Shell Shocked by Unprecedented Election: How Trump Will Be Used for “What Will Happen Next”

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    This article was written by Brandon Smith and published at his site.

    Editor’s Comment: Make no mistake, there is an agenda at work here. You can’t win for losing, or quit while you’re ahead. Everything is quick sand, and one step forward two steps back. The world is stuck in a very tight trap, and it will require more than two dimensional thinking to find our way out of it. Electing Trump sent the right message to the powers that be, but the end result will be used to maneuver their next move against us.

    Nearly everyone is convinced of the need to reform the system, change things and somehow drain the swamp. But it seems that the complex of the system has a way of dragging people back down into it. This is a dangerous cycle of corruption, and one that will be very difficult to crawl out of, like a funnel. Stay on guard, and watch carefully at where the people win and where they lose in the next few scenes.

    World Suffers From Trump Shell Shock – Here’s What Will Happen Next

    by Brandon Smith

    I’ve been saying this for a long time, and I’ll say it again here — in life there are only two kinds of people:  those who know and those who don’t.  Some might claim there is a third option: those who don’t want to know.  In any case, if you want to be able to foresee geopolitical and social trends, you have to be one of the people who know.

    Above all else, in order to know you must be willing to step outside of the confusion and theater of the circus and look at developments from above.  If you are biased and retain too many sacred cows you will never understand how the world works.  You will be too busy trying to reinforce your own fantasies to see anything else.

    Beyond this, you must also understand that political and social developments are not random; they are either reactions to deliberate policies of special interests or they are driven by policies of special interests.  Therefore, these developments are predictable and can be calculated (to a point).

    I usually refer to these “special interests” as global elites, or globalists, because that is how they often refer to themselves.  The point is, most of the events you see in the political world are engineered events designed to elicit a specific psychological response from you and the people around you.  You are not a human being to these people; you are either an asset to be molded or an obstacle to be disposed of.  This is how our world works.  Period.  And until we fully understand this and accept it, things will never change.

    So, to be clear, if you understand the minds of globalists and understand what they want, you can understand the basic direction of the future.

    It is this philosophy which has allowed me to consistently and accurately predict geopolitical and economic events that very few other people have been able to predict.  For example, I correctly predicted the Federal Reserve taper of QE, I predicted the inclusion of China in the IMF’s Special Drawing Rights years in advance, I predicted the exact timing of the first Fed rate hike, I predicted the success of the Brexit referendum when most of the world and the liberty movement said it was never going to happen, I predicted that the Saudi 9/11 bill would pass, that Barack Obama would veto it and that congress would override his veto, I predicted that Hillary Clinton would be the Democratic candidate and that Donald Trump would be the Republican candidate for president of the U.S. and, for the past five months, I have been predicting that Donald Trump would win the 2016 election.

    People can either attribute these series of successful predictions to pure “luck,” or they can consider the possibility that I know what I am talking about.  I’ll leave that to them.

    The real issue, though, is not that my predictions were correct.  What is more important is WHY they were correct.  To begin with, I am often correct because it is a fact that globalists influence events.  Globalists are human (at least partially); thus, they are predictable, making events predictable.  If you can see from the perspective of a globalist, you will know what they want and what they are likely to do to get it.

    In a world without globalists I would have a hard time successfully predicting anything.

    I never make a cold prediction without a concrete rationale for why I hold that view.  I always break down the reasons and evidence that bring sense to them.  Some analysts might be content to simply flip a coin and make a call without explanation; I am not.

    As far as the Trump election win is concerned, this is what I said in June of this year:

    “In light of the Brexit I’m going to have to call it here and now and predict that the most likely scenario for elections will be a Trump presidency.  Trump has consistently warned of a recession during his campaign and with the Brexit dragging markets lower over the next few months, he will probably be proven “prophetic.”

    … Even if Trump is a legitimate anti-establishment conservative, his entry into the Oval Office will seal the deal on the economic collapse, and will serve the globalists well.  The international banks need only pull the plug on any remaining life support to the existing market system and allow it to fully implode, all while blaming Trump and his conservative supporters.

    The mainstream media has been consistently comparing Trump supporters to Brexit supporters, and Trump himself has hitched his political wagon to the Brexit. This fits perfectly with the globalist narrative that populists and conservatives are killing the global economy and placing everyone at risk.”

    All of my predictions are rooted in a particular premise; that the global elites have been, since 2008 at least, deliberately setting the stage for an evolving international financial crisis greater than any other seen in modern history.  This crisis is a means to an end.  Globalists use one strategy above all others to achieve their goals — the Hegelian Dialectic; problem, reaction, solution.

    As I have documented for years, the elites openly call for the ultimate eradication of national sovereignty and the formation of a single world economy, a single world currency and, eventually, a single world government.  In order to make this omelet, they intend to break a few eggs (and collapse a few economies).  By blaming “national sovereignty” (and the people that defend it) for this crisis, they hope to convince the masses that the only practical solution is total centralization.  You can read my in-depth analysis and evidence of this in my article “The Economic End Game Explained.

    I also specifically predicted the Brexit and the Trump win based on another premise; that the elites are allowing conservative movements to take political power in certain regions, only to remove stimulus support from the global economy afterward.  That is to say, I successfully predicted the Brexit and the Trump win because I understand and accept the reality that conservatives and liberty activists are not “winning;” we are being set up as scapegoats for a financial crash that the globalists already created.

    Again, people can either say I am lucky, or that there is something to my position, but the fact of the matter is I have been right and I will probably continue to be right.  This brings us to what will happen going into 2017.

    The election of Donald Trump signals a sea change in not only global politics, but more importantly, global economic stability and social developments.  As frenetic and insane as 2016 has been, 2017 will be drastically more chaotic.  Some of these changes will be obvious, some of them will once again only be visible to a handful of people in the world.  Lets start first with my happier predictions…

    The Death Of The Mainstream Media

    This is an easy one.  The mainstream media, with its insane regressive-progressives and elitist bias, misrepresented the “Alt-Right,” the Trump campaign and anti-social justice movements during the entirety of the election process.  Not only this, but through Wikileaks the leftist media was made naked as numerous journalists and outlets were exposed; colluding directly with the DNC and the Hillary campaign to first bushwhack Bernie Sanders and then rig debates and polling numbers to show Clinton in a farcically superior position to Trump.

    The mainstream media is now seen by the majority of Americans on the left and right as a lumbering rotting propaganda corpse that needs to be decapitated before it spreads its disease to anyone else.  I predict MSM outlet readership and viewership (with the exception of FOX News) will collapse even further than it already has and that many outlets will be forced to consolidate until they fade out of existence.

    As I have said for years, the mainstream media is dead, they just don’t know it yet.  Well, after this election, everyone knows.  The alternative media will take the place of the mainstream media.  We will be adopting their viewership and growing explosively over the next year while they shrivel.

    They decided that their job was not to report the facts, but to manipulate public opinion.  They are liars and a disgrace to true journalism.  Good riddance.

    That said, some people will argue that my position that the elites wanted a Trump presidency is not tenable exactly because the liberal media worked so hard to rig public opinion against Trump.  I will explain in my next article why these people are missing the bigger picture.

    The Crippling Of Social Justice Warriors

    The SJW cult is not dead, but it has been crippled.  It is now a drooling bedridden quadriplegic eating its meals through a straw; a malfunctioning shell of a movement destined to be put out of its misery.

    When I think of social justice warriors I think of the Island of Misfit Toys; nobody wants these people.  They are a detriment to everything they touch, including the Democratic party.  It was the zealotry of SJWs that caused conservatives to rally in anger around Trump.  It was they that awakened the sleeping giant.

    One reason I was so certain Clinton had set herself up for a loss was her insistence that the Democrats openly adopt these hell spawn and their ideology.  By embracing politically correct rhetoric and accusing all opposition of being “deplorable” racists, sexists and homophobes, Clinton doomed her campaign from the very beginning.  Anyone with any sense could see the massive tide against SJWs growing on the internet.  In fact, I propose that the globalists, using the advanced web analytics at their disposal, saw it even before the rest of us did.

    SJWs are a tiny minority in American society.  Their only strategy has been to use Alinsky tactics to make their movement appear much larger than it really is.  Through mutual aid and elitist supporters in popular media, SJWs presented a fabricated consensus.  They made it seem as though they were the majority view and, thus, the “superior” view.

    One fantastic result of the 2016 election has been the realization by conservatives that they are not isolated on the fringes of society.  In fact, in America at least, we are a considerable force to be reckoned with.  There is an old story of a Roman Senator 2,000 years ago who suggested the idea of forcing slaves to wear armbands to make them easily identifiable.  Another senator admonished the notion, stating “No, if they realize how many of them there really are, they may revolt.”

    This is what Election 2016 did for conservatives — we have seen that millions of us have arm bands, and we are now in revolt.

    I rarely comment on race issues because I don’t really see race as very relevant in most cases; but it has been the tactic of social justice cultists to constantly and brutally target straight white males as the monsters of history and therefore responsible for the ills and failures of every minority group from today to eternity.  At this point I think it is safe to say that we will NO LONGER sit idly by as whipping boys for sad, deluded people clamoring for victim group status.

    The End Of Mainstream Polling

    I was also confident in my prediction of a Trump win based on my knowledge of inconsistencies in modern polling methods.  The fact of the matter is, polling suffers from the same lack of objectivity that any other “science” can at times suffer from — the results will always be vulnerable to influence from the observer.  If the observer wants a particular outcome for the numbers, they will consciously or unconsciously rig their method to produce the desired result.

    I saw this happen time and time again during the Brexit polls leading up to the referendum, and, as I stated many times before the U.S. election, the campaign polls seemed to be behaving the same way.  This is how you get media sources like Reuters claiming a 90 percent chance of a win by Hillary Clinton just before the election.  When pollsters weight their polls with far more democrats than republicans and when they poll the same groups repeatedly they are not going to get varied or honest data.

    In the end, polls become propaganda tools rather than litmus tests.  The mainstream has tried desperately to explain why their polls were so utterly wrong, but it is too late for them.  After the Brexit and the U.S. election, no one is going to trust these numbers again.

    Liberty Groups Will Get Some Breathing Room (For A Little While)

    The steady drum beat of government antagonism for “patriot groups” is probably going to subside for a short time.  I happen to know that many militia groups and preparedness networks are breathing a heavy sigh of relief today after eight years of a hostile Obama presidency, the IRS sniping at liberty organizations and individual activists based purely on political zealotry, the DHS profiling liberty activists as terrorists and the SPLC frothing at the mouth like rabid animals looking to use their ties to the feds as a means to sink their teeth into any conservatives with the guts to refuse participation in the mainstream narrative.

    With conservatives launching into 2017 with complete control of government and a Trump mandate, it would seem that liberty groups have “won the fight” and have nothing to worry about.

    That said, don’t get too comfortable, folks, because now we are going to discuss my negative predictions going into next year…

    The Final Stage Of Economic Collapse

    Economic collapse is a process, not a singular event; stock markets play only a minor part in this process.  Most Americans’ only relation to the economy is through the daily rise and fall of the Dow Jones.  If they see the Dow in the green, they go on with their day.  If they see the Dow in the red, they stop and question what is happening.  The election of Donald Trump has surprised many with a sudden rise, rather than fall, in stock markets.  But, as I told my readers before the election, it would be wise to wait a couple of weeks before trying to analyze these markets because that is how long it will take just to absorb the election results.

    I predict first that central banks around the globe will further cut stimulus measures and that the Fed is now guaranteed to raise interest rates, probably in December before Trump even enters the White House.  I also believe that the process of initiating a market crisis will take approximately six months to become widely visible to the public.  As a consequence of the Fed pulling the plug on markets, I predict Trump and the Fed will enter into open hostilities against each other, which will erode international faith in the U.S. dollar as the world reserve currency.

    By extension, Trump’s presence in the White House will exacerbate already-existing tensions with Saudi Arabia.  The Saudi 9/11 bill is just the beginning.  As a result, I believe Saudi Arabia will dump the U.S. dollar as the petro-currency, influencing numerous other OPEC nations to do the same.  I believe this will happen by early 2018.

    In my view, for now, oil prices will be the best indicator for where stocks are headed in the next few months.

    This is not something many Trump supporters want to hear.  The response in the liberty movement to my prediction that the elites would allow Trump into office was rather predictable as well.  In my article ‘Why The U.S. Election Has The Entire World Confused’ I stated:

    “I have not taken this position just to be contrary. If I think about it honestly, my position is truly a losing position. If I am mistaken and Clinton wins on the 8th then I’ll probably never hear the end of it, but that’s a risk that has to be taken, because what I see here is a move on the chess board that others are not considering. If I’m wrong, then I’m wrong.

    That said, if I am right, then I still lose, because Trump supporters and half the liberty movement will be so enraptured that they will probably ignore the greater issue — that Trump is the candidate the elites wanted all along.”

    This seems to be the reaction from about half the liberty movement so far; a general blind faith and bias, clinging to the idea that the election (just like the Brexit) was a victory, and that conservatives had just won the culture war and defeated the globalists.  It’s funny how it wasn’t much of a controversy when everyone thought I was wrong about Trump winning in the first place.

    There are two primary arguments that come up with these people. First, that my view on the influence of the elites is “unrealistic” and that the elites would have to be “omnipotent” in order to succeed in directing the outcome of these events so effectively.  I will address this argument in detail in my next article on the Trump presidency and what the consequences will be for us all if Trump turns out not to be a constitutionalist.

    The second argument they present is that the elites “will never succeed” in blaming Trump and conservatives for an economic crisis that was decades in the making.  To the people that embrace this argument I say — I understand mass psychology far better than you do.

    The reality is, half of America is ALREADY primed to blame Trump for everything that happens over the next four years (if we even make it that long).  Possession is nine-tenths of the law in the minds of many.  Beyond that, every meme in the global media and on the left is promoting the idea that Trump is an apocalypse in the making.  Even Germany’s ‘Der Spiegal’ published its after-election magazine with a cover depicting Trump’s head as a giant comet hurtling towards the Earth.  Don’t tell me that Trump cannot be blamed for an economic crisis.  Only a complete idiot would suggest that he is anything other than the perfect scapegoat.

    At bottom, it does not matter whether people believe the above predictions or not.  I have hundreds of emails from readers who called me a “tinfoil hatter” in the past and are now apologizing.  So, if you plan to react in a knee-jerk fashion to the notion that Trump and conservatives are being set up by the elites for a final financial flagellation, be sure to write two letters — one for today saying I’ve lost touch, and the other for tomorrow when you find out I was right once again.

    This article was written by Brandon Smith of and first published at Personal


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      1. Anonymous

        Always End Is Near with SHTF.
        Always just around the corner.
        You make me tired and wear me out. Your site Make me want to drink.

        What the hell am I going to do with these pallets of ammo and warehouse of food and “preps”?

        I thought you said the end is near. I am a sucker. y2k’ed again. I am a chump.

        • --Bill

          Boy. Talk about a loaded NEGATIVE response. Guess we should all just lie down and die. No reason to live.
          Instead of viewing things through Rose Colored Glasses, this person sees everything through the crap collecting on his glasses.
          When I say “Crap” I am referring to the brown stuff that comes from the rear orifice of mammals. Clear enough for you?

          • Jacknife

            In life there ARE two kinds of people, there are leaders and there are followers. The problem in today’s age is that the definition of “leader” has changed.

            • Jay in UK (now Latvia)

              The only two kinds of people are these: the Lord’s and everyone else.

              As for Trump, why would the Deep State prefer him to Hillary? Because the Deep State’s agenda thus far has been agitation towards WW3 and it cannot prosecute such a war and its postwar blame matrix without a charismatic populist with strong appeal in the sight of the right.

              Since the plan is (apparently) to provoke or corner Russia, and perhaps China with them, into making the first move, so that the outraged victim card can be played, a flag-waving rallying leader is necessary to get the rednecks to sign up to the conventional war that follows the nuke phase (and no, it won’t be hemisphere-wide annihilation or nuclear winter). And then he and his supporters can take the blame for being root causes of it on down the line. That’s the holy grail for the Deep State psychopaths: a revolution in political thought worldwide, or more specifically, a justification for an undisguised end to liberty, democracy, cash, gun ownership, organised religion (with the real target being biblical Christianity), free speech, etc.

              Let’s hope, of course, that theory is very wrong. Trump’s first few weeks as president should reveal what direction things are going in, especially when we see how he intends to deal with the Syrian crisis.

              • FreeSlave

                “The only two kinds of people are these: the Lord’s and everyone else.”

                Amen UK Jay now in Latvia.

                “I predict Trump and the Fed will enter into open hostilities against each other, which will erode international faith in the U.S. dollar as the world reserve currency.” (Prediction dated 11/16/16, but no date given when this will occur. Let’s say in 2017 or 2018.)

                Brandon, when you recited your list of correct predictions early in your post, I have to praise you and give you your due and to give you credit. Honesty compels that.

                The only thing that I’ve ever objected strenuously to is your insistence that there is a false Left/Right paradigm.

                Sir, there is a Left and a Right political spectrum.

                However, I think I now know what you are saying. (If I’m mistaken, please correct me.) I think now what you mean is that *even* if there is a Left/Right spectrum (and there is) that the globalists (whoever these dark shadow nefarious people may be) supersede this divide by exploiting it for their own globalist ends.

                If so, then this is how and what I see that you are stipulating to (Let me know if you agree):

                (1) George Soros is a Globalist Elite.

                (2) George Soros really and secretly wants Trump to win.

                (3) Soros funds Hillary’s campaign. Soros funds anti-Trump protestors during the primaries, during the general campaign season, and for the protests after the election result which he *actually* wanted.

                (4) The Globalist Elites and Soros are spending large sums of money to protest the self-professing Nationalist (“Make America Great Again”) Trump because he is a pawn for their plan and goal of Global/World Control.

                Is this more or less correct, Brandon?

        • Bill

          I did prepping myself but did not go to extremes because I don’t expect a “mad max” scenario. There is still serious economic problems that are likely within the next 3 to 5 years. If the country ends as we know it, it will be a drawn out affair and end in a whimper, not with a bang. There will be no nuclear war, no invasions by massive foreign armies, no civil war, etc.
          Rather, what is really going to undo us is all the accumulated debt in our country that will eventually have to be reconciled (federal, state and local government, corporate, student loan, etc.) it is simply not possible to meet the obligations. Expect ongoing decline on our standard of living and quality of life, yes high inflation, generally much higher local taxes throughout the nation, and a reduction in quality health care for starters.
          Then the segment of population in the 18 to 30 bracket are frankly, quite stupid. Not all, but if based on my interaction with them means anything I can say more than 90%. Absolutely no critical thinking skills, low to no powers of comprehension, easy to manipulate, and completely dependent on others for everything, and that’s including the “educated” ones. Expect everything to only get worse at an accelerated rate under them.
          This is the way I see things, the best I can do is prepare how I will live and maintain my standard of living for the future, continue to enjoy my life, and keep my eyes and ears open so that I will know where to finally settle when most people are having a difficult time so I can continue having a good quality of life.

          • Nailbanger

            Its like insurance, you pay in not really wanting to need it but damn, when something happens you sure are glad you had it

          • SASQUATCH

            BILL, AMEN BROTHER!!!!

          • Da Yooper

            “Then the segment of population in the 18 to 30 bracket are frankly, quite stupid. Not all, but if based on my interaction with them means anything I can say more than 90%. Absolutely no critical thinking skills, low to no powers of comprehension, easy to manipulate, and completely dependent on others for everything, and that’s including the “educated” ones.”

            Well said & spot on from my experience.
            I blame the public school indoctrination system with it’s over priced baby sitters who teach …….nothing of importance & are useful globalist tools of the left.

        • durangokidd

          “Trump is the candidate the elites wanted all along.”

          NO. He is not. TRUMP is their worse nightmare.

          Elites will make a lot of money with TRUMP. No economic collapse without an EMP, asteroid strike, nuclear war, or Yellowstone blowing.

          The PTB will not initiate an economic collapse.

          That would be irrational and suicidal. Worse in their eyes, there is no profit in it for the 160 multi-national corporations who control 60% of world GDP.

          No profit for the NWO, no profit for the NWO Banks.

          A downturn, even a depression is the natural process at the end of the business cycle which is precipitated by rising interest rates.

          I believe we will see a relatively short downturn, say one year, maybe longer, before TRUMP’S policies begin to bite. There is a major recession at the changing of the guard every eight years; and beginning quickly, so I expect the next year to initiate the CLEANSING that has been long overdue.

          Without any black swans, 2018 will mark the beginning of a new business cycle with real job growth. And peace may break out upon the planet.

          If not, the banks will be eating my extended credit line. 🙂

          • Mountain Trekker

            I predict that Donald Trump will be the worst thing that ever happened to the NRA, gun manufactures, ammo and magazine producers. Oh yeah and long term shelf life food producers! What do you think Brandon, am I on the same page? Trekker Out.

            • durangokidd

              MT: You are right about that. Guns and ammo sales will plummet (along with their stocks). So will long term food storage supplies as the masses become complacent.

              Now is the time to double down on your preps for these items as prices drop and sellers want to unload their inventory. 🙂

          • Utah Dave

            So then your theory is that even though the banksters have ravaged every corner of the world’s economy, they’re somehow able to keep the sham going indefinitely, and they are going sit back and do nothing while Trump “makes America great again”, and creates world peace? That’s very interesting…

            I think I’m gonna have to go with Smith on this one rather than some faceless guy named “durango”. Smith’s track record is exemplary.

            • Zeus

              Actually the Biggest Consumer rip off is coming, and that is the Elimination of Paper money and everything goes digital. It will be the biggest transfer of wealth out there, and small mom and pop shops will not be included in the system and wipe them off the map creating total slaves to the Big Box Stores run by the wall street fascists to control every transaction out there.

              We as a society will need to invent a worthy barter trading system and trading silver for basics and small purchases under $1000. And of course the Powers to be will try to make barter illegal or trading gold or silver with out the mark of the beast on the PM’s which will be considered Illegal.

              Just my take.

            • durangokidd

              “So then your theory is that even though the banksters have ravaged every corner of the world’s economy, they’re somehow able to keep the sham going indefinitely, ….”

              Indefinitely, no.

              But they can keep the sham going for a bit longer under current policies. TRUMP will change these policies and the direction of the country, creating a new environment in which the Banksters will make TONNES of money.

              Go with Brandon. He believes SDR’S will be the new global, One World Currency. Get in early. Buy some now. 🙂

          • NunyaBidness

            You apparently know nothing about which you’ve opened your mouth.

            • durangokidd

              NYB: My track record here has been superlative and impeccable. Check the archives. 🙂

        • NunyaBidness

          WTF are you talking about?

          The collapse is all around you. You’re either blind or your post is bullshyte and you’re a low info libtard.

          A financial collapse of the magnitude of the US economy IS NOT A LIGHTSWITCH PEOPLE.

          • rabbitone

            You can read all your want on SHTF and TEOTWAWKI that predict a certain date or event for the economic collapse of western civilization – they will all be wrong. Why? Because economic collapse is a process and not an event. For example there was no one date on which the economics of the Roman empire collapsed. It happened over a hundred year period.

            People are fooled into thinking economics works the same way as war. Wars end from final battles on a specific date or the date the leader of the opposition is captured. Economic collapse has examples like Venezuela where one economic event at a time degrades the whole economy and makes the country more and more untenable in the process.

            The U.S. has been going through its economic collapse since the 1960s. All one has to do is look at the decaying shuttered factories strung through the rust belt where 7 million factory jobs were lost prior to the year 2000. But its not over, the United States lost 5 million manufacturing jobs between January 2000 and December 2014. Now its accelerating; in the last two years from January 2013 through December 2015, 3.2 million workers age 20 or older were “displaced” from jobs they held for at least three years, because their plant or company either closed down or moved; there wasn’t enough work for them to do; or their position or shift was abolished, the Labor Department’s Bureau of Labor Statistics reported last August.

            According to data published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, government jobs now outnumber manufacturing jobs by nearly 1.8 to 1. Almost 22,000,000 people work for local, state, and federal agencies, compared to 12,329,000 workers in the manufacturing sector. Manufacturing employment hasn’t been this low since before World War Two!

            It does not take a genius to see the direction the country is going in from these numbers. In an effective thriving economy total government employment should be half of manufacturing employment. Why? Because the cost of high government is passed through, as administrative cost to medical, energy, education…until it chokes the whole economy!! Every pill you take today has 50%- 70% built in administrative cost from governments.

            This is why they will not built plants in the U.S. today with high paying jobs. Because they know the U.S. government will find a way to tax the paycheck or benefits to pay for its socialism!! Until this is reversed (if it is possible by Trump) we will continue our economic decline. As for me I continue to prep and by PM’s…

            • NunyaBidness

              “Because economic collapse is a process and not an event.”

              Which is exactly what I just said.

              • rabbitone

                I did not say I disagreed with you. I agree you. I was adding some facts to your statement that people ignore…

          • durangokidd

            The “COLLAPSE” happened in 2008 and 2009. We are in the collapse. Yet even in the collapse, the Uber Rich have extended their gains and magnified their wealth.

            There are two Americas: one for you, and one for them. 🙁

        • Zeus

          OK Mr. I’m always right. Most all of the predictions are common knowledge. Sounds like that Masked Man who surfaces to have us all back and check the archives.

          OK My Predictor, Predict this:

          Will Hillary do Jail time?

          Will The Paper US dollar be eliminated and when?

          When will that Asteroid Hit the Planet and where?

          When is the EMP going to hit?

          When will the Stock Market Crash at least 15% and when exactly?

          Tell us something we don’t know Mr Predictor. I can tell you most likely the Fed will raise rates in Dec by a Quarter point. What’s the Mystery? I can also predict the sun will rise tomorrow morning in the east and in fact will set in the west horizon later on in the day.

          • durangokidd

            “OK Mr. I’m always right. Most all of the predictions are common knowledge.”

            Exactly ….. for people with a business background / formal financial education, and a nose for financial news. Its not rocket science. It happens over and over and over again … just like Groundhog Day. Most of the folks here do not have that background: which is why they can’t see it coming.

            Even Brandon has NO formal education in Economics and Finance. He is a liberal arts major: which is why he believes that SDR’S will be the Global One World Currency.

            Get in early. Buy some now. 🙂

            • Utah Dave

              Smith is a liberal arts major? What evidence do you have of that? You sound like you are just making crap up.

              • durangokidd

                Ask him. He OBVIOUSLY is not classically trained in Economics and Finance. I am; with a career in the financial industry. That’s how I know. He doesn’t make muster and doesn’t make sense sometimes.

                Don’t get me wrong. I like Brandon. He is a true Patriot and an important Alt Media Voice, even when he is wrong.

                But anyone who would say that TRUMP is really the candidate the Elite wanted; after the NWO Political Class on both sides of the aisle, and the LSM pulled out all of the stops and viciously colluded to stop him, has a screw loose somewhere.

                Don’t forget the SDR’S. Get in early before demand and price explode. Buy some. 🙂

          • durangokidd

            Q: “Will Hillary do Jail time?”
            A: I may be wrong, but I think so. TRUMP must assume power and then consolidate power first, before he turns his attention to all of the crimes associated with the Election, etc and Drains The Swamp.

            His pick for Attorney General will indicate whether he is leaning that way. I don’t think he has made a final decision about that yet, and if he does, he will do it “nonchalantly”, meaning he will pass the buck to his AJ and a Special Prosecutor and let the legal system take it’s course, trying to be non political and hands off about it.

            Q: “Will The Paper US dollar be eliminated and when?”
            A: NO. Not until and when quantum computing has been perfected. I have mentioned that before. Its still a few years away. Digital money will be the Global Currency held digitally, in our accounts, in the major currencies.

            Q: “When will that Asteroid Hit the Planet and where?”
            A: The Bible Code talks about a meteor swarm that strikes Iran and turns the country into rubble. It also talks about an asteroid strike; or mountain falling into the sea. That eliminates Arizona so I am not much concerned about that.

            I have no date for that; however I would suggest that MAY 24th at EXACTLY 4:02 PM PST, the BIG ONE will hit Southern Cal. Maybe next year. Maybe the year after that, etc. Stay out of SoCal on that date going forward.

            Q: “When is the EMP going to hit?”
            A: Check Revelation. It is described there.

            Q: “When will the Stock Market Crash at least 15% and when exactly?”
            A: While my Market Correction Forecasts have been uncannily accurate over the past two years; (check the archives) I have been too busy of late to give it much thought. You may or may not have noticed my absence from the comments section here for a week or so prior to and up to the Election.

            If I get a ‘flash” I’ll pass it on. I do not own any stocks other than in my own company, so I really don’t pay special attention to it. I am primarily a real estate guy, and very good at that. 🙂

        • Redoubt Renee

          You are doing it wrong. You should really aim for a lifestyle of sustainable survival as far off grid as you can get. When you make it a lifestyle, it doesn’t matter if disaster is around the corner or not, you are ready. I’ve come around to the idea that if I live a life where I’m responsible for my food, water, sanitation, health, anything that most people would rely on others for, I will be better prepared for most anything that comes my way. When you live like that, you aren’t looking for the collapse.

      2. Houston/Cypress/katy/Shtf

        Lets start with some of the behind scenes stuff that I have been made aware of because this stuff is real and I don’t care how takes crap to me about it, because I have been purposely avoiding this topic on this site with good reason, but 2017 is when this will be out in the open, so you all better start getting use to it, because my scientist friend has informed me about this reality many times.


        • FTW

          HCKS –

          Project Camelot Portal has been an interesting read in the past for me, and it has opened up doors to the unknown. The information is compelling and it is very much believable.

          Now … with your Scientist “friend” … whats up with Nibiru?

          Coming … not coming … ???

          Anymore on the Net … Nibiru information is classified as a “has been”.

        • Ben

          Sorry dude, but the earth is flat. No aliens.

        • NunyaBidness

          It’s never good for a blog’s reputation to be ..well completely wrong in the first few sentences.

          “the existence of Hillary’s secret server (and the emails related to it) they never mention WHAT IT SIGNIFIES!  This is clear evidence of the Secret Government of which she is a part.  Nothing more”

          Mmmm no, it means she and her crew are corruptocrats that are on the take. Nothing more.

      3. Menzoberranzan

        Ain’t dropping my guard and am always armed.

      4. California Resident

        I’ve said it before, “if Trump wins we’ll have a sped-up collapse, and if Hillary, delayed collapse.”

        I’m buying more ammo and food now than ever before.

        And no, I WON’T be registering any of my guns per Prop 63’s passing.

        Amazing how that freedom thing works, right Mr. Newsome, and Mr. DeLeon?

      5. THEBigFatPanda

        Man, talk about a buzz kill. 🙂

        That being said, this does make sense in a twisted sort of way. I would ask people to consider Steve Quayle’s oft repeated statement over the last few years: “We’re not going to have a political solution to a spiritual problem”.

        Until we as a nation turn from our wickedness and return to the God of the Bible, this downhill slide will continue. While I’m happy I voted for President-elect Trump and I hope he does well, I know in my gut he’s nothing but a speed bump on America’s road to Perdition. Remember, Trump is just a man with all the same frailties and sin nature we all have. We need to get serious about God before we can celebrate anything.

        • beezh

          Yes…you nailed it.

        • grandee

          “We need to get serious about God…”

          Yes, what you said.

          Serious! About God!

          • Zeus

            God needs to get serious about us. He has been AWOL for 2000 years. Why, he cant even print his own money, cause he begs for yours every Sunday. So seem s pretty useless accept for the Gullible Sheep as a mind massaging pacifier.

            • Redoubt Renee

              FYI, the giving of money benefits US, not GOD. HE doesn’t need our money. HE can accomplish anything he wants without us in the blink of an eye. He uses us and the money he allows us to have for his glory. Charity only benefits the giver when it is given person to person. That is why government programs that take the place of charity are a perversion of how GOD set it up to be. I get no spiritual benefit if the government taxes me and gives it to someone else. Tithe doesn’t just go to paying for the physical church building to function, it is for local and other ministries, most of which I can participate in on a personal level.

      6. Zeus

        How about we discuss real situations that are occurring across the Globe at this time. Like the Disappearing Paper money. We don’t need to discuss the useless snowflake-toids that are just props for the Globalists.

        Here is the Real Deal…
        India is Phasing out large denomination Rupies. And Citi Bank Just announced they are phasing out larger Bills in Australia. The War on Cash is taking place in Real Time.

        Are you holding Cash, watchout!!

        Citi to Go Cashless at Some Aussie Branches
        ht tp://

        War On Cash Intensifies: Citibank To Stop Accepting Cash At Some Branches

        Submitted by Simon Black via,

        Less than a week after India’s surprise move to scrap its highest denomination cash notes, another front in the War on Cash has intensified down under in Australia.

        Yesterday, banking giant UBS proposed that eliminating Australia’s $100 and $50 bills would be “good for the economy and good for the banks.”

        This is how it works.

        The government, media, banks, and even academia have formed a single, unified chorus to push this idea out to consumers that “cashless” is good for everyone.

        And it’s happening across the planet, from Australia to India to Europe to North America.

        Even in the United States, banks routinely employ very clever accounting tricks to conceal their true financial condition.

        There’s also the fact that, the moment you make a deposit at a bank, it’s no longer your money. It becomes the bank’s money.

        And they can do with it as they please, whether it’s freezing you out of your account or making idiotic investments with minimal reserve requirements.

        You have no say in the matter.

        As a bank depositor, you’re nothing more than an unsecured creditor of a financial institution which may or may not allow you to withdraw your own savings.

        If you don’t believe me, take a trip down to your bank and ask to withdraw $25,000. See how quickly they treat you like a criminal terrorist.

        Cash essentially eliminates the middleman between you and your savings… at least, the portion of your savings that can be easily exchanged for goods and services in the economy.

        Cash is a pitiful store of value over the long-term. Precious metals and other real assets are much better alternatives.

        • M

          One word: Bitcoin
          Do some research, it’s not controllable by any gov.

          • Zeus

            Hey M. You can’t hold digital currency or Bitcoin in your hand, and it already has been hacked. If you have been here for more than a week you already know this info. Check the archives over the last 3 years

      7. Braveheart1776

        Brandon, thank you for another outstanding article. My prepping is definitely continuing and all my options are definitely still on the table. Libturds are so nuts they’ll blame Trump if the sun doesn’t come up. Minority groups never have any real complaints.

      8. KL

        Europe has been governed by an elite for centuries, and the US has been ruled by an elite who has worked tirelessly for over 100 years to destroy our national sovereignty (research the history/founders of the Federal Reserve, the Council On Foreign Relations, the League of Nations, the Trilateral Commission, the United Nations and the Bilderbergers).
        After 100 plus years of quietly infiltrating our government, the military, media, the schools, the arts, and even religious organizations and churches/synagogues, the oligarchs are not about to give up their plans for world domination.

        Our election was nothing more than political theater, a vaudeville show meant to convey the image that the we the people elect a President.
        Even if Donald Trump truly is an “outsider”, the powers that be will surround him with CFR and Trilateral Commission members, and their sycophantic minions.

        EVERY US President, including George Washington, has been related to John Lackland Plantagenet, otherwise known as King John 1st of England. The only man not related to England’s King John was US President Martin Van Buren.
        Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump continue this
        “coincidental” pattern.
        Interesting to note that Barack Obama, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, George Bush, Dick Cheney, Princess Diana, etc. are ALL cousins.

        • FTW

          “Europe has been governed by an elite for centuries, and the US has been ruled by an elite who has worked tirelessly for over 100 years to destroy our national sovereignty”

          KL –

          Sorry to break the news to ‘ya … but … those “Elite” you speak of … are the same players then … as they are relevant today.


          “Why do we the people of the World … need a small group of people … to rule over all of us?”

          Since the “dawn of man” it has been this way … I would like to change History for once on this matter!

        • Archivist

          Actually, almost everyone is related. George Bush is my 8th cousin, Obama is my 12th cousin, Paris Hilton is my 8th cousin, etc. I’m related to Queen Elizabeth, Bill Clinton, and even Duncan Hines and Mae West. One of my cousins married Margaret Truman.

          So the relationships to King John are not very important. Martin Van Buren is different only because his family are all Dutch, so his common ancestor with the other presidents is much further back in time, probably the 800s. I have a little Dutch ancestry, so I might be as closely related to Van Buren as I am to the other presidents.

          Their “club” memberships are more important than their genealogies.

        • Braveheart1776

          KL, I agree with the first 2 paragraphs in your post but can you provide some sources and links for all of those big players being related?

        • RosieMc

          Hey, KL, even I am related to the Plantagenets, does that mean I can be president? You make some interesting points here though.

        • Da Yooper

          I dont see how bath house barry can be related since there is no legitimate birth certificate for him

          • Ketchupondemand

            Yooper, good point. Maybe it’s in Kenya!

          • Archivist

            He’s related through his mother. There’s no doubt about who she is.

            That’s how he’s related to all of the presidents, including Martin Van Buren, and to Kerry, and Queen Elizabeth, and me.

            BTW, the girl who traced all the presidents but Van Buren back to King John didn’t go quite far enough. If she had gone back one more generation to Eleanor of Aquitaine, she would have seen that all of the presidents can trace back to her. Martin Van Buren is descended from Eleanor through her first husband, Louis VII of France.

            Everyone is related.

            • Mountain Trekker

              Archivist I have usually agreed with your comments in the past, but I don’t think I would be bragging about being related to Obama. Trekker Out. Sounds Like A Negro In The Wood Pile!

      9. Zeus

        HUH? “One fantastic result of the 2016 election has been the realization by conservatives that they are not isolated on the fringes of society.”

        Facts: Conservatives are isolated self-absorbed and out of touch. These Isolationists are failures and Bashed Trump at every turn. Now they want to Brag like They Helped Trump win. WTF? They also want you all to believe and think Ronald Reagan was the Greatest President ever. So Tell me Conservatives, What is conservative about slapping $5 Trillion dollars of National Debt on the future generations backs, like Reagan did and Jacked up the Military Industrial complex which bankrupted America with endless wars. What is conservative about that? President Eisenhower warned us about Idiots like Reagan in his farewell speech January 19th 1961.

        What is conservative about Reagan Paying off Iranian Terrorists $5 Billion Dollars for 52 hostages, creating Terrorism as we know it today?

        What is conservative about Cutting and Running in Beirut Lebanon when the Truck Bomb killed Hundreds of American Soldiers at the Hotel?

        What is Conservative about the Iran Contra scandal giving terrorists Stinger Missiles to shoot down Aircraft.

        What is Conservative about any of this?

        Take your Conservative Crapola and stick it. You are obsolete and Reagan Sucked.

        • Archivist

          The national debt went up $1.5 trillion during the 8 years of Reagan’s presidency, not $5 trillion.

          And that was 8 whole years. Obama did almost that much just in 2009.

          ht tp://

          • Kona 555

            Sadly the debt has been almost doubling every 8 plus years for decades, no matter who is in office. We are just at that point in an exponential debt based system. The math is not good. And the time this system can continue, not good. The debt is too big to ever really raise interest rates again. Enjoy your borrowed time. God bless.

        • Nailbanger

          Its all just bullshit

      10. Houston/Cypress/katy/Shtf

        Trump winning the elections and being president will not change the way I prep, and in my opinion nothing has changed and will be changing because I know better than that. Like I said, I love the guy, he is the real deal, but the globalist have very bad plans, and since we almost got the fuck EMP’D out of us last july 2016, I will continue to prep. I have seen the positive effects and am experiencing it myself in my business, and am doing better because of its physcological positive effects of Trump’s win, but lets be realistic. I don’t mind making more money, and i can tell you living on the streets of Houston outside for 4 days and nights is not and easy thing to do, while the stores are full of food.
        finding your ass out on the streets in the elements, with your wife and kids in that position after and EMP while attack troops are massing in your area will cause you great pain and suffering. Now is no the time to go to sleep, when things look okay, that when you run, that’s when you prep.

        Only a dumbass would go back to sleep and not pay attention. So if some of the so called preppers around me have gone back to sleep, buying tucks, brand new cars, spending money recklessly and this is the reason why prep myself that I may be in this collapse, EMP, Bio attack or what is thrown at the city, and war game situations to figure out how I can survive it. I cant emphasize this enough to a lot of single preppers, that they need not worry, plenty of women will be available by the shit loads, when the shit hits the fan. This event is still on the table and from I was told, we are in a more dangerous perilous time now that Trump is in because the globalist are really pissed off and cannot afford to let us know what they have planned for years and how they have gone Type One, and have made plans to survive the event long term.. We are still in grave danger, very serious danger.

        In fact one of team members just got solar panel power generators ready just incase. I am still working on fine tuning my long term survival and am still working on land, and a lot of people are moving out of the major cities around Texas, and I don’t blame them.


        • Captain Crunch

          Yo man

          Watch this

          Help me spread it

          Spread it far and wide down in Houston

      11. B from CA

        I agree.

        Further, the elites are J*ws, mostly. Rothschild bought Palestine by getting the United States into WW2. Hertzel, a J*w, said “the anti’J*ws’ will be our best friend”. By that he meant that unknowingly, they would push the J*ws who were happy in Germany, to immigrate to a desert, Palestine. The same is planned to happen again. By encouraging J*ws to be openly hostile to Christians, to assume positions as politicians out front, rather than in the background; the true “elite” globalists J*ws want a backlash. With this they plan to get immigration to complete their expansion into greater Ishell.

        Then the safety of the “not really chosen” in oil rich Middle East will secure world domination.

        The United States could get biological, or other attacks, or a planned water or food crisis.

        Chess or Checkmate it’s a nasty game these people play…


        • FTW

          “Every time anyone says that Israel is our only friend in the Middle East, I can’t help but think that before Israel, we had no enemies in the Middle East.” ~ Fr. John Sheehan, S.J.

      12. Nailbanger

        People are stupid fuckingsheep,,,,
        Our mail carrier was whining about how disrespectful of women Trumpster is, i didnt have the heart to tell her that her hubby has said worse when on another of his drunken binges to Vegas that he takes twice a year, these people are all just stupid and have their leftist blinders on,
        IMHO, a full on collapse and bedlam is too good for them, it needs to be more extreme, ill deal, dont care, comuppins can be a real bitch

        • rellik

          I thought you lived in the boonies!
          I have to go several miles to a post
          office to get my mail.
          No house or housing division delivery here.

          • Nailbanger

            Na, not really in the boonies, we are rural but theres some small lots all around us, we are on the fringes of where post stops,,

      13. Nailbanger

        Moderated again,,,, its getting harder and harder to speak yer mind, freedom? Not so much

      14. Anonymous

        And a single world religion.

      15. Old Guy

        I always stated there hasn’t been and will never be any political or ballot box solution. But Im overjoyed to see the agony of defeat of the hellery cabal. There where a lot of powerful folks who where against Trump and most of them where jews.

        • aljamo

          Old Guy… I read somewhere that Netanyahu loves that Trump is in the top public spot. Trump is surrounded by J*wish names. Israel will continue to call Americas shots. Expect further decline.

      16. And I Quote

        Fear is the mother of foresight.

        Thomas Hardy (British Novelist and Poet 1840-1928)

        • Borodino

          “Drummer Hodge” — off topic, I know. But an excellent poem by the great Thomas Hardy.

      17. Zeus

        What we got lucky with, is that that POS EX-CIA Director Michael J Morell is “No longer in play” to destroy the world with WW3-4-5-6-7…etc. I got so sick and tired of that POS doing Hillary campaign speech commercials, with his sissy voice, telling everybody how dangerous Trump was and How Smart and trusting Hillary was. WTF?

        Like It is soooo Amazing how Twisted the Lefties are, in their warped Minds. Brainwashed or Brain dead. Choose your poison lefties.

        • apache54

          THE LEADERS OF THE LEFTIST SCUMBAGS ARE very SMART and have been WORKING on BRAINWASHING and DUMBING DOWN Americans FOR YEARS and as you can see what the average age group is of those who bought into Hillary lies are younger people (not all) they have done a great job of it!! in order for this country to change the list of things to do is PAGES long and so no matter what happens it will be a process that requires a long time to work!! the scumbags took a long time to get this far and it will be even longer to change it IF that ever happens, IF the rest of the world goes down and there is good reason to thin it will, then all bets are off about our recovery! in lots of ways they only real way for us to start over is a complete purge of the financial and politicians with a complete reset.

      18. 2isone

        I won’t be blaming anybody. Taking care of business here at home. Very productive day. More silver on the way, and the summer clothes picked up. The day was perfect and I am courting a big, “screw you” attitude to folks projecting a sour attitude towards me or anything right now. Let the liberal snowflakes be depressed for awhile; Obama’s had me depressed for the best part of a decade. If his train has to crash against a wall to stop it, so be it.

        • grandee

          last few nice days here too.

          clothes on the line

          cleaning up the herb/tea gardens

          cleaning hen house

          enjoying this beautiful day

          life is real good in my back yard

      19. toktomi

        I find it unfortunate that otherwise well-thought analysis must be presented under the guise of absolute truth and knowledge.

        Given that the human brain experiences nothing of the world, not sound nor sight nor smell or taste nor touch nor heat or cold, I find no logic in the illusion that the brain can “know” anything about what it does not experience directly. [The brain relies solely on hearsay from the sensory organs and nervous system about the world at large – nervous chatter.]

        What I do find perfectly logical is that all ~7.5Billion of us souls on board have an individual opinion and often times a belief in knowing with no means of proof of that surety.

        I simply am unable any longer to read in entirety dissertations based on the arrogance of self righteousness.

        But I could be wrong.
        How about you?


        • FTW

          Hitler explains why Donald Trump is not another Hitler

      20. AnneMarie

        Donald J. Trump is waaaay out of his league and in over his head. And you thought Barack Hussein Obama was bad. Just wait…

        • smokey

          No, you wait. Check back in a year on this kind of bullshit, will you?

          • AnneMarie

            No bullshit, and that’s the truth. I will so be waiting a year, or maybe two if we get that far, from this January. Should be quite interesting (but not in a good way). So glad I got out for good.

            • Old Guy

              I dunno I prefer to think Trump is playing chess when everyone else thinks its checkers. That may not be the case. However It comes under the umbrella of it doesn’t matter if something is true or not. If something is worth believing in then go ahead and believe in it.

            • NunyaBidness

              IOW AnneMarie, you didn’t even read the story and just wanna spread your lowinfo libtard hacking points.

              • Ketchupondemand

                AnneMarie, no, we KNEW Obama would be bad…communist “infiltraitor” that he is.

                We KNEW Hitlery would be worse.
                America dodged a major bullet.
                Try to find something to be hopeful for and be thankful she lost!
                Or be hopeful she runs again, lol.

      21. TEST

        I like Smith, and I read him whenever he writes. However, just stating you “will be shown right in the future” is no proof of anything, Brandon. Nor it his contention that there were only two possibilities – Hilary of that the elites wanted Trump. There ARE other options, such as the fact that just maybe the elite wanted Trump to lose, but he won anyway.

        In any event, I still think it is important to read what Smith has to say – there’s a lot to ponder with what he writes, including Trump being blamed for the messes the left has created going all the way back to the War on Poverty, which has now wasted $20 TRILLION.

        Germany’s ‘Der Spiegal’ published its after-election of Trump being a comet smashing into earth? Just simple proof that Joe Goebbels apparently still lives, and Germany is STILL making yet more stupid decisions. And I’ll just bet the rich editors of Der Spiegel have Sharia supporting, Islamofascists Muslims living RIGHT next door to them, too!

      22. Captain Crunch

        This needs seen

        This is the pizzagate Podesta shît. Safe to view

      23. Captain Crunch

        https ://

        Remove the space after the https

        Help me please. Safe to watch. Pizzagate. CLINTON. Podesta. Soros

        Frickin Stephen Hawking is in on this shît too

        • AnneMarie

          Of course they all work together, they’re colluding. Elites worldwide are in on this; we are the dupes. And the Vatican is in there as well big-time. Nobody but insiders rise to the top. We are in for the disaster of all disasters, coming soon.

          • AnneMarie

            Oh yeah, and St. Peter’s in Rome in an aerial view looks like an eight-slice pizza. Hope that helps tie all this in.

      24. Mqg25

        The last time the Republicans controlled all three branches of Government was back in 1928. We know what happened in 1929. I believe the globalist’s are setting the party up for another big crash blaming it on the right. Yes, I do believe the stars are aligning.

        • macslavo2

          Interesting. We might follow up on this. Going to see what else I can find. Thanks!

          • Archivist

            There is a short book available online that mentions the Hoover administration.

            Red Symphony, by Dr. J. Landowsky

            Excerpt from page 49:

            “The four years of the Government of Hoover – are years of revolutionary progress: 12 and 15 millions on strike. In February, 1933 there takes place the last stroke of the crisis with the closing of the banks. It is difficu1t to do more than capital did in order to break the “classical American,” who was still on his industrial bases and in the economic respect enslaved by Wall Street. It is well known that any impoverishment in economics, be it in relation to societies or animals, gives a flourishing of parasitism, and capital is a large parasite. But this American revolution pursued not only the one aim of increasing the power of money for those who had the right to use it, it pretended to even more. Although the power of money is political power, but before that it had only been used indirectly, but now the power of money was to be transformed into direct power. The man through whom they made use of such power was Franklin Roosevelt. Have you understood? Take note of the following: In that year 1929, the first year of the American revolution, in February Trotzky leaves Russia; the crash takes place in October … The financing of Hitler is agreed in July, 1929. You think that all this was by chance? The four years of the rule of Hoover were used for the preparation of the seizure of power in the United States and the USSR; there by means of a financial revolution, and here with the help of war and the defeat which was to follow. Could some good novel with great imagination be more obvious to you?”

            It does sound like the elites have run this play before.

          • Archivist

            Wikipedia says:

            “In the presidential election of 1928, Hoover easily won the Republican nomination, despite having no elected-office experience.”

      25. Ron Ahrens

        You can write all you want Brandon, the cowards will not listen. The collapse is slow and long, but just like the Titanic…America will most definitely sink, while the cowards keep listening to the band.

        • grandee

          and who will be the unsinkable Molly Brown?

          prep on peeps

          • Ron Ahrens

            Lady Liberty

      26. DUGTRUX

        The stock thing with the election was a sell off already programmed in. Didnt mater who won or lost. It was a masive dump with the intent on buying back the next day. You dont think you could make any on a 800 point drop? It was planned. The market recovery was also planned. How high it would go was depending on who got in..Now its being played that its Trumps credit the market shot up. Its not. They are playing the population. Look here and not here.The fundamentals are still the same, enjoy the ride….

      27. DyingAnyway

        There are LEFT twisted people and there are RIGHT twisted people… and TPTB have got them evened out just like planned. To even for either side to really win. Wake up and look around

      28. Not Sure

        observation, this article sheds light on our current status in the birds eye view of things and I found it very helpful. One question I have is if the SJW’s are on their way out, why was so much money dropped on to BLM?
        My answer that seems to keep with the main point of the article is that Soros has made his money from exploiting catastrophes and as such, in the macro view, he banks on the trends he can control. The money funneled to BLM then is banking on the micro event that he cannot control, such as a southern, NRA gun nut going postal on a minority. In such an unplannable event, he has the logistics to create a national catastrophic movement that will enable his financial arm to rapidly invest in the markets that would benefit from the catastrophe. If the event doesn’t come to fruition, or if the event is tainted by the victims having a criminal past, he then just waits for the next event. So, in closing, the article is spot on to major controllable event, while an uncontrollable micro event can also be moved on, if warranted. if a micro event never comes forward, then truly the SJW’s will just fade into the sunset.

      29. Houston/Cypress/Katy/Shtf

        FTW,we are meeting with him this weekend for the latest, I may be having erectile difficulty after that meeting.. I will ask him about the Nibiru situation..he told me a few months ago that the cabal is hiding something really big and it’s that the aliens are controlling all the world leaders..i think that this is the case..he says that the environment is what’s really scaring the crap out of the globalist and that they are making damn sure that they get to safely exist while we get our asses burned..the bastards have a secret space program have bases all over the solar system and have already left the solar system collonizing..other star system and have already gone type one..something is going to happen to the earth.. a Trump mat be a part of the keep us under control as they prepare type of scenario..we may damn well be getting played and fooled the entire time, this is what we have to talk to him because we know that something is up.


        • Ketchupondemand

          HCKS, if it’s true that humans have built bases all over the solar system how many shuttle launches and Russian launches would that have taken?
          What’d they do, pitch tents on livable planets?
          Or maybe they used shipping containers? 🙂

          I like what you write most of the time, but this one’s a little farther out…just sayin’.

      30. Brian

        Most of the disastrous events that occur involve people who are trying to do a good job. They either lack the ability of the will to do things right. The last words of humanity will be spoken by a scientist. They will be “Let’s see what happens if we……”. People who promote globalism and consider themselves to be much smarter that they actually are wouldn’t be so bad if they were only as smart as they think they are!

      31. Frank Thoughts

        On the plus side, poontang will become cheap and affordable. Every time the left seeks to cheapen a currency and inflate away debt, they drive more women into prostitution to make ends meet. That is the irony of the whole thing. Every time a university raises tuition fees, the local pimps rub their hands in glee, knowing the quality of hooker just went up ten fold.

        I also agree Trump was the candidate they really wanted. Hillary was just too bumbling, corrupt, sick, whiny and grating. Trump is a classic pantomime figure, with his weird hair, gold and glitz penthouse pad, the ready-made ‘evil’ dude the left can scream and shout at.

        The economy will get flushed sometime in the next two years. The clue to the big set up is this: the global bail-outs were championed by former British prime minister Gordon Brown. There are even gay-boy photos of him getting all cozy with Obama in 2009 when they announced it. Brown has always been about the New World Order. He understood to bring it all down you first had to give it all you got: to indebt every country on the planet, every bank, every person. Then you pull the plug and nobody can do anything about it because everyone is unable to make it from one day to the next without more easy credit. That means they have to accept your solution and your new monetary system, whatever form that takes.

      32. Sen. Burticus

        The Eleech had the erection checkmate set up from the start –
        (1) Hitlery Rotten wins, it’s business as usual, looting continues as long as possible until collapse (didn’t happen)
        (2) Trump wins, collapse the system and he gets thrown under the bus either (a) complicit with their sinister scheme, or (b) for opposing their rule, discrediting the nationalist movement in the process.

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