Shock FedGov Court Ruling: Police Can Kick In Your Door and Seize Guns Without Warrant or Charges

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    The 7th Circuit Court of Appeals may have just dealt a serious blow to the U.S. Constitution.

    In a unanimous decision earlier this month the Court determined that law enforcement officers are not required to present a warrant or charges before forcibly entering a person’s home, searching it, and confiscating their firearms if they believe it is in the individual’s best interests.

    The landmark suit was brought before the court by Krysta Sutterfield of Milwaukee, who had recently visited a psychiatrist for outpatient therapy resulting from some bad news that she had received. According to court records Sutterfield had expressed a suicidal thought during the visit, perhaps tongue-in-cheek, when she said “I guess I’ll go home and blow my brains out.” This prompted her doctor to contact police.

    For several hours the police searched for Sutterfield, speaking with neighbors and awaiting her return home. They received an update from her psychiatrist who said that Sutterfield had contacted her and advised that she was not in need of assistance and to “call off” the search, which the doctor did not agree to. Police eventually left and Sutterfield returned home, only to be visited later that evening by the lead detective on the case:

    Krysta Sutterfield vs. city of Milwaukee, et al.

    Sutterfield answered Hewitt’s knock at the front door but would not engage with her, except to state repeatedly that she had “called off” the police and to keep shutting the door on Hewitt. Sutterfield would not admit Hewitt to the residence, and during the exchange kept the outer storm door closed and locked. Unable to gain admittance to the house, Hewitt concluded that the police would have to enter it forcibly.

    Sutterfield called 911 in an effort to have the officers leave; as a result of that call, the ensuing events were recorded by the emergency call center. Sutterfield can be heard on the recording telling the officers that she was fine and that she did not want anyone to enter her residence.

    After informing Sutterfield of his intention to open the storm door forcibly if she did not unlock it herself, Berken yanked the door open and entered the house with the other officers to take custody of Sutterfield pursuant to the statement of detention. A brief struggle ensued.

    Sutterfield can be heard on the 911 recording demanding both that the officers let go of her and that they leave her home. (Sutterfield would later say that the officers tackled her.) Sutterfield was handcuffed and placed in the officers’ custody.

    At that point the officers conducted a protective sweep of the home. In the kitchen, officer James Floriani observed a compact disc carrying case in plain view. He picked up the soft-sided case, which was locked, and surmised from the feel and weight of its contents that there might be a firearm inside. He then forced the case open and discovered a semi-automatic  handgun inside; a yellow smiley-face sticker was affixed to the barrel of the gun, covering the muzzle. Also inside the case were concealed-carry firearm licenses from multiple jurisdictions other than Wisconsin. Elsewhere in the kitchen the officers discovered a BB gun made to realistically resemble a Glock 29 handgun.

    The contents of the case were seized along with the BB gun and placed into police inventory for safekeeping.

    Berken would later state that he authorized the seizure of the handgun in order to keep them out of the hands of a juvenile, should a juvenile enter the house unaccompanied by an adult while Sutterfield remained in the hospital.

    Sutterfield subsequently filed a lawsuit against the City of Milwaukee with the district court, a case that was initially dismissed. She then filed an appeal with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th District claiming that her Second and Fourth Amendment rights were violated.

    In a 75-page opinion the court, while pointing out that the intrusion against Sutterfield was profound, sided with the city of Milwaukee:

    “The intrusions upon Sutterfield’s privacy were profound,” Judge Ilana Rovner wrote for three-judge panel.

    “At the core of the privacy protected by the Fourth Amendment is the right to be let alone in one’s home.”

    But the court also found, that on the other hand, “There is no suggestion that (police) acted for any reason other than to protect Sutterfield from harm.”

    “Even if the officers did exceed constitutional boundaries,” the court document states, “they are protected by qualified immunity.”

    As noted by Police State USA, the court may have just created a legal loophole for law enforcement officials around the country, giving them immunity from Constitutional violations if they merely suggest that exigent circumstances exist and that they are acting in the best interests of the health and safety of an alleged suspect, regardless of Constitutional requirements:

    In short, Sutterfield’s privacy (which was admittedly encroached upon) was left unprotected by the Bill of Rights because of the “exigent circumstances” in which police executed an emergency detention — with no warrant, no criminal charges, and no input from the judiciary.   Similarly, the gun confiscation was also deemed as acceptable due to the so-called “emergency” which police claimed had been taking place for 9 consecutive hours.

    The federal ruling affirms a legal loophole which allows targeted home invasions, warrantless searches, and gun confiscations that rest entirely in the hands of the Executive Branch. The emergency aid doctrine enables police to act without a search warrant, even if there is time to get one.  When the government wants to check on someone, his or her rights are essentially suspended until the person’s sanity has been forcibly validated.

    The implications of the courts legal decision are alarmingly broad. Though this particular case involved exigent circumstances in which an individual suggested she wanted to commit suicide, albeit tongue-in-cheek, the court’s opinion suggests that such tactics can be applied for any “emergency” wherein police subjectively determine that an individual may be a danger to themselves or others.

    Under new statutes passed by the federal government these emergencies and dangers could potentially include any number of scenarios. Senator Rand Paul recently highlighted that there are laws on the books that categorize a number of different activities as having the potential for terrorism, including things like purchasing bulk ammunition. Last month, when a group of concerned citizens assembled at Bundy Ranch in Nevada to protest government overreach, Senator Harry Reid dubbed them “domestic terrorists.” Even paying with cash or complaining about chemicals in water can land an American on the terror watch list.  Non-conformists who do not subscribe to the status quo can now be considered mentally insane according to psychiatrists’ Diagnostic and Statistics Manual of Mental Disorders.

    Law enforcement has an almost unlimited amount of circumstances they can cite to justify threats to one’s self or others, and thus, to ignore Constitutional requirements when serving at the behest of the local, state or federal government.

    Has the Federal Court’s latest decision made it possible for these vaguely defined suspicious activities to be molded into exigent circumstances that give police the right to enter homes without due process, confiscate legally owned personal belongings, and detain residents without charge?


    Resources: Police State USA, The Daily Sheeple, Infowars, Journal Sentinel, Blacklisted News

    Image: Courtesy U.S. Air Force


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      1. Rule #1 – always hide an extra firearm or two, and the ammunition, and the cleaning kits for them…. outside of your house.

        And now you know why.

          • Heh – perfect! 😉

            small news: Been banging on the 2nd edition, but it’s a hard slog. Very hard. Should have it done soon, though.

            So, I went to a local prepper show this weekend out of curiosity (google for sustainablepreparedness dot com), and was impressed by some booths and classes, but the rest was a blatant money-grab.

            On the plus side, I found a great local precious metals seller out of Salem. 🙂

            Long story short? Be careful out there, kids… it’s real easy to be parted from your cash if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Out of the 75 some-odd booths, I could count on one hand the ones worth visiting.

            • Right on regarding the second addition! The first is certainly a ton of info.

              For those who haven’t yet, I urge you to check out OQ’s web site at: .

              His book, Beyond Collapse, is available for FREE in downloadable format and is well worth the time.

              • Thank you…didn’t take but a few seconds to get…

              • How much more “evidence” does one need to prove that any intercourse with the beast is a threat to their safety?

                Stay OUT of the office of anyone licensed by the beast, be it a doctor, an attorney, a school teacher, or anyone else. If they have a license, they work for the corp, not you, no matter what they may say or you might think.

                You could also adopt your own “exigent circumstances” for determining when to shoot them, such as any time they enter your property when they are armed.

                America is no longer a free country, but a War Zone, as declared by the corp itself. The thought of living in a free country by the Rule of Law will get you killed in a War Zone. The Rules of War apply from here on out, as it is no longer a state of mixed war being waged against the people.

                As for me, I choose to be neutral in any and all wars of men “of” this world, unless and until I am under imminent threat of danger and attack by those who participate in them.

                Of course, neutrality is not supporting the “status quo”, therefore will most likely render me a target of the useful idiots.

                • An organized and serious armed population deters a violent government

                  As ironic as it sounds, this is the key to non-violent remedy

                  • Anything goes with the corp when it is protecting it’s property, and YOU are deemed to be it’s property. If you are not it’s property, it has no jurisdiction over you.

                    Be invisible, own nothing the corp can lay claim to, and hide what you own through private Trusts. Replace the corp Trustees with YOU for legal purposes.

                    Have a “residence” address you do not dwell in. When asked to provide an address, why not give the Sheriffs office or the courthouse or the post office to anyone you do not wish to receive communications from when they ask?

                    Those who value and ACTIVELY protect their privacy are far less likely to be victimized by brainwashed “do-gooders” who don’t have the intellect to understand what they are doing to themselves and their family by acting against you.

                  • God’s Creation

                    Mega Thumbs Up on this one.

                    Anyone who just sits there and waits will be scooped up.
                    It may be inconvenient, but active measures have to be deployed to protect yourself.

                    J.J. Luna is highly recommended:

                    “How to Be Invisible: Protect Your Home, Your Children, Your Assets, and Your Life” by J.J. Luna (2012 Edition)

                  • I like what Chris Hedges wrote in his article yesterday… “They can’t outlaw the Revolution!”

                  • …Only trouble is: an “organized” society quickly becomes the new violent “government”, the other irony. Mere voluntary and resignable ALLIANCE of self-governing, self-employing and self-armoring sovereign INDIVIDUALS is the ONLY way to defend others from ourselves, free ourselves from slavery to others and, to defend ourselves and helpless loved ones and others who REQUEST help from those who insist on ruling over us.

                • Don’t come to my house. You will not like what you find on the other side of the door.

                • Absolutely, and well put, Creation!

                • Thank you for your comment. I do appreciate the sound of your voice. I did discover too downtown Canada in Ottawa Ontario where they were arresting under the community safe orders and in fact after 3 years the oppositional attacked my private home with the help of the Locals, aft and RCMP and the local government only based in their Lucifer government and no provincial law. YES it was exactly what you say it was a new forming war zone and dictatorship lawyers were busily using their own law, THE BEAST and they were formed seditious boards and to top it all off they allowed the illegal arrest and seizure of many canadians that were stranded in the street due to their bullying boards.? In fact most of the schools, universities and local law offices, and social services had formed hundreds of boards with the new laws the VAGRANCY LAWS. It was seditious and creepy and evil really and in this day and age and of course it occurred. In my neck of the woods they used that dirty DSM to make hateful lewd comments and to force vaccines, and other drugging incidents and medical labels and every type of drugging took place in every hospital and in the street and in jail and it was a dirty mess guy so thank you for your organized info. I am not letting human rights out of their glory in my town. I am now in Belleville, Ontario trying to recuperate after their unlawful seizure of ME. So thank you again you help me in immeasurable ways you remind me of what it is like to be truly Canadian and to hear from the democratic Americans both here and there and as I know many of them are and as many as i can find them I will. SIncerely Karen J. Dawe

                  • I know five more, in BV, contact me. [email protected]

              • Thank you for the website link Mac!

            • OQ, good to see you back. How have you been?

              • Try to come in motherfuckers. You’ll die before you reach the doors. Ready Ready.

                • When cops took the gun incase some juvinile “might” enter that home later, did the cops Also take EVERY pointy Sharp Knife? razor blades? Power Tools? or ANY other Potential harmfull “weaponery” or that which can be turned into a harmfull weapon like say Power Drills?

                  if No?….Why Not?…Is it Bad for a youth or teen to enter an Unoccupied dwelling Illegally and harm himself or another with a firearm, yet its 100% A-OK if same kid fimds a power saw or Hammer or knife and uses That to do the same harm?

                  I’d wager cops took ONLY the gun, which proves the fraud of it all as really being a major concern for some kids safty.

                  Wisconsins always been antigun like illanois eh.

                  PS That photo says it all eh…Every cop there looks like some Evil criminal gang squad member foaming at mouth to gain entrance into anothers private dwelling.

                  Some day when cops pick wrong dwelling a different type photo wil be seen…It will look more like a squad of cops laying down for a LONG nap!

                  • 7th court of appeals cover Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, etc. Most of the judges are from Illinois.

                  • I’m suprised someone hasnt hid behind a corner or even bring in a 3/4 inch steel plate to hide behind when the do come in, and then just start laying down the buckshot round after round into the entryway. if someone was there ready to go at the time the police did this they would be mowed down.

                  • She should have never answered the door. When they broke in she should have shot them like robbers. Cops and robbers.

                    Shoot first inside your home. The jury can ask questions later. If you live in the Midwest, move to Indiana where the Courts are not populated by commies. 🙂

                  • Likely lots of cops are already being repelled from homes they invade like that. We just won’t hear about it or, if we do, the spin will be that the occupant defending his or her home is some terrorist or such. Of course, they’ll just send in the standing military to defeat one’s sovereignty in one’s home–one’s “castle”. Even “Militia” see it as their role to quell “domestic ‘insurrection'”. In a truly, individually libertarian state, there cannot be such a thing as “insurrection” since defending one’s liberty is one’s sovereign right. In a “representative (or other) ‘democracy'” or a “republic”–something ruled by and for the elites only– individual sovereignty for everyone isn’t valued.

              • @renegade – doing pretty well, but busier than hell.

                Been sniffing around for the final retreat land, and found some promising leads so far. 🙂

            • Umm… can someone please explain the difference between China and the U.S. (their form of governments) again? (I forgot!)

            • Um… can someone please explain the difference between China and the U.S. (their form of governments) again? (I forgot!)

            • I was there also. Found a couple of things for power outages and muddy grandkids.

          • Obammie needed a way to get around Congress enacting a law, he couldn’t just “Executive Action” guns banned…so HIS ACTIVIST courts just threw out the Constitution… They are coming, being this allows the police Departments to come to their own conclusions about who is possibly dangerous and needs to be checked on….. Obammie needed a way that he could sidestep the power behind the gun grab and protect his cadre of congressional and appointed traitors, especialliay his attack dog Holder…Now he has is justification for WAR against veterans and gun owners…

            • ..especially… sorry for the typo.

              • That crap don’t happen in my state. They bust in and you fire, our laws say no foul. Now maybe some of you will vote…… We defeated the libs here except Hoe Donnelly.

                See how many tea party members lost because our community didn’t bother voting….. Presidents are chosen but local reps are elected.

                BTW save you lazy rants about how your to high and mighty to vote cause it doesn’t matter. The left loves each and everyone of you.

                This country will take all freedom without a shot being fired. They are brainwashing the children and soon they will out live the moral people who love freedom. Sorry but thats a dose of reality.

          • welcome to the land of the free!!

        • “The 7th Circuit Court…..determined that law enforcement officers are not required to present a warrant or charges before forcibly entering a person’s home, searching it, and confiscating their firearms if they believe it is in the individual’s best interests.”

          Does this mean that law enforcement officers can kick in the 7th Circuit Court’s door in and steal their black robes if we believe it is in their best interest?

          Who the f do they think they are? The robes work for us and the Constitution. Do they remember the Constitution?

            • Go away, Haman!

              • Grafique reveals his Master Race affiliation and invites a teachable moment about not just Judaism’s racial supremacist mockery and homosexual traditions, but also Judaim’s psychopathic perpetual genocide. The pervasive calls of the Torah for genocide are inspired by the talmudic Haman myth as well as Judaism’s contradiction of the Old Testament and Judaism’s pagan belief in reincarnation, “gilgul.”


                Another source:

                “…First, the fact that Amalek has been nothing but a memory for 2500 years doesn’t discourage the rabbis from misappropriating and resuscitating the curse against Amalek for their purposes. Certainly, the usefulness of a curse as harsh as that placed upon Amalek–complete extermination under divine mandate–is stuff the rabbis salivate for. So, as usual, the rabbis turn Scripture upside down, in this case by drudging up a curse which Scripture itself put to rest 2500 years ago.

                Secondly, we can see what machinations impatience inspires while waiting for over 1000 years for a “redemption” that will never come. The rabbis figure that since the “redemption” has not yet occurred, it must be because Amalek has not been completely wiped out yet, even though Scripture states quite plainly that Amalek was completely wiped out circa 500 B.C.

                Thirdly, a vengeful, warlike people who believe in reincarnation are likely to see ancient enemies in populations presently living. The rabbis do preach reincarnation (gilgul) and they do preach eternal vigilance and vengeance against “Amalek.”

                Getting back to the rabbis’ misapplication of “Amalek” and it’s associated curse of annihilation upon those deemed “‘Jew’-haters,” which in reality most often means someone that the rabbis hate. Many individuals and populations have been misidentified by the rabbis and Judaic organizations as “Amalek” and slated for extermination throughout history. Some examples, in no particular order, are Rome, Christendom, Armenians, Germans, Arabs, Palestinians, revisionist historians, and noteworthy today, Persians/Iranians.

                There is a rabbinic myth which identifies Haman from the book of Esther as a descendant of Amalek. This Purimspiel creates a false association between Amalek and people of Persian descent as the story of the Book of Esther takes place in Persia, today’s Iran, which Zionist warmongers have been pushing to attack unprovoked for several years now. To those of a Kabbalistic bent, Iranian President Ahmadinejad is viewed as the reincarnation of Haman who was mythologized as a descendant of Amalek.


                Go away, Lucifer!

          • I only needed to skim this article. To anyone who has been paying attention, this has been going on, with official heads turned, for a long time. In fact it has been SO SUCCESSFUL, that they’ve finally decided to openly codify it!

            The reason why you weren’t paying attention, is because they were always after DRUGS or CRIMINALS… NOW, THEY’VE COME FOR YOU TOO.

            Welcome to the party. It’s YOUR TURN.

            Now there’s nobody left to stand up for you either.

            • Sixpack

              You are correct.

              This has been going on for a long time. Be extremely cautious in interactions with doctors, dentists, psychologists or any medical practitioner.

              Better yet. Stay healthy and don’t go to them.

              These are tactics resurrected from the old Soviet Union.

              From “Fried Frogs and Commissars”:
              “Well, you can take this literally, figuratively or any way you want but it doesn’t change the underlying reality. Our self-ordained statist overlords and their Chekist organs have spawned hordes of commissars in their alphabet soup agencies. They are cloaked in different garb and names these days but their sociopathic actions reveal their true Stalinist lineage as political agents who enforce the will of the Party.”

              Some of us are learning how to play offensive and deal with the “commissars” and their minions before they arrive on our doorsteps.

              More at

              • I am sure learning how can they KNOW really what somebody has been doing given a last minute tip of course. I would not allow the opening of my door under any circumstances. I looked up the safe community laws in Ottawa where I was and me and a friend set up a tent city and a task force where the city of Ottawa gave into a consenus to not use the laws I suspect as usual the police had their own agendas. And, visa versa.

                Sincere Karen Dawe now from Belleville, not arrested just followed and apprended and seized and I made a human rights complaint based in their new LAWS I did not vote for. Oh I was simply living in a shelter and not homeless enough yet so they stuck me behind closed doors it was ridiculous and now they can answer to me in the future. Karen J. Dawe

            • Sixpack: Next to Hollywood and all major MSM in all its forms, the us federal court system also at Every level, district, appellate, us supremes ct, has been overwhelmingly infiltrated by a massivly huge Disproportionate number,when as compared to the overall general usa population numbers they represent, of Talmudics.

              Same for us senate..100 senators or Two for each of 50 states right…Well then if those who cry the loudest for “Minority Quotas” in All of their affirmative action policys or agendas, were actually Honest..

              There would be an EQUAL proportian of senators/judges based on the actual Population number that a group of minoritys reprsesnts right…So then if a group contains just Under 2% of total usa POP numbers, a Fair Honest quota of us senators should be NO more than TWO us senators TOTAL from the group that has just under 2% of total population right….

              Same for US supremes and all fed courts. Yet just take a gander at the us senate, us reps, us supremes! at least a full THIRD or 33% of us supremes are Of that small Under 2% minority group. How many in the senate?…Probobly at least 30 or more eh!

              Which just again Proves how often these who demand quotas, equalitys, fairness, honest representations etc etc are no more than abject LIARS! and Swindler scammers!

              And where our Fed, and state courts also are concerned…These highly Over represented talmudic judges have over the Past 50 yrs overturned our US const and BOR, into a soviet communistic Talmudic based form and method of deciding Laws and offences etc.

              Whats Next folks?…NOAHIDE Law? Where Every offender is sentenced to Death by Decapitation!…Yep look it up.

              • Take your diatribe elsewhere, Sanballat.

            • Way to go Six, see when you take your meds, you can see clearly. LOL!

              • FYI, I’m not on any mind-altering meds. My opinions are clear and consistent.

                I argue against blind hatred, bigotry and division of the people.

                I champion unity against a global monster, that will soon devour our lives, if we fail to unite.

                The problem is, some people don’t feel that ALL people are endowed with the same basic right to be free as the rest, on the basis of race, religion, nationality, sexual orientation or geographical location.

                I argue that we should choose the right, and abandon the brainwashing we’ve been inflicted with, all of our lives.

                I advocate hunting down THE TRUE MONSTER, not simply the easiest target.

                Each and every comment I have ever made, is in support of these ideals — FREEDOM FOR ALL OF MANKIND AND PEACE FOR THE WORLD, in spite of our differences.

                You see Confederate, MY views aren’t swayed by the latest diatribe from MSNBC, RT or INFOWARS. They have no power over my thoughts…that’s MINE and MINE ALONE.

                And I approved this message.

          • there are many dumb sheep americans like you who have this idea that the govt works for you, when will you fools ever wake up, your govt work for rich wealthy elite groups, you are nothing but a source of money for them, fools will never learn, but remember that you voted for all that you have, is it beginning to feel different now that you are realizing that your vote was worthless all along and that you have no rights and freedoms, and that the constitution is dead???

          • There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth, many will die and no one will care.

            • I presume you are talking about Obama’s drone program of bombing innocent civilians, women, and children?

          • Allow me to sum this up. The Constitution can be abbreviated for our short attention span populace. The first and only amendment now reads simply:

            You have the right to have no rights. Now wasn’t that easy?

          • Litle by little, they are taking away all our rights… but gradually so we don’t react.

            At Chris Hedges website, he talks of the young girl who accidentally elbowed an undercover cop at a protest and was sent to prison for this… no mention of her being beaten up was allowed in court. Other protestors who were with her also sent to prison.

            “They can’t outlaw a Revolution.” Soon, that will be all we have left.

            • Actually, I think they have taken away ALL our Constitutional rights, haven’t they, except one– the right to bear arms…and they are working on that one!

        • While your comment is true, I want to know why people even go to a psychiatrist in the first place?

          The message needs to be spread nation wide go to a shrink and lose your gun rights.

          Natural herbs are far better than anything a head shrink will give you plus you can keep your guns.

        • Qualified immunity is based on the officers conducting legal operations. There is no qualified immunity if the event is extra legal. Violation of the constitution is extra legal.

          • Sounds like the appeals court just made it legal….

        • If you need to bury your guns ……
          They are needed more than ever.
          My oath didn’t expire with my ETS.

          • I didn’t say bury them all… geez.

        • Rule #2 – DON’T ADVERTISE RULE #1!!

        • Rule #2 – DON’T ADVERTISE RULE #1

        • Didn’t even need to hide one outside the house… they missed the other pistol which was in plain view up in my bedroom. Some protective search, right?

      2. Word games are going to be the end of this country.

        Sad….. 🙁

        • I really hate to beat this like a dead horse, but you just don’t see too often this type of Constitutional abuse in the free states that still exists. It seems like these abominations to the rights guaranteed to Americans almost always occurs in these anti-gunner states. You go to Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, some southern states like Georgia, even Alaska and ask the police to go take someone’s firearms based of baseless crap, and those police that live and work in a pro gun state will be hard pressed to go through with this. I would think that the local police and sheriff would hopefully see ANY trashing of the @nd Amendment ONLY hurts everyone, including them and their families and friends.

          I blame the higher concentration of these retards that vote in these loser anti-self defense politicians as much as anyone. A free state is one because the population that lives in the state wants to remain free. When you go to some of these states that ban non-lethal stun devices, certain concentrations of pepper sprays, magazine sizes, etc., etc., these places are where the people that live there appauld nazi gun takeovers. The bad thing about this to people that cherish freedom that live in these rotten states can lose their rights to legally own certain firearms or firearms altogether because states like this TARGET those that do respect and fight for the Constitution. It might be wise for some people to get out of Dodge before these characters find someway of going after their rights on a widescale level.

          I have read many times people that respect liberty as much as anyone talk about how they will take a stand against the tyranny of their state coming down on them and others. Unfortunately being seriously outnumbered has many downfalls, and in reality these states have already been swallowed up by these pro orgress feinsteinless and other antigunner supporters. Just in my opinion the pro Constitution people will do more good in those free states. Besides all of this, there is the issue of quality of life before everything goes to hell. Those that move from these anti-freedom states feel like a 600 pound crocodile has been lifted from their shoulders when get away from a near police state and they can enjoy the freedoms and be around the people that still understand and want freedom. It is a different world going from a state like Cuba to a free state, night and day.

          Everyone deserves freedom and that was what the founding fathers of the U.S. wanted and tried to protect. Yet there is a huge number of people that rather be controlled, conform, and live under the thumb of oppression. Those are people I want to stay as far away from as possible.

          • You people are so ignorant and selfish. I never saw people like Americans who blame foreigners and other peoples for their problems. This “loss of rights” can only be blamed on you…….the American people.

            You allowed this to happen. You accepted this treatment towards other people during so called “times of war”. After the years had passed and the categories of people as a threat expanded. Now you say that all this is unjustified.

            You should have defeneded the rights of all individuals before all his ever happened. Whether it’s black, Arab, Japanese, Russian, Hispanic, etc. The truth is that white people only cared about themselves. But now, everyone’s rights is in trouble.

            Than, you blame other foreigners for your problems around the world. When in reality, the US started the problems and is itself, to blame.

            • While I agree with almost all your post, To blame any group based on creed color or race is stuipd if not racist, something most people on this site are not.

              • I disagree. Many people here still blame and group a whole people based on color and religion. I see it when it comes to Blacks, Arabs, and to other people. Now don’t get me wrong, not everyone is like that. I’m not saying everyone is a bigoted racist whatever.

                But let me come up with the best example. If people here had the chance to deport all Muslims, banning them from owning guns, banning them from building Mosques, banning them from many things. Just because they are Muslim. I am pretty sure that many (not all) of the Americans who are tea party, GOP, Republicans, and SHTF like-minded people would support it even though that is the worst mistake that you could do to blow a severe injury to your rights.

                That’s the best and most truthful example I can give. And many of you know that too.

                • Your confusing racism with protectionism. We have been way to loose with protecting our borders, (intentional I’m sure), and look what is happening because obongo is letting everything and everyone in!

                  Don’t cry when one of those extremists takes your stuff!!

            • I rarely agree with your posts, braahaahaa, but this time there is a high degree of truth in it, that most people just will not accept. But a lack of acceptance doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

              I often wonder, if people had stood up STRONGLY when the govt violated the Constitution and shoved INNOCENT Japanese Americans in interment camps, WOULD WE BE LOOKING AT FEMA CAMPS NOW?

              If we had all STOOD UP for the Constitution when it was being violated for the “war on drugs”, would we be seeing this invasion of our rights in this article?

              If we had stood up FORCEFULLY when the govt violated their Constitutional duties, would we be in this mess right now?

              If we had all stood up and FOUGHT the perpetuation of unconstitutional and undeclared wars in other countries, would we be staring Russia (and maybe China and a few others) in the face right now?

              If we had taken our anger to the streets when police beat and murder homeless people who have done nothing wrong, would we be seeing the treatment that we are now seeing AGAINST OURSELVES?

              It all goes back to what I have said many many times — if you allow the govt to take away ANY OTHER PERSON’S RIGHTS, you can EXPECT them to come back FOR YOURS.

              Apparently, my belief is supported by current events.

              • Wow Sixpack…that was good… and in all… so true.

              • sixpack

                This is a difficult point to understand for most people.
                Ultimately, we get the government and leadership we deserve.

            • braahaahaa.

              Yepper! That is why many whites voted for Obama.

            • Complacency and ignorance is what killed America…and ushered in an age where the Constitution would be ignored on such a scale as to allow an ineligible non citzen to be sitting in our Capital, and surrounded by his sychophantic disciples, known terrorists, and very proudly publicly traitorous Congress people….he SHAT on the Constitution on the front steps and then he appointed in to his Cabinet all manner of Marxist sympathizers…and you DID NOTHING but let it happen….America deserves this fate, because you got lazy and you forgot and you didn’t teach the HISTORY and promote a national pride about the Law of the Land. This is YOUR fault, you did create this bastarded monster, and now you will be eaten by it.

            • Brhhaaa; You are an ass!

          • They’re protected by the 7th circuit court? The storm troopers had better be carrying more protection than that. What a glorious day that’ll be.

            • hows this for a thought….next time some lunatic posts a deathwish for himself and some unfortunate fellow humans, complete with an online demonic service prior to the deal for all to see and is sadly successful (think all the mass events that have recently and *allegedly* occurred), I say folks sue these so called LEO’s, protectors of the peace, for everything they got. hit them where it hurts. after all, they now have this obligation to protect us right? thanks to this stupid decision, we will NEVER see another event again, right? I am being sarcastic of course. but I will tell you, I for one and ‘traumatized’ when I hear about one of these massacres. i cant sleep for days, i want someone to pay for my emotional distress.. and the police were/are obviously negligent in their duty. screw em.

          • Be Informed: Not yet, but you may. Here in Florida we have the ‘Baker Act’, and most other states have something similar. If someone makes an utterance that they may do harm to themselves or others, they can involuntarily taken to the local mental institution for a minimum of 24hrs. observation, even by the police w/o a doctor’s approval. That bill was signed by the famous/infamous Gov. Jeb Bush.

            • Except that I never said anything about harming myself.

              Listening to the doctor’s original call to police, she’s very vague, even clinical, about what she thinks I said.

              I’d expect that if someone had left her office, supposedly very upset, supposedly having threatened to “blow my brains out”, she would tell the calltaker that exact phrase.

              So I’d like to know why she lied about me, and where that sensationalist phrase came from.

          • BI and everyone else, good morning. I literally passed out at 9:00 last night from an exhausting weekend and missed this article. I’ve said this many times before but it bears repeating. I have always suspected it would be a combination of the feds and “UN peacekeepers” who will be used to attempt gun confiscation. Once the feds declare war against us, it’s all over. As far as I’m concerned I don’t have any obligation to them. they already declare all the time what their intentions are toward us and those intentions are evil and illegitimate. ANYONE WHO COMES TO MY HOME WITH EVIL INTENTIONS TOWARD ME, REGARDLESS OF WHO YOU ARE OR WHAT YOU WEAR, HAD BETTER BRING BODY BAGS FOR THEMSELVES. I WILL RESIST. I WILL NOT BE TAKEN TO A FEMA CAMP OR ANYPLACE ELSE ALIVE. IF YOU VALUE YOUR OWN LIVES, JUST STAY AWAY FROM ME AND YOU WILL HAVE NOTHING TO FEAR FROM ME. DON’T BE FOOLS. BI, as always, your comments are right on target.

          • Be Informed

            “You go to Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, some southern states like Georgia, even Alaska…”

            Merle said it pretty good way back when:

            “I’m tired of this dirty old city.
            Entirely too much work and never enough play.
            And I’m tired of these dirty old sidewalks.
            Think I’ll walk off my steady job today.

            Turn me loose, set me free, somewhere in the middle of Montanna.
            And gimme all I got comin’ to me,
            And keep your retirement and your so called social security.
            Big City turn me loose and set me free.

            Been working everyday since I was twenty.
            Haven’t got a thing to show for anything I’ve done.
            There’s folks who never work and they’ve got plenty.
            Think it’s time some guys like me had some fun.

            Turn me loose, set me free, somewhere in the middle of Montanna.
            And gimme all I got comin’ to me,
            And keep your retirement and your so called social security.
            Big City turn me loose and set me free.”

            Merle Haggard
            “Big City”

          • @ Be Informed

            and THAT, my friend, is why I made my escape from the bluestate gulag known as Rhode Island many years ago. And to think that once upon a time, Rhode Islanders burned the Gaspee, declared their independence earlier than anyone, and gave Washington his favorite general, the magnificent Nathaniel Greene.

            How their souls must ache to see the slave mentality that has taken root there. So glad I got out!

          • Looks like a second war between the states is brewing.

      3. “Police Can Kick In Your Door and Seize Guns Without Warrant or Charges”

        Want to bet?

        • The current administration is a total joke! No one takes them seriously hahaha they are like a crazy person that comes up to you on the street and tells you they are with the truck drives looking for Jesus.

          • I suggest IMHO , that you should take them very seriously, they run your country and make the rules up as they see fit.

        • They best hope that I am on vacation.

          • So Class, what have we learned from this lesson today? 1: keep your big mouth shut if you’re feeling a little depressed and never mention harm or violence even in jest. 2: never answer the door if the police show up because then they know you’re home. 3: NEVER, and I mean NEVER, keep your guns all in one place where even the cops can find them. Always have an emergency cache for incidences like this and any other home invasion/takeover by the bad guys. Well Class, I hope we’ve all learned something useful from today’s lesson. See you tomorrow.

            • “1: keep your big mouth shut if you’re feeling a little depressed and never mention harm or violence even in jest.”

              I didn’t. If I had, I’d expect the police to track me down, tackle me, and drag me off to the looney bin.

              “2: never answer the door if the police show up because then they know you’re home.”

              I don’t answer the door any more if I don’t expect someone, precisely because of this incident. But they also had an officer looking in my living room window, reporting about where I was in the room. Because of that, I put more & thicker drapery over the lower part of that window & have a light shining on it, making it impossible to see through.

              “3: NEVER, and I mean NEVER, keep your guns all in one place where even the cops can find them.”

              These yahoos didn’t even find the pistol lying in plain sight up in my bedroom.

        • Yes I do.

        • You won’t do anything, your blowing smoke…

          • @ much ado

            I wouldn’t be so sure about that. I don’t claim to speak for anyone else here, but if I were to be awakened at 3 am by the sound of my door crashing in, I will automatically assume that they are criminals come to rape my wife and murder me in my bed. My first response will always to aim for center mass and pull the trigger until it goes click. Not because I’m Rambo — I’m definitely NOT — but because I would fear for my life

            Now maybe, just MAYBE, law enforcement might want to think this through for a minute. Why would I be shooting them? Because I would assume they are criminals. Why on EARTH would the authorities bust down my door? I have done nothing wrong. I have broken no laws. I am not a criminal. Yet because of their stupidity and the arrogance of judges such as the ones mentioned in this article, it might be that an LEO will die that night, and me with him. And why? Because THEY have decided to start breaking down doors on the flimsiest of pretexts. How in the world can any police officer who does that not be considered a “home invader”? How can their actions not be those of CRIMINALS?

            • I agree with you SoS, but you know if it went down that way, the cops would make up some reason that sheeple would believe that would justify their actions. They would plant drugs, say one of your guns matched one used in a murder, etc. You would never be allowed to be vindicated in the court of public opinion either, the dinosaur media would make sure of that.

              • That’s likely already been done in so many of the cases we’ve heard about. Yet, the right and left wingers will denounce you as whatever the “authorities” and their mainstream media portray you as being.

            • That is a very true statement ,
              Out of fear
              , I’ll shoot,and shoot then shoot some more….

      4. Why do we even pretend there is some semblance

        of constitutional law anymore?

        The sooner we realize there is going to be

        only jungle law, the better chance we’ll

        have of meeting the reality of it head on.

          • Instead of getting his dick sucked, he got it knocked in the dirt.

            • Brother is much smarter now.

          • There were several videos there and about 75% of them were black youth.

            Damn surprising.

          • That was a brutal beat down, dude deserved what he got, but still hard to watch, and thats from a veteran…Ol boy as effed up good….When the mouth and false bravado kicks in, the body is gonna pay dearly.. Im just not good with watching stuff like that…I dont blame the green shirt guy at all, he was attacked point blank and the video shows it. He is lucky he wasn’t a carrying, self defense was justified in my opinion. The lesson learned, dont “write a check your account cannot pay” because he paid dearly in street credit and probably had both head and neck injuries..

      5. In the Catholic Church we have the seal of confession which many people don’t like when they think about the real possibility that a murder or some other criminal may confess past or future crimes with impunity but it is essential to ensure that sinners (all of us) have the ability to seek spiritual guidance and healing without fear.

        I realize lots of us, even those who respect the second Amendment, feel a desire to “keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill”–but the fact of the matter is that when doctors are allowed to make this sort of call there is all sorts of potential for abuse and the very real possibility that those who are curable ill will avoid treatment for fear of having their confidence violated and their rights stripped from them.

        We can not accept limitations on the second amendment based on mental illness that his not held to a high standard mediate by the courts. Even if it could save lives, freedom is more important than safety! In communist countries sexual accusations was often used to destroy people, the same will happen here without checks and balances.

        • How many people walk into a Psychiatrist’s office and are told there is nothing wrong with them? The “out of the hands of the mentally ill” bit is just another vector for oppression, just like “for the children”.

          • Soviet Kommies invented the “psychiatrists” as a means/method to go after political dicenters etc.

            Today it has evolved into a massive fraud. Just look at every one of the many lables given to white young Boys who simply are Bored to death in a class room filled with ignorant ghetto dweller black Yooots, who are so dumb and ignorant the entire class must be dumbed down to “equalize” with those stupid illerates from said ghettos.

            Then soon as the whitey boys that are supperior in intelligence get bored and gaze out the window while awaiting for the illiterate ghetto monkys to play Catch-Up and finish a 20 minit Test in over an hour due to their inferrior abilities….The highly Soviet- trained observant teacher notices white boy stareing out that window and clamis hes got some type ADD or AHDD or any one or more of dozens such classifications of mental troubles.

            Yet! Far as I have read or learned on this issue…There are ZERO actual medical Tests, Xrays, CT scans, or any real medical methods of Proof that such ahdd is even present in said boys.

            It is ALL based on the word of a shrink whos basis is from a huge shrink book that has listed in it several hundred “mental Conditions”…And its added to ever growing listings, and it is written by Shrinks!

            Shrinks invent conditions, then lable some kid or adult from a huge choice listings, and the shrinks words are taken as solid gold by most everybody, especially the usa Court systems Today.

            Yet one of the actual real devestating mental conditions of all time…Homosexuality in males and females which Used to be also on That listing, was Removed from said shrink problems lists around the 1970’s era!

            USA used to also have fed laws that prohibited and called them Traitors, all actual members of any Kommie org, group or political party…Did that too get removed from the laws?

            Maybe its time for old fashioned Citizen Arrests of such Kommies nationwide…Then set up citizen run Courts, with real const type justices and juries…

            The main TOP groups of traitors and destroyers of americas goodness etc has consistantly been…

            #1…NY banksters & Wall Street affiliates.

            #2….U.S. Fed Polititions of Both parties.

            #3…U.S. MSM’S in EVERY format.

            #4..The Many False teacher, False Preacher, judaizers that have done as much if not More dammage based on their brainwashing methods and lies etc, that it May be appropriate to Punish this group First!

            That above list of course pertains to the usa leaderships in ALL thats wrong today in America.

            it does NOT discount that we still have a Massive set of troubles overwhelminly based on the huge populations of various minority groups commiting the majority of violence and crimes nationwide. They too need be delt with. But once those listed in leadership groups get dealt with…Those several minority groups will have ZERO leaders and be much eaiser to deal with also.

            Example: it May be very easy to locate and convince 100 Militant negroes to carry protest signs and bitch loudly while marching in circles…BUT…just try to locate one of them that can actually READ street signs to drive a buss full of militants anywheres to protest, or find a litterate one who can Write such protest signs, once their leadership of Sharpton & Jackson are first dealt with!….it would much more difficult for those militants to Lead themselves if Jesse or Al was too busy occupying His rightfull place in front of a Wall faceing fireing squads eh.

        • Padre: Really, even more important than public safety? What the hell do think started all this bullshit in the first place, mentally ill people with guns! The survivors and families of the victims of Sandy Hook Elementary, the Aurora Theater in Colorado, and Congresswoman Giffords and friends in Arizona would all disagree. They, and tens of millions of Americans, have all said that mentally ill people should not be allowed anywhere near guns-Period! Mentally ill people have many restrictions such as they can’t fly planes, or perform operations even if they are/were licensed because they present a danger to themselves and others. You don’t have to like it that’s just they way it is for public safety. One more mass shooting by some nut job and you can kiss all but shotguns and hunting rifles (5 shot max.) goodbye.

        • 2nd Amendment Rights for all with No exceptions – I’ll take my chances with a few hundred armed certifiable citizen lunatics on the street vs. tens of thousands of corporate paramilitary jackbooted thugs aka the police.

          We are the only species on planet earth that hand over our protection of our precious life to others that could care less.

          • Beautifully said, Mark!

          • Mark: It’s too bad that it wasn’t you or one of yours that was gunned down near Santa Barbara the other day by a lunatic with a gun. But then again, what would a moron like you from a family of morons be doing in a College town unless it was cleaning toilets at the school. Just wishful thinking on my part.

        • @ padre

          psychiatry has been used as a political and social weapon in the past…one need look no further than the old Soviet Union, where people were labeled “schizophrenic” for telling their children that there is a GOD, then they were locked up in asylums and pumped full of drugs. Just another way of having a Gulag, and just another way of justifying stomping all over people’s rights to defend themselves and be left alone.

          Looks like the little commie assholes have migrated to America, and they want another go at it

        • Well said, Padre! The best defense against the mentally ill (which most importantly applies to government-supremacists) from using weapons against the innocent is for everyone to be voluntarily self-armored so that resistance can be made to invaders.

      6. Mac, I like this site but sometimes I wonder about you. You start a thread about skill sets required for a post SHTF world, which in my opinion is what SHTFplan should be about, it’s in the name after all, then you cut it off short for fear porn. WTF are you selling?

        • you’re absolutely right.

          mac salvo has lost his way in fear porn money addiction.

          thank you @r.i.o. for a great idea.

          it’s time for something different.

          • When you do get that ‘something different’ out there, please shoot me an email and we’ll see about adding it to the Web Destinations sidebar.

            • I joke about the “fear porn” on occasion… it’s gotten some peoples blood flowing… that’s a good thing!

              I know you’re not discouraged by the restless natives, most of whom contribute nicely…and thru most every article someone injects pertinent info, although allegedly off topic certainly adds to the knowledge base of readers… that’s also a good thing!

              This compels me to ask the “general” question of everyone…

              If there isn’t that “fear” factor then why are we here?

              And who in the hell coined “fear porn” anyway…
              Is that supposed to make fear “dirty”? All in all it’s a bad analogy at best!

              Fear is something to be controlled… compartmentalize it and focus that wasted energy on something more constructive…

              Errrrrr….sorry for the rant.

            • Mac, good morning. I know good and well that you DON”T sell “fear porn”. I’ve been coming here for 2 years and never had one complaint about this site. ROCKS! If the naysayers don’t like what they see here, there a whole world wide web they can explore.

              • Thx Braveheart… I just post the info… We’re not making this stuff up… it’s actually happening…

              • BH, is it possible to stick your nose any further up…. well you get the picture, maybe?

            • MAC
              I sent you a article. Did you get it? If so are you going to print it? If not why? I can fix it or may if you want to.
              Thanks for looking at it!

        • I think this article is less of a scare-fest, and more of a distant early warning.

          Of course this is a rare event at best. Certainly there’s no need to brace yourself for imminent confiscation. OTOH, it’d good to keep an eye on such things.

          Now when it comes to the craptastic stuff like {insert anything from Celente here}, okay – that’s just fear porn. But this one is actually something to keep in mind, even if just a little.

          …does that help any?

          • Trial balloon. Any bets on whether the envelope will be pushed harder?

            • Trial balloon? It won’t be long before they make it illegal to own a passport!!! Don’t want people sneaking off somewhere safe away from Nazi Occupied Amerika!!

            • Also keep in mind that while a case like this is from One state case…Once its ruled on at an appellate fed ct level it Then will apply to about 7-10 MORE states within That courts district…And to think cops and antiguners in all those Other states within that district will Not also quickly begin to Use such ruleings against You if located in a state under that ruleing, is really not thinking correctly.

              Tommy Jefferson when he got fed up with fraud judges at fed levels, FIRED about a full 1/2 of americas entire fed judges and had the entire system re aranged as to which courts pertained to which states etc. If I recall right he also eliminated a bunch of fed ct districts and courts besides their judges.

              The US reps have the const Powers to deal with such rogue judges…But Lib dem komies never will, and neocon repubs have ZERO Spine so they only Talk the talk.

              WE the People is all thats left to Fix it all it seems.

              • We are appealing this very bad 4A ruling to SCOTUS.
                This will be expensive (my lawyer says that just printing the things to do the filing of the appeal can be “a couple thousand dollars”), so we’re asking for help.

                You could choose to send something directly to my lawyer, marked as being for my case:
                John Monroe; 9640 Coleman Rd.; Roswell, GA; 30075
                JRM AT

                Or through PayPal (though they take a cut): AT

                I’m not going to post my address, but it’s easy enough to find with something like if you’d prefer to send something here.
                (You can imagine that with reports like this circulating, making me look crazy and unstable, it’s impossible to find a job. I’m struggling.)

                If anyone works at or owns a printing company which could either donate the printing or do it at cost (it takes special paper), please contact John.

        • Fear porn!

          • Kula, Your to cool! Trekker Out.

          • Its not fear porn, Idiot! Its about our Constitutional rights being taken away from us, little by little, just as Hitler suggested would-be-dictators do when they want to destroy a republic! Read Naomi Wolfe’s books for a start, to have some grasp of the subject!

        • Hi Rick, I am not sure what you mean by cutting it off short, but I do try to get at least a couple of posts up daily. There are tons of preparedness resources out there, many of which you can find FOR FREE in the left sidebar of this web site under Web Destinations. Literally thousands of pages of information on just about any topic you can think of.

          In our right side bar we allow for advertisements from preparedness/survival related service providers.

          Personally, I don’t really ‘sell’ anything… Just putting the info out there for people to digest (and critique) as they see fit. You’ll note that you are never forced to pay for anything.. Neither do I ask anyone for money or donations at this web site; this has been the case since the get-go.

          We are looking to expand the site in the near future to be a bit more organized insofar as information accessibility is concerned, so hopefully we’ll be able to provide articles, videos, and commentary to a wider user base…

          Some folks like to read prep articles only.. Other folks want news related to what’s happening in the world.. and still others would like to see commentary, satire and humor…

          I try to vary the posts to suit everyone’s needs…



          • Dear Sir,
            I for one am grateful for your site,
            Whereas I could happily exist on oatmeal, meat and potatoes, Occasionally I will eat curry, shrimp and gummy worms. Do what you do and do not apologize for it.
            You will never make everyone happy.

          • Thanks Mac , you have a great site .

          • There have been some very righteous debates over some of the articles you’ve posted— I thought that was one of the main purposes of posting articles. I’ve seen entire narratives changed by a single comment.

            THAT is what the REAL media is all about. Changing the world, one comment at a time.

            • Wow Sixpack…two in a row…nice!

          • Mac thanks for your reply.

            I come to this site because it offer a level of freedom to speak that far exceeds any of the other sites that I visit. I like freedom and I thank you supplying a forum for it.

            I’ve said many times that I’m not a prepper, I’m into homesteading and learning new skills that goes along with it. What I am preparing for is retirement. I work in the private sector, in a manufacturing career so I don’t have a pension, it was off shored and Walmarted. I can’t count on my IRA or SSI to be there if I retire before I die.

            I’m trying to prepare my 1-1/8 acre to help support us with food, medicinal plants, energy and water. When I see an article that’s in the realm of homesteading I hope to be able to learn from others and to get fresh ideas. I was a little disappointed to see it moved down so soon and replaced with the same old F&D articles.

      7. I am sure happy I sold all my firearms to buy a Toyota Prius when gas prices went up. Also, I have never had a suicidal thought. Ever. I have never wished harm to another nor will I in the future.

        • I gave all the ones I used to have to the Sheriff. He said that I could have one back in the fall to hunt rabbits.

        • I lost all mine in the river when my canoe capsized summer before last.

      8. Old ones….

        1. Two peanuts walk into a bar and one was a salted.

        2. A jumper cable walks into a bar. The bartender says, “I’ll serve you, but
        don’t start anything.”

        3. A sandwich walks into a bar. The bartender says, “Sorry we don’t serve
        food in here.”

        4. A dyslexic man walks into a bra.

        5. A man walks into a bar with a slab of asphalt under his arm and says: “A
        beer please and one for the road.”

        6. Two aerial antennas meet on a roof, fall in love and get married. The
        ceremony wasn’t much, but the reception was great.

        7. Two cannibals are eating a clown. One says to the other: “Does this taste
        funny to you?”

        8. “Doc, I can’t stop singing ‘The Green, Green Grass of Home” “That sounds
        like Tom Jones Syndrome.” “Is it common?” “It’s Not Unusual.”

        9. Two cows standing next to each other in a field, Daisy says to Dolly, “I
        was artificially inseminated this morning.” “I don’t believe you,” said
        Dolly. “It’s true, no bull!” exclaimed Daisy.

        10. An invisible man marries an invisible woman. The kids were nothing to
        look at, either.

        11. Two hydrogen atoms walk into a bar. One says, “I’ve lost my electron.”
        The other says, “Are you sure?” The first replies, “Yes, I’m positive…”

        12. Deja Moo: The feeling that you’ve heard this bull before.

        13. A man takes his Rottweiler to the vet and says, “My dog’s cross-eyed, is
        there anything you can do for him?” “Well,” says the vet, “let’s have a look
        at him.” So he picks the dog up and examines his eyes, then checks his
        teeth. Finally, he says, “I’m going to have to put him down.” “What? Because
        he’s cross-eyed?” “No, because he’s really heavy.”

        15. I went to buy some camouflage trousers the other day but I couldn’t find

        16. I went to the butcher’s the other day and I bet him 50 bucks that he
        couldn’t reach the meat off the top shelf. He said, “No bet, the steaks are
        too high.”

        17. A man woke up in a hospital after a serious accident. He shouted,
        “Doctor, doctor, I can’t feel my legs!” The doctor replied, “I know you
        can’t – I had to amputate your arms!”

        18. I went to a seafood disco last week… and pulled a mussel.

        19. Two Eskimos sitting in a kayak were chilly; but when they lit a fire in
        the craft, it sank, proving that you can’t have your kayak and heat it too.

        21. What do you call a fish with no eye? A fsh.

        22. Two termites walk into a bar. One asked, “Is the bar tender here?”

        • eppe, I once dated a girl with worms cuz i like to fish. I tried a girl with crabs but they were too small to put on a hook.

          • Glad to see you enjoy even OLD jokes, that was a good one too….

          • Did you stab the crabs with an ice pick?

        • Very good. I love them all. Hard to find anything humorous nowadays. Thanx mucho.

        • I’m not a gynocologist, but I’ll take a look.

          What happened when the girl backed into a propeller? Dis assed er.

          Man complaining to doctor “I love hot chocolate, but it makes my eye hurt”
          Doc: Take the spoon out of the mug.

        • A polar bear walked into a bar and said, “I’ll have a Budweiser and…” (30 seconds elapse) “…some peanuts please”.

          The barman said, “Why the big pause?”

        • 23. Sargent says to the recruit ..Hey I didnt see you at Cammo class this morning! Recruit ..Thanks Sarge

      9. Shock FedGov Court Ruling??? What is so shocking about a AIPAC designed fascist state that we live in?

        • Anonymous, Where can I get one of them mask? Trekker Out.

      10. Off topic:

        I was under the impression that good body armor was pretty much only in the hands of troops from 1st rate nations. I notice that 3rd world army’s are armored up pretty good.

        Who has manufactured all of this for global military forces? Some companies must have made a ton of money because thats a lot of people to equip.

      11. they can surely try…

      12. “Even if the officers did exceed constitutional boundaries,” the court document states, “they are protected by qualified immunity.”


        Oh really?


        It’s JUST been revoked!

        • I like KAAABOOOOOMMM
          Splat. Splat splat splatter splatty splat

      13. This is an invitation to darkness, I live in the light as much as I can, and I’m kind to strangers, open doors for woman and consider myself a gentleman.

        But if in any way my civil rights are disregarded by a LEO whether bashing in my door or steeling my property all I can say is it’s on, they drew first blood and I will consider any slight infraction as cause for retribution.

        Nuff said!

        • My point is, if you make me a criminal through some bullshit excuse, then I’ll be the worst criminal any of them has ever seen.

          This will not be my choice, but LEO’s should be very careful about the doors they knock down.

          • y99

            Wake up one day and have your morning coffee and Wham!, you’re a criminal.

      14. I could not copy the chart that shows the sunspot activity from spaceweather which anyone can go look at if they wish, but I did copy the text:

        SOLAR ‘MINI-MAX’: Last month at the Space Weather Workshop in Boulder, Colorado, solar cycle expert Doug Biesecker of NOAA announced that “Solar Maximum is here, finally.” According to his analysis, the sunspot number for Solar Cycle 24 is near its peak right now. Spoiler: It’s not very impressive. “This solar cycle continues to rank among the weakest on record,” says Workshop attendee Ron Turner of Analytic Services, Inc. To illustrate the point, he plotted the smoothed sunspot number of Cycle 24 vs. the previous 23 cycles since 1755:

        In the composite plot, Cycle 24 is traced in red. Only a few cycles since the 18th century have have had lower sunspot counts. For this reason, many researchers have started calling the ongoing peak a “Mini-Max.”

        “By all Earth-based measures of geomagnetic and geoeffective solar activity, this cycle has been extremely quiet,” notes Turner. “However, Doug Biesecker has presented several charts showing that most large events such as strong flares and significant geomagnetic storms occur in the declining phase of the solar cycle.”


        Please notice that last line above, “most large events occur in the declining phase of the solar cycle”. The Carrington Event of 1859 that would destroy most of the power grid on this planet if the same storm occurred today is following a very similar pattern to right now. Something to ponder with everything else going on.

        • Thanks for the info BI, it was reminiscent of JOGs days here at SHTF. I miss him. Half the time I had no idea what he was saying but by the end it all made sense.

      15. There’s nothing new. Exigent circumstances allowed warrantless entry for decades.

        • And the definition of “Exigent” has always been pretty subjective and broad.

      16. This is total bullshit.

      17. “Even if the officers did exceed constitutional boundaries,” the court document states, “they are protected by qualified immunity.”

        Hmmmm . . . wonder if that so-called “qualified immunity” will stop a bullet as they come through the door at 3 AM? Or thirty bullets? Or a twelve gauge slug?

        If anyone had even the slightest shred of doubt as to where we are headed, this bit of news should more that dispel that doubt.

        Remember, you are not paranoid if they really are out to get you.

        Average response time for a 911 call in my rural area: 5 to 10 minutes.

        Average response time for my 12 gauge double-ought buckshot: 1,345 feet per second.

        Guess which one I’ll call upon when the need arises.


        KySSG . . . out.

        • Home built 10 barrel .50 BMG security device, automaticly fires 10 .50 BMG rounds right at the door when the sensor is tripped, in a 12″ grid

          • Nice.


            KySSG . . . out.

          • Sounds like a bad idea if you forgot that you gave your girlfriend a key to your place, and she wants to show up to surprise you.

            • There is a reason I hate landmines and other passive weapons. They do not generally get their intended targets.

      18. And so the assualt on America continues unabated since the military Neocon coup of 9/11/01.

        Notice well: the pigs that broke into this woman’s home will soon be promoted and receive commendations for a JOB WELL DONE. Just like promoting those pigs that assault grandmothers, wives and daughters for jaywalking or “looking sideways at them”….there is a WAR NOW, and best you pay attention NOW.

        The unstated, but plain to see objective, is total submission of the civilian population. Hiring and arming barely literate high school failures fresh from occupying nations that NEVER HARMED OR THREATENED AMERICA is PERFECT TRAINING to SUBDUE AMERICAN CIVILIANS.

        Again: best you pay attention…..NOW.

        • farang

          They lower the standards to become Policemen and Firemen.

          Must be very low standards to become a Politician.

          • There are NO standards for politician

            • Not Quite so: There is ONE main requirement for ALL Polititions….They Must attend a Pre-arranged visit to bang their skull cap wearing heads against the Israel Wailing Wall.(which used to orig be a Roman soldiers fortress outter wall to keep roman soldiers there safe from the many attacks, civil riots etc ceated by the pharisee rabbi leaders).

              Then once that obligatory Wailers wall head banging event is Fully Vidoe taped and documented for the world to see how usa polititions capitulate to every whim or want of their master race mentor talmudic bosses.

              A Mandatory Private Un documented meeting with a Dozen pharisee rabbis and another Dozen israel state oficials ensues….ONLY then can prospective polititions expect to recieve favorable usa major MSM TV approvals and praise.

              At That point their election Win is a shoe in so to speak.

              This is due to Nobody can today get elected without Massive amounts of $$$$$ Cash, as well as massive TV MSM approvals and Praise, and all such entities are owned and staffed and controled by the fellow traveler cousins of those in israel. AIPAC contains Over 65,000 Members!

              There are at least 300+ MORE similar tribal run orgs operating Both sides politically!…AIPAC=Neocons mostly, while ADL & SPLC function more so for Far left Marxists like Finsetine etc…Together they destory america and ALL You hold Dear.

          • to become a cop in MY town you just have to be able to walk a straight line, say your abc’s backwards(but only to the letter V), and bend your head back with both arms spread away from your side without falling over….you’re HIRED!

      19. Never go to a shrink

        • Exactly, if one pill “doesn’t make you happy” they will just keep on piling pill after pill until you are a zombie and dead inside, they will medicate everyone if they walk in the door, don’t fall for the trap, yep, life sucks real bad sometimes but no medication is going to make the pain of divorce loss of loved one ect ect ect go away, learn to deal with it, like generations before shrink were around, and suck it up and go on with life, it sucks sometimes, pills don’t fix it! It’s all a trap for your mind and your money!

        • what this ruling means is NO-ONE can go to ANY doctor and admit they have guns….or that they are FEELING suicidal….EVER! i have been to doctors a few times lately, and i see the question asked OFTEN….are there guns in your house?

        • When you have a skin disease, you go to a dermatologist.
          When you have heart disease, you go to a cardiologist.
          When you have a brain disease, you go to a psychologist.

          Medicine is not bad, as long as it’s used properly.

          As for “learn to deal with it… suck it up… pills don’t fix it”, you’re lucky you’ve never had a serious illness that needed medical attention, and someone telling you those stupid things.

          Being upset over a divorce will pass, but brain diseases are just like diabetes – it’s a chemical imbalance. Wishing won’t make it go away. And the longer it goes without treatment, the worse the permanent damage.

      20. This is a pretty important decision…and not a good one, I might add, for those of us who are against increasing the powers of the police state.

        Furthermore, since this 75 page opinion came out of the 7th circuit court…and not the crazy 9th circuit, it’s probably going to become frequently quoted case law in future cases which enable / support further empowerment of the police state.


        Krysta Sutterfield, back in 2010, was wrongly accused of openly carrying her weapon to a church service. For that, she won a judgement of 7500.00 bucks from the city of Milwaukee.

        Since then, she has had a couple of dealings with police along the same lines of open carry, licensing issues, etc. None of which she was ever convicted of anything.

        However, this latest case, gives me great cause of concern on motive of her and her lawyer.

        Quickly looking at the facts, Sutterfield was in the midst of receiving outpatient mental health services when she made an off the cuff remark that she was going to go home and blow her brains out.

        This, and the absence of a gun in her holster, caused the mental health doctor to notify police of the potential suicide risk….and then, as so widely reported, all the fireworks occurred.

        Well, after the whole thing played out, obviously, her lawyer got involved and immediately filed suit against the city of Wisconsin for all sorts of constitutional violations….which stinks so much like fame whore it almost makes me sick.

        The right strategy should have been to file a medical malpractice suit against the doctor and the hospital. After all, it was the doctor’s diagnosis that set all the police department actions in motion in the first place.

        Statements in the record clearly indicate that in addition to the “off the cuff suicidal remark,” the “absence of a gun” in Sutterfield’s holster and also possibly Sutterfield’s notoriety contributed to the diagnosis.

        This is almost kids stuff for any attorney worth his or her salt. Upon notification of the intent to sue, the hospital would have ponied up so much cash just to make this all go away….quietly. After all, the last thing a hospital wants is to find itself in the middle of a 2nd amendment issue.

        But no…fame whore lawyer instead, puts a lousy argument together knowing all the while that there is tons of settled law supporting mental health initiated searches.

        And what do we the people get in return…..more junk settled law that we will have to spend millions of dollars repealing in order to get back to the original intent of the constitution.

        Thanks a lot stupid lawyer.

        • As a follow up, think about this….

          All those kids who are currently attending school courtesy of the DREAM ACT, and majoring in “mental health” sciences will soon be graduating and fanning out across the U.S.

          Imagine if one or more start making blanket statements stating that anyone who disagrees with the current administration’s position on just about anything, is insane.

          Well guess what, according to the 7th circuit’s opinion, the police now have a vehicle by which they legally, without warrant, go in and take your weapons….all because a mental health professional 1 year out of college said so.

          Stranger things have happened.

        • “she made an off the cuff remark that she was going to go home and blow her brains out”

          Except that I didn’t say anything like that, ever, to anyone, other than in discussing this case and quoting what the police claim my doctor claimed I said.

          As for this not being the fault of police, they broke the law, they ignored their SOPs. Why shouldn’t they suffer the consequences?

          I’ve looked into a malpractice suit, and the lawyers I’ve talked to say they wouldn’t take the case. It seems pretty clear to me that lying about a patient and causing serious harm is malpractice, and if it isn’t it should be.

      21. When they kick down the door… I’m lighting it up like a christmas tree.

        I don’t hate police… I just hate the fact that if something goes wrong no cops ever goto jail. I’m not going to die because the some guy who could never join the military needs to get kill someone in combat.

        A cop just recently was guilty of brandishing a firearm. No charges were pressed from the DA. If that was you or me we’d be in jail. When those that enforce the laws no longer have to abide by them we’re in trouble. I think we’re there.

        • you really shouldn’t talk bad about the good cops in america….either one of them

          • BCD
            Thanks I hope you think I’m the one!

            • yup sarge, i DO!…your reputation here is stellar, and let me take this opportunity to thank you for all the good content you provide at this site….along with many others too….SHTFPLAN wouldn’t be worth reading without the comments section….no offense meant to mac. i’ve been reading it for several years now, and i just realized it’s probly my fave….no offense meant to karl denninger or mish..hee hee!… i read it for years without commenting, and just this last year or so decided to put in MY 2 cents.

      22. The laws that apply only apply when it is you applying them.
        Here in Canada our supreme court actually ruled that the police can break any law they choose without higher approval as long as the circumstances so not bring the institution of the police into disrepute. Or better saying 51% good versus 49% bad. That is why they push so hard when searching a vehicule or person if they decide they want to persecute you.
        Ever pay attention to what an officer says?
        Like zombies themselves (or maybe just to protect their own butts from lawsuits) any time they are detaining you which to anybody but a police officer means you are keeping me from what I was doing, they will automatically start saying you are not being detained.
        Or if they are arresting you or bringing you in even if you are unconscious they will be saying stop resisting.
        If nothing comes from it they drop all questions if they want to hold you or press onto other charges it is on record.

      23. Also they use phone jammers regularly at border checkpoints and where there is police activity in cities to stop anyone from either informing others or getting evidence of wrongdoing out into the world.

      24. Won’t be long now eh?

      25. A hollow point with the tip of a concrete nail epoxied in it will go through a lot. Right through 3/8 a36 plate steel with a .45 acp pushing it. Crayon wax in a 12guage birdshot round melted in so that all shot is one wax and shot is just as deadly as a slug.. Course concrete nail tips in a 12 guage is wicked too. Not much will stop it. Hmmm…

        • How about 30-06 armor piercing rounds in an M1 Garand? That’s what I have ready to go when the criminals come to my door.

          • At close range the ’06 in a Garand goes through 2 inch bridge girders pretty well and does a good job on engine blocks. The old AP had a tungsten core if memory serves.

            It’s an old one, a good one, and the one I learned on.

            Don’t know about the latest steel and ceramic plates??????
            I would have to see it to believe it.

            Regardless, I would not want to be on the receiving end.

            • I found a video on youtube of someone shooting the old 06 armor piercing round through today’s steel plates for body armor. The bullet made a nice, clean hole and kept on going.

        • This will not penetrate body armor, such as AR500.

          Keep your heads on a swivel.

        • Kulafarmer,
          The company that I used to work for hauled the coffins that everyone was freaked out about for a while.
          We looked at them took pictures and talked among ourselves
          but since we were picking them up from the factory near Salmon Arm, BC, Canada and delivering them to the United States we never really worried too much.
          If they had of been delivered to places near where we lived we might have gotten excited.
          My friends hauled many loads of them.
          Pretty soon after some of them started to refuse to come down to the States any more.
          I have never hauled them myself, but, I have seen many and took pictures. The plans they made long ago are apparent now I think.

          • I stopped seeing the coffins for a while but then starting seeing them again loaded on flatbed trailers in the open in Wisconsin. Lots of military bases and such there.
            Have been seeing lots of Class 1.2,1.3,1.4 explosives being hauled around by midsize companies in the Pacific NorthWest and Central North States these past few months too. These Drivers will not talk. Look up the U.N. classifications of what they are.

      26. ‘…the court may have just created a legal loophole for law enforcement officials around the country, giving them immunity from Constitutional violations…’

        Maybe so, but they are NOT immune to the business end of my firearms,

        Molon Labe, fellas.

      27. This would be a life ending situation if someone entered my
        house with no invitation !

      28. Sorry for being MIA the last few weeks. My hubby had his open heart surgery and then a second to fix a punctured lung. It’s been a roller coaster.

        I wanted to say thank you for the prayers. Tomatoes and cucumbers should be in soon.

        • will continue to keep you both in our prayers

        • Water:
          I’m praying for you. I hope that you and yours are doing much better.
          My Garden looks good.
          Tomatoes. Potatoes, Bells, and Peas are doing great.

      29. Russia, China Plan to Expand Payments in National Currencies

        SHANGHAI, May 20 (RIA Novosti) – Russia and China are planning to increase the volume of direct payments in mutual trade in their national currencies, according to a joint statement on a new stage of comprehensive partnership and strategic cooperation signed during high-level talks in Shanghai on Tuesday.
        “The sides intend to take new steps to increase the level and expansion of spheres of Russian-Chinese practical cooperation, in particular to establish close cooperation in the financial sphere, including an increase in direct payments in the Russian and Chinese national currencies in trade, investments and loan services,” the statement said.

        Russia, China to Closely Collaborate on Foreign Policy – Putin

        SHANGHAI, May 20 (RIA Novosti) – Russia and China have agreed to more closely cooperate on foreign policy matters, Russian President Vladimir Putin said after talks with Chinese President Xi Jinping on Tuesday.
        “We agreed to cooperate more closely on our foreign policy steps, including within the framework of the UN, BRICS and APEC,” said Putin.
        According to the Russian president, Moscow and Beijing have a similar position on many international issues.
        “We have common priorities on both a global and regional scale,” said Putin.

      30. Studying that photograph of the jackbooted thug cockroach preparing to swing that big door buster of his into the door, made me remember an episode of ‘Burn Notice’ that I watched not long ago.

        In the episode, two of the main characters were involved in an investigation of the ‘bad guy of the week’, and when they found out where he lived – they were going to pick the lock on his door, sneak in while he wasn’t around, and snoop through his apartment to look for information that might tell them more about the guy. Well, anyway, this bad guy had set up a claymore and rigged it to the door – so, if anyone decided to open the door without first taking measures to disarm the claymore – the claymore would go boom and send whoever was within 10 or 15 feet of the door straight to Hell without passing ‘go’ and collecting $200 smackaroonies.

        Makes me think about how funny it would be to see a picture of a jackboot laying on a slab down at the morgue with one of those big door busters sticking out of his ass.

      31. Here all my life I believed that those who fremed our counstitioun & bill of rights. They believed it was preferable that ten guilty should go free rather than one innocent unjustly have their rights violated?

      32. If a doctor asks you if you ever considered suicide ask them “if you were trapped in a burning car and you could feel the searing heat and no help coming would you consider suicide?”

      33. You can bet that this law will be abused every time TPTB need to. Lawyers are trained to win arguments, and not trained to tell the truth. The technicalities of the law are given greater weight than the truth. It will be of great interest to me to see how they fair when The Almighty comes calling.

        • …Ever seen sawdust go up in a forest fire? That’s how they’ll fare.

      34. My 87yr old father-in-law spent 3 days in a hospital psych ward when one of his sons mentioned to the Doctor at a regular visit, that Dad had wanted to just “go on”. The Dr asked if Dad had a gun in the house? Answer yes, one he had picked up during WW2. Well, that Dr called an ambulance and sent Dad straight to the psych ward without even asking the family’s permission.
        Boom–done before we could do anything to stop it. Took us three days to convince the Drs there that he wasn’t a threat to himself or anyone else. Hubby had to promise to lock up the WW2 piece so Dad couldn’t get it.

        The worst part was to see how QUICKLY Dad got taken away.

      35. And things like this come to pass because of the myth that has been drilled into the people’s head that police are “heroes” and “put their life on the line” on a daily basis. They themselves believe this and believe they are above the common man and above his laws and can do no wrong.

        The real story of your local yokel is more akin to Chief Wiggum and the Lard Lad Donut Shop. Bumbling fools with arrest quotas to meet. Andrenaline junkies that get pleasure from yelling “Stop Resisting!” to granny as she flops around on the ground with two taser darts in her. Strutting around with one hand on their gun and the other on their dick.

      36. This gal has nobody to blame but herself.
        It is because of lawsuits, and the outcry of the public about “do nothing” police, that it has come to this.
        She made a stupid statement, true or not, to her shrink, and she got the attention she wanted.
        So, before you go boo-hooing about killing yourself to your doc, on Facebook, or on Twitter, there will be some action by the police to ensure the persons safety if somebody calls the police saying that Susy posted on Facebook that she’s going to take 30 Ambien.
        It’s the old saying, “don’t draw attention to yourself if you don’t want it” …..

        • Except that I never said anything like what they’re claiming I said, and I didn’t want attention.
          Don’t believe what the police say.
          I’ve had them lie under oath about me. Won the case anyway.

      37. Just remember, kiddies: hips and heads – takes a man out of the fight damn quick.

      38. This article just proves the futility of trying to function as a non-Christ-centered society. America was great until the leftist God-haters took control.
        If America is ever going to regain its greatness, it will be because Americans kneel to Christ.
        Not before then.

        • A Third of america already is kneeling to Israel! awaiting all them great Godly Blessings pastors advised them they will get for doing so..

          One Look back at past 50+ yrs of america ever sinse such foolishness has occured by those deluded souls, and if Thats what americas blessings for unquestioned defense and support of rabid state of aparthied israel gets america?…..NO THANKS Pastors!

          With such great best friends and allies as israel and its accociated tribe…Who ever needs enemys?

          The big delema is will those delsional souls ever awaken to this fraud?

      39. and
        they can kick in my door and get blown back out of it with my 12 gauge too

        you play the game , you takes your chances

        friggen idiots

        • VRF:

          Agreed. Love the 12 gauge for just such a reason.


          KySSG . . . out.

          • SSG.
            One 12GA. ain’t enough always have at least two on stand by. Defense of the house on the inside, there is nothing better than a 12Ga.
            Like me I have no neighbors so 00 buck is my choice. I don’t care about exit holes!!!

            • yep 00 buck shot and maybe even a few 1.5 OZ slugs alternating in the magazine

              • i like birdshot myself….makes a nasty hole from a few feet away. and if you want to not kill, just wish they weren’t there, then let ’em get 75yards away and send ’em off with a pat on the ASS!

                • 00 Buck is a decent round, but I prefer these:

                  h t tp://

                  Nothing like steel to take the head off with one shot, or cut a torso in half with one shot. The jack booted thugs WON’T be getting back up after one hit either.

                  Why arm for bear, when you can arm for T-Rex?

                • don’t forget to DOUBLETAP!!

      40. Until full-fledged organized rebellion occurs maybe the best policy is to just develop a “gray man” profile (lay low and stay off the radar). I know that’s not always possible, but it seems that once you are on the radar (aka watch list) it’s only a matter of time before they come for you.

      41. Where is the MENTAL SCREENING on that judge? The POlice better START with any firearms he has ….. because he is obviously.INCAPABLE OF MAKING RATIONAL DECISIONS.
        NEVER say anything to any doctor about anything. You no longer have any confidentiality/privacy. Your doctor is just a SNITCH

      42. Okay, note to self. NEVER see a psychiatrist, and NEVER see a doctor unless absolutely necessary. In the event that you have to, say as little as possible.

      43. you hear the door bashed in

        rule #1..change your instinct to confront it out your bedroom door.

        grab your shot gun roll out the window and flank the sons of bitches!

        No one wants to play at my house, Cause I like to think outside the box

        • VRF.
          That is the last thing you want to do.
          There will be LEO’s out side guarding the out side of the house just for this response.
          Please don’t try this.

          • Crap!

            • well than
              good steel door , good bolts into the floor and jambs..
              maybe some claymores (sp) a cup of coffee and wait til they breech ?

              I know they wont like to come thru a window..because that would be like shooting fish in a barrel , not easy to climb thru , and its one at a time

              This shit needs to stop, or completely blow up in their face..seems they have become so sick with their tactics lately Im begining to feel I dont belong here

              theres probably no way to truly combat this
              and im not fooling anyone saying I’d react properly to this type of invasion

              its just not one should live in fear in their own home
              maybe if a few of these cops had their family home breached like this they would think better of it..maybe that needs to be arranged

              • it WILL be arranged VRF,… patience grasshoppuh…seriously though, i just read a story this morning about the whole police dept being FIRED in a florida town…..why in THE FUCK don’t the citizens surround the jails in these towns where they are killing the citizens for no reason, and PUT THESE SONSoBICHES IN PRISON!….why, america(ns) ??REALLY!…serious question….these florida cops were found to be extorting money, under color of authority, and they let them off with just firing them? i guess it’s justUS for the cops?at a minimum these guys need to be left in a ditch, naked and bleeding….from an ORIFICE!

              • They’ll use artillery and air raids (SERIOUSLY!!!!). They’ll die to keep anyone from resisting them. Many will say “so be it”!

            • VRF
              I told you guys if I could help I would. The INFO I gave you is for a fight against the BAD LEO’s.

              • ALL Leo’s are bad. There is NO exception.

        • my gay cousin says he likes to think “outside the box” too. LOL

          • Hahhahaah

      44. Want to know who is to blame for this B.S.? Go look in a mirror! We all have let them get away with this c**p
        for too long by choosing the lesser of two evils when we vote, and by waiting for others to do something about all that we know is wrong out there. All you “patriots”
        out there wanting to go all postal on the government… where were you when they took prayer out of schools and banned Christmas calling it Happy Holidays? Eventually you need to pay the piper, and you end up with the government you DESERVE, such is the cost for neglecting to safeguard what you have received freely through others sacrifices.

      45. I know Krysta personally and she has been the target of rogue police for quite some time. IIRC there are at least 3 separate offenses by the police against her. What this article doesn’t tell you is that the first “officer” at her front door (9 hours after her doctor called the police) was in plain clothes and would not show police I.D. to Krysta. Krysta told her if the police wanted to talk to her to show up in uniform with a patrol car in plain site. Next thing you know they kick her door in, throw her to the floor and cuff her. They did NOT come back nicely and knock first. That is untrue. The rogue cops ransacked her house and one of the criminals yelled at her while she was cuffed on the floor “Where are the fucking guns!?!?!” over and over. It was all about taking her guns from her. Krysta is very well composed and has gone through this kind of violent behavior from cops before so she responded..”On your hips”. She is one gutsy woman.
        A few years ago before Wisconsin had concealed carry in effect you had to open carry so she did and still does. She was at church one day open carrying and at the end of service some women were speaking with her and asked about her handgun. She explained it all to them and there was no problem…well, one of the women called the local police to inquire about the legality of open carry and the next thing you know as Krysta was leaving the church parking lot several police cars come screaming up and surround her car. The cops jump out with guns pointed at her and yell at her to get out of the car. She gets out, locks the doors and pockets the keys (smart!). The criminal cops had to call a female officer there to get the keys and illegally open her car and illegally search it. They took her to the police station and kept her for a few hours looking for something to charge her with. When they couldn’t find anything they let her go. She sued and won and they paid her a nice sum of money for violating her rights. Next event was the home invasion in this article. After that on 1 November, 2011 Krysta was sitting in her car late at night in the parking lot of a local restaurant she frequents. The owner knows Krysta and said she could park in his lot anytime to use the free Wi-Fi. That is what she was doing. She was posting on in the Wisconsin section when she was surrounded by cops. She was open carrying legally in accordance with the new law that went into effect on 1 November, 2011. One of the female cops there said Krysta had concealed her pistol but if it was concealed how did they see it on her right hip? This was also in Milwaukee (church event was in Brookfield). They pulled her out of the car and cuffed her and then illegally searched her car. In the trunk they found her gun safe which was locked and illegally picked the lock, opened the safe and took her handguns. They charged her with all kinds of bullshit and she had a jury trial. They found her not guilty for a concealed weapon offense. The city tried to get her for loitering. Bastards. Anyway, it took her awhile and she eventually got her guns back. Oh, one more thing. When she went to get her guns back after the home invasion the people working in the property department would not give her the ammunition the cops took on the same day she got her hanguns back. She called the officer in charge of releasing her property while standing in front of the property window…all on video. The two property clerks then enter the hallway and attack her because she would not sign for the handgun until she found out why she couldn’t get the ammo back. Interesting isn’t it? The rule is that ammo has to go back on a different day. I guess the cops figure you will load up and go on a shoot out. Right. Milwaukee police department is probably the most corrupt in Wisconsin. Even the chief of police, Flynn has committed felonies while he has been the police chief and he has never been charged with a crime. A few years ago the assistant police chief was caught while off duty late at night with another man in a dark alley sitting in his car. What were they doing? The assistant police chief retired instead of having everything exposed. Also, it has been discovered that the Milwaukee police department has a “Black Beret” division that goes around instilling “Justice” whenever and wherever they want. This was exposed a few years ago and supposed doesn’t exist but….tell that to those that were beaten and robbed by them.

        • Great background info on the original story, thank you!

        • Jack, I don’t know who you are, but thank you.
          You’ve stated just about everything absolutely correct.

          If anyone is interested, here’s the video of the attack at the police property room.

          • No problem Krysta! Last time I saw you was at the Wisconsin Carry members meeting a short while back. Stay safe!

          • Krysta, the video is private. Can you make it public?

      46. This is BULLS$%T! These judges think they are gods. They are traders to the Constitution!

        NOT ON MY WATCH!

        I will do what ever I can to hit the alarm and let people know that they are doing this.

        Now If they are a threat that we have seen, or make threats to other people. Where I work we will get a warrant. Now if they have B.S. like they are talking about here. I will do what I can to stop it. There is only a slim chance that I would be out numbered. But if the County gets to order There might be a fight in our city.

        Its coming get ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      47. Dead entry teams tell no tales.

      48. Raining right now in NorCal……Yeah !!!

        If anybody can break down your door to gain access to your digs, get a better door.

        Force multipliers, hardened entry points, and a trusted neighbor to provide flanking options helps me to sleep well at night.

        I pity the fool who would try to breech my abode. Choke points…all of ’em. Fish in a barrel. Make ’em play by your rules.

        …..I aim to misbehave…..Mal Reynolds.

        ….be safe………BA.

      49. Police have been doing that for some time now. If you get arrested for certain crimes like domestic battery or any gun offense, they will show up at your residence and take your stuff.

        • The Domestic violence Bullshit! Yes Bullshit. Is just to take your guns.

          There are some Domestic Batteries where he/she should be arrested.

          Here is where I have a problem with it.
          #1 We have to arrest someone. It is usually the one that is beat up the least. If we don’t we can be arrested.
          #2 The couple is always getting back together in a few weeks and you will have another Domestic. They will get back together again. This happens over and over again.
          #3 The one that is the victim won’t show up in court.
          #4 The real BULLSHIT is it was made retroactive. The laws didn’t come into effect until the 90’s. If you committed it in 1960’s you can loose your guns, and your job.

          • Sgt Dale, I respect you very much. I know not every LEO is bad. We all appreciate your insight on these matters. I wish you lived in my town because these clowns here are all drunk, drug toting. I’ve had one officer show up because of a rabid raccoon. He pulled out a 22 rifle, dropped the first round, finally gets it in, shoots and hits the house. Grabs a second round, drops it again, finally loads it, raises with shaky hands, fires again and only wounds it……..FROM 10′ AWAY! I don’t know if I should be afraid they’re that bad or excited lmao

            • Mailguy:
              To be completely honest with you. I would rather go up against some of the cops I have tried to train to shoot than some of the great folks on this site. The folks on this site can shoot. Most cops couldn’t hit a bull in the A%^ with a base fiddle.
              The worst shots I have ever seen were cops. Shooting at a man size target you might have 2 in the 10 ring and that is it out of 50 rds.. Most of them are all over the target. Their targets look like they shot it with 00 buck three times at 50 yards.
              If you see drunk or drugged up cops report them to the Chief of police or sheriff, and take pictures. Don’t let them know that you took the pictures. If the City Fathers don’t do anything. Go to the NEWS in your area. Don’t put up with this S%^T!

        • My brother-in-law had all his guns taken away for a year, even the non-functional musket above his fireplace. His crime? He got a BS speeding ticked from a local cop that didn’t like him, and wiped buffalo shite on it before he mailed it back. He was convicted of the federal crime “Sending Filthy Mail,” I shite you not!!!

          He fixed them though, after he got his guns back he ran for mayor of his little TX town and won, then fired all the cops and hired new ones!

      50. I am blessed to live where the local Sheriff serves the people. While in the hospital, my house was burglarized. My sister told an Officer where my .45 was hidden, and he took it to her motel room to save me a ton of paperwork to retrieve it.

        • well, there’s ONE good cop in america!….now then….where’s the OTHER one located?

          • He’s on this forum…

      51. If anyone is interested in the “facts” please go to and go to the “Wisconsin” forum. Search for “MKEgal”. Here are two relevant links:


        Krysta is appealing to SCOTUS. I doubt SCOTUS will take the case since they have been infiltrated and now work for the Obama Regime.

        • The first post in the “raising funds to appeal to SCOTUS” thread has info on how to donate to support getting this case overturned.

        • Like Obama and the rest of deep government works for Cheney and ilk….

      52. Krysta’s original post from 2011 about this mess:

        In March 2011 I got some very bad news just before walking into a doctor’s appointment.
        I was upset. I talked with the doctor about it. She wanted me to “voluntarily” spend the night on the psych ward. I wasn’t going to do that. I left. She called police. (So much for being voluntary.)
        Somewhere along the line, either she or the police came up with the idea that I had threatened to shoot myself. (I hadn’t.)

        The police came to my home 9 hours later, 4 hours after my doctor knew I was OK & her judgment had been wrong, broke open the door, tackled me, searched the house, stole one of my pistols & several of my ccl’s from a locked case, handcuffed me, & hauled me away to be “evaluated”. (Never mind that my own doctor had already done that.)

        This is a 2A case because the reason the local PD pursued me so fanatically is that they know (and don’t like) that I carry. When they attacked me, tackled me to the floor in my living room, their questions were, “how many guns are in the house?!”, and “where are the guns?!”.
        Also, I’ve already won several court cases for their wrongful acts against me. They don’t like that either.

        Under the pretext of searching for “lurking confederates”, they broke into a locked case, which was in an opaque gym bag, which was in a room away from where they’d attacked me, and stole not only the pistol but also several of my ccl’s from various states and a non-working BB pistol.
        They claimed this was for my own protection… but they didn’t remove any other means I could have used to harm myself.

        The court said that search & seizure was illegal, but gave them a pass because the cops claimed they didn’t know it was wrong.
        That needs to be reversed.
        We also need to re-establish that “exigent circumstances” does not include them forcing their way into someone’s home hours after someone has made an unsubstantiated allegation.
        They need to be held accountable for not using the resources available to them, preferring to employ brute force.

        And it’d be nice if in the future, anyone thinking about taking such drastic action (breaking into a home, kidnapping the owner, etc.) would have to have not only some proof of their intended victim having made dangerous statements or done dangerous actions (not just someone’s word), but also a warrant.
        The court objects to police being required to get a warrant to do what they did to me, because supposedly there isn’t a warrant type that would cover it.

        Not my problem. The Constitution says police need a warrant.

      53. So the court has ruled that the police do NOT have to follow the rules or the Constituton, nor is there a real limit to their authority. This abuse will expand as other situations occur, where it will be determined that a warrent is not needed.
        Perfect “Oh shit” storm: LEOs are shooting to kill, at whim and getting away with it. And now they can kick in any ones door without a warrent. This is not going to end well

      54. First off,sue the shrink,get his medical license pulled.Try to get NRA involved. Go to Supreme Court. This is everyones fight

        • The lawyers I’ve talked to say they won’t take the case. I’d think that lying about a patient and causing so much harm would definitely be malpractice, so their attitude puzzles me.

          And we are appealing to SCOTUS.
          This will be expensive (my lawyer says that just printing the things to do the filing of the appeal can be “a couple thousand dollars”), so we’re asking for help.

          You could choose to send something directly to my lawyer, marked as being for my case:
          John Monroe; 9640 Coleman Rd.; Roswell, GA; 30075
          JRM AT

          Or through PayPal (though they take a cut): AT

          I’m not going to post my address, but it’s easy enough to find with something like if you’d prefer to send something here.
          (You can imagine that with reports like this circulating, making me look crazy and unstable, it’s impossible to find a job. I’m struggling.)

          If anyone works at or owns a printing company which could either donate the printing or do it at cost (it takes special paper), please contact John.

      55. This is old news…this has been happening in the poor white, black and latino “ghettos” since the early 19th century, but when it was happening there nobody outside gave a shit. Well now the beasts are starting to feed on their own, and now its a thang. Remember, the ghettos and minorities are where the devils beta test their evils before springing them upon society as a whole….you aint seen nothing yet….(slap) wake up!

        • Surprise… I am poor, and white, and live in a majority-black neighborhood.

          My boyfriend saw someone get knifed in front of the house one afternoon, and I’ve had a gang of feral teen boys (yes, black) come after me just a couple houses from my home.

          The main difference between me & many of my neighbors is that I’m highly educated and I have connections to some very good lawyers, so I can fight back.

          • And you are always armed. Same here Krysta! I’ve known you for a bunch of years. Can’t post my real name online. I’m going to donate to your legal battles again. Take care.

      56. *Facepalm <.<
        Someone call the police and submit a complaint that, that this judge just might be in danger, a danger to himself.
        Let the swat police RAID his home for his safety. Just a thought.

        • and every cop SWAT operative

          let them feel this up close and personal

          War is War..and this is fair game

        • “The good news is! El Nino is a known quantity!”

          The bad news is the Pacific Ocean is f**king radioactive…

      57. when they do wrong , we get killed, when we do wrong we get killed

        seems to me thats a no win when your asked when the war starts

        the right answer already has and your late to the party

        • also asked is,, will they fire upon us?..they already are

      58. Every person who uses this Doctor should leave him high and dry..

        • Actually, she’s a she.
          Michelle Bentle.

      59. With abuses like this and the other scandals plaguing the present Administration is it any wonder that “officially” the rate of firearm ownership is slipping? Why would Americans be honest with a Government that is less than honest with them?

        • My question is,
          Why would anyone give a crap what the government thinks anymore, prepare for the worst, hope for the best, resist with all you have!

          • Off Topic

            Did anyone notice that Thailand declared martial law yesterday?

      60. Given the direness of the times… what else could you possibly expect…

      61. Muy buena agina

      62. Surprise… ._.


        They’ve been wiping their ass with it so much lately, one more skid mark fails to shock me.

      63. Pagina sorry.

      64. Yeah saw that. Hell how many coups have they had in the past? 25…30?

      65. The article title is incomplete and misleading. The court decision was based on police action against someone who had threatened to commit suicide. The ruling doesn’t affect every single citizen. The way it stands now maybe it affects 1 in 500 people.

        • I think the problem is in giving the power to the police powers to decide “when” it is the best interest of the person involved. As we can see right now, cops can shoot just about any damn thing they want and they fall back on “I felt threatened”. This is an ambiguous statement that will typically side with the government employee in any court case. The police have simply been given too much power at this point as is happening to most all govt agencies.

        • Except that I didn’t threaten to commit suicide!

          The doctor lied when she told police (in her phone call) that I had “suicidal ideation”, and it appears that the police blew that up into “I’m going to blow my brains out”.

          If I’d actually said that, first I would have expected the police response.
          Second, I’d expect that the doctor would have told the calltaker what I’d said, instead of being vague & clinical as she was doing.

      66. Her doctor should be held accountable for violating doctor/patient confidentiality. But, I guess that accountibility for crimes only occurs in other-than-liberal worlds. Obama’s turn at a military tribunal for treason, murder, and usurpation of the executive office of the USA is long overdue. Then the 535 Congressional cowards. Next, the nine unSupreme traitors, then finally, Obama’s staff.

      67. In the end, what this means is: People will not seek counseling for issues out of fear of busybody idiot Phds calling the police and ruining their lives.

        Mental health “professionals” with agendas and militarized gung-ho cops with door-kicker hard-ons are the REAL problem here.

        Just wait until they pull this totalitarian sh*t on someone with family members who have a mind for revenge. It’s gonna get REAL.

      68. well, there are going to be many dead cops then…sadly. Their families might be well advised to make arrangement to go into hiding as well , just saying. Not a threat mind you. It’s just going to be a consequents of their actions- there is always blow back

      69. Would a safe bolted to the floor of my basement stop them? I was thinking about buying one but it’s useless if they can bust right in.

        • Depends on what kind of safe it is. Go to youtube and check out the safe busting videos. Anyone can open a gun safe in under a minute. Most safes can be opened in less than thirty seconds. Sad, but true….

          • Oh yeah that’s right, thanks for the info. Plan B it is.

      70. First off, I have never said anything like “I’m going to blow my brains out”, other than when quoting what the police claim my ex-doctor claims I said.
        If I had, I would have expected the police to track me down & haul me off to the looney bin.

        Secondly, we are appealing this very bad 4A ruling to SCOTUS.
        This will be expensive (my lawyer says that just printing the things to do the filing of the appeal can be “a couple thousand dollars”), so we’re asking for help.

        You could choose to send something directly to my lawyer, marked as being for my case:
        John Monroe; 9640 Coleman Rd.; Roswell, GA; 30075
        JRM AT

        Or through PayPal (though they take a cut): AT

        I’m not going to post my address, but it’s easy enough to find with something like if you’d prefer to send something here. (You can imagine that with reports like this circulating, making me look crazy and unstable, it’s impossible to find a job. I’m struggling.)

        If anyone works at or owns a printing company which could either donate the printing or do it at cost (it takes special paper), please contact John.

      71. “officer James Floriani observed a compact disc carrying case in plain view”
        A complete lie. The locked case was in my gym bag, which certainly did not make it “in plain view”.
        And since they claim they were searching for “lurking confederates”, why look in a gym bag or CD case at all? Why look under my couch cushions, or in my sewing supplies? It’s obvious none of those could hide a person.

        “There is no suggestion that (police) acted for any reason other than to protect Sutterfield from harm.”

        Then why were their second & third questions “WHERE ARE THE GUNS?” and “HOW MANY GUNS ARE IN THE HOUSE?”?
        (Their first question can be heard on the 911 call, where they ask if there’s anyone else in the house.)

        And why didn’t they take the pistol which was sitting out in plain view in my bedroom?
        And why didn’t they take the knives?
        The various medicines?
        My car keys, motorcycle keys?
        Heck, with as cold as it was that day, I could have lain in the back yard & died of hypothermia in the 9 hours it took them to find me!

        (And I’d been home since before 5, talked with my doctor about 5, she knew I was fine, but apparently didn’t think she needed to tell the police yet again that I was OK.
        Again? Oh yeah, didn’t they mention that?
        We traded voice mail messages about 2:30 or 3pm, so she knew I was OK then, and called police.
        But while they took the time to find out where I’d bought my car, and call the dealer to get info on my car – why not just use the DMV registration info? – they didn’t bother to ask my doctor for my phone numbers, or even look in the phone book. )

        BTW, they ignored the department SOP about both “missing persons” and “mentally ill persons”. Ignored the fact that the SOP says in cases like this one they’re supposed to either call the county’s crisis team for evaluation on scene or tell me to call my doctor.

      72. “they are protected by qualified immunity”

        Just following orders.

        Plunder: How Public Employee Unions Are Raiding Treasuries, Controlling Our Lives and Bankrupting the Nation by Steven Greenhut

        One Nation Under Arrest: How Crazy Laws, Rogue Prosecutors and Activist Judges Threaten You Liberty by Reosenzweig & Walsh

        Mean Justice: A true account of a prosecutorial misconduct, power and betrayal by Edward Humes

        Jury Handbook

        Battle for the California Desert: Better Homes and Gardens Gestapo/Code Enforcement

        • Wow..made my hair stand on end….

      73. Why isn’t anyone in the Media or for that matter in the Alternative media publicizing/discussing the fact that Israel has now closed all of its Embassies worldwide?

        Someone help me understand the non-publicity and its implications.

      74. I’m late to the party again.

        Before everyone panics, this decision DOES NOT create a mandatory precedent for law enforcement “all over the country.”

        Decisions of the USCA for the Seventh Circuit are mandatory authority ONLY within the 7th Circuit, which is Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin.

        It may be PERSUASIVE authority elsewhere, but other Circuit and lower courts are NOT obliged to follow it.

        Therefore, it does NOT give LE in the other 47 states carte blanche to do anything.

        The lesson I take from this is, be careful of how you jest in front of a psychiatrist.

        They are mostly statists, and professionally acculturated to take threats of suicide, no matter how jocular, seriously.

        But if you want to read this as “evidence” that the sky is falling and we should all run in circles screaming and shouting, be my guest.

        Yet one more example of people with insufficient information hastily jumping to conclusions that please them.

      75. Coming to a mandatory “Affordable Healthcare” “screening” (interrogation) for direction to a “quarantine” center (concentration camp) near you: “anything you say (or your loved ones, or anyone says about you or themselves) can and will be used against you” (and against your loved ones who’ll be segregated from you for their, or, for your “safety”…).

      76. Why is it the government are the only ones who see “If’s, and’s or But’s” in the constitution?
        I’ve read it and don’t see those waivers anywhere?

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