lem-O, we don’t speak spanish. Well, shit. Back to school and Rosetta Stone.

        • Garden is NOT doing well this year. No idea why, except I’ve seen zero bees in our area and can find only six apples growing on our thirty trees.

          • @Vickey, I agree, no bees, no beans, squash, all I’m getting is a few tomatoes and green peppers. Something is up.

            • Im pittsburgh area. Bees are out full force and so are other pollinators. Peas close to being plucked and eggplant and tomatoes got floweres. Just my update from my corner of woods. However, I got a rat thats stealing birdfood. Its a sneaky little prick and knows when I got my slingsot aimed. No worries. .I’ll get him.

              • If you feed birds you got sunflower seeds. ..the gift that can keep giving til it’s to cold outside. The sprouts can be eaten. Just eat them while they’re small.

              • WV. No Bees until middle of June, and not many after that

              • GET A CAT!!

            • Yeah, the seasons are all screwed up! Winter-summer- wintre–summer–It goes back and forth! One minute, you’re wearing a winter coat, the next, its in the 90’s. Last week, a mother and 2 kids died in their car (they said was probabaly from the heat). Now, today, its winter again!

            • Confederate: Same with mine…very poor from last year. But they chem trail very heavy here most days of the week…I’m thinking that is the difference. Plants look sick after heavy spray days and we have coughs…. very few and sickly bees.

              Also I am concerned that after I water….my plants look worse.


            • West central ohio garden is doing good. Got it in late. No honey bees though. Have a yard full of clover and do not hesitate to walk through it barefoot. I think i have seen 5 honeybees all season and a few bumble bees. Very concerning.

              • I have been wondering myself about the lack of insects everywhere south of Nebraska.
                It seems that you can drive for days in the south with out having to clean your windshield very often. Whereas in the Dakotas etc… you need to scrub it every hour.
                Driving in the south I only seem to see beetles and moths hit the windshield.
                I know It is very unscientific but my windshield bug survey makes my wonder what has been sprayed everywhere?
                OR are all insects dieing in certain areas, and is it the plants?

          • vicky–I have three apple trees, only one has any apples , and not many. I think it was the cold in early spring.

            • Global Warming, anyone? 🙂


          • Vicky – You can thank Monsanto poisoning for that pollination problem. I also must have bogus seeds, as plants come up but no fruit. Damn GMO’s I however bought my heirloom seeds stocked away for later on. I’m making all my gardening mistakes this season with cheapy Home Depot seeds.

        • Join a garden club. AFTER the SHTF is not the time to learn how to garden. It takes time to get good at it and there are lots of opportunities for failure. You need to get it right ASAP.


      10. He was selected before he was elected. Everything has been pre-planned.

      11. They are not unprepared.

        We are not that stupid.

        Some of you may be familier with the term 5th columnist.

        This is an invasion without force,yet.

        All of this is planned.

        Look at the IRS Congressional hearings. In the face of Congress who has earned it for their lack of action towards this administration under the threat of cultural riots.

        There is a report on Dave Hodges web site I think, that 500
        Milita personnel from Texas have taken up positions on the border.

        And so it begins…….

        • And I read that Arizona has sent militia too….


      12. Off topic…

        Richard Duncan: The market’s next tipping point is almost here

        “‘The Fed knows credit must expand, or we have a depression. And today, debt levels are so high that a depression would be catastrophic. The disaster would be worldwide, not just in the U.S. And people would die.” –Richard Duncan

        The Market Has Never Been More Fearful Of An Extreme Event

        “There’s something going on in derivatives land,” is the warning from ADM’s Andy Ash and as Paul Mylchreest notes the relationship between VIX and SKEW suggests the options market is pricing in the possibility of a major market event.

        The process enables professionals to maintain the illusion of calmness in VIX while hedging their positions (as they attempt to unwind as we have shown). Whether this ‘event’ is a crash or melt-up is historically unclear but given the taper and the trend of the last few years, we suspect the former more likely that the latter.”

        • “The Fed knows credit must expand, or we have a depression.”

          Maybe if they took a page from both Henry Ford and later Walter Reuther and paid the people manufacturing goods sufficient wages to buy the goods some supply/demand equilibrium could be maintained making increasing debt unnecessary. Sound money exchanging hands and saved to finance productivity improvements would be a good old fashioned idea that should be revisited too.

          Its not rocket science. Cooking the books with crony capitalism requires continued force to hammer a square peg into a round hole.

      13. Can anyone say NAMBLA??

        • Isn’t that the African country where Obama was born?

          • No Burt , the refuge camp…..pretty sure.

          • Nice 2fer Burt… you dog… 😉

      14. If this wasn’t so shocking, it would be unbelievable.
        But frankly, we should not be shocked at *anything* this administration, congress and the alphabet soup agencies do anymore.

        How can the U.S. survive this onslaught of illegals? We cannot. They will drag the U.S. further into debt and desolation and you will see crime skyrocket. I too, believe this is not only being done on purpose, but actively supported and encouraged. I know poor people here in the U.S. who cannot get TANF, EBT cards, food stamps, etc…because they are right at the bottom line of the qualifying income and make *too much* money.

        I bet dollars to donuts you will see these illegals get assistance, tuition and all of the above…courtesy of YOUR tax dollars. Who know…maybe it’s all part of the Agenda 21 plan to flood the SW portions of the U.S. with bodies…and then watch them all die when Yellowstone blows or some other horrible event. It is beyond comprehension anymore to try and figure out the screwed up minds in D.C. and elsewhere.

      15. The documents say they are issuing a 5 year contract!?! Wow. I think all you would need to accomplish an influx of youngsters like this is just one good contact in Mexico/Central America. The right contact could have passed the word around to whomever and made this happen. According to the documentation these children will be sent to various offices/shelters around the continental U.S..

        Ya’ll don’t forget that when Bush was president and the GOP also had the House and Senate they tried to pass amnesty. That’s right… the GOP tried to pass amnesty for all the illegals. That should tell you a lot about what’s going on. The GOP establishment is just as much the enemy as the libtards.

      16. Attention: Be Informed

        8.1 quake in the Alleutions chain, Alaska. Have Tsunami alert.

        • @slingshot…thanks.

        • I was wondering why the very large earthquake that I kept telling everyone was coming had not hit yet. It is always worrisome when the system that I use is late, makes me think it is starting to fail. I am right now looking at the precursor earthquake activity for the past month and almost every single one of these has Alaska on it, and the Australian plate. I knew something very large was coming because the past activity decades ago said this with these certain spots that had earthquakes on them before.

          Just like I said, the times around the seasons changing, summer, fall, winter, or spring, earthquakes increase. just wish I was correct on the time frame. I guess a little late is better than not at all.

          • BI, so far from what I can tell, your average is better than most. BUT, nobody gets it 100% of the time. So give yourself a break. Yes, a little late is better than not at all. You are still the subject matter expert. My kuddos to you!

          • @ be iinformed

            I would respectfully like to know who you are! You seem to know so much about so much while i know so little about so little.

            Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

      17. Over at The Sheeple site.

        Obama’s doctrine of destruction. Dovetail to this thread

      18. DHS wanting Escort Services with young children? …Sounds about right.

      19. @ Be Informed…8.0 quake off Alaska.


        • @ Norse Prepper. I really feel that when these precursor earthquakes are showing something very large coming that I need to extend the danger period in which the next major earthquake is coming. All indications showed that a huge earthquake was due, but these little high 5’s were coming up and a couple of 6.4’s. IF this happens again I will extend the time frame from 15 days to 21 to 30 days because it seems like some of the time these huge earthquakes take longer to build up enough pressure to go off. This one should have occurred last week, but waited until today. The Australian plate, especially Fiji to New Zealand and even Tonga and Samoa are still very dangerous, until probably after the 4th. of july.

          • @beinformed.. it seems that there are EQ’s happening almost simultaneously down near NZ. And I’ve noted the increase in strength of those in OK / KS. I appreciate any thoughts you may have on timing and location.. seems something really, really big must be brewing.. more than a 8.0 in the Alaska…

            • There is something very large brewing on the Australian plate by which most of New Zealand is on. The precursor earthquakes say Fiji or the Kermadec Islands north of New Zealand. Fiji is a very interesting area as this place is the site of the deepest earthquakes ever recorded, over 700 kilometers. This is very impressing as there are not suppose to be earthquakes deeper than 700 kilometers. Fiji is not a place for a super mega quake, but capable of something in the 9 range.

              The Aleutian Island chain is one of those areas that can have a super mega earthquake, 9.5+ like or bigger than Chile in 1960. The area I would be most concerned with is east of the 8 pointer in the Rat Islands today. This area is the Fox Islands and Andrenof Islands region where there is a tremendous amount of pressure built up. Past tsunami records indicate that it has been over 500 years since the last super tsunami from here. Like the eastern Caribbean plate that last went off about 1400 these two areas are much overdue.

              A 9.5 to 9.7 in the Aleutian Islands would very likely send a dynamic overshoot into the much shallower crust like it did in Japan. This will dramatically increase the size of the tsunamis. Areas in California could experience 30 maybe 40 foot tsunamis from this because of the angle of the break and the contours of the coastline that would channel in the energy of the water. Places like Monteray bay would be even more severe. Between Santa Barbara and Dan Diego could also funnel in more intense tsunamis. The Channel Islands would play a part in this also. With any tsunami it depends on the direction of the energy released from an earthquake under the sea.

              For a tsunami actually the Aleutians going off would be the worst case for California. Any other major thrust fault is either too far away or not in the right spot and right direction of movement to really devastate California. Off the coast of California an undersea landslide could cause a massive tsunami because of how close it is. Between Catalina Island and the coast there is a potential for this. In the 1920’s a 7 pointer cause such a slide under the water and a small tsunami around Santa Barbara. A few years ago a 7 pointer caused a slide under the surface of the ocean and caused a 10 foot tsunami down in the Samoa region. WHEN the Aleutians breaks with a 9+ anyone on the west coast should be really worried.

              I still feel that another region people need to pay attention to is India and China. This area is way over due for at an 8.5+ and is one of the 5 areas in the world capable of a super mega earthquake. The earthquakes in Oklahoma and Kansas are generally the result of fracking. Almost all of them are about 5 km deep. It is unlikely this region will experience a major earthquake, 6.5+. A high 5 to low 6 is not out of the realm of possibility though.

          • Be Informed: I must have missed the Geology class the day the professor talked about “precursor” quakes. And you know what’s funny, I just looked back into all my textbooks and there isn’t one word about these ‘kinds’. Now there have been reports, unconfirmed, that lights are sometimes seen just prior due to either ignited gases escaping or something called piezoelectric which is an electrical discharge caused by great pressure between large masses. These ‘reports’ have not been scientifically verified, so they fall into the category of ‘doubtful’. But since no one reported either of these events, this cannot even be called a “precursor’.

        • Could this ‘escort’ service for illegal Mexican children actually be a part of a stimulus for the economy.
          They have run out of ideas and this is the best they could do?? 🙁

          • This is really getting ANNOYING. The past few days I am finding comments THAT I DID NOT MAKE posted under my name.

            The real KY Mom did NOT post this.

            Whoever you are, use a different name.

      20. It will take more than key board warriors to go to dc to put a stop to such crap,Who and how many is willing to man up and arm up to do the job.Very few and Obama knows that.Good luck with your preppin you will need it.

        • old76

          The government is not oppressive enough. Too many freebies. Bring the illegals in with T.B. Scabies, Whooping Cough and a few others. Spread the wealth of sickness around the country. Your window of opportunity might be the incubation period. Bug In or Bug Out. Get ready.
          All the people that voted for Obama. Twice.

          I hope to seal the deal with voting for Hillary.

          How about it you Naysayers. A United States of Socialism.
          A United Nations Consortium with Head Quarters in New York, New York. Oh, they are there now! Or is it Wall Street?

          • You are right, slingshot.
            I’ve thrown in the towel.
            Fuckum all. Let it happen.

            • Defiant.

              When it hits the fan, don’t say we didn’t warn you.
              Best slogan yet.

              Hard to stay tuned without throwing a Shit Fit. In the end all will be proven. Hang Tight.

        • @Old 76
          It won’t be us “Boomers” or even Gen-x who will attempt to save the Republic, it will be the kids in K-12 grades. It’s always the young who stand up, like we did in Nam many years ago.

          In God We Trust

      21. Cutting Social Security for Americans; but money for illegals from infant to 90+ they get a free ride. This SH-T has to stop people it is way over enough don’t you think. Time to give them a lesson in how the cow eats the cabbage. As for me they all have 30min’s to pack their trash and leave and this includes all politicos. After 30min you be the judge as what should be done, I have my idea.

        River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLON LABE! Revolution is at hand!!!

        • According to Gov. Bobby Jindal, “There is a hostile takeover brewing”, among the people of the United States.

          In God We Trust

          • A takeover is coming, but you’re looking in the wrong direction. LOOK UP! — Revelation 19:11-21.


      22. Back when good jobs were available in abundance with little education and skill and long before the computer age where tracking people is easy why didn’t we have this huge influx of people across our southern border? Was it happening and no one cared? The delta in the expected standard of living here verses there would have been greater in say 1968.

        Why now?

        • It seems i read where immigration from south of the border happened right before the Great Depression.Also happened in the ’50s as evidenced below.There’s nothing new under the sun.

          Wikipedia quote:
          Eisenhower had a sense of urgency about illegal immigration upon taking office. In a letter to Sen. J. William Fulbright, Eisenhower quoted a report in The New York Times that said, “The rise in illegal border-crossing by Mexican “wetbacks” (rooted from the watery route taken by the Mexican immigrants across the Rio Grande) to a current rate of more than 1,000,000 cases a year has been accompanied by a curious relaxation in ethical standards extending all the way from the farmer-exploiters of this contraband labor to the highest levels of the Federal Government.”[2]

          Sound familiar. Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it. WTH.

          • Well if we were getting these numbers of a million a year or close every year since the 1960s we would have a population at least double our present. The numbers have increased somewhat recently as in the last two decades at best.

            Why now when the opportunities are worse that four decades ago?

            • It’s all about economics. By pushing all these folks across the border they have the numbers to displace and replace the people who are already there. These people are organized. They seem to be operating with intent. IMHO of course.

              • I don’t see them pushed. They’re crossing quite willingly. My question is why so many now? Mexico has always been as poor as dirt for the common people. The opportunities were greater in the US decades ago. In the 1960s they could have got a middle class job.The ability to track illegals and stop false documentation was far less prior to computer networks linking everything up. It was therefore easier and more beneficial then as opposed to now.

                • OK, let’s call it being guided quite skillfully.
                  Knowing redneks/hillbilly’s like i do, i have a high degree of doubt that they the south american version of a hillbilly would suddenly uproot themselves and move to America. Most lower echelons of working class people here in America are far to involved with their own lives to even think about moving across the state much less move to a different country. If you’re broke you most likely won’t go anywhere unless you have some type of support structure already in place.
                  Some figures estimate as high as 19MM illegal’s in America. How do you get 19MM people to uproot and move to a new country? How would they even know to go to America?
                  You said it yourself, there’s very little opportunity in America right now. And yet they still are trying to figure out ways to get over here.
                  It’s all about political control and control over resources. If you flood an area with “your people” you own it. You’ve won the war without firing a shot.
                  It begs the question what entity could be pawning off all this information to the SA Hillbilly’s such that they are willing to take the journey to America. It’s a leap of faith…

            • They were here in fairly large numbers during the sixties and had Florida and Texas as their “home-base”. They moved to wherever the seasonal work was at. Here in the NC mtns they came to pick apples, and went back to Florida and Texas afterwards. Not much apple picking anymore, but plenty of Christmas trees.

              They were known as “migrant workers” and not as aliens or illegals. The farmers didn’t give a shit what they were called as long as they got the crops in.

              California has always had Mexicans, illegal or not.

      23. Every person that employs illegal aliens should have the bank accounts and property confiscated, and should be put into chain-gangs for life.
        If you tolerate you neighbors using latrinos to cut their grass than you are partly to blame!
        Make a change locally! Shun those that harm this country!

        • I disagree!

          For every farmer that won’t hire an illegal employee, there is a gov employee ready to put them on freebie programs or hire them for a couple bucks an hour to do work at their homes.

          Anyway it works out, the taxpayer gets screwed.

      24. On Drudge.

        Illegals hop Death Trains to the USA.

      25. On Drudge.

        Detroit Residents can not pay water bills. Call on UN to help.

        Camden, Newark, Chicago, Flint, L.A. Philly, Cleveland expected to follow trend.

        You take the money, you get the troops.

        • And those troops do NOT like you at all. Like our LEOs they can not wait for the chance to legally kill, burn, rape, pillage, loot and plunder. All those military weapons, all that ammo, and you, viewed as the enemy. This is NOT going to end well, many are already a dead man walking.

      26. There has to be a “tipping point” for things to start moving in the right direction. Things must get worse at a faster rate, like the frog in boiling water, before things can begin to get better. Turn up the heat full on and lets see what happens.


        • ” Turn up the heat full on and lets see what happens.”

          If this falls apart its going to get real ugly, real nasty. Understand that with rare exception the successor governments are worse than the previous. NAZI Germany and the USSR under Stalin are prime examples as those taking control by force are generally not benevolent.

          Anyone think we have a supply of honest quality leadership in sufficient number like Thomas Jefferson today to make order out of a terrible mess that would result? The ambitious self serving political whores would be completely unrestrained.

          No thanks. I’ll just vote in the primaries for the grassroots underdog and hope for the best.

      27. Listening to an a-hole politician “discussing”the border. Does he not realize the time of talk is over? There are militias heading to the border right now.You all wait and see if trouble does”nt start My only regret is that I cannot be there with them. It WILL be a long and HOT summer. Before God, I am afraid for the future of this country.

      28. Two words: Cloward and Piven

        The Mayor of Springfield MA has petitioned the Fed’s to stop sending illegal Somali’s to his city as they are over powering the Hospitals and Government services provided by the City.

        Write it on the blackboard 100 times class: Cloward and Piven-Cloward and Piven

        Lot’s of Demoncrap voters, lots of new Gov. programs, great reason to take you IRA/401K, or anything else we evil white Christians might have. Great reason to raise your taxes too, so we can pay for them. Cloward and Piven-Cloward and Piven

        In God We Trust

      29. It really does not matter what “they” say/do now….they opened the door which will never again be closed by “them”….time for Impeachment is NOW

        • Sorry Feisty impeachment will not work.A tree and a rope is the only thing that will work.

      30. “Give me your tired, your poor,
        Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free;
        The wretched refuse of your teeming shore,
        Send these, the homeless,
        Tempest-tossed to me
        I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

        Times have changed. Seems we need a revision.

        Rednek rev1

        Give me your drug dealers your tweakers
        Your crackheads and entitlement seekers
        The wretched lawless your homeland can’t stand
        Guide them to the promised land
        Send these, the gangsters
        Tempest tossed by drug wars
        We shine ICE spotlights to guide you, across the Rio Grande

        Not bad for rev1

      31. I went up on google and poked around on some of the germs that may enter our country.

        I want you all whom have young children to think about how our Government and Particular, Our President, has put our children at risk.

      32. It’s the oldest trick in the book, dating back to Roman times; creating the enemies you need.

        “All war is based on deception.” — Sun Tzu, The Art of War

        Those who hammer their guns into plows will plow for those who do not.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

        River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLON LABE!

      33. It’s all planned, but as usual the government numbers are wrong. There will be at least three times that number in the next 12 months.

        Then they will get abused, file suit and the government will settle each case for $300,000 to $500,000 of your hard earned tax dollars, citizenship and a democrat voter registration. Isn’t America great???

        • Patriot–it really isn’t our tax dollars paying law suits; or feeding those illegals.
          The money is printed-it’s just paper with no backing at all.
          Just as our SS checks are printed; this nation is bankrupt.
          I know a guy that finally after 5 years was awarded his disability for his terminal lung condition.
          Two facts; the govt. is paying his measly $21,000 back pay partial every 6 months; that proves govt. is bankrupt.
          Second, they hope he will die before the award is fulfilled, which is even more proof the govt. is bankrupt.

          • The real KY Mom did NOT write this either.

            This is really getting ANNOYING. The past few days I am finding comments THAT I DID NOT MAKE posted under my name.

            Whoever you are, use a different name.

          • Mac,

            If there is a comment using my name, can you delete if it does not include my email address?

            • You know come to think of it that one the other day where ‘bh’ said his preps were porno mags seemed out of character, not least because it was ‘his’ only post that day, then he came on next day saying he had been gone a couple days. Maybe the same imposter poster.

      34. ***OFF TOPIC***

        This article may very well illustrate what the term ‘breaking point’ means to people. One day soon, the breaking point will come for each of us here in the U.S.

        Kiev Doubles The Price Of Cold Water, Shuts Off Hot Water
        Submitted by Simon Black via Sovereign Man blog,

        No one ever thinks about the water. Or the toilet paper, as it were.

        But these are among the many, many staples that become luxuries when one’s nation is in crisis.

        Hours ago, the local gas company in Kiev (Kyivenergo) announced that they would be shutting off the hot water supply to most of the city.

        While the official reason for the hot water shutoff is that Kyivenergo (the energy supplier to Kiev) owes a debt to the Ukrainian state gas company (Naftogaz) of over $100 million.

        It’s just a quirky little coincidence that this debt suddenly became materially important only one week after Russia shut off natural gas supplies to Ukraine.

        Funny thing is that Ukrainian politicians for years had been telling people not to worry about this.

        You see, Ukraine has its own domestic natural gas supplies. And they tell people that the domestic gas is strictly for the people and their utilities (like hot water).

        Russian gas, according to this story, is imported for businesses to use. But that domestic gas is sacrosanct, only for the people.

        Clearly this turned out to be a big fat lie.

        Bear in mind, it was just a few weeks ago that utility companies announced that the price of cold water would jump from 3.18 hryvnas per cubic meter to 6.22– a 95% increase, practically overnight.

        So there’s an entire city now taking cold showers… and paying twice the price for the privilege! Insult. Injury.

        I have several Ukrainian employees with family still in the country; they’re telling me how their loved ones are now finally starting to look at their options to get out of dodge.

        It’s strange when you think about it– war, revolution, inflation, etc. All of that was OK. Cold showers?!?! “Honey pack the bags, it’s time to leave.”

        I jest of course; all of this is accumulated pain that eventually culminates in reaching one’s breaking point… especially when a rational look into the future suggests this situation will not resolve itself anytime soon.

        You know the outlook isn’t so great right now because Ukraine’s Vice Premier Minister is telling people that they can survive the -winter- (still months away) without Russian gas imports.

        While I’m sure everyone appreciates the ‘turn that frown upside down’ approach, they’d probably just rather take a hot shower and not be lied to about the nation’s ability to sustain shrinkage.

        A few key lessons I wanted to pull out of this:

        1. Politicians always lie. They will tell you that your nation is stronger than it really is, that your country is prepared for whatever may come, that your benefits will never be cut, etc. And even though they may be well-intentioned, these are not promises that can be kept… especially by a nation in crisis.

        2. A nation in crisis affects just about everything. It’s not just about numbers and data, or even Molotov cocktails. It’s hot water and toilet paper. It’s food on the shelves. It’s the stuff we all take for granted that suddenly doesn’t function anymore.

        3. Even though the obvious warning signs are there, most people wait until it’s too late (or at least suboptimal) before considering their options. When you wait until a full blown crisis, you have to rush through critical decisions in haste instead of planning things out slowly, rationally.

        Rational people have a plan B because we all have a breaking point. Do you know what you would do if you reached yours?

      35. The end game for the 60K children…In a few months you’ll see a hispanic reporter cranking out a new horrific humanitarian story about the plight of all these children separated from their loving parents. They’ll go to mexico and have video of the parents crying. They’ll have video of the children with the reporter asking “do you miss your mommy and daddy?”. All aimed at tugging at the emotional heartstrings. The only logical solution to this problem of course would be to reunite the children with their loving parents. Maybe they’ll go for political asylum instead of amnesty. Goes without saying they will get a full ride on the entitlement menu. I’ve said it before…this whole business is very well organized.

        Is it really that bad south of the border?

      36. This information is just laying out there for anyone to see. A professional journalist would be able to see the irony and the story in this, but no……

        We truly have lost our country when government can be openly corrupt like this and the media can choose to completely ignore it.

      37. Off Topic, but important, ALERT:

        UN posts ad seeking “Disarmament, Demobilization, and Reintegration” officers in NY.

        Please view


      38. You mean the most transparent administration…GULP…,lied?

      39. Hmmm… the U.S. Constitution authorizes a State, like Texas, to engage in war independently of the U.S. government if “actually invaded”, has any person of note, politically or legally, said anything about this?

      40. tax-payer funded, mobile babysitting/daycare/taxi service for minor illegals

        but bear in mind that of those who allegedly voted, allegedly the Kenyan got the majority of the electoral college votes, meaning the general population wanted his progressive plans

        PP III to III

      41. Read through these comments and then checked news to find this

        MCALLEN, Texas—A trusted law enforcement source is reporting that shots are currently being fired on the Mexican side of the U.S. border. The shots are intended to harass the increased presence of Texas law enforcement personnel.

        Source: “Shots fired south of Rincon Village from Mexico. Unknown if smugglers are f***ing with the game wardens or what the deal is.” Minutes later, more information became available.

        Source: “Not shooting at game wardens, but shooting to be a nuisance.”

        Another trusted law enforcement source explained that the game wardens have been bringing in much higher numbers of illegal immigrants and destroying the rafts the human smugglers have been using to ferry illegal immigrants across the Rio Grande River that forms the international boundary between Texas and Mexico.

        The area of the Rio Grande Valley sector where this is occurring is known as Zone 9. It is the Anzalduas area of the river border. This area has become ground zero for the border crisis.

        This reporter visited the exact area two days ago and will release footage informing our readers and viewers on the hotspot.

        UPDATE: Source indicates federal Fish and Wildlife agents are among the law enforcement the shooter(s) are intending to harass. Source indicates this marks the second occurrence in the area in two weeks.

        this is at breitbart dot com

      42. in an email today

        From Zack Taylor, Chairman, NAFBPO.
        National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers

        Please share this with everyone on your email list. It is critical that we start looking at this situation in a different light. We need to protect America first! All these kids need to go back to their home countries starting NOW!! No exceptions!! This is Cloward-Piven strategy in full play to bring down this country using kids!.

        Subject: Central American Minors Surge U.S. Border

        Friends, be exceedingly careful what you ask for in the rush to give the impression you want to “secure” the Arizona or Texas border against the Central American Minor Surge there. Now is the time for results not politics as usual. Your are being influenced by a mass program of Political Deception about this so called humanitarian crisis. This is a plan being executed, it is a crisis in leadership that by design produces lawlessness in the United States, it is Political Deception at it’s very best.

        Anything you propose that does not have consequences for the lawbreakers puts Arizona, Texas and America in greater jeopardy. Remember, we now have 50 Border States, not 4.

        What is going on here is Cloward and Plivens to tie down and tie up the Border Patrol and Border Patrol Assets. They are trying to kill morale in the patrol and diminish effectiveness and have had this program in place for several years. They are doing a stellar job of it and it seems everyone wants to help the administration do a better job of beating down the Border Patrol even those that should know better. Information from Deputy Chief of border patrol Vitiello clearly indicates that pursuing this surge without consequences to the law breakers will just encourage more law breaking. No consequences (Dreamers, DACA, etc) has brought us to where we are today. Remember the Presidents statement that it does not make good sense to enforce the immigration laws? That is further encouragement to engage in lawlessness. The routes up from central america are viewed as secure enough for children to be sent unaccompanied. This could only happen with the active participation of Mexico with the assent of the United States.

        Military (not Guard) units have the assets to pick up the aliens that the border agents apprehend, take them to a transit point for transport to a holding and screening area away from the border and not at any border patrol facility where they can be medically examined and processed for removal from the United States by Immigration Officers and then removed from the United States to their home country. Think MRE’s, C-130’s and minors are back at home sweet home. This process active duty military can do better than any government agency can do. The #1 thing the military is really good at is moving things from point A to point B and securing those things in transit.

        Border Patrol should do what they do better than anyone else, actually apprehend the people, determine citizenship and hand them off to military assets for transport to secure ‘military’ facilities away from the border and free up the border patrol to deal with the transnational criminals separately. What the administration is doing prevents the border patrol from effectively patrolling the border and criminal aliens and other OTM’s from probable countries of interest are getting away scott free. That is what the agents are telling us. That is what the trail cameras are telling us that civilians have out. Don’t be deceived.

        The guard by comparison to active duty military is like High School ROTC and would absorb border patrol assets just to keep them between the ditches and they don’t have the assets immediately available or skill sets needed already in place to process these people and then fly these people home.

        I caution you to not be of the mind set to facilitate processing a larger number more efficiently so a larger number will gain some form of legal status and neither should anyone else that cares about America. This needs to be about calling the administrations bluff on protecting America first. Everyone keeps getting sidetracked to the compassion for the kids and that is exactly what the administration wants. This Cent American invasion has been going on for nearly two years now and reached about 60,000 for the 18 month period ending April 2014. The goal is 90,000 this year, not the expectation. There is a difference. In that first 60,000 the preponderance were males age 15-18 specifically coming here to be make money to bring the rest of the family up to USA and be present when Obama signs amnesty in August 2014 or so. Almost none of that 60,000 made a claim of fleeing violence. That is a false argument put forth by the administration which is very likely the reason the administration will not allow interviews of the minors by the press. The administration does not want the truth to get out. The truth would dispel the deception.

        Whatever America does, whatever NAFBPO does, should protect America and Americans first to the maximum extent possible. That means consequences for the lawbreakers to stop the invasion and return the invaders to their home country. Period. Anything less is political posturing.

        Zack Taylor, Chairman and Border Security Expert
        National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers

      43. @ Socrates. Another reason I am highly skeptical about HAARP having any impact on hurricanes and even tornadoes is the amount of raw energy and watts to heat a parcel of water. It takes lots of BTU’s british thermal units for a standard electric stove to heat a pot of water even a few degrees. When you are talking a hurricane it is minimal hundreds of miles of ocean water, about the square mileage of Colorado. Most likely the square mileage of something more the size of Alaska. Not only is it the surface, but it is below the surface that must also be heated to at least a few dozen yards.

        Heat is the driving force behind hurricanes and heating water is a very slow process that even the energy from the Sun takes weeks to do. Then it is maintaining this heat, requiring even more energy. Water mass is something to always consider when attempting to change the equation. Even with temperatures 60 below zero, snow is used to insulate places. 2 feet of snow can literally keep the temperatures behind that 2 feet near freezing, almost 100 degrees warmer.

        Even IF HAARP could heat up the atmosphere hundreds of degrees, it would still take a long time for the waters to react to this. That is why there is such a debate with global warming going on, because the real driving force behind the ocean waters is the Sun. Over the long time with the amount of salt in the water, the currents, the air there is slow change with the ocean temperatures.

        HAARP would have much more influnce with an individual super cell thunderstorm. Even this, thunderstorms require moist warm air to manifest. Most of this comes from the Gulf of Mexico. In other words I have yet to see the type of thunderstorms created in very dry air that are required to get these monster tornadoes going. Plenty of of them in established tornado alley and a little bit east and west of here. There has yet to be an EF-3 or larger in say the desert southwest or even California. This could change with a super El Nino that might get the ocean temperautres above 80 degrees off the California coast.

        I think that at the present time HAARP at best is the straw that breaks the camel’s back in certain storm situations. Hurricanes no. They have lit off thermal nuclear warheads in the many megaton range in the oceans and this has done very little in changing the ocean temperatures in even the localized areas for very long at all. It just takes too much energy to change the ocean temperatures to influnce hurricanes, at the present day level of technology, that even the output of the Sun can’t do for weeks.

        • @ Socrates. One another issue about U.S. patents. There are lots of patents out there on products that just don’t work. It is fun to see patents on some of the most bizarre contraptions that people can come up with. The job of the patent office is to allow a patent based on that it MIGHT work in the future. Any type of patent of HAARP would be the plausibility of it becoming fully functioning in the future.

          A patent is protection of an IDEA rather than the fully operational product. This is why new products FIRST get that patent protection of an idea usually below attempting to market the product without that legal protection of that idea first.

        • @Be informed-

          Thanks for the detailed explanations, as always! Much appreciated. I have read all of the HAARP patents and have just reviewed the one I found on ‘Controlling Hurricanes and Tornados’ and I began to postulate a theory. Once a patent is ‘published’, all of the workings and methods are right there in the patent for all to see. That’s supposed to be the nature of a patent- time based technology transfer: you get a monopoly of sorts for 14 or 20 years and then it is considered ‘public’ knowledge’ and no longer patentable, but still out there for all to see.

          My worries with these HAARP and other weather control patents is that some wealthy individuals or groups have scoured all of these findings and are busy trying to control the weather for personal or monetary gain, much like Monsanto has taken over our food supply, with GMO and poison based chemicals. There are BTW, over 8 other HAARP installations in the world, not just the one the U.S. has in Alaska. With enough money and influence it’s not too much to fathom anymore. The more I see of man trying to play ‘God’ the more I worry.

      44. Barack Hussein Obama is the biggest hoax ever perpetrated on this country.

        River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI////MOLON LABE!

      45. On February 19th Obama meet with the president of Mexico in Mexico. Mexico has to be cooperating with the immigration issue. The immigrants coming from central america have to be crossing through Mexico. Mexico use to guard her southern boarder very diligently, for her to allow the transgression of her territory by illegal aliens is evidence enough of a planned active operation, a conspiracy involving the obama administration, mexico and who knows who else. Yes, the GOP’s lack of exposing the truth of what’s going on indicts them, may as well throw the MSM in there too.

      46. These illegals are like roaches scurrying into the u.s. to pick up the crumbs known as the depressed wage jobs American’s can’t afford to live on. Business demands it. The talking media heads say about 11 million are awaiting to be legalized. HA! More like 30 plus million. The middle class is about dead. These illegals will insure it’s final demise. The income gap between rich and poor widens making the 20’s great depression look tame in comparison. Meanwhile TPTB methodically rip our nation’s people and their freedom apart, and barely a whimper is heard.

      47. Why is this a “SHOCK” ? I don’t understand the use of that word in the Article title? Everyone with a brain larger than a pea knows that the administration is doing this purposely to dilute and destroy what is left of the conservative, constitution believing base of patriotic voters and turn this nation into a third world welfare state….DUH… A government check buys alot of votes.

      48. YET we see what happens when ONe of OURS crosses the Mexican border By accident….Left in a prison to rot!!!!!!! EFFING ridiculous that we are not invading Mexico to get him back. Militia’s mount up!!!!!!!!!!!

      49. If you want to see what really goes on in Chicago, check out “truenewsusa” and “secondcitycop” websites. For real good reporting on current events, go to “conservative treehouse”.

      50. Has anybody listened to Glenn Beck grovel to his audience this morning for donations to Mercury One for the illegal kids? Pretty incredible how low he has fallen. if you check out his facebook page, his audience is revolting en mass. No thanks, Beck, I prefer to spend my money here on Americans in need. Didn’t you hear, Detroit can’t pay it’s water bills.

      51. And he’s constantly praising the communist, racist Martin Luther King. F**k Glen Beck.

      52. Earthquakes from Alaska to New Zealand. Big ones. Looks like something is going to break loose, big time, real soon.

      53. @poon tang…I totally agree. He used to be informative when he was on Fox @5pm but now he’s a smuck. And…it’s not only MLK but Ghandi too. Beck doesn’t read his history as he likes to claim he does.

      54. Sadly Mexico has some of the most draconian border enforcement on the planet……..

        Sometimes I think this is to keep their fellow countrymen from returning back to Mexico………

        This may be harsh, but Hispanics tend not to embrace education, and will therefore remain at the bottom of the heap……………..

      55. The Declaration of Independence says…. We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights. All means everyone and equal means the same. We are all the same and all have equal rights by are creator, it does not say because you are Hispanic you can not live in America, this country is not yours you are a squatter here and in time you die. It’s what you do while you are here on this earth that makes the difference. Hispanics and every one else has a god given equal right to live here too. Are you afraid their going to take some of your stuff, are you afraid they might what a life and have equal rights as you. They have a right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

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