She’s Totally Lost It: Nancy Pelosi Confirms That Her Mental Faculties Are No More

by | Sep 29, 2017 | Headline News | 42 comments



Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi has finally confirmed that she is a total goner as it relates to her mental faculties:

From The American Mirror:

The House Minority Leader couldn’t hide her disdain for — or fear of — the question.

While addressing reporters today, Pelosi muttered “oh God” into a hot mic while a reporter was asking about the bill.

“Madame Leader, I’d like to get your thoughts on some gun legislation moving toward the floor…” the reporter began.

“Oh God,” Pelosi said.

“Yeah,” she muttered to herself when the reporter said the bill would “deregulate silencers and undermine concealed carry laws.”

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    1. Nels

      Nancy is chancy. She’s not able to name Presidents correctly, looks like she’s suffering from some ailness and speaks like a complete moron. I pity more the people who vote for her than that rich poor lady.

      • Colt M4

        The People Who Voted For Nancy Pelosi Are Just Nucking Futs, like All The Other Crazy Liberals Who Infest California.

    2. RMS1911

      She should be removed under medical conditions.
      Dementia has set in.

      • the blame-e

        Do you really believe the House is going to remove Nancy Pelosi for mental incompetency and dementia (which she does have), when the Senate won’t remove John McCain for being an 81-year-OLD suffering from geriatric rage, and having a brain tumor? Come on.

        • JustMe

          They are bought and paid for, and will be used until they can no longer function at all.

          • Anonymous

            A couple of bought and paid for celebs have admitted selling out is a crappy deal.

        • Anonymous

          Quite odd he got back to work so fast after serious surgery. Especially at his age.

    3. Heartless

      And this is news? Seriously guys… Pelosi has been bat-crap crazy most of her life; if not, all of it. Just the fact she is a Democrat should tell anyone that she is nuts. Woman has more mileage on her than a retread Indy 500 tire. Time to put her out to pasture. As fertilizer.

    4. Anonymous

      TRUMP/PELOSI– what does it matter?
      they are all the same once they reach the white house/congress, etc. From Zero hedge:

      “Trump Tax Plan To Benefit “Top 1%” Most, Cost $2.4 Trillion, Middle Class To Pay More Taxes”

      • Kevin2

        Holding my nose and often voting bullet Republican has added to the survival of the Second Amendment. Its sad but true.

      • Robert

        ANONYMOUS, You are a LIAR! You don’t know your ass from a hole in the ground but you don’t mind repeating what you heard from some dumb ass libetral that is lying to make PRESIDENT Trump look bad.

    5. Survive on your own

      Her and Biden should share a room !! Are they covered under Obamacare errr I mean commiecare???

    6. The Deplorable Braveheart

      I never knew Nazi Pelosi ever had any mental faculties, LOL!

    7. TPSnodgrass

      MadamaPelosi, has long been an alcoholic, and what we are seeing is a combination of the alcoholism, demntia, and liver disease, would be my guess. With that kind of trifecta going on inside her, she’s not long for having a “Harry Reid style shower door attack” in her own home before too much longer.
      Have to admit, it’s getting humorous seeing her staff members and constituents keep on making various excuses for her increasingly bizarre behavior. Alas, she’s an alcoholic lightweight compared to CzarinaHillary.

      • Kelly Cofield

        How do you know Nancy Polosi Is an alcoholic? I know she has Alzheimer disease But alcoholism? I thought Hillary was that!! C:\Users\ImperialDrywall\Documents

    8. The Deplorable Braveheart

      Anyone who’s ever had that ugly bitch in their bed must’ve been on crack or extremely desperate, LOL!

      • BlackMoe

        I’ll bet that Hillary would do her.

    9. the blame-e

      You have to be at least 35-years-old to run for President of the United States. What is so unreasonable about having a mandatory retirement age?

      How about just demanding term limits. Mandatory Term Limits. One term and you’re done.

      And no family dynasties. Make that a condition of term limits. We are a republic not a monarchy. That would get rid of all these Kennedys, Bushes, Cuomos, Clintons and Obamas (I hear Michelle thinks it is her turn.)

      • Lee Patriot

        michele’s turn for what? With who?

    10. southside

      Blame-e, Here in Arizona I heard that that Governor Ducey will appoint McCains daughter,Meghan if he dies in office. That woman is as dumb as a sack of rocks!

      • This Texan Has Had Enough

        That is terrible news!

      • Plan twice, prep once

        My sack of rocks was just triggered by your remark.

        McCains daughter is a progressive globalist.

      • Blankone

        McCain doesnt have long…dont they have to have a special election to replace him?

      • awed bawl

        she is a rock scientist

    11. TEST

      I hope she remains leader for the next 40 years. Maybe change her name to “Custer” tho?

    12. TheGuy

      Ugh it can still talk?

      When does it finally go retire in Florida or something.

    13. Big Stevie

      Amen Mac!

      Nancy Pelosi is 77 years old. Based on the asinine and nonsensical things she has blurted out recently, she’s definitely losing it.

      Then again, Pelosi has always been irrational and unhinged – in other words, progressive. Lately she’s just having more trouble than usual spinning the narrative and filtering the “Oh $#!+” moments when someone asks her a straightforward question.

    14. Jim in Va.

      The gift that keeps on giving………she will drive the people to the polls to vote other than democrat.

    15. aljamo

      You can be progressive and be a nasty piece of work. You can be a progressive and have the peoples interests foremost. Depends on what kind of progress you have in mind. Trump is progressing on tax cuts for the wealthy and also progress towards another trillion down the black hole of the military intelligence fake war on terror. So who is the progressive?

    16. Richard Steven Hack

      Everyone here in San Francisco knows that her counterpart, Dianne Feinstein, is the most corrupt politician since Hermann Goring. LOL

    17. Kay123

      I also agree… nazi pulousey, john Insane, Lyin’ Ryan, Sneaky McCONell, and about 70 others need to be purged from our leadership. I watched the documentary, “The Enemy Within” they had documented proof we have too many government Socialist, Communists (videos in action, and listed by name) . Terrorist front groups, (like CAIR, Moo slime Bro. Hood, and listed many more), racist front groups, (LaRaza and more) Anti-American House Representatives,( by names). The list is huge…..alarming….and quite an eye opener! Obozo brought many into our governmet, being “ONE of THEM HIMSELF ..but LYING to us with a SMILE. That was his 8 years of JIHAD!

    18. JustMe

      How about I BET she is a clone!!!!! They have taken over the govt. Clones and dead chip heads!!!! Check out Donald Marshall and please read it and research it……I truly believe this… much has happened, to many different faces on the MSM of the same person…..totally!!!

    19. Philosopher Deplorabilis


      No further comment.

    20. Ed Vallejo

      She couldn’t pass a field sobriety test!

      She reminds me of the Local Cat Lady with toilets in her front yard as planters…

    21. Him

      She will eventually have to be dealt with.

    22. Kay123

      Why does moderation take so long? Are you the only one doing this?
      I’m not sure how this works since I’m kind of new to posting.

      • admin

        Weekends get a little crazy for me. New moderator coming online next week to assist!

        Sorry for any delays folks.



    23. Kay123

      IMHO, calling demoncraps “progressive” is a misnomer, shouldn’t it be “Non-progressive” since they want everyone to live in the dark ages?

    24. Frankie

      I’ve been saying – since what seems like time immemorial – that these deranged, demented dingbats like Nancy Poopaloosie and Hillarhoid – and you can add Nicki Nutjob to that list – should be locked up in a rubber-room full of balloons to keep them occupied.

      They’d be none the fcking wiser – believe me!

    25. Kay123

      Thanks Mac, for your reply.
      I’m not complaining, believe me. This is free and a great opportunity for the silent majority to
      speak our minds. However, I’m happy to hear some help is in the works.
      This site is a blessing for those of us who like to read, share ideas, and curse the darkness. Sometimes it is very educational! ? Lol..

    26. Anonymous

      I don’t care who Nancy is, she needs help. It is a crying shame that someone as mentally impaired as she still holds a position of power in America.

    27. Sgt. Dale

      One question? Have they ever been????

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