SELCO: These Are the Signs the SHTF Is Happening for Real

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    This article was originally published be Selco at The Organic Prepper

    How do you know if the SHTF is actually here? One of the cornerstones of survival is how to recognize that a situation has gone so bad that the S is truly going to hit the fan.

    Basically, we are talking how to recognize that it is time to bug out or hunker down because it is going to be bad.

    I call it “survival mode” (no, it is not invented by me), and it means that you at some point based on your own observations, feelings, the situation around you, events, etc. going to are going to jump into that mode where you gonna implement actions based on different priorities than everyday life.

    It is personal but it may include:

    • no longer going to work and school
    • bugging out
    • bugging in
    • using violence on “first shoot, then ask” philosophy

    In short, you are putting into action decisions that you prepared for a long time because S did hit the fan.

    How do you know when the real SHTF has arrived?

    One of the members of the Prep Club FB group asked a very good question about this, and basically what she asked (in very shortened version and paraphrased) was: “How am I going to recognize that it is time to leave my job because the whole situation is going to s**t?”

    The easiest (and pretty lame and lazy) answer is that you need to leave your job as soon as you see something bad is happening around you, and go home, bug in, bug out or whatever your plan is.

    But it is lame because something bad is happening all the time around us – people being robbed or killed, folks losing jobs, cars being stolen, food poisoning, protests, political scandals – not to mention terrorist attacks happening more often and the migration crisis..

    But you still need your job to pay bills. Your kids need to go to school. Violence and bad things are always around us, but that does not mean you’ll have to quit your job and bug out. If you do that, you are achieving nothing.

    So we are actually talking here how to recognize the “big event”, a real SHTF event, when you need to jump into that survival mode and stop worrying too much about your regular day-to-day life.

    The real fun here is that there is no universal answer. There is no specific point at which you will recognize it, but definitely, there are some things to pay attention to.

    Remember the two frogs.

    A well-known story is about the two frogs. One is thrown directly into a pot of boiling water, and of course, the frog immediately jumps out of the bowl and runs away.

    The other frog is being thrown into a pot of cold water and then water is gradually heated to point of boiling ,and at the end, this frog died.

    When the water is gradually heated to the boiling point, the frog does not realize it is gonna die.

    Most of us are frogs in a big bowl of water that is gradually heated to the boiling point and let me tell you, that water is getting pretty warm.

    You really need to be the well-prepared and smart frog to realize that the warm (and maybe pleasant) water is going to be deadly boiling in a very short time.

    Get out while the “water is still pleasant”

     I believe the term is “strategic relocation”, or in other words, it is moving to an area where the situation going to be better if SHTF.

    It is not bugging out when SHTF. It takes very carefully planning. You are looking fa or new place to live, a job, a good enviroment for kids, natural resources, and a good home, etc., today while times are still (more or less) normal.

    It is quite specific for each person based on the region where you live, job opportunities, family circumstances and a lot of other things, but in essence, a few things that I would look for are:

    •  smaller communities
    • places where you already have some network (family, friends…)
    • availability of resources ( land, rivers, woods, hunt…)
    • reasonably far away from big infrastructure
    • laws that allow you freedom (or absence of restrictions) like farming, weapon carry, homeschooling etc.

    Keep in mind that again it is not bugging out, it is living in circumstances where you gonna have a much better starting point when SHTF.

    You still have to work for a living, and the kids need school etc.

    Signs that the SHTF has actually arrived

    Since most of can not afford “strategic relocations” we are forced to stay and hope to see on time that S gonna hit the fan, and hopefuilly jump on time into that survival mode and act accordingly.

    I am in the same position.

    I am not talking here about obvious signs that something bad has happened, because if you hear a huge explosion and there is no signal on TV suddenly, no internet or eletricity, you do not have to be a prepper to realize something bad has happened, and you are already in the middle of it.

    Here are some of the signs that the SHTF has actually arrived.

    Freedoms and rights are disappearing.

     You usually feel like your rights and freedoms are something written in stone, and you may be right.

    But in terms of signs of a coming huge SHTF, keep in mind that when your freedoms and rights that are really important are taken away from you, the S is going to hit the fan soon.

    And again probably it is going to happen gradually enough that the majority of folks will not go out on the street to fight for those rights, and also, it may happen in a way that the majority of people will welcome it, under some new laws that “save lives” or “keep them safe” or similar.

    But the result is going to be same. Your rights and freedoms are gonna be taken because you are gonna be easier to manipulate then.

    Polarization, hate, and violence are on the rise.

    I have mentioned all of that before, more then once, but prior to SHTF it is going to be worse when it comes to hate because again, a lot of stuff you cannot see clearly when you are in a state of hate or fear.

    A lot of things can be moving in the background while you are coping with disorder, hate, and violence.

    Your access to information will be limited.

    Your free access to independent information will be “shrunk”.

    Independent media will be harder and harder to find, or you will be fooled and you will think that actually, you have access to free information while in reality, it is junk, propaganda.

    The shutting down of free media and people who hold information will disappear. These are some of the last signs, and again, most people will welcome it. Independent media will be amost “demonized”.

    Watch the behavior of people in the know.

    I will give you some examples.

    I had a friend who worked for the secret police before the war. He ended up in the sieged city together with me.

    He did not have a clue that things were gonna get so bad, even with his position and his access to the information.  He simply was fed bulls**t by people that he trusted.

    On the other hand, I had a friend who, prior to the war was a smuggler of different kind of things from Italy, such as marijuana, electronics, and whatever was popular at that time.

    He knew something bad was gonna happen, and he bugged out in time to Italy.

    In his “job” he had connections with people who “pushed” things for other people who were pretty powerful criminals.  Based on moving on those “goods” and information, he simply concluded something bad was going to happen.

    The point here is to keep your ear to the ground and see how things and events are moving around you.

    Most probably you are not going to see things coming on TV on mainstream media, but if you have a buddy in the police force who will let you know that a lot of equipment is being delivered to them or a friend in some not “legit” places who  can give you good information, you can conclude a lot.

    There is no specific advice here, but a network of friends with informations from the right places is worth much more than a TV network.

    You may miss the signs. I did.

     I have seen all the signs above, and I failed to run. I ended up right in the middle of SHTF.

    It is not only important to see and recognize signs. It is important to believe that it can actually happen. Because after I saw all the signs, I just said to myself, “Oh, it cannot happen here. Somebody somehow is gonna solve everything.”

    It is very hard to trust in something that you did not experience before. Only now do I believe that a lot of horrible things are possible.

    This article was originally published be Selco at Daisy Luther’s The Organic Prepper

    Selco survived the Balkan war of the 90s in a city under siege, without electricity, running water, or food distribution. In his online works, he gives an inside view of the reality of survival under the harshest conditions. He reviews what works and what doesn’t, tells you the hard lessons he learned, and shares how he prepares today. He never stopped learning about survival and preparedness since the war. Regardless what happens, chances are you will never experience extreme situations like Selco did. But you have the chance to learn from him and how he faced death for months. Real survival is not romantic or idealistic. It is brutal, hard and unfair. Let Selco take you into that world. Read more of Selco’s articles here: And take advantage of a deep and profound insight into his knowledge and advice by signing up for the outstanding and unrivaled online course. More details here:

    The Pantry Primer

    Please feel free to share any information from this article in part or in full, giving credit to the author and including a link to The Organic Prepper and the following bio.

    Daisy is a coffee-swigging, gun-toting, homeschooling blogger who writes about current events, preparedness, frugality, and the pursuit of liberty on her websites, The Organic Prepper and She is the author of 4 books and the co-founder of Preppers University, where she teaches intensive preparedness courses in a live online classroom setting. You can follow her on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter,.


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      1. I also strongly endorse the premise – if the word goes out MANY WILL KNOW!!!

        The rich & famous are surrounded by some of the best security available to be hired & rented – former Secret Service, FBI, Interpol, Scotland Yard, Delta Team, KGB ect ect >>>>> and still well connected to the people that know or will be alerted ….

        If a bunch of the DC crowd disappear or the celebs start canceling their circuit appearances – the jetports of the richie hotspots fill with Lears – the Hamptons are buzy in the winter – the ski joints are filled in July >>>>> get your head down …

        • Best measure of collapse:

          call 911 and the police don’t respond.

          • They don’t or barely respond now unless you mention “gun”.

            • Just got back from a short vaca with the kids/grandkids. My son tells me the city they live in just sent out e-mails to the residents informing them due to a low number of officers there is a list of items the police will no longer be dispatched to. things are not looking good.

            • I had a shootout with a douche who broke into my house.
              Took them 1.5 hours to show up. Good luck.

      2. My favorite part of this post is –

        #1 smaller communities
        #2 places where you already have some network (family, friends…)
        availability of resources ( land, rivers, woods, hunt…)
        #3 reasonably far away from big infrastructure
        #4 laws that allow you freedom (or absence of restrictions) like farming, weapon carry, homeschooling etc.”

        I was able to follow most these rules, but I screwed the pooch on #4 My present location is probably the worst in the nation for gun laws, but the government here is so incompetent and resource poor, we really don’t worry about it much.
        Near where I live, the SHTF, for thousands of people. You probably don’t see it much on the news anymore(active volcano), but it is having a profound effect on all of us here and there are only about 200,000 people here. It is a slow motion crash. Jobs, taxes, housing costs, food, energy costs, et al, are all affected and probably will be permanent changes. I want to emphasize permanent!

        • rellik – What amazes me about Hawaii or living on an island are car thieves. Like steal a car and drive around on the island. lol Like nobody is gong too notice. As if they are going to drive it to California.

          Is your BOV (bug out vehicle) secure at night? Wake up in the AM to bug out, and your BOV was stolen. Then what plan Z?

          • TSB,
            As I wrote earlier,
            “the government here is so incompetent and resource poor, we really don’t worry about it much.” Our cops are useless for anything other than writing tickets, or reports after the fact. We are basically on our own. After 2100hrs the closest cop is 20-40 minutes away.
            Most stolen cars just disappear.

            I have no plans to “bug out”. I’m already there.
            I have 5 dogs on the property and they free run.
            They are “doorbells”.
            I have a mule that will attack you if you are in his
            territory and he doesn’t know you. Plan Z is him, I guess.
            He is a handful, but is ride-able.
            Also eatable if food gets scarce.

            • In addition to carrying a sidearm on my person, I have a battle rifle in the vehicle as I do not want in a firefight with a handgun.

            • What? No “Hawaii 5-0” Book em’ Danno?

              • TSB,
                Only happens on Oahu.
                125 miles away by air
                or boat only.

            • Yummmmm. Mule jerky………..


          Nibiru is visible with another rocky red planet, a blue planet, a green planet, and a larger gas giant striped planet in FAA weather cam photos.

          Can’t make this up. Youtube has copies of the FAA weather cam videos/photos. Check it for yourself. 🙂

          • Here is your list of 8 planets,The much bigger 2nd Solar System & it’s Planets have been here since 2011-2012 & our smaller solar system started to join-up together with the larger solar system & co-mingling together since then. Our Solar system came up to them, not the other way around.

            Remember your NOT looking for some little star object, your looking for sky-fillers, like a basketball size object held at arms length or BIGGER. Look for the dark areas, these are PLANETS.

            Here are the names of these 8 Planets, & their colors.

            1. Nibiru – Dark Blue / Water Type Planet

            2. Atu – Purple

            3. Atu’s Moon – White Moon

            4. Napisiti – Greenish / Copper

            5. Isatum – Red / Yellow Based Moon

            6. Urri- Blueish /Gray

            7. Sarru – Light Greenish-Blue / Water Type Planet

            8. Matim – Small Blue Planet

            9. O.C.G.- Object Cluster Group ( Asteroids, Meteors, Space debris clutter & Junk)

            Our Suns Binary Sun – Hurcubis – Electron Cluster Gas Giant / So massive it takes up the room of 1/2 of our solar system.

            Get a good pair of dark gray sunglasses, & start looking for shadows in the day-time sky, Remember, your looking for large objects, (like sky-fillers) from above your heads.

            Just remember FOLKS, when the time comes, this Biblical Event will ALL set us all back well over 100 years in society. (EVERYTHING WILL BE DONE BY HAND). No Commercial utilities for at least 10 Years, & it will take us 25-40 YEARS, just to get out of this mess.

            • DK and Robbie, I concur and have seen very vivid visions of this incoming system that indeed is foretold about in the bible. This Nemesis system is already shifting the poles and causing record weather events. Its all part of Gods plan to put the fear of God into people so that we all repent of our sins and are worthy enough to enter the new heaven on new earth which i saw an amazingly awesome preview of. Meteors will be dumping on us soon then planets will be visible for all to see. Then pole shift that literally shifts the dimension to new heaven frequency if your in tune. Im aware this sounds a bit batspit crazy. Please pay heed and repent and ask for forgiveness for we have a loving God (hard to tell at times in this dark age but pain is our greatest teacher friends).

        • Relik: Why in the hell would you move and live in Hawaii? Does not seem like a good choice at all…bunch of retarded demonRAT liberal scum, they hate freedom, they really hate guns and on and on and on my Lord man WTF is wrong with these people??

      3. I seen things Turn to Shit going back to 2008 economic collapse, and the fraud by congress to pass the bank bailouts. As you can see they bailed themselves out and not your average Americans who had their homes taken in fraudulent foreclosure schemes where robo signing foreclosure notices, that bank did not even have proper title to foreclose. Remember Country Wide Mtg Co? The Banks are the ones that got bailed out.

        Then when Americans found out, and began to express displeasure at the big rip off, then Obama began to push his Gun Banning BS in 2011 and 2012. I stocked up and got out of the city by 2015. Sold my house and moved to the remote Country and found a slice of protected land, being a peninsula on an island, with the woods, water sources which double as an escape route and load of wild life and all backed up to miles of swamp. No regrets. cheap living and away from the masses, pollution, high taxes, bully police, and the rest of the entrapments of the city.

        Way too many low IQ idiots will be seat belted to their lazy boys and watch it unfold in the city out their windows, then comes the knock at the door, or no knock and your door is kicked in and you are robbed at gun point. You may be prepared in the city with a years food, but the 98% of the rest of the masses are not, with less than 3 days of food, hunger in their eyes and will burn you out for your canned food. Wudda Cudda Shudda bugged out.

        • TSB, I’m back at the BOL since Saturday and will be here for the next 2 weeks. Interesting that right afterwards all these articles pop up. IF something happens in the next 2 weeks then I’m ALREADY bugged out and far away from the free shit army and other riff-raff.

      4. What shall you watch for?

        1. Due to Just in Time inventory controls, there is only 14-21 days worth of chlorine on hand to purify water in city municipalities. If this spikes, then the word has been given to expect delays so managers are pre-ordering.

        2. The same is true for any materials to public utilities like coal.

        3. Due to COG, the military has to be able to provide supplies to soldiers. Materials will be commandeered for this reason and INFRAGUARD knows this.

        4. LEOs will be told as there are limited domestic soldiers within the mainland USA regions, so expect leaks as their families prepare as their spouses will be unable to come home to protect their families.

        5. Movement of politicians to command centers.

        6. INFRAGUARD similarly moving and their family members preparing.

        • Maranatha: LEO may ditch their jobs to be with family (like Katrina New O. cops) other city employees like firefighters or garbage collectors also leave area.

          • Yes, you can count upon LEOs abandoning their posts. Some will because it will be an impossible task. Others will realize that there’s no pay coming except supplies that have been commandeered from citizens, and others will take of me and mine as otherwise their families will be TARGETED.

            Criminals will assume LEOs’ families will have ready caches of supplies but lack security.

            People don’t realize how terrible the Just in Time situation truly is. There are no huge warehouses of stuff to help 330 million Americans and 25 million illegal aliens. The companies make materials on demand now. Warehousing is minimized.

            With such a mammoth drawdown, the COG folks will be forced to react not strategically respond by putting out myriad rioting in every urban region. That is useless yet since the highest population with the highest risk, that is where supplies will be redeployed.

            It’s hopeless to employ that as it will waste whatever supplies are manufactured and ready. Those places will riot regardless.

            Your best hope is to outwit the horde by having water. A huge number will die from poorly treated water and or outright dehydration.

        • Watch for glitches in communications and the Internet. Communications are the first thing switched off, jammed or limited. When the first gulf war kicked off. It was obvious it was coming. I dusted off my short wave and spent just a few minutes scanning each night, one night a third of all the channels couldn’t be found. There was lots of static. Yup they had just kicked off the war

          With just in time inventory methods, the US typically only has three days supply of anything on hand. If you shop only once a week it may be way too late the day you try to buy some groceries.

          The handful of people on the know will have already cleared the shelves of canned goods, dry goods, water and batteries. Government authorities will do as they have done in the past and freeze ammunition and weapons sales.

          Some disasters happen in slow motion, like the Hawaii volcano where people watched for weeks at the advancing lava and still stayed in their homes. I mean damn, rent a truck and put your stuff in storage on the other side of the mountain.

          I did good in the big hurricane, we had nearly a week advanced warning. Our power went out like 12 hours before the storm even hit because some noodle head did nothing all week, and the evening before the storm jumps in his car, drives like a lunatic store to store and takes out a utility pole? WTF, the winds were gusting high enough (30 mph) utility workers couldn’t go up bucket trucks.

          Then there’s the fast onset problems, a major regional power outages, surprise attacks, etc the only way to deal with these is to be ready all the time. You must plan in advance and be ready to handle several basic scenarios, shelter in place, bug out, or simply become invisible. Most important, making the right choice.

          Selco was in a political based war, it had sides, heavy weapons were used. This like Nazi Germany, or Venezuela is a preppers worst nightmare, because you may be classified as the enemy by one or the other sides, in addition to having to dealing with other people in panic mode.

          After the hurricane hit Texas, we saw people rushing to help, food rushed in, people and church groups helping like crazy. The hurricane that hit Florida got less couverage, thus less help. Then there’s Puerto Rico, poor coverage, a remote island among dozens decimated. Actual resistance by parts of the population to work to help themselves. PR is still in ruins, and it’s bankrupt. PR is and was perhaps the most socialist government in the US. Literally a third of the working population worked for the PR government. Like Venezuela I see little future for PR.

      5. Then, at the beginning of the staged, civil rights era.

      6. We are in a trucker shortage. Regardless, the bulk of materials in a nationwide event would be relocated by rail and barges primarily, but STILL ultimately by trucks.

        This means a vast amount of material would be diverted first to urban areas to try to reduce riot potential from shortages of critical items.

        In such an event, every small business in towns and villages would unable to restock due to that diversion of critical supplies.

        You would likely first hear from medical care providers reporting critical shortages EVERYWHERE through the CDC shortages pages on the official government sites. The inventory managers talk to each other when these occur when huge draw downs of materials are occurring.

        The heads up is always going to be inventory and logistics managers tearing their hair out at such a debacle going on nation-wide.

      7. I like Selco’s information gathering advice.
        While someone in a respectable job was deceived, a criminal was able to read the writing on the wall, and get out of Dodge in time to avoid the crisis.

        I agree that it is hard to get something through your head, something with which you have no experience.


      8. No one will be able to predict the time it hits the fan. Not precisely anyway. Bugging out, will probably not be an option for many, it will be too late.

      9. Got to keep looking over your shoulder. Keep a go/bugout bag in the car for “in case”. Minutes might save your life, the cops are there to clean up the crime scene and they even tell you that. Keep an eye on South Africa…we may be next.

        • my only immediate worry is being caught at the wrong time and wrong place in my car. the chances get greater every day now that the drug culture, illegal gangs and thug culture is here to stay.

      10. I appreciate Selco’s articles.

      11. gotta disagree with the sense of urgency by the author.

        imo, the usa will not hit the shtf so bad you need to be living remotely in a rural part of the usa and ready to bug out to it if you are not for at least ten years as even though the global economy is now on a decline to the next recession and likely turning into a depression, the usa is till rolling along which should keep the democrats from getting the majority in congress in the mid terms and thereby keep them from wrecking the country.

        unfortunately, enough states will turn purple enough by 2020 from 50 years of unchecked immigration; trump will be a one termer and that will be the last of the usa founded as a republic. then, the democrats will go full socialist, universal healthcare, massive debts and start all jobs leaving that can go or be replaced by robotics/automation.

        after that, all levels of govt will be taxing everything even to the point of taxing you out of your house and any assets you have.

        once we get past that point, the govt will have death panels for anyone over 60 and serious disease as seniors and seriously ill are the most costly.

        to where we finally get to police squads protecting the elite and officer holders like they do in venezula and at some point whites will be hunted and killed because whites will have been sold as the cause of everyone’s problems.

        this could take 10 years or 50 but it’s coming and when we get here, that’s shtf for me, what we are going thru now is a walk in the park imo.

        • So true.

      12. lena,
        As usual you have interesting incites.
        I’ve spent years figuring out out how
        to defeat the government. Kind of a
        hobby of mine.
        White people will survive. Good people will
        survive regardless of race.
        Democrats Moslems, and Socialists will be obliterated,
        just be patient.

        • rellik, not all white people will survive. The pathetically tattooed and pierced Walmartian kind with purple hair and earlobe holes will be the first to succumb when it all goes down. And I won’t help any of them. For they are an utter disgrace to the Caucasian race. The other disgrace to our race is the fat white sluts who breed with n1ggers and have halfniglets. Oh those won’t survive either.

          • ???


          • Good to know that no matter what the situation, racism will always find a way to raise its ugly head. That is why this country will always have problems.

        • not all whites will survive.

          I do not think minorities are bad, I believe it’s their govts that make them bad. for instance, japan although brutal before WW2, was a power before then and has been an economic power since and china has been a far east power and innovator in the far east until it went full communist.

          but back on point, it is possible that western cilivilization which was developed by whites will survive, but a lot of whites will die in the process before western civilization will go hard core enough to rid itself of socialism, islam and anyone inside its borders that are promoting either.

      13. When the ATM’s don’t work and there’s a National Bank Holiday…then you know the poop has hit the fan .

      14. …When the cops/military confront you (…when the cops/military exist and have the means to confront you…)…. Ask the red Indians about this (if they even realize it’s what happened to them, allowing themselves to be psychologically dependent on their enemy and his way of “life” and duped to believe in its superiority to that of their own). The invaders’ government destroyed the Indians’ villages and their Creator’s Naturally-provided means of livelihood in order to destroy the Native’s means of resistance and subjugate them to the invaders’ rule but, the Indians failed to do the same– to their hypocritically religious invaders’ very vulnerable and unsustainable synthetically-processed logistics that the invaders are apparently hopelessly psychologically dependent on and only precariously empowered by– in defense of the Natives’ homelands and ways of life that sustained the Indians for thousands of years before the invaders told them they’d starve if they tried to live the Native way now. …Sounds familiar to what and why we’re all told (by those who are the only ones who benefit, by their empowerment over us, from our compliance with whatever they tell us) “we must do to survive”, doesn’t it? Our “spirit quest” is to recognize and accept what God, the Creator, provides us for our sustenance so we can heed the admonition: “And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues. For her sins have reached unto heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities. Reward her even as she rewarded you, and double unto her double according to her works: in the cup which she hath filled fill to her double.” (Revelation 18:4-6)

      15. When the banks are closed due to a so called computer virus….

        then the elect grid goes for the same reason….. can you get to your BOL when that goes down?

      16. Number one, for me, is watching the behavior of people who either ARE in the know or, by any reasonable measure, SHOULD BE in the know. My job takes me into so many houses of people who belong in either of these categories, not to mention locations where such individuals own homes, and I can tell you this much: the people who SHOULD BE in the know via employment and economic status are some of the least prepared people out there.

        One thing I see a lot of: “for sale” signs in front of vacation home properties which are very suitable as homestead/retreat/bugout properties. Why? Two reasons. The owners could be financially overextended and are forced to sell to get out from under the property. Or they know something is coming, and they are looking to sell whatever they can sell to raise cash. Doesn’t matter how they’re planning on putting cash to work. They’re looking to sell a winner, i.e. something you really want to hang onto for SHTF, in order to raise cash. That’s a red flag that tells me these people are one or two events away from being in panic mode.

        When you dig deeper into these classes of people, you can smell complacency permeating throughout the house. The only provisions they have are what’s in the pantry. No bottled water, Mountain House or MREs for even a week-long weather event. What’s going to happen in a SHTF economic collapse? After a week or so, they won’t be doing any eating. Pantry will be empty. Stores will be empty. Won’t be able to acquire resources and provisions because they never have cash in their wallets, and never thought of backing their paper wealth with bullion metal.

        Any time you hear credible-source information about what in-the-know people are actually doing in advance of SHTF, you need to be doing exactly what they are doing. Doesn’t matter if they’re buying long shelf life food provisions or gold bullion. You need to be copying what they’re doing.

      17. Selco knows, he has been thru SHTF. I trust his point of view, it is based on 1st hand experience.

      18. Selco stated in one of his posts about the day he knew things were sideways, and there was no law and order. He said that a store was being sacked nearby, and he saw someone get shot and nothing happened. It will probably come to something like that. You’ll know things are tense and edgy, and utilities will become intermittent and sketchy ( water and electric not on all day) Food shelves in the store becoming bare, retail stores and restaurants etc. asking for cash only. Mail service disappears. You’ll hear the gunshots, see the smoke of fires not being put out. Yup, you’re in SHTF. Oh, and commercials on TV, as well as regular programming replaced by govt. BS. Remember that utilities and food deliveries make life in big cities possible, and they are the hardest things to maintain. Collapse means these things go, and when they do, it’ll be more than “unrest” among the natives.

      19. A key indicator is the ‘upper upper classes and elite’I am not talking about a lawyer, dentist or a stockbroker. I am talking about the very top.
        My job also takes me to their locations of business and homes. It is evident that they take security very seriously. Often 4 armed bodyguards at all times at their homes. Compared to 20 years ago security is very high. They are very prepared. Most have ready to go air support to lift them from their normal primary residence to fly to a remote location that they own. The elite have no intention of staying in their city homes or mansions close to the city when SHTF. They can securely live underground at their remote locations for 1+ years. I have seen their bunkers. They look like hotels and are better prepped than some military bases. When the global reset and die off is over then they will emerge in a planned re-organization of the world. This is all planned, they have no affinity to any country. They are all about keeping power and preserving their elite dominance of all humans. Their is a collusion between global military and the elite to pull this reset off. Good luck everyone. Their Georgia Guidestones is sitting there explaining it to you sheep in plain sight.

        • I’m in agreement with you on the .1%, which appears to be the caliber of client you deal with on a daily basis. They have the game plan, but they are also very highly dependent upon the high priced help they’re buying to keep themselves alive.

          I deal heavily with people who are .1%, 1%, 10% and 20%. Once you get outside the .1% to the other three percentiles, these are people who should know something, or at the very least a little of something, by osmosis. The reality is very few of them do. They have the resources to copy what the .1% are doing on some scale, but the overwhelming majority of them do not. They’re also in a position to be able to pick up useful information, even if it’s bits and pieces, that the general population does not have access to. For whatever reason, they don’t.

          One of my key rules of thumb in assessing these people: if they don’t have it in their main home as preparation for something as simple as a weather emergency or water contamination issue, they’re not going to have it at their second/retreat/vacation property.

        • Agree: the real elite trust no government and no public service but the military. Force they respect.

          They also are not hung up on material things (contrary to what people believe). Things are just resources and tools. They will do what it takes to survive and thrive. The reason they hang out at resorts etc. all the time is because they know in life you need to take care of your health. Being healthy is a strategic advantage, especially when so many others are always ill. Also resorts are like Kleenexs: use them, crap in them, and then move on if you need to. Same goes for hotels.

          The only reason they own mansions is for tax reasons not because they love living in them (most of the elite are never home). What they do is follow the elite social circuit around the world, the so-called ‘jet-set’. This circuit has many stops, F1 races, Monaco, Dubai, Cannes, Venice, Colorado, Vale, etc. You can tell if a person is really in the elite by their travel schedule. If it is these places every year then they are probably in the real elite or are one of their enablers.

          Absolutely the best hookers know this stuff and are always available at these pit stops. These women are jaw-droppingly beautiful, a mix of babes from the worlds of whoredom – from fashion (models), actresses, athletes, well-known TV presenters, etc. All have a price list and all are available. That’s what the real elite do with their days.

        • they better remember, it will be open season on choppers when the shtf. americans are pissed, and will take it out on ANY signs of wealth or power. right or wrong, they will attack ANY sign of wealth or power. they got anger that needs a place to rest.

      20. PeterFrancisco, good comment. I like how you observe and decide.

      21. Your access to information will be limited.

        Our info hasn’t been limited yet, just bombarded with fake propaganda.

      22. How do you motivate people to act when they have been hearing and promised that “the sky is falling,” “we are all doomed,” “the world is coming to an end,” “national disaster, if not a global disaster, is here,” etc. for the last 46 years?

        • you ask them to look around. an idiot….posssibly even a congressman, can see that things are not right.

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