Shock Footage: Marine Captures UFO Destroying Taliban Base: “Unlike Any Known U.S. Military Drone”

by | May 8, 2014 | Headline News | 176 comments


Update: The video posted below and sourced via the UK’s Mail Online, Huffington Post, The New York Daily News, and Drudge Report is apparently a hoax. We have chosen to keep it available for users who may still be interested in viewing it, reading the commentary and joining the community discussion. Our sincerest apologies for any confusion this may have caused. When numerous credible alternative media and mainstream sources carry a particular report or video we generally assume, wrongly in this case, that it is legitimate. Thank you to the readers who have commented and emailed about this report to advise us that it may not be representative of the events as they actually happened.

The following video footage reportedly taken in March by a U.S. Marine on the outskirts of a Taliban base in Afghanistan shows that the United States may have weapon systems that have heretofore never been seen by anyone outside of the compartmentalized development teams that built it. Either that or an extraterrestrial species has decided to get involved in the war on terror.

The video starts with a Marine recording what appears to be an unidentified aircraft hovering over the base, perhaps half a kilometer or so away. Within milliseconds of lights flashing from its underbelly a massive set of explosions rocks the base. After the smoke clears the video zooms in on the object, revealing a triangle shaped saucer-like aircraft often seen in science fiction movies.


According to Mail Online, the mysterious craft is unlike any known U.S. military drone or plane.

While we can’t rule out the possibility that the unidentified flying object is of extraterrestrial origin, the close proximity of US troops suggests someone may have called in an airstrike, and perhaps the chain of command wanted to test out some of the weapons systems the US has secretly developed at underground military bases like Area 51.

While it might seem crazy, watch the video (via Drudge Report) for yourself and decide if this is a standard military aircraft or if we’re dealing with an advanced (alien or human) technology:

(Watch at Youtube)

The timing of the video release is interesting as well. Earlier this week we highlighted the possibility that Russian Strategic Bombers flying along the West Coast may have used advanced technology to take down the Los Angeles LAX airport flight control system causing hundreds of delays and cancellations. If this is in fact what happened, it may have been a show of force to Western powers that Russia has systems capable of striking at the electronic heart of America.

But, given the video footage captured above, Russia isn’t the only country in the world with advanced military technology.

Strategic relocation specialist Joel Skousen, in a documentary with Alex Jones, suggested that East would one day meet West in a nuclear war. He noted that the reasons for why Russia and China have hesitated thus far is because they are unfamiliar with the advanced weapons systems developed by the U.S. military and that they fear being wiped out by these new technologies.

With tensions flaring up around the world, especially in the eastern European region, the timing of this video suggests it may have been disseminated through news channels as a warning to other countries that the U.S. does, in fact, have systems so advanced they could render the assets of any foreign military useless.

Whether the aircraft captured in the video above is of human origin or not, one thing’s for sure: It will certainly have widespread implications on the modern-day battlefield.


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    1. Confederate

      I’d like to see it take out the white house.

      • Da Yooper

        Russia sent us a message on the west coast

        we just gave the world a message in Afghanistan

        • Stig's American Cousin

          “Art Bell, paging Art Bell.”

          Are you out there Art?

          Years ago, I heard Art retell such a story about a triangular shaped flying vehicle.

          I wonder…………………..:)

          • the renegade braveheart

            Stig’s AC, I used to listen to Art Bell on occasion. His show was one of the better quality shows on talk radio.

          • yourmotherwaswrong

            @Mac Slavo

            This piece is a joke… right?

            “The following video footage reportedly taken in March by a U.S. Marine on the outskirts of a Taliban base in Afghanistan…”

            LOL… by a “U.S. Marine??”

            You can’t be serious???

            I saw a video once. It was called “Independence Day.”

            It was a fiction, i.e., “literature in the form of prose, especially short stories and novels, that describes imaginary events and people.”

            BTW: The US military has shown itself to be incapable of subduing a handful of sandal wearing goat herders, and yet here, we are to believe it manages to take out a “Taliban Base” with “an advanced (alien or human) technology.”


            This piece is a joke!

            • Be informed

              REAL aliens use the common flying saucer model because it is quite aerodynamic. The U.S., Russia, China, and others have tried to duplicate this and IF this a real it is likely a new form of aircraft.

              ET doesn’t give a flying F about this world until the “ass monkeys” go to other worlds and start to threaten them. This universe is teeming with life, and so is the galaxy. There are planets and stars that have had billions of years heads jump on this world. You can have life on planets orbitting any white, yellow, or orange star. The blue stars are usallly too hot, but it is possible. The red stars are usually too cold and any planet close enough to a red star to remain warm enough would be what is called tidal locked, like the moon is the this planet. Means that one side is always dark and one side always light. Mercury has this problem with this star. A double red star could support life with a planet outside of gravity zone and would be able to rotate. Anyway, at least 15% of the stars can support life with a planet at the right distance, the Goldilocks zone.

              Aliens have been coming to this planet forever. I especially take pictures with much value of spaceships that were taken pre world war 2. You have the common flying saucer spaceship in some pictures dated even before the Wright Brothers launched the first flight. I say big deal, they are not helping the planet or the people here. Or they are causing problems that we are not aware of.

              Many UFO’igists have taken the misconception that aliens must look human like. With a torso, head, legs, arms, etc. The real issue with alien life is where has the life form called home. Other beings because of gravity, the star’s influence, air or lack of it, chemicals, and so many other factors can make a life form look like something you would see at the bottom of the sea.

              The amount of technology to reach other stars probably proves that the beings travelling the stars are quite intelligent and advanced. This is likely the reason that no alien has come down to make first contact as most human beings are bordering on zombie dumb sh#$. I ask people this one; if you were an ET would you chance coming down here and making contact with MOST humans that would automatically try to kill you or take what you have and use it as a weapon?

              We are not the only life in the universe, or the galaxy, or the regional section of the nearby stars. This was not an alien craft unless someone up there is bored, REAL BORED with life. 😉

              • JustMe

                Most people will never comprehend what you just said, it is far too frightening to them, doesn’t mesh with dogmas, etc. If the vid is real, it is probably reverse engineered technology. Some scientists were working on anti-gravity machines, prior to, and during WW2.

                If it is real, perhaps the ship’s owners want to threaten someone…

                • Be informed

                  @ JustMe. They have drawings of the classic UFO is paintings hundreds or thousands of years old. People’s dogmas are the true close mindedness that keeps the human species from progressing technologically, spiritually, and mentally. Probably physically also. It is just no big deal that there is life elsewhere, people will get use to it very quickly if and when it becomes commonplace for the human race.

                  For the science reason of it. Many people doubt ET travelling the stars because of the speed of light barrier that is suppose to not be able to be broken. First of all it is thought that tachayons travel faster than light. Even if the light barrier cannot be broken there are other means of travel. Simply worm holes through space has absolutely not been proven to be impossible. They is another way that science fiction is not to fictional about. Constants are also something of question in this universe as people continue to find out what was once thought to be, isn’t so.

                  Warp travel is basically taking a space and compressing it so point A to Point B is no longer X distance, bot 1/10 X, 1/100 X, 1/1000 X or less. A simple way of thinking this is instead of travel from one mountain peak to the next mountain peak down the valley and back up the other side of the mountain, you jump from one peak to another. Another way of thinking this warp travel, is to have flat distance of travel from one point to the another and have this ground squashed together. The distance and time to walk that distance is reduced for the traveller as the two points are now closer together. Earthquakes have caused this compression of land masses where one point is now closer to another. The theory of doing this with space using a force of gravity is how they think you could travel many light years in a short time travelling only a fraction of the speed of light.

                  Science thousands, millions, or billions of years more advanced, beings have very likely solved this issue of galactic travel long ago. Humans are probably as primitive to these beings as bacteria are to humans.

                • Hunter

                  Wrong answer earthquake guy-

                  The theoretical physics involved are/is “not” a function of linear compression of time-space, of which your comment #3064842 alludes/describes as such…

                  …in all probability, its a curving/distortion/warping of the same, due to a “folding/bending of the envelope” phenomena.

                  FYI, “linear” compression of time-space is a similar function of the 14th century flat earth theorem!

                  ..there is a profound difference between linear compression…and distortion/warping, due to the curvature of time-space via gravitational forces (and velocity)!

                • Be informed

                  @ Hunter. I was trying to explain it on a layman’s view. The compression of space I was trying to describe would be on virutally all forms of matter surrounding the spacecraft. As you say an almost folding and bending of everything around you. To me it would be like pulling your target location closer to you while shrinking the distance between you and the distant location.

                  I think one of my biggest problems is trying to explain what I actually mean. I do understand the concept you are describing. This is of course a theory. Something is bringing those beings from other worlds across hundreds or thousands of parsecs. If there are not breaking the light speed barrier, then to me it would have something to do with vast distortion of space or through some wormhole. I have thought through using gravity someone could in a sense collapse the mass enough around them and bypass time and space at the same time. This is definitely something that JustOneGuy would be the one to ask about this, as he is the expert on this subject of space, astronomy, and out of the world physics.

                • JohnFornaro

                  Warp travel is basically impossible, despite some obscure theoretical math here and there which suggests its possibility.

                  Hunt around on in the Advanced Topics thread for a bit of the science involved.

                  There are some people who believe that they can produce propellantless propulsion, but they have not been successful in their experimentation to date. The most notable of these experimenters might by Woodward’s Mach Effect theory.

                • Azrael


                  To maybe put another spin on it, look at a “Wrinkle in Time” This concept is described in the above titled book by Ursla K Le Guin.

                  A better understanding is moving into a different dimension where time flows differently. “Hyperspace” as many SF movies, tv and books show is possible, theoretically. The distance doesn’t change, but the time it takes to get there does. Theoretically there 14 dimensions. This how many are needed to make some of the math work. There could be more, I don’t know.

                  We do know that in Einsteins theory of General Relativity states simply, The faster you travel the slower time flows relative to those traveling slower. Also the less gravity there is, the slower time flows relative to those experiencing more gravity. The speed portion has been tested and proven. I don’t know about the gravity portion though.

              • Jimb

                As if you would know what ET cares about!! As my teenager would say “OMG”

                • Be informed

                  @ Jimb. Only using logic. The more area of space you travel, the more resources someone would have IF that is what they would want. The old science fiction notion of aliens wanting humans for slaves or something really doesn’t make sense for someone with technology enough to travel between stars. Of course, you are right, we don’t really know.

              • Pip-Boy

                @Be Informed. I think if an alien race was capable of getting to our planet and wanting to “take over”, “colonize”, etc. We would never know about it, we would be dead before the first green guy put boots on the ground. If a race has the ability to travel the stars then thy’re weaponry would be fantastic.

                Michio Kaku took a theory from Nikolai Kardashev and popularized it. The theory is simply named The Kardashev scale. It states that there are 3 types of civilizations and is based on how we are utilizing our resources

                Type 0 Which we are currently in and according to Michio is the most dangerous time because we are on the verge of becoming a Type I civ.

                Type I-Fusion power basically this is the beginning interplanetary spaceflight.

                Type II-Basically Star Trek- Minus Transporters Waaaaayyyyy to much energy needed for that. Plus you are killed then brought back to life. LOL

                Type III-Star wars You’re able to harness the power of Galaxies.

                If you do a simple google search on The Kardashev scale you’ll get a ton of useful info on the subj.

                Oh and on a side not Michio Kaku was an 11B in the Army, I just dont know how he turned into a liberal though. LOL

              • HolHal

                Have to say some solid arguments pointed out here.

            • Egbert

              Once again, we see the FICTION that Slavo is producing. Really Mac? Are you that incredibly stupid? Or, are you just trying to provoke the under-educated mopers who hang on every word you spew out? Just like your blatantly false claim of “Russian Bombers with advanced technology taking out the LAX air traffic control center”, you provide more crap like this. The “flashing lights” were obviously from on-board weapons systems, similar to the AC-130. give us a break Mac! Many read this blog, because you used to give out decent corroborated information, and now, you are worse than the HuffPo. Again Mac, the LAX FAA Traffic Control Center is THE most antiquated system in the entire FAA inventory and has been bandaged so many times that it is virtually crashing all the time. The local SoCal news has widely reported this and yet, you would have us believe that the “Russian Bombers” which have for decades flown in international airspace off the Pacific Coast, even when I was in the USAF on the West Coast, is somehow magically responsible. Your blog is fast approaching the bilge being spewed out by Alex Jones of Infowars INFAMY.

            • the renegade braveheart

              YMWW, I’ve seen the video and agree it’s a joke, but Mac had his reasons for presenting it to us and had a good reason for doing so. let’s go easy on Mac, OK?

              • Egbert

                It’s an Ac-130 gunship, and only a complete moron would somehow “think” this was a UFO. You guys need to stop drinking from the Alex Jones Kool-Aid.
                And no, it isn’t appropriate to “take it easy” on someone who knowingly puts out such bilge. I expect far better from Mac, he has done far better accurate reporting.

                • admin

                  Egbert, please see the note at the top of the post (just added)… Unfortunately due to the extremely high volume of information coming across the SHTFplan desk we sometimes make mistakes. This particular video has appeared on scores of credible mainstream and alt news sites who have also fallen for it.

                  We try. Sometimes we drop the ball, as is seemingly the case with this post.



                • apache54

                  wrong, it was a TR3-B look it up and you will see, yup! i do know about it!!

                • Enki

                  Does your AC130 gunship hover silently , and since when any piece of artillery created such explosion upon impact?
                  Go to , it might help you understand on how these things work before opening your mouth and talking nonsense

                • Egbert

                  THANKS MAC! Appreciate your honesty and work!

                • Lick brave

                  Egbert. Are you saying that a alien space ship wouldn’t go to Afghanistan and shoot earth like munitions at a village. Well….fuck. I guess you are right.

              • JohnFornaro

                I dunno about the joke aspect. But the last few seconds of the video look to me as if a delta wing shaped aircraft rotated on its vertical axis and then left.

                Seems like it shot some pretty high explosives at the ground target.

              • Azrael

                All of you are wrong on this note. This a JDAM’s being dropped by a fighter that you can’t see, but if you watch the original video, you can hear fly by. An AC-130’s 25mm guns would NOT make such a large explosion unless the were secondary’s. The 105 mm gun can’t fire that fast.

            • Anonymous

              The “piece” is not a joke; you are a joke.

              • SterlingSilver

                This is some crazy shit! I’ve thought that USA Inc had this kind of covert flypower and firepower, but this is some spacey unbelievable stuff. Maybe the revolutionaries should head to the corner at the bell and re-evaluate the strategy. I know the Taliban is.

                • yourmotherwaswrong

                  And people wonder why this country is in trouble.

            • apache54

              Your mother
              type in TR3-B this was and still is a secret plane that has been around for awhile you can read about it online, it appears they have got it working very well and are testing it out in a hostile enviroment, this can be pilot flown and or used as a drone, the new type of propulsion system is mostly what made it secret.

              • Hunter


                I’ve got your six on this one, pal.

                You are correct/right!

                *(I’d almost give my right nut, to have 30 days checking out its inertia canceling unit)*****

                ***** therein, lies Tesla’s secrets(imo)!!!!!!!!

        • KY Mom

          Speaking of Russia…

          Russia Launches Two ICBMs, Rebuffs “Simulated Massive Nuclear Strike” As Part Of Military Drill

          “Remember when Putin “de-escalated” and promised the Russian forces were being pulled back from the Ukraine border? That didn’t last long. Fast forward 24 hours, when we learn that the very same Putin oversaw a military exercise involving Russia’s nuclear forces.”

            • John Q. Public

              One wonders if THOSE would stop the “geoengineer” poisoners from flying those chem trail grids.

            • Unreconstructed Southron

              That’s right KY, they’ve been planning for decades. Too bad most people have never heard of Anatoliy Mikhaylovich Golitsyn or no about his prophetic books, “New Lies for Old” and “The Perestroika Deception.”

              • John Q. Public

                Good call on Golitsyn!

                • Unreconstructed Southron

                  We’re finally at the last chapter, JQ.

            • Anonymous

              I just watched the clip at zero hedge, KYmom…they were right– it IS stunning!!!

              Looks like the U.S. is going to get its ass kicked!! Ha, ha! (Oh, that’s right, that’s us).

            • Anonymous

              YEP!! WW3 and also, old JP Morgan is freezing accounts… things are definitely heating up!!

          • Cede

            Great video KY Mom. Those truck mounted missile Batteries have been around for a while but can still take out a whole grid square with one fire mission. Nuclear weapons are out dated old muskets though. Russia, China and the US have plenty of new and interesting weapons platforms and systems that the public haven’t yet seen. Think microwave, sonic, laser (heat) and electromagnetic.

            I remember the first time I saw the F117 stealth fighter!!! Hard to believe it was first introduced 31 years ago, but it’s old technowledgy and is retired out of service now.

            If Putin decides to ride into the Ukraine to protect Russian speakers, he’ll have no alternative than to keep going into the rest of Europe. The US and EU won’t allow him to just take on the Ukraine. Once it starts …. It’s WWIII. So, expect to see new weapons that you won’t even have dreamed of.

        • Eagle Eye

          And you know it was the US, how exactly?

        • Numb nutz

          I don’t think this picture is real kinda like Hitlarys face, neck, and hair after all of its surgeries

      • the renegade braveheart

        Confederate, let me go further with that. one of those could take out the White House, Capitol Hill, Pentagon, State Dept., AIPAC, all alphabet soup agencies, etc.

        • Confederate

          Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

        • Anonymous

          I’ve thought of that, Braveheart– the only problem is, China would be here, taking over.

          • the renegade braveheart

            Anon, China, Russia, and who knows who else will be trying that regardless of what happens. I don’t give a shit WHOSE foreign troops appear on our streets, when I see them, IT WILL BE GAME ON. They will all be fair game.

            • Buck

              Mexico is already infiltrating and no one is doing a thing to stop it!!!! And for that matter I had to go to the mall a few weeks ago and was shocked to see how many Muslim women in full head gear were there and not one person batted an eye. Except me. A year ago there were exactly zero when I had to go there. My 17 year old daughter didn’t see a problem with it. We are screwed. We are slowly being taken over from the inside. I was in dayton, ohio. Why are they here!!!

            • Lick brave

              I would be really surprised if we hear from braverenagadeheart after he shoots at imaginary forces outside his apartment. Game on aaaannndd game over. So they are going to defeat all defenses until….Braveheart pushes play and saves his apartment complex.

      • BJ

        And all other federal buildings in DC in addition to the fed and their bunker at Mt Pony. You can add London, the IMF, BIS and world bank and all residences of the employees at all said places along with their elite bosses, most of whom we don’t even know their names. Then hit the cia, fbi and nsa. Did I leave anyone out?

        • Me here


        • Confederate

          Dept. of Education

          • Anonymous


      • Anonymous

        Concerning first paragraph, both is true– the US does has advanced technology which they stole from ET’s and also, there are ET’s. This is, no doubt, a real UFO.

        I used to live with this guy who was in the Air Force and he said the Air Force is aware of UFO’s, that they see them all the time. Its a well known fact.

        I saw a UFO one night, could only see the lights– cigar shaped.

        • Anonymous

          The US isn’t the only country with advanced technologies stolen from ET’s.

      • Mclovin

        SHTFPLAN has now officially jumped the shark…

      • WhoWuddaThunkIt

        I am sure before long that The DHS and Local Police Departments will have this as a tool in American Cities to stamp out any Patriot Insurrection such as Freedom of Speech, or those wandering outside of the fenced in Free Speech Zone Area without permission. Remember all of these weapons run on Radio Frequencies. Radio Frequency Jammers selling On-line. They work for Police Radar or Laser signals, RC, VHS, FM, AM, Cell Phones, and a Host of many broad band frequencies. Jamm it Baby!!

      • Anonymous

        How do ya”ll feel about the area 51 question now ?

      • John

        I would to I don’t believe eny thing the gov says

      • Diane

        This is our craft otherwise no such propaganda video would exist. It is all part of a deception using the blue beam project when the time comes. You can go all the way back to the 30’s when the government repeatedly spoke of a “threat from outerspace” to bring the nations together. There is so much more going on than we can imagine. Get ready because the nephilium will be cast down and Lucifer with them pretending to be Christ. This is a complete deception and most will fall for it because the propaganda begin long ago and if you are chewing the lies being taught by the false ministers you will absolutely be deceived. There is only one God and that is the God of Abraham…grace be to all that hath an eye to see and an ear to hear.

    2. VRF

      will they fire upon us?

      here’s your answer

      this line should make all of your blood boil ..or run cold

      “And I will obey the orders of those appointed over me”.

      and that is to say, it doesnt matter if the “order” is or isnt constitutional or against human rights..they will obey orders of those appointed over them with out question..
      will they fire upon us is asked a lot lately, unless your blind ..theres your answer

      • the renegade braveheart

        VRF, I understand the Navy now call themselves “a global force for good.” NOTHING good can come from ANY global force. If they target me, they can expect a fight.

        • oldwhatshisname

          One senior ranking Admiral pushed that slogan; now the rest of the Navy is trying to get it changed. An expensive mistake…

        • Lick brave

          Oh brave. Don’t worry. You just ain’t that important. “Target me”. Hahahaha

      • Truth avenger

        IF the US military actually had/controlled/and utilized such “technology”, then how did Russia completely disable all systems on OUR STATE OF THE ART Naval vessel in the Black sea? To the point that sailors on-board resigned!

        UFO that favors the current USA: Very doubtful HOAX! For a multitude of reasons! ;)!

      • tooslowtorun

        You are slightly behind on that news that version of the sailors creed was adopted in 1993. I took that oath 5 years ago and before obeying orders comes support and DEFEND the CONSTITUTION. Many people who take this oath may not understand that the only order you obey is a lawful one.

    3. CrackerJack

      Im not sure this is real…
      there is an explosion near the end that is generated mid air
      supposedly this is the tr-3b iirc
      really unique concept if it is real

      • Bluenose

        I agree, I don’t think it is real either. There is no delay from when the audio happens and when the explosions appear. If you look closely you can see the pressure shockwave coming from the explosion even and it not only seems to appear slightly after the audio hits, but it also vanishes a small ways away from the explosions. If it were real there would be no sound until it hit the soldiers, and I believe that there should have been at least some effect from it closer to them as well.

        • Confederate

          Are we thinking photo shopped?

    4. Rodney King

      Must be black weapon.

      BTW @ Cowardsky Black man was the best man @ your wedding. I know he was @ your honeymoon too. Was your bride handle.
      If I ever married, my bride will be black, and my best man will be yellow, the host will be brown, and will eat tacos and so and so. Bunch of bull because I will never marry. Why buy the cow when you’re milking it for free.

      Do you know who’s your daughters fathers??

      • JoeRepublic

        Place the crack pipe on the ground and back away slowly.

        • yourmotherwaswrong

          Don’t feed this troll!

        • Hunter

          Joe R-

          He’s beyond that, sir.

          Rodney has been abducted by B.I’s linear compressed aliens (in the past) and forced to undergo an inter-galactic colonoscopy!!!

          He ain’t been right since the initial episode!!!

          …have pity on him!

      • Confederate

        Rodney (alias Sambo) is showing how superior his blackness is. Sambo has spoken, therefore we must obey.

      • the renegade braveheart

        Rodney King, you ain’t right. Lay down the crack pipe and get away from the computer.

      • SmokinOkie

        Rodney, are you speaking in code? I don’t get it. Oh, wait… John has a long mustache. The chair is against the wall. 10-4. Over and out.
        Weasels!… I mean Muskrats!…no, uh… Weasels! No, wait… WOLVERINES!

    5. Bdub

      It’s fake – the original was posted in 2007 and you can clearly hear the fighter jet bombing the area in question – the video above has conveniently edited that out though. Search for “US fighter jet destroys car bomb factory” on YouTube – It took me 30 seconds to find this DM; whatever you are paying the people that come up with this rubbish, it’s almost certainly too much.

      • USCORP

        They have been programming us for generations for a bogus ET threat. Soon you will see why.

      • Charley Waite

        Why do you cut and paste the top comment from the Daily Mail? You even leave the DM in your comment.

    6. Anonymous

      This video has already been proven to be a fake. Google it.

      • the renegade braveheart

        Anon, I just watched the video again on that youtube channel. something’s definitely wrong with it.

    7. Please...

      Please, do some research before posting something like this.

      It’s from the YouTube channel ‘Section 51′. Check out the other movies. It’s obviously an American soldier with serious 3D-skills enjoying himself in his time-off…

      He has talent. I enjoy his movies and I’m looking forward to seeing more of his work, but the UFO’s are definitely CGI.

    8. ol'fashioned

      There’s nothing bloody extraterrestrial about that, just some good old fashioned munitions taking a chunk out out an unfriendly. Have no illusions that CENTCOM thinks the battle has been joined from beyond the stars. That was just a new version of an old favorite.

    9. Faith of the Fallen

      Probably a DARPA toy. We’ve been pouring money into R&D special weapons. Surprised more videos aren’t shown of all the deadly goodies being tested in Iraquistan. Before too long I imagine war looking like a scene from star wars.

    10. Please...

      Please, do some research before posting something like this.

      It’s from the YouTube channel ‘Section 51′. Check out the other movies. It’s obviously an American soldier with serious 3D-skills enjoying himself in his time-off…

      He has talent. I enjoy his movies and I’m looking forward to seeing more of his work, but the UFO’s are definitely CGI.

      Section 51 on YouTube

      Sorry for the triple-post… finally think I got the HTML right.

    11. Satori

      ***** MERS CoV UPDATE *****

      Widespread Human MERS Transmission In Saudi Arabia

      that makes it official
      the virus has made the jump

      “The match between the six humans sequences indicates human to human MERS transmission is widespread in western Saudi Arabia, which raises serious pandemic concerns.”

      Saudi reporting 18 cases
      a case in Greece
      and Lebanon has its first case

      • Educated Sinner

        Thank you on the MERS story, it’s the type of article Mac should be using instead of this UFO shit!

      • SmokinOkie

        Don’t know much about MERS (been real busy lately, plus i’ve always been a bit ignorant) but has anyone suggested the possibility that this could be a way to thin the herd in Saudi if the PTB don’t see a continued need for them as oil providers? Just wondering. Maybe that’s already been discussed…

      • JL

        There was a case of MERS in Indiana, they were “quarantined” to their home. This is something I am really keeping an eye on. It has a very high mortality rate.

    12. TheGuy

      Unless you can show me a way to violate the speed of light, I think we very safely CAN rule out extraterrestrial origin.

      So either it started out for Earth something like 500,000 years ago and hatched the crew on arrival, or it took it a mere 100 or so at an energy cost dwarfing the output of the sun for the same amount of time.

      Yeah nope on both counts.

      Time travel? Also nope, if time travel ever exists it will always have existed. Sort of like McDonald’s popping up all over every country on Earth, except replace “country” with “time period” and “McDonald’s” with “time machines”. “Exported” to 1592 and etc.

      So my guess is this is either US or Russian.

      Or Nazis, cant rule out moon Nazis I guess (LOL).

      Or fake. There’s that.

      Or… well hell, technically the 500,000 year thing actually does work. Make it a couple hundred million years ago, something popped into the solar system and hatched a crew out of zygotes it had frozen… of course the problem there is that the hatchlings are dumber than sacks of rocks and have no education system… but ignoring that… if they had some place close by to call a crash pad, and just hung out there…

      Of course it would be kind of hard to miss seeing it after all this time…

    13. TheGuy

      Yeah that second shot of it (after “firing”) looks pretty damn fake to me.

    14. Grafique

      Probably some top secret weapon. If not, it’s Nephilim.

    15. incognito

      It’s the Aurora. It has been around a while. Guess they were sending a message to our adversaries.

    16. FuckingPissed

      The Islamic savage things are even hated by aliens. Perhaps they will destroy them all and save us the trouble.

    17. w69

      If this is real…… Wow!

    18. KY Mom

      Off Topic…

      The “Economic Recovery” Continues: Businesses Are Being Destroyed Faster Than They Are Being Created

      “Traditionally, small businesses have been the primary engine of job growth in this nation, so the fact that study after study has found that small business creation is being crippled in the United States is a really bad sign for our economic future.”

      “The American economy is less entrepreneurial now than at any point in the last three decades. That’s the conclusion of a new study out from the Brookings Institution, which looks at the rates of new business creation and destruction since 1978.
      Not only that, but during the most recent three years of the study — 2009, 2010 and 2011 — businesses were collapsing faster than they were being formed, a first.”

      “retail stores are closing at the fastest pace that we have seen since the collapse of Lehman Brothers, 20 percent of all families do not have a single member that is employed and 49 million Americans are dealing with food insecurity.”

      • SmokinOkie

        Thanks for the link KYMom. Always appreciate your awareness. You’re a true gem here on Mac’s site 🙂

    19. RBH

      Is it April Fools day? Wow, this just goes to prove you can’t believe what other’s see, type, or say… People cite internet links as proof of what they say… You have to consider the source. Just because you read it don’t make it real!

    20. Educated Sinner

      Hey, I get that a good many of the poster here are a few bricks shy and will believe almost anything, but come on Mac, this is pure crap!

      Russia/Iran/China are preparing for war. Iran has built a mock up Aircraft Carrier to practice attacking, and Japan/Sweden/Finland are considering membership in NATO.

      Meanwhile you give us some utube hoax!

      • admin

        This went mainstream via Drudge and UK’s Mail Online this morning, so i thought it might be of interest to readers…

        We’ll continue to cover the developing situation as it relates to geo-politics, economy, finance, and preparedness… But at times we do post other stories of interest that may not be exactly related to our main mission here. (Though, I found this particular video/report to be somewhat relevant)



        • Confederate

          I think it helps to relieve a lot of pent-up tension that is all to common now- a- days.

        • the renegade braveheart

          Mac, in a way I wish the craft was real. I know some places in memfrica that ought to get hit with it.

        • Charley Waite

          If Drudge ran with it, I can see why you did also. No worries.

      • Vladimir Putin

        You Say: “Russia/Iran/China are preparing for war”

        I Say: “That is simply not true, stop making up fictional stories about me or my country – or else!”

      • FuckingPissed

        Who cares if it’s real or not. At least it was Islamic savage things that were blown to bits. Good viewing pleasure. It would be equally enjoyable if it were NWO scum, the traitors we have in our country, or the countless heathens that plaque the world today.

      • Anonymous

        SPEAKING OF WAR– CHECK OUT THE YOUTBE VIDEOS OF “CANADIAN MINISTER OF DEFENSE: WE MUST OVER THROW THE ILLUMINATI” in which he says the next world war will be between the bankers… oh, and talks alot about UFO’s also. 😉

    21. Dark Storm

      Just great! Like we didn’t have enough problems, now we got ET shooting at us! Is there anyone that Obama hasn’t pissed off? 🙂

      • Anonymous

        I don’t know, Dark Storm, but I had a dream awhile back that ET’s WERE chasing this plane– were in hot pursuit of it actually… and it was right before that darn plane disappeared that all the news channels talked about for over a month!!! (Why?? Who the hell cared??!)

    22. slickback

      Photo shop?
      And in response to the question,”will they fire on us?”the 44th anniversary of the Kent State massacre came and went several days ago and no mention was made about that fact on this site, that I observed.

    23. Piper Michael

      It is hard to believe the gullability of the average American.
      Are UFO’s real? Undoubtedly. I have seen them myself, doing things I’ve never read about anywhere. In orbit, flashing, and disappearing into a ‘hole’ in space. Locally, hovering and then dropping down into the Earth… poof… gone. (Much concern over that one a few years ago.)

      And being chased by F-15s right over my house at several hundred feet. But, it was no triangle craft, it was a small round lit object, and not the first one I’ve seen. Living out in the sticks close to an airbase has its advantages. (Believe whatever you want.)

      Are they the creation of Uncle Sam? Then, why would jets be chasing them?
      Besides, as I have researched, this is probably a hoax.
      But, my observations, are part of the reason of who I am. More of a skeptic of preachers, governments and scientists, than accepting of anything I’ve seen with my own eyes. We are not alone, but, they have their own agenda… and possibly, their own rulebooks about dealing with ‘primitive’ warlike cultures.

      There is more to heaven and Earth, than The Authorities allow. But in this case… instead of making me go ‘hmmm’, it makes me go; yawn.

      I have some ‘genuine’ ufo documents on my site, supposedly garnered from a top secret gov lab… are they real or a hoax? They have elements of fonts from Roswell, they have elements of dual energy signatures(ie dual primal energies), that looks like a programming language for matter… also some pictures of ‘captured’ antigrav devices…


      • SmokinOkie

        Hey Piper, long time no see. How you been?

        • Piper Michael

          Replied below.

          Busy busy busy…
          Miss some of you guys…

      • Be informed

        @ Piper Michael. I have long believed that there are forms of life that live within the upper atmoshpere or in the radiation belts of the planet. When there was a tether left out of a Earth spacecraft and let to drag the ionosphere, you could see all these flying lights coming towards it, like moths attracted to a flame or some street light. I wish I could remember the video of it that I saw. It was like some life form was feedin off the energy of it, or just attracted to it. Not saying this is advanced life, if anything it was like watching bugs flying around a bon fire. There are some strange forms of life on the ground, under the ground, and in the sea that we have seen on science shows all the type.

        I would ask you if you had seen lights like this, or an actually spacecraft with form? I personally have seen in daylight two separate times spacecraft at a distance that were no way of this world they shot off so quickly. The G force would have been too massive for conventional aircraft of this world. The two shapes I saw were a triangle shape and a sphere type craft. How about you, what did you see? I find this interesting from other people what they saw in the past years and decades.

        • Thinker

          BI; This is not such a stretch of most imagination,there have been others of similar interest,have you read the article on Veterans today by Preston James of his theory on the Good tall aliens that are backing the Russians and The Dark Evil ones that has infiltrated the US?
          We are just being ignorant if we think we are a superior race( all we want to do is destroy everything) as long as we have been here? As some of the posters and critics here who automatically thumb down this article ,had better hope that there really is someone out there to save them ,because they are to busy being critical of their intelligent observations to get up and try and save themselves!!
          I am sure as well as you ,and most here have had experiences with the unknown, that know we are definitely not alone!!
          Don’t be so close minded in hopeing for a better way!!

          • Be informed

            @ Thinker. It sure would be nice to have a race of advanced beings with compassion to help people on this world live better lives wouldn’t it be?

            • Thinker

              BI;Absolutely!! But why would they? After watching what we have done to our own planet,because of power and greed. But they probably have attained more compassion and empathy than us human species!

        • Piper Michael

          This began for me when I was 12…
          I, and a couple friends, witnessed some lights, very high, moving in weird ways, and formations… this, was not of this world, or as you say, was a form of life yet discovered. Like John Glenn’s ‘bugs’…? I wonder… you’ve given me an idea…

          I remember Glenn talking about them as they buzzed his capsule… could a UFO be a collective consciousness of those light-bugs swarming as One? Ants form a collective consciousness… birds in flight when they swarm for the winter, they become ‘one’. There are many such documented cases, even within humanity, the global consciousness was proven to sense the future, at Princeton(collective anxiety). A ‘disconnected’ particle universe is impossible when all observed phenomena are considered, especially quantum entanglement, must, have a medium of connectedness. This is only possible with an Aether. Even General Relativity demands it, Einstein called it; ‘imponderable’.

          But what if it was ponderable? Then we also have a mechanism for many things, including space bugs, UFO’s, FTL travel, passing through matter… many things become possible. We biologicals gain energy through chemistry, is it possible there are life forms who directly use the universal flow of energy? The very concept is awesome, but, only possible with an Aether. Why? Because energy must flow like water to be usable, which requires a source and sink. Also, from what I’ve witnessed, these entities would have to be able to directly influence reality, which must be an energy transaction.

          Since that time, I have seen them many times… it helped define who I am… a skeptic and a heretic. I’m not skeptical of ‘them’, but of those who make a joke out of them, those who ridicule things they don’t understand, they reveal their fear within The Joke. Thus I am skeptical of all authority, ALL authority, and those who cling to authority. They have much to lose if the Universe turns out to be different than their false narrative is selling.

          The following observations come from a trained observer, as a hang glider pilot in a previous life, you had to be very observant of micro-weather phenomena to survive. Also, estimating distances at altitude, became second nature.

          So.. I have mostly seen what I term probes and scouts. They are orbs, internally lit, ranging in size. They are various colors, and intensities. From dim white, to very bright white, to a kind of orange/reddish glowing orb. Many times, most of my sightings, are of a glowing white orb just moving along at 50k ft or better, I think these are larger craft/entities(scouts or swarms?), maybe 20-30ft in diameter. (It is also possible under aetherial mechanics, for them to be dimensionally compressed… bigger inside than outside.)

          Expounding on three of the unusual sightings;

          Craft appeared to be close to orbital height, got brighter, then dimmed to nothing, then bright again, this cycle repeated about 4 times, then… the craft left Earth orbit at a about a 45 deg angle tangent to the surface, and … my impression was… of a small region of space that sucked it into a wormhole, and then, 3 minor sparks of light bloomed where it ‘had’ been… yet, it seemed to stretch out into curved space, and was just, gone. This made sense, as some sort of dark energy driven Einstein-Rosenberg bridge. I figured that the phases of bright and dark, were a ‘trigger’ of some sort… This happened, out over the Atlantic, compared to where I am…

          The second weirdest… was an orange/red orb, just floating about a third of a mile away. Just floating there at maybe 100 ft. Probably a 20-30ft diameter entity. Then, it started moving… down, slowly… and just slipped into the Earth and disappeared… I almost sh** myself…. but, this demonstrates to me, that these entities, have the ability to manipulate dark energy, matter itself.

          The third, er, most exciting, was right over my house. Which, is located about 40 miles from Seymour-Johnson AFB in NC. (They fly training mission right over my house almost daily, flying to the MOA off the coast.) One night, I was outside relaxing and watching the Universe at work, when here came a little white dim ball… skipping. Yes, skipping… it would skip forward, and then rest, or at least that’s what it looked like. That lasted for long enough for it to pass my field of view, then I heard them… F-15s screaming my way, real low. As in, just above the treetops, ~2-300ft… (they do this once in a while too. Scary.) they were chasing the damn thing… and, it was PLAYING WITH THEM… I just smiled, and went back inside, enough excitement for one night.

          Then, I stumbled upon the CARET documents a few years ago. And I still wonder if there is something important encoded in those things.

          I have always known, there is more to reality, than we know, the question is how deep does the rabbit hole go? We are nothing but multiphase energy patterns connected like light bulbs in the universe, but the nature of energy and our reality is misunderstood, that is my lifelong quest. To show we are in a dual energy matrix, of light and dark energies. This is well known physics, not conjecture. But physics dropped the ball with dark energy when they dropped The Aether. For only within an aether, are all the observed phenomena even possible, thus my thesis, is that UFO’s are possible only within a ‘dark’ or invisible and consuming aether(entropy). The ancients, knew about UFO’s, gods and angels(extraterrestrial or extra-dimensional entities) and, light/dark ‘forces'(Daniel’s ‘God of Forces’).

          The ‘Force of Darkness’ of religion, is the Dark energy of physics, but, they hung themselves on their own petard of mystery and particles, when religion and science were divorced, and the New Universal Church(Catholics) outlawed philosophy and murdered the philosophers. Thus we are their children of the future they created, lost in the cave of shadows, relearning things that were outlawed as; heresy.

          The dark ages still exist, most of our people, are still lost in a world of superstition and mystery, because they don’t understand REALITY itself and the function of God. They think, in the entire Universe, God only created life on this one planet? They think, the vast distances are an impediment to vast knowledge of Truth? When even a humble piper, has determined, one of God’s secrets? That darkness(dark energy) is the key to reality, and reality is a life manufacturing engine. That we cling to ignorance, wrapped in pretty words, and love our mystery and our fear. Reason is abandoned on the altar of authority, as baby steps of knowledge are the only thing accepted. Great intuitive leaps are as feared today, as they were a thousand years ago. All the Universe is a stage, and the Joke is on us.

          May the Force be with you.

    24. Sgt. Dale

      Let us just say this is a new American attack aircraft. I wouldn’t be surprised.

      We gave China B2 info. Why do that? Well to make them think they had something that would put them on a par with the USA. The B2 was obsolete then. Remember we had a V shaped bomber called the Flying Wing in the late 40’s/50’s.

      When we released the info on the B-1, B-2, F117, F-23 and F35, they were obsolete.

      The stuff you see today is 2nd generation at best for what would be unleashed on any nation that would attack the USA. We just had to show off some thing to let them know.(Russia-China)

      Like they saying in Independence Day. You really thing they paid $35,000.00 for a hammer?

      From the looks of this thing this could replace any helicopter.

      The thing lite up underneath, and that looked like a large cannon round hit the ground. I didn’t hear any report from the weapon on the ship just the explosions on the ground. What would have been cool was to see a laser ray hit the ground! Damn just gave up a Military secret! (Ha-Ha)

      I didn’t hear any sound coming from it when it by the Hum-V. Just think this was about the size of a fighter plane. What if they could build one the size of an Aircraft Carrier. Damn I did it again!

      People for a long time have said they have seen V shaped aircraft all over the place.

      Now a an American Patriot. I say good for the good old USA, but if they us them on us I say OH SHIT!!!

      This just goes to show us that there are military stuff out there we haven’t seen yet.


      • the renegade braveheart

        Howdy, Sarge. If that craft was real, I know of certain sections of Memphis that should get hit with it and our crime rates would start going down.

    25. Plisken

      It is very hard to find anything that is real nowadays. Truth is debunked, because everything can be fabricated with computers . You’ll have to sift through tons of BS just to find one kernel of fact. But how could you believe. Technology is an infection that blinds us from what is the real reality. If you don’t know what that is. Get off your friggin computers, open up your eyes, and wake up!

    26. SmokinOkie

      The technology has advanced. The humans haven’t.
      Wonder if the pilot of the saucer was playing an 8 track tape of ‘Magic Carpet Ride’?

      Thanks to all of yall yesterday for the bbq suggestions. Thanks also for continued prayers for grandson Miles. He’s doing okay for now.

      • Piper Michael

        Hi Smokin!
        Long time no talk. Hope you’re doing ok?
        Not here much anymore, too busy.
        I will send a prayer up for your grandson as well.

        Hope to hear from you.

        PS: You’re right about the tech vs humans…
        In a way, I hope SGT.DALE is right, and that a tech transfer has taken place, as I document on my site. But, on the other side of the coin, it scares me to know who’s hands it will be in if that happens…

        That’s why I continue working towards the furtherance of the Unified Field of God. God’s people need their own way around The Authorities. I have made some breakthroughs lately, on the nature of dark energy. I created a static time bubble…

        But then, this is all just a joke… right?

    27. Shankster

      I wish it were true but I don’t think so.

    28. Brian

      That looks exactly like the stealth drone of ours the Iranians took control of and landed a couple years ago.

    29. YAWN

      Its fake……………yawn. Hollywood special effects aint no match for nuk launches…………..yawn.

      • the renegade braveheart


        • Confederate

          Hey RB, You must remember that “Yawn” is a transgendered idiot. He enjoys being an asshole because he/it can. Ignore him and like a bad fart, he’ll eventually go away.

    30. RareifiedSnotress

      Oh sure.. blame it on another planet..

    31. Ol' Grey Ghost

      The video is fake. The E.T. vehicle remains in the same position relative to the screen while the foreground and background vibrate in accord with the shaking of the camera caused by the explosions. Watch closely and develop a discerning eye for male bovine fecal matter…

      • the renegade braveheart

        Ol’ Grey Ghost, long time no hear from. How have you been?

        • Ol' Grey Ghost

          “How have you been?”

          Busy, but I think that goes without saying (even though I did)…

    32. PO'd Patriot

      Well, I’m gonna do it………….YAWN!

    33. SmokinOkie

      And speaking of advanced (so called) technology-
      I wrote this for a friend who recently unplugged from pretty much everything. He went from hi tech, corporate cog in the wheel to wood fired, spring watered, gridless existence.

      Ode To A Social Media Outcast

      Don’t need more G’s in my LTE
      Just need more time to really be me.

      Dumped the tweets and the texts and the facebook likes
      For a slower pace and some mountain hikes.

      I can’t be put on hold cause I got no phone
      But my conscience is with me so I’m never alone.

      Found the courage to unplug and to cut the cordless
      And the peace I’ve found is, to put it, wordless.

      Left the traffic and the smog and the daily commute
      Traded in for some berries and the edible root.

      Not to say that it’s easy totin’ water and wood
      But I wouldn’t go back even if I could.

      Got no FM and no XM but I’m singing still
      My music is a coyote and a whippoorwill.

      Now my mind is clearer and my life’s uncluttered
      Guess it all depends on how your bread gets buttered.

      We all make our choices on the roads we travel
      As for me, left the interstate and took the gravel.

      Now there’s time to reflect and to seek the truth
      As the natural man goes, I’m just in my youth.

      Life’s dangers are only for the man who fears ’em
      So I’ll send my prayers straight to the One who hears ’em.

      And I face each day with a confident mind
      Only garbage I had is what was left behind.

      Don’t want my life to be super connected,
      I’m looking for the One who was resurrected.

      So I clipped the wires and the world that strung them
      Now I count the stars and know the One who hung them.

      • the renegade braveheart

        SmokinOkie, glad to read your posts again. Nice poem. Fits our situation to a T.

      • Thinker

        Thumbs up SmokinO on that post or poem! I guess you will just have to get there to be there to understand it or be it !! Peace is all we are looking for!

    34. aljamo

      slickback… Kent St. anniversary, no mention, figures does’nt it? One event wiped out of remembrance constantly replaced by another. It’s the American way. At least Kent St. protesters had the nerve to stand up to the warmongers. Not much of that bravery today. In Afghanistan, the push to steal all the resources goes on as this nation’s longest war, all based on the lies of 9-11. Osama bin Laden, fake out, a CIA payrolled patsy. The bankers want the vast heroin profits they protect with u.s. military. They won’t leave there for decades. Advanced military hardware exists, it will be used here against our population when the rising opposition here reaches the anti tyranny breaking point. The American people need to demand, get out of Afghanistan. These trillion dollar military subjugations imperil our future as a free people.

    35. slingshot

      Aliens and Country music make me happy!

      I think Braveheart might like this. ;0)

    36. NCjoe

      So pathetic. There is really no challenge in commenting. The absurdity is too obvious. Not the first a fake has shown up here and not the last. Yet the sheeple still give this site credibility.

      • slingshot


        I can see you are the life of any party. Get your digs in and move on please.

      • the renegade braveheart

        ncjoe, you being pathetic and absurd has always been obvious to us. This site still has credibility regardless of what a stupid troll like you says, so go f#$% yourself!

    37. Paul

      You really need to vet your sources. This video is a hoax. There is a you tube video of the same footage only its Fighter jet dropping bombs.

    38. Tex

      I call BS. Controlled demolition of a munitions storage facility with aircraft footage added.

      • tayronachan

        Agree, that just didn’t look real.

    39. The

      Just the next Michael Bay film. Will I ever see a piece on this website apologizing for trying to get people all worked up over nothing?

    40. Satori

      the bad thing about the internet is all the tin
      and hoaxes out there

      the good thing about the internet
      is that there are a lot of very savvy people out there
      who quickly identify the fake stuff

      that’s one of the main benefits of a forum such as this

    41. BillyB

      If you look at the video carefully you’ll see BigFoot running across the field in the background just before the explosions.

    42. RogueLibertarian

      Hey Mac, just wanted to let you know that after I post this comment I will be deleting your webpage from my phone and I will never again subject myself to the utterly stupid, fictious sensationalist yellow journalism you’ve been spewing out these last couple of months. In my mind you’re now right down in the gutter next to Mike Adams and the king of yellow journalism himself Alex Jones. You used to be of value but apparantly you’ve sold yourself down the river. Too bad, I was just considering hoarding those 37 things that will disappear first when collapse hits. :))

    43. Son of liberty

      Rogue libtardian,

      Time to change your pad. I think your bleeding from your vagina again.
      Good riddance. Your one less troll we need on this site.

      Son of liberty.

      • Paul

        So it doesn’t bother you that the owner of this website is so stupid as to post something that is so obviously fake?

    44. Burt Gummer

      Just a rerun of My Favorite Martian…

    45. Spudweb

      This is a fake. Any amateur can take video of the army destroying a weapons cache and animate in a “UFO” at the right time. Probably made by a 12 year old with a videomaker program.

    46. Dosetracker

      FAKE search JDAM and bomb factory same clip

    47. Steve

      This is DEFINITELY….. A HOAX ! :-))) ** 100% **

      • John

        I believe it’s a hoax why would a Aline kind be helping us

    48. thebronze

      A HOAX you say? What gave you the first clue?

    49. wow


      sounds about right.

    50. Dan Morgan

      Swamp gas reflected off of a weather balloon. But seriously, I have to call Bull Shit on this one.

    51. John

      It’s Russian

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