Senator Warns of Amnesty Backlash: “You Could See Anarchy, You Could See Violence”

by | Nov 20, 2014 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 230 comments

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    As President Obama’s executive order providing de facto amnesty to millions by shielding them from deportation becomes official news, heated and angry responses are flaring up into all out fighting words.

    And that’s just from his political opposition in the media and halls of Congress:


    Oklahoma’s Republican Senator Tom Coburn, who is personally friends with the Obama’s but politically opposed to his immigration decree warned of the potential for violence stemming from anger against amnesty:

    Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn warns there could be not only a political firestorm but acts of civil disobedience and even violence in reaction to President Obama’s executive order on immigration Thursday.

    “The country’s going to go nuts, because they’re going to see it as a move outside the authority of the president, and it’s going to be a very serious situation,” Coburn said on Capital Download. “You’re going to see — hopefully not — but you could see instances of anarchy. … You could see violence.”

    Compile that with all the potential for rioting and violence across the entire nation in response to the Ferguson grand jury decision, and the United States has become a tender box – ripe for revolution, revolt, unrest… and ultimately martial law and autocratic control.

    With more doses of unilateral and very broad executive action, Obama claims his crown as emperor, the Constitution is further shredded, and the fabric of the nation is more degraded, torn and worn out than ever.


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      1. Nobody will respond to Amnesty. Americans fat, lazy and content along with being willfully ignorant. Ferguson, who cares.

        • There will be no violence from the majority of the non-minorities so long as their iPhones keep working and the “reality” TV shows keep airing to keep them pussified, er, passified.

          • You’re exactly right. The average American is too self-absorbed – what with their cell phones, FaceBook, Vine, Instagram, and lets not forget Twitter. Most Americans are ignorant about what’s going on around them more than 10 feet.

            • WELL, EBOLA IS SPREADING IN THE US… JUST A LITTLE BIT AT THE TIME, OF COURSE. THAT’S HOW POLICE STATES OPERATE. BOIL THE FROG LITTLE AT A TIME AND HE WON’T NOTICE (TOO MUCH!) HOW HOT IT IS… and then when people start dieing in mass numbers, no one will protest because… well, it happened a little bit at a time!

              • If I were a terrorist, I would send infectious martyrs into every crowd that gathers, whether passive, aggressive or just Black Friday shoppers.

                I am not a terrorist, therefore I most certainly will keep away from any crowds for the foreseeable future.

                • I have found most Grocery shop pickup areas are out of sanitary wipes. Meaning people are taking precautions. wiping the handles down before grabbing a cart.

                  • WhoWuddaThunkIt,

                    Stores do run out of the sanitary cart wipes.

                    Buy a package of Lysol wipes and keep some in a Ziploc bag in your vehicle.

                    Grocery carts have been tested and carry all sorts of germs.

                    72% of the shopping carts had a positive marker for fecal bacteria.

                    “Researchers say they actually found more fecal bacteria on grocery cart handles than you would typically find in a bathroom, mainly because bathrooms are disinfected more often than shopping carts.

                    Since most stores do not routinely wash and disinfect their carts, it’s up to US to do it.”

                    USA Today

                    • Its funny I had never really thought about the germs on carts until I had my first child and I took him to the store, plopped him into the seat and he proceeded to try and suck on the handle.


                    • how does fecal matter get on a shopping cart handle? folks not washing hands after going to the rest room and not properly using tissue paper ? babies digging in the their diapers?

                • I wonder about the RELIABILITY of the Ebola tests.

                  False negative test results? The patients test negative, yet the doctors keep them in ISOLATION awaiting additional confirmation.

                  New York, Missouri patients test negative for Ebola virus

                  “Preliminary test results showed a traveler who returned to the United States from a trip to Mali does not have the disease, but the patient remains in isolation at Bellevue Hospital Center for further testing, the New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation said in a statement.”

                  “Initial tests for the Ebola virus were negative as well in Crystal City, Missouri, for a patient who recently returned from West Africa, Mercy Jefferson Hospital said.”

                  Fox News

            • I lived in SoCal during the Rodney King riots two decades ago, and even though I was only 30 minutes away from the famous “Florence and Normandy” intersection where the violence was most evident, we saw nothing in our area. The whole RK Riot episode – for me and my neighborhood – was as much a television event as for someone watching it in Wisconsin. Home, work, church, play…life went on as normal, as if nothing was going on just over the hill.

              I agree that Ferguson might erupt into riots, and today’s Internet- and social media-connected world might respond differently (more quickly), but I think people are generally more relaxed about an issue until the poop splats on their own doorstep. It’s human nature.

              • I would bet that very few blacks will riot. The media is giving all the attention to the radicals who will cause trouble over anything. Once again the liberal white run media is the main enemy.

                • My previous comment was in reference to the Fergusson cluster. I do believe that blacks are going to get real pissed over this amnesty when the effects hit home. They elected him they have to live with the results.

          • Not Just Ferguson: Protests Scheduled for 83 Cities, “Direct Action Trainings” Held for Protesters

            “Actually, they aren’t even being referred to as protests anymore. They are now being called “planned responses” and they are part of a highly organized, and apparently highly funded, agenda.”

            “The list of cities set for these “planned responses” to the Darren Wilson grand jury decision is below. (*See article for list.) If you live near one of these things, heads up.”

            “When this all goes down, it’s not going to be pretty … which is exactly the way the people ultimately engineering this situation want it. Can you say “martial law?”

            The Daily Sheeple

              • Sigh.

                1992 redux. Well, guess I’m gonna need some… things. My city is unsurprisingly on the list (obviously, since it is the toilet of North America).

                Keep on granting amnesty AND simultaneously pissing Russia off. See how many of these guys that wouldn’t fight for their OWN country, will fight for yours.

              • Not a SINGLE rally in my ENTIRE STATE!

                Nevada wins again.

                Why? Because we don’t tolerate people burning and looting our infrastructure. The citizens in the north would put the riot down before the cops could show up.

                You know, Nevada, where we stood up to the FEDS at Bundy ranch? Yes that got co-opted quickly but the principle was in action before it was even news.

                Nevada, where we are not just keyboard warriors.

                • Just wait Al Sharpton Joins Obama live in Las Vegus on Friday to talk more about FreeShit Amnesty.

                • Nevada is the next state to feel the wrath of Bloomberg’s “Mom’s in Action for Illegal Mayors”, like was done to Washington state on 4 November.

                  A state that is 98% urban population, only 37% native born, has the ballot initiative law on the books, and has a corruptcrat regime counting the votes.

                • Nevada where you keep electing Reid. Nevada where the illegals already control the state. Why would the demonstrate when they are already in charge. Drive down Lake Meade Blvd. It looks like Mexico.

            • If you don’t like this, blame who’s responsible, the Democratic Party. Why?
              5Million democratic votes at a minimum. Most in Texas to turn it blue. But how could a noncitizen vote you say? There’s no such a thing as voter fraud, right?
              Well, we’re about to find out.

              • “If you don’t like this, blame who’s responsible, the Democratic Party.”

                It’s the Libs!!

                Obola seemingly wants martial law so that he doesn’t have to vacate office or to adhere to the Constitution.

                o Ebola. If pandemic, then medical martial law.

                o Michael Brown/Ferguson. If rioting, then martial law.

                o Executive Amnesty. If street protest, then martial law.

                o Economic Policy. If collapse, then martial law.

                o Impeach. Then shout racism to induce rioting. Martial law again.

                Obola, Dear Leader for Life.

              • If you still buy the dimtard-reptard duopoly, you haven’t been paying attention.

                What is playing out before you, is straight out of the marxist revolution playbook, decades in the making.

                You think the “republicans” are your friends, who care about America? Sorry, they are nothing but a steamvalve for people who don’t study history.

                America’s days are numbered.

                • SOME Republicans are your friends, but so far they have not achieved critical mass so as to take the party out of the hands of the Old Guard – Lindsay Grahmnesty, Juan McVain, Weeper Boehner,

                  There IS a movement in the party to drive these traitors out.

                  Are you part of that solution?

                  Or are you part of the problem?

                  • Well said. There is still hope, but maybe not enough.

                    “Hope. It is the only thing stronger than fear. A little hope is effective. A lot of hope is dangerous. A spark is fine, as long as it’s contained.” – President Coriolanus Snow

                  • Tea party is a joke, like Rand Paul. They were infiltrated almost as soon as they started.

                    If they were serious, they would be 100 Constitutionally driven and go after the big stuff right out of the gate.


            • seems odd indeed too many things going on at the same time !I think if the negroes want violence that they will get a cup full !But careful who is serving who s agenda ?this is a many layered onion lol

          • BigB – we have a news story here about the ability of several countries ability to “turn the lights out”. The stupid masses will keep on drifting along oblivious to whats happening as long as they can watch the latest “reality” show or download pictures of Kim K’s ass. But take away the TV and the riots start……

            Direct link to our news story….



            • BigB and Aussie, I’m sorry but I feel the lights going out will be a masked blessing. I know it may sound crazy, but just think about everything involved with it and the completely corrupted world and a vision of my twisted logic of a proper and needed correction may appear. It does for me no matter what horrors appear before its complete.

              • ctrl alt delete is needed, but unfortunately millions will suffer.

          • Howdy B,

            “I have said it many times before but must reiterate. The SHTF scenario you all are expecting is already in progress and in your face.”…Yes, NOW.

            On the NOSE Brother…’spot-on’. Cue Ragnarok in 5…4…3…2…1.

            Indeed, few here are not familiar with my distinct AVOIDANCE of profanity – as a strict, personal rule – however, times ‘they are a changin’, Eh? So we must change to meet the cisrcumstance, No?

            The Fucking Oligarch’s are NOT satisfied with thier current ‘crop of VASSALS’..yes, that means YOU, THIER ‘serfs’ which they do not even want to pay a living wage to…which is each of you READING THIS, today; you WANT too MUCH, too many freedoms, to much in WAGES…Hell, you act like this is a freakin’ DEMOCRACY or something. Can’t have THAT now can we? Goodness, if THIS SHIT continues how will the average, everday hard-thieveing Oligarch EVER make a (dis-) honest living!?!?!?! No indeed, we simply CAN’T have that CRAP now can we?

            Wake up PEOPLE…get ARMED to the TEETH, NOW. Stop what you are doing, get your asses to your local sporting goods store and BUY everything that ain’t NAILED down with a damned nail-gun. You are BEING ‘replaced’ by O-shithead’s RoyaL EDICT. Yep, THAT is what this is intended to do…make no mistake on that point.

            I’m NOT sure what the Alphabet soup agency’s GOT on him early on—poedophilia, Herion addict; I dunno…but this action is pure and simple ‘insanity’ to all appearances…as well, fully TREASON against this Entire Nation. Now – again – WHAT is a Nation?

            Is a Nation simply a geographic location?…A spot on a map?…A bunch of tree’s or fields in a single place?… Obviously NOT, a NATION IS the People of a land, acting in concert with each other…something that strikes at the very heart of the Oligarchic mindset, unless those so acting are acting at thier instruction, of course. These ass-hats WANT a well-ordered ‘hive’ of good, little worker-bees…don’t they? Naturally so.

            “We the PEOPLE…”

            That ass-wipe in the Oval Office was co-opted by whatever the “Alphabet’s” have on him…for no one can be as fookin’ stupid as to BELIEVE that swamping the remaining functional institutions of this country with a flood of unwanted, unneeded, illiterates is going to produce ANY POSITIVE effect whatsoever…ergo, this is somehting that he has been maneuvered into…as he undoubtedly understands just HOW BADLY thia will be received by the General Public at large…NO one in thier RIGHT minds could FAIL to see where this will immediately lead…straight to the next Civil War; CWII. That will be followed almost immediately by ‘French Revolution Part Deux”: please go over to Wiki and READ the history of THAT, the French did a ‘bang-up’ job when they had thier little suare so long ago (no need to re-invent the wheel after all)….and THAT will give them the excuse that they have wanted for so very long, so as to execute what they have always intended: Martial Law. Think about it. Something THIS fucking outrageous?! This is OFF-the-MAP outrageous, clearly – utterly – ‘designed’ to inflamme the populace, US, that is.

            Under that circumstance I consider this action to be fully ‘rational’…just not our version of rationality, as it destroys the very basis of the Nation at large …but which does EXACTLY support the efforts of the Oligarchs, Eh?

            Get ARMED to the TEETH, NOW…Ragnarok is enroute. By way of the Norse legend it is rather fitting I suppose; Ragnarok comes on the heels of the “Fimbulwinter”…a terrible winter that last years (think of the multiple Arctic Vortex’s here), then comes the ‘Twilight of the Gods’ at the Last Battle, per the Legend that is.

            Get READY…GET STRAIGHT.

            Adios All

            • “The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.” – Winston Churchill

              • Hello Maddog. I just followed the link by KY Mom and there was a post by you. Are you retired to be able to log so much computer time? I enjoy your posts, just hoping you are getting your chores done!

                • Holy smokes jog, I don’t think I have ever seen you this fired up. 100% agree with your post.

                  My plan is to prepare like there is no tomorrow, because there may not be another “normal” tomorrow.

                  How’s the weather in the north?


            • Get lost loser.

              • Guess that answers that.

            • Mr. Rodgers, wish I could give you 1000 green thumbs-up for that post!!!

            • Martial Law only works when the people are prepared to submit to it. There are a shitload of VERY PO’d people in the US right now who have no interest whatever in compliance. We are mad as Hell and not gonna take having some Kenyan asshole give away OUR country. Let him send all these people from south and central America to Kenya and see how the folks there like it. My guess is that they would all end up stuck on sticks and left to the hyenas.

          • ABC,NBC,CBS are owned by the same Jew Shill destroy America Committee Tribe, this they like to keep most of the American Sheep sleepy and unaware they are about to get a rear end jamming with Immigration.

        • As obama sits there with pen in hand
          not giving a flying shit about us, he
          looks up to see me flipping him the bird,
          the only salute I have for him …..

          • Outwest:

            More news to make your blood boil….Al Sharptongue owes back taxes to the tune of about 5M. HMMM..seems it pays to be a tax cheat….it will get you a pass to the whitehouse.

            Seems in his long and sordid history someone or someones are picking up Sharptongues loose ends as he goes about his job of destroying America.

            I got two birds, one on each hand, Outwest. So here’s one to the top homo in the land and one for the someones who are financing Sharptongues reign of terror.

            The race baiter/traitors in the USA sure are doing a good job of keeping the anti-American crooks front and center to keep the chasm growing wider and wider between the wreckers of America and Patriots who are waking up to what is happening to our beloved country.

            Everyday now it is like a runaway train.

            • POG, I couldn’t agree more. This BS is pissing me off more and more as every day comes and goes. When will enough Americans wake up, put down the remotes and iPhones, and realize the disaster this country’s leaders have put us in, and revolt?

              • Ten – Four on that runaway train, Granny.
                Aren’t Sharptongue and Bill Cosby good friends?

                • God I hope they are not friends. Bill Cosby actually has been known to tell black people to get off their asses and work. Stop complaining and get with it. Now of course he is smeared and undoubtedly replaced by people more like Sharpton. Could be that my take on Bill Cosby is off track. I would expect, if so, that I will be verbally disciplined for my mistake.

                  • The order to get Bill went out when he strayed from the plantation. Think about how absurd it is that a guy like Cosby would have to use date rape drugs to get laid. He could have had them lining up when he was younger. Poor Bill is getting taken down for stepping out of line. No proof needed. Just like the Duke university witch hunt.

            • POG Said, “More news to make your blood boil….Al Sharptongue owes back taxes to the tune of about 5M. HMMM..seems it pays to be a tax cheat”

              Hey, as far as I am concerned, ole Al has got it going on with regards to the tax issue. Isn’t that the ultimate solution to all the problems…..starve the government. Why sheepishly pay into a corrupt system. Fight back.

              I don’t think he is a tax cheat at all. I think he deserves a badge of honor on this issue.

              However, as far as the rest of his inane diatribe is concerned, well, let’s just say he needs a big ole slap.

              • CellarSpider:

                A big ole slap?????????? Oh my God, hardly. He needs handcuffs, just for a start!

                • tall tree, short rope

                  • t-Zulu:

                    ^^^ thumbs!

                    • ░░░░░░░░░▄██████████▄▄░░░░░░░░
                      ░█▀▀ ░█▀█ ░█ ░█▀▀ ░░█▀▀ ░█▀█░█ ░█░░░░
                      ░█▀▀ ░█▀▀ ░█ ░█ ░░░░█▀▀ ░█▀█░█ ░█ ░░░░
                      ░▀▀▀ ░▀ ░░░▀ ░▀▀▀ ░░▀░░ ░▀░▀░▀ ░▀▀▀░░

                  • More blame the Joos stupidity. You guys are so pathetic. So tiresome.

            • Yeah, I guess they want to make it like Russia and her satellite nations.

              Because that worked out so very well… oh wait.

              Yeah, there was never ever unfairness or ethnic cleansing or any injustice going on there, now was there?

              Oh yeah… wait.

              • The Guy:

                That was just “old history” not to ever be remembered by anyone except the 100’s of millions they exterminated.

                However, the blueprint of what happened over there is beginning to playing out in America, brought to you by the ones who immigrated from there and their Bolshevik next of kin.

            • POG, I took a lot of time to reply to your post to me yesterday. I noticed that you haven’t responded, it is there in case you haven’t checked and didn’t know.

              Also, your better off to ignore the ignorant here still stuck in the system / matrix/ right-left paradigm….call it what you will…….but you only keep them going by replying to them. Or you only feed the troll should some of them be that. It is getting to the point lately, as JRS pointed out, that this place is being overwhelmed by this type of fool, and a lot of them have just arrived here as of late, like Free Slave. And the unbelievable type of foolish political talk coming out of them leaves sane minded people who have awoken to the game wondering what their motive could be, since no one could seriously still think that way unless they are a part of the sheeple crowd. But that can’t be because those type aren’t on boards like this spending time, they are watching dancing with the stars among other waste of time things. So where does that leave one’s mind wandering in regards to a lot of these “stuck in the system matrix” posters?

              • BJ;

                I dont quite know how to answer you; I dont quite understand what you are looking for.

                I did read your post from last subject and I think you have a right to believe what you want to.

                I need you to expound on your above post.

                I will check back here to see what you write.

                • The two paragraphs in the above post have nothing to do with one another. As far as my post to you yesterday, I thought I would get a reply due to what I thought were well explained answers that would show you that we are closer to agreement in this subject than we are apart…..I really hate electronic communication.

                  The second paragraph was in regards to the posters (you know who they are) that you are debating with on this thread. JRS also alluded to them in a post he made either today or yesterday on one of these articles…..LoL

                  After reading this post, go back above and re read the post and see if it makes any more sense to ya

                • POG as BJ says, your better off to ignore the ignorant, you only keep them going by replying to them. So my advice Granny, would be not to reply.

        • Coburn is bellowing BS .
          He knows full weel he aint gonna do shit.
          The rest of the criminals are talkin about a lawsuit, that will take years. WTF?
          Somehow i think this is a done deal.
          Hope i,m wrong about that.

          • Hammerhead…I’m thumbing you UP and backing you UP. Done deal is meant for all of us and people who think voting matters. Lindsey Graham Crackers, MaBitch McDonald and that weepy drunken fag Boner are trying to suppress even their own members. How do all of you feel now? Voting is a Fraud..because if voting could change the would be illegal.

            Live Free or Die….voters(sarc)

            • TALON , Totally agree.
              Participation is required or just STFU if ya dont like the outcome .

            • miss the thumbs 100+

            • try to tell that to the shit for brains DK.

              • Amen to that Dave….

          • The next outrage will be seizing bank and retirement accounts to pay for all the benefits for our new deserving citizens.

        • I care. What’s the right and godly way to respond to Liberal Executive Lawlessness?

          I’m ruling out violent anarchy. Not an option.

          All I can think of, as weak as it sounds, is to lobby the GOP to replace Boehner and McConnell with principled and unyielding conservatives like Ted Cruz. We need leaders who can take a shellacking from the liberal media and who can fight vigorously against Liberal tyranny. That’s what I vote for every election, not just this past one.

          Any other ideas to stop being passive and apathetic to what this liberal lawless Obola is doing to this country and to my kids’ future?

          • Hidden agenda with “legalizing” the illegals????

            Similar happened to us here with guns – license them, them when we had the “buyback” post the mass shooting they knew where most of them were. Maybe the same with illegals?

            Maybe “they” know WW3 is coming and know they need more cannon fodder and want to know who/where they are so they can conscript them – along with all the other sheeple?


          • @FreeSlave

            Rafael Edward (Ted) Cruz, the Canadian born senator from Texas as Senate Leader?????

            “Principle, unyielding conservatives”?????

            “Shellacking”…..a Reince Priebus suggested sarcastic talking point that mocks Obama’s interpretation of the 2010 election results?????

            Talk about GOP Politi-Speak….I thought you guys were granted some well-deserved time off after the election.

          • FreeSlave:

            Be careful what you ask for. Those you are listening to also supported McStain, Rubio, Romney. Turns out they are not exactly pillars of society they were cooked up to be.

            Anyone having a wife working for Goldmsn Sachs (Cruz) should examined closely. You might alert Beck to that fact or we will probably have another “oops, not what we thought we were promoting”.

            • I hear ya’. I hate sell-outs. And traitors.

              Chief Justice John Roberts is a sell-out traitor

              I just don’t see Ted Cruz being a sell-out.

          • FS….I regard your opinions very much. But, if the French Revolution would have adopted that non violent position…they would be having their cake and eating it too.
            Violent opposition to tyranny cannot be moved off the table…IMHO.

            Live Free or Die…just like the Founders did

            • Be careful when using the “R” word, even in the terms of American Fight For Independence.

              The “precedent”, for being charged as a terrorist, for just using that “rev….” word, was just made because of the Eric Frein case.

              He, Frein, is an idiot and psycopath, and should fry/hang, because of killing an innocent man. But to use his internet comments to hang a terrorism charge against him is crossing a slippery slope that has no bottom; and, will be used as TPTB deem necessary to control people.

              Now, anyone that uses the r word, and has made enemies within the political realm, may be picked up and hauled away and found guilty, until they can prove their innocence.

              What a mucked up fess these NWO’ers have made!

            • Talon 1776, I hear ya.

              I’m a huge fan of the movie “BraveHeart.” I’m also appreciating the history of our country and its founding.

              I don’t know just when violent opposition to Liberal Fascist Tyranny should occur. I don’t think it’s time yet.

              Moreover, there’s no leader of the opposition to Liberal Fascist Tyranny to coalesce behind. There’s no William Wallace to lead the charge.

              It just seems silly to have uncoordinated pockets of regional resistance that will all get unmercifully slammed down by the better armed liberal fascists who control the federal government.

              If there’s an Anti-NWO leader that’s willing to step forward to lead the resistance to Liberal Fascism and the Liberal NWO, now’s the time to step up.

          • Free Slave says:”What’s the right and godly way to respond to Liberal Executive Lawlessness?”

            Liberal is neither here nor there. When the boot of government is on your neck, you don’t care if its the left boot or the right boot, you just want it off.

            The way to respond is to not feed the beast. If you pay taxes you are part of the problem. You are buying the bullets that the gangsters with badges shoot. You are directly funding the increasingly oppressive, invasive, lawless, corrupt oligarchy that permanently runs this country.

            if you pay taxes you are funding your own oppression. As for me? not one penny more.


            >My name is Legion, for we are many. Expect us.<

            • 🙂

          • Sure about that?

            Cruz’s wife works for GS.

          • Ted Cruz? Whose father was an illegal alien from Cuba?


            He will change things! Because his family is obviously principled.

          • Ted Cruz= His wife is a VP at NY Goldman Sachs! Goldman Sachs is the bankster wing of AIPAC zio jews…Still think cruz is ” different”?

            ted also told Hannity on fox tv show that “oh Yes I Can run for us prez since my mom became a us citizen” or something close to that nonsense.

            Ted Cruz has THREE citizenships! CUBAN like daddy, Canadian like mom and later us ctizenship.

            NOT NATURAL BORN though…YET Cruz ignores That part of us cosnt Requirements to be a us prez?…Hmmmmm…

            Face Facts: The entire so called “Tea Party repubs” along WITH Tea parties, ALL of them groups…Has all been Hyjacked and are RUN from within BY…AIPAC-related-Tribal “cousins” of the Khazar edomites group who calls themselves the self chozens aka jewry.

            Yes I am well aware that this Fact riles most of the tea party hopefulls and especially them whats part of that 50 million duped and deluded jewdeo-christians bunch…But you can spend the next twenty years of massive research and tons of readings trying to DISPROVE me and you will Fail Miserably, because we who has done such massive long researches also used to believe what those deluded fools believe still….Then we Woke Up!

            When NO amount of anything done can honestly refute these facts, it is then time, like it or not, to get jewized up, wide awake FULLY and simply admit it is truth, and begin to RE-Think it ALL…That also Includes…Voteing for ANYBODY and ANY so called political party. Like folks who still aint discovered that even the messiahboy Ron Paul was not really meant as a soultion but rather as a massive divideing distraction. And His own actions TWICE proved this also as Facts period.

            And I care NOT who hates me for always promoting facts and truths which so many reject due to egos, brainwashed beliefs, or simple Cowards who cannpt bear to know real truth like some of us rather know of and speak out on.

            AGAIN: Get the Memo…Cruz, Rubio, and all the others I do not recall names of at moment are all Shaboz Goyims.

            OR…Actual members of the apiac related Tribe, OR are Married to a tribe member wife or husband…That goes DOUBLE for Multi Global CORP’S and Banks-MSM- and wall street execs too…It is ALL avail online in huge long name listings…Beware though if searching such folks names as they change last or entire names faster than You change your underwear or socks!…To…HIDE whom they truly Are. Ever wonder about That perhaps?…IE: why such huge numbers of their group change their names?

            Only TWO main reasons exist for avg reg folks to change names…To HIDE…OR Disassociate self from Own past CRIMES and evil wrongs done by said self.

            For a group always bragging how vastly proud they are to be what they claim to be( they aint, as they are actual Khazar edomites) isnt it funny they so often change names?

            oh and funny also how so MANY of them Hold active valid DUAL citizenships too? Yet All always widely proclaim of how Patriotic and Loyal they are to America its it’s peoples right….Yet own TWO or more valid citizenships with OTHER nations?….I smell a huge RAT! A huge judenRatzen.

        • When they get a high enough number of their countrymen legalized here, groups like La Raza WILL turn more violent.

          They already have shown that they will beat American protestors up for opposing their free entry into this country, anyone who thinks they won’t kill to keep their status, is sadly mistaken.

          • Precisely correct you are.

            • Wisdom sixpack has.

          • A sixpack is always right…La Raza is straight up the enemy..

            • I quit surfing the internet news for 48 hours. When I went looking for news, the entire tenor has changed. The first article I was hit with were: (Remove the underscore from http)

              Principal suspended over terrifying safety drill


              Utah Considers Cutting Off Water to the NSA’s Monster Data Center


              Obama the tyrant king unleashes dictatorial order that will now invoke “open rebellion”


              At first glance, it looks like some of the sheeple are indeed waking up. I’d love nothing better, than to see oblunder and his man-love dragged from the white house by force.

              But, we had better circle the wagons as quickly as we can to get these idiots out of the white house, as the next article tells us:

              Russian War Games Spill Secrets, Spur Neighbors; ‘Scared the Hell Out of NATO’


              It just doesn’t look to me, like the rest of the world is going to sit back and watch our asshat-in-chief screw things up for very much longer. In addition to that, there are also articles where the Gang in London isn’t happy that the EU wants to put a cap on executive bankster’s bonuses, saying that a bonus the size of their average take-home for a year, double that with permission of the board, is enough. The London Gang is very upset about that limitation…Go Figure.

              All in all, I see just a glimmer of hope…just a glimmer, mind you…

          • I would guess that within three years that California, Nevada and New Mexico will be gone. Not sure about Arizona.

        • Couldn’t have said it better except to add Ferguson who? Is he on keeping up with Kardashy? I haven’t seen him on there. Wait did you mean Fergy? Isn’t that the king of England’s girlyfriend? Oh I know Ferguson play’s on the Buffalo Bills football team. By-the-way who has amnesia anyway? Now please excuse me so I can return to laying on the couch, sucking down a dozen doughnuts I bought with my EBT card and watch Kardashy’s ass grace my 90 inch flatscreen momma gots me during her last looting spree. Oh and what kind of name is 10mm anyway, sound French?

          • Maddog: Thumbs up!

            • Thanks Granny. I may have gotten a few if it was still allowed.

              • You got my green thumb…

        • “Amnesty to millions”… Yeah, right… and where I’m living I just saw a bulletin which announced there are about 500 homeless people (official number– actually, much worse!) and people in their 70’s– old men, have been on a list for several months for cheaper housing… and they bring in more people– millions– to take from us what little we have.

          People are living in the woods!!! Lots of people! I even saw a young guy- probably in his twenties– and his girl friend and their little boy! And the guy was looking in the trash can! That is what’s happening here. And Obummer (being the brilliant, “Change-you-can-believe-in president) is going to make the situation here much, much worse. thanks, Obummer! for Nothing!

          • I think this situation calls for a much stronger version of disapproval….


        • When you stop getting on the Internet (I was off for about 2 weeks), its amazing when you start reading it all again! You can’t believe how horrible– we really are descending into a police state!

          • Naw, its great. If it feels good I can finally do it (even in public) and I am praised by the masses. Long as fits with the progressive agenda.

        • What’s the answer? Is America finished?

          • Yes. Truly screwed. You will learn to adapt. Or else.

      2. This is a foreign invasion of the USA

        • Obama’s amnesty will further weaken the country. He is embracing the policies of Piven and Cloward with the gas pedal floored.

          The Obama ‘recovery’…

          Obama’s Amnesty Will Add As Many Foreign Workers As New Jobs Since 2009

          “President Barack Obama’s unilateral amnesty will quickly add as many foreign workers to the nation’s legal labor force as the total number of new jobs created by his economy since 2009.

          The plans, expected to be announced late Nov. 20, will distribute five million work permits to illegal immigrants, and also create a new inflow of foreign college graduates for prestigious salaried jobs, according to press reports.

          Obama has already provided or promised almost one million extra work permits to foreigners, while his economy has only added six million jobs since 2009.”

          “The five million work permits will ADD to Obama’s prior giveaways, which have provided work permits to almost one million foreigners.”

          One-fifth of U.S. workers were laid off in past five years, study says
          “One in five U.S. workers was laid off in the past five years and about 22% of those who lost their jobs still haven’t found another one, according to a new survey that showed the extent Americans have struggled in the sluggish labor market…”

          “Nearly 40% said it took more than seven months to find employment and about one in five of laid-off workers said all they could find was a temporary position.
          Almost half — 46% — of the estimated 30 million layoff victims who found new jobs said they paid less than their old ones, according to the survey of 1,153 U.S adults done over the summer.”

          100% of Employment growth in the U.S. since 2000 went to immigrants.

          “On a population adjusted basis, the numbers look horrific. Population-wise, native US citizens account for two-thirds of the working-age population growth, yet FEWER work today.

          Here’s the harsh reality: 17 million working-age native US citizens were NOT working in the first quarter of 2014 than in 2000.”

          New Record: Foreign-Born Job-Holders Break 25 Million
          “The number of foreign-born individuals holding jobs in the United States hit a record high of 25,019,000 in September, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).”

        • My felon brother deserves amnesty, not foreign fucks.

          • Most of the hispanic foreigners are also, or will be soon, felons. Only then they will not be deportable anymore thanks to our Monkey-In-Chief.

          • You don’t have to harm anyone to become a “felon” in this country. Just ask people like Martha Stewart.

            • Martha Stewart, with her “felonous” insider trading conviction, is an angel compared to our Congressmen who do the same illegal acts every day but are immune to the very laws they wrote to convict the rest of us. Hang all of them.

              • HANG’EM ALL!!!!!!

              • Wrong. She was convicted of only lying to a grand jury.

            • Insider Trading? Ha!! Most of Wall Street would be in Prison. Funny watching Bankers from Citi commit suicide in the bath tub slitting their own throats yeah right.

              • “Most of Wall Street would be in Prison” had they not gotten their puppets in congress to rewrite the laws to exempt themselves from the law…must be nice.

                Martha Stewart comes to mind first, but there were many political opponents that got “caught” doing the same thing everybody else was doing, and paid with their freedom. It just means that she, and others, went to prison for absolutely nothing.

                “Insider trading” is simply code for getting profitable financial information, before others did, so in this respect, being the early bird catches you a prison term…not breakfast.

        • Republican Sen. Coburn: “You’re going to see — hopefully not — but you could see instances of anarchy. … You could see violence.”

          Lawlessness begets lawlessness.

          The President is lawless. So then some people respond in kind. Obola’s Liberal lawlessness is tolerated and gets a pass by spineless RINOs.

          Good thing I only have a limited amount of bile to come up.

          • Get this. The Chief Cyber Commander of the NSA says the US Grid Power and Water could be brought down at any time by hacks. And Obama’s Answer, Give amnesty to 5 Million Illegals and import another 34 Million Illegals toput more demand on the Grid.

            So when the Grid and lights are out for good, there will be 50 Million more Illegal Aliens crawling around, trying to scratch a living in our neighborhoods, stealing everything that is not defended or locked down.

            Why doesn’t Obama just mail us all a Cyanide pill and lets all just commit mass suicide all the same time?? I have no explanation whatsoever in any rational form, for any of these Government actions, whatsoever that makes any common sense, nor normal human function of thought of mind and space.

            All I can say is Preppers, stock up heavy on everything you will need for a few years, and buy lots and lots of ammo to defend yourself and families. Just picked up 2 turkeys, 10 Cans of string beans for $6. Lots of food specials out there in preparation for the Thanksgiving holiday.

            • “I have no explanation whatsoever in any rational form, for any of these Government actions, whatsoever that makes any common sense, nor normal human function of thought of mind and space.”

              As soon as people are willing to admit to themselves that our government DOES NOT RUN THIS COUNTRY, more of it will make sense.

              When we realize that the agenda is NOT about what is best for this country, the logistics will be clear.

              The group of elites that claim power over this country, are not working for US. They are working for the globalists.

              Once you get this into your head, the whole nightmare becomes vividly clear.

              You’re right—nothing else makes sense.

              • And they will let the rioters burn Ferguson to the ground, so then they can claim their need their budgets increased and pay for overtime. If they squash all upheaval, then everybody will say they are funded plenty enough. Its a fricken Game. Yo-Yo For all out massive Martial Law under false pretenses. Obama has not forgotten he lost the gun ban debate for his handlers. So he has to ratchet up the stakes for him to keep his job before his term is completed.
                The world is a stage.

            • Still feeding the turkey’s, at least for a couple more day’s and then ……….

              • I’m guilty of “still feeding the turkeys” too. Sent in my property tax for the year.

                It is true, you will never never own your “own” property.

            • Correction:

              And Obama’s answer….to have immediately, as in right now, extended Communist Chinese business visas to 10 years from 1 year, and Communist Chinese student visas to 5 years from 1 year.

              E V E R Y S I N G L E O N E of them is a spy/saboteur/agent for the Communist Chinese regime.

              Don’t even think about kidding yourself. NO ONE gets out of Communist China without being unquestioningly loyal to the Communist Party.

              A 20-something female Communist Chinese “student” in Hawaii was just caught within the past year having fully recruited a 60-something American defense contractor with security clearances to provide her with classified information and to respond to directions for obtaining answers to her questions relating to classified information. He got 7 years in prison. She slept with him and he fell for it, hook, line, and sinker.

              And yet Obama is openly, inexplicably, facilitating the entry of even more of them into our country for even longer periods of time with even more ability to travel back and forth to Communist China as often as they like during the period of their visa.

              Treason. Plain and simple. High treason.

            • Pay atten to MY postings and you WILL have a great explaination to whats really going down!…It just takes a certain type person willing to accept real truth even when it flies in the face of all you was taught prior to believe in….Most folk prefer lies and royal swindle scams.

              And That is one thing I just cannot comprehend. All my life since I was a small kid aprox age of 4 yrs old I asked many questions and challanged what most call accepted truth or facts. The adults all used to get out of anwering me by telling me the questions I keep asking are Too “Adult like” for so small a kid to be asking!

              Gee one would think them so smart adults could realize if a small age 4-5 yr old kid is asking such adult questions he must be able to also handle truth for answers eh.

              Then as a young teen I realized most of them adults KNEW the answers, but refused to tell me since then they too must remind themselves that they has fallen for LIES and Falsehoods galore. Most folks can’t bear to reveal such to their own self it seems eh.

              They cannot admit I am correct as it makes Them totally wrong….And if instead they admit theys whos wrong…It has the exact same effect…They wrong, Me correct!

              And once they admit that part, whats next?…I will Tell you whats next!…Next after admiting being wrong or duped, they Must do something different about it or forever remain a huge coward and remain delusionally duped…And who likes knowing he or shes been royally lied to and duped their entire life?…NOBODY does thats who.

              And its alot eaiser to remain so than to rather awaken, admit to it and “Change”.

              Folks has been doing it way longer than the TV kardashians has been flaunting their combined family of massive wide ass across tv screens for cash payoffs.

              Cash Payoffs & fame or positions of vast Powers really are the ONLY real true reasons for anyone to become a Shaboz Goyim in the first place…Unless they are a group-think-member of any of those 300,000 phony pastors Orgs they also calls a “church” org…Them fools never even realize that YES they could get Paid well and even get elected by being a good shaboz Goy! One just cannot get more duped than they are eh….That bunch is willing to remain a shaboz goy totally for Free!…Duped to the duped’est degrees eh!

              but in reality those Three are the Only real reasons anybody becomes a shaboz goy, far as I can figure it.

              ps Ol’ Willie Nelson needs a new song…I know! hows about a brand new hit song to replace “mama dont let yer boys grow up to be cowboys”

              WITH:..”Momma Don’t let Yer Sons or Daughter’s grow up to be Shaboz GOYIM’S!”

          • This is another False Flag Scam to incite violence across our country, propagated by the US Government so they can roll out Martial Law. Throw more gasoline on the fire Obama.

        • The khazarian invented Communism is being shoved down our throat under the banner, Democrats.
          They are nothing but Demolition Rats.

          • Enki:

            The word Khazar is worth looking up. Tells us who those PTB really are.

            • To me, it probably means enki has already looked it up. 🙂

        • It is, but it’s worse than an official invasion by foreign troops. If that were the case, there’s a gun behind every blade of grass and everyone would know who the enemy is by their uniform and country or organization. Many people would be eager to join the fight to defend themselves, their family, friends, and country. These are millions of civilians just walking in but they are no different than an invader. They come into our country uninvited, they proudly wave a foreign flag, speak a foreign language, they have no understanding or appreciation for the country but to systematically dismantle it at a voting booth, they maim and murder its people, and threatens to destroy its people culturally and economically.

        • Yup.

      3. If the Emperor can make laws concerning immigration, what is to stop him from declaring that the U.N. Small Arms Treaty is in effect on Dec. 24 2014?

        It’s has already been passed in the U.N., the U.S, voted for it, and Sec. of State John Kerry has already signed it! BOTH the NRA and Gun Owners of America are warning that this is in the works.

        Our gun and our guts are the only things stopping this Communist from turning us into a full blown Soviet State!

        “If not now, WHEN?….if not you, WHO?”! NOMI

        • Sinner,

          This is something to think about.

          We know this administration likes to pass executive orders and legislation just before holidays.

        • Mmmm, gun show this weekend….Maybe I need to go buy another one of those eeevil full-automatic 9mm Clocks.

      4. Im not going to get violent,
        But ANY correspondence from the feds will go straight in the file under my kitchen sink,
        Dont own shit, dont care what they want, period!

        • Kulafarmer, I don’t think anyone is going to get violent. This unconstitutional action will probably have virtually no response from the 46% who disapprove of EO Amnesty.

          The American people have been successfully neutered. We are a far cry from the people who founded our country.

      5. To paraphrase Glenn Reynolds, ” that’s not a bug, but a feature!”
        By now, sane & clear-thinking people know what needs to be done to address illegal immigration, starting with the FENCE. Insert any other idea here – to discourage the lawbreaking – after that is finished.
        The govt, et al, do not wish to solve the problem. Plan accordingly.

      6. I am seriously considering disregarding my non-violent opposition to this govt.

        • When Prez, Eisenhower was alerted to a mass of mexican invaders that numbered around 1,500,000 or so…His reply?

          As US Prez he demanded air time, got it, and went on TV live or maybe only Live Radio back then?…Anyways he told the entire nation of america of His Brand New strategy of dealing with such mass hoards of illeagle invadeing mexicans, who were takeing away JOBS from REAL usa citizens with the RIGHT to be here!

          It was called by him…”OPERATION-WETBACK”!! I kid you not!

          A Day later operation wetback went full bore in action. Also part of his anouncement was the fact that if illeagle invader mexicans do not EXIT Back to mexico PRONTO NOW!…They WILL get HUNTED down and Exported! and if any should be stupid enough to cause violence against REAL citizens or Cops hunting them and exporting them back to mexico they shall be treated same as common criminals and even shot to prevent their violent reactions to operation WETBACK!

          Guess what all of you spinless Repubs and neocon whimps…And ALL others like dems elected etc or apointed to power positions…

          The TRUE number turned out closer to FOUR Million, Yet in LESS than 90 Days from his anounced operation wetback began….a FULL 2/3rd of them SELF-Deported back to mexico or whever else they came from!

          The final 1/3rd less inclined to self deport, got a Rude awakening along with their many USA citizen Employers of cheep labor illeagles, when eisenhower added in how resistors AND usa employers WILL go to Prison and LOSE their buisness if necessary for violating Fed Laws and State laws, laws that still now 2014 are ON the books still and carry a 5 to 10 yr Prison term and huge $$$ fines for anybody who assists illeagles in any way shape or form other than true medical emergencys period.

          He never yakked bullshit about a phony need for “immigration Reforms” as NONE were nor ARE today needed!…Plenty of laws exists already waiting to be Enforced properly!

          Well all in all, his Operation Wetback was a rageing total sucess and only took another aprox 4-6 months total for the final 1/3rd to get going bback or get Sent Back.

          They even went thru town by town routing out illeagles as fast as they could to show them mexican invaders we mean Buisness so get the FUCK OUT!.

          La Raza aka “The RACE”( try forming a Org like That you whiteys!) official slogan below the words La Raza is…”For the RACE(means hispanics which aint a race per se but as really a mixture of most races they do not like the proper term or word of MUTT) Everything! For ALL Others….NOTHING!

          Thats la razas official slogan written on all official signs, papers, protest signs etc etc…For their race everything, for All Others..NOTHING!

          Tell me this is NOT an enemy Invasion with zero yet fired bullets…You wont tell me that as you cannot say it if honest. it IS an invasion NO different from a Kommie threat army from abroad who has yet to fire any bullets.

          OPERATION WETBACK-II Is sorely needed again today.

          However Carl Rove and various faux tv shaboz goys has neocons and repubs both totally convinced if they act that way now…Repubs are going to lose a few million mexican votes they really NEVER will get anyways! as well as Lose them TWO or THREE actual current Black repub votes.

          So repubs just cant chance so great a loss as 2-3 black voters and instead Opt for the total LOSS of votes and confidence of at least 100-MILLION White folks across the nation and fast growing larger daily.

          That Carl Rove is some wizz kid no?…Meanwhile every day Hannity and Rush continue to promote as only real solution to fix usa is…Put More repubs in office!!!

          Someone tell them two asshole clowns, rush and hannity that we already Did that last time with wonderboy GW and crew of spineless neocon swindler Shaboz Goys…It Failed big time then and will again if still believed.

          Operation Wetback II IS what did work and will again.

          And there is zero shortages of plenty of highly pissed folks armmed to teeth if the fed border patrol guys needs Help.

      7. It has always been part of the plan of the UN- NWO and agenda 21 to turn the USA into a third world country. This ammesty is just another step. Call me racist I don’t care. Its a fact that blacks ruin a neighborhood when they move in. The good folks of every race leave for elsewhere. The Hispanics have ruined mexico & South America. this ammesty wil bring all that sort of government corruption and drug cartels to the USA. They will very soon vote their cantidates into office and take control. Sitting Bull once stated a people will be on a land for a time. And eventually a stronger larger number of people will come and take it from them. The country is being colonized. Yep Obama kept his campaign promise to fundamentally change the USA. If your white move to newton county ar. We have less than .05% of the population that is non white. that one guy claims to be a Cherokee.

        • @Old Guy
          As another old guy myself, I hear that a round fired by a 60+ year old is just as effective as on fired by an 18 yr. old.

          If a man with green shin breaks into my house to rob me and rape my loved ones, does it make me a “green guy hater” if I defend myself?

          • SINNER- Slightly OT
            I learned today that when a gun is used in self defense of life or property , the incident is recorded as a violent gun crime.
            Even though no charges were justified , so when we read statistics on such things , we have no way of knowing how many shootings were self defense related.
            Seems like a good way to conceal the truth to me.

            • Easy! If self defender shooter was a whitey?…Its NO violent crime at all. ALL others are suspect.

      8. I’ve had enough of immigration alarmists.

        • Universe:


        • HUH???
          Read the Drudge front page story.
          Obama is gonna put more new workers in the workforce than jobs have been created since 2009.
          With the sweep of a pen!!!!!!
          Alarmist ? I dont think so.

          • I’m not saying it isn’t a problem but there is a long list of things that deserve alarm bells and immigration is very far down that list.

          • Well, in all fairness, they are already IN the workforce, but now that they can drop out and collect welfare, maybe it will open up some jobs for Americans. Silver Lining???? >/sarc<

            What really kills me is that this "initiative" opens up hundred of thousands more H1B visas, which means the Left Coast software giants can lay off more Americans and hire more Muslim and Hindu programmers to work for a bowl of saffron rice a day.

            Speaking of which, has anybody else noticed that virtually all of the people you deal with at PayPal are named Mohammed, or Abdullah, or Muktallah Islam? I'm STILL trying to get my PayPal account closed, after I quit using it, (and evilBay), about 2 years ago.

        • We’ll see how much you can take once your job is gone to an illegal, or you get tired of paying for schools that are teaching in Spanish, or courts and jails filled with illegals, get broadsided by an illegal with no license or insurance, or need to go to an emergency room in a hospital that hasn’t been closed due to non-paying illegals.

        • omg alarmists? um violating the laws on the books maybe? there is nothing wrong with lawful immigration but give me a break ,you sir or madam are an idiot !unfortunately there is no equal protection of the law anymore . 3 branches of govt were to be separate powers ,not in collusion .legislative,judicial and executive were separate functions of a check and balance system . that has been overthrown sadly . turn off the talmudvision

        • Well Ive had enough of liberal turds!

          • Flush’em Kula!

            • That has interesting connotations to this old bird hunter.

              • That old goose gun on the wall might be useful, soon.

      9. Communists never…never….Never let hold of power, once achieved. After this month’s election this scum knows that the people have rejected them, so watch out for ANY accuse to declare martial law.

        Economic collapse, Ebola outbreak, Ferguson riots, ISIS terror attacks, Constitutional crisis,….?

        Something’s coming, can’t you feel it?

        • Dam I’m dumb today. Excuse not accuse. I had better stop drink’n and start think’n

          • Or start drinkin earlier!

        • Sinner,

          You are correct. Ebola is rarely discussed in the news, but has NOT gone away.

          Last week was the first REPORTED false negative for an Ebola test. (The first test was given AFTER the doctor became symptomatic.) The second test was positive. Treatment was delayed and the doctor died.

          Expect a surge of immigrants from Africa soon.

          U.S. to allow people from nations hit by Ebola to stay temporarily

          “The Department of Homeland Security will grant temporary protected status to people from the three West African countries most affected by Ebola who are currently residing in the United States, department officials said on Thursday.

          People from Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone in the United States as of Thursday may apply for protection from deportation, as well as for work permits, for 18 months, said a Department of Homeland Security official.

          After 18 months, the Secretary of Homeland Security will assess whether the protection should be extended, based on the level of the Ebola epidemic in West Africa.”

          “U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services officials estimate that 8,000 people will be eligible to apply.”

          Reuters dot com

        • Yes, I can “feel it”. Have been able to for some time now. We’re just hanging out with friends and family and every one is on alert. We still go to work, but that involves a trip to a larger, rather violent, town. Lots of vacation stored up but I’m not sure what the company policy is on that. I do know they can’t protect us and I’m not a natural victim. We’re all doing the “Water Buffalo Scan” where your head is up and you are constantly scanning the horizon. The kids and dogs play in the circle of the adults and we bring in wood with guards. Not a healthy way to live, but not our doing. Everyone be safe and keep watching.

      10. Unless the Mexicans march down Maine street USA under arms, killing whitey, nobody, including the government will do much of anything, that don’t involve beer, football, dancing with the stars, NASCAR, and Kim K’s big A**. The American male is become a fat useless P***y. I do not expect violence or even much in the way of protest, past the ritual of internet bitching.

        • Plus we’re all too busy working so the minorities don’t have to.

      11. The controlled enemy media couches the “dispute” over them mestizo invasion and the regime’s collusion therein in terms of a disagreement between Republicans and Democrats. Nothing could be further from the truth: this is conflict between Whites (formerly known as “Americans”)on the one side and non-white invaders on the other. Guess whose side the non-White president of the US is on….

        The law is already enforced selectively, with diseased Mestizo border violators — and soon, Negro insurgents in Ferguson — being given carte blanche to break any laws they wish, while being paid for it by hapless White taxpayers. Whites OTOH are regulated, spied upon, controlled, swatted for selling organic milk and anally probed at airports.

        The regime that rules “our” country hates our guts and wants us dead, but first we must be subjugated further. This is where the hordes of pro-communist illiterate Mestizos, eventually to be given the franchise, come in.

        Meantime, the regime wants us to believe that the change in the country’s racial composition is a natural, organic and INEVITABLE phenomenon. This too is a lie. Demographic change has been deliberately and artificially fostered by conscious and carefully conducted government polices going back decades.

        The US government actively opposes the interests of everyday, non-insider Whites (again, prior to 1965, simply known as “Americans”) and does everything to harm us. “Harm” includes being forced to live with these savages.

        Regime change is the only way out.

        • Ahab:

          You have done your homework. Congrats! Great post.

          • Thanks, Granny. Keep up the good fight!

            Notice how Hussein Obama is doing this just before Thanksgiving Day — with its associations with Plymouth Rock, Pilgrim Fathers etc. He’s RITUALISTICALLY telling us that America’s history as a WHITE nation has come full circle and is now OVER. Or at least he wants us to believe that, so we can more easily be made to roll over and die quietly.

            If not for the election, he probably would have preferred to have done it on COLUMBUS Day, the “birthday” of ALL the White people of the Americas. This occasion will again be honored as it deserves to be honored, after we win.

        • Well if they want me dead i wish they would get it over with, ill be sure and give em a good show for the nightly news.

        • Ahab–>

          Once upon a time, the United States of America was..a free country. –(no more!!!)–
          Our freedom was paid for by the commitment, bravery, suffering and sacrifice of a mere 3% handful of…basically, Anglo-Saxons, plus a smattering of Celts / Gauls and Teutons…here and there.

          Alas, today we reside in the…”Kingdom of Shylock”

          …and although many here will protest pointing out such truth, the fact remains..that the evidence behind said truth is irrefutable!

          Unfortunately, the realm of Shylock’s domain, extends deep unto the lands of our ancestors also..those being Northern / Central Europe and the fair Isles also!

          ..’tis now, a full-court-press to eliminate our genome, methinks.


          On the other-hand, I wonder what will be the modus operandi of some (luckily, still employed) “White guy” …who’s informed by his family doctor that, his 4th grader son / daughter has MDR-TB*…or leprosy, or some other imported fatal contagion or pathogen..and finds that his health-plan doesn’t cover such????

          ..courtesy of “Lord Shylock’s” multicultural / diversity worship mandates..and the preordained outcome, per a local Obama-care death panel decision!


          I wonder if he’ll “home-invade” his county’s school superintendent’s 03:00hrs and use what ever pressure is gain the names of local and state politicos…who signed off on “the shitskin relocation program”…then sanitizes his visit…and move up the ladder.


          NOTE to Shylock & your hired help:

          There still exists a loyalty of blood, per one’s own..out here in enemy occupied territory…

          So sleep w/ one eye open assholes..’cuz payback is a bitch sometimes!


          *MDR-TB = ..multiple drug resistant-TB —(+ $500k to cure)—

          • @ Hunter —

            Well said in all respects, sir.

            We are also seeing an explosion of another disease — CHUTZPAH.

            Let us not forget that, after these genetically inferior hordes achieve citizenship (in a sane society they would have been riddled with heavy machine gun fire as they invaded our territory), each and every one of them will be eligible for Affirmative Action preferences.

            As such, the regime will RECOGNIZE these THIEVES as an “historically aggrieved” class to whom the White man must make “amends.” As they steal our country, we are officially labeled as GUILTY and forced to TACITLY admit our moral deficiency, with an obligation to make THEM whole though our tax dollars — though these troglodytes, until recently, were passing their dull and futile existences in Chagas-infected hovels in the company only of intestinal parasites and Marxist “missionaries,” somewhere in the broad swath of territory between Tegucigalpa and Juarez, and had NO connection to the United States whatsoever.

            AS I’ve said before, we all owe a personal and HEAVY debt of “gratitude” to the tribe that has brought us these blessings, as well as to that tribe’s HIRELINGS.

            • White folk are ALL….Palestinians now! or may as well be soon.

      12. The first big step towards the North American Union.
        The first step towards a New World Order.
        One Governance, One Economy, One Religion, One Standing Army….etc…

        A country with no borders, is no country at all.
        Sovereign Nations become null & void.
        The Tyranny is picking up speed, and quickly gaining momentum.
        It’s not what I or you want, it’ what they want (governments)
        Resist and Do Not Comply

        • You took the words right out of my mouth, CS.

          This NAU deal has been in the works for over twenty years. The first step was actually made before that, when the origins of NAFTA were made. It took successive NWO Presidents and others within gov to pull it off.

          Now that there has been enough time and enough
          allowance for millions of illegals to pour in, it can come to full fruition soon. Exactly how they eventually pull it all off, of bringing Canada and Mexico “fully” into the Union, is still a mystery to most of us. But given enough time without divine intevention, it will happen.

          There isn’t anyway of stopping it, unless the majority of people make a change of heart, and return to God.
          Personally, i don’t see it happening within my lifetime. Too much self-indulgence in the world, and especially in the USSAG.

      13. I see that the ObamaTrolls are out today. “Nothing is going to happen” or “American’s are just too fat and lazy to care”, they tell you.

        Their message is;” Don’t start something, because you’ll be all alone if you do!”.

        • I am not an Obama troll at all, but I don’t think the law abiding tax paying citizens will react with anything but words. Maybe you will be right, but the curse of being a law abiding citizen is accepting the law when you don’t agree with it and the fear of punishment when you disobey it.

        • Honestly child, your manufactured outrage is noted. The only Obama supporters are the ones like you who call for riots, that will allow king putt to invoke Patriot act NDAA and COG and rule as “president for life”. The FACT that the “average” white American will NEVER riot, or even fight unless armed enemy’s are standing in their front rooms. The “average” white person believes in G_D , and law, something the ultra-left can never understand as they believe in nether. The only troll childish “sinner” is you.

        • Were alone anyway,
          So WTF?

      14. Unfortunately only the dependent minority believe in their cause and government granted handouts enough to resort to violence. The true victims, the tax paying majority, just keep taking it. So many have had it so good for so long that they just don’t hunger for justice. Total loss of their liberty will be what it takes for a wake up call. But by then the chance to resist will be gone.

      15. Obamas address tonoght is on telemundo and some other spanish type channel.
        Obama is gonna interupt the latin grammys .
        How many millions of these usurpers are gonna be watching as he invites them all to the US for free shit?

        We are about to see a HUGE run at the border.

        • FightNGear,

          Well said. My plan when listening to Obola’s speech tonight is to end every one of this sentences with, “If you like your Doctor you can keep your Doctor”. Nuff said

        • ABOUT??? Hammerhead.

          The US figures say about 11.5 million. we know they lie, so lets go to the highest figure that has been put out there.

          Some educated guess-timates put the figure at approximately 30 million, which takes in account of all the asians, Indians, and the “covered up” figure of a few million of Muslims. If we split the difference and say about 20 million, (the figure Lou Dobbs uses), it is astronomical at the free services these people receive, and they don’t pay into the system, or at least very little.

          It is “hate the repubs and conservatives” time, because “they want to deport Mamacita, and leave little el bebe to live on the streets as an orphan”.

          The gates have been open and they have been pouring in for years. We are no longer a “secure & safe”, nation.
          Let’s face it…. the music has died.

      16. As much as I can’t stand what is going on, I highly doubt most people will even know or care about it, until it affects them. If there was going to have been an uprising and violence, it would have come from ALL the executive orders from past and present presidents, but mainly the NDAA and executive order 13603 signed in last year. In this article, it gives the link to 13603. Please read both.

      17. I hate to say this but as long as the Big game is on, the pizza is hot, the beer is cold and the cheerleaders look good nothing is going to happen.

        Until people are shook from their comfort zone the country is headed down Hill.

      18. The lazy fat ass chemically altered toxic waste dumps in the collapsing Corporatist Fascist shithole of Murica would not get off their fat lazy asses when it was revealed the filthy fascist NSA shit stains pissed and shit all over the now null and void US Constitution, so why the fuck would the fat ass boot licking toxic dumps get away from their mindless entertainment and violent sports for anything else??????????

        • So what yer sayin is aint nutn gonna happen!
          Good rant, tell it like it is,
          Most of us just want to be left alone,
          Personally Im doing everything I can to just be out of reach from everyone including Uncle.

      19. Hoodie: A man entered Cash America Pawn in Indianapolis, Ind. pulled a hood over his head, drew a gun, and attempted to rob the store. A customer responded by drawing a gun and shooting the criminal, killing him.

        Following an investigation, police revealed that the deceased robber was a suspect in other robberies. (WISH, Indianapolis, Ind. 11/18/14)

      20. Hijacking this thread for a sec…

        “Individual who traveled to Mali is being tested for Ebola at New York City’s Bellevue hospital after exhibiting symptoms – @ABC7NYNewsDesk”

        Okay. Now you can get back to the topic at hand. 🙂 (Amnesty for these jerks ticks me off to NO end. My family came to America in the 20th century, and we did it PROPERLY. Everyone else should, too.)

        • Jenn,

          Thanks for the info on this.

          Test results should be back later today.

          Another possible Ebola patient. I wonder how many places they traveled around the city – the subway, taxis, shopping, out to dinner or bowling?

          Hmmm and the Thanksgiving holiday is next week. (Unsuspecting) possibly infected people will be traveling to many different places around the country.

          You could say perfect timing…

        • Jenn,

          I checked for an update this morning.

          Hmmm. This makes me wonder about the reliability of the Ebola tests. False negative results? The patients test negative, yet the doctors keep them in isolation awaiting additional confirmation.

          New York, Missouri patients test negative for Ebola virus

          “Two travelers who returned recently from separate West Africa trips tested negative for Ebola on Thursday at hospitals in New York and Missouri and will stay under observation while awaiting additional confirmation of the results, health officials said.”

          “Preliminary test results showed a traveler who returned to the United States from a trip to Mali does not have the disease, but the patient remains in isolation at Bellevue Hospital Center for further testing, the New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation said in a statement.”

          “Initial tests for the Ebola virus were negative as well in Crystal City, Missouri, for a patient who recently returned from West Africa, Mercy Jefferson Hospital said.”

          Fox News

      21. Talk like that will just give obomba a boehner.

      22. ht tps://

      23. I don’t think you will see anything happen for a couple of years when the latino groups start pushing there way around. Leaches and Zombies that already live here will start seeing the things that they have been getting for free starts to go away because they have to share with the poor latins that are invading the US. Black against Latino, & Whites, Latinos against whites & Blacks, Whites against Blacks and Latinos. These Leaches and Zombie groups will go to war with each other.

        My prediction is the USA will be split into Black White and Brown areas it around 10 years. With the Whites take them back in around 50 years. I won’t be here but my kids and grand kids will be.


        • Sarge, I can see a resurgence of the gangs splitting back into the racial gangs….and breaking off any allegiance/alliances with the Latino street gangs…the juvi reception had a problem with many different gangs that seemed to have been the result of fragmenting and the loss of leadership from the two major ‘adult’ gangs in the “city”…it will be interesting south of the loop.

          • MP
            You stay safe up there. With this and Ferguson coming down who knows what is going to happen.

            • thsnks!

      24. I agree the majority wont take up arms. They will keep going along to get along. My hope is for great violent clatyclismic earth changing events. I hope to live long enough to see the Cascadia- sanandreas & new Madrid earthquakes . Our only hope is that the shifting magnetic poles will bring an end to the NWO.

        • Old Guy –
          Unfortunately you are correct about the “majority” not taking up Arms. All one has to do is watch what happens this coming Black Friday. These people types of people outnumber folks like you and I, but they will be the first to go if a major event ever occurs.

          AmeriKa is chuck full of self absorbed assholes, and as someone has already mentioned before. Sports, Beer, Reality T.v. and the latest ‘techie toys they can get their hands on are more important to them then anything else.

          We all have a family member or a friend that is like this, and we already know nothing will get them out of their fake sense of reality. It’s sad to say, but Fuck ’em.

      25. It sounds like he is just part of the plan to get Americans used to and to beg for, Marshal Law. “Please save us from ourselves!!!”

      26. ht tp://

        • Standing on the edge of a revolution

      27. I get so upset I just want to shake people and scream in thier face to WAKE UP! How can the majority of this country just not be screaming for impeachment of this entire administration! If congress won’t do it the supream court is supposed to and if the court doesn’t the military has the right to go and physically remove them ALL from office so we can elect leaders that work For The People! Ahhhhhh I’m so angry over all this! Grrrrr, sorry all, my rant is over! No one in DC is doing thier job!

        • Congress needs to be gone, and same with all those in the S.C

          the military stepping up to it? dont make me laugh ( not ment condescendingly)

          so its every dam last one of them. thats what we have to have happen or were just spinning our wheels

          On the edge of a Revolution ..or a mass shepleness?

          • missed an S in my sheepleness

        • MommaD, green thumb.

          • Try flooding Putin with crys for help! and huge supplies of heavey weapons and amounts of aaamo drops from his massive huge military transport planes.

            Putin could create a divirsion by Nukeing DC and wall street, while whites grab ammo and weaponery drops fast.

            Then do a massive Reverse-Chimp out.

            Just wait till amnesty mexicans can vote here and in mexico Both and they begin to do referendum votes for a NAU of mexico-usa-canada. And votes for all other issues detrimental to whites.

            We will definatly need heavey small arms. Like Ma Duece 50’s! and tons of proper ammo which I am certain russia can supply us.

            After all just a year or so ago Putin anounced to the world on tv that hes going to assist All Christian folk in Any nations or regions where christians requires said help when under attack….I cannot think of a more better time to have him consider following thru with his promice.

            Mr.Putin! SEND Heavey weapons, full autos! ammos! Shoulder fired RPG rockets!…Tank Busters! and all other varried stuff we need to presereve the whites and white christian race of usa!

      28. “I get so upset I just want to shake people and scream in thier face to WAKE UP! How can the majority of this country just not be screaming for impeachment of this entire administration!”

        I’m screaming too.

        But with the very real threat of nationwide rioting, looting, and arson if Obola is impeached, I can see why the GOP leadership is bullied into backing down from impeachment.

        • FreeSlave –
          I am beyond informing others, been down that road already and have personally come to a point where you can’t fix stupid.
          If people choose to live ignorant and not bother giving a sense of thought to what I have to say, then there just isn’t any cure. The best thing to do is except that, or your mind will just end up going bonkers about it – it’s not worth it.

          “GOP Leadership” – you can’t be serious? Stop sniffing glue son, it’s bad for ‘ya.

        • FreeSlave:

          Glen Beck wannabee?

          You are being lied to FreeSlave. Those Repubs you seem to have faith in….they are locked at the hip with the dems who are locked at the hip with AIPAC.

          Get a grip.

          • POG,

            Just gotta find politically conservative leaders who won’t be joined at the hip with Libs and AIPAC. They’re out there.

            • Free Slave: and what happens to Every one Out there if they try to get elected?..I will tell you what happens.

              Every one every single time gets slammed by EVERY MSM including FOX channel news as a Rayssis KKK hate monger, and an Evilnaziwhowantstokillsixmillionmorejews and an antisemite.

              Then the aprox 99% of idiots trained and brainwashed to believe all they see or hear on TV news rabidly hates that guy forever and also calls him such vile names as a show of group think support.

              So no we aint going to get any good guys elected period.

              Unless some patroit group can litterally do a SWAT team type raid on MSM TV studios, overtake airwaves, and remain in there and remain on live TV broadcast alerting folks to wake up etc….All is going to remain as is and get worse and worse.

              it is just the way it is is all. and to admit to this is same as admitting to the other issues we was lied to about. Difficult…But truth.

              This was all pre planned so they can avoid use of bullets like was done in russia 1918 due to they know so many usa folks are well armed etc….They invented and came here to employ a tactic they labled as “Frankfurt School of Cultural Marxism”…While doing that to dumb down and delude white folks since 1936, their fellow traveler tribesmen, came here to usa from russia in 1903-9 to invent the NAACP to train up militant negroes as rabid white haters and america wreckers.

              And it worked. Before we was even old enough to vote america was subverted. This is 100% facts avail online.

              And no matter what nor How you try doing it, still today 99% of folks refuse to hear it.

              Its just how it is is all and it is reality.

              And at least probobly a full one Third of whites we Need to mobilize will refuse and whine like a stuck swine pig the first moment we tell them how and why aipac etc is at the very top head of it all…50-60 million unquestioning defenders whos defense is based on a falsehood belief based on what the tribes claims are as to dna, mixed with tons of false interpreted bible verses by tons of apostate false teacher pastors in every area of our nation today.

              A huge majority of which Saw how swell a 1/2 dozen pastors got filthy wealthy Fast by being a Good Shaboz Goyim….And now most others desire the same riches for themselves and are willing to gain it the same way.

              Why do none ever question the validity of haveing so many rabbis and professors that subscribe to Pharisee Talmudic teachings, Being teachers at most Every so called christian seminary today?

              I bet if teachers or professors in seminarys was Islamic they sure question That huh!

              What type preacherman graduates from a school course on Christianity, as taught by the main haters and enemys of christianity and Christ ever since day one 2000 yrs ago?

              Shaboz Goyim Apostate teachers of total falsehoods and falsly interpreted bible verse…Such as their favorite tool…Cyrus Scofields bible version! Thats what kind of pastor most today are…They became false teachers the day they signed up for seminary school! For look whom teaches them……Its akin to allowing china kommies into whitehouse and congress as Top Advisor staff!..NO good can ever come of it period.

              if anybody can come up with sure fire method to enlighten them 50 million deluded souls?…Maybe…”Maybe” we still can have a chance to succeed still…Maybe.

      29. Does it seem fishy that tonight potus will announce his executive action and tomorrow we will see whether or not the cop in Ferguson is indicted.. We could have a lot of pissed off people on all fronts could this be the beginning of the race wars we talk about….

        • DC –
          In the view to many, the Cop may have gone to extreme measures of taking down his assailant, but none the less. This Cop will not be indicted on charges, he was in a situation were he reacted and the Badge and the Law will see it was justifiable in a Court of Law if need to be.

          • I don’t believe it will happen tomorrow. I agree the cop won’t be indicted.

            If the word comes down tomorrow, and all hell breaks loose in Ferguson (just for starters); where does turkey day & shopping fit in to all this?

            The backlash against the prez and all the politicians for starting such a race war, less than a week from one of the biggest family holidays and shopping traditions of Americans, called Black thursday/Friday/Sat & Sun, would be unreal.

            Too many retail giants and too many politicians have too much to lose, for this thing to go full on, riot war, just before Thanksgiving. That is why the major networks aren’t covering the talk of an illegal maneuver by the potus tonight. Too much “debbie downer” stuff for most folks. Millions are getting ready to travel next week, what a bummer if nationwide riots go full on then.

            TPTB are giving the “heads up” of what is to come though.
            Beginning Dec 1st, all bets are off though.

      30. I understand all that ya’ll, but boy oh boy it’s frustrating, I’m going to go get started on this deer I got today and work out my frustrations, maybe I’ll have a glass of my dandelion wine while I do it, might make things feel less insane in our world

      31. 12/24/2014 From the Office of Emperor Barack 1st.

        “My fellow American’s. Today I have signed another historic Executive Order ratifying the United Nations Small Arms Treaty. Much like my Immigration Reform Executive Order of 11/20/14, I am doing this because our Congress refuses to act on vital legislation.

        As many of you know this month we mark the 2nd anniversary of the horrific New Town CT. shootings. I believe that the laws contained within the U.N. treaty would have stopped this sad event.

        Thus as your Emperor, I believe that it is my moral duty to act on behalf of our Children to curb gun violence”.

        Hail Emperor Barack !

      32. MommaD:

        Isn’t it almost unimaginable, that a plan to destroy America, cooked up many, many years ago is playing out right before our eyes? And the final act will be when the curtain comes down on her, the One World Order, vis a vis the United Nations.

        Those who have schemed all these years since America was born, can almost smell their victory. They believe they are oh so close. Their Manchurian candidate has served them well. Wresting America from their grip is going to be a formidable task.

        So I pray and prep……

        • POG. I agree! Keep prepping and prayin!

      33. America’s first affirmative action president is pushing his racial immunity to its limits.
        Americans have only so much patience and restraint.

      34. This protest situation smells more and more to high heaven every day.

        In the spirit of “never let a crisis go to waste…”….I think that the whole reason for the extraordinarily well organized protest effort, now “scheduled” for 83 cities, is to get the grass roots structure in place for nationwide chaos if impeachment of Obama goes forward. I think that the Ferguson situation was the crisis to not let go to waste, and has been used by the White House to very successfully establish a base of protestors/anarchists in 83 major cities, from sea to shining sea.

        The 83-city base of pro-Obama protestors is now an insurance policy for Obama in the event that Congress actually files impeachment proceedings, or, takes the even stronger step of having Obama arrested.

        Ergo, Obama’s crafty/veiled message to the protestors the day after the mid-term elections of, “Stay on course.”

        A nationwide cadre of anarchists at the ready, is a necessary step that must be in place before any widespread attempt at Communist revolution could take place. Such a cadre could not be established covertly without inviting disruption, infiltration and likely dismantling by the feds. But, with the cover of supposedly standing up for a well-publicized claimed injustice, the opening is there for the cadre to PUBLICLY organize, root themselves, gather new members, train, prepare, and be at the ready to launch mayhem upon the orders of Soetoro’s Communist controllers.

        The police are aware that there are professional protestors, who travel from city to city, and even from country to country, among the Ferguson protest contingent. Just who do you think pays for the professionals’ living expenses and travel expenses? The tooth fairy?

        The Ferguson-connected protestors are simply the modern-day version of Lenin’s Bolsheviks. And Soetoro has now scheduled the illegal alien amnesty on the very same day that the grand jury decision is expected — coincidence? I think not. It will simply add more to the pot to stir it up.

        Be aware, America. Be watching closely, and be prepared for a possible attempt to throw our country into chaos for the purpose of full Communist takeover. Pray for our loyal police, National Guard troops, and other faithful security personnel.

        • Anonymous,

          Well said! Sad, but true.

        • You obviously have no understanding of what anarchist really means to lump it in the same sentence with communist.

      35. Green Thumb POG!

      36. It seems were all in a place we never thought we would ever get to ! Even though the NWO was talked about back when i was a kid in the sixties even then everyone thought we were crazy for voicing the concerns we had then,
        even then no one could figure out how to get a good death grip!
        The Empire is even more afraid of individuals, the “Heroes”of today,than they were two millennia ago.Take that as a sign and let that bolster your confidence. Stay keen.Embrace your individuality;Refuse to assimilate.Reject authority;Forge your own path.
        Find your Tribe,give them your support ,and allow them to support you,but never become dependent. Be brave; think differently.Share your insights and by all means reject any notion of political correctness.Be pristinely unique,and remember*** the wise swim against the current when the river is racing to the waterfall.
        This is how see the good people @ shtf. Stay safe,Awake,and Aware!

        • Great post Thinker,
          Independence, its whats for dinner!
          And breakfast
          And lunch
          And second breakfast

      37. First, quit acting as if Obama was really a US president instead of impersonating a US president.

        To be a presidential candidate one MUST meet certain criteria – 3 to be exact, and be lawfully elected. Obama did not meet 1 criteria since his parents were not two American Citizens at the time of his birth. Plus he was never lawfully elected, he was put into place by Election Fraud.

        The 2008 Democratic Nominating Committee (DNC) document did not include the normal language stating that Obama was qualified to be a candidate. The 2008 Republican Nominating Committee (RNC) document did, as is normal. This shows that the DNC knew that Obama was not qualified, or why change the form? This also makes him, Pelosi, and everyone else who knew traitors to the USA.


        South Bend, Indiana JURY found that Election Fraud put BOTH Obama and Hillary Clinton on the presidential primary ballot in Indiana in the 2008 election.

        Not a legal (lawful) candidate, not a US President. But it sure shows the American people all the traitors who are serving within our government; who must be arrested and prosecuted.

        Then there are perjury and committing a felony when he broke his Oath of Office making him not meet the requirements that he never met in the first place.

      38. From an economic demographic perspective, we needed to grow in a debt money regime, but the whole world is grinding to a halt.

        No growth.

        The future is a steady state economy with strategic investment of precious capital, and 0% currency, ending usury and many other common sense adjustments, but that makes too much sense, huh?

        If they needed demographics, they could have made it a bit easier for us to afford kids, BUT NO, Dems want drone votes, Repubs want the cheapest possible labor, so screw us right?

        Very sad to see all this greed take us down.

        Anyway it’s academic, this has been caused by NAFTA ON PURPOSE –

      39. Hard times are coming indeed…as nation we have been co-opted by a group of planners/communists/community organizers…America is replaced by a corrupt USA Federal Govicorp pretending to be America,slandering her good name and mission into a horrific tale of evil,those of us who believe in her and her goodness ache inside for what we see happening to her and to what it means for us and our kids as well as the rest of the planet(hint: it aint good)
        Fact is we all will have to go though the fire that theyve stoked for Americas destruction,thats a given what they dont get is we are going though the fire to come out stronger on the other side not to be destroyed as the “planners”intend it to be!
        Sure some of it is the peoples fault,as a people we failed to take the actions needed to insure a tyrant like we have now couldnt rise up on our soil but alas we are past that and the fire is upon us…forgive me though if I see this a a chance for a new birth,another chance for America to once again be a beacon and a hope to free men/women everywhere,another chance for us to establish a bastion of liberty where freedom and libertys creator are once again standards carved in mens hearts and minds that they find worth living and dying for to keep and protect!
        For now though we gotta keep our eyes open and steel our hearts and minds because this conflict will truely be the defenders of liberty against the whole rest of the freaking dark and savage planet,the majority of which operates by the law of the jungle,not the law of liberty or of liberties God…be strong friends…dry powder…clear minds and purpose,we will win! REB

      40. I get the feeling that obama decided to get it done immediately in order to punish all of the Americans that voted red. I think it pissed him off good, and this is what he did in return. It’s his big middle finger to the conservatives and democrats that turned their backs on him.

        This was planned a long time ago, yes, but the timing of this reeks of revenge. He hates America with a passion, and wants us to be like the poorest Native Indian reservations. To see a good example of what happens to a people when they are under the thumb of government, look to them. They have no hope, and some reservations looks like a hell hole. This is what Obama wants for the rest of us. TPTB learned a lot over decades on how to control Americans, taken straight from the example of how they subdued the indians. Russell Means, RIP, did a series of youtube videos called “Welcome to the reservation” where he talks about how TPTB turn American into one giant reservation.

        I feel so little hope this morning. All I can do is pray, prep and hope my children have a future. Obama forgot about all of the homeless veterans and families already here, the jobless… and those struggling every day.

      41. I watched the news this morning. It was funny seeing the republicans calling Obama king & emperor and Claiming they will do something about it. However im not falling for the dog & pony show. I know that the repubs are not going to fix anything.

        • If they were smart….big IF, they would keep their cards close to their chest and their mouths shut. Downplay it, part of the narcissistic fools plan was to take the lime light again and be relevant. The repukes should downplay it and instead of just talking about this immigration travesty, they should come out with an agenda of how they plan to fix a lot of things once they take over the two houses.
          The come time they have the power, they should have all their ducks in a row and pounce like a mother f*er and pile drive relentlessly.

          Oh wait….what am I thinking…..duh!! These are paida actors for TPTB, they don’t give a real shit about us or the Constitution.

      42. The violence I can see is from the black community against the hispanic groups and illegals (still illegals in a legal sense) where low income blacks lose jobs and entitlements because the illegals are taking what’s left what was meant for them.

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