Self-Driving Cars And Deciding Who Lives And Dies: Your Family Could Be Sacrificed For The “Greater Good”

by | Nov 25, 2017 | Headline News | 57 comments

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    As the establishment continues to declare that the era of “self-driving” cars is upon us, many Americans have been left wondering what the privacy implications for such a tremendous change in society will end up being.

    Now, with the very real possibility that, in the event of an accident, these cars would literally make the decision between who dies and who lives, Americans have even more to worry about when it comes to handing over control of their vehicle to a supercomputer.

    According to multiple reports, the cars themselves are being designed to make so-called “moral” decisions which, in other words, means that the programming would essentially allow say a car full of people to crash rather than a school bus.

    USA Today reports:

    Consider this hypothetical: 

    It’s a bright, sunny day and you’re alone in your spanking new self-driving vehicle, sprinting along the two-lane Tunnel of Trees on M-119 high above Lake Michigan north of Harbor Springs. You’re sitting back, enjoying the view. You’re looking out through the trees, trying to get a glimpse of the crystal blue water below you, moving along at the 45-mile-an-hour speed limit.

    As you approach a rise in the road, heading south, a school bus appears, driving north, one driven by a human, and it veers sharply toward you. There is no time to stop safely, and no time for you to take control of the car.

    Does the car:

    A. Swerve sharply into the trees, possibly killing you but possibly saving the bus and its occupants?

    B. Perform a sharp evasive maneuver around the bus and into the oncoming lane, possibly saving you, but sending the bus and its driver swerving into the trees, killing her and some of the children on board?

    C. Hit the bus, possibly killing you as well as the driver and kids on the bus?

    The article goes on to say that the above question is one that is no longer theoretical as upwards of $80 billion have been invested in the sector with companies such as Google, Uber, and Tesla all racing to get their self-driving cars onto a road near you.

    Interestingly, the USA Today report, as well as those quoted within it, seems to outwardly worry that the questions surrounding self-driving cars will cause Americans to shun them and continue to drive cars operated by actual humans who can choose whether or not they wish to save their own family or someone else’s if an accident were to take place. Clearly there is an agenda at play here.

    The article continued:

    Whether the technology in self-driving cars is superhuman or not, there is evidence that people are worried about the choices self-driving cars will be programmed to take.


    Last month, Sebastian Thrun, who founded Google’s self-driving car initiative, told Bloomberg that the cars will be designed to avoid accidents, but that “If it happens where there is a situation where a car couldn’t escape, it’ll go for the smaller thing.” 

    But what if the smaller thing is a child?

    How that question gets answered may be important to the development and acceptance of self-driving cars.

    Azim Shariff, an assistant professor of psychology and social behavior at the University of California, Irvine, co-authored a study last year that found that while respondents generally agreed that a car should, in the case of an inevitable crash, kill the fewest number of people possible regardless of whether they were passengers or people outside of the car, they were less likely to buy any car “in which they and their family member would be sacrificed for the greater good.”

    All in all the entire report is a must-read, especially when you consider that we are now directly talking about allowing either private companies or the government to decide whether or not ourselves or our families are worthy of being saved in a car accident.

    This truly is a scary situation.


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      1. Technology facilitates interdependence. Thats the glue of the collective. Collective dominance over individuality is the core of communism.

        We have one hell of a political fight on our hands. In the end the battle will be won or lost in the hearts and minds of the body politic.

        • my family would sacrifice me for as little as a replay game on a pinball machine.

          • Gandhi, you sound like the black sheep in your family.

            • nope, black sheep are usually liked. no, i am just the guy who spent a carreer in the military, works to pay everyone elses’ bills, allows the family to rob me, took care of my sick parents, taxed to death by the socialists. i am just your typical republican sucker.

        • The cops will just have to attempt to run my big ass 4×4 off the road when they tell me I can’t drive it anymore. I will never get in a vehicle I cannot stop myself. No matter the hype, these vehicles won’t be on the back roads any time soon. The city sheeple will love them however.

          • “The city sheeple will love them however.”

            Those with the greatest access and use of technology tend to have the greatest acceptance of the collective over the individual.

            “dumbing down of america”

            The majority of people prefer ease over difficulty regardless of the rewards of difficulty (which is usually postponed). Thinking for them is difficult so letting someone else do it for them fits into their goals in life.

            • They’ve managed to dumb this place down quite a bit too.

              • I’ll take the most ill informed on this BB as opposed to the typical person I meet on the street. At a minimum they’re reading interesting articles and some though provoking replies. Its Sunday, the day for worshipping the spheroid and sphere. Those worshippers are hopeless.

            • Perhaps you remember this 59 second ad from Apple, dealing with the what to me is the Orwellian leftist collective, or perhaps the Democrat National Convention. Ad was a classic, and remains so to today.

              Of course, Apple has now gone over to the dark side, and joined the forces of the politically correct collective, but still, this ad is interesting.

              • Its interesting that post Steve Jobs influence Apple has changed. He died relatively young from a form of cancer that generally moves quickly and is always fatal. Coincidence? Who knows but coincidences always seem to work in the NWO / Globalist favor.

          • Menzo, braveheart is the same way and won’t give up his DIY wheels either. The ‘self-driving’ cars will be a failure. Google’s experiments with them have NOT been promising.

            • Look on the bright side. You can drive yourself to a bar, get shit ass wasted them have the car drive you home! No more DUI’s ! Then the Cops (especially the Highway Patrol dickheads) will have to do what their originally intended jobs were in the first place…..always a small silver lining in any crappy scenario ?

        • Self parking, and now self driving, cars are being designed as part of the dumbing down of amerika. Keep lowering the bar so every one no matter how stupid they be are more equalized. No thanks.

          • Everything is being dumbed down.

            Need to do something? There’s an app for that, etc.

            As for self driving cars (in Michigan anyway), Look out for that ice!

        • Self driving cars could be useful INSIDE specific areas of NYC as cabs. The PTB think they can IMPOSE self driving cars upon the people.

          No individual will buy them given a choice. 🙂

          • DK, obviously people will need a car loan to buy one of those just like for any newer DIY car. I can’t get a loan and don’t want a loan anyway. DIY for me til’ I die.

        • This should be a new easy way to kill some elites. Throw something like a full garbage bag in front of their car at the last second so the car can decide who lives and dies. Oops.


      3. The answer should always be that the computer should always choose the least harm for the vehicle it is driving. That is the only correct moral choice. And that is the only choice everyone can ultimately accept. That is the choice that biological organisms have been making for billions of years, because that is the choice that works best.

        • RRR. Your post is EXACTLY what Hitler and his Action T4 people said. If you don’t know about Aktion T4, read about it here:
 I’ll bet you like Japanese Unit 731, too, right? (Group that called Chinese people “logs” to be experimented on with grotesque, Mengele like experiments) See for one exposed

          Also what Peter Singer has said – same Singer who has said people should be able to kill infants up to 2 yrs old

          Oh yeah… and let’s roll out Solyent Green too while you are at it! If all we are is biological organisms, then there is ZERO basis for ethics, other than preference. Your ideology is the ideology of Hell, and exactly what has led to the destruction of a culture based on Judeo-Christian ethics, and now devolved into some “man as mere animal” culture.

          • LOL Judeo-Christian ethics.

        • And I forgot. What, RRR, is “best?” How do you arrive at ANY definition of “best???” Truth is, you cannot. In your evolutionary world, as philosopher Francis Schaeffer (whom you would be well advised to read), it is only “whatever is, is right.” Hitler in power? That’s what evolution decided? Murdering mentally handicapped babies, or babies with deformities? Mais oui, why not!

          Interestingly, Dr. Peter Singer, the most disgusting and articulate defender of your views, refused to have his elderly, Alzheimers ridden mother euthanized. Among other things, your worldview is not even LIVABLE to any non-mentally ill person.

          • TEST, BRAVO! RRRR has been on the crackpipe for way too long.

      4. These men and women who want you to do what is best for the human race, regardless of the consequences that decision has for you, would ruin everything, would paint a white stripe down your back for their car to drive on because they are doing the human race more good than you are because that is what their logic tells them. But in that brief moment when the bus is coming toward them and they are going to die, then they understand why they should have designed their car differently, not before.

      5. Where’s Mothers Against Driverless Cars? How many kids will have to die so Moms don’t have to pay attention?
        I see they are coming out with “predictive braking” now, but all this shit is nonsense. They are ruining driving as a skill for a “go button” on the floor, and it’s all designed to remove you from the task at hand. Taking your eyes off the road to read safety warnings, reminders, and even being spanked for looking at directions (are you a passenger?) is just plain nuts.

        • Predictive braking already exists. My boss’s truck essentially has autopilot; it reads the lines in the road and counter-steers automatically if you drift too close. It also has “smart cruise” where if you come up on someone that’s driving slower, the truck slows down until they either speed up or you pass them. If you’re not paying attention and are about to hit something, the truck applies the brakes and stops itself. It’s at least 2 years old already, the f150 platinum edition.

      6. There are many dangers to these driverless cars. Hackers being just one of the many dangers. I bet the elite and high net-worth wealthy will get the safe ones, tamper-proof, free from hacking and tampering.

        • No the rich will get the same off the shelf self driving cars as the rest of us, not so rich, but they will pay a programmer whatever the cost to reprogram their car to save them above all others, while your car with your family in it will drive off a cliff to save a couple teens snap chatting and eating Doritos as they cross the center line that was painted wrong.

      7. Not the biggest fan of self driving cars. But if that’s the way it goes. What will law enforcement do when all the self driving cars drive perfectly? No more tickets!

        And on a larger scale, what about all the lost revenue to towns and cities. Guess property taxes will go up.

      8. I see insurance companies going broke within 6 months, if we all surrender our cars to some self driving apparatus.
        Taking the human factor out, also then removes the human liability..oops!
        Does this then also mean no more DOT red light/speed cams?
        Say goodnight to bridge/HOV/Lane tolls..since the human cant make the decision as to which lane the vehicle is to drive in?..think local gov’s are going to walk away from the millions of $$ that all brings in annually.
        What happens when one (or a thousand of them) is hacked by some 12yr old kid with waaay to much time on his/her hands?..or breaks down in the middle of the road and cloggs up 9 miles of driverless cars behind it, that cant make the corrective measures of going around using something other than the paved, preselected road?
        Does anyone think that smart driver less cars will not soon move into non-gas powered reality..does anyone think big oil is going to allow that to happen?
        What about other countries, lets take India for example, all 20billion of them that live there seems to own a moped or scooter, going to suddenly transition into a driverless car when there is no room for cars now..thus why they all own mopeds…?
        The list goes on..I think the “goal” of having everone out of cars by 2050 is another NWO pipe dream that will be a VERY long time in actual realization.

      9. So, what? The “Three Laws” don’t apply to robot cars? WTF.

        This whole self-driving car thing is just fear-mongering to keep you doing three things.

        First, to keep you paying whatever price the car manufacturers demand for their worthless, piece of isht product.

        Second, so the dealerships can make more money off you in maintenance fees than what you paid for the car to begin with.

        Third, so the insurance companies can keep their extortion Ponzi scheme racket going, raising their rates higher and higher.

        The car owns you. You don’t own the car. Get over it.

        • Blame-e. The government also owned you. Follow the rules they set for you, pay your taxes, etc. Get over it and get of this site. The rest of us have things to discuss.

          • Libtard troll.

      10. simple solution – create the cars and insist all millennials use them. Build-in a small sub-routine that based on the age, employment and/or actual real-world worth of the individual (tardiness, job performance, ease of replacement…)to cull those same deficient individuals over any other decent working slob. Add in ‘cultural points’ if any individual is military or former military, a tradesman, has some special trait or exemplary feature to preserve at all costs to the aforementioned worthless people in other vehicles in the area… problems galore solved in the first month. At the end of the month – eliminate all self-driving cars.

        • Heartless, LOL! I LOVE that idea but restrict the cars to liberals only and you’ve got a winner!

        • Self driving cars shall self destruct with those worthless millennial punks occupying them.

      11. DH and I were talking about this just yesterday. The car manufacturers have basically stated that legislation will ultimately tell them how to program their computers, ie., what the moral decision should be in each and every situation. (yeah, sure).

        But every company is going to write code that is at least a little different from the others, so what happens when two (or more) self-driving, but differently manufactured, cars are headed for a crash with each other? Will they both agree that car A will be protected, but car B will be sacrificed? It’s easier to decide how to deal with one self-driving car, and a tree or a deer or even a pedestrian, but having two computers in conflict could be “interesting” in the classic Chinese way.

        We will stick with our “DIY” trucks and give the self-driving vehicles a pass.

      12. When there is a problem with the car,who repairs it. When there is an accident between two driverless cars,who is at fault and who does the car insurance pay? who gets sued? I’d rather depend on myself to control the car instead of depending on a computer. What if the car computer gets hacked?

      13. LMAO How many of you guys insist on driving, i.e will not be a passenger? I know I do. I would not be at the mercy of anyone else’s limitations. So few judge them well.

        Same rule applies, “What dipshit programmed it?”

        I don’t even have a car with a computer in it. Solid state ignition is as far as I go.

        If you back up a little and squint at the city, you can see the ant farm as it rises.

      14. Ezekiel Emanuel, Obama’s crony, will determine anyone over 70 automatically dies.

      15. Could these companies that are investing all these billions of dollars in this project possibly do something for the greater good. For example feed the hungry, give medicine to the poor, or find a cure for cancer. Seems like a waste of money and morals to me.

      16. Mac, this is one of the best articles you’ve ever presented to us. Everyone here has brought up some valid points against the concept of self-driving cars. I think its destined to fail for the very reasons people have come up with. Google’s experiments with self-driving cars have not produced positive results. They’ll eventually go by the wayside along with electric cars. They’ll probably cost as much as a damn Tesla. I’ll stick with a DIY vehicle anytime.

      17. Yeah but who’s going to drive me? Mac?

      18. A piece of lead, properly introduced to the proper asinine(s) who come up with this stupid crap should end said stupid crap once and for all. But patriots one and all will pound their beta male chests and say, “not I”, and yet still let a few hundred people rule over them, making more asinine decisions like self driving motor vehicles for the sheeple that can’t even be trusted to travel. In time they will shove this and more down your throats. Like the last 50-60 years worth of telling you all what to eat, drink, and think. Pound away strong brave patriots, and tell me how were ALL not slaves to a few…

      19. Trucker, cabbies, chauffeurs might want to start looking around…
        Ayn Rand said this would happen

      20. Sighted in the night vision on my 22magnum last night…

        12am shot a raccoon trying to get in the chicken coop…

        Set out driveway alert monitors by them to know when something’s moving around…

        I got more important considerations than driverless cars….

        With driverless cars there shouldn’t be any accidents or else I keep the wheel…

      21. Who’s gonna drive me home … if you know what I mean

      22. I don’t like no hippie liberal self steering car I like me a good solid wheel man

      23. BUILD THE WALL ,,,!

      24. if everybody has one of these auto what’s it’s does anyone walk or run anymore. Of course they do but recreation for fun. Run fer fun what the hell kinda fun is that. Heres to ya blacksmith and to the future.

      25. An approaching famine related to the next solar minimum?

        This, from a friend of mine, a Ph.D candidate in math. This guy is SMART. Armstrong article on the subject at

        Just interesting reading. I can tell you this, though, from a 400 page, 700 footnote paper I did on the topic: Anthropogenic global warming is – using the words of Dr. Richard Lindzen, prof of atmospheric science at MIT, Dr. William Gray, the #1 hurricane forecaster in the the world, and John Coleman, founder of the weather Channel “a scam.” Their words, not mine.

      26. From the standpoint of driver skill, we already have driverless cars. 🙂

      27. Autonomous cars are the future and there’s nothing you throwbacks can do or say that will stop progress.

      28. “The greater good” was determined by a foreign agent… one other than yourself. Forgive me boys and girls, but I refuse to take one for the team.

      29. Autonomous vehicles are being developed and rolled out for a reason. And saving money is NOT THE REASON. The technology is very expensive to develop and implement. There must be a big reason behind this massive effort to implement it. And that reason can only be the holy grail of politicians and the libtard left….CONTROL.

        It starts with some driverless vehicles….and over time more and more of them are turned loose on our roads. Eventually the majority of vehicles may end up being autonomous. At that point those in power will legislate to ban ALL vehicles that are not autonomous…..’for the children’ of course. Once that happens they will have the CONTROL they lust after. Autonomous vehicles allow those who control the programming of said vehicles TOTAL AND COMPLETE CONTROL over transit, transportation and travel. And when you can control where, when, how and IF people get to travel you CONTROL THOSE PEOPLE.

        Make no mistake. This has NOTHING to do with safety, convenience, money or anything else except for CONTROL.

      30. We’ll never know if it really was an accident …. or a CIA assassination.

      31. Is the personalized license plate “HAL” available?

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