Selco On Riots: Do Not Go Out: “You Do Not Prepare to Be a Hero… You Prepare to Survive”

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    Editor’s Note: The following article has been shared with our community by Selco of SHTF School. His personal experiences during the Balkan war have been documented in One Year in Hell and are an invaluable knowledge base for any serious preparedness minded individual. When riots break out in your city or the infrastructure systems upon which we depend begin to destabilize there will be confusion, panic and violence. Selco explains what to expect from those around you, and what it might look like in what was once your friendly and peaceful neighborhood. Pay attention, because this is how things really go down when the ‘S’ hits the fan. 

    If you are not eating right now take a moment and watch this video of a monkey eating a gazelle.

    It feels very wrong for most people to look at this. This shows how much we are out of touch with nature. Most people want to eat meat but not kill it themselves for example. What happens to gazelle is not good and not bad, its nature. It simply is.

    When you find yourself in survival situation you get quickly in touch with nature again, and nature is cruel and concept of fairness does not exist.

    It is hard to be prepared for that before you experience it. But understanding how nature really is and that we only live in soft bubble protected from true face of nature, is a first step.

    I talk a lot in interview in my course about events that lead to total collapse. Here is one more experience I want to share.


    When SHTF started, in the time when great majority of us thought that what was going on around us is something like temporary rioting that got a bit out of control, city services still worked in some parts of the city, everybody was waiting for madness to stop.

    In that short period before the S. hits the fan with full force, people usually lost their lives because they did not recognize situation.

    People were out rioting, stealing, fighting. But all that was still like “moderate”.

    At that moment people were still “inside” the system, so we all were trying to hide more or less when looting was going on in the neighborhood. Police were still arresting people and trying to control things. People were shooting each other yes, but it was not yet like full scale shooting and violence, mostly people were scaring each other with shootings.

    One of my friends was involved in shootings in those days, after looting some stores, he got wounded. Wound was not too dangerous, he was shot in foot.

    As I said, most of the city services were still working and trying to bring order to that chaos. City ambulances came and picked him up and they rushed to hospital with him.

    About one kilometer from place where he got picked up, the group of people that actually shot him stopped the ambulance on some improvised barricade, first shot the driver and then killed my friend in the back of the ambulance. They killed him little bit slower than driver, and more painfully, they used knives. We got there a bit later, too late.

    Now this story may sound confusing to you, you may say “it happens in war” but for 95% of folks at that time it was not war, it was something like violent rioting, and those 95% of folks still trusted the system, had trust in police and government that they are going to restore law and order. People still trusted that ambulances are like “protected” and nobody will stop them, not to mention shoot at one.

    In this story here that wounded guy and ambulance driver simply did not recognize situation. He was a nice guy, why would this happen to him? Back then I probably would go with ambulance as well if I was shot. It felt very wrong that this happened but was one of first wakeup calls that fair and unfair are concepts of the past.

    My friend in the first place should not have been there in that time of chaos. Ambulance driver should have said ”screw it” take valuable medicines and go home at first signs of real violence and total collapse. He did not. It is easy to call him hero and maybe day before or hours before he helped save life of someone else but it was still too high risk to be out at this point in time.

    It is easy to say that now, in those time we all still called things by old names, police, trust, government, law, system, penalty…
    If that happened maybe day or two later my friend would have crawled and treated his wounds alone, or driver would have refused to drive, or…

    Few days after that event s. hit the fan with real force, and nobody had illusions anymore that something temporary is going on or that things get back to normal.

    But point is that lots of people died in that short period before realizing that things aren’t the same. You can not still believe in good of people around you, but most people did. This ambulance event was one of many that ended with similar deaths.

    So next time, when some rioting erupts in your city, some violence after football game, or some protests because high unemployment or similar and you hear gunshots and screams, and words about people being killed on the streets, stores being looted, you need to hope that it is temporary disturbance but you can not trust in that.

    Be suspicious, trust in your bug out bag, trust in your storage, trust in your weapon. Do not go out just “because everyone goes out”. Avoid being greedy and go looting to have a bit more, even if it sounds easy, you prepare to not have to go out.

    When you realize how random and brutal nature and violence is, then you realize you do not prepare to be hero, you prepare to survive. That ambulance guy could have helped many more people in later months when we were fighting for survival if he would not have died. But back then, we did not understand situation.

    If you experienced situation that reminded you that fairness and unfairness are just concepts in our “civilized” world, please share in comments.

    You can follow Selco’s story at SHTF School and learn how he survived one year in hell. 


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      1. I agree with everything that was said. However, I have a problem. I have moderate asthma and my prescription insurance will only allow me to buy 1 inhaler at a time. (go figure) So what do I do? Should I make a quick run to Rite-Aid and snag a few before things get really bad? 1 inhaler will last me a couple months so if I could just get 4 or 5 I would be good I think. Any advice? I haven’t found a natural remedy that works yet. Thanks

        • @Paleface…there are many who face this problem..I take bp meds and I have stocked up as much as I can, however I have also been checking into alternative herbal solutions…James Green has a great book that not only tells you which herbs you need but how to utilize them.

          • Jethro Kloss, “Back to Eden”, great book on the old fashion remedies…

            • This is something that I have learned in regular times, “is it worth it?”. When you choose to engage a situation in or out of SHTF, you have to ask yourself how does this benefit me or cause me a severe liability?

              Example, as I have a bad temper. Let’s someone cuts you off on some highway. Do you:

              A. Honk your horn to let them know they are dangerous and possibly wake them up for the next person?

              B. Just shrug it off and bite your tongue?

              C. Flip them off and maybe give them a few choice #$%^& words?

              D. Really teach them a lesson and cut them off at the next available opportunity?

              You ask yourself how does this affect me. If you honk you MIGHT get someone upset, but might save someone because this person is falling asleep at the wheel. If you leave them alone, probably nothing will happen to you given the circumstances of the road. If you flip them off you risk road rage and something cascading into severe legal problems. If you try to teach them a lesson by cutting them off you could be the one held totally liable for a massive multiply car accident. IS IT WORTH?

              There is one of the oldest adages that there is. Look before you leap.

              This goes with life no matter the situation. How many times have you said to yourself that I wish I had it to do over again? I sure have. Each time I feel like a total jackass for not thinking and avoiding something that could have been totally avoided. With certain circumstances it can be life or death. IS IT WORTH IT?

              Take it from someone that has allowed their emotionals to override common sense and intelligence. ALWAYS TRY to think before you leap into any potential situation that you lose. ALWAYS TRY to aim for where you win or at least break even. You matter more than some jerk, or some bad government.

              • Good advice, really.

                In business, they call it a cost-benefit analysis, but the result is the same: Is your planned course of action really worth it?

                The answer depends on which side of SHTF we’re talking about:

                If you have no physical choice but to defend yourself then certainly, give it every ounce of controlled energy you can muster. If it is truly life-or-death and you cannot escape it, then you kill the SOB , and yes, I said “kill”: I figure that my family can raise my bail money a whole lot easier than they can raise me from the dead.

                Otherwise, if it isn’t life-or-death? If you can escape, do it. If you can get out of there, do it. It doesn’t matter what some half-drunk asswipe thinks of you; he’ll be in a jail cell a month later fending off Bubba’s advances while you’re comfortably sleeping in your bed.


                Conserve, conserve, conserve. Conserve your ammunition. Conserve your energy. Conserve your options. If you can back out of a fight when the odds are definitely stacked against you, then you do it, taking what you can. Even if you’re driven out of your home? You can always come back and steal your stuff back, ambush each intruder later one-by-one, snipe them as you see them at random times, and in general make their lives a living hell until you send them, one by one, to the real thing.

                Only when you’re absolutely cornered do you fight back with everything you’ve got – and when you do, you make damned sure you do give it everything you’ve got.

                Selco’s right – trying to be a hero is not going to get you anything but dead unless you’re sufficiently skilled, lucky, or likely both.

                When it comes to survival, you focus on surviving, period.

                65 million years ago, the T-Rex was an absolute badass… one asteroid later, and his skeleton was being happily nibbled on by scavenging proto-mammals… who eventually had ancestors that became the most badassed animal on the planet.

                • Brilliant article and it just reinforces the fine line between order and chaos which is just an illusion. We saw it play out during the snow storms in Atlanta and the dumpster diving in the NE when they experienced hurricane Sandy.

                  • I agree! Excellent article.

                    Hopefully, we will know when that “line” has been crossed.

                  • Rodster, I agree. I would like the people on this site who thought the scene was very graphic to go on a site called Borderland Beat or Blog Del Narco and look up the snuff videos put there by the drug cartels. A baboon eating dinner is not graphic. Four women being decapitated and dismembered slowly is graphic. The cartels are here.

                • OQ.

                  I find it hard to express ways of making force multipliers without injecting law issues.
                  Night vision and infra red goggles or scopes are expensive even in the Early Generation Units.
                  Some states do not allow ammo like the Dragon’s Breath
                  Still you can walk into a boat store and buy Marine Flares. Those 25mm aerial reds. Move on up to the aerial flares 40mm that are Hand heal fired ROCKETS. On Ebay, military flares/pistols and shells are avaiable. The lowly road flares is a force multiplier.
                  Slingshots and air rifles. Have you used some of the new air rifle ammo. DEADLY and Accurate.
                  Another point to consider are High Capacity drums and magazines. Tracers, steel core mixed in.
                  If possible I would try to drive off searching invaders by putting a pellet in them. Put some fear into them like standing in a mine field.

                  • A “force multiplier” is basically anything that makes you a harder target, even if it is in appearance only. In a battle, appearance does count.

              • The best way to keep your head
                is to keep it down.

                • A young ventriloquist is touring Sweden and, one night, he’s doing a show in a small fishing town. With his dummy on his knee, he starts going through his usual dumb blonde jokes.

                  Suddenly, a blonde woman in the fourth row stands on her chair and starts shouting, “I’ve heard enough of your stupid blonde jokes. What makes you think you can stereotype Swedish blond women that way? What does the color of a woman’s hair have to do with her worth as a human being? It’s men like you who keep women like me from being respected at work and in the community, and from reaching our full potential as people. Its people like you that make others think that all Blondes are dumb! You and your kind continue to perpetuate discrimination against not only blondes, but women in
                  general…pathetically all in the name of humor!”

                  The embarrassed ventriloquist begins to apologize, and the blonde yells:

                  “You stay out of this! I’m talking to that little shit on your lap.”

                  • Totally excellent dumb blonde joke!

                  • Do you know what is brown, black and blue,laying in a gutter with red all over it? Some body who tells too many blonde jokes. That’s who!

                • Off topic…

                  Planned food safety rules rile organic farmers

                  “In 2010, after a years-long campaign, food-safety activists persuaded Congress to give the FDA authority to regulate farm practices.

                  The next year, an outbreak of food poisoning that killed 33 people who ate tainted cantaloupes put pressure on the FDA to be aggressive.

                  Now, farmers are discovering that the FDA’s proposed rules would curtail many techniques that are common among organic growers, including spreading house-made fertilizers, tilling cropland with grazing animals, and irrigating from open creeks.”

                  “Suddenly, from small family operations nestled in the foothills of Appalachia to the sophisticated organic-grower networks that serve Los Angeles and San Francisco, the farms that celebrity chefs and food-conscious consumers jostle to buy from are facing an unexpected adversary.”

                  “They’re fighting back. Even though full enforcement of the rules is still years away, they are warning customers that some farms would have to close.”

                  “They are going to drive farms out of business.”

                  “The consumer groups behind this don’t understand farming…”

                  -LA Times dot com

                  • When politicians and do gooders take control of farming Y’ALL ARE GOING TO STARVE TO DEATH!…piss ant mental midgets with god complexes are who is in charge of this country and most others…they have daily contests to see who can come up with the most idiotic disconnect from reality and then they try to convince those of us who live in reality that we are the dumb ones if we don see the brilliance of there retardedness…only thing that can be done if you have a govicorp brainiac show up at your farm is SSS just like you would if a wolf or an eagle were damaging your place…govt is a diseased animal that can only destroy what it touches…dont let them touch you/yours….

                  • New gov regs might mean some farms can’t stay in business as certified organic, but I am learning the certification does not mean as much as knowing the values of the company. If they have customers that trust them they can stay in business even if not certified.

              • Be Informed.

                To decide to provoke,chastise or berate someone publicly or not to, is just a level of engagement. Today simple altercations can become deadly engagements. Read the News. SHTF is all around us. I am sort of a hot head too. Most important is that I am learning to avoid others. I would expect many here know exactly what non preppers will do in a major social event. That is a HUGH Advantage! Learn about people’s behavior and how they react.
                Watching the video of that animal being eaten, I have heard at night Coyote hunts that make a kill. There is that last second of life that dies out, call the Death Troves. The prey is caught and is about to be eaten by the pack. You have to hear it to understand it.

              • Hitlery wants to take your guns.

              • The way I see it you really only have one choice, your time on earth is actually very short and eternity is very, Well, should I say Long. So most importantly you had better prepare to meet your maker. So for the sake of argument,I’ll say you have two choices, and the Ukraine is a prime example. First choice, just as Selco says, you must stay out of sight and keep a low profile, at least until the dust settles. Second choice, go get involved in the fight and maybe become a casualty, just as many have done in the Ukraine. So now things are maybe settled in the Ukraine and the dead will only be remembered by there family, yes they died for the cause, which is noble, but they’re still just as gone and don’t really have any part in whats in store for the Ukraine. So back to my first point. The dead are now in it for the long haul, which is eternity, hope they made the right decision before they went into eternity. All that reads this comment still has time to make that decision. I made mine long ago, I pinned my hope on Jesus Christ. I hope you will too, before the SHTF. Trekker Out.

            • jethro kloss died from his remedies. he could not even save himself with his own writings.

              • He died at 83.

                • yea he died at 83 with all the knowledge of his book

                  yea ,he died at 83 with all the knowledge of his book “Back to Eden” under his pen. It could not prolong his life. Euell Gibbons died from his remedies. His wonderous herb blends DID NOT SAVE HIM. And he was the one of the first herbal healers. Funny Huh?

              • Remix on the ‘wonders’ of Obamacare.

                They tell us it is so wonderful. Now working 1-5…

                Remy: Working 9 to 5 (Obamacare Remix)

          • Truth is in a collapse people that need daily doses of medication to stay alive will pass away. It is a hard truth but a fact that anyone living with a chronic illness must consider. The answer to your question is no there is likely not an herbal solution to hypertension and asthma that will overt disaster. Stockpiling perhaps if need be illegally might one route. Unless perhaps you are diabetic in which case it gets more complicated. You need alternative power sources as well as stockpiles.

        • Lobelia and peppermint tea is what the oldtimers would do to get RID of asthma permentally. Google it, I help one buddy get rid of the balls of tar in his lungs, which is what asthma basically is…
          Hope it helps you…

          • Nobody gets rid of asthma, ever. Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease, to which some people are genetically disposed. Emotional stress aggravates it, also certain allergens like dust mites, cat dander, and tobacco smoke. Tar balls? Not so much.

            • Well his sure was cured…

              • @ eppe. One of the best natural remedies for breathing trouble is Pau d Arco. This is the innerbark of a tree and helps to open the airways of most people. It is also good for infection. It is fairly cheap in the capsule form at most health food stores running from about $6 to $10 for 100 capsules.

                • Good call BI. Make a tea consisting of fenugreek, blessed thistle, mullein,,
                  plantain. Drink it daily. Also take garlic.
                  You can also breath in the vapors of eucalyptus EO and that helps as well.
                  Basic common sense goes a long way too. NO pets in the house. Never any
                  Smoking. Ionic air purifiers in several locations including beside your bed.
                  Tiled or wood floors are much easier to clean and won’t harbor dust or
                  Allergens. Get aggressive with treatment now, it may be your only opportunity!

                  Keep preppin’

                • You have to watch out for Pau d’Arco though. It is a SERIOUS blood thinner.

              • Sorry OC, they also tell you nobody gets rid of high blood pressure, but I just did it, and have the paperwork to prove it. For me, it was harder to get rid of the meds, than it was the condition itself. After 5 years of high blood pressure meds, I’m free of them….and of the high blood pressure.

                Big Pharma trains doctors to sell their medications. Doctors sell medications to patients. Nowhere in there does it say the patient should have a real NEED for the medications, as long as there’s a symptom that can be isolated and “treated”.

                Question EVERYTHING.

                • A good majority of people (male and female) get “rid” of their high blood pressure when they get rid of their excess weight.

                  The one what I would call seriously important thing doctors rarely tell a patient is that when you take blood pressure meds: A lot of BP meds cause erection problems. But that should NOT come as a surprise since the whole effect of the medication is to lessen blood pressure.

                  THAT side effect makes for one heck of a weight loss argument to allow you to get off the BP meds even PRIOR to the SHTF event, under doctor’s care.

                  On an ” up” note, one good thing (I guess) aspect is if the SHTF and it affects food supply, a WHOLE lot of people will be losing weight, which may eliminate the need for a lot of these overweight-related meds such as diabetes type 2, high blood pressure, etc.

                • @sixpack, I gave you a thumbs up. I would love to know how you cured hypertension! That is wonderful. I have a bunch of patients who need your help. I mean it sincerely. I have heard of various herbal remedies but, I have never heard from someone whose BP was actually cured unless they had secondary hypertension and the primary disease process was found and treated.

                  In 1985, I toured China, and visited quite a few hospitals where they treated all kind of diseases with herbal remedies and traditional medicine. I am a big believer in natural forms of medicine and health care but so called “modern medicine” is still hard to beat.

                  Doctors do not sell medicine here in the USofA. They prescribe medicine. Big Pharma does not train doctors either. Doctors go to medical school and go through extensive training programs called residencies and fellowships where they learn to recognize, treat, and care for patients afflicted with different diseases.

                  I look forward to hearing back from you. Thanks.


                  • sixpack says:
                    Comment ID: 2946668
                    February 22, 2014 at 1:52 pm

                    That was partly true for me, gun, BUT, how I solved my BP problem was much simpler. It called for a couple of rolls of aluminum foil and some staples.

                    I simply moved my wifi router away from where I usually sit, and put aluminum between me and it’s RF output. I also put a wall of foil between me and the four smart meters on my living room wall. Radio/microwaves attack the body on a cellular level.

                    IN 10 DAYS, my average BP went from about 200/90 to 140/80. It is now within acceptable parameters. It takes a lot longer for the tissue damage and neurological damage to heal.

                    All I can say to the unconvinced is—A roll of foil is about a buck, so what do you have to lose but a couple of bucks and a few minutes of your time?

                    Once you start feeling better, getting more exercise is much easier and weight loss will naturally follow.

                    Don’t take my word for it—Try it yourself and see.

                    That was my original post. The burns on my shins from sitting too close to my router are almost gone. Of course, I still have some of my other problems from my diskectomy, but my HBP and my hyperthyroidism are both gone, according to BP readings and lab work, respectively.

                    It might have been different if my HBP was from blocked arteries or something “mechanical” like circulation issues, but it wasn’t. My BP only raised to dangerous levels after I moved here with the smart meters, and got my wifi. In my case, there was another answer, and I found it with research.

                    Do I believe this would work for everybody, No. But if there is a chance, why not cautiously investigate all of the possibilities? Why not do your homework and make your own decisions based on your findings?

                    What do you have to lose? I’ll be monitoring my BP with my own equipment, so this isn’t “the end” of it. I’m not stupid, but I do believe allopathic medicine may not hold all of the answers, all of the time.

                    At least I know that, should my supply line of meds get cut without warning one day, I CAN STILL SURVIVE.

                    To me, THAT was worth the effort.

                  • Now to the rest of your post. Every time a doctor “prescribes” any medication, IT IS A SALE. Sorry, but that’s the truth. He may not push the buttons on the cash register and make the sale, but it is a sale just the same.

                    Now. It is well documented and widely known that the AMA is in bed with Big Pharma. The pharmaceutical companies subsidize much of med school, like it or not, their propaganda is pervasive during med school. That’s just a fact. If you doubt that, go read JAMA. That literature is pretty openly pharma-friendly, but is full of insider info.

                    We all know about those “consultation fees” some doctors get from drug companies for doing seminars and lectures on behalf of certain companies. There have been many prosecutions of doctors for over-prescribing medications to get the kick-backs. Do some research and you’ll see, without me wasting a lot of time trying to persuade you of something you should already know.

                    And let’s not even get started on the drug company reps and their “incentives programs”…

                    Yes, today’s doctors are indeed trained to diagnose and treat their patients, but we all know the end results is nearly always prescription medications of one kind or another, and treatments like chemo, etc…

                    Has anyone EVER had an allopathic, mainstream doctor prescribe an iodine supplement or vitamins? How about herbal remedies? No. Never. The only vitamins ever prescribed are prenatal.

                    There is a reason for that…natural remedies can’t be patented.

                  • my doctor closed her little pc tablet and walked out on me!! after i refused flue shot and asked to take my family off the calling list for vaccinations…i rarely get flu and i was NEVER asked by this or any other doctor how often do i get it…interesting enough, the AIDS patients are getting longer lives now since the anti-viral shots were introduced to them in 90’s…flu=viral…anti-viral…so, i was offered on that visit cocktail of 9 shots, and then she wanted to run blood test on me??after the shots? what the heck would doctor make out of $700 blood test after my immune system is working all that bloody stuff? then i was due to some festing and “deeper” blood test…don’t yank my rope that doctors are not puppets of Big Pharma…

            • old coach,
              Just because YOU have been brainwashed to believe that there is not a cure, does not mean that there is not one, i used to think IN the box like a good little boy and then one day a light popped on and ever since then !!! you cannot fathom all the things that i ( and others ) have found out to be WRONG !! that i was taught, SO my point is YOU need to be more open minded and think OUTSIDE the box, you will find many amazing things!!

            • Asthma can be cured by antibiotics in 50% of the cases. My son was able to get a D1 football scholarship after he cured his asthma. He had to do his own research and went on antibiotics for three months. He presented the data he found to our doctor and they went for it. A couple of years ago, he got some medical insurance and got a call from his insurance company when he indicated he had asthma in the past and he told them it was cured. They got exposed to this information too.

              It turns out that many people diagnosed as asthma really have a bacterial infection in their lungs. In the article link, the level of cure runs 95-98%, which is great. The problem is in the medical industry protocol which does not encourage change. Another example is myself, when I had bleeding ulcers and a doctor in Australia did tests that proved ulcers were caused by bacteria. My doctor saw that data I brought to him and I have not had an ulcer again after two weeks of antiobiotics. The issue is ability to change.

              Here is the link and good luck to everyone. It is better to get asthma corrected now before the SHTF.


              • Wonderful info, thanks! I always wondered why doctors often told me not to believe what I find on the internet—now I know! They hate being proven wrong.

                • I think a lot of the protocols are driven by lawyers making it risky to do anything outside of normal treatments. Even with data, many people had rather suffer, which is amazing to me.

        • Inhalers are really expensive. The old style was cheap but they had fluorocarbons so they were banned and replaced with a newer more expensive style inhaler. So this is a problem even now for people without insurance.

          Fortunately, there are some inhalers that are now down to the $40-50 range without insurance coverage. Call Wal-Mart or Sam’s club and ask what inhalers they have that are low cost. I am no fan of Wal-Mart but they are the most consistently cheap pharmacy anywhere I’ve looked. (Incidentally, check all meds. There are some meds that are cheaper bought without insurance because they cost less than the copay.)

          If possible buy an extra inhaler outside of the insurance program. Even if you can only afford one every two or three months, it is still a good cushion.

          Also check into Canadian pharmacies and see if they have similar meds that are less expensive. They won’t take your insurance and they will need a prescription but they may be helpful.

          If your doctor won’t give you scripts to build up a supply, find another doctor. This will work for any meds except narcotics and amphetamines. Scheduled drugs like these are tightly controlled and your doctor could lose his license if he prescribed them in too large amounts. All narcotic prescriptions go in a national database that records everything about every refill.

          • My Dad had asthma from long before I was born. He had a nebulizer that was worked by a squeeze bulb, into which he put a small amount of the medication liquid. He called it his “gadget”. Only in modern America would the medical industry abandon a perfectly good low-tech tool for delivery of asthma medication in favor of a high-tech throw-away!

            • Maybe that is the reason ‘doctors’ call it a practice, because they have yet to get it right? They cannot even cure the common cold yet, have they?
              Not to be demeaning, but the modern doctors want to keep you on pharms for thier money?

              • Eppe,
                There will never be a time when doctors or any other healers “get it right”. The human body is so complicated it will take eons to get that much knowledge. Anyone who thinks they have it figured out will likely be proven wrong, given enough time, (then maybe later be proven right again).

                Big Pharma does have a lock on modern medicine but, as a doctor, I do not make any money from prescribing a certain medication. That used to happen but the controls on this are becoming increasingly stringent.

                The other side of the coin is the number of patients who want or demand medications. I couldn’t list the number of patients who have demanded antibiotics even when I explain they have a viral infection that will resolve with time.

                I have had patients who come in on twenty or thirty meds, each accumulated over the years due to various ailments. When I go through and cut out everything I think they can do without, they howl. They hate the cost but they are attached to their illnesses and the taking of pills. I know they will go back to other doctors and get put back on the same meds but I still try to educate them.

                • I read a long time ago that over 80% of high BP was from being Fat and Lack of exersize. Fitness should be near the top of a prepper’s list as there will be not a bug out without proper conditioning.As for Asthma, there are ways to make a nebulizer as Coach stated. Getting the chemicals to put in it will take some effort.

                  • That was partly true for me, gun, BUT, how I solved my BP problem was much simpler. It called for a couple of rolls of aluminum foil and some staples.

                    I simply moved my wifi router away from where I usually sit, and put aluminum between me and it’s RF output. I also put a wall of foil between me and the four smart meters on my living room wall. Radio/microwaves attack the body on a cellular level.

                    IN 10 DAYS, my average BP went from about 200/90 to 140/80. It is now within acceptable parameters. It takes a lot longer for the tissue damage and neurological damage to heal.

                    All I can say to the unconvinced is—A roll of foil is about a buck, so what do you have to lose but a couple of bucks and a few minutes of your time?

                    Once you start feeling better, getting more exercise is much easier and weight loss will naturally follow.

                    Don’t take my word for it—Try it yourself and see.

                  • I cant try it. I dont have high BP. But I do spend 30$ a month on a gym membership which helps control BP.

                • I wish I lived in your practice area. My new Doc is pretty good though, can’t complain about her.

                • Merree, good day to you, ma’am, and I do believe you’re one of the GOOD doctors still out there. I’m fortunate that I still have my health. I quit smoking back in Dec. after coming down with a respiratory infection and getting short of breath. I was prescribed an antibiotic that I took twice a day for a week until it ran out. By the 4th day, my breathing was improving, and by the 7th day, I felt normal again. I went thru the withdrawal symptoms cold turkey since then and feel better now for the first time since I was 14. the shortness of breath was a wakeup call for me and I took it seriously. It’s one of the best things I ever did for myself. I’ve never been on any kind of meds on a regular basis for anything. When TSHTF, it will be a major advantage for me and improve my chances of survival greatly. If anyone else out there is still smoking, my advice is GIVE THEM UP NOW. 2 reasons: 1. tobacco won’t be available anymore after TSHTF, and 2. a post-SHTF scenario will be the WRONG time to go thru withdrawal symptoms.

                  • words to the wise, brave.

                • I think it was Hippocrates that said let your food be your medicine ,and let your medicine be your food .
                  Virtually all of big pharmas meds come from natural occurring plants etc, do you as a doctor ,treat the symptom ? or do you treat the actual cause?Most of the problems with people are proper nutrition ,getting the actual nutrients for your body to actually work as intended . not talking about car wrecks or other problems that are of an emergency category ,like organ failure or some thing like that .Gun shot etc. As a 48 year old man , I take no medication ,but my background as a Cook makes sure I eat correctly and I smoke ,drink etc and several doctors are amazed at my health .Like severly amazed ,and the only factor I can honestly say is ive always tried to eat real food ,not the chronically adulterated pre packaged crap that is everywhere.Real eggs,Real meat,Real vegatables.Just asking if you tell your patients what is the fundamental reason for their illness or do you treat only the symptoms and I say this with all due respect !Not trying to start an argument

                • I call BS! My brother, doing computer repair at a doctors office was witness to the money connection. Nurse asked the doctor which med of two to prescribe. She said that one was better but they both worked. Doctor got on his computer at his desk to see which company he had stock in. It wasn’t the better med. He prescribed the lesser affective med he had stock in. That doctor was my fathers doctor. Most doctors office staffers I know have told me this is the norm. Hope it isn’t, but I’d rather not wear blinders.

            • It is possible to get a nebulizer, the modern version of your dad’s gadget. It is another alternative to inhalers but it runs on electricity. The machine is costly but the solution that goes in it might be affordable. Some insurance would pay for the nebulizer.

              Also I recommend people who have asthma get a peak flow meter. These are inexpensive. You breathe into it to measure how much lung capacity you are using. If you check regularly, you get to know what your normal is. Then if the capacity is decreased, you know the asthma is worsening and you can take action before it gets really bad. Every asthma patient should use these but very few doctors remember to get their patients on them.

            • Mullien herb used as a inhaled substance is used in asthma cigarettes,&can be burned as incense & inhaled.

              Up til a couple yrs ago,you could buy asthma inhalers over the counter in NC,they were epinephrine.Itll give you a headache after it wears off,which taking a antihistamine cap will ease,otherwise ,the headache could even cause brain damage.
              Swansonvitamins websitesells condition specific formulas to look up,like,lungs, or liver,or immune …just add the .com after the name,or use search engine for nutraceutical/or vitamin suppliers.

              • Oh,& I called the sheriff s dept ths morning,to report breakins ,where Ive had my stocks of extra neutraceuticals raided,as well as other things.I told them I figure its their detectices sending lock picking specialists on safari,looking for contraband,which I don t use.Not finding contraband,theyve stolen my neutraceuticals.They have also sabatogd my cars repeatedly,& go thru the chain & padlock underthe hood as well…They run the brothels so as to have the criminals come to them,in my neighborhood,& try telling folks the place is mine instead of theirs as well,thats what the govt & law has become in my block,in the country…

          • Cheap like Freon 12. Had to be replaced before the patents ran out.

          • I’ve heard Canadian pharmacies are good. I *know* Mexican pharmacies are good. On a recent trip to AZ to visit my snowbirding folks, I went down and got some MAJOR dental work done (6 crowns) JUST across the border. Who needs insurance when the cost is about 1/8-1/10 what it costs in the states? And I also picked up my two chronic meds…got over a year’s worth for about a month’s cost here. The dental work seemed to be pretty solid and the experience was BETTER than here…if in 6 months they still look good I plan on another trip to do more. The meds I’m not sure about yet as I haven’t gone onto those batches…but I did all this on the advice of people I trust who have done it and they swear the meds are equivalent to what we have.

        • Caffeine is a bronchodilator. The only native source of caffeine in the US is yaupon. You can make tea using the leaves and tender stem ends. You can also try growing coffee or tea in a greenhouse. I quit my inhaler a year ago and don’t miss it much.

          Vitamins C and E are also said to help. Potatoes are a native vegetable that contains C, and nuts contain a lot of E.

          Don’t ever take Primatene Mist. Years ago I ran out of my prescription and I needed some at night. I went to a drug store and bought some Primatene. It helped my breathing immensely, but I had the shakes so bad I couldn’t sleep.

          • Ilex vomitex, a holly bush native to here is full of caffeine, the native Indians made a drink of it to ‘purge’ thier bodies….Called the black drink…

            • Ilex vomitoria also contains theobromine. I have some in my back yard which was transplanted from the Morehead City, NC area many years ago. It has been kept in a small area of the yard until now. I plan to move plants to other parts of the yard so I can have more.

              Be sure you really want it before you get some because it’s difficult to get rid of. It will spread like privet hedge.

              I also have read that the Indians used yaupon to make arrows because of the long, straight stems.

          • Primatene mist has effedrerine(sp) in it. It’s an active ingredient in meth. That’s why slyly got the shakes.

          • Archivist,
            I think they took Primatene off the shelves because it contained CFCs, didn’t they? Is it back?

            I know it’s unpleasant to use, but it could save a life in an emergency.

            • Their website is still up, and they have tablets also.

              They may have reformulated, or you might be able to buy it online.

          • Ibuprofen also works. New study being done. Friend has COPD and Ibuprofen works better than his other meds.

            • COPD is not the same as asthma. But your asthma could turn into COPD if you don’t keep it under control. If you don’t keep the inflammation out of your airways, they can go through remodeling and that can be permanent.

        • Paleface: good question about inhaler. Ventolin? Also do you use Advair? I have severe Asthma and COPD. My stupidity is those years of cigarette smoking. For the inhaler you may get 204 prefilled uses of Albuteral Sulfate. Use ,say 190 doses or less before refill and keep record. Refill as soon as you can and after a while you will have full inhaler for stock. Just remember to rotate so newer stock is held for emergency use. Same as Advair if you use that. Some people use nebulizers. If your not familiar it runs on electricity and the medication is poured into a bowl that is inhaled. Electricity may be a problem or not? Albuterol Sulfate may be the best for you AT HOME. Keep your inhaler for emergency use. Sometimes the doctor will prescribe Ipratropium Bromide. Used as cocktail with previous medication or alone. A doctor I used to have told me his father had asthma , however could not afford the medications . He ate a raw onion like an apple. I have never tried this myself so talk to your doctor. Hope this helps.

          • Don’t forget one of the simplest solutions that helps people with asthma or allergies a lot is a sea salt solution as a nose spray. This can clear a lot of particles, especially pollen and dust, that has accumulated in the nose and throat area and help breathing. Gargling with warm sea salt solution is also good for getting debris out of the throat that is helping cause breathing aliments as many times the problem is not deeper down towards the lungs.

            • sea salt is great althoit does not provide iodine which is a basic nutrient /as opposed to seasalt ive had tremendous results with colloidalsilver in a nebulizer

        • Just buy them….most of the time the co pay is more than they actually cost without insurance. My buddy’s co pay was 12 bucks and they cost 9 without insurance (albuteral).

          • I think I’d end up losing my inhaler every so often. They’ll have to replace it…often.

        • Paleface, Dear Sir,
          I do not know how your pharmacies work in the States but up here in Canada our private insurance will only allow us to buy one month at a time too for my wife’s bricanyl when we had insurance. Fortunately for us we do not have insurance and have to pay full price at the pharmacy.
          I say fortunately because we just get the yearly prescription and pay cash out of hand now. It hurts all at once because it is only one of three she needs but, we can have extra due to her not using it all. Sometimes chewing coffee beans can help when the inhaler is not available due to the caffeine that dialates the bronchial passage.
          Also a sea salt vapouriser can help clear things too.
          I would not say do without you are prescribed it for a reason, but if you really need it and cannot get it you are going to die.
          There are some kinds of inhalers you can buy without a prescription at Walmart but they are not rescue inhalers and they are going to cost as much or more than your prescription. Asthmanefrin. Stock up. Grow a new pair of lungs, live a weakened lifestyle or die in the long run.
          I agree, with Mr. Selco DO NOT try to get things at the last minute. Are you going to take the last one when Misses AMinute Late arrives to get some for little Suzy?
          Can you do that?
          Do it now or forever hold your peace.

        • are you able to use one of the nebulizers that take vials of abuteral ,if so find a old vet that has breathing problems ,the VA gives them ample amounts ,and they wind up with a surplus ,i have 2 cases of it(about 300 vials) that i got from a family member that had boxes of the stuff ,i dont have breathing problems but i do have family that does

        • Ok this is true story, one of my friend had a serious condition of asthma and used to use inhaler, however she started hanging out in a hotbox and one day she herself started toking you know what. MJ completely cured her asthma. Only downside was that since her lungs were completely rejuvenated, for odd reason she started to smoke cigarette…shame on her otherwise she’ll be mighty healthy and will never have asthma again. Hope you cure yours.

        • Paleface,

          If it is your doctor that will only allow one inhaler at a time, you should change doctors. However, you said, “prescription insurance.” So I would buy as many as I could and pay for them myself. I have no idea what the expiration is on those things, but if it is a year and one lasts you two months, you could buy 5 extra and then rotate them.

          You have to stop thinking the way the sheeple do. If you want to survive, provide for yourself, and stop thinking that you can’t do something your “prescription insurance” doesn’t allow.

          • Daisy,
            The doctor may be limiting the inhalers because the insurance company requires this. Many insurance companies limit the number of inhalers a patient can receive at one time. The alternative is to ask the doctor for a second prescription to use outside of insurance. I think most doctors would be willing to do this as long as they know you are not going to overuse the inhaler.

            Some doctors are cautious about handing out inhalers because some patients with asthma will be worsening and they will keep using the inhalers in massive amounts to avoid a doctor visit but what they really need is an additional course of steroids or a different treatment. I have seen patients who have been using inhalers six to ten times a day- too often to be beneficial- who end up in the emergency room.

            • Merree,

              It used to be that you could go to two different doctors, and then use two different pharmacies, and get a double amount of most meds.

              But under Obamacare, that is going to be harder. Last year I went to my regular doctor with a minor infection and got a prescription for an antibiotic. Then, this year, I broke my foot and went to a podiatrist in a different town. Right away, his nurse told me the date of my last visit with Dr. Saunders and asked if I was still taking that antibiotic (I didn’t even remember the name of it–and have forgotten again. But it was on my record.)

              That was a different doctor, different practice, different county, and different hospital affiliation. But everything comes up on my record now, no matter who I go to.

              If Paleface can get some more bottles, even at full cost, now would be the time to do it. Maybe claim that he/she is going on a long cruise, or that he/she lost a bottle, or it fell overboard on his last cruise.

              • That’s horrible, Daisy!! We have absolutely NO privacy ANYMORE! We are living the life of “1984” totalitarianism. I would tell that doctor to screw it and depend on God-given things from the ground, trees, leaves etc… (natural remedies). F the system!

              • Yes, Daisy,
                What you describe is my biggest fear about electronic records. Information is being shared across networks.

                Health care networks are at enormous risk of being hacked. There is the risk that someone could steal a person’s identity and obtain health care under that person’s name. Once that information is on a record it is illegal to remove it. The only action allowed is a notation mentioning that the information is incorrect. Imagine the scenarios.

                One example. Someone is in the country illegally. it could be from any country. Maybe a drug gang member who shoots up drugs and has HIV. They need health care and steal someone’s identity to create personal anonymity. They get treated, then disappear. Then the victim goes in for medical care and is identified as having HIV. They will be fighting this all their life and their insurance premiums- not just health care but also life insurance and other things- will have a big price increase. This is so plausible to me that I suspect that it is already happening, we just haven’t figured it out yet.

                The government also has access to these databases through Medicare and Medicaid so they know what illnesses most of the population has and what medications they are taking.

                Add in the NSA, which is probably also monitoring all these databases and personal privacy is essentially gone. This is a big privacy issue that scares me enormously but almost no one in the health care community is talking about it.

                Just recently there was a court case about the narcotic drug databases. Law enforcement wanted to access these banks without a warrant but the judge blocked this for now. If they were successful, any law enforcement official could look up anyone’s name to see if they were prescribed any narcotic or amphetamine. They could find out how many were prescribed and what doctor and pharmacy was used and when.

                I suspect some law enforcement already get access to this. All it takes is a “friendly” conversation with a pharmacist or doctor and they get the records. The reason I am sure this happens is I know how easily I can get clinical information from the same sources. And almost no one is talking about this situation either!

                • Merree,

                  One of the biggest risks in your senerio of identity theft is this:

                  Someone steals your identity. He goes in to a doctor and the doctor double checks your alergies. The identity theif says, “Oh no. I don’t have any alergies.” So the reference to your alergies is eliminated from your record. Next time YOU go to the doctor, you are given a medication your are alergic to — and die.

                  Or you are treated for a disease you don’t have. Or a doctor doesn’t prescribe the best medication for you because he sees that you are on another medication (the one the identity theif was prescribed) and that medication has a bad interaction with the one he wants to prescribe.

                  The possibilities for screwing up your treatment are endless.

                  • …and the receptionist taking you picture at check-in, or presenting a picture ID doesn’t solve any of it, unless they check it ON THE SPOT…which they don’t. As has been said, once it’s in there, it’s in there for good.

                • Merree-

                  First, thank you for taking the time to stop and chat. I know how busy you must be.

                  I had an experience with a doctor recently in which I refused to allow them to copy my driver’s license but agreed to show my license each and every time I came in to see the doctor. I cited past identity theft as the reason for my refusal and alternative proposal. I reminded staff that no system is hack proof. The office manager refused to compromise, and rudely threatened to have me removed unless I left. The doctor refused to speak with me about the issue and to this day, has refused to reply to the letter I wrote him.

                  I think the reason this happened is because the majority of his patients don’t think that there is anything wrong with merely allowing a copy of a driver’s license, because, after all, it is to prevent fraud. However, as another person pointed out, it is far better to show an ID with each visit rather than the alternative that office presented – wholesale copying of ID’s.

                  Everyone should be aware that they can ALWAYS refuse to have their license copied and placed into the system. They can also refuse to have their picture taken for the file. There is no federal law that states that the doctor must have a copy of either. If the doctor or medical professional refuses to compromise, then that doctor was not the right choice for you anyway. To me, it shows disregard for the patient’s wishes and that may bleed over into treatment where my wishes and concerns over more serious matters may be given less consideration or simply ignored by the medical professional.

                  You must always be your own advocate.

            • I work in a hospital where meds soon to outdate are tossed. Girls in my dept know I have allergic asthma, and give me the inhalers that are 1-2 months before outdate. I save my Rx ones, and use those. They work just fine.

              • I wonder what else they salvage…

        • This guy is spot on. I worked for years in Latin America. At the first sign of trouble in the street get the hell out of the area. Don’t be curious, don’t hang around, and for God’s sake do not try to move through an area where rioting is taking place. Get home and hunker down until things stabilize. Prepare to defend yourself if necessary and don’t hesitate to shoot if attacked by armed criminals.

        • Paleface,
          Please consider this article about xanthines. The class includes theophylline, caffeine, and theobromine, among others. They are good bronchodilators.

        • Talk to your doctor about getting a second prescription and paying to have it filled at a local store. My wife has to have thyroid meds daily to live and she can only get a 3 month supply at a time by mail order. She got a second prescription and gets it filled at Walmart. Just remember to rotate your stock pile using the oldest first.

          • Just get two doctor’s prescriptions.

            One doesn’t have to know about the other.

            • That does not work jay jay. Computer knows that he got script on date he got it and will not give him more.
              This isn’t the 1970s anymore.

              He need to just tell doc he increased his dose and uses one per month now.

          • JAS, they were going to nuke my thyroid too, for HYPERthyroidism. I refused. This is a true story.

            Instead, I got a nascent iodine supplement and started taking it right after my lab tests came in. It was about 3 months later I retook those lab tests for my thyroid. THEY WERE NORMAL! My new doctor shook her head in wonder. She couldn’t understand what “went wrong”.

            Nothing went wrong. My hyperthyroidism was due to AN IODINE DEFICIENCY. Nothing more.

            I’ve beaten this AND HBP in a matter of a few months.

            Question EVERYTHING.

        • Three things: 1. Most prescriptions can be refilled after about 80% of the time. Keep doing that and in a year or two you get a backup or two. 2. A lot of them can be bought without prescription buy mail. 3. For things that are non narcotic and a lot of asthma stuff is, your MD will write you what you need to buy your own. You can get them from Canada much cheaper. I’ve managed to get about two years worth of mine

        • What kind of inhaler do you need I get certain ones for free. If its at all possible and you can use them I can send you a few. I just looked and I have 100mcg flovent diskus. I don’t have any recue inhalers at the time. Let me know what you need and maybe I can help.

        • I used to have asthma and saw my allergist every month for several years. One time I asked if I would have to use an inhaler for the rest of my life, and she said yes. I refused to believe that especially since I wasn’t born with it. After that appontiment, I decided to actively change certain aspects of my life and it’s been about 10 years now that I’m asthma free, no drugs. For me, changing my environment was the answer. Here is what I did, and hopefully you will have some relief as well.

          I used to live in a town that had city water- fluoride and chlorine. First thing, get a water filter on your showerhead, I reccomend the one from WaterWise because you’re breathing in chlorine gas every time you shower, this causes inflammation of the lungs.

          If possible, put a water filter on your washing machine, and drink only filtered water.

          If you clean your clothes with name brand detergent, stop and change to soap nuts, or look in to lye soap- there are a few good recipes for using laundry soap with lye, baking soda and borax- if interested I will send you the recipe.

          Any commercial cleaning products, throw out! You are seriously causing inflammation everytime you use it. Stick to what our grandparents used- vinegar and water….if you need something w/ scrubbing power use baking soda or borax.

          If you are into candles, do not use anything with artifical fragrance- stick to essential oils. The same thing goes with perfumes.

          That’s all I can think of off the top of my head, it may sound like a lot to alter, but start off with one, and when you are ready add something else.

          • Thank you for this! It’s one more example for why we should all take charge of ourselves. QUESTION EVERYTHING, especially those “for the rest of your life” answers.

            Permanent sickness keeps doctors and the pharmaceutical companies who train them, in business. Your health IS your business.

            Ripley, I know we’re not the only ones.

        • How long does you insurance make you wait between purchasing inhalers? For example, if your inhaler lasts you 90 days and you have to wait 60 before each inhaler you could eventually have a few stockpile if you got one right on the 60 days margin every time.

        • I’m an insulin dependent diabetic and I have within and outside of my restrictions for prescriptions under my health care plan, gone out and bought 2 years worth. I also researched and found a crude recipe and instructions on how to make insulin.

          You have to think outside of the box and just do it.

          • Stan.. you got it just right. I’m in the same boat and have done the same thing except I don’t have that crude recipe. Can you provide it or a link? By the way, 77canadapharmacy is good on line source for insulin with no prescription and they ship to US. Cheap too!

              • Thanks Stan. I’ve got couple boxes of Humalog pens in fridge that I don’t take anymore. Like to give it to someone rather than trash it. Know anyone who needs it? It’s fresh and cold. reply to or here.


        • Paleface, I work in a warehouse and used to have Asthma attacks so bad that I would literally sip air to breathe. The only thing that worked for me was an Expectorant type cough med like Wally’s Equate or Robo. I finally beat asthma by serious bike riding which in itself would induce attacks later that night but I kept at it and no longer have it. I believe asthma is more a symptom of the lazy lifestyle we generally live than anything else. I have read of others who defeated asthma thru exercise, namely a son of a father/son team who canoed from Winnipeg Canada to the mouth of the Amazon; an amazing trip & read. Hope this helps and God bless… L

        • Paleface, I have severe COPD and have the same concerns of not having my pharmaceuticals . I have been researching herbal remedies and breathing techniques. The breathing tech helps me all the time! I have pounds of dried herbs, that I use in tea combinations and essential oils. I have the seeds for those herbs to start my herb garden as soon as I get moved next month. I have several herbal medicine books on teas, tonics, oils, salves and tinctures. Lots of information out there.

        • The paradigm of your current reasoning is stopping you from adequately preparing. Screw your insurance company! You can buy as many as you want for yourself, providing your paying in full. Do so, in advance…

        • Paleface: I don’t have asthma so I have never personally experimented with this, but during my adding-to-medical-knowledge adventures, I came across Elecampane, which apparently is used by the Chinese and Indian Ayurvedic medicine practitioners for bronchitis and ASTHMA. Anyway, maybe something for you to look into, if you so wished…and don’t forget to research, research, research before trial.

        • Selco, Mac, Great article. Thanks again. I was really hoping that Selco could shed some insight on what is happening in the Ukraine. It would be good to get his perspective. From our perspective, it may not be of value/fruitful to try to sort out who is good and who is bad, who is right and who is wrong, but what are the lessons to be learned, the precepts to be culled from what is unfolding in Kiev?

          Paleface, Concerning the Asthma MDI, spend the extra money and buy some extra inhalers using a script from the doctor. Your insurance may not pay for it but it is worth having on hand. I new of a case where a woman, having run out of her medication, sent her son in to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription while she waited in the car. When the son got back, she was no longer breathing, and she was pronounced dead in the ER. This can be very serious and is life-threatening. Just because the insurance will not pay for a prescription does not mean that you cannot buy it. You might want to talk with your doctor. He/She may have some samples in his/her office as well. It is too important not to have a back up supply. Good luck and God bless you.

        • BUY some inhalers, BUY other med’s you will need. Don’t wait because of insurance payments. I bought 7 months blood pressure med. from Walmart, turned out to be 50 cents a month more thats $3.50 more. Don’t wait.

        • Those who are dependent on prescription drugs will be first among the 90% who will die. Like it or not- Right or wrong-Good or bad- your fault-My fault-Nobodys fault that just the way it is.

          • When I was on BP meds, I knew you can’t just stop taking them cold turkey. You risk a heart attack, stroke and death. YOU CAN wean yourself off of these drugs.Everyone who uses these meds should find out from their doctor exactly how to withdraw from HBP safely. I just did it. It CAN be done, and you should KNOW HOW TO DO IT…just in case.

            • I quit all prescription meds a year ago because even the deductible was too much. I’ve lowered my give-a-crap level, which helps a lot with the blood pressure, because stress is a real killer. I’m trying to eat better and reduce my blood sugar level. I feel pretty good right now.

              • That’s really good, Archivist! I’ve been meditating for years. Exercise and meditation is the way to go for lowering blood pressure naturally and to feel great! (Stopped exercising when got in car accident–long story) but I just liked doing these things because they made me feel good– not because they lowered my BP– which they do, or make you trim… add fresh fruits and veggies (organic, non GMO) and you can’t go wrong. ; )

                • I also use as little salt as possible to help with the blood pressure. I only add salt to very bland foods, such as scrambled eggs, potatoes, and beans (cooked by themselves).

          • Harsh but true Old Guy. I’m insulin dependent and have stocked up enough to be ok for a year perhaps two if meds stop being available but then I’m toast. I’ve also added a lot of low carbohydrate food storage as the rice and flour are not edible for me. At least I’m prepared to help defend my family and get them situated to survive on their own after the first year and major die-off. If we survive that, I’ll have left the family quite viable I think. You do what you can but in the end, none of us are getting out of here alive.

        • Since you cant buy inhalers without a prescription anymore ask your doctor for a separate script to buy out of your own pocket. If they ask why you can say that you want to leave a back up in your car medical kit, your girlfriends house, beach house, or cabin. Then fill the script somewhere other than where you get your meds.

        • NO, most people do NOT want to eat meat…just the thought of eating a piece of meat on my plate makes me nauseaus… I used to sneak and spit it on my napkin as a kid and slide it underneath the table to the dog. I am NOT a predator– I don’t have long, sharp teeth as predators do. I’m a vegetarian and my teeth and digestive tract proves it.

          • You need a bit more study. You may not have pointed teeth, however your body is more geared to being a meat eater than a rabbit. The fact that humans can survive on rabbit food, does not make you a rabbit. Ever notice your eyes’ location? The fact that you see in color? Own some of the sharpest eyesight in the animal kingdom? Sorry pal, your body was designed to be a hunter. You can chose to be a rabbit, but your body will hate you for making that poor decision.

            However, having said all that, it is your decision. Enjoy your salad.

            • You have teeth called “Canines”, which are used for cutting and tearing. You are a multivore. You are designed to tolerate many different food sources, including meat.

        • Survival is man’s greatest instinct. however, there is something more important than surivival even– a clear conscience.

        • Paleface… why on earth would you allow your survival to be controlled by some insurance company?? Take some responsibility for yourself and pony up the few bucks it would take to stock up on at least a years supply of your needed meds, then rotate them with your fresh monthly prescriptions. Get your doctor to write the needed prescriptions or maybe buy the meds on line from Canadian pharmacy. How can you read this blog site and NOT be medication prepared. Do it NOW! I can’t believe you need to be told this.

          • I may have enough HBP meds stored up to wean several people off their meds slowly…I won’t be needing them anymore, so I can help others with them now. That’s just as good a reason as any to save them.

        • This is actually a VERY GOOD and informative essay… when I posted previously, I was in hurry–library closing and posted too soon.. apologies. : (

        • If you use one inhaler a month, have the doc write prescription as if you are using one EACH month, then get one per month. Use one, stash one.
          If you don’t think the doc will do that, or don’t want to tell him what you are doing, then tell him you have been using the inhaler at rate of one per month and need a new prescription.

          Lie. And stash one per month. in a year time you will have another year worth. Just keep using the oldest every other month.

          • uh, recheck your math there, dude…there’s a two in there somewhere, I just feel it…

        • Paleface, I’ve read that these things are actually bad for your lungs and will make the situation worse in the long run (like most conventional, paid for drugs, etc). Better to find way to treat your condition naturally WHILE YOU CAN) before SHTF. You could research it on Internet, read books, etc. Good luck!

        • You should stock up on Ephedrine HCL, it’s original purpose is a bronchial dialator.

          • and it’s a controlled substance and even harder to get your hands on in the US.

        • Weak Lungs are a reflection of weak Kidneys. Do you have or have you ever had any issues with your kidney’s, your liver? Those two organs are probably the most important organs of the body; they act as Filters. When they get clogged with inflammation, with toxins, from poor food selection, they throw their load on to the lungs, to eliminate the build up. There are many natural remedies. A one day fast once a week can help. A diet consisting of 80% alkaline foods will improve those organs immeasurably. I know of many people, my girlfriend included who had to use a inhaler at one time or another, and she hasn’t needed one for many years, because of changes in here dietary regime.

        • You can probably buy more if you are willing to pay more. Check into it.

        • you should look into natural replacement for that inhaler, essential oils, vaporizer with vicks vapor rub and other oils, there are many other things you can do

        • ….I have moderate asthma and my prescription insurance will only allow me to buy 1 inhaler at a time. (go figure) So what do I do?
          – It is not a replacement for albuterol but caffeine will extend the effect and can be used to stretch out your supplies. For a long time Theophylline was used as a major component of asthma control. It basically metabolized to caffeine and gave a broncho-dilator effect. Caffeine is an alpha-adrenergic substance with beta-adrenergic effects. (Think adrenaline-but milder.)

        • Why would you let insurance be the reason you don’t have life saving medicine. I say this because I also have asthma and pay for my meds in cash. If the SHTF would you rather have a few hundred bucks or your meds?!?

        • What I do for my 95 year old neighbor when she runs out of inhalers or hits the Medicare Donut Hole is have a friend who lives in Tijuana buy them. No prescription needed same active ingredient as the US ones made by the same company Glaxo,Smith Kline. If you live along the border and have a Mexican friend who lives across the border you are covered. Otherwise maybe your doctor can get you some free samples that the sales reps drop off.

        • Pay for the 4 or 5 then simply rotate thru your cache making sure you keep filling your Rx as your insurance allows.

        • Paleface:
          I have had asthma since the 1960’s. Before the fancy inhalers I was given medication in pill form. Essentially, amphetamine s. Home remedies were very very strong coffee,breathing in the vapors of an onion, and never drinking a cold beverage constricts the airway.
          To get more inhalers these days one must be creative.ask a different type to try. Next appointment you tell the dr the old inhaler in conjunction with the new works perfectly. Then you have two types thus doubling your supply.
          Then you ask for the ” new ” regime adding say simbicort. Now you have three types, symbicort,being your main one because it stops the attack before it stops. Change it up as often as possible all the while gathering more supply.if your dr prescribes the inhalers no matter how many different kinds , the insurance company must fill it. Good luck!

          • Starts not stop it stops the attacks before they start. Der typing on my tablet and the auto correct is horrific

        • You should follow your own suggestion to get several inhalers. Use them in order of oldest first. Also, you should see whether over the counter medicine, and/or natural remedies, can help you for the lighter bouts before resorting to the inhaler.

        • Use insurance for your 1-per-month …. but use cash to buy extra ones to replace the ones “I lost at the bus stop.” Your insurance company might not cover them, but they are still available ….

        • Many ppl on meds will be SOL, that is the hand they are delt. Not something anyone can fix.

        • My wife had the same issue. We found an alternative solution. NAET. No more asthma, no more inhalers, no more prescription meds. She uses energy techniques (I know, I know, it sounds crazy; but it works) and essential oils.

        • Do what I do, refill prescrption asap, tell them you lost it.Do what it takes. Buy Asthmanefirin also, it’s OTC at walmart and Walgreens. Survive!!!

        • Pay out of pocket for an extra, call your insurance and challenge them ( you pay them, they work for you) explain that you need 2 at all times ( one at home , one at work, whatever), ask your MD ( they get samples), expiration dates s ( just like food) are recommendations so keep them beyond expiration

        • Pay out of pocket for an extra, call your insurance and challenge them ( you pay them, they work for you) explain that you need 2 at all times ( one at home , one at work, whatever), ask your MD ( they get samples), expiration dates s ( just like food) are recommendations so keep them beyond expiration

      2. You may not get a second wake up call.

      3. It seams like there is riots all over the globe. Im fairly young but would like to know if its always been like this or is it just recently becoming common?

        • Since the beginning of recorded history….

          • Remember this, If you watch TV, you made your first mistake, if you believe it, you have made your second, If you worry about it, you have just struck out. Go buy a dog, ask the dog what to worry about. As dogs are only some what smarter than people, remember they do worry about things you shouldn’t; and don’t chase cars.

            • We used to have a neighbor who owned a dog. The dog busted his head open one day because he was chasing a car and caught it. The car was parked at the time.

        • Abingdon, there have always been riots. However, it seems as if some riots are being influenced by outside forces. Venezuela and the Ukraine influenced by the Globalists. Thailand, I don’t know, yet. China has several riots every year. Russian riots influenced by the Globalists. Riots are frequently the beginnings of revolutions or civil wars. Libya, Egypt, Sudan etc.

          • If the “Globalists” are involved in Argentina, Venezuela, or Ukraine, it’s on the side of the Governments, not the rioters.

            Ukraine in particular is a case of Russian influence on the Ukraine PTB to keep within the Russian sphere, since a huge amount of Russian natural gas transits Ukraine on the way to Europe and the Med. The native Ukrainians want nothing to do with an imperialist power whose jackboot they felt for decades. Hence they are fighting back.

            • It appears that the riots in Ukraine produced just what?

              A ‘coalition” ,as stated by media worldwide,but the question remains to which power structure is Ukraine aligning itself with..E.U. or Russia?

              After all, these riots were “supposedly” all about that and nothing else….and now it’s off the wires worldwide after weeks of non stop coverage of the violence…

              Meanwhile,back in our “homeland’,…..quietly introduced..

              The Smartphone Theft Prevention Act..

              Sen. Barbara Mikulski, D-Md., tells U.S. News there’s no reason to fear legislation that would force cellphone makers to incorporate a “kill switch” in devices, allowing stolen or lost phones to be remotely disabled and wiped of personal information.

              And then there’s the FCC CIN proposal..

              Damn..these bastards waste no time to further strip our rights right before our eyes…


            • Old Coach, I respectfully disagree. The globalists want to take the gas business from Russia and take it for themselves. This would put Russia in a real bad way economically. This would also give NATO the ability to put anti-missile systems right on the Russian doorstep.

              • Yep. This is western/NWO backed…nothing else needs to be said for us to oppose it. The NWO MUST FAIL at everything they try.

              • To my understanding, Russia is the producer if the gas. Ukraine is simply where the pipe lines run. This whole Nato this/that thing..meh. Russia will simply need to build a new transport system if the Ukraine lines became unavailable. It`s not like the European market would simply vanish as they can`t supply themselves. Those of us in the prepper/survivalist/related mentalities need to stop getting caught up in in the buzz words and slogans. Been noticing them thrown around a lot lately. Nwo..ptp..zionist.., fill in the blank. I`m sure we are familiar with them. I think we need to focus more on the basics. Relationships,what is right and wrong,and ideally, our relationship with our Lord.
                Talk and rageing against the shadowy Nwo,new age movement..pick your big bad guy. What excatly are you getting done to change it ? Educate. excellent.Now what ? You have to do more.Stockpiling goods wil not change anything.I have x amount of amo..ok.. for what purpose ?
                We all die, the Bible talks about what do you gain if you have it all yet lose your soul. Well, I don`t have it all because I don`t have this or that. You know, to some people food and a shelter is having it all. I`d like to think part of our soul is our character..who we are.Have you compromised who you are ? Sold yourself out for something easier ? Something *sure* ? As the old saying goes… death and taxes are the only sure things in life.
                As I have said before, we Must think through our actions, and of those around us. There is a time,place and many ways to fight. And fight you Must do if you are going to get change. Hiding in your safe house/bunker with your piles of rice and beans,well, you are letting the other side dictate your future.If you are ok with that, cower on. Not saying run to the first loud noise,but do decide what you will do, and what/or if you will be willing to make a fight for what you value.
                I`m not saying don`t prepare. But I am saying while you prepare, you must define your personal values,and when and how you are going to actively tell the current unlawful systems in place to take a hike.
                You want to get rid of the big Shadowy groups ? Then figure out how you will start changing people around you as well as the laws/lack of accountability so many agencies are getting away with.
                Sorry for the random rant, but the simple two line rah rahs I`ve been seeing here..there is so much more involved. Just because you see news here or other similar sites doesn`t mean there isn`t more behind the story, orthat there are other reasons for said story. So much of what goes on has to do with money. trade involves money. Always has. And who ever does more trade has more money, and at times more power. Just the way it is. It can be good or bad, just depends on the person at the top. Doesn`t make it a conspiracy. If everyone wants what you have,well, you are set to make deals.

              • Maudy, I’d suggest that it’s vain to assume that the Russian oil oligarchs are not part of the so-called New World Order.

                I also suggest that the NWO isn’t some monolithic conspiracy the exalt the rich and tread upon the poor. The rich have always done that, and will always do it until the end of time. And they fight amongst themselves to gain hegemony over each other. These Bilderberg conferences for example are more about ratifying who got the upper hand over whom in the last year than anything else. The only thing “New” about Bush’s NWO was that the Soviet bloc had crumbled and a new arrangement of power-sharing was emerging.

                • I wish that was all there is to it. You should do a little more digging OC. There really is more to it than that.

                  • OC, you make the worlds richest people, getting together with the world leaders to plan for the future of the world, sound so mundane, you must be vying for a news reporter spot on MSNBC.

            • Forget the Globalists, The riots in Arg and Vz are not caused by anyone outside of the country. Socialism and crookedness are the problems and they are VerY real. Vz has a tremendous wealth of oil etc, it’s allmost all stolen by the 500 families, the poor are bribed by the gov, meanwhile the middle class can’t even find TP or rice to live on, Same story different details in Arg and the Ukr. Ukraine does have some outside influence because of O&G pipelines and it’s position as grain producer for Russia Look at Zero Hedge Map of Uk yesterday. Arg was the richest place in SA in 1940, Peron destroyed it.

              • Only on a prepper site will you see someone say to forget the NWO (globalists).

                • I don’t want to stop at forgetting the NWO, I want them destroyed. Obliterated, never to return. THAT thought makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.

                  • I agree sixpack. I have heard people saying they are starting to start small militia groups in their cities or starting to figure out what to do and make plans. They can scan and track all we say, there are simply too many of us for them to track all of us. they would have to go after the biggest groups that they could. Glad we are not in LA or NY when things go. I feel sorry for those people with the gangs and liberal traitor gun bans.

                  • The NWO is just a bunch of Incredibly rich guys that want to be more rich. If they had any real smarts they would forget the deal and enjoy what they have. No possible way to destroy them. You just get another bunch. Only solution is the occasional French method.

                  • And how long did the “French Method” gain the people freedom from dictatorship?

                    Not that I’m opposed to watering the tree when necessary, but would we ever get back what our Founding Fathers gave us?

        • There have always been riots, and rebellions, the last 100 years saw the most, and most deadly ones controlled by marxists. The spike we are seeing, is because people are waking up and tiring of the lies.

          I would’nt worry too much about here, though. Most Amerikans are will fully ignorant, and will believe msm, even when the lies become blatantly obvious.

          As for seeing nature take over, I’ve seen people go into various modes, fight or flight, violence, emergency aid, seemingly without thinking, while other people stood there, terrified into immobility.

          I highly recommend Selco’s course, it is worth every penny. His lessons are important.

          Also, I highly recommend the “Conflicted” card decks, they pose questions most of us never even consider. Also worth every penny.

        • @Abigdon. I saw a movie when I was 8 years old and it changed my life. Unfortunately, I think these events have no place in our world … as the population grows. Theft, rape, pedophilia, homosexuality and murder are the product of close and redundant.

          Ratopolis. Here is the synopsys.
          A study of the wily brown rat, humankind’s unwanted companion throughout the world, whose bite on the world’s food resources adds to the growing threat of shortage. In a normal, free-ranging environment, the rat is more than a match for its hosts and colonies flourish. Under abnormal conditions of restricted space and limited food, a rat colony loses all ‘social’ constraints on behaviour. The film has implicit analogies for all animal behaviour, including humanity’s. Plagues, predators and extermination attempts are among the topics discussed.

          • Cursed Keybaord! I mean:
            @Abingdon.I saw a movie when I was 8 years old and it changed my life. Unfortunately, I think that these events take more place in our world … as soon as the population increases. Theft, rape, pedophilia, homosexuality and murder are the product of close and overcrowding.

            Ratopolis. Here is the synopsys.
            A study of the wily brown rat, humankind’s unwanted companion throughout the world, whose bite on the world’s food resources adds to the growing threat of shortage. In a normal, free-ranging environment, the rat is more than a match for its hosts and colonies flourish. Under abnormal conditions of restricted space and limited food, a rat colony loses all ‘social’ constraints on behaviour. The film has implicit analogies for all animal behaviour, including humanity’s. Plagues, predators and extermination attempts are among the topics discussed.

        • Abington, Yes, my brother and I were just saying how it seems like violence is occurring everywhere! I don’t remember it ever being like this before! My brother is 55 and I am close to his age.

      4. People are not rational when SHTF. Evil deeds are done. Man’s inhumanity towards their fellow Man happens. It’s the ‘Law of the Land’. It’s survival of the fittest. Thus, when those days get closer and closer, time to live a quiet life and go into survival mode. Good article with wisdom from experience….

        • When SHTF, it will most certainly be survival of the fittest. So if we give up our 2nd amendment, how would we be protected by criminals and gangs? I have been assaulted by gangs at the threat of my life, beat up, and attacked. I’ve had my property (car) destroyed with bars and bats and my jaw broken…all for stopping at a red light in the downtown part of a large US city on police patrolled (protected) pavement. I was the unwilling recipient of a latino gang initiation.

          Had I had a gun, I would have shot everyone of the perpetrators who attacked (life threatening) and would have been justified in doing so. Since then, I carry. And I won’t hesitate if and when it happens again.

          Anti crime laws didn’t stop them then, nor will all the laws by congress do so in the future. Laws don’t apply to criminals in a good times much less when SHTF.

          • There has been a change, It should now read: “The survival of the smartest.” Used to be you could out fight your bad guy, if your sword arm was good, or out run him, now you must out think him, out prep him. Lucky for us; “Him” is real stupid.

            • Furthermore to your point, the reason they want to abolish the 2nd amendment is that the simple AR15 is a force multiplier that evens the odds if the revolution (restoration) is executed correctly. Can’t have that now, can they!

        • I took his course… It is good and blending in and stayimg out of the spot light is the way to go. Many folks here have ben “overseas”… you know exactly what I am talking about. Bravado gets you dead. Also have a team…. a good well trained team…. and take his course… it has some good insite PRAY, PLAN, PREP, FORM TEAMS.

          • Did my red thumber at the troll booth have today off?

            • Sorry gun, I just couldn’t resist. I’ve never done it to you before. But since I always get one, didn’t want you to get off scott free. Trekker Out. LOL

          • To this day I spread all my money around all my pockets. Just a habit I picked up over in S.E.Asia and have never stopped doing it.

            • I put my wallet right under my 1911. Ya gotta get past one to get to the other…

      5. I like Selco’s articles.

        • “Nature; red in tooth and claw”

      6. How will it be? We all know, what’s coming or what could come is worse than any of us could ever imagine.

        It does not matter, we must fight to save liberty, our own individual freedom is more important than anything at this point.

        Don’t get me wrong here. God is there, but I believe he designed us to make our own decisions, it is up to us too make this world work.

        I fear no situation this world may have, I’m anchored in God and fear nothing in this world.

        • Those of us around here that fish the ocean have a saying “You enter the salt, you enter the food chain”. Nature doesn’t have feelings, nature is a force. When nature is controlling behavior, you have entered the food chain.

          Those monkeys may be eating that gazelle but there’s something out there that will eat those monkeys.

      7. Look how he just sits there while Michelle eats…

        • And at one point he picks his butt…

      8. Does anyone know what planetary devastation is? Check it out. Its pretty scary.

        • Japanese cartoons REALLY!

          • Yeah. I test people’s stupidity here. Many times, I wrote that planetary devastation was this scary thing. I got many thumbs up. People actually believed me. I even told them to google it.

            This is how easy it is to fool people here. They believe everything. Pretty sad. Especially when they believe this Japanese cartoon is something real……lol. It proves that many Americans, even the so called “awake” people here, believe anything you say if it sounds scary.

            • Getting green thumbs from your fellow trolls is no great accomplishment.

              • The fact that many people here believe anything someone else is already an accomplishment in the American world. LOL

            • brahaha,
              Sounds like you are the fool as there have been several events volcanos, asteroid strikes that did just what you made a joke about. Maybe you are the dumb ass, dumb ass.

      9. Poor gazelle was alive when being eaten…

          • Something strange happened here on the site, it jumped from 17 comments to 37 in seconds with different time frames?

            • They likely approved several comments at once.

            • Eppe,
              MSM reported this morning (2-22) that 3 arrested by FBI for planing attacks against TSA DHS ,
              Seems NSA data mining was used in chat rooms. EVERTHING is being monitored now, take Selco’s advice to heart, here in cyberspace and meat space.
              Something is on the verge of happening soon , some of the less free states are doubling down on the anti 2 admendment law passages , in my state there is a supreme court ruling pending on on concealed carry. Our state legislature has reintroduced ALL of the vetoed bills back into the state senate and assembly ( 72 at this point including home inspection by the NJSP) and they will be put back on the Governers desk for signing using the blackmail of bridge gate . These new statutes will make it impossible to possess firearms in NJ.
              The Main anti 2 agitator is bringing the Newtown family’s. Back for a press conference next week to force the issue , this idiot does not even live in NJ and is granted UNLIMITED access to the NJ senate he avoids the lobbying rules by saying his organization is faith based ” heeding Gods Call” this individual is a dispicable unrepentant marxist who considers all gun owners domestic terrorists and has stated in record that on the floor of the New Jersey Senate to applause.
              Pro gun organizations are ignored and not permitted to speak at public comment meetings.
              So much for the constitutional right to address greviences.
              NJ is going the way of a Marxist Leninist state in the last election an attempt was made to remove the sponsors of these bills only 13 % of the ELIGIBLE voters voted if ALL 1 million firearm ID holders voted we could have changed the outcome of the election.
              What do you expect of a state that declares firearms illegal ( you can only possess through narrow defined vague exemptions) And has no second admendment in its charter ( yes charter , the constitution was never accepted by this state it was and is a Tory state ). Corruption of the political leadership and legal system is epic we who live here know what it’s like to have no voice .
              If passed these laws will have no grace period the will be in effect immediately.
              This governor has inspirations of national office you can see where the future leads.
              Do not let this happen in your own state .


              NJ will become the first Communist Police State in the new USSA.

              Time is short make your peace and prepare.




              Semper Fi 8541

              • Night Breaker, sorry to hear of that situation. I would be looking for any way possible to get out of NJ ASAP.

              • Jersey has always been a mess. Even back in 1970 it was illegal to transport a firearm though their sacred state. They ever hear about interstate highways that pass through other states?

              • This is what happens to people who do not vote.

                This is what happens to people who think their shotgun is exempt.

                This is what happens to people who let other people think for them.

                Get involved and vote !

        • “Poor gazelle was alive when being eaten…”

          Yes, and there are people – nominal human beings – who are every bit that brutal and heartless. They aren’t characters in some zombie movie – they are lurking in urban areas right now. Their existence is hidden by the media and the politicians. They roam in packs preying on those of us who believe in living as civilized men and women. They scoff at the idea. They attack and laugh and video the attack to brag on their cruelty. Their friends applaud their creative cruelty and devise ways to top that with even greater cruelty.

          Remember that scene of the gazelle being eaten alive by the apes. Picture that little gazelle as you or your loved one, and the ape as the nominal human predators among us. It is a lesson we should all become very well aware of.

          • Scary thought, but you are dead on…

            • As was Mac for putting in with Selco’s lesson…That is unless Selco put it in… In either case the message is clear…

              A reality that many/most will not be able to cope with…and that is even more frightening when it comes to security…

              Imagine …a member of your “team” witnessing something horrid and they fall apart and start crying, much like a baby, and screaming uncontrollably…what do you do?

              Nice catch Colonel

          • I’ve never seen an animal attack with such viciousness and sadism…had I been the camerman, I would’ve shot the damn ape and then put the gazelle out of it’s misery. Most animals make the kill fairly quickly. This one seemed to go to great lengths to prolong the suffering. Like I said—one dead ape. I couldn’t even watch more than a few seconds. That wasn’t “nature”, that was something else. Something like an ape returned to the wild after imprisonment in a lab, or something.

        • So much for the myth that predators kill their prey quickly. Human predators derive pleasure out of their victim’s suffering. Let that burn in real deep.

          • Boy, I wouldn’t say that in the presence of any real deer hunters if’n I were you. Ethics. Figure it out.

      10. Don’t worry, I am pretty sure that Obama will take care of the riots. Just don’t worry.

        • BI, you were correct on the spots of earthquakes to hit from yesterday….

          • @ eppe. Someone above is using my name when they should be choosing their own. I would rather them take credit for a good comment or bad comment. If someone was using the name eppe that wasn’t you, or anyone else on the site it takes away from whom you really are on the site. That is why I have politely asked that this person choose another name. Maybe they would like a name like Well informed or something.

            Besides I don’t call obummer obama, I call him BO. I have long since given up calling him anything but obummer, BO, or something more fitting to someone that has made the word president akin to the word treason and impeachment.

            • Might want to change that to Psychobama–more appropriate.

              • @ JayJay. I don’t mind if someone wants to use a similar screen name to what I use. I just want people to know when I post a comment that it is actually me doing the posting. I am sure you and others would not want someone using your name and it was not you. Hijacking JayJay would not be cool by someone else.

        • This is NOT me. I have been using this name on this site for almost 2 years. Please use another name as I am sure you can choose one more fitting to yourself.

          • BI, whoever is posting under your name should stop. if they can’t come up with their own name they really are a lost cause.

            • Why does this site allow postings from duplicate screen names. Pretty sloppy way of doing business.

      11. It seams like there is riots all over the globe. Im fairly young but would like to know if its always been like this or is it just recently becoming common?

        • Abingdon,
          There is an old folk song from the sixties, the Merry Minuet. It goes

          They’re rioting in Africa
          They’re starving in Spain
          There’s hurricanes in Florida
          and Texas needs rain

          The whole world is festering
          with unhappy souls
          The French hate the Germans
          The Germans hate the Poles…

          It was done by the Kingston Trio and it is a very cheerful song that easily illustrates that things haven’t changed very much in the last fifty years.

          However, I do think there is more unrest in the last few years than there has been in the recent past. The world is preparing for collapse and the US is exporting its unrest to other countries. It is unlikely that this will be able to continue and it will eventually arrive here. That is why we prepare.

          History shows that humans go through frequent episodes of hysteria punctuated by infrequent eras of calm. It’s just the way it is. There is no land area in the entire planet that hasn’t been touched by this sometime in history.

          • I rather think that was Tom Lehrer. It goes on…
            “The Flemish hate the Walloons
            the Walloons hate the Dutch.
            And I don’t like anybody very much”

            • Old Coach,
              Yes, I think Tom Lehrer did a version too. I didn’t want to copy the entire song since it was so lengthy. I came across it on youtube a few years ago and I was amazed at how much of the song is still current. Plus the tune is one that sticks in the mind after hearing it.

              • Tom wrote it. If the Kingston Trio did it, they were just covering.

      12. I’d have popped the baboon anyway for the hell of it, don’t like monkey that’s half wolf.

        • Gotta agree…smart with big teeth is a bad combo. Could pose a threat to the naked ape.

          • If one of those baboons came around me, I’d have to give it some 00 buck.

      13. I will for better or (probably)worse be out when it happens.I will see folks who need help and or a govt. that has turned violently on it’s people and as have said before fighting back must be immediate,many will sit back and watch how things play out,at that point oppression wins from the start,pretty much say fuck it and do best I can,that does not involve laying back,probably does though involve my demise,so be it.

        • “I the LORD have called thee in righteousness, and will hold thine hand, and will keep thee, and give thee for a covenant of the people, for a light of the Gentiles; To open the blind eyes, to bring out the prisoners from the prison, and them that sit in darkness out of the prison house. Isaiah 42:6-7 (KJV)

        • I agree, but one issue, When the Big chunks hit the fan; there is no point being out in it. You cannot do much and if you stay away they just hit the ground and don’t do damage. Later you can help. First job of revolutionary or rescuer is not to just be a casualty.

          • Anyone who tries to get through something like that with only themselves or one other person to share the duties is not going to make it. Even a small house has four sides and numerous entry points plus we all have to sleep sometime.

      14. Payback for Eppe:
        Good Signs……..
        No we don’t have wifi…talk to each other!

        Push, if that doesn’t work
        Pull, if that doesn’t work
        We must be closed!!

        Pull your pants up or don’t come in.
        Try to have some decency and respect for others.
        No one wants to see your underwear.
        Does NOT apply to children under 3.

        This business guarded by shotgun 3 nights a week.
        You guess which 3!!

        No senior citizen discounts–you have had twice the time to get the money.

        • Agreed, Payback???

      15. I plan on laying quite low when the SHTF when the economy collapses,Would rather avoid crazy nuts looting through everything. However if there are certain forces putting people in camps,executing people,Forcing RFID chips then I will be going out on a hunt. Scares the f**k out of me knowing what undoubtedly is going to come. Lets stay strong

        • Joe,glad to see you willing to go out and fight if circumstances end up as you point out.While not trying to be cannon fodder believe from the get go gangs exterminating people whether govt. or otherwise must be fought back immediately or they build a momentum and their victim count rises.

      16. There will be plenty of people sitting home eating popcorn and watching their world fall apart on TV. It won’t become real to them until it kicks in their front door.
        They can forget about a run to the convenience store for milk and cookies.

        • Better to stock up on good movies and have an arsenal of milk and cookies so you can keep the door shut, your head low, and your powder dry.

          • Assuming the power will be on is a cop out.

          • I would expect that by the end of the first week door to door operations by the authorities will have everyone in a FEMA camp or dead.

      17. In the US, riots will include large numbers of street gangs. In Chicago, pretty much every riot I’m aware of, included street gang members taking advantage of a crisis. Street gangs are now in most working class suburbs and rural areas nationwide. If there’s drugs, there’s gangs.

        • Chaos will reign in the Inner City of most Major cities. Particularly in the Northeast and on the West Coast where no one knows their neighbor, except maybe their next door neighbor.

          Knowing this, is it any wonder that DHS is arming up? Not to me. 🙁

          • Well said, DK.

        • I have often felt that these gang bangers are the people Obama was talking about joining up when he mentioned his National Police force. Perhaps that is also where all the ammo that has been bought will be going. Getting paranoid.

      18. awesome report .

        its very sobering pondering this report … an realizing just how close we all are , just one step and three missed meals in a row from the savage ruthless predatory streets of zog amerika .

        buy long term storage food , harden your homes to/from intruders , buy a gun that holds more than 12 rounds with 6 extra mags and extra mags stowed away as replacements .

        * for just prep starters , i suggest a .22 semi-auto pistol w/ 6 10 round mags and ruger 10/22 rifle w/ 6 20 round with steel lips mags combo as a first purchase and a 1000 rounds of .22 stingers .

        a .22 bullet will kill a full grown deer , hog and man in one shot if placed correctly on target .

        then get a rem 870 shotgun .


        • You think you can kill deer with a .22? Yes, if you can hit a nickel at the necessary range. You think you can hit a nickel at, say, 40 yards with a 10/22? Dream on. Been there, tried that, sold the bloody thing in favor of a real shotgun.

          • Old Coach,
            I would not say that too quickly. I know plenty of people who took deer with a .22lr. It was because they had to.
            That being said, I would take my old .303 long before I was desperate enough to try the old Marlin. If you can afford a 10/22 you can afford an sks. .30 cal trumps .22 anytime of day. But then up here a case of 1200 7.62 39 rounds is still running $199. Don’t care that it’s corrosive, don’t care that it’s cheap. I was 15 before I ever used anything but old surplus FMJ (Grandpa’s from 1944), thought that the fancy lead rounds were for uppity hunters.
            As for shotguns don’t know very much about them. I did figure that if police agencies use 870s then they must be hardy and foolproof. Many officers I have known had green cartridges.
            Good to hear your thoughts though.

            • SCTV, I’ve had cousins who killed deer with a .22lr for the same reason you mentioned. And yes it is possible. too many people underestimate the .22LR round and become shocked when they find out what it can really do. While it is better to have something heavier, .22LR will do if it’s all you have. there are cemetaries everywhere with people buried who were shot by a .22LR. John Hinckley used a .22LR in his assassination attempt on President Reagan. .22LR was also used for assassinations in Vietnam.

              • You don’t have to kill them, just make them real unhappy and unable to continue what they were doing. Then their friends also are stuck taking care of them.

            • A real hunter who can get up close and personal can take a deer with the .22LR. Those guys also can take a deer with a bloody spear. Thing is, 99.44% of the keyboard commandos here and everywhere else on the web couldn’t get within the same township as a deer, and yet they swear they’ll kill one with one shot.

              Every spring when I lived in Michigan we’d find 2 or 3 deer carcasses in the brush somewhere on the farm, almost always wounded by a bowhunter, but sometimes by a rube with a 12 gauge. Not hurt badly enough that they couldn’t run like hell, but too badly to live more than a few hours. I’d rather those goons had used a .22 – that way the deer would hardly know they’d been shot.

          • YES coach, I CAN hit a nickle with my 10/22 and probably out to 75 yards…

            • Haw! Lessee you do it on the first shot from a cold barrel on a moving target.

            • I might be able to but for sure my Wife could do that too.
              Never tried a nickle.

          • Poachers love the .22 for deer, it’s quiet enough, and sounds like plinking, where a centerfire shot would alert folks.

            They’ll hit the deer 10-15 times in the chest cavity with .22 rounds, then follow it for 300 or 400 yards. That’s how long it takes for the lungs to fill with blood and kill the deer. Sometimes they get a big vessel or the heart and it takes even less time.

            You don’t have to be a good shot to do this, just one who can consistently and quickly hit a salad plate at about 50 yards.

          • Sorry ole boy but you aint been there done that or youd be thinking differently…Ive killed (hundreds?) of deer and the lions share were with an old Savage single shot .22 usually one shot in the eyeball or through the heart…they dont go far if at all…and if I couldnt hit a deer in the eyeball at 100 yards with the 10/22 Id have to quit…but I can with no real effort as many others can…so with respect just cause you cant doesnt have a thing to do with it being done 🙂

        • seriously ???

          if you don’t have a .22 gun or rifle get one and a couple of thousand rounds … like a golfer with a bag full of differing clubs for different shots on the golf course , you want to have a assortment of guns and rifles for different killing jobs .

          you don’t hunt shoot small game a squirrel gofer rat cat bird with a .308 and expect to be able to eat it … as it will disintegrate before your eyes in a bloody cloud of red .

          a .22 and a .223 / 5.56 only differ really in speed of velocity .

          as a very cheap starter gun for preps self defense the .22 is perfect for most shtf scenario’s .


          if you know how to properly hunt stalk a deer YOU WILL GET WITHING 30 YARDS OF YOUR PREY TO KILL IT … a .22 will drop it .

          .22 dum dum sub-sonic SILENT rounds are still the choice of assassins for up close killing .

          so trash the .22 all you want .


          YOUR IGNORANCE IS MY GAIN … just leaves it still as a cheaper alternative first gun and able to stock up on ammo in the 1000’s cheaper for us ‘in the know’ .

          think about it … your bugged in and surrounded by hungry looters . it smarter to warn them away , keep them at bay at a 100-150 yards with a few cheap .22 round down range than a expensive .223 / 5.56 .

          you save the .223 / 5.56 for when they assault threaten your life family home for real come within your kill zones with intent on murdering you .

          n.o. ;0p pssszzt

          • NO ,
            Good common sense info , this is why a .22 ruger auto is included in every AF pilots survival ejection seat kit. 22 stingers in a revolver pack as much muzzle velocity as a light loaded .380 at close range.
            Though not a man stopper ease of pointing and rapid accurate fire can make up for that as you have stated no one wants to get shot without modern trama care.
            As a small game getter you can at least eat what you can shoot. A .22 S&W 617 4″ is accurate enough for this purpose and holds 10 rounds.
            In a partial SHTF scenario emergency evac. ( goblins are going house to house door kickin ) being concealable has it’s advantages in an E and E envronment less likely to attract attention say as carrying an m4.

            Use the .22 to conserve ammo for your main defensive handgun.
            In an E and E scenario the main objective is to escape and avoid Not be involved in an extended firefight with superior forces , have a plan to get to friendly forces / locations this is where speed and decisiveness can mean the difference between life and death or worse. Do not be the Gazelle.

            First choice would be a MBR but some situations may preclude this option , a small pack (up to 2000 ci less than 35 lbs, yes it can be done) with survival essentials and a concealable self defense items do not attract as much attention . Let’s face it bugging out is the last option when it gets this bad everything has turned to S**t and you have no other choice.

            Selco has the most likely scenario information that will pertain to the coming festivities. A slow collapse that accelerates at the end when TPTB pull out all the stops to preserve their privileged way of life. I sincerely believe TPTB would kill us all if they had the opportunity to get away with it.



            Semper Fi 8541

          • N.O. — Iron in your words, my friend

            Praise of the mighty .22lr by me could go on forever,
            a legacy in the north country, and revered by realists
            everywhere. A barn wouldn’t hold all the meat the .22
            has killed for our family over the years. Accomplished
            hunters (poachers) and shooters they are.

            One quick anecdote: An old friend gave me his Colt .22
            Woodsmen pistol before he died. He was stationed after
            WW1 in Africa, carried that Colt everywhere. Walking
            the shore, a lion forced him into the water, one shot
            through the eye into the brain pole-axed that cat like
            a lightning bolt. Ballsy move on his part.

            My cousin borrowed that gun to go shooting rats at the
            old dump. He holstered the gun with the safety off.
            The bullet entered his thigh, came out by his knee,
            reentered his calf and exited at the ankle into the
            sand. He still has that slug as a reminder of what
            a ‘peashooter .22’ can do……

          • as you told me a long time ago. the right tool for the right job. and the .22 is just one of those.

            • The Ruger 10/22 with the Black Resin Stock and the stainless steel metal parts is nice. It can take a lot more abuse as can the Mini 14 that is made like that.

          • Ah, yep…. Worked 30+ years inside a courtroom court reporting every kind of case known to man and I assure you the .22 bullet was the “murderer” in by far the majority of cases. It penetrates very easily and unless it passes through it will hit a bone and then just bounce around inside using up its energy tearing everything apart… a truly ugly way to go but it is deadly. I was just thinking of the youtube I saw re some dude firing a .22 at a 3/4″ thick piece of plywood I believe from 75 or 100 yards away and it punctured it. If it will do that it will puncture most anything not protected. I like my .22 but she’s not the purtiest thing on the block…. lol… dj

            • DJDOG, NinaO, OutWest, and Eeder, as I said, people become shocked when they find out what the .22LR can REALLY do. I challenge any naysayer out there to get shot with one in the face or the gut and see what kind of day you have. YOU WILL NEED MEDICAL ATTANTION, NO QUESTION ABOUT IT. Google “Ronald Reagan Assassination Attempt” at Wikipedia. Very interesting story. Remember the “Saturday Night Special”? That’s what John Hinckley used on President Reagan in .22LR. Link to follow.

          • Thank You Gentlemen and Ladies for the responses to my post ;0) .

            made me smile some and gives me hope to the future .


            n.o. ;0p

      19. Most people will not know what hit them until it is to late. They are to wrapped up in the TV, Bars, trying to out do his/her neighbor, drugs, and the biggest killer is laziness.
        So while they are to busy to prepare and think nothing can happen this is the UNITED STATES!!!!!.WRONG!!!!!They will be like that poor little gazelle.
        There will be a day of reckoning. A lot of people have turned our backs on morality, good laws, but most of all a lot people have turned their backs to GOD ALMIGHTY. That day of reckoning is right around the corner for the SHTF. In what form it comes in, I don’t know. All I know I’m getting ready for it, what ever it is!!!!
        Don’t be like that gazelle please get right with Your God, In Your way. Please, Please Prepare.
        Rev. N.REB is done preaching now please turn your song books to —— BOW YOUR HEADS—–
        LET US SING——-
        S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

        • N.R.
          Let us sing
          A2- Amazing Grace Then #345- Dixie!

      20. To the baboon it was just lunch. The gazelle was just to young to fear. It’s just the food chain and humans are at the top of the food chain. Mans inhumanity to man however is not part of the food chain.

        I can guarantee this though, if you have to witness mans inhumanity to man; the sights, sounds and smell will be with you for the rest of your life. As repulsive as the video is to many, it was just lunch. Let us all pray our leaders can stop themselves before it’s to late. Remember this, wars are fought by less then 2% of the population, everyone else is either a casualty or a survivor. Which will you be???

      21. People call me crazy for my prepping. It is what it is. If something happens I will be the one who survives longer, if nothing happens, so be it. It’s not like I lost anything. I have extra ammo for the range and food stored for whatever I may need it for. This gives me peace of mind.

      22. Hello all can someone suggest me a good site for deals on MREs?

        • Go with canned food that you eat already, cheaper and last longer…
          And a manual can opener…

          • Double plus on that. MREs are an expensive waste of resources, unless you plan to carry your whole food supply on your back. And if you’re doing that, your planning sucked to begin with.

            • Many MRE’s are loaded with sodium. Not only is this not too healthy, but an increase in sodium beyond what you need means that you will need more water to help dilute the excess sodium.

              • THAT was not something I was aware of. But an awfully good point.

        • Teen: If you are just starting out, congratulations, there is a lot to learn, and this site is a great place to start.
          Just do not try to do everything all at once, your brain will explode. Start with researching as much as you can with all the different sites to the left of the comments.
          It is intimidating to start, so just work on the essentials, water, food, security, etc. You will see what I mean once you get into this, but do NOT you be afraid to ask questions, most here are old pros, and we relish helping out anyone willing to take that first step. Which is the biggest step…

        • Teen: Are your parents on board with your decision to prep?

        • Agreed MRE’s are to expensive and over rated ,there are a lot of web sites and videos on food preps ,take advantage of others wisdom ,when i started it was just stabbing in the dark there wasent much out there and i bought a lot of usless stuff ,having said that anything is better than nothing ,time waits for no one ,dont procratinate ,if you are going to go with canned goods there is a web page out there that gives you the shelf life of said products buy the stuff with longest shelf life ie. spam ,hormel chilli,dinty moore that have a indefinate shelf life as long as the integrity of the can ,i would start with dry goods 100 pds of rice will cost you around $45 rice yeild 10 servings per lb. so for $45 you can eat 3 times a day for a year ,100 lbs of beans are about $60 with the same yeild per lb. you get the point ,for a small amount of money you can get a good leg up on it ,part way into my preppnig i found a LDS cannery about 75mi from my house ,and was able to put things in high gear because of the cheap prices

          • Would just add one thought on the beans. Whatever bean you store over time they will be hard, as in not soften when you cook them. Trust me, it doesn’t matter how long you presoak them or cook them they will stay hard. Just the nature of the beast. To soften them up add a little baking soda to the beans when they start to cook and more as the cooking continues. This will soften the beans and make it more palatable.

            • If you use a pressure cooker with the beans, they will be soft and cooked perfectly within 2 hours.

          • Just be sure the rice and beans are in rodent proof storage, can w/good lids or glass canning jars. OR your room/home will attract mice and that’s a problem and then your folks will get mad and….well, you know. Rodent proof your stash. Slow and steady gets you ready.

        • MRE’s are one of the most unhealthy meals that you can put in your body. A few for emergency might be good.

          Lots of other options to eat better…a clear mind and a healthy body are your best assets.

          • My GHB, BOB, is filled with viennas, crackers, peanut butter, pop tarts, dried fruit, spam, get the picture.
            No MREs–Meals Rejected by Ethiopia!! 🙂

            • Pop Tarts!!! Yummy.

        • Go with LRP rations. Try The Freeze Dry Guy. Just google it.

          • Also the light weight back packing sites are a wealth of information for on the trail food ,
            Can goods , lipton side dishes spam, tuna and chicken in Mylar pouches hae a reasonable shelf life. There are many resources for information . Ask questions , read .

            MRE’s are a poor choice they are not really long term storage and they are not designed for long term use ( Meals Refusing To Exit) they tend to bind you up horribly.when I was in (USMC ) we relied on in my unit LRRP rations which were freeze dried meals , do not think they are aviable on the civilian market. But they can be copied with common available items to make your own.
            Pack what you eat and eat what you pack. Always choose the longest dates and rotate the items every 6 months or till date expires , you can use the rotated items for lunches .

            Semper Fi 8541

        • T
          Cheaper than Dirt.
          I would go with Wise Mountain House or something like that. Do it today for tomorrow might not come the way you want it to.

        • whoa, whoa, whoa, mres are fine for the bug out bag but long run, more conventional foods are better.

        • Teen Prepper, welcome aboard. the MREs are loaded with sodium and taste awful. Get canned goods plus aboput 3 or 4 good quality manual can operners. I would also invest in a campstove, something like a Coleman propane-powered cookstove for warming up canned goods and be sure to have some good cookware, pots and pans, etc. plus forks, knives, and spoons. Extra propane for the Coleman stove.

        • MRE’S are good to take on a fishing trip or campout. That’s what they were designed for. For long term they are not preper stuff. I admit I have six cases in the closet. For cheap, and information on food look to the Mormon site, and Grandpappy’s Hard times survival; Guy named Robert Wayne Atkins. He has a list of stuff for a year for about $500. MRE’s you get about 6-8 weeks.

        • GOOGLE it. Just beware that many of the resell sites have expire dates that are closer and many off brand MREs are not real good. Most of the Military ones are not too bad. My wifes parents used to visit in their motor home and they had meals that looked like TV dinners only they required no refrigeration and they tasted like fresh made. Her mom cannot remember where they got them or what the brand was. Truly a tragedy as they would be very tasty to live on unlike most of the freeze dried and other stuff.

      23. Search the web for gang signs and symbols. There are so many, it’ll make you puke. My local police saw a swastika and kk graffiti on a garage and thought it was from “white supremists”. I had to point out to them it was really Maniac Latin Disciples. The founder of the gang was a Puerto Rican with the nickname “Hitler”. He died. So everytime the gang members graffiti something they put a swastika in his memory. The letters kk, stand for king killers. They are always at war with the Latin Kings street gang. You often see a pitchfork symbol in gang graffiti. Most gangs are associated with either the “Folk” or the “People”. Pitchfork pointing up is the Folk. Pitchfork pointing down is the People.

        • Funny thing about that, if the gangs unified, we the ‘normals’ could be in real trouble…
          And they are out in the suburbs now, maybe the normals need to gang up…
          Yall know what I mean???
          We are not dumb here…

          • If the gangs unify, that will make it easier. We’ll just have one bunch to deal with, not sixteen groups.

            They won’t last long, about two weeks.

          • They have little kids both male and female in the gangs and they are just as nasty as the older ones. Little kid can get inside you safe zone just like a pregnant woman with a kid in tow could. Something to think about.

        • Hell, bud, you need to fricking move..S**t!!

          • They’re every where. Farmers hired “cheap labor”. Land scapers, warehouses, etc. They didn’t consider the “cheap labor” would have kids. The drug cartels are in this country and they couldn’t exist without the social infrastructure of the illegal immigrant community.

            • Maudy

              I worked for a landscaper who learned his trade
              in Chicago.
              The most used tool of the trade was the short
              shovel with the metal straps up the handle for
              brute strength and a square edge for cutting
              through roots.

              Landscapers in Chicago were mostly Mexican and
              weren’t allowed self protection of any kind.
              They would keep the edge of their shovels as
              sharp as a razor and were never without them.
              Believe me, they were far from being unarmed.

              • Special forces used shovels very effectively….one swipe will take a head off or an arm…I have one in my stash well sharpened…

        • Pitchfork sideways in a gangsta…its the Rednek

      24. Get ready for the future! Expect the unexpected. Tame your gag reflexes so you are prepared.

      25. So I guess it would be like someone watching a live show ,then something goes wrong and then the people react and maybe clapping ,because they think it’s part of the show , only to figure out it’s a horrible accident and their joy turns to horror ! Then the SHOCK sets in ,and the panic spreads and all hell breaks loose !! The ‘Herd ‘stampedes ,and Chaos takes over !! Most people are not equipped to handle this kind of sudden turn of events ,so they PANIC !! Hopefully ,US Preppers , can expect it and know exactly whats happening and take steps to prepare to deal with the results ! End Rant ,now where’s my med’s?? …mm

      26. You better have a gun and NEVER stop for the police in this situation, get home and stay cool. Looters will loot the pharmacies for meds and gunshops, high dollar stuff. Have a good group of friends you can trust. If you get caught down by police they could take your stuff and throw you in jail for however long time. They are corrupt now just wait till a collapse happens. And of course there will be good ones trying to help but its a free for all most of the time and always keep your distance and keep your weapons in different locations in case they are stolen your overpowered or other circumstances may occur.

        • Just Remember Your ABC’s..IE: Always Be Cool.

          • ha ha. lol good one.

      27. If you want an inkling of how it will be, take a look now at the freeways you drive, the stores you patronize, the people in the street, the utter indifference to others that seems to be the norm for so many Americans–or those who have slunk into America.

        When you see total idiots driving like maniacs just to get a few cars ahead on the road, who go to the head of a long line and force their way in, who expect everyone to get out of their way as they and their brood of mental defectives spread out across the sidewalk, who talk like the people we used to collect money for hearing aids for…multiply that by a factor of 10 and you’re talking Day Three without their usual goodies. Americans have the reputation for being easy to piss off when they don’t get their way. When SHTF, they are going to be like something out of I Am Legend.

        I’ve put away my normal study pursuits like philosophy, art, and music. Now, I read things like Total Resistance and urban warfare manuals. I don’t want to live because I deserve to live. I want to live because the triumph of the sub-humans among us–yes, of ALL races–is not something that I am morally prepared to accept. We all have an obligation to make the attempt to be around to help put things back together to benefit EVERYONE…not just whites, not just the rich, not just the connected, not just the psychopathic or those of criminal minds. But we’ve got to get to the other side first.

        • @ Heads…I have also put away the things in life I have enjoyed before, well, before Obama. I have always loved to read. Mostly bios and Follet, Rule and anything fiction written well. Now, all I do is read for benefit of survival. Fortunately one of my passions has always been to garden and cook so I am lucky that my interests in those areas I can pull forward into my prepping life. The only difference now is that I have learned to can. Not high pressure canning yet…that is for the very near future. I never in a gazillion years would have thought our love for camping and hiking for pleasure would have been for future prepping purposes. Got plastic and zip-lock bags? They can be indespensible! Some people think I’ve gone off my rocker but funny (ironic) thing is, is that when the “need” something…I am their first choice for help in solving their problems. I have come to terms/understanding that this is the way it is going to be after the shtf. I’ve told them all that they will all have a job/purpose whether it is doing laundry, shelling beans and for the young and able…farm work. All will have a purpose and I will make sure of my damned best that all survive. My only demand outside of work will be following the Christian Bible. Jesus/God will be thanked and glorified for all that we have. There will be no exceptions to that rule. If we, collectively as a society, had followed that rule in the first place, we would not be in the position of desperately hoping for the best now.

          • Tip: Don’t forget to invest in a $25 dollar Aladdin thermos.
            It will serve many purposes, but most importantly, keep water hot for 24 hours and save energy.
            Tip: Use those ziploks for cooking in hot water–keeping that water clean lets you reuse the water for something else.
            🙂 🙂 🙂

            • Excellent tip on the ziplocks.
              What are you cooking in them? Veggies?

            • Pressure cookers. Use very little water, will cook things in 20% the time (and fuel) that other methods use.

            • Ziplock snack size ALERT….. being closed out at SAMs Club $1.71 for a 4 pack. Stock-up time!

              • I love those snack sized ziploks; but I no longer have a membership there. 🙁

        • HSR,
          You are not the only one my normal study item have been on hiatus for 5 years ,
          Even though I have military experience I have been refreshing the information for a while instead of Sky and Telescope now it’s Survival blog, SHTF plan and Resistance to tyranny and Contact! as required reading. Been playing width the idea of writing a manual on how to survive the up coming festivities to put the balance in our favor.

          When it’s all said and done things will be different for the rebuild and all will have learned a harsh lesson so these things will NEVER come to pass again.



          Semper Fi 8541

      28. All those folks out there who think it’s cool to keep wild animals as pets such as tigers, chimpanzees, and large constrictor snakes should take a close look at this chilling video.

        Virtually every survival expert I ever listened to, military or civilian, has a similar warning that we are 72 hours away from WROL after the loss of basic utilities such as running water, electricity, and natural gas. Those who fail to pay heed to recent civil unrests and natural disasters will assume the consequences of their actions.

        Thanks Mac. Have a safe weekend everyone.

        • I would throw pit bulls in the above category. They might as well be a wild animal. Difference is they have been bred and trained to kill for a couple hundred years.

          • It’s the owner, not the dog.

            • Yeah, it’s going to be too bad about the pit bulls and Dobermans running loose, such nice doggies, all they need is a chance…

              We can raise our own pets later, but not during the middle of SHTF events. We’ll have enough to deal with without schizoidal carnivores added to the equation.

              • One of best posts ever on this site. Wild dogs will survive and be a real threat.

            • Numbers do not lie. In the US:

              2005 to 2013: Pit Bulls accounted for 62% of dog bite fatalities.

              2013: Pit Bulls accounted for 78% of dog bite fatalities.

              1982-2013: Pit Bulls accounted for 68% of dog bite bodily harm.

              1982-2013: Pit Bulls accounted for 56% of dog bite fatalities.


              These animals are not pets and should not be treated as such. My neighbor keeps buying them, but they keep mysteriously dying. While I still have children at home, my guess is his pit bulls will continue to die.

            • +1

          • PB
            That’s true about the pit bulls. That is why gang bangers and white trash own them.

      29. “Ima gonna riot!”

        First words out of the mouths of the gang bangers when SHTF, crisis breaks out or major power failure. THOSE are the kinds of people who are just waiting for TSHTF events so they can rob, rape and murder…not necessarily in that order. When it really DOES hit the blades of the fan, you better be HOME or on the way to your BOL, or you may not make it. That means situational awareness, being aware of crowds, fires, traffic jams, military traffic, etc. If you are stuck in traffic, and suddenly there all kinds of people running past your vehicle, you DON’T get out to see WTF is going on up ‘there’. You get out and run away like they are. That saying of ‘curiosity killed the cat’ is true.

        If you are home or you are bugged in, this means you send out your drone (if you have one wink, wink)and/or get on your radio to see what’s afoot. With a little warning, you may be able to bug out and live another day, or hunker down and get ready for what evil comes your way. If you cannot bug out you muster your local community group, (you *do* have one, don’t you?)and get everyone on the same page. Time will not be on your side, as riots, looting, killing and fires spiral out of control quickly.

        Main roads may be clustered, back roads might be quicker, so you will have to make many fast decisions.

        Humans are creatures of habit, so most of the sheeple and zombies will take the same routes they always do…except they will ALL be out together…at once…basically rush hour hell. Know your areas and alternate routes, you may very need them.

        Knowing what to do at what time is also the key to survival. When you see a bona fide 100% SHTF event, the first thing you need to do is warn your loved ones, if you have them while you are getting out of dodge. If you do not warn your spouse until you are sure the coast is clear and they decided to ‘go to the store’ or elsewhere, you may never see them again. Warn and move at the same time if possible. Maybe you had relatives or out of town visitors inbound when it all came down. By promptly alerting them to turn the hell around and not approach your area, you could save their life. These are all time critical decisions people will have to make AND in the right order.

        I *used* to wonder why many of my friends carried around refillable ‘sports bottles’ full of water everywhere they went…now I do as well. I can’t imagine being caught out somewhere and having to hoof it across who knows what terrain…with nothing to drink. It goes with me everywhere always- whether I’m thirsty or not.

        Which reminds me: I’m writing up an article for @MAC on the importance of water, hopefully he will be able to use it here.

        • Socrates,

          I’m looking forward to reading the article.

          • As do I…on a topic most take for granted…
            Should be a good read.

        • Good luck…

        • Socrates, I’ll be looking forward to that article.

      30. It turns out that the government keeps a registry of everyone with a CCW permit. If you drive thru an anti-gun state or DC, and your plate is scanned, you may get pulled over and searched. And your car “tossed”. Be aware.

        • Why I won’t ever have a CCW permit, even though it’s trivial to get one here, since I know the sheriff “off duty”. OPSEC.

      31. Hope I’m not to early fot this???
        DUCKS IN HEAVEN !!!
        Three women die together in an accident
        And go to heaven.
        When they get there, St… Peter says,
        ‘We only have one rule here in heaven:
        Don’t step on the ducks!’
        So they enter heaven, and sure enough,
        There are ducks all over the place.
        It is almost impossible not to step on a duck,
        And although they try their best to avoid them,
        The first woman accidentally steps on one.
        Along comes St. Peter with the ugliest man she ever saw.
        St.. Peter chains them together and says,
        ‘Your punishment for stepping on a duck is to
        Spend eternity chained to this ugly man!’
        The next day,
        The second woman steps accidentally on a duck
        And along comes St. Peter,
        Who doesn’t miss a thing.
        With him is another extremely ugly man.
        He chains them together
        With the same admonishment as for the first woman.
        The third woman has observed all this and,
        Not wanting to be chained
        For all eternity to an ugly man, is very,
        VERY careful where she steps.
        She manages to go months
        Without stepping on any ducks,
        One day St.Peter comes up to her
        With the most handsome man she has ever laid eyes on
        ….. Very tall, long eyelashes, muscular.
        St. Peter chains them together without saying a word.
        The happy woman says,
        ‘I wonder what I did to deserve being
        Chained to you for all of eternity?’
        The guy says,
        ‘I don’t know about you,
        But I stepped on a

        • thanks eppe, I’m getting to a point where I need that stuff. I think we all are. on another point, it’s time for us all, to get our ducks in a row. (just thought it would quack you up) as for that video, no wonder I hate monkeys.

        • @eppe
          I don’t know if I can meet your humor level but here it goes
          a salamander was walking through the jungle and spied a monkey up in a tree smoking a joint, the monkey asked if he would like to get in on the action. after the two were buzzed the salamander said he needed a drink, so he proceeded to the river, upon arriving, a crocodile queried about the salamander’s stupor, the salamander replied he had been smoking pot with a monkey in a tree. the croc was taken aback, he had to see this monkey “high” up in the tree. they proceeded to the tree, the croc yelled “what you doing up there monkey?” and the monkey said, “Fuck dude how much water did you Drink?”

        • Eppe, you can run our comedy dept. in the absence of SmokinOkie. keep them coming.

      32. I would like to contribute to this site, I’ve told mac that this site is one of the best I’ve seen, and would like to make a suggestion to make it better. any of us that have been rediscovering what it means to be American (prepping) I would suggest this: “tip for the day” something that you know of that works, or is in season (on sale) whatever. the’re some characters on this site, but most have good intentions, and I think it’s time for us to share what we can.
        here’s my tip: get a dog, preferably female (motherly instincts if you have young ones’) on a larger scale (45-70)lbs. white in color, with longer fur. (cooler in summer/warmer in winter) good protection, and maybe bring in more food than you feed it. there is a reason why these mutts have been around us for 30,000 years or so.
        bible says earth is 5000 years old (or so), but then again, noah lived to be 900, so I think of time’ on a sliderule. lets leave bible thumping at the door for the moment.
        lets not nitpick about the unimportant details, and truly try to help one another.
        if you guys like the idea, let do ‘tip of the day’, (buy canned goods / not mre’s , buy non genetically altered seeds/what works in your garden / what security details you may have/suggestions for growing gardens in a shtf senerio.
        I read a good one the other day, but lets make that a point, instead of filtering through crap.
        this is such a good window, let’s utilize it, this is as good as any tool in your shed.

        • DB,my mission on site/tip of the day is keeping a sharp eye out for .22 at a reasonable price,a lot of posters seem to want it,when I see I post quickly as it goes quickly.I will say this site (and others)always seem to have good information daily.Take the whole asthma discussions,do not suffer myself but some info. now in the brain pan and either a bad scenario or just come across someone dealing with it can now offer some suggestions.

        • db427,
          Why a white dog? Is it to stand out? Many animals with white coats have an increased tendency to skin cancers.

          The most intimidating dog I ever met was a solid black German shepherd. On a dark night all you could see were the rims of her eyes and glistening white teeth. Also, some breeders think that darker coated dogs are more mentally stable but this may depend on the breed.

          I like German shepherds but modern German shepherds have been overbred and breeds like Belgian shepherds probably work better.

          • Merree: Training dogs is one of my hobbies….for intimidation factor, most people are inherently afraid of solid black dogs…no matter the breed. They are the last to get adopted from shelters and the last to go in litters. Where I live the nights are very, very dark, unless there is a moon. Our black dog becomes invisible. For SHTF, I would get a black dog and train well as a team and for obedience. Nothing scarier than a growl right behind you that is invisible.


        • Tip: Only use stainless steel knives when cutting potatoes for dehydrating.
          Regardless of how much lemon juice used when blanching and cooling, the potatoes will turn dark.
          Many don’t know this and wonder why their potatoes blackened.
          Tip: a stainless steel knife can be sharpened with the bottom of a ceramic coffee cup–I do it all the time; be careful, ladies.

          • JayJay: Should you always blanch before freezing or dehydrating veges? I don’t understand why that is necessary.


            • It disables enzymes in the food that continue to work even after frozen just at a slower rate. If you have a minus forty freezer then don’t worry about it.

              • J W.



                • Most welcome. Just blanching is all that is required.

          • I read that if you boil the potatoes half done, they will not change colors. I haven’t tried it though.

          • @jj
            thanks for the tip, I didn’t know about that.

          • Might help to dip them in a vit C solution after cutting…Ive had decent results….

            • …shouldve said …decent results with most things taters havent been something Ive tried…got a good root cellar so I dont process taters…it might work with taters though…

        • Tried that nobody seemed to care. But: Too all newbies: Remember Iodised salt is not good for canning, Salt, sugar, Cocoa, Vacuum sealed WHITE rice, corn starch, Sealed Instant coffee, TP, Honey; nonfat,no egg pasta, are some of the things that if kept cool and dry seem to keep forever. Wet Tomato products don’t.

      33. several people have expressed concerns about meds/medical treatments
        post SHTF

        just a few resources

        Good News for Asthma and COPD Patients

        Doom and Bloom Medicine

        Hesperian (Where There is no Doctor)

        Armageddon Medicine and Doom and Bloom have both put out
        excellent reference books

        on the Hesperian site
        books can be purchased or downloaded for free

        get ready now medically speaking
        when the lights go off
        its gonna be too late

        put your medical library together NOW

      34. Well, after viewing the vid, my take on it was this. It was like watching the complete evisceration of the middle class by Moochelle and Barry Blue Gums. There WE were being eaten alive as we moaned and thrashed. Notice Barry? Off to the side remaining docile as the real boss fed? Feasting on fresh meat…….The cost of the last state dinner was high (2/11/2014). Cost the tax payer over a half a million dollars with heated tents, wine flowed at 65.00 dollars a pop, on the south lawn. Didn’t see that here nor the 12,000 dollar dress Moochie wore to it. Yep, this is a pure primate example of what’s happening today. Dang, fresh gazelle…wonder what the tab will be. Great vid Mac, just my take of it from another angle.

        • In reference to the point on what Selco is trying to hammer home is we’ll have to “steel” ourselves for what we would probably witness in the type of carnage that he (Selco) saw. If I remember correctly, Selco had a small basement window that he observe the street from. At some point in time a small child was killed and fell by that window and her body remained there for some time. Selco had to see her every time he had to look out that window to view the street. Pictures and videos we get back here of Ukaraine ain’t nothing like being there physically in the middle of it.

        • Remember all the crap Palin caught over her wardrobe from the corrupt media? Moochelle wears a twelve thousand dollar dress goes on million $ plus vacations and not a peep. Dumb ass Bush used to get vilified for going to shithole Crawford Texas on his own ranch which cost nothing. The media is another branch of the Demonrat party.

        • Po’d…thought the same thing…very good point 🙂

      35. “do not prepare to be hero, you prepare to survive.”


        I will continue to repeat this theme until Mac gets tired of it and bans me from posting. 🙂

        • Quiet.

          • I hate that thanks

        • As I will keep the attitude will help others or fight against govt. extermination of citizens,will be fighting till my inevitable death but tis OK as have no one depending on me and pretty much have a fuck it attitude.That said,will make sure to best of my ability to be as large a stone in the gears of oppression as possible,will not just be cannon fodder for the sake of being cannon fodder.

          • @ Warchild,
            Just remember that God works in mysterious ways.
            You have skills and great worth, somebody special may be out there who needs you, you may need them and God can make that happen.

            It happened to me, so it can happen to anybody.


      36. The first thing you need to activate is your situational awareness. Watch what gos on around you and watch what the people around you do in response to it.
        Do not walk blindly through life, it has a way of sneaking up on you in the worst way. My wife sees the world as she wants it to be, I see it as it is–pragmatically.
        Make a plan, include your family even if they are patronizing you in the process, they will remember your words when the time comes.
        Be strong, pray, hold hands and stick together.
        Stealth out.

      37. If there are black people among the rioters get out of there immediately. There’s a good chance people will get caught up in riots simply because they went to the store or were on their way somewhere. We gotta be alert to rapidly changing economic conditions. We’ll have to be a lot more cautious when they start breaking out in different parts of the country.

        • How about if you come up on a riot period get out of there, regardless of whether there are black people or not.
          The danger of the situation is not dependent upon race, sex, age, or any other bullshit used to further split society. It’s all over this website. “20 something year old’s or mindless zombie slaves”, “Kill the babyboomers and the world will be ok.” For Christ sake, Some people get it, Most do not. The people that get it aren’t all 75 year old white folks, so please, enough with the ageist, quasi racist bullshit that only further seperates people.

          It is mentality of modern society many of us take issue with, quit translating that into irrelevant bullshit.

          • My point was that a riot involving black people could quickly become violence by black people against white people. Black on white crime is 50 or 100 times more common than the reverse.

            • Remember the Rodney King riots. There’s a deep rooted hatred that’s been festering there for years. It’s fed by the likes of Sharpton and other hatemongers in thier community. When it erupts… It’s not exclusive to our African Americans either. Lower echelon Hispanics have a deep seated hatred for whites also. I have personally seen this.

      38. I like the suggestion about not looting and not being greedy even of it seems easy. Don’t steal because it’s wrong. Don’t be greedy because in many ways, that’s how we got here. If you think ripping other people off and being greedy because it’s easy, you don’t belong here.

      39. If you look and act like FOOD you will be EATEN; PEROID!

      40. One more thing…if you don’t know already, learn to build a fire for your situation. Whether it is for heat or for cooking. And learn how to build one both for indoors and out and how to bank a fire to last through the night. And most importantly…how to build one that won’t kill/injure you in your circumstances, such as, don’t bring kerosene heaters inside your living room without ventilation. You get the idea but some folks may not know that. Candles can be of special kind of killer. The university campuses here every year have one burn down because the idiot college kids light their candles, get high and knock ’em down.

        • I’ve use kerosene heaters in my living room every day all winter. You don’t need any ventilation unless your house is newer. Then just open a window an inch. That’s enough. We have kero cooking stoves too. With kero heaters nobody will have to know that you live there and have heat. I don’t want to build an outside fire. It just alerts the world that you’re there and have resources. It will get you killed after it hits the fan.

          • If in a state with lots of sunlight– a solar oven will work.
            I have one, but it will be limited to days with sunlight.
            I also have a little wood burning stove for outside, a Coleman camper stove with 12 gallons of fuel(white gas)for inside.
            Also, a brick structure for wood with a oven rack outside.
            When I was young, I remember digging a hole, filling it with wood and cooking on an old used oven rack.

            • If you must cook/ heat outside, learn how to build/dig a Dakota hole. More OPSEC, little smoke/light. Less fuel required.

              • Good one, reminds me of a dirt rocket stove. Use only dry wood if you can it-keeps the smoke down and don’t make it any bigger than you need to. A fire if built right would only need to be 8 inches in diameter to cook what you need.

                • A small fire, on a rocket type stove, sitting on a cookie sheet on a table under a window slightly open – or a regular Coleman type stove…Boiling beans for only 10-15 minutes and putting them in a home made or purchased thermal cooker and no more fuel is needed. It also keeps the smells down.
                  Also if a riot comes to my town I will be standing by with hoses hoping they still work, and or buckets of water, already in place and fire extinguishers, already handy.
                  Behind me will be that other level of back up protection…

          • You need warmth when travelling in the winter months…if your bugging out. Not everyone, especially newbies know safety with kerosene.

          • thanks Mom !!!

        • I got all my rice at Sam’s Club…25 Lbs. for $9 or 50 lbs. for $18. At sometime the price increased a little, but not much.
          Ladies, get the 25 lb.; easier to handle when putting in buckets. 🙂

      41. It is just plain common sense to avoid areas as described
        in this article.

        That is a no brainer….. I am sorry, but stupid is, stupid does. As I write this blog, many do not believe it could happen here.

        Look at a serious traffic accident and how much of a crowd
        they attract or a huge fire. So, you and I need not to be a hero. There are others who want to be.

        As I have blogged before and I am not a know-it-all but the streets(exposed area) is the last place I want to be.
        To appear harmless as a dove but be wise as a serpent.

        I wonder how many people have been killed in the recent riots just because they went to see and I admit, it is tempting.

        But as was written, understand the situation……

        Everybody be safe……….

      42. Off subject here but I have a few questions for other preppers on this site. #1 Does anyone own or have tried a solar generator,does it work reasonably well. #2 I have read a lot on this site about the colliadle silver solution, I bought some yesterday at a health food store and tried it and I have had the shakes ever since, is this normal?

        • I have a solar generator purchased from Northern tool. Depends on what you want to use it for. I tried to use an electric burner with it to heat up soup when our power was down but it overloaded it and the burner was smoking like crazy. However, it worked great for plugging our wireless internet into, charging cell phones, etc. I also use colloidal silver and it has never given me the shakes. I am a real believer of its power. Everyone in the house had the stomach bug, but me and I was the only one taking it…coincidence?

        • Gatheringbird: I use ionic silver, never had the shakes. What brand did you get? Not all are equal…my personal favorite is ASAP.


        • your body might be adjusting to it, or you may have a slight allergic reaction to metals. OR you may have taken too high of a dose. I would say its one of those things.

      43. This is something that I can believe:

        Everyone of us on this site has a bull’s eye on our backs because the people here are free thinkers. ALL free thinkers are an enemy of a tyrannical government. I myself rather be buried in the ground than not have free thought and be zombie like most of the masses have become.

        Long live the MAVERICK. THE ONLY ONE that has ever progressed humanity.

        • I don’t want to be paranoid, as we already have one of those here, but I believe there is more than one target on you.
          1. .gov and ALL that implies
          2. Predators… Animal, human, insect…etc
          3. Fate/Happenstance…. Sharp, heavy, hot, poison things
          4. Billion of people all over the world who like to take your/my place her and have the lives that we have had.

          That’s a whole lot of little red dots avoid..

          Small, deliberate steps, eyes/ears open, mouth shut


          • I gotta proof read before posting.

        • Then I can say for the most part, I’m hanging out with mighty fine company.

          • …fine company that just wants to be “left the fuck alone”.

            • lastmanstanding says:
              Comment ID: 2946786
              February 22, 2014 at 4:28 pm

              …fine company that just wants to be “left the fuck alone”.
              – That IS my definition of fine company.

        • They are afraid of us…they know that we will never relent…they know that it won’t take many of us to send them all back to hell.

          No one lives forever.

          “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

        • BI, I’m right there with you and in the best of company.

      44. Keep the pantry stocked. Prepare to plant a large garden.

        Feds Withhold Water To California Farmers For First Time In 54 Years

        “Fields will go unplanted (supply lower mean food prices higher), or farmers will pay top dollar for water that’s on the market (and those costs can only be passed on via higher food prices).”

        • If you can, have enough food so that if everything in your garden is stolen you’ll still be OK. If it hits the fan before harvest time that be a problem.

          Hopefully we’ll have a winter like this one after it hits the fan. That will thin the herd considerably.

          • Best thing you can grow is the potato. Great for opsec. A lot of folks will see the bush and not know what it is. Plus it’ll be too much work and take too much time for them to get to the potatoes underground. They’ll grab the easiest stuff first like corn and tomatoes.

        • And keep that pantry filled like that garden doesn’t produce–because it just might not.
          Always have more than you need.
          Don’t depend on that garden for your sustenance.
          Have a year’s back-up, always.

          • canned brownies today. if its TEOTWAWKI, might as well go out (or hunker down) with dessert. 🙂

            • I’ll swap you two brownies for 2 snicker bars!! 🙂

        • KY MOM.

          There will be water wars in Florida. Major Florida cities want to divert more than 120,000,000 gallons a day from the St. Johns River. The aquifer now is under stress and should it have a sea water breach, FLORIDA, WIIL BE DONE!
          Florida has had the opportunity to put in desalination plants or even built water caches like in the islands. Alas not in my backyard. Ohhh! Fire season will soon be upon us. They will be sucking Okeechobee Dry
          Watch for major restrictions in shallow wells. No more deep water wells.
          The Construction companies will build their ass off and the home buyers will have high water bills.
          Many CLOSET YANKEE”S have no idea how fragile the water ECO system is in Florida.
          That is why I Dislike them so much. Trash everything for the dollar. Don’t care about nobody but themselves and their retirements.

          Mother Fuckers!

          • 1 inch of rain equals 5.61 gallons per square yard. 1 inch of rain equals 27,150 gallons per acre. 1 inch of rain equals 17.37 million gallons of water per square mile.

            Have you seen the rain totals in Florida This Year? No preps for drought for at least as far back as I can remember.

            WAKE UP FLORIDA!

            No go back to sleep just like California

      45. Why Banks Are Doomed: Technology And Risk

        “The global financial meltdown of 2008-09 definitively proved riskless bank debt is an illusion.”

        “(Banks) pose a needless and potentially catastrophic risk to the nation.”

        “Moral hazard is what happens when people who make bad decisions suffer no consequences.”

        “The perfection of moral hazard in the current banking system can be illustrated by what happened to the last CEO of Lehman Brother, Richard Fuld: he walked away from the wreckage with $222 million….

        And who picked up all the losses? The American taxpayer.”


      46. I would like to point something out for Americans reading this site. During the Rodney King riots the MSM showed some police forming up in a line now and then. The police stood by as rioters looted and burned. Why? They weren’t there to protect the stores. They were there to ensure citizens didn’t come by and kill the looters. Why? The government was afraid the trouble would expand into ethnic warfare. The government let the Korean businessmen defend themselves. If they were white they would have been put on trial. Remember that.

        • Right… just like in the Central African Republic, where the mooselimb rebels butchered the Christians and took over the gov. Not a peep from the HNIC or the UN. Now the Christians in CAR formed militias and are returning the favor. The UN is screaming for “justice”. If here in the US, the white, black, hispanic and asian folks protect their property during a riot, they will be prosecuted.

      47. When the balloon goes up and the police start to form up nearby, you may want them to leave if you have a “robust” plan for dealing with the “problem”. How do you get them to leave? Ths is risky. But so is life. You have to fire a couple rounds near the police, don’t hit them. The SOP is for the onsite commander to order his guys to leave the area. He doesn’t want his police officers firing into crowds of looters on camera. He would have to stand trial for that. After the 1968 Democratic Convention riots in Chicago, every police commander onsite was charged, either criminal or civil. And no one was shot! It took years for the cases to adjudicated. Your government is your enemy.

        • Being part of riot and firing at the police sounds like an excellent survival strategy. Go for it.

          • Is life so dear or peace so sweet as to be purchaced at the price of chains and slavery? Patrick Henry.

          • Barn
            I’m sorry my friend, but if you fire at LEO’s is suicide, they will shot back with more and heavier weapons.

            • Sarge, in Chicago, when anyone fired at the police during riots, the commanders ordered them out of the area until it was “safe” to go back in. This info only applies to riots.

              • Maudy
                You are right. only during Riots. During a SHTF all bets are off. I don’t know what some LEO’s will do I know I won’t fire on anyone because during a SHTF I’ll be home.

            • It’s hard to pick up on sarcasm on an Internet forum….but I think Barncat was being sarcastic.

              I posted the following on an earlier topic, but my thoughts regarding riots are this…

              When SHTF, the rioters are going to be the EBT people and those who riot over the newest Nike sneakers and when their home team wins the NBA championship. You want to avoid that situation at ALL costs. As has been stated, if you have adequate preps, you don’t NEED to be out in that. There will be NO political or moral justification for that kind of a riot. It will be pure lawlessness.

              The point when resistance is warranted, is when TPTB start issuing draconian edicts like the confiscation of firearms …raids on “suspected terrorists”, etc.

              That is a whole different animal. At that point, it is game on as far as I’m concerned. The government will have officially declared war on the people as a whole, and it will be time for them to experience the repercussions of such folly.

              Just my opinion.

              • And a very good opinion too.

              • WK, your thinking is exactly like mine. anyone who approaches my place and launches an attack, it will be game on. I will act in my own self-defense, period! After the fact, anyone who thinks I’ll be wrong for said act of self-defense and should be punished for it, such people better think long and hard before trying to do anything to me. My advice to them is forget it and move along.

            • If I shoot at anything even a lEO my first shot is deadly. No shooting back. My 7.62 X 54 will penetrate through any car and body armor.

        • Bless you Maudy, here’s for the one thumbs up that I’m granted and another 100 to you in thought.

      48. Totally excellent article. Thank you for posting.

        Around the Compound, we see the relationship between cats, birds and voles all the time.

        In a bizarre way, the baboon and the gazelle wes an illustration of ahimsa in the non-human world.

        Pray for peace.

      49. All this reminds me of an incident about thirty years ago. I and my wife were picking a friend up from his home about twenty miles east of Eugene, Oregon. All three of us were crammed into my small car and headed back west toward the freeway when a Sheriff’s vehicle passed us at a high rate of speed. We naturally assumed he was headed to the scene of an accident and prepared ourselves for a traffic jam.
        Instead, a few miles further on, we saw the patrol car on the side of the road, the driver out, hunkered down behind a bridge pillar and holding his sidearm at the ready.
        We weren’t the only people on the road that day and already there were two or three cars parked on the shoulder with the occupants standing around, watching the officer whose attention was focused on a small orchard nearby.
        At the sight of the gun I moved to an open lane and accelerated away from the area. I couldn’t believe anyone could be so stupid as to stand around while there was a chance of bullets flying.
        We never did find out what had caused the excitement but I certainly didn’t want to end up getting invovled in a dogfight when I didn’t even have a dog!

      50. When the SHTF people will have to be more like the first people going west. When someone would ride up they were met by a person holding a firearm.

        I had a football coach tell me one time to do my job first and the other guys second. With that to apply it to today You need to know your limitation, You need to know your surroundings, and you need to know to keep your head down. This your job to survive the coming problems. I’m not going to be there to protect you and will any other LEO. We will be home protecting my family!!!!

        By now you should have your food, water, firearms, ammo, medical items, ECT.

        If you watched that Baboon eating that gazelle and it upset you “GOOD”. You made a first step in knowing just how brutal it is going to be. We watch The walking Dead and think how bad that is. Its going to be WORSE!

        You are going to have to get right with the “LORD”. You will have to do things you never dreamed of doing.
        If you get sick after that will be normal. Learn from what you had to do, and go on, because there are people depending on you.

        This is what you will have to do 1ST.
        GET Right with the “LORD”
        GET Right with “YOURSELF”
        GET Right with your “FAMILY”
        GET Right with your “FRIENDS”
        GET Right with your “GROUP”
        These five come first then everybody & thing second.


        • Not bad advice, there, Sarge.

      51. Hide. And if you survive what comes, you can go back to being the sheep. If they let you. “Fear is the passion of slaves”, Patrick Henry. Not directed at anyone in particular. Just food for thought.

      52. I posted this further up, but for those that missed it. If anyone thought a baboon eating dinner was graphic I recommend Borderland Beat and Blog Del Narco websites. Mexico. There you can watch live decapitations and dismemberments. You can watch firefights in broad daylight, in town, involving over dozens of gunmen. Baboons, my rear end. The cartels are here. Hiding isn’t going to save you.

      53. So in a nut shell.
        “Cover Your Ass First”
        Be Smart, not dumb and dead.
        If you prepped at all you will NOT need to be out in the crowd rampaging trough walmart searching already empty shelves looking desperately for scraps of anything to keep you alive just another day longer.
        So IF you need anything (BUY IT NOW) before the rush.
        So during the rush and crush to get to walmart you will NOT be in that crowd. Maybe no one is shooting at walmart but you never know especially when desperate people get to walmart and see nothing but empty shelves. There will be no shortage of guns and ammo there that day. I Guarantee that…
        That is ONE Black Friday sale I think I will miss.

        • Tractor–you are right. I laugh and sometimes comment on the post..’What would you buy if you had 12 hours before a disaster’.
          NOTHING–that’s why we are preppers.

          • Chocolate and peanuts, every known kind, never enough.

      54. I just read that “El Chapo” Guzman, head of the largest drug cartel has been captured by Mexican Naval Marines. He is the Big Fish. The Sinaloa cartel was his. If they can hold him this time. I suspect the Sinaloa cartel to break up into smaller factions and the level of violence will escalate, at least temporarily. He was one of the worlds’ richest men.

        • MF,

          If I as an individual lack the authority to compel or forbid you from doing something, I don’t acquire by magic that authority by banding together into a group of 535. Or by nine folk sitting on an elevated platform while wearing black robes.

          Our liberty does not come from a piece of paper. It comes from each human’s ability to reason, to make choices and to act on them. If you want to believe “from God” … fine. But be able to prove to the tyrant that God exists or your claim to liberty fails.

          If I as an individual can’t compel or forbid you from doing X, no magical process happens when a group decrees it. No matter what their location or job title is. People have been conditioned for centuries to defer to authority. It is necessary to think for oneself. Authority is someone’s scam to loot and control the rest of us.

          About drug gangs … it is not government’s business what a competent adult smokes, swallows, injects or inhales so long as he is not DOING ANYBODY ANY HARM. The marijuana laws were written early in the 20th century by elitist white racists who felt threatened by their women touring Harlem and getting too friendly with those dangerous black jazz men, many of whom did drugs other than alcohol.

          Drug culture can be violent because there’s money there. There’s money because it’s illegal. It’s illegal because authoritarian assholes decreed it to be illegal.

          Who murdered 150,000 innocent human beings in one second? Was it blonde haired blue eyed Norwegian lumberjacks? Was it pecan pie baking grandmothers from Tennessee? Was it fifteen “drugs lords” gathered in a chalet for a powwow? Or was it the US Government annihilating innocent civilians weeks after their government had indicated its willingness to surrender, but asked that their emperor be accorded some dignity? Hiroshima, Nagasaki.

          Government is not your friend. And speaking of violence, it has caused more of it than it has prevented for ten thousand years.

          Half the prisoners in US prisons are there directly or indirectly because of the “War on Drugs.” Somebody, including many Joe Bob-what’s for dinner Mary? sheep like it that way. The “war on drugs” was step one in the “war on our liberty” which has been accelerating for the past 30 years. NObody cared about no-knock raids when it was just the neighborhood pot dealer being brutalized. Those chickens are coming home to roost, you in NY and CT especially.

          Don’t deify people in authority … legislators, judges. They have “authority” only because millions of sheep have been bred to think they do. And don’t deify pieces of paper. fifty six aristocrats have no more INNATE authority to decide something, forever, for all of us, than the first fifty-six people to comment on this thread do.

          your liberty comes from each human’s ability to reason, to make choices and to act on them. Believe the supernatural if it makes you feel good. But as a foundation for liberty, it needs to be provable to the skeptical. And it fails as a reason if it flows only from your deity or your holy book. It can’t be limited to folks you like if it’s a universal human right.

          • John, most of ‘man’s laws’ have developed to make money.
            The justice system is one of the most corrupt there is.
            Send to jail for smoking mj; but ignore the drugs on the street brought in by CIA.
            First the American corrupt make a huge turnover on those drugs; then they take taxpayer money when jailed for using.
            Consider how many jobs are created and enhanced–lawyers, jails, judges, food preparations, clothing for prisoners, medical needs–just to name a few.
            It’s a money-making racket.
            War on drugs is non-existent.

          • Govt is simply force/violence agreed to by a committee then foisted on everyone else as nesessary…good post!

          • John Allen, I don’t believe in the supernatural. And I didn’t say I did. Your article contains some obvious racial animous against white people. You also said, “Liberty comes from each human’s ability to reason”. I agree. Drug addicts have discarded reason. I’m not for throwing weed smokers in jail. I consider it a vice. Freedom is for the responsible. I still have mixed ideas on the harder drugs. The only problem I see with drug usage is the danger to others from the out of control users. What do you think?

            • Same danger as drunks/the mentally ill ect.The legalization takes out though the huge profit margins that create the violence around drugs.I am for keeping people safe,keep the dui laws ect. and anyone getting dangerous/violent to themselves or others for whatever reason get em safely locked down and help if a mental condition but not force fed pharm industry drugs,talk about evil drug dealers,they advertise every night on the idiot box!

              • WC, same danger as drunks? Really? Drug users are only a danger if they drive? Really WC?

          • Respectfully John Allen…

            150K people died at our hands. To save an estimated millions if we had to invade. It was worth the price. That debate was done 70+ years ago.

            Drug dealers. These are in fact fine specimens of human trash. My personal opinion is to summarily execute on the spot. But we have standards and laws that I will abide by. I just read where there have been 70,000 murders in Mexico over the drug trade. 70,000 people have been killed over bringing poison into our country to poison our fellow citizens. Really think you should use a little more discretion on who your going to bat for. Can you imagine how many people would have been killed by now if we just let drug dealers cut loose on our country. You know, give them liberty. I say throw the bastards in a prison camp for life.
            You say drugs do no harm. I bet the 70,000 would beg to differ. I bet the millions who have paid the price for taking this poison would also beg to differ.


            • Red,those folks in drug wars would not have died if legal,hell,then folks with a minumum wage job could afford their habit and not rob/deal to support it.It is a welfare system for cops/courts/prisons ect.I have no business telling someone else what they can do unless driving behind the wheel endangering others.You want to save the country then also outlaw tobacco/alcohol(that worked out well during prohibition without violence!),what a person does in their own home non of yours or govt.s business.The drug war is a lottery also for govt. theft,have a pot plant in your car or home,they get to keep car or home,fuck that!Just because we have laws in this country does not mean we need stupid laws like these,as mentioned above,the dea supported one of the biggest cartels and F&F was in theory following guns to cartels,end it all by taking the huge profit margins out of it.On a side note,do not use illegal drugs in the last few decades excepting when friend came back from multi combat Afghan tours,we partied out in the woods with some booze and local mushrooms(which are illegal!local mushrooms!).We just chatted for hours by a fire,talked everything under the sun except war/violence ect.,was a great time.On a side note do drink,ask your local cop what substance causes the most problems,usually it is booze,my car keys and any other items that might cause a issue are well stashed before I party though.Fuck the war on drugs and fuck any who believe they have a right to someone elses life in their/friends home ect.

              • WC, at some point in an addicts life they can no longer work. They must resort to crime. And then you get to have your taxes raised for treatment and/or incarceration. People don’t do drugs. Drugs do people. I only know 3 crack heads right now. One has never worked. He’s in his forties now. He went to prison for burglary then got out and went on SSI. The women crack head was fairly smart. She worked at the CBOT. She’s a crack whore now. Emaciated. Her former boyfriend was a decent body and fender man. He sweeps up the floor at a bar now. When he shows up. He won’t hold that job much longer. I don’t know the answer. But I do know that the stupid, violent street gangs are not going to go away if drugs are legalized. They will just become full time robbers, carjackers, and home invaders.

              • @ Warchild
                Maybe your living in some snow white part of the country. I’m living amongst the enemy. I see daily what these folks are doing. Educate yourself and quit being so naive.

                These people are criminals that support a huge criminal enterprise. This criminal enterprise undermines everything that the US stands for. Rule of Law being the most important. Drugs are only a small part of what they do. Ruidoso, NM and Oklahoma: big horse racing ring. They bought up 200+- racing horses with drug money and were quite successful. They forced/took over iron ore production and export in a Mexican port. All with drug money. They forced legitimate folks out with threats or by simply killing them. Phoenix, AZ is now the kidnapping capitol of the US. This is how they make a living. So now let’s look at the US. What’s going to keep them from doing this to our oilfields, coal mines? Nothing. Hate to tell you this, it’s already going on. Drugs support these folks. Drugs are bad.

                Here’s a legit article:

                • Would like to add…there are a lot of decent Hispanic citizens. It’s unfortunate that the bad apples taint their peoples culture and legacy.

                • rednek sir—

                  Are you DEA or something like it?

                  Let’s take it from the top. There’s big money in drugs because they are illegal. They are illegal because authoritarian assholes in legislatures and courts think they have the power to dictate what competent adults can put into their bodies. If they don’t have the power to do that as individuals they don’t acquire it by gathering under a dome or wearing black robes. Even if millions of indoctrinated sheep believe they do.

                  The majority of people in prisons are there, directly or indirectly, from the fact that drugs are illegal. Either specific drug crimes or crime done to pay for illegal drugs.

                  When CVS and Safeway Pharmacy are selling cocaine or heroin in safe purity and taxed, there will be no outlandish profit in drug dealing. It will vanish.

                  Whether by armed citizens or police, society can deal with violent predators.

                  If someone wants to sit in his living room and smoke or swallow whatever, it is none of your business or mine UNLESS HE IS ACTUALLY HARMING SOMEONE. The presumption some make, “he’s harming himself,” does not wash. If he is a competent adult he has the right to live his life his way. A public health problem it may be. But it doesn’t belong in the criminal justice system.

                  If they were legal, the free market would allocate supply by prices just as it does for any other commodity. Can’t afford some exotic high tech gethigh some biochemist made in his basement? Then get high by a Walmart level drug of that type. It would not be necessary to engage in crime to afford something that was expensive BECAUSE it was illegal. Who decides it’s illegal? Authoritarian assholes in government.


                  NO, the “necessity’ for the atom bomb drops isn’t “settled history.” Within the official history, yes. Among people who care what really happened, that story is seen as the lie it is.

                  And I’m “racist against white people” am I? How so? I’m white people myself. The historical fact is the Japanese were willing to surrender, and had communicated that fact to DC, a month or two before the nuke attacks. They wanted their emperor accorded some dignity. DC, for its own racist reasons, having nothing to do with “military necessity” ignored it. The “save millions” is propaganda scheiss concocted by the government to sustain it’s image that “we’re the good guys.”

                  It isn’t a few criminals around the edges inflicting wholesale violence in the world. It’s government, by design. It has been happening for ten thousand years.

                  • John-respectfully

                    Do you really think that we will sell highly addictive drugs freely in stores across the US? It will never happen and I’ll tell you why.
                    1. It will create more addicts than ever. These people will drop from the work force and join the ranks of the welfare class and increase the burden on society. Not gonna happen.
                    2. I’m not going to pay rehab costs for some goofball who wants to get his cookies off on H, meth or cocaine. Obummercare would mandate that I do. Once again adding to the my cost of living.

                    You constantly talk of your liberty. What about mine. I have the right to choose not to pay for these pinheads that get hooked on drugs. So you want to allow them to freely purchase this stuff? So do we let them die on the street such that i don’t have to pay for their problem? Or, make sure they can’t get these drugs. So maybe instead of getting high they get a job and contribute to society.

                    As I’ve stated before, if your liberties infringe on my liberties, we have a problem. I will do what it takes to insure my liberty.

                    DEA nope.

          • Your post is nothing but bullshit.

            Drugs are not harmless, and drug users are harming far more than just themselves.

            Anyone who thinks they have some kind of a right to destroy their career, family, house and home, to underachieve their entire adult life, is a bona fide idiot.

            As far as your history lesson, it’s bogus.

            Don’t get caught with drugs when SHTF, there’s not going to be any discrimination between dealers and users. Not one bit. That big reset a lot of folks are talking about, it’s going to be personal.

        • He has already been replaced,legalize and end the profits to the drug/court/cop/prison cartels and actually have freedom,which includes freedom to make your own choices,keep the dui laws ect.,then a danger to others.

      55. I like Selcos’ articles. The insight he offers is priceless. Some of us have world experiences that we post, for the purpose of getting people with very little world experience to at least think about. However, when a huge discussion about athsma breaks out in an article about surviving social unrest, one has to question wether preppers are going to have what it takes to survive when the time comes.

        • Might just say something about the demographic today.

          • Geezers N’ Wheezers

            • And short attention span/SHORT term memory
              What was I talkin’ about again?

        • MF:

          I think that might be a little harsh…if you are the protector of your family and children and have asthma, it is vital information. There are few things more frightening than not being able to breath IMHO.


        • I was just wondering when things like asthma became so prevalent.
          I bet there wasn’t many in the early 1900s.
          We all know why cancer is so widespread. The pesticides used now have destroyed the healing enzymes in those fruits and vegetables our bodies need to fight bad cells.

          • The incidence of asthma has been rising since the fifties. I suspect pollutants in the air as a major contributor. Most people don’t realize how polluted their homes are. They have off gassing from furniture and carpet and many sprays- air purifiers, anti smell sprays, cleaning products, deodorizers, hair spray, cooking oils that aerosolize,….The list is endless.

            Things we smell can stay in out lungs for days. I remember listening to a lecture from researchers in this topic. They detected gasoline fumes at microscopic levels several days after their patient had filled his gas tank. He was a normal healthy person participating in their study. It is probably worse for people with lung disease.

            • A high carbohydrate diet will do the same. Wasn’t McDonald’s opened in the 50’s? Eating a lot of sugar creates an acidic environment in the body which raises inflammatory cytokines (chemicals) in the body. Read “the inflammation syndrome” by jack challum. It’s similar to paleo, but not into the raw aspect. It’s about avoided refined sugars, certain foods that increase inflammation, and increasing foods that increase anti inflammatory chemicals within the body.

              • And what causes inflammation???

                YEAST OVERLOAD!!

                Detox liver and gallbladder. Eat properly.

                Keep preppin’

        • Maudy

          It does seem as though it doesn’t take much
          to distract some commenters on this site
          from the more important issues of the moment.

          Your last statement concerning whether preppers
          will have what it takes to survive when the time
          comes are words to ponder.

          Reminds me of the analogy about how to stop ten
          black guys from raping a white woman — toss
          them a basketball.

      56. BI: With 70% of the Ukraine fallen, I say nothing will be done by Russia until after the Olympics. Then with-in 36 to 48 hrs. thing will start to happen and Russia Military will begin to restore order. I’m like you Putin cannot afford to lose the Ukraine to western influence. When Russia starts it will be very interesting what the world will do. Oh what exciting times we live in.

      57. no b.s. ;0p

        they are going to …


        that’s the nwo zog fedgov , wallstreet neocons and (privately owned) fed reserve great un-payable quadrillion fiat dollar national get out of debt plan .

        print it too death . kill it , crash it all … then start anew .


        n.o. ;0p

      58. On this lonely road, trying to make it home
        Doing it by my lonesome
        Pissed off, who wants some?
        I see them long hard times to come

        Ain’t got no family, you see there’s one of me
        Might lose your pulse standing two feet in front of me
        I’m pissed at the world, but I ain’t looking for trouble
        Think about it, nobody wants to die

        I’m ready to go partner, hey I’m on the run
        The devil’s hugging on my boots that’s why I own a gun
        This journey’s too long, I’m looking for some answers
        So much time stressing, I forget the questions

        You probably think I’m crazy, or got some loose screws
        But that’s alright though—I’m a’ do me, you do you
        So how you judging me? I’m just trying to survive
        And if the time comes, I ain’t trying to die

        Hey this is the life of an outlaw
        We ain’t promised tomorrow—I’m living now, dog
        I’m walking through life But, yo, my feet hurt
        All my blessings are fed, man I’ll rest when I’m dead
        Look through my eyes and see the real world
        Take a walk with me, have a talk with me
        Where we end up—God only knows
        Strap your boots on tight you might be alright

        On this lonely road, trying to make it home
        Doing it by my lonesome
        Pissed off, who wants some?
        I see them long hard times to come


        • Great song and great show….

      59. Amazing how tough that little gazelle was…most people would die of shock way before that…personally I realize its just natures way and things die to feed other things…myself I couldnt handle things around like that ape/wolf cross…Id shoot em on sight…brutal dangerous creatures…

      60. On a side note….you still alive JOG?…been awful quiet…hope youre well!

        • My guess is that his new hidey-hole has him snow bound. If I recall correctly, he had to get out to use Internet. Not sure though. I do miss his thoughtful insight.

      61. Did you all see that the president of Ukraine has fled, and the parliament impeached him? BO better look out! It’s on drudge.

      62. On Drudge.

        California to split into SIX STATES!. Would they get more Federal Subsistence? Add a few more Congress Critters. How about taxes for road construction. Water Rights?

        This can’t get any better for a drama story. Boxer, Feinstien and Polosie draw up New Congressional Voting
        Gerrymandering at its finest.

        • And 10 more Senators! Horrors!

          • I don’t know, there are a LOT of preppers, survivalists, and off-grid types in Cali. We only hear about the idiot communist congress-critters, but if the districts were set up correctly, there might be some correct-thinking states that would come from it. Probably just wishful thinking though….

        • Id suspect some “new states” if formed would be looking to be independent of the US federal system…who would want to hitch their wagon to that beast and surrender their new found independence…2cents

      63. It is obvious that the government is tightening their grip on our food supply at the same time as tightening their grip on medical practice and dispensing of drugs. It’s going to be hard to fight off tyranny without the ability to stand up makeshift hospitals. This is, of course, in addition to tightening up firearms ownership.

        I don’t worry about a general breakdown leading to desperate looters after financial or national catastrophe as much as I do about a civil war.

        An Army National Guard Chief Warrant Officer mentioned to me offhandedly the other day that his drug interdiction mission would have been illegal before 9/11 because of the Posse Comitatus Act formerly prohibited it. I wasn’t aware it had been repealed.

        He also said he is concerned that the regular active duty Army is going to take over the homeland defense duties currently carried out by the Army National Guard and Air Force National Guard. Perhaps regular Army will be more inclined to kill American citizens than men who are in cohesive Guard units who have ties to their communities and civilian jobs, and normal lives.

        How many different shots and pills are being given to soldiers today to keep them alert and compliant, not to mention indoctrination?

      64. You are of more use to your family and society alive than dead. There is no such thing in nature as ‘heroism’. There is only alive and dead. Alive, you can achieve great things and contribute to the betterment of mankind. Dead, you may, if you are lucky, be mourned, but, more than likely, you will be forgotten with the passage of time.

        Preserving your life is job one. In a crisis, it is job one, two and three. You are simply of no use to anyone if you are sick, disabled or reckless.

        Leave the running around the streets and confronting the police to the morons and the mentally deficient. While they are doing that, you are bugging out.

        Ukraine has been an excellent example of what happens in a crisis and how you should behave if you want to live.

        My mother always warned me to stay out of crowds and mob scenes. The mob has a mind of its own and is volatile and reckless. You do not want your fate caught up in a mob. You want to work in tight teams of skilled and intelligent people. In a crisis it becomes very clear that all men are not created equal (leave that PC guff at the door). Some people are truly mentally sub-standard. You do not want to leave your fate in their hands.

        SHTF does not necessarily last that long. A new hierarchy will emerge and new power centres will emerge. Study the new power structure and adapt to it. There will be new rules (pay a tithe to the new mafias, your daughter may need to provide services for food, etc.).

        The rules to survive can be summed up as:

        1) Stay alert to growing mob unrest and stay away from it. Always look for multiple exit routes to take you away from the mob.

        2) Have multiple options and plans to fall back on.

        3) Get away from unrest and instability.

        4) Keep a low profile but also be alert to things you cannot change, such as your race. Stay away from areas where your race makes you stick out like a sore thumb. When order breaks down, it is common to see people settle scores based on race and ethnicity. You do not want to be the symbolic ‘Mister Whiteman’ everyone pounces on for centuries of slavery and oppression.

        5) Regroup somewhere safe and then assess the situation and your next moves. You may need to leave your country (something Ukrainians will be thinking about). If you assess things are that bad (think Syria) then leave. You are not a coward for doing that. Let time pass and you can help with reconstruction when peace returns.

        6) Accept you may have to spend the rest of your life away from your homeland. You may, like generations before, just have to accept you will become Canadian, Australian, American etc. and start a new life somewhere else. If that is the case, then adapt and be grateful to that new home. Do not do like some do, calling that place giving you safety a ‘sh#thole’, threaten the locals with jihad, or refuse to learn the language and customs.

      65. rednek,

        We already sell addictive drugs everywhere, that cause enormous death and associated “social costs.” They’re called alcohol and tobacco. Their purveyors have political clout; they grease the political vermin’s palms at every election.

        Until the point they are terminal with some disease, tobacco does not keep people from functioning. But alcohol certainly does. There’s a whole subculture around its distribution … the bar scene. I think it’s funny how heavy drinkers think, ” I don’t use drugs.”

        Every time you pay your RE tax bill you pay to support the infrastructure that enables the alcohol and tobacco addicts to continue to be addicted. There is such a thing as a ‘functional addict’ with them. If, absent a high price caused by illegality, which is an artificially-added condition, a person can function while doing whatever drug, you have no legitimate interest in presuming to tell them what they can do.

        But nice try. Except for a totalitarian streak that you do not want to see in yourself there is no legitimate public interest in arbitrarily encouraging some drugs while prohibiting others.

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