Senate Has Found NO Evidence That The Trump Campaign Colluded With Russia

by | Feb 13, 2019 | Headline News | 37 comments

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    After two years, millions of dollars, and 200 interviews, the Senate Intelligence Committee has uncovered no direct evidence of a conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia, according to both Democrats and Republicans on the committee.  The investigation into the 2016 election appears to have been nothing more than a frivolous witch hunt.

    As the Senate approaches the end of its investigation into Russian collusion with the Trump campaign, even Democrats are being forced to admit that there was never going to be evidence in this case.  “We were never going to find a contract signed in blood saying, ‘Hey Vlad, we’re going to collude,'” one Democratic aide said according to NBC News.  There was no evidence in the beginning, and after two years, the Senate failed to uncover anything that could be considered such.

    “If we write a report based upon the facts that we have, then we don’t have anything that would suggest there was collusion by the Trump campaign and Russia,” said Senator Richard Burr, R-N.C., the chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, in an interview with CBS News last week. “We know we’re getting to the bottom of the barrel because there’re not new questions that we’re searching for answers to,” Burr said.

    Democrats and other Trump opponents have long believed that special counsel Robert Mueller and Congressional investigators would unearth new and more explosive evidence of Trump campaign coordination with Russians. Mueller may yet do so, although Justice Department and Congressional sources say they believe that he, too, is close to wrapping up his investigation. –NBC News

    After it recently emerged in court documents that Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort shared campaign polling data with a man the FBI says is linked to Russian intelligence, Warner called that the most persuasive evidence yet of coordination. “This appears as the closest we’ve seen yet to real, live, actual collusion,” Burr said on CNN. No evidence has emerged, however, linking the transfer of polling data to Trump.

    “What I’m telling you is that I’m going to present, as best we can, the facts to you and to the American people,” Burr told CBS. “And you’ll have to draw your own conclusion as to whether you think that, by whatever definition, that’s collusion.”

    Democrats still believe that it’s possible the Trump campaign colluded with Russia even though there is no evidence of such.


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      1. Doesn’t matter if you like POTUS Trump or not…there are certain historical facts that most leftist, socialist, communist, demonrats just can’t seem to grasp…

        Only TWO (2) POTUS in history of the United States have EVER been Impeached…NO POTUS has EVER been removed from office for ANY REASON !!!

        No POTUS has EVER been removed from office for ANY reason nor has ANY POTUS EVER gone to jail for ANY REASON !!!

        Leftist, socialist, communist, demonrats can suck it !!!

        • I’m not a huge fan of Donald Trump.
          But, it was obvious from the beginning, that the “Russia collusion” bit was just a political smear campaign.

          And, not only is nothing is said about Hillary’s Russia dealings, any mention of it is met with shrieks of “CONSPIRACY THEORY!!!”

          Now that even the Senate has come forth, and said there is nothing to it, it will only make the left-tards double down. Donald Trump is only the symbol of who they hate, and they are bent on destroying him.

        • I disagree because JFK was removed because he stood up to 9 privately-owned banks known as the Federal Reserve to issue GOVERNMENT-backed Silver Certificates; he issued an Executive Order to withdraw ALL of our Military Advisors from Vietnam by 12/64; he wanted to scatter the CIA “into a thousand pieces into the wind” because of how they misled him on the Bay of Pigs invasion; his brother was interfering with the criminal operations of organized crime.

          JFK, like Trump 50+ years later, was a threat to the demon-driven, satan-inspired narcissistic people and power blocks whose unfettered drive for greed, gold, and gluttonous power threaten our very lives let alone liberty itself!

          After JFK’s planned murder: the Federal Reserve gained unwarranted power; Johnson escalated involvement in Vietnam that led to 58,000 of our boys’ deaths; the CIA conducted domestic spying which is specifically against their charter; and drugs & illicit sex industries prospered.

          I urge everyone to read Dave Hodges’ latest article, “The Five Ways Trump Will Leave Office” at thecommonsenseshowdotcom to gain more enlightenment.

          This very article is the reason why we must pray every day for Mr. Trump’s safety lest our world, let alone our very country, suffer greater evils, if “they” remove him.

          One Visionary was told there have been 11 attempts made on his life so far.

          God is infinitely much bigger than than all evil.

          So, if you have faith (trust) the size of a minuscule mustard seed, you CAN move mountains, AND your prayers can protect the President against the must cunningly devised means of murder.

          They’ve tried everything to bring this man down.

          Pray, trust, keep your wits about you, insulate yourself with the truth so their lies roll right off of you.

          This is what we must do because if they can abort (KILL) a human being at NINE months, what’s to stop them from deciding they can abort YOU at 528 months or 744 months?

          God bless you all.

          – the Lone Ranger

      2. Oh yeah, I should add that ignorant RINO’S and all never Trumpers can suck it !!!

      3. It isn’t what the evidence is that counts.

        It’s what you can interpret it to mean that does.

        • Well, they believe in the right to murder a baby after it’s born if the mother says to do so…so…

      4. At LEAST $25 million was pointlessly wasted on this Democrat hissyfit.

        Think of the GOOD that we might have accomplished. It makes me sick. Every year, there are good hearted, often Christian, teachers who pay for things like art supplies, or reference materials to teach science. We could have paid for every bit of that.

        Then consider the intangible incalcuable permanent DAMAGE to the presidency as now, tit for tat will be in order. That is inevitable for the Democrats.

        Meanwhile Russia and China reap the rewards of our insane fake news media.

        For $25 million, we could have pilot programs for community gardens in the cities using Master Gardeners to mentor, and the money spent on tools, seed, and drip irrigation hoses. That’s free healthy food with just a little labor.

        YAHWEH must be very angry as our primary responsibility is to be stewards of the Earth and benefit the creatures including ourselves.

        • For $25million, how many chess clubs might we have started? How many school aqualculture projects to raise tilapia? How many greenhouses could been installed in arboretums? How many trees could have planted as windbreaks? How many prisons could have their own vegetable/culinary herb and fruit trees and gardens? That saves money.

          How many engineering departments could make artifical hands for impverished kids?

          It’s so puerile as there was effectively ZERO chance it would accomplish anything.

          • What if we had taken $25 million and paid a small sum against the principle of deserving patriotic Americans’ home mortgages?

            What if we used that money to buy tools in industrial vocational training in high schools? Multimeters, drill presses, lathes, etc.

            What if we created 200 self-sustaining pilot homesteads and foundations to perpetuate them as state educational resources to teach ancestral skills?

            $25 million would ENTIRELY pay for the total educational costs for 100 physicians to deploy to underserved rural areas.

            But instead, that money was entirely WASTED on partisan bickering. It is so moronic and frustrating as we do not have the money to waste.

            • People think the bill never comes due for terminal stupidity. Unfortunately, in my life I’ve watched it happen enough times to know better. And it’s incredibly depressing to watch.

              There will be punishment for this level of waste and hubris. But not necessarily from God just yet.

              I’ll tell you why this is.

              2020: China will have a functioning Thorium reactor in the Gobe desert. They did this with the help of our very own research from the 1960s. We gave up due to the molten salt coolant corrosion problem (oh… and the little fun fact that you can’t use the byproducts to make nuclear weapons… thanks Nixon… worst President in history). They didn’t. They spent the last 15 years solving it.

              What does this mean to you?

              Well. They’re sitting on about 10,000 years of Thorium for starters.

              And you know what you can do with excess energy? Desalinate sea water and crack it into hydrogen.

              But why would you do that, you ask. It’s a waste of energy. You’re wasting energy by converting it to hydrogen, not accumulating energy. And you’d be correct, but you have a 10,000 year supply of energy. If you burn through it in 2000 tell me any human that actually cares enough to think about that.

              But what they will be thinking about… is “I don’t need US Dollars for my nonexistent petroleum purchases anymore”.

              … See?

              Now you see…

              We will be punished for our hubris, I assure you. It’s stamped and dropped of in the mail already. Any minute now it’s coming through our mail slot.

            • marxists do not care about any of the things you mentioned, they only care about destroying their enemies. They would spend 25 trillion (debt) dollars doing it if they could…

              • It’s not just Marxists, but who funded the Marxists? In terms of power, it comes back to the Luciferians: OTO, Illuminati, Satanic Atheists. The most powerful pulling the strings are the shadowy Rothschilds within the Illuminati.

                The average Marxists is as clueless Socialist is as clueless as the average Hebrew is as clueless as the average Anarchist. They are peon enablers whose carry water for their taskmasters.

                There are not many genuine atheists. Watch as that is proven.

                People are selfish and greedy and believe any old promise, and then when betrayed by leadership’s lies, then trust again.

                The only ones you can thoroughly trust are the ELOHIM ie the Trinity. Jesus will not let you down. YAHWEH has your back and has a plan. The Holy Spirit sustains and guides us.

        • Oh I don’t know… Democrats paying $25 million to shoot their entire party in the face is money well spent if you ask me.

          Unfortunately their direct deception, emotion based “reasoning”, and utter lack of self control will go entirely unnoticed I’m afraid.

      5. Anyone with a modicum of intelligence knew this was just a political witch hunt against the president.
        Now that it is almost Over and we will be getting a real AG. Lets now go after the real collusion criminals. – Hilary and her cable of goons
        Let AG Barr go afer Comey, Lynch, Holder, McCabe
        Brennan, Rice etc etc for all their crimes – Clean up this mess once and for all.

        • I’d wager nothing of the sort will ever happen…

      6. Now, charge the accusers for your legal fees.

        You said there was partisan bias. Charge them in their capacity as partisan operatives.

        If you can bankrupt the Klan, then you can bankrupt the party of the Klan.

      7. They only confirmed what we already knew and what Trump has said all along: IT NEVER HAPPENED. Just another circus out of DC.

      8. This spotted Towhee has been crashing into my window for two days now.
        Some say its because he sees his reflection and wants to fight.
        Wrong¿ It all culminated with him mating with his reflection on a slanted green house window. He just laid there for a while afterwards….musta been exhausted after two days.
        The moral of the story is …no matter how much you want something you’re just beating your head against the wall errrr window …if its just your own reflection that you pursue.

      9. The question that is never asked because the answer is not flattering to the progressive / neo-con agenda is: “Was the information uncovered about Hillary true”? The focus instead became, “shoot the messenger” and even worse yet create who that is. If Russia, or anyone for that matter, factually exposed US corruption, I thank them.

        • Could have been a case of her creating a distraction so she could “get away”.

          At the cost of her own party’s credibility.

          Like I’d really put that one past her /s.

      10. No collusion, huh?

        Good, enough of the crying and moaning. The illusion of Democrats and Republicans being separate, opposing parties in Congress is the deep state narrative. Bi-partisanship means getting screwed both ways. Pro cheese popes and Russia bashing are bipartisan affairs. Full speed ahead.

        Now…on to the wall building. 55 miles? Sheesh, even Obama had more than that built during his administration. All Trump has to do is to name the border wall “The Western Wailing Wall” and full funding would be on his desk in a flash. Chuckie would be the pusher boss.

        • A little misleading…the Bush 2006 fence act is what built the fencing during BarryO’s admin…he just didn’t stop it.

          • Yes, you’re right. Congress could have cut the purse strings when the Democrats controlled both houses for two years of Obama’s presidency, but they didn’t. Why are they pushing back against Trump so much? It’s just a show put on for the consumption of the masses.

            I hope Donald sticks it to them and either shuts it down again or calls a state of emergency and funds the wall. If he’s going to start destabilizing countries south of the border, it will be needed.

            • It’s a show for sure. Same show the repuks played during the ‘get rid of Barrycare’ bullhocky. 44 repuks didn’t run for re-election because they knew they were exposed as closet demonrats.

              Unfortunately that gave the Demonrats the house…good riddance to McCain and Flake and glad repuks kept the Senate.

              Dems are running left and will lose big in 2020…

              I’m just hoping Repuks put up good supporters of the Trump agenda in the future.

              Like I said, don’t care if it’s Trump or somebody else but Trump is doing what he said, which is what I voted for.

        • With the money wasted on the Mueller witch hunt, we could have built the wall. I agree with you about bi-partisanship, it’s smoke and mirrors, pure and simple. There is really only one party and it’s the deep state party.Almost all politicians and most certainly all bureaucrats are members. It’s self-serving, that’s how they keep their jobs.The American people get screwed daily by their own government. The founding fathers are spinning in their graves.

      11. AG nominee William Barr is as deep state as you can get…even more so than Sessions was. He won’t prosecute any of the swamp. He was AG for Poppy “cocaine connection” Bush. He was Mueller’s right hand man on the cover up of the Lockerbie explosion and wrote up the defense for Lon Horiuchi, the Ruby Ridge murderer.

        Trump has been consumed by the swamp. He either has caved to them or he was always a swamper. Just look at all of his appointments. You don’t get any slimier swamp critters than them.

        • Sen. Rand Paul has stated in the last 48 hours he willNOT support that nomination. There will be a cost for that.

          Realize he’s the natural running mate for Pence so it could cost him dearly.

          • Ron Paul breakfasted with arch-foe, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke on May 9, 2012 and then suspended his 2012 Presidential a couple of days later. Rumor was that he was given a deal he couldn’t refuse by the powers that be either at that meeting or shortly thereafter to the effect that: Enough is enough Ron. Drop out now. Your name will not be put in nomination. Your votes will not be counted. You don’t get to speak at the convention. We’ll give you 15 minutes to visit your delegates on the convention floor, and by the way, tell them to shut up. After that, you go home. Sell your books Ron. Be happy. Life is good isn’t it? We’ll let your nice boy Rand talk on TV sometimes when we need him to as long as long as he behaves himself.

            William Barr opined in his confirmation hearing that he is in favor of red flag laws to supplement background checks and registration. RINO’s are getting ready to cave on infringement like they did on the wall, on Obamacare, on balancing the budget and everything else they tell you that they stand for. Rand Paul is true which is why he will never be on the Republican ticket with Pence or anyone else. There are about four in the House who are true also. The other 530 in Congress either can’t be relied upon or are outright hostile. Rand was warned twice already, once at the ball field and once when he got his ribs broken.

        • It appears there is nothing but long time and connected swamp critters to choose from that have a chance of confirmation by the Senate…

          I can’t say Trump isn’t a swamp critter or hasn’t been consumed by the swamp but I prefer to think he has little choice.

          I can say Trump is doing what I voted for !!

      12. I want you stupid fucking liberals to remember that the more extreme among you were ready to start a nuclear war over this.

        You belong locked up in a padded room.

      13. htt ps://

        Cruz is pushing to use the 14 billion seized due to El Chapo being convicted yesterday on all counts. That pays for a large portion of the Wall.

        Meanwhile Comey helped El Chapo launder his drug money!

        All this time was wasted on investigating POTUS when the DNC is thoroughly corrupt. It’s alleged that Pelosi took money from El Chapo as well.

      14. This conspiracy theory that there was some collusion between the Trump campaign staff and the Russians has cost too much money and time that could have been better spent.

      15. So what? Think there are going to be consequences for Nancy Pelosi or Chucky Schumer wasting tens of millions of dollars on a purely politically motivated smear campaign and witch hunt against a duly-elected President of the United States? Think again. There are no consequences for these people. But for an innocent person? String them up.

        I want my money back.

      16. dog & pony show.

        • Sure is, deflects from Hilary’s sale of uranium to Russia and her collusion with the Russians during the election. You can bet that will never be investigated.

      17. Sure is, deflects from Hilary’s sale of uranium to Russia and her collusion with the Russians during the election. You can bet that will never be investigated.

      18. They have, however, found plenty linking the Obama and Clinton administrations.

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