Shock Footage: Protester Shot Dead On Live TV During Venezuelan Riots

by | Jun 26, 2017 | Headline News | 100 comments

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    We’ve repeatedly warned our readers that a collapse of life as we know it in America would quickly devolve into violence, looting and outright anarchy. As the economic landscape in America deteriorates it is likely only a matter of time before millions of starving Americans make their way to the streets in protest. When that happens they’ll be met with a heavily armed response. It’ll start with tear gas and rubber bullets, but that won’t be enough to stave off the starving and hopeless masses, so we can fully expect real bullets to start flying in short order.

    To see a real-world example of this one need only turn their attention to Venezuela, where the collapse of their currency has led to hyperinflation to the point that supplies of bare essentials like flour, meat, medicine and toilet paper are unavailable to the general population. The situation has been playing out for several years and it appears to be coming to a head.

    As evidenced by the video below, which appeared on Live television, Venezuelan riot police and military are now to the point where they are willing to kill to ensure the security of the State.

    As people watched on live TV, a protester hurled rocks over the fence of La Carlota air base in Caracas. His face was covered by a bandanna, and a knapsack was strapped to his chest.

    Two soldiers approached, standing just feet away from the riots.

    Then, one of the officers pulled out a rifle and fired, striking the activist in the chest. He stumbled off-camera. A few minutes later, a group of people are seen carrying him.

    The protester, later identified as 22-year-old David José Vallenilla, died at the hospital. He had been shot in the chest three times. (WaPo)


    Should America ever go the way of Venezuela following an economic, financial and/or monetary collapse, this is exactly what we can except, which is why we urge our readers to prepare for the worst by stockpiling, at the very least, survival essentials like emergency foods, water purification tools and personal defense armaments so that you can stay out of the way when the shooting starts.

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      1. Coming to a city near YOU !

      2. PS Don’t bring Rocks to a Gun Fight !!!

        • NEWS FLASH: This is HOW IMPORTANT the make up of the US Supreme Court is.

          Supreme Court Reinstates Trump Travel Ban from Muslim-Majority Countries

          The government had argued in the new briefing that the injunctions had delayed the start date for the 90-day order. This would allow the ban, which effects those coming from Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen, to remain valid despite having been issued in March.


          • The Liberal Lefty Commie Reaction to the Trump Travel Ban reinstated by the Supreme Court today, Nancy Pelosi said its Discriminatory and Dangerous. No kidding, she thinks Banning Muslims from Terrorist Countries was dangerous. WTF? Pee brain mush for brains on the left.

            • Pelosi can go f#$% herself.

            • You are talking about brainwashed, conditioned, convinced cultural marxists. They only have one platform, destroy Western Civilization. By Any Means Necessary….

          • Don’t be fooled by that act, there’s still MANY coming in on Visas, by Trump.

        • The government outlawed private possession of firearms 2 years ago and confiscated them. Rocks is all they have to fight the Marxist government with. This kid was very brave.

          • Exactly why the gun haters want to here in USA,a disarmed population is easy to control

        • people who are unarmed and don’t wear a vest shouldn’t throw stones.

          • I would shoot someone who was throwing rocks at me. How would you like to get hit in the face with a rock thrown from 30 yards away.

            I bet it would hurt.

            • Can pick a cop a mile away.. Drop dead asshole!

              • Could be. But definitely anger issues. Maybe lost his security blanket.

      3. Will be different here, we will shoot back.

        • Haven’t seen that part yet and there has been plenty of reason to do so ?

          Just having the guns does not mean diddly squat.

      4. A Truth our well understood by our Founding Fathers:

        Does a government in turmoil traditionally protected the rights and welfare of its citizens or does it more often ensure the continuance of government (COG)?

      5. I’d really like to know how the end plays out. Food shipments stop as it’s too dangerous? People slowly drifting off into neighboring countries? I guess a hard core bunch will stay to attack the entrenched government.

        And then what? The government trying to buy food from outside the country? What will the military do? Turn on said government?

        • Heard an interview on Public Radio and the guest was a man from Venezuela who sent his family out of the country. But, he himself, was going to stay and try to help take his country back.

          He commented on how he had never done anything like this before but he was willing to get involved and even lay down his life to take Venezuela back.

          So yes, he may turn out to be the hard core bunch that will stay, learning as they go along. It will be interesting to see how it turns out for them.

          And a good study for preppers here–watch and learn. Add some Selco commentary to your study and we may be able to hold our own. Not just die in a pile of brass, as the saying goes.

          • Selco is a fraud, fake news. I had links to him up at my site and took them all down a while back. I have far more war experience than he does as well as 98% of preppers and Mac Slavo and most others. I found out a few things and terminated him ! Slavo does not claim such things so I’m good with that. Most preppers believe all manner of nonsense and engage largely in group think. I only put out what I know is real and nearly all from first hand experience not self proclaimed prepper experts who don’t know diddly shit about anything to do with such events as violence related to self defense and preparedness or war scenarios. The simple truth and hands on experience is always best by far over BS.

      6. Good Riddance!The dumbass went looking for trouble. and he found it! just what was the result he was hoping for? If it comes down to SHTF WROL. anyone attacking my fence is doing a very dangerous stupid act. Those of us who have prepped and are self reliant with Know How. We will not have to beg the government or anyone for food & shelter. Those parasites who cant fend for themselves Need to perish.

        • My take is that this kid decided that it is better to die fighting the Marxist government than slowly starve to death.

          • Well Red he sure showed them. I’d have waited till I got a soldier alone and took his kit and then went to work. Pretty soon they’ll probably load the people up on cattle cars or buses never to be seen again.

            • Why not? They turned their guns over in 2012

            • I guess you could say the same thing about American Patriots in Boston who brought snowballs to a gunfight with the British.

              Hence the Boston Massacre

          • That kid was fodder for the cause

        • Got to agree with ya there Old Guy, If some thugs were on my fence line trying to get over or throwing rocks at me or at my property, I would give just one warning to leave, then Give them lead to the head. I have way more bullets then they have rocks.

          **Anytime you let a thug go, he will be back again, even more prepared and when you are less prepared. Remember that. If you ever act like a whimpy woosie, Saying stooped shit like,”stop it or I’ll call 911, I promise.” You will be beaten severely sooner than later. You eliminate the threat, and it sends a message to the entire area. They will look for easier targets than your property.

          In SHTF, the weak, unprepared, unarmed will be beaten and killed, raped, and enslaved. Remember that.

          • Why are those fighting unjust corrupt authority “Thugs”? The Minutemen were by that standard “Thugs”.

            • Yea, but minute men won, so they wrote the history books. Might as well say something nice about yourself

              • I looked at it from a moral perspective of the oppressed v the oppressor. To default the status of thug with any group that opposes authority shows a deepened conditioning complements of a few decades of Goebbels style propaganda.

                • Kevin2, I’ll agree on that perspective. It looks like Old Guy and CSS misunderstood what that video was about. I definitely agree if the guy was a common criminal coming to harm me and mine I would take him out without hesitation or question. But that protestor fighting against unjust corrupt authority IS a totally different situation. I’m not crazy about the idea of going up against anyone with rocks only, however. Those protestors should look for something m ore effective to use first.

                  • You touchy feely Mamby Pamby get sick over something I posted? good grief how are you gonna cope if a sure enough SHTF WROL occurs?

                    • It was just an intellectual observation of who has the high moral ground. How can someone cope in a SHTF situation if enemy v friend is determined by who is in authority (given the benefit of the debt as good) and who isn’t (identified as bad)?

                  • Protestor fighting against unjust corrupt authority? What? The authority was alwas corrupt and unjust. The fact is they had plenty of oil money to distribute. When that money dried up. Then the protest began. Like our libiturd democraps those folks don’t want to face the facts the free ride is over. Certianly those at the top are going to do whatever to stay on top. Our Dems still cant adjust to the fact that Trump Is now president. And they do stupid things like the ball park shooter did. Good riddance to that ball park shooter. and good riddance to the stupid rock thrower. We need to allow our police to do the same. Those BLM roiters should also be shot the moment they commit a violent act.

                    • Old Guy

                      1. “The authority was alwas corrupt and unjust.”

                      OK, thats a good start identifying who is good and who is bad.

                      2. “good riddance to the stupid rock thrower”

                      If #1 is a true statement then #2 is well #2. Your logic is devoid of logic.

            • Of course, the thugs here were the Chavista military who shot starving adolescents….

        • Hey @Old Guy, you must be a Christian, huh?

          I can tell by your disgusting lack of respect for life or the principles of Christianity. Good luck.

          • Nope not a Christian. Im Nostic. some of the framers where Agnostics. Nothing wrong with being capable of taking a hard line. My guess is the protestor was part of the Free Shit Army. And now they are rioting because the free ride is over. Wait until those parasite government retirees in Ill no longer get their so called promised pensions. When those exorbent checks don’t arrive they will likely riot. violent rioters shouldn’t be tolerated.

            • Actually there is nothing to eat in Venezuela. They are unable in their communist system to obtain private income as its illegal to do so. If you do manage to have something the government confiscates it.

              “My guess is”

              Your guess is wrong. Do you have an understanding of what is going on there? Your siding with the communist authoritarians, the very people who disarmed the civilian population.

              • Old Guy believes that anyone wearing a uniform is automatically right. Boy is he in for a surprise!

                • No those in uniform are Parasites they produce nothing. Those who carry are for the most part paid enforcer for the courts judges and government. They at this time are mostly revenue generating agents.However since the citizens hands are tied and we are nit at the point of vigalantie justice. At this time The police are all we have. A necessary parasite if you will. I drove semi truck for 40 years and was harassed by the DOT on a regular basis. Ive got no love for or illusions about those or any other parasites. Those who are in the military are stupid they are not protecting the USA freedoms. They are gullible fools that are cannon fodder for the UN & NWO. Now someone comes throwing rocks. And keeps getting closer. You notice His face is covered also he has a backpack on his chest. So before he gets any closer You do what any reasonable thinking person would do. You shoot the backpack fully expecting it to explode. you are surprised but relieved when it doesn’t explode. When or if it comes down to situations like that you don’t take chances if you intend to stay alive. My opinion. It was a justified shooting.

            • They have no freebies like we do. You have it all completely backasswards and the word Gnostic is not spelled correctly either, so I doubt you are one or even know what one is ? Just saying what is obvious, not dogging ya !

              Venezuela is the classic example of Fascism and Socialism gone bad. The people will overthrow the gov eventually as they should, they always do once they suffer enough. But it will be bloody. Same is true her in USA , people have not suffered enough to do diddly squat except talk shit. Maybe Trump will expose enough and prosecute enough criminals that we won’t have to burn down DC and many state capitols ?

        • You say good riddance to someone who just died fighting communism? How righteous of you.

          • Yes good riddance he was likely a parasite cull . part of the Free Shit Army. He wrongly thought they would reward his bad behavior with some free handout. A bribe to behave If you will. As bad as many of you seem to think our USA federal government is. If not for the federal laws keeping state and local government officials in check. It would be worse than those dictator ran countries. I wouldn’t want to live in a state that seceded and left the union. I like the counstition and bill of rights and a strong federal government to enforce the law and protect those god given rights. As flawed as the USA might be its still the best country and government on the planet.

            • I do not see fighting communism as “bad behavior”. Perhaps you do. And, you know he was part of the “free shit army”, how? They are starving because of communism in Venezuela. Anyone who will fight them, tooth and nail, is all right by me. And, unlike many, he chose to fight as his last act, rather than just roll over and die for them, like a slave. Better dead than fucking red.

              When was the last time you actually read the Constitution (you might want to learn to spell that correctly) of the United States? Or, the Bill Of Rights? Do you really know your rights and responsibilities as an American Citizen? Or, like so many, just have a vague notion of what it all means? You post would indicate you have’nt really given it much serious thought.

              • Kevin2, Red Leader, and Just Me, I’m siding with all 3 of you on this subject. I normally respect Old Guy’s opinions but on this subject there’s just a few things he doesn’t understand, especially about the fed govt. The fed govt. has NOT been PROTECTING our rights like they’re supposed to. They’ve been VIOLATING AND TRYING TO STRIP US OF THOSE RIGHTS THAT WERE GRANTED TO US BY GOD. NO MANMADE GOVT. HAS ANY BUSINESS TAMPERING WITH THOSE RIGHTS. I see the feds as my BIGGEST enemy, period.

                • Actually the federal government has been protecting those rights. Reciently the supreme court struck down many gun laws. The Supreme court just affirmed Trumps travel ban. The ones who are violating and trying to institute the NWO are those elected officials & appointed officials like judges who we let get away with treason. There is our government wich is a Republic. And Then there are elected officials who insist its a mob rule democracy. except if the UN says do this then they willingly oblige. Our government is the best in the world. Its the type of folks that we let get into office and positions of power and don’t hold accountable that’s the problem. When the folks who write the police paycheck tell them to stand down and let things like the BLM get out of control and continue to rage and boil over. Whose is the traitor? It will likely never occur but come up to my gate with your face covered. Throwing rocks and wearing a back pack on your chest. How do I know what you might pull out of that back pack? possibly a stick of dynamite, a bottle of nitro glycerene, a Molotov cocktail? Maybe a Handgun or grenade? If you think you are going to get closer than rifle shot range your sadly mistaken. The guy got what he went looking for.

                • Our own feds are far more your enemy that Putin and Russia by a long shot ! Or China for that matter. Think Finicum ?

      7. As the poor riot, the rich dine on lobster and steak.

        Perhaps rioting is not a winning strategy. If someone throws rocks, sooner or later the guys getting hit with rocks are bound to fight back. Why do people like our democratic antifa fail to understand, it is not going to be a one sided fight forever.

        It seems to me that there is a strategy of holding back police so that when police are finally released and allowed to return fire, the public will be too numb to care. It will seem like they got what they deserved, because on the one hand they do.

        Can you imagine the grief his family is suffering. Truly tragic.


        • B from CA

          I think the response from the public is directly related to the perceived validity of the cause of the protestors. Kent State in 1970 had a far greater impact than if it occurred in 1965. If government is at edge a violent response from them will likely be looked at negatively. Generally government is in the “on the edge” position when significant numbers are protesting an issue. Another variable is the group effected. Vietnam immediately effected the 18-24 year olds eventually body bags returning with no end in sight branched out to friends and family not in harms way. Civil rights effected blacks but the response, such as Bull Connors, galvanized support from others not effected. An economic crash takes out young, old, butcher, baker and candlestick maker. That off the get go is liable to have a far more sympathetic audience.

          Believe this, it it occurs in the US it will get real ugly real fast.

        • Standing out in the wide open launching rocks is damn sure not a winning strategy. See what happens when you turn in your weapons/firearms folks? Last week the Aussies Coalition were going to haul ass after the US shot down a Syrian plane and the Rooskies were going to target us and our partners. Later they apparently changed their minds and decided to stay on. I knew right then there was no wonder they turned in their guns.

      8. When the Eastern Block was collapsing the response from the various states that had a long history of totalitarianism was far more restrained and peaceful than expected. Lets hope if it happens in the US that the same from government would be forthcoming. I personally have doubts because of the somewhat uniquely American tradition of, “more is better”.

        • Ah Kevin,do not forget Romania,was a horror show,but,had a happy ending!

          • Warchild, I remember the uprising in Romania. That was the only country in the whole east bloc where violence erupted. Ceaucescu was the only dictator left in the east bloc who wouldn’t step down. It was bloody but the people got the results they wanted.

            • The Deplorable Braveheart

              “That was the only country in the whole east bloc where violence erupted.”

              It amazed me then how overall peaceful the Eastern Block, including the USSR, folded. Its reasonable to theorize that the overwhelming majority realized that their system didn’t function and hence wasn’t worth saving. Conversely I see a lot of very misguided “Patriotism” in the US. Many confuse political party and leadership loyalty with love of country. If the Constitution is violated and wars are fought preemptively the misguided rally around the flag. Openly disagreeing with government gone astray isn’t a right, its a responsibility. Doing what you can to put it back on is Constitutional course, a duty.

              • Kevin2, agreed. I consider DC to be my No. 1 domestic enemy. Disagreeing with govt. doesn’t make anyone a traitor. I know we’ve had a few disagreements in the past but 99% of the time we are on the same page. I always appreciate your insight.

                • We have no obligation to follow or respect an illegitimate government or any of its entities. Quite the opposite in fact. Most Americans are simply afraid of their own shadow so the illegal acts have grown to what we see before us and is being exposed daily. It is far worse than most can grasp.

        • Kevin2, I also believe the ending will be extremely bloody. I don’t see anything ‘benevolent’ coming out of DC.

      9. Killings have already been happening. It just now is getting news coverage

      10. Old Guy, you make me nauseaus!

      11. Socialist always and everywhere, at all times, has ALWAYS brought poverty, corruption, ignorance and death. Always. Started with Robespierre, continued the the USSR, Red China, Cuba, Pol Pot’s Cambodia, the socialist republic of N. Korea, Zimbabwe, Laos and is now destroying Europe, not to mention the implosion of fascist left Kalifornia and the probably bankruptcy of Illinois in a few weeks.

        But… that won’t stop them from trying again…. with YOUR money, while they hide out in their protected crony Learjet leftist gated enclaves.

        • TEST, truer words were never spoken. Socialism brings down and ruins a nation from A to Z. It has never worked anywhere it’s been tried and will never work. My wife and her family suffered horribly under socialism in Cuba. That is my BIGGEST reason for opposing socialism, besides it being anti-freedom.

          • The Deplorable Braveheart

            The issue isn’t Communism v Capitalism but freedom verses totalitarianism. The fascist boot on your throat is just as bad as a communist one, sometimes worse. Central America and Haiti are examples of non communist nations that are simply go good.

            A common Cuban is devoid of freedom as is a common Haitian. The Cuban however lives better. I’m not praising Castro but just pointing out that Communism has no monopoly on injustice, poverty and totalitarianism. Actually the unchecked capitalist has been the best recruiter, in effect a catalyst for communism.

            • kevin2, I’m also opposed to fascism. I do recognize what you’re saying as the truth.

      12. The entrenched assholes ruining the country will have to come out at some point,they will literally then be ripped to pieces.This comes to North America any level of govt. fucks with you and your neighbors fight to the death,you see it kicking off kill them before they get to your neighborhood.

        As to why some posters here seem supportive of govt. over those willing to give up their life fighting a evil govt. is way the fuck beyond me,would guess though dementia.

        • Warchild:

          I can’t see becoming a martyr if one can find some other way. On the other hand, this rock thrower will be remembered, at least in Venezuela. And, his death has the world’s attention. It is hard to be evil when the light is on you.

          Take care Warchild.


          • I can see as no wife/kids going down quickly in a govt. attack on it’s own citizens,will though make it cost a few puppets lives.

            I would say when you are starving and getting weaker you are at the nothing to lose/everything to gain point in ones life and you go for it.that said,even unarmed would have found a way to make sure a puppet or two would die but understand the mans anger and frustration.As food gets scarcer folks get weaker,why,when govt. goes completely evil you strike and strike hard while you still have supplies/energy.

            • Warchild, damn good points.

            • Kissinger said you control oil you control nations. If you control food you control people. Its not starvation as that certainly brings revolution but rather its close cousin rationing. Rationing is control. Its just enough to placate the masses into passivity.

      13. Just Reported: 238 Arrested in CA for Pedophilia

        California: Community Leaders, Clergy & Elite Businessmen Busted in Massive Child Sex Ring – Hundreds Arrested
        Posted by Matt Agorist

        Los Angeles, CA — As bogus news pushing the divisive two-party paradigm about which puppet politician said something stupid this week fills the airwaves, very real news is taking place and conveniently getting glossed over. This very real news involves very real victims — who happen to be innocent children.

        This week, a massive operation came to a head that was carried out across Southern California which swept up 238 child predators and traffickers — including clergymen attempting to buy a 6-year-old boy.

        Conducted by the Los Angeles Regional Internet Crimes against Children task force, “Operation Broken Heart III” targeted offenders wanted for the sexual exploitation of children, child prostitution, sex tourism and possessing and distributing child pornography, said Deputy Chief Matt Blake of the Los Angeles Police Department, as reported by the LA Times.

        The mass arrests were not made up of recluse pedophiles living in their mother’s basements either. In fact, much of the arrests involved high-profile figures throughout the community.

        John Reynolds, acting special agent in charge for U.S. Department of Homeland Security Investigations said that among those arrested were entertainers, community leaders, white-collar professionals and clergy members.

        “The incidence of child sexual exploitation has reached staggering proportions,” he said at a news conference.

        These are not your typical internet dwellers looking to prey on children online with images and pornography. These people are willing to cross the globe to purchase children for sex. What this exposes is the very real, elite, and extremely horrific market for children.

        In May, Michael Quinn, 33, traveled from Australia to Los Angeles to complete a deal to buy a 6-year-old boy for sex, according to the U.S. attorney’s office in Los Angeles.
        ht tp://

        I want to see all of this lead to the Clintons and Podesta child sex rings and we throw them in Prison.

        • Crack:

          It is about time. Now, will the MSM cover-up by not reporting, while big money pours in to buy off the Home Land Insecurity as hundreds of suspects become four or five sacrificial lambs and the rest get off Scott free. That’s how it usually goes, doesn’t it?

          Good reporting.


      14. Good luck with that wish about the Clintons caught up in that net. They both know too much about who, when and where. They’d either would be disappeared or placed in solitary confinement until they testified and then stuff would be placed in their food.

        • PO’d Patriot, I believe the Clintons will eventually get a dose of their own medicine. They do have way too much knowledge about the NWO. They’ve become too toxic for the globalists.

      15. Well,those truly guilty hope they are quickly disposed of,best thing to do with them.That said,can see witch hunts like has happened in the past,and with the ease computers can be fucked with ect. can see this as a weapon used by govct. on those it disagrees with.So,in conclusion,be sure you have the right people and they are guilty,if so/kill them,just be sure.

        As someone who watched the witch trials in Mass. over child molestation and innocent folks lives ruined want only the guilty caught.As a survivor of child molestation want the guilty killed.

      16. For the life of me I cant determine just what those rioting protestors think is the solution? do they think somehow the broke bankrupt government can just suddenly return to the days of plenty when they had all the oil money? They aren’t fighting communism. They are wanting the communism that they once enjoyed. The NWO destroyed their oil funded communism.

        • “just what those rioting protestors think is the solution?”

          They’re hungry, their desperate and the government officials are living fine. The solution is anything but what they now have.

          Your solution is for them to do what? Shut up and starve to death? That’s not an option. Maybe, just maybe they should get rid of their present government.

      17. That rock throwing protestor he dies for nothing. Those who rallied around the dead beat Bundy their protest was for naught. The Finnicun guy died for nothing. Those who protested the Dakota pipe line was a wasted effort. Smarten up folks. doing stupid actions will nor solve anything. The libtards are doing stupid foolish things. Are those retarded efforts working? Prep to be able to survive a no holds barred root hawg or die survival of the fittest. You need to try and insure that you and yours survive the great culling that will kill 90%.

        • Agree with you on that OG.

        • Those protests worked in Poland, Hungary, East Germany and Czechoslovakia, they snowballed and collapsed the USSR. Those protests ended the bullshit Vietnam War. Those protests ended segregated facilities. The UK wasn’t immune either.

          It has worked.

          • Yes it worked sometimes. It worked during the American revolution. It didn’t work in the 1860’s civil war. It didn’t work for the native americans. It didn’t work at Kent State. It didn’t work at tinnamen square. In those cases you cite the participants where risking their lives. And that could have ended badly. The thing is Peaceful protest is a right. When you break the law & riot and throw stuff its not a protest any longer. Do you think the BLM disrupting traffic and other acts of disobedience are simply protest

      18. Its very difficult to not let emotions and religion and ingrained core concepts cloud and effect our judgment. We need to see things are they are instead of what we wish them to be. Life isn’t fail. All men are created equal. But it ends there. As soon as we are born some have a advantage. higher IQ. better looks, better parents, better government in the country the happen to be born in. healthier genes ect. The list goes on and on. Life is extremely unfair. Some folks and some races are better quality and superior to others. There is one thing that evens the playing field. We all have Free Will and how we use that Free Will is the Key. Use it negatively and KARMA will punish you negative. Use It positively and KARMA will reward you positive. So are you going to use your Free Will to learn to be self reliant and aquire Know How? Or do stupid not viable acts like the rock throwing guy that got shot?

        • OG All men are not created equal, not even close. If you were really a Gnostic would certainly know that part. Finicum, and Bundy are heros and had the balls to stand up for what they believed for good reason and they will be exonerated one day. Maybe sooner than many of you fools think ? How many here have the same courage, ethics and principles ? Not many for sure and that is the problem in America ! So go look in the mirror to see the problem !

      19. It does not matter if the ruling government is fascist, communist, socialist, or capitalist. It you threaten their power or make them look weak, they will come after you and kill you if necessary. Those who think this can only happen in a country like Venezuela, or a communist nation, if there was one, I will just point to some incidents in AmeriKKKan history, Kent State, Waco, the Move, the “Bonus Army” in 1932 where the government sent in six tanks and nearly 2000 troops and policemen resulting in the death of two men and over 1000 injured.

        I don’t care what flag the government flies, it is patently naive to believe that it is only despotic or military governments who kill or beat their citizens. AmeriKKKa is no stranger to killing its own citizens. Wake up all of you people who point in another direction when you should be looking in the mirror. Unwrap that flag from around your eyes, you will be able to see much better.

        • Yes We in the USA subdued and killed the Native Americans. It was called manifest destiny. To be fair most of the plains Indians before the white man came killed each other for hunting grounds and women. The smarter strong and crafty rode roughshod over the weaker and dumber. Its still eventually going to end up that way. Right or wrong- Like it or not. It eventually becomes survival of the fittest. That’s just how things really are.

      20. Having ball,s and being stupid don’t make you a hero. All it does is get you in trouble or worse dead. Bundy wasn’t paying his grazing fees. and eventually lost everything because he wasn’t paying those fees. It because of government we have infrastructure like roads, dams inland waterways and the many things we enjoy. Our country and most places in the world is in trouble because there are too many parasite low IQ culls. the better quality producing high IQ folks have very few children. the stupid parasite cull,s have as many as they can. often by several different sperm donors. The producing makers can no longer be taxed enough to support the parasite takers. Its not a bad government problem. Its not a religious problem. Its not a unsolveable problem. All that’s needed is a great culling. Wars and diseases used to be sufficient. Now with modern medicine free housing free medical food stamps the parasites population enabled by the goverments has exploded. Go ahead and collapse this or any government and see how fast the parasite population gets culled. They will cull each other. And the problem this guy got shot over is oil. It boilds down to the petro dollar. Not fighting communism

      21. The South American government has been communist for over several decades, just like Cuba, Argentina and Brazil and half of Central America.

      22. The main problem centers around the fact that Venezuela’s economy is largely centered around oil. As oil prices declined in the past few years, it created an environment where the government could no longer afford their expansive social programs. They’ve also attempted to maintain currency controls to keep these programs afloat. This in turn has caused rampant inflation and produced thriving black markets.

        The political situation itself is ridiculous in its own
        Right. Those protestors want to replace their commie leader with a different commie leader? Yep that will fix everything! Meet the new boss who is just the same as the old boss?

      23. One thing I have a issue with. The title of this article is misleading. It should read rock throwing Rioter shot during Protest.

      24. Old Guy, you are a despicable commie. Anyone who fights against leftist parasites is HERO. The national bolivarian guard of venezuela is made up of criminals.

      25. Folks like hate socialism have believed the lies they where taught in school. In 1962 we where lied to about cuba and that communism was terrible bad and democracy was wonderful great. When in fact its not a Democracy here in the USA its a Republic. Any government is no better than the sum total of its citizens. When you have more taking parasites than producing makers No matter what type government you have or who is elected or runs the government its not sustainable. When you robb (Tax) the producing makers to the extent beyond which they will tolerate. They sometimes quit producing and become Parasite takers or they take their production someplace else. Illinois is a great example. The productive where Taxed (robbed) to pay for social programs and pensions. After a certain point the manufacturing producers either quit or relocated elsewhere. That shrunk the tax base. So those that remained where robbed at a larger rate than before. Then It becomes a downward spiral that cannot be reversed no matter who is elected or what type of government is in place. And when finally the direct cause is addressed and social programs and pensions are no more. The taking parasites culls who where recieveing them protest riot and revolt. And the type of government in place doesn’t matter. But those who suddenly are no longer enabled. They are denialist they never face the facts. Nope they look for someone or something else to blame. You just wait and watch When Illinois collapses. the former enabled cull parasites will do the same exact things we are seeing in Venezuela. And they will demand a different setof government leaders. And if they break the law and attack the government facilities they might also get shot. and all of this in a state that isn’t Communist. Those In Venezuelia are not in dire straights because of communism. They are in trouble because they are taking parasites. The self reliant who have know how are not starving. The fact is that if whatever you do to make a living does not use the natural resources of the earth to make,grow or build something. If your not a link in the chain of production . Then you are a parasite. Too many parasites will eventually weaken and kill the host.

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