Shock Brexit Victory Sends Pound Plummeting As Gold Soars: “All Hell Is Breaking Loose”

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    Image: Creative Commons CC0

    The full meaning of Britain’s decision to leave the EU will only be appreciated in due time, but already it is causing some earth-shattering side effect.

    The financial markets and central banks are trying to reassure investors to keep calm and carry on, insisting that the historic drops in the British Pound are only part of temporary turbulence.

    After all the highly dramatic and strange events leading up to the Brexit referendum – including the shock murder of MP Jo Cox and the bizarre heavy rains and lightning storms on the eve of the vote – it is somewhat surprising that Britain indeed voted to leave the European Union, however narrowly at 52-48%.

    Figures great and small weighed in, and in many cases made dramatic pleas making the idea of leaving the EU seem like an earth shattering prospect.

    The world’s most powerful bankers threatened financial chaos, too. The likes of Soros, Rothschild and several important figures at Bilderberg all warned that a Brexit would usher in great financial pain (one only wondered if it would be at their own hands).

    And it seems they were right – the victory for the “leave” campaign has triggered a massive shock response, which has only begun to play out for currencies and markets.

    Though there are many positive aspects to a sovereign nation reclaiming its sovereignty from a bureaucratic superstate, a wave of chaos has indeed been unleashed.

    It seems history was made last night.

    Significantly, David Cameron, who was vehemently against the Brexit, has announced his intent to step down as Prime Minister in October, as he claimed he would while campaigning to remain in the EU.

    Here’s his resignation speech:

    Meanwhile, the British Pound is plummeting as global trade reacts to the shocking vote, dropping more than 7% against the dollar in the hours following the results of the referendum.

    The exchange rate numbers are changing from moment to moment, but dipped as low as 1.22 GBP to EUR.

    The pound dropped significantly against virtually every major currency, in large part because many investors had been betting on Britain “remaining.”

    Since that didn’t happen, we’re witnessing a bit of market turbulence, at least in the short term.

    As reported:

    The pound has fallen to its lowest level in 30 years after the UK defied market expectations to vote to Leave the European Union.


    In the event, the Brexit win was large and markets quickly got the hint that this Referendum was not the one-way bet for Remain that had been expected.


    Moreover, the Bank of England cautioned that there would be some uncertainty in the next few weeks, but indicated that the longer term would normalize. Bank of England governor Mark Carney gave a speech following the results:

    Inevitably, there will be a period of uncertainty and adjustment following this result.


    Some market and economic volatility can be expected as this process unfolds.

    But we are well prepared for this. The Treasury and the Bank of England have engaged in extensive contingency planning and the chancellor and I have been in close contact, including through the night and this morning.

    The Bank will not hesitate to take additional measures as required as those markets adjust and the UK economy moves forward.

    Relatively large numbers of people were trading British pound sterling for safer havens in various foreign currencies, and especially gold and silver ahead of the Brexit vote, with uncertainty about the outcome weighing heavily on financial interests.

    The big winner, as far as currencies are concerned, appears to be gold, which soared to new heights as the Pound and Euro began a panicky decoupling process:

    Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 5.04.41 AM

    As Bloomberg noted:

    Gold rallies as much as 8.1 percent to $1,358.54 an ounce, highest since March 2014

    [O]il sank to about $47 a barrel and industrial metals slumped. The yen surged and gold soared with U.S., German and Japanese bonds as investors piled into havens. European stocks and U.S. futures tumbled as Asian equities dropped by the most in five years.


    “All hell is breaking loose,” says Vishnu Varathan, a senior economist in Singapore at Mizuho Bank Ltd. “The only surefire is you buy yen, you buy U.S. Treasuries, you buy gold, and you sit tight.”


    “Gold will be a preferred safe-haven asset with a ‘Leave’ vote,” said Barnabas Gan, an economist at Singapore-based Oversea-Chinese Banking Corp, who forecast that it could rally to as much as $1,400 if ‘Remain’ loses. Bullion’s expected to remain volatile until the final verdict is out, according to Gan.


    “Equity futures, gold, U.K. bank and insurance stocks are all sounding off their market stress sirens, and the funding market will go into its usual precautionary mode,” said Sean Keane, an Auckland-based analyst at Triple T Consulting…

    How deeply this pivotal decision – largely against predictions that the EU would remain integrated – will affect the economy in the long run remains to be seen.

    It is likely enough that everyone will adjust in the next few weeks and things will even out after that. On the other hand, if this earth shattering news coincides with other large-scale events, the fallout could only intensify.

    The global markets are so intertwined at this point that anything could happen, and virtually everything could be toppled over with the right crisis.

    For today, it is enough to wish the British people good fortune in their bold electoral victory in reclaiming sovereignty and defying the status quo.

    As for the rest of us, it should serve as a reminder that this world is not fixed, and that the very foundations of world power are subject to shift, crumble or be upended altogether.

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      1. For the brits the next step should be to start taking the banksters out one by one.

        • “Shock Brexit” ??? I don’t think so. You heard it hear less than a week ago when someone here said that the “UK will exit the EU” while the entire Western world believed that the UK would “Remain” and all the polls confirmed that belief in the integrity of the European Union.

          Who was that masked man ??? Its in the archives. 🙂

          • DK;
            Good call DK. I want you to reassure me that had it gone the other way you would have come on as quickly to throw yourself on your sword. (smiley face)

            • Skeptic: Thank you. I just call ’em like I SEE ’em. 🙂

              BTW, this is NOT the end of the EU folks; it is the beginning. Bible prophecy is VERY specific about this: three nations exit the EU, and the anti-Christ rises …. in EUROPE. Greece is likely number two as most of you have already surmised.

              The decline in the markets due to BREXIT has been a good thing. It moderates the froth. Markets will continue “CHOPPY” for the next year, as I predicted last August/September.

              Don’t panic My Peeps. But keep stackin N packin while time is with you. 🙂

        • Essentially today’s EU is exactly everything Hitler wanted, minus the Aryan component. Nice to see the Brits got some backbone.

          KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON (with tar and feathering the fascist left and their banksters)

      2. Break open the champagne.

        • In the last couple of days George Soros and Jacob Rothschild were warning about the dire consequences of Brexit. Well, good for the Brits for giving them, the globalists, and the bankers the finger and the heave ho. It is time we Americans learned from the Brits and started giving our elected officials and the Supreme Court the same treatment. As for the democrats who held their sit in to protest the lack of gun control measures, geez all they can do is go back to the 60’s style protest. LOSERS

          • Not losers but traitors. Keep in mind that each and every one of these double talking assholes took an oath to protect and defend what they are trying to tear down.

          • Muddy, while I like your post but until criminals like Soros and Rothschild being terminated worldwide along with their entire circles they have the capabilities to turn thing around.

          • Yes all the thumb sucking little children all wish it was the 60’s again.

            They looked like a bunch of little crybaby infants up past their bedtimes in that picture.

            Word to the wise: don’t do that shit again. It doesn’t paint you as the adult in the room, that’s for sure.

        • I’ll join you and toast the Brexiters for this great accomplishment. Hip, hip hurray! Thank you UK for showing us resistance is not futile. A little ray of hope has broken through the dark skies of spreading globalist hegemony! Churchill lives!

          • Re: The global markets are so intertwined…

            Keeping an eye on the financial news today.

            “It’s Scary, And I’ve Never Seen Anything Like It” – Where Markets Are The Morning After

            “We’re going to see outflows from basically any kind of cyclical asset. A lot of people were caught out, and many investors will lose a lot of money.”

            “European, Asian stocks and S&P futures plummet…”

            ht tp://

              • The 600 point drop in the Dow was not as bad as it looks.

                The day before markets jumped about 225 points because the Powers that Shoudn’t Be, thought they knew which way the vote would fall.

                A 600-225 = 375 point drop in the market in one day is not that significant.

                The market had a false start the day before that distorts the true picture.

                • the true picture is that there are nor real or free markets , just the illusion of them.

                  • Down…
                    There is no such thing as “Free Markets” or “Free Trade”… Those things existed before Franklin Hussein Roosevelt…we have had nothing but” Managed Markets” and “Managed Trade” since then.

                    Live Free or Die….Trump will bring it back

                    • True enough, but it is also true that since 2007-08 it has all been put on steroids. The manipulations and illusions have replaced any resemblance of reality in economics, finance and many other matters as well.

                      So a more realistic assessment is that it has eroded or morphed into the mess we have today and actually goes back to 1913 ! FDR was just one of the many maniacs along the way.

                  • Down to earth;
                    I appreciate your sentiments but thank goodness our dividends are still paying. It may not last forever but we haven’t conducted ourselves like it would.

                    • Like I said prior, MF Global proved beyond any doubt that your assets are NOT safe at all in this phony system. I lost 60K and a friend lost 23 million of family money he was managing. I had much more in there and was able to unwind some trades in the last 2 weeks only because my mentor who was much more knowledgeable than myself told me to get out 2 weeks before it imploded. He grew up in Chicago and dated Bill Daleys daughter and was a VP at Morgan Stanley. He saved me from near complete disaster. He knew exactly what was happening and why. Most today still think it was simply bad trades, but it was a very deliberate act so CME would be the only player. Another democrat crime that nobody went to jail for. There is a reason you never hear anything about Corzine ? He has numerous bad ass folks looking for his sorry ass and he knows it. He lives in abject fear , rightfully so.

                      After that experience I do not trust any of it as far as I can throw it. The guy that lost the big bucks got some of it back , but not even close to all. I simply learned how corrupt our system is and what an outright criminal enterprise it has become. The last year I was trading I traded 1.2 million. I now trade maybe 10K and only in very specific trades related to metals only any more. I was spot on in the last few years with G&S and made back all my losses + but very cautiously with options. I will never own a stock or commodity contract again for any reason. It really is a house of cards and nothing more ! I learned the hard way. But it seems that is how we learn anything of any importance ?

            • Calm down Mom. Things are gonna be cool. Luv2U from Great Britain.

              • Agent Skinhead,

                Take care! Be safe.

            • KY Mom,

              It is nice to see the “producers” in society tell the “takers” that the free lunch is over. When there are no more producers left to steal from, and the Takers are forced to cannibalize other takers to survive, society will unravel very quickly. Cheers.

              • YH,

                I agree!

                Keep prepping. Be safe.

          • Sterling will rebound to it’s previous market value in a few weeks, all the doom porn about Brexit notwithstanding.

            Getting 52% of the vote is the equivalent of a landslide anymore, the electorate is split down the middle just like here.

            • Smokey

              You are correct. I also think that other nations will now follow. France will probably be next. That leaves countries like Greece, Italy, Portugal, and Spain in a huge bind. They are the takers. Now they will hurt very bad.

              Many have said when this happens it will be the beginning of a crash here as well. I am not talking about a one day sell off. I am talking about the actual crash. We shall see.

              • Wonder how the Greek military is these days?

                There’s more than one way to “take” shit.

                So ya
                Thought ya
                Might like to
                Go to the show…

        • Silver just hit $18

          All of Kitko’s web sites are down. Claiming they are doing maintenance on them. Probably in shock to the fast rise in Silver and gold.

          Me thinks the Globalist are shitting their panties today, getting their BOB’s ready to go into hiding.

          Look for the Air vents in the middle of the fields. Dump Gasoline followed by a lit Road Flare down the shafts.


        • Agree on the champaign ! This was a vote against big government and the incompetence of the EU in general. It is a direct attack on BHO and crew as well as Hillary’s flimsy attempt to go back to the WH. No question this empowers Trumps bid as well for smaller government and some common sense approach to governance. It also shouts at how PRAVDA/MSM can try to manipulate the outcomes of political and economic matters in spades. They were trying very hard to shout down any BREXIT effort and the polls were completely wrong just as they are here in USSA about Trump and Hillary !The polls are complete bullshit and contrived to try and mind fuck the populace !

          We will likely see major changes in UK with the pound heading lower. That is not necessarily a negative as this article seems to suggest ? A rising dollar is horrible for our trade imbalance/deficit and a lower pound is good for foreign trade not necessarily negative ! But what we are seeing last nite and this AM are not the final outcome at all. The close today will be a bit more telling and next weeks trading even more so ? So no panic and be glad the metals ramped as they did and likely will going forward. G&S have been very stable for several years now between 1100 and 1150 range. Prior to BREXIT Gold touched 1300 all by itself. So we are seeing strength for many reasons and all point to a rebellion against big governments and fake printed money. Rejoice it is a good sign to be sure for many reasons!

          • I was at the polling station at 7.30am with my ballot paper and pen voting Out and it never crossed my mind that the result would be Leave.

            I was watching the coverage and I realised when areas that were widely expected to go Remain were actually going Leave and my own city went Leave (narrowly) that I actually realised it was winnable.

            It’s been a pleasant surprise that my country can become independent once again and be in charge of it’s own destiny.

            I’m so proud of my fellow Britons:)

            Thanks to Americans posting on UKIP and Vote Leave Facebook pages offering support – it means so much!

            • Freedom is in our DNA … and yours !!! 🙂

            • Good on ya mate, but realize the reason you were doubtful was because of the propaganda you have been spoon fed by your own government and the corporatocracy they are in bed with ! Now get rid of the Mayor of London and do some more good deeds for yourselves ! Hope fully Americans will wake up as well and grow a pair ?

            • Ricky,

              Freedom! It may be a scary word for some but I have full confidence in the resourcefulness, toughness and pernacity British. God bless the Queen and the UK!

              • DowntoEarthThinking

                I think the propaganda spouted by bakeing corporations, ‘experts’ and lefty luvies brought out an anti-establishment vote and that is what seems to have swung the result.



                Freedom isn’t something I’ve known as the UK has been in the EU all my life but I’m going to find out soon what it feels and looks like.

                The EU has been a disaster for people in the UK and on the continent – I hope a UK vote for leave will inspire them to free their countries and pursue a different path.

                • Took far too long though didn’t it ? I agree on all points but we must realize a lot of damage has already been done in both UK and USSA today, Good on Ya ! and never give up.

              • The tenacity of the British is both proverbial and world renown.

        • last nite Nigel Farage gave a great comment on BREXIT. We need a few more guys like Farage here in USSA today !

          And how great would it be to see Congress break out in fist fights like the Taiwanese and others do in session when it get heated !

 awesome !

      3. The vote is not binding. They could reject the vote.

        • Swing…
          If that occurs it will be a very violent result

      4. Well, this is a bit of a surprise. Seems the Brits still have a bit of a backbone after all. I wish them well during this economically turbulent time. Personally, I’d send them to the front of the queue for this decision .

      5. Interestingly, Soros recently liquidated 37% of his stock assets and bought PMs.
        Lucky bet, I’m sure.

      6. Yeehaaa!!!!!

        One down and…

        • I’ll bet the Greeks are face palming themselves right about now. They should have left when they had the chance and before the Banksters purchased all their assets at rock bottom prices to pay off the other Banksters.

        • Indeed ,and already we are seeing calls from at least 6 Euro countries for their own vote to leave the EU ? As well this can only escalate the mess with immigration in the EU. As well raises the Greece issue of debt back to the fore front. So Merkel and followers will have many stressful months ahead as the EU breaks into disarray. This is a mirror event for us here in USSA and a huge statement against the control freaks we all call our governments !

          • “Mess with immigration”?

            It’s not a mess if there is none…

            • Is none (immigration in euro)? are you kidding or just delusional ? UK is over run and now they will likely ramp up violence.No matter what happens now all of EURO is already over run, so a bit late to close the gates?

              This vote is a mirror of what is happening here in USSA today ! It is a sign.

      7. Now for the equivalent to happen in the US.

        Hitlery in jail and real borders

        This appears to be a great start !!!

        • Doesn’t hurt to dream. Some people got handed roses and some got asses handed to them over this decision. Guess we’ll get to see how this evolves in real time. I’m satisfied that the sun is shining on the Delmarvalous Peninsula and I woke up on the tickle side of the grass this morning. Of course the pundits on CNBC will be moaning how much everybody lost (except Soros) and will be clucking like a bunch of frighten hens.

          • art cashin was asked “where’s the market going today, art”….and he replied “well, i don’t know which direction, but i can assure you it will do what it takes to get the most amount of money, from the MOST amount of people.”….i’ve NEVER forgotten that, and y’all shouldn’t EITHER!

        • There’s a bit of a movement here in Texas for Texas to secede from the Union.

          Thinking of getting some “Texit” bumper stickers printed up.

      8. Imagine if a US state could simply vote themselves out of the USA…which if any would vote to sever ties with the federal leviathan?

        • Sience, Actually they can do something very much like that if they really want to !

      9. Congratulations to the Brits–not exactly a Revolutionary War–but certainly a victory to win their Independence.

        • Nikkei lost 9.2% in their last trading session.

          Silver was just trading in the $18 range. But still up 3%. Gold is up 4.6% today.

          Ask those again who say you can’t eat Gold or Silver. Or your guns and ammo, or your bug out vehicle, etc.


        • Thanks Old Bean, it’s appreciated.

      10. Other countries in the EU may follow. I’m betting Texas is paying attention too.

        • Exactly the answer I gave my wife when she asked “What does that mean?” “Well hon”, I says, “imagine if Texas told Washington DC to Fuck off…and then seceded.”
          What turned the tide? Besides Muslims, Brussels was telling the Brits that they had to dump their high powered hair dryers, toasters and tea kettles… bureaucrats out of control.
          (Don’t tell a lady her hair dryer is too high powered…and, they had to wait longer for their tea and crumpets… LOL, geez, imagine, what f*ing idiots.)

          • PS:
            Now it appears I was right. People were lying to the pollsters… just like me. When ‘those’ people call, I tell them the exact opposite of what I truly think… just because I can throw a monkey wrench into their numbers.

        • Jim

          Good point. Texas will get tired of giving to the takers too.

          • Not just Texas, everybody is tired of the lies and forced taxation without actual representation !

            Way past obvious that illegal aliens of all flavors have more representation than YOU do ! Yet you are forced to pay for them as if this is even close to fair or just !

            Way past time for a tax revolt which is exactly why we had the revolution of 1776 ! Exactly the same game by the same elites.

      11. Good for the British. They must b tired of the shit going on in their country. Little disappointed the vote was that close. Now my question is , if you have money in the stock market , Ira pension etc and you can get it out should u? I am no financial expert but I think I’m gonna get every dime out I can. I’ll lose some to taxes and or penalties but better to get something now versus getting all of it stolen by these slimeballs. I put a little money in mutual funds right before 2008. It’s not even back up to what I originally put in. Wtf??

        • I think we got out by the skin of our teeth. Had we left it another year or two, the immigrant hordes might have tipped it the other way. Now I wish Scotland would kindly go away and join its fellow Marxists in North Korea.

          • Stick to it Jay,,,,
            Its not over till they turn off the spigot, the globalist still have time to cause problems

            • Fuck the globalist scum. Britain is once again free and wont be shackled easily again. Freedom feels good for sure Mr farmer.

          • Congrats Jay, Its a good day to be a Brit~!


          • Jay, A stiff upper lip mind you and shoulders squared back.

            • Stiff upper lip indeed and lots of decorum. I hate it when there is no decorum!!!

              Anyway, I hope we have now given encouragement to our best friends on earth and fellow Anglo Saxon brothers and sisters in the world’s finest country, America, to do the same and strike a blow against the Globalists in the coming election there. Hillary must be shaking now, the hideous old hag.

              (sorry, I think I just lost some decorum there!!!)

        • I wouldn’t panic out of the market just yet as it is the best way to lose the maximum amount of money. My call is that it will correct to the upside within a week or two and regain much of what it has lost. Right now, people do not know what the Brexit means, and are panic selling. Good, solid assets will still have value in the long term, and that is what retirement planning is about. In fact, I think today would be a good day to buy some high quality stocks as it is likely a market bottom and Monday will see a rebound. Bonds may be another matter though, as this may send interest rates higher, meaning that bonds will lose value as their yields will not keep up with the new issuance.

          • Winston, And the fact that our markets are way over priced ?

            Most likely this will be a catalyst or that outlier event I have mentioned many times that is well past over due, that allows reality to finally set in as opposed to the fake markets that have been sustained with printing more fake money ?

            If you can point to or show me just one underlying fundamental that is a positive in the last 10 years I will agree with you?Until then I simply realize it is all beyond fake and nothing more than a house of cards ? Any supposed gains in the last 10 years are simply “paper” gains and little more than the illusion of gains or wealth. I quit believing the bullshit when MF Global was taken down by Corzine. None of it is safe or real. and I worked for and with people at Goldman, Morgan Stanley and Nomura. So I was definitely shown the inside of the beast ! As I mentioned please show me the positives going forward ?

            • Fine. Then sell everything you have today and buy gold when it has just spiked. I am in no way saying that the long term outlook for the markets is good but in the next few days and weeks it is not as bad as you think. The point is that you don’t want to sell a bottom if there is a chance it may bounce within a few days and I think that is what will happen here as people get more information about what a Brexit may mean. Now, I could be wrong and the sky could indeed be falling right this very minute, but I tend to think that is not the case. Timing is everything in the markets and on a day like today, timing is about knowing how to read the emotions of the players and figure out how to front run them in order to make a profit. While I do agree that most assets are overpriced, I do not think that this will be the catalyst for a long term correction. That will come later since nothing has really changed as of now and the UK will remain in the EU for another 2 years while article 50 plays out. Once people realize this, things will rebound and there will be an orderly transition.

              My bet is that the UK stays friendly to the EU and has a relationship similar to that of Switzerland. That would mean that the free trade side of things stays intact while immigration and other internal regulation authority reverts back to the British government. If this is the case then little changes in terms of the markets. Thus, there would be little reason for the markets to be permanently upset.

              Now, I am not in the markets, so this is something I am writing in a very detached state. I do not gain or lose anything based on what happens today and this is merely how I read it. I could be right or wrong and will be as right or wrong as any novice or expert will be. At the end of the day, this is a comment written on a fringe blog site by a professional fast food worker, so what I write I would hope will be taken with a grain of salt.

              • Your last sentence made me smile.

              • Winston, you seem alright. I guess you should speak your mind, if people take investment advice from the comments of a blog, it should be no more than gauging the general sentiment. As a guy with some positions (that are up 10% today) I would say that if you are in anything but PMs and PM stocks, GET OUT NOW. Yes, stawks have had a giant price drop, but PMs are so freaking undervalued right now, that you may watch them soar while you your stawks take their dead cat bounce. Look at Tobin’s Q. Stawks are so over bought right now using the Fed’s money printing. If you are one of the people, who has seen their portfolio return to its 2008/2009 level over the past 7 years based on the cheap money flowing from the Fed to the companies who have been pumping the shareprice with 0% interest loans, I suggest you GET OUT NOW. There are two endgames for the market: bear and bull. The only way this situation results in a bull market is if there is a much larger money printing that causes huge inflation and the stock prices chase the inflation, so your best scenario staying in is a wash.

                Right now silver is trading at less than $20 dollars an ounce. There is 6 times as much above ground gold as there is silver. That is a vehicle anyone can afford, and if/when the bear market comes, it will be a safe haven.

              • Ricky,

                Freedom! It may be a scary word for some but I have full confidence in the resourcefulness, toughness and pernacity British. God bless the Queen and the UK!

                • Tenacity was the word I wanted to describe the British.

      12. This is not my field of knowledge but it appears, from a psychological perspective TPTB just got a thumb jammed into their eye. Having zero formal education regarding economics, but some self taught knowledge with a lot of fill in the void, it looks like the US Dollar will gain as Brits bail out of their Pound Sterling for the short term. A stronger US dollar has downward pressure on inflation and more QE could be injected to falsely boost the economy for the short term. Interest rates? Not a clue.

        Where is our resident economist Durango Kidd?

        • Kevin,
          Education used to play a role in figuring out the markets, not so much anymore. The rules have all been thrown out and what used to apply, doesn’t really apply now. Kind of similar to todays political rules when campaigning for resident of the white house.

      13. While I”m glad they are leaving, I can’t help but wonder if they were allowed to do this in order to be made an example, so no one else dare try in the future. Time will tell, I suppose.

        • Point well taken as Germany is the cornerstone of the EU and to intimidate them using the UK is not just possible but probable. Lets see how badly the UK is punished.

          Excellent perspective thinking outside of the box.

        • We’ve had as many friggin’ threats heaped upon us as we have immigrants. The list of ’em is SO long and doom laden… We’ve even had them from your Obama and our own Prime Minister David Cameron!!! We’ve had enough already. There are plenty of good, talented people here who are patriots and will work for the good of our people and the country. I’m sure we’ll be A-ok thank you. Take Back Control.

          • I am happy for the vote to return to sovereignty. It sets a great example.

      14. I woke up to this wonderful news. Hooray for Great Britain. Brittania will suffer for a bit, but she has the marrow and grit to push through this transition. It’s like getting rid of a tapeworm, it is-

      15. I’m truly happy for the Brits. While this may, in fact, lead to financial turmoil, that’s okay. The important thing is that a massive boil has been lanced. Maybe now people will start to look at the Federal Reserve with the suspicion it deserves. We’ll see.
        I did enjoy Trumps speech this morning where he called out Obama for trying to dictate to other countries.

        • US Supreme Court Just Destroyed Hobammys Exec orders agenda to Give free pass to multi millions illeagle mexicans instant citizenship etc! Supremes voted 4 vs 4 and Upheld some Texas district fed judge decision that went Against hobammys agenda on illeagle mex’s.

          The Case was by 26 Repub govners and Joe Arpio and Larry Clayman of judicial watch org as arpaio’s lawyer. They won Vs Hobammy Lost!

          FULL story is at newswithviews website…LOOK at Very Bottom of sites articles listing…LOOK for link to internal News info where various new news issues are listed at.

          That link remains within newwithviews website…it opens a new window to story.

          Included in hobammys exec order crap was a Halting of Deporting said illeagles…So it now means that was squashed flat and hopefully Border patrols can again Deport em and do so by the Millions!

          Supremes said or was it that texas fed judge said it??? Anyways it got stated that if hobammys exec order stood soild…ALl them illeagles could get welfare perks and much more same as real actual usa citizens can.

          Have not checked which supremes voted in favor of hobammys exec orders yet? But likley culprits were those four that are: Libs-Dems-KOMMIES!-and also all four are dual citizens with perhaps one as a “crypto” tribe member eh?

          Good to see a Hobammy agenda thrown OUT eh!

          Next move need be toss his keynan chimpy ass out and Into Prison!….FBI has over 20,000 agents and all too busy to do their Job and go after the real true criminals and usa threats eh?

          Like that movie kid that sees Dead people…I see Plane loads of one way trips asap fast to israel safe haven for said dual citizen criminals if fbi ever does their job.

      16. Will the banks need to be bailed out again ? Stock market selling off pretty good this AM.

      17. the Scots feeling their oats

        New Scotland independence referendum ‘highly likely’: Sturgeon

        h ttp://

        the western world gonna have its equivalent of the “Arab spring” ??

        we know how that turned out though
        and most people in those regions worse off than before

        people are sick and tired of the status quo
        and recognize it for what it is


        can it be replaced with something better?

        the 1% won’t let go without a fight

        bring back the guillotine !!!

        • Big difference between the arabs and the west,

        • Sick and tired of the “status quo”… Yet you hate Trump and can’t wait for your establishment buddies to steal the nomination…we too go Marie satori antoinette



            • caution Talon

              the new boss may be the same as the old boss


              he may be a hell of a lot worse

              history speaks for itself

              don’t be so desperate for change
              that you throw common sense out the window



            • Trump’s company duped investors into betting millions on a failure

              h ttp://

              and recently Trump was bragging about his foreign golf courses,he claimed they were making him “huge” amounts of money
              independent financial analysts say the opposite is true
              he is hemorrhaging cash like crazeee

              revelations like this now coming out on a daily basis

              if elected Prez
              I damn sure hope he doesn’t run the country like he does his businesses
              filed for bankruptcy how many times now ???

              the Emperor has no clothes
              just sayin……

              • Yo babe, you quote the daily kos as your source…???
                The guy who publishes that rag is a leftist Marxist who lives in Berkeley Ca…get REAL already…if you’re going to throw bricks, at least scape the red star off of them…???
                You’re killing me smalls…really… change the water in the bong…PLEASE

                • Yup chauffeur…
                  Satori aka Wannabe Mao is the desperate representative of a failing oligarchy doing his best to spew as many manifestos as he can imagine…he speaks of an emperor who has no clothes and yet supports the establishment who are naked already. Quotes sources like you pointed out as if they were the enlightened wisdom for which we should all be in awe. He is the most pathetic example here of desperation and like the EU council president will do his part to keep the tyranny going…HE IS AN UTTER FAIL!

                  LIVE FREE OR DIE….you’d look pretty in pink satori

                  • Check that: You’d look pretty in a pink pant suit

              • @Satori…..

                So you want to hand the reins to Hillary, huh?

                You’ve just lost what little credibility you had left with me.

                You just prove…….”You can’t fix stupid”.

              • How come i got an email from Trump asking for donations? I thought he was rich??? I heard on Coast the other day that Trump recently didn’t have the money for a big tv ad against hillery. She’s spending a million at least on anti Trump ads and how come he hasn’t done it yet? What gives?

                • Go ask Trump ….geeze what do you want to ask us for? Go to
                  There might be a answer there.

                  Live Free or Die….how can you have any pudding.,if you don’t eat your meat

      18. Italy’s Northern League To Launch EU Referendum Campaign Next

        h ttp://

        Italy,France and the Netherlands next ???

        interestingly enough,the Scots voted STRONGLY to stay in the EU,but they may leave the UK

        • Here’s some common sense for you..If the Scots leave the UK….fuck em!

      19. Exactly what changed here?

        Nothing. A referendum vote is only for show. Make the people feel like they are in control. They are not. The Parliament needs to approve this and then negotiate terms. Could take years. I’m sure the banks will get the terms they wish. They control the results…not the people. The German Finance Ministry already offered up an 8 page paper with solutions. The “Finance Ministry”. Telling…

        The only thing happening is investors trying to front run what they think “might” happen.

        It’s no different than here. You vote for representation and it gets you nothing but the boot heel grinding harder on your neck.

        Voting…it only legitimizes the boot.

        Are they gonna vote the Queen out next? {SNORT}

        • Im afraid JRS is correct. All those in power think it through to the What IF,s. And they always have a plan B. The citizens are always at the mercy of those in power. The common folks always get the short end of the stick. If they never had a plan B they would never have allowed the vote.

          • Not so sure Old Guy, this is an unequivocal message to the establishment. Having rather stupidly offered the referendum, they have now created a momentum that will be extremely difficult to stop. The electoral mandate now lies with the people, any attempts at nullifying or suppressing it will only increase their political engagement – as kipling said –
            “The Saxon is not like us Normans. His manners are not so polite.
            But he never means anything serious till he talks about justice and right.
            When he stands like an ox in the furrow – with his sullen set eyes on your own,
            And grumbles, ‘This isn’t fair dealing,’ my son, leave the Saxon alone.
            The ramifications of this referendum actually go back much further than anybody considered – it almost feels like payback for Hastings….

            • cholfrid,

              Thanks for that bit if insight and quote from Kipling at this auspicuious tme in history. I have always enjoyed his writings and wry, down to earth humor, and his stories about the commonsense of the common man. Pieces like ‘To kill an elephant’, ‘Boots’, ‘If’, are memorable and inspirational. I will need to dust off my two volume set and read some more Kipling. The frightening thing though is the transformation of the demographics that seems to be occuring throughout the UK as a result of policies tied to the Colonial past. The Anglo-Saxons will soon become a minority if something isn’t done soon. Londonistan is only the beginning!

              Louisiana Eagle

        • Oh so true,,,
          Locally the held a referrendum on GMOs and restricting development and research of them until more is known about them,
          It was a solid win for restricting GM crops,
          The government basicly thumbed its nose at the people and its business as usual, and one of the main employees of monsanto is now the mayors assistant.
          Total bullshit, and these so called activist have no teeth, 30 years ago all the corn fields would have been ablaze as well as the facilities, now not even a whimper,

        • JRS you posted exactly what I was going to post. Only more elegantly. This is just for show. Parliament will decide and Cameron stepping down paves the way for this much more easily. The Brits are staying exactly where they are.

      20. No doubt the banksters will punish Great Britain like they have punished every nation that refused central bank control. I am delighted that the people voted Brexit. I am ddelightedDavid Cameron resigned. It was a landslide victory if you consider the fear tactics that weighed in against Brexit. Western Spring indeed. Don’t expect the globalist masters to go down easily, but don’t forget their aim is total destruction anyway.

      21. I can’t figure out why the Scots want to BREMAIN. I know they hate the British, but why would the normally frugal Scots want to stay with a sinking ship of largely layabouts?

        • And after all that William Wallace hub-bub, too.

          • ????

          • The power of EBT like our population here perhaps!? Nothing like staying on the Plantation in times of uncertainty!

        • Simple answer ? They have been mind effed like most of the western world ?

      22. Happy Independence Day!!

      23. This is a good result: now, as the economy crashes, it is possible to blame the British people for the coming need to make ‘sacrifices’: cuts to public services, layoffs, cuts to pensions and benefits. With Europe’s workers now cut-off from filling labor shortages, we will need to quickly strike deals with African countries and the countries of the Middle East to take millions of low-wage workers who can fill the employment gaps. As Boris Johnson pointed out, we need to fast-track illegal immigrants into full citizenship rights. I hope he stands by this and opens up housing estates so these people can settle permanently. If done right, we can transition millions Africans into the UK over the next year or so and ensure there is minimal disruption to services. All good then…

        • Frankie, an article or two back you were saying the EU was making the UK more prosperous, now you’re saying leaving is a good thing? You’re so consistent in your inconsistency!

          Like all liars you bend the truth to suit your particular agenda. You’ve taken Boris out of context. I’m not defending him per se, I don’t even like him, but I can’t abide liars like you slagging someone off.

          Boris said he would be in favour of an amnesty for illegal immigrants who have been in the UK for 12 years. It was a political statement designed to make the leave campaign more touchy feely and it worked.

          Nothing about flooding the UK with Africans at all or giving them public housing. That, given the referendum result, would be akin to political suicide. He knows it, I know it! You? You still taking your meds?

          Bit different from your pack of untruths. Plus, he’s not even a cabinet member (yet) and is merely a back bencher. so your lies don’t bear even a cursory scrutiny to dismantle them!

          PS: Been fondled by any burka clad security guard lately?


        1 = YES 2 = NO

        QUESTION: Richard Haas CFR chairman has said that a “leave” vote will create a weaker UK and Europe. Do you agree?

        • yes, short-term; no long term.

          2 years from now the UK will probably be in the best economic shape of any 1st world country.

        • Richard Haas to be hanged and not able to do his criminal organization’s work.

        • Talon, the CFR, the Bilderbergers, the Trilateral Commission, the Club of Rome, Committee of 300, etc. and all of the other globalist organizations, will make sure that England SUFFERS for its decision to leave the EU.

          Right now Brussels is making preparations to stop a domino effect, that is preventing other nations from trying to leave the European Union.

          I’m thrilled that 51% of the English had the backbone to stand up and say no to global governance, but I fear that the oligarchs in charge, will now make an example of England in order to show the rest of the European Union exactly what happens when a nation decides to leave the EU.

          They will engineer the long predicted economic collapse, and I believe that Great Britain will suffer a monumental terrorist attack in order to send the message to the people of the UK (and to the rest of the EU), that safety lies only within the EU’s megalomaniac grips.

          • Possible attack within Britain, definitely that could happen. Repercussions from EU , very unlikely or even possible.

            This vote is the death warning for EU. Others will follow but it will not happen over nite. They have nothing to fight back with or punish with and this will exacerbate the insane immigration issues in Europe.

            I am elated this happened !

            • As they say in the House of Commons…

              • All the EU has is a flag and an anthem….nothing else to back them…they are the weak measly old man behind the curtain…they will not escape the pitch forks…all their hide outs are known.

      25. Nothing can happen until the Prime Minister invokes Article 50. Then two years of negotiations start.

        Whoops…Cameron is resigning effective October. Think he’s gonna invoke Article 50? I would wager not. He’s against Brexit and so is 2/3 of Parliament. The people will be left to stew in their juices until a new election.

        They will be begging to stay after absorbing all the punishment they will be subject to until then.

        • i can definitely see that.

          the powers that be in england and londons finance offices are going down that easy, they still have cards to play.

        • @JRS

          “They will be begging to stay after absorbing all the punishment they will be subject to until then.”
          I don’t see this happening. There’s already a half dozen movements in other EU member nations to get a referendum vote like the UK. It doesn’t serve TPTB/banksters any good to delve out punishment to the Brits or any other defector country when it will affect their pocketbooks in kind. The EU is done. TPTB are now being forced to take their lumps for trying to force the dysfunctional NWO agenda/policies on sovereign nations. It’s in the best interest of TPTB/banksters to pick up the pieces and make it work, not delve out punishment. The sooner they figure that out, the sooner they can get back to doing what they do best, making their fortunes skimming money from the labor of working classes. IMHO

      26. Good for the Brits! It’s about time they wean themselves off social globalism of the EU, but as a calf is separated from it’s mom, there will be some short term pain with it.

        Obummer said he was disappointed in it and the Brits will have to go to the end of the line….a disrespectful insult to their independence while Trump will keep them in the front of the line, keep them as our closest ally, and gave them the respect they deserve.

        Now those who support the Brits independence will be called haters here in the media by the socialists. That’s what socialist losers do when they are the ones guilty of hate. This vote is the catalyst for other countries in the EU to follow suit and break up the failed socialist union.

      27. The New World Order just got kicked in the nuts. The vote heard ’round the world. Now prepare for the Globalists to counter attack. Self made billionaire and consultant, Jim Rogers, predicted the break up of the EU on this timeline when the EU first started. The MSM, of course, is calling the Brits racists. You know you’ve done the right thing when they call you that.

        • They will attempt to portray the UK as another Rhodesia or South Africa, but it’s not going to work.

      28. Recession coming in 3, 2 or 1 (months).

        Britain is just barely about recession, this will drag them in and then europe follows and then the usa soon after. I expect the usa is in recession by year end.

        • The USA has never been out of recession since 08…in fact if the real unemployment numbers were revealed….we are in Clusterfuck depression

          • agree, but using the technical definition of 2 quarters of negative growth; the usa didn’t get there; YET.

            • 2 quarters of negative growth?…this is laughable when this faker in the peoples house can’t even muster 2 percent growth year after year…all cooked numbers. When nearly 100 million Americans are out of work and 46 million of them are on some kind of Gubermint aid…the real unemployment rate is close to 42%…got any more manufactured numbers for me Lena?

              • um, that’s how all recessions are measured talon.

                do i think the country feels more like a recession or depression now that the current GDP growth numbers ? yes.

                do i think govt manipulates the GDP growth numbers to make things look better than they are ? yes.

                but by the standard that all recessions are measured, the usa is not in a recession.

                i cannot help you any more than that.

            • Trouble with that technical definition about negative growth, we need about 2% growth just to keep pace with the population. Anything less than 1.5% or so is actually a deficit number when it comes to job creation, income growth, and national output per capita.

              It’s like getting a 1% raise in pay when inflation is running 2% or more. You are losing ground, but the bosses are telling you to smile, we just gave you a raise.

            • Lena. We have 100m not working.51% of working class make 31k or less a year.Put whatever name on it you want,it ain’t good!
              Stay out of debt hide what you can and prep.
              A few prayers won’t hurt!
              Maniac –out

              • i hear what you are saying maniac.

                i’ve got lots of cash, ammo, stored food and water and i’m increasing my job skills in my free time.

                i’m as set as i can be for what i have.

                (and i’m not praying, this country earned what’s cominng; people may not like to hear that but it’s true.)

                • wish I had all that stuff, lena……where do you live?

                  • Good one Buttcrack,here let me draw you a map!
                    Lena sounds like your doing well,me?I don’t have $hit !
                    Everyone in the neighborhood went to district water tore down those ugly pump houses,me too,installed a pitcher pump,IDIOTS!
                    I do have a jar of change,couple boxes of 22’s
                    Do have traps,snares,nets and don’t forget the old recurve and a few arrows.
                    Well water cool enough to keep the beer and whiskey,hate hot whiskey!!
                    Maniac –out

                    • thanks, LA….just a friendly reminder to watch yer opsec….just remember, EV-ER-Y-BOD-EEE wil be a candidate to come and take yer shit, under the wrong circumstances… where’s that texas map?

                  • Maybe you can follow the yellow brick road.

              • You can’t live on 31k it’s impossible. I jsut ran the numbers yet again.

                What the fuck are they doing, living 3 families to an apartment?

                • What ? You cant live on 31K .We live on less than $12000 per year. And we don’t owe a penny. We own lots of acreage and have plenty of stuff. We even deeded our children paid for land. Its because we have know how and are self reliant. We have positioned ourselves to where we are not at the mercy of other people things or conditions.

                  • Old Guy , Excellent ! Far more need to realize the things they think they need are just bling ! We can do quite well with far less than most seem to realize. The most important possession is your health and well being and few grasp that simple fact ! All the trinkets are not only quite worthless but many are quite harmful ?

                    I too am working on this in a very big way.

        • Fuckem friend. We have nothing anyway… Let the fat cats feel the pinch for once. Take Back Control.

          • a good case can be made that we have never been out of recession since 2007-08 ?

      29. There are times when something is so damned obvious that you should go pretty close to “all-in”.

        … and it never even occurred to me to short the British Pound and go for some paper gold contracts and rapidly flip them.

        I’m a dumbass about this shit. Sigh.

      30. “the world is not fixed”, I’m not buying that one because there were some stories out there that the result was desirable by factions of the NWO. Everything I’ve read said the past Scotland exit vote was fixed. Will American’s be able to vote on the decision to join to join the North American Union? I didn’t think so, all we get to vote for is phony elections where the vote doesn’t even count.

      31. And now the rush for the EU exit. There will be just Germany and Greece left…perfect.

      32. Obummer said that us poor old Brits will have to go to the back of the queue on trade deals.

        Well if he is talking about TTIP then we are better off being at the back because no one wants the deal that removes our rights and introduces Monsando GMO via back doors.

        Banker puppets in the USA are pissed because the UK was a tool of the americans to be used in Europe to do it’s dirty work and now they will have to try to the dirty work for themselves.

        Politicains in Europe want to make the divorce very painful using any means they can which is fine by me because our resolve will soon turn that against them and we are now free to join the BRICKS if they will have us.

        Yes, Yes I know it’s all Mr Putins fault and the KGB who spiked our drinks before we went to the polling stations but getting out does make you feel British again and gives us a small amount of control back.

        David Cameron needs to get on with the process and invoke article 50 or he can piss off and play some golf with war criminal Tony Blair or he might see the parlament act of 1973 being desolved that can get us out of the EU in a matter of days, not years.

      33. This means two thing that Britain just will be free of the E.U. telling them what they can or can’t have as laws. #2 No you aren’t sending all of those muslimes to us.

        To Britain EU was like a bad knee. It hurts like hell before the surgery, and then when you are healing from the surgery, but in a few weeks the pain is gone and you are running again. This is all this will meant to the world and its economy.

        Hey Texas one question. WHEN?


        • as someone living in Texas(for now), i don’t see it happening.

          Texas has had so many illegals flood it for decades; it’ll become a swing state in 2024, maybe sooner. It’s not about to vote to exit the union anymore.

          Myself, i’m looking to leave and go somewhere like montana, idaho or new hampshire as the usa continues it’s third world evolution. I expect at least the rate of decline will not look as bad in states like those, san antonio and Houston are going to fall like detroit did.

          • @ Lena…I recommend New Hampshire for you. I don’t think you would do so good in Montana.

          • I hear Patagonia is nice.

      34. This is the kind of balls we need in this country! The smell of freedom and liberty.

      35. There is a really good article at veteranstoday on the Orlando shooting titled: Orlando: A false flag on Muhammad Ali’s Islam? This goes over witness statements and how the MSM hides the real story. Multiple witnesses inside the club said there were at least two shooters inside.

        • I didn’t think it was over until it was over… go read Paul Craig Roberts’ articles– TPTB won’t give up so easily… the fight is just beginning. 🙁

      36. I always find it is the ones who stay quiet during these moments that is very telling. Notice how Muslims, from moderate to crazy, have stayed very quiet: is that the sound of the big “oh, f#ck!!”, the gravy train may come to an end silence?

        The leaders of Brexit are pretty intolerant of the monkey business that has gone on with migration for the past five years. How long before they start loading up the rented buses and start driving the Muslims back out of the country through the Channel Tunnel, to camps in the Middle East?

        • Hey Frankie, there’s your chance! Get a job with the Border Agency and you can frisk all those illegals all day long! Revenge for the countless times that you’ve enjoyed being frisked by burka clad beauties! Mind you, most of them would be male….though that shouldn’t be a problem with your sexual tastes, should it?

          Frankie, I have to take my hat off to you, sometimes your cunning depravity stuns me!

        • Frankie, don’t you ever get tired of being proven a fraud? Time after time you make yourself look and seem ridiculous and never defend your lies, because you can’t!

          Ah, I get it! You hate the British because you’re one of those whining Pict descendents who don’t believe in democracy at work.

          “Mommy, those nasty Brythons won’t give us what we want. After all there are 5,000,000 of us and only 50,000,000 of them and we only get $4,500 dollars per person a year more dole out than an Englishman gets! We demand special treatment! It’s not fair!”

          Yup,sounds like you alright, Frankie boy. A parasitic sponger.

          Been fondled by a burka clad border guard lately? Been on any special missions lately?

      37. Brits,
        Don’t become complacent. You need guns and ammo. You need to act like strong white men and keep fighting the international criminal conspiracy. They are taking one step back probably hoping you will loose interest in the affairs of state. Get involved. Run for whatever political office is open. Take back control and finally when the EU is completely abolished, establish a banking system free of the tyranny of the usual suspects, those we dare not name.

      38. HAPPY INDEPENDANCE DAY, GREAT BRITAN. And for giving the PTB in Brussels a good American style middle finger.

      39. A song for the English who voted Brexit:

        “But now let’s get things started
        Why don’t you get things started
        It’s time to get things started
        On the most sensational, inspirational, celebrational, muppetational
        This is what we call the Muppet Show”

        Global governance and central bank control is like the Hotel California: you can check out, but you can never leave. Only a moron would believe the hyper-financialized British economy is anything but dangling on the end of a banker’s string. Boris Johnson even looks like a lead muppet with that floppy hair. A perfect leader for this event.

      40. the banksters (city of london) are trying to “spank” the country. if the Brits had brains, they’d blow up the city of london (and maybe the Vatican, too)

        • And what do we Americans do besides complain as we are betrayed almost daily ?

      41. Londonistan needs to recall that raghead mayor…if he won’t go peacefully…welllll

        • There’s a petition calling for London to leave the UK. Wouldn’t that be something, lol? Have all the immigrants concentrated in Londonistan, under EU control, while the rest of the UK has the freedom to make its own policies? Talk about a no-go zone.

      42. At least the Brits have balls. Now if only we Americans would grow some.

        • Diane , agree, most just talk and do zero ! and wonder why nothing changes and only gets worse in many ways. I wonder how many here are Oath Keepers or other groups like 3%ers ? I doubt if 10% are.

          Next week we will see violence here in USSA ratchet up in a big way as politics get even more heated and major protests ensue from the left. Black “lies” matter and a few others have united and are ready for a rumble.It will be telling to see how far BHO and crew will go to protect them as they commit all manner of crimes ? I think you may see push back this time and some heads cracked.

      43. The only really good news I’ve heard the last few years is when Putin started bombing the hell out of ISIS… he just stopped taking all the US’s bullshit and did what needed to be done.

        • Pretty well everything Putin does is decisive and responsive to the threat. A dirt bag runs around killing people; we let the dirt bag’s family immigrate and live on welfare; Putin kills them. Just a difference in emphasis.

      44. It SOUNDS good– Brexit. Anyone with a brain knows staying in the EU spells death to the people.

        Look what happened to poor little country of Greece– she was pulverized by the EU… not once, but OVER AND OVER AGAIN!! A pharmacist set himself on fire, protesting the austerity measures of the EU… he didn’t want his kids see him eating out of trash can. The EU is nothing but a f… parasite!!!

        Unfortunately, if the vote actually meant something, do you think the government would have allowed it? If the will of the people counted, that would mean a democracy… and as we all know, democracy is dead in the West… we no longer have a democracy. Our country has been taken over by leeches. And so has the UK government.

        • “Our country has been taken over by leeches. And so has the UK government.” – Look on the brightside – least we have a map of where they live now……….and that they have managed to unite the english and welsh with a shared and agreed purpose as a majority.

        • We are supposed to be a….Republic !!

        • The USA is a Republic. Or at least that is what the framers gave us? In a Republic the god given rights of the few cannot be rode over by the wishes & wants of the many. A democracy is mob rule. Its two wolves and a sheep voting on what to eat for dinner. Democracys are not such a wonderful thing.

          • Lady Aston to Benjamin Franklin…
            “Well, Doctor, what have we got—a Republic or a Monarchy?” “A Republic, if you can keep it.”.

            Live Free or Die….I think I’m gonna go animal very soon!

      45. ” The likes of Soros, Rothschild and several important figures at Bilderberg all warned that a Brexit would usher in great financial pain (one only wondered if it would be at their own hands)”

        Of course it will be at their hands. They have the ability and motivation to cause it. They have been pissed off and feel threatened. They will take some punitive action, count on it. Beware of their proxy army, ISIS.

      46. The only thing I am sure of is that the elite will have been buying up hard assets at pennies on the falling pound today – the one percenters always profit from the misery of the masses.

        The United Kingdom is United no more. We now face the prospect of the Northern Irish and the Scots breaking away. The North Sea oil reserves lie in Scottish territory so bang goes our remaining energy security.

        England and it’s impoverished little brother Wales will be left to go it alone; while the leaders of the other 27 EU countries do their damnedest to make a sufficient example of us to deter any other nations from attempting to do the same.

        The Commonwealth owes us nothing and will not bail us out this time. The US, China and EU trading blocs will be able to offer better deals based on the economies as scale.

        Sadly Britain has long proved we don’t have the moral backbone of our cousins in Iceland. A nation of non-productive gimme dats is about to learn some harsh home truths. The exodus of our best brains and creative minds, will be interesting to watch as our Universities lose instant access to the EU research and development communities. Our Education system has ensured we are all too dumbed down to take advantage of our newly won Sovereignty. Unless you live here it’s really hard to explain just how absent critical thinking skills have become.

        The Sun is setting.

      47. Do I feel sorry for the brits? heck no. you guys are so paranoid you will not allow good citizens to have guns. You prefer to have your citizens defenceless. A island of parasites who wanted to live high on the hog off the backs of the colonies. That didn’t work too good. then you tried to control other places. Those ungrateful colonies don’t owe you a penny. We rescused your butts during WWII. The heck with you. I hope Canada declares independence from England. Your record is dismal The romans defeated you and occupied you for years. Now your are giving the Moose Limbs free reighn. I have in my family tree a ancestor who fought alongside William the Conquer at the battle of hastings. thankfully My Grandparents 5 generations back left England and fought with The patriots.

        • My ancestors also fought with William the Conquer and in the Revolutionary war..your perspective is correct

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