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    This article was contributed by Tom Beck with Portfolio Wealth Global. 


    In America, vaccinations are monopolized by four companies: Pfizer, Merck, GlaxoSmithKline, and Sanofi. These companies are the biggest LOBBYISTS in Washington.

    It’s not only the billions they POUR INTO lobbying that’s disgusting – it’s the media too!

    Anderson Cooper is sponsored by Pfizer and NBC nightly news is backed by Merck, for example. The United States is one of only TWO COUNTRIES that allow TV ads about drugs!

    There are 72 mandatory vaccinations, so these companies have ZERO COSTS when it comes to advertising vaccines since it’s forced upon parents. You cannot sue them, so there are no LEGAL COSTS, and since that’s the case, they don’t do SAFETY TESTING.

    It’s the perfect business for them, so it’s no wonder Bill and Melinda Gates UNDERSTAND THE POTENTIAL!

    This is madness and it has led to a massive rise in autism cases, as well as asthma, food allergies, and chronic diseases.

    Vaccines are the most controversial topic in the world right now since these companies are attempting to BRAINWASH THE SHEEP to form a herd and get their shots, even though it has been proven TIME AND AGAIN that vaccines are BULLSHIT!

    The World Health Organization, the CDC, the NIH, and other institutions are FOR-PROFIT when it comes to patenting. They have a vested interest in these vaccines, including that sneaky devil Dr. Anthony Fauci.

    It is a mistake to believe anything that doctors tell you about vaccines; they’re the MESSENGERS of doom and have done no personal research on what they administer!

    After doing my own research, these are facts that I uncovered. You may draw different conclusions, but know that there are hundreds of thousands of victims from these vaccines both alive and dead.

    I tell you all this because the second any medical company announces that the vaccine is ready, you will be PRESSURED INTO it.

    The media will present it as the only solution to this virus, which only impacts specific parts of the population.

    Ultimately, you OWN YOUR BODY – it’s your property!

    Don’t let them get you twisted on this matter.


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      1. Covert 19 numbers are inline with an normal bad flu year.
        Covert 19 numbers are bullshit estimates, likely contain all deaths that were caused by all flus.

        Operation Fix, where fake news is reported in order to justify the explosion of the world debt. The world central banks were behind this Covert -19.

        In three years from now there will have to be yet another reason to print 25 trillion dollars of new debt world wide or the world economy will collapse in a deflationary spiral. And then 2 years after that, then 10 months after that, then 3 months after that, then 30 days after that, likely then 7 days later the entire world will expire in hyperinflation debt death.

        I give the current system six years until Civil War World Wide. World War III will be Civil Wars all over the planet. Good thing the west let the invaders in so the people of the west will have plenty of scapegoats to blame for the Civil Wars.

        • You people are fucking idiots

      2. Vaccines are so safe that the Health Resources & Services Administration has a Vaccine Injury Compensation Fund to pay out to folks seriously injured by forced vaccines. Good luck actually being able to get anything out of this slush fund as the burden of proving the vaccine injured you is on you (with limited funds) and not the pharmaceutical company that created the vaccine (with unlimited funds).

      3. Sounds like good advice!!

      4. The GMO vaccine would intentionally mislabel healthy cells as invaders. You do not want to create your own antigens; those are foreign protein signatures.

        Also, secular thought experiments always have some basis in religious myth.

      5. Ever since Fauci discounted the inexpensive hydroxycloroquine in favor of the $3000.00 a pop Remdesivir, which no ones knows yet if it’s even effective, I’ve been wondering how much stock he owns in Gilead, the company that produces it.

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