Senator Warns Of Imminent Nuke Attack On Seattle…But A Law Forbids Them From Preparing

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    A United States senator has just warned that a nuclear attack by North Korea is imminent.  He wants Washinton state to prepare for the strike, but right now, a little law is getting in his way.

    According to Senator Mark Miloscia, the danger to Washington state, which is the closest part of the contiguous US to North Korea, is “starting to become imminent.” Miloscia has warned that the threat of a nuclear attack is growing with each weapons test done by the North and their defiant leader, Kim Jong-Un.  He is urging lawmakers to back the bid for an emergency response plan when they meet tomorrow. But he’ll be fighting against a law that says the state of Washington cannot prepare for a nuclear war.

    It’s a throwback to the Cold War when it was feared that planning for a nuclear strike might suggest the US was preparing to launch one itself and expected a response.

    Most people don’t realize that sometimes, not only does the government not have a plan, they deliberately avoid making a plan for political reasons.

    That may sound totally asinine, but it’s absolutely true. Especially in the state of Washington. With all the hype surrounding North Korea’s missile tests, many states are reexamining their nuclear preparedness plans, except in Washington, where apparently it’s illegal for state authorities to even make those plans. —Ready Nutrition

    “State law does not allow any advanced planning,” said Karina Shagren with the Washington State Emergency Management Division. RCW 38.52.030, passed in 1983, says “The comprehensive, all-hazard emergency plan authorized under this subsection may not include preparation for emergency evacuation or relocation of residents in anticipation of nuclear attack.”  But Milsocia warns that that just isn’t right.  If there was ever a debate on whether or not there are immoral laws on the books in this nation, it’s now settled.

    Milsocia also warned that the safeguards that worked during the Cold War era will no longer be acceptable. He stated that he understood the logic behind the law, but the situation has changed so much in the past 34 years since the passage of that law, and it was the duty of public officials to prepare.

    We should have some sort of pre-planned response ready,” he said. “Because the threat is growing and the threat is starting to become imminent. And not to do so would be a dereliction of duty. I think it’s a real threat, if not in the short-term than in the foreseeable future… initially, I thought three to five years, but it could be even sooner. I think we would be completely wrong to ignore it… There may be a better target for North Korea i.e. Hawaii, which is a little bit closer. But I would put Seattle as one of the top five targets in the north-west to go against, both militarily and economically, for any sort of adversary.”

     North Korea has warned the United States that the country will soon face the “greatest pain” it has ever experienced as Kim Jong-un’s hackers look set to turn to cyber-attacks to steal virtual currency in order to obtain funds amid new United Nations sanctions.


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      1. “may not include preparation for emergency evacuation or relocation of residents in anticipation of nuclear attack” – I can’t even fathom the reasoning behind this sort of mentality.

        • well the reason is that it is impossible to evacuate everytime some dictator makes a threat to use nukes and since anywhere in the whole country could be nuked we would all have to evacuate to canada and they dont want us

        • For the same reasons enemies and sellouts don’t want us to have an anti-missile system.

        • I find the title and material misleading. This guy is a senator, but not a US Senator. He is a state senator. Furthermore, he is a former Democrat state representative who is now a Republican.

      2. Yes…if an attack comes, it will likely be from a SLBM (sub launched short range missile), armed with a nuke. Now that we know NK has a hydrogen thermonuclear weapon, i can only imagine the devastation caused to a major city like Seattle. Likely 300,000 vaporized by the blast with an additional 2-3 million dead within 6 months due to radiation contamination. You can read the names and ring the bell 3,000 times in a day for the 9-11 victims….how long would it take to ring the bell and read 3 million names.!!!!!!

      3. The Left coast has long led the nation in acts of political stupidity. Perhaps we are just witnessing the precursor of social Darwinism in action.
        Time will tell.

        • You said it all Stuart………..

      4. Is the state of Washington one which has legalized marijuana use? Does the legislature no longer open its sessions with prayer but pass around Marijuana joints? This might explain such a law. Sounds like Cheech and Chong have been there!

        • Just remember, this insanity was written in 1983.Today’s morons owe it to the residents to correct this to meet today’s requirements…

      5. if thats the type of state laws they have, then the laws should be ignored. whos going to stop them ???
        on the other hand, if they like that type of law, they deserve to be wiped out in order to improve the gene pool

      6. Well in one paragraph it is imminent. In the next paragraph its “beginning to become imminent”. Aaahhhh more fear mongering. I guess just because Seattle ain’t in the hurricane spot light the Senator feels like the third man out. This country has become a zoo.

        • regardless of the Senators motivations, do you think the cited law is just a bit asinine?

          • Given the context at the time it was made? Not really. Besides, what are you going to do?

            Unless you’re willing to go full Russia on it and dig a castle at the center of the Earth… your plan is going to involve sending in radiation hardened RC robots to sweep up the ash and put it in urns?

            Even if you did that I can think of ways around that. Very effective draconian ways.

            By the way, any “plan” that doesn’t involve removing all the spent reactor control rods right now… and burying THOSE at the center of the damn Earth is a joke…

          • That wouldn’t even concern me one bit regarding what I myself would need to do to protect and provide for my family. I sure as shit wouldn’t even concern myself about such laws nor prevent me from circumventing nor waiting for the government to “help” me and mine. FUCK THEM!

            • PO’d Patriot, same here.

      7. I doubt NK has the ability to hit Seattle yet, more likely they might be able to hit something closer to them like Japan, Guam, or SK.

        But it the think the can, let them try something more realistic like Hawaii or one of the other countries we don’t have a defense treaty with so we don’t have to respond.

        Double dog dare ’em to do it just to prove they really can.

      8. This law clearly demonstrates that we are the only ones responsible for protecting ourselves. It is beyond foolish to think the government will.

        • Justice, that’s already been confirmed by federal and state supreme courts saying law enforcement has no obligation to protect any citizens. Not part of their job description nor their intention. We are truly on our own. So no one had better say anything about how we do it.

      9. To paraphrase an old Johnny Paycheck song, TAKE THAT LAW AND SHOVE IT! I’ve been a prepper for most of my adult life regardless of what anyone’s law says. I don’t let any stupid law prevent me from preparing for whatever curveballs life throws at me. I don’t care what anyone else does. I will keep stacking and that’s it1

        • DB, you are so right I’ll stack until my ceiling is raised several feet. My life, my choice. Just finished canning most of my garden, just let them try to stop me even in the Ozarks we can get feisty.

          Haven’t been around much these days DH is bed ridden almost 24/7 so I stick really close to home and our family brings the few things from town for us that we can’t get on our own. They brought up the mountain 8 rick of wood last month so the heat problem is taken care of and of course like everyone else on here my preps are in pretty good shape. Working on Nuke pills this week.

          Hope all is well with you and yours and as you say “keep stacking,” it’s a lifestyle.

          • Mallardhen, good to hear from you and sorry to hear about your husband. I was at the BOL in GA for most of August and had a blast. Did some more prep shopping while I was there and have it stashed in the storage building behind the cabin. There’s a lifetime supply of wood for the stove in the cabin on the property already. I’ll be up in the Ozarks in about 3 weeks to check on my Dad.

        • Howd you fare in your area BH,,, you folks get that rain?
          Stay safe!

          • Nailbanger, LOL! The ‘leftovers’ from Irma are a joke. It’s been nothing but light to moderate rain since last night. It will supposedly last on into tomorrow. Everything is fine in my area.

            • Good deal!
              Stay cool!

              • Nailbanger, it’s 62 degrees where I’m at. Not bad at all. Just be glad when the rain ends.

                • braveheart where are you? I live in west TN. fairly new to prepping but working at it as much as I can

      10. What are they saying here? That it is imminent because USA Gov BIGLY is preparing a massive strike on North Korea?

        Or, are they saying that Seattle will be sacrificed in a false flag to justify attacking North Korea?

        North Korea, contrary to what your government wants you to believe, is not going to just arbitrarily “Nuke AmuriKa” just because it may have the means to do so.

        But then… Americans, spit in their eye, and they call it dew.

        • Why do you need a false flag. That’s so… primitive. Just mumble “accidentally” have an outbreak of Captain Tripps in their country. I mean my God, man, their borders are already sealed. How much more perfect of a set up can they give you?

          Claim it was one of their bioweapons labs that went tits up.

          Then they can “accept our help” (giggle) or go bankrupt and actually starve this time…

      11. I’ll take bets that it is the other Wasington, Washington DC between Virginia and Maryland, that gets nuked.

        And not by North Korea, either. Will probably be a false flag operation to get rid of all the witnesses.

        Anyway, Washington State’s already cheap housing prices just took a dip. Maybe I should invest. I could pick up a few houses on the cheap. Give me somewhere to go during the Cascadia earthquake. I mean, during the San Andreas mega quake. It is overdue you know.



        • B from CA, my money is also on Washington DC being first. I hope that being 40 miles away is far enough?!?!

          • With a 10 Megaton Blast, a person needs to be at least 12 miles away to avoid the blast and most radiation. As the distance from ground zero increases past 12 miles, the injuries due to acute radiation exposure (from prompt radiation and the subsequent fallout) will decrease, and lower level contamination, evacuation, and sheltering issues will become the major concern.

            I researched the issue before I relocated to my current location.

        • Northern part of Olympic peninsula

        • I would not call Washington housing prices any kind of bargain ? They have risen dramatically for a long while , just like Oregon. And especially on the west side or I-5 corridor. Both states are more or less facist/communist just like Kawleefornya these days if not worse. The only people I know who would think such are Kawleefornya fools who have lived in the bubble their entire lives and don’t know any better. Maybe we will get lucky and Kawleefornya will be destroyed or sunk into the ocean as predicted in the big one. For all I care western Washington and Oregon as well ! Save a lot of grief for a lot of people.

        • you say DC mite be nuked like it’s a BAD thing?………..

      12. Wow, how much more fucked up could things really get you may be asking? WTF, WTF have things become? What a massive cluster beyond words folks. No surprise, the Gov’t does NOT want anyone to do anything but hide under the desk like they taught people back in the 50’s and how amazingly ridiculous was/is that one??

      13. And I guess the US is just going to sit back until the super FAT Gay One drops a few nukes on our heads or blows an EMP over parts of the damn country…what a true mess.

        • One thing for certain is its too late to do anything after it happens.

      14. So if I have this right, the leaders of Seattle chose to sacrifice their residents in order send a statement that nuclear war is unsurvivable. Today this metropolis could be wiped out in a single strike. In the wink of an eye, we could be denied the benefit of 714,000 smug, self-righteous, virtue signaling leftards in this great country.

        I’m looking for a downside to this…

        • The downside is that the radiation would mean that there still isn’t any cheap ocean front property for sale.

      15. “F” the law and Prep any way!!!
        Better to be tried by 12 than carried by 6.

        • I am not aware of any law as such ? Big difference in gov fools and people with a brain

      16. I doubt fat boy will do anything. China warned them that if they go ahead, they’re on their own. In addition, I don’t they’ve even considered the logistics involved. They might be okay for a short while, but they have trouble feeding themselves in peace time! They’ll be starving on the battlefield withing two weeks…

      17. Well, of course a law prevents them from prepping! Just like a law prevented people from having guns to protect their homes from looters when hurricane Katrina struck! …or from breaking into stores to keep from starving after Katrina, or from catching rain water in barrels… Anything for us is strictly forbidden! (They want us to die quietly!!) 🙂

        • anonymous, those people in New Orleans should’ve been shooting whoever came for their guns. I don’t give up shit.

        • Preppers make the government very uneasy. By nature they’ll resist control and won’t be sheep.

          Laws like this are all about fascist control.

          Washington State is controlled by Microsoft and Bill Gates , they are violent globalists who desire reducing world population even if it requires war, or democide. Of course a law like this was passed. Bill Gates and the Gates Foundation have supported genocide for decades to control population.

        • I remember i had a radio program on during Katrina and a caller called in frantic and said that the police were breaking down doors, taking peoples guns away, and shooting their dogs that were left in the houses. He was frantic and i believe him. It was horrible listening to him. Very sad.

      18. Click bait. Fear porn for the stupid sheeple. Fat boy doesn’t have ANY missiles that can hit the USA even without a payload. Atom bombs are HEAVY so the range of any missile is cut drastically. Until he shoots an EMPTY missile to somewhere near the USA EVERYTHING YOU HEAR IS FEAR PORN AND CAN BE IGNORED! Once he shoots an empty missile near the USA he will be suitably taken care of.

      19. Just another example of liberal progressive idiots on the west coast.

      20. “It’s a throwback to the Cold War when it was feared that planning for a nuclear strike might suggest the US was preparing to launch one itself and expected a response”.
        This is just soo disgusting!!! OTHER COUNTRIES are/have been preparing for nuclear war for years!!! (Russia, Sweden, etc). But the “government” says we aren’t allowed to??!! Well, you can bet your booties the US government has prepared– they have underground bunkers, the size of ski resorts for the elite@@@!! but they “forbid” us to do anything to protect ourselves??!!


      21. Yet another reason why I refuse to live in Washington State.

      22. Right, because the plans in the 50’s were so comprehensive…

        Get under your desks, that should help.

        Look. An outbreak of… smallpox… would put the Norks in something of a rather large financial bind.

        The kind that requires UN intervention for humanitarian purposes…


        • I remember now…I was 10 in 1958 and in school we all had to hide under our desks, and i remember we also later on had to go in the hallway, sit and lean against the wall with our heads down in our arms. But most of all i remember an air raid siren that was newly put up right in front of our house! Every Tue. at noontime it would go off as a test. Of course being so young i didn’t know what it all meant. And in our school in the whole school there were only 3 black children and two were in my classroom – in the whole school. I became friends with them. It seems no one else would talk to them. I don’t know how they could stand it. I went to their house many times and how i loved the moms cooking! My friend always “smelled funny”, and one day being so innocent i came right out and asked her, “how come you always smell like pork chops?” She took me into the bathroom and showed me a jar that was full of pork grease and she said she had to put it on her hair as it was so dry. I had her come to my house a few times, but my parents were out a lot so they never saw my friends. But the landlord lived downstairs and he was Italian. I remember him telling my mom one day that i could not bring my black friends to the house anymore! When my friends would get mad at me they would call me a “Tiger” and a “cracker”. I didn’t understand what it all meant. Anyway, i still have real nice memories of playing with my little black friends. I often wonder what became of them. They lived in the heart of the city full of white people. They had a very big house on the corner. Their dad was a hard worker. I really liked their mom and dad. I was an only child so i loved the close knit family they had. One nite i had phesant there and it was yummy. The 1950’s were calm days. No one locked their car or house doors, and all the kids would be playing outside all the time, and even dogs would roam the neighborhood. I never see dogs out alone anymore and i rarely see children out now. I miss those days.

      23. I was wondering before, why we had all that military stuff over there… seems like we were provoking the situation. However, after watching the video– “How would a war with NK unfold”– now I see why we got all the artillery, military stuff on their border.

        According to the video, once NK started bombing our country, we would need to move warships over there to stop them. This would take about 4 days. And to move really heavy military gear over there, it would take weeks, I think the film said. So, it makes sense for us to have all the military stuff over there AHEAD OF TIME.

      24. imminent, lol. Fearporn

      25. I adopted WA state as my home
        as I lived there for over 20 years.
        I remember when they adopted that law.
        The state is pretty much ruled by Seattle
        Liberals. Although I lived 32 miles
        east of Seattle I drove in Seattle
        traffic daily.
        There is no way you could get
        the place evacuated. They passed the law because
        it was felt it would be a waste of money
        to plan for something that could not be done.
        Plus the rest of the state would benefit if
        Seattle were eliminated.
        Forgive my gallows humor, but if it weren’t
        for Eastern Washington votes that
        law would not have passed.

      26. Mr Milsocia: I would suggest you read the Patriot Act. Or just continue to deny it exists…

      27. Screw Washington state. People are on their own. Take care of yourself because the government can’t or won’t whether its state or federal. Not in a nuclear situation.

        • I’m surprised it’s still the State of Washington. The libs are trying to purge anything named after a (gasp!) slaveholder. Maybe the State of Chomsky?

      28. All nukes could be made 90% less lethal quick as affected populations had been trained beforehand what to do and not do. ‘Physicians for Civil Defense’ proof of it here

      29. That is a shame but if Seattle is the target so be it. Nothing but a liberal cesspool anyway.


        • As for it being a liberal cesspool, the cities that are not such a cesspool, are under 50,000, have several 4-6 lane roads to assist to empty the city if need be, and many will go to Family/Friends farms 10-20 miles outside, so they have shown their IQ by not living there,(Seattle) and several other cities as well.

        • Ya know, that’s so true…it’s full of liberals. So why worry about them? Maybe they deserve what they get!

      30. There are some who know this IDIOCY was put in place for the NWO to make the liquidation of the populous by 95%, they would find it hard to get rid of those they say were never of any use if they have to go out, look for, and in many cases chase them down just to dodge getting shot at because I for one intend to make it as difficult as I can so my Children and G-kids have every chance to stay out of the clutches of the most ‘CRIMINAL’ bunch of dictators to ever walk this planet.
        I was taught in the Boy Scouts that I need to ‘Be Prepared’, and I am as far as I can under the current lack of cash, but many will make it from my efforts, and will teach their kids how those who fell made it possible for others to ‘GET AWAY’ so remember them and Thank them for that sacrifice.!
        KJU can get in line to KMA!, and feel the heel of my boot up against the chin, I bow to NO ONE, I do not make others bow to me, we are all equal, time for those that are of ‘royalty’ to get that thorough their ignorant heads, (if that is even possible).

        • Amen!

      31. So, obey the law and die. Your choice. Seems pretty straightforward to me. Besides, nobody else is obeying the law in the law in Washington State.

      32. Dude is a Washington State Senator, not a United States Senator.

      33. I tried to get the attention of the U.S. Govt. after Hurricane Katrina, but as very few will find this a big surprise, they were NOT interested, I will tell you here and am sure many will ask the same thing.
        Were I from some other land, felt I had a real nasty way of thought VS the U.S.A. I could cause the U.S.A. more trouble than most would see as a ‘Military’ threat by making the number and severity of Natural disasters grow each year, as for hurricanes, this is how I would do it. #1. I would find a country with a high mountain range facing East, #2. I would buy some old laptops, many light ‘gimbals and as many 2nd hand mirrors from commercial restrooms as can be obtained without raising suspicion. #3. I would find semi open areas in the light foliage above the tree line giving me a clear line of sight from were I set up my POS, to the Far horizon out in the Atlantic. #4 I would set each mirror in a frame set in some gimbals connected to the laptop, #5. I would have each laptop programed to know where the sun is going to cross the horizon each day so I can move the mirrors to reflect the suns light into the oceans surface in front of what may become a tropical storm, and in front of anything that has become a storm or greater. #6. a storm gets it’s power form the heat in the water. and the (infrared) pictures showing the intense heat around the ‘eye’ would not as they are programed, show that I am super heating the water close enough to make a storm that would reach maybe a weak ‘2’ into a strong 3 weak 4 while it is still out far enough it is only affecting the course of shipping and aircraft. #7. This is the real kicker, I know they have gone from using land in other nations to do this, I now believe they are using land here in the U.S.A.. and try as I have, to date, NO ONE to my knowledge has listened and then taken any action to look into this, just on the ‘Offchance’ this old KOOT might be on to something, I came to this line of thought, from the stand point of what ‘I’ would do to the OTHER GUY’s nation, cause as much damage as I can, every year I can, for as long as I can, Think about the number of cat 3 Major storms we have had hit us in the last 20 years, One would think it has been an on going program for at least that long.
        So I hope that there are enough of you that have been directly affected, Know one or more that have been, then there are the majority of you that have watched this happen as I describe, I ask you to run this through your mind and if even the thinnest part makes some semblance of (he might be right), send every Elected official, from the city animal control dept. to the POTUS is Washington DC, and remind them that as ‘Public Officials’ most who are ELECTED, (YOU are their BOSS), ask as often as you need to so they answer you, (they hope to make YOU GO AWAY), and force them to start talking about this in an open Public arena, and find out if I am the only one on the planet who thinks like this, OR there many, who are right now doing it to inflict as much harm on the U.S.A. as is make-ably possible, and if indeed so, just how many have lost their lives, their homes, jobs, and the memories that will never be made to go away, (dementia be damned),
        I do hope that some will read this, think about it, and tell me if they are right, I am off my rocker, or there is more than a glimmer of ‘he might have something’, Use this as you best see fit. ‘LOCK & LOAD’

        • Wildcat, If you substituted an array of high-power transmitters bouncing microwaves off the ionosphere, instead of mirrors reflecting sunlight, you could have your own HAARP.

          • I agree, but that would be so far out and above what the ‘terrorists’ would have puts them back into a system they can put up in any area without getting very many people involved, and that is very important for the security to allow them to use the same spot every year, the mountains in Hispaniola are at the right place to hit the storms as they start to spin into the monsters we have been seeing, for any that have had doubts, keep this in mind and 2-3 years from now, maybe we will have some real evidence to go with.

        • In 2001, we got the Warning #1, twin towers.
          In 2009, we got the Warning #2, SP500 crash.
          In 2010, we got the Warning #3, Hillary’s ambassadors recall.
          In 2011, we got the Warning #4, Gold topped at $1923.70.
          In 2012, we got the Warning #5, the Mayan calendar.

          After 2012, Obama signed hundreds of executive orders, the so called “terrorists” went into overdrive and so did the systematic economic demolition. FEMA camps sprouted everywhere, Walmarts closed because of plumbing issues and Trump got Selected to finish the job.

          Back in 2009, I sat down and studied the situation for several months and then decided to leave the country,… how about you?

      34. This makes it the number one spot for a false flag attack. The resulting war will make all the arm dealers, and military industrial complex folks bundles of money.
        Look how much richer they got with 911.

      35. North Korea isn’t going to nuke Seattle. Or anything else in the continental United States. And probably not even Hawaii. Or Japan.

        Guam, yes. That’s an air base that would be used against NK in the war. But they won’t hit that until the US attacks them.

        If the Senator or anyone else wants to prevent NK from nuking Seattle, then he needs to pressure Trump to START TALKING rather than threatening and NOW rather than three years from now.

        • And what Richard is there to talk about? Extortion by NK?

      36. During 911 police and fire told people in the the towers to stay put, don’t try to evacuate. Just go back to your offices and wait for police and firemen? Then hundreds of police and firemen ran into the building to do what, I haven’t a clue. Really they told people to stay in the buildings? If you listened, you died.

        In hurricane Katrina the governor and mayor told people to stay put, don’t evacuate.

        In hurricane Harvey the mayor told people to stay put and not evacuate.

        In 100% of recent disasters the government told people precisely the opposite of what they should have done to be safe and insure their security. There’s a life lesson here.

        • Plan twice, and all were considered hero’s to this day ? even if our own government knew ahead of time it was going to happen. No doubt the largest hoax ever on the planet. Today there are many more right here in USA .

      37. Mac, a key fact in your story is wrong. This Senator is not a U.S. Senator, he is a lowly State Senator. The U.S. Senators from Washington are Patty Murray and Maria Cantrell.

      38. North Korea is coming! North Korea is coming! Oh my gosh, North Korea is coming! The absurdity of all this is simply amusing to watch! At most North Korea is telling the NWO a-holes to F-off! They don’t want any of the NWO nonsense! So they went nuclear to protect themselves! I’m certain North Korea just wants to be left alone! And what if that is not the case? They are a 1 bomb country! One of our nukes will end all in North Korea. Anyone really think they don’t know that!

        This is nothing but the NWO, and the militaty industrial complex at work!

        • You’re such a stupid asshole.

          If we bomb them, the radiation will affect Russia, China, and South Korea, possibly Japan. That means our own military.

          If you’re such a fucking crusader for the North Koreans, then why don’t you go over there and live?

          You’re taking it out of context. You think that just because the author is warning about it that it’s “fear porn,” but better men than you have already determined if they want to nuke us (for whatever reason), they can.

          And who are you? Just Dave, another blowhole blowing wind out of an asshole that is one with his mind.

          You’re a pathetic piece of shit.

      39. The Senator is peddling fear pirn. NK has every right to develop and test nukes as a means of hopefully preventing the Axis of evil, i.e. the US/GB/ Israel from destroying it’s nation as was done to any country that didn’t bow down to US bullying and desires to install a puppet Government and a Rothschild bank! Why can the US have nukes and other WMD’s but no one the US doesn’t like! US hypocricy never ceases to amaze me and the stupidity if Americans has no equal!

      40. Isnt those melting reactors in Japan already nuking the west coast?

        • Old Guy, yes they are and legally 24/7/365 and nobody seems to give a crap here in USA today ?

          The matrix is alive and well to be sure and few realize it.

      41. Q.

        If N. KOREA NUKES US WILL WE RESPOND ???????????

      42. Hysteria and Baloney. Nuclear attack is not imminent.

      43. The fact that this state actually passed such a dumbass law proves they should be wiped off the map.

      44. There is a parallel between what’s happening today and what caused Japan to attack Pearl Harbour. In both cases the Joos that control America tried to cut off vital supplies or income to try and force the victim country to succumb to NWO dictates. Japan did not give in. It sure is going to be “interesting” to see what the Fat Kid does.
        Let’s hope America’s anti-missile shield works and there is no nuclear fall-out. And may the people of NK be liberated, in the real sense, from a selfish callous dictator and not get Chinese annexation in exchange.
        Meanwhile, what’s happening in the South China Sea, with all attention focused on NK and hurricanes of all sizes? Is the US going to let China annex the area at will, in exchange for a hollow “promise” that NK will be “constrained”? How will China score out of all this? You can bet your lunch on it that China is at least going to try.
        Peace to all you patriotic types.
        South Africa.

      45. Seattle is about to be nuked? Holy crap! Just imagine all that lefto-communist BS going up in smoke. Does this mean that the rest of the great state of Washington will return to its center-right roots? One can only hope.

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