Seven Places Where WW3 Could Start at Any Time: “Your Best Chance At Survival Rests In Your Ability To See It Coming”

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    The following article was originally published by Joshua Krause at Tess Pennington’s

    Tess is the author of the highly rated and widely popular The Prepper’s Blueprint: A Step-By-Step Guide To Prepare For Any Disaster.

    ww3-explosion2 ww3-explosion

    It seems like you can’t watch the news anymore without stumbling onto a story that contains terrifying global implications. Not since the Cold War have tensions been so high among the nations of the world. You can strike sparks just about anywhere. The threat of another global war is downright palpable.

    Most people shrug at the thought of World War Three, either because they’re ignorant or because they don’t think there would be any chance of surviving it, so why bother? But preppers know better. Just about anything can be survived under the right conditions and with the right preparations. And when it comes to World War Three, your best chance at survival rests in your ability to see it coming. And to do that, you need only pay attention to world events, and keep an eye on the following places:


    At the moment, this fractured Middle Eastern nation is probably the most likely candidate to spark WW3. You have armed Russian and American aircraft in close proximity to each other at all times, radicalized Islamic extremists battling the Syrian government, Iranian backed Hezbollah units (who happen to be enemies of Israel), Turkish machinations, and Saudi financiers. And let’s not forget that all of these actors are in it for themselves, and alliances are constantly shifting. Syria is one hot stew that could boil over at any moment.

    Eastern Europe

    After the Ukrainian government was ousted by rebels who wanted out of Russia’s sphere of influence (and some say with the help of Western governments), Russia annexed Crimea and helped support counter rebels in Eastern Ukraine. And that may not be the end of it. NATO and the EU are constantly trying to wrangle Eastern European nations into their own sphere of influence, and the Russian government feels like it’s being encircled by the West. Their only remaining friend in the region is an aging dictator in Belarus who is deeply unpopular. How long before Eastern Europe blows up again is anyone’s guess.

    East China Sea

    The Chinese government claims that this region rightfully belongs to them. Why? Because there’s tons of oil there, which mainland China is severely lacking. However, just about every nation on the planet disagrees with their claim, especially their neighbors like Japan, South Korea, and Vietnam, who have fought countless wars against them throughout history. Two of those nations are close allies of the US, and are capable of building nuclear weapons at any time.

    North Korea

    The only thing propping up the North Korean regime is China, and for good reason. If North Korea ever fell under the influence of the South, then an American ally would be about an eight hour drive away from Beijing. They’ll do everything in their power to keep American forces away from their borders. Unfortunately, North Korea is run by the most insane and antagonistic governments on the planet. Any small conflict here could quickly escalate into a global conflagration.

    Russia-Chinese Border

    These days it seems like Russia and China are real tight. They’ve been building a military and economic alliance for many years now, as they both view the United States as their biggest threat. However, this is a relationship of convenience and nothing more. In fact, there is a long history of antagonism between the two nations, which came to a head in 1969 when the two nations fought a border dispute.

    And there’s no doubt that this border dispute could flare up again in the future, and the reason why has to do with the demographics of these nations. On the one hand you have China, which is brimming with people huddled in overpopulated cities, and then you have Russia, which has one of the lowest birth rates in the world. The Russians fear that one day the Chinese will seek to expand their territory into Eastern Siberia, which is sparsely populated, poorly protected, and resource rich. Given those conditions, the lower latitudes of Siberia would certainly be a tempting conquest for densely populated China.

    India-Chinese Border

    India and China are natural rivals. They’re both large, post-colonial nations with over a billion people, and they’re both trying to leverage their massive impoverished populations to build their economies. Essentially, they’re both vying for the same niche in the global economy; that of a nation with an endless supply of cheap labor. However, there’s only room for one at that table.

    So it wouldn’t be surprising if these two nuclear armed nations came to blows in the future. In fact, they fought a border skirmish back in 1962, which India handily lost. A lot of bad blood still exists between these nations, and they both still argue about the dimensions of their borders.


    Most people don’t talk or even think about Kashmir anymore, but they should. This region is quiet now, but it’s at the center of the single most dangerous border dispute in the world. India and Pakistan fought a war over this territory in 1999, but China has also laid claim to parts of Kashmir. So you have three nuclear armed nations with nearly 3 billion people all vying for this single chunk of land. That should end well right?

    And don’t forget that Pakistan is on the footsteps of Afghanistan; a nation whose central location in Asia has made it one of the most hotly contested regions in human history. The US is currently struggling to maintain control over Afghanistan, so obviously a war over Kashmir could easily pull us in. After that, it’s anyone’s guess what happens next.

    Joshua Krause was born and raised in the Bay Area. He is a writer and researcher focused on principles of self-sufficiency and liberty at Ready Nutrition. You can follow Joshua’s work at our Facebook page or on his personal Twitter.

    The Prepper's Blueprint

    Tess Pennington is the author of The Prepper’s Blueprint, a comprehensive guide that uses real-life scenarios to help you prepare for any disaster. Because a crisis rarely stops with a triggering event the aftermath can spiral, having the capacity to cripple our normal ways of life. The well-rounded, multi-layered approach outlined in the Blueprint helps you make sense of a wide array of preparedness concepts through easily digestible action items and supply lists.

    Tess is also the author of the highly rated Prepper’s Cookbook, which helps you to create a plan for stocking, organizing and maintaining a proper emergency food supply and includes over 300 recipes for nutritious, delicious, life-saving meals. 

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      1. Cool. Let’s get it over with

        • So what? Are you any deader with a MK 86 Thermo Nuke than a 30 cal slug in the head? It’s the war right here at home that worries me.

          • Paranoid:

            I Second that. And may I add, just follow the money and you will find the real threat. The Federal Reserve is a good place to start.

            Read the book About the Intentional Dumbing Down of America. The Carnegie institute determined that nothing changed American life as much as war. Mothers left the home. Therefore a letter was sent to President Wilson asking him to drag the war on longer.

            • World War One

              • It is a known fact (now) that during The Civil War an astounding number of WOMEN “dressed like men” and served as soldiers within the ranks, or were involved in hundreds of ‘intel-gathering’ schemes that The North never did catch on to. The women chose to fight like men of their own volition, and many a ‘company commander’ would be confronted by them asking to NOT allow anyone to search them (and discover wrong body parts), and to get them home safely, if possible. (This info was gleaned from women’s diaries kept during The Civil War). Amazing…

                The next war is going to see females Rambo’s …out of necessity.

        • If the demon-hillary becomes president a major war we will certainly get, along with the already beginning war with the islamic savages here at home. Not to mention the scum police-state and un troops we will fighting as well. I’m just going to shoot them and let the Lord sort them out as I am on a war-footing too. So fuck them and fuck it.

          • Menzo, same here. Just got home from the BOL a few hours ago. The coming war here at home is the only one I’m concerned with. No shortage of enemies, that’s for sure.

            • I have to state that it’s a comfort being so deep into ‘the boonies’ that one isn’t sure if they’ll ever SEE anyone (should we find ourselves in war). No reason to come out where’s there is relatively nothing is there? (There’s no logic in speculating that anyone would travel outside a city, well over 10 miles from what might be called a town (that has ‘zero threats’ within it).

              And Braveheart1776, you state you have no shortage of enemies. (Or are you referencing “the imported warriors” of Obama” that have been spread so widely “not one soul” has yet to produce a picture of them (stateside). …and I find it “perplexing” that nobody has produced pictures of any alleged “boots on the ground” of “obviously non-white-middle-eastern” soldiers dressed in normal American BDUs from within The USA. Just a ‘very narrow field’ pic of a truck supposedly carrying thousands of Martial Law signs (looked faked to me), and another of TWO white trucks on a Freightliner ‘flatbed’ (that MAY have been photoshopped so that it said U.N. on the back of both trucks), and ONE picture of a train saddled with a burden of military equipment supposedly part of Agenda-21 (taken in Texas), yet that same train has, as always, been moved, never on a schedule, all over the place so as not to make them ‘easy targets you can enter GPS coordinates for and blast away …which is why we move around out equipment as much as possible (yet it’s senseless to leave heavy equipment waaaaaaaay out where nobody can get at it (if needed due to an attack), and that’s why Obama keeps seeing that it is placed so that it won’t be advantageous to anyone (meaning the positioning of these ‘weapons of war’ being drug around by rail).

              Glad to hear you spent some time at your BOL!

        • Yep 6 of the 7 places where WW3 could break out is where the US and their Psychopath Allies are poking their noses into other countries business. The 7th Russia and China Border? They both have a common enemy, The US.

          I told a relative- (Hillary Supporter) today, If they like perpetual war and destruction of the Globe, to go Vote for Hillary. This person lives in the rust belt small town where all the manufacturing business have dried up and gone. I asked if they know what NAFTA is? Not a clue. Which Bill Clinton passed to start BIG Sucking sound of Outsourcing of America Jobs overseas. Some will never get it even when presented with the facts. And they ain’t changing their minds. Why beat a dead horse.. Just ship them off to the glue factory. Glad they only have one vote.

          I also said if they would like a million more Muslims imported to shoot up the place, Vote for Hillary. Crickets…..


          • Speaking of Hillary –

            When watching the DNC Convention, there were literally scores of sheeple crying. Which means the carrot that dangles in front of them is actually working and the rabbit hole goes deeper than we want or realized.

          • Yeh, had dinner with two supposed Bernie supporters and when I mentioned that I’d bet every dollar I owned that if Killary was elected that she would go back on her word and support both the TPP and reverse the decision on the Keystone XL, guess what? Neither one of them had ever heard of TPP. How can you call yourself a Bernie supporter and never heard of the TPP. People are just living in a bubble of normalcy bias. So, when everything turns to crap, there will be a lot of surprised, dumbed down people.

            • “had dinner with two supposed Bernie supporters”

              Who reached for the check?

        • Say …isn’t this the first Sunday in a very long time that new articles have been posted? Seems Mac likes posting on Mondays …don’t mind me though. I’m am prepper and lately I’ve been reading that makes me ‘weird’ and a danger to the nation…

      2. Lets have it start at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. – Washington D.C.

        These are the so called true leaders[culprits] of the World.
        This is where the first spark of fire should start … take this regime out … and the rest will follow!

        • wouldn’t THAT be poetic justice….the ones that STARTED the war git keeled furst.

          • So should I bring in the tomato plants?

            • classic

            • I’ve kept a (bell) pepper plant alive 3.5 years by bringing it inside for the winter; it kept producing peppers, even during the winter months. Also kept a celery plant alive for a full year, harvesting celery stalks occasionally; it has now gone to seed (in its second year)…. I am going to harvest the seeds and use them for cooking, and to grow more plants.

              Tomatoes die off at the end of the growing season, but other (supposedly annual) vegetable plants can sometimes be kept alive for a few years. In case of a widespread food crisis, it could be very beneficial to have some mature, productive vegetable plants in pots on your windowsill. And even during ordinary times, it’s fun to harvest fresh produce right in your kitchen in the middle of the winter!

              There are any number of websites that have information on this topic. Check out the following site:

        • I’d first flatten the occupied land of Palestine with a Nuke. 75% of the words problems would instantly go Poof and disappear.


      3. ((ALL RISE))

        In the matter of Larry Klayman [versus]Barrack Obama, Eric Holder, NSA, DOJ, Facebook, Yahoo, Google, Microsoft, YouTube, AOL, PalTalk, Skype, Sprint, AT&T and Apple.

        The plaintiff(s) alleged that the government is conducting a “secret and illegal government scheme to intercept vast quantities of domestic telephonic communications” and that the program violates First, Fourth and Fifth Amendment and exceeds statutory authority granted by Section 215.


        Note from : Federal Judge Richard Leon

        I cannot imagine a more ‘indiscriminate’ and ‘arbitrary’ invasion than this systematic and high-tech collection and retention of personal data on virtually every single citizen for purposes of querying and analyzing it without prior judicial approval … Surely, such a program infringes on ‘that degree of privacy’ that the founders enshrined in the Fourth Amendment.
        Notes from Frosty1
        WWIII started long ago

      4. You know what… I’m reckoning that a slimy Muslim prick will get their grubby allahu fuckin’ akbar hands on some dirty radiation somehow and surprise us all wherever we are and just for the friggin’ buzzzz of it , LET IT RIP… FUCKIN’ CUNTS.
        Vote Trump to nullify the effects of a dirty Muslim bomb!

      5. The War is Just Beginning… Islam is out for WORLD DOMINANCE.
        Fight the GOOD FIGHT.
        Keep your head and destroy the Islamist.

        • MEN to that, it is coming!

          • AMEN. stupid auto spell

        • Be sure to check out the maps online where all of the Islam camps are throughout the USA. They are in small unheard of towns because these towns have small police forces. They go untouched!!! That is where you go and hit hard first if one is close to you. Just sayin!

      6. The Rubicon has been crossed and war is inedible! Prepare like you never have before and may the Lord be with you!!

        • but FIRST, i’m gonna PARTY LIKE IT’S 1939!!!

        • …..”and war is inedible”. I know, damn spell check.

          • What can I say, war has always been a little hard to swallow lol

        • War is inedible?


          I remember I ate war once…

      7. Coordinations to use nuke in order to save the humanity:

        1- Washington DC

        2- Entire Occupied land of Israel. Make it a real 6 million glow in the dark parasites.

        3- London Financial district and Buckingham palace and all of castles owned by the sub human family of the Rotchild.

        4- NYC

        • Ditto Stolz!!


      8. #8: Israel-Watch Turkey

        • Watching and Waiting…… I also missed the barbarians named the Kingdom of the shit hole of Saudi Arabia.

          • roger that

      9. Americanos are frail… Be tough, FIGHT JIHAD at every opportunity… This is a BIG TIME WO2U… For your own fucksake, Fight ’em early. They’ll bring nothing but misery to your land.

      10. Hate to say it but I highly rate China’s chances in all those potential conflicts. I have been to pretty well everywhere on this planet and the Chinese stand out as having their crap together big time. The Indians, well, I looooove Indian women and Indian food and culture but they couldn’t organize a lemon aid stand at a school fair.

        As for Eastern Europe, I agree it is a powder keg. Look at how quickly Ukraine escalated. The whole region could be in flames at the drop of a hat.

      11. The US is the only country that can start WWWIII. The US will blame Russia or North Korea for something they did not do (ala Hillary’s server) – but will retaliate anyway.

      12. So What’s the Problem? You’re prepared, right?

      13. The US had plans to own and move closer to Russia in Crimea and is highly pissed that Russia maintains control of that location, the people there did vote over 90% to go with Russia. The US were set to move a massive amount of arms to Russia’s border, despite past promises to not encroach closer to Russia. The evil intent of the NWO is plain to see, imo. I don’t agree with the demonization of Russia, that they threaten WW3. Who are the aggressors? That’s like asking who is the actual US government’s biggest threat in the war of terrorism? That is most definitely the armed American people who refuse to support this rogue cabal of home implanted psychopaths controlled by filthy lucre and lust for more power. This country is the greatest enemy of the world. Many are aware of this predicament, yet divide and conquer is extremely effective in creating no uniting for a common goal. Keep people apart and at each others throats works every time.

      14. I think we will be at war with Russia because Obama does not like Putin. Hillary also is a war monger, l think Trump will talk first, he is against wars ,But he will never back down, l think he can help all nations

        • DustyFae

          “I think we will be at war with Russia because Obama does not like Putin.”

          This has nothing to do with what Obama wants one way or the other. TPTB desire to economically strangle Russia forcing them to capitulate into servitude. Russia derives 50% of its GDP from energy. Assad inSyria with his insistence on not allowing the Saudi Gas Pipeline to Europe and the Ukraine being a hub of Russian gas transport is the geo-political-economic reason for US involvement. Terrorism, freedom and that old standby Democracy are merely ostensible excuses for public consumption.

      15. NBC
        Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Defense.
        Department of the Army.

        Oldie but goodie.

        Would give everyone a basic knowledge of protection.

      16. I see great threats of immediate civil war in Mexico turning into all out war, with the Estados Unidos, the cartels, Mexican Army,and the current crop of Hezbollah “advisors” providing the cartels with intelligence and security ” consulting” in Mexico. Iran will foment open unrestricted warfare along our southern border and enter here through that wide open Obama-Gateway-to-the-Caliphate for Iran. Makes sense, and it’s extremely cheap for Iran to do. The Revolutionary Guard is already IN Mexico along with Hezbollah, so, it’s a no-brainier for them to do it.
        HisObamaness is too narcissistic to “think” his Imam pals from Iran would attack HIM here, of all places.

        • You lost me. Why would they “forment warfare along our southern border and then enter the Nation, when they can already just walk across essentially unfettered.

          Several months ago Border Agents were FINALLY given Geiger Counters to detect ‘nuclear contaminants’ like may be used in home-made nukes-in-a-suitcase about a year after they stopped bringing anything in (IF ANYTHING). Since ISIS is a creation of one of our ABC Agencies, then “ISIS in America” is going to use ‘dirty nuke fuel’ as supplied to them by that same ABC Agency, mostly likely DHS …but that’s “just a guess” on my part. I’ve nothing to support it except logic.

      17. Certainly the first three are over resources.

      18. I think WWIII has already started. It will be Moslem against the infidel world. It won’t stop till 1.6 Billion Moslem’s have been sent to meet their Allah.

        • rellik: How could you be wrong since what you just said is precisely what a great deal of the events occurring all over our nation are precursors to the ‘extremities’ that will be upon us soon enough, unless it is just a way to ‘scare Americans’ into thinking ONLY THE GOVERNMENT CAN SAVE US (turn in all our weapons), and then ISIS just goes “poof” (as if it never did exist).

          I’m of a mind that as long as we retain our weapons, we’ll retain our freedoms and ALWAYS be able to fight for and TAKE BACK any damn thing that they were fucked up to believe could be taken away. I’m sick of their bullshit and “I am better than you cuz I’m not an infidel” (but I refuse into being ‘duped’ into firing the first shot). Driving them crazy with refusals to comply is much more fun.

      19. Bring our troops home from the 100s of useless bases and take care of our own border which is wide open. Tell our allies to pony up because we can’t afford to support them anymore. Move the UN out of New York, another useless and US supported organization. Time to take care of our problems and use OUR money for our problems. Everyone hates us now…let them survive on their own.

        • Jim has the answer. however that isn’t a viable solution with the current crop of traitors we have in charge. until those folks are out of the picture it can never be implemented

        • Won’t happen until we get an AMERICAN President, and one who loves AMERICA and is not in bed with the enemy.

        • Yes. Like China. We close ALL of coal-burning facilities at a horrible cost (in lost jobs and broken homes/families), thanks to Obama, and he gets an award because in THIRTY YEARS CHINA WILL DO THE SAME (no they won’t, so what was all that shit about)? They are over there choking in their own filth that their government won’t pay nor help with, and are seeking to ‘steal’ oil-laden land that never was theirs (against the wishes of most every advanced nation on earth). Three big countries all want the same plot of land. That should work out with no difficulties in the least, since they all have nukes.

          I hate to see these sobs from other nations sitting at The UN “GIANT ASSED TABLE” decided MY FUCKING FATE (where I am going to be moved to, what I’ll be allowed to live in and eat …what are these people? Totally nutzoid or do they really believe they’ll have the absolute power to march in and turn America into “Chink Land (with a Caliphate “on the side”)? Meanwhile, Americans just hang their heads in sadness and walk away, into the oceans and drown themselves out of despair. (We certainly wouldn’t want to bother them with OUR personal problems about being invaded right)?
          That’s what the media is trying to make us all believe isn’t it? Fox is the LYIN’est frigging news media out there, so bad they “counter themselves” almost daily, and they are pro’s at “fixing the data” to make it appear “as it isn’t at all.”

          They also half-killed themselves for Hillary’s DNC with all these wondrous TV Tricks. Trump got one Fox Team Van and a ten-man-two woman crew “on site” for the RNC. Oh yeah, elections are TOTALLY FAIR EVERYONE! Can’t you see? lol…what a fucking joke this is.

          How many of y’all think there isn’t a chance in hell of an election in 2016? (For one; “things” are just too fucked up as in we have a criminal that’s about to ‘be cheated’ (against the people’s best interests), into the world’s most powerful chair (well, most powerful as presidents go anyway). Any other person on earth would be doing time in the brig for failure to properly handle classifed government correspondence/memorandums that are so highly classified that the content pose great risks to the security of our nation IF the information contained therein were to be ‘leaked’ accidentally. (Yet Hillary all but “broadcast” ALL of these documents on “who knows what exactly” …and doesn’t even need a legal representative …and then it’s over as if she never did one thing remotely illegal (and there seems to be nobody at the helm in DC willing to see that justice is served up as the law most certainly states)?

          What could be a bigger red flag than that? And since we are all but absolutely sure “this is totally rigged”, we are safe in our assumptions that this will lead to war …and we are now (quite possibly) down to less than 60 days before “things” begin to commence (with who knows what is to happen between now and then)?

          If Trump is elected, Obama is “SURE” to instill a racial war of divide unlike any other, and perhaps at the same time these ‘state-side towelheads’ will finally appear to KILL THE INFIDELS!

          Go for it mo-fos…

      20. Israel and the Muslims are a totally different segment of trouble …

        1,000s of missiles of all varieties are being smuggled in to overwhelm Israel’s Iron Dome anti-missile shield – when the Muslims are ready the battle begins – how it proceeds will determine whether it starts WW3 ….

        • ISIS have no plan for attacking Israel and many of the home made fireworks being fired across the border are being fired by the IDF so they have an excuse to go hunting human game the next day.

          The bankers are taking us to war and as a patriot I hope to see that they get whats coming to them before i leave this earth.

          Yeah, Forgot, the border expansion plan into Syria does not seem to be working quite as easy as they thought it would after inventing “Moderate Rebels” that mutate into ISIS terrorists the next day after receiving weapons from Uncle Sam

        • Isn’t it a ‘given’ that Iran would not hesitate to nuke Israel (or pay anyone to do it for them)?

      21. STFU stupid fat-ass dork; you should be more concerned about how to lose weight since you are an obese old fart.

      22. If you had your choice between the black panthers . The la raza. Or the Nazis . Which would you pick? None then get butchered by all. Take your pick bimbo. And live with it.

      23. Which American cites would get hit in a nuclear strike (especially Dallas, are we a strategic target?)

        • DC, Cleveland, ??? (Baltimore), Norfolk, Everett(Seattle), Memphis, Atlanta, Houston (LEO “Central” for State Police Radio -unless that has changed since over 16yrs ago. Every known “silo” and military base of any size or consequence. (No need to nuke a “Training Facility” but EVERY REASON to hit Bremerton, Washington right on top of The Trident Sub base (I can’t remember name of the danged base, and had left Seattle one month before The Navy showed up in Everett and build quite a Naval base (to take advantage of an extremely deepwater base …and I do mean DEEP).
          I’m not sure what other cities are considered critical, other than anyplace on The West Coast where there is a significant military base (Home of The Pacific Fleet for instance).

          But all this is a moot point. No nation in the world is going to nuke The USA except in one way, with an EMP. It would bring the greatest destruction and loss of life, yet still keep the land perfectly hospitable to human life. (And this is as much about land as it is about ‘money&power’ as has become MOST obvious). Those with the money are not held to ANY of The-Rules. I get it!

          Anyone happen to know the most likely-to-be-struck cities as of 2016. I wouldn’t mind seeing anyone “leveling” Miami, then move Americans, not Puerto Ricans, back in. THEY make it one ‘damed, dangerous place’ that quickly reminds you that you are NOT exactly under US Laws when in THAT city. It is LATINO and “HOT TEMPERED” …I’ve seen car-to-car fire-fights at stop-lights twice (in my travels not so long ago). NOTHING BUT HOMELESS all along the waterfront who are truly “used to be a married carpenter, but wife left him after years of finding no work at all” screwed over people. And if isn’t enough, they are often the target of LEOs with something to prove that escapes me. (As always, I’ve also seen my share of GOOD LEOs “daily do many good deeds for these down and out” folks who would do anything to get back on there feet, but at this time there are so very many they haven’t a chance).

          It’s scary to even THINK that an undetected error or miscalculation in your prepping&stacking affairs could place YOU just as homeless and destitute as the ones who have already joined that class of Americans, and it could happen within a 90-day period in this day and age. No Pay – No Play. And they do NOT give a rat’s ass how it affects any part of your life. (“They” being the Americans who have chosen to write those folks off as losers deserving of their fate. That cannot be true for the factory workers who had no warning at all that all work would stop, and then the entire factor sent to Honduras (cheaper work there, such as John Hancock Shirts by Hathaway which used to be in Waterville, Maine, dumped all their workers with no warning and moved everything to Honduras, where the workers had nobody to teach them how to run the various machines (because the ex-workers refused to help THEM one bit …especially being Maine folk), so I believe Hathaway long ago went out of business and now all that textile equipment must be rusty as hell. It filled a building a bit over a city block and required a riverside location (the plant had a tool powered by a water-wheel inside – somehow).

          • ok thanks for the info, but you dont think Dallas is a strategic target?

      24. The rouge american government does not care where they start a war so long as it’s far away from home and we in Europe should kick the american occupation force out of Europe and let them fight it in there own back yard.

        Russian missiles that fly at mark ten cannot be stopped if pointed at the USA and we have no chance in Europe of stopping nuclear shells that can be fired from tanks and are no bigger than a tennis ball.

        Getting the US cancer removed from Europe that’s killing everything is the only way we are going to live long term and it looks like even the nut jobs in Turkey have already worked that one out.

      25. You are ALL crazy. I am the only sane person left. I already have my hole to hide in when the time comes. When I come out you will be dead or dying. I will be healthy and well armed.
        Actually I AM NOT the only sane person left. There are others like me (who hide quietly in the shadows) that will survive and THRIVE.
        You don’t know me nor do you know any (maybe a few) of those that are prepared to survive and fight.
        John Galt

      26. Can anyone recommend a water filter? I’ve read Sgt dale and braveheart mention a different one from the Berkeley filter. Can y’all weigh in? Kentucky mom?

        Also side note. Vacationing out on south texas and taking a walk on beach with the wife. About a dozen 20 something year olds drinking beers on the beach and sizing me up and probably laughing that im carrying a fanny pack. Good thing they just remained stupid tonight and didn’t do anything to prove their stupidity. Not only was I carrying my glock 27, but y’all would be proud that I also brought along a second magazine in case the first one got lonely. 18 rounds of +P hydro shock .40 cal would have been enough to thwart the threat and keep walking and enjoying the beach stroll.

      27. I think the Author has left out Turkey. The country just had a simulated fabricated Coup’Dta The president has wasted no time consolidating power to be a dictator with the revived hopes of being an Ottoman empire. Which wouldn’t be that hard to do given that its neighbor Syria and Iraq are extremely weak at the present. If it were to gobble up these nations the rest would fall like dominoes.

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